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Who is expedition overland.

XOVERLAND is an award-winning team of adventure travelers sharing through video, their exploration of some of the world’s most remote places and inspiring others to go on their own adventures.

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XOVERLAND believes that overlanding is not just a journey, but a way of life, and you’re invited to join in on this incredible adventure. Together, let’s explore the world, discover new horizons, and become the best versions of ourselves.

XO family group shot with Canadian mountains in the background.

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overland travel adventures

Bite-size videos designed to show you the happenings in the XOVERLAND Hangar!

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overland travel adventures

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Join Tanner and the crew from the trail as we discuss ideas and tips and tricks that we have learned.

overland travel adventures

Bite-size videos designed to equip and educate you to confident explore the world!

overland travel adventures

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The place to learn about all things overlanding and get inspired with the confidence to go do it.

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Many amazing people are needed to make XOVERLAND run. XOVERLAND includes a core team who serve the creative, production, online store, and day-to-day administrative needs. Expedition teams vary—we assemble cast and crew based on each trip’s unique needs and challenges.

XO family group shot with Canadian mountains in the background.

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XOVERLAND Edition Offroam Mount

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overland travel adventures

2023 Overlander’s Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you’re an overlander with years of experience or hitting the trail for the first time, this collection of our “Top Ten” lists of overlanding gear and accessories is sure to help improve your kit.

overland travel adventures

XOverland’s Next Chapter

XOVERLAND ANNOUNCES ITS UPCOMING EXPEDITION, ADDITIONAL NEW SERIES, EXCLUSIVE CONTENT, AND 2ND FILM FESTIVAL The highly-experienced team of vehicle-borne explorers seeks new adventures in Africa, adds new categories of content, and will hold the upcoming XOVERLAND Film Festival in fall 2023 Flagstaff, Ariz. (May 18, 2023) – XOVERLAND, the leading [...]

overland travel adventures

Tips for Overlanding Through Iceland and Scandinavia

This overlanding adventure may be more accessible than you think! We’re here to give you the basics you’ll need to start planning your journey. We assure you–it’s worth it!

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Take the world into your arms

Four Levels, One Goal

There’s a reason families return to Overland year after year: at every level, our trips offer thoughtful planning, appropriate challenges, and supportive groups.

Adventure Grades 4-6

Berkshire Adventure

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Explorer Grades 6-9

Alaska Explorer

Expedition Grades 9-11

Alaska Expedition

Challenge Grades 10-12

Alpine Challenge

overland travel adventures

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How To Choose A Summer Adventure For Your Child

Get first-hand insights into what you should look for when choosing the next summer travel adventure for your child.

explore overland

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our 40th year

Since 1984, Overland has been more than simply a summer experience — it’s a life experience with value and resonance that extends far beyond the boundaries of a single summer.

Rectangle 510 (26)

Rock Solid values

At Overland, rock-solid values — teamwork and leadership, independence and self-reliance, discovery and inspiration — imbue an organization where the standards are high, the expectations clear, the tone adventurous.

overland travel adventures

ACA Accreditation

Overland is committed to the well-being of our students. A key component of this commitment is our accreditation by the nationally recognized American Camp Association (ACA).

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overland travel adventures

overland travel adventures

The Overlanding Couples Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

overland travel adventures

Husband and wife team Graeme and Luisa Bell have put their heads together to come up with a few Valentine’s gifts for all you lovers out there. As a couple who have been together for close…

E-350 4x4

2010 Ford E-350 4×4 Sportsmobile :: Featured Classified

I’ve lived in my 1986 Vanagon Syncro for the best part of a decade and often “joked” that the Ford E-350 4×4 is the van it could’ve been. In short, the latter provides many of the…

Lexus GX 550 Overtrail+

Lexus GX 550 Overtrail+ :: First Drive

I’ve always considered the Lexus LX and GX lineup luxury forward vehicles that became popular for adventure travel after the fact. I thought buying a used LX or GX and outfitting it for overlanding was somehow…

overland travel adventures

Races to Places With Lyndon Poskitt in Iceland :: Video of the Week

A couple of weeks ago, I posted on social media that I was seriously considering giving in to the urges of my nascent midlife crisis and investing in an adventure motorcycle. A friend suggested, amid the…

overland travel adventures

The Winnebago Ekko Sprinter Camper Van Has the Competition Shaking

My friend James drives an old, dually Toyota motorhome with minimal ground clearance, stock tires, 2WD, and an overhang as long as a Greyhound bus. One would think that such a vehicle should be confined to…

1962 Land Rover Series IIa 88

Overland News of the Week

Goose Gear Announces New Products for Ineos Grenadier In this week’s overland news, our very own Scott Brady is Crossing the African Continent in the Ineos Grenadier and has so far reported that it has exceeded…

overland travel adventures

The ATC Plā 350 Ultra Lite Travel Trailer Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Is it possible to have your cake and eat it? Do you want to travel light and far but can’t bear the idea of traveling without your T7, ATV, or UTV? The ATC (Aluminum Trailer Company)…

Overland Africa trailer

XOverland Africa Series Trailer Drops February 1

The release of a new XOverland film series is always a widely anticipated event in the overland world, and their latest adventure promises to be their most ambitious to date. Clay and Rachelle Croft, and the…

overland travel adventures

The Best Camp Stoves for Overlanding

People tend to fall into two—if you’ll pardon the expression—camps when it comes to cooking on backcountry adventures. There are those of us who see it as the penultimate drudgery, a distraction from what we really…

Bimobil camper

1997 Ford F-250 HD 4×4 w/ Bimobil Camper :: Classifieds

If you’re a regular visitor to our classifieds category, then the keen eye amongst you will have recently spotted a very similar 1997 Ford F-250 HD 4×4 topped with an Alaskan camper. Generally speaking, I refrain…

overland travel adventures

Michael Clark’s 80 Series Land Cruiser Camper :: Featured Vehicle

For some, converting a perfectly capable and desirable stock-standard overland truck such as an 80 Series Land Cruiser or a classic Land Rover Defender into a live-in camper is sacrilege. While chopping up a vehicle can…

overland travel adventures

The Compact Sportcaravan Cube 1 Trailer is Lightweight, Affordable, and Innovative

A problem many long-term travelers face is that a conventional rooftop tent and drawer system eventually becomes uncomfortable for life on the road, especially if you choose to explore as a family. One solution is to…

Motohansa Tools

Motohansa Tool Kits :: Tools with a Touch of Aussie Grit

Transforming our KTM 500 EXC-Fs into globetrotting beasts was more than a matter of tightening nuts and bolts. Enter Motohansa, born in an Aussie backyard in 1990 and now a global player. From humble garage beginnings,…

