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Summary [ ]

Bilana III

The Enterprise in orbit of Bilana III

In engineering , Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge is visibly excited about the history-making events about to transpire. He likens it to being present to see Chuck Yeager break the sound barrier or Zefram Cochrane engage the first warp drive . Lieutenant Commander Data and Lieutenant Worf don't share his enthusiasm. La Forge leaves them to talk with Crewman Donaldson , a fellow engineer who may be more receptive.

Worf receives a subspace communication from the transport ship Milan . It is Worf's mother, Helena Rozhenko , who has brought with her Worf's son, Alexander , to visit. Worf makes arrangements for them to come aboard.

In the transporter room , Worf greets his mother and son stiffly and asks " How long can you stay? ", to which Alexander replies, " I'm not going back ."

Act One [ ]

Worf and his mother enter Ten Forward and sit down together at a table. Helena explains to Worf that she and Worf's father are getting older and cannot take proper care of Alexander anymore and that he needs to be with his father. Worf protests that it is " not possible " and that they must find another option. Helena says that Alexander " needs his father " and that Alexander has been having difficulties with his behavior, even lying on occasion. She insists that he needs his father for guidance. Worf seems to agree with her.

Kyle, teacher

Afterward, Worf and Alexander are walking in a corridor to visit the Enterprise 's primary school teacher , Miss Kyle . Worf is stiffly asking questions of Alexander, who is giving one-word answers and Worf can only respond with " good. " When they arrive and are introduced, Miss Kyle asks Alexander to spell his last name for her. He isn't paying attention and the teacher moves on to another question, Alexander's date of birth. Worf doesn't know the answer and Alexander is clearly disappointed and answers, " The forty-third day of Maktag , Stardate 43205 . " When Kyle asks Worf how long Alexander will be on board, he replies that it hasn't been decided. Alexander looks crushed.

Captain Picard is waiting in his ready room tapping an isolinear chip and looking somewhat annoyed. Worf enters and Picard mildly upbraids him for being late then begins speaking about newly transferred security officers coming on duty when they are interrupted by a call from Miss Kyle asking about scheduling placement tests for Alexander. Worf cuts her off and says he will speak to her at another time. Picard continues, only to be interrupted again by Doctor Crusher calling Worf from sickbay to ask about scheduling a physical examination of Alexander. Worf asks her if they can discuss it later and apologizes to Picard for the interruptions. Picard tells Worf to take care of his son and that the security matters can wait. He seems mildly amused as Worf leaves.

Doctor Ja'Dar is briefing the senior staff in the observation lounge about the upcoming experiment. He says that there are twenty-three field coils on the planet working in concert to generate the soliton wave. The test ship will be towed to a position approximately two million kilometers from the planet. The plan is for the wave to envelop the ship and push it into warp. Picard comments, " Warp without warp drive, " and Commander Riker jokes that this could put La Forge out of a job, to which La Forge says he hopes so. Data asks how closely the Enterprise will need to follow the test vehicle and Ja'Dar responds that the soliton emits a great deal of subspace radio interference so they must remain within twenty kilometers in order to receive telemetry. Picard asks how the experiment will be terminated and is told that the wave is being directed toward the planet Lemma II , about three light years away where their sister facility will generate a scattering field to dissipate the wave and bring the ship out of warp. The briefing ends and the staff leaves, while La Forge stays behind to speak some more with Ja'Dar.

On the bridge, Counselor Deanna Troi approaches Worf and informs him that she has spoken with Mrs. Kyle about Alexander being enrolled in the ship's primary school. She asks if Worf is planning to attend the father and son field trip scheduled for later in the afternoon. Worf replies that he has a personnel review scheduled for 1300 hours. Troi replies that it would be a good opportunity for Worf to get to know the other students and parents. Worf decides to reschedule the review so they can attend. Troi informs Worf that she will let them know that he and Alexander will attend, much to his chagrin.

On the field trip , Miss Kyle is showing her class and the parents a pair of animals from Corvan II in a cage while Alexander is looking at some small animal models on a table. While keeping an eye on Alexander, Miss Kyle explains that the animals are called gilvos and that their eating habits are similar to that of Earth 's draco lizard , which went extinct more than three hundred years ago. She goes on to say there are only fourteen gilvos left on Corvan II, so the Enterprise is transplanting this pair to the protected planet Brentalia where they will be able to thrive. After her lecture, Miss Kyle gently confronts Alexander about taking a model lizard from the table, trying to make it out to be a misunderstanding. Worf is angry at even the hint of an accusation and asks his son if he took the model. He looks directly at Worf and denies it. Miss Kyle insists that she saw Alexander put the model into his jacket. Worf reaches into Alexander's pocket and removes the lizard model; Alexander has lied to Worf's face.

Act Two [ ]

Kahless and Morath statue

The statue of Kahless and Morath

In his quarters , Worf is pacing and lecturing Alexander who is seated and staring at the floor. He is telling his son about honor and how " a Klingon 's word is his bond; without it he is nothing. " Alexander doesn't know why he stole or lied, and this infuriates Worf, who quickly calms down and takes Alexander into the next room and sits down with him on a couch. He points out a stature of two figures locked in hand-to-hand combat. He asks Alexander if he knows who they are. Alexander knows that one of them is Kahless , and Worf tells him that the other one is Kahless' brother, Morath . They are fighting because Morath told a lie and brought shame and dishonor to their family. They fought for twelve days and nights. Worf explains to Alexander that when he lies, he is dishonoring his own family in the same way, and that he is dishonoring Worf. Alexander promises never to lie again.

Soliton wave rider

The soliton wave rider test ship

In the corridor, Troi asks Worf about the field trip. As they enter the turbolift en route to the bridge , Worf recounts the incident with the model and the lie. Troi offers to help if there are any further problems, but Worf is confident that Alexander will not repeat the behavior.

On the bridge, the Enterprise is linked telemetrically to the test ship and Dr. Ja'Dar begins the launch sequence for the soliton wave. The wave rockets from the surface of the planet and envelops the test ship which successfully enters warp. The Enterprise follows and moves to within twenty kilometers. La Forge reports that the ship's speed is warp 2.35, slightly faster than they expected. Picard asks if the wave is affecting the Enterprise 's warp drive, but Data replies that it is not. La Forge reports that the power efficiency of the wave is 98 percent. Data remarks that is 450% more efficient than their own warp engines. Suddenly, the wave's power signature fluctuates and efficiency drops to 73%. Then a subspace distortion is detected and hits the Enterprise . La Forge is unable to compensate and Picard is forced to order Ensign Felton to put all stop on the engines just as the test ship explodes. The explosion ripples through the Enterprise , knocking most of the bridge crew to the deck.

