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The 12 Best Travel Pants for Women of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

We tested 40 pairs of pants to find the best options for every traveler.

women's travel pants costco

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Travel + Leisure / Elena Garcia

Building up a wardrobe of travel clothing can be a challenging process. Luckily, we tested a whopping 40 pairs of women’s travel pants so you don’t have to. From long-haul flights to commuting to the office, we thoroughly examined each pair of pants for qualities like comfort, durability, fit, and design to recommend the very best styles for every adventure. 

To test out a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, we tried out trousers, leggings, joggers, cargo, wide-leg, and straight-leg pants to make sure we covered all of our bases when it came to style preferences. We researched and chose travel pants from trusted brands like Lululemon, Spanx, and Everlane and wore them as often as we could during the multi-week testing period. Based on our results, we selected 11 pants that are stylish and comfortable, making them the perfect new addition to any travel wardrobe.

Best Overall

Lululemon high-rise jogger.

  • Comfort 5 /5
  • Design 4.5 /5

The waistband is stretchy and the material is exceptionally soft.

The fabric is a bit baggy. 

These Lululemon joggers have all the comfort of sweatpants with a more elevated look thanks to the tapered leg and silky-soft fabric. Designed for sitting on a plane for hours or sprinting through an airport, the nylon blend fabric will keep you cozy when there’s a draft and plenty cool in humid conditions. We’re big fans of the stretchy waistband that is lined with an incredibly soft fabric so it won’t cause any itching or discomfort. The drawstring waist also makes it easy to adjust the fit, but we found that the 0 to 20 size range runs true to size so adjustment may not be necessary. The pockets are helpful for storing your phone or passport and the sturdy waistband keeps these pants from falling down, even with packed pockets.

We found the material to be a tad baggy and wished the taper around the shins was a bit slimmer, but we didn’t mind the roomier feel in the rest of the legs. After machine washing these pants several times over a five-month period, they look good as new, so we feel confident the high-quality fabric and stitchwork will ensure a long lifespan, making them an excellent choice for frequent fliers.

The Details: 0 to 20 | Nylon, lycra, polyester, elastane | High-rise waist | Pockets

Travel + Leisure / Elena Garcia

Best Budget

Libin cargo joggers.

  • Design 4 /5

There are tons of pockets to place items like a phone, passport, or keys. 

These pants run small, so consider sizing up. 

If you’re in a pinch for time before a trip, these budget-friendly cargo joggers from Amazon are super comfortable and will arrive in time with a Prime membership. Our favorite thing about these travel pants is the number of useful pockets on the front, back, and sides. After five months of use for travel, trips to the gym, and running errands, they still look and feel good as new.

The front and back pockets have zippers to give you peace of mind that your valuables will be safely tucked away whether you’re on an airplane or walking down the street. The polyester material is extremely lightweight and breathable, so these pants are ideal for traveling in warmer climates but might not be warm enough in the winter. Plus, the UPF 50+ sun protection built into the fabric is a huge benefit for traveling in the summer. We found they run a bit small, so we recommend sizing up to get the best fit.

The Details: XS to 3XL | Polyester, spandex | UPF 50+ | Zippered pockets 

Travel + Leisure / Kim Sommerfeldt

Best Wrinkle-resistant

Everlane pant.

  • Comfort 4.5 /5

The wrinkle-resistant fabric can withstand being packed in a suitcase for long periods of time. 

The pants have cropped legs. 

Packing clothing that’s prone to wrinkling can be difficult, so we love that the cotton blend fabric used to make these Everlane slacks is resistant to wrinkles. The fabric is soft and breathable but thick enough to wear in cooler temperatures which is ideal for year-round traveling. While these pants run true to size, the waistband has a slight stretch to it so we were plenty comfortable while wearing them for a 12-plus-hour day of traveling. After being worn over a five-month period, the quality of the fabric and stitchwork never faltered or showed signs of pilling or fading. Plus, the pants can be machine washed and hung up to dry for easy cleaning. The only thing to note is that these come in a single cropped length so if you’re tall, they may be extra cropped.

The Details: XXS to 4XL | Cotton, modal, elastane | Wrinkle resistant | Pockets 

Best Straight Leg

Spanx the perfect pant, slim straight.


  • Design 5 /5

The pants look professional and sleek but are soft and cozy like sweatpants.

They are a bit dressier than other travel pants.

From the office to the airport, these comfortable slacks are the perfect pair of bottoms for a more elevated travel look. The best part of these pants is that they have the comfort of a pair of leggings thanks to the stretchy and soft rayon blend fabric, but the straight-leg design makes them incredibly versatile. The material is fairly thick, so they’re best suited to moderate temperatures and might be a bit too warm in hotter climates. With a high-waisted fit, the waistband is nice and stretchy while still feeling compressing and flattering thanks to the thicker fabric trim. We had some issues navigating the size chart, so if you’re in between sizes, you may want to order a size up in addition to your regular size and return the one that doesn’t fit (Spanx has a generous 90-day return policy).

The Details: XS to 3XL (regular, petite, tall) | Rayon, elastane, polyester | No pockets

Travel + Leisure / Morgan Ashley Parker

Liverpool The Gia Glider Ankle Skinny Jean

These jeggings are the perfect combination of comfortable and stylish.

Since there is a faux button closure, we noticed the elastic waistband does stretch out over time.

For those who love both the look of jeans and the comfort of leggings, these Liverpool travel pants offer the best of both worlds. The cotton blend material is just as soft as any pair of stretchy leggings but they look exactly like a pair of denim skinny jeans. We found the material to be thicker than an average pair of leggings making these perfect for cooler climates, but the fabric is still thinner than jeans so they’re well suited for all seasons. Plus, these pants have functional pockets in the front and back with a faux zipper and button to make them appear identical to a pair of jeans. We noticed these pants stretch out after being worn several times, but putting them through the washer and dryer returns them to their original true-to-size fit.

The Details: 0 to 16 | Cotton, rayon, modal | Mid-rise | Faux zipper | Back pockets

Travel + Leisure / Taylor Fox

Best Splurge

Frank & eileen murphy billion dollar pant.

Frank & Eileen

The high-quality materials and effortlessly stylish design of these pants make them well worth the higher price point. 

The back pockets are just for show. 

Frequent travelers will appreciate the luxurious feel and effortless style that comes with wearing the Frank & Eileen Murphy Billion Dollar Pant. While the pants are certainly an investment due to the higher price, they exceeded our high expectations for the cost. The pants run true to size and are easy to slip on thanks to the silky-smooth fabric which has enough stretch so that mobility isn’t compromised. The tapered legs that crop at the ankles make it easy to pair these pants with sneakers for a casual look or heels for going out to a nice dinner on vacation. We love that the front pockets are big enough to hold a phone discreetly, but note that the back pockets are just for show. Apart from the stylish silhouette, these pants can be machine washed and air dried for hassle-free upkeep, and we feel confident the quality of the materials will hold up well over time.

The Details: XS to XL | Cotton, spandex | Mid-rise | Front pockets | Faux back pockets

Travel + Leisure / Tamara Staples

  • Travel + Leisure/Tamara Staples

Best Sustainable

Wayre jetsetter trouser.

These wide-leg pants are made entirely of recycled plastic water bottles. 

The fabric might not be warm enough for the winter.

These wide-leg pants from Wayre are specially designed for travelers thanks to the stylish silhouette and four-way stretch fabric made of recycled water bottles from landfills in Taiwan. One of our favorite features of the Jetsetter Trousers is that they come with a variety of discreet zippered side pockets that are specifically designed to hold a passport or credit cards. Besides the pockets, we love that these true-to-size pants come in a wide range of size options and the stretchy waistband offers just the right amount of give without feeling too tight or loose. After several washes over a five-month period, they did not stretch or fade at all. While the recycled material is soft and breathable, it might not be warm enough for colder weather. Finally, we found these pants to be wrinkle-, spill-, and stain-resistant due to antimicrobials built into the fabric, and they have UPF 30+ sun protection, too.

The Details: 00 to 20 | Aire-flex fabric | High-rise | Wrinkle resistant | Zipper pockets

Travel + Leisure / Julia Sayers

Best Lightweight

Everlane the easy pant.

The cotton and twill fabric is breathable and airy without feeling thin or flimsy. 

The fabric wrinkles easily. 

Everlane’s The Easy Pant lives up to its name, being one of the most versatile pairs of pants we tested. The simple wide-leg design goes with virtually any top and the elastic waistband makes it a breeze to slip them on and head out the door in a pinch. Made from a cotton blend fabric, the bottoms are airy and breathable without being see-through or thin, but they do wrinkle fairly easily, which is something to note for traveling. The material is thicker than expected which makes these pants functional for fall or spring when the temperatures are a bit cooler. And if you tend to run warm while sitting on a plane or sightseeing in the summer, these pants have a cooling effect so you won’t get sweaty or clammy. In fact, after five months of regularly using these pants, we found them to get more comfortable the more we wore them. The only downside is that they aren’t adjustable, so you’ll want to follow Everlane’s sizing guide to ensure you get the right fit.

The Details: XXS to XL | Cotton, elastane | Pockets

Best Leggings with Pockets

Lululemon wunder train high-rise tight with pockets.

  • Quality 5 /5

The material is stretchy enough for all-day comfort without feeling restrictive.

The pants aren’t warm enough for cold weather. 

These buttery smooth leggings from Lululemon are made with a stretchy and cooling nylon material that’s warm enough for the airplane but plenty breathable for long days on your feet. They're also an excellent choice if you want hiking leggings to take on warm-weather adventures. The leggings come in a huge range of sizes and color options to choose from and the high-rise waistband has enough give that it doesn’t squeeze or dig into the waist. Since the material is quite breathable, these pants might not be the warmest for winter travel but they will still keep your legs warm in moderate temperatures or if there’s a draft on the plane. The highlight of these leggings is the discreet side pockets that make it super easy to slip earbuds, a phone, passport, or an airplane ticket into the pocket for convenient access while traveling. And when you’re carrying cash or a credit card, there’s even a hidden pocket in the back of the waistband for additional storage.

The Details: 0 to 20 | Nylon, lycra | 23 and 25-inch lengths | High rise | Side pockets

Travel + Leisure / Taylor Mcintyre

Best Leggings

Abercrombie & fitch ypb studiosoft legging.

Abercrombie & Fitch

They boast the same quality as Lululemon leggings but cost less. 

There aren’t any pockets. 

For a pair of comfortable and soft leggings, you can’t go wrong with this pair from Abercrombie’s YPB collection. After five months of use, we didn't notice any pilling, stretching, or fraying, plus the nylon material feels just as soft and compressing as similar Lululemon styles — and these are available at a fraction of the price. While there aren’t any pockets, we didn’t find this to be a dealbreaker, especially for those who often travel with a sling bag or tote bag anyway. One of the best things about these leggings is they run true to size and come in short, regular, and long sizes for an optimal fit in both the waist and legs. After working out and washing these pants many times, they still look good as new. We found these wallet-friendly leggings offer excellent value for the high-quality materials and lower price.

The Details: XXS to XXL (short, regular, long) | Nylon, elastane | High-waisted

Travel + Leisure / Sophia DeVito

Best Wide-leg

Cozy earth women's modern modal wide leg pant.

Cozy Earth 

The fabric is cozy and silky-smooth which is ideal for long-haul flights.

The legs are very long.

These Cozy Earth travel pants are basically a pair of elevated pajamas that can be worn for long-haul flights or while lounging around the hotel. The loose-fitting pants are made with a buttery soft modal fabric blend that is breathable and moisture-wicking while still feeling warm enough for chilly flights or cooler weather. We loved that these pants have a wide-leg fit that made us feel like we were wearing a cozy blanket while still offering a full range of motion while walking or sitting. The elastic waistband has a high-waisted fit and the pants run true to size, but the legs are very long so if you’re shorter, you may need to get them hemmed or they will drag on the ground. Best of all, these pants don’t wrinkle easily and the fabric feels durable enough to be worn time and time again without the quality diminishing.  

The Details: XS to 4XL | Modal, polyester, spandex | Pocket

Travel + Leisure / Jodi Epsinosa

Quince 100 Percent European Linen Pants

They fit true to size and hug the body without feeling too clingy.

We wish the waistband had a drawstring for adjustability.

These 100 percent linen pants are the perfect choice for early flights or long days of sightseeing. The linen doesn't wrinkle nearly as much as we would expect so you can wear them while sitting for long periods of time or pack them in your suitcase without worry. The material is thick enough that you can't see undergarments through even the lighter colorways, yet these pants are still light and breezy. They also feature two side pockets and one back pocket so you can store all of the travel essentials you may want on-hand.

Throughout our months of testing, they did not show any signs of fading or piling, even after multiple washes. They even survived coming out of the dryer without shrinking in any way. These straight-leg pants hit just above the ankle, making them a fun choice to pair with sneakers, sandals, or even heels, depending on your day's itinerary. While we love the true-to-size fit of these linen pants, they do not have a drawstring at the waistband and tend to stretch out throughout the day, so we recommend sizing down if you're between sizes.

The Details: XS to XL | Flax linen | 25-inch lengths | Two side pockets and one back pocket

Other Travel Pants We Liked

While the pants below scored highly, we ran into some slight issues during testing that knocked off a few points for quality and fit. However, we still felt they earned an honorable mention.

Quince Ultra-stretch Ponte Straight Leg Pant : The material is thick and cozy, but we wish the waistband had a bit more compression to it for a more comfortable fit. 

SweatyRocks Women's Casual Wide Leg Trousers : These budget-friendly trousers are versatile enough to take you from the airport to the office, but we didn’t love the fake pockets for practical purposes.

We got our hands on 40 pairs of travel pants from notable clothing brands like Vuori, Lululemon, Athleta, and more to uncover the best styles for every type of trip. From leggings to trousers, we covered our bases by trying a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to get thorough testing insights on each pair of pants. 

Whether traveling by plane, train, or car, we wore the pants for hours on end to get a feel for their overall fit, quality, and comfort. After wearing them on long-haul flights, in the office, or on lengthy road trips over a five-month period, we noted if the pants ran true to size, remained comfortable for long periods of time, and held up after being washed multiple times. In the end, our favorite pants for travel had the perfect balance of being breathable and warm, soft and cozy, and offered superior versatility no matter what kind of adventure they were needed for.

Tips for Buying Travel Pants

Opt for wrinkle-resistant materials.

Since your clothing will likely be tucked away in a suitcase at some point while traveling, it helps to get a pair of pants that have wrinkle-resistant qualities. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon, and elastane have anti-wrinkling properties which make them excellent fabrics for traveling. Generally, materials like cotton, linen, and hemp are prone to wrinkling if they aren’t mixed with other synthetic fabrics. You’ll want to check the specifications while shopping for a pair of pants to see what the materials are and if they are made with any type of wrinkle-resistant treatment. 

Look for pockets

While not having pockets isn’t a dealbreaker by any means, they are helpful for conveniently accessing items on the go. Pockets can also be handy for tucking away valuables like credit cards, passports, and cash, especially if the pants offer zippers in discreet places. 

This is ultimately a personal preference, and we tested dozens of different styles to offer plenty of versatile options. Common comfy pants styles you might see in an airport include joggers, leggings, and sweatpants, but you’ll also see trousers and straight-leg pants for a more elevated but still comfortable travel look. 

Travel pants can be made of all types of both synthetic and natural fibers. The most common materials you’ll see are polyester, cotton, nylon, spandex, elastane, and linen. Synthetic fabrics are better if you’re looking for a pair of wrinkle-resistant pants and natural fibers are usually better for breathability and moisture-wicking properties. 

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

T+L Commerce Writer Anna Popp reviews travel products and writes most of the team’s Travel + Leisure Trusted articles. She owns several pairs of pants on this list and tested each pair on domestic and international trips. She drew from her knowledge of wearing travel pants and combed through in-house testing notes to write this list of the best travel pants for every adventure and style preference. 

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women's travel pants costco

Travel Fashion Girl

These Are the Best Travel Pants for Women: Fashion Meets Function

FASHION , Pants & Leggings , Reviews , Travel Clothing


Support TFG by using the links in our articles to shop. We receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) so we can continue to create helpful free content. We earn from qualifying purchases made to the featured retailers. Thank you, we appreciate your support!

We’ve found the best travel pants for women, and our readers agree! If you’re a style-conscious female traveler that’s always on the go, these are THE travel pants for you.

Best Travel Pants Women Pack for Any Destination

Table of contents.

While you don’t need to buy special pants for travel, certain styles offer benefits that you may have not considered. The best traveling pants are versatile, work for a variety of settings, offer comfort, and consist of features such as quick dry, breathable, or easy-to-care-for fabrics.

Unlike traditional utilitarian designs, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to womens travel pants that will look good worn to sightsee in Italy , they’ll dry quickly when you hand wash them while on safari in Africa , and they’ll even be comfortable enough to wear on a long plane ride from Los Angeles to Bangkok . 

10 Best Travel Pants for Women


Shop Sizes XS-XL: Quince

Best Travel Pants for Europe: Quince Ultra Stretch Travel Pants

The Quince Ultra-Stretch Ponte Pants are a reader fave for their restriction-free fit that you can wear on a walking-heavy sightseeing day and then head straight to a nice dinner! They’re made of sturdy, wrinkle-resistant, and breathable fabric with the stretch of a yoga pant, and the straight leg fit is super versatile. 

They have a high-quality, chic design, so you can wear them for business and look professional, wear them in a European city without looking like a tourist, and even wear them in a village without having a sloppy appearance. 

Sizes range from XS-XL , and they’re offered in 28”, 30”, and 32” inseam lengths! 