F-250 overland camper

1997 Ford F-250 HD 4×4 w/ Alaskan Camper :: Classifieds

The Ford F-250 4×4 is a firm favorite amongst the overlanding community, with all iterations of this iconic truck being utilized for adventurous travel. A few recent overland-ready builds include a 2022 Lariat with the Tremor…

overland travel adventures

F Series BMW GS Models for 2024

BMW’s F series adventure bike line features all new machines for 2024. It includes an F 800 GS, F 900 GS, and F 900 Adventure (GSA). They get a new powerplant and a whole lot more….

overland travel adventures

Expedition Portal Staff’s Favorite Trips of 2023

With international tourism reaching over 90 percent of pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year, 2023 marked an enthusiastic and eager return to the travel scene for many of us, both domestically and internationally. Overland…

Ford F-250 Tremor

2022 Ford F-250 Tremor w/ Mits Flatbed and Supertramp Camper :: Featured Classified

The Ford F-250 Tremor is undoubtedly one of the most desirable full-size platforms for overlanding. In 2022 we awarded it Full-Size Truck of the Year with Expedition Portal and Overland Journal’s Chairman and Publisher Scott Brady…

Colorado ZR2 Bison

2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison w/ Alu-Cab Canopy Camper :: Featured Classified

The Chevrolet Bison is a long-time favorite with the Expedition Portal and Overland Journal team, with Publisher and Chairman Scott Brady coining it “the ‘Hilux’ we always wanted, only better.” Further still, Joe Bacal, our resident…

overland travel adventures

The Ushi Outdoors Ultralight Trailer is a Trail Chef’s Dream

Ushi Outdoors, a company based in Dallas, North Carolina, offers an innovative solution for outdoor enthusiasts with its all-in-one ultralight trailer, called the Ushi Ultralight. This compact trailer is designed to cater to various outdoor activities…

RealTruck and Matchbox Jeep Gladiator

RealTruck and Matchbox Team Up to Auction One-Off Gladiator for Charity

For those of us who grew up playing most days with die-cast cars and trucks, it’s not unusual to wonder what it would be like to have your own rig immortalized as a Matchbox. Now is…

Four Wheel Nomad

Four Wheeled Nomad – 10 Years On The Road | Motorcycle or 4×4, Which Was The Best? :: Video

Lisa Morris and Jason Spafford, aka Four Wheeled Nomad, are regular contributors to Expedition Portal and the Overland Journal, and in 2022 were named our Overlanders of the Year. Their resume includes riding 80,000 miles from…

Every Mile Tells a Story

~Karin-Marijke and Coen

overland travel adventures

Overlanding the world in a vintage Land Cruiser since 2003

New overland stories.

Battling Tiny Jungle Intruders in Thailand – Book Sample from ‘Forever Off Track’

Battling Tiny Jungle Intruders in Thailand – Book Sample from ‘Forever Off Track’

Overland Reunion – How Do I Sign Up?

Overland Reunion – How Do I Sign Up?

Meeting Women in Pakistan – Book Sample from ‘Forever Off Track’

Meeting Women in Pakistan – Book Sample from ‘Forever Off Track’

Iranian Hospitality Culture – Book Sample from ‘Forever Off Track’

Iranian Hospitality Culture – Book Sample from ‘Forever Off Track’

All you Need to Know about Shipping your Overland Vehicle – Tips & Tricks

All you Need to Know about Shipping your Overland Vehicle – Tips & Tricks

Camping in Armenia & Georgia, in Good Company (Where are We, Georgia, 2)

Camping in Armenia & Georgia, in Good Company (Where are We, Georgia, 2)

Overland car talk.

38 Years and New to Camping – Meet Mijke & Dennis on Their First Overland Adventure

38 Years and New to Camping – Meet Mijke & Dennis on Their First Overland Adventure

Kazakhstan Travel Budget Report – Travel Expenditures on our Road Trip

Kazakhstan Travel Budget Report – Travel Expenditures on our Road Trip

Car Welding in Brazil – Aluminum Welding of Two Major Cracks

Car Welding in Brazil – Aluminum Welding of Two Major Cracks

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Enjoy the ride. We hope to see you in the comments!

Overland Cooking & Recipes

Recipe: Stir Fry Vegetables for a Quick & Nutritious Meal on the Road

Recipe: Stir Fry Vegetables for a Quick & Nutritious Meal on the Road

Mung-bean & Courgette Soup (Zucchini Soup)

Mung-bean & Courgette Soup (Zucchini Soup)

Rice with Vegetables in the Pressure Cooker – The Easiest Meal in the World

Rice with Vegetables in the Pressure Cooker – The Easiest Meal in the World

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Overland travel guides.

How to Get a China Visa in Mongolia – The Chinese Embassy in Ulaanbaatar

How to Get a China Visa in Mongolia – The Chinese Embassy in Ulaanbaatar

Car Papers for Bolivia – Temporary Import Document for Overlanders

Car Papers for Bolivia – Temporary Import Document for Overlanders

Overland Travel in Bolivia – Gas Stations & Fuel in Bolivia

Overland Travel in Bolivia – Gas Stations & Fuel in Bolivia

overland travel adventures

Exploring the Eastern Parmir


The Bartang Valley


Magical Mangystau

(long-distance) hiking.

China – Hiking the Great Wall Away From the Crowds

China – Hiking the Great Wall Away From the Crowds

Thru-Hiking, or Long-distance Hiking – an Introduction

Thru-Hiking, or Long-distance Hiking – an Introduction

Long-Distance Hiking Gear List 4.0

Long-Distance Hiking Gear List 4.0

Overland gear & equipment.

DIY Awning – How To Build an Inexpensive Rear-door Car Awning

DIY Awning – How To Build an Inexpensive Rear-door Car Awning

What Do We Miss From Home – Gear, Tools and Food for our Overland Journey

What Do We Miss From Home – Gear, Tools and Food for our Overland Journey

Winch Maintenance: Stagnation means Decline

Winch Maintenance: Stagnation means Decline

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overland travel adventures

privacy policy

Contributors, work with us.


Awesome Overland Adventures and How to Start Your Own

Overland adventures are becoming more commonplace today, but most people do not know that Overlanding adventures have been undertaken since the 40s.

If you’re planning your own Overlanding adventure or are curious how your adventure stacks up against other Overlanders, what better way than to look at other adventures? 

We’ve compiled a list of both past and present overland adventures that inspire us to help you gauge other Overland adventures.