Act Three [ ]


Sensors and warp drive are off line and deflectors are at 15%. Dr. Ja'Dar sends a message from the surface of Bilana III asking if everyone is all right. He speculates that there was a transient power imbalance and La Forge confirms this as consistent with the telemetry readings from the ship before it exploded. Though the experiment wasn't entirely successful, La Forge congratulates Ja'Dar for achieving warp without warp drive and hopes to witness the next test in person.

Worf meets with Miss Kyle to discuss Alexander. She is concerned with his demeanor in class. Worf dismisses it as typical Klingon child behavior and suggests that Kyle use a " firm hand. " She reports that Alexander is still stealing and lying and that perhaps they should meet with Counselor Troi. Worf interrupts her, stands, and inquires of the ship's computer the whereabouts of his son. The computer reports that he is on Holodeck 4. Worf turns as he leaves and tells Miss Kyle that he will " handle this. "

When Worf arrives at Holodeck 4, he discovers that Alexander is running his calisthenics program – at the novice level. Worf enters the holodeck and finds Alexander fighting a skeleton -headed holographic adversary. Alexander wins the battle and Worf freezes the program. Alexander has taken Worf's bat'leth and used the holodeck without permission. Worf confronts Alexander about his disobedience to Miss Kyle. He denies doing it and Worf orders him back to their quarters , lamenting his own failure in his fatherly duties. Alexander doesn't leave and argues with his father. Worf decides to send him to a Klingon school and Alexander shouts that he " won't go. " With that, Worf demands that he return to their quarters and remain there.

Back on the bridge, Riker is informed by La Forge that it will be another hour until engines are back online. Sensors come back up and Data determines that the soliton wave is still on course for the Lemma II colony, and that the wave has increased velocity to warp 4.1. Riker repeats these findings to Dr. Ja'Dar and Data adds that the energy level of the wave has increased twelve times and will increase by a factor of two hundred by the time it reaches Lemma II. Ja'Dar announces that at such a power level, not only will the colony be destroyed, but most of the planet as well.

Act Four [ ]

Worf and Troi are meeting to discuss his decision to send Alexander away to a Klingon school. Troi asks Worf many questions that Worf seems to have difficulty answering. She also mentions Alexander's mother, K'Ehleyr , who was killed by an enemy of Worf's while they were visiting him . It was at this time that Worf sent Alexander to live with the Rozhenkos on Earth . Troi opines that for Alexander, this was like losing both parents at the same time.

Worf listens, then tells Troi about the last time he spoke to K'Ehleyr. They argued about how K'Ehleyr kept her pregnancy and Alexander's birth a secret from Worf. He recalls that he was angry at her at the time for not revealing this to him sooner. Troi helps Worf deal with his anger over the episode and suggests that he and Alexander should work together on healing, as they both have a lot to do together.

When Worf returns to his quarters, Alexander is packing a suitcase. He believes that Worf is ashamed of him and is sending him away for that reason. Worf tries to explain the reason for sending him away, but Alexander doesn't understand. Worf is called to the observation lounge by Commander Riker, but before he leaves, he instructs Alexander to remain in their quarters. After Worf exits, Alexander angrily knocks his suitcase off a table and leaves his father's quarters.

Picard enters the observation lounge where La Forge and Data are waiting. La Forge begins speaking as soon as the captain is seated when Worf comes in, interrupting him. La Forge continues to explain that the wave's energy level has increased by a factor of ninety-six and will hit the planet within a couple of hours. Picard asks how they can stop it and La Forge replies that there are two options. The first is to use the Enterprise 's warp engines to create an inverse resonance wave , but since the soliton wave is constantly changing its frequency and amplitude, it would be extremely difficult to match it exactly. The second option is a little more dangerous but has a better chance of success: they could create a backfire by making a large enough explosion consisting of five photon torpedoes and setting it off just in front of the wave, which would disrupt it and cause it to dissipate. The wave is now traveling at warp 6.37 according to Data, and while the Enterprise can catch up to it, for the plan to work, the ship must get in front of it to set off the explosion. Due to the increasing size and power of the wave, it is no longer possible to circumvent it before it reaches Lemma II; they have to go through it. Worf warns that the shields are only at 33%, as they have not yet been fully restored after the explosion of the test ship, and thus the Enterprise would be in for a rough ride. Picard says it's the better choice and orders a course to be set to intercept the soliton wave.

The wave is now at warp 7.2. Picard orders Ensign Felton to increase speed and hold relative position twenty-three kilometers in front of the wave. She increases speed to warp 7.21. As they approach the wave, Riker orders red alert and torpedo bays to be loaded with warheads set to Level 16. The Enterprise increases speed to warp 7.3 and everyone braces for impact.

Alexander has disobeyed his father and snuck into the biolab. He switches on the light in the gilvos' cage when the ship is jolted by the wave, knocking him to the floor.

Soliton wave

The soliton wave

The Enterprise has encountered the soliton wave and has passed through it, but it has been a rough ride. They take position in front of it and Worf reports that there are fluctuations in several warp transfer conduits and that deflector strength is down to 12%. Riker reports gaps in the aft shields and recommends that they evacuate Sections 24 through 47 , Decks 35 through 38 to avoid exposing the crew in these areas to ion radiation . Worf suddenly reports that there is a fire in Biolab 4 and that fire-suppression apparatus was not working. Data reports that there are lifeforms in the biolab and that one is humanoid . The computer identifies the occupant of the biolab as Alexander Rozhenko to Worf's horror.

