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Trevor Powers (born March 18, 1989, in San Diego, CA) is an American musician, producer, and composer based in Boise, ID.

He began recording music in 2011, releasing a trilogy of albums under the moniker Youth Lagoon

before announcing the end of the project in 2015. While taking crash courses in classical theory, jazz, and ancient modes throughout the time that followed, Powers started making music experiments inspired by the visual works of artists such as Francis Bacon, Sister Gertrude Morgan, and Harry Clarke. Lining his walls in crude print-outs of pictures, he found graphic saturation helped inform the social and spiritual themes of his music.

For two years, Powers crafted his own library of sounds, grotesque and bewitching, to serve as the backbone to the poetry he had been writing while traveling between Europe, Asia, and the United States. Embracing a combination of noise, beauty, and mercurial avant-pop atmospheres, he began molding these experiments into songs highlighting the intersection of unity and chaos, nightmares, and the invisible forces at war within the human self.

Retreating to Tornillo, Texas, Powers brought his songs and a handful of contributors to Sonic Ranch, a residential studio complex in the middle of a 2,300-acre orchard, to record Mulberry Violence - the debut album under his birth name. The six-week tracking process consisted of fusing together and manipulating elements recorded over the previous two years with textures, arrangements, and programming created at the ranch. The album was mixed in Los Angeles by frequent Beyoncé collaborator Stuart White.

Live reviews

I saw Youth Lagoon back in May of 2012. They opened for Death Cab for Cutie at the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, Tennessee. I was barely sixteen at the time, and I hadn't really listened to much of Youth Lagoon. In fact, I had only really heard one song before that night. From Youth Lagoon's opening song, I was mesmerized. Everything from the perfect lighting, to the beautiful atmosphere of the Tennessee Theatre, to the sweet harmonies produced by Trevor Powers, the man behind the music. It was a breathtaking performance, and definitely one of my favorites. The song "Cannons" left me in tears. The good kind, though. I could use a plethora of words to describe Youth Lagoon's performance: beautiful, mesmerizing, captivating, ambient, nostalgic. Would I recommend them to anyone who has never listened to them? Of course. Does their live performance deviate greatly from their studio sound? Not at all. Both are incredible. Would I see them in concert again? Definitely, in a heart beat.

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nataleexx’s profile image

I had read others reviews of Youth Lagoon's other shows, and from what I had read they were all great. The show was INCREDIBLE! I am a huge Youth fan and the performance was so good. The band is awesome and vibes off each other, the light show was cool, and Trevor Powers (youth lagoon) gave a personal experience to the audience. Will easily go see them all again.

gregpatrisso’s profile image

One of the best shows I've ever gone to. Amazing performance, and amazing effort to have audience connection. He was so genuine, fun, and engaging. I also loved the layout of the musicians, which was a half circle, all of them facing each other.

katie-bickley’s profile image

Youth Lagoon were very good just a huge shame about the venue. XOYO at Old Street need to upgrade their speakers. Any music lover needs good quality speakers! Had to leave early as speakers were too tinny!

lia_ioninski’s profile image

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‘I’m just trying to sound like myself’ … Youth Lagoon, AKA Trevor Powers.

‘My digestive system was a volcano’: indie star Youth Lagoon on surviving chronic illness to make a masterpiece

After taking heartburn medicine, Trevor Powers was laid low for months, his voice destroyed. He explains how music purged his darkest thoughts

I n October 2021, Trevor Powers went for a routine medical checkup, and after complaining of a minor stomach ache, was prescribed an over-the-counter heartburn medicine. “There’s no words to even describe the intensity of what it did to my body,” he says today. “It turned my digestive system into this mini volcano. Suddenly I was having vision problems … my whole body would just go completely numb and I could barely move.”

He felt a prisoner in his own body and soon even singing had become impossible. “I lost my voice completely for months on end. I couldn’t speak.” When his brother visited that Christmas, he recalls, he could only communicate by sending texts across the room.

But even in the worst days he remembers journalling: “I refuse to go through this experience without it teaching me something.” And, after a weary succession of specialists, and symptoms that also took away his vision and sensation, he began to feel restored. “It made the wind feel better on my skin, it made food taste better, it made conversations hit harder, it made music sound better,” he says. Powers resurrected his singer-songwriter project Youth Lagoon, and wrote one of 2023’s very best albums, Heaven Is a Junkyard , which brought a rich new sweetness to Powers’ broken tales of lost souls and seekers; his fragile alto voice and delicate piano supported by warm bass that brings an almost lullaby consolation even to the stark ballad of domestic strife that gives the record its title.

Powers is video calling from a flyblown car park by a branch of Target just outside Phoenix, Arizona, en route for Santa Ana and the next date of a marathon American tour that reaches the UK and Europe this month. “Deep, empty America,” he says, explaining the exhilaration of being back on the “very beautiful and rewarding” road after his bruising, traumatic illness.

