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The individual parts of this preset are named "Utopia" in Ship Customization.

Ship Variant - FED - NX Escort Refit (T6)

A conjectural refit of the NX class, this configuration might have been used had the show continued to a fifth season. Designed by Doug Drexler , this design was intended to be a stepping stone between the NX and Constitution classes.

The individual parts of this preset are named "Utopia Refit" in Ship Customization.

Ship Variant - FED - Leg Columbia Temporal Operative Escort (T6)

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Enterprise (NX-01)

The SS Enterprise ( NX-01 ) was an NX -class starship in service to the United Earth Starfleet in the mid- 22nd century . When the Enterprise was launched in 2151 , she was the prototype of a new class of cruisers . The Enterprise was the first ship equipped with the experimental Warp 5 engine. Under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer , the Enterprise played an instrumental role in promoting United Earth 's role in interstellar politics, and in laying the groundwork for the creation of the United Federation of Planets . ( Decipher RPG module : Starships )

Originally, the ship was equipped with a grappler system but by the year 2159 , tractor beam technology was outfitted on the ship. ( Star Trek video game : Legacy )

  • 1.1 Background
  • 1.2 First mission
  • 1.3 Encounter with hostile aliens
  • 1.4 Incident at Denari
  • 1.5 Refit to Columbia -class
  • 1.6 Decommissioning
  • 2 Alternate timeline
  • 3.1 Alternate timeline personnel
  • 3.2 2037 alternate timeline
  • 4.1 Connections
  • 4.2 Appearances and references
  • 4.3 External link

Service history and disposition [ ]

Background [ ].


Enterprise in battle

Enterprise 's warp-5 engine was designed by Captain Jonathan Archer's father Henry Archer (who unfortunately was not able to live long enough to see the launch of the ship). The ship design was approved by Maxwell Forrest on June 1, 2140 . It was the first successful warp-5 Earth vessel, launched 11 years after the tragic ion -cascading reaction accident that claimed the Daedalus (which was set to be Earth's first warp-5 ship). The ship first achieved warp 5 while evading Mazarite criminals. ( ENT episode : " Fallen Hero ", ST reference : Federation: The First 150 Years )

First mission [ ]

Enterprise was launched on April 12 , 2151 under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer . The launch occurred three weeks ahead of schedule because of the need for Earth to return Klaang , a Klingon , to his homeworld of Qo'noS . Enterprise made first contact with the Suliban Cabal after the Suliban shut down all power before they were seen and took Klaang. Enterprise was investigating what places he visited before crashlanding on Earth. They found out that Klaang was making contact with a female Suiliban. Captain Archer visited the planet with Sub-Commander T'Pol , Commander Tucker , and Lt. Reed . ( ENT episode & novelization : Broken Bow )

Encounter with hostile aliens [ ]

Enterprise was setting up communication relay posts throughout the course which Enterprise was pursuing.

Incident at Denari [ ]

In early 2153 , on a routine science mission to observe the planet Denari inhabited by a pre-warp humanoid species, Enterprise struck a gravitic mine , accidentally passed through a spatial anomaly and (unknowingly) into an alternate universe where Denari General Sadir had conquered his race by using Starfleet technology stripped from the Earth-ship Daedalus (which hadn't exploded in a cascading ion drive accident as had the Daedalus in the other universe). Enterprise was promptly captured by Sadir's forces and all personnel taken to the Rava One prison colony while Commander Tucker and Ensign Sato escaped via a Suliban cell ship that had been stored in the Enterprise's cargo bay . After allying with the rebel Miners Guild , rescuing an alternate version of the Daedalus researcher Dr. Victor Brodesser from one of Sadir's prison colony and a failed attempt at capturing the General at the Kresh on Denari (Sadir committed suicide before he could be captured), Tucker finally realized Enterprise had crossed a barrier to an alternate universe, explaining the sickness he and Hoshi had been experiencing from the Denari food (due to steroisomers in the food dangerous to human anatomy). The realization is made nearly simultaneously as T'Pol comes to the same conclusion at Rava One. ( ENT novel : Daedalus )