Act Five [ ]

Picard tries to contact Alexander, but there is no response. Internal sensors show that he is alive but may be injured. Felton announces that warp power is dropping, and the ship is losing speed. Riker contacts La Forge in engineering for an explanation. La Forge reports that they lost four warp plasma conduits and can't maintain current speed much longer. Data states that they are four minutes and thirty seconds in front of the wave as Worf asks permission to leave the bridge to rescue Alexander. Picard grants it and sends Riker along to help. Data says that Biolab 4 is one of the areas that will be flooded with ion radiation when the torpedoes explode. Picard states that he must protect the colony at all costs and gives Worf and Riker " three minutes, not one second more. "

Riker and Worf arrive at the biolab but can't open the doors because the primary control is shorted out. Worf rips off an access panel and is able to open the doors by rearranging isolinear chips. Flames burst into the corridor and the two enter the smoke-filled room. They call out for Alexander but there is no response. On the bridge, Data announces that the soliton wave has closed to ten kilometers. Torpedoes are at standby as Worf finds Alexander unconscious under a fallen beam. He is still alive, but Riker and Worf cannot move the beam that has fallen on his leg. As Riker goes to find something to help them lift the beam, Alexander regains consciousness and tells Worf that his leg hurts and that he's scared. Worf summons strength from this and struggles to lift the beam himself. He does so and throws it aside just as Riker is returning with a lever. They move away more debris and Worf takes Alexander into his arms. Alexander pleads with Riker to save the gilvos (which are trapped in their cage) and although there is little time, Riker does so as the wave closes to one kilometer. Picard has run out of time and orders the torpedoes launched.

Worf and Riker rescue Alexander and Corvan gilvos

" Riker here, Captain. We made it, sir. The boy's gonna be all right. "

Worf and Riker exit the burning biolab carrying Alexander and the gilvos as the torpedoes explode, successfully disrupting the soliton wave. Riker reports to Picard that they made it out in time and that the boy will be fine.

Later, Worf and Alexander are in sickbay with Dr. Crusher who finds that Alexander has suffered some minor smoke inhalation and has a hairline fracture of the tibia . She wants to keep him overnight but announces that he will be fine. After she leaves, Alexander is worried that he is in trouble, to which Worf responds, " yes. " Alexander apologizes and promises to be good at the Klingon school. Worf explains how difficult and demanding the Klingon school is, but that if Alexander would like an even greater challenge, he can stay on the Enterprise with Worf, and they can face the difficulties together. Alexander replies, " I accept your challenge, father. I will stay. " Worf replies, " I believe your mother would be pleased. "

Log entries [ ]

  • Captain's log, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), 2368
  • Personal log, Worf

Memorable quotes [ ]

" This is going to be like being there to watch Chuck Yeager break the sound barrier or Zefram Cochrane engage the first warp drive! " " It should be interesting. " "Very exciting. " " I'm talking to the wrong crowd. "

" How long can you stay? " " I'm not going back. "

" Warp without warp drive. " " They're gonna put you out of a job, Geordi. " " I hope so, Commander. "

" A Klingon's honor is more important to him than his life. A Klingon would gladly face the most horrible punishment rather than bring shame or disgrace to his family name. His word is his bond. Without it, he is nothing. "

" When I was a child, younger than you, I lost my parents, my family, my people. Everything I had was taken from me, except my sense of honor. It was the one thing I had which was truly Klingon and which no one could take away. Do you know who they are? " " Kahless. " " And his brother Morath. They fought for twelve days and twelve nights because Morath had broken his word and brought shame to his family. When you lie or steal, you not only dishonor yourself, but your family. You dishonor me. "

" You don't care about me! " " That's not true! " " All you care about is your honor. "

" Are you going to get in trouble because of me? " " Do not concern yourself with that. " " Am I in trouble? " " Yes. But we will discuss that at a later time. " " I'm sorry. I promise I'll be good at the Klingon school. I'll make you proud of me. " " Klingon schools are designed to be difficult. The physical and mental hardships faced by the students are meant to build character and strength. However, if you wish to face a greater challenge, you may stay here with me. It will not be easy, for either one of us, but perhaps we can face the challenge together. " " I accept your challenge, Father. I will stay. " " I believe your mother would be pleased. "

Background information [ ]

Production history [ ].

  • Final draft script: 4 October 1991 [1]
  • Filmed: 8 October 1991 – 16 October 1991
  • Premiere airdate: 6 January 1992
  • First UK airdate: 22 February 1995

Story and script [ ]

  • During the writing of " Reunion ", the staff considered having Alexander stay on the ship with Worf , but it was a plot point they did not feel like dealing with at the time. The idea was resurrected for this episode. Michael Piller recalled, " We thought it would be a lot of fun to have a young Klingon and to see what Worf would be like as a father, and to use Alexander to see different parts of the ship. " ( Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages , p. 235)
  • Grant Rosenberg was given the opportunity to write the teleplay from his friend Rick Berman . He remembered that the writing staff hadn't been able to make the story from Sara Charno and Stuart Charno work for some time. Accordingly, he and the staff took the main idea – dealing with Alexander – and rebuilt the story from there. ( Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages , pp. 235-236)
  • Ronald D. Moore performed an uncredited rewrite of the teleplay. ( Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion  (2nd ed., p. 187))
  • Considering the central conflict in the episode, Moore commented, " Worf is more Klingon than the Klingons are. He doesn't seem to have a real good sense of humor, he doesn't laugh a lot. The Klingons are these boisterous Vikings in space, and his whole relationship with his son is geared towards making him the perfect little warrior. The fact that Alexander's mother didn't share any of those ideas immediately puts the two in conflict, which was good because that's the essence of drama and it's built in stories of the two of them knocking heads. " ( Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages , p. 235)
  • Working titles for this episode included "Trial Run" and "Barriers". [2]
  • The episode's final draft script featured a character named "Miss Lowry". This ultimately became Miss Kyle . [3]

Production [ ]

  • "New Ground" was filmed between Tuesday 8 October 1991 and Wednesday 16 October 1991 on Paramount Stage 8 , 9 , and 16 .
  • According to the call sheet of Monday 14 October 1991 , Paramount Stage 10 was used for the child actors as schoolroom under the supervision of teacher L. Fife .
  • Country music singer and songwriter Eddie Rabbitt visited the set during the filming of this episode. ( Star Trek: The Next Generation 365 , p. 237)

Sets and props [ ]