His music, though, is very much rooted in his home of Boise in deep-red, conservative Idaho . He says that for a few years as a young teenager he was “chomping at the bit” to leave for more glamorous cities, but “the second that I started being able to travel for music, the identity of home shifted and the appreciation for it deepened.” His Maga neighbours, he says – his birdlike features and willowy frame shifting uncomfortably – are not always easy to live with. “That’s the most frustrating thing about living in Idaho … but equally it’s healthy, as you are constantly getting into difficult conversations making you figure out the best way to phrase your worldviews.” He wouldn’t dream of leaving.

He and his three brothers grew up in rough and tumble disarray in a devoutly evangelical family: “The Bible is taken very literally. You read it almost like a rule book.” He now has a less defined spirituality – “that unknown veil has shifted dramatically over the years” – but he remains a devoted son and brother, a short drive from all but one of them, his youngest brother, who is now in the military in Virginia.

As loving as they were, Powers’ family kept their children well away from the modern world, homeschooling them and strictly rationing music. “So we grew up listening to the Carpenters, Elvis, the Beach Boys and Christian music. That was it,” he says. “Nirvana and all that 90s shit, none of that even existed to me.”

In church, “there was a kid there I saw playing piano. It seemed like magic, and so I asked my parents if I could learn. I started lessons when I was six.” By 12 he was growing restless: “I didn’t want to play other people’s music. I wanted to make my own.”

His uncle Terry, a figure of scofflaw glamour and “one of my absolute heroes”, cracked the evangelical shell and brought in a different kind of art. Terry was addicted to crack and heroin and was sometimes on the run, but Powers remembers “one of the sweetest, most gentle spirits I’ve ever known” who was an immediate supporter of Powers’ fledgling songwriting.

From then on, Powers’ creative focus was to write songs that he could give his uncle when he blew in for a visit. His uncle returned the favour by introducing Trevor “in secret” to leftfield legends such as Joy Division, the Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine and Talking Heads. None of them are audible in Youth Lagoon but their lesson, that musical conventions are worth ignoring, stuck.

Then Terry died of an overdose in 2007, which was “a huge, huge blow because like I said, he was he was always my my biggest champion; a fucking massive, massive figure in my life … my whole process originates in writing him music, in trying to impress my uncle.” And like “the ghost of Idaho I’m always getting to know a little better,” his uncle remains a part of Youth Lagoon, “always, always”.

‘Deep, empty America’ … Youth Lagoon.

The bedroom sketches for his uncle became songs that he began putting on Bandcamp. These were picked up by label Fat Possum soon afterwards and made up his acclaimed debut The Year of Hibernation in 2011; the songs’ quiet angst, reflecting Powers’ sometimes paralysing struggles with anxiety, won admiring reviews.

Wondrous Bughouse followed in 2013 and made room for grander guitars and some thundering drums alongside his careful keys, still disconcerting the listener with glitchy electronics and stretches of waltz time. In 2015 came Savage Hills Ballroom , which saw Powers confident enough to push his voice to the top of the mix, in an album with much more melodrama, and reverb, than we’d heard before.

It sounded like an artist restlessly rearranging his sonic palette. But Trevors felt penned in by the expectations first generated by The Year of Hibernation and decided that was it. “There is nothing left to say through Youth Lagoon. It will exist no more,” he wrote on Twitter at the beginning of 2016.

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Under his own name, Powers produced two more albums a step or two away from the spotlight, Mulberry Violence (2018) and Capricorn (2020). He says these provided him with fresh sonic freedom, but they sound more agonised than anything he’d produced before, burying his voice in squalls of effects and feedback and, on Capricorn, removing it almost entirely.

Voicelessness would cease to be his choice after October 2021 when he went for that checkup. He credits his wife, who he met as a high-school sweetheart 17 years and half a lifetime ago, for getting him through. “She’s my absolute fucking everything. I can’t even express what would have happened if it wasn’t for her helping me get through it,” Powers says, even though he worried that “I was pulling her under water with me”.

The experience made Youth Lagoon feel a much less restrictive home for his music, and he began writing songs for a new album. He approached star XL producer Rodaidh McDonald (the xx, Adele, Gil Scott-Heron) and Heaven Is a Junkyard quickly swam into focus.

Powers’ illness is a steady presence on the record. The pensive, countryish two-step of Idaho Alien refers to one moment of suicidal despair early in the illness. “I don’t remember how it happened / Blood filled up the clawfoot bath and I will fear no frontier … Filling the tub and waiting for God”. He says now: “I felt like if I could commit that act through song then it would make me not have to commit that act in reality,” and in fact the arrangement is warm, consoling and fuller than earlier records, pointing to uplift.

