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Vanguard Voyager Status Minimum Now $50,000

what is vanguard voyager

Eligibility Here’s the fine print from Vanguard. 401k plan assets also can count if they are administered by Vanguard and are invested Vanguard mutual funds. Households are also determined by address, so if your spouse or parents use the same address and have Vanguard assets, that can count as well.

Membership is based on total household assets held at Vanguard, with a minimum of $50,000 to qualify for Vanguard Voyager Services®, $500,000 for Vanguard Voyager Select Services®, and $1 million for Vanguard Flagship Services®. We determine membership by aggregating assets of all eligible accounts held by the investor and his or her immediate family members who reside at the same address, including investments in Vanguard mutual funds, Vanguard ETFs®, annuities through Vanguard, The Vanguard 529 Plan, and certain small-business accounts. Assets in employer-sponsored retirement plans for which Vanguard provides recordkeeping services may be included in determining eligibility if the investor also has a personal account holding Vanguard mutual funds. Note that assets held in a Vanguard Brokerage Services® account (other than Vanguard ETFs) aren’t included when determining a household’s eligibility.

If your assets nudge above $50k one day, Vanguard might not bump you up to Voyager immediately. It’s probably worth a phone call and they’ll change your membership level, which should stay that way even if your balances drop due to market fluctuations (and not withdrawals).

Voyager Benefits Here are the main perks of Voyager when compared with a regular investor with less than $50,000 in assets.

  • Voyager representative. I believe you get a different phone number to call. (Look on the top right after you log in.) Perhaps this results in shorter hold times? I wonder if Voyager representatives are more experienced or otherwise “better”.
  • Possibly lower account fees. You no longer need electronic statements to waive their mutual fund account service fees. (Otherwise $20 per year for each Vanguard fund in which you have a balance under $10,000.) At Vanguard Brokerage Services, you also avoid the $20 annual account service fee.
  • Possibly lower commissions. You get $7 trades on all stock and non-Vanguard ETF trades, instead of for only the first 25 per year. (Otherwise $20 per trade afterward.)
  • A financial plan from a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) costs $250 instead of $1,000.

This is a nice change for us… I’m happy to report that I am a Voyager client now.

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I’m still waiting to get bumped up. I have $37K in the Roth and $38K in the 403b. I sent them an email asking for Voyager consideration. After that, I will open the brokerage account.

As a former employee of Vanguard, I can tell you that at that time (around 2007), Voyager reps were typically more experienced than the reps for “everyone”. It used to be a promotion *to* a Voyager rep. That has changed a little bit, but it’s still a more experienced rep. Flagship was an even bigger promotion.

Does this mean a shorter wait time? Somewhat, but not considerably. But yes, it’s better.

Got this email reply:

With the recent changes to the eligibility for Vanguard Voyager(R) Services, your Vanguard accounts will now be eligible for Voyager Services.

We are manually completing the enrollments for all the new Voyager clients, and this should be completed by the beginning of June. You will soon receive information about the many benefits available to you as a Voyager(tm) member.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the benefits of Voyager Services(tm) at:

I see that they will waive the annual fee for mutual funds in a SIMPLE IRA account if you are in the voyager category. They used to require $100,000 in investments before they would do that. Sweet that now it’s only $50,000.

I was ever so briefly the 100k Voyager status and then the economy hit. I wondered why they didn’t bump me down, now I know why!

All I did to change my status is send them and email. It was super easy. I got this back:

Dear Ms. XXXX:


We’ve reviewed the status of your Vanguard(R) accounts, and we are pleased to confirm that you are eligible for membership in Vanguard Voyager Services(R).You have been enrolled in this enhanced services program and will soon receive information about the many benefits available to you as a Voyager(R) member.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the benefits of Voyager Services(R) at:

If you have additional questions, please call Vanguard Voyager Services(R) at 800-284-7245. You can reach us on business days from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Eastern time.

John McInally Registered Representative Vanguard Voyager Services(R)

Hey, nice move. Now bring the next level down a bit from a million, and there I go! Thanks for all the great work.

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what is vanguard voyager

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Vanguard Review 2024: Pros, Cons and How It Compares

Andy Rosen

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list of our partners and here's how we make money .

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The bottom line: Vanguard is the king of low-cost investing, making it ideal for buy-and-hold investors and retirement savers. But beginner investors and active traders will find the broker falls short despite its $0 stock trading commission, due to the lack of a strong trading platform and accessible educational resources.


Pros & Cons

Large mutual fund selection.

Commission-free stock, options and ETF trades.

Leader in low-cost funds.

High interest rate on uninvested cash.

High order execution quality.

Basic trading platform only.

Limited research and data.

Compare to Similar Brokers

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Full Review

Where vanguard shines, where vanguard falls short.

What Vanguard is best for

Vanguard at a glance

Full details about Vanguard

Is Vanguard right for you?

How we review brokers: our methodology

Large mutual fund selection: Vanguard has more than 3,500 no-transaction-fee mutual funds, and an expanded lineup of proprietary, low-cost, socially responsible mutual funds and ETFs.

Leader in low-cost funds: The company has a solid reputation for the well-below-average expense ratios on its index funds and exchange-traded funds. For long-term investors looking to pair a buy-and-hold strategy with the lowest-cost offerings, it's hard to beat the service and selection found with Vanguard.

Trading platform: Vanguard’s trading platform is basic, and lacks the analytical and educational tools typically offered by brokers that support stock trading.

Investment minimums: Most Vanguard retirement funds and the Vanguard STAR Fund have investment minimums of $1,000, and other Vanguard funds carry minimums of $3,000. That initial minimum purchase amount of $1,000 to $3,000 will be too high for many beginner investors.

Vanguard is best for:

Long-term or retirement investors.

Those who prefer low-cost investments.

Index fund and ETF investors.

» Looking to switch brokers? View the best broker promotions right now

More details about Vanguard's ratings

Account minimum: 5 out of 5 stars.

Vanguard's account minimum is $0, but keep in mind many mutual funds may require a minimum initial investment. Vanguard funds have minimums that start at $1,000.

Stock trading costs: 5 out of 5 stars

Following on the heels of the rest of the stock brokerage industry, Vanguard has eliminated all stock trading commissions.

Options trades: 2 out of 5 stars

Options trades are commission-free, but they still carry a contract charge, which is $1 — higher than many other brokerages. That said, account holders with $1 million to $5 million in Vanguard assets get 25 free option trades per year; customers with $5 million or more get 100 free trades per year.

» See our list of the best brokers for trading options

Account fees: 5 out of 5 stars

Vanguard charges no closing, transfer or inactivity fees. There is a $20 annual account service fee for all brokerage accounts and IRAs that is easily waived for clients who sign up for statement e-delivery.

