Easter Island

By bsugar , February 28, 2020 in Silversea

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Does anyone have the name of a guide they used and liked on Easter Island?  Thanks

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You may have posted in the wrong area. You would get better response under excursions. Good luck

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silversea cruises easter island

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This New 140-day Luxury Cruise Sails to 37 Countries Around the World

Luxury cruise line Silversea just announced a 2026 around-the-world voyage.

silversea cruises easter island

Fiippo Vinardi/Courtesy of Silversea

It's hard to believe we're already looking at trips in 2026, but this newly announced around-the-world adventure is worth planning ahead for. Luxury cruise line Silversea just announced a 140-day world cruise to 70 destinations across 37 countries, the brand's most wide-ranging voyage yet.

The 4.5-month cruise called "The Curious and the Sea" begins in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on January 6, 2026. It sails down the coast of Central America to the Panama Canal, which it crosses, then makes a few stops in South America, including Lima , Peru. From there, it begins its 28-day immersion in the Pacific Islands. Easter Island is, of course, on the itinerary, followed by French Polynesia (both the Society Islands, where you'll stop at Bora Bora , and the Marquesas), Tonga, New Caledonia, the Australian territory of Norfolk Island, the Cook Islands, and Fiji.

Next up is a stop in New Zealand before a semi-circumnavigation of Australia, which starts in Tasmania, sails along the southern coast, then across the entirety of Western Australia. In Southeast Asia, the ship will call in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. There will also be multiple stops in Sri Lanka and India. (From Mumbai, there's even an overland program that will take you into Uzbekistan; other overland destinations include Luxor, Egypt, and the Balkans in Europe.)

In the last month of the cruise, travelers will sail in the Middle East, through the Suez Canal, and around the Mediterranean, including stops in North Africa. The voyage concludes in Lisbon .

"For this World Cruise, we took inspiration from history’s most pioneering explorers, each of whom has sailed to the end of the earth — driven by curiosity and a thirst for discovery,"  Barbara Muckermann, president and CEO of Silversea Cruises, said in a statement sent to Travel + Leisure . "Appealing to the curious traveler within, we are inviting our guests to experience our planet’s beauty with new eyes, while celebrating the rich history of navigation."

Guests will sail on Silversea's Silver Dawn , a 596-passenger ship that launched in 2022. There are eight dining options on board, as well as the grand Otium spa. The voyage is all-inclusive — and that means business-class airfare, butler service, laundry, and Wi-Fi. Rates start from $76,900 per person; learn more at silversea.com .

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silversea cruises easter island

Cruise to Bora Bora — Plus Many More Spots in French Polynesia and the South Pacific

  • Cook Islands
  • Easter Island
  • French Polynesia
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Society Islands

Imagine the bluest water and a warm, scented breeze. Then contrast it with hypnotic fire dancing against a backdrop of ancient, active volcanoes. Even the most imaginative descriptions are no match for a cruise to Bora Bora and the islands of the South Pacific, where nature harmonizes with cultural traditions.

French Polynesia is a collective of more than 100 islands in the South Pacific Ocean, including Tahiti, the Marquesas and the Society Islands. Melanesia consists of Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Fiji, the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia. Collectively, these regions contain most of the South Pacific’s islands, which stretch from the eastern shore of Australia to the west coast of South America.

The geography may be unfamiliar, but the appeal is obvious: These havens are far removed from everyday life. When experiencing the many things to do in Bora Bora and beyond, visitors can learn about the local cultures, luxuriate on idyllic stretches of sand or look beneath the surface of the waters to discover a variety of animal and plant life — all reminding us of the wonders of our planet.

The challenge of choosing a South Pacific Silversea cruise is not the  why  of it, but the  where . Here is your guide to departure and arrival ports in the South Pacific as well as the nuances of the itineraries.

South Pacific cruise turnaround ports

silversea cruises easter island

Silversea uses a handful of ports to embark and disembark guests for their adventure in the South Pacific.

Papeete, Tahiti:  Papeete, the capital of the islands of French Polynesia, is on Tahiti, the largest island and a popular turnaround port for such sailings. Halfway between Los Angeles and Sydney, Tahiti is equally removed from the U.S. and Australia, although its time zone is the same as Hawaii’s.

