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  • Fantasy Travel – Excellent travel agency in Athens, Greece

Santorini Greece Travel Planning and Travel Agents

My son doing a handstand in Santorini , which along with Mykonos , Naxos , Paros , and Athens are the most popular stops for first-time visitors to Greece.

The Best Websites for Greece Travel Planning in 2024

Fantasy Travel – Greek travel agency in Athens, good for the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Email at [email protected] . – Flight search – Hotels in Greece, best prices and selection – Best site for booking ferries in Greece – Best site for booking rental cars

What is the best luxury travel agent for Greece?

All of the travel agencies listed here can book both luxury and budget trips. There’s no need to use a specialty agency for luxury bookings.

What is the best tour company for Greece?

It’s not necessary to use a travel agency or tour company for planning travel in Greece. You’ll pay more and get a worse selection of hotels. The best way to book Greek ferries , hotels, flights, tours, and rental cars is through specialized websites that will find the best deals and most options. And regardless of how you book, please avoid doing a cruise to Santorini or Mykonos as they are an awful way to experience the magic of the incredible Greek islands . But if you still decide to use a travel company then the following list of travel agencies are good, reliable, and trustworthy.

Travel Companies that Specialize in Greece & the Greek Islands

City Travel Agency Phone Number Athens, Greece Fantasy Travel 30.210.3310530 NYC, New York Hellenic Holidays 212.944.8288 Washington, DC Homeric Tours 800.223.5570 Chicago, Illinois Windy City Travel 312.951.0710 Boston, Massachusetts Kutrubes Travel 617.426.5668 Atlanta, Georgia Homeric Tours 800.223.5570 Seattle, Washington Mike Salvadore 425.483.8687 Houston & Dallas, Texas Homeric Tours 800.223.5570 Los Angeles, California True Greece 800.817.7098 San Francisco, California True Greece 800.817.7098 Denver, Colorado Homeric Tours 800.223.5570 Toronto, Canada Mr Travel 416.461.2424 Vancouver, Canada Omega Travel 604.738.7161 Montreal, Canada Magik Tours 514.344.9518 London, UK Fantasy Travel 30.210.3310530 Dublin, Ireland Fantasy Travel 30.210.3310530 Singapore Fantasy Travel 30.210.3310530 Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Australia Fantasy Travel 30.210.3310530

Travel Agencies in Athens

Fantasy Travel is located in Athens, Greece and is a reliable company for booking packages, hotels, ferries, flights, and tours. (But once again, this is relatively easy to do on your own.)

Greece Travel Agent in the UK

Ionian & Aegean can arrange holiday vacations for all United Kingdom departures. Fantasy Travel in Athens is also a good choice for travelers from Britain, including London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

Thomas Cook Alternatives

With the collapse of Thomas Cook Holidays many hotels and resorts in Greece are scrambling to fill rooms. There’s never been a better time to get great deals online (and avoid the large package and all-inclusive travel companies).

Do I need a travel agent to book my vacation to Greece?

Absolutely not. There is so much good online information for Greece and the Greek Islands that it’s easy to arrange a Greek vacation on your own. Travel agencies promote the hotels and tours that they’ve arranged special deals with. If you book through a travel agent you’ll often have a small selection of resorts to choose from – sometimes these are still very good but it’s much better to choose based on your interests and not be limited by the previous arrangements the agency has made.

But isn’t it a lot of work to figure out a Greece holiday?

I guess if you want to make it hard, you can make it hard. But it certainly doesn’t have to be. Pretty easy actually.

So, how do I book a vacation to Greece by myself? Where do I start?

I’ve written a lot about travel in Greece – start there. On almost every page you’ll find a comments section where you can ask me questions about traveling in Greece. Don’t be shy! I’ve never had a question that I thought was stupid or silly. (OK, maybe a few stupid ones, but I’m pretty open-minded.)

What are the best islands for a first-time visitor to Greece?