Interest rate on uninvested cash: 5 out of 5 stars

The interest rate you'll get on uninvested cash in your account will vary based on your account settings, but the default settlement fund is Vanguard's federal money market fund, which was paying 5.27% as of August 31, 2023. This was among the highest of any broker we reviewed.

Number of no-transaction-fee mutual funds: 4 out of 5 stars

Vanguard pioneered low-cost funds — founder Jack Bogle actually invented the index fund — so if those are your game, you’re in excellent hands with this brokerage.

Vanguard offers more than 3,500 non-Vanguard funds and 191 Vanguard funds currently open to new investors.

Vanguard’s mutual funds and ETFs aren’t just low cost; they’re significantly less expensive than the industry average. Vanguard’s average expense ratio is 0.09%. According to an August 2023 report from investment research firm Morningstar, the average expense ratio across all mutual funds and ETFs was 0.37% in 2022 [0] Morningstar . Morningstar Finds Investors Saved Nearly $9.8 Billion In Fund Fees In 2022 . Accessed Sep 15, 2023. View all sources .

What do you do when you're already low? Go lower. Admiral Shares are a class of Vanguard mutual funds that boast super low expense ratios — as in 29% lower than the company's standard fund share class — and used to be the broker's way of passing along savings to larger account holders. But in 2018, Vanguard lowered the minimum investment threshold for many of those index funds to $3,000 from $100,000.

Tradable securities available: 3 out of 5 stars

Vanguard allows investors to trade stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and options. Bond investors have a solid selection on Vanguard, including Treasurys, US government agency securities, municipal bonds, corporate bonds, CDs, preferred bonds and bond ETFs.

Overall, Vanguard has a good selection for retirement investors, but active traders may want more options such as forex and futures trading.

The platform also has a limited offering of fractional shares, which allow investors to start off on higher-priced equities with a low buy-in. Fractional shares are only available for Vanguard ETFs.

Trading platform: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Vanguard is designed for long-term retirement investors, rather than active traders, as evidenced by Vanguard's no-frills trading platform. You'll have to look elsewhere for bells and whistles such access to IPOs and over-the-counter trades.

Setting up an account can be a heavier lift on Vanguard than with some competing brokers. For instance, our attempts to fund an account with a transfer from our small credit union led to a dead end that could only be resolved by sending Vanguard a check — not ideal for new customers who want to start trading right away.

All that said, if you're investing on a years-long time horizon, a few days might not make that much of a difference.

Once you're in, you'll find a platform that's strong under the hood. Vanguard's execution quality is among the best in the business at 99.2%, and the company is among the rare brokers that don't accept payment for order flow. This means Vanguard doesn't receive compensation from market makers, who sometimes pay brokers to route investors' orders through them. The company touts this as their "client-first philosophy."

The average execution quality of all brokers we review was 97.4% as of August 31, 2023. That means 97.4% of orders were executed at a price that was at or better than the National Best Bid and Offer . Executing at or above the NBBO means you may receive price improvement, or a better share price than you were originally quoted.

Mobile app: 3 out of 5 stars

Vanguard has apps available for iOS and Android, which allow users to trade mutual funds, ETFs and stocks, as well as monitor account activity and analyze performance.

Research and data: 3 out of 5 stars

Vanguard offers research from Argus and Vanguard's own bespoke team of analysts. It's a decent, free, offering — but it falls short of the more robust research programs put forward by top-tier competitors.

Customer support and educational tools: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Like other retirement-oriented brokers, Vanguard offers a wealth of retirement planning tools and resources on its website. Investors can learn about investment options and prioritizing their goals, predict when they'll be able to retire with high-quality calculators and tools, estimate their retirement expenses and weigh the benefits of converting a traditional IRA to a Roth.

If you'd rather skip learning and cede investment decisions to the experts, Vanguard’s robo-advisor service, Vanguard Digital Advisor, will manage your portfolio for you for an annual advisory fee of 0.15%. Robo-advisors are computer-based investment advisors who build and manage client investment portfolios.

Ask yourself this question: Are you part of Vanguard’s target audience of retirement investors with a relatively high account balance? If so, you’ll likely find no better home. You really can’t beat the company’s robust array of low-cost funds.

Investors who fall outside of that audience — those who can’t meet the fund minimums or want a powerful platform to regularly trade stocks — should look for a broker that better caters to those needs. (Need help figuring out what you want in a broker? Visit our guide to brokerage accounts .)

How do we review brokers?

NerdWallet’s comprehensive review process evaluates and ranks the largest U.S. brokers by assets under management, along with emerging industry players. Our aim is to provide an independent assessment of providers to help arm you with information to make sound, informed judgements on which ones will best meet your needs. We adhere to strict guidelines for editorial integrity.

We collect data directly from providers through detailed questionnaires, and conduct first-hand testing and observation through provider demonstrations. The questionnaire answers, combined with demonstrations, interviews of personnel at the providers and our specialists’ hands-on research, fuel our proprietary assessment process that scores each provider’s performance across more than 20 factors. The final output produces star ratings from poor (one star) to excellent (five stars).

For more details about the categories considered when rating brokers and our process, read our full methodology .

Best Online Brokers

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Please get in touch—our expert team will help you. Choose the appropriate business unit below, and your request will be directed to the right person.

A person on the phone holding a young child and looking at a laptop computer.

We're here for you

Personal investors, retirement plan participants, institutional investors, nonprofit organizations, financial advisors, global investors.

Vanguard is the trusted name in investing. Since our founding in 1975, we've put investors first.

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Vanguard Broker Review 2023

Some of the brokers on this site are companies who are advertising clients of U.S. News. Advertising considerations may impact where offers appear on the site but do not affect any editorial decisions, such as which brokers we write about and how we evaluate them. This site does not include all brokers available in the marketplace.

Key Insights

While Vanguard offers easy access to its expansive, affordable and best-in-the-business funds, along with top-notch proprietary research and good robo-advisor value, its brokerage account service isn't as strong as Schwab's, Fidelity's and those of other big firms, making it a great choice for long-term buy-and-hold investors.

Vanguard At a Glance

Vanguard is a major financial marketplace that offers a vast array of investment products and services, including managed accounts and robo-advisor platforms. The firm isn't considered a platform for active traders, but it's a solid choice for those seeking commission-free mutual funds as well as buy-and-hold investors .

Vanguard Broker Accounts Are Best For:

  • Investors interested in Vanguard mutual funds , as the ability to purchase Vanguard mutual funds commission-free is a big draw.
  • Those seeking a 529 college savings plan. The Vanguard 529 offering is attractive.
  • Small businesses seeking retirement-planning options for themselves and employees might like the Vanguard platform.
  • While Vanguard may offer best-in-the-business funds, its brokerage account isn't as strong as Schwab, Fidelity and other big firms .