Besides its commercial cruise port, Papeete is home to  Faa’a International Airport , making it a busy crossroads for visitors and locals throughout the South Pacific and a convenient place to begin or end a transpacific adventure. Alluring black and white sand beaches also result in one of the island’s most eye-catching souvenirs: the  black pearl .

Lautoka, Fiji:  Lautoka, the second-largest city in Fiji and also a cruise port, is home to lush parks and botanical gardens, bustling markets and an iconic Hindu temple. Visitors also can glimpse everyday Fijian life through its traditional villages and local bus tours, which stop at the tucked-away Saweni Beach. The still-functioning  Lautoka Sugar Mill , in operation for nearly 120 years, is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. There are no public tours, but the rail lines are still visible throughout the island. If you’re spending time there, be sure to pack rain gear because Fiji experiences frequent showers. The wet season, when rain occurs most days, typically is November through April.

Valparaíso, Chile:  The capital of the region of the same name, Valparaíso is a European-influenced epicenter of culture and of the country’s naval operations. Steep elevation changes make for stunning vistas, whether you’re at the top of the city looking down to its massive port on the South Pacific Ocean or at sea level looking up at its rainbow of cliffside homes and steeples.

silversea cruises easter island

Cruisers looking for longer Pacific itineraries might begin or end their journey in Valparaíso, a 23-day sailing to or from Tahiti. If you’re headed to the South Pacific, pack your sandals, but for Valparaíso, pack your walking shoes and spend some time in this multilayered Chilean city. It was once the home of poet and Nobel Prize-winner Pablo Neruda. It’s now a popular museum offering stellar views. “If we walk up and down all the stairs of Valparaíso,” Neruda wrote, “we’ll have walked all round the world.”

silversea cruises easter island

Cairns, Australia:  Cairns, at the far north of Queensland, may be best known as the gateway to the  Great Barrier Reef . The city prides itself on its many outdoor offerings, including the world-renowned reef Daintree reef system under the Coral Sea, and its Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest, which Sir David Attenborough called “the most extraordinary place on Earth.” Al fresco bars, cafes and markets are concentrated along the dreamy Cairns Esplanade, making it an ideal outing day or night. From Cairns, Silversea explores Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands before docking in Fiji. Also on offer is a sailing that begins in Cairns and ends in Darwin, Australia; it’s typically a 2.5-hour nonstop flight, but this expedition cruise includes many incredible ports along the way.

silversea cruises easter island

Darwin, Australia : Darwin is the gateway to  Kakadu National Park , a dramatic collection of natural marvels and the largest of Australia’s national parks. Darwin is also the capital of the country’s Northern Territory and a hub of Aboriginal art and culture.  Port Darwin  has a harbor on the deep water Beagle Gulf of the Timor Sea, named for the HMS Beagle on which naturalist Charles Darwin sailed in the early 19th century. But Darwin is also one of the most modern cities in Australia, rebuilt in 1975 after Cyclone Tracy devastated much of it. Darwin is closer to Indonesia than it is to Melbourne in southern Australia.

Classic French Polynesia cruise itineraries

Board the 392-guest Silver Shadow for a luxurious getaway from Tahiti into the wild blue yonder.

silversea cruises easter island

2025 Voyages

Round trip Papeete:  This  11-night tour of French Polynesia  includes eight ports of call and five sail dates (Jan. 26, Feb. 19, March 2 and 26, and April 6). Two sea days allow a welcome pause from the excitement of stops in far-flung islands such as Fakarava in the Tuamotu Archipelago; Hiva Oa  and  Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas; Rangiroa; Raiatea; Moorea Island; and an overnight on  Bora Bora  in the Society Islands — a great opportunity to take advantage of the many things to do in Bora Bora.

Two sail dates (Feb. 6 and March 13) are  13-night cruises  that include the  Cook Islands  and calls in Rarotonga  and Aitutaki.

Expedition-style cruise itineraries in the Pacific

Silversea guests bound for a Pacific expedition will board the 254-passenger Silver Cloud for 2024.

silversea cruises easter island

Darwin, Australia, to Lautoka, Fiji:  Embarking in the north of Australia, passengers on this  three-week expedition to Fiji  can expect 20 thrilling ports of call across five countries. Onboard guides will train guests to spot wildlife as they sail toward the remote islands of Australia and Papua New Guinea, including the Aboriginal community of Yirrkala.