Santorini is an absolute must for all first-timers. It’s the most beautiful island in Greece – and maybe the whole world. Mykonos is a great island if you like beaches and nightlife. Naxos is perfect if you like beaches, culture, and a slower pace. Paros is somewhere in the middle – good beaches, trendy restaurants, and bars, but no big club parties. Crete is a wonderful island loaded with beaches, history, culture, and wonderful towns but it’s quite a bit bigger than the other islands I mentioned so go here if you have more than a week to explore it. There are regular ferries between all of these islands (from April to October) and island hopping is one of the most fun things you’ll ever do.

What websites should I use for booking my trip to Greece? – Easy flight search. – Huge selection of Greece hotels and the best prices. – The best site for booking Greece ferries. – Renting a car in Greece.

When is the best time to visit Greece?

For sightseeing April, May, October, and November are great. For swimming, suntanning, partying, island hopping, and sightseeing then June, July, August, and September are best. From late November until March most Greek islands go into hibernation and have very little open. Crete, Santorini, Rhodes, Syros, and Corfu are the exceptions. For certain, they are much quieter during the winter but they will always have enough open to have a pleasant visit. Crete, in particular, has a large year-round population and plenty of activity in the winter. Whenever you visit and however you book it, I do not recommend doing a cruise to Santorini and the Greek islands. Read More Santorini Holidays – A Guide Best Hotels on Santorini Best Tours & Things To Do in Santorini Best Hotels on Mykonos Best Hotels on Crete Best Tours & Things To Do in Crete Best Hotels in Athens

About Santorini Dave

Santorini Dave Author Bio.

Hi Dave, it’s great that you take such time to answer Greece travel questions. So appreciated. My husband and I will be traveling to Greece for two weeks from late Sept into Oct. We are traveling with another couple who will have to end the vacation early(8 nights vs our 13 nights). I have planned our time as follows – Fly into Athens from Newark NJ spend 2 nights in Athens, ferry to Mykonos for 3 nights from there ferry to Santorini for 3 Nights. After Santorini our friends will fly back to Athens to catch the return home. My husband and I will ferry from Santorini to Crete for 4 nights then fly back to Athens for the return home. Does this itinerary make sense from a time standpoint? We want to avoid long ferry rides (6 hours +). Is 2 nights enough in Athens? Our friends wanted to do an extra day in Athens, but since they have to end the trip early, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Thanks so much for the help.

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That sounds like a great itinerary. Two nights in Athens is enough time for most people but do plan for a busy visit to try to pack in the highlights.

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When Island hopping, how do I plan on how much time/days to spend on each Island. This is my first time coming. My family is from Greece. I know I fly into Athens and need to book a hotel there. Do I book Hotel for each Island we go to?

Yes, book hotels for each island you plan to visit. Spend at minimum two nights on each island you visit – 3 or 4 nights is usually best. Be sure there are ferries running on the day you plan to travel between your current and next island.

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Hi Dave, We’re planning 3 – 5 weeks in Greece in May, 2022. Hope you can answer a few questions. We’d like a relaxed pace, are thinking to do the minimum time in Athens, then more relaxed pace on Santorini, Naxos, and/or Milos & Crete. We’re don’t need time to hang out on any beaches but will visit beaches to sightsee and swim.

What’s the minimum time we should spend in Athens?

Does 3 – 5 weeks give us enough time to give the other destinations a relaxed visit? Or should we prune one stop?

We live near the beach in Honolulu, so we’re looking for some contrasting mountain time on this trip as well; can we get this in say, Naxos, or should we tack on another country? We’d like to go to Croatia but it doesn’t have to be on this trip.

We’re most likely to tack on a couple days on each end of the trip in London to visit family as well as reduce the number of connections on the long flight between Honolulu. Should we fly between Crete and Santorini? I’m assuming both have flights to London and possibly Dubrovnik?

