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Jackal Holidays

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About Jackal Holidays

Buses are the most affordable means of transport with a large number of terminals across the country and convenient timetables to help you plan your trip. Buses is a convenient option both for those who travel on a shoestring budget and those who do not want to compromise on comfort. Jackal Holidays offers bus service with an online reservation available. Before booking your ticket, read other travellers’ reviews to choose the best option.

What are the Main Stations of Jackal Holidays?

Jackal Holidays operates buses to and from the following stations:

  • Kota Tangerang
  • Kota Bandung
  • Kota Bekasi

What are the Most Popular Routes of Jackal Holidays?

The most popular destinations of Jackal Holidays are:

  • Jakarta - Bandung
  • Bandung - Jakarta
  • Bekasi - Bandung
  • Bandung - Tangerang
  • Tangerang - Bandung
  • Bandung - Bekasi

What are the Bus Classes & Prices of Jackal Holidays?

The price of your bus trip will depend both on the destination and the class of your ticket. Note that not all ticket classes are available on certain routes yet for longer trips there is almost always a good choice of options. Opt for a sleeper coach for the most convenient overnight trip. Sleeper buses are usually equipped with berths or soft reclining seats, feature an onboard toilet and your ticket may also include other perks like snacks or even a lunch. Taking a night bus is also a good idea if you want to save on your hotel room. During the day an express service is often the best value for money as it makes less stops than an ordinary or standard class bus and travels faster. On some routes it may be crucial to choose the right class as, say, an ordinary or second class bus may need some 6 hours to cover the distance the first class or express bus travels in two hours!

Pros & Cons of Bus Travel

Pros of bus travel.

Buses usually boast the widest network of destinations covered. They travel to the places you cannot get to by plane or even by train

Travelling by bus is easy – there is no need to arrive to the bus terminal much in advance, and the check-in is usually a very fast formality opposite to air travel

Bus tickets are very affordable. Yes, there are costly first class or VIP options but is you are on a budget, bus is the first means of transportation you have to think about

At the same time, there are different classes of service to suit any budget. If you are after a higher level of comfort, buses get you covered, too.

Cons of Bus Travel

Intercity bus terminals can be located outside the city centre in the outskirts. It means you will need to calculate extra time and money to get there. In certain destinations getting from the bus terminal can cost you more than you would expect because only a limited number of transportation companies is allowed to serve the route – and prices may be inflated.

During busy weekends or high season buses serving some tourist destinations may run out of schedule and require advanced booking.

While buses are not as weather dependent as ferries, bus trips can also be delayed or cancelled due to bad weather or road conditions – keep it in mind if travelling during certain seasons or to certain destinations.

Jackal Holidays AC Seater outside

Jackal Holidays Popular Routes

Jackal holidays schedule & timetable, jackal holidays stations.

  • Jackal holidays Bus Tickets

Jackal holidays

Search jackal holidays bus tickets, official jackal holidays booking partner.

<strong>36 Mn+</strong> satisfied customers

36 Mn+ satisfied customers

Over 3500 bus-company partners

Over 3500 bus-company partners

<strong>2,00,000+</strong> bookings per day<br>World's largest bus-ticket platform

2,00,000+ bookings per day World's largest bus-ticket platform

Assured seat of your choice

Assured seat of your choice

<strong>Secured and Verified payments</strong>

Secured and Verified payments

Jackal holidays Bus-Front Image

Jackal holidays Bus Routes & Timings

From Rp 104.900

From Rp 160.000

Jackal holidays Bus Ticket Booking

Jackal Holiday has been providing its impeccable services to the people of Indonesia for over 20 years. The bus operator has four offices across Indonesia with its head office based out of Bandung. The inception of Jackal Holiday bus service took place as a tour bus operator and trip planner, and by means of their consistent & convenient services, the operator has gained popularity among travelers. Currently, Jackal Holiday has grown its business and increased the number of buses that can be used to accommodate intercity transportations as well.

