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Welcome to Stuttgart Airport Busterminal

National & international.

The bus terminal at Stuttgart Airport is a popular destination for passengers and bus operators alike. Whether your travels are withing Germany or also on international bases, here you can find your fitting bus line. Here is a register of all bus companies that are represented at the SAB.

AS Karpaten & Krim Tours GmbH East West Eurolines

49074 Osnabrück , Deutschland


Bakic reisen.

72415 Grosselfingen , Deutschland

Barileva Turist sh.p.k

40210 Düsseldorf , Deutschland

Bashkim Tours

1200 Tetovo , Mazedonien

74076 Heilbronn , Deutschland

BIG-SIM Halilovic

75260 Kalesija Grad , Bosnien und Herzegowina

Biuro Podrozy Sandra

44373 Wodzislaw Slaski , Polen


75011 Paris , Frankreich

Bozic Konig d.o.o.

76300 Bijeljina , Bosnien und Herzegowina

Ca. Mer. Viaggi s.n.c.

92016 Ribera , Italien

Crnja Tours d.o.o.

55210 Rovinj , Kroatien

70193 Stuttgart , Deutschland

Double T Turism Transport

80335 München , Deutschland

Euro Bus S+V

6330 Struga , Mazedonien

Euroclub GmbH

50858 Köln , Deutschland

Eurolines / Deutsche Touring GmbH

65760 Eschborn , Deutschland

Europa Bus C.H.

4270 Jesenice , Slowenien

Fertours Sh.p.k. Niederlassung Kassel

34117 Kassel , Deutschland

Flixbus DACH GmbH

80639 München , Deutschland

36300 Novi Pazar , Serbien

Garo Reisen

Hauerhof busreisen gmbh.

74906 Bad Rappenau , Deutschland

Interbus s.r.o.

04001 Kosice , Slowakei

Jelinak d.o.o.

10040 Zagreb , Kroatien

Kantic Touristik d.o.o.

74260 Tesanj , Bosnien-Herzegowina

19016 Lviv , Ukraine

Ludwig Reisen

73655 Plüderhausen , Deutschland

Maxhari Tours

17520 Bujanovac , Serbien

17523 Presevo , Serbien

moffa turismo e servizi srl

86016 Riccia , Italien

N.T.SH. Vector

70178 Stuttgart , Deutschland


1050 Riga , Lettland

NPT "Armend Tours"

50000 Gjakove , Kosovo

50933 Köln , Deutschland

Optima Tours

80333 München , Deutschland

Osumi Travel

Panturist d. d..

31000 Osijek , Kroatien

Pejic Tours d.o.o.

Plesa reisen.

86154 Augsburg , Deutschland

Pletl eK Reiseburo & Omnibusbetrieb

35390 Gießen , Deutschland

75382 Althengstett , Deutschland

Rasim Turizam

96334 Struga , Mazedonien

Brno-město, 602 00 Brno , Tschechische Republik

Richard Eberhardt GmbH

75172 Pforzheim , Deutschland

RoadJet GmbH

71634 Ludwigsburg , Deutschland

Roaltassib Tours

70435 Stuttgart , Deutschland

SC Lauer Europa Tours SRL

320042 Resita , Rumänien

23000 Istog , Kosovo

Sindbad Reisen GmbH

50321 Brühl , Deutschland

SoC. Marino SRL

70022 Altamura , Italien

Srbija Tours

11000 Beograd , Serbien

Student Agency

60200 Brno , Tschechien

Trans Europa

550159 Sibiu , Rumänien

94901 Nitra , Slowakei

Union Ivkoni Ltd.

1202 Sofia , Bulgarien

Usora Tours

74260 Tešanj , Bosnien und Herzegowina

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bashkim tours bus telefonnummer



bashkim tours bus telefonnummer

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What is the difference between these 2 Moscow metro tours on the same tour group page? One is less expensive than the other but both have positive reviews.