Forced to take action now with the impending countdown placed by the stereoisomer sickness from the food, Archer, T'Pol and Phlox lead a rebellion at Rava One and take control of the complex with the help of a hypospray developed by Phlox. Soon after, however, he is captured by General Makandros and becomes entwined in alliance talks between Makandros' faction and the Miner's Guild (Lead by Guildsman Lind ) in which he is re-united with Trip and Hoshi. They eventually find Enterprise with help of Makandros. Shortly after Archer is shocked by the startling revelation that in this alternate timeline he and an old flame from Daedalus has given birth to a son, Lee , who was believed to be Sadir's son and successor, not to mention that both mother and son are residing on Enterprise . After the mother's tragic death, Archer temporarily mentors the boy and tries to convince Lee to do his duty to his people (who are on the brink of a deadly civil war due to lack of government) and step up. Lee is successful in convincing his people that the Miner's Guild and General Makandros were not responsible for the recent genocide attacks on Denari and evades a desperate assassination attempt by the rival General Elson . With help of data from the Suliban vessel, Enterprise said good-bye to the Denari and made its way back through the anomaly. ( ENT novel : Daedalus's Children )

Refit to Columbia -class [ ]

Columbia class dorsal

The SS Enterprise refit to Columbia -class specifications.

The Enterprise underwent a 180-day refit in spacedock , during which an outboard module was fitted to the ship. The module, developed from lessons learned during Enterprise 's conflict with the Xindi , was constructed to house an improved matter/antimatter reactor core and a larger, more capable deflector dish . These improvements were intended, respectively, to improve the ship's combat power and ability to deflect dense interstellar particles. The ship became one of the first vessels of the new Columbia -class , and her name was changed to SS Enterprise . ( ST calendar : Ships of the Line 2011 )

Decommissioning [ ]

The Enterprise was involved in several major battles during the Earth-Romulan War , culminating in leading the climactic Battle of Cheron in 2160 , where she was crippled by the Romulan flagship. Her spaceframe was so badly damaged that she had to be decommissioned. ( ENT novels : To Brave the Storm , A Choice of Futures ; ENT episode : " These Are the Voyages... ")

After the Enterprise was decommissioned, the Smithsonian Institution acquired the vessel for its orbital annex. The Enterprise was meticulously restored and many of the interior surfaces - including the bridge consoles and the original warp core - were encased in plastic to protect them from contact by the tourists who visited the ship. ( ENT - Rise of the Federation novel : A Choice of Futures )

After encountering a Ware repair station similar to the one Enterprise first encountered, Trip (disguised as USS Pioneer 's temporary Chief Engineer "Philip Collier") joked that, considering the damage to Enterprise' s structural frame during the Earth-Romulan War , that they could recommission her after towing her to one of the stations. ( ENT - Rise of the Federation novel : Uncertain Logic )

Some honorium from the Enterprise was used in the construction of the Constitution -class USS Enterprise , which was used by the crew of the latter to return Beckett Mariner and Brad Boimler to the 24th century . ( SNW episode : " Those Old Scientists ")

The Enterprise still served as a museum ship in the 24th century . As a child, Deanna Troi had visited many museum ships, but by 2370 could not remember whether or not Enterprise was one of the vessels that she had visited. ( ENT episode : " These Are the Voyages... ")

Alternate timeline [ ]

In an alternate timeline , the Xindi succeeded in destroying Earth in 2154 after Enterprise failed to stop the Xindi superweapon . In 2165 , Enterprise was destroyed in battle in the Ceti Alpha system by Xindi warships. ( ENT episode : " Twilight ")

Personnel [ ]