  • The statue of Kahless and Morath seen in Worf's quarters was previously seen in the episodes " Peak Performance " and " Reunion " and later appeared in " Cost Of Living ", " Parallels ", and " Firstborn ".
  • The chair in Worf's quarters was also seen in the episodes " Peak Performance ", " Family ", " Reunion ", " Redemption ", " Cost Of Living ", " A Fistful of Datas ", " Birthright, Part I ", " Parallels ", " Genesis ", and " Firstborn ", and was used as the command chair aboard the Tarellian starship in the first season episode " Haven ". It was designed by Peter Opsvik . [4]
  • This episode introduced the Corvan gilvo , which was designed and created by Michael Westmore and puppeteered by Alison Elbl . It later appeared in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode " The Nagus ".
  • The soliton wave rider is a re-dress of the Mars defense perimeter ship seen in " The Best of Both Worlds, Part II " and " Unification I ". ( Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion  (2nd ed., p. 187))
  • The counselor's office appears for the sixth time in The Next Generation , built on Paramount Stage 9 . ("New Ground" call sheet, Tuesday 15 October 1991 )
  • The costume worn by Richard McGonagle was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [5]
  • Dave Archer created the painting "101" for the scenes in the teacher's office and classroom. This is the only episode that features this painting. [6]

Cast and characters [ ]

Brian Bonsall during New Ground

Brian Bonsall goofs off between takes

  • Georgia Brown reprises her role as Worf's foster mother Helena Rozhenko , following her first appearance in the episode " Family ". This was her final appearance and also Brown's final performance, as the actress passed away in 1992 . [7]
  • This was the first episode showing Brian Bonsall as Worf's son Alexander Rozhenko, following Jon Steuer 's performance in the episode " Reunion ". Bonsall was chosen as he was considered to have the requisite experience (from Family Ties ) to take on a recurring role. ( Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion  (2nd ed., p. 187)) Bonsall subsequently reprised this role in six further episodes.
  • Richard McGonagle , who played Dr. Ja'Dar in this installment, later portrayed Commander Pete Harkins in the Star Trek: Voyager episodes " Pathfinder " and " Inside Man ".
  • This episode marks the second of five appearances of Sheila Franklin 's Ensign Felton . She was credited as "Ensign" in the end credits of the episode.
  • "New Ground" was the third and final time that the skull-faced opponent from Worf's holoprogram appears in The Next Generation . This time, the series' stunt coordinator, Dennis Madalone , played the part. A similar holographic character later appeared in Jadzia Dax 's holosuite exercise program on Deep Space 9 in DS9 : " The Way of the Warrior ". On that occasion, the role was played by both Madalone and stunt actor Tom Morga .
  • In this episode, regular background performers Michael Braveheart , Mark Lentry , and Joe Baumann were shown for the first and only time as fathers.
  • This was the fourth episode on which Nora Leonhardt was absent and Melba Gonzalez filled in as stand-in for Marina Sirtis .

Effects [ ]

  • The special effects company Stokes/Kohne Assoc., Inc. , which previously worked on the "entity" sequence in the second season episode " The Child ", provided the soliton wave animation for this episode.

Continuity [ ]

  • La Forge states that watching the wave will be " like being there to see Chuck Yeager break the sound barrier, or Zefram Cochrane engage the first warp drive! " He is, in fact, present for the latter – and actually participates in the flight itself – in Star Trek: First Contact , later in his life.
  • Throughout this episode, the pronunciation of Kahless the Unforgettable is anglicized to "Kahh-less".

Reception [ ]

  • Director Robert Scheerer remembered, " The father/son angle did that for me. Michael's normally in the position of having to feed lines to others on the bridge, and he doesn't get to do many things, so it's always a pleasure when he gets something with body to it. It's all emotion; it doesn't matter how they look. A director does his best work when an actor is willing to listen, try things and be brave. The little boy (Alexander, played by Brian Bonsall ), was wonderful. He was the kid from Family Ties . Boy, did he love his character! He had more fun on this show with the makeup, putting it on and wearing it. On the first day, Brian was a little nervous, and it showed in his work. But from the second day on, he was a real pro. Michael is big and hulking, but he's also a very sensitive guy. Talk to him on the basis of a father's love and he understood it – all the frustrations a father has to deal with. He was excellent. " ( The Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine  issue 20 , p. 34)
  • Michael Piller also enjoyed Bonsall's performance. He thought the reintroduction of Alexander was a success, calling it an "interesting addition". ( Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages , p. 235)
  • According to Brannon Braga , the production staff received a lot of negative feedback about the episode. " I think that's an episode where you could complain it's getting to be like a soap opera on the ship. Perhaps because the B-story was just that, a B-story, with the soliton wave. " ( Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages , p. 235)
  • Rick Berman commented, " I thought it was well done, but it doesn't stand out for me […] The shows that I find the most disappointing are the shows where we have a wonderful character piece and a weak science fiction story. " ( Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages , p. 235)
  • A mission report for this episode, by John Sayers, was published in The Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine  issue 20 , pp. 8-11.

Video and DVD releases [ ]

  • Original UK VHS release (two-episode tapes, CIC Video ): Volume 55, 16 November 1992
  • UK re-release (three-episode tapes, Paramount Home Entertainment ): Volume 5.4, 2 September 2002
  • As part of the TNG Season 5 DVD collection

Links and references [ ]

Starring [ ].

  • Patrick Stewart as Capt. Jean-Luc Picard
  • Jonathan Frakes as Cmdr. William Riker

Also starring [ ]

  • LeVar Burton as Lt. Cmdr. Geordi La Forge
  • Michael Dorn as Lt. Worf
  • Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher
  • Marina Sirtis as Counselor Deanna Troi
  • Brent Spiner as Lt. Commander Data

Guest stars [ ]

  • Georgia Brown as Helena Rozhenko
  • Brian Bonsall as Alexander Rozhenko
  • Richard McGonagle as Ja'Dar
  • Jennifer Edwards as Mrs. Kyle

Co-stars [ ]

  • Sheila Franklin as Ensign
  • Majel Barrett as Computer Voice

Uncredited co-stars [ ]

  • Rachen Assapiomonwait as Nelson
  • Joe Baumann as Garvey
  • Michael Braveheart as Martinez
  • Debbie David as Russell
  • Chapman as boy
  • Tracee Lee Cocco as Jae
  • Cooper as Reel
  • Nyra Crenshaw as operations division officer
  • Gerard David, Jr. as operations division ensign
  • Dickinson as boy
  • Lanier Edwards as command division lieutenant
  • Alison Elbl – puppeteer: Corvan gilvo
  • Eben Ham as operations division ensign
  • Holmes as boy
  • Gary Hunter as science division officer
  • D. Kai as sciences officer
  • Arvo Katajisto as Torigan
  • Alex Landi as operations division officer
  • Mark Lentry as science division lieutenant
  • Dennis Madalone as skull-faced opponent
  • Jay Montalvo as operations division officer
  • Michael Moorehead as science division ensign
  • Murphy as boy
  • O'Leary as boy
  • Brandy Pickett as science division officer
  • Keith Rayve as command division ensign
  • Ricksecker as boy
  • Joycelyn Robinson as Gates
  • Victor Sein as command division officer
  • Talbot as Ten Forward waitress
  • Guy Vardaman as Darien Wallace
  • Christina Wegler Miles as command division ensign
  • Female com officer (voice)
  • Field trip father
  • Ten Forward waiter