We would like to go on this tour but could not decide which one to book. Thank you.

' class=

I see the only difference - one mentioned Spanish-speaking guide, the other not-presumably English...

bashkim tours bus telefonnummer

I've seen one more - for 60+ euro!

Looks a bit unreal :)))

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Bashkim Tours

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Moscow Metro

Introduction of moscow subway system (metro).

Richly Decorated Central Hall of Novokuznetskaya Station

Nowadays the Moscow Metro has 12 lines, light subway and monorail. All stations are unique and beautiful in their own way. Unfortunately, in order to visit them all, you need to spend many days. I invite guests to visit the ones that have the greatest cultural and historical interest from my point of view. Among them are the Revolution Square, Arbatskaya, Kievskaya (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line № 3); Kievskaya, Belarusskaya, Novoslobodskaya, Komsomolskaya (the Ring line number 5). Let us dwell a bit on each.

Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line

Subway station "revolution square".

Sign “Ploshchad Revolyutsii” in Archway with Bronze Figures

Most recently - in the year 2008-2010 – the Eastern lobby was renovated. Because of the terrorist attacks in the Moscow subway that took place several hours before the planned opening of the East lobby after renovation, the solemn part of the event was canceled.

Subway station Arbatskaya

Subway Arbatskaya is located on the same subway line as the station "Revolution Square." It was founded in 1953. It received the name in honor of the Arbat Street. It has one ground lobby (Western). Initially, the lobby was in a separate building, but the new building of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense started, the lobby appeared to be in its atrium. The old exits were bricked up; a new entrance was built into the building of General Staff of the street Vozdvizhenka. There is a huge frame with a missing portrait in the ground lobby - until mid-1950 there was a portrait of Stalin. According to some reports, it survived, but closed with plaster.

The lobby was restored and partially reconstructed in 2007-2008.

The depth of the station is 41 meters.

Pylons are finished with red marble at the bottom, decorated with bouquets of flowers made from ceramics. The floor is laid out with gray granite. The walls lined with glazed ceramic tiles, white top and black bottom. The station hall is illuminated by massive bronze chandeliers in the form of rings.

Subway station Kievskaya

There are several subway stations "Kievskaya" in Moscow, located on different branches. This name is quite popular. It comes from the capital of Ukraine - one of Russia's nearest neighbors - the city of Kiev. The name is fully consistent with the idea of the subway station. The interior the station devoted to Soviet Ukraine and the reunification of Ukraine and Russia. The station is decorated with a large number of paintings .Twenty four murals depicting workers of Soviet Ukraine are placed on the arch above the pylons. The wall from the side of platform also contains frescos, mainly with images of fantastic plants. Pylons are decorated with light marble and additionally decorated with colorful ceramic cornice. The butt of the station has a large mosaic, depicting festivities to celebrate the 300 anniversary of the reunification of Ukraine and Russia.

Opened in 1953, this subway station for a long time was the final (1953-2003).

The station has one lobby, combined with the station ring line and located in the building of the Kievskaya railway station. The diameter of the central hall station is 9.5 m, the diameter of side one is 8.5 m. The depth of the station is 38 meters.

= Ring Line Subway =

It opened in 1954. The station received its name after the Kiev station, and locked the Ring line. During the construction of the station many projects were proposed, but the victory in the competition won the Kiev architects who made the construction of the station. It is the only station of the Ring Line which is not located in the Central Administrative District of Moscow.

The station has a pylon structure. Eighteen pylons are decorated with mosaic panels of glazes, decorated on the theme of Ukrainian history and friendship between the Ukrainian and Russian peoples, which started in the mid-17 century.

On the front wall of the central hall of the station a large panel with molding in the form of flags and a mosaic portrait of Lenin in the center are located. There are lines of the Soviet national anthem around the portrait, and under the portrait - the words of Lenin. One of the ways out of the station was designed by French architects modeled on the Paris Subway in 2006.