Colonel LeBlanc Overland Adventure

What is considered as one of the first motorized Overlanding expeditions took place in 1949 when Colonol LeBlanc took his then brand new Land Rover Series I 80 inch from England to Abyssinia, which is now known as Ethiopia.

London to Singapore

Not long after Colonel LeBlanc completed his journey, Land Rover was the center of attention again for another daring journey about to get underway.

This time, a group of students convinced Land Rover to provide them with two brand new series I’s to travel almost 10 000 miles from the UK capital to Singapore.


A more modern take on Overlanding in a Land Rover Defender is being undertaken by Leigh and Steph in their Defender 130 on their journey to Overland the world.

The couple started their journey in their first Defender in France, which was sadly later written off in Portugal after being hit by a truck.

Luckily nobody was injured, and the daring couple soon found themselves behind the wheel of another 130 to continue their journey of Overlanding the world.

After taking their new Defender to the talented team at Newman 4×4 in France to make the vehicle Overland ready, they were soon on the road with quite the Overlanding adventure in front of them.

Their journey sees them cross many countries with breathtaking terrain with many ups and downs along the way. 

Check their Youtube

Epic Family Road Trip

If you think Overlanding with your family is not possible, this family of 5 has been on an Overland adventure for over five years and even acquired a new family member in the form of a dog along the way.

Their two trusty Rubicons they like to call home for most of their time are affectionately known as Worsley and Vandi. 

The family has traveled extensively through North America and appear to be particularly fond of British Columbia. Their well-equipped vehicles have taken them to some extremely remote areas and awe-inspiring scenery that not many people will ever see.

Living on the road for as long as this family has, comes with certain challenges, but always the optimists, this family used the road to their advantage and documented their journey.

Learning many skills along the way, from mechanical to video editing, it’s easy to see this crew doesn’t take anything half-hearted and gives everything 100%

To see the exceptional video quality and follow this family’s Overland adventure check them out on Youtube.

The Road Chose Me

The Road Chose Me is the name of Dan Grec’s Overlanding adventures that sees him traveling some of the more extreme places on this earth.

Dan’s first journey took him from Alaska   down to the south of Argentina in nothing but a stock Jeep Wrangler .

After saving for a few years, Dan was at it again, except this time in a land less traveled by Overlanders, Africa.

For this Overland adventure that would circumnavigate Africa, a little more suitable vehicle was required. Dan purchased a Rubicon and added some extras to accommodate for a more comfortable journey.

The addition of a pop-top roof would make it easier to camp in unknown territory. 

From watching Dan’s videos, it seems that this was quite a harrowing journey. From crossing fields with active mines to navigating corruption, it’s not a journey for the faint of heart.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Dan took it all in his stride and bonded quite well with the locals.

Check his Youtube

How to start your own Overland Adventure

If these stories have got you eager to take on your own Overland adventure, we’re here to tell you that you can do it.

Find the proper vehicle –  There is no one vehicle suits all. There are many people Overlanding in many different vehicles, and sometimes it comes down to personal taste. Today I Overland in a Land Rover Defender , but I’ve previously traversed Canada in a Toyota 4Runner and a Dodge Ram 1500.

Plan the route – The second step is to plan the route. There are many apps available today to help you do this. You can use Gaia Gps or OnX maps to show you trails that you can travel. They are both fantastic GPS’s and which you choose is a personal preference.

Whichever you choose, you can use it in conjunction with iOverlander, where you can find great locations shared by other Overlanders. You can even find locations shared by the Epic Family Road Trip

Equip your vehicle – Now that you know where you are going to be traveling, you can equip your vehicle for that type of journey and terrain. Ask yourself questions like, do you need 4WD or will 2WD work, or will you need a locker ?

If you are planning on Overlanding for weeks or months, you may need a fridge or solar power .

Recovery gear is always needed, and if you are planning on spending considerable time off-road or are alone, I recommend you equip your vehicle with a winch.

You are now ready to take your Overlanding adventure. Even if your first adventure is just a weekend away, it’s a step in the right direction. We all have our own ideas of the perfect Overland adventures.

Take inspiration from the adventures above and learn from the experts. 

Get out there, enjoy it, and Tread Lightly .

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  • Tips and tricks For Setting Up Camp Like a Pro - September 11, 2023
  • The Best Multi-Tools for Overlanding Adventures - August 25, 2023
  • Off-Road Navigation Tips for Overlanders - August 13, 2023

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What is overlanding?

What is Overlanding? Overlanding For Beginners

differentials explained

Off-Road differentials explained

overland travel adventures

Overland Trucks & Travel

overland travel adventures

We are Pete and Kirsten, and we are overland travel addicts. Having been lucky enough to work in the overland tour industry for many years including owning our own overland travel company, we are now heading off on independent overland adventures with our 2 kids.

Overland Trucks

We love overland trucks.  As in, we *really* love them.  Have pictures of them on our walls.  Had models of overland trucks on the table at our wedding.  You know, that sort of love.  After we had kids we sold off all our old overland trucks and we were truck-free for a couple of years.  But the lure of overland trucks was too much for us to resist and so Pete started building us a very different type of overland truck for us – designed as a home on wheels for our family of 4.

Meet “ Odyssey ” our awesome new truck!  Follow our adventures on Facebook and Instagram , and on our blog posts .

Recent Posts

overland travel adventures

Why you don’t need a 4×4 Overland Truck – and what you need instead

Can you drive around the world in a two-wheel drive truck? Yes you can!

overland travel adventures

Kid-friendly Clarens & Golden Gate National Park

Visiting Clarens and Golden Gate National Park in winter, with kids.

overland travel adventures

Winter Camping in Tankwa Karoo National Park

The feeling of space and alone-ness when camping in Tankwa Karoo National Park is quite incomparable. Beautiful scenery adds to the experience. It is truly a place to get away from it all.

overland travel adventures

Cheetah Tracking in Mountain Zebra National Park

Why Mountain Zebra National Park should be on your list of must-visit parks, and how I returned from cheetah tracking sunburnt, wind swept and blown away.

overland travel adventures

Best Outdoor Activities around Gansbaai with kids

Our list of the top outdoor activities around Gansbaai & De Kelders when you and the kids want to be outside and stretch your legs.

overland travel adventures

Hiking in De Mond Nature Reserve with kids

A lovely family day trip to De Mond Nature Reserve, 1.5 hours from Gansbaai. Beaches, fynbos and a lovely hike.

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Adventure tours | Active small group holidays | Encounters Travel

Overland Tours

Overland tours & safari adventure holidays.