But as he’s very keen to stress, there is far more than his own extreme experience featured on the record, as the melodies whisper through a range of styles and lives he describes as “upside-down Americana”, held together by a voice whose fragility at that point he was keen to make use of. (“I’m not trying to sound like a good singer”, he says. “I’m just trying to sound like myself.”) Archetypes of the American gothic swim through the songs: “Dolly walks out of the light / Handful of licorice tight”, “Tommy left for war with no goodbye … Knuckles of a prizefighter held high.”

A good number of them are drawn from the Boise citizens he feels neighbourly fondness for. The 80-year-old piano teacher who lives across the street; even the meth addict next door who mows the lawn at 3am, burns her trash and uses her garden as a campsite for fellow users. “It’s as Idaho as it gets.” Also very Idaho are his solitary trips into the country around Boise where many of the songs were written: “From absolute desert to to golden prairies, to mountains so full of trees it feels like Narnia.” The once-boom mining town of Idaho City, now reduced to a few hundred residents, provides a rich imaginative seam.

Powers says he is still healing from the disabling trauma of his illness, but on the flip side, “there was something about that experience and that awakening that turned on this creative faucet. Now I legitimately can’t keep up.” For now, he’s relishing being on the move again but also impatient to get back to the solitudes of Idaho where he can work alone on fresh ideas. Having lived through the acute restrictions that sickness imposed, he says, “I’m falling in love with limitations. Because I find that that’s where eternity is. That’s where immortality is.”

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Concert review: youth lagoon.

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youth lagoon tour

It’s hard to be a human being — and even harder when the realities of living in a decaying shell rob you of your ability to create something meaningful to you. This is the position Trevor Powers found himself in in October of 2021, when an allergic reaction to an over-the-counter medication caused his stomach acid to go completely haywire. “I saw seven doctors and multiple specialists. I lost over thirty pounds. No one could help me,” said Powers — who you may know better as the man behind Youth Lagoon — in an interview where he chronicled the experience, which rendered him unable to speak at all, courtesy of the “geyser of acid” that ravaged his vocal cords and larynx for nearly a year. The experience left him radically altered, spiritually, emotionally and as a creator. Powers retired the Youth Lagoon moniker in 2016 — ironically, to focus on music that entirely decentralized his voice — but just over a year after his woes began, he dusted the moniker off and released this year’s gentle and casually heartbreaking Heaven Is a Junkyard . Junkyard isn’t quite like Powers’ records under the Youth Lagoon name, but it’s an excellent continuation of the project — so excellent that it made it hard to pass up the chance to see him play it all live.

One can’t deny the feelings of inspiration that come from seeing a musician overcome their bodies trying to kill them, create great music about it and take it on the road. Despite the fact that it was a Monday night, Mississippi Studios was completely sold out — and the crowd was dense enough that it felt like it. Youth Lagoon last played Portland in 2015 at the sadly now-defunct first iteration of Doug Fir Lounge, long enough ago that it’s not hard to guess that a decent amount of people in the audience were young enough to have been shut out of seeing them back then. It’s an interesting project to see people get this excited and emotional about, but standing next to someone who seemed like they were having a major life epiphany while singing and dancing along to Junkyard hit “Mercury” was enough to elevate this show in a major way.

Powers isn’t the most magnetic frontperson, but he’s still able to put on a compelling show. It’s hard to put a finger on what his vibe really is; he addressed the crowd very little, besides explaining the autobiographical nature of “Trapeze Artist,” the Junkyard song that most directly confronts the illness that decimated his voice; he barely smiled at all; during many songs, he wore the most “middle-aged dad” sunglasses imaginable, a very “the evil paparazzi dude from Spice World ” look when combined with his buzzed head; he only got up from his keyboard twice, bobbing up and down at center stage with his mic and his shades while singing, before heading back to the safety of his array.

The evening was heaven for anyone who loved Junkyard , showcasing all but one song from Junkyard (closer “Helicopter Toy”). The record is a mild departure for him — his voice has, unshockingly, changed a lot since his malady, and the music matches in being very restrained, even in songs that glide and soar and even get a little aggressive (like “Little Devil From the Country”) still maintain a very even keel, like the flipside of the same coin as Passion Pit’s Gossamer in terms of pop records that use their aesthetic to make harsh moments feel less terrible. Here in the flesh with a couple of extra musicians (a drummer/guitarist and a bassist, the latter of which is also in opening band urika’s bedroom, who were seriously great), some songs were given the chance to feel like they had a little more oomph courtesy of Mississippi Studios’ now-untouchable sound system, especially “Idaho Alien” and “Prizefighter,” with “Little Devil” (a somewhat weak song on the record) coming as a late-game surprise for one of the best performances of the set.. Junkyard feels like it was designed for rooms like this one, a feeling that lingered through openers “Rabbit” and “Prizefighter,” but really hit during “Deep Red Sea,” the first song that inspired Powers to get up and sing to the audience.

