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Trek 6500 Bike: Comprehensive Review and Pricing

October 24, 2023

Trek 6500 Bike: Comprehensive Review and Pricing | PedalChef

‍ Key Takeaways

  • The Trek 6500 is a versatile mountain bike, ideal for both beginners and seasoned riders.
  • With a durable aluminum frame and high-quality components, it promises longevity and consistent performance.
  • While designed for mountain terrains, with some modifications, the Trek 6500 can also serve as a comfortable road bike.

‍ As mountain biking enthusiasts, we know the importance of finding the perfect bike for your needs. That's why we decided to take a look at the Trek 6500.

The Trek 6500 is a versatile mountain bike tailored for both new and seasoned riders. Boasting a durable aluminum frame, it stands out in performance and reliability. It is designed for challenging terrains and performs commendably on roads, making it a top choice among mountain biking enthusiasts.

We've ridden this bike through various terrains and conditions, paying close attention to its frame, suspension, brakes, and components. As we dive into the details in this review, we will discuss everything from the front fork and Shimano Deore derailleurs to the disc brakes and overall ride quality. So, join us as we explore the ins and outs of the Trek 6500 and find out if it's the right choice for you.


‍ Trek 6500 Bike: An Overview

The Trek 6500 stands as a testament to Trek's dedication to producing high-quality mountain bikes tailored for both beginners and seasoned riders. With its robust frame, responsive handling, and trail-ready components, it easily distinguishes itself from other mountain bikes in its class.

Designed to tackle challenging terrains with ease, the 6500 ensures every off-road adventure is met with unmatched performance and reliability. Whether you're hitting steep inclines or navigating tricky descents, this bike promises an exhilarating and secure ride.

The Trek 6500 is equipped with reliable gears and brakes, ensuring consistent performance regardless of the conditions. For those who demand more from their rides, the 6500 is a worthy contender in the mountain biking arena.

Key Features and Specifications

The Trek 6500 mountain bike is an excellent choice for riders looking for a versatile and reliable bike. Its lightweight aluminum frame offers a smooth and responsive ride on various terrains.

This bike is equipped with a front suspension fork to handle bumps and technical singletrack easily. Its Shimano Deore components provide reliable shifting and braking performance.

Some of the standout features of this mountain bike include:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Suspension fork for smooth rides on rough terrain
  • Shimano Deore components for reliable shifting and braking
  • Suitable for cross-country and trail riding

Riders will also appreciate the durable and lightweight wheels, which offer good traction on various surfaces like gravel and sand. Combined with the comfortable and adjustable seat, this bike is perfect for long rides and exploring new trails.

History and Brand Value

Trek is a well-known and trusted brand in the mountain biking world. They have been producing high-quality bikes for over four decades, and the Trek 6500 is no exception. Despite being over 15 years old, the Trek 6500 remains a good value for mountain bikers.

The history of this bike and its performance on trails have helped build the brand's reputation for producing reliable and enjoyable mountain bikes. Riders who choose the Trek 6500 can be confident in their decision, knowing they are investing in a bike from a reputable company with a long-standing history of excellence.

Detailed Trek 6500 Performance Analysis

Performance and ride quality.

Our experience with the Trek 6500 mountain bike has been nothing short of amazing. The bike's performance on trails is exceptional, tackling technical singletracks and long rides with ease.

Its Shimano Deore components provide a smooth and responsive drivetrain, allowing for efficient pedaling on climbs and flat terrain. The suspension system, consisting of a front fork, offers excellent shock absorption.

This allows the rider to maintain control and confidence when navigating corners, bumps, and hills. Additionally, the bike is equipped with disc brakes, providing reliable stopping power in various riding conditions.

Durability and Longevity

We found the Trek 6500's frame to be incredibly durable, and capable of withstanding rough trails and harsh riding conditions. The wheels and rims also contribute to the bike's longevity.

They have been built to endure the demands of mountain biking. We believe that this bike will last for many years, making it a suitable investment for riders who want a reliable and lasting mountain bike.

Workmanship and Design

The design of the Trek 6500 is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The top tube is sleek and modern, while the frame's geometry provides excellent handling and maneuverability.

The components, such as the front derailleur and rear derailleur, are of high quality and have been thoughtfully integrated into the overall design. Here are some standout features of the bike:

  • Frame: Lightweight and sturdy for optimal performance
  • Suspension system: Front fork for improved shock absorption and comfort
  • Components: High-quality Shimano Deore parts for optimal functionality
  • Wheels: Durable and versatile for various trail conditions

Comfort and User Experience

Riding the Trek 6500 mountain bike has been an enjoyable and fun experience for us. The seat and body positioning make long rides comfortable, and the responsive suspension helps absorb bumps and impacts from rough terrain.