Thanks for your advice, Scott

3 to 5 weeks will give you a good amount of time to explore Athens and those islands. Obviously, more is better. I’d fly London to Crete, ferry to Santorini, ferry to Milos, ferry to Naxos, ferry to Athens. Spend at least 3 nights in Athens. More if you want to include short trips to Nafplio, Delphi, or the Meteora (all highly recommended).

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Hi Dave, So much great information! We are trying to book a honeymoon for the Greek islands for June / July 2022. We had a travel agent make an itinerary and I tried to price it myself for August 2021 since the calendars for these places/travel don’t stretch to July 2022 yet. His price came in roughly 25% higher. He said that everything is expected to just be more expensive next summer as a opposed to this summer because of lifted restrictions. I have 2 questions. 1) is there an expected big price increase from 2021 to 2022? 2) how much markup approximately do you think travel agents charge? Thanks for your help! Andres Hartman

1. Prices have actually been surprisingly high this year in Greece due (I think) to the unpredictable nature of booking and limited supply. 2. I have no idea what travel agents mark up the price, but 25% does not seem unreasonable.

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Hello. I’m considering either Fantasy Travel or True Trips for an upcoming 3 week trip around the Greek islands. Do you have any comments on True Trips? Thanks.

I’ve heard different reviews of True Trips but have not had any direct experience with them. Like all vacation planning for Greece I recommend DIY. You’ll get the best trip and best prices by booking hotels, tours, and ferries yourself.

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We are traveling to Athens at the end of July and have 2 weeks. We are flying direct into Athena and then would like to head to the islands. We love amazing beaches and are so drawn to the architecture of Santorini but also are more interested in the quieter side of the islands. We need to fly from an island to Rome as Rome is where we catch our flight home to the US. We’d like to spend 2 nights in Italy. Can you recommend a starting point of an island from Athens, then possibly another island, the probably ending in Santorini for two nights? Do you think Santorini is a good place to fly from to Rome or would you recommend another island?

Thank you so much! Jen

Yes, Santorini is a great island to catch flights to Italy (Mykonos and Crete are also good). There are many great islands between Athens and Santorini: Naxos, Paros, Mykonos, Milos are all wonderful. Sifnos, Serifos, or Folegandros if you want something a little quieter.

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Do you know anything about Hellenic Holiday Tours in NYC? He gave me a price which seems to be a lot higher than if I booked everything myself.

How much does a travel agent typically make for a 11 day trip? How much are the ferries approximately and vehicle transfers? Obviously a travel agent deserves to make money for their work. Is this a trustworthy agency? He also included a walking tour in Athens, a cataraman dinner cruise, 2 domestic flights, and ferry rides and all vehicle transfers.

I do not recommend people use a travel agency to book a Greek vacation. Obviously, I’d need all the details to compare your holiday package to a DIY vacation, so I can’t comment directly, but in general you will get better rates and (just as important) better quality tours and hotels by booking everything separately.

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We’re travelling with a big group next summer – mostly couples but there are 2 families – One with 2 kids (7 & 9), one with 3 kids (ages 4,6,8). Any recommendations of a Santorini hotels that can accomodate 2 family rooms with caldera views?

The villas at Aria Suites are absolutely wonderful and can accommodate a range of different-sized groups. (The suites are also great but don’t have the same caldera views.)

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Can you recommend a Cave house for 4 in Santorini?

The villas at Aria Suites in Fira are wonderful. Cave houses with private jacuzzi. Great location steps from restaurants, shopping, and nightlife.

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Do ferries run in March? I’m having a hard time finding the schedule for March from Athens to Crete, Mykonos, and Santorini?

Yes, ferries will run from Athens to all of those 3 islands but there might not be ferries between those 3 islands – those ferries start in March but the exact date differs every year and could be the 2nd half of the month.

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Hi Dave, We’re looking for a place to stay on Santorini in May. There are 5 of us in our family, all adults. We’d like a nice view, 2 bath, 3 BR, $300-$500 per night. Any suggestions?