Jackal  Holiday Bus Services

Jackal Holiday buses offer shuttle services between Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and Badung, and intercity services between Jakarta and Bandung. The shuttle buses from Bandung operate every day and provide buses every hour between the airport and Jakarta. The bus services from Jakarta and Bandung are very frequent and regular, helping passengers to avoid any kind of uncertainty and provide hassle-free travel within Indonesia, making Jackal Holiday one of the top 10 bus services in Indonesia.

What to expect on a Jackal Holiday bus?

Buses offer the best economic and cost-effective mode of transportation in Indonesia. Jackal Holiday offers the best luxury buses in Jakarta and the rest of Indonesia. The Jackal Holiday minibusses plying on these routes are a comfortable option for long journeys. The buses have leather-covered seats with carpets on the bus floors giving them a classy and rich look. The bus comes with basic amenities such as USB charging port and free Wi-Fi for passengers to enjoy. These facilities ensure that passengers have a comfortable ride on their journey. The bus ticket price ranges from Rp 125,000 to Rp 175,000. The fare may vary depending on the destination.

Jackal Holiday Bus Types

Given below are the bus types that Jackal Holiday provides on their routes:

  • Luxury Shuttle
  • Tours and Travel 
  • Tours Bus 

Jackal Holiday, with its convenient and frequent buses that operate on several routes, has become one of the most dependable travel choices among passengers.

Online Bus Ticket Booking on redBus

redBus Indonesia’s online booking facility is one of the best means to use to book a bus ticket online. Customers can book their bus tickets online on www.redbus.id.

The redBus website is fast and secure, with various payment modes available such as credit cards, debit cards, and net banking. This ensures that your booking is secured after receiving a confirmation message or email. A number of redBus discount offers are available on the website to help reduce the price of the traveler’s expenditure. Via redBus Indonesia’s website, you can stay updated on any changes in the schedule and timings of a bus and check other travel-related information on the website.

To book a Jackal Holiday bus ticket on the redBus website, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Select the pick-up location and the destination
  • Select the journey start date, which will be denoted as “Onward Date”
  • Click the “Search” button
  • Filter for Jackal Holiday buses using the filter option that’s located on the left side of the window

redBus has ratings and reviews that are provided by frequent fellow travelers of Jackal Holiday buses. This system provides valuable information about the bus, the services provided, amenities, and much more, and this can be used to make an informed decision when booking a bus ticket online.

Disclaimer: Bus timings, routes, and fares are subject to change. Please check locally for any last-minute changes.

How to book Jackal holidays bus tickets with redBus?

redBus allows you to check the Jackal holidays bus schedule, bus fare, boarding, and dropping points, and all the amenities offered by Jackal holidays at one place. Several buses offered by Jackal holidays connect various cities, towns, popular, and lesser-known destinations. Constantly striving to maintain its quality and comfort that it’s known for, Jackal holidays is trusted by a large number of travelers from different corners of the world. All you need to do is to select a source and destination, filter the result by Jackal holidays, and redBus will provide you with an extensive list of buses operated by Jackal holidays on your selected route.

Services by Jackal holidays

Jackal holidays offers its services in various cities in the world. Many of the major cities as well as tourist destinations around the globe are covered by Jackal holidays buses. With excellent timings, cordial staff, and modern amenities, Jackal holidays continuously strives to make its services commendable. By booking Jackal holidays buses, passengers are sure to have a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable journey.

Types of Buses Offered by Jackal holidays

Jackal holidays has a great frequency of buses that ply between different cities regularly. One can choose to travel by different types of buses offered by Jackal holidays based on the facilities available onboard and budget. The various types of buses offered by Jackal holidays include:

  • Seater Economy (2+2)
  • Executive (2+1)
  • Shuttle Executive

Jackal holidays Online Bus Ticket Booking on redBus

Booking a Jackal holidays bus on redBus is really quick and easy. With a safe and secure ticket booking and payment system, the redBus platform is trusted by millions of travelers. Passengers can also avail several discounts and deals on various occasions while booking Jackal holidays buses with redBus.