What Should I Know About Vanguard?

Founded in 1975, Vanguard distinguished itself from the outset. Founder John C. Bogle structured the firm as a client-owned entity, meaning fund shareholders own the firm. This aligns the firm with its users, not a small group of owners or a large shareholder base.

Vanguard is considered the founder of the index fund and the concept of passive investing. The firm has pioneered research supporting the superiority of index fund investing over the majority of active investment approaches.

The Vanguard brokerage is good for investors seeking to buy and sell Vanguard mutual funds. The platform offers basic screening and access to the most common types of assets, including stocks, bonds, funds and options. Many of its product offerings are designed for the “long-term investor.”

Vanguard is one of the best index mutual fund and exchange-traded fund, or ETF, providers.

Offers commission-free trading of ETFs and most stocks.

Basic investment and personal finance information are excellent.

Proprietary research is superb, especially for passive index fund investing.

The hybrid robo-advisor, Vanguard Personal Advisor Services, offers excellent value for its price.

Unless investors are seeking to trade fee-free Vanguard mutual funds, there are more comprehensive alternatives available.

No fractional shares, except for dividend reinvestment.

No cryptocurrency trading.

No physical branches.

Only basic screeners are available.

Lacks the banking-type services available from other financial services firms.

Vanguard Fees and Costs

Consistent with the firm’s commitment to low-fee index mutual funds and ETFs, the various costs are low. Like most brokerage firms, the firm offers:

  • Commission-free online stock and ETF trades.
  • Commission-free trading on their own mutual funds both online and by phone.
  • 160 non-Vanguard mutual funds trade commission-free.
  • About 3,000 no-transaction-fee (NTF) funds from other companies.\
  • A mutual fund online commission of $20 for all other funds, for those with less than $1 million invested with Vanguard, is on the lower end.
  • No minimum to open an account, although you’ll still need money to invest.
  • Most funds require $1,000 to $3,000 minimum to invest.
  • Managed account robo advisory fees are 0.15% of your annual balance for Vanguard Digital Advisor and 0.3% for Vanguard Personal Advisor Services, which requires a minimum balance of $50,000 to enroll.
  • The average mutual fund expense ratio is 0.1% at Vanguard, a huge saving and much lower than the industry average for the typical ratio for passive funds at 0.2%.

Vanguard offers two share classes for most funds:

  • Investor shares.
  • Admiral shares.

The following costs apply to a Vanguard brokerage account:

* Base rate may change as interest rates adjust.

Product Offering

  • The expansive offering of low-fee Vanguard mutual funds and ETFs. The firm is the leader in the index fund movement and its pricing and selection are difficult to beat.
  • Vanguard mutual funds span both passive and actively managed categories.
  • Vanguard offers both proprietary environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) focused ETFs and mutual funds – for domestic and global investors.
  • Asset classes span typical stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, ETFs and mutual funds.

Sophisticated investors will enjoy access to options trading as well as margin accounts. The available screening tools are good and include performance, fundamental and valuation inputs.

The Portfolio Watch tool analyzes a client’s asset allocation (for stocks and bonds), costs, taxes and manager risk. The tool allows users to try out a change in investments before making a move.

Vanguard doesn’t compete with active trader platforms like E-Trade in terms of trading dashboards, but it offers more than enough tools for the average investor.

1. Investment Assets

Vanguard is known for its proprietary ETFs and mutual funds. A big draw is the ability to buy Vanguard mutual funds fee-free.

Vanguard’s website claims that 86% of its actively managed funds have outperformed their peer averages over the last 10 years.

In contrast with other firms, Vanguard’s offerings lean toward traditional stocks, funds and fixed asset classes. Investors typically choose Vanguard products due to their superior returns and low fees.

The following is an overview of asset classes and major offerings within each category:

  • Vanguard offers access to stocks and American depositary receipts (higher trading fees may apply) on most major exchanges.
  • To help investors select their equities, the screener is available to customers only.

Mutual Funds

  • Vanguard offers 130 branded mutual funds and more than 3,000 from other fund families.
  • There are seven Vanguard money market funds, including several tax-exempt options for those in higher tax brackets.
  • Vanguard’s Treasury bond offerings span short- to long-term and various agency funds. Inflation-protected bonds are also available.
  • More than 30 Vanguard corporate bond funds include a range of credit qualities and target-date offers.
  • Vanguard equity funds include style, sector, size, active and index fund choices.
  • Vanguard offers many mutual funds from scores of other fund families, including 160 with no transaction fees (NTF).
  • The fund screener enables investors to sort through the long list of fund choices by family or ticker.
  • Vanguard offers 82 branded ETFs.
  • Vanguard ETFs lean toward index funds from a wide range of categories. ETF fees are typically lower than those of mutual funds, and they offer more sector options.
  • Any publicly traded ETF can be bought and sold on the Vanguard platform, commission-free.

Fixed Income and Bonds

  • Individual bonds.
  • Bond mutual funds and ETFs.
  • Money market funds.
  • Fixed-income specialists are available.
  • Investors can apply for access to options trading.
  • Several levels of options trading are available, and each level requires approval.

Cash Management

  • A cash sweep program is available.
  • Certain accounts, such as some mutual fund accounts, offer check writing.

2. Services

All Vanguard clients can trade stocks and ETFs commission-free. Vanguard mutual funds and 160 mutual funds from other fund families trade commission-free. Investors with more than $50,000 in qualifying Vanguard assets are eligible for zero account management fees.

Vanguard Digital Advisor – Although Vanguard’s all-digital robo-advisor offering is suitable for most investors, there are competing fully digital robo-advisors with broader fund selections, such as Wealthfront and Schwab. With a minimum of $3,000 in a Vanguard brokerage account, clients can invest in an individual taxable, traditional or Roth IRA account.

Vanguard Personal Advisor Services – This hybrid robo-advisor puts a certified financial planner, or CFP , at the helm. Investors with $50,000 invested in any Vanguard assets are eligible for this service. The management fee is graduated and ranges from 0.30% for the first $5 million to 0.05% for assets over $25 million.

Vanguard Flagship Services – Available to those with $1 million to $5 million in assets, these wealth management strategies are open to investors. Flagship Select client status, which receives even more personalized attention, is available to investors with more than $5 million in assets.

Customer Service & Satisfaction

Client services via phone are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time. This is in contrast with other platforms, like Fidelity and E-Trade, that offer 24/7 phone customer service.

Vanguard doesn’t offer chat or in-person branch services.

Most Vanguard customer service representatives have Series 7 and Series 63 licenses, which equip them to handle basic finance and investing questions.