Nothing comes to mind in that range. 3 bedrooms are rare. 3 bedrooms with view are rarer still. And 3 bedrooms with view in that price range are non-existant. Sorry.

Hi Santorini Dave, We are planning to stay in Chania on our trip to Crete. Is that airport easy to get in and out of, with many flights available? Or better to use the Heraklion airport? Thanks for your continued assistance. You’re the best!

You’ll find more flights to and from Heraklion but Chania has a better more comfortable airport.

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Hi Dave, We live in Boston and are planning a trip to Santorini and Crete May 15-25. Is there a best airline to travel? Should we fly into Athens then book another airline to the islands? Or fly direct? Best to fly into Santorini and then go to Crete, or vice versa? Which island has the most accessible airport? Appreciate any guidance. Love your site!

There are no direct flights from Boston to the Greek islands. You can either fly direct to Athens then fly (or ferry) to Santorini, ferry to Crete, then fly back to Athens. Or fly through a western Europe hub like Paris, London, Rome, or Amsterdam, then fly to Santorini (skipping Athens), ferry to Crete, then fly back to western Europe. The only difference between doing Santorini or Crete first is the timing of the ferries. Crete to Santorini ferries leave early in the morning. Santorini to Crete ferries go in the late afternoon. Otherwise there’s no difference.

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Hi Dave, incredible site, glad I stumbled upon it. 4 of us (wife, 2 boys, 12 and 10) are starting the beginning stages of planning a trip to Greece next year, late June/early July. We thought about using a travel agent, but after reading your site, feel we can do it on our own. We’re looking to do 10 days, coming from DC. 1) The travel agent suggested Athens, Patmos, and Rhodes. Seems to be a lot of traveling in there between spots and I hadn’t really heard about Patmos. Any opinion on Patmos? 2) Our thought is Athens, Santorini, Naxos, and maybe Crete. Wondering if that is too much though. 1 day in Athens, 2 in Santorini, 2 in Naxos, 3 in Crete and 1 in Athens. That leaves 1 day, wondering if we need that extra one in Athens to view the Acropolis. Wondering if we should eliminate Crete as much as it pains me. 3) Our priorities our exploring the Greek Mythology, food, History tours (Ruins, Castles, Gods, and Olympics), cooking classes, volcanoes, snorkeling, boat ride, donkey tour, olive oil tour. Are the islands listed above good for these activities?

1. Patmos is rich with Christian history (primarily St John) and is a great island but it wouldn’t be my first (or second choice) for first-time visitors to Greece. And yes, that itinerary has a lot of travel – Rhodes is 6 hours away by ferry, Athens is 7 hours, and those ferries do not run every day. There’s no airport on Patmos. 2. With only 10 days, Athens is deserving of 1 day but no more. Santorini and Naxos would be what I would recommend but Knossos on Crete is a wonderful introduction to Greek myth (be sure to get a guide at the entrance gates), so it would be tough to drop Crete. No clear answer here. Try to fly one way to save time – e.g. ferry to Naxos, ferry to Santorini, ferry to Crete, then fly Heraklion back to Athens. Or even better you can fly from Santorini or Heraklion back to western Europe and not have to return to Athens at all – that will save you even more time. 3. Yes, those 3 islands are a perfect mix for your interests.

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I’m planning a Greece honeymoon in September. We’re coming from the east coast of the USA. The plan is to fly into Mykonos for several nights there, then ferry to Naxos for several nights, then ferry to Santorini for 4-5 nights.

How easy it to get on and off the ferries with luggage? Since we’ll be traveling for a week and a half we’ll probably have 3-4 suitcases. And do Greek ferries charge per carry on item like airlines?

Also, thank you so much for dedicating your time and making this such an informative site. It’s very much appreciated.

There are no limits to how many bags you can take on a Greek ferry. (OK, technically, there probably are some restrictions but for practical purposes you can have as many bags as you want.) And there’s no charge for bags in any way. But you do need to be able to carry them on and off in one shot, so don’t plan on returning to grab that 3rd suitcase. It is a little tricky getting on and off with luggage (rollers don’t work on the grated ferry floor) but you don’t/shouldn’t take large bags upstairs. There’s storage on the entry level (with the cars) for all large baggage.