The highest energy moments came when Powers dipped into his back catalog, the die-hards reveling in the chance to hear “Montana” and “Cannons” live in such an incredible space. Notably absent from the setlist was anything from the oft maligned Savage Hills Ballroom (2015), instead focusing on The Year of Hibernation and Wondrous Bughouse . It’s hard to hold it against Powers that they only played 14 songs in just over an hour — the guy couldn’t even speak for nearly half of last year, for chrissakes — but eight years after the last Youth Lagoon show in Portland, wouldn’t it be great if we’d gotten a slightly wider sampling of Youth Lagoon as it was during the first iteration? Maybe next time — it’s a minor complaint, anyway. Powers fought hard to get back to where he is today, and it doesn’t seem like he’s putting Youth Lagoon back on the shelf again anytime soon.

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youth lagoon tour

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youth lagoon tour

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Even if Real Power doesn’t knock your socks off, it’s easy to see it becoming just as well…

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youth lagoon tour

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Youth Lagoon

Youth Lagoon

Latest setlist, youth lagoon on november 16, 2023.

Button Factory, Dublin, Ireland

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Heaven Is a Junkyard

Youth Lagoon Heaven Is a Junkyard

Best New Music

By Marc Hogan

June 13, 2023

Trevor Powers has reinvented himself with every release. Across his first three albums as  Youth Lagoon , he moved from  small-town innocence to  cosmopolitan experimentalism and  hip-hop low end , and on to a  bellicose clarity born out of  personal tragedy . Then, in  dramatic   terms , he ended the project. On his  first album under his own name, he embraced jagged, industrial-noise dread; on the  second , after a scary  real-life panic attack , he disappeared almost completely into found-sound abstraction.

Through a dozen years of shifting sounds and trends, Powers has remained faithful to the fundamentals of chamber pop: tunes that stick in your head and arrangements grand enough to get lost in. Also key: his cryptic existential musings, which he delivers in a voice as high and craggy as the Idaho backcountry near his hometown, Boise. His first album under the Youth Lagoon alias in eight years,  Heaven Is a Junkyard , channels those familiar qualities into a reinvention that feels like a homecoming. The old anxiety and morbid fascination remain, but Powers has never sounded so confident, so at peace within himself.

Powers has teamed up this time with producer Rodaidh McDonald, whose stately electronic flourishes for artists like  Gil Scott-Heron and  the xx are echoed here. They achieve a sound that feels at once lush and spacious; synths, lap steel, and unorthodox percussion adorn unhurried songs that revolve around Powers’ rickety piano and quavering vocals, now free of the foggy reverb that cloaked the earliest Youth Lagoon records, but sometimes digitally treated, in keeping with his later solo work. The lyrics are as elliptical as ever, with lurid glimpses of the hardboiled 1950s crime fiction Powers  admires , but they also seem more grounded in his particular Mountain West setting and strict Christian upbringing. The resulting catharsis is less a primal scream than a prayerful revelation.

Heaven Is a Junkyard follows another traumatic experience for Powers, an excruciating over-the-counter drug reaction that dragged on for eight months and temporarily robbed him of his voice. Late-album track “Trapeze Artist” addresses his recent plight with harrowing directness, but through indie pop so jubilant that by the time a guest choir sings, “Jesus, please take the pain,” it feels like a hallelujah. Lead single “Idaho Alien” paints a grim scene of self-harm that Powers acknowledges as his way of coping with feeling trapped in his own body during the illness, but its jaunty, observational air could fit anyone who feels out of place. The extraterrestrial theme seems especially apt for a singer whose ethereal vocals—once evoking  Daniel Johnston , now and then verging on  Jónsi —have always scanned as otherworldly.

Heaven Is a Junkyard powerfully conveys a sense of renewal. On serene opener “Rabbit,” between  Alice in Wonderland references and intimations of violent conflict, he sings about “a 1980 Ford” like an older, wiser version of the kid on one of Youth Lagoon’s  earliest songs who was “rolling up the windows of my ’96 Buick.” The type of vocal manipulation that Powers explored to menacing effect on 2018’s  Mulberry Violence recurs toward the end of this album on “Mercury,” only here it’s for a cello-swept anthem that asks about (and sounds like) a heavenly glow.

At its best,  Heaven Is a Junkyard is up there with anything in Youth Lagoon’s catalog. The radiant electronic pop of “Prizefighter,” which wouldn’t have been out of place on 2013’s  Wondrous Bughouse , spins an engrossing family narrative  drawn from Powers’ background as one of four homeschooled brothers; a line like, “Now all I want is fun,” hits different after a verse about a brother “who left for war with no goodbyes … ’cause he thought I’d see him cry.” The album’s centerpiece, “The Sling,” which features prolific violinist  Rob Moose , feels like a breakthrough. Powers’ lyrics are terse but packed with arresting phrases—“Time would bend/Like a drunken tree,” he sings—en route to an eerie yet tender declaration: “Heaven is a junkyard/And it’s my home.” Like a contemporary  Huck Finn , Powers’ narrator seeks a salvation that lies beyond what traditionalist authorities preach.