Our adventure overland tours take in many of their region's cultural, scenic and wildlife highlights, often travelling through several countries to give you a truly in depth experience, seeing many places off the beaten track as well as the highlights you don't want to miss. Many operate in both directions, so please feel free to ask us about extra dates and routings. Although arrangements within each tour vary slightly in principle we offer these tours in two ways, either camping based, or 'accommodated'. The camping tours are the lower budget option, while the accommodated tours use comfortable mid-range local hotels, permanent camps (with beds) and lodges. We want you to enjoy these tours in comfort while still retaining a genuinely adventurous experience.

We travel in comfortable, fully equipped and specially designed expedition vehicles, giving you a great vantage point from which to enjoy the scenery and wildlife. All have seatbelts, mobile chargers, and carry two or three experienced crew who will drive, guide and cook for you during the tour. We also keep the maximum number of people on each tour relatively low, with maximum numbers on accommodated tours ranging from 12 to 18 people which means plenty of window space as well as plenty of personal contact with your guides. Camping tours may have up to 24 people in the group.

Overall, these overland adventure tours offer great value for money whilst giving you the comfort and security of an organised trip. We're sure they will give you a great opportunity to chance to create lasting memories, which will keep you dreaming of returning for more. These tours are not just for the young and intrepid; our accommodated tours have an average age of around 40, and we regularly carry people in their 60s and 70s, as well as 20s and 30s, making for interesting mixed groups. So as long as you're relatively mobile (there are steps up into the vehicles), and have a 'can-do' attitude, then they'll be fine for you.

With overland tours there is often one main long route that the expedition vehicle will follow (for example, Cape Town to Victoria Falls). You can either do the full trip, or if you have less time available or a particular interest in just some of the countries en-route then you can choose one of our tours that just forms a section of the full route. The group makeup may therefore vary slightly as you go along with some people joining or leaving along the way.


Top overland travel deals & upcoming tours, 9 tours | from £ 1529 p/p.


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9 Tours starting at

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Egypt & Middle East

United Arab Emirates

South Africa

Indian Subcontinent

Southeast Asia

South Korea

South America

Polar Regions

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Sorry, we couldn't find any tours matching your requirements. Please reset your search results and try again .



Argentina , Chile

Group size:

Min: 5 | Max: 20

B- 3, L - 2, D - 1


Colourful city of Punta Arenas, Magdalena penguin colony, Torres del Paine National Park -  guided hike to view the Three Towers, El...



Botswana , Namibia , Zimbabwe

Min: 4 | Max: 20

B- 11, L - 11, D - 11

Swakopmund, Spitzkoppe rock formations, Brandberg rock paintings, Etosha National Park, Okavango Delta, Moremi Game R...

£2049 (p/p)


Botswana , South Africa , Zimbabwe

B- 7, L - 7, D - 6

Kalahari Desert, San bush people, Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, Savuti Game Reserve, Chobe National Park, Vict...


£1529 (p/p)


B- 13, L - 13, D - 11

Victoria Falls, Kalahari Desert, Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park, Makgadikgadi Pans, Hwange & Matopos National Pa...

£3049 (p/p)


Kenya , Uganda

B- 14, L - 14, D - 14

Masai Mara Reserve safaris, Masai tribe, Lake Nakuru, the equator, Muchison Falls, chimpanzees, Lake Bunyonyi, mountain gorillas

£2384 (p/p)


Kenya , Malawi , Tanzania , Zambia

B- 21, L - 21, D - 19

Victoria Falls, South Luangwa National Park, Lake Malawi, Diving & Snorkelling, Zanzibar, Serengeti National Park, Ng...

£2830 (p/p)


Botswana , Namibia , South Africa , Zimbabwe

B- 19, L - 18, D - 18

Cape Town, Orange River, Cederberg Region, Fish River Canyon, Giants Playground, Sesriem Canyon, Namib Desert, Dune 4...

£2251 (p/p)


B- 14, L - 13, D - 12

God's Window, Three Rondavels, Panorama Route, Kruger National Park, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, St. Lucia boat trip, Hluhulwe-Imfolozi ...

£1799 (p/p)


Kenya , Tanzania

B- 9, L - 8, D - 8

Incredible wildlife of the Ngorongoro Crater, Endless savannahs of the Serengeti National Park, Coral reefs and beautiful beaches of Zanz...

£2149 (p/p)


This tour program was excellent in value for the price. I would recommend to all who are interested in touring these countries. Tour guide and other staff were all friendly and responsible. Two thumbs up!



Our video features bring our tours to life in a way the no photo can, you'll feel like you're on the tour.


Need some travel inspiration or looking for some handy travel tips? Our blog provides excellent insight into our travel destinations - from tour updates to country guides, packing lists to little known things to do, you'll find it all in our travel blog.


Economy or business? The choice is simple!

On most Egyptian tours, the long overnight train journey from Cairo down the Nile to Luxor or Aswan is unavoidable. This journey can be taken in two ways.

Tanzania – A Wildlife Paradise

It helps to remember that Tanzania's name is two old African states spliced together.


Expeditions with your own car.

Responsible, adventurous and self-sufficient travel with a 4x4 car.

Bliss Mobil expeditions with your own vehicle.

Experience the freedom of independence in the world's most beautiful places in your own Bliss Mobil expedition truck.

Expeditions with Bliss Mobil expedition truck.

The rental expedition trucks are perfect for those who want to taste the many benefits of a trip with expedition truck, but without the obligations.

Expeditions on 2 wheels. (soon)

We too keep dreaming. We are working hard to expand our travel offerings to include other motor vehicles soon.


During an expedition with Overland Travel you not only get to know the cultures, customs and local cuisine of the countries you travel to, but also that of your travel companions. And what is better than sharing your passion with like-minded people?

Make a choice above between expeditions by car, own Bliss Mobil or rental expedition truck to read more about the trips. Or check the travel calendar and choose an expedition based on destination.

Travel agenda

overland travel adventures

South America expedition | part 1

overland travel adventures

South America expedition | part 2

overland travel adventures

Iceland rental expedition – trip 1

overland travel adventures

Iceland rental expedition – trip 2

overland travel adventures

South America Expedition | Part 3

overland travel adventures

North Cape Expedition

overland travel adventures

Morocco rental expedition – trip 1

overland travel adventures

Morocco rental expedition – trip 2

overland travel adventures

Morocco rental expedition – trip 3

overland travel adventures

Namibia & Botswana expedition

overland travel adventures

Iceland rental expedition – trip 3

overland travel adventures

Iceland expedition

overland travel adventures

Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi & Tanzania expedition

overland travel adventures

Morocco expedition


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Africa, south america & asia, join us in london for destinations: the holiday & travel show 2024, experience adventure, off the beaten track, adventure of a lifetime.