The firm has bond specialists, and owners of larger accounts have access to financial consultants.

In the last 12 months, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s consumer complaint database shows only four complaints for Vanguard; all received a timely response and were resolved with an explanation or non-monetary relief.

Platform Features

Vanguard's platform features lean toward the basics. There is a wide range of available accounts, including a well-regarded 529 plan for college savings. The stock and options orders are suitable for most investors. That said, this isn't a trading platform and doesn't strive to compete with the active investing solutions from competitors. The analyses of account performance and asset classes are also suitable for most investors.

  • Good selection of available accounts.
  • Account analysis hits all of the important metrics.
  • Many services are reserved for clients with more than $50,000 in assets.

1. Account Analysis

Account owners can analyze their accounts from a variety of views: balances, holdings, activity, performance and asset mix. These categories are fairly typical among most investment firms.

Vanguard will consider any outside accounts in its analyses, but users must input the data manually. The firm doesn’t offer data syncing with other investment accounts outside of Vanguard, a service that is available at several other competitors.

2. Vanguard Portfolio Watch

This portfolio analysis tool analyzes:

  • Costs, taxes and manager risk.

Similar to Morningstar Instant X-Ray, investors get a view of how their portfolio matches up with the U.S. stock market according to size and style, such as value versus momentum .

Although this tool is useful for investors, it's cumbersome if a client has assets in other accounts. Investors with smaller balances lack access to this tool altogether.

3. Order Types

There are various order types available, with clear explanations of each one including benefits, risks, hints and examples.

  • Market orders.
  • Limit orders.
  • Stop orders.
  • Stop-limit orders.

The options section offers in-depth explanations and information about how to trade options.

Consistent with what Vanguard offers, this is not a trading platform. It’s best for investors seeking traditional investment methods.

4. Vanguard App: Mobile Experience

Vanguard is continually updating its app. The company is rolling out new features regularly, but has yet to significantly impress Android customers, as evidenced by the 2.0 Google Play rating. Apple users are happier with the mobile experience, awarding the app a 4.7 rating.

Features include:

  • Portfolio view.
  • Performance returns.
  • Asset mix display.
  • Fingerprint login.

At present, Beacon enables deposits and withdrawals but not trading. These features are expected in the future.

The legacy Vanguard app allows investors to:

  • Buy and sell assets.
  • Analyze a portfolio.
  • Track and research investments.
  • Access market news.

5. Account Types

Vanguard has sufficient account types to suit most investors:

  • Individual and joint taxable brokerage accounts.
  • Traditional and Roth IRAs.
  • UGMA and UTMA custodial accounts.
  • Small business accounts.

There are two managed account options for investors who want low-fee investment management and guidance. These are the Vanguard Digital Advisor and Vanguard Personal Advisor Services.

Research and Education

Vanguard’s investor education resources include helpful articles on most investment topics.

Expert investment research is where Vanguard shines. This research tends to focus on studies and information related to traditional investing strategies. The firm is known for its studies on index funds and passive investing.

The education stops short of active day trading strategies for aggressive investors .

The research and education articles are also available to the general public without a Vanguard account.

Vanguard's screeners help to sort through ETFs and stocks. ETF investors can screen based on strategy, management style, asset class, risk scale, investment minimum and tax efficiency. Stock investors can access prebuilt screens or customize their own from five categories.

Bonds are categorized by maturity date and category. The CD screen also allows users to delve into available offerings for specific time frames. Fixed-income specialists are available to guide clients.

Screeners are only available to customers. We preferred the fixed-income screeners to the stock and ETF tools.

Best Brokers Methodology

If you want to learn how we assess brokerages, take a peek at our U.S. News methodology for a detailed breakdown.

  • Personal investors
  • Retirement plan participants
  • Institutional investors
  • Financial advisors
  • Company information and insights
  • Global sites
  • Small Business Online
  • My Plan Manager ™
  • Institutional Trading
  • Career opportunities
  • Vanguard Charitable

At Vanguard you're more than just an investor, you're an owner.

Vanguard isn't owned by public shareholders. It's owned by the people who invest in our funds.* Our owners have access to personalized financial advice, high-quality investments, retirement tools, and relevant market insights that help you build a future for those you love.

The Value of Ownership

Get help transferring assets to or from Vanguard and other financial institutions.

Account settings

Understand account settings such as contact information and beneficiaries.

Technical support

Troubleshoot common technical issues you may experience.

Collect tax forms

Get answers to your questions about tax forms and related topics.

Learn more about buying and selling mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks at Vanguard.

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Access resources about ownership changes like inheriting an account.

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Vanguard Digital Advisor review

Vanguard Digital Advisor is the perfect robo-advisor for investors who love Vanguard’s low-cost index funds and want personalized guidance without paying a fortune in advisory fees.

Vanguard Digital Advisor

Vanguard Digital Advisor is a low-cost robo-advisor offered by Vanguard, the world's largest provider of mutual funds.

Vanguard Digital Advisor combines Vanguard's famous low-cost index funds with personalized strategies and advice for your unique investing goals.

  • Vanguard's unmatched reputation
  • Advisory fees as low as 0.20%
  • Not for active traders or stock pickers
  • $3,000 account opening minimum

Vanguard Digital Advisor can help you grow your investment portfolio for retirement or other goals by selecting, trading, and rebalancing investments for you.

What is Vanguard Digital Advisor?

With millions of customers around the world, Vanguard has become one of the largest investment companies in the world. Vanguard was founded in 1975 by John Bogle, a professional investment manager who believed that investing in low-cost index funds was the best strategy for everyday investors. Though it was a radical idea at the time, Bogle was onto something. Vanguard now manages nearly $8 trillion in assets for clients around the world.

Vanguard Digital Advisor is Vanguard’s robo-advisor service that provides guidance for investors who want help planning for retirement and other goals, choosing investments and managing their portfolio over time.

How does Vanguard Digital Advisor work?

You can easily sign up for Vanguard Digital Advisor from the main page of their website. Just click “Ready to Sign Up?” on the homepage and you will be on your way!

Vanguard Digital Advisor will then provide a brief introduction of the services offered, as well as an option to log in if you’ve already created an account in the past. If you are new, start creating an account by selecting “Continue”.

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - continue

First, you’ll need to provide your name, email address, and date of birth. You’ll also be asked whether you’re still working or are retired.

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - personal info

Next, it is time to set up a username and password, as well as a security question. The security question will help you access your account if you ever forget your login information, so make sure to choose a question that you will remember the answer to, like the name of your first pet.

Once you have created your login information, the next screen prepares you for the questions to come. You’ll need to know your retirement goals, as well as all your current income sources. To make the process easier, gather any information that you might need before clicking “Continue”.