We have found the bike to be suitable for both beginner and advanced riders, as it offers a great balance between performance and comfort. Moreover, the bike's lightweight design and agile handling make it easy to maneuver on different types of trails.

This includes gravel, sand, and technical singletrack. This adaptability, combined with its durable components and frame, makes the Trek 6500 an excellent choice for those looking to invest in a high-quality mountain bike without breaking the bank.

Our Experience Riding The Trek 6500

This section will discuss our experience riding the Trek 6500 mountain bike, focusing on its performance in various situations. We'll cover its descending and climbing abilities, road performance, and braking and handling features.

Descending & Climbing

The Trek 6500 is an excellent choice for mountain biking enthusiasts who love tackling steep climbs and fast descents. With a solid frame and good suspension, the bike easily handles technical singletrack and rugged terrain.

Its front fork provides sufficient shock absorption to keep riders comfortable, helping maintain control and traction on rocky trails.

When it comes to climbing, the Trek 6500's lightweight and responsive drivetrain gives riders an advantage on steep inclines. The smooth-shifting Shimano Deore front derailleur ensures reliable gear changes, allowing us to preserve our energy for tougher sections of the trail.

Road Performance

While primarily designed for off-road terrains, the Trek 6500 performs reasonably well on paved surfaces too. We found that it offers a comfortable ride for longer distances, thanks to its well-balanced frame and sturdy wheels.

Its versatile range of gears can adapt to varying gradients, though it's important to note that the bike's knobby tires are more suitable for trails than for smooth roads.

Braking & Handling

The Trek 6500 bike comes with disc brakes that provide reliable stopping power in various conditions, be it muddy trails or fast descents. We appreciate the bike's strong braking performance, which instilled confidence while navigating technical sections and sharp corners.

In terms of handling, the bike's light and stiff frame responds well to rider input. Its wide handlebars and well-placed controls ensure that maintaining control in tight spots and navigating switchbacks is no trouble at all.

Can I Use My Trek 6500 On The Road?

While the Trek 6500 is primarily designed as a mountain bike, it's versatile enough to handle on-road conditions easily. Its robust frame and durable components ensure a smooth and reliable ride, whether you're navigating city streets or countryside roads.

The wider tires, typical of mountain bikes, provide increased stability and comfort on the pavement, especially over uneven surfaces or potholes. However, it's worth noting that the knobby tread pattern, ideal for off-road traction, might result in slightly more rolling resistance on smooth surfaces compared to pure road bikes.

If you're considering using the Trek 6500 predominantly on roads, you might want to invest in hybrid or road-specific tires for a more efficient and faster ride. With minor adjustments, the Trek 6500 can serve as a competent and comfortable on-road companion.

How Long Will The Trek 6500 Last?

Durability and longevity are cornerstones of the Trek brand, and the 6500 is no exception. Constructed with a high-grade aluminum frame, it's built to withstand the rigors of mountain biking, from rocky trails to mud-laden paths.

The bike's components, from the drivetrain to the suspension system, are chosen for their resilience and reliability. The Trek 6500 can serve avid mountain bikers for many years with proper maintenance and regular check-ups.

However, it's important to note that the bike's lifespan can vary based on usage intensity, rider's care, and external conditions. But given its robust construction and the brand's reputation for quality, one can confidently expect the 6500 to be a long-term companion on the trails.

Is The Trek 6500 Worth Buying?

Value for money is a critical factor when considering any mountain bike, and the Trek 6500 shines in this department. It offers a blend of top-notch features, comfort, and performance at a competitive price point.

The bike's design caters to both casual riders and those seeking more intense off-road experiences, making it versatile for various terrains and rider preferences. Its responsive handling, sturdy frame, and reliable components ensure a consistently enjoyable ride.

Moreover, Trek's long-standing reputation in cycling guarantees post-purchase support and easy access to spare parts or upgrades. Other reviews would support this analysis because this dependable mountain bike blends durability and performance.

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Danny Lawson

Danny Lawson

Mountain biking is more than just a hobby for me - it's a way of life. I love the challenge and excitement that comes with it, and I'm always pushing myself to go faster and ride harder. Some people might think that mountain biking is dangerous, but I see it as the only way to live.

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Is The Trek 6500 A Good Mountain Bike? [Review]

Table of Contents

Despite the fact that the Trek 6500 is over 15 years old, it is a good mountain bike.

Since a reader emailed me and asked me to review the Trek 6500 for him, I haven’t ridden this mountain bike and had to find Brendan in Detroit to give him some insight into what it’s like to ride the Trek 6500.