25 years on the road

Explore some of the most awe-inspiring places on earth with Oasis Overland. Trips available from 1 week through to 40 weeks, it’s time you escaped the ‘real world’ and experienced adventure.

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Oasis Overland Trucks

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UK Overland Taster Weekend

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Trips for under £1000

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Welcome to Adventures Overland!

India’s leading and multiple award-winning “luxury adventure” travel company pioneering in organising self drive road trips around the world..

Ultimate Flexibility

Ultimate Flexibility

Embark on multiple Self-Drive expeditions across the world with flexible dates, Group Size and complete logistic support.

Memorable Experiences

Memorable Experiences

We craft unparalleled and timeless experiences tailored for the Road Trip enthusiast within you who loves hitting the open road.

Quality at our core

Quality at our core

We provide our participants with a world-class experience with top-tier vehicles, Most Luxurious Properties and dedicated crew support.

Award winning Support

Award winning Support

Since 2020, AO has achieved consecutive victories in the prestigious World Travel Awards , in the Best Tour Operator Category.


Scroll through our list of self-drive expeditions and buckle up for the ride.

  • Around the World
  • Road Trips in India

Morocco Overland

Morocco Overland

9 Nights / 10 Days


Iceland Expedition

7 Nights / 8 Days

Namibia Road Trip

Namibia Road Trip

8 Nights / 9 Days

Road To London 2024

Road To London 2024

64 Nights / 65 Days

South Africa – Garden Route Drive

South Africa Overland

Mongolia Overland

Mongolia Overland

10 Nights / 11 Days

overland travel adventures

North East Expedition

15 Nights / 16 Days

overland travel adventures

Ladakh Expedition (Via Srinagar)

14 Nights / 15 Days

overland travel adventures

Lahaul & Spiti Drive

overland travel adventures

Ladakh Expedition (Via Manali)

Fall head over wheels for these six epic tailor-made, supercar drives.

Swiss & French Alsace

Swiss & French Alsace

5 Nights / 6 Days

German & Austrian Alps

German And Austrian Alps

South of France

South of France

6 Nights / 7 Days

Spain And Portugal

Spain And Portugal

Swiss Alps & Black Forest

Swiss Alps & Black Forest

Tuscany and the Valley of Supercars

Tuscany And the Valley of Supercars

Video gallery, indulge in the thrill, adrenaline rush, and inspiration offered by the incredible videos showcasing our numerous driving expeditions from around the world.

Guided Self-Drive Tours I Around The World I Luxury & Adventure I Overland I Driving Expeditions





The Great Indian World Trip


Sanjay Madan (Co-Founder & Director)

Adventures Overland Tushar Agarwal

Tushar Agarwal (Co-Founder & Director)

It is a journey of Sanjay & Tushar , two Indian road trippers in their quest to explore the world and experience new cultures, places and people as they travel across 6 continents, 50 countries and drive over 90,000 kilometres.

In the process, they became the first Indians to drive around the world and also created multiple world records on this unprecedented journey.


Adventures Overland


Adventures Overland

The Great INDIAN World Trip

kms travelled

Countries explored, continents crossed, we make worlds travel easy.

Travelling under your own power and at your own pace, you'll connect more meaningfully with your destination and have more fun!

Total Destinations

Happy customers.

overland travel adventures

Amazing Tours


Discover captivating tales of Adventures Overland travellers as they traverse the world, sharing fascinating experiences from across the globe


#1 (46 Reviews)


4.7 (195 Google reviews)


4.8 (288 reviews)

overland travel adventures

Thank you AO for organizing such a lovely and memorable road trip.. the experiences I

Rudra Biswas

Iceland Feb 2023

overland travel adventures

The attention to detail that the folks over at AO put into every little thing to make

Srivijay Ravi Sastry

RTL Aug 2022

overland travel adventures

If I had to describe in one word, my experience with Adventures Overland, it would be

Tarana Bindra

Lahaul & Spiti Sep 2022

overland travel adventures

Had a wonderful memorable road trip…. thanks to Sanjay, Prachur, and team AO

Brazil Nov 2022

overland travel adventures

Choosing Adventures Overland for the Jordan Expedition is one of my best decisions. W

Potluri Srinivasa Rao

Jordan April 2023

overland travel adventures

We had been doing very well, and we went on the 4-day trip to a composite where we hu

Giovanni Karl Vaz

Morocco Feb 2023

overland travel adventures

Great event guys. Made new friends too. Looking forward to some future road trips onc

Kyrgyzstan Dec 2022

overland travel adventures

It was a beautiful and amazing drive. The cars were just out of the world and I felt

Sagar Maheswari

Supercar Drive - July 2023

overland travel adventures

Adventures Overland surpassed all expectations with their exceptional organization an

South Africa May 2023

overland travel adventures

Adventure Overland shows an entire new dimension of traveling. They provide the best

Rasalika Maskara

Ladakh June 2023

overland travel adventures

What a wonderful time we had together, amazing memories were created once again. Ever

Nishita Sarvaiya

overland travel adventures

Adventures Overland overturned my inhibitions and ideas on group travel. Their whole

Prithivi Yashini

Morocco April 2023

overland travel adventures

Excellent curation of places to visit. They were highly receptive to each guest’s n

Harshavardhan T

South Africa- May 2023

overland travel adventures

For those who love driving, and exploring places, and for whom the roads are a “

Rachna Chhatwani

Jordan March 2023

overland travel adventures

I am still in that Nostalgic feeling of our trip, adventures, learning, understanding

Kalpana Chitnis

RTL Oct 2023

overland travel adventures

Thank you Adventures Overland for introducing us to 1/3 rd of Kyrgyzstan 😍 can’t

Golda Ponraj

overland travel adventures

Guys thanks a lot for such a great time and amazing memories. Made some great friends

overland travel adventures

Hey guys, It’s been a fun-filled road trip, and going back with lovely memories. Fo

overland travel adventures

I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of Adventures Overland. Mr. Sanjay, Mr. Tusha

Lahaul & Spiti June 2022

overland travel adventures

One of the most thrilling, challenging, and rewarding journeys I have had so far! Eve

overland travel adventures

First time trip with most unknown people and my first time with Adventures Overland.