At one of the mosaics – “The Struggle for Soviet power in Ukraine "- modern passengers observe a mobile phone and PDA in the hand of one of the guerrillas, and on his knees - a laptop. In fact, he uses a field telephone, which was really a heavy thing (guerrillas holds it in two hands), and thing that people see a laptop is the lid of a box with a telephone. However, these phones have begun to produce only in the second half of the 20-ies of XX century. We must assume that the mosaic depicts a foreign field telephone transmitter.

Subway station Belorusskaya

The founded of the station was in 1952. It received the name after the Belarusian railway station nearby. The station has two ground-based lobbies. The Western one goes to Tverskaya  Zastava. It is decorated with beautiful carvings. The Eastern one leads to Butyrskiy shaft and Forest Street. The Eastern lobby is known for its majolica panels.

The station Belorusskaya is located at a depth of 42.5 m below ground. The diameter of the central hall is 9.5 meters.

Pylons are faced with light marble. The walls lined with white ceramic tiles, the floor is covered with ceramic tiles, gray, white and red colors. Lamps placed on pylons, in the form of vases made of glass and marble. The theme of decoration is economy and culture of Belarus. Decorative pattern on the floor repeats the theme of traditional Belarusian embroidery. Decorations of the ceiling consist of stucco decorations and 12 mosaic panels depicting the life of the Belarusian people.

Subway station Novoslobodskaya

Built in 1952, Subway station Novoslobodskaya got its name from the eponymous street:  the station is located at the very beginning of it.

Novoslobodskaya is pylon station of deep foundation (its depth is 40 m) with three arches.

Exit to the street is through the ground lobby with column portico, located on Novoslobodskaya Street lined with gray marble. Pylons of the underground station are faced with marble from the Urals. Thirty two spectacularly illuminated stained-glasses, placed inside the pylon and bordered by steel and gilt brass are splendid decoration of the station. A remarkable mosaic "World Peace" is located at the end of the central hall. The picture depicts a happy mother with a baby in her arms; it was the face of Stalin at the picture: the child gave a hand to him. But in times of Khrushchev the face of the former leader of USSR was removed from the panel. The walls are lined with bright marble; floor is covered with white and black granite slabs, placed in a checkerboard pattern.

Subway station Komsomolskaya

The station was built in 1952 and named in honor of the Komsomolskaya Square, which is situated nearby.

This subway station is the station of the deep bedding. Its depth is 37 meters. The station has column and three- arched design. Cast iron decoration is used in the construction, monolithic slab used as a tray for a collapsible finishing. The length of the boarding hall is 190 meters; width of it is 10 meters. There are 68 octagonal columns at station.

The main theme of the interior of the station is the fighting of the Russian people for their independence. The ceiling is decorated with eight station mosaic mural made from glazes and precious stones. Six of them represent the Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Donskoy, Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, Alexander Suvorov and Mikhail Kutuzov, the Soviet soldiers and officers at the walls of the Reichstag.

 Two other panels, depicting Stalin ("Victory Parade" and "Presentation of the Guards Banner"), were replaced after the dethronement of Stalin's personality cult in 1963. New panels depict Lenin's speech in front of the Red Guards and the Motherland on the background of the Kremlin's Spasskaya Tower.

The yellow ceiling is decorated with mosaic and moldings. The hall is illuminated by massive chandeliers hanging between the panels; platforms are illuminated with smaller chandeliers. The columns are decorated with marble capitals and trimmed with light marble, as well as the wall station. The floor is laid with pink granite. There is a bust of Lenin at the end of the hall. At the opposite end of the escalator is a large Florentine mosaic of the Order of Victory with red banners on the background. The ground lobby of the station is decorated with bas-reliefs.

In conclusion...

Each of the stations of the Moscow subway is attractive and interesting in its own way. Each has its own long and fascinating history and is beautifully decorated. The Moscow subway is a whole world, which can be talking about for hours. I suggest you short - no more than one hour and a half - and a fascinating journey through the world of the Moscow subway. The pleasure is guaranteed!