  • Commanding Officer : Captain / Commodore Jonathan Archer ( 2151 - 2160 )
  • Lieutenant Donna O'Neill ( 2156 , briefly)
  • Major Takashi Kimura (circa 2156 - 2160 )
  • Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander Malcolm Reed ( 2155 - 2160 )
  • beta shift watch officer : Lieutenant Commander Mack McCall (circa 2155 )
  • gamma shift watch officer : Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander Donna O'Neill ( 2152 - 2160 )
  • Commander Kelby ( 2154 ; 2155 )
  • Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander Mike Burch ( 2155 - 2160 )
  • tactical officer / armory officer : Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander Malcolm Reed ( 2151 - 2160 )
  • communications officer : Ensign / Lieutenant Hoshi Sato ( 2151 - 2160 )
  • Ensign Elrene Leydon ( 2155 - 2160 )
  • chief medical officer : Doctor Phlox ( 2151 - 2160 )

Alternate timeline personnel [ ]

  • Captain Jonathan Archer ( 2151 - 2153 )
  • Captain T'Pol ( 2153 - 2156 )
  • Captain Charles Tucker ( 2156 - 2165 )

2037 alternate timeline [ ]

  • Captain Lorian ( 2153 - 2154 )

Appendices [ ]

Connections [ ], appearances and references [ ], external link [ ].

  • Enterprise (NX-01) article at Memory Alpha , the wiki for canon Star Trek .
  • 1 Lamarr class
  • 2 USS Voyager (NCC-74656-A)
  • 3 Wesley Crusher

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Published Sep 30, 2014

Celebrating the Ships of the Line: Enterprise NX-01

star trek online nx 01

She was, in a sense, the ship that started it all: The USS Enterprise NX-01, mankind’s first vessel designed for long-range exploration of the galaxy. Launched in 2151 by the United Earth Starfleet, the NX-01 represented the fruition of the NX Project. By helping establish United Earth as a bona fide interstellar power, she paved the way first for the Coalition of Planets and then, in 2161, the United Federation of Planets. The seeds for the Enterprise were planted by Zefram Cochrane, who eclipsed warp 1 in his craft the Phoenix, back in 2063. Cochrane, Henry Archer and others developed that propulsion system further at the Warp Five Complex in Bozeman, Montana.

The end product was the NX-01, an experimental prototype craft that could achieve warp 4.5 and boasted a transporter, though the vessel’s shuttle pods were initially the safer bet for the crew coming and going. The ship featured a crew of 83 – all human except for T’Pol and Doctor Phlox -- and was captained by Jonathan Archer, the son of Henry Archer. She departed from the Orbital Drydock Facility on April 16, 2151, three weeks earlier than planned because of United Earth’s determination return to the Klingon, Klaang, to his homeworld of Qo'noS.

star trek online nx 01 's look at the NX-01 continues our ongoing celebration of the Ships of the Line, which will carry on from now until the end of the year. The latest in the bestselling Ships of the Line calendar series is available now; visit to purchase the 2015 Ships of the Line calendar.

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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Drex files: nx-01, enterprise class.

I had a field day detailing out the NX, and every nook and cranny is accounted for. Pierre Drolet did an incredible job implementing them in this high rez build. I added details that I hoped would allow for cool ideas later on, if and when the opportunities presented themselves. But I had to be cautious about obvious details to the ship that were not approved, because they could get me into trou ble. Yes, The chain of command was heavy on Enterprise. Herman Zimmerman, our stalwart production designer was once balled out because I labeled a nacelle as a nacelle on a framed blueprint in the drydock observation room. He was told that it wasn’t a nacelle until the front office said it was. So I tucked gear behind doors and hatches, and then wrote up notes “suggesting” the vessels potential. The dedication plaque refers to the class as NX (This was a request from on high), but according to naval tradition, the first ship of a new contract is what the class is named, so Enterprise class. My main mission was to inject as much of the original Enterprise into this ship as I possibly could, and I made sure that the basic dynamic between the saucer and the nacelles was the same. To a person with a sharp eye, the NX-01 is loaded with TOS Easter eggs