Stand-ins [ ]

  • David Keith Anderson – stand-in for LeVar Burton
  • Cameron – stand-in for Gates McFadden
  • Melba Gonzalez – stand-in for Marina Sirtis , Georgia Brown , and Jennifer Edwards
  • Johnny Hayden – stand-in for Brian Bonsall
  • Joshua Henson - photo double for Brian Bonsall
  • Tim McCormack – stand-in for Brent Spiner and Dennis Madalone
  • Lorine Mendell – stand-in for Sheila Franklin
  • Richard Sarstedt – stand-in for Jonathan Frakes
  • Dennis Tracy – stand-in for Patrick Stewart
  • James Washington – stand-in for Michael Dorn
  • Unknown actor – stand-in for Richard McGonagle

References [ ]

21st century ; 22nd century ; 24-hour clock ; accusation ; aft ; afternoon ; air ; amplitude ; anger ; animal ; attitude ; backfire ; Balduk ; bat'leth ; beard ; bearing ; behavior ; Bilana III ; Bilana III sector ; biolab ; Brentalia ; bone ; bully ; calisthenics program ; casualty ; children ; class ; classmate ; Cochrane, Zefram ; colony ; compartment ; computer ; Corvan gilvo ; Corvan II ; course ; damage ; damage report ; data : date of birth ; day ; death ; difficulty level ; distance ; Draco lizard ; Earth ; eating ; emotional crisis ; energy level ; energy transfer ; engineer ; error ; experience ; experiment ; extinction ; face ; family ; family name ; feeling ; field coil ; field generator ; field trip ; fire ; fire-suppression apparatus ; frequency ; gamma emission ; grandparent ; grave ; gray ; green ; hairline fracture ; history ; holodeck four ; holographic program ; home ; honor ; horn ; hour ; humanoid ; idea ; information ; inverse-resonance wave ; ion radiation ; jacket ; K'Ehleyr ; Kahless the Unforgettable ; kilometer ; Klingon ; Klingon calisthenics program ; Komodo dragon ; lamp ; lapling ; Lapsang suchong tea ; last name ; launch sequence ; leg ; Lemma II ; lesson ; liar ; lie ; lifeform ; light year ; lizard ; main sensor array ; Maktag ; medical record ; meeting ; Midsummer Night's Dream, A ; Milan ; millicochrane ; million ; minute ; mission ; mission specs ; mistake ; model ; Mogh ; Mogh's wife ; Morath ; morning ; name ; nanosecond ; night ; novice ; offline ; online ; pair ; parameter ; path ; percent ; permission ; personnel review ; photon torpedo ; physical examination ; placement examination ; play area ; pollutant ; power ; power coupling ; primary school ; propulsion ; prototype ; punishment ; question ; radiation ; rainforest ; rate of acceleration ; red alert ; resonance ; room ; Rozhenko, Sergey ; Rozhenko house ; running ; scattering field ; Science Institute of Bilana III ; science lab ; second ; section 24 ; section 47 ; security officer ; sensor sweep ; shearing stress ; size ; smile ; smoke inhalation ; soliton wave ; sound ; sound barrier ; space ; speed ; spell ; Starfleet ; stealing ; story ; student ; subspace channel ; subspace communication ; subspace distortion ; subspace interference ; subspace message ; subspace radio ; surface ; surfboard ; table ; telemetry ; test score ; test ship (aka test vehicle ); theory ; thing ; tibia ; time continuum ; torpedo bay ; toy ; tractor beam ; training ; transient power imbalance ; transport ship ; transporter ; truth ; turbolift ; value ; velocity ; warhead ; warp ; warp drive ; warp engine ; warp field ; warp nacelle ; warp power ; warp-transfer conduit ; warrior ; week ; white rhinoceros ; Yeager, Chuck ; year

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Soliton wave rider experiment [ ]

millicochranes/sec ; net subspace displacement ; soliton wave rider ; soliton wave rider experiment

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  • " New Ground " at Memory Beta , the wiki for licensed Star Trek works
  • " New Ground " at Wikipedia
  • "New Ground" at
  • " New Ground " at , a Roddenberry Star Trek podcast
  • "New Ground" script  at Star Trek Minutiae
  • " New Ground " at the Internet Movie Database
  • 2 ISS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

Doux Reviews

Star Trek The Next Generation: New Ground

star trek new ground


It never occurred to me for years to think of Worf in terms of whether the actor portraying him was black or white - he was such a convincing Klingon. The make-up and modelling of his head was strong enough to mean that for me thinking of him in human terms just didn't arise. The trouble with Alexander is they decided to tone that down to emphasise that he was part human - though, given that he was three quarters Klingon they could very reasonably made him look a lot more like his father, and the issue wouldn't have arisen. As it was he ended up looking most peculiar, and the skin colouring they decided on added to that. It destroyed the illusion, even aside from any blackface-related offensiveness.

star trek new ground

I didn't know till reading this what the Alexander's actor looked like. When the show was first ran, I never thought of the issues of black face, partly because it was something I knew very little about back then, and partly because as Gerontius before me points out, I never thought much about what the actors look like under their alien costumes. It is problematic, to be sure, but I still really liked this one. Michael Dorn is brilliant though, and not just here of course, but he really sells Worf so well here, and he deserves a lot of kudos for how he was one of the regulars on such a great main cast. And 100% agreed on Troi here. She needs to be more like this more often. It makes us realize why she's important when they play her to her strengths such as this one.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 5, Episode 10

Where to watch, star trek: the next generation — season 5, episode 10.

Watch Star Trek: The Next Generation — Season 5, Episode 10 with a subscription on Paramount+, or buy it on Fandango at Home, Prime Video.