Check out what our readers voted for the best ponte pants that travel well and look stylish!


Shop Eddie Bauer:  Sizes XS-XXL  |  Petite S-L  |  Tall M-XXL  |  Plus 2X-3X  

Best Women’s Travel Pants: Eddie Bauer Departure

The Eddie Bauer Departure Pants are beyond popular with readers, who describe them as the best travel pants women’s style ever! The featherlight but incredibly durable fabric boasts it all, being lightweight and breathable with the perfect hint of stretch. 

Plus, they’re moisture-wicking and have UPF 50+ sun protection! Readers have taken these on rugged nature walks straight to dinner, proving they’re an endlessly versatile, practical, and stylish option for just about any adventure! For a lightweight travel pants womens brand, nobody else can duplicate their wearability and durability.

These Eddie Bauer womens travel pants come in a wide range of sizes, from  XS-XXL ,  petite S-L ,  tall M-XXL , and  plus 2X-3X .

Here are more comfortable pants for women that can be dressed up or down and great to move around in!


Shop Sizes 2-16:  Amazon  |  REI  |  Columbia  |  Zappos

Best Quick Dry Travel Pants for Hiking or Camping: Columbia Saturday Trail

Smart travelers know that washing clothes on trips longer than a week is the secret to packing light. Using quick dry pants for travel is very useful, especially when you’re moving locations every other day and don’t have time to wait for clothes to dry.

The Columbia Saturday Trail C onvertible Travel Pants look polished while offering all features you’d need for a rigorous hike. They’re moisture and stain resistant, have UPF 50 sun protection, and feel nice and breathable. These quick dry travel pants are a major plus when you’re on the go. Plus, they’re stretchy, offering plenty of flexibility for all kinds of movement, and they can convert to capris to give your legs some extra air!

You can get these standard and plus size travel pants in sizes 2-16 and 16-24 . You can also choose between short and long lengths! 

 Here are the top hiking pants women love that are sturdy yet nice enough to wear off-trail too!


Shop Sizes XS-3X Regular, Petite & Tall : Spanx

Best Travel Pants for Long Flights: Spanx AirEssentials

The Spanx AirEssentials Wide Leg Pants are a must-have for days when moving from one spot to another and have been singled out a s some of the most comfortable travel pants for long flights!

The Spanx brand has expanded in past years to produce functional, fashionable, and flattering pants and loungewear, too. In addition to the AirEssentials collection, some of their other popular traveling the faux leather leggings and the Perfect Pants .

Here, our readers share their tried and true recommendations for the comfiest and best travel pants for airplane flights !


Shop Sizes 24:33: Lululemon

Best Lightweight Travel Pants for Warm Destinations: Lululemon City Sleek

Bring a pair of light but warm womens travel pants on a summer trip if you think there’s a chance the weather might fluctuate. These Lululemon 5 Pocket High-Rise Wide-Leg Pant   are made with such dreamy stretch fabric that’s breathable, sweat-wicking, and cooling for warmer temperatures. 

The high rise, full-length wide leg, and sleek feel make them a laid-back, easy-to-wear option that wearers say is flattering and cute! Wearers also highlight the soft fabric and the handy five pockets to store small essentials while sightseeing, with two in the back, two in front, and one coin pocket!  

These Lululemon women’s travel pants come in sizes 24-33 .

Readers help us cull together the  best women’s linen pants  for warm-weather vacays!


Shop Athleta: Sizes 0-26 Regular |  0-14 Petite | 0-16 Tall

Stylish Travel Pants Women Love: Athleta Endless

For many years, readers have voted  Athleta as having some of the best womens travel pants due to their versatility, clean designs, and unrivaled technical fabric. You can wear them to a business meeting, head into town and explore the city, or dress them up for an evening out—all while wearing the same pair all day! This brand also offers inclusive sizing, such as petite, regular, and tall.

The  Endless Pants are a huge overall favorite because they’re featherlight, ultra-packable, highly functional, and stylish. And they have secure zip pockets for small items. These are the best travel pants women wear when exploring the globe for another reason, they’re quick-drying and wrinkle-resistant—so super easy to pack and take care of! Other popular Athleta pants are the  Brooklyn Ankle Pants , which have a soft knit waistband and stretchy fabric. If you want a longer length and are open to tapering hems, the  Brooklyn Heights Pants  are longer at the ankle and equally comfortable.

Here are womens travel pants recommended by readers that are easy on the wallet but also well-made and good quality!


Shop Anthropologie:  Sizes 23-34 |  Tall 23-34  |  Petite 23-34  |  Plus 16W-26W

Most Comfortable Travel Pants for Everything: Anthropologie Colette

I wore these  Anthropologie Linen Wide Leg Pants on a recent trip, and I felt so put together for my travel day without sacrificing comfort — they were SO airy and seriously felt weightless! They have the feel of sweatpants but look incredibly chic and polished, and they’ve now become my go-to pant for everything – including travel, flights, conferences, and everyday wear. 

I pair them with chunky boots and a draped merino wool sweater , or a pretty blouse and sneakers . In other places like Playa del Carmen , I wear them with a tank top and cute sandals . I’m obsessed and want them and want more colors and fabrics! 

The entire Colette Collection by Maeve has so many unexpected womens pants for travel that range from casual to dressy. I say unexpected because it’s not a traditional travel retailer, but overall, you can find durable, on-trend clothing that works for the rigors of a trip.

The Colette linen pants come in sizes  23-34 , tall 23-34 , petite 23-34 , and plus 16W-26W .

TFG readers share their recommendations for the best cropped pants , capris, flares, and wide leg trousers!


Shop Betabrand:  Sizes XS-3X  |  Petite XS-3X  |  Short Petite XS-3X | Long S-3X

Best Wrinkle Free Travel Pants: Betabrand Classic Pant

This polished and dressy-looking pair of pants from Betabrand i s RAVED about by readers for their magical balance of comfort and style. While looking like a typical dress pant, their soft ponte fabric offers four-way stretch, an elastic waistband, and an easy, pull-on design. They’re made to move with you, will hold their shape all day, and are wrinkle-resistant, so these lovelies are a seriously dependable travel buddy! 

They’re the perfect traveling pants for leisure and business, too.

They come in sizes  XS-3X ,  petite XS-3X , long S-3X , and short petite XS-3X .

Take a look at these reader favorites to find the  best travel legging  for your next adventure!


​​Shop Sizes 25-38:  Amazon

Best Fleece-Lined Travel Pants for Cold Destinations: Camii Mia Waterproof Pants

If you want good travel pants for the winter, a constant reader favorite is the Camii Mia Waterproof Hiking Pants are lined with deliciously soft fleece to keep you warm as you explore the great outdoors during the winter months. While sturdy, windproof, and waterproof, this pair feels cozy yet flexible and will move with you. For storage options, this pair has four zippered pockets to hold smaller essentials. 

With a slimming, flattering fit, you’ve got a seriously perfect pair of winter pants! They’re the best pants for traveling if you plan to have a little fun in the snow. These come in sizes 25-38 and are offered in nine colors! 

Here’s what our readers say are their favorite pants for traveling in the cold !


Shop J Jill: Regular XS-XL | Petite XSP-XLP |  Tall ST-XLT

Best Casual Travel Pants for Comfort and Style: J.Jill Slim Leg Wearever Pant

The J.Jill Wearever Black Slim-Leg Pants are voted by TFG readers as some of the best womens travel pants. They’re knit, made with an elastic waist for movement and stretch, and create a flattering shape. They wash very easily, dry quickly, and are wrinkle-resistant too!

Readers also love that they offer a broad size range, including regular , petite , and tall .  These are travel pants women of various heights can wear.

Our readers voted for the best black travel pants and these were their favorite styles!

How to Choose the Best Womens Travel Pants


Shop Old Navy: Regular 0-30 | Tall 2-20 | Petite 0-20

When searching for good travel pants, there are many factors to consider, and movement-friendly fabrics are one of them! For warm-weather travels, your pants should definitely be breathable. Look to airy fabrics, like cotton and  linen pants , which are super lightweight, airy, and cooling. If it’s an extra hot day or you have some active excursions planned, moisture-wicking materials will be awesome for keeping things fresh and comfortable.

If you’re traveling in the fall or winter, readers adore  fleece-lined pants  or  leggings  and anything made from merino wool !  Denim jeans  are a solid option, too, especially if they can be layered with  thermals .

Polyester and nylon travel pants are great for sporty activities like hiking. And no matter the activities, wrinkle-resistant fabrics are always a huge plus! But don’t discount denim, as jeans have become ultra-popular on travel days and for sightseeing or dressing up at night.

You’ll want to feel as confident and comfortable as possible while you travel, so making sure your pants fill properly is another super important aspect! If they’re slightly too big or too small, you’ll be uncomfortable and will most likely have to spend much of your time adjusting them throughout the day.

When they’ve found the perfect pants that check all their boxes for travel, readers will often get them hemmed or tailored to be sure they’re the perfect fit. I also use a tailor to alter my trousers if I can’t find the pants I want in petite sizing, so I can be completely comfortable when traveling.

Additionally, relaxed or straight-cut silhouettes are great for summer, as they’ll add some airiness.  Cropped options are stylish and functional for the heat, too. For cold weather, longer pairs of warm pants that cover your ankles and seal in heat are ideal.

Because you’ll likely only be packing a few pairs of pants at the most, it’s highly recommended that you stick to neutral colors. That way, they’ll easily mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe! Neutral pants will ensure tons of styling versatility, and the colors of your  tops  and outerwear, whether bright, patterned, or neutral, too, will likely go with them!

Black  is always a classic, stylish, flattering, and low-maintenance color, but other fantastic neutrals include navy, tan, beige, and white. Even colors like red or green can be neutrals, as a neutral is a solid-based shade.


When it comes to travel, versatility is key, so the pants you bring along should ideally be great for at least two activities. Readers love adaptable pairs that they can hike in and then style up for dinner or wear from a long plane right straight into a business meeting.

You’ll want them to feel comfy, but from a fashion standpoint, it’s a plus if they also look cute with a  nice blouse  and  dressy sandals  or  ankle boots . If they can go casual to classy with a few simple changes, then they’re a winner!

More features to look for in a travel pant include functional pockets. While you may be carrying everything in your purse , being able to have a small item or two in your pocket, like lip balm and your phone, is always super convenient. Some women’s travel pants with pockets  have zip pockets or hidden pockets, which are great for keeping your things extra secure!

If you’re heading to a snowy wonderland or are expecting lots of rain, you may want to opt for a waterproof pair of pants. If the temps are freezing, you’ll probably want pants with insulating and/or thermoregulating features!

Added stretch will be a very welcome trait if you’re sitting on a long flight or have an active itinerary, while lightweight materials will be convenient for keeping your luggage weight to a minimum.

Ladies Travel Pants Comparison Chart

Share with us in the comments,  what are travel pants  that you love and wear again and again?

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I hope you enjoyed this post on the  best travel pants womens   styles ! Please share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!



Just wanted to say how much I love the info you share here. I’m still working on getting down to just a carry-on but I’m getting there with the help of your suggestions. I bought a Departure Blazer from Eddie Bauer last year and have been trying to get my hands on the Departure pants in the same colour. (I don’t look good in black so I went with Atlantic Blue) I think I may have finally found a pair (they sell out really fast!). My sister and I are heading for Europe next year and I’m working on getting her to downsize too!


That is so kind of you, thank you so much Heidi ❤

Me again. I finally got hold of the pants and I’m very happy with them! I also asked for your Compass Rose packing cubes for Christmas and I received them so I’m all set!

That’s amazing Heidi!!! And I hope your Compass Rose packing cubes will join you on many fun and exciting adventures!

Meg Postema

I love my Athleta travel pants!! So comfy & wrinkle free!

Marcia Anderson

I have so many new pants because of this site, I’m going to have to take a trip a month to try them out! Love all the great suggestions.


Great article !! Thanks!!

Vickie Sienknecht

I LOVE my Eddie Bauer Departure Pants!

Mary Buettner

Finding pants to fit is exhausting! I am 6’1″ and plus sized. Thank you for including styles that come in a range of sizes.


With this article you introduced me to the Athleta brand of travel pants. They have become my new favorite brand of pants, whether traveling or at home. I want to try more suggestions. I loved the variety of choices. Great article


My husband has been traveling the globe for work for the past 20 years… our kids and my work are now cooperating and I’m able to join him. I’ve been in my (happy) rut but your blog has me excited to actually do it!! I’ve been loving your recommendations and slowly building up my travel gear 😍


Thank you for this post!! I’ve been living in a thin black pair of rei hiking pants but I think they have travelled their last trip with me being in Europe right now! This will give me something to try on when I get back!

Sharon Roberson

Love my Eddie Bauer Departure pants which I found through this site. So comfortable for flying and hiking around cities around the world.

Liz S.

I have enjoyed finding you and the women of this community. Thanks for the great pant resources and for including talls!


Great list! Thank you- now I just need to order!

Becki Becker

Always look forward to your recommendations!

Maria A.

Great list! The Eddie Bauer Departure pants are my current go to for summer travel. I’ve got them in multiple colors. They are so light. I can pack multiple and still have room for other bottoms. I am still looking for the perfect winter pants, so will definitely need to try some of these out.

Laura Grier

So glad that you listed pants for tall women.

Melissa Rogles

I really appreciate all the resources found here, it has been so helpful.

C Stephenson

I still love my Anatomie Skylar pants. And, now I’m dabbling with Athleta pants that are comfy and more affordable.

Monica King

Love my Eddie Bauer departure pants. Lightweight and easy to dress up or down!

Amanda D’Urso

I always come back to Eddie Bauer, well made and just right for travel!

Kendra Rudnicki

I want all of these! I have a few of the above mentioned, but really need to try Quince!

Stacey N

Thanks for the great suggestions!

Susan Dorsey

Thanks for turning me onto Athleta pants – I find them to be great for travel!

Susan G Helfeld

I just bought two pairs of the Quince pants. I’m super excited to wear them when I go to Scotland next month!

Rachel E Miller

These pants are amazing! I never know what to pack, and this guide should help me out for upcoming trips. Thanks!


So many cute options for my next trip.

Rachel Paul

Great suggestions!


Just got the departure pants, can’t wait to try them.


I am always looking for cute and versatile pants for travel. Thanks for sharing!

Cate Lyons

I’ve found so many great suggestions from your page. Love the Anatomie pants you recommended!

Theresa Wolter

Great article! Very informative.


I think the right pants can make or break a travel experience. This is super helpful!

Barbara Marks

Thanks for so many pant options!

Laura Packard

I really like the Women’s Croft & Barrow Effortless Stretch Pull-On Bootcut Pants from Kohl’s. They’re comfortable, and pass for businesswear in a pinch.

Lisa Kneeskern

Thanks for the article. I got the Athleta Endless for travel and I love them!

Michele Ryan

Love the Quince ultra stretch point pants!

Vanessa Anderson

Have loved Quince as a brand… easy returns!

Barbara Kiser

Absolutely love the Eddie Bauer Departure pants.

Becky Moore

I left a comment previously about the Athleta Endless pant and the Betabrand pants. THEY ARE FANTASTIC! I just wanted to add that my closet is now filled with items from Athleta, Betabrand, Quince, WoolX, etc. based on what I have learned on this site. I’m thrilled to have a capsule travel wardrobe that works so well and feels so comfy. Thanks!

Pam Clark

Very useful information for a jeans and t-shirt girl. I learned of new brands. I ordered Athleta Brooklyn joggers and Brooklyn pants for my upcoming trip to Europe.

Carol Zichella

I have the Betabrand pants that are a favorite but also LOVE the Athleta Brooklyn Ankle pant even more because of their comfort and versatility. I can wear them with converse and a t-shirt on the plane and change to a cute top and ballet flats on arrival to grab dinner and drinks.


I have planned a trip to Ireland and have found the most amazing recommendations and advice from this site. The Colombia Saturday Roll-up Pants have been a welcome addition to my travel wardrobe. They are great for everyday also. Just a little stretch, perfect fit and quick drying. I don’t think I’ve ever been this relaxed about packing for a trip. The tips and tricks I’ve learned from Travel Fashion Girls has given me confidence in being able to look good and be prepared without bring everything I own with me on my travels. Thanks.

Victoria Kearns

Athleta pants and leggings are always my favorite to travel in – and I’m tall so I love the taller length options! Great choices here to try too!

Lois Graham

That weren’t listed in article but I got Kirkland travel pants from Costco. They didn’t have my size in store so I was able to get thru Cistco site. They are comfortable and a wonderful quick dry material

Joanne Fatur

There are several pants in this post that I like. I wish I would have read this before my recent European cruise but will start preparing for next years trip.

Leslie Fox

Love all your travel tips and recommendations!


Always looking for comfortable, versatile travel pants! So thankful to have found your site! Now have to try out some of these. Thank you


All things Athleta work for me! Love the Brooklyn pants and Rincon Dresses.


Pants are my nemesis! LOL! 5’4″ but with longer waist and shorter legs makes it hard, even in petite sizes to buy off the rack. I tend to favor joggers since I don’t have issues with them scraping the ground when I wear flats. 🙂 I want to like Ponte pants, but I find them to be a little too thick for my liking.


I love quince for travel pants. The older I get, the more I lean towards no hard pants!

Debi Haac

Shopping for travel/walking shoes is particularly difficult when there are so many things to consider: wide toe box, leather or not, white or not, comfort in the long run, etc. TFG has helped immensely with narrowing down my choices.