It’s then on to the Solomon Islands, which are home to natural wonders including the Marovo Lagoon — one of the world’s largest saltwater lagoons and a double barrier reef system, which is ideal for snorkel trips.

Spend two days in enchanting Vanuatu, often honored as one of the world’s best beaches, before calling on Yasawa, an island chain in Fiji open to tourists only since 1987 and the location of both  Blue Lagoon  films.

Which South Pacific cruise is right for you? This story will help you sort it out.

Lautoka, Fiji to Papeete, Tahiti:  A leisurely two weeks takes guests on this  South Pacific sailing  to Fiji, Tonga, the Cook Islands and French Polynesia. Some ports of call, such as Ringgold Isles in Fiji, are mostly uninhabited. In Tonga you can spot humpback whales, hike Mt. Talau or spend the day at a vanilla plantation. If you didn’t think island hopping across some of the most picturesque places in the world could get any better, your ship will cross the International Date Line mid-voyage, essentially blessing guests with an extra day of vacation.

Papeete, Tahiti, to Valparaíso, Chile:  Guests onboard this  autumn South Pacific expedition to South America  are in it for the long haul, spending 23 nights on Silver Cloud sailing from Tahiti east toward the Valparaíso. Along the way, passengers can set foot in 13 ports across three countries, with 10 restorative days at sea sprinkled throughout. An overnight in Adamstown, the capital of the Pitcairn Islands, is a neat way to see the last British Overseas Territory in the Pacific. Besides shore excursions to experience the towns and villages, guests onboard this expedition sailing can also enjoy kayaking, hiking and Zodiac tours that let them take in the stunning South Pacific scenery.

2026 Voyages

Silversea has just announced 17 new voyages in French Polynesia for 2026. Guests on the Silver Whisper will visit the Society and Marquesas islands as well as the Tuamotu Archipelago. These seven- and 14-day sailings will depart from Papeete, Tahiti.

The week-long sailings will focus on the Society Islands and include ports in Moorea, Raiatea, Huahine and Bora Bora. Experts in the history, culture and geology of these ports will paint a picture of both the windward (Îles du Vent) and leeward (Îles Sous le Vent) islands.

The 14-day itineraries include the Society and Marquesas Islands as well as the Tuamotu Archipelago. These journeys also depart from Papeete but will include Moorea and an overnight call in Raiatea (Society Islands), plus Fakarava and Rangiroa (Tuamotu), Nuku Hiva and Fatu Hiva (Marquesas), among others.

The 14-day trip includes an electric bike journey in Raiatea, whale watching in Moorea and an optional barbecue and musical performance on a private island.

Ready to embark on your own South Pacific adventure and a cruise to Bora Bora?  Check out these  French Polynesia and Pacific voyages .

Myths and Treasures, Winter 2025/2026

Myths and Treasures, Winter 2025/2026

silversea cruises easter island

The Curious and the Sea World Cruise 2026 Offers Special Events on a 140-Day Voyage

silversea cruises easter island

Around the World in 60 Cocktails: Tohu

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silversea cruises easter island

Three decades ago we set off on a pioneering journey to create the finest travel experience at sea, for a deeper, more meaningful and more memorable way to explore all seven continents. Thirty years just sailed by as we pushed experiential travel to the limit and beyond, both on land and at sea. Our newest Nova-class vessels take innovation, indulgence and sustainability further than ever before, immersing you in your destination and redefining the meaning of ultra-luxury. Get ready to discover the authentic nature and innermost secrets of hundreds of destinations with exceptional experiences and transformative journeys that change the way you see the world, and yourself. The future of luxury travel is our legacy, as we bring you more unique explorations, curated itineraries and extraordinary moments than ever before. Welcome to Silversea. For us, the best is just the beginning.

1994 :  Silver Cloud

Silver Cloud heralded the birth of Silversea Cruises inviting discerning travellers to explore thrilling destinations in luxurious comfort. Her generous suites, superb itineraries and unparalleled service make her truly special. Constructed at Cantiere Navale Visentini shipyard near Venice, then completed at T. Mariotti, she has been in service since 1994. Silver Cloud is named after the famous Rolls-Royce motor car; a symbol of impeccable travel.

