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Take That (formed in 1990) is the most successful English boy band in UK chart history, specialising in their own style of pop balladry, the band hails from Manchester, England.

Band manager Nigel Martin-Smith in 1989 had a vision to create a youthful and highly appealing male singing group based on New Kids on the Block. Introduced to young singer Gary Barlow, Martin-Smith decided to design the group around Barlow’s talents, subsequently inviting Howard Donald, Jason Orange, Mark Owen and 16-year-old Robbie Williams. Originally performing under the moniker Kick It, Take That’s breakthrough came with a cover of the Tavares hit “It Only Takes a Minute”, followed by “I Found Heaven” and “A Million Love Songs”. Take That later released the album “Take That & Party” in 1992 which featured all of the hit singles theretofore released.

In 1993 the band released their second full-length album “Everything Changes” garnering generous amounts of popular appeal. The album peaked at No.1 and spawned six singles including “Pray”, “Relight My Fire” and “Babe”. Nominated for the Mercury prize the band saw some international esteem however wasn’t enough to break into the U.S. market.

On the wake of Take That’s third studio album “Nobody Else”, Robbie Williams came under some criticism from other band members for his drug use and was offered an ultimatum: sort himself out or hit the road. Williams chose the latter and Take That embarked on their first worldwide tour and released the album “Nobody Else” in America with Williams removed.

Sensing an opportunity to continue his solo careers in the shadow of artists like Elton John an George Michael, Gary Barlow and the group disbanded in 1996. Barlow’s debut solo single reached the No. 2 spot in the UK chart and Mark Owen began working on a solo album influenced by Paul Weller and Radiohead. In 1997 Robbie issued his solo album “Life Thru a Lens” which topped the charts as did his sophomore release “I’ve Been Expecting You” a year later.

In 2005 a new compilation of Take That hits “Never Forget - The Ultimate Collection” arrived which led to an ITV documentary where the band discussed things past. In late 2005 the post-Williams line-up announced they would tour around the UK in 2006 and released the album “Beautiful World”. The album shot straight to the No. 1 spot, sold over 2.8 million copies and is the UK’s 25th best selling album in chart history. The album was led by the single “Patience” which hit the No. 1 spot, the group’s ninth single to do so.

In 2008 Take That released their new single “Greatest Day” ahead of their fifth studio album “The Circus”. Like its predecessors the album broke many records and earned many awards, afterwards the band embarked on their Take That Present - The Circus Tour Live”.

Robbie Williams returned in 2010 with the single written by both Barlow and Williams entitled “Shame”. Subsequently the band released the single “The Flood” ahead of the group’s 2010 album “Progress”. In 2014 the group released the album “III” led by the No. 1 single “These Days".

Live reviews

Take That was A M A Z I N G! We had seats in Block 420, Row C, and had the BEST view we've ever had at the O2! The support band, All Saints, were quite good and a great introduction to how the stage in the middle worked and what our view would be like for the main act. We found by watching them that Take That wouldn't be little ants like we thought they would, we could in fact see them clearly. I cannot fault the start of the main act as it was just so good. The visuals were superb, and my mind was blown as I watched. As someone who is a die hard Take That fan and loves all of the new songs as well as the old, I stood up for nearly every song and got goosebumps all the time. The visuals again, throughout, were especailly good in the songs Giants, relight my fire and shine. Take That also did a medley of old or obscure songs in the middle, which was amazing for me, even though I was the only one standing up in Block 420! Their new dance song called 'Cry' really got the crowd hyped, as it was amazing to witness. Never forget and rule the world were beautiful, with phone flashlights illuminating the whole arena.

I also cannot fault the secruity, as it was like being in an airport and I felt very safe. However, we had to go to level 1 to get chips as there is not much vareity on level 4 and we do not like going to a big resturant on the ground floor before a concert.

My favourite songs live were: Cry, Shine, wonderland, it's all for you and rule the world.

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AllTimePanicScotties’s profile image

Back in 2011 Take That played a stint of gigs at London’s Wembley Stadium. They were certainly impressive shows. Since their 2005 comeback the English pop group (it no longer seems fitting to describe them as a boy band) have been famed for the dramatic scale of their arena performances.