Bus Amenities

USB port for charger

Captain seat

Top Cities for Jackal holidays

  • more >>

Other Operators

  • DCarolina Shuttle
  • Agung Sejati
  • Laju Prima Sumber Artha
  • Bintang Mas
  • Restu Mulya
  • Cititrans Busline
  • Kharisma Trans Perkasa
  • Semeru Shuttle
  • Metro Permai
  • Ladju Transport
  • Faiz Travel
  • Litha & Co

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Pool Agen Travel Jackal Holidays Lokasi Terdekat, LENGKAP!

Bepergian kemana saja dengan Jackal Holidays Luxury Shuttle yang siap melayani perjalanan dengan nyaman, aman, dan pastinya terjangkau.

Aplikasi Penghasil Uang

Harga Travel Jackal Holiday Bandung

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Agen Bus Mahardhika

Member Area

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  • Daftar Pertanyaan
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Perjalanan Bus

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  • Tiket Yessoe Travel
  • Tiket Sumber Alam

Dari bandara

Ke area, alamat, gedung, tanggal jemput, jackal holidays bandung bandara.

Jackal Holidays menawarkan layanan travel rute Bandara Internasional Soekarno-Hatta – Bandung, dengan keberangkatan setiap jam. Melalui Traveloka, kini Anda bisa pesan layanannya dengan mudah agar perjalanan dari dan ke bandara selalu terasa nyaman.

Tentang Jackal Holidays Bandara

Layanan dan fasilitas jackal holidays bandara.

travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin

Mengapa menggunakan Jackal Holidays Bandara

travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin

Harga lebih terjangkau .

Waktu keberangkatan terjadwal yang dapat dipilih sesuai waktu penerbangan Anda.

Rute strategis untuk kemudahan pilihan titik berangkat dan titik turun.

Titik turun fleksibel .

travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin

Cara menggunakan voucher Jackal Holidays Bandara

  • Setelah pembayaran diterima, voucher Traveloka akan dikirim via email. Anda juga bisa melihatnya di menu Pesanan .
  • Setibanya di Bandara Internasional Soekarno-Hatta, cari konter Jackal Holidays Shuttle di terminal kedatangan.
  • Tunjukkan voucher kepada staf Jackal Holidays Shuttle untuk naik ke kendaraan.
  • Turunlah di titik turun yang Anda inginkan.

Jadwal Jackal Holidays Bandara

Rute 1: bandara internasional soekarno-hatta ke bandung, rute 2: bandung ke bandara internasional soekarno-hatta, partner antar jemput bandara.

Kami bekerja sama dengan penyedia jasa transportasi terbaik di dalam dan luar negeri untuk memberikan Anda perjalanan nyaman dari dan ke bandara.

travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin

Kontak Jackal Holidays Bandara

0815 8448 9000

[email protected]

Kantor Pusat Jackal Holidays Jalan Dipatiukur nomor 26, Lebakgede, Coblong Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40132

travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin

Partner Pembayaran

travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin

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Daftar Travel Bandung Jakarta Beserta Jadwal dan Tarifnya

Selasa, 27 Desember 2022 11:24:17

travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin

Saat ini mobilitas dari Kota Bandung ke Jakarta dan sebaliknya cukup tinggi. Perjalanan ini kebanyakan dari mereka yang bekerja atau kuliah. Selain itu, sekarang banyak warga Jakarta yang memilih liburan ke Kota Bandung karena cuaca dan suasananya yang nyaman. 

Sebaliknya, warga Bandung pun banyak yang memilih untuk liburan ke Jakarta karena jarak Bandung - Jakarta yang tidak begitu jauh. Waktu tempuhnya pun hanya ± 2,5 jam saja, maka untuk memfasilitasi mobilitas 2 kota ini banyak shuttle atau travel yang menyediakan rute Bandung Jakarta.

Tiketux menyediakan beragam shuttle/travel jurusan Bandung Jakarta dan sebaliknya yang bisa kamu pilih sesuai kebutuhanmu. Berikut daftar lengkapnya dengan jadwal dan lokasi travel.