Deepesh Agarwal

Iceland Mar 2023

overland travel adventures

Thank you, Sanjay and the AO team for dishing out an amazing and memorable experience

overland travel adventures

I was very excited about the Morocco road trip. I was looking forward to having a nic

overland travel adventures

It was a great experience to be there in the middle of the Sahara, especially in that

Amandeep Sinola

overland travel adventures

Hi, team Adventures Overland 🥂 and all participants @Morocco…It was my pleas

overland travel adventures

Adventures overland – South Africa garden route was meticulously planned with t

Vikash Mantri

overland travel adventures

It was a very well-curated trip, meticulously planned & executed with great prec

Rohini Vijayan

Ladakh 2023

overland travel adventures

What a wonderful way to experience Ladakh! Adventures Overland took care of the minut

Nidhi Luharuwalla

Ladakh Jun 2023

overland travel adventures

I traveled with AO in the epic Road to London and drove the Europe belt. It was an am

Swati Saraogi

RTL April 2019

overland travel adventures

What an experience it is to travel with team AO. Went to Jordan with them in 2022 and

Rishika Gupta

Jordan Nov 2022

overland travel adventures

This was our first trip to Spiti with AO and feel very confident saying it won’

Lahaul & Spiti June 2023

overland travel adventures

Tushar and Sanjay are visionaries in the true travel space. Going on a road trip with

Priyanka Bakhru

Jordan March 2022

overland travel adventures

I must say that the group trip to ICELAND I recently went on was simply amazing! I wa

Aaditya Kashyap

Iceland Oct 2023

overland travel adventures

I am out of words, I don’t know if my review will do justice, the Ladakh Expedition

Monisha Karnani

Ladakh Sep 2021

overland travel adventures

What an Epic trip the Super Car Drive turned out to be!! AO you have surpassed every

overland travel adventures

I couldn’t imagine doing it in a better set of cars. And the fact that we got t

overland travel adventures

Excellent tour with awesome people. Very much enjoyed the road trip to Jordan differe

Manoj Peshavaria

overland travel adventures

Dear friends, Thank you all for a wonderful road trip filled with memories of a lifet

overland travel adventures

Thank you Sanjay and Tushar for making this crazy dream of ours come true. Finally, I

Hemang Thakker

overland travel adventures

Very a very beautiful and Adventurous journey, I would love to go again with AO to ne

Suman Aggarwal

overland travel adventures

The warmth that Tushar & Sanjay give off from the first day itself, rubs off on

Sia Sarvaiya

Lahaul & Spiti July 2022

overland travel adventures

Adventures Overland is one of a kind. We were lucky to have Tushar, Sanjay, Shailin,

Anand Lakshmanan

overland travel adventures

Changed me from a Tourist to a Traveller!!. The only word I have is “Amazing

Sachin Bansal

overland travel adventures

Thanks for Adventures Overland! We went to Iceland in a convoy of 6 cars, and it was

overland travel adventures

Amazing experience. The team is not just your friends, they are your Jeannie. Seeing

overland travel adventures

My experience with Adventures Overland has been one to remember for life. I was on th

Utkarsh Agarwal

Ladakh July 2021

overland travel adventures

When it comes to road trips, it’s Adventure Overland only. This company gives a new

overland travel adventures

Ladakh July’21 was a 15-day dream road trip and am still dreaming and driving away�

Anita Patel

overland travel adventures

What a stupendous Ladakh trip we had in June, organized by Adventures Overland group.

Dr Ashok Kumar Mathur

overland travel adventures

The 2-week driving expedition to Leh Ladakh was an absolute joy from start to finish.

Sunita Varadarajan

overland travel adventures

I and my 72-year-old father went to Ladakh with Adventures Overland and were simply b

Ankit Mathur

overland travel adventures

Thanks a lot, everyone for your wonderful company and some awesome moments. Catch you

Ranjeet Damodar Thakur

overland travel adventures

Thanks, Friends for the lovely company and the amazing journey. Wish to see you all s

overland travel adventures

Absolutely fantastic! And we were so comfortable on the roads with the car. So it was

Yogesh Manek

overland travel adventures

Hello 👋 we are off on a flight back home… would like to thank you Sanjay and

Zakkir Ahmed

overland travel adventures

Speechless!! Excellent. The perfect combination – group travel, excellent organ

Nooruddin Kantawalla

Ladakh 2021


Read all about road trips from around the world.

overland travel adventures

International road trips

‘Ziro’ boring days in this village of Northeast India.

overland travel adventures

Chefchaouen - The Jodhpur of Morocco?

overland travel adventures

Places in Namibia that look otherworldly

Why choose adventures overland.

Embarking on a journey with Adventures Overland is like diving into a world of excitement, exploration, and limitless possibilities. We are a community of like-minded people who have one true love; road trips. 

Our services encompass meticulously planned overland expeditions that cater to both the thrill-seekers and the wanderers-at-heart. Whether you're a solo traveler or looking to bond with family and friends, we have something extraordinary for everyone.

Picture this: You're seated in a custom-fitted 4x4 vehicle, wind in your hair, as you journey through the majestic mountains and lush valleys. Our experienced guides, who double up as storytellers and local experts, will take you off the beaten path, unveiling the heart and soul of each destination. No stone goes unturned as we curate self-drive road trips that ensure a perfect blend of adventure and cultural immersion.

With Adventures Overland , you won't just see the world; you'll live it.

International Road Trips:

  • Road to London: The epic road trip where we drive from India to London by road in a span of 59 days, covering 22 countries. 
  • Super Car Drive: Our Super Car Drives are all about you and the fleet of your dreams i.e. McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and more exploring the best of Europe.
  • Jordan Overland: Jordan Overland is a self-drive tour where we conquer desert trails, indulge in adventure activities, and experience the best of Jordan . 
  • Iceland Expedition: The Iceland Expedition is all about conquering icy terrains, witnessing the northern lights, and exploring the breathtaking scenery of Iceland in a sturdy 4x4 vehicle. 
  • Brazil Overland: In the tropical escapade that we like to call “ Brazil Overland ”, we traverse the iconic route of emotions, dive into the Amazon rainforest, party with locals, and more.
  • Morocco Overland: The Morocco Overland starting from Merrakesh is all about sand dunes, sunsets, and steering wheels. From the snow-kissed peaks of the High Atlas to the spice-scented souks, this overland drive is your ticket to a whole new world.
  • Kyrgyzstan Overland: A road trip that takes you through the land of nomads and into endless adventures, our Kyrgyzstan Overland drive is full of mystical experiences. Witnesseagle hunters in action, feast on delectable cuisine, and more.