Take That drew upon their by-now vast repertoire of work. They had released no less than three studio albums since their much-anticipated comeback n 2005. Of course, the latest album and tour had been particularly exciting because it marked the belated return of Robbie Williams. The largely female crowd was an excitable screaming mass throughout the evening, letting out deafening yells, whoops and screams as the Take That four-piece opened with ‘Rule the World.’ Five songs later, Robbie Williams took to the stage to perform five of his own solo tracks. And then it was time for what we were all waiting for. THE ORIGINAL TAKE THAT LINE-UP PERFORMING TOGETHER. They began with ‘The Flood,’ the leading single of their 2010 album, ‘Progress’. Soon the reunited five-piece were transporting us back to the nineties with a fine rendition of ‘Want You Back’. Take That delivered an impressive spectacle of a performance. And with an encore featuring ‘Relight My Fire’ it would have been difficult to please their audience any more!

Han93’s profile image

A nation went into mourning when boyband Take That announced their breakup in the mid 90s. However they delighted the devoted fanbase announcing a reunion in 2006 as they reappeared as a more mature, grown up band with a new approach to pop music. The tours have also changed with age, there and no more cheesy dance routines of the 90s videos and instead they have been replaced with more considered, sophisticated production values.

The fully reformed lineup took to Wembley stadium to delight fans with a barrage of dancers, lights, video interludes and an infamous illuminating elephant. With so much to focus on, you could review a Take That show without having to mention the incredible track list which includes mega-hits such as 'Relight My Fire' 'Never Forget' and 'Could It Be Magic'. The original reformed four piece also perform modern hit singles including 'Rule the World' and 'Patience' before Robbie arrives to play a number of his solo tracks including 'Rock DJ'. This show really is a masterclass in pop majesty.

sean-ward’s profile image

What an absolutely wonderful time we had at Take That's Thursday night concert at Take That Arena.

Rick Astley was brilliant a trip right back to the 80s. I'd quite forgotten how many hits there were. Then bang up to date with some of his contemporary work. Great voice great music!!!

Then the boys landed!!!

The set and special effects were incredible. The lads worked so hard for over 2 hours and treated us to a catalogue of hits and routines from their previous tours. Even the outfits were authentic.

It was so fantastic to see such a show and be able to sing along to of the music.

Very hoarse today !

And a final surprise guest Lulu.

The little pocket rocket with the huge voice. Hasn't lost any of it!!

If you get the chance to see the tour my advise just do it.

We celebrated our wedding anniversary in style xxxxxx

dee-calladine’s profile image

I am a heavy metal fan who goes along with his wife to Take That concerts. Joy!

To be honest, Joy is the correct word to use. Take That always put on an excellent show and even thought it is so different from let’s say the upcoming Rammstein concert at the same venue I am so looking forward too in July, these guys show is exciting and so well presented that I found myself bopping like a 16 year old kid out on the kip for his first conquest. Loved it. I would say that of the 5 TT tours I have been to, this one rates second after the Circus show at Wembley all those years ago.

Well done lads. Loved it!

NWRDevil’s profile image

Yet again, a fantastic show. Take That never fail to entertain. They sounded fabulous, the stage was a masterpiece and Lulu was amazing! Rick Astley was the perfect set-up for the boys, getting everyone dancing and singing. The crowd were all in good spirits with everyone being friendly and polite to each other. It was an amazing tribute to the past 30 years with a real mixture of old and new songs. The guys may be 30 years older now but they ooze energy! Certainly my favourite gig since The Circus tour in 2009!!

sarah-stubbings’s profile image

The concert was stunning and amazing *-*

It was huge, even it was only the 'little' show of them.

Me and my friend both got a plec from Kevin, the best tour manager ever! And we never thought that Howard, Mark and Gary would look at us that much! All three of them looked at us several times and grinned when we grinned or laughed or winked or what ever. We botj saw that they have really much fun with that what they do! :)

This concert was just awesome! <3

Thank you for the great night! <3

Alexandra_ODonoghue’s profile image

Fabulous show!!. A million costume changes,loads of stage props and pyrotechnics fireworks ldancing girls and flames. All the hits were covered and appeared I went. Rick Astley is still as fab as he ever was though he did say" I'm 53 and knackered" lol. Surprise guest was Lulu . "Rule the world" a little tear ran down my face. All had our torches on and my dad's dear face on my phone was lit up like he was there. The stars are coming out tonight...for you Dad. He'd have loved it ❤

dawn-wigmore’s profile image

The concert was brilliant. Was so excited to see the boys, particularly Gary

The performances got everyone on their feet and the crowd were well behaved.Take That was fantastic as usual.