Once you’ve clicked through, the next step will ask you about how you file your taxes, like the specific state that you file in. This helps Vanguard’s Digital Advisor direct you on saving for your future.

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - Taxes

Next, you will need to answer some questions about your annual salary , how often you’re paid, and any additional income your household receives.

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - Income

You’ll then need to tell Vanguard Digital Advisor about your current savings situation. At this step, you can connect to a savings account and let the advisor tally up what you’ve already saved.

Connecting an account is advised, as it can help ensure a more accurate depiction of your savings. But, if you haven’t started saving for retirement , that is fine, too! You can input “$0” into the answer field.

Vanguard Digital Advisor uses this figure to help track how you are already doing with your retirement goals and to project your retirement outlook.

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - Savings

Now, you will be prompted to input the percentage of your income that you are setting aside for retirement. If you aren’t already doing so, now is a good time to start!

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - Retirement savings percentage

Next, Vanguard Digital Advisor will need information on your monthly expenses. If you aren’t sure what your total is, you can click through the link to the handy “expense worksheet.”

This worksheet helps you to break down your monthly spending by asking you to input how much you spend on things like housing, healthcare, and entertainment.

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - Household expenses worksheet

Now, in order to advise, select, trade, and rebalance your investment options, Vanguard Digital Advisor needs to determine your comfort with risk. You can adjust this level later if you realize you weren’t conservative enough – or your adventurous side kicks in.

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - Risk assessment

There are six scenarios you’ll need to complete. You can do this by moving the slider to the left, or right, to state how much (or how little) you’d be willing to risk for a potential gain.

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - Risk example

As you move the slider, you can see below it how much your willingness to accept risk affects your potential gain.

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - Moderate risk

Vanguard Digital Advisor uses something called a glide path to show the strategy that Digital Advisor will take with your retirement-geared investments. Here is what that looks like with the risk level set at moderate:

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - Moderate risk glide path

Next, Vanguard Digital Advisor will gather information on your planned retirement by asking you when you would like to retire. In this field, you will enter an age range. You don’t have to be exact with this since your retirement is likely far off in the future and not set in stone. If you don’t know your plan quite yet, take a guess and you can adjust your strategies as your retirement plans become clearer.

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - Age range of retirement

Vanguard Digital Advisor makes the next step easy by providing an estimate of your future Social Security earnings for you. These are based on your planned retirement age, your birthdate, and your income. If you prefer, though, you can input your own estimate.

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - Social security estimate

Some things can affect your retirement income, like continuing to work after retirement. If you plan to keep working, or you’ll have a pension , this next step will give you a chance to include that into Vanguard Digital Advisor’s calculations. All you have to do is check the boxes next to the relevant answers.

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - Other income

Once you’ve helped Digital Advisor estimate your post-retirement income, you’ll need to factor in how much you’ll spend. Vanguard Digital Advisor makes this easy, too, letting you simply input a percentage of what you’re spending now.

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - Spending percentage

Next, you’ll see a chart that visually represents how much you’ll have at retirement based on what you save now. You can change the monthly savings amount below the graphic, as well as the retirement age and number of years you’ll live after retirement.

You can also see, for example, how much saving $100 a month can potentially affect your retirement goals.

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - Retirement estimates

Vanguard Digital Advisor assesses your choices and lets you know how well-funded your retirement savings will be. The information will then be put to use in getting you started with investing.

To use the Vanguard Digital Advisor, it is important to note that you’ll need a Vanguard Brokerage account, which is registered as one of the following:

  • Individual taxable account.
  • Traditional IRA.

You will be asked to choose which account you would like to open for the Digital Advisor.

Vanguard Digital Advisor Review: A More User-Friendly Way to Invest In Your Future - Creating an account - Type of retirement account

Once you select your account type, you will be directed to a different area of the Vanguard site. From there, you will be walked through the steps of ensuring that your account is set up. You’ll need to provide your Social Security number, as required by federal regulations.

Vanguard Digital Advisor pricing

Vanguard Digital Advisor charges an annual advisory fee equal to 0.20% of your invested assets for index-fund portfolios. (If you want to add actively managed funds to your portfolio, the fee jumps to 0.25%).

New clients will pay no advisory fees for the first 90 days.

Vanguard Digital Advisor features

Although there are plenty of platforms to help with investing, there are several things that make Vanguard Digital Advisor stand out.

Easy-to-use interface

Vanguard Digital Advisor is a professional investment manager that makes advanced retirement planning easy. The interaction is all-digital, straightforward, with an easy-to-use interface.

Low minimum balance

All you’ll need to get started with Vanguard Digital Advisor is $3,000 to invest. From there, you can start adding money, but it’s comforting to know you can get started investing through a big-name investment company with a relatively low amount.

Low-cost investing

Keeping investment costs low is one of Vanguard’s core values. All exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds have an associated investing cost. These costs are known as fund expenses. Vanguard built its reputation on keeping these costs as low as possible.

If you choose to use a robo-advisor like Vanguard Digital Advisor, you’ll also pay advisory fees on top of fund expenses. Vanguard excels here, too, with some of the lowest advisory costs in the industry.

Robust dashboard

In the dashboard, you can see, at a glance, what your current assets are – as well as quickly access tools like a debt payoff calculator which lets you enter various monthly payments and see how your interest payments change and get an estimated date for when you’ll be debt-free. This can be a huge help when you are creating a debt pay-off plan.

To dig in a little deeper, you can look at where your retirement savings balance is coming from. You can add the accounts you have with other financial institutions and see everything in one place.

Trusted name

With Vanguard Digital Advisor, you’ll also have confidence knowing your funds are in the hands of one of the world’s top investment companies.

Best of all, the robo-advisor is built on top of the respected Vanguard methodology so you’ll benefit from that experience.

Investment options

Another great thing about Vanguard Digital Advisor is that your investment type is personalized. Although all of your investments will be in ETFs, your portfolio will be a customized combination of:

  • Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF
  • Vanguard Total International Stock ETF
  • Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF
  • Vanguard Total International Bond ETF

All of these are well-known classes of Vanguard ETFs.

Automatic rebalancing

After Digital Advisor selects and buys the ETFs noted in the previous section, the service automatically rebalances how much goes into each of those ETFs when it strays too far from the target asset allocation for the portfolio.

Retirement plan outlook

When investing, we all want some reassurance that you’ll have the income needed to retire comfortably. The platform uses algorithms to not only help you set targets but to make sure you’re on track to reach them. Vanguard Digital Advisor goes through thousands of possible scenarios and uses the information to provide a forecast of where you’ll be when you reach your target retirement date. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, you can tweak my retirement savings strategy to correct your course.