Trek 6500 mountain bike

Below, I’ll go over the descending and climbing performance, key features, components, and specs of this mountain bike, as well as how it compares to other mountain bikes.

Welcome to the Best Bike blog, so let’s get started right away.

Trek 6500 Specs

The following ride experience was communicated by Brendan and the blogger, and the blogger completed the corresponding record.

The Trek 6500 setup still appears to be low, but consider that this was an entry-level mountain bike 15 years ago.

Brendan enjoys riding on rough trails, and to give me a more accurate description, he had to ride 15 miles to reach a trail ride where he could quickly descend.

It is possible to descend quickly on the hills of Lindau with a slightly steeper head tube angle, 100mm shock fork, and entry-level 2.2-inch front tire. Because all Trek 6500 configurations are at the low end of the mid-range (some are upgrades needed to get there).

Trek 6500 zx

When descending small trails, the 26″ small size tires are very flexible. Even in the corners, the direction is constantly changing. Because the ride is very responsive without the grip of larger tires, some riders prefer the smaller size.

Brendan’s complaint about the Trek 6500 was that it slid sideways when descending on loose ground. When I spoke with him, I told him that it would be better to change the tires to wider tires.

But, because he rarely rides in such terrain, he didn’t think to change the tires. As a result, the Trek 6500 is suitable for hard ground descents, and the steering agility and fork damping on descents are excellent.

Because of the Trek 6500’s 26×2.2″ tires and multiple gears, hardtail mountain bikes have an advantage over softtail mountain bikes when it comes to climbing. Smooth slopes on trails are not difficult to climb, and even rough slopes can be easily climbed with the help of Bontrager tires.

When riding on smooth slopes, 100mm shock forks with knobs can be adjusted to provide appropriate shock travel, ensuring that your efforts are not wasted. When climbing steep hills, the 3*9 gear system, which can be switched to the lowest gear, provides enough uphill traction to climb, but it does not appear to be an easy climb.

So I don’t think the Trek 6500 is a very good fit for mountain biking on steep hill climbs.

But Brendan had a lot of fun speeding up on flat trails and then going for fast climbs, so the Trek 6500 mountain bike is perfect for mountain climbs that are not technically difficult.

General Roads

Many readers may be under the mistaken impression that mountain bikes perform best in mountainous terrain.

Flat or undulating hills, on the other hand, are the most commonly ridden roads on mountain bikes, and are frequently the preferred terrain for riders who don’t want to be constantly on the limit.

Yellow grass trails, winding wilderness trails, and the occasional small rock make for a fun time for mountain bikers traveling with friends, and the Trek 6500 is a favorite on such trails.

The 26″ small tires are small enough to get around large rocks, but the shock fork is also very good at reducing ground impact in rolling terrain. The shock fork is constantly reducing the ground’s impact.

A water bottle holder can be mounted on the frame, allowing you to take your sports drink and ride to new places.

The Trek 6500 has a reserved rear rack and mudguard mount, and it outperforms the average commuter bike on city roads, not only in terms of tire grip, but also in gearing combinations that rival those found on road bikes.

As a result, the Trek 6500 is an excellent choice for general mountain or commuter road performance.

Main Features

Alpha slr aluminum frame.

The Trek 6500’s aluminum frame is lightweight. The Alpha SLR Aluminum frame weighs only 3.6 pounds, which puts it right in the middle of the weight range for aluminum frames.

It is stiff enough to accommodate 26″ tires, and the width can be increased to a maximum of 2.4″. The 2006 Trek 6500 is finished in ruby blue and has a lively appearance. The frame, which can be used for more than ten years, is not only strong but also corrosion-resistant.

Shimano Deore drivetrain

Trek 6500 disc

The Shimano Deore drivetrain, which is not considered low-end at the moment, is of very high quality, and the Trek 6500 is equipped with a complete Shimano Deore. The Trek 6500 had a 3X9 drivetrain in 2006, but it has been a 3X10 drivetrain since 2010.

However, the price has risen, and I don’t believe it is particularly cost-effective. 1X drivetrains are popular today, and almost all of them do away with the front derailleur chainstays in an effort to simplify riding and to hell with complicated gear systems.

Riding a 3X drivetrain bike car didn’t feel particularly different to me, but a 1X mountain bike gives you more confidence to ride your best in technical singletrack.

Bontrager Jones ACX Tires

Because these tires are tubed, the tire pressure requirements aren’t excessive.

However, I prefer the 27.5 “pneumatic tires Despite the Trek 6500’s 26*2.2 “Tires greatly aid in steering and technical climbing.

The 27.5″ tires are the middle size between the 29″ tires and fit a wider range of heights, as well as having many advantages for riding speed, including fast climbs. However, the Trek 6500’s tires were already quite good at the time, and the size of the tire button would perform admirably on hard ground and gravel.