star trek online nx 01

This is an unusual render of the Enterprise in that there is a lot of ambient light. It really shows off the panel detailing. Like Andy’s “D”, every panel was designed and fitted painstakingly to the function and form of the ship. All sections have their own distinct personality and are not simply cloned and repeated. It was designed by someone who full well knows how close you guys like to look, because I’m one of you. Something you probably never heard before, is that the nacelle struts were originally much finer, like the TOS ship. Dan Curry thought that they didn’t look like they could support the nacelles, and that it looked silly. All due respect to Dan, but that is one of the things I loved about the TOS ship. It suggested a technology beyond our own. On the original show, the nacelles defied gravity. I was sorry when the TMP shp heavied them up. Don’t get me wrong, it still looks great. Just not what I wanted for the NX. Ok… look at the struts, notice that there  is a tapered fairing on the leading edge. Those were the original struts, well…  a  little heavier than that. A third more. But everything behind that was add on. I emphasized that front fairing so that in some light conditions it would be all you would see, and feel more like my beloved TOS Enterprise.

star trek online nx 01

Here is nearly the same angle but with the ambient turned down, the the  key turned up, and a bigger lens. Notice how the larger lens stacks things up a bit, and flattens them out. These lighting conditions push the plate detail back, and emphasize the ship’s self light and luminosity. Truth be told, the fronts of the bussard collectors are too red and lazy for my taste. I would have pushed to the orange side and had a much more volatile and seething kinetic look there like TOS. It was not to the taste of our bosses. I found (and all due respect), that during the Berman years, anything brassy, meaning what they perceived as loud, was pushed into the background. The musical score became wallpaper, and colors were desaturated. One day I came into the living room, and Enterprise was on… Hey! What’s wrong with the TV? There’s no color!…  Then someone walked onto the scene in the blue uniform. Oh! The color IS on! It’s just that Enterprise was shot in all blues and greys. Very monochromatic. Anything colorful was crushed out of the picture.

star trek online nx 01

Here again is nearly the same shot with a lot of ambient light, and no clear key. I wish that the brightness of the ship had been a little more like this, closer to… you guessed it, the original Enterprise. The NX appeared dark and dingy on actual show. Against space it was often hard to see. Not to my taste. An Enterprise should not be pushed into the background, it should show boldly. It’s gallant and bright, and wears a white hat. But that was all part of the Berman look. If it stood out too much it was pushed back. the logic was that this would bring the characters to the forefront. I understood, but did not subscribe to that theory, although it was an interesting one.

star trek online nx 01

From the above view you can clearly see the original nacelle pylons. they would have extended a bit on the Z axis, but would not have encroached upon the aft impulse engines. One thing that I would have loved to have seen were those square cargo doors on top and bottom of the saucer open. That would have created a zero G tunnel though the ship. Catgo containers would be floated into the tunnel, then pushed onto receiving decks where they would be processed and stowed in fitted wells.

star trek online nx 01

If you examine the saucer inpulse engines mounted in those prominent notches at the back of the saucer, you will see that if you took just the aft half of the exhaust cone, and pushed the stbd and port pieces together, you would have the TOS impulse cone. Another fun reflected detail is the airport style control tower dome at the back of the saucer. I don’t think an Enterprise is an Enterprise without that. The boys who designed the original ship came from an aviation background, and that is a prominent feature on the that ship. The top obs dome is primarily a command center for supervising  the frequent engine tear downs  the ship should have experienced while deployed. The bottom dome would have served a similar function, but would have had a secondary function as flight control for the shuttle pod drop bays. The top and bottom dome would be connected by a tunnel containing a ladder and a small lift, similar to the lift in engineering.  The gravity orientation in the bottom dome is inverted, so anyone in there would be standing upside down in relation to the rest of the ship. Another interesting note is that the lower sensor dome was lifted intact from the TOS Enterprise.

