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Kothaligad trek – why i love ❤️this kothaligad trek.

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Kothaligad trek is famous for its stairs cut through a huge rock to reach the top . Also it has a beautifully carved cave inside the same rock. It reminds me of other such rock carved forts treks like Bhandardurg & Harihar . Did I tell you that Kothaligad fort has couple of perfectly restored cannons. In monsoon it is always surrounded by clouds and has many waterfalls enroute. Ek perfect monsoon trek me aur kya chahiye ? This Kothaligad trek blog captures my perfect monsoon trek experience. More adventures like Kothaligad at the end of the post.

Kothaligad Peth Canon

How difficult is the Kothaligad trek ?

Niraj what is the difficulty level of the Kothaligad trek? Kothaligad is an easy trek. Only you will need to walk all the way to Peth (4km) from where the trek starts. Since good roads are available only till a little distance from Ambivali, most of the off road till Peth needs to be walked which will take about 60-90 minutes.

How long is the Kothaligad trek ?

How much time does Kothaligad trek take? Well as I said earlier 60-90 minutes of walking from Ambivali to Peth village (4kms) on the bad road is needed. From Peth it will another 60-120 minutes to reach the top of Kothaligad. Hence 3-4 hrs of trek time + time to enjoy the fort. I myself sat at the top for about an hour because I was too glued to the view of the clouds getting created out of thin air at the Kothaligad ridge. So consider about 6-7hrs to start from Ambivali & reach back. Better start your trek early.

Doing the dab at KOthaligad

Food @ Kothaligad

Hotels are available at Ambivali as well as at Peth. Also on monsoon weekends many food stalls are available on the trek route from Peth to Kothaligad top. Also with increasing popularity many locals provide home made food as well.

Where to stay at Kothaligad ?

Kothaligad has become quite famous over the years. Many camping options have opened up in Peth village where you can get a tent stay + food for Rs 1000 -2000.

kothaligad trek blog

How to Reach Kothaligad from Mumbai and Pune ?

Where is Kothaligad located? Kothaligad is located at east of Karjat near the Karjat- Murbad highway. It is 25kms from Karjat, 55kms from Panvel, 90kms form Mumbai & 130kms from Pune. Ambivali is the nearest village with proper roads from where one can walk to Peth & then trek to Kothaligad. As such Ambivali is the base village for Kothaligad

Ambivali > Peth > Kothaligad

To reach Ambivali nearest railway station are Karjat and Nerul.

From Karjat : One can get on a Karjat- Jambrung bus and get down at Ambivali (available from Karjat Station at 0830 hrs ). Return bus from Ambivali to Karjat is at 1530 hrs & 1730 hours. Make sure not to miss it. Shared rickshaws are also available from Karjat (Shree Ram pul ) to Ambivali

From Neral: Shared Rickshaws are available to Kashele. From Kashele shared taxi go to Ambivali

Private Vehicle: Just drive to Ambivali ( location ) using google Maps.

How to reach Kothaligad fort trek form Mumbai & Pune - Trek route gps for Kothaligad

From Ambivali you will need to walk almost 4 kms to Peth on a semi-built rough road which gets worse during rains as all the soft soil erodes and all that remains are stones of various sizes. I.e. You cant drive all the way to Peth but can drive to Ambivali, park your vehicle and start trekking Or you can still go ahead for about 10 minutes from Ambivali where proper road is available, but then its all rough.

Kothaligad fort trek map trail gps

How to get time & money to travel ?

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You know about share market but do you know of trading? If you can learn trading , you can earn from anywhere & travel everywhere while living life on your own terms, being your own boss. Use your free time to learn it & all your travel dreams will come true. With just an internet connection and a free account , you can escape the modern day slavery of 9-7 jobs. Think about it!

Kothaligad trek Blog : TheFreeBird’s story

I am on a roll in this monsoon. Last two weekends i have been on two treks namely a 400ft Kataldhar waterfall trek and second was Kondana Caves. On third weekend’s Saturday I visited some offbeat unnamed waterfall ( more about it on my instagram ) and on Sunday i decided to do the Kothaligad trek. Since i consider solo trekking idiotic I went to Kothaligad with my friend on my bike all the way to Ambivali which is some 50 kms from my place.

kothaligad trek blog

The route was very scenic and i couldn’t stop from taking pictures every now and then. We reached Ambivali and continued on the right side road till the point where the road bifurcates, we need to take the LEFT to start going higher. The road becomes very bad after a while. After parking the bike on the road side we started our Kothaligad trek on the rough road for next 2 hours taking photos at every possible interval. Jumping 50 times to get a proper take got me excited. Wouldn’t be an issue with the burst mode in mobiles

KOthaligad Trek starts

Could you solve the puzzle in the above two pics ??? 😁

It started raining heavily & I saw many water streams & waterfalls after every 5 minutes. After reaching a plateau the beautiful Kothaligad fort became visible. This is where every trekker would unconsciously spend a whole lot of time taking pics. Nature God was happy with me as rain stopped and i could take some beautiful pics . This Kothaligad View Point provides a beautiful location to take time lapse.

Majestic kothaligad fort

While the clouds played hide and seek game with the pinnacle of Kothaligad , the entire plateau had come alive with many waterfalls pouring across the plateau’s edge . After a brief stop at this point we restarted our Kothaligad trek towards Peth Village.

View of Kothaligad plateau

It took another 10-15 minutes from here to reach the Peth village. No points for guessing why we were so slow. Beautiful scenes with clouds & waterfalls can even make a sad person happy. Aur hum toh excitement ka dukaan hai . As we neared Peth village I realised how big Kothaligad actually is

Kotahliagad Peth fort

At Peth village the first hotel – Bhairavnath Bhojnalay is the place where the road bifurcates . Take LEFT from here and walk straight till you reach the base of fort from where the Kothaligad trek actually starts. You will reach another hotel by the name Hotel Peth Killa ( visible on map ) whose owner told me that stay is free and you can get unlimited non-veg thali for Rs 150 and Veg for Rs 120. Cheers to that. It seemed like a good place to stay just bring your blanket or sleeping bags if you are large in number .


arm sleeves

sleeping bag

selfie stick & tripod


mountain watch

costly shoes

backpack 30l

mountain books

Knee pain oil

Walking a bit ahead we reached the village & going past the temple reached the Kothaligad trek start point.

official start of KOthaligad trek

There are many forts visible on Kothaligad trek but nothing was visible today due to clouds. With clear climate you can easily spot Bhimashankar , Padaragad , Siddhagad , Irshalgad , Sondai , Matheran , sometimes even Karnala & Manikgad . Today all we could see was clouds – they were beautiful though. Sometimes the clouds used to open up for a while to give a glimpse of the vast green expanse. Definitely a sight for sore eyes.

The climb is easy . In between the ascend i found a group smoking. Seemed like they had cancelled their climb half way because of exhaustion. Ya buddy keep on smoking . Ridiculous. There are few more stalls enroute which can take your lunch order while going up and you can have it once you are descending. Since we were running late we were just kept climbing till we reached the main entrance / Maha Darwaja.

Kothaligad Trek Main Entrance

We continued the climb which seemed like Ganesh Ghat of Bhimashankar but a shorter one. Moving ahead i found few more rock cut stairs.

Some more stairs

Next stop was at top where there are couple of restored canons. Good job with restoration. With the canons i could imagine how Kothaligad fort would have looked in its hay days.

Peth Kothaligad Canon

From here the route bifurcates near the Bastion / Buruj and goes around the fort. The route from right of bastion appeared very risky and i didnt go there. I did take the left route to reach the backside of the fort where there are many water cisterns and caves.

Backside of the fort

After going around Kothaligad it was time for the main attraction- The cave & the stairs. The route from Left of bastion leads to a cave and entrance to the top. This cave was the biggest one on Kothaligad. It had beautifully carves pillars and door frames . I can only imagine the human ingenuity to get these done many centuries ago with basic equipment.