Puncture resistance is also fairly good.

The Trek 6500 had two versions of brakes in terms of accessories. One is the brake of alloy pulling line, this kind of rim brake, cheaply built, at that time the braking effect in ordinary terrain and mechanical disc brake is not much different.

At that time, it was not suitable for some fast descending terrain as I mentioned above. The other is the Trek 6500 Disc with mechanical disc brakes, which can be configured for technical singletrack or forest road riding.

Although brake upgrades are not expensive, I still prefer a mountain bike with disc brakes that can be ridden in the mountains with easier stops and no worries about riding.

If you go with the Trek 6500, you can upgrade it with appropriate disc brakes from Amazon. The budget can be as low as $100.

The Manitou Axel Comp 80mm travel shock fork was still available on the Trek 6500 in 2005. The Trek 6500, however, has a 100mm travel fork since 2006. This is what makes it more suitable for trail riding and, according to other reviews, the most affordable trail mountain bike.

That’s because it was improved incrementally each year until it reached the configuration preferred by trail riders in 2006. It’s also not expensive.

The Trek 6500’s fork is excellent on a variety of terrains, but in intense mountain riding, it may appear inadequate because, as mountain biking has evolved, high-end cross-country or speedy mountain bikes have reached 120mm of travel or more.

These days, 100mm travel forks seem a little short. If you’re looking for a beginner mountain bike, a 100mm or 80mm travel fork will suffice.

Bontrager Select seat and handlebars

Trek still uses Bontrager Select seat and handlebar parts in mountain bikes under $2,000 these days, and the parts are strong and durable enough that there’s not much to complain about.

However, I prefer the gel seat for long rides or mountain riding, and it’s beneficial to have less seat impact on the body. If you only plan on riding short distances, the Trek 6500 seat will suffice.

Benefits of the Trek 6500

  • Affordable price
  • Off-road mountain bike with versatility
  • 100mm travel shock fork for entry-level cross-country
  • 26*2.2″ tires for agile steering and strong grip
  • Sturdy and durable handlebars
  • Peace of mind after-sales service, up to 10 years frame warranty

What we don’t like about it

  • 26″ tires are slightly outdated at the moment
  • Stiff seat, not suitable for long rides
  • What is the body weight of the Trek 6500?

The Trek 6500 has a bodyweight of 27.8 lbs.

  • What frame sizes does the Trek 6500 come in?

15.5, 17.5, 19.5, 21.5″

  • What is the current price range for a trek 6500 for sale?

The Trek 6500 is worth about $95. It also depends on the condition of the bike.

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Is The Trek 830 A Good Mountain Bike? [Trek 830 Review]

Compare Tables

Trek roscoe 7 mountain bike vs trek 6500.

Trek Roscoe 7

It’s a stretch to compare the latest Trek Roscoe 7 mountain bike to the 15-year-old Trek 6500. However, just like a computer upgrade, the new configuration is always far superior to the old one. So, what are the advantages of the Trek Roscoe 7 mountain bike over the Trek 6500?

You get, Alpha Gold aluminum frame, 29×2.60″ Bontrager TLR tires, 1X12 Shimano Deore Drivetrain, 140mm travel RockShox Recon Silver RL fork, Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc.

A good mountain bike is often the starting point for fun riding, and the race-ready Trek Roscoe 7 is less than half the price of a professional race bike, but the slew of accessories will not disappoint. 29-inch tires are more common these days, but they’re 2.6″ wide and have excellent traction even on sand.

Although a Deore accessory alongside the Trek 6500, the 1X12 Shimano Deore Drivetrain has been updated over the last 15 years and its performance is in no way comparable to older versions of gears.

Finally, I must mention its mid-to-high-end RockShox shock fork, which has 140 mm of travel. Dropping down to higher distances on slopes is very difficult to bottom out the fork, and the damping effect will dazzle riders who haven’t tried this fork before.

For those of you who want to compete in races, the Trek Roscoe 7 is a mid-to-high-end mountain bike.

Learn more: Is Trek Roscoe 7 Worth Buying? [Trek Roscoe 7 Review]

Trek Marlin 8 mountain bike VS Trek 6500

Trek Marlin 8

It must be rugged and durable, as well as easy to ride in the mountains. The Trek Marlin 8 is a low-cost mountain bike that will not disappoint casual adventure riders. It has an Alpha Silver Aluminium frame, a RockShox Judy Silver fork (100mm travel, 80mm travel on some frame sizes), 29 (XS & S: 27.5×2.4″) tires, and a Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brake.