1995 :  Silver Wind

Timelessly elegant yet luxuriously relaxed,  Silver Wind  is the second ship in her class after Silver Cloud and has been in service since 1995. November 2021 saw her hull strengthened to ice-class, making her one of the most adaptable ships in our fleet.  Her enhanced cruising versatility allows her to transition seamlessly from polar regions to iconic ports – exploring diverse destinations, from penguins in Antarctica to golden sands in the Caribbean, in ultra-luxury.

1996 :  Venice, the Venetian Society is born

Venice represents Silversea’s iconic Italian heritage and so was the natural birthplace of our famous Venetian Society. This is a unique community of like-minded individuals who share the same passion for deeper travel and authentic discoveries, while also enjoying the benefits of their status as loyal guests.

2000 :  Silver Shadow

Silver Shadow  takes Silversea's hallmark characteristics to an even higher level. She is a more spacious ultra-luxury ship with even more generous suites, yet with the same intimate feel. She offers delectable dining options from French gourmet and Italian classic to international cuisine, ocean views for every suite, and the most personalised service at sea.

2001 :  Silver Whisper

Silver Whisper exudes relaxed sophistication, with larger ship amenities and boutique hotel charm. She showcases all the hallmarks of the unique Silversea experience: world-class accommodations, elevated conviviality, and personal service. Guests can revel in her expanded spa, enjoy dynamic entertainment productions, and savour some of the finest dining at sea in a choice of four superlative restaurants.

2002 :  Madagascar, redefining the World Cruise

In this year, Silversea proudly set sail on its first World Cruise – a voyage destined to become the most iconic and luxurious product in our portfolio and a gold standard for the entire cruising industry. From the Bahamas to Monte Carlo, Madagascar was one of our most exotic and memorable ports of call on this historic journey.

2007 :  Easter Island, taking your curiosity even further

Silversea continued to define its role as a pioneer in the ultra-luxury cruise sector. In this year, we took our guests for the very first time to the remote shores of Easter Island in unparalleled comfort and in the company of world-renowned destination experts. Before Silversea, few voyages had ever called here.

2008 :  Arctic & Svalbard, pioneering luxury polar expeditions

Silversea achieved a major milestone in 2008 by launching the world’s first ultra-luxury expedition vessel, christened by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. For the first time, this unlocked the Arctic region in unparalleled luxury accompanied by unrivalled destination experts – making history for both the brand and the industry.

2008 :  Antarctica, unlocking this extraordinary region

Silversea unlocked ultra-luxury expedition voyages to Antarctica. Since then, Antarctica has become one of our most iconic destinations. Here, we keep pushing the boundaries, inventing new products to enhance our guests’ exploration of this remote and remarkable continent. In 2020, our World Cruise guests also stepped foot on that mythical continent for the first time.

2009 :  Silver Spirit

Silver Spirit  enhanced both the dining experience and range of culinary options to become our original flagship, and create a new benchmark in ultra-luxury voyages. She retains our world-famous butler service and a true home-away-from-home feel. Her elegantly spacious areas allow guests to meet, mingle or escape to a cosy niche for some peace and relaxation, savour first-class restaurants, and sail to their dream destination.

2011 :  Australia, our first ever circumnavigation

In 2011, Silversea embarked on an epic voyage around this entire continent that immersed our guests in the culture and wonder of these extraordinary coasts like never before. Today, Australia has become one of our most consistently sought-after regions. Our understanding of this region has continued to deepen and expand over time, enabling our guests to explore its authentic beauty and hidden gems in ever greater detail.

2012 :  West Coast of Africa

Another first was achieved by the brand this year, when Silversea pioneered in-depth expedition voyages in unsurpassed comfort and safety to the West Coast of Africa – testament to our pursuit of becoming a passe-partout for our guests visiting more places than any other cruise line in the world.

2013 :  Papua New Guinea, a deeper cultural connection

Since 2013, we have continued to push the boundaries of exploration further by reaching more remote destinations on the planet, and making even more meaningful discoveries for our brand – sharing unforgettable experiences with the people there, which are more valuable than simply visiting these unique places. Bonding with foreign cultures is still one of the most enriching experiences our guests can enjoy while travelling with Silversea.

2013 :  Galápagos, the world’s first ultra-luxury travel here

Silversea was the first cruise company to bring a true ultra-luxury product to the Galápagos Islands, training local guides to combine their expert destination knowledge with our unparalleled quality and service. The Galápagos also became a learning ground for us in how to manage exploration to such regions sensitively, supporting the local community and giving back as much as we receive.