To acknowledge that flawed human beings living in the fucked-up here and now are capable of beauty and goodness may be a useful corrective to reflexive disillusionment, but it’s no guarantee of happiness. “Love is the promise that someday you’ll lose,” Powers sings with devastating certainty on the graceful finale, “Helicopter Toy.” With  Heaven Is a Junkyard , he seems to have found himself anew by doing what he has always done, pursuing his musical curiosity in previously unexplored directions. On one of his earliest and most enduring songs, “ 17 ,” from 2011’s  The Year of Hibernation , he sang of his mom telling him, “Don’t stop imagining/The day that you do is the day that you die.” Youth Lagoon lives.

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Youth Lagoon: Heaven Is a Junkyard

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After two albums under his own name,  Youth Lagoon , the beloved project of Trevor Powers, announced its return last month with Heaven is a Junkyard,   due out in June via Fat Possum Records. The lead single “Idaho Alien” was a bluesy, melancholy number that was a ways away from the dreamy psychedelia of the project’s past, and today he’s revealed the second single “Prizefighter”.

“Prizefighter” exists in a similar world as the lead single, with a little bit more of Powers’s distinct grasp on harmony shining through the sepia-colored sonics that exist on the record. Like “Idaho Alien”, the track is strikingly personal, exploring the bond between two brothers with alarming specificity of life in small-town America. Powers said the following about the track:

4 years ago, I started writing a song about brothers. I grew up with 3 of them, so our house was doomsday but with more sugar cereal. Our love was strong and so was our barbarity. It was real joy — the kind you didn’t have to look for cuz it smacked you in the face or pushed you off the bed into a file cabinet. Beyond that, we were homeschooled. 4 weirdos home all day who adored each other and hated each other and played baseball everyday in the backyard and threw rocks at each other’s heads and laughed ’till we threw up. Our bond is forever. That song I started those years ago meant too much to me to finish. I was scared of it. Scared of not making it great… so I tabled it. A couple weeks before leaving to make the record, I went through some old voice memos while watching a VHS of  Drugstore Cowboy . I listened to that 30-second sketch called “Prizefighter.” It was like an angel fell from the sky to tell me how to finish it. “Don’t make it great,” she said. “Make it true.” I finished the song in 2 days.

You can watch the video directed by Tyler T. Williams below, and scroll on for dates of Youth Lagoon’s  first tour in eight years, including a stop at this year’s  Pitchfork Music Festival in July.

Youth Lagoon Tour Dates Fri. July 14 – Spokane, WA @ Lucky You Sat. July 15 – Bozeman, MT @ The Elm Mon. July 17 – Sioux Falls, SD @ Club David Tue. July 18 – Iowa City, IA @ Gabe’s Thu. July 20 – Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club Fri. July 21 – Chicago, IL @ Pitchfork Music Festival Sat. July 22 – Louisville, KY @ The Whirling Tiger Sun. July 23 – St. Louis, MO @ Blueberry Hill Tue. July 25 – Kansas City, MO @ recordBar Wed. July 26 – Omaha, NE @ Slowdown Fri. July 28 – Fort Collin, CO @ The Aggie Sat. July 29 – Boulder, CO @ Fox Theatre Mon. July 31 – Jackson Hole, WY @ Center for the Arts Thu. Sept. 7 – Boise, ID @ Treefort Music Hall * Fri. Sept. 8 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge * Sat. Sept. 9 – Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater * Mon. Sept. 11 – Minneapolis, MN @ Fine Line * Tue. Sept. 12 – Madison, WI @ High Noon Saloon * Fri. Sept. 15 – Detroit, MI @ El Club * Sat. Sept. 16 – Toronto,ON @ Horseshoe Tavern * Mon. Sept. 18 – Montreal, QC @ Theatre Fairmount * Tue. Sept. 19 – Boston, MA @ Sinclair * Wed. Sept. 20 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg * Fri. Sept. 22 – Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church * Sat. Sept. 23 – Washington, DC @ Union Stage * Mon. Sept. 25 – Durham, NC @ Motorco Music Hall * Tue. Sept. 26 – Atlanta, GA @ Aisle 5 * Thu. Sept. 28 – Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall (Upstairs) * Fri. Sept. 29 – Austin, TX @ Antone’s * Sat. Sept. 30 – Dallas, TX @ Trees * Mon. Oct. 2 – Santa Fe, NM @ Meow Wolf * Tue. Oct. 3 – Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom * Wed. Oct. 4 – Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room * Fri. Oct. 6 – Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom * Sat. Oct. 7 – San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall * Mon. Oct. 9 – Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios * Tue. Oct. 10 – Seattle, WA @ Neumos * Wed. Oct. 11 – Vancouver, BC @ Cobalt * Thu. Oct. 12 – Bellingham, WA @ Bellingham Exit *


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Youth Lagoon With Nina Keith At The ELM Saturday, July 15, 2023

Thanks for joining us at The ELM! Here’s everything you need to know to make it a smooth and enjoyable evening:

5:30pm – Box office/Will Call opens 7:00pm  – Doors open 8:00pm – Show begins 

Big thanks to  Groove  for supporting live music in Montana. Check out their website and learn how you can  Find Your Groove  across Western Montana (must be 21+).