Road Trips in India: 

  • Ladakh Expedition: The Land of High Passes is best explored on 4 wheels and that’s exactly what we do on our Ladakh expeditions as we explore Ladakh via two of the most iconic routes. Ladakh via Manali and Ladakh via Srinagar , both of which have their own charm. From conquering the high-altitude passes to discovering hidden gems, we do it all.
  • Lahaul and Spiti Expedition: Our Lahaul & Spiti Expedition is all about traversing wicked Himalayan trails, ticking off all the attractions, and making sure that by the time the road trip ends, you have an entirely new definition of thrill. 
  • Northeast Expedition: The ultimate adventure in India’s Northeast where you get to traverse winding roads and peel back the curtain to find hidden gems as you explore Ziro Valley, Majuli, Meghalaya, and more in your 4x4 beast.

Here’s what you get: 

  • Guided Expeditions: Adventures Overland's guided self-drive expeditions are the epitome of immersive travel experiences, led by seasoned experts who unravel the hidden gems of each destination, ensuring that every moment becomes a cherished highlight of your adventure.
  • Luxury Road Trips: Adventures Overland sets the gold standard for luxury road trips , providing travelers with top-notch experiences. Picture yourself cruising through the scenic Italian countryside in a sleek sports car or exploring the rugged beauty of Iceland in a luxury 4x4. These journeys combine high-end comfort with breathtaking destinations, creating travel memories like no other.
  • Global Destinations: Adventures Overland offers an array of remarkable global destinations to explore , such as the mystical landscapes of Iceland, where you can chase the Northern Lights, or the rugged terrains of Kyrgyzstan, where you can experience nomadic traditions firsthand. These road trips around the world promise an enriching blend of adventure and cultural discovery.
  • Customer Reviews/Testimonials: Adventures Overland stands out as an exceptional choice for travelers due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from thousands of adventurers. These testimonials highlight our commitment to delivering unforgettable and well-organized self-drive road trips that consistently exceed expectations.
  • The option to choose: Adventures Overland provides travelers with a unique blend of options, allowing them to embark on road trips tailored to their specific desires through customized itineraries, or join fixed departure tours for a convenient and well-organized exploration of diverse destinations, ensuring an unforgettable travel experience.
  • Explore More: Provide a button or link to explore all available expeditions and road trips.
  • What are Guided Self-Drive Expeditions? Guided Self-Drive Expeditions with Adventures Overland are meticulously planned journeys where participants explore stunning destinations in their own vehicles while receiving expert guidance. 
  • Are these road trips suitable for beginners? Our road trips cater to all levels of experience, making them suitable for beginners and seasoned travelers alike. 
  • What destinations do you offer? We offer a diverse range of destinations, including but not limited to Iceland, Jordan, Morocco, Brazil, and Kyrgyzstan. We also organize the iconic Road to London trip that covers 22 countries which is epic on its own.
  • What's included in a Luxury Road Trip package? Our Luxury Road Trip packages encompass premium accommodations, gourmet meals, and exclusive experiences, ensuring a comfortable and memorable journey. 
  • Can I customize my expedition or road trip? Yes, you can fully customize your expedition or road trip to meet your preferences and requirements.
  • Do I need to bring my own vehicle? Participants are welcome to bring their vehicles, but we also offer rental options for added convenience.
  • How do I book an expedition or road trip? Booking is easy through our website, where you can choose your desired expedition and follow the booking process.
  • What safety measures are in place during expeditions? Safety is our top priority, and we have comprehensive measures in place, including experienced guides, medical support, and well-equipped vehicles.
  • Can solo travelers join your expeditions? Solo travelers are encouraged to join our expeditions and form lasting connections with like-minded adventurers.
  • How can I get in touch with your team for more information? For more information, reach out to our team through our website contact us via phone at 9911599811, or drop us an email at [email protected]

overland travel adventures

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100% Safety

Safety is paramount. We ensure that you are safe and secure across all terrains.

Anything but basic

If it’s not extraordinary, we either won’t do it or we’ll find a way to make it so.


It’s impossible not to love and care for the land with these amazing adventures.

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overland travel adventures


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Ultimate luxury tour of New Zealand

20 days from £43,145pp

The Great Barrier Reef

Ultimate luxury tour of Australia

20 days from £29,275pp

Alpine Landing with Over The Top Helicopters

Luxury New Zealand self-drive tour

17 days from £27,120pp

Ocean Endeavour

Into Canada's Northwest Passage

20 days from £21,535pp

Romon Gate, Fushimi Inari, Kyoto

Deluxe grand tour of Japan

23 days from £20,850pp

Humpback whale breaching near Seward

Ultimate Alaska wildlife safari

13 days from £19,455pp


Luxury around Sydney

17 days from £18,335pp

South Georgia

Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falklands

24 days from £16,170pp

Mombo Camp, Chief's Island

Luxury Botswana safari

12 days from £16,070pp

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Beach pool villa, Milaidhoo Island Maldives, Maldive Island

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Driving the Dampier Peninsula, near Cape Lévêque

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Sunset upon return to Indochina Sails Junk, Halong Bay, Vietnam

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San bushman, Makgadikgadi Pans

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Easter Island, Chile

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Grizzly bear, British Columbia

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Hiking in Colorado

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My wife and I just completed our 5th tour with Audley Travel, this time to India. And, as with our...

Excellent job in planning…

Thora did an excellent job in planning our trip. She listened to what we wanted to do and see on...

Outstanding service and knowledge

I have just had the absolute pleasure of booking one of my clients on a bucket-list holiday with...

Mexico trip

A wonderful trip to Mexico organised at short notice by Audley who managed to fit in all the sights...

Expertly Organised Safari

Audley organised our family of 5 to go on safari to Kenya and beach in Zanzibar. The holiday itself...

Our best trip ever …

We recently returned from the holiday of a lifetime to New Zealand. The itinerary was put together...

An amazing honeymoon to Tanzania…

We had an amazing honeymoon to Tanzania organised by Sam Horner at Audley. He really listened to...

Amazing experience with Audley

We worked with Laura C at Audley to plan our honeymoon and it turned out perfect! From the...

Exactly what we wanted!

My wife and I had the most amazing experience in Japan--and we couldn't have done it without Adam...

My grandchildren and I spent 10…

My grandchildren and I spent 10 wonderful days in Southern Spain and Madrid. We visited 5 cities...

Our trip to Kenya

Our trip to Kenya was absolutely amazing. Abigail Childres made it so we always felt safe and ...

Our journey to Peru during the holidays…

Our journey to Peru during the holidays of 2023 was an outstanding bucket list trip! Jasmine Scott...

Absolute pleasure working with Audley Travel

We began our relationship with Audley Travel in the fall of 2023 working with Jason Toms. He...

Wonderful third trip arranged by Audley

We have just got back from our third Audley trip and our second to New Zealand. As in October 2022,...

Audley planned our perfect adventure!