Cant wait for their next future concert.

Would love to see Gary at a forthcoming live shows of his own, would like to be inform whenever this happen or to win tickets

Lovely person.

ilka.louise’s profile image

The concert was brilliant. Was so excited to see the boys, particularly Gary.

The performances got everyone on their feet and the crowd were well behaved. Take That was fantastic as usual.

Would love to see Gary at his own forthcoming live show, would like to be informed whenever this happen or to win tickets.

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Take That in 1993.

Take That's 20 greatest songs – ranked!

As Gary Barlow turns 50 this week, we pick out the boy/man band’s 20 greatest original songs

20. Hold Up a Light (2008)

An overlooked single from The Circus, Hold Up a Light transcends its slightly hokey desire to provoke live audiences to, well, hold up a light, thanks to Mark Owen’s slightly doleful vocal, a lovely string arrangement and an unexpected burst of Queen-y double-tracked guitar.

19. Once You’ve Tasted Love (1992)

Understandably overshadowed by their later hits – including the disco cover versions It Only Takes a Minute, Could It Be Magic and Relight My Fire, not included in this list of original compositions – Take That’s second single is both a great little song and a charming period-piece snapshot of early 90s British pop. The bleeping analogue synths and samples of cheering crowds are audibly influenced by the KLF’s 3am Eternal.

18. Love Love (2011)

Take That were never weirder than on Progressed, the EP of offcuts appended to their 2010 album Progress. The Stuart Price-produced Love Love is appealingly off the wall – squelching synthesisers, a bizarrely stentorian Gary Barlow vocal, an octave leaping chorus. It’s clearly not what most Take That fans buy their records expecting to hear, which is part of its appeal.

17. Wooden Boat (2006)

With the best will in the world, Take That are no one’s idea of a great albums band, but, just occasionally, something worth salvaging slips into the bits between the hits. So it is with the beautiful, acoustic Wooden Boat, which sounds oddly like the Lilac Time, the folk-rock band fronted by Robbie Williams’s solo collaborator Stephen Duffy.

(From left) Howard Donald, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Jason Orange on stage at the band’s opening night of their Ultimate Tour 2006 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

16. Pretty Things (2010)

Progress – which saw Robbie Williams temporarily return to the fold – is, by some distance, Take That’s best album: surprisingly experimental, devoid of their trademark big ballads. Pretty Things is a low-key highlight: subtle electropop, over which Williams self-deprecatingly ruminates on ageing, marriage and the loss of youthful charm.

15. Giants (2017)

Since the departure of Jason Orange and Williams, Take That’s releases have tended towards the serviceable rather than the spectacular, an excuse to tour rather than an end in themselves. That said, they are sometimes better than you might expect, as demonstrated by Giants, a slice of super-hooky, thoroughly modern arena-ready pop.

14. When We Were Young (2011)

The re-formed Take That were never afraid to tug at their long-term fans’ heartstrings by writing about the band’s tumultuous past. Which brings us to the prosaically titled When We Were Young, an affecting giant-chorused song with a distinctly Abba-esque melody. “We were the foolish, fearless … We didn’t know it wouldn’t last.”

13. A Million Love Songs (1992)

The first sign that Barlow had ambitions beyond fleeting pop fame, A Million Love Songs was written when he was 15. It’s audibly influenced by Elton John – the Elton of the mid-80s, rather than the 70s – but tricked out with Mellow Magic sax and vaguely doo-wop-ish backing vocals.

12. Sure (1994)

One of those No 1s people seem to have forgotten was a No 1 – and swiftly overshadowed by its follow-up, Back For Good – Sure was Take That’s last single in pop-R&B mode. It’s a sweet example of type, although Q magazine’s 2003 suggestion that it was the second greatest pop single ever made is pushing it a bit.

Circa 1992.

11. The Flood (2010)

Williams’s return to Take That was announced in pitch-perfect style with portentous verses, singalong chorus and lyrics that commented on the improbability of their reunion – “They said we’d never dance again”. There was also a hint of promo for the forthcoming tour stirred in: “We will meet you where the lights are.”

10. Kidz (2010)

The improbable, thoroughly enjoyable sound of Barlow and Owen in Goldfrapp-esque electro-glam stomp mode. Simon Cowell considered its lyrical content too politically provocative for The X Factor, which tells you more about him than the harmless lyrics, although Owen’s sneer of “What yer lookin’ at?” is priceless.