• SHOW TIME: Doors for both nights will open at 7:0 0pm, and the show will start at 8:00pm with Nina Keith , followed by Youth Lagoon .

• TICKETS: Tickets  are still available  online  and at the venue box office on the night of the show while supplies last..

• WILL CALL: Tickets will be available for pick up from the venue Box Office starting at 5:00pm. The Box Office is located on the right side of the venue on Short St.

• SCALPER WARNING:   We’ve seen an increase in scalpers selling tickets at highly inflated prices and, even worse, selling completely FAKE/INVALID tickets altogether. Please do not buy tickets from scalpers/third-party ticket resellers.

• Biking to the venue? Take advantage of the ample sheltered bike parking on the Southside of the building. 

• Driving to the venue? Parking & food trucks are available at the 7th District Food Court one block from the venue on 7th and Villard.

• Need a drink? Both floors of the venue offer a full bar to patrons with a 21+ drinking wristband. Wristbands are available at the main entrance with a valid photo ID. If you are drinking or holding an alcoholic drink without a wristband, you will be removed from the venue. You can also fill your empty water bottle at the water-fill stations throughout the venue.

• Help us divert single-use drinking cups and cans from the landfills by assuring that all cups make it into the bins labeled COMPOST  and cans into the bins labeled RECYCLING . Please place non-recyclable & non-compostable waste in the bins labeled GARBAGE. With your help, we can make a big difference in our collective effort to be a sustainable organization .

• TAG US! We want to see your favorite music moments! Use #TheELM & #LogjamPresents and tag @LogjamPresents and @elmbozeman when sharing photos on Facebook & Instagram so we can see your special show moments and share them as well! We’d love to see your videos on TikTok too… just tag @ElmBozeman & @LogjamPresents .

• RSVP:  Join the conversation by RSVP’ing to the Facebook Event  and following us on Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , Snapchat , and TikTok for updates.

• HEADS UP:  To ensure the safety of our patrons, bag checks and/or metal detectors will be in use upon entrance. Only small handbags and purses up to 9” x 5” x 9” will be permitted and are subject to search upon arrival.

• PROHIBITED ITEMS : No weapons (including pocket knives or anything that may be construed as a weapon), professional cameras, or outside food or beverage will be allowed in the venue. Please leave these items at home or in your car.

• NO RE-ENTRY : You may not re-enter the venue once you have exited. Once you are in, you are in. Please plan accordingly.

• POLICIES & PROCEDURES : To ensure the safety of our patrons and a positive experience for all, please familiarize yourself with our venue policies & procedures before your arrival.

Enjoy the show! 

Will Call tickets can be picked up from the venue box office on the day of the performance only. For more details, please see the “Ticketing” section.

If someone else is picking up your tickets please provide this person with the last 4 digits of the credit card used to purchase the tickets and a photocopy of your picture ID. For additional assistance, please contact eTix .

There is NO outside food or beverage allowed inside the venue. There will be bar service and food available at concessions. We encourage you to bring an empty water bottle that you can fill at the venue.

Children under the age of 2 are permitted without a ticket but must have adequate hearing protection. No strollers or large bags will be allowed into the venue. Please leave these items in your car. Bringing babies or small children to concerts or movies is generally not recommended.

Select “Purchase Accessible Seats” next to the ADA symbol on the purchase page, complete the form and a representative will contact you to complete the transaction. You may also inquire about purchasing ADA tickets by emailing  [email protected] .

Information regarding Logjam Gift Cards can be found here .

No. Whomever picks up the tickets must have a copy or photo of the original purchaser’s ID and confirmation of the last four digits of the original purchaser’s credit card in order to pick up the Will Call tickets.

NO. But, you can call (406) 830-4640 and request that the name be changed on the Will Call ticket.

NO. Please request “Will Call” or “Mobile Ticket” at the time of purchase.

Yes, ATM service is available inside of the venue.

Please show a photo ID of the original purchaser, and we will release the amount of needed tickets to you.

Unfortunately, no. When an event is marked as “Sold Out” that means all tickets have been purchased. As a general practice, we encourage patrons to purchase tickets as early as possible as events often sell out.

To check on the availability of tickets, please refer to the specific event page .

More information on ticketing can be found on the Venue Info page under “Ticketing”.