2017 :  Silver Muse

Silver Muse joined Silversea's fleet in 2017 having been built by one of the world's leading shipyards, Fincantieri. Reflecting Silversea's dedication to ultimate luxury, she showcased the industry's state-of-the-art innovation – including eight fine dining options offering unparalleled culinary quality that redefined gastronomy at sea.

2017 :  Silver Cloud conversion to ice-class ship

Silver Cloud's transformation into an expedition vessel by Palumbo Shipyards was another major milestone, from being the first Silversea classic in 1994 to joining our expedition fleet. The ship's refurbishment set new standards in luxury expedition cruising with comprehensive enhancements that deliver Silversea's unparalleled style and comfort while maximising our guests' expedition experience.

2018 :  Bhutan, a new level of immersion

Our voyage to Bhutan in 2018 marked another milestone for our brand which is committed to venturing where other travel providers do not, or cannot go. This was a test-run for the creation of a new brand programme that emphasises immersion in destinations which are not typically visited by cruise travellers.

2018 :  Mongolia, the most luxurious land programme

Silversea fulfilled its brand ambition again this year to be far more than a cruise line. Mongolia was one of the eight land programmes of our Couture Collection: a project which stretched the brand experience far into this dramatic country offering the most luxurious land experiences here ever associated with a cruise.

2018 :  Silver Spirit Lengthening

On 3 May 2018, Silver Spirit left Fincantieri shipyard in Palermo 49 feet longer, following a complex yet highly successful refurbishment to enhance the guest experience even further to create even more space and eight dining options. Having been cut in half, lengthened, then extensively renovated,  Silver Spirit  embarked on her inaugural voyage from Civitavecchia (Rome) on 6 May amidst jubilation and worldwide acclaim.

2020 :  Silver Origin, designed for the Galápagos, built around you

Silver Origin is our first ship designed specifically for the Galápagos. Informed by our guests' experiences and the destination's geography, she features a new Basecamp venue for immersive pre-excursion experiences. Onboard, guests can savour Ecuadorian cuisine, and enjoy panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows. Silver Origin's innovative design prioritises efficiency and minimises impact on the archipelago's delicate ecosystem.

2020 :  Silver Moon, a new world of travel

Half a century after landing on the moon, such passion for discovery inspired  Silver Moon . Transporting guests to faraway worlds, she enhanced our guests’ sense of connection with every destination thanks to the introduction of S.A.L.T. (Sea And Land Taste) – our unique culinary programme that explores places through the lens of their food, immersing you deeper in cultural experiences tailored to each place, with menus that constantly change. She also increased the number of stylish bars and lounges.

2021 :  Silver Dawn, luxury travel is an art

Silversea's 10th ship, Silver Dawn , ushered in a new era of ultra-luxury travel by sea. The evolution of Silver Muse and Silver Moon , she offers eight dining options including S.A.L.T., plus the debut of our Otium programme which blends indulgence with wellbeing. This classic yet modern vessel combines Silversea's famed ambience with enviable amenities, setting new standards once again.

2021 :  Greece, adding S.A.L.T. to the Moon

As the world returned to travel, Silversea introduced Silver Moon and our unique, world-famous culinary programme S.A.L.T. (Sea And Land Taste) – fulfilling our brand promise in iconic destinations such as Greece to enable our guests to connect more closely with local cultures by immersing them more deeply in the food traditions of each region.

2022 :  Silver Endeavour, embrace new limits

Limits are boundaries to overcome, not constraints. Silver Endeavour , our latest ultra-luxury expedition ship, explores polar regions like never before. With her PC6 ice-class rating, advanced tech, more Zodiacs and experts, and butler-serviced suites, she pushes the limits of discovery and indulgence, taking guests beyond the edges of Antarctica and the Arctic in unparalleled comfort.

2023 :  Silver Nova, the NOVA way to travel

Silver Nova's revolutionary design changes the way you see the world, with wide-open spaces and abundant glass ensuring amazing views from every venue and a deeper sense of connection with your destination. Often, Nova Class doesn't feel like being on a ship at all. Her more sustainable approach uses unprecedented tech for zero local emissions in port, while enhancements everywhere you look create a "Nova" way of travelling.