star trek online nx 01

Speaking of lifted intact, the forward deflector dish is the dish from the original Enterprise, squeezed on the Y axis. Another carryover finger print is that the nacelle pylons when seen from the front, do not line up with the centerline of the nacelles. The pylons insert into the bottom of the nacelles, just like you-know-what.

star trek online nx 01

On the original Enterprise, the ends of the nacelles with their hooded cones suggested exhaust. That was remedied by adding spheres. That was a cool solution,  suggested a different technology, and did away with the possibility of thrust coming from them. I kept that for the ends of the NX nacelles, but split the sphere in two. Now Dea, cover your ears. If the fronts of the nacelles look like penises, I compounded that by making the ends of the NX nacelles look like a girls butt in a thong. I thought that was fair.

star trek online nx 01


star trek online nx 01

Awesome. Thank you.

star trek online nx 01

Great article!

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STFC: Enterprise NX-01

STFC Commanders level 40 and higher can now experience the NX-01, which is the vessel that took humanity through the stars.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) recently revealed that gamers are able to experience the ship that took humanity on its first steps out on its trek through the stars.

The Enterprise NX-01 saved the galaxy from the mysterious Sphere Builders and their pawns, the Xindi, once before and now it is here to do it again.

Table of Contents

This vessel is equipped with special systems, which were specifically designed to counter the Xindi . This means that players will have an edge over these formidable adversaries.

Unfortunately, this powerful ship is only available to Commanders level 40 and higher. To add this vessel to your fleet, you can procure 1 or 2 blueprints from the Ex-Borg Store on a daily basis.

However, STFC has given the players the ability to completely unlock the ship through the Offers tab, but you may have to spend real money for a complete unlock.

STFC: Enterprise NX-01

If you are not willing to spend real money in the game, we recommend that you collect the blueprints every day until you have enough to construct the ship. Once you have built the ship, you can use it to vanquish enemies.

Players should regularly upgrade the ship as it will unlock unique rewards, such as new Favors and faster paths to the top tiers of existing Favors.

Players who are currently progressing through the Field Training will also find that the NX-01 has been added to the quests and if you complete them, you will receive unique rewards.

NX-01 Abilities

Every ship in STFC has unique abilities and statistics which affect its capabilities during a fight. The table below lists additional details about the NX-01:

To celebrate the arrival of the Enterprise NX-01 in STFC, Scopely has released a unique code, which can be redeemed to earn rich rewards. An admin of the STFC Discord server announced the code on Tuesday, 6 February 2024.

Players need to head over to the STFC webstore and use the code to claim 10 NX-01 blueprints. Keep in mind that you need to have a valid Scopely account to claim the blueprints.

Once you have logged into your account, open the “Redeem’’ menu and type ‘NX01’ into the code section to claim the blueprints.

That being said, some Commanders have revealed that they are not eligible to use the code. This may be attributable to the fact that only players level 40 and higher can construct the NX-01.

Officer PIC Hugh

As previously mentioned, the only way that you can source the new officer, PIC Hugh, is through the NX-01.

It is worth noting that the greater the tier of your NX-01, the more shards you will receive. Similarly to other officers in STFC, PIC Hugh has the following abilities:

NX-01’s loop

Several vessels in STFC have loops that players can follow to acquire unique items. To begin NX-01’s loop, you have to use a Travel Token to fly to Tokened Delphic Expanse systems where you will have to destroy Xindi-Aquatic hostiles.

If you vanquish them, you will receive Xindi Tech Modules , which can be used in the NX–01’s refinery to earn Opportunity Chips.

Commanders can either use their Opportunity Chips to take a risky or safe reward path, both of which reward you with various amounts of Ex-Borg Faction Credits.

Once you have obtained the Credits, you can use them to purchase Ex-Borg Favors and Faction Bundles. However, you can also use the Credits to upgrade the NX-01.

Players then have to exchange Xindi Scraps for Delphix Expanse Travel Tokens in order to repeat the loop to earn additional resources.