Peth Kothaligad trek blog Caves

This cave was not maintained properly as it smelled like bat shit. 50 people could stay here easy . And groups are known to cook food here. Beside this cave is a temple & the famous stairs to reach the top. The stairs are carved beautifully through this rocky pinnacle. It is indeed a miracle on how it was done 100’s of years ago. Even now it would be difficult to carve out such a beauty with all the available technology. My salute to these great craftsmen.

kothaligad trek blog

The stairs are carved like a circular stair case to reach the top. While climbing the stairs there are few windows through which i could see the beautiful greenery and clouds. This was mesmerising.

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kothaligad trek blog


kothaligad trek blog

One last set of stairs to reach the highest point of Kothaligad trek. From here you get a beautiful 360 degree view which was used to keep an eye on the enemy movement in the Maval region

KOthaligad Stairs

From the top we could only see clouds. Wind swayed the fresh green grass like waves and I was only able to hear the whispering wind & birds singing in harmony . The clouds were getting drifted to the top, right in my face with my hair swirling across my face. Mother nature had embraced me.

View From Kothaligad

If there is anything that can be called heavenly – this would be it. I am pretty sure when i die almighty will ask me ” How was heaven ? ” I would be happy to say ” The Best “

View from the top of the Kothaligad fort in monsoon

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Niraj Bhagat (@i_am_thefreebird) on Aug 2, 2019 at 8:51pm PDT

Kothaligad was one of my best monsoon trek. I didnt want to leave this place but my freind had to reach home early and i hesitantly started going back. Not before clicking 100’s of pictures. We descended to Peth village in half an hour & had some snacks. Have a look at this vlog i made for this trek.

This is an old video, these days I upload YouTube Ambience videos without any artificial music & just nature sounds . Stay Tuned. Subscribe …

Time for the 50km long ride back home. So many beautiful things. So little time.

Till next time.

Hope you enjoyed  reading the Kothaligad trek blog .

If you have any doubts add a comment at the end of this post or reach out to me through my social media channels. To explore all my social platforms, just continue scrolling to the end of this page.

I've written blogs covering numerous Sahyadri treks, all accessible in the section below. Additionally, I create ambient Sahyadri videos on YouTube, featuring solely natural sounds such as birdsong, wind rustling through the trees, and the soothing patter of rain—the elements of nature that I hold dear.


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matheran trekking routes from:

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kothaligad trek blog

Kothaligad Trek: My Experience At Indiahikes Western Campus

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Category Transformation Stories Trekker Space

By Latika Payak

Indiahikes recently inaugurated with the Western Campus. And, on January 8, 2021 we had our first trek to Kothaligad from here. 13-year-old Ananya Naidu was a part of it. In this riveting blog, she details out each day of the experience

Let me just start by saying I’m somewhat of an ‘environmentalist’, which leads me to talk about Indiahikes’ Green Trails program.

| Green Trails means leaving the site cleaner than when you arrived there. Pick up all the trash you see, even if it’s not yours!

It might feel unnecessary. But only on the last day, when you dump all the trash from your eco bags onto a tarp, and you see the amount of trash that was collected, are you filled with a sense of realization that we need to keep nature litter-free. 

If we don’t pick up after ourselves, people will stop going on treks because who would want to see trash all over their trail anyway?

kothaligad trek blog

Trekkers on Kothaligad trek with Ecobags

Imagine, a beautiful, clear lake where you can go to paint or swim in the morning, filled with plastic bottles and wrappers and filth. That may happen unless we clean up after ourselves and others. In nature, humans are the intruders, not the other way round.

Now that I’ve spoken about keeping nature clean, the way it should be, I’ll tell you about MY trek experience. 

Day 1 – Arriving at Indiahikes Western Campus

We arrived at the Vijayabhoomi University at 4 pm, and hiked about one kilometer to our campsite.

Once everyone was settled with their tents and luggage, we had an introduction session followed by a short debriefing by Prathima, Izzat, Gautam, and Tirth.

Our wonderful cooks, Narendra and Sandeep, made hot chai and snacks for everyone. Just on time too, pretty soon, the rain had us cooped up in our tents, missing the activities. Mr Rakesh, who was the spirit of the group, sensed the rain had dampened everyone’s mood, and he arranged a game of antakshari . By then, the pouring had turned to a light drizzle, so everyone was only slightly damp😁. 

Dinner was served, and it was absolutely delicious! I couldn’t believe my eyes when Narendra and Sandeep brought out the special dessert, shahi tukda . Not only was it presented beautifully, but it was also mouth-wateringly good too. 

After dinner, we went on a short night walk. It was a serene experience to hear all the night sounds you normally wouldn’t in the city.

At the end of the day, after we got back to our campsite, we shared our experiences of the first day with each other and went to bed. The crickets soon lulled everyone to sleep.

Day 2 – An Adventurous Trek To Kothaligad

A wake-up call was given at 5:30 am. We had to report at 6 am with our lunchboxes and mugs for breakfast. As usual, the cooks didn’t fail to impress us. We had a breakfast fit for the long trek ahead and hot, refreshing herbal tea.

At 8 am, once we received our instructions and packed lunches, we started off on our trek.

kothaligad trek blog

It took about 4 hours for us to reach the summit, but it didn’t feel like a deary walk at all. The Indiahikes team kept everyone in high spirits, and made sure nobody felt like they were lagging behind. 

Once we reached the top, We had yet another amazing meal (I swear if you try to lose weight on a trek with Indiahikes, you will fail, just because the food is so good), Then we rested a bit and started back down. Our plan was to reach camp by 4 pm to have snacks and tea. 

Once back down at camp, Nari and Sandeep had tea, juice, and snacks ready for everyone.

After that, we had reflection, where we talked about our overall experience on the trek. Then, we headed into our tents to get changed and nap, if we wanted to. 

Later in the evening, a tarp was laid out on the grass and everyone gathered and chit-chatted. Soon, It was dinnertime, which was followed by fresh, hot gulab jamun for dessert. We washed our lunchboxes and gathered on the tarp again, this time for games. We played and had a blast till late in the night. This time, I think everyone slept like a log because we were pretty exhausted from the day’s events.

Day 3 – A Creative Session By The Lake

A professor from the university was to join us at the lake for a drawing/ painting session. Everyone was refreshed from a good night’s sleep and got ready pretty fast. We had a light, early breakfast, and were off to the lake. There, we had an informative and fun session of painting and drawing nature around us.

After we got back from the lake, We laid out a tarp and emptied all the litter that we collected throughout the trek onto it. Then we segregated all the waste into three bags, recyclable, non-recyclable, and landfill.

kothaligad trek blog

After that, we washed up and had brunch. Then, certificates were distributed and we had reflection again.

All of us unpitched our tents, packed our bags, and hiked back to the university, said our goodbyes and left. It was an unforgettable experience, and the fact that all of us were complete strangers to each other, yet we became so comfortable and friendly within the 1st day, was amazing.

I look forward to going on many more treks with Indiahikes!

kothaligad trek blog

Latika Payak

Senior Content Writer

About the author

Latika is a Senior Content Writer and one of the rare team members who has seen Indiahikes from its initial days. She was among the first few to begin creating content at Indiahikes, documenting treks around Maharasthra, interviewing trekkers and writing their stories.

Latika started trekking after joining Indiahikes and has trekked to Roopkund, Hampta Pass, Kedarkantha, Dayara Bugyal, Tarsar Marsar, and Har Ki Dun.

With a strong background in print media and have worked with several publications. Latika is always hunting for great stories hidden in the folds of the mountains. Horror stories from ancient routes and villages of the Himalayas are her favourite.

