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  1. Sibiu Travel Guide: Top Things to Do & Places to Visit

    17. A day trip to Brasov and Dracula Castle. Romania is mostly known as Land of Dracula thanks to Bran Castle aka Dracula's Castle, the home for Bran Stoker's fictional Dracula and inspiration for the 1992 movie. So a day trip to visit Brasov and the castle, Romania's #1 tourist attraction, is one of the most popular things to do in Sibiu.

  2. Top 10 Things To Do in Sibiu for the First-Time Visitor

    2. Visit at least one museum. Sibiu has the oldest museum in Romania and one of the largest open-air exhibitions in the country. The Brukenthal Museum from the Large Square was opened to the public in 1817 and exhibits one of the most important art collections in the country. You can also visit the nearby Pharmacy Museum from the Small Square.

  3. Things to Do in Sibiu, Romania

    Book these experiences for a close-up look at Sibiu. See all. Day Tour to Corvin Castle, Deva Fortress and Alba Iulia. 6. Full-day Tours. from. $156. per adult (price varies by group size) Exclusive tour: Sighisoara, Medias and Biertan tour from Sibiu.

  4. Best 12 Things to Do and See in Sibiu, Romania

    Find out the best things to do and see in Sibiu, Romania. Uncover hidden gems and must-visit attractions in this charming city: museum, parks & unique experiences. Sibiu is one of the most popular cities in Romania, not only for its mesmerizing and history-packed attractions, but also as the former European capital of culture (in 2007).

  5. Sibiu travel

    Romania, Europe. Sibiu is awash in aristocratic elegance. Noble Saxon history emanates from every art-nouveau facade and gold-embossed church. Renowned composers Strauss, Brahms and Liszt all played here during the 19th century, and Sibiu has stayed at the forefront of Romania's cultural scene through its festivals of opera, theatre and film ...

  6. 15 Best Things to Do in Sibiu (Romania)

    Give yourself a moment to admire two 15th-century houses, Casa Haller at no. 10 and Casa Lutsch (Centre for Romania's German Minority) at no. 13. In December the square twinkles with thousands of fairy lights during Sibiu's Christmas market. 3.

  7. The Perfect 2 Days In Sibiu Itinerary For First Timers

    The seven-story tower serving as a historic defense is a symbol for Sibiu and a must-see place on your 2 days in Sibiu Itinerary. If you visit Sibiu on a sunny day, climb the 141 stairs and observe the horologe mechanism. The views from the rooftop are simply amazing, and, for sure, climbing the Council Tower is one of the top things to do in ...

  8. 11 amazing things to do in Sibiu Romania

    Explore the treasures of Strada Cetatii. 8. Wander around Sibiu Lower Town. 9. Join a knowledgeable local on a fantastic walking tour. 10. Take a day trip to Castelul Corvinilor, one of Romania's prettiest castles. 11.

  9. Sibiu Travel Guide (Updated 2024)

    Sibiu Travel Costs. Hostel prices - A bed in a 4-8 bed dorm costs around 45-55 RON per night, while a private double room is around 120 RON. Wi-Fi and lockers are standard, though no hostels include free breakfast. Camping is possible in the area but stick to dedicated campgrounds.

  10. Top Things To Do in Sibiu, Romania

    Travel by Bus: Sibiu, Romania. International buses to Sibiu are a long and slow way to travel, but can be cost efficient. For example, the bus from Budapest to Sibiu takes more than 10 hours…but costs a fraction of the price of a plane ticket. Train Travel to Sibiu. Possibly worse than buses, trains to Sibiu provide a long and arduous journey.

  11. Visit Sibiu: The Old Capital of the Transylvanian Saxons

    If you're planning to visit Sibiu, you're in for one of the best travel experiences in Romania. For many, this small city is the most beautiful in Transylvania and a great starting point for taking day trips to fortified churches, castles, and hiking destinations.. If you're planning a longer trip, Fagaras Mountains are only a few kilometers away and so are many villages where you can ...

  12. Sibiu, Romania: All You Must Know Before You Go (2024)

    24,082. Sibiu, Romania. The historic center of Sibiu is still partially enclosed by its original 12th-century medieval walls. Begin your visit in the Piata Mare, home to the Brukenthal Palace, containing the main halls of the Brukenthal National Museum. Descend the Passage of the Stairs down into lower Sibiu, and make sure to be on your best ...

  13. Sibiu Travel Guide: Top Things to Do and See

    Sibiu Old Town When to visit Sibiu, Romania. Honestly, any season is great for visiting Sibiu. If you travel there in summer, you may find it more crowded, but the weather is generally very nice, sunny but not too hot. Winters, on the other hand, can be very cold, but you can experience the lively Christmas atmosphere and may even find snow. ...