We asked Audley to plan our once-in-a-lifetime adventure to South America for us to celebrate our...

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Moscow Vibes – Three Day City Escape

Duration 3 days

Price from USD $730 ? Currency Conversion Converted from USD based on the latest exchange rate. Final amount and payment will be in USD. Final conversion rate is determined by your bank.

Trip Style Sightseeing

Time of year All Year

Home / Moscow Tours / Moscow Vibes – Three Day City Escape

  • Dates & Prices

This short Moscow tour will give you a true taste of the history, culture and incomparable urban vibe that define one of the world’s largest metropolises. In just three days, this Moscow itinerary takes in all the most iconic sights of this attraction-packed destination. After two and half days getting acquainted with the city, we’ve set time aside for you to explore Moscow your way and discover your own favourite hang-outs in a city overflowing with hidden treasures

3-Day Moscow Tour Highlights:

  • Panoramic Tour of Moscow: See Moscow beyond the postcard images on a private excursion by car through the city streets including a drive along the banks of the Moskva River. Visit the famous Bolshoi Theatre, pass by Gorky Park and the Novodevichy Convent, and admire the city from on high at the Sparrow Hill observation platform.
  • Moscow Historical City Centre Guided Walking Tour : Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of one of the world’s biggest metropolises and discover local haunts on foot, including the Red Square, the Kremlin and the multi-coloured domes of St Basil’s Cathedral.
  • Armory Chamber tour: Explore the endless treasures of this unique museum, displaying the wealth accumulated by Russian rulers from the 12th century until the October Revolution of 1917. Walking through the exhibition halls is a journey through the centuries.
  • Moscow Metro Tour : Go deep underground on a subway tour of the famous Moscow metro. The world’s deepest metro system is renowned for its palatial, art-adorned stations, complete with marble columns and chandeliers.

On your first day, you’ll be treated to a panoramic, drive-by tour of Moscow to get a feel for the immense scale of one of the world’s most rapidly developing urban centres. The city’s history unfolds in real-time as you pass lavish imperial mansions, solemn Soviet structures and luxurious modern shopping centres.

Day two kicks off exploring Moscow’s historic centre on foot, followed by a tour of the Kremlin, the seat of Russian power and political intrigue for centuries. Stand in the Red Square, surrounded by the stunning architecture as you hear stories of the people and events behind many of Moscow’s most iconic landmarks.

On your final day, we’ll head beneath the city for a tour of the Moscow Metro and its famously ornate underground stations. Art lovers should hit up one of Moscow’s many world-class galleries such as the Tretyakov State Gallery, the Pushkin Museum or Garage, Moscow’s cutting-edge contemporary art museum. History fans can follow a Soviet trail through the city including Stalin’s Bunker, while those seeking a more indulgent experience can browse trendy neighbourhoods like Kitay Gorod or shop for everything from fashion to kitsch souvenirs at the enchanting Izmaylovo Flea Market. Foodies can head to one of the countless speciality stores sampling vodka, caviar and chocolate.

If you only have a few days to spend in Moscow, this tour will ensure you make the most of your time in the city. Let the experts navigate you through this complex and occasionally overwhelming capital, giving you plenty of time to soak up the city’s most unmissable attractions.


Not Included


Action rating ?

Type of tour

3 days / 2 nights

Private - Any Date

Russia Moscow Tour

Day 1 Panoramic city tour

Welcome to the glorious capital of Russia, Moscow! You’ll be met by your driver at the airport and taken to your centrally located hotel.

After check-in and rest, meet your private guide at the hotel lobby for a comprehensive tour of Moscow by car. Visit the starkly contrasting Theatre Square to see the stunning Bolshoi Theatre, pass Tverskaya Street, the city’s main boulevard and home to the landmark Yeleseyevskiy Grocery Store.

You’ll enjoy a panoramic drive along the Moskva River, where a huge, controversial state of Peter the Great was erected. Pass by the legendary Gorky Park and the White House before a stop at the architecturally stunning Novodevichy Convent, and the observation platform at Sparrow Hills, for a bird’s eye view over this staggering megalopolis.

Day 2 Red Square and Kremlin

After breakfast at the hotel, your guide will take you on a walking tour of the historical city centre. Stroll through the Red Square, the hub of cultural life in Moscow, with its elaborate ‘stone flower’ fountain and fantasy-like St Basil’s Cathedral – a postcard-perfect symbol of the nation. Admire the grandiose façade of GUM, the city’s most luxurious shopping centre, and visit Alexander’s Garden, with its eternal flame and the chance to watch a changing of the guards.

Break for lunch before continuing on a tour of the Kremlin and Armoury Chamber, famous of its collection of tsarist fashion, with regalia such as jewel-encrusted crowns, orbs and sceptres as well as arms and armour, exotic gifts from the leaders of faraway lands, and an illustrious case of Imperial Faberge eggs.

As an option* spend an evening on a sumptuous dinner cruise, taking in the stunning sights and city lights of this mesmerising metropolis by night.

Day 3 Metro and Arbat Street

Start a day with a tour of Metro, stopping on the way to marvel at some of the most elaborately decorated stations of the world-famous Moscow subway system. Take a stroll along Old Arbat street - the most famous street in Moscow. Through the centuries Arbat used to be one of the most bohemian places in Moscow. Today Arbat is a promenade full of small cozy cafes and street life.

The afternoon is free for you to either enjoy the rest of the day on your own or choose among optional excursions to explore more of Moscow. Visit the Tretyakov Gallery or Pushkin State Museum to admire Russian art. Join locals for a stroll at the Gorky or VDNH park.

Visit beautiful Kolomeskoye Estate or Izmailovo Kremlin, or spend a day exploring the beautiful city of the Golden Ring (Russian province) - Sergiev Posad. In the evening you will be transferred to the airport for your departure to your next destination.

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Why travel to Russia with 56th Parallel?

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Our team offers over 18 years of experience travelling and planning travel in Russia. Delivering outstanding travel experiences in Russia’s capitals and in some of the most stunning & remote locations takes experience, special access and the right connections. We make sure that all the fine details are handled perfectly so you can enjoy your Russia travel experience.

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Group & Private Tours

The choice to join a small group on a guaranteed departure or chose to travel on your own dates with your own mates. Each destination we travel to in Russia offers an option between private tours and small group tours. Please note: on our adventure tours in remote destinations, we mostly run group tours to keep the cost down.

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56th Parallel is a fully licensed, insured and accredited travel provider.

overland travel adventures

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Day 1: Panoramic city tour

Day 2: red square and kremlin, day 3: metro and arbat street, not included, start planning your tour.

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