She is presently working on bringing out news from the remote trekking regions of our country.

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kothaligad trek blog

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Bijli Mahadev Trek

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kothaligad trek blog

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Kothaligad (Peth fort) trek - Simple yet enchanting

kothaligad trek blog

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Kothaligad Trek (Peth) 2023 – Complete Travel Guide

Brief about kothaligad trek.

As a traveler, Kothaligad is a must-visit location located in the famous Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary near Karjat, and is commonly known as the fort of Peth. Its pinnacle can be seen from the village of Peth, and the trek to the top of the fort is famous for its stairs cut through a huge rock. On reaching the top, one can witness beautifully carved caves inside the same rock, with the Bhairoba cave being the most spacious and special. The fort also has perfectly restored cannons, and during the monsoon season, it is surrounded by clouds and many waterfalls en route.

Serene View of Kothaligad Fort from far

Located less than 100 kms from both Mumbai and Pune, Kothaligad is an ideal all-season trek for those looking for a quick getaway from bustling city life. The location is well-connected by road and railways, and the trek to the top is a great experience for those who love trekking and exploring natural wonders.

Key details of the Kothaligad Trek:

  • Ideal Number of Days for the Visit : 1 Day
  • Trek Distance : 4.1 km
  • Trek Altitude Range : 3100 feet
  • Nearest Railway Station : Karjat (30 km)
  • Nearest Airport : Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Airport (94 km)

Camping View from Kothaligad Trek

Table of Contents

Best places to visit & explore at kothaligad trek.

You can enjoy the unique thumb-like structure of the fort, well-preserved cannons, and intricate carvings of pillars in the cave temple, while also witnessing panoramic views of the surrounding ranges and gushing waterfalls often sent upwards by strong winds from the valley. By embracing these wonderful views of nature filled with small streams of waterfalls below the Fort, you can reconnect with nature and explore the majestic cave with ancient cannon balls scattered around the fort.

Kothaligad Top View with Travvelers Around

What is the best time to visit Kothaligad Trek?

The best time to embark on the Kothaligad Trek is from June to August. You can witness fireflies at Kothaligad Fort before the start of the monsoon season, mostly during the months of May and June. However, it is important to note that the section from Ambivli to Peth gaon is very prone to landslides, leading to numerous incidents of trees falling and obstructing the trail during the monsoon season.

How to reach the starting point of the trek?

The best way to reach Kothaligad from Mumbai is to take a suburban train to Karjat and alight at Neral station. From there, regularly shared 6-seater Vikram or Tum-tum rickshaw services are available to Kashele, which cost Rs. 55 per seat.

If you’re traveling from the Mumbai International Airport, the most convenient way to reach Karjat is by taking a route that includes the Airport Road Metro station, Ghatkopar railway station (Central Railway), and Karjat railway station.

Availability of accommodations and food near the trek

While embarking on the Kothaligad trek, keep in mind that restaurants and stores are available in Ambivli. However, you’ll have fewer options as you move away from the base village, and the next restaurant is located 4 km away near Peth gaon. The base village offers food during the day.

On the accommodation front, there are several options available near Kothaligad. You can pitch a tent near Peth gaon or spend the night in the Bhairoba cave near the peak. Alternatively, you can arrange for a homestay in Peth gaon.

The Difficulty level of the Kothaligad Trek

Kothaligad Trek is an easy trek with no section classified as difficult. However, trekkers should be prepared for every eventuality.

The trail from Ambivli to Peth gaon is prone to landslides and incidents of trees falling during the monsoon season. There is a patch after emerging from the spiral steps hewn from the fort’s insides where the trail sharply turns right and overlooks a 50+ feet drop. Care should be taken while descending this patch as it can turn slippery during the monsoons. The last narrow and exposed trail that circumvents the fort has been a cause for concern, with multiple incidents of trekkers getting injured while attempting this stretch.

Preparation required for the Kothaligad Trek

If you’re a beginner and want to start a fitness routine, you should begin slowly and increase your pace gradually. A brisk walk of 5 km in 45 minutes should be your starting point. You should aim to walk 5 km, 4 times a week, and introduce jogging as you become more comfortable. Once you feel comfortable jogging, you can increase the distance you jog in a workout until you can complete 5 km in 40 minutes. Alternatively, you can choose cycling and aim to cover 15 km in 60 minutes when you begin, and gradually increase your pace to cover 18 km in one hour.

You will get mobile network for all major operators like Airtel, Vodafone & Jio throughout the trek.

However, if you plan to visit Ambivli, you should be aware that it is not yet fully modernized, and you may not find an ATM nearby. The nearest towns with operational ATMs are Karjat and Neral, so it’s essential to ensure that you carry enough cash before starting your trek.

Nearby Destinations you may want to explore:

  • Visapur Fort Trek – Pune, Maharashtra
  • Andharban Jungle Trek – Pune, Maharashtra

' data-src=

About The Author, Anant

Anant is a seasoned traveler and product professional, who is passionate about exploring new products, destinations and cultures. He captures all his experiences through his love of writing. Driven by a desire for adventure and knowledge, Anant is on a quest to see as much of the world as possible.

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Kalavantin Durg Trek Peak - Greenery All Around

Basic information on Kothaligad (also called Kotligad or Kothligad) trek 13th century fort which is located near Karjat-Murbad Road. It is called as Kothaligad since the shape looks like removal of “Kothala” from stomach.- means fort looks like removed intestine from stomach, hence called as Kothaligad ! sounds interesting !!

Difficulty level :  Simple torture !!

Height – 3100 feet above sea level

What to see !

  • Scenic views (Bhimashankar, Siddhagad, Matheran)
  • Hanuman temple at village Peth
  • Temple at fort base
  • Large cave at fort base
  • Carved steps inside pinnacle forming a staircase as way to the top.
  • fireflies (at beginning of monsoon season)

places that can be seen from fort kothaligad

Place to stay/take food & water

Water – carry along (alternate source – a cistern at the fort, but having dirty water !) Food and stay – large cave named as Bhairoba cave (not sure one can stay here due to smell) suggest to carry food or call hotel at village peth and tell him to prepare food for u, better to stay at hotel at Peth

Below Kothaligad Peth Fort Karjat – Hotel names and phone numbers are taken on 14 July 2019

Kothaligad Peth Fort Karjat - Hotel phone no - Mauli Bhojnalay

Location Karjat-Murbad Road (google coordinates 18.992783,73.513028)

How to reach kohaligad trek.

Karjat (reach by train or bus from Mumbai or Pune)

The distance from Karjat to Ambivali is about 30 Kms.

1) Karjat >> Kasheli Bus Kasheli >> Ambivali – 6 seater tumtum rickshaw 2) Karjat >> Jamkhed ST Bus which goes from Ambivali village 3) Neral >> Kasheli – 6 seater tumtum rickshaw Kasheli >> Ambivali – 6 seater tumtum rickshaw

Ambivili to Peth (walk, travel by private rikshaw/jeep)(walk time 1.5 hours) – my suggestion is to go upto Peth using SUV. Peth to top of fort (1 hour)

Best time to visit Kothaligad Fort

Monsoon will be the best time to visit due to low temperatures, greenery, misty clouds and waterfall views.

Winter is too cold, you can enjoy morning mist and fog all around the fort.

Summer is absolutely NO, since its too tiring to walk from Ambivali till Peth as well as the views are not that great in summer, due to no greenery, no waterfalls and no mist.