  • Baca Juga: Mau Naik Travel Bandung Cirebon? Cek Jadwal dan Harga Disini

Pilihan Travel Bandung - Jakarta

Tiketux menyediakan beragam shuttle/travel jurusan Bandung Jakarta dan sebaliknya yang bisa kamu pilih sesuai kebutuhanmu. Berikut daftar lengkapnya:

1. Aaragon Transport

2. Arnes Shuttle

3. Baraya Travel

4. Bina Sarana

5. Cititrans

6. Daytrans

7. Jackal Holidays

8. Lintas Shuttle

9. MR Trans

10. MYTrans Travel

11. X-Trans

travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin

Jadwal dan Harga Tiket Travel Bandung - Jakarta

Perjalanan dari Bandung ke Jakarta atau sebaliknya menggunakan shuttle memiliki estimasi tiba 2-3 jam. Berikut daftar travel Bandung - Jakarta lengkap dengan estimasi harga dan jadwal keberangkatanya:

  • Baca Juga: Kirim Paket Sameday Bandung, Ongkir FLAT!

Lokasi Travel di Bandung

Kamu bisa pilih lokasi pool yang paling dekat supaya perjalananmu lebih nyaman. Berikut daftar lokasi pool travel di Bandung yang bisa kamu pilih:

Lokasi Travel di Jakarta

Berikut daftar lokasi pool travel di Area Jakarta yang bisa kamu pilih sebagai lokasi keberangkatan maupun lokasi tiba:

Itu dia daftar travel Bandung Jakarta lengkap dengan tarif, jadwal, dan lokasinya yang bisa kamu pesan melalui aplikasi atau website Tiketux. Selain rute travel Bandung Jakarta dan sebaliknya, masih banyak lagi rute lain di pulau jawa dan diluar pulau jawa seperti Sumatera, Sulawesi, dan Kalimantan.

Semua travel terbaik dengan rute lengkap tersedia di Tiiketux. Jadi tunggu apalagi? Saatnya nikmati perjalanan aman dan nyaman, pesan tiket travelnya di Tiketux!

Baca Juga Artikel Lainnya:

  • Daftar Travel Tangerang - Bandung
  • Daftar Travel Semarang - Jogja
  • Daftar Travel Bandung - Bekasi
  • Daftar Travel Solo - Semarang

Cek Rute Lainnya:

  • 99 Transline (Travel Semarang - Jepara - Bangsri - Kelet)
  • Cahaya Shuttle (Travel Semarang - Jepara - Bangsri - Kelet)

Cek Booking Anda !

Kantor & Call Center

Jl. Dipatiukur No.89, Lebakgede, Coblong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40132, Indonesia

[email protected]

Call Center

(021) 50600678

Sosial Media Jackal Holidays Shuttle

travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin

What's New Bandung

Best Shuttle Services for Jakarta - Bandung

travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin

Experience a hassle-free journey between Jakarta and Bandung by opting for these highly recommended shuttle services. Whether you prioritize punctuality, luxurious amenities, affordable prices, or a combination of these factors, this list will help you make an informed decision and choose the perfect shuttle service for your Jakarta-Bandung travel needs.

Best Shuttle Services for Jakarta - Bandung / Travel Jakarta - Bandung Terbaik 

1. Cititrans


Established in 2005, Cititrans has successfully expanded its network of shuttle service establishments. With over 20 pick-up and drop-off points available for travel between Jakarta and Bandung, customers have numerous options. The route options are diverse and include Blok M, Fatmawati, SCBD, Bintaro, Central Park, and more. Cititrans provides three types of services: their shuttle service, Citiflyer, which offers transportation directly to the airport, and private drop service.

Cititrans Jl. Dipati Ukur No.53, Bandung P:  (021) 79171717 Instagram Website

2. Jackal Holiday

Jackal Holiday

Jackal Holiday provides a comfortable and safe travel experience. Each unit is equipped with excellent facilities, including CCTV monitoring, a captain seat for every passenger, USB slots, and assigned seating. The available routes include Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Central Park, Fatmawati, Grogol, Jatiwaringin, and more. With a hassle-free booking process, you have the option to reserve your seat through their website, app, or directly at their outlets.

