1. How to use your RBC Avion points for travel rewards

    rbc travel rewards number

  2. How to use your RBC Avion points for travel rewards

    rbc travel rewards number

  3. The RBC Rewards Program Is Now The Avion Rewards Program

    rbc travel rewards number

  4. The Essential Guide to RBC Avion Points

    rbc travel rewards number

  5. RBC Rewards Travel Program Guide

    rbc travel rewards number

  6. RBC® Travel Insurance

    rbc travel rewards number


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  1. RBC Rewards

    We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.

  2. Avion Rewards

    Cash back, Points and Savings - Get it all with Avion Rewards. Avion Rewards, Canada's largest bank-owned loyalty program, brings you more ways to shop, earn, save, and redeem every day. With 3 membership levels: Avion Select, Avion Premium and Avion Elite, it's easy to get rewarded, no matter how you shop or where you bank.

  3. Book flights, hotels and more on points

    When you book your travel through Avion Rewards, you may redeem Avion points at the rate of 100 points per CAD $1.00 to pay for any taxes and service fees (including sales, GST, departure and transportation taxes and fees, airport improvement fees, or other taxes), excess baggage charges, immigration fees, governmental fees and levies, customs charges and passenger facilities charges, health ...

  4. Avion Rewards

    Book through Avion Rewards Travel or contact the Avion Rewards Travel Call Centre at 1-877-636-2870 (additional service fees apply). To book a new flight using an airline travel credit If you have an airline credit due to a flight cancellation that you'd like to use, contact the Avion Rewards Travel Call Centre at 1-877-636-2870.

  5. Redeem your points for gift cards, merchandise, travel and more

    Do it all with points in the Avion Rewards app. The Avion Rewards app lets you access your account quickly and easily. Use your points for gift cards, merchandise, travel and more. Shop, earn, save and redeem - all in the app.

  6. Frequently Asked Questions

    The chart below outlines any Avion Rewards Travel booking fees or charges that may be applicable if you need to change or cancel your travel plans. In addition, the travel supplier for your reservation (i.e. airline, tour operator, etc.) may also impose change or cancellation fees. Contact Avion Rewards Travel at 1-877-636-2870 to find out more.

  7. Avion Rewards

    Earn Avion Rewards points on debit and credit purchases. Redeem them for flights, hotels, tech, financial rewards, and much more. ... you need to enrol in RBC Online Banking to enjoy Avion Rewards. It's easy and secure. ... Explore travel. Pay with points. Use your points 2 to shop Apple, Best Buy, gift cards, ...

  8. RBC Rewards

    Do it all with points in the Avion Rewards app. The Avion Rewards app lets you access your account quickly and easily. Use your points for bill payments, credit card payments, Interac e-transfers and more. Shop, earn, save and redeem - all in the app. Scan to download. Scan to download.

  9. How to join Avion Rewards

    As a client with an eligible RBC product, you can join Avion Rewards by signing in with your RBC Online Banking username and password. Sign in with username and password ... I was able to find what I was looking for in the travel section! I recently bought a pair of sneakers through the app's Shop the Web section. I found a good deal and earned ...

  10. How to book a flight with RBC Avion Rewards points

    How to Book an Airline Ticket with RBC Avion Rewards Points. With 35,000 Avion points, I could afford a plane ticket to Canada or the United States. From your RBC Online Banking profile, click on the blue Avion Rewards button. Then, on the Trips page, click on Book a Trip. Avion Rewards acts like a travel agency.

  11. RBC Avion Visa Infinite Credit Card

    Earn 1 Avion point for every dollar you spend 2. Choose any airline, any flight, any time. There are no blackout dates or advance booking restrictions, even during peak periods. No blackout periods or seat restrictions - ever! One-way flights start as low as 7,500 Avion points! ^. Note: This card requires a minimum personal income of $60,000 ...

  12. How To Maximize The RBC Avion Rewards Program

    High: $0.0233 for the Air Travel Redemption Schedule. Low: $0.0058 for statement credits. Ways to redeem Avion Rewards points: * Air Travel Redemption Schedule - 2.33 cents per point (CPP) * Transfer to Avion partner airlines - 1.75 CPP. * Travel booked with RBC Rewards - 1 CPP. * Transfer to WestJet Rewards - 1 CPP.