Precautions use proper trekking gears for this trek

Since we went by bus, we parked it in village Ambivili and had our morning tea at Hotel Kothaligad, Obviously mandar had a phone call to keep tea ready for the team of ~65 members 🙂

hotel kothaligad at village ambivali

hotel kothaligad at village ambivali

kothaligad trek blog

The first rest point u can get a look at magnificent views, i am sure this will look best while it is raining ..

kothaligad trek

kothaligad trek

By the time u reach to village Peth . u see board of Bhairavnath Bhojanalay (hotel) wherein u can pre-order food before u go for a climb and get ur lunch when back .. but since as per regular practice we had our lunch packed we did not take food .. but if u r going there in early season like july .. do ring them before to get hot lunch …

kothaligad trek blog

Once we reached village Peth, got a first house where a couple was cracking beetle nuts, I liked the simplicity of their house (and life too) .. the old aged women started looking with curiosity since she did  not understood reason for photographing ! the regular work !!

kothaligad trek blog

As i left the house saw girl giving bath to the smaller one 🙂 nothing better than this bath .. not even i a five star hotel . humm … that;s the life one can look for 🙂

kothaligad trek blog

By the next house .. saw a girl slicing the sticks ..as the siblings play on the side… as soon as they see u .. they come to u asking for food .. as roopa shared an apple .. it was joy to look at their happy faces .. jumping inside the house to share apple with all … for sure u will like this experience  ..

kothaligad trek blog

The way along as u get over with adivasi houses .. enter to the greeny rice fields .. lush green .. walk through .. towards the fort kothaligad ..

kothaligad trek blog

After 30~40 minutes of climb u see the entrance to the fort.. steps from here are still intact …

kothaligad trek blog

Immediately after the steps u get across to the caves which are really big and have remains of carved pillars .. some rooms .. I read that u can spend night here ..but practically don’t think that is needed since u can spend 50 rs per person and stay any house at the foot of fort .. where u can get village food and stay .. water .. everything .. instead spending night in the smelly caves having bat shit around 🙁

kothaligad trek blog

Caves master bedroom .. i could not enter inside as the smell from bat shit was really strong .. only could sustain to take a snap for all of u ..

kothaligad trek blog

Outside the caves is a temple ..not sure of which god and godess .. but was fairly clean .. having shoes on i did not went inside .. but had a snap from outside …

kothaligad trek blog

On the way where u enter to the caves .. get on to the other side before u step on to the pinnacle .. to get a front view of this fort .. u must have seen this photograph for fort kothaligad all over internet ,.. unfortunately things are becoming dirty since visitors are dropping their shit plastic there !!!  ..god who can stop them littering things ?

kothaligad trek blog

When u r done with photographs and cave visit… proceed through the carved steps through the pinnacle  . steps are still intact and are very high to climb for us .. we are not so used to have such high steps … though one can keep climbing having support !!

carvings at side of steps at kothaligad 1

Reach to the top to get panorama which one can not capture in one go .. keep looking for matheran .. bhimashankar .. all over for sure u hv to visit during rains to see waterfalls over the huge walls of sahyadris …

view from the top of kothaligad

On the way back the rest point was a Hanuman temple .. it was pretty clean inside ..

kothaligad trek blog

do not forget to check for the list of things to carry for trek https://trekbook.in/2008/08/things-carry-trekking-india.html/

hotel kothaligad ambivili

Recommended reference reading – One day trek in Sahaydri mountain ranges – Do’s and Don’t, Things to carry list

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Kothaligad Trek Information:

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  • Kothaligad Trail : Fort trail
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  • Kothaligad Trek Length:  Approx. 6 km
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  • 07:15 AM:  Kalamboli McD ( https://goo.gl/maps/F4bqaobJhjcPQ8zK9 )
  • 09:00 AM:  Reach base village
  • 09:30 AM:  Have breakfast
  • 10:00 AM:  Start our trek to the summit 
  • 12:00 PM:  Reach at top of the Kothaligad Fort
  • 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM:  Relax and explore the fort
  • 01:00 PM:  Start descending via the same route
  • 02:30 PM:  Reach Base Village
  • 03:00 PM:  Have Lunch 
  • 04:00 PM:  Start your journey to Mumbai
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  • 05:00 AM:  Report to The Trekleaders at Fergusson College Main Gate, FC Road.  ( https://goo.gl/maps/53XNsyDPwcSVReZW9 ) 
  • 05:20 AM:  Bremen Chowk, Shivneri Bus Stop
  • 05:30 AM:  Pickups from Wakad-Hinjewadi Flyover (Near Sukhwani Indian Oil Petrol Pump)  ( https://goo.gl/maps/bwg9SECAAx7JRXPG9 )
  • 09:00 AM:  Reach Base Village
  • 09:30 AM:  Have Breakfast 
  • 10:00 PM:  Start our trek to the summit 
  • 04:00 PM:  Start your journey to Pune
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  • 08:00 AM: Report to Trekleaders of Team Trekhievers at Karjat Railway Station 
  • 09:00 AM: Reach base village, get relaxed, and have Breakfast
  • 10:00 AM: Start our trek to the summit post briefing and instructions by Trek Leaders
  • 12:00 PM: Reach Kothaligad top
  • 12:00 to   01:00 PM: Relax and explore the fort, have snacks
  • 01:00 PM: Start descending via the same route
  • 03:00 PM: Reach Base Village
  • 03:30 PM: Have Lunch 
  • 04:30 PM: Depart for Karjat Railway Station
  • 05:30 PM: Reach Karjat Railway Station (Return time depends upon groups speed and traffic conditions)

Inclusion :

  • Travel from Pune / Mumbai by Private bus as per govt COVID guidelines 
  • Travel from Karjat by Private Cab as per govt COVID guidelines
  • Breakfast & Tea
  • Lunch ( Veg Thali )
  • Forest Entry Charges. (Rs 50)
  • Guide Charges.
  • Expertise Charges. 
  • First Aid Charges.

Exclusion :

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  • Mineral water/lime water/ purchased for personal consumption
  • All kinds of Extra Meals / soft drinks ordered
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Return Arrival:

  • 10:00 PM:  Borivali National park
  • 08:00 PM:  Fergusson College Main Gate, FC Road

Return time is subjective to the speed of the group, traffic in return, or any unwanted situation beyond our control and can be delayed. Please inform your family members accordingly. 

Things to carry:

(Highly Required and Mandatory Things)

  • backpack (waterproof or covered with waterproof cover) 
  • trekking shoes or any sports shoes with a Good grip
  • Trekking pants (compulsory), 2 T-Shirts (Preferably full sleeves or Half T-shirt with sleeves), Raincoat/ waterproof jacket/ windcheater, Handnapkin/Towel, etc
  • Water 2-3 liters.
  • Ready-to-eat food like plum cakes, Dry fruits, dry snacks and biscuits, Chikki, chocolate bars, etc.
  • Personal Medicines and Personal First aid 

(Required but Optional Things)

  • To change after trekking - Facewash, Extra pants/ shorts, Extra T-shirt, sleeper/ floaters, an extra bag to carry your trekking shoes, innerwear, etc
  • Sweater For bus journey
  • Electoral or Glucose D powder. 
  • Portable Phone Charger, Earphones, etc.
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Tuesday, august 16, 2022, kothaligad fort trek | top things to know before you go.

Kothaligad Fort which is also named  Peth Fort is a small fort situated in the Karjat Taluka of Maharashtra, India. Since it is a small fort, the height of the Kothaligad Fort is 3100 feet . It is called Peth Fort because it is located right behind the Peth village . Kothaligad Fort gives you an entire view of the Sahyadri mountain range. There is not much history about the fort. It was captured by the British earlier than by Marathas and then again by the British. It was used as a watchtower to keep an eye on enemies. Kothaligad Fort Trek is a well-known activity for many youngsters.  

How to Reach Kothaligad Fort in Karjat?

My experince of kothaligad fort trek, the ideal time to visit peth fort, stay and food options at kothaligad (peth fort).

Since this is located in a local village, there are no hotels or resorts to stay in. If you want to stay in hotels then there are few hotels in the Karjat district. As I rightly mentioned there are large caves on the summit of the fort. The caves can accommodate a large group.