2024 :  South Africa & Namibia, extending our expedition excellence

To become the most knowledgeable cruise line in the region, we sourced local expedition experts to provide the most authentic and immersive cultural experiences here to date – moments that stay with our guests forever. We also unlocked new destinations in South Africa thanks to our partnership with local communities.

2024 :  Silver Ray, see the world in a new light

Silver Ray , our 2nd Nova-class ship, is a guiding light for luxury travel's future. Bold asymmetrical design creates wide open spaces with vast destination views. Innovative, indulgent experiences make voyages unforgettable, while cutting-edge tech and sustainability ensure environmental respect wherever you sail. Welcome to the light. Welcome to Silver Ray .

2025 :  Japan, sailing beyond the world’s expectations

Sailing against expectation, our Controtempo World Cruise 2025 enabled guests to visit incredible destinations out of season, to uncover their more authentic and less expected nature.

2026 :  French Polynesia, unlocking paradise

In 2022, we began our scouting mission to explore even more remote destinations around the world, to develop the leading luxury discovery programme by 2026. Our planet still has so much to offer, which is why we remain committed to fulfilling our guests’ curiosity and uncovering the authentic beauty of this world wherever we go.

silversea cruises easter island

Notable Places in the Area


Elektrostal Satellite Map

Elektrostal Satellite Map

Popular Destinations in Moscow Oblast

Escape to a random place.

Winter 2025/26

Winter 2025/26

New voyages collection myths and treasures.

Explore the places that inspired the myths and discover a treasury of sights, sounds and stories from around the world; unique experiences you will always remember. From the vastness of Africa and the beauty of Asia to untouched shores of Australia and around New Zealand, from the sun-soaked Caribbean and soulful South America to the wildlands of Antarctica and the far-flung Galápagos Islands, prepare for a winter of wonder – only with Silversea.

Over 200 destinations

Intimate luxury ships, all-inclusive voyages, immersive experiences.

  • More than 150 incredible voyages
  • Across 8 regions

We’ve gone to the ends of the earth to bring you unique voyages of discovery, in unparalleled comfort. Uncover the hidden secrets behind each fascinating destination as you connect more closely with each continent, culture and cuisine. Whether you dream of sailing to African adventures, deep diving into the wonders of Australia and New Zealand, soaking up history and sunshine in the Caribbean, celebrating the Rio Carnival, understanding the Incas in Ecuador, dancing the tango in Argentina, seeing the fall foliage in Japan, or wandering through Amazonian rainforests, these incredible itineraries to such sought-after destination have been curated by travel experts to unlock authentic experiences you’ll treasure forever.


Embark on an incredible voyage in winter 2025/26


Together with our most popular itineraries, these reveal some of the world’s most hidden stories, histories and treasures, taking you deeper into the heart of each unique region.

Africa & Indian Ocean

Africa & Indian Ocean

One of the most diverse continents to explore with world-famous wildlife, such as lions, leopards and elephants, vast landscapes, ancient history, cultural wonders and true adventure.


Inaccessible for centuries, this is the last frontier in travel and the ultimate destination for curious explorers; a land characterised by untamed wildlife and otherworldly beauty.


A place of contrasts, where sacred traditions and ancient cultures collide with modern cities and cuisine. Explore iconic Japan, South Korea or small cities such as Kochi and Beppu.

Australia & New Zealand

Australia & New Zealand

Explore the world's oldest lands and some of its youngest cities. Silent fiords, thundering waterfalls, unspoilt shores, iconic wildlife, Maori culture, coral reefs and more await.

Caribbean & Central America

Caribbean & Central America

Soaked in sunshine and history, with sparkling coastlines and dense rainforests, you can witness iconic St. John Cruz Bay, rarely visited Soufriere and new destination Trois Ilets.

The Galápagos

The Galápagos

From the islands’ volcanic origins to their current status as a marine reserve, this “living museum” is incredible. Includes Isabela and Fernandina, and new destination: Isla Lobos.

South America

South America

Soulful and scenic, this region has some of the most breathtaking wonders, like the Chilean Fjords and Patagonian glaciers, and exotic cities such as Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires.

 South Pacific Islands

South Pacific Islands

From the remote shores of Melanesia and Micronesia to Easter Island, and from snorkelling amid coral to encountering rare creatures, these are some of our most fascinating voyages.