With a clean alignment and a slim profile. The rear rack and fender mounting holes remain on the Trek 6500. Every detail is suitable for daily adventures and commuting, thanks to the excellent bodywork and non-redundant features. The Trek Marlin 8 mountain bike outperforms the Trek 6500 on both mountain climbs and descents, balancing budget and performance.

If you prefer the current Trek mountain bikes, the Trek Marlin 8 is an excellent choice.

SANTA CRUZ Nomad Mountain Bike vs Trek 6500


When comparing high-end race bikes, the SANTA CRUZ Nomad Mountain Bike is an existence that does not let boring riding replace your riding life entirely. The SANTA CRUZ Nomad is designed to allow you to ride freely in difficult woodland singletrack or challenging park terrain. It is built in accordance with a professional mountain bike park.

A carbon frame, RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ Rear Shock (170mm Rear Travel), Fox 38 Float Performance (170mm Front Travel), 800mm handlebar width, and SRAM Code R 4-piston hydraulic brake are all included. SANTA CRUZ A slack-out 64-degree head-tube angle, combined with 27.5in wheels, allows you to roll over obstacles without feeling sluggish on a technical trail.

The bike is only 33.16 pounds (15,030g). That’s not a particularly heavy mountain bike. So, if you want to be first in endurance racing in the future, you should consider this wild mountain bike.

Schwinn S29 Mountain Bike VS Trek 6500

Schwinn S29 Mens Mountain Bike

When you compare a race mountain bike to the protagonist, it’s like comparing a cheap mountain bike to the protagonist after speeding down a steep hill to the flat. The Schwinn S29 is a good value for money mountain bike with 29″ tires that are suitable for commuting or general mountain riding.

The 60mm travel shock fork is adequate for mountain riding in hilly areas, but it has many limitations when riding on forest roads and single tracks. As a result, this mountain bike is best suited to riders who live in low-altitude areas.

When compared to the Trek 6500, it has the advantage of mechanical disc brakes and is about the same weight. On wet surfaces, the slightly wider tires provide a little more traction. The Schwinn S29 is another good mountain bike that strikes a good balance between price and performance. Consider it for your limited funds.

Tip: Used Schwinn S29s can fetch a good price.

Learn more: Schwinn S29 Mens Mountain Bike Reviews-In-Depth Assessment

Final Verdict (4.5/5)

Even though it lags behind in terms of riding feel and accessory stack, the Trek 6500 is a shining mountain bike when compared to mountain bikes from 15 years ago.

The comparison takes into account that it was originally configured with a significant number of replacement parts over the course of the ride, and that these replacement parts will be gradually upgraded over time. So, in terms of riding experience and component quality, the Trek 6500 is a good mountain bike. We ultimately gave it a rating of (4.5/5).

If you want to see more trek mountain bike reviews, follow us as we’ll bring you more evaluations.

Learn more: Is The Trek 6000 Mountain Bike Worth Buying? [Trek 6000 Review]

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Trek 6500 (SG) review

From the eye-searing paintjob to its slender wishbone rear triangle, Trek's 6500 looks every inch a pared-down cross-country racer for the budget conscious rider. But will it also cut it as a trail all-rounder for the rest of us?

From the eye-searing paintjob to its slender wishbone rear triangle, Trek's 6500 looks every inch a pared-down cross-country racer for the budget conscious rider. But can it cut it as a trail all-rounder for the rest of us?

The 6500 has slimmer tube profiles than many of its contemporaries, but the super-stiff, cross-ovalised down tube boasts an impressive girth. Clever tube shaping removes the need for a strengthening gusset up front, while a minimalist chainstay bridge and elegant wishbone give generous mud clearance. And, hinting that it may be more versatile than its racing heritage suggests, there's a set of rack mounts at the rear too.

There's nothing subtle about the 6500's looks - and at first ride there's no subtlety in its manners, either. Despite an averagely roomy cockpit, the inline seatpost forces the rider forward towards the bars into a powerful pedalling position over the bottom bracket. A stack of headset washers move the bars up, transferring some of the rider's weight back towards the centre of the bike. But it's still a slightly nervy-feeling beast.

The payback for all this over-eagerness is a bike that'll do exactly what you tell it to, precisely when you tell it. Generous tyre profiles, lowish weight and that weight-forward ride position translate into instant squirt-and-go in any trail situation you care to throw the 6500's way. The Manitou fork's firm feel suits the bike's overall demeanour, pattering over the bumps in a way that takes the sting out of the worst hits without ever letting the rider feel isolated. Everything we did with this bike - from long, draggy climbs to fast, technical singletrack - put a big grin on our faces. It's light, lively and demands constant rider input, but it's a whole heap of fun.