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Cygnus-X1.Net: A Tribute to Star Trek

S.S. Enterprise NX-01 Refit

Back in 2006, Cygnus-X1.Net first displayed the original 48-page Enterprise NX-01 Deck Plans by Android Monkey Designs (formerly Waxing Moon Designs), arguably the most detailed set of schematics available for the NX-01 class starship. Now, thirteen years later, we are proud to share the all-new 70 sheet collection of NX-01 Refit Plans from Android Monkey Designs. Just like the original, these new schematics and deck plans include a level of detail that's certain to satiate the appetite of Trek fans the world over. Please make sure you visit the Android Monkey Designs website for more information on the artist. This site extends its thanks to the illustrator of these deck plans who graciously granted us permission to display them here.

  • Cast & crew

Legacy of the NX-01 - A Star Trek Fan Production

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  • Samuel Cockings
  • Nimran Saund
  • Kathryn Archer
  • Cadet Anna Keeley
  • All cast & crew
  • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro

User reviews

  • June 12, 2024 (United Kingdom)
  • United Kingdom
  • Power543 Productions
  • See more company credits at IMDbPro

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  • Runtime 6 minutes

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Memory Alpha

Enterprise (NX-01) personnel

Jonathan Archer, 2151

Jonathan Archer, commanding officer

Enterprise NX-01 , an NX-class starship, had a standard crew complement of 83. Approximately one-third of the crew was female.

In 2151 , Captain Archer stated that there were 81 Humans , one Vulcan , and one Denobulan on board and Commander Tucker reminded him of Porthos . ( ENT : " Silent Enemy ")

In September 2152 , 83 people were aboard Enterprise according to Commander Tucker. ( ENT : " The Catwalk ")

When the ship was launched in 2151 , it had a crew composed entirely of Earth Starfleet officers , except for Sub-Commander T'Pol and Doctor Phlox . In 2153 , the crew was augmented with a number of MACO troops to provide "extra muscle" for the search for the Xindi weapon .

  • See also : Unnamed Enterprise (NX-01) personnel

Crew manifest [ ]

  • Private E. Hamboyan (MACO, 2153- 2155 )
  • Ensign Hart (operations division, 2151)
  • Corporal F. Hawkins (MACO, 2153-2154, KIA 2154)
  • Crewman Haynem (operations division, 2151)
  • Crewman Hayes (2152)
  • Major J. Hayes (MACO commander, 2153-2154, KIA 2154)
  • Lieutenant Hess (engineering, 2151)
  • Ensign Hutchison (relief helmsman , 2152)
  • Crewman Jenkins (engineering, 2154)

A uniform including a name tag A. Jacobson and the Enterprise assignment patch was apparently featured in ENT : " These Are the Voyages... ".