9. Everything Changes (1993)

The Everything Changes album crowned Take That as British pop’s biggest band; it was the bestselling album of 1993 and home to four consecutive No 1 singles. There’s a hint of prime-time Stock Aitken and Waterman about its title track’s cantering rhythm and joyous retro soul melody, although the production is far lusher than SAW’s cheap and cheerful approach.

8. Greatest Day (2008)

For a band whose ex-members’ solo careers had seemed out of step with musical trends – Williams excepted, of course – the re-formed Take That had a canny understanding of how mainstream 00s pop clicked. Hence Greatest Day, which beat Coldplay at their own game: pounding drums, slow buildup to epic, arena-sized chorus.

In London, 1993.

7. Babe (1993)

A soap opera plotline condensed into five minutes of strings, darkly atmospheric synths and quivery lipped Owen vocals. Man tracks down long-lost love, and discovers her living with – OMG! – his hitherto-unknown child. It was very nearly the Christmas No 1, but something about the churning climax suggests the story doesn’t end well.

6. Pray (1993)

Boybands in the 90s tended to major in pop-R&B, but Take That’s first No 1 offered pop-R&B of a noticeably superior standard. The strings recall classy mid-70s soul and it has the kind of chorus that superglues itself to your brain. Its famous, pecs-out video didn’t do its success any harm, but Pray could sell itself.

5. Shine (2006)

Shine’s familiarity has bred a certain contempt – its jauntiness now grates on the nerves a bit – but it started turning up everywhere for a reason. Both its melody and its 60s-pop-by-way-of-the-Scissor Sisters sound were charming, and once you know the lyrics are about Williams’s mental health problems, it’s also oddly moving.

4. Rule the World (2007)

As cinematic blockbuster ballads go, Rule the World – written for Matthew Vaughn’s star-studded, largely forgotten fantasy movie Stardust – is hard to beat. Its chorus basically defies you not to punch the air; it might have been designed to be performed, as it eventually was, at the epic closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games.

In New York, 1995.

3. Never Forget (1995)

Williams left after its release, but from its You Can’t Always Get What You Want-esque kids’ choir intro to its smiling-through-tears chorus, Never Forget offered the perfect roll-credits closing theme for Take That’s initial career. Extra points for the bizarre production credits, featuring Meat Loaf mastermind Jim Steinman and UK house duo Brothers in Rhythm.

2. Patience (2006)

“The greatest comeback single of all time,” said the Manic Street Preachers’ Nicky Wire of Patience . “If Neil Young had written it, people would be calling it a masterpiece.” Certainly, it’s a brilliant, hugely assured and completely unforced-sounding piece of songwriting, a signal that Take That’s reunion was going to be about more than mere nostalgia.

1. Back for Good (1995)

A song so great people refused to believe Barlow had written it. Unfounded rumours claimed it was the covert handiwork of Barry Gibb, repaid for his efforts when Take That subsequently covered How Deep Is Your Love. In 2013, Gibb told the Guardian he had “never even heard” Back for Good , although you can see how people might think he was involved if you imagine the chorus’ backing vocals sung by the Bee Gees. Perhaps Barlow could console himself with the thought that he had written something of such quality, it belonged in one of the greatest songwriting catalogues in pop history; certainly, its swooning, bittersweet loveliness is on a different level to anything you might reasonably expect a 90s boyband to have produced.

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Gary Barlow promises Take That will return in 2023, but not all five will return

25 November 2021, 16:09

take that tours since 2006

Gary Barlow Smooth Sessions: A Million Love Songs

By Tom Eames

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Take That will return on tour in two years, but which members will making a comeback with Gary Barlow?

Listen to this article

Gary Barlow has confirmed that Take That are getting back together and will go on tour in 2023.

He said that he will reunite with bandmates Mark Owen and Howard Donald for a series of live dates in a year's time.

  • Inside Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow's feud and friendship over the years
  • Take That's 6 most historic moments, from their 2006 reunion to Jason Orange's final performance
  • Where is Jason Orange now?

However, he had hoped to get Jason Orange back on board, but despite the group's attempts to convince him, the band are returning as a trio.

Robbie Williams will also likely be absent from the line-up, He returned to the group in 2010 and for some sporadic appearance here and there, but a full-time reunion is not on the cards.

Take That as a five-piece in 2011

Speaking to The Sun , Gary said: “Jason isn’t coming back. Take That is Mark, Howard and me for the next few years.