What, no disc brakes? No, but we're not bothered as, first, the rim brakes work well enough in all but the filthiest of conditions. Second, they save weight over budget disc alternatives. Third, they've left room in the budget for an upgrade to a Deore XT rear mech - giving minor bragging rights. Trek has also specced disc-compatible hubs for a quick and cheap upgrade. Our biggest spec niggle is that inline seatpost, which leaves little scope for fore-and-aft saddle adjustment.

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trek 6500 zx

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trek 6500 zx

trek 6500 zx

  • ALL (130 Forums)

Trek 2000 6500 Hardtail Bike

trek 6500 zx

mountain bike, front suspension, Mountain Mix components, Rock Shox Judy XC, 2.5"-4.0" adjustable travel fork


The frame is great, very light and responsive, and the Judy XC forks aren't to bad. A lot better than the Manitou Magnums. Other people have had problems with the cranks, but I haven't, and they've been great for me.

The no name brakes and pedals. the brakes aren't to bad in the dry, but get them wet and you're screwed. The wheels aren't the greatest, either-I bent them after only a few weeks riding. They're kind of flexy, and no, I wasn't freeriding on them or anything.

A great value for the money. Ditch the brakes, rat trap pedals, and get stronger wheels, and you have a great bike.

Similar Products Used:

Other Trek and Diamondback hardtails and some cheap crap department store bikes.

Frame kicks with it's light weight, Judy XC rocks when adjusted to 4" travel, overall solid

Brakes are complete junk, levers and brakes, Rear crappy Corvair rim wnt WAY out of true on first major ride. No hucks and went out of true that I had to realese the breaks and walk the bike back out of the bush for an hour!!!!

Great bike if you lose the brakes and junk rims. You would expect better quality rims on a bike like this. Bought this rather than the 2001 as the new models have the cheapest low grade shock you can buy!!!!

Brodie, GT Avalanche 2.0

a very light frame, good quality forks. Faultless transmission. Look the bollocks. Grippy tyres, although i might want something slicker than Jones for the summer.

the brakes; they are wank, to put it bluntly the fork is fairly heavy, but who gives a crap about the odd pound when you and the bike weigh 200 anyway.

This bike rocks. Although at £650 it's a bit more pricey on this side of the pond, it's still very good value. The brakes are just the one area that detracts from a really good ride. I guess that cheap no-name V's generally have poor modulation, but i dunno what i'll put on instead. I'm not really bothered about the weight, but i think that after the brakes, money spent should be on reducing rotational weight rather than shaving .1 or .2 lbs on drivetrain. I don't know how strong the frame is for riding other than cross country, but it's hand built so it should be able to stand up to a fair bit of abuse. All in all, a very cool bike.

Kona Cinder Cone, Marin Eldrige

Good strong frame, decent drivetrain, good component package, tunable fork w/all-travel

crap brakes, wheels aren't that great, toe clips

This is a great bike for the cash. I now work at the shop I bought it from and still ride on this bike even though I could get a more expensive bike. The frame is only .23 lbs heavier than Trek's top o' the line SLR frame. The original brakes are crap, so upgrade those and get some clipless pedals as soon as possible. This is a quality bike worthy of upgrades. The bike weighs in at about 28.5 pounds but you can drop weight with the brakes (30-40 grams) and increase performance, upgrade the Judy's hydracoil innards to an Englund's air shock retro-fit kit, shaving about 1.2 pounds. Get some lighter wheels and shave another 0.5 pounds plus different tires and maybe a cassette upgrade and you're suddenly talking about a 25 pound bike! for an extra $200. However, as out of the shop it performs well climbing, descending and I felt my smallish 16.5" frame handled nimbly on tight singletrack. To some big hits and lots of nasty technical singletrack without complaint. Good bike at a great value!

other treks, now work at the shop i bought the bike from, so get to test out a lot of different bikes.

Very good frame, Alpha ZX is light strong and worthy of upgrading

Fork way to heavy. Decent feel, but way to heavy.

Of the few bikes of this price range that I have ridded, This one has the best feel (geometery) for me. The frame is a work of art and plenty worthy of upgrading. I bought used so I feel that I got an exceptional value, but even for the new msrp of 729, not a bad deal. Just clip in and ride.

Cannondale F-400, Specialized Rockhopper A1 etc.

The frame of the 6500 is awesome. The bike takes a good beating without breaking. The Trek name and durability make it a good value. The fact that its handmade in the USA is pretty cool too.

As everyone says, the pedals are complete trash

The Trek 6500 is a great bike for the price. If your looking to get a good dependable bike thats not going to tear up on your first ride then this is the bike for you.

Great value, second comes the UsA frame.