  • Crewman Kamata (KIA 2154)
  • Ensign Keeley (2154)
  • Commander Kelby (chief engineer, 2154; engineering 2154-2155)
  • Corporal Kelly (MACO, 2153-2154)
  • Crewman First Class J. Kelly (engineering, 2152)
  • Sergeant N. Kemper (MACO, 2153-2154)
  • Ensign Kimball (2151)
  • Ensign Marcel (KIA 2154)
  • Ensign Masaro (engineering, 2154-2155, died 2155)
  • Ensign Massaro (engineering, 2153)
  • Ensign Travis Mayweather (helmsman, 2151-2161)
  • Ensign McFarlane (2153)
  • Corporal J. McKenzie (MACO, 2153-2154)
  • Private S. Money (MACO, 2153-2154)
  • Sergeant B. Moreno (MACO, 2153-2154)
  • Private N. Myers (MACO, 2154)
  • Crewman Naiman (2152)
  • Crewman Namod (2151)
  • Crewman Second Class Ethan Novakovich ( sciences division , 2151)
  • Corporal O'Malley (MACO, 2154)
  • Ensign Patricia F. O'Malley (KIA 2153/2154)
  • T. Palmer (MACO, 2153)
  • Parsons (MACO soldier, 2154)
  • Phlox ( chief medical officer , 2151-2161)
  • Ensign Jeffrey Pierce (command division, 2154)
  • Ensign Porter (2151)
  • Lieutenant Malcolm Reed ( armory officer , 2151-2161)
  • Sergeant Richards (MACO, 2153-2154)
  • Ensign Rivers (engineering, 2154)
  • Corporal M. Romero (MACO, 2153)
  • Private M. Romero (MACO, 2154)
  • Crewman Rossi (2152)
  • Crewman Second Class Michael Rostov (engineering, 2152- 2154 )
  • Corporal R. Ryan (MACO, 2153)
  • Ensign Hoshi Sato (communications officer, 2151-2161)
  • Sim (engineering, 2153 , KIA 2153)
  • Ensign Socorro (2151)
  • Ensign A. Tamras (sciences technician, 2153-2161)
  • Ensign Tanner (armory, 2151-2152)
  • Taylor (steward, 2151)
  • Crewman Jane Taylor ( EPS control specialist , 2154, KIA 2154)
  • Commander T'Pol ( science officer , 2151-2161)
  • Commander Charles Tucker III ( chief engineer , 2151-2154, 2154-2161, KIA 2161)
  • Ensign T. Virts (engineering, 2161)
  • Walker (MACO, 2154)
  • Ensign Walsh (engineering, 2153-2155)
  • W. Woods (MACO, 2153-2154)

Uniforms including the Enterprise assignment patch and the name tags R. Wilcox and W. Willis were apparently featured in ENT : " These Are the Voyages... ".

  • Commander Brad Yacobian (Operations, 2161)
  • Zabel (security, 2152)

Animals [ ]

  • Porthos (2151-2161)
  • Sluggo (2151)
  • An unnamed Altarian marsupial (2151)
  • An unnamed Calrissian chameleon (killed 2152)
  • An unnamed osmotic eel (2151-2154)
  • An unnamed Pyrithian bat (2151-2153)
  • Several immunocytic gel worms (2151)
  • Several Edosian slugs (2152)
  • Several leeches (2154)
  • Several Regulan bloodworms (2151-2153)
  • Several snow beetles (2153)

A deleted scene from ENT : " E² " also established a Rigelian parrot (2154). ( ENT Season 3 DVD & Blu-ray special features)

Alternate Enterprise personnel [ ]

  • Karyn Archer (helm officer, 2154)
  • Greer (armory officer, 2154)
  • Lorian (commanding officer, 2154)
  • 1 USS Voyager (NCC-74656-A)
  • 2 Daniels (Crewman)
  • 3 Star Trek: Prodigy
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Hurricane Beryl grows to Category 5 strength in the southeast Caribbean

Bill Chappell

Hurricane Beryl loomed toward St. Vincent — and grew in power — as it brought threats of catastrophic winds and dangerous storm surges to Windward Islands. The storm is seen here in a satellite image just after sunrise Monday morning.

Hurricane Beryl loomed toward St. Vincent — and grew in power — as it brought threats of catastrophic winds and dangerous storm surges to the Windward Islands. The storm is seen here in a satellite image just after sunrise on Monday. NOAA/NESDIS/STAR GOES-East hide caption

Hurricane Beryl upgraded to a "potentially catastrophic" Category 5 storm late Monday night, the National Hurricane Center said , as it crossed islands in the southeastern Caribbean.

Beryl’s winds increased to 160 mph on the Saffir-Sampson wind scale late Monday, the hurricane center said. The storm was about 510 miles east-southeast of Isla Beata in the Dominican Republic and was moving west-northwest at 22 mph.

"Fluctuations in strength are likely during the next day or so, but Beryl is expected to still be near major hurricane intensity as its moves into the central Caribbean and passes near Jamaica on Wednesday," the NHC said.