Future growth

One of the most exciting things about Vanguard Digital Advisor is that it’s still in the early stages. There’s plenty more to come in the near future. Two new features are already in the works.

One is a feature that will help you determine how much you need to set aside for emergencies. Another will help you consider options for when you have a little extra money.

Who is Vanguard Digital Advisor best for?

Vanguard brokerage account holders (new or existing).

You don’t have to have an account with Vanguard to use Vanguard Digital Advisor’s retirement calculator, but you’ll need to set one up for it to do its work. That said, I like that you can put part of your money with Vanguard and have funds in other accounts, too, then link them all up in Vanguard to see everything in one place.

New investors

Investors only need $3,000 to get started. But the easy-to-use interface makes it easy to see exactly what you need to do to live comfortably when retiring.

Consumers eliminating debt

Before you can start putting significant money away for the future, you’ll probably first need to deal with your current expenses. Vanguard realizes that and builds tools like the debt payoff calculator.

Who shouldn’t use Vanguard Digital Advisor?

People who wish to have hands-on control over their investments.

Robo-advisors work best when you’re willing to answer some questions and let the technology do the rest. If you are someone who wants to have control over all of your investments, Vanguard Digital Advisor won’t be the right match for you.

Those wanting human advice

As advanced as robo-advisors have become, some people simply prefer the human touch. This isn’t an option with Vanguard Digital Advisor, so you may want to look at other options if you’ll want to interact with someone.

For a human-centered approach, Vanguard recommends its Personal Advisor Services, but the fee for that is slightly higher, at 0.30%.

Pros & cons

  • User-friendly interface — Investing can be daunting, but Vanguard Digital Advisor’s approach makes it easy for even a novice like me to figure out where to start.
  • Low fees — You’ll pay a target annual net advisory fee of about 0.15%, which is lower than other robo-advisors.
  • Low barrier to entry — With just $3,000, you can get started saving for retirement.
  • Full financial picture — Link to other financial accounts, and the Digital Advisor will take those assets into account when helping you plan your retirement.
  • Automatic funds management — If you prefer a “set it and forget it” approach, Vanguard Digital Advisor can take care of that.
  • Personalized investments — With Vanguard Digital Advisor, your money will be put into a personalized combination of ETFs designed to reduce your risk and maximize your earnings.
  • Debt reduction  — Vanguard Digital Advisor can help you save to meet your goals of reducing your total debt.
  • No human advice — If you want to talk to a human advisor, Vanguard recommends their Personal Advisor Services, which comes with a fee of about 0.30%.

The competition

Vanguard Digital Advisor stands out for its guided advisory approach, but there are other platforms that automate investing. Here are a couple of options to consider.

Vanguard Digital Advisor vs Betterment


Like Vanguard Digital Advisor,  Betterment has tools that do the trading and rebalancing on your behalf. You simply monitor the results.  Betterment sets up your portfolio and manages it based on the information you provide about your own goals and risk tolerance.

Vanguard Digital Advisor vs Wealthfront

Wealthfront  uses a technology called Self-Driving Money™ to automatically manage your finances. Like Vanguard Digital Advisor,  Wealthfront invests your funds in ETFs to keep your costs – and your risk – low.


Wealthfront is designed for young professionals, anyone from passive investors who want expert digital guidance, to people who want to be smarter with money.

With low fees and multiple tax perks, automated investment management tuned in to your individual risk level make Wealthfront worth a look.

  • Passive investing with automated management
  • Tax-loss harvesting
  • Ability to customize portfolios
  • No fractional shares of ETFs in automated accounts
  • No human advisors

One thing that sets  Wealthfront apart is its full money management. Simply have your paycheck direct deposited into your Wealthfront account and the algorithms can do the rest. This includes paying your bills, making sure your emergency fund stays fully funded, and putting money toward your investments.

» MORE: Read our full  Wealthfront Review

Vanguard Digital Advisor offers a dashboard that will help you invest while also keeping an eye on your financial health, all in one place. In reshaping and improving the experience of saving for retirement, Vanguard Digital Advisor is helping to make it easier and less overwhelming to get started with investing.

It's your money. Make the most of it!

Get thoughtful advice on how to save and invest in a way that supports your ambitions and values .

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Voyager vs Voyager Select and 4% Rule

Post by naranja » Sat Sep 19, 2020 1:29 pm

Re: Voyager vs Voyager Select and 4% Rule

Post by livesoft » Sat Sep 19, 2020 1:35 pm


Post by nisiprius » Sat Sep 19, 2020 4:34 pm

livesoft wrote: ↑ Sat Sep 19, 2020 1:35 pm We are Voyager Select. There are zero benefits to Voyager, Voyager Select, and other stupid names at Vanguard. If you are Rowboat status you will get the same treatment.


Post by livesoft » Sat Sep 19, 2020 4:57 pm

Post by BoxOfUpticks » Sat Sep 19, 2020 10:41 pm

Post by 000 » Sat Sep 19, 2020 10:46 pm

Post by Tattarrattat » Sat Sep 19, 2020 11:53 pm

Post by naranja » Sun Sep 20, 2020 12:33 am

User avatar

Post by Drew31 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 1:13 am

Post by Wiggums » Sun Sep 20, 2020 1:47 am

naranja wrote: ↑ Sun Sep 20, 2020 12:33 am Thanks for the replies, I'll scratch Voyager Select off as a benefit. My expectation is it's more likely for some dips along the way rather than straight up for the next twelve months then a crash. 2-3 fund portfolio sounds right. I'm inclined to go 60/40 or 70/30 stocks to bonds. Cheers

Post by Alchemist » Sun Sep 20, 2020 2:34 am

Drew31 wrote: ↑ Sun Sep 20, 2020 1:13 am I really, really, want Vanguard to change Personal Investor to Rowboat....

Post by tj » Sun Sep 20, 2020 2:01 pm

Post by aristotelian » Sun Sep 20, 2020 2:08 pm

Post by naranja » Sun Sep 20, 2020 3:20 pm

Post by stocknoob4111 » Sun Apr 04, 2021 9:40 pm

Post by Broken Man 1999 » Sun Apr 04, 2021 10:09 pm

stocknoob4111 wrote: ↑ Sun Apr 04, 2021 9:40 pm how do you get to Voyager Select? I know it does not make any material difference but I would still like to see Voyager Select at the top. I currently have $680K in VG assets and have had $600K+ in assets since last November. Before that when I hit $500K I called VG and they told me that I will get "upgraded" automatically when I hit an average balance above $500K for 3 months. I have had over that for 5 months now but i'm still VG so they gave me false information. Do I need to call them?