Jackal Holiday Jl. Dipati Ukur No.26F, Bandung P:  (021) 5060078 Instagram Website

3. Lintas Shuttle

Lintas Shuttle

Lintas Shuttle offers excellent facilities on each vehicle, ensuring a pleasant trip experience. Moreover, they provide charging stations at their seats, so you don't have to worry about your phone's battery running out during the journey. They offer a variety of route options, including Blok M, Pancoran, Rawamangun, Slipi, Fatmawati, and more. Another great aspect is that Lintas Shuttle provides an affordable yet highly valuable service.

Lintas Shuttle Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.170, Bandung P:  0855-1500-646 Instagram Website

Also read: 

Best Hotels around Asia Africa Street Bandung

travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin

Staying in Bandung is never complete without a visit to Asia Africa Street, the city's most historically rich area.

4. Bhinneka Shuttle

Bhinneka Shuttle

Bhinneka Shuttle provides comfortable and excellent service at an affordable price. If you are heading to Cikini or Cawang, Bhinneka can be a great choice for your shuttle. Bhinneka Shuttle is an ideal option for those seeking an economical yet comfortable trip between Jakarta and Bandung.

Bhinneka Shuttle Jl. Dr. Djunjunan No.135, Bandung P:  0804 140 1201 Instagram Website

5. Daytrans


Daytrans provide a comfortable and safe journey with a range of accommodating features. With a variety of vehicle options available, including the Hi Ace Commuter and Hi Ace Premio with 8 seats and exclusive facilities, as well as larger buses, they cater to different travel needs. Daytrans offers various drop-off points in Jakarta, including ITC Serpong, Atrium Plaza, Jatiwaringin, FX Plaza, Slipi, Binus, and more.

Daytrans Jl. Dipati Ukur No.107, Bandung P:  0815-8400-6767 Instagram Website


As a pioneer of pool-to-pool shuttles, X Trans continues to develop its service. With up to 700 departures each day, X Trans has proven its dependability in shuttle services. Drop-off points are available in Pancoran, Jatiwaringin, Semanggi, Kelapa Gading, and Blora. Book your seat efficiently through their website.

X Trans Jl. Cihampelas No.112, Bandung P:  (022) 2039692 Instagram Website

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    travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin

  2. Interior Armada Travel Jackal Holidays

    travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin

  3. Jackal Holiday Luxury Shuttle (Pasteur)

    travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin


    travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin

  5. Jackal Holiday Luxury Shuttle (Pasteur)

    travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin

  6. Jackal Holidays Shuttle: Tiket Travel Bandung Jakarta

    travel jackal holiday jatiwaringin


  1. Jackal Holidays Shuttle: Tiket Travel Bandung Jakarta

    Jackal Holidays solusi travel Bandung ke Jakarta - Depok - Tangerang - Bekasi • Luxury Shuttle dengan fasilitas lengkap • Reservasi online disini!

  2. Jackal Holidays Travel Bandung


  3. Bus Pariwisata Bandung

    Jackal Holidays Luxury Shuttle Travel pilihan terbaik dan ternyaman dengan jadwal keberangkatan setiap jam untuk rute Bandung, Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi.

  4. Jackal Holidays Tours & Travel

    Jackal Holidays Tours & Travel, Bandung. 2,561 likes · 13 talking about this · 2,393 were here. The best in traveling service


    Halo teman-teman semuanya, kali ini aku mencoba salah satu shuttle dari Jakarta menuju Bandung, yaitu Jackal Holidays. Shuttle ini memiliki fasilitas yang un...

  6. Jackal Holidays Travel Bandung

    Keberangkatan KIARACONDONG - BANDARA SOEKARNO HATTA 04:00 06:00 08:00

  7. Jackal Holidays Shuttle

    Jackal Holidays Shuttle. 640 likes · 1 talking about this. Jackal Holidays Shuttle menyediakan layanan travel Jakarta, Bandung, Bandara & Tangerang yang...

  8. Booking Tiket Jackal Holidays Online: Cepat dan Praktis di Traveloka!

    Pesan tiket Jackal Holidays online dengan cepat dan mudah. Nikmati kenyamanan perjalanan dengan jadwal yang selalu update setiap hari.