Hard-A$$ seat, cheap pedals, and my BB is creaking already >:| Judy XC's oil is leaking after a really long ride. Rear hub/cassette keeps "clicking" and the hub sometimes becomes silent :/

Its a great bike for beginners. Best bang-for-da-buck. Lots of smiles when i ride. But the seat keeps reminding me to take a pit stop. None serious problems after 2 months and 600 miles on the bike. But like i said upgrade the seat and pedals.

none...(Huffy's, Pacific's and all the Kmart crap doesnt count:) This is my first real BiKe

Front fork, the Judy Hydracoils work great, low maitnence and reliable, all around nice component set, frame is great, rims and Bontrager Jones tires are great

Didn't come with clipless pedals, upgrade to a nice set off time ATACs, if you aren't soft on the tires then you will have to do your fair share of patches, the tires work great but are light and do get leaks.

This is a great bike for a beginner racer or a cross country rider who wants performance but doesn't want to pay a crapload of money, its never really been a real hindrance for me yet, the small frame and tires make the bike very responsive and quick! The Rock Shox Judy Hydracoils are very good, i haven't had to do much maitnence with them and they work great, have good rebound to them.

Specialized Rockhopper, Gary Fisher Big Sur

Just about everything. Fork has taken all kinds of crazy hits in the short amount of time I've ridden the bike and shows no signs of letting down. Frame is strong as hell. Tires corner pretty well on the trails. Shifts fairly quick and smoothly.

Just a few minor little things. The front deraileur keeps throwing the chain off the rings, which sucks a big fatty when you're trying to climb a frickin hill. Probably just needs a minor adjustment. The grips are already starting to wear down. No big deal. Just gives me an excuse to buy something new for my bike. The stock pedals will probably be replaced soon with some clipless.

For the money and for a first mtb, this bike is dope. Just with a stock setup, it can handle all kinds of terrain from smooth flat hardpacked to rocky downhills. Climbs well, rips thru descents. After getting this bad boy, I've been hooked on this sport. I only wanted to spend like $400-500 on my first mtb, but after riding the 6500 I didn't mind shelling out the extra bucks because I thinks it's well worth the money. Again, I've only been riding this thing for a short time, but so far so good.

Gary Fisher Tassajara, GT Backwoods

Very good frame, excellent overall value considering the price (1000$ Cnd)

NoName V-Brake are very cheap. Cheap pedals!

Brake are very weak but easyly upgradable. I'm little affraid of the durability/fiability of the fork (Manitou Magnum R) and i think i'll change them for Judy XC. I ride on road to the mountain and in just a month, the tire have already lost a little bit of their draw.

Trek 4900, Devinci Chameleon, but my first real MB bike

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Size / 15.5", 17.5", 19.5", 21.5"

At a glance

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Trek Logo


  • Frame Alpha Black Aluminum w/externally relieved head tube, hydroformed bi-axial down tube and top tube, monostay seat stays, forged disc ready dropouts
  • Wheels Shimano Deore disc hubs; Bontrager Ranger rims
  • Wheel Size 26"
  • Tires Bontrager Jones ACX, 26x2.1"; 27 tpi
  • Crank Shimano M442 Octalink 44/32/22
  • Front Derailleur Shimano Deore
  • Rear Derailleur Shimano Deore LX
  • Shifters Shimano Deore, 9 speed
  • Brakeset Shimano M485, hydraulic disc; 160mm rotors
  • Handlebar Bontrager Select, 25mm rise, 31.8mm
  • Saddle Bontrager Race Basic
  • Seatpost Bontrager Sport
  • Stem Bontrager Select, 7 degree, 31.8mm
  • Headset Aheadset Slimstak w/semi-cartridge bearings, sealed

Q: Where to buy a 2008 Trek 6500?

The 2008 Trek 6500 may be purchased directly from Trek .

Q: What size wheels does the 2008 Trek 6500 have?

The 2008 Trek 6500 has 26" wheels.

Q: What size 2008 Trek 6500 should I get?

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trek 6500 zx

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Trek 6500

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Trek 6500 2000 Technical specs and features

General specs of trek 6500 bicycle, wheels and breaking system, frame and body specifications, gearing specs, trek 6500 fork system data, other specs of trek 6500, trek 6500 picture, 6500 bike comparison.