Please note:   We highly recommend that patrons only buy tickets directly from the venue or from the above mentioned ticket outlets. DO NOT BUY TICKETS FROM THIRD PARTY VENDORS. There is no guarantee that these tickets will be valid. We cannot reprint or refund you for an invalid ticket. Logjam Presents has no way of validating or replacing tickets that have been purchased through any third party vendors.

We sure hope so! If not, please contact us  and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The venue accepts cash, credit and debit cards. ATM service’s are also available. Checks, Apple Pay and Tap Pay are not currently accepted.

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Old 97’s - Apr 17

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The California Honeydrops - Apr 19

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Opiuo - Apr 20

potions & tiedye ky

Hawkers make history, 7:00pm - logjam presents, the elm bozeman, mt.

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Kings of Russia

The Comprehensive Guide to Moscow Nightlife

  • Posted on April 14, 2018 July 26, 2018
  • by Kings of Russia
  • 8 minute read

youth lagoon tour

Moscow’s nightlife scene is thriving, and arguably one of the best the world has to offer – top-notch Russian women, coupled with a never-ending list of venues, Moscow has a little bit of something for everyone’s taste. Moscow nightlife is not for the faint of heart – and if you’re coming, you better be ready to go Friday and Saturday night into the early morning.

This comprehensive guide to Moscow nightlife will run you through the nuts and bolts of all you need to know about Moscow’s nightclubs and give you a solid blueprint to operate with during your time in Moscow.

What you need to know before hitting Moscow nightclubs

Prices in moscow nightlife.

Before you head out and start gaming all the sexy Moscow girls , we have to talk money first. Bring plenty because in Moscow you can never bring a big enough bankroll. Remember, you’re the man so making a fuzz of not paying a drink here or there will not go down well.

Luckily most Moscow clubs don’t do cover fees. Some electro clubs will charge 15-20$, depending on their lineup. There’s the odd club with a minimum spend of 20-30$, which you’ll drop on drinks easily. By and large, you can scope out the venues for free, which is a big plus.

Bottle service is a great deal in Moscow. At top-tier clubs, it starts at 1,000$. That’ll go a long way with premium vodka at 250$, especially if you have three or four guys chipping in. Not to mention that it’s a massive status boost for getting girls, especially at high-end clubs.

Without bottle service, you should estimate a budget of 100-150$ per night. That is if you drink a lot and hit the top clubs with the hottest girls. Scale down for less alcohol and more basic places.

Dress code & Face control

Door policy in Moscow is called “face control” and it’s always the guy behind the two gorillas that gives the green light if you’re in or out.

In Moscow nightlife there’s only one rule when it comes to dress codes:

You can never be underdressed.

People dress A LOT sharper than, say, in the US and that goes for both sexes. For high-end clubs, you definitely want to roll with a sharp blazer and a pocket square, not to mention dress shoes in tip-top condition. Those are the minimum requirements to level the playing field vis a vis with other sharply dressed guys that have a lot more money than you do. Unless you plan to hit explicit electro or underground clubs, which have their own dress code, you are always on the money with that style.

Getting in a Moscow club isn’t as hard as it seems: dress sharp, speak English at the door and look like you’re in the mood to spend all that money that you supposedly have (even if you don’t). That will open almost any door in Moscow’s nightlife for you.

Types of Moscow Nightclubs

In Moscow there are four types of clubs with the accompanying female clientele:

High-end clubs:

These are often crossovers between restaurants and clubs with lots of tables and very little space to dance. Heavy accent on bottle service most of the time but you can work the room from the bar as well. The hottest and most expensive girls in Moscow go there. Bring deep pockets and lots of self-confidence and you have a shot at swooping them.

Regular Mid-level clubs:

They probably resemble more what you’re used to in a nightclub: big dancefloors, stages and more space to roam around. Bottle service will make you stand out more but you can also do well without. You can find all types of girls but most will be in the 6-8 range. Your targets should always be the girls drinking and ideally in pairs. It’s impossible not to swoop if your game is at least half-decent.

Basic clubs/dive bars:

Usually spots with very cheap booze and lax face control. If you’re dressed too sharp and speak no Russian, you might attract the wrong type of attention so be vigilant. If you know the local scene you can swoop 6s and 7s almost at will. Usually students and girls from the suburbs.

Electro/underground clubs:

Home of the hipsters and creatives. Parties there don’t mean meeting girls and getting drunk but doing pills and spacing out to the music. Lots of attractive hipster girls if that is your niche. That is its own scene with a different dress code as well.

youth lagoon tour

What time to go out in Moscow

Moscow nightlife starts late. Don’t show up at bars and preparty spots before 11pm because you’ll feel fairly alone. Peak time is between 1am and 3am. That is also the time of Moscow nightlife’s biggest nuisance: concerts by artists you won’t know and who only distract your girls from drinking and being gamed. From 4am to 6am the regular clubs are emptying out but plenty of people, women included, still hit up one of the many afterparty clubs. Those last till well past 10am.