If you are in the group you can request the locals to arrange for a stay. Below is the contact of locals if you want to stay at the fort.  

For food, there are a few shacks on the route to the fort that provides water bottles, snacks, and Maggy If you want to eat proper lunch then locals will help you to fulfill your wish. The locals' homemade food is so awesome and delicious. There are many restaurants on the route, you can have veg or non-veg food as per your choice.

Things to Remember Before You Go

  • If you are driving there by car then you must park it at Ambivali village because the route is rough and can harm your car
  • If you are a skilled biker then only take your bike to the Peth village
  • The washroom is available at the base of the fort near Peth village
  • The local ST frequency is every 3 hours between 8am to 5 pm, so plan your trek accordingly
  • It is always better to start your trek early in the morning
  • Carry some energy bar, and chocolate to keep yourself energetic throughout the trek. 
  • Do not litter the area around.

kothaligad trek blog

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` 849   ` 764   per person

Duration: 16 hrs, talk to an expert, 0120-6907340.

Amidst the beautiful and picturesque location of Karjat, there lies Kothaligad Peth Fort in the Sahyadri range. Further, the fort is nestled near the Karjat-Murbad road in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Notably, Kothaligad Peth Fort has got its name owing to its proximity with the Peth village. Historians also suggest that the fort was captured by Aurangzeb in 1684 and later remained under control of the British till 1862. The place is also popular amongst adventure enthusiasts, especially during the monsoon season. The Kothaligad monsoon trek offers a stunning sight of nature where one gets to witness the majestic interplay of clouds, cool breeze and waterfalls.

Located at a height of 3100 ft, the trek to Kothaligad Peth Fort has gained popularity owing to its low difficulty level involving easy climbing. While many trekkers visit the place all around the year, the monsoon trek to Kothaligad or Peth Fort has a lot more to offer. The Peth Fort trek is considered as one of the best experiences for the people who can’t afford to have longer leaves from their job and want a short break from their hectic schedule to rejuvenate themselves.

Kothaligad Peth Fort doesn’t rest alone on the hilltop but enjoys the company of other historical forts like Rajmachi and Dhak. The fort features canon marks, temples and potholes. One has to navigate through a stairway to reach the fort. After arriving at the top, experience the beauty of a grassy landscape and well-sculpted pillars that are the major attractions of the fort. The locals say that the fort is a lighthouse, which was used by the then rulers to give the directions to know the advancements of the enemy. At the base of the fort, one can locate a small temple, as well as a chimney-like tunnel leading to the top of the fort. On the way to Kothaligad Peth Fort, trekkers will also encounter a small waterfall. Lush green bushes and trees make the trail more serene and beautiful. From forts to caves, and the 13th-century temple to water reservoirs, monsoon trek to Kothaligad or Peth Fort is considered as the best weekend destination for adventure and peace seekers.

So, undertake the Kothaligad trek in Maharashtra to experience the lush green forest featuring waterfalls, streams and a variety of flora and fauna.

Day 1: Reaching Kothaligad Fort

The adventure begins after you arrive at the Karjat railway station. You’re required to reach the station by 8 am. From here, board a taxi or bus to reach the base village which acts as the starting point of the trek. After reaching the village, rest for a while and enjoy scrumptious breakfast amidst the peaceful surrounding. Start hiking in the hills at 10 am. Pass through the gushing waterfalls and the lush green forest that look stunning in the monsoon season. It will be an amazing experience to be surrounded by the hidden gems of raw nature. Also, you will be thrilled to see a rich variety of flora and fauna. Within an hour of hiking, you will reach Pethchiwadi.

Walking along with the dancing clouds and fog, you will reach the fort at 12 pm. Have your lunch at the top. Afterwards, walk around the fort and make beautiful memories by clicking the dazzling pictures of hidden gems of nature. The joy of beholding the sight of various mountains, hamlets and waterfall is truly inexplicable. After exploring the ancient temples and caves, get back to the base village by 5 pm and then board a taxi back to the Karjat railway station.

slide 1

Package Details

Kothaligad trek monsoon, price (per person):   ` 849, duration:   16 hrs, cancellation policy   |   payment policy.

Things to Carry

Identity Card

2 ltrs water

Trekking Shoes

Enerzyl powder or Glucon D powder

Snacks & biscuits

Extra pair of clothes

Clean napkin or towel

Rain coat/ Poncho / Wind cheater (Avoid umbrella)

Cap, sunglasses, scarf

Haversack or backpack (No sling bags)

Camera (optional)

Please carry personal medicines if any

Hand Sanitizer

Monsoon Safety Measures

Put clothes, money, camera, phone etc in polythenes while packing

Wear shoes with good grips

Use repellents to keep bugs away

Make note of nearest railway station, bus stop, taxi stand etc.

Do not stray away from your group during the trek

Keep family & friends informed about your whereabouts

Avoid wearing precious Jewelry while trekking, as we won’t be responsible for any losses for the same.

Consuming liquor or any kind of Alcoholic substance is prohibited. Carrying any kind of substance that’s illegal is not allowed. Smoking is strictly not allowed. Anybody found smoking or consuming alcoholic drinks will be expelled from the event without refund.

Always remember SHOES are your best companion on a trek! Please wear a good pair of TREKKING SHOES and not sports or running shoes. Make sure they are durable and firm enough to withstand tough conditions. You can carry floaters to wear only after the trek is completed.

Fitness & Health:

Though trekking is a fun-filled activity, it demands good amount of physical fitness. If you are under medication, please carry your medicines. During the trek, leaders will have over the counter medication for temporary treatment, so do give a heads up to them if you need any medical assistance.



  • Local Transport traveling from Karjat to Base village
  • Food: Breakfast & Evening Snacks
  • Trekking Expertise Charges
  • Travel by train
  • Any personal expenses such as soft drinks etc.
  • Anything other than above mentioned inclusion
  • 5% GST Charges


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Be the first to share your experience with us. Send your feedback at [email protected]

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Important: The booking stands liable to be cancelled if 100% payment is not received less than 30 days before date of departure.

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kothaligad trek blog

kothaligad trek blog

One day Trek to Kothaligad fort/ Peth Fort

Photo of Rohitkumar Thakur

Here is my first Travel blog.

Although I have been traveling from last 4 years, this is first time I'm writing my blog.

Trekking is sahyadris is always closet thing to my heart.

So on 24th Nov after break of 2 months due to various reason I decided to go to Kothaligad Fort in Karjat.

Here is little information regarding Kothaligad Fort :

Kothaligad fort is also known as "Peth fort" due to due to name of base village : Peth.

Its a pinnacle kind of structure whose main objective was to keep watch and work as defense station

There is one famous battler fought between Marathas under Sambhaji Maharaj Empire and Mughal Empire. Unfortunately Marathas lost this battle, The Mughals renamed the fort as ‘Miftahulfateh’, meaning victory key.The Marathas continued their efforts to conquer the fort. In December 1684, the Marathas tried to stop Mughals moving towards the fort. Seven thousand Marathas constituted a strong battalion and fought with Mahamatkhan. But success was far away. In April 1685, 700 Marathas attacked again. About 200 of them climbed the fort with the help of rope ladders. Battle started between two parties and a lot of blood shaded. The goddess of victory again favored the Mughals and the Marathas lost the battle and the fort.

After 130 years in November 1817, Bapurao, a Maratha Sardar with Bajirao II fought with British and won the fort.

How to reach :

You can drive in of fort just need to put "Kothaligad fort" on google maps. Road till Ambivali village is in good condition, but after that road condition is very bad. you need good rider or professional driver to drive through that road.

From base 30-45 minutes is enough to reach Top, About 1 hour is sufficient to cover the fort area.