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I’m in Greece from 18 November to 26 November. I have already booked myself at Elite Luxury Suites from 23 to 26 at Oia. Wonder if it’s the best choice that I have made!!??

Can you help planning the other days that I am left with? Some of the queries I had are: 1. Is it worth taking a ferry to Santorini one way and flying back? Or should I stick to flying both ways? 2. Would Paros be worth visiting during this time? If yes, how many days should I plan there and where can I stay while keeping in budget? 3. Is Hydra worth visiting? 4. Any day trip recommendations from either Athens or Santorini? 5. Must see historical sites in Athens? Do not wish to spend a lot of time in Athens. 6. Any must do in Greece during this time that I am missing? 7. Any other island that is worth considering given the duration and time of the year? I am more interested in good food and romantic/quiet time. I really wanted to visit Mykonos for it’s beauty of town but I don’t think it’s a good idea in November.

I hope that’s not too many questions for a single post!

1. With only 3 days there I would fly both ways. 2. Paros or Naxos are both good in November (though will be quiet). 2 nights there would be good. Or 3. 3. Yes, Hydra is great. But also quiet in November. 4. Nafplio is one of the best day trips from Athens. With only 2 full days on Santorini, no time for a day trip. 5. Read: Best Things To Do in Athens . (Do a food tour if you have time.) 6. Specific to late November, no. 7. Athens, Santorini, and Naxos or Paros will keep you plenty busy. No time for anywhere else (beyond one day trip to either Hydra or Nafplio).

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This is great information. Could you tell me anything about Xenones Filotera? I am traveling with 5 in my family and through this looked nice but didn’t see any comments or information about it on your page. Martha

Xenones Filotera is a very nice place with incredible caldera views. The defining feature (for deciding whether to stay there) is the location. You’re not in any town but a 20 minute walk from Imerovigli and an hour from Oia (in the opposite direction). Few restaurants are within a quick walk (though the brand new Cavo Tagoo is next door and they have a great bar/restaurant). There is a bus stop (with buses going to both Fira and Oia) about 2 minutes from the hotel.

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Do you know what is the best/most reasonably priced way to travel from Chicago to Santorini? We plan to visit in June. Currently, flights are not available, but want a place to start when they do become available. Thank you!

Use to search for the cheapest flights to one of the major hubs in western Europe: London, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, or Amsterdam. Then search for a cheap flight on a European budget airline (e.g. Ryanair, Easy Jet, Transavia, Volotea) to Santorini. If you want to visit more than one island or city in Greece then be sure to fly in and out of different airports so you don’t have to double back – e.g. fly Rome to Santorini, ferry to Mykonos, fly Mykonos to Rome.

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Just wondering what you think of Dream Island Hotel? Is it close to the city centre of Fira? Is it a good hotel to stay at? We’ll be in Santorini in August. Leigh

A good value hotel with a very nice pool area and a 5 minute walk to Fira’s main square and caldera views. The views from the hotel are to the east (not the caldera).

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We will be traveling with a large family group to Mykonos. We need 5-6 bedrooms and think we need to be able to walk to restaurants and bars as half the group are boys in 20s but would also like to be close to beaches. A villa would be great but are there any that are walking (really close to town) near beaches or pools? Your site very helpful but didn’t see much on villas or large group accommodations.

Nothing comes to mind right in Mykonos Town. A good compromise would be getting a couple of family rooms at Acrogiali Hotel on Platys Gialos Beach (several beach bars within walking distance and a short bus ride to nightlife of Mykonos Town).

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I’d like to visit Greece in September (probably Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos). When should I book my flight and reserve my hotels? Is it getting too late to find good hotels?