The Athleta travel pants have become my new go-to…for more than just traveling. They are just as comfortable as sweats, but look more put together so I feel like I’m dressed appropriately for really anything. Plus, they pack up so small and dry super fast if I need to wash them mid-trip. I only discovered them this summer, so I’m not sure how much warmth they’d provide on a colder trip, but for the warmer months, they were absolutely perfect.


Love the Eddie Bauer departure pants in tall. So comfortable.

Vera Kozlowski

Agree, got the Eddie Bauer Departure pants in the spring, my new favorite!


Love Athleta pants because of the tall option. I don’t love short ankle pants so the talls work perfectly. Will be wearing two pair this week on a bike trip thru Provence.

Jill Richards

My favorite travel pants are from Athleta. I bring their leggings with pockets, Delancey Straight Cargo Pant and a pair of Brooklyn ankle pants. I wear leggings on the plane and then use them for a hike or if it’s chilly with an oversized sweater.

Barbara Ryan

I have been searching everywhere for the perfect travel pant. I think this will work for my next trip to Europe. Style and comfort are important to me. I like the Quince Ultra Stretch Travel Pants

Kathleen Gore

I like Columbia quick dry pants for casual travel.


Athleta pants are reliable, comfortable and don’t wrinkle! Love them!


These quickly became my favourite travel pants and first in the suitcase thanks to your recommendation years ago now.

Patricia Ciminera

Leaving for a trip out to South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Utah. It will be a more relaxed, casual trip. Packing several joggers and jeans. And of course, comfy shoes. Thanks to my travel friends, the many recommendations have made packing for this trip very easy!

Allison Ludeman

I’ve thought about getting these pants, but am not sure about the sizing. They look so great on Alex, but I think my body type is different and am not sure if they would look that good on me.


Thanks for this article! I’m always hunting for the perfect pants to wear on long travel days with my energetic kids! Love quick dry material for when they inevitably spill something on me! 🙂

Hayley Townley

I have yet to pull the trigger on these Anatomie pants because I fear I will end up with four pairs (but I promise to only pack two of them)! Might need to order them before our European river trip this November…

Carla B Santa Cruz

I just love all of Alex’s videos and recommendations! I was skeptical, yet intrigued about the Skyler Travel Pants since I am petite, 4’11” 97 lbs and 70 years old with small waist and fuller hips hourglass figure. It’s always hard to find pants to fit, even with hemming, but I took Alex’s petite notes to heart, as well as investing in clothes you love for travel as an investment.

I bought them in black XS and on sale in grey, and had them hemmed. They do fit snugly but I hope they will be comfortable and stylish for upcoming Zurich, Sicily, Amalfi Coast and Rome backpacking honeymoon! All inspired by Alex’s backpack video! Wish me luck!


I love your travel ideas! Going on a trip soon and need to update my travel wardrobe. These pants look like a great addition. They sound like they’d be really comfortable! Thanks for the ideas and please keep up the great work!


These are my favorite Athleta pants:

Endless pant Brooklyn ankle pant Brooklyn Heights jogger Venice jogger Trekki jogger Headlands hybrid jogger Salutation or Elation leggings

Obviously a big fan of Athleta!. They have a wide range of colors and sizes and their pants are packable, breathable, dry quickly and are super comfortable. You can build your entire travel capsule around just a few of these pants.

You’re definitely are a big fan Julie!!!

Diane Robino

Great information!

Ann Catherwood

I am on a 2 1/2 week trip in Spain, Italy and France right now. The Eddie Bauer departure pants have been outstanding! Comfy, lightweight with a tad of stretch. They can dress up or down and they don’t stretch out!

Janice Lacy

Excellent post on travel pants! Thanks for the information!


These are the best travel pants ever! I was very hesitant to spend so much on one item but they are totally worth it. I wore them all through Ireland, Scotland and London. They were great for golf, the theater and sightseeing. No regrets and am looking for a 2nd pair.


You have such great suggestions, including suggestions for petites, that I had to try these pants. I must be the only person that does NOT like them. They feel like parachute material and the fit is really off (even though I used the size chart). They are too long for someone that is 5’1 and no petite option available. They are also too tight in the rise.


I was concerned about fit on petite frame. Thank you for your review.


I love all of the tips on travel and especially on attire, such as these pants. I was not familiar with them prior, but watching the video and reading the comments, I will definitely check them out for a future travel purchase!

Cynthia Halpin Brown

I find having pockets super helpful when on the road.

Stephanie P

They look like pants that would work well for everyday life as well!

Monica Muldoon

Anxious to try these pants!!!

Dana Simpson

These pants are amazing! I got a pair second hand on poshmark for $50. I am a petite person. 4’11” and 98lbs and the size small fits great. I did have to hem them. They are light weight, breathable, and stylish. When I spilled a whole water bottle on them while on the plane. I was shocked at how quickly they dried. They can be easily washed in a sink and air dried in a few hours in a hot climate. My husband is jealous of my new travel pants and wants a pair like them for himself now. Get these! They are the best!

Julie Roberts

I love the look of these pants. I hope I win some!

Marie Negro-Leoce

Love all of your packing tips…now I just need to go on vacation 😂😂


Getting ready for a trip to Ireland! These pants look like just the ticket! Thank you!


So thankful for this ost about ants!!


I have the Skylar pant in dark gray . They are the ideal travel pant . The fabric is similar to a golf tech fabric that never wrinkles. Very breathable, always looks great . However, they run really small . I am a size 8p and wear their size Large with no room to spare . I find them to be very short waisted too.


Great ideas on these travel pants! Love your posts

Tami Bern

So intrigued by these pants!

Susan Erhardt

I like the look of the Athleta pants, and I imagine the quality is good too. I’m over cheap clothes that don’t last.

Barbara R

Pants have always one of the hardest things for me to find with a good fit and stylish look. I’ll be looking at all of these options!


This is really helpful! I definitely want to try the quince pants. Thanks!

Kim OConnor

You have the best style! The Anatomie pants are the BEST! They’re comfy for the plane and they wash really well. I brought them to Ireland and they were perfect. Take up very little room in your bag also!

Carolyn Weir

I’ve tried anatomie pieces recommended by TFG, and they have not disappointed! So light weight and easy to wash/dry/pack.

Ellen A.

I have been following your Anatomie reviews since I first discovered TFG. But I’ve recently become obsessed with all things Anatomie since they opened a pop-up store nearby! I am 70+, 5 ft., 118 lbs., petite but not slender; and having a shop nearby to try things on has been amazingly helpful! While the Skyler didn’t work for me, for those gals like me who have age-related “figure flaws”, I’ve had good luck with the Thea (designed for curvy fit) and Sonia (also curvy). The straight leg silhouette is also very flattering. The Flora ponte knit is also a great fit, soft and oh-so-comfortable. I have size S in all. I also have two jackets (S fit fine, but I opted for M for better layering opportunities) and four tops. Love TFG’s travel fashion wisdom!

Diana Wood

They look great. Unfortunately out of my size in black. Maybe they’ll get more before I go. Thanks for the suggestions.

Sandra Cooper

These pants look like they’d be great. Thanks for the review


Thanks for all your tips. I would also love tips for those of us over 60 who might not wear such body con clothes. We need ideas Too! Thanks!


The Anatomie Andrea Contrast-Panel Legging are my FAVORITE pant ever – for travel – for life!

Tami Lewis

I love these pants! I recommend trying different styles to see what fits your needs. I wear the Marisa pants to work, skyler to travel and Andrea as casual wear. My only complaint is the stitching on the waist of the Andrea pants is not as durable as the other styles.

April D

I have to agree! Thanks to TFG a few pairs have found there way into my traveling wardrobe! There is not a single trip, in any season, that a pair (or 2) doesn’t find their way into my suitcase. Anatomie is worth the investment and the Skylar and Andrea are my favorites!

Dani Zlenko

Great summary, great ideas. Learned about many new brands. Not just for travel but for everyday busy life. Thanks!

Suzanne Hodes

These pants are fabulous

Kathleen Boyle

The Skylers have been a game changer for me on both my biweekly business travel and rarer than I’d like personal trips. I have literally worn these pants on a flight then straight to meetings and then onto work dinners feeling polished and comfortable at the same time. I’m amazed at how functional they are in every time of weather. When paired with an under layer they have been awesome in snow and chill to the bone rain as well as light in tropical humid or desert 100+ degree temps. This is especially helpful to me as now need to cover my legs as a skin cancer survivor. I’m curious about the white pants – are they opaque or a bit see through? Would love to hear from someone who has purchased.

Debra Kim

Hi Alex, My 12 y.o. daughter and I just started our worldly travels. After spending 3 weeks in Paris & London and not being happy with what I packed and how I looked I began to do research and found your blog. It’s because of you that I found Anatomie. The skyler was out of stock in my size but then I saw you in the Andrea leggings. I was hesitant to order at first – didn’t know how the contrast leggings would look. Glad I did. Love them! Comfortable and stylish. Saving $ to buy more. Huge fan of your blogs. Made me a better traveler and my daughter will be an expert at packing for travel – Deb


I’m 5’1″ and am so glad you always have great petite suggestions!

Christie Holan

Love the straight leg and lightweight fabric. Looking at purchasing these for hiking, camping and travel. I am also petite and find many pants are too high waisted for me. Especially the current high rise styles. Would you say these are more of a mid-rise? Thanks


Love your tips and have not bought these pants..YET. I have hips and thighs so not sure if these will do, but it’s a start to get me looking. Thanks!


These pants look amazing!!! Going to London in October. Love this. Thank you for the suggestion!!!


I purchased the Skyler pants based on Alex’s recommends and love them , but for my body I prefer Anatomie’s Kate pant. Over the last few years I have purchased them in 4 colors and absolutely love them. I can wear them in their own for warmer weather and layer leggings under them for cooler weather.

Leslie Lukehart

I too am a devotee of the Skyler! I just came back from a year in Europe and these are the pants that never stopped giving….1. They have been washed and washed and they look new 2. They air dry in no time flat, and 3. They are so flattering even on a 60+ year old body. I love Anatomie for travel there is no better place to shop for great travel outfits!

Kathy Mingo

thank you for such a detailed blog. Lots of ideas that I will certainly be researching. such a great website and FB page.

Daga Denslaw

Love the Andrea leggings/ pants.


This site and the Facebook group have been incredible for my trip to Ireland in may 2023. I’m a HUGE planner. I’m finding so many great ideas!


Great recommendation. Can you recommend a high waisted travel pant?

Hi there, here are some of the most recommended pants from the TFG community: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/affordable-womens-pants/

For travel pants in a range of different styles, please visit this page for a full list: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/travel-pants/

Hope this helps you in your search! 😃

Lee Ann Green

Alex, I love your thorough research. Every time I see a post from you, I think”How did she know I was looking for that” seems to come in handy. Thanks.

Jennifer Bennett

I bought the Skylers on your suggestion and love them! They really are as versatile as you describe; I’ve used them for hiking as well, especially where you need to protect your skin from sun or mosquitos. But now you have me curious to try the Andrea leggings, I like the contrast panel and elastic waistband. Also, thank for bringing packing cubes to the world…they’ve been a game changer / life saver and I tell everyone about them! 🙂

Sheryl Billman

I love your suggestions for comfortable international travel. Also love the packing cubes you suggest. They have made my travel life so much more organized and stress free. Thank you!

Rosa S

It was only reading un TFG about the Anatomie pants that I found about them. Visited Anatomie’s website quite often to see if they would have some sort of discount because they price was a little to high for me. No luck! Still bought them and I don’t regret it! Have taken them to Europe, Canada, domestically in the USA and they are fantastic. Planning on buying one more.


I love all of these styles but alas, I am too fat. At 5’8″ and 210lbs, they won’t fit me. Are there similar pants in plus sizes?? I love a good cargo pant!

Hi Kathy, here are some of the most recommended pants from the TFG community: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/affordable-womens-pants/

For travel pants in a range of different styles and sizes, please visit this page for a full list: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/travel-pants/

Jill Meier

Taught my friends all about capsule wardrobes and COO on a recent trip to France and Belgium. And, can’t say enough about the tapered joggers from Old Navy. Just as good as Athleta, IMO, and much more budget-friendly. Happy Travels!!


I love the style of these pants, but I wish they had some larger sizes for the plus size ladies.

Mary Hughson Brown

I am traveling with my Nomad Lane green bag now. I love the substantial zippers! Also, I am wearing an Amazon skirt that you recommended and it is comfy and cute for the plane.


I love the look of these pants – I’m going to order them soon so I have them next time I need them!

Lisa Michels

I will have to give these pants a try! They look comfy!


Recently found your website and I am learning so much! Our youngest will graduate from college in the spring and then we are looking forward to all the traveling. I have been slowly buying items and now I will be considering these pants. Thanks!

Becky Reeves

I am going to Greece in October, these are definitely on my radar now!

Anne Earnhardt

This has been really helpful! I’m always looking for great travel pants – packable, quick to dry. But also cute to wear every day! Thank you!

Allison Tom

Always looking for a good pair of travel pants for petites! I’m also 5’2″, so I’m *always* having to hem my pants, even the “petite” ones. Good to see that these fold well so that you can play with the length before final hemming.

Ellen S.

These look like wonderful travel pants! Would love to see if they cover plus sizes but will need to check that out shortly. Anybody have experience with that?

Hi Ellen, to get the best advice about sizing and fit of their different pants, we would recommend that you reach out directly to Anatomie. They have incredible customer service and many readers have told us that they’ve spoken to them on the phone and have gotten personalized fit recommendations. Just tell them you’re a Travel Fashion Girl reader!

Anatomie also offer international shipping and free returns. We love having the free returns because you can test out their products without the commitment. You can find more about their shipping and return policy here: https://anatomie.com/pages/shipping-return-policy

And if you do decide to order, remember to use the code TFG15 to get 15% off your order!


Love the Andrea pant, so easy to dress up or down!

Debra Henderson

Anatomies’s pants actually fit my relatively fit 67-year old, size 10 body like a glove! In fact, they are very slim-fitting, but SO comfortable!

ann hesser

Great pants for traveling!!

Hoo boy! I don’t even know you, but I apparently trust your travel recommendations to purchase THREE pr. of Anatomie pants! Of course, they were out of the Skyler in my size, but I managed to find several that suited me. That are scarily form-fitting for my fairly fit 67-year-old body, but they are very comfortable and look pretty good on! I’m a devotee, now!

Giuliana Canan

I’ve been looking for a good travel pant. Looks like I found it! Hope to win a gift so I can purchase for our upcoming trip to Italy! Thank you for always sharing great info!


oooh! i will definitely be adding these to my xmas wish list! thank you


LOVE your tips for fashionable travel! And your contest prizes are amazing!!

Susan Langman

I’m curious how the Anatomie skylar pants look on mid-size women. They look great!

Hi Susan, to get the best advice about sizing and fit of their different pants, we would recommend that you reach out directly to Anatomie. They have incredible customer service and many readers have told us that they’ve spoken to them on the phone and have gotten personalized fit recommendations. Just tell them you’re a Travel Fashion Girl reader!


Thanks Alex, based on your recommendations, I have several Anatomie pieces. Almost every single time I travel, I pack something Anatomie, and usually wear the pants as my travel outfit to look put together.


These are super cute on you. I’m a 12/14 not sure about that fit for us curvy women. Any suggestions?

Hi Kelly, to get the best advice about sizing, we would recommend that you reach out directly to Anatomie. They have incredible customer service and many readers have told us that they’ve spoken to them on the phone and have gotten personalized fit recommendations. Just tell them you’re a Travel Fashion Girl reader!

Laurie Owens

In the planning stages for a trip to Ireland and Scotland – so glad I found your blog. I was wondering how I would pack everything I would need for my trip. Love the packing lists and apparel suggestions !


I have a pair of Anatomie Skylar pants that I bought on Poshmark for a reduced amount. They do run small for sure, but I think it’s the fit and I have to get used to it. Thank you for all of your great recommendations. (I also have lots of merino wool!).

Eden Thurston

Thanks to you, Alex, and all your recommendations, my bank account is smaller and my closet is stuffed and I just can’t stop following your every move. As a rare traveller there’s little excuse for my obsession, except that you haven’t steered me wrong once. As with everything else you have recommended, I will no doubt swallow the high cost of these pants and finally give them a try. Keep being you. You’re awesome, and women travellers around the world are so lucky to have you in their corner. Best, Eden from Ottawa. XO

Alexandra Dudley

I discovered the Anatomie Skyler and Andrea pants as well as the Kenya jacket several years ago thanks to your site. They are all great pieces. Do you have any other favorite Anatomie wardrobe staples that are you wear often? I really value that you only recommend pieces that you believe are great quality. Thank you!

Suzy West

Love reading about the perfect pant while currently touring Gothenburg, Sweden!

Rachel LaBelle

These pants look amazing! Thanks for such a thorough review.

Rachel L

These look like the perfect travel pants! Thank you for such a thorough review!

Sue Vetter

I just ordered 3 pairs of anatomy pants for my upcoming trip to Germany and Spain. Thank you for the suggestion. Anatomie ia a new discovery for me

K. Doucette

I love the look of these pants but I adore the hat you’re wearing in the Venice train station picture. Can I hijack this thread a bit to ask what the brand is and where you bought it? I’ve been to Italy twice and just can’t find the perfect hat that fits well and frames and shades my face.

Hi there, thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately the sunhat is from H&M but it’s no longer available. ?

But last year I decided to finally try out the Wallaroo sun hat which is THE most popular sun hat voted by the TFG readers. I get it now—so obsessed and definitely worth the money! You can learn more about it here: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/best-sun-hats/

Hope this helps!