Trek 6500 competitors and comparison tool online specs and performance

Trek 6500 VS Scott Taos

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Trek 6500 VS Gary Fisher Marlin GS

VooDoo Bokor Enduro (14) competitors and comparison tool online specs and performance

Trek 6500 VS VooDoo Bokor Enduro (14)

Trek 6500 bike review

Trek produced the 6500 bike in 2000 and can be classified as a Mountain bike bicycle, this exact model costs in american market arround $799.99. 6500 bike is available in many sizes such as Large , medium and small . Trek Mountain bike 6500 can be found in a few colors, among these colors Pearl Blue and Trek Red . This bike is equiped with Front: 26 x 2.10" Bontrager Jones tires and Stainless steel spoke wheel while the rims are manufactured by Bontrager Corvair, 32-hole. Trek equiped this exact model with Aluminum linear-pull brakes, aluminum linear-pull levers braking system and Alloy hubs. To guarantee the comfiest ride Trek used Alpha ZX aluminum material for the frame. Alloy riser high strength material is used on the handlebar of this 6500 to ensure the perfect handling while the stems are made of Alloy. For the smoothest biking experience ICON Obsidian, 22/32/44 teeth is used on this bicycle linked to 1/2 x 3/32" chain that is easily replaceable as stated by Trek , the whole system is connected to a high reliability Shimano Deore gear shift levers.

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Gary Fisher

VooDoo Bokor Enduro (14) Technical Data

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trek 6500 zx

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Rebuilding my '95 Trek 6500 ZX

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Bicycle frame Bicycle tire Wheel Tire Bicycle wheel

I agree, one of the best frames they ever built. Easton aluminum, bonded, hand built in the USA! Mine was originally equipped with a rigid fork. I'm probably either going to go with a 2x10 or a 1x10 drive train. I got mine in '95, if memory serves. I'll post up some new pics once I've got it reassembled. Thanks for your input!  

trek 6500 zx

I didn't think that was a 1995 headbadge....  

Roger.. Stock badge fell off, slapped a newer one on there while I was working the local bike shop in the mid 2000's. I so love this trek. Actually started looking for another bonded frame as a spare/klunker  

The pics showing the head badge weren't posted by me. However mine does have the same head badge because my original head badge had come off, but I mailed the frame back to Trek once to have the rear derailleur hanger replaced, and when I got it back they had stuck a new badge on it.  

Hm.. Looks like although my 6500 frame may have been manufactured earlier, according to the 97 trek manual, the bike as i purchased it was indeed a 1997 model year bike. on page 12 of this pdf (labeled page 30 on the scanned image)  

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trek 6500 zx

Trek 6500 zx

Bike photo

  • Serial: WTU 2016 598M
  • Manufacturer: Trek
  • Model: 6500 zx
  • Primary colors: Red and White
  • Frame size: L
  • Frame Material: Aluminum

trek 6500 zx

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Marlin Gen 2

Get all-around versatility on Marlin Gen 2. It fits up to 2.2˝ tyres, and features balanced, neutral geometry that keeps you comfortable and in control as you venture off-road.

Marlin Gen 3

Get serious trail capability with Marlin Gen 3’s bigger, 2.4˝ tyre clearance, internal dropper post routing and a stiffer, more secure ThruSkew rear axle. Plus, its updated longer, slacker geometry gives you a boost in stability on steeper trails and at higher speeds.

Looking for something more to fill your singletrack appetite?

If you’re itching for a lighter weight, even faster hardtail, the X-Caliber is your ride. It’s light, sleek and efficient – perfect for new riders, cross-country racers and anyone who wants to cover a lot more trail miles in a lot less time.

The Roscoe delivers the capability of a full suspension trail bike in a simple hardtail package. The laid-back geometry that gives you tons of stability on rowdier trails, and it rolls on big 2.6˝ tyres that give tons of traction for getting through rough and tricky sections of trail.

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trek 6500 zx

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Boulder Dash VI

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trek 6500 zx

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Uploaded by Jason Scott on June 22, 2014

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    Trek equiped this exact model with Aluminum linear-pull brakes, aluminum linear-pull levers braking system and Alloy hubs. To guarantee the comfiest ride Trek used Alpha ZX aluminum material for the frame. Alloy riser high strength material is used on the handlebar of this 6500 to ensure the perfect handling while the stems are made of Alloy.

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    Red and White Trek 6500 zx, serial: WTU 2016 598M.

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    18" TREK 6500 Aluminum 24 Speed Hardtail Mountain Bike. This is a lot for a Trek 6500 Alpha ZX Zero Excess aluminum frame tubes. Handbuilt in America. Equipped with Rock Shox suspension fork, Shimano triple alloy cranks, powerful V brakes, Deore LX rear derailleur, and Bontrager wheels.

  18. Trek 6500 ZX Update : r/bikewrench

    Trek 6500 ZX Update. Hi all, for the past few years I've been riding a Trek 6500 ZX from around 1999-2001. I did some basic tune-ups on as well as replacing the wheels with the help of my local bike shop after getting it for free from some folks who didn't use it much but took good care of it. It still rides very well with no issues aside from ...

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