Post by backpacker61 » Tue Apr 06, 2021 11:45 am

stocknoob4111 wrote: ↑ Sun Apr 04, 2021 9:40 pm how do you get to Voyager Select? I know it does not make any material difference but I would still like to see Voyager Select at the top.

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Full transparency on fees and which ones you can avoid.

See what Vanguard assets qualify

Eligibility is first calculated using qualifying assets for an individual client. We then combine the qualifying assets of clients sharing a residential address to determine final eligibility*.

Assets that qualify

  • Any assets under management of Vanguard Personal Advisor Services .
  • Vanguard mutual funds and Vanguard ETFs held by a client in certain personal accounts qualify. Personal account types include: individual non-retirement, education savings accounts, IRAs, Joint, Trust, Custodian, Guardian, UTMA, UGMA, Estate, Sole Proprietorship, and Single-Participant SEP IRA plans.

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We review qualifications periodically

The qualification criteria (for example, asset levels) are reviewed periodically and could change at any time. Vanguard reserves the right to discontinue enrollment in any of these services or reassign any investor, without prior notification, to the appropriate service level if the investor fails to continue to meet the applicable qualification criteria. Vanguard reserves the right to amend or cancel selected features and benefits at any time without prior notification.

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Nonretirement accounts

Roth, traditional, and SEP-IRAs

UGMAs, UTMAs, and education savings accounts

Brokerage accounts:

$25 for each account. Vanguard Brokerage Services® won’t assess the fee if a client’s total qualifying Vanguard assets are at least $5 million.

See the Vanguard Brokerage Services commission and fee schedules  for more information.

Mutual fund-only accounts:

$25 for each Vanguard mutual fund. We'll waive the fee if you have at least $5 million in qualifying Vanguard assets. Refer to the applicable fund prospectus for other exclusions that may apply.

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The fee is charged for every participant in a plan. It's a flat fee that won't increase as your account assets grow.

Individual 401(k) & Individual Roth 401(k) plans

$20 for each Vanguard mutual fund in each account.

We'll waive the fee for all participants in the plan if at least one participant has at least $50,000 in qualifying Vanguard assets.

The Vanguard 529 Plan

NASA hopes to get the Voyager spacecraft to their 50th anniversary with clever engineering and difficult choices

  • NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 are the only human-made objects to reach interstellar space.
  • The two probes launched in 1977 and may soon lose communication with Earth.
  • NASA hopes to stay in contact with the probes at least until their 50th anniversary in 2027.

Insider Today

In 1977, NASA launched Voyager 1 and 2 for what were meant to be four-year missions. For over 46 years, the pair have been delivering spectacular science far beyond what their first teams of researchers could have hoped.

From close-up views of Jupiter to a stunning look a Saturn's rings , the Voyager probes have helped shape our understanding of the solar system. Voyager 2 is still the only spacecraft to visit Uranus and Neptune . They've traveled farther from Earth than any other human-made object.

Solar wind streaming out from the sun and interstellar wind flowing back toward it creates a bubble known as the heliosphere. In 2012, Voyager 1 ventured beyond the heliosphere into interstellar space . Voyager 2 followed in 2018.

Both probes are slowly draining power and will soon lose contact with Earth.

But NASA is coming up with unique solutions to keep communicating with the two Voyagers.

"That's what's most important is keeping these spacecraft operating as long as possible," Suzanne Dodd , NASA's project manager for Voyager, told Business Insider.

Decades of data

Early in their travels, the two spacecraft parted ways. Voyager 1 is now 15 billion miles from Earth, and Voyager 2 is 12 billion.

As the probes journey farther from our planet, their data becomes more and more valuable. The Voyagers are picking up information on charged particles in interstellar space, including their energy levels, their abundance, and the direction of their magnetic fields.

"They're out of the effects of charged particles from our sun and truly measuring data in interstellar space and measuring how that data changes as they travel further away from us," Dodd said.

She compared it to seeing the difference between waves breaking on the shore and smoothing out deeper in the ocean.

"You would never know that unless you got further out of the ocean, how those waves change," she said.

It would take another 50 years for another vehicle to reach interstellar space, Dodd said. That's why the Voyagers are so valuable.

"They're doing very unique science," she said.

NASA has been turning instruments off to conserve power

The nuclear-powered Voyagers use radioisotope thermoelectric generators that turn heat from decaying plutonium-238 into energy. Originally, the generators provided about 450 watts of power, Dodd said.

Each year, as the plutonium decays, the generators produce about 4 watts less.

"They're down to about 220 watts of power available," Dodd said.

Operating the probes' transmitters requires about 200 watts. Their instruments can use as much as 6 watts each.

Voyager 1 has four instruments running, and Voyager 2 has five.

To conserve power, engineers have shut off heaters and powered down other systems.

"We've done a lot of clever engineering things to be able to keep these instruments on as long as possible, knowing that we have a limited power supply," Dodd said.

"Something could fail that would be catastrophic kind of at any time," she added.

There have been a few near-misses, like when both probes almost failed at launch and when NASA lost communication with Voyager 2 for a few weeks in summer 2023.

By 2026, NASA may have to turn off at least one of Voyager 2's instruments.

"What we're looking at is making the two spacecraft complementary to each other," Dodd said. "You might keep one instrument operating on one spacecraft but turn it off on another."

Down the road, the choices about which instruments to keep running will be more difficult. Dodd said the scientists would likely keep powering the ones that took the least energy.

"And then it's also an evaluation of the science," she said. "What's the most critical science that we get?"

Even after the spacecraft power down, they have one more mission left

When the spacecraft lose communication with Earth, it will essentially be the end of the mission, Dodd said.

But the Voyagers will continue traveling, Dodd said, perhaps for hundreds of thousands of years.

"They'll just be floating out in space and floating around the center, traveling away from us with a gold record that, hopefully, some being, somewhere, will find in the future."

The golden records are phonographs containing images, words, and music meant to explain human life to aliens . Each Voyager probe has a copy.

In the meantime, Dodd isn't quite ready to say goodbye to the Voyagers.

"It's pretty remarkable, into our 47th year, just the whole record of discoveries it's made," she said.

The fact that there are two spacecraft means the chances are pretty good that at least one of them can keep communicating for a few more years, Dodd said.

"I'm very optimistic that we'll get to a 50-year anniversary," she said.

what is vanguard voyager

Watch: Animated map of the solar system shows just how far humans have explored space

what is vanguard voyager

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    what is vanguard voyager

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    what is vanguard voyager

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    what is vanguard voyager

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  1. What you get when you invest up to $1 million

    Investors with $50,000 to $500,000*. You're a Voyager client at Vanguard, and the benefits you'll receive will help you manage your assets as your portfolio grows. Your Voyager® benefits include: Investment professionals who will listen to you, address your questions, and offer financial education and resources to empower your decisions.