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Counselor Deanna Troi

Episode Info

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Cast & Crew

Brian Bonsall

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Sheila Franklin

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Richard McGonagle

Jennifer Edwards


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New Ground Stardate: 45376.3 Original Airdate: 6 Jan, 1992

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star trek new ground

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YMMV / Star Trek: The Next Generation S5E10 "New Ground"

Edit locked.

  • Harsher in Hindsight : After Worf's mother commented on being too old to raise Alexander, Worf replied that she has many years left in her life. Georgia Brown, the actress who played Helena Roshenko, died less than six months after the episode aired at the age of 58.
  • Geordi says that watching the soliton wave will be like watching Zefram Cochrane engage the first warp drive, which he would do less than five years later .
  • After arriving on the Enterprise , Helena makes note of the grey hairs in Worf's beard and tells him not to worry, that all Roshenko men had beards of iron grey. She would be proven correct some 35 years later with the return of Captain Worf in the Star Trek: Picard episode " Disengage ".

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star trek new ground

star trek new ground

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds could benefit from using J.J. Abrams' Star Trek idea

S tar Trek (2009) brought back Leonard Nimoy in his iconic role, using him as Spock Prime in the Kelvin Timeline. His character came face to face with Zachary Quinto's Spock in a way that worked surprisingly well, both for the movie and for Nimoy, who said he "found a certain peace with the character." And Star Trek: Strange New Worlds could now have that same opportunity, just with different characters.

Recently, William Shatner has expressed a willingness to return as a de-aged Captain James T. Kirk if the story idea was good enough. He made it clear he won't do cameos so it would have to be a strong storyline with more than just a few minutes of screen time for the acting legend. One way to bring Shatner back would be to have his Captain Kirk face off with Paul Wesley who plays the current Lt. Kirk on Strange New Worlds. If done properly, this could be an incredible piece of work.

Other than the fact that he has aged, Shatner is still Kirk. And perhaps bringing him in to either confront Wesley's Kirk over an important decision or to walk the entire Enterprise crew through a tricky situation if Captain Pike (Anson Mount) wasn't available would be a definite boon for the series. The use of time travel would make this a breeze.

Strange New Worlds doesn't need any help with ratings as it's one of Trek's best series; however, Kirk facing Kirk much like Spock faced Spock would be a pivotal moment in Star Trek history, especially since it would, most likely, be the last time we would see Shatner as Kirk.

This could also work without the use of de-aging if Shatner were amenable, with Lt. Kirk seeing himself in the future much like Pike saw his own future. This could also serve as a retcon for Kirk's death in Star Trek: Generations, which wouldn't upset any fan in the Trek community. Otherwise, having a sixty-something Kirk meeting a younger version of himself aboard the Enterprise would be a perfect way to say a final goodbye to the beloved captain.

This article was originally published on as Star Trek: Strange New Worlds could benefit from using J.J. Abrams' Star Trek idea .

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds could benefit from using J.J. Abrams' Star Trek idea

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John Calipari hits ground running in Arkansas after ugly final chapter at Kentucky that 'sucks'

Calipari has been welcomed by razorback fans after perhaps staying too long in the bluegrass state.

University of Arkansas Introduces John Calipari

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — The new guy in town regrets the optics. A sterile corner office overlooking Arkansas' Bud Walton Arena is, for now, a muted tribute to what is about to take place. 

"They've got this a little bit like a dentist's office, so I apologize,"  John Calipari says, stepping out from behind an empty desk. 

Things will soon be cluttered, complicated and all-consuming for the Hogs' new basketball coach — just not today. Coach Cal has his first new job in 15 years. He must meet people, reveal the personality that comes up on you like a three-quarter court press. Not all of those people are the much-scrutinized recruits who are populating that empty roster Calipari referred to in his introductory press conference . 

Some of them are holy. 

"We sleep pig and wake pig," said Father Jason Sharbaugh, who has already spotted Cal on campus at mass. "It's all the more sweet having Coach in."

Some of them are tolerated. For now, the hall-of-fame coach is sharing a temporary condo with his son Brad near the center of the campus entertainment district, Dickson Street.

"They said to me, 'It may get a little loud. It's down by the strip,' Calipari explained. "I was there Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. No problem. Friday? One place has live music, the other has karaoke, the other has a DJ.

"The whole room is like shaking from [the noise]. I'm sleeping with ear plugs."

Some — well, one  — is a billionaire.

"One of the things Coach Cal does is he out-cares any coach in America," said John Tyson, chairman of Tyson Foods, close friend and driving force behind Calipari taking the job. "If you do it the right way, the derivative of that is you might win the national championship."

That's really what this is all about, isn't it? Not just the possibility of a natty, the actual documented proof of concept. Calipari has won one among his 855 career victories. His bona fides also include six Final Fours, 12 Elite Eights and 15 Sweet 16s.

None of them lately, of course, but at age 65, Arkansas has become the next podium from which Cal can preach. Yes, Calipari has reached retirement age, but looks 55 and has more left in the tank than an Escalade. Never one to leave flair on the bench, the coach's departure from Kentucky was as shocking as his arrival here was spectacular.

It was both the suddenness — and the destination — that astounded. Arkansas? Hogs everywhere love their hoops.

"I grew up on that action," said Sharbaugh, pastor of University of Arkansas Newman Center Parish. "I just love the game. Next to Jesus, it's the hottest thing in the universe."

But it's also fair to point out Arkansas' place in the sporting universe. The Razorbacks last won 11 football games in 2011. A few months later coach Bobby Petrino crashed his motorcycle with a woman on board from the staff who was not his wife. Scandal ensued. 

Nolan Richardson won Arkansas' last and only basketball championship in 1994. Eric Musselman contributed two Elite Eights in five seasons before leaving last month for … USC.

"You could see that coach Musselman had a desire — if maybe the right job opened up on the West Coast — to go home," Tyson said. 

It's additionally fair, then, to assert this is the biggest hire in the school's athletic history. Arkansas coaches have come from Kentucky (John Pelphrey played for the Wildcats) and gone to Kentucky (Eddie Sutton) but there has been nothing like this. 

The likes of Frank Broyles, Sutton and Richardson pretty much made their bones here. Lou Holtz won a conference title, but bolted to Minnesota before finding the crest of his career at Notre Dame. 

Legends, all of them, but Calipari comes prepackaged — oozing championship pedigree. He's got the blueprint stored in the synapses somewhere underneath that perfectly quaffed 'do. Just step aside and let him show you. It's expected, actually. 