I bought a pair of these, and they are great, but they are very thin material do show every lump and bump. These days there are lots of lightweight easy wash quick dry hiking pants, some which are stylish/simple design. I have a pair of charcoal Exofficio pants which I wore hiking in France, and looked good enough to be out and about in Paris and Milan.

Hi Cynthia, thank you for sharing your favorite travel pants with us! ?

Gail B Jones

great help!

Hi Gail, so pleased you found the article helpful! Happy travels! ?


Happy 10 year anniversary, TFG! I found TFG around 4 years ago and it’s been such a joy reading your articles and connecting with folks on the community Facebook page. Here’s to many more anniversaries 🙂


Thanks so much for the recommendation! I ordered a pair in black. They arrived today and I LOVE THEM! Headed back online to pick up other colors. Keep the great clothing and travel tips coming!

Hi Kris, that is amazing, so pleased you love them!!!!! Happy travels! ❤️


The Skyler pants are gorgeous but I found that you have to be a tiny, hipless wonder to wear them. Same with Luisa. I tried the Techno Chino but Small was too small, Large was too Large. Medium may have worked but by then then I got tired of sending them back. I went with Athleta Brooklyn. Less expensive and work for my body type much better.

Hi Lynn, so pleased you have found some pants that work well for you, thank you for sharing! ?

Louisa King

They look great on you and very Versatel. I am tall so I would need to try them on. I don’t want them to be floods. By the way, which brand are your sandals that are beige and black? Your earring them in the first few pix I think. They are flat but look like they contour your sole. Thanks!

Hi Louisa, thank you so much, that is so kind of you! ? The sandals are the Naot Sabrina: http://amzn.to/2Gaj7BQ Over the years, I’ve traveled with them to Central America and Southeast Asia and found them to be the most comfortable sandals ever! You can learn more about them here: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/the-best-sandals-for-travel-this-summer/ Hope this helps. Happy travels! ?


Hey there, love the black sleeveless cowl neck style top you are wearing in a few of these pics…what brand is it? Thanks!

Hi Nicole, I think you are referring to the Michael Stars Drape Neck Jersey Top: https://bit.ly/2WiYaMa If this is not what you meant, please let us know and we can have another look for you. Happy travels! ?

Thanks Alex!


I bought the Anatomie Skyler pants, finding them on sale for $166 at Neiman Marcus. Even at that price I found them very expensive. I ordered a size M as I normally wear a size 6. I found the fit very snug, and fell that a size L would be too big. This brand just does not fit me right I guess. A bit disappointing. I will never get to experience the awesomeness for myself.

Jasmine Mazlumyan

Hi! I LOVE your blogs and fashion tips! I’m wondering what boots are you wearing in your Madrid picture? If you don’t mind sharing. They are soooo cute and I’ve been looking for a pair like that for years since I lost my last pair.

Thank you so much Jasmine for your lovely comment!! The boots are ones I had custom Made in Hoi An, Vietnam. I looooved them so much but unfortunately the quality wasn’t good so they didn’t last long. I bought the Steve Madden Troopa shown in this article to replace them: shown in this post: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/best-travel-shoes-womens-leather-boots/ Hope this helps 🙂


I have been listing after these pants for a while now. They just look so flattering, and I think they would be great for my upcoming France trip. I usually travel in legging here in the states, but would like to look more elevated there. Easy wash in the sink so I can go carryon only is also important. Does this brand ever go on sale?

Hi Kerri, yes it does just not very frequently. They do tend to have sales for major holidays, end of summer etc.

If you receive our newsletters or join our TFG FB group we do alert everyone when they’re having a sale.

You can join the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/travelfashiongirls


Nice pants! Dark colors are not appropriate for a Safari in Africa. Trust me. Stuck to tan or khaki. Do these pants come in lighter colors?

Hi Carol, the Anatomie Skylar Pants are available in five colors; white, black, khaki, grey and navy. You can find the different options here: https://anatomie.com/products/skyler-travel-pant?rfsn=97672.772e If you are looking for some tips to help you pack for a safari, you may find this post helpful: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/safari-clothing-packing-list-what-to-wear-on-an-overland-africa-trip/ Happy travels!

Andrea Killingsworth

I discovered Anatomie by reading your blog. Huge fan ever since! Thanks for introducing me.


Wow. Thank you for this Alex. As a traveler, we always wanted to feel comfortable as much as possible. This is such a great deal!

Yay, so pleased you enjoyed our review of the anatomie skyler travel pants Kathy!! Happy travels!

Joan Cait

Hi Alex I am intrigued by these pants. Do you know if they ship to Canada and what is their return/exchange policy? I have a hard time getting pants to fit, even when I can go to the store and try them on. Thanks.

Hi Joan, Anatomie offer international shipping and free returns. I love having the free returns because you can test out their products without the commitment. You can find more about their shipping and return policy here: https://anatomie.com/pages/shipping-return-policy . Hope this helps! 🙂

Jodie Myers

Hi Alex! The pants you are wearing look & sound amazing, but when I click on the link, the Skyler pants are now skinny style. Where can one get the ‘old’ version you are wearing?

Hi Jodie, I am wearing the skyler pants which you can find here: https://anatomie.com/products/skyler-travel-pant?rfsn=97672.772e The skyler pants are labeled as being “skinny” fit but they are more of a slim fit and aren’t as tapered at the calves or ankles as your average pair of skinny jeans. Hope this answers your question! 🙂

Melani Monk

I backpacked Europe with three pairs of these amazing lightweight pants for a month. Although pricey I was able to roll them up as capris and not pack capris. They have so much stretch, for cold weather I was able to layer two pair and not bring thermals! Multi-tasking comfortable, stylish and super light-weight. I’m shopping their sales to add to my collection.

Hi Melani, thank you so much for sharing your fantastic Anatomie Sykler pants, it is awesome to hear my readers love them as much as I do!! 🙂


Hi Alex, I loved your post! I am a shopaholic and I have a lot of dresses in my wardrobe. But still, I like to shop for each of my travelings. And obviously, I am gonna purchase pants because next week I am going to Australia to enjoy my vacation 🙂

Hi Glorias, thank you so much for your lovely comment, so glad you loved the post!! Enjoy shopping for your travel pants for your vacation!! Have an amazing time during your trip to Australia! 🙂

Marcy Schackne

Great read …HOWEVER … the clothing choices are waaaay, too expensive. AND, I’m not thin, so the tight fit isn’t so good. I’ll keep trying, though.


I love the look of the grey shoes you are wearing in your Europe photos -what brand are they, where can I get them?

Hi Mary, thank you for your comment! I wore the Skechers featured at the top of this post: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/best-slip-on-sneakers/ Hope this helps! 🙂


Hi Alex what sandle are hou wearung in your Venice picture?

Hi Arpita, thank you for reaching out! I am wearing my Naot sandals, on my latest trip to Europe I wore them nonstop and they were perfect and so comfortable. The Naot sandals are featured in this post: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/the-best-sandals-for-travel-this-summer/ Hope this helps 🙂

Kimberly Gauthier

hi, these loook and sound very nice. but do you have any recommendations for us tall, thin women (5’10”)?

Hi Kimberly, thank you for your comment! To get you the best feedback, I have posted your question on the TFG facebook page as our readers have the best tips. Keep an eye out for their replies from Friday. https://www.facebook.com/TravelFashionGirl/ Hope this helps! 🙂


I’m 5’10”, 130-135 lbs, usually a 34” inseam and US size 4/6, 29” waist, 39” hips. I got the size Large in the Skyler pants and LOVE them. Fits like a straight leg pant (not skinny at all) and the length is just right for that. At first I thought they were too short, but after wearing them decided they were perfect. The waist is quite loose on me, but perfect through the hips (not too tight), and they’re so comfy that I decided not to take the waist in. Perfect for work or lounging at home.


Can you tell me where you got your belt? Love me it with the pants and the twelve ways looks you did.

Hi Lisa, unfortunately the product sold out some time ago so we’re not sure of the brand. Sorry we couldn’t have been more helpful 🙁

Robin Parks

Those are the nicest appearing travel pants ive come across. Of course they look nice on youthful you! Im going to purchase a pair; youve shown the versatility they hold.

Hi Robin, thank you so much for your feedback! 🙂


These are so cute, but a little pricey! Do you have another, a little bit affordable recommendation that is similar?

Hi Allie, thanks for your comment! We have a variety of articles featuring different travel pants. Take a look: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/travel-pants/ Hope this helps!

Rosa Sullivan

I just took my Anotomie Susan skinny ankle pants to a trip to London, Paris and Rome. They were awesome! Wore them while traveling from city to city and while sightseeing in London and Paris. Soo comfy and stylish!!


That’s awesome Rosa! Glad they worked out so well 🙂


Thank you Alex for your blog. I have referenced it about five times for my upcoming travels and going to a very hot area (the CA desert) in August. I’m sweating just thinking about it so I am considering the pants due to the long flights and just want something easy to put on. Found your FB page too and looking forward to more articles.

Thanks Angela, glad you like it! The pants will for sure be comfortable in the flight but you might prefer a dress for the desert heat 😉


I love your blog! I think I will take the leap and purchase a Skyler pants. I am 5 feet, about 98 lbs. Should I purchase the XS or SM? What are your thoughts?

Thanks Ree! I’d say XS but if you call them, they’re customer service is SUPER helpful with recommending the best sizing 🙂


I recently ordered the Paola Pants and I’m super happy with them. I’m 5,11 and nearly all pants I try are way too short (I need pants with 34-36 inseam). The only thing I wasn’t happy about is the price tag..225 USD is a lot of money and when you live in the EU there is another 100 USD in taxes and VAT to add on the price. …unfortunately there is no EU retailer so if you have a friend in the US better have the pants sent to him/her and have him then forward to your EU country (DON’t include the price tags, declare it as a present).

Good tip! I try to ship items from the US to a friend and then have them sent to me without labels and with a value of under $20Usd. Years later, they still look good as new, though 😉 glad you liked them!


Nice blog, those pants are awesome, got some sweet stuff on my blog too hope you can check to..

Thanks babe!


These look great…….however….who has $225 to spend on travel pants, anymore suggestions for something more affordable?


The most important that you were feeling comfortable wearing them. Second, i like them, i also like the color.

Cathy Blackwell

Hi Alex – I simply love your TFG! I have found great information from you and from women who post on your FB page. Thank you for having such a variety of posts with great information. Normally I wouldn’t spend $225 for a single pair of pants but I trust you and simply had to try them. I ordered both the Skyler and Paola in XL to see which fit better. Unfortunately, being a 5’10” 64 year old who while neither large nor small found these pants to be too tight and the Skyler too short. I wear anything from a 12 to a 14 to a 16 depending on the company. The XL did fit (though tight) but at my age I’m just no longer comfortable in skin tight pants and with any little weight fluctuation I may not be able to zip them up! I can see why they would be a great travel pant though and I am sad that I had to send them back. But I will continue to hunt for something like these light weight gems that run a little larger and longer.


Have you found anything that runs a little larger? And maybe not so expensive? I also wear size 12 US usually and have not ordered the Skyler because it sounds like even XL will not be large enough. I don´t mind a snug fit but don´t want a muffin top, since I carry the weight in my belly. I´m not tall like you (darn it) so the length won´t be a problem. Thanks.

Hi Cheri, thank you for reaching out. If you are not sure about the sizing for Anatomie, you can also call them to ask them their recommendations for sizing. The readers say that they are incredibly helpful!

We also have a selection of articles featuring the best womens plus size clothing: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/travel-clothes-extended-sizing/ I would also recommend that you join the TFG Facebook Group and post your question about pants there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/travelfashiongirls/ Here you have the opportunity to ask for specific recommendations based on your requirements. With over 20,000 members, there are women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Hope this helps! ?

JoEllen DiMartino

I am currently traveling in Europe for 6 weeks and brought 2 pair of pants. My go to are Tommy Bahama golf pants because they are extremely lightweight, pull on with 2 front pockets and a zippered back pocket. They have a zipper on the legs which allows me to change from my compression socks to regular socks very easily. They dry overnight, are very comfortable and look nice. My second pair is a heavier weight Columbia pant which has sun protection and works well for me for hiking.

Hillary P

Yay! Thanks for the suggestion on the pants. I just ordered myself two pairs, one in size s and one in size m. I’m eager to see how they fit and will return the unwanted one. Super cute pictures you included to support your advice. Thank you! Hillary


Glad you’ve found something that works for you Hillary! Let me know which works better!


Do you have any suggestions for us plus size girls. I looked at their size chart and even an xl was to small 🙁

There are some great suggestions in this post for you: https://travelfashiongirl.com/plus-size-travel-clothes-for-women/ Hope this helps!


Alex, The options for plus size women en who travel are far too limited. We can’t get good pants or quality items that last, look good, wash and wear well and are available to anyone living outside the US. Much of what you have listed, is to be honest, unsuitable, too heavy in fabric to travel well or just plain frumpy when it comes to puttng it on. Some of the pieces I recognise in your pictures and I can tell you from experience with those manufacturers, they are not suited to suitcase life with limited washing options. Most plus denim is thick and heavy and no good for dryers as the elastase either shrinks or breaks in the heat. Shirts are cut terribly and don’t iron well or again lose size and shape from tangling with a hotel laundry service dryer. Blanket scarves are too short and much of what is available only comes in black, black &, ooohhh, black. Can you please suggest to some of your manufacturers that items in their best sellers in plus sizes would be very much welcomed by many of us over Sz16. A lot of us are happy to pay for quality, if only they would make it. Anatomie is a perfect example of this. Same with merino wool base layer manufacturers. Plus size is a huge market they are all missing out on.

Hi Bel, When I travel, I only bring one pair of jeans but I don’t pack my denim. I wear it on the plane and don’t wash it on the go. This is one way to save space. I 100% agree that all clothing brands are lacking greatly in the plus size market. Unfortunately, I don’t work with many brands and the ones I have suggested to create a wider range in sizes said they attempted to but the sizes over a Large went unsold.

Today we featured an article with a reader’s exact plus size packing list: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/carry-on-plus-size-packing-list-for-winter/ Furthermore, we have more reader plus size recommendations here: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/travel-clothes-extended-sizing/ and a section on plus size brands here: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/best-online-shopping-sites/ I hope these help!

Joy Acoba

they don’t deliver this pants in Hawaii, i wanted the grey color and anatomie website does not deliver in hawaii. they have it in Amazon the black color. where else I can buy this? thanks. your website I found it very helpful by the way! I am planning to travel around the world so Ive been reading peoples experience and I’m buying clothes that will fit in my 25L back pack lol well that is the plan! haha


I love your posts! I was wondering though, have you tried the Kate pant. I’m short like you (only 5’1″) and was considering buying a pair of Anatomie pants, but I’m torn between the Skyler and the Kate. Can you compare them? Also, do you fold the Skyler pants up inside (i.e., so the fold doesn’t show) — and it just stays? 🙂

Travel Fashion Girl

Hey Rebekah 🙂 I actually have a post comparing the different Anatomie pants! http://bit.ly/2c0ys9P

Loretta W.

I have one bad thing to say about this pants – camel toe. O.M.G.

I bought them – the most expensive pants purchase I’ve ever made – because of this blog’s recommendation. I don’t regret it. The pluses:

1. They weight about the same as a polyethylene lunch baggie. Unbelieveable. 2. Amazingly durable construction – buttons, seams, etc. Tough, tough, tough. 3. Absolutely opaque fabric. 4. Dries in like, 5 seconds after washing. 5. Fantastic length for the long-legged among us, like myself, and easily rolls up to serve as capris, etc.

They cling for days. They don’t have a smooth hand – they cling. That’s not so bad because the fabric is opaque, and the length of the leg is generous, so nothing is riding up. But they cling.

Camel toe is terrible. For pants this costly, maybe a U-seam instead at the crotch? I have a lot of tunic tops and long sweaters, so I go with that, but seriously.

Ty for honesty as I am considering purchasing these pants based on the blog recommendations. I hate CT and Moose knuckles so I am particular about my purchases.

They have an excellent return policy just in case 😉


Beach/and sail vaca. Any idea how these hold up.possibly getting some salt water on them?

They are very durable Marta! Happy travels!

Kathleen Lennox

I have been following Travel Fashion Girl for a long time..because I like to travel! and because I enjoy all of your recommendations, comments and information.about a variety of clothing and travel issues and questions. I do have a question for you- I am not exactly a “young lady” like you and most of your followers and consequently many, if not most, of your clothing is designed for a much younger audience. I would like to see more articles, travel clothing suggestions and ideas and travel options for ladies over 60…is this a possibility? thank you k

Hi Kathleen, thank you so much for your kind comment! I’m happy to know you enjoy Travel Fashion Girl 🙂 I promise you I’ve been working very hard the past year to try to find writers over the age of 60 to share their packing advice. It hasn’t been easy but when I do find someone, I guarantee you’ll see more articles specific to this age group. In the mean time, here are a few posts that you might like:

https://travelfashiongirl.com/travel-fashion-tips-for-women-over-40/ https://travelfashiongirl.com/ultimate-packing-list-for-women-over-40-cold-weather-travel/ https://travelfashiongirl.com/ultimate-packing-list-for-women-over-40-mixed-weather-travel/ https://travelfashiongirl.com/ultimate-packing-list-for-women-over-40-hot-weather-travel/ https://travelfashiongirl.com/travel-fashion-for-women-over-50/ https://travelfashiongirl.com/overpacker-to-minimalist-how-i-mastered-the-capsule-wardrobe/

This is great! I never really thought about buying pants specifically for travel, but it makes sense.