“By the time Christmas comes, it will be the end of a big chapter for me. I’ll have toured two albums and it’ll be the end of this solo chapter for me and I’ll be getting ready for the next wave of Take That.

“We’ll have a nice planning year in 2022. I don’t think we’ll release anything or tour, but the following year – 2023 – will be a big year for Take That.

"It’s been a while since 2019. I’m ready to get back to my day job now. That’s my thing, being in the group."

The last time Take That performed together was back in 2019, during their sold-out Odyssey: Greatest Hits Live Tour. Jason and Robbie also did not appear during that campaign.

Take That will return as a trio

After parting ways in 1996, Take That reunited to great fanfare in 2005, minus Robbie. Five years later, Robbie returned to the fold for the Progress album and tour, but they have not performed with Jason since their Olympics Closing Ceremony show in 2012.

Gary Barlow is currently on tour in support of his new festive album The Dream of Christmas , released this Friday (November 26).

Earlier this week, Gary unveiled his latest single - 'How Christmas Is Supposed To Be' - a duet with actor Sheridan Smith.

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Gary Barlow to host a new travel and food series for ITV

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  1. Take That Concert & Tour History (Updated for 2024)

    Take That is an English pop group formed in Manchester in 1990. The group currently consists of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen. The original line-up also featured Jason Orange and Robbie Williams. Barlow is the group's lead singer and primary songwriter, with Owen and Williams initially providing backing vocals and Donald and Orange ...

  2. List of Take That concert tours

    On 26 January 2015, a European leg of the tour was announced. It is their first concert tour since the Progress Live tour in 2011 and the first to feature the band as a trio following the departures of Jason Orange and Robbie Williams. ... was a reunion tour in 2006 by British pop group, Take That. The tour, featuring four of the original ...

  3. Take That

    Take That are an English pop group formed in Manchester in 1990. The group currently consists of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen.The original line-up also featured Jason Orange and Robbie Williams. Barlow is the group's lead singer and primary songwriter, with Owen and Williams initially providing backing vocals, and Donald and Orange serving primarily as dancers.

  4. Take That timeline: How they've changed through the years

    Take That has seen many line-up changes since the band first formed in 1989 with Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, Howard Donald, Mark Owen and Jason Orange. ... the decision was made to reunite with the 'post Robbie' line-up and a 2006 tour titled the 'The Ultimate Tour' was announced. After a break of nearly 10 years, Take That members Gary ...

  5. Take That: This Life on Tour

    After strong pre-sales, Take That expanded the tour with extra shows in Leeds, London and Manchester. The full 2024 UK and Ireland dates and venues of the Take That: This Life arena and stadium tour are as follow: April 13 - Utilita Arena, Sheffield. April 14 - Utilita Arena, Sheffield. April 18 - First Direct Arena, Leeds.

  6. The Ultimate Tour (Take That)

    The Ultimate Tour was a reunion tour in 2006 by English pop group, Take That.The tour, featuring four of the original members of the group: Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Mark Owen, ran for a total of 33 shows. Beverley Knight and Sugababes were the supporting acts for the tour. Each member of the band received £1,500,000 from the tour after tax.

  7. Take That Tickets, Tour Dates & Concerts 2024 & 2023

    In late 2005 the post-Williams line-up announced they would tour around the UK in 2006 and released the album "Beautiful World". The album shot straight to the No. 1 spot, sold over 2.8 million copies and is the UK's 25th best selling album in chart history. ... Certainly my favourite gig since The Circus tour in 2009!! Read more Report ...


    The Ultimate Tour was the first time that Take That had performed together since they split in 1996. The show featured all the original members of the group, except Robbie Williams who quit the group in 1995. At a press conference in London on November 25, 2005 the group front man Gary Barlow announced: "Thanks for giving us the last 10 years ...

  9. Take That Concerts & Live Tour Dates: 2024-2025 Tickets

    Louise. July 2nd 2023. @. Hyde Park. Ben. June 23rd 2023. As always Take That brought the roof down! The crowd were electric and for many it was the first time they had seen the boys back together since the 2019 tour. A short set to warm up for their Hyde park gig next weekend and also this was for a great course.

  10. Take That Tickets, 2024 Concert Tour Dates

    Buy Take That tickets from the official Ticketmaster.com site. Find Take That tour schedule, concert details, reviews and photos.