Sculpture Park "Art Muzeon"

Mausoleum and necropolis.

  • Bombing in Moscow Metro On March 29, 2010, another tragic event happened in Moscow that shocked not only the citizens of the Russian Federation, but also many people from countries that oppose the threat of terrorism. In the early morning rush hour, two women bearing suicide weapons blasted themselves in the subway trains of the Moscow Metro.
  • The Best Redesign of Moscow Metropolitan Map 2013 Russia's leading internet and graphic design agency has won an online vote for the best redesign of the Moscow Metro map. Art. Lebedev Studio is a design company in Russia, founded in 1995 by Artemy Lebedev. They redrew the Moscow Metro map for a second time in three years, with even cleaner graphics and a raft of new details and won more than 50% of the online vote.

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About Me in Short

Guide, Driver and Photographer Arthur Lookyanov

My name's Arthur Lookyanov, I'm a private tour guide, personal driver and photographer in Moscow, Russia. I work in my business and run my website from 2002. Read more about me and my services , check out testimonials of my former business and travel clients from all over the World, hit me up on Twitter or other social websites. I hope that you will like my photos as well.

See you in Moscow!

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  • Exploring Moscow for the First Time? A Personal Guide is What You Need!
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Innovation Center Skolkovo – Territory of the Future

Innovation Center Skolkovo – Territory of the Future

Develompment of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, the modern scientific and technological innovative complex located in the Mozhaysky district of the Western Administrative District of Moscow of an area of approximately 400 hectares.

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Lights of Nikolskaya Street in Winter Twilight

People walking up and down Nikolskaya street in winter twilight decorated with LED creating a festive atmosphere in any season. The picture is taken near GUM building (at the right) and Red Square.

Arthur Lookyanov's Photostream on Flickr

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Tour of famous Moscow Metro. Explore the Underground World! (2 hours)

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On this tour you take in some of Moscow's most important and highly decorated stations. Carrying up to 7 million passengers a day and covering almost the entire city, the Moscow Metro is one of the most extensive mass transit systems in the world. It's famous for the fine examples of social-realism which decorate many of its stations.

Visit some of the most important stations and get the chance to admire spectacular baroque-style ceilings, marble statues, busts of Communist heroes, stained glass windows, and ceiling mosaics depicting the bright Soviet future. Visit the most remarkable stations like Komsomolskaya, Kurskaya, Kievskaya and others, with the experienced guide who will bring you a full insight into their fascinating history.

  • Tour of Moscow's Metro system visiting beautifully decorated key stations on the network.
  • System that carries more than 7 million passengers per day
  • Views of the most opulently designed tunnels & platforms
  • Significance to the country—known as the “People's Palace”
  • History & stories relayed by an expert local guide

If you wonder why the Moscow metro is considered one the most beautiful in the world, this tour is made for you!

Important info

Ask a travel expert.

  • Professional English-speaking guide assistance. Other languages upon request (additional charge may apply)
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Food and drinks
  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult

Departure and return point: nearest metro station to your central Moscow hotel  

Departure time:  flexible

Sights included in program

bashkim tours bus telefonnummer

Thanks ! We will reply you in less than 24 hours (usually within 1-2 hours) .

Our flexible payment options allow you to pay 20% of a deposit first and the remaining 80% in 14 days prior to your tour date - payment can be done both online or over the phone. This gives you the peace of mind knowing your spaces are booked on the tours and that you do not miss out on making the most of your time in Russia.

Also you get the best, top-rated and most experienced and knowledgeable hand-picked tour guide appointed on a priority basis. In our experience, exceptional travel experiences are almost always delivered by exceptional people. With that in mind, we utilize a comprehensive approach to select and employ the best tour guides only. Multilingual and well travelled, each possesses deep insight into the diverse attractions and cultural patterns throughout the region. With us guides undergo a rigorous selection process, achieving outstanding knowledge of local culture and language. Rest assured that the best tour guides only will be working on the tours to give you excellent opportunity to explore the best of the sights during both short and long-term stay in Russia.