Catherine Burbank

As a young >60 yrs woman I appreciate the sentiments. I think these pants look great, but I am a little put off by the zip fly and button, methinks possibly uncomfortable on a long flight. I would love to try them, but the price tag is off-putting. I like the Stehman Ina pants which are about half the price (but still pricey) Yeah, cost/wear, I know. I have worn those pants to death, wearing to work 2x/week, and wearing for travel. Quick drying, no bagging, and no zips. Have been described as “pajama pants” but still look stylish.


Kathleen, have you found the blog Une Femme d’un Age Certain? Susan B. travels quite a bit, and before every trip she posts about what she is packing (she travels with only a carry-on bag). I like her style and her writing. Check her blog out, it may be what you are looking for.


Thanks for this review Alex, very helpful. I’m preparing for an upcoming trip and was totally sold! BUT then I went to the website and they’re $225 a pair!! Yikes. Definitely not for those who cannot afford to blow that kind of cash on a single pair of pants. Ouch. Will be looking elsewhere. 🙁

Hi Ann, totally understandable! They are quite an investment but totally worth it. Here are a few other brands with more options: https://travelfashiongirl.com/travel-clothing-brands/


Are the front and back pockets on the Skyler pants real pockets, or just seams? My old favorite travel pants are Lole Passage pants, which are no longer being made ( http://www.rei.com/product/836655/lole-passage-pants-womens ). They have two pockets in the front, two in the back, and a zipper pocket on the side, and all of them are big enough for a smartphone to fit completely inside. Now I’m kind of spoiled and want any new travel pants to have similar pockets, because it’s so much nicer to keep your phone/small camera/billfold in a pocket instead of messing around with a backpack. Thanks!

Hi Erin, yes they’re real pockets 🙂 I’ve actually stuffed them quite a bit although I wouldn’t recommend doing so all day because the fabric is quite thin and whatever you have in your pockets does stand out. They’re awesome pants!


Thank you for this informative post, I was just wondering if you have any suggestions for plus size women?

Hi Susan, here is our full list of the best shopping sites including plus-size: https://travelfashiongirl.com/best-online-shopping-sites/

Have you also seen these other posts? https://travelfashiongirl.com/cheap-plus-size-clothing-for-travel/ https://travelfashiongirl.com/plus-size-packing-tips/


Do you have any updates to your “best travel pants” suggestions? How are these pants holding up? Some of the Anatomie web site links seem to have become defunct. Thanks!

HI Genia, these pants are long lasting! Although now I try to test out different pants so I’ll wear them based on destination. Sorry about the Anatomie links they have a new website but now the links have all been fixed 🙂


1.) These are the most comfortable pants in the entire world! (the only pair on par would be my Outdoor Research Ferrosi hiking pants, which aren’t as great for fancy dinners…) 2.) The customer service at Anatomie is beyond compare!

I ordered a pair last week specifically for a trip to North Carolina for a week with my cousins. They arrived today, and the Mediums fit like a dream! (I’m 5’4″ and 140#, very hippy.) But not all was not well in the fashion world, there was a 2″ hole in the front pocket!

The fabric hadn’t been lined up properly, and just wasn’t joined, no reflection on the quality of the material, just a case of missed Quality Control. Well, I fly out in 36 hours….what’s a girl to do?! I went onto the Live Chat with Anatomie, explained my scenario and they’ve just rush shipped me a pair to arrive by tomorrow morning!

TL;DR – These pants are amazing, and Anatomie will basically be getting all of my travel wardrobe monies forever and ever and they really know how to make a girl feel taken care of!

That’s so great! I’m happy you love them as much as I do. They are absolutely amazing. I still can’t believe how versatile they are and the premium customer service experience is gold!


Hi Alex, just discovered your website and LOVE it! Taking a quick RTW trip in November to SEA then France and Sweden. I’m going to get the Skylar’s. Do you recommend black or grey? My preference is the black, but will it be too hot for SEA? Thanks!

Hi Michelle, congrats on your trip! Anything is basically too hot for SEA so take your pic 😉 I liked both colors but personally, I love wearing black so it’s made more sense for my style. Determine what other colors you’ll be wearing and what other color pants you want to pack.

Have you read this already: https://travelfashiongirl.com/rtw-packing-list-your-ultimate-guide-for-around-the-world-travel/

Black it is! I have to work a few days while there, so I’d prefer to keep it sharp. Yes I’ve read that article, as well as many others…repeatedly 😉 Thanks, Alex!

That’s a good choice – I was glad to have gotten a black pair – much more polished!


I decided to take a risk and ordered a pair of the Paola Pocket Pant which are in the sale so only $100 – the risk being I’m in the UK so with postage/ customs / returns if they didn’t fit it would be an expensive fail. However, I simply love them. They are so light, comfortable and most important really really flattering. My bum hasn’t looked this good in ages!!

THAT’s so good to hear! I love them so much 🙂


I like to travel with a couple of pair of cotton knit pants as well as a pair of black Chico Traveller pants. While they don’t have pockets, I don’t find that to be a problem as I usually have a sweater or lightweight jacket with pockets.

Will check those out. Thanks for sharing!


Hi, I came across your blog years ago and bought my first Anatomie pants based on your review. I haven’t looked back and now own several different styles of pants, shirts and a jacket. Their clothing continues to hold up after many washes so have been worth the investment. They are great quality and are my go to for packing – stylish, versatile and lightweight! Thank you for all the information you have provided over the years.


Hi Alex. Are these pants loud when you walk? I have a fabulous pair of Athleta pants (their new slim dipper) that I love, but they sound like a cargo pant. You know, the swish, swish sound you associate with hiking/ski pants. The updated style makes it very versatile, even for dressing up, but the sound gives it away. Thanks, Melanie

Hi Melanie, not at all loud. You can listen to them here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lR5KpPikRM I’m wearing them in the presentation. Thanks!


I read a lot of comments from people saying the pants are a little too pricey… I am a college student/ traveler on a budget so I unfortunately have to agree at the moment. BUT, I have found the perfect budget pair of straight legged, light weight, scotch guard protected trekking/travel/casual/super cute pants. For those who cannot afford the seemingly perfect Anatomie pants, try Prana’s Meme pants! I cannot wait to take them on my upcoming trip to central america for cool nights in the jungle and higher elevation adventures.


I was excited, as I clicked through the fit guide for apple shapes with a not-so-flat tummy. Then I saw the price! eeek! I’m spending a month in Italy in September, and $200 for pants seems like way too much, when I’m already stretched to the max with travel cost$. *sigh* Maybe next trip….. They look like great travel pants. 🙂


I agree. $200! eek! I really want them but wonder if my money could be spent on the road better. They look awesome though!

Hi Sheri, $200 can be spent on a variety of things on the road or at home. I’ve just gotten to the point where I rather buy investment pieces when it counts. It took me a long time to get to that point though 😉 It was hard to get into the quality versus quantity mindset for a crazy shopaholic like me!


how do the pants work with thermals under? thanks

Perfectly! That’s how I’m wearing them in the snow 😉


So much stretch I’ve just worn a second pair of Skyler’s underneath! Still extremely comfortable!


Love the different perspectives on these pants! For someone who can’t try them on, seeing different women in different pants is a huge help in deciding which pant would best fit my body. I would totally love to own a pair of Anatomie travel pants!

Hope I can find more pics to share 🙂

allyson becker

I like the idea of thinner weight slim pants. Sound very stylish and I would love to try them. Especially, since I recently lost 40 pounds.

Jeri Accardo

The one thing I MUST have when I travel is …………COMFORT!! These pants look like they defiantly fall in the category!

Yes they do!


What are the sandals you have on in the Koh Samui, Thailand pic?

Hi Lorrie, they are Ipanema sandals I bought in Malaysia. I’ve never found them again, which is so disappointing because I absolutely love that style! ?

maria de lemos

Love the slightly narrow pants. the colors they come in are fabulous and they match with just about anything! Great choice for traveling light 🙂


These pants look super cute and would definitely earn a spot in my backpack when travelling. I like dark pieces that I can match with a whole bunch of different things, and these seem to fit the bill perfectly!!

You have no idea how great they are 🙂


These pants seem amazing- that is great that you can wear them in cold and hot weather. They don’t even look like travel pants. I would were them for everyday purposes

They are perfect even when you’re not traveling 🙂


I want those pants they’re comfortable, can be worn anywhere, and iis quick to dry. That’s the kind of pants im looking for.

I’d be lost without them 🙂

I want those pants they’re comfortable, fits properly, and quick to dry that is the kind of pants I’ve been looking for.

Exactly! Hope you love them as much as I do!

Elizabeth K

Super cute!! I like how versatile they are.


I love these pants, I would love to have some for my upcoming backpacking trip!

md kennedy

I’ve have never heard of Anatomie but I do so love these pants! I travel a lot and usually end up wearing a dressy but light pair of slim jeans on the plane and pretty much everywhere….would love another option and these look awesome!

Hope you like them as much as I do 🙂

rebeka deleon

i like the look, color and they look very comfortable.


These look so comfy for traveling!

Jet-Set Jen

Thanks for the thorough and fantastic review. I can see these pants as carrying me through all the seasons and all my destinations.


The Skyler looks very cute, but so does the Paola… how to choose?!?!

Hi Marti! Do you prefer narrow or slightly flared?

Lynda Del

I want a pair of those fashionable pants!

Nena Sinclair

I love these pants! I would love to try them, I always have problems with my clothing when traveling, I unpack and nothing but a mess of wrinkles!

They’re pretty good with wrinkles. It seems that once you wear them for a bit the wrinkles go away. Perfection!


Could you find someone with a little more weight in the hip/thigh area….some of us shorter wider people don’t find skinny/slim fit very flattering. Afraid to try at this price….Thanks!

Good timing as I’ve just added a few more of their styles including the Paola which is offers a bit of a flared leg which flatters that majority of body types: http://bit.ly/2GCIJrC


I want a pair.

I would love to have a pair of these for travel, thanks for sharing.


You can tell that these pants just look comfortable! The kind you could wear very day with everything!

Mary G

These pants look like they would be perfect for my next trip!


I wear a petite 6 or 8. What size would you recommend for me? I am only 5 feet tall.

Hi Cathy! I am 5’2″ weigh 110lb and wear the size small which fits comfortably and not overly tight. When I read their size description I considered getting a medium but I’m very happy I didn’t. Everyone raves about their customer service so they may be able to give you a good idea of what would work best for you. they also have an awesome no questions asked free return policy so that’s a great guarantee 🙂


I love these! The fact that they seem like leggings but look like a nice pair of pants is perfect. I basically live in leggings, but when I travel this upcoming fall, these would be perfect for those countries where leggings as pants might not be so acceptable. Awesome find!

These are really comfy to wear for long periods of time. I’ve been wearing them in Egypt and have felt as if I’ve been wearing loungewear when I’ve taken the day off to work on TFG and sit cross legged in front of my laptop all day 😉


I need these pants! I travel to a lot of professional meetings where I also have some playtime. These would be great!

These are the perfect pants to take you from the boardroom and can act as activewear and still look chic for drinks!


These looked fantastic (on you and on the website)… it’s just the price that makes me hesitate. There isn’t that many travel pants out there that can look so great and seem to have everything covered in terms of quality. Now that it has been a while- are the pants still holding up as well as when you first received them?

Thanks Amanda! Yes, they are still holding up and they actually continue to amaze me. I have to write an update for this review. I’m in Egypt now and I’ve been wearing them in 104F degree heat and wear them rolled up as capris: https://www.facebook.com/TravelFashionGirl/photos/a.465514776805529.118705.460635497293457/614146105275728/

I am loving them here and the fabric is very comfortable in the hot weather. No need to buy genie pants I’ll only wear a few times! They’re easy to wear even when I sit cross legged to work on TFG all day 😉 The best part is even after they’re washed and hung to dry, they regain their shape and don’t stretch out like other fabrics!


I’ve been eyeing these pants for a while now. Hope to get them for my next adventure!


Hi, I think that is a great review for travelers. We are always looking for things that make our journeys more comfortable without losing the style. It is super important when you are taking long distant airplane trips to not strangle your hip and legs and allow the circulation of the blood properly . That is why is so important to choose the right pants and is better when it adds style. 😉

These have been really comfortable to wear on plane rides and long transport journeys. I like comfort on long trips and these have felt as good as wearing lounge wear 🙂


These are super cute! I’d be nervous about how they’d look on my newly-40 body, but would love to try them for my upcoming trip to Ireland & Italy.

Hi Wendy, I find these to be very flattering especially since the waistline is in a good position, not too low and not too high. Alternatively, they also have other styles that look great to like the Paola: http://bit.ly/2GCIJrC

dori baranski

these pants look so cute!


These look like a fabulous find. We’re going to cold weather from Hawaii after the first of the year and I’ve been looking for options. Loved the snow angel pic – it convinced me! 🙂

Ha, it was my first time making snow angels so I was excited! Paired them with a set of thick tights for the cold and the tights stayed dry underneath post-snow angels 🙂


Hi, I’m not a shop, I’m just selling a few pairs of these on ebay in size 10 and 12 because I wore these on a long hike across 2000 k in Spain and France back two years ago and then on planes across Europe in many countries over a 3 month period, then they became my favorites to wear cos I’d grown to love them so much when I got home. I wanted a new couple of pairs so when I found some wholesale I bought a few extra pairs to keep and some to sell. Quite honestly they are the best Jeans, can be dressed up or down and weigh nothing, dry overnight at the end of a bunk when hiking. Light as a feather and I can’t recommend them enough. I don’t know where you are but I’m in Australia. But I can post them on. I think Vigilante is a New Zealand brand. I’ve sent you the link to my ad.


I was so happy to find your website. I am 60, but I want to travel comfortably and with class. So many of the travel clothes websites are just dowdy/frumpy. I wear a size 6. Many things are too short for my age or to youthful. Yes, I do have a question. The Skylar pants look fabulous, but over my budget. I love skirts, skorts and sundresses, but I rely on long pants as I think they look better for my age. I will be in France in July! Hot! Can you recommend any other long pants, more affordable. I am reviewing your packing list to help. I am not going to overpack, but that means you need the right things to pack. Thanks!

Hi Deb, thanks for your comment! I’m going to post the question on Facebook to try to get a better response for you 🙂 Thanks!

Here are the responses: https://www.facebook.com/TravelFashionGirl/posts/598480480175624?comment_id=6741757&offset=0&total_comments=10&notif_t=feed_comment

Some great ideas!


Do you know if you can get these in the UK? Shipping looks really expensive.

It’s not the shipping cost that gets you its the taxes! I paid as much money on import taxes as the value of the shoes I ordered during my time living there. My shoes cost $60 and I paid $50 in import tax because they calculate it based on total cost PLUS shipping, what a rip off!

My best advice is to have them shipped to a US address if you know anyone and then have them send it to you without the price tag so they don;t look new and put a very low value on them.


These Skyler pants look a lot like Lole’s Passage Pants. Would you happen to own any Lole travel type of pants? I’m just wondering how’d they’d comparing to the Amatomie pants.


I checked their website thoroughly and don’t see any size guide. Am I missing it? I see the body type guide but that isn’t helpful.


$189 for ONE pair of pants?? That is beyond insane!! I don’t care how good ey are!

déjà pseu

These look great! Can you tell me what the fabric composition is (couldn’t find on the website) and whether they bag at the knees at all after a long flight?

Hi there! I believe they’re Lycra. To be honest, I haven’t noticed the knees but they do get looser around the thighs for me after wearing them for a while which is nice to have that stretch on long journeys 🙂


Anatomie has a body type guide and a fit and style guide here; http://bit.ly/2GHaG1C

Geraldine Van Biljon

Awesome advice and great pants!! This is a ”MUST HAVE”!

Such a good read and lovely pics to. Thanks for sharing! One question: What fabric are they made out of?

My bad 🙂 I checked out the link, found the info I needed. Thanks x

glad you like the pants and that you found the info you were looking for. I’ll also add the fabric to the post as well 🙂 thanks for reading!

Vanessa (@turnipseeds)

These look so lovely! I love that they look so versatile – it looks like it would be easy to dress them up for fancy occassions. Would you recommend them for hot, humid climates? (think: Thailand, Burma).

Hi Vanessa! I did wear them in Thailand last year and they’re lightweight enough to wear in humid areas, especially because they’re also water resistant and not as sticky as other pants when you feel sweaty – I prefer long dresses and skirt though in Thailand and shorts if possible. I can hardly tolerate any fabric when it’s hot…


These are AWESOME! My only question is how do I decide which color to get?!

they are awesome! the color depends on your style and the rest of your clothing. i have the grey which I really like because it’s neutral and goes with everything and doesn’t ever look dirty.

Hi, Alex. You’ve definitely sparked my interest in these pants! I do have a couple of questions, though. How well do you think they will fit a variety of body shapes? I am quite a bit taller than you, so I wonder if the pants are a good length for you, if they’d be too short for me. (I’m 5’6″ and wear a size 4.) Also, I have very wide hips compared to my waist and thicker calves than average. Your body type appears to be quite different from mine, so whereas the pants look great on you, I wonder if I’d have trouble with fit. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Hi Angela. thanks for your comment!

they have quite some stretch and feel like they mold with your body. i have an IMPOSSIBLE time finding pants so these were a total surprise when they fit so well. I also have wide hips and a smaller waist but they’re waist falls in a perfect location – not too high or low from the belly button. I guess the fit would depend on how other slim fit pants fit you on the calves. While they’re labeled as “skinny” fit pants they don’t have the slim fit on the calved most skinny cut pants/jeans do making them more roomy and flexible.