  13. How to Redeem Avion Points or RBC Rewards

    RBC Rewards are now Avion Rewards. Learn how to redeem Avion points for flights and other attractive rewards using your online RBC account. ... With RBC credit card only: Number of partners: 250+ partners: No partners: Value of points: Approx. 1.5-2.5 cents: Approx. 1-2 cents: Rewards: ... Return on travel rewards. Earn between 1 and 3 points ...

  14. Sign In

    Sign in with: RBC Online Banking. Business credit card. Commercial credit card. Email and Password.

  15. How to Use Your RBC Avion Points for Travel Rewards

    One way to use your Avion points for travel is with the purchase of an airline ticket. This is the best way to get the most value out of the RBC Avion Rewards program. This is described in detail in this article. Depending on the destination, 15,000 to 100,000 Avion points are required per ticket. RBC Avion Rewards points can be used to travel ...

  16. Avion Rewards App

    Get the Avion Rewards App. The Avion Rewards app is the easiest way to manage your activity and the best way to ensure you don't leave points and savings behind. Explore and load offers, redeem points, shop the web, get cash back deals and more. Download the app.

  17. How to Maximize the RBC Air Travel Redemption Schedule

    Conclusion. The RBC Avion Rewards program provides a number of options for you to redeem your points towards travel. You can convert your Avion points to a partner airline, or you can redeem them through the RBC Air Travel Redemption Schedule.. While you can get great value by transferring Avion points to airline programs, there's also great value to be found in the RBC Air Travel Redemption ...

  18. Avion Rewards Guide

    How to redeem RBC Avion points for travel. With RBC Rewards, you must book through their travel portal or via the phone, but RBC will charge you $30 for that privilege. While this will annoy many people since you may have specific travel sites you prefer, RBC Rewards is a full-service travel agency, and you can book any of the following: Flights

  19. RBC Rewards Guide: Earn & Redeem Effectively

    The other way to use RBC Rewards points for travel is through the flexible travel reward chart. This method allows you to redeem your RBC Rewards towards virtually any flight, hotel, car rental, and other travel expenses at a rate of 100 RBC Rewards points = $1 CAD (RBC sometimes refers to this as the "1% rate").

  20. How to book a flight

    Ready to book a flight? Watch our video to see how easy booking a flight online with RBC Rewards Travel can be.

  21. The Essential Guide to RBC Avion Rewards

    Before we go further, it's important to distinguish between the different tiers of RBC Avion Rewards. ... is because the fixed-rate nature of the Air Travel Redemption Chart allows you to book these more expensive dates of travel for the same number of points as a cheaper date of travel (assuming the base fare remains below the maximum ...

  22. The RBC Rewards Program Is Now The Avion Rewards Program

    As of August 25, 2022, the RBC Rewards program is now the Avion Rewards program. While that seems like a big change, not much is really changing besides the name. ... Choose from credit cards offering fun travel rewards or cash back. For a welcome bonus, earn up to 10% cash back on all purchases, 100,000 bonus points, or get 0% on balance ...

  23. Introducing an Enhanced Way to Book Travel with RBC Rewards

    The new RBC Rewards Travel site makes planning the perfect trip easier than ever — from any device.

  24. Redeeming RBC Avion Points for Premium Flights

    RBC Avion points are versatile, since you can choose to redeem them in a variety of ways, such as transferring them to airline partners, using the RBC Air Travel Redemption Schedule, or redeeming them for flights booked on your own.. Some cardholders have the option to redeem Avion points for business class and First Class flights at a fixed rate of 2 cents per point (all figures in CAD), and ...

  25. International Banking

    Learn More (Travel Credit Cards) ... With RBC Vantage, you can unlock rewards, savings, insights and more with any eligible bank account. Only at RBC. International toll-free customer service. ... Enter the recipient information including address and account number. You'll also need the destination bank's name and location, SWIFT/BIC code ...

  26. WestJet Rewards

    One of the following pieces of information that match your current Rewards Profile: Phone number Home Address Information required for Name update: New first name and last name for the account Note: Your first and last names must match your government-issued ID / Travel Document(s). Special characters (including hyphens) are not accepted.