Too late to book for September? No. Should you get looking for flights and start booking hotels? Yes. The earlier you book the better, but you still have plenty of time. The best hotels on Santorini can get fully booked 6 to 8 months in advance but there’ll often be something available right up to the last minute. If a caldera view is important then try to book a hotel at least 4 months in advance.

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The Rack Railway journey was excellent

This trip had two guides, Katya for the first week through Delphi, Olympia, et. al., Peter guided in the second week through Naxos and Santorini and was spectacular....

Well organised, good standard of hotels.

Impossible to choose just a single highlight, but Sapfo was extraordinarily good.

Santorini sunset tour and the tour keader

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My wife and I wanted to see Greece from a Cultural point of view, but also to experience the people and everyday Greek life. We didn't want to have to set up the whole trip ourselves, as we were busy and tired after a tough year. My wife stumbled upon ...

Greece Insiders online. We told Elena what we wanted and within a couple of days, she'd put together a pretty much perfect trip. With a few small WAS the perfect trip! We had to do nothing but turn up! A wonderful driver, the best guides we could ask for, and nice hotels, made for the trip of a lifetime. One of the most important things for me, was the fact that Elena and Lydia made themselves available to troubleshoot any issues, at any time. The comfort of knowing that anything that might go wrong would be handled for us...was priceless! Thanks to Elena and Lydia, for a fantastic experience!!

We planned a trip with our 2 adult kids & spouses through Greek Insiders & were thrilled with the results. Our trip specialist, Chris, helped us plan a perfect itinerary - small boutique hotels, spectacular views, historical tours, a winery tour…. everything we asked for and more! Every detail was ...

planned - from airport transports, flights to/from Santorini, rental car, tour guides, etc. We loved the fact that this trip was tailored to our personal interests. It was so easy to plan as Chris communicated with us directly. Anytime we had a question, we got a quick reply. We especially enjoyed driving through the Peloponnese Region - the scenery was gorgeous along the coast, and the pace was much more relaxed than Athens. We stayed in 3 different towns and 3 very different hotels, but all were superb! We had never planned a trip quite like this, but Greek Insiders and Chris made it easy and manageable. The trip itinerary was so detailed - it was like having our own personal tour guide with us.

So many spectacular sites and seemingly so little time. Our local agent, Alexandros, through TravelLocal really got us to the best sites and with great guides. All logistics were flawless (how often can you say that). The Hania area in Crete and Delphi were true standouts.

What an amazing 2 week trip to Greece! We worked with Elena to plan an itinerary that included many historical sites and cultural activities that Greece is known for. We were not disappointed. The hotels were top notch and in great locations for exploring the area. We especially liked Nafplio, ...

which is a charming town with great access to Mycenae and Epidaurus. Delphi is an amazing area and Thessaloniki offered some of our best meals of the trip. Our driver was so professional and personable and made sure we had great snacks! We were very impressed by the guides at the archaelogical sites and I highly recommend using a guide to get the most out of your visit. Thanks to Elena and the many other people we met for making us feel welcome and helping us enjoy their amazing country.

Elena from Greece Insiders arranged a 16 day trip for my wife and I. We spent time in Athens, Naxos, Milos and Santorini. Elena booked hotels, arranged transportation, and booked guides/tours. She even had drivers arranged for transportation to and from airports and ferries. All of the guides were for ...

just us and were fantastic—food tour in Athens, Acropolis, Mt Zas hike and small villages tours on Naxos, etc. Hotels and all transportation were great. We felt very taken care of and the tours gave us a lot of history and context for what we saw, as well as a chance to meet and interact with locals.

We enjoyed our trip. The drivers and guides were excellent. The drives were very friendly and helpful. The guides new their Greek history and was able to explain it in a fashion for us to understand. The only thing that I would change is when I am planning my trip, ...

I would not do multiple days together of guided tours. There were times by the end of the 2nd day I was not able to absorb the information they were talking about. We loved loved our days in Zagori, the place we stayed was excellent (our favorite) and the gorge and bridges were beautiful. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is going to Greece. The water in Zakynthos was so blue and clear, it was magnificent, and would highly recommend this island to anyone.