    The Beautiful World Tour is the second tour from Take That after completing The Ultimate Tour in summer 2006. The show began in Belfast and ran from 11 October to 31 December 2007 and was shown in the UK and countries all over Europe. They performed 49 shows in total. It was a sellout tour and every date for the tour sold out in less than 40 ...

  12. Category:Take That concert tours

    Pages in category "Take That concert tours" The following 11 pages are in this category, out of 11 total. This list may not reflect recent changes. B. Beautiful World Tour 2007; E. Everything Changes Tour; G. Greatest Hits Live (Take That) N. Nobody Else Tour; P. Party Tour (Take That) Pops Tour;

  13. Live

    17/10/2024. Balta Island, United Kingdom. Malta Weekender. The event is a 4-day and 4-night getaway curated by Take That on the Mediterranean island of Malta. Over the course of the 4 days, events will take place across the island. Events will range from live concerts to nightclub / DJ based events.

  14. Take That review

    A s with most heritage acts, music-making has become a means to an end for evergreen man-band Take That.Since becoming a trio following the departure of Robbie Williams and Jason Orange, their ...

  15. Take That have released their ninth album 'This Life'

    It was the first time they had been on the BST Hyde Park stage since 2016. The band also appeared at the Coronation Concert, ... the decision was made to reunite with the 'post Robbie' line-up and a 2006 tour titled the 'The Ultimate Tour' was announced. After a break of nearly 10 years, Take That members Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Mark Owen ...

  16. Take That's 20 greatest songs

    (From left) Howard Donald, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Jason Orange on stage at the band's opening night of their Ultimate Tour 2006 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Photograph: Dave Hogan/Getty Images 16.

  17. Take That discography

    In May 2006, the band announced they were reforming after ten years. ... Their first studio album since 2010's Progress, ... Take That: The Ultimate Tour: Released: 6 November 2006; Studio: Universal Music (#1708380) Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc; Take That Live in Manchester, 2006.

  18. Take That

    The rest of Take That split up early the following year. • All of the members except Williams reunited in 2005 for a TV documentary about the group, followed by a tour of Britain and Ireland and a new album, Beautiful World, in 2006. • In 2010, Barlow and Williams, who hadn't worked together since 1995, released the single "Shame."

  19. Take That

    Take That tour 2006

  20. 25 facts you probably didn't know about Take That

    Since Take That reunited in 2005, he's taken the lead on a couple more of the band's tracks. 18) Howard suffered a collapsed lung on tour in Milan in 2007. It happened when a stage manoeuvre went horribly wrong. ... the decision was made to reunite with the 'post Robbie' line-up and a 2006 tour titled the 'The Ultimate Tour' was announced ...

  21. Gary Barlow promises Take That will return in 2023, but not all five

    Gary Barlow has confirmed that Take That are getting back together and will go on tour in 2023. He said that he will reunite with bandmates Mark Owen and Howard Donald for a series of live dates in a year's time. Inside Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow's feud and friendship over the years. Take That's 6 most historic moments, from their 2006 ...

  22. Take That: The Ultimate Tour (Video 2006)

    Take That: The Ultimate Tour: Directed by Dick Carruthers. With Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Beverley Knight, Lulu. The Take That comeback performance at Manchester in 2006, featuring all the big hits including 'Pray', 'Everything Changes' and 'Back for Good'.

  23. Take That: For the Record

    Take That: The Ultimate Tour (2006) Take That: For the Record is a television documentary about the English boy band Take That. It was originally screened in 2005, a decade after the group had originally split up. Release information. Take That: For the Record is a documentary recording of the first reunion since the band's 1996 split.

  24. Solar eclipse 2024: Photos from the path of totality and elsewhere in

    Images show the Great American Eclipse, seen by tens of millions of people in parts of Mexico, 15 U.S. states and eastern Canada for the first time since 2017. Print April 8, 2024, 6:24 PM UTC

  25. Little Big Town Announces 2024 Take Me Home Tour With Sugarland

    By Nate Todd Apr 8, 2024 • 9:13 am PDT. Photo by Becky Fluke. Fresh on the heels of their "Take Me Home" performance at the CMT Music Awards last night, Little Big Town confirmed 2024 Fall ...

  26. 25 Questions (and Answers!) About the Great North American Eclipse

    The April 8 eclipse is the 30th of Saros 139, a series of 71 events that began with a partial eclipse, in the far north, and will end with another partial eclipse, this time in the far southern hemisphere. The next eclipse in this Saros, also total, will take place on April 20, 2042.