When you want to explore destinations in more depth, there’s no greater way than a Silversea Grand Voyage. Go deeper into Australia and Grand Africa & Arabia in unparalleled style.

Grand South Pacific Expedition 2025

Grand South Pacific Expedition 2025

An exceptional exploration with 75 days to see 58 destinations in 11 countries. From rugged Western Australia to the isolation of Easter Island, experience some of the most remote and pristine destinations in the world.

Grand Australia 2025

Grand Australia 2025

Circumnavigate the whole of Australia, from the unspoilt shores of the Kimberley Coast to vibrant marine life on the Great Barrier Reef. An extended adventure to discover rare gems, iconic cities and amazing experiences.


Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey deep into unusual destinations with unique, off-the-beaten-path experiences, all in supreme comfort and accompanied by regional experts.

Whether you’re seeking a short escape or extensive travels, our carefully curated itineraries offer you portals into perfect experiences by sea. Each voyage is designed to connect you more closely with that region you’ve always wanted to see, through meaningful excursions ashore and enriching experiences on board. You might, for instance, meet a local winemaker while walking through his vine fields discussing how his prized vintages are made. Then, on board, you could explore the flavours of that region paired with his wine through our unique S.A.L.T. culinary programme which, changes its menus to reflect where you are. And if you wish to linger longer in your favourite places, pre- and post-journey stays are available.

A culinary journey

A culinary journey

Delve into delectable gourmet dining, and explore the culture of destinations through their distinctive flavours with menus that change to reflect where you are.

Perfect suites, private verandas

Perfect suites, private verandas

Make yourself at home in your choice of beautifully elegant suite, immaculately furnished with its own ocean view veranda – and of course, you'll be attended to by your butler.

Connect with local culture

Connect with local culture

Silversea voyages take you away from the crowds and usual experiences, off the beaten path to connect more closely with different cultures from around the world.

Breathtaking landscapes

Breathtaking landscapes

Sail to the most remarkable sights on Earth. Tropical islands, ancient towns, frozen tundra, timeless wonders. Prepare to be spellbound and pack a good camera.


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See the myths and treasures we offer by downloading all the sailings and highlights of our New Voyages Collection for Winter 2025/26.

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You can spend time exploring the galleries in Electrostal History and Art Museum in Elektrostal. Take in the museums while you're in the area.

  • Cities near Elektrostal

Photo by Ksander

  • Places of interest
  • Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
  • Central Museum of the Air Forces at Monino
  • Peter the Great Military Academy
  • Bykovo Manor
  • Balashikha Arena
  • Malenky Puppet Theater
  • Balashikha Museum of History and Local Lore
  • Pekhorka Park
  • Orekhovo Zuevsky City Exhibition Hall
  • Ramenskii History and Art Museum
  • Noginsk Museum and Exhibition Center
  • Saturn Stadium

Find Silversea Silver Whisper Cruises to Easter Island

We found you 2 cruise s

South America Cruise

Port: Santiago • Robinson Crusoe Island • Easter Island • Nuku Hiva • Hiva Oa • Rangiroa • +9 more

silversea cruises easter island

South Pacific Cruise

Port: Santiago • Robinson Crusoe Island • Easter Island • Nuku Hiva • Atuona • Rangiroa • +4 more

silversea cruises easter island

Explore the Mediterranean with Seabourn

  • Revel in sublime comfort in a superbly appointed luxury suite
  • Visit an imaginative mix of vibrant cities and yacht harbours
  • Enjoy our unique itineraries with complimentary events and activities

silversea cruises easter island

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  1. Luxury Cruise from EASTER ISLAND to PAPEETE (Tahiti) 17 Nov 2020

    silversea cruises easter island

  2. Luxury Cruise from EASTER ISLAND to PAPEETE (Tahiti) 17 Nov 2020

    silversea cruises easter island

  3. Luxury Cruise from EASTER ISLAND to PAPEETE (Tahiti) 17 Nov 2020

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  5. Luxury Cruise from EASTER ISLAND to PAPEETE (Tahiti) 17 Nov 2020

    silversea cruises easter island

  6. Luxury Cruise from EASTER ISLAND to PAPEETE (Tahiti) 17 Nov 2020

    silversea cruises easter island


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