As for your height, I actually have them folded in so they are longer than they appear 🙂 I’m assuming the model in their pictures is at least 5’6″ the minimum model height so they’d probably fit you in length like they do her. I fold them in 2 inches 🙂

Kay Dougherty

These do look appealing although I have hips and so skinny pants aren’t always flattering. I’m 5’2″ also and am wondering how the sizes run in these pants? Of course I haven’t looked up the price yet and I’m thinking it might be high!

For my height, I am beyond happy with the way these fit me at my stature! In the pics, I have them folded in so they’re actually a longer than it shows on me but with a quick fold, no biggie and the fold stays in place. I fold them in by 2 inches.

They’re labeled as “skinny” but I wouldn’t say that is accurate. they’re more of a slim fit making them a more appealing cut to a wider range of body types. They’ve got a nice stretch making them more easy to mold to your body.


This is a great, versatile list! I’m curious about your top picks for trekking/hiking pants

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women's travel pants costco

The Best Women’s Travel Pants of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Look good on the go while maximizing comfort and convenience

women's travel pants costco

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

TripSavvy / Marcus Millan

A great pair of travel pants is a lot like a great friend: supportive without being restrictive and ready for any occasion. Look for breathable, moisture-wicking materials that won’t wrinkle in your suitcase or after hours on the airplane. A relaxed fit (or plenty of stretch if you opt for form-fitting leggings) is essential for freedom of movement on your adventures, while the ability to transition from day to evening wear with the right accessories is a major plus that cuts down on packing requirements. 

Finding pants that meet all these criteria can seem difficult, which is why our team of travel experts took on the task of testing 40 of the most popular options currently on the market. We wore each pair in multiple scenarios from air travel to gym workouts for two weeks, then scored them for fit, comfort, quality, durability, design, and value to choose our favorites. Our overall winner was the Stretch High-Rise Jogger from Lululemon, with its super soft material; loose, breathable fit; and useful pockets. Here are all the travel pants we loved.

Final Verdict

How we tested.

  • What to Look for in Travel Pants

Why Trust TripSavvy

Best overall, lululemon high-rise jogger.

  • Comfort 5 /5
  • Quality 5 /5
  • Durability 5 /5
  • Design 4.5 /5

Incredibly soft

Breathable and moisture-wicking 

Versatile drawstring waistband

Some may prefer a slimmer cut

The Lululemon Stretch High-Rise Jogger may well be the perfect travel pant, with a classic, loose-fitting silhouette that we found supremely comfortable. Although they’re meant to be full-length, the tapered ankle means they look good even if they come up a little shorter on tall women, while the Luxtreme fabric’s combination of softness and stretchiness offers a slightly more elevated aesthetic than one might expect from a pair of joggers. Designed for breathability, the moisture-wicking fabric also handles temperature changes well (as proved when we tested them on a journey from chilly San Francisco to balmy Hawaii). 

We loved the butter-soft waistband and the fact that while stretchy, these joggers also have a drawstring that you can cinch for a more tailored fit. The drawstring can be worn visibly or hidden inside for a more streamlined look. We also appreciated the extra-deep pockets, which held our phone securely even when sitting down. The pants also boast a hidden zipper pocket and card sleeve. Best of all, after multiple plane and car journeys (and three washes) the pants looked and felt brand new. Color choices are mostly muted and include kelly green, utility blue, and black. 

Sizes: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 | Materials: Nylon, Lycra, elastane, polyester

TripSavvy / Elena Garcia

Best Lightweight

Outdoor voices relay wide leg pant.

Public Lands

Easy-on elasticated waistband

Great freedom of movement

Generous pockets

Sizing is not particularly accurate

The mid-rise Relay Wide Leg Pants from Outdoor Voices score sustainability points with their recycled polyester and spandex construction. We also found the combination to be incredibly comfortable, even on a journey from New York City to Florida that involved several different modes of transport and a significant temperature change. The pants are breathable and lightweight without feeling cheap, with a decent amount of stretch. We loved the branded, elasticated waistband—no more struggling with zippers, buttons, or drawstrings while rushing for a flight. 

The elasticity also gave us full freedom of movement while performing squats as part of our testing process. As a result, we feel the pants would be ideal for everything from all-day walking tours to hiking, biking, and working out on vacation. Spacious pockets are another highlight, although we noticed that anything weighty did tend to pull the pants down a bit. They come in black, oceanic (blue), and gravel (beige). We recommend sizing down for the best fit. 

Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL | Materials: Recycled polyester, spandex

TripSavvy / Phoebe Sklansky

Best for Work

Quince 100 percent european linen pants.

  • Design 5 /5

Flattering, supportive shape

Wrinkle-resistant material

Elasticated for pull-on convenience

Multiple inseam lengths available in select colors only

Pockets are purely decorative

If you’re looking for pants that you can wear straight to a meeting after arriving at the airport, look no further than the Quince Ultra-Stretch Ponte Straight Leg Pants. They offer all the convenience of traditional travel pants, with an elasticated waistband for easy on and off and four-way-stretch fabric for complete freedom of movement. But, with their straight cut and thoughtful detailing (think belt loops and faux pockets on the front and back), they are also elegant enough for the boardroom. 

We love that these pants are wrinkle-resistant, so you don’t need to waste time looking for an iron in your hotel room. And finding the right size is easy with three inseam lengths to choose from. Our tester wears an XL and has a pear-shaped body type. She loved the pants’ fit, finding them comfortable yet supportive with good tummy control (without feeling like shapewear). The only downside? We wish there were even more sizes to choose from and that all inseam lengths were available in every colorway.  

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL; 28-inch, 30-inch, 32-inch inseam | Materials: Rayon, nylon, spandex

Liverpool The Gia Glider Ankle Skinny Jean

Available in regular and tall lengths

Can be dressed up or down

Functioning pockets

Fit loosens slightly in between washes

Sometimes you have to pack light and one way to do that is to opt for pants that you can dress up or down for any occasion—like the Liverpool Los Angeles The Gia Gliders. Thicker and more supportive than leggings yet stretchier, softer, and more comfortable than regular jeans, these mid-rise jeggings come in two lengths and can be pulled on in seconds. We found them amazingly comfortable, even after full days in the office, running errands, or traveling across the city. 

A faux zipper, a working button, and belt loops add style points. And, although the front pockets are too small to be very useful, we really appreciated the functionality of the full-size back pockets. We found that the pants offered a great range of movement (although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend them for your next yoga session!), and loved that they were thick enough never to have to worry about see-through areas. We did find that they bagged slightly after a few days’ wear, but also that they returned to their original shape after washing. 

Sizes: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16; regular, tall | Materials: Cotton, rayon, modal

Best With Pockets

Wayre jetsetter trouser.

Inclusive sizing

Incredibly versatile

Sustainable and ethically made

Not ideal for colder weather

If you prioritize pockets when looking for the perfect pair of pants, you’ll love the Wayre Jetsetter Trousers. They offer six functional pockets: four on the sides and back, each large enough for a phone or wallet; a card pocket; and a pickpocket-proof zippered pocket capable of accommodating a passport, cash, or keys. We also love the broad range of sizes offered, including standard and tall lengths. We loved the fit, finding them true to size with a waistband that wasn’t too tight or loose, but just right. 

The style is wide-legged, with a cropped length and high-rise waist. They’re flexible enough to be comfy on the plane or when exploring your destination, but also smart enough to dress up come evening. We feel this versatility helps to justify the pants’ admittedly high price tag. They are made of durable Aire-Flex fabric, which is breathable, spill- and odor-proof, wrinkle-proof, and rated for UPF 30+ sun protection. It’s also bluesign-certified for sustainability points, and available in six gorgeous colors from bronze to rose water. 

Sizes: 00, 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 | Materials: Aire-Flex (rPET)

TripSavvy / Julia Sayers

Most Comfortable

Vuori performance jogger.

  • Design 4 /5

Unbelievably soft fabric

Completely unrestricted movement

Can be tumble dried 

Pockets aren’t particularly functional

Cropped style may not suit all tastes

Vuori Performance Joggers are made from DreamKnit fabric: a recycled polyester and elastane blend that’s impossibly soft and comfortable on long travel days. The pants are also breathable and moisture-wicking, with four-way stretch for full freedom of movement. The fit is slim yet relaxed, with a mid-rise waist and a tapered, cropped leg. We liked the adjustability of the drawstring waist and the fact that the fit remained consistent on every wear. Some of us that are tall weren't a big fan of the cropped style, though. 

The joggers have two side pockets, which are deep enough to hold your phone or wallet. However, we found that anything bulky looked a little odd due to the pants’ slightly clingy style. Nevertheless, we believe the durable, quality fabric makes them well worth their high-end price tag and appreciated that unlike many of the pants on this list, ythese ones can be tumble dried without shrinking, stretching, or pilling. Colors range from black camo and navy to a dusky pink marsala heather. 

Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL | Materials: Recycled polyester, elastane

TripSavvy / Sophie Mendel

Best Leggings

Abercrombie & fitch ypb studiosoft legging.

Abercrombie & Fitch

  • Quality 4.5 /5

Flattering, sculpting design

No movement, even during high-impact activities

Relatively affordable

Lighter colors may show sweat when working out

The Abercrombie YPB StudioSoft 7/8 Length Leggings are made from a super soft, stretchy, and supportive nylon and elastane blend. We loved that they were like a second skin without making us feel like a stuffed sausage. The double-layer waistband compresses without being uncomfortable for a smoothing effect, while an ultra high-rise cut and sculpting, V-shaped back seaming help flatter your figure, whatever your body type. We felt that the leggings were pretty breathable, although some sweat did show through on the light color we tested. 

One highlight for us was that the leggings stayed firmly in place with no sagging, looseness, or riding up no matter what we wore them for—including a high-impact gym workout. With completely unimpeded movement, we could see them performing well in any travel scenario, from sightseeing to adventure tours. There’s even a hidden interior waistband pocket for cards or keys. The leggings are the most affordable on this list and come in three inseam lengths (short, regular, and long) and four colors (lilac, oat, onyx, and mineral blue). 

Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL; short, regular, long | Materials: Nylon, elastane

TripSavvy / Sophia Devito

Quince Ponte Straight Leg Pant

  • Durability 4.5 /5

Naturally heat regulating

Retain quality after multiple washes

Ethically sourced and produced

Unstructured fit loosens throughout the day

These beautiful linen pants from Quince are ethically woven from 100 percent European flax, making them naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, and heat regulating. We found them so light and comfortable, it was easy to forget we were wearing pants at all. After trying them on, we would describe them as “just easy,” from putting them on to accessorizing them for different occasions. The linen is also very high quality, with no changes to its look or feel after several washes and enough thickness not to have to worry about visible underwear. 

The fit is true to size, with a streamlined, straight-leg aesthetic that we feel is very versatile. The cropped legs hit just above the ankle, making them practical for navigating less-than-pristine airport bathrooms and cute when paired with sneakers, sandals, and flip-flops. If we could make one change? We’d add a drawstring to the elasticated waist to counteract the fact that it does stretch a little with extended wear. Finally, the pants have three functioning pockets and come in nine attractive colors. 

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL | Materials: European flax linen

TripSavvy / Jackie Napalan

Our overall favorite travel pants were the Stretch High-Rise Joggers from Lululemon, which we loved for their butter-soft comfort, stretch, and stylish appearance. For something a little more formal, choose Quince’s elegant yet eminently practical Ultra-Stretch Ponte Straight Leg Pants .

Each pair of pants considered for this article went through the same real-life testing process. First, we unboxed and visually inspected the pants to gain an overall impression of material and construction quality. We tested the design and function of features, including pockets, zippers, buttons, and drawstrings; then put the pants on to perform a series of squats. This gave us an idea of their fit, breathability, and stretch. 

Then, we wore each pair for at least four six-hour periods over two weeks. We wore them for traveling and everyday activities, including going to work, attending social events, and running errands. Finally, we washed the pants at least once according to the manufacturer’s care guidelines to see how well they held up. Each pair was scored from one to five for fit, comfort, quality, durability, design, and value, with overall scores informing our category winners.

What to Look For in Women's Travel Pants

Comfort and flexibility are key when it comes to travel pants, which is why many of our favorites are made from technical blends featuring materials like nylon, elastane, spandex, polyester, and Lycra. These blends are typically breathable and moisture-wicking, too, making them easily able to handle temperature changes and great for active vacation pursuits such as hiking or sightseeing tours. Natural materials like cotton and linen are also comfy and breathable, although you’ll have to pack carefully to avoid too many wrinkles. 

The travel pants that we tested for this article ranged in price from $22 to $228, but the most affordable pair that scored highly enough to be featured cost $70. This is a good illustration of the old adage, “you get what you pay for,” and if you want a pair of pants that tick all the boxes for comfort, versatility, and durability, then you should expect to pay somewhere around the $100 mark. Although this may seem expensive, consider that you’ll be able to wear the right pair of travel pants over and over again on your trip and hopefully for many years to come. 

Above all, travel pants should be comfortable. You want full freedom of movement so you can run for that bus, take on that hiking trail, or dance the night away at that sidewalk taverna. You also want to be able to sit comfortably for several hours while traveling without experiencing any uncomfortable pinching or compression. This either means choosing pants with a relaxed fit, or, if you prefer form-fitting leggings, opting for ones with super soft material, plenty of stretch, and a waistband that stays firmly in place without being too tight.

Style is very personal and there’s no right or wrong when it comes to travel pants (or any other clothing). Whatever style you go for, though, we recommend choosing one with plenty of versatility. That means pants that you can dress up with heels and a blazer for a night out or formal business meeting, for example, or pair with sneakers and a T-shirt for more casual adventures during the day. This way, you’ll cut down on the number of different pants you need to take and save extra space in your suitcase for other items. 

Although pockets aren’t necessarily essential if you’re the kind of person who always travels with a purse or backpack, they can be a very handy addition to your travel pants. After all, how much easier is it to whip your passport out of your pocket at security than having to rummage through your purse for the 99th time? Look for pockets that are deep enough to hold your valuables securely, even when you’re sitting down. The smartest travel pants may even have a zippered pocket or a hidden pocket in the waistband to dissuade pickpockets. 

Whether for women or for men , the best pair of travel pants is the one you feel most comfortable in. Generally speaking, opt for soft, stretchy fabrics or pants with a relaxed fit that won’t feel too restrictive after hours in one position on the airplane. Pockets are ideal for keeping essentials like your wallet, phone, or passport handy, while breathable, sweat-wicking materials are great if you’re headed somewhere warm. Finally, choosing pants that you can wear for different scenarios (from daytime sightseeing or hiking to dining out in the evening) will help you pack smarter and lighter. 

When it comes to the kind of casual pants listed in this article (leggings, joggers, lightweight travel pants), the best way to pack for wrinkle-free results is to fold the pants in half vertically, then roll them up tightly starting from the waistband. Bonus: This is also a great space saver, giving you more room in your suitcase for other clothes or souvenirs you pick up along the way. 

Jessica Macdonald is TripSavvy’s Africa travel expert and a regular contributor of travel-related commerce articles. She’s visited more than 50 countries and tried countless pairs of travel pants, from lightweight technical pants for jungle expeditions to her favorite comfy leggings for adventures with her kids. This article is based on real-life tests carried out by members of TripSavvy’s expert travel team, as well as product descriptions and customer reviews.  

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Eddie Bauer "travel pants" from Costco- THUMBS UP! - Travel Gadgets and Gear Forum

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' class=

So I used this partly as a training/practice trip. I spent a lot of time here, on YouTube, and reading travel guides. Rick Steves books and website etc. were especially helpful. I decided to really try to travel with carry-on luggage only. Only those of you who have spent your life filling a car can fully appreciate the change!

I travelled with a (new) Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack (and liked it). I bought wool socks (liked a lot!) and even a (single) wool T shirt (which I liked but still think is too much $$). I went to REI and looked at "travel pants" of synthetic material... but just couldn't bring myself to buy them. BLAH!! What does that say when I spent $75 on a single T shirt but wouldn't spend it on pants?

I planned on travelling as I normally do- in cotton cargo pants. Wear 1 pair and pack a second pair. I looked for months for travel pants I liked, but gave up. I was making enough changes. Our plane was leaving Thursday (2/28). The Saturday before I was packed and waiting. Then I went to Costco Sunday....

I bought a pair of Eddie Bauer pants @$20 (2 actually-tried on at home and took ones didn't fit back Monday. No fitting rooms at Costco). The pants are 95% Nylon and 5% spandex. They have mesh pockets, a "quick access phone pocket" (too small for my iPhone 6), and a zipper back pocket on right side (also had 2 "regular" back pockets). The waist band is SUPER stretchy.

I spent first 4 days in my cargo pants, then put these on. I like them! (I had a 3rd pair that didn't get worn). I didn't wash them yet; I don't know how fast they would dry if washed in room (like I did my T shirt and socks. they dried fine overnight). But I think they would dry fast. They are obviously synthetic material - which I am not really used to and do not care for. These will probably get washed and put in the backpack for the next trip. THE POINT IS....

These are a good compromise or start for "travel pants". I have no idea how they compare to others. But Eddie Bauer is a good name, and the price is right (again- $20). they are a good value and good start for your travel wardrobe...

' class=

at 95% nylon they will dry in no time certainly overnight

DH has Tilley travel pants they are heavy poly/cotton type & they dry overnight except the waistband sometimes in not completely dry

Columbia also make quick drying pants but the price may not be worth it to you

women's travel pants costco

not bad trip write-up and putting in plugs for various products.

But what i have found is the buying (travel) clothes is alot like trave. You wont know until you do (buy).