If you want to go via public transport in that case You need to reach Karjat Railway station. There is high amount of trains from Pune and Mumbai. You need to go to ST stand at walk able distance and catch direct bus to Ambivali, frequency is quite low, so another option is catch a bus or tumtum (six seater) to Kashele , from there direct tumtum is available to Ambivali.

Here is direct time to st buses from Karjat to ambivali : 8:30 am, 10 :45 am, 1:00 pm, 7:30 pm

Ambivali to Karjat : 6:30 am, 9:45, 11:30 am, 1:00 pm, 2:20 pm, 5:30 pm. But as its government buses so expect 30 minutes delay and plan accordingly.

From there you need to walk 4 km uphill road to reach base of fort. It can take 1- 1: 30 hours.

How I went :

So I and my friend Ashok (Patil ) catch the pragati express at 7:50 from pune station and reached around 9:40 to Karjat.

As there was around 1 hour to bus to ambivali we decided to board 9:45 bus Murbad which drops us Kashele fare 25 . At Kashele we ate vadapav as breakfast and run towards tumtum to Ambivali fare 20. We reached at 11:30 am ambivali, sun was right over ahead when we started trek.

I need to admit that I didn't checked the distance accordingly from ambivali to base of fort, I thought it was 2km and that too flat road but as I said it was 4km and uphill road. Walking though that and with sun over your head I'm sure trekkers can understand how that feels. But we started enjoying it after first 30 minutes and saw visuals of the Fort.

Photo of One day Trek to Kothaligad fort/ Peth Fort 1/4 by Rohitkumar Thakur

We reached the base of fort in around 1:15 hrs and drank Limbu sarbat (Lime water), water and food facility is available at base of fort but do not forget to carry at least 2 ltr of water with you.

We reached the top of fort in 40 minutes and saw this first view of fort which was just amazing :) All that tiredness just gone away.

Photo of One day Trek to Kothaligad fort/ Peth Fort 2/4 by Rohitkumar Thakur

There is two canons of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj period , there is temple and cave as well where you can stay for night if you want.

Photo of One day Trek to Kothaligad fort/ Peth Fort 3/4 by Rohitkumar Thakur

Amazing stairs :

Photo of One day Trek to Kothaligad fort/ Peth Fort 4/4 by Rohitkumar Thakur

Descending fort is always easy than Ascending fort so it just took around 1 hour to reach ambivali, we ate some Chinese at local hotel as there was no other option and waited for some time of bus but tumtum arrived before that and we reached Kashele and took a auto to Karjat.

we boarded into Pragati express at 18:08 at reached Pune after exciting trek, office work was waiting for me at 6 am :(.

If you like the place information and photos, just visit this place once :)

You can contact me for any information :

Instagram : aao_milon_chale

Mobile : 9762039898

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Photo of My First Monsoon tre

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Kothaligad Trek - Peth Fort Trek Kothaligad is more commonly known as the fort of Peth because the village of Peth is situated at its base. The pinnacle of the Peth can be seen from the village. On reaching the top of the fort, we see caves carved in huge rocks. Along the Bhairoba cave, steep steps are carved leading the pinnacle. Small water tanks and some cannon balls are scattered on the fort. The first one is the cave of Goddess, besides which is a water cistern and the last one is the specious Bhairoba cave. A flat floor and well-sculpted pillars are specialties of the cave.

Kothaligad Trek Event Details Kothaligad (Peth) Trek difficulty level Medium Base village for Kothaligad Fort Trek | Peth Fort Trek: Peth village / Ambivali village for car parking Peth Fort Region: Karjat, Raigad District Total time required for climbing Kothaligad Fort Trek you will need a maximum of 2.5 hours from Ambivali Peth Fort Trek Duration One Day. Kothaligad (Peth) fort height: 3100 feet approx.

Who Should Attend Kalsubai Monsoon Trek?

Best suited for groups, solo trekkers, corporates, couples, and families.

Cost for Kothaligad Trek Price Cost without transport: Rs. 699/- per person Cost with transport: Rs. 1199/- per person

  • Book this exciting trek to the Kothligad fort & enjoy the astounding views from the height of 3,100 ft.
  • Embrace the wonderful views of nature filled with small streams of waterfalls below the Fort and reconnect with the nature
  • Explore the majestic cave with well-sculpted pillars and the ancient cannon balls scattered around the fort
  • Take part in this trek with an experienced and friendly guide that will be assisting you throughout the trek
  • Sorry no more departures available. You could get in touch with us at [email protected] if you'd like to make a booking.

Peth Fort Trek Kothaligad Itinerary

Day 1 Trek to Kothligad Fort

05:00 AM: Start this experience by getting picked up for the base village from Borivali National Park Bus Pick-Up Point.

Pick up Points:

05:15 - 06:00 AM: Malad, Goregaon, Andheri, Bandra

06:15 AM: Sion circle

06:30 AM: K-star hotel Chembur

06:45 AM: Vashi (under the bridge)

07:00 AM: Nerul LP

07:15 AM: Kalamboli Mc'D

Note: The individuals that have booked the variants without the transfers can will have to reach the base village on their own.

08:30 AM: Reach the base village and have sumptous breakfast to get you energized for the trek.

09:00 AM: Meet with your guide that will be assisting you throughout teh trek and after a short introduction start trekking towards the Kothaligad peak.

11:30 AM: Traverse throght the off beat trails and after a 2 hours trek, reach the pinnacle. Embrace the views & click pictures of the views that peek from the clouds. Witness the ancient remnants of the fort and relax their for a while.

12.30 PM: Start descending to the base village.

02:00 PM: Reach the base village and have a quick lunch (Veg/ Non- veg / Jain) and curb your hunger.

04:00 PM: Start on your return journey to Mumbai.

07.00 pm: Get dropped off at the your respective drop points. | End of the experience.

What is included in the tour

  • Transportation from Mumbai to Mumbai.
  • Unlimited Breakfast & Lunch. (veg / Non-veg / Jain)
  • Kothaligad Forest Entry Charges.
  • Bhatakna Expertise Representatives.
  • First-aid assistance.
  • Bhatakna Badges.
  • New Friends made, new Bonds attached.

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Mineral water/lime water/ purchased for personal consumption
  • All kinds of Extra Meals / soft drinks ordered.
  • Any kind of personal expenses.
  • Any kind of cost which is not mentioned in the cost includes above.
  • All expenses incurred due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances like roadblocks, bad weather.
  • Any medical / Emergency evacuations if required.
  • 2/3 liters of water
  • Proper face mask or shield
  • Trekking Shoes provide more grip and comfort on trek
  • Good Torch must with extra battery
  • Some Dry fruits / Dry Snacks / Energy Bars
  • Glucon D / ORS / Tang / Gatorade sachets
  • One Day Backpack 20 to 30 liters
  • Rains are expected, so pack your bags accordingly to save them from getting wet
  • Double pack your valuables / phones in plastic bags
  • Rainwear / Poncho / Waterproof jacket etc. if you don’t want to get wet
  • Sun Cap and Sunscreen
  • Personal First aid and Personal Medicine
  • Identity Proof
  • Please wear Full sleeves and Full Track Pant this will protect from Summer Sun / Thorns / Insects / Prickles
  • There is no freshen up / washroom / Toilet facility on the Mountain only Available at the Base Village Bari.
  • Avoid carrying heavy weight for the trek.
  • Floaters and Sandals are not allowed, please wear sports shoes or trekking shoes of good quality.
  • Put clothes, money, camera, phone etc in polythenes while packing
  • Use repellents to keep bugs away
  • Make note of nearest railway station, bus stop, taxi stand etc.
  • Do not stray away from your group during the trek
  • Keep family & friends informed about your whereabouts

1. Can we drive till Ambivali for Kothaligad Trekking?

Yes, Kothaligad Trekking location is available on google maps. We will provide the meeting location after booking if you are coming by own transport. Please reach on time as per itinerary trek leader won't be able to wait in case you arrive late. No refund shall be provided if you miss the trek start timing. You have signed up for a group event kindly cooperate. 