A hurricane warning was in effect for Jamaica.

Earlier Monday, the eye of Beryl "made landfall on Carriacou Island" as it brought 150 mph winds and a dangerous storm surge to islands on the eastern edge of the Caribbean, the NHC said . The storm hit the island after another round of rapid strengthening.

"This is an extremely dangerous and life-threatening situation. Take action now to protect your life!" the center said ahead of Monday's landfall. "Residents in the Grenadine Islands and Carriacou Island should not leave their shelter as winds will rapidly increase within the eyewall of Beryl."

The Category 4 storm has been moving at 20 mph. Its center passed well south of Barbados, but Beryl still hammered the island with winds that gusted up to 70 mph.

As of 2 p.m. ET, the government of Barbados has discontinued its hurricane warning for the island.

Warnings remain in place for St. Vincent, the Grenadine Islands and Grenada. A less urgent hurricane watch — meaning hurricane conditions are possible, though not explicitly expected — is in place for Jamaica.

Beryl has put up some eye-popping numbers in recent days, with warm ocean water allowing it to quickly gain strength after becoming a tropical depression on Friday. When it blossomed into a Category 4 storm on Sunday, it became the first Atlantic hurricane on record to attain that status in June. 

A five-day forecast cone shows the likely path of Hurricane Beryl as it moves across the Caribbean Sea and an eventual landfall — likely near Mexico's Yucatan.

A five-day forecast cone shows the likely path of Hurricane Beryl as it moves across the Caribbean Sea and an eventual landfall — likely near Mexico's Yucatan. National Hurricane Center hide caption

How dangerous is the storm?

Beryl had weakened slightly to a Category 3 storm early Monday, but meteorologists predicted it would likely gain power again after an eyewall replacement took place in that same timeframe.

"There is a very high risk of injury or death to people, livestock, and pets due to flying and falling debris," according to the NHC. "Nearly all older (pre-1994) manufactured homes will be destroyed. A high percentage of newer manufactured homes also will be destroyed," and poorly built homes could see all of their walls collapse.

While hurricane winds draw much attention, the cyclones pose the greatest threat to life with floodwater, from rain and storm surge.

"A life-threatening storm surge will raise water levels by as much as 6 to 9 feet above normal tide levels" close to its landfall, the NHC said.

Despite passing south of Barbados, Barbados Meteorological Services Director Sabu Best said in an update early Monday that wind gusts were dangerously strong, from 50 up to 70 mph, urging residents to stay inside until an "all clear" has been announced. Rainfall, he added, had not been as bad as expected. 

What is Beryl's expected path?

The hurricane is currently heading west-northwest, moving through the Windward Islands Monday morning before heading across the southeastern and central Caribbean Sea, the NHC said.

A west-northwest track is a common heading for an Atlantic hurricane. And while many storms that have hit the U.S. have eventually curved distinctly toward the north, Beryl is currently forecast to maintain a predominantly westward motion until it hits Mexico. Its current forecast track is further south than earlier predictions.

On its current forecast path, the earliest tropical storm-force winds are expected to hit Central America Wednesday night. Mexico's coastal states of Quintana Roos and Yucatan will likely feel those winds on Thursday.

What about the warming ocean?

Climate change — and specifically, an established trend of warmer ocean and air temperatures — has led to more intense hurricanes and other storms. And this year, that dynamic is already rewriting the record books.

Since forming in late June, Beryl is now the earliest Category 4 Atlantic storm; it was also "the farthest east that a hurricane has formed in the tropical Atlantic ( said on X .

Near-record warm ocean temperatures in the Atlantic were cited as one reason National Weather Service forecasters have predicted an unusually active Atlantic hurricane season , with up to 25 named storms.

Warm ocean water contributes to a storm’s explosive growth — as was the case in 2021, when 84-degree waters drove Hurricane Sam to become a major storm in a similar part of the Atlantic as Beryl. But that was in September, not June.


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