Myself likes the design of the Costco Kirkland active pants with three zippered pockets, but they may not be dressy enough for some people's travel taste or appropriate for some destinations. Front pockets especially are more likely to retain their contents as you squirm around in your seat or elsewhere, because of the zippers, and they may be more secure against pickpocketing. The general category of zippered pocket designs is jogging pants, and there are nicer looking versions in other brands made of similar materials and at equal or lower cost. Myself rolls and blotts wet clothing inside of a towel while applying pressure with my knee, and this seems to decrease the drying time, especially if hung in a breeze or in front of a fan.

Glad you found something that works for you. You will soon get used to travel with only carry on. Enjoy😀

When I bought the backpack I tried and succeeded packing enough clothes that I didn't need to wash any during trip. It was possible, but left no room for souvenirs. We have agreed next trip out of country needs to be longer than 1 week. We had 30 hours of travel home to hotel- very tiring, and a bit much for 5 days at destination.

I read over and OVER how bad pickpockets were in Prague. I bought along strapped pouch (forget official name/term) to hang around neck/inside shirt with wallet/passport/$$. I used it like 2 days. After that I just put hand in front pocket over wallet during few times I was in serious crowd (waiting for clock in town square/ on metro at busy times come to mind). I eyeballed couple men drifting close; they drifted different direction. I will take pouch next trip also, but don't expect it to get much use...

Biggest decision still undecided is whether I take extra shoes next time also. That and guidebooks (TOO many!) were biggest items packed and underused...

Thanks for the comments!

You could always photo copy some important info from the guide books then toss as you go

I make notes on each place & toss when I leave that city/town

I keep trying to pack light ..have not succeeded yet LOL

Good luck for the next adventure

I have tried a lot of travel pants from many companies. If you need a pant that looks good without cargo pockets, there is the Scottevest pants, but I find them uncomfortable if I put too much in the pockets. I bought some Blackhawk tactical pants a while back that were great as they have a lot of zippered pockets, but the company no longer makes them. My latest pants that I like are the Craghopper men's Kiwi pants that have nine pockets including 5 zippered pockets. The zippered pockets are not all that visible as they are covered with a cloth flap. However, two of the zippered pockets are in the rear, and I do not trust rear pockets for anything.

Finally there appears to be decent travel pants for women from Clothing Arts, which has a woman's pickpocket proof pant that has some nice zippered pockets and hidden pockets. Most women's pants are stylish, but worthless for securing valuables. However, these new pants are not available until around the end of the month, which is too late for the next trip my wife and I are taking.

I am still searching for well designed travel shirts with hidden zippered pockets. Years ago I bought some great shirts from National Geographic Traveler but they are wearing out now.

Tilley used to have some shirts like that ... not sure if they still do

lots of there clothing has hidden pockets

To all travel pants commenters,

I recently started to look at these at Costco and elsewhere for an upcoming trip. No purchase yet. Besides what was discussed, I have 2 questions.

Does the fabric breathe/vent okay - if its a hot day do you get more hot or sweaty due to less air passing through the material?

If you are out in the rain and they get wet are they more water resistant? (I would expect they would dry quicker but I am also wondering if they will get less wet.)

For the Costco Kirkland pants, the material is soft, thin, and elastic, which makes for at least Fair ventilation and excellent comfort. Even though there are loose elastic gathers at the ankles which are typical of running pants, the fabric inside surface does not cling or bind to my legs when dry or moist, so no insulation effect causing them to feel hot while standing. The tops of my thighs do get hot while sitting in the bright Sunshine due to the dark color absorption. Water droplets temporarily bead up on the outer surface and roll off or are slowly absorbed if caught in the fabric, so not completely water resistant, especially in continuous rain. Much faster drying time than cotton.

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Women's Travel Pants

I've searched the Travel Forum for this question and only found those that were years old. I know traveling habits, wardrobe and materials have changed over the years.

So, what have you found to be the travel pant for you? I'm 5'2" and weight 127. I'm wanting something like straight leg yoga pant or ponte pant. Comfy of course and none that make the squishy sound when wearing.

I've looked at these from Eddie Bauer, but not sure.


I love my Brooklyn City pants from Athleta. They come in several colors and you can get them unlined for warmer weather or lined for cooler weather. Athleta also has some new Endless Cargo pants that I like. Both styles are lightweight and can be washed out in the sink if needed. I also like JJill’s Wearever slim leg pant. They are made for travel and are very versatile.

My sister bought these Beyond Yoga Spacedye Everyday Pants recently and they may be what you are looking for. https://beyondyoga.com/products/spacedye-everyday-pant-darkest-night-sd1201 I have the Spacedye Midi Jogger which she says are pretty much the same pant except for the ankle styling. I got the joggers for Christmas and I love them; they are so soft and so comfortable I want to live in them. Beyond Yoga often has 20% off sales.

The Eddie Bauer and Athleta pants mentioned above are woven fabric if that matters. I have the Athleta Brooklyn ankle pants and find them a bit on the shiny slinky side, but they are very lightweight for packing. I have lots of Eddie Bauer pants I like, but haven’t tried that one. I like the Hollywoodnwaist somI might give it a try myself!

If you are looking for. Ponte knit similar to yoga pants, I can recommend the J Jill Wearever slim-leg pant.


They are a very soft rayon-spandex knit with a wide flat waistband in front, and a slim but straight leg, so not tight at the lower calf. They are very comfortable and definitely do not make “that squishy sound”:when worn.

It comes in petite sizes, which would most likely be right for you. I am 5’2” but weigh less, so mine are PXS. I would think the Petite Small would be just right for you.

You might also check out American Giant. I have some Athleta leggings and pants and like the thigh phone pocket, but although the black is matte I like the AGs better. They have a style and ponte- ish material that combines a legging/slim pant that can be dressed up or down- I am 5'2" and they are a perfect length. Neither brand is super soft, like a yoga pant. I do have a yoga pant from Blue Canoe with a slight flare that I still love years later and they still make them- they are great on long plane rides.

Lands End Active pants. They come in several styles ( leggings, yoga, 5 pocket), sizes, colors. They don't pill, sag and can be sink washed and dried overnight if you wring them out in a towel after rinsing. Sketches sell a pant similar but there's pills slightly.

I like these in black from eddie bauer.


They travel well and are super comfortable.

I've been looking for lightweight (dries quickly) travel pants. I saw Yogipace pants on Amazon yesterday and plan on ordering this pair with zip pockets. They are polyester/spandex so hopefully not swishy. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079GJKNDL/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A3VNO5EOWXPVVT&psc=1

They have several different styles and are reasonably priced, so check out the entire collection. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=yogipace+pants&crid=378IZ0W8ABMQY&sprefix=yogipace+pants%2Caps%2C1642&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-doa-p_1_14

I have another pair that are nylon/spandex with zip pockets and they fit beautifully and are extremely lightweight. But they are very noisy. I've packed them in my tote bag as a "change of clothes" if I'm separated from my suitcase, but haven't worn them except to try on. Washing them didn't diminish the noise. I notice the company I got them from now has zip pocket options in other fiber blends, so I may investigate those. They are from Ulla Popken which specializes in plus-size, so not for you.

I'm a jeans and t-shirt person, but jeans are heavy and don't hang dry quickly.

I have the Eddie Bauer pants you linked to and I love them. I’m 5’3” and they fit me like regular length pants, which is what I was looking for. My friend is a few inches taller than I am and bought them in tall so that they would be a regular length for her. They do not sound swishy when walking. I haven’t sink washed them, but when washed in a washing machine and hung to dry they will dry very quickly.

I’m about 5’2”. As much as I like the look of a jogger, I have yet to find one that doesn’t look “baggy” on me. Even what they call straight leg or slim. It’s a dilemma. lol. A number of years ago I discovered a pull on slim leg pant that has worked. They are called Loir Paris. I have their Sasha style for petites. I have a couple denim (dark rinse and black) Also have their regular pant in black and white. I’ve never sink washed them, but I wash on gentle cycle and hang to dry. It’s an online company called “The Little Shop online.” They are located in Florida. It just so happens that they are retiring after many years at the end of February and are offering 30% off everything on their website! Originally I wasn’t sure what size to purchase. I called them and they were very helpful. I wear their smallest size (2) and they fit very well. The material is very comfortable and doesn’t wrinkle. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiJr-icucr8AhUyAjQIHTg2AecQFnoECAUQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thelittleshoponline.com%2F&usg=AOvVaw2PmCQNQP5UJF_rRYLGyul5

I'm chiming in for Athleta's Brooklyn Ankle Pants. They are wonderful! They can be dressed up with flats/sandals or down with sneakers. I wore them to work (now retired!) and now wear them on the golf course. They've traveled with me to Europe and all over the U.S. I'm 5'4" and the regular length lands at my ankle. I prefer the petite length which fits better in the waist and lands above the ankle for a more updated look. They are not squishy sounding (like the travel pants found at Costco) and are soooo comfortable on the airplane (not a fan of yoga tights on the airplane). Plus, they pack super small! https://athleta.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=198671002&vid=1&searchText=brooklyn+ankle+pants#pdp-page-content

Thanks everyone for all of your awesome suggestions! I have decided on 1 pair so far. They are from JJill "Wearever Smooth-Fit Slim-Leg Pants". While they have no pockets (for 1 pair I'm good with that), but they are soooo comfortable!

I am glad you like them—-the fabric is super soft and comfortable. I will be taking mine to Italy next month.

Yay! Glad you like the J Jill wearever pants!I used to work at J Jill and these were always the pants that I directed our customers to when they were planning a trip to Europe.

I like Outdoor Research's Ferrosi pants, particularly the 2021 version. They come in three lengths. Very versatile, good looking (despite being adventure pants), and dry fast. Check them out!

When you say travel pants are you talking for on the plane? I am planning on using these that I found at Costco, not leggings (although I have used leggings in the past), but with coverage (no show through), lightweight (I overheat), comfy, soft and stylish. A two pack is $16 and Lole is a really good quality brand. These are currently my go-to work from home pant.


I have 2 pairs of Patagonia men's quandary pants. I like that the one extra pocket is a pouch on the inside of the leg instead of tacky-looking fabric sewn onto the outside of the leg. Mine don't make swoosking noises. I just checked the internet: patagonia has a women's version of the quandary pants. As for size, maybe you are as out of luck as I am or maybe a lot of women's pants are shorter than men's pants: I am a man but only half an inch taller than you but ten lbs lighter.

I swear by the JJill Pima leggings.

I just took my mom shopping the other day and she got so much from JJill. She got leggings, the Modern Knit pull on pants, and some pull on jeans as well as some khaki jeans.

My mom is your height and weighs a bit less, so it is hard to find things that are not baggy on her. These all worked great!

@mikliz97- thanks for mentioning the JJill leggings! I have had a couple pairs for years. The are very well constructed. One pair is ankle length & the other is a crop. Agree, the fit is perfect for a petite. I have also worn them with a dress. Another legging that I like this time of the year (in the PNW) is HUE, “High Waist Blackout Ponte Leggings.” I buy them on Amazon.

Janis--I thought of you when I was shopping with my mom as she has the same tiny build as you. It makes it difficult, but we found some wonderful items! I will go check those other ones out, thanks!

mikliz97- Thanks, I need to revisit JJill. It’s been a few years. May need a refresh! ;J

I forgot to mention this one, the Mountain Hardwear Dynama pant. It comes in various lengths fully-length, ankle, capris, and shorts. With a wide flat waistband and no buttons or zippers, they are pull-on style, lightweight and totally flat in front. Pockets—slash pockets on both sides and a zipper pocket on one thigh.


I have found them on sale on Amazon, but I didn’t check to see if they are still there.

I bought the Yogispace pants from Amazon in 2 sizes, XL and XXL. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079GJKNDL/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A3VNO5EOWXPVVT&psc=1

Both fit well. The XL will show panti-lines, so I prefer the XXL. I normally wear 16-18W from Lands End.

Pocket depth is normal for women's pants. I think they say "deep" on Amazon. No, not "deep" like men's trousers. Another reason to go with the larger size - bulges from what's in the pockets.

If you are looking for lightweight, the weight feels heavier than my cotton blend pants from LE. I'll have to weigh them both and post the difference.

Should hang-dry quickly since they are poly-spandex blend. But I think in hot, humid weather, the poly-spandex will be HOT.

Got a LE catalog recently where they had ankle length pants with zippered front pockets. You might want to check that out.

The absolute best pants that I have found for traveling are by Eileen Fisher, which I discovered by accident - I used to buy a lot of EF when I was working (I was a family law attorney so needed nice business casual stuff for court and office). I added one pair of pants to my travel stash when I went to Iceland and the Netherlands in 2018, and loved them as travel pants! It was a pair of EF crepe pants (they also have ponte), black in a slim fit and ankle length. They looked good with every top I brought, were lightweight, easy to wash and dry, very very comfortable and packed up nicely. I still have that pair and recently took them to Naples FL for a 2 week trip, but plan on buying at least one more.

They're pricey but you can find them on sale at Nordstrom Rack and the EF website - you can also sign up for emails and get 15% off at EF. They are very well made and last a long time. https://www.eileenfisher.com/shop/categories/pants-jumpsuits

Thanks for the reminder, Mardee. I saw a friend we visited wearing these and could not help but admire them. She has great taste and looked great in them. She says she has 5 pairs in different colors; that is basically she wears! I intended to order a pair for our upcoming trip but forgot because we were on a road trip and busy with grandchildren. Now I wonder if I can get them in time for our Italy trip—we leave in a week. I guess I will try.

I just bought Athleta Elation Pants today. More money than I normally spend on pants, but I was tired of forcing myself to try to like travel pant fabric - someone here described it as "swishy" and I knew EXACTLY what they meant. I simply cannot get my self to liek them - in addition to the noise, they are cold in cold temps, and sweaty when seated. Ugh. The Elation Pants are a nylon/lycra blend but with a soft, cottony feel. I am 5'3" and these come to my ankle. They should look good with any shoe, a casual T shirt or a nicer blouse if needed, and they should dry fast if washing them out by hand. Fingers crossed!

In a recent thread about money belts, neck wallets, etc. someone brought up Scottevests. I've looked at that type of garment on and off, but usually come back to "I don't want to add a layer of warmth" when I usually travel in the summer in warm climates.

But I looked at their website to see what was new and looked at the women's pants. https://www.scottevest.com/collections/pants

The Margaux Yogaux and the Margaux Cargaux Everyday pants look promising. I like the double side pockets. One zipped and a "hand-warmer" open pocket on top. From the video it looks like the zipped pocket is deep like a man's trouser pocket. Can't tell about the open pocket.

Very $$$, but Amazon also carries them and some styles at more reasonable prices.

Also like the looks of the Charlotte Chambray shirt. But of course I'd want the blue and it is sold out. And it looks like this might be a discontinued style. :(


Any plus-size folks have experience with Scottevest's women's clothing? Likes/dislikes?

Pants are such a personal item due to how they fit on various body types. I’m 5’4”, 120 lbs. I don’t wear a belt and wear my shirts outside my pants. For travel, I prefer elastic waistbands and pockets. Eddie Bauer size 6 is perfect and I find so many pants I like at their outlet store, although sometimes I have to raise the hem. I buy a lot of clothes at JJill, but their pants don’t fit me well. For my next trip to southern Europe in October I plan to bring a pair of Eileen Fisher pointe ankle length pants (no pockets) for evenings with a long silk EF tunic, a pair of Eileen Fisher knit jersey pants on the plane that are like joggers and have slash pockets and a pair of lightweight but rain resistant EB cargo pants made of a tech fabric with some stretch for day tours. Three pants, all black and will coordinate with all my tops (I hope!)

I have traveled with Eddie Bauer Horizon roll-up pants for many years. They are light weight, wash well and hang dry nicely. Just lately I tried the Eddie Bauer Ranier pant. These will now be my go-to favorites as the fabric is slightly thicker, so looks and hangs a little nicer. Although the leg opening is not as wide, they can still be rolled up for a capri length. I'm in my 70's, 5'8" with long legs so I am happy to find that these are long enough. -Nancy

Looks like Eddie Bauer is having a 4th of July sale—-50% off.

The EB pants that I’ve been looking at based on the suggestions above all seem to hit at or below the waist. I find that uncomfortable because it cuts into my gut (lol!).. so, I look for higher waist pants. For those of you that have tried the EB Sightscape Horizon slim pant, how does the waist fit on you? The description says sits a little below the waist.

For my travel pants and my evening pants on my Camino in Spain, I wore Yogalicious Lux . They are extremely inexpensive! I like them because they can look dressier than most pants I see on the plane (LOL) and are not tight to my leg like leggings, etc. At home, I wear these for my hiking as well. With a merino wool top, a silk scarf, and these, I felt well presented for my flight...which is a 'thing' I have. Surprisingly, they do dry overnight. I bought them at Marshalls for $29.00 and figured they would fall apart in no time, but I have been walking/hiking in them since January for miles and they still look like new. They have side pockets that have a lining that allows extra air to circulate while holding phone or whatever. So, I'd recommend them if you don't want to wear linen, cotton or wool slacks...but that's another story.

Whoops, just saw that this is a resurrected post from the winter, but I guess this is always of interest to us.

I have the Sightscape Horizon Convertible roll-up pants. I love the fabric, lightweight and stretchy. However, with my middle-age+ body (larger waist in proportion to hips), I find EB pants with the moderately curvy design to be a bit snug in the waist if the hips fit. I end up buying to fit my waist and then have extra fabric through the hips. That said, I just got back from 10 days in Alaska and lived in my EB Stratify pants. The wide waistband made them so comfortable to wear. They are water-resistant, and the side pockets held my wallet and phone while hiking or sitting. These are my new favorite travel pants.