2. Distance from Mumbai to Ambivali? Mumbai to Kothaligad distance?

Kothaligad trek distance from Mumbai is 90 kilometers. It takes two and a half-hour drive from Mumbai. Kothaligad trek height is 945 meters, and trek distance is 6.5 kilometers both ways. Karjat to Kothaligad distance is 30 kilometers will take one hour to cover this distance.

3. Distance from Pune to Ambivali? Pune to Kothaligad distance?

Kothaligad trek distance from Pune is 135 km and takes three hours to reach. Kothaligad Trek distance is 3.5 kilometers one way. Kothaligad Trek distance is 3.5 kilometers one way. Kothaligad trek height is 945 meters. 

4. The number of days required for Kothaligad Trekking?

One Night and One Day are required for Kothaligad Fort Night Trek. One Day for a monsoon Kothaligad trek Karjat. You can read about our trek to Kothaligad fort blog here. 

5. Is there food available on Kothaligad - Peth Village?

     Food available at the base village during the day

6. How much time is required to climb the Kothaligad Trek route?

We will need from 2.5 hours to 3 hours; one way for this Kothaligad Trek location. Kothaligad trek difficulty level is easy to medium depending on hikers stamina, endurance, fitness, and previous experience in the Sahyadri Treks.  

7. Where can we park our cars at Karjat Kothaligad Trek?

    Peth Kothaligad Base Village at your own risk. 

8. Is there any parking charge at Kothaligad Karjat ?

    Yes, parking space is available at Peth Kothaligad base village. Locals might ask for parking fees. 

9. Is Toilet Available on Kothaligad Fort?

Not available. During the trek, toilets are not available Provision for toilet tents will be made at Villagers House eastern style commode from where we will begin the trek.  10. Do single traveler’s female sign up for these events?

We have 60 - 40 % or more Male - Female ratios on our events, Single traveling females join our events. Kids and senior citizens have also successfully completed summit to Kothaligad Fort. 

11. Are Kids allowed on treks near Mumbai?

      Kids below 15 with Parents supervision only. 

12. What type of food will be provided?

Only Veg local home-cooked food is available. Food is simple and nutritious, the taste will be different as it is cooked by locals.  

13. Phone Connectivity?

      Limited phone connectivity available for most cellular service

15. Is cash payment or spot payment accepted?

Cash payment is not accepted. Registration against 100% upfront payment only via Paytm / UPI / NEFT / IMPS /  Payment Gateway / Google pay  On the spot payment not accepted. We need to book in advance bus/jeep and make other arrangements upfront payment is a must. 16. Will I get bottled water?

      Normal well water shall be provided

17. Can I charge my phone?

No electricity or charging points are available during the trek. Please carry a power bank if required. The cell phone range is limited.

18. How is the weather now?

Summer Temperature Night 30 degree - Day 39 degree approx. During monsoon, heavy rains are expected please double pack your expensive phones and gadgets to protect them. During winter and summer please wear full sleeves T-shirt and full track pants to avoid sunburns, prickly thorns, insect bites. 

19. Can we smoke or drink alcohol?

No smoking, chewing tobacco, drinking, smoking hookah, drugs are not allowed on our treks. People caught smoking or drinking alcohol will be asked to exit the event on an immediate basis. Participants creating trouble will be asked to leave the event without a refund. 

20. Can we listen to music on Bluetooth speakers?

Listening to music on earphones or Bluetooth speakers is not allowed while trekking, Bluetooth speakers not allowed inside homestay. Music is not allowed you will miss out on important instruction being passed by trek leader. You can enjoy the sounds of nature in the outdoors while hiking. 

21. How do I make payment for Kothaligad Fort Trek?

You can pay online on our website on the book now button. In case your question is not listed above you can email [email protected] We also have the option to pay using UPI | Google Pay | Paytm | IMPS. You can click on the book now button all options are available to complete your payment. 

22. Mumbai to Kothaligad Fort Trek Distance?

Kothligad Fort located 90 km from Mumbai, You can drive till base village we will provide you the google maps. The fort near Karjat is easily reachable by road till base village. 

23. Which is the best season to see Kothaligad Fireflies?

Before monsoon starts, you can see fireflies at Kothaligad Fort. Mostly during the months of May and June.  

24. Kothaligad Map? Peth fort trek route map?

Kothaligad Map

  Kothaligad Trek 2022 | Peth Fort Trek | Trek near Mumbai & Pune A Monsoon Trek to Kothaligad Fort witness lush green forests and cascading waterfalls. This is the best place for trekking enthusiasts in Mumbai & Pune. Kothaligad Fort is situated to the east of Karjat near Karjat-Murbad Road in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is one of the famous treks in the Karjat area, because of its small height and thrill climbing. It is also known as the Fort of Peth because of its vicinity to Peth village at its base. Kothaligad Top offers 360-degree views of the Sahyadri ranges. Kothaligad Fort which is located in the vicinity of Mumbai and is a perfect weekend getaway.

How do I get to Kothaligad Trek Karjat? How to reach Kothaligad from Mumbai? How to go to kothaligad trek? From Mumbai. The best way to reach Kothaligad is to take a suburban train going to Karjat and alight at Neral station. From Neral regularly shared 6-seater  Vikram | Tum-tum rickshaw service is available to Kashele. This is charged at Rs 55 per seat. Kothaligad Fort, aka Fort of Peth, is 3100 feet high fort in Karjat, famous for temples & caves. This is the best place for trekking enthusiasts in Maharashtra. Peth, also known as 'Kothaligad', is situated in Shahapur Taluka, approximately 21 Km North East of Karjat.

Kothaligad Fort or Kothaligad Peth Fort trek is one of the famous treks in the Karjat area with Witness lush green forests and cascading waterfalls. During the monsoon beauty of the place on its peak. It is near to Mumbai and Pune. You have to reach Karjat Railway station on the central railway line. Walk this way for a rejuvenating trek in Maharashtra, short and light enough for the whole family as you visit the Kothaligad fort and learn about the Kothaligad history. Kothaligad to Mumbai public transport is difficult to find late in the evening please plan your trek accordingly. Karjat to Kothaligad local sharing rickshaw are available and State transport bus also. 

Are you looking for a new adventure, Kothaligad in monsoon? Kothaligad is the perfect destination for monsoon trekking near Karjat and exploring. It's an untouched paradise with lush green forests, waterfalls, caves and rock-cut steps—the weather in Kothaligad in monsoon beautiful all around, from fog to rain to sunshine to high winds. You can explore it with Bhatakna. So book a trek with us!

We have Kothaligad Trek in monsoon suitable for everyone whether you're an experienced hiker or want to see what the fuss is about! With our expert guides and our affordable rates, we'll make sure you get the best experience possible at Kothaligad. So book your trek with us today! Read Kothaligad trek blog by our trek leader. For Kothaligad images please click on the photogallery on top right corner of the page. 

Do you want to explore the beauty of the Kothaligad Peth trek? Explore the monsoon in the Kothaligad Peth trek. Trek near Karjat Raigad district through lush green forests, hike up waterfalls and take in stunning views. Enjoy a challenging hike near Mumbai or a leisurely walk with your family. You can do it all here!

The best way to experience Kothaligad (Peth) fort by booking a trek today! We have trekking near Karjat, Raigad District, for every level of fitness and interest. So whether you're looking for something challenging or relaxing, the Kothaligad trek route is a perfect fit for you. Kothaligad trek height is 3100 feet above sea level. So book now before time runs out! So please chat with us right now to book your trek today! 

Places to visit near Kothaligad Fort trekking in Karjat?