Once you complete your reservation, we will send you a booking confirmation email. As the day of the tour approaches, our logistics team will provide you with all relevant information for your tour.

Speak  to an expert Call us now

+1 (888) 845-8877

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US office 3422 Old Capitol Trail Suite 1252 , Wilmington DE, 19808 USA. US toll-free: 1-888-845-8877 Russian office Ligovsky pr. 57, Office 19, 191040, St. Petersburg, Russia

tel: +7-812-309-5339

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Moscow Metro 2019

bashkim tours bus telefonnummer

Will it be easy to find my way in the Moscow Metro? It is a question many visitors ask themselves before hitting the streets of the Russian capital. As metro is the main means of transport in Moscow – fast, reliable and safe – having some skills in using it will help make your visit more successful and smooth. On top of this, it is the most beautiful metro in the world !

. There are over 220 stations and 15 lines in the Moscow Metro. It is open from 6 am to 1 am. Trains come very frequently: during the rush hour you won't wait for more than 90 seconds! Distances between stations are quite long – 1,5 to 2 or even 3 kilometers. Metro runs inside the city borders only. To get to the airport you will need to take an onground train - Aeroexpress.


Paper ticket A fee is fixed and does not depend on how far you go. There are tickets for a number of trips: 1, 2 or 60 trips; or for a number of days: 1, 3 days or a month. Your trips are recorded on a paper ticket. Ifyou buy a ticket for several trips you can share it with your traveling partner passing it from one to the other at the turnstile.

bashkim tours bus telefonnummer

On every station there is cashier and machines (you can switch it to English). Cards and cash are accepted. 1 trip - 55 RUB 2 trips - 110 RUB

Tickets for 60 trips and day passes are available only at the cashier's.

60 rides - 1900 RUB

1 day - 230 RUB 3 days - 438 RUB 30 days - 2170 RUB.

The cheapest way to travel is buying Troyka card . It is a plastic card you can top up for any amount at the machine or at the ticket office. With it every trip costs 38 RUB in the metro and 21 RUB in a bus. You can get the card in any ticket office. Be prepared to leave a deposit of 50 RUB. You can get it back returning the card to the cashier.

bashkim tours bus telefonnummer

SamsungPay, ApplePay and PayPass cards.

One turnstile at every station accept PayPass and payments with phones. It has a sticker with the logos and located next to the security's cabin.


At the platfrom you will see one of these signs.

It indicates the line you are at now (line 6), shows the direction train run and the final stations. Numbers below there are of those lines you can change from this line.

bashkim tours bus telefonnummer

In trains, stations are announced in Russian and English. In newer trains there are also visual indication of there you are on the line.

To change lines look for these signs. This one shows the way to line 2.

bashkim tours bus telefonnummer

There are also signs on the platfrom. They will help you to havigate yourself. (To the lines 3 and 5 in this case). 

bashkim tours bus telefonnummer


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    TETOVO - VOLKOVIJE - TETOVO TETOVO - VOLKOVIJE BUS STOPS: Bervenica, Radiovce, Zherovjan, Tenovo, Stence SCHEDULE: 07:45, 11:15, 13:30, 15:30, 18:30, 19:30 VOLKOVIJE - TETOVO BUS STOPS: Stence, Tenovo, Zherovjan, Radiovce, Bervenica SCHEDULE: 06:20, 08:30, 10:00, 12:05, 14:20, 17:30 ON SATURDAYS TETOVO - VOLKOVIJE

  7. Bashkim Tours

    Bashkim Tours - Business Information. Hospitality · Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of · <25 Employees . Bashkim Tours offers bus trips at affordable prices since December 2000. The mission of our agency is to build long-term relationships with our customers through exceptional service and passion to follow excellence in everything we do.