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These 10 Costco Clothing Items Are a Crazy Good Deal

Posted: September 23, 2023 | Last updated: December 13, 2023

<p> Costco is a great place to <a href="https://financebuzz.com/grocery-inflation-55mp?utm_source=msn&utm_medium=feed&synd_slide=1&synd_postid=13581&synd_backlink_title=save+on+groceries&synd_backlink_position=1&synd_slug=grocery-inflation-55mp">save on groceries</a>, but you can also score bargains on many other items, including clothing.  </p> <p> The big-box store has clothing items for women, men, and children that are equal parts practical, fashionable, and affordable.  </p> <p> Next time you’re shopping at Costco, keep an eye out for the following clothing items that are a crazy good deal.</p><p><i>Editor's note: Prices are subject to change and may also vary by location.</i></p> <p>  <a href="https://www.financebuzz.com/shopper-hacks-Costco-55mp?utm_source=msn&utm_medium=feed&synd_slide=1&synd_postid=13581&synd_backlink_title=7+genius+hacks+all+Costco+shoppers+should+know&synd_backlink_position=2&synd_slug=shopper-hacks-Costco-55mp">7 genius hacks all Costco shoppers should know</a></p>

Costco is a great place to save on groceries , but you can also score bargains on many other items, including clothing.

The big-box store has clothing items for women, men, and children that are equal parts practical, fashionable, and affordable.

Next time you’re shopping at Costco, keep an eye out for the following clothing items that are a crazy good deal.

Editor's note: Prices are subject to change and may also vary by location.

7 genius hacks all Costco shoppers should know

<p> Jeans are incredibly versatile articles of clothing, but they can be pretty expensive. One great way to <a href="https://financebuzz.com/shopper-hacks-Costco-55mp?utm_source=msn&utm_medium=feed&synd_slide=2&synd_postid=13581&synd_backlink_title=save+at+Costco&synd_backlink_position=3&synd_slug=shopper-hacks-Costco-55mp">save at Costco</a> is to purchase Kirkland Signature items.  </p> <p> Costco’s Kirkland Signature Men’s Jeans cost just $13.99. The jeans are made of 100% cotton, heavy-duty denim. They have double-seam stitching and reinforced belt loops. Despite the heavy denim structure, these pants have a relaxed-fit design.</p><p>  <p class=""><a href="https://financebuzz.com/extra-newsletter-signup-testimonials-synd?utm_source=msn&utm_medium=feed&synd_slide=2&synd_postid=13581&synd_backlink_title=Get+expert+advice+on+making+more+money+-+sent+straight+to+your+inbox.&synd_backlink_position=4&synd_slug=extra-newsletter-signup-testimonials-synd">Get expert advice on making more money - sent straight to your inbox.</a></p>  </p>

Kirkland Signature Men's Jeans

Jeans are incredibly versatile articles of clothing, but they can be pretty expensive. One great way to save at Costco is to purchase Kirkland Signature items.

Costco’s Kirkland Signature Men’s Jeans cost just $13.99. The jeans are made of 100% cotton, heavy-duty denim. They have double-seam stitching and reinforced belt loops. Despite the heavy denim structure, these pants have a relaxed-fit design.

Get expert advice on making more money - sent straight to your inbox.

<p> For everyday wear, Costco sells a set of 32 Degrees Ladies’ Cool Tees for $13.99.</p> <p> The shirts come in various colors and are made of a polyester and spandex blend, making them breathable, stretchy, and soft. The fit is loose with a scoop neck, and it is advertised as being a quick-dry material.</p>

32 Degrees Ladies’ Cool Tee, 3-pack

For everyday wear, Costco sells a set of 32 Degrees Ladies’ Cool Tees for $13.99.

The shirts come in various colors and are made of a polyester and spandex blend, making them breathable, stretchy, and soft. The fit is loose with a scoop neck, and it is advertised as being a quick-dry material.

<p> In addition to casual clothes, Costco sells business attire as well — and from some recognizable brands. If you’re in need of some comfortable work pants, the discount store sells Banana Republic Ladies' Ponte Pant for $18.99. </p> <p> The skinny-fit pants are available in black or blue, with an ankle-length style, elastic waistband, and crease treatment on the front and back. The material is a blend of rayon, nylon, and spandex, making the pants professional in appearance but comfortable for long days at the office.</p>   <p class=""><a href="https://www.financebuzz.com/shopper-hacks-Costco-55mp?utm_source=msn&utm_medium=feed&synd_slide=4&synd_postid=13581&synd_backlink_title=6+Genius+Hacks+All+Costco+Shoppers+Should+Know&synd_backlink_position=5&synd_slug=shopper-hacks-Costco-55mp">6 Genius Hacks All Costco Shoppers Should Know</a></p>

Banana Republic Ladies' Ponte Pant

In addition to casual clothes, Costco sells business attire as well — and from some recognizable brands. If you’re in need of some comfortable work pants, the discount store sells Banana Republic Ladies' Ponte Pant for $18.99.

The skinny-fit pants are available in black or blue, with an ankle-length style, elastic waistband, and crease treatment on the front and back. The material is a blend of rayon, nylon, and spandex, making the pants professional in appearance but comfortable for long days at the office.

6 Genius Hacks All Costco Shoppers Should Know

<p> Kids are also included in Costco’s low-cost clothing deals. If you’re looking for a cozy everyday piece, the store sells a child's PUMA Youth Hoodie for just $16.99.  </p> <p> It’s available in white, purple, or gray, with options for different designs. It is made of 70% cotton and 30% fleece, has on seam pockets, and elastic cuffs and hem.</p>

PUMA Youth Hoodie

Kids are also included in Costco’s low-cost clothing deals. If you’re looking for a cozy everyday piece, the store sells a child's PUMA Youth Hoodie for just $16.99.

It’s available in white, purple, or gray, with options for different designs. It is made of 70% cotton and 30% fleece, has on seam pockets, and elastic cuffs and hem.

<p> For men with sporty taste, Costco sells an active zip jacket from Spyder Active for $21.99 in red, black, or gray.</p> <p> The 100% polyester jacket has “Spyder” printed on the left shoulder and is perfect for a jog, the gym, or everyday wear. </p>

Spyder Men’s Gait Half Zip Jacket

For men with sporty taste, Costco sells an active zip jacket from Spyder Active for $21.99 in red, black, or gray.

The 100% polyester jacket has “Spyder” printed on the left shoulder and is perfect for a jog, the gym, or everyday wear.

<p> Whether you’re a fan of athleisure or need some active clothes, Costco sells a 32 Degrees Ladies' Tech Jogger for just $14.99. </p><p>The drawstring pants have a soft lining and are made of a polyester and spandex blend for extra stretchiness and comfort. </p> <p> The joggers are available in neutral colors, including black or dark green, as well as a muted, dusty pink shade for a pop of color. </p> <p>  <p class=""><a href="https://financebuzz.com/top-signs-of-financial-fitness?utm_source=msn&utm_medium=feed&synd_slide=7&synd_postid=13581&synd_backlink_title=5+Signs+You%E2%80%99re+Doing+Better+Financially+Than+the+Average+American&synd_backlink_position=6&synd_slug=top-signs-of-financial-fitness-2">5 Signs You’re Doing Better Financially Than the Average American</a></p>  </p>

32 Degrees Ladies' Tech Jogger

Whether you’re a fan of athleisure or need some active clothes, Costco sells a 32 Degrees Ladies' Tech Jogger for just $14.99. 

The drawstring pants have a soft lining and are made of a polyester and spandex blend for extra stretchiness and comfort.

The joggers are available in neutral colors, including black or dark green, as well as a muted, dusty pink shade for a pop of color.

5 Signs You’re Doing Better Financially Than the Average American

<p> The Kirkland Signature Men’s Crew Neck Tee is made of 100% combed heavyweight cotton, which is incredibly durable. It costs only $24.99 for a pack of six.</p> <p> The T-shirt comes in neutral shades of black or white and it comes in all sizes.</p>

Kirkland Signature Men’s Crew Neck Tee

The Kirkland Signature Men’s Crew Neck Tee is made of 100% combed heavyweight cotton, which is incredibly durable. It costs only $24.99 for a pack of six.

The T-shirt comes in neutral shades of black or white and it comes in all sizes.

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32 Degrees Ladies' Cozy Knit Stretch Plaid Top

As the weather gets colder, you may be on the search for a thicker plaid shirt. Costco sells the 32 Degrees Ladies' Cozy Knit Stretch Plaid Top for just $18.99.

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women's travel pants costco

Putin rounds up illegal migrants to send to the frontline in Ukraine as Vladimir exploits Moscow massacre anti-migrant backlash to find more cannon fodder

  • Vladimir Putin yesterday spoke on bringing 'sphere of migration under control'
  • Follows multiple arrests of Tajik nationals over Crocus Concert Hall terror attack 

By James Reynolds

Published: 11:48 EDT, 27 March 2024 | Updated: 21:50 EDT, 27 March 2024

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Vladimir Putin is rounding up illegal migrants in Russia  to fuel his bloody invasion of Ukraine, just days after four Tajik nationals were charged over the Crocus terror attack in Moscow, with migrant groups left fearing bloody retaliation.

Paddy wagons sporting the National Guard insignia arrived at a vast online shopping warehouse in Elektrostal, Moscow today, where thousands of migrant workers were reportedly forced to show their documents.

Checks were carried out by armed and masked Russian guards and military enlistment officers, before at least 40 people were hauled away from the Wildberries warehouse.

More operations in kind are said to be planned, as Putin seeks more cannon fodder for his ongoing war in Ukraine.

It comes just days after the Crocus City Hall atrocity, which led to the deaths of at least 140 people after gunmen stormed a packed concert venue in the capital and indiscriminately targeted civilians before setting the building on fire.

A number of men from Tajikistan have since been detained in connection to the attacks, which have been claimed by jihadist group Islamic State. 

Friday's horror attack has been linked to a rise in tensions, with the BBC today reporting an increase in beatings and racism aimed at Central Asian migrants - and the embassy of Tajikistan in Russia warning citizens not to leave their homes unless necessary. 

Vehicles emblazoned with Rosgvardiya (Rosguard, the National Police) were seen outside the warehouse in Moscow as officials rounded up illegal migrants, some destined for Ukraine

Vehicles emblazoned with Rosgvardiya (Rosguard, the National Police) were seen outside the warehouse in Moscow as officials rounded up illegal migrants, some destined for Ukraine

Critics fear the atrocity in Moscow last week is already leading to discriminatory behaviour towards migrants living in Russia

Critics fear the atrocity in Moscow last week is already leading to discriminatory behaviour towards migrants living in Russia

Some of the migrants detained today will reportedly face the choice of jail or expulsion - or fighting in Ukraine for Russia.

Migrants who have been granted Russian citizenship also express fears they may be called up.

'They check who is on the side of the military, and who is evading,' one said. 'Those who evade can be taken away against their will.'

'Whoever resists is beaten with sticks by the riot police,' said another worker.

A further 38 employees of the warehouse will undergo additional checks with law enforcement to 'clarify' information gathered already, the Wildberries company told state-owned news agency RIA.

It came a day after Putin spoke on the urgency of bringing the 'migration sphere ... under control' at a meeting with the board of the Prosecutor General's Office, RIA noted.

Putin reportedly ordered that measures be handled 'professionally and competently' to 'facilitate the adoption of legal, informed and fair decisions'.

Still, critics fear the atrocity in Moscow last week is already leading to discriminatory behaviour towards migrants living in Russia.

In Novgorod region, it has been prohibited to hire foreign workers in the transport sector.

State Duma deputy Dmitry Gusev has also called for a complete 'audit' of all labour migrants living in the country - as well as those who have recently received Russian citizenship.

In Moscow, a 29-year-old woman from Yakutia was surrounded by a hostile mob on the metro and subjected to vile racist abuse. 

'Get the **** out of here,' she was told - even though she is a Russian citizen.

'Russia for Russians, Moscow for Muscovites!

'Africa for blacks, cesspit for Caucasians! Hail Tesak!'

Russian President Vladimir Putin grimaces during an annual expanded Prosecutor General's Office meeting, March 26,2024, in Moscow, Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin grimaces during an annual expanded Prosecutor General's Office meeting, March 26,2024, in Moscow, Russia

Checks were carried out by armed and masked Russian guards and military enlistment officers, before at least 40 people were hauled away from the Wildberries warehouse

Checks were carried out by armed and masked Russian guards and military enlistment officers, before at least 40 people were hauled away from the Wildberries warehouse

Critics fear the atrocity in Moscow last week is already leading to discriminatory behaviour towards migrants living in Russia

The group reportedly ally with neo-Nazi Maxim Martsinkevich, nicknamed Tesak, meaning Machete, who died from 'asphyxia' in a Russian jail in 2020.

The scared woman said: 'It was 6.30 pm. I was waiting for the train… Very young guys…came up to me.

Putin says Moscow concert gunman were 'radical Islamists' but refuses to say they were from ISIS - as he insists the terrorists had been trying to 'flee to Ukraine'  

women's travel pants costco

'One of them, the most active one, took a metal bat out of his jacket and showed me.

'They surrounded me and began to humiliate me… They called me names from the platform based on my nationality and appearance.'

She said no-one came to her aid.

Two of those threatening her were detained today and face questioning.

On Telegram, migrants from Tajikistan have shared messages expressing fears the community in Russia will suffer for the Crocus attack, as reported by the BBC.

Sharing their concern over retributive attacks, one said: 'Please, God, let [the attackers] be Ukrainian instead.'

Russia's Federal Security Service, or the FSB, said it had arrested 11 people the day after the attack, including four suspected gunmen.

Moscow's Basmanny District Court identified the four suspects behind the attack as Dalerdzhon Mirzoyev, 32; Saidakrami Rachabalizoda, 30; Shamsidin Fariduni, 25; and Mukhammadsobir Faizov, 19. 

The four men, identified as Tajik nationals, appeared in a Moscow court on Sunday on terrorism charges and showed signs of severe beatings.

One appeared to be barely conscious during the hearing.

The men were charged with committing a group terrorist attack resulting in the death of others. The offence carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

They were all ordered to be held in pre-trial custody until May 22.

Mirzoyev and Rachabalizoda admitted guilt after being charged, according to AP, citing court officials.

A view of the burned Crocus City Hall concert venue following a terrorist attack, March 25

A view of the burned Crocus City Hall concert venue following a terrorist attack, March 25

So far, 140 people have died and the death toll is expected to rise

So far, 140 people have died and the death toll is expected to rise

Saidakrami Rachabalizoda

The terrorists who carried out the attack have all been detained and charged with terrorism

Shamsidin Fariduni

All four of them have been beaten and tortured by Russian security forces

While Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack, President Vladimir Putin has said the four men were arrested while trying to flee to Ukraine.

Kyiv denies any connection to the attack.

READ MORE:  Blundering Belarus dictator Lukashenko destroys Putin's evidence that Zelensky was behind ISIS attack by revealing the terrorists first tried to flee to HIS country, not Ukraine 

women's travel pants costco

Putin has made no reference to ISIS' claims.

US intelligence also said after the attack it had information confirming ISIS was responsible for the attack.

Yesterday, head of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) Alexander Bortnikov bizarrely pinned blame on the United States, Britain and Ukraine.

Speaking after the meeting with the board of the Prosecutor General's Office, he was asked whether the US, Britain and Ukraine were behind the terrorist attack, according to Russian news agency TASS .

'We believe that this is true. In any case, we are now talking about the factual information we have. This is general information, but they have a long record of this sort.'

'What is [Ukraine] expected to do to demonstrate its capability? It is expected to carry out sabotage and terrorist acts in the rear,' he continued.

'This is what both the chiefs of Ukraine's special services and the British special services are aiming at. US special services have repeatedly mentioned this, too.'

The Crocus Concert Hall was attacked by armed gunmen on March 22, when terrorists opened fire on civilians and set the auditorium on fire in Russia's deadliest attack in 20 years.

According to the latest data, 140 people have been confirmed dead as a result of the attack, the most recent dying in hospital today.

A total of 80 people injured in the attack remain hospitalized, the official added, and 205 others have sought outpatient medical assistance.

The Moscow Times reported today as many as 360 had been injured in the attack.

Three days before the attack, Putin denounced the U.S. Embassy's March 7 notice urging Americans to avoid crowds in Moscow , including concerts, calling it an attempt to frighten Russians and 'blackmail' the Kremlin ahead of the presidential election.

After Britain echoed the notice, Kremlin mouthpieces accused both of 'complicity' if terrorists did hit Moscow.

A view shows the burning Crocus City Hall concert hall following the shooting incident in Krasnogorsk, outside Moscow, on March 22, 2024

A view shows the burning Crocus City Hall concert hall following the shooting incident in Krasnogorsk, outside Moscow, on March 22, 2024


ISIS' news agency Amaq released sickening a 90-second selfie video of the attack that is too graphic for MailOnline to share

The news of a terror warning on March 7 came only hours after the FSB claimed to have thwarted an ISIS plot to slaughter Jews in a Moscow synagogue.

It was unclear whether the events are linked.

According to the FSB, a large cache of weapons and bomb parts were found during a raid on an Islamic State cell in Kaluga, southwest of the capital.

Russian state media reported militants had been gearing up to shoot Jewish worshippers at a synagogue in the capital before security officials stormed the premises and gunned them down.

'While being arrested, the terrorists put up armed resistance to the Russian FSB officers, and as a result were neutralised by return fire,' the Russian state-owned TASS news agency quoted the security service as saying in a statement.

  • Moscow attack: Central Asian migrants hit by backlash in Russia - BBC News
  • www.gazeta.ru/au...
  • Number of Wounded in Crocus City Hall Attack Rises to 360 - The Moscow Times
  • tass.com/emergen...

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women's travel pants costco

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