The scenery in Greece was spectacular! We traveled to Thessaloniki, Zagori (favorite), Meteora, Delphi, Athens, and Zakynthos. All of our local guides were very knowledgeable about the ruins, Greek history and mythology, and took us to many notable museums. However, I am not a history buff, so all the facts, ...

dates, exhibits overwhelmed me. The trip was very well planned for getting around the country and seeing the sights, except on Zakynthos and in Rafina.We took lots of pictures to remember our trip by and share with others.

I highly recommend this company for your travel to Greece.Elena our trip planner advisor was very responsive to all our requests. She booked every tour, every hotel, and all we had to do was show up. She was easy to reach with questions while we were in Greece.We had a ...

private driver, Andres, for almost a week, our guides, 4 in all, were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Honestly, our guides may have been the best guides in all of Greece. They treated us so well! Making sure we had everything we needed and took us everywhere we went. So much better than a group tour.Our trip was tailor-made for us, just the way we wanted to see Greece. First class!

Superb - that was our experience with Chris and his Italy team.  Upon first reaching out to KimKim we were immediately connected to Chris. He understood our hopes and preferences and compiled extraordinary hotel accommodations in four cities. He set up the right-fit tour guides and transportation for us.  Chris ...

and his colleague, Maria Grazia, supplied daily detailed information with names and connections.  Midway through our two week Italy stay, we switched plans when Chris and Maria Grazia fully understood and reacted quickly to make other plans for us. Chris suggested an online meeting before we left our Boston home to review our specialized itinerary  which proved extremely worthwhile and allowed us to make a face-to-face connection.  Thanks to the Whatsapp application we had both Chris and Maria Graze in our pockets 24 hrs. per day.  We did have some off-hours communication that both Chris and Maria Graze accepted helpfully and graciously - they both possess a great sense of humor.  We could not more strongly recommend working with Chris and his hand-picked team.

The historic sites throughout, Greece are fascinating, an easy to access. The local food and market was incredibly delicious. Consider traveling for two weeks or longer to the islands and to the Peloponnese. Also, a private tour/driver is most convenient and improves your ability to enjoy Your adventure. Greece Insiders is a superb travel ...

planner. They are very responsive, attentive, and made attention to detail a priority.

Our experience was absolutely wonderful ! Being that we both have never heard of the company ,we were a bit hesitant since we were planning our honeymoon and we wanted everything to be perfect! That fear and hesitation was quickly squashed the moment we were able to speak to our ...

travel guides, first we had Elena who initiated our itinerary and hit the nail on the head, gave us exactly the type of trip that we wanted and was looking for especially for our honeymoon! Then we had Lydia who finished off the tail end of our planning before getting to Greece and she was incredibly communicative and responsive to when we had questions and helped us get all of our things together prior to going on our trip! From the moment we arrived in Greece, everyone whom we had come in contact with was so incredibly nice and fun it felt like we were hanging out with friends! When meeting with each of our tour guides , even Lydia our travel guide one night, Being in a new place it was so refreshing to have amazing conversations about the culture and just being in the company of good genuine people. Lydia would check in with us through out our trip to make sure we were okey and it was incredibly comforting. We kept saying to ourselves each day it can't get better and somehow they both topped it off when we had different types of food tours ,Wine Tours and the sheer beauty of each archaeological site was just amazing. We never felt rushed in any way being that it was our honeymoon we wanted to remain active but also have some down time and their itinery gave us a lot of time to explore on our own, places that we wanted check out. We did all of the mainland and we had the same driver each day we traveled which was like one big road trip with a great friend! There was even one day we were supposed to do a hike, the weather ended up being crappy and our driver yannis was on the case in no time he made some calls and we were able to still do something with the day and make it so much fun even though we didn't get to initially do what was planned! That being said I cannot recommend them enough! From the moment we got to Greece, till the moment we left , everybody was so incredibly nice our experience was phenomenal and we cannot wait to use them again to go back!