Bhatakna offer trekking tours in India that are designed to be adventurous and exciting. Places to visit near Karjat fort Kothaligad Fort are Solanpada waterfall Neral, Bhimashankar, Garbett Point Trek, Sondai Fort, Peb Fort, Nakhind Ridge, Diksal Waterfall, Bhivpuri Waterfall. 

You can choose from many different routes in the Western Ghats. Our expert guides will lead you through some of the most beautiful landscapes near Mumbai. Explore with us! We want to show you what it means to live life adventurously and enjoy every moment of it. Let's go together!




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Start your summer off with making great connections! We’re inviting all students who are curious about AI in the workforce to join us on an exclusive Career Trek to Sandvik in Alachua, FL. That’s right – whether you’re majoring in engineering, biology, art history, or anything in between, this opportunity is yours for the taking.

About Sandvik:

Sandvik is a renowned global engineering company boasting a workforce of over 37,000 individuals spread across the globe. Nestled in the sun-soaked locale of Alachua, FL, our division headquarters serves as the epicenter of our operations, where we specialize in the design and production of top-tier rotary drill machines for the global surface mining industry. At Sandvik, we pride ourselves on delivering customer-focused mining solutions, driven by the unwavering passion of our dedicated employees. Amidst our endeavors, we prioritize cultivating a vibrant and rewarding work environment, ensuring that every day is filled with excitement and opportunities for growth. Application: https://ufl.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_50IEakOE9V94PoW

Application Deadline: June 10, 2024 at 12:00PM

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    Kothaligad trek Blog : TheFreeBird's story. I am on a roll in this monsoon. Last two weekends i have been on two treks namely a 400ft Kataldhar waterfall trek and second was Kondana Caves. On third weekend's Saturday I visited some offbeat unnamed waterfall ( more about it on my instagram) and on Sunday i decided to do the Kothaligad trek.Since i consider solo trekking idiotic I went to ...

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    Trek duration: 1.5-2 hours. GPS coordinates of Kothaligad: 18°59'32.16"n, 73°30'45.35"e. Upper Peth Gaon. Picture by Himanshu Kohli. Turn right to reach Peth gaon where you'll have to pay an entry fees of Rs 20 per head. You can also hire a guide here for Rs 50 per head.

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    And, on January 8, 2021 we had our first trek to Kothaligad from here. 13-year-old Ananya Naidu was a part of it. In this riveting blog, she details out each day of the experience. Let me just start by saying I'm somewhat of an 'environmentalist', which leads me to talk about Indiahikes' Green Trails program. ...

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    Search This Blog My Weekend Odysseys TRAVELLING - a true sense of living life to the fullest. I've always enjoyed travelling whether alone or with friends. I take great pleasure in immersing myself in different cultures, meeting people, exploring places and most importantly capturing them in my lens. ... Kothaligad (Peth fort) trek - Simple yet ...

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    Brief About Kothaligad Trek As a traveler, Kothaligad is a must-visit location located in the famous Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary near Karjat, and is commonly known as the fort of Peth. Its pinnacle can be seen from the village of Peth, and the trek to the top of the fort is famous for its stairs cut through a huge rock.

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    Kothaligad trek aka Peth [ fort near Karjat] 2020. Visited again on 14 July 2019 - New information which I felt to be updated for you is as follows - Entry fee to Kothaligad is Rs 20 per person; Road to the fort from Village Anmboli is in very bad condition, so there is no choice but to walk distance of ~5 km from Village Amboli to Village ...

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    Kothaligad - Peth Fort with a height of 472 m (1,550 ft) is a perfect one-day trip from Mumbai and Pune. It is 95 km from Mumbai and 110 km from Pune. The trek trail is a jungle trail with a length of 6km categorized under an easy to moderate trek trail.

  11. Kothaligad Fort Trek

    Kothaligad Fort Trek | Top Things to Know Before You Go. Kothaligad Fort which is also named Peth Fort is a small fort situated in the Karjat Taluka of Maharashtra, India. Since it is a small fort, the height of the Kothaligad Fort is 3100 feet.It is called Peth Fort because it is located right behind the Peth village.Kothaligad Fort gives you an entire view of the Sahyadri mountain range.

  12. Kothaligad

    The Kothaligad monsoon trek offers a stunning sight of nature where one gets to witness the majestic interplay of clouds, cool breeze and waterfalls. Located at a height of 3100 ft, the trek to Kothaligad Peth Fort has gained popularity owing to its low difficulty level involving easy climbing. While many trekkers visit the place all around the ...

  13. Kothaligad Trek and Camping

    The distance from Mumbai to Kothaligad trek is 90 kilometers, which takes approximately two and a half hours by car. Kothaligad trek has a height of 945 meters, and the trek distance is 6.5 kilometers round trip. The distance from Karjat to Kothaligad is 30 kilometers, which can be covered in one hour. 3.

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    #Kothaligad is one of the best forts to visit near Mumbai. Trekking here in Monsoon might be a bit difficult but at the same time, you will enjoy many breath...

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    You can read about our trek to the Kothaligad Fort blog for more information. Is there food available in Kothaligad - Peth Village? Yes, food is available at the base village during the day. How much time is required to climb the Kothaligad Trek route? It takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to climb the Kothaligad Trek route, one way.

  16. One day Trek to Kothaligad fort Peth Fort

    Here is direct time to st buses from Karjat to ambivali : 8:30 am, 10 :45 am, 1:00 pm, 7:30 pm. Ambivali to Karjat : 6:30 am, 9:45, 11:30 am, 1:00 pm, 2:20 pm, 5:30 pm. But as its government buses so expect 30 minutes delay and plan accordingly. From there you need to walk 4 km uphill road to reach base of fort.

  17. Kothaligad Trek

    09:00 am: Reach Kothaligad base village Via Local transport and have breakfast with Introduction Round. 10:00 am: Start the trek. 12:00 pm: Reach the top and explore the fort. 02:00 pm: Start descend. 03:30 pm: Reach base village and have lunch (Veg Lunch) 04:30 pm: Start return journey. 06:00 pm: Reach Karjat Station and Catch a Local Train to ...

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    Kothaligad Night Trek Hard to miss, this night trek a delightful trek towards Kothaligad will make your weekend worthwhile. Right from lush green forests, huge peaks and chirping birds, one finds utmost solace and experiences surreal bliss at Kothaligad. As peth is the base village, many recall Kothaligad as peth fort.

  19. Kothaligad Trek 2024

    Kothaligad trek distance from Mumbai is 90 kilometers. It takes two and a half-hour drive from Mumbai. Kothaligad trek height is 945 meters, and trek distance is 6.5 kilometers both ways. Karjat to Kothaligad distance is 30 kilometers will take one hour to cover this distance. 3.

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    Kothaligad trek distance from Mumbai is 90 kilometers. It takes two and a half-hour drive from Mumbai. Kothaligad trek height is 945 meters, and trek distance is 6.5 kilometers both ways. Karjat to Kothaligad distance is 30 kilometers will take one hour to cover this distance. 3.

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    Enjoy a thrilling trek to Peth Fort Kothaligad, a historical site in Karjat. Witness the scenic beauty of the region and the stunning views of the fort.

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    Open Google search tab. Type the following words in the search window " My location to Kothaligad Fort distance ". You shall get the exact time required to travel, modes of travel, and distance (kilometers) from your location. The distance from Mumbai to Kothaligad is 89.6 KM which takes around 02 Hrs 50 min to reach by road.

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  24. Kothaligad Night Trek

    The distance from Mumbai to Kothaligad trek is 90 kilometers, which takes approximately two and a half hours by car. Kothaligad trek has a height of 945 meters, and the trek distance is 6.5 kilometers round trip. The distance from Karjat to Kothaligad is 30 kilometers, which can be covered in one hour. 3.