As far as days go: Fridays and Saturdays are peak days. Thursday is an OK day, all other days are fairly weak and you have to know the right venues.

The Ultimate Moscow Nightclub List

Short disclaimer: I didn’t add basic and electro clubs since you’re coming for the girls, not for the music. This list will give you more options than you’ll be able to handle on a weekend.

Preparty – start here at 11PM

Classic restaurant club with lots of tables and a smallish bar and dancefloor. Come here between 11pm and 12am when the concert is over and they start with the actual party. Even early in the night tons of sexy women here, who lean slightly older (25 and up).

The second floor of the Ugolek restaurant is an extra bar with dim lights and house music tunes. Very small and cozy with a slight hipster vibe but generally draws plenty of attractive women too. A bit slower vibe than Valenok.

Very cool, spread-out venue that has a modern library theme. Not always full with people but when it is, it’s brimming with top-tier women. Slow vibe here and better for grabbing contacts and moving on.

youth lagoon tour

High-end: err on the side of being too early rather than too late because of face control.

Secret Room

Probably the top venue at the moment in Moscow . Very small but wildly popular club, which is crammed with tables but always packed. They do parties on Thursdays and Sundays as well. This club has a hip-hop/high-end theme, meaning most girls are gold diggers, IG models, and tattooed hip hop chicks. Very unfavorable logistics because there is almost no room no move inside the club but the party vibe makes it worth it. Strict face control.

Close to Secret Room and with a much more favorable and spacious three-part layout. This place attracts very hot women but also lots of ball busters and fakes that will leave you blue-balled. Come early because after 4am it starts getting empty fast. Electronic music.

A slightly kitsch restaurant club that plays Russian pop and is full of gold diggers, semi-pros, and men from the Caucasus republics. Thursday is the strongest night but that dynamic might be changing since Secret Room opened its doors. You can swoop here but it will be a struggle.

youth lagoon tour

Mid-level: your sweet spot in terms of ease and attractiveness of girls for an average budget.

Started going downwards in 2018 due to lax face control and this might get even worse with the World Cup. In terms of layout one of the best Moscow nightclubs because it’s very big and bottle service gives you a good edge here. Still attracts lots of cute girls with loose morals but plenty of provincial girls (and guys) as well. Swooping is fairly easy here.

I haven’t been at this place in over a year, ever since it started becoming ground zero for drunken teenagers. Similar clientele to Icon but less chic, younger and drunker. Decent mainstream music that attracts plenty of tourists. Girls are easy here as well.

Sort of a Coyote Ugly (the real one in Moscow sucks) with party music and lots of drunken people licking each others’ faces. Very entertaining with the right amount of alcohol and very easy to pull in there. Don’t think about staying sober in here, you’ll hate it.

Artel Bessonitsa/Shakti Terrace

Electronic music club that is sort of a high-end place with an underground clientele and located between the teenager clubs Icon and Gipsy. Very good music but a bit all over the place with their vibe and their branding. You can swoop almost any type of girl here from high-heeled beauty to coked-up hipsters, provided they’re not too sober.

youth lagoon tour

Afterparty: if by 5AM  you haven’t pulled, it’s time to move here.

Best afterparty spot in terms of trying to get girls. Pretty much no one is sober in there and savage gorilla game goes a long way. Lots of very hot and slutty-looking girls but it can be hard to tell apart who is looking for dick and who is just on drugs but not interested. If by 9-10am you haven’t pulled, it is probably better to surrender.

The hipster alternative for afterparties, where even more drugs are in play. Plenty of attractive girls there but you have to know how to work this type of club. A nicer atmosphere and better music but if you’re desperate to pull, you’ll probably go to Miks.

Weekday jokers: if you’re on the hunt for some sexy Russian girls during the week, here are two tips to make your life easier.


Ladies night on Wednesdays means this place gets pretty packed with smashed teenagers and 6s and 7s. Don’t pull out the three-piece suit in here because it’s a “simpler” crowd. Definitely your best shot on Wednesdays.

If you haven’t pulled at Chesterfield, you can throw a Hail Mary and hit up Garage’s Black Music Wednesdays. Fills up really late but there are some cute Black Music groupies in here. Very small club. Thursday through Saturday they do afterparties and you have an excellent shot and swooping girls that are probably high.

Shishas Sferum

This is pretty much your only shot on Mondays and Tuesdays because they offer free or almost free drinks for women. A fairly low-class club where you should watch your drinks. As always the case in Moscow, there will be cute girls here on any day of the week but it’s nowhere near as good as on the weekend.

youth lagoon tour

In a nutshell, that is all you need to know about where to meet Moscow girls in nightlife. There are tons of options, and it all depends on what best fits your style, based on the type of girls that you’re looking for.

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