  2. Vanguard Voyager Status Minimum Now $50,000

    Another recent change at Vanguard is that their Voyager membership tier is now available to those with household assets totaling $50,000 or more. The minimum was previously $100,000. The minimum for Voyager Select remains at $500,000 and Flagship remains at $1,000,000. Here's the fine print from Vanguard. 401k plan assets also can count if ...

  3. Benefits For Large Accounts At Vanguard And Fidelity

    Voyager. $50,000 invested in Vanguard funds and ETFs at Vanguard gets you the Voyager status. It qualifies you for the optional Personal Advisor Service — you pay 0.3% to have your accounts managed and your questions answered by a human advisor. It's a good milestone to hit if you want the Personal Advisor Service.

  4. Investing with Vanguard Flagship Services®

    Explore professional advice We offer expert help at the low cost you'd expect from Vanguard. Compare advice options Interested in Vanguard Flagship Services®? Speak with a specialist who's experienced with helping high-net-worth clients. Call 800-345-1344 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Eastern time Ready to open or transfer an account?

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    Portfolio construction: 4 out of 5 stars. Vanguard Personal Advisor builds portfolios on a client-by-client basis taking into account your goals, circumstances and preferences. Portfolio ...

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    Vanguard Voyager and Flagship What is Vanguard Personal Advisor? Reader Experiences with Vanguard PAS The Financial Plan How Much Does Vanguard Personal Advisor Cost? Fidelity Portfolio Advisory Services Betterment Roboadvisor Conclusion Who is Vanguard?

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    Brokers Vanguard Review 2024: Pros, Cons and How It Compares Advertiser disclosure Vanguard Review 2024: Pros, Cons and How It Compares Vanguard's low-cost model and large fund selection make...

  8. Vanguard benefits at a glance

    Benefits Benefits at a glance Client Benefits Benefits at a glance No matter how much you invest with Vanguard, you benefit from competitive long-term performance, exceptional service, and low costs. Account fees and commission schedule All Vanguard Brokerage clients pay $0 commission to trade ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and stocks online.

  9. Vanguard Review 2024: Low-Cost Investing

    Voyager. At $50,000 invested in Vanguard funds you get access to Voyager level benefits. This is the level needed to access Vanguard Personal Advisor Services (PAS) mentioned above. You also get access to a Voyager level customer service number, which should queue you ahead of "regular" level customers.

  10. Vanguard Brokerage Review

    Vanguard Brokerage Services is a super-affordable online brokerage for self-directed investors. It's one of the best digital platforms for confident and novice investors alike to build diversified portfolios without excessive commissions and fees. ... Voyager clients qualify for portfolio management through Vanguard Personal Advisor Services ...

  11. Contact information

    Vanguard is the trusted name in investing. Since our founding in 1975, we've put investors first. Learn more Please get in touch — our expert team will help you. Because serving investors is what we do.

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    Vanguard Broker Review 2023 3.9 U.S. News Overall Rating By Barbara Friedberg June 27, 2023

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    The Best Vanguard Mutual Funds Of January 2024. Fund. Expense Ratio. Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth Index Fund (VRGWX) 0.07%. Vanguard FTSE Social Index Fund (VFTNX) 0.12%. Vanguard Growth & Income ...

  14. Mutual funds, IRAs, ETFs, 401(k) plans, and more

    At Vanguard you're more than just an investor, you're an owner. Vanguard isn't owned by public shareholders. It's owned by the people who invest in our funds.*. Our owners have access to personalized financial advice, high-quality investments, retirement tools, and relevant market insights that help you build a future for those you love.

  15. Home

    More people call Vanguard during tax season, leading to longer hold times. Skip the phone queue and get answers to many of your questions here in the Support Center. If you're looking for tax-specific information, be sure to also visit our Tax forms & information page. You'll be able to access your personalized tax forms page and get ...

  16. Vanguard Digital Advisor review

    Vanguard Digital Advisor is a low-cost robo-advisor offered by Vanguard, the world's largest provider of mutual funds. Vanguard Digital Advisor combines Vanguard's famous low-cost index funds with personalized strategies and advice for your unique investing goals. Pros: Vanguard's unmatched reputation. Advisory fees as low as 0.20%.

  17. Vanguard Voyager Service- any thoughts ?

    by nisiprius » Sat May 26, 2012 8:52 pm. Be aware of the distinction between Voyager Services ($50,000) and Voyager Select Services. ($500,000). And be aware that only Vanguard mutual funds, ETFs, and "certain annuities through Vanguard" count toward those totals--it's not your total account size, holdings of other assets at VBS don't count.

  18. Benefits of Investing at Vanguard

    Benefits As your assets grow, so does the support you'll have available. Find out exactly what you'll receive as an investor-owner at Vanguard. The benefits of investing at Vanguard Whether you're saving for college, retirement, or other goals, investing at Vanguard gives you access to varying levels of support.

  19. How to select a Vanguard advisor as a Voyager Select client?

    Vanguard offers a free review by a financial advisor at the Select level and above. Quoting from an earlier post, "This advisor will review your goals and recommend a portfolio. Will also talk you through different life events to help form good goals. All free once you cross the relevant threshold of assets held at Vanguard.

  20. Voyager Select Services

    As a Vanguard investor, you can use® to transact and monitor your accounts with ease. (Including tools for analyzing your investments) Voyager Services® For investors with $100,000 to $500,000 in Vanguard® mutual funds. Voyager Select Services™ For investors with $500,000 to $1 million in Vanguard mutual funds. Flagship ...

  21. Voyager vs Voyager Select and 4% Rule

    All of the named statuses at Vanguard offer essentially nothing. Voyager, Flagship, etc. They are a relic from the past, when the goal was to collect assets. Since the race to the bottom in vanishing expense ratios, ETFs and free trades, Vanguard, just like everyone else, is looking for new ways to squeeze profits from the clients.


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  23. Annual account service fees

    Account fees Client Benefits Vanguard annual account service fees Full transparency on fees and which ones you can avoid. Open an account Get information on the fees charged by Vanguard accounts--and how you might avoid paying them.

  24. $7 trillion Vanguard: No Bitcoin ETF offerings, calls crypto

    Vanguard's stance on cryptocurrencies aligns with its historical decision-making philosophy. The company has consistently prioritized its investors' long-term needs over short-term trends. This commitment is evidenced by past decisions, such as refraining from capitalizing on investment trends like internet funds in the late 1990s.

  25. NASA's Voyager Spacecraft Communication May End Soon

    NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 are the only human-made objects to reach interstellar space. The two probes launched in 1977 and may soon lose communication with Earth. NASA hopes to stay in contact with ...