"I made the analogy, this like you have a worldwide company and it's in New York … and you're being encouraged by another area," Calipari told CBS Sports. "So you move the headquarters."

From CBS Sports' Matt Norlander to Jay Bilas, virtually all the game's tastemakers hailed Calipari's move as a multi-level win — for Cal, for Arkansas, for Kentucky — for college basketball. 

All of them got a reset. Of course, Cal's move can't be recounted without a reminder that a sizable amount of Big Blue Nation wanted him gone. To that, well, Calipari can't wait to respond. 

"I think some people were happy," the coach said of his departure from Kentucky. "[Some were saying], 'We've had this guy 15 years and we've only won 500 games.' [Actually 410] We only won one national title and four Final Fours and eight Elite Eights? What the hell is going on here?'"

The sarcasm might as well be dripping from the ceiling. Calipari then launched into slice-of-life memories from going back to Lexington, Kentucky, for a day before his exit. Folks were yelling, "We love you." A couple pulled their car over to wish him well. At Panera "one of the ladies came from the back in tears to hug me," Cal said.

And now he is theirs again, only here. 

"I'm a poor, miserable sinner," Calipari said. "Please, That's who I am. I hope I have a good heart for kids and their families. I'm not a magician and I don't have a magic wand."

If not, he's got rights to the best set of card tricks ever seen.  

Regardless, Arkansas has proved it is all in. There is already talk of a monster NIL war chest. As of Tuesday, the once-depleted Arkansas roster now includes seven scholarship players. Two Kentucky players have transferred to Arkansas — Adou Thiero and Zvonimor Ivišić. FAU transfer Johnell Davis, one of the best talents in the portal, led the Owls to the 2023 Final Four. Tennessee transfer Jonas Aidoo averaged 11 and 7 for the Vols. 247Sports currently has Calipari's first Arkansas class No. 6 nationally, third in the SEC.

Think of what is at stake, not only Arkansas' basketball future but Kentucky's basketball brand . What if the Hogs edge past the Wildcats on the national scene at some point with Calipari?

The transition has been swift and impressive. It was made clear by Cal there will be competition at Arkansas for a tight rotation. The Division I maximum is 13 scholarships per team. Who actually plays is another thing. 

"I enjoyed coaching last year. I had a ball, but that was hard," Calipari said. "Then Reed Sheppard decides to become [SEC] Freshman of the Year. I asked him after the season, 'How much did you expect to play?' He said, 'Ah, I thought I'd be carrying water.' Did you expect to leave here after the season? He said, 'Coach, I expected to be here all four years.' "

That's a roundabout way of Cal saying he still has it. Sheppard left for the NBA after a year and is projected as a top-10 NBA Draft pick.  

"My thought was, 'We're going to get this,' and we had a good group coming in … ," Calipari continued. "It wasn't like we were 15-15. But there's an expectation where it's only winning championships and winning that 'ship. 

University of Arkansas Introduces John Calipari

The Calipari rollout came on a recent rainy Wednesday night at Bud Walton. Calipari looked out of place at his introductory press conference. Watching him wear red Arkansas gear was like watching Derek Jeter in a Padres uniform instead of pinstripes. Some things just need getting used to. This was life-changing in a basketball sense. Ted Owens, the 94-year-old former Kansas coach who gave Calipari his first job, signaled that by making the trip over from Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

The only thing missing was Cal's first public calling of the hogs. That's coming too and will be a major event in these parts. 

"It gave [fans] a chance to really thump their chests and say, 'Hey we got a blue blood's head coach to come to our university and coach our men's basketball team,'" Arkansas AD Hunter Yurachek said. 

An athletic department whose budget was 10th among 14 SEC teams last year, has a modern superstar on the bench. A state of only 3 million people is hungry to rally around a gregarious legend from Moon Township, Pennsylvania who was once fired by the New Jersey Nets. 

 "I'm not going to try to get spiritual," Calipari said. Then, of course, he did. 

"Something nudges you and you don't know what it is," the coach continued. "But I've been there [at Kentucky] 15 years. Maybe it's 'You've done what I needed you to do there for the kids, for the state. Now I need you to do something down there [at Arkansas].' "

The earth-bound driving force behind the hire certainly doesn't want to be considered the driving force behind the hire. Tyson, 70, is certainly the basketball patriarch of this endeavor. Yes, he is the money man of many things in Arkansas. This one happens to be personal.

This is Tyson's second run at Calipari. While Calipari was at Memphis in 2007, Tyson and Broyles reached out. Calipari couldn't make himself leave his players — especially Derrick Rose — back then. Memphis then played for a national championship in 2008. 

"I think we were close [to getting him] but that's when Cal said, 'I'm committed to my kids,' Tyson said. "Back then kids couldn't move. Nowadays kids can move."

Which kind of explains the game, the climate and the reason for the move.

Neither Calipari nor Tyson can remember the circumstances of their first meeting two decades ago. They bonded over talk of leadership. Tyson oversees a global food company headquartered in Springdale, Arkansas, that is second nationally in the processing of chicken, beef and pork. He reminisces lovingly about his late father, Don,  who admired Harry Truman so much his office is built in an oval shape for two reasons.

That imitates both Truman's Oval Office and the shape of eggs laid by chickens that are so important to the company. 

Calipari specializes in shaping 18-year-olds into champions for the one of the biggest brands in college basketball. His players have signed NBA contracts worth more than $4 billion. 

That should be relatable to any CEO — or recruit. When Kentucky came to town Calipari would go out of his way to have Tyson at his courtside seat. Never mind Tyson being a huge Arkansas benefactor.

"He's my friend first," he said of Calipari.

They call each other youthful nicknames of endearment — Johnny. That's why when Tyson said it's fair to say things had gotten stale between the two parties at Kentucky it means something.

"I talk to my folks around here. There are cycles," Tyson said. 'Don't tell me you're going to retire at 65 . There are business cycles. When we get to the end of the cycle, do you want to sign up for another cycle?' " 

You don't have to be dunked on to get the connection. Cal has signed up for another cycle at Arkansas. And stale has different definitions. Calipari once consulted former Kentucky coach Joe B. Hall, who lasted 13 years in the Big Blue maelstrom. 

"I stayed three years too many," Calipari quoted Hall as telling him. 