  9. Jackal Holidays

    Find full information about Jackal Holidays Travel from schedule, route, price and information about Jackal Holidays at Traveloka.

  10. Jackal Holidays

    🚌 Book Jackal Holidays bus tickets hassle-free with 12Go! Browse schedules, prices, and reviews online to plan your perfect trip. Try 12Go today!

  11. Jackal Holidays

    About Jackal Holidays Jackal Holidays is a transportation company that started its business as a tour bus operator and trip planner. However, with the growing business potential for intercity transportations between Jakarta - Bandung, Jackal Holidays began to provide shuttle services, which also covers the airport route to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

  12. Travel Jackal Holidays

    Travel Jackal Holidays lengkap dengan rute, agen, tarif, dan jadwal keberangkatan dari dan menuju Bandung, Jadetabek, serta Bandara Soekarno Hatta.

  13. Jackal Holidays Travel Bandung


  14. Jackal holidays Bus Tickets Online

    Book Jackal holidays tickets online on redBus. Over 180 million bus trips are booked using redBus by 23+ million travelers. Check Jackal holidays bus timings, bus fare, and routes!.

  15. 11 Travel Jakarta Bandung Terbaik

    Daftar Travel Jakarta Bandung, harga murah mulai 80 rb. Aragon, Areon Trans, Arnes, Baraya, Bina Sarana, Cititrans, Daytrans, Gracias, Jackal Holidays, Lintas Shuttle ...

  16. Pool Agen Travel Jackal Holidays Lokasi Terdekat, LENGKAP!

    Informasi lengkap seputar outlet / pool agen travel Jackal Holidays lokasi terdekat yang berada di Bandung, Jakarta, Bekasi, Depok, serta Tangerang.

  17. Bandung to Jatiwaringin

    You can take a train from Bandung to Jatiwaringin via Padalarang, Stasiun Kereta Cepat Padalarang, and Stasiun Kereta Cepat Halim in around 1h 41m. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Dipatiukur Cabang to Sekolah Fadlurrahman via Jackal Holidays Blora, Galunggung, and Term. Pulo Gadung in around 4h 21m.

  18. Jackal Holidays Bandung Bandara

    Jackal Holidays Bandung Bandara Jackal Holidays menawarkan layanan travel rute Bandara Internasional Soekarno-Hatta - Bandung, dengan keberangkatan setiap jam. Melalui Traveloka, kini Anda bisa pesan layanannya dengan mudah agar perjalanan dari dan ke bandara selalu terasa nyaman.

  19. Jackal Holidays Travel Bandung

    Nah, itu dia travel Jakarta - Bandung yang bisa kamu pilih sebagai transportasi yang aman dan nyaman. Kamu bisa beli tiketnya secara online via website atau aplikasi Jackal Holidays, pembayarannya pun lebih mudah karena tersedia berbagai pilihan cara bayar.

  20. Paket

    Jackal Holidays Paket merupakan jasa pengiriman paket khusus rute antar ke Bandung, Jakarta, Tangerang, dan Bekasi dengan sistem pool to pool. Jackal Paket menjamin barang Anda sampai dengan aman dengan asuransi, cepat dengan pelayanan Regular dan Same-Day service, juga harga pengiriman yang terjangkau mulai dari Rp15.000/Kg. Pelayanan 24/7.

  21. Daftar Travel Bandung Jakarta dan Jadwalnya

    Daftar Travel Bandung - Jakarta beserta jadwal, tarif & lokasi | Jackal Holidays · Baraya Travel · Lintas Shuttle · Xtrans · Daytrans · Cititrans

  22. Jackal Holidays Travel Bandung

    Cek Booking Anda ! Kode Booking KIRIM Kantor & Call Center

  23. Best Shuttle Services for Jakarta

    Jackal Holiday provides a comfortable and safe travel experience. Each unit is equipped with excellent facilities, including CCTV monitoring, a captain seat for every passenger, USB slots, and assigned seating. The available routes include Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Central Park, Fatmawati, Grogol, Jatiwaringin, and more.