  8. Bashkim Tours

    Bashkim Tours. 245 likes. Travel Company

  9. Bus Mannheim to Skopje

    Bashkim Tours operates a bus from Mannheim to Skopje twice a week, and the journey takes 25h 30m. Bus operators. Bashkim Tours Ave. Duration 25h 30m Frequency Twice a week Phone +389 44 338 003 Bus from Mannheim to Skopje Ave. Duration 25h 30m Frequency Twice a week Schedules at Bus trips from Mannheim ...

  10. Bus lines

    The bus terminal at Stuttgart Airport is a popular destination for passengers and bus operators alike. Whether your travels are withing Germany or also on international bases, here you can find your fitting bus line. ... Bashkim Tours. 1200 Tetovo, Mazedonien Destinations Ohrid (Mazedonien) via Skopje, Struga . Benz GmbH ...

  11. Munich to Tirana

    There are 8 ways to get from Munich to Tirana by plane, train, bus or car. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2Rio's travel planner. ... Bashkim Tours Phone +389 44 338 003 Bus from München to Gostivar Ave. Duration 22h 10m Frequency Twice a week Schedules at ...

  12. Bashkim Tours

    Bochum. 20:45. Dortmund. 21:15. Jeden Samstag und jeden Mittwoch. * Abfahrt von Struga zu Stuttgart ist nicht erlaubt.

  13. Moscow metro tour

    Answer 1 of 3: What is the difference between these 2 Moscow metro tours on the same tour group page? One is less expensive than the other but both have positive... Russia. Russia Tourism Russia Hotels Russia Bed and Breakfast Russia Vacation Rentals Flights to Russia Russia Restaurants

  14. Transport Database and Photogallery

    Search Vehicles Vehicle Number, registration plate, VIN or full name (Use * as wildcard) List Of Vehicles Current fleet Bus Historic Fleet List Of Vehicles (html) Lisf of vehicles in PDF Countries >> Северна Македонија >> >> Тетово >> Bashkim Tours, Page with thousands of urban transport photos and urban vehicle database.

  15. 6 ways to travel via train, plane, bus, and car

    Wiesbaden to Ohrid bus services, operated by Bashkim Tours, depart from Frankfurt station. More details Bus or fly from Wiesbaden to Ohrid? The best way to get from Wiesbaden to Ohrid is to fly which takes 7h 9m and costs €100 - €360. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs €89 - €92 and takes 32h 49m.

  16. Moscow Metro

    One of the interesting tours that I offer to my clients is a visit to the Moscow subway. The idea of creating an underground road for traffic appeared in the beginning of twentieth century. However, the construction of the first subway began only in 1931 from Sokolniki to the Park of Culture with a branch to the Smolensk square.

  17. 11 ways to travel via train, plane, bus, and car

    Search Transport FAQs Map Operators Explore Need a hotel room in Leverkusen? Book now There are 11 ways to get from Skopje to Leverkusen by plane, train, bus, car or car train Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2Rio's travel planner. Recommended option

  18. Tour of famous Moscow Metro. Explore the Underground World! (2 hours

    Toll Free 0800 011 2023 ... Day tours. Tours by Region

  19. Moscow Metro 2019

    Customized tours; St. Petersburg; SMS: +7 (906) 077-08-68 [email protected]. Moscow Metro 2019. Will it be easy to find my way in the Moscow Metro? It is a question many visitors ask themselves before hitting the streets of the Russian capital. ... With it every trip costs 38 RUB in the metro and 21 RUB in a bus. You can get the card in any ...

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  21. Munich to Athens

    7 alternative options Train to Nuremberg, fly • 7h 1m Fly from Nuremberg (NUE) to Athens (ATH) NUE - ATH €113 - €415 Train to Stuttgart, fly • 8h 5m Fly from Stuttgart (STR) to Athens (ATH) STR - ATH €127 - €342 Train, bus via Kumanovo • 25h 42m Take the train from München Hbf to Salzburg Hbf 90 / ...