Cal stayed at Kentucky two years beyond that. At the end of last season Tyson estimated there were three options for his friend  – stay with the Wildcats, chase a championship elsewhere or go do TV. 

"But he's a competitor," Tyson said.

"Last year revived me. I had so much fun with those kids and they celebrated each other," Calipari said. "The way it ended … I'll just say, sucks."

The first-round loss to Oakland marked the third straight year UK finished short of the Sweet 16. The last time that happened was 2006-2008 under Tubby Smith and Billy Gillespie.

The Arkansas' hiring process took less than three days. On April 4 Yurachek was in Phoenix for the Final Four. About 1 pm PT Musselman informed the AD he was taking the USC job. 

Tyson first called his coaching friend to ask if he'd speak to Yurachek about vetting candidates. Yurachek called Calipari that night. 

At some point Yurachek cut to the chase and asked Calipari if he was interested. 

"In my judgment as a businessman, either you go big [or not]," Tyson said. "When we were talking big, I threw out three names. I said, 'Do you call Bill Self? Do you call Danny Hurley or do you call Coach Cal?

'Or do you [hire], Chris Beard, Jerome Tang. In the business world you call that a lateral move. You go get somebody who knows how to do the business. You're probably going to have to pay them a little more."

It wasn't until Yurachek and Calipari talked that they found out they were in the same city for unrelated reasons. Cal was in Phoenix for an NABC meeting. (He is the current president of the coaches' organization.) Yurachek was also there for a meeting as a member of the College Football Playoff selection committee. 

Calipari said any face-to-face meeting would have to happen quickly.

Tyson then told Yurachek he'd better have a plan. That is, aligning the support and resources of the university to make such a hire. In other words, John Calipari doesn't have to interview for the job. He just has to want it.  

"Swing big … who would you hire?" Tyson emphasized. "Coach Cal, of course."

The two sides connected. Calipari vetted Yurachek with Houston coach Kelvin Sampson, who had worked under Yurachek, the former Cougars' AD.  

Cal didn't want the news to leak that he had been talking to Arkansas, stealing the spotlight from the Final Four. Then, of course, it leaked .

"I'm not mad about it," Calipari said, "but it wasn't me and then it was like an avalanche."

Speculation and anticipation ran wild. By that Saturday night an oral agreement was close. Only a tight circle knew – Yurachek, Calipari, Cal's lawyer Tom Mars and an Arkansas board member. That in itself was unique. Yurachek had once been named in a lawsuit filed by Mars who was representing former football coach Bret Bielema against the Arkansas Razorback Foundation.

"Hunter was a real pro. He was hands-on. I guess he forgave me for all the horrible things I said about him in the Bielema lawsuit," Mars joked.

Attorney Matt McCoy, who oversees athletic department legal affairs, was looped in. 

"We just kept at it and got the contract finished Monday night," said a source involved in the talks. "A land-speed record." 

It helped that Cal didn't have an agent, a rarity for someone of his stature. An agent would have taken approximately $1.225 million of the $35 million Calipari is earning over those five years in fees. An agent would have possibly extended the negotiations by weeks. 

Arkansas was indeed all in. The basketball world — no, American sports — gasped. Dickson Street had a new inhabitant.

In the middle of the interview in that sterile office, a familiar face ducked in the doorway.

"You good?" he said.

It was not some assistant doing a preplanned drop by to make sure the interview didn't run too long. This was Brad Calipari, that 27-year-old coaches' son and roommate who has moved over from the staff at Vanderbilt.

John Calipari indeed was good. For now.

"His mom is telling him to check on me every 30 minutes to see if I'm still alive," the coach said. 

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Calipari hits ground running at Arkansas

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UCLA moves up with rebuilt roster

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Best, worst coaches at alma maters

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The High Ground

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Gates McFadden, Brent Spiner, and Anthony Cecere in Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)

While visiting a planet under civil war, Dr. Crusher is taken hostage by an opposing faction of the planet's ruling government. While visiting a planet under civil war, Dr. Crusher is taken hostage by an opposing faction of the planet's ruling government. While visiting a planet under civil war, Dr. Crusher is taken hostage by an opposing faction of the planet's ruling government.

  • Gabrielle Beaumont
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  • Jonathan Frakes
  • LeVar Burton
  • 17 User reviews
  • 9 Critic reviews

Gates McFadden and Richard Cox in Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)

  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Jonathan Frakes

  • Commander William Thomas 'Will' Riker

LeVar Burton

  • Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge

Michael Dorn

  • Lieutenant Worf

Gates McFadden

  • Doctor Beverly Crusher

Marina Sirtis

  • Counselor Deanna Troi

Brent Spiner

  • Lieutenant Commander Data

Wil Wheaton

  • Wesley Crusher

Kerrie Keane

  • Alexana Devos

Richard Cox

  • Crewman Nelson
  • (uncredited)

Anthony Cecere

  • Wounded Rutian

BJ Davis

  • Rutian Police Officer

Christopher Doyle

  • Command Division Officer
  • Enterprise-D Ensign
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Did you know

  • Trivia Due to a line from Data in reference to the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Reunification of Ireland in 2024, the episode was originally banned in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, not airing in the usual running order on the BBC. In 2006, it was shown on Sky One (which had assumed the broadcast rights) with the relevant line edited out. It was eventually shown unedited on BBC2 on September 29, 2007 in the after-midnight repeat slot. It has never been shown on RTÉ.
  • Goofs The away team that beams into the terrorists' underground lair to rescue Capt. Picard and Dr. Crusher is led by Cmdr. Riker. With Picard taken hostage by the terrorists, Riker is in effective command of the ship. As such, his position is on the bridge and not heading an away mission. (This point would be made clear in The Best of Both Worlds: Part 1 (1990) , when Riker tries to take command of the away mission to rescue Picard from the Borg and Counselor Troi reminds him that his duty is on the bridge.)

Captain Jean-Luc Picard : History has shown us that strength may be useless when faced with terrorism.

  • Connections Featured in WatchMojo: Top 20 Banned TV Episodes (2022)
  • Soundtracks Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title Composed by Jerry Goldsmith and Alexander Courage

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  • Jun 18, 2021
  • January 27, 1990 (United States)
  • United States
  • Official site
  • Stage 9, Paramount Studios - 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA (Rutian Plaza)
  • Paramount Television
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  • Runtime 45 minutes
  • Dolby Digital

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