  14. 21 BEST Things To Do In Sibiu, Romania [2024 Edition]

    If you want to learn more about the heritage or culture of Romania, ASTRA National Museum Complex is a place you must visit in Sibiu. Located 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) south of Sibiu, the ASTRA National Museum Complex is easily accessible by walking, car, tram, or buses.

  15. 15 Splendid Things to Do in Sibiu Romania

    6. Stop to admire the art in the Orthodox Cathedral. The Orthodox Cathedral is a can't miss while in Sibiu. If you visited the smaller Orthodox monastery in Sinaia, you'll recognize the characteristic murals and frescoes covering the walls, but on a much grander scale. 7. Climb the Council Tower for pretty views.

  16. Best Things to Do in Sibiu Romania Alone: One day in Sibiu

    What you need to know before you visit Sibiu, Romania. Before you visit Sibiu, take a look at some of these useful travel tips first: Romanian leu (plural: lei) is the currency of Romania.RON is the three-letter code for the Romanian currency.; If you are taking a day trip from Brasov or Sighisoara, arrive in Sibiu by 9am so you can comfortably follow my itinerary at the end of the post.

  17. 11 fang-tastic things to do in Sibiu Romania

    3. Holy Trinity Cathedral. While the Evangelical Cathedral indeed is impressive, the real star of Sibiu is the Holy Trinity Cathedral. The cathedral is dominated by Neo-Byzantine decorations and a massive gold chandelier, and it's so beautiful. On top of that, it's the second-largest Orthodox cathedral in Romania.

  18. Visit Sibiu: attractions & things to do

    Once you are in Romania, you should visit Sibiu, to make sure you have discovered the best of this country.You can spend many days here, but if you don't have too much time, a day is enough to enjoy the best attractions in Sibiu & top things to do.. Lately, the place has developed substantially and has become an important centre for tourism in Transylvania.

  19. 11 Fantastic Things to Do in Sibiu for Solo Travelers

    Maison Elysée (High-End) 🏄 Booking tours in Sibiu: Viator, GetYourGuide, and Klook. Day Tour to Transfăgărășan and Vidraru Dam (7 to 9 hours) Day Tour to Brasov and Bran (12 hours) Exclusive Tour: Corvin Castle, Alba Iulia and traditional villages from Sibiu (7 to 9 hours) 🏅 Top Pick.

  20. Visit Sibiu, Romania

    Sibiu - one of the most charming places you will ever see. From the train and bus stations that are located next to each other it's only a short walk to the center. Very quickly you will understand why Sibiu was named the 8th most idyllic place to live in Europe. Sibiu looks like taken straight from the fairy tale and is also among the ...

  21. Visit Sibiu Romania: top 10 attractions (+ bonus)

    It is a must when you visit Sibiu Romania. It lies at the crossroads between the Great Square and the Small Square. Originally built in the 12 th century, it underwent many changes until the actual look. It was used as entrance gate to the second row of fortified walls built around Sibiu. Throughout the centuries, the Council Tower served as a ...

  22. 6 Fun and Entertaining Things to Do in Sibiu, Romania

    But first let me tell you a few things about this town, which is one of Romania's most beautiful places. Sibiu historic center, the Large Square. Table of Contents [ hide] About Sibiu. Best Things to Do in Sibiu. 1. Stroll Through the Squares of the Historic Center. 2. Visit the Churches in the Historic Center.

  23. Visit Sibiu County

    Sibiu is a unique destination which mixes a rich history and cultural life with breathtaking nature-based experiences. We believe that your stay in Sibiu should capture this essence. Nature has a way of rebalancing our mind, body & soul. Integrating natural elements of slow living and travel, we've chosen accommodations that help you rest and ...

  24. Sibiu, Romania: Unveiling a Medieval Gem of Culture and Natural Beauty

    Nestled in the heart of Romania, Sibiu is a city that effortlessly blends medieval charm with modern vibrancy. This enchanting destination, often overlooked in favor of Romania's more famous locales, offers a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. Here's why Sibiu should be at the top of your travel list. A Journey Through Time

  25. Continental invests EUR 45 mln in new production ...

    To support the new investments, Continental plans to employ 500 more during the coming years in addition to the 4,500 currently employed at its Sibiu factory, reported. iulian@romania ...

  26. What will €250,000 buy in France, Italy, Spain, Romania and Co Mayo?

    Romania: Sibiu. Extending to a generous 550sq m, this five-bedroom house dates from 1881. With its eye catching signature blue-painted frames, it has a tower on the corner.