Greece Insiders put together the perfect honeymoon for us! They were recommended from a friend that used them in the past and did not disappoint. The planning process was very easy and smooth. Lydia made our itinerary and we had a video meeting to discuss our thoughts. We asked to ...

change a few things and she adjusted quickly and all was set to go! When we arrived Lydia met us at our hotel and we had coffee together and she was letting us know if we had any questions, concerns or issues she would be there to help. Everything was great, including smooth transitions between islands. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and would highly recommend them to anyone!

We (three adults) worked with Alexandros to plan our 11 day trip to Greece. He listened to our interests and helped us to design a perfect trip that immersed us in the history and culture, while allowing for some downtime to relax. Every tour was fabulous. All hotels that they ...

arranged for our stay were excellent We would not change one thing that we did. Any questions we had during our time in Greece were immediately answered by a representative from Greek Insiders via text. We also received text reminders for flights and other logistics which we found reassuring and helpful. Normally when we travel we plan most of our trip on our own, but with needing to arrange transportation to different islands, we felt getting assistance was a good idea. If traveling to Greece I highly recommend reaching out to Greece Insiders to assist with your planning.

I highly recommend Greece Insiders. This was my first trip using a company like this and I have to say - I wish there was a Greece insiders for every country! We worked with Lydia and she was really really fantastic! She responded quickly to every request and she tailored ...

an Athens trip for me and my wife with some of the best hotels and best tour guides. I cannot wait to book my next trip and look forward to working with Lydia and Greece insiders again!

We finally had our dream trip to Greece! It was so unforgettable and better than we ever expected! Athens has become one of my top 3 favorite cities in the world. The history, the culture, the food, everything there is just amazing.Greece Insiders has designed a perfect trip for us. ...

Our entire itinerary is so well planned. From food tour to day trips to days for ourselves, we experience something new and exciting every single day.Our Destination Expert Elena is such a great guide. She has been so approachable and helpful since we inquired about traveling to Greece. Her warmth and friendliness have made us feel free of any worries from booking the trip through our stay in Athens. A big thank you to Elena's wonderful professionalism!Highly recommend Greece and Greece Insiders!

Elena Kymiri helped plan our trip in March 2023, we started and finalized in September. In February 2024 we had a video conference going over the plans. I asked several questions about places we could visit when we were on our own time. Elena made decision where to go and ...

how to travel easy. She includes local restaurants which we reviewed along with the hotel suggestions. In some cases, the tours, wineries, etc included a lunch, around 2-3 pm and at night we weren't very hungery and may buy a snack at the local mini market. We had both some small group tours - maximum 8 but we only had maybe 5 on it including our self, some it was just us 2, we also had private tours, Athens, Delphi, Chanai. Some of the Tour companies were Luxury Tours, GS-ES tours, and driver in Athens was TBS , ask for Yani with them- great driver and very personable - we met the tour guides either at the site or they may ride with us in Athens. The tour guides were very good and we had fun teasing and learning from them. All the hotels which she booked were within walking distance of many sites or transportation was easily gotten, we used buses as well as hotel drivers. Elena is worth the cost of the travel. Since we were flying in, we elected to fly via Athens to Crete so that we wouldn't be go back and forth to airport to go from Athens to Crete or Crete to Athens to Santorini and then back to Athens to fly out. The cost to fly from Athens to Crete via Sky wasn't much and we arrived in Crete about 5:30 pm. We had no complaints about the Hotels, they were clean, very helpful staff and great locations.

Our advisor was Julia and she was amazing. We went for our birthdays and Julie set up a perfect 18 day trip for us. We would definitely use this company again. 

Our philosophy


Weather in Greece in September: Ultimate Travel Guide

Greek ferry_feature

Best Things to do in Greece for Young Adults in 2024

Greece with Kids Guide_Feature

Greece with Kids Guide: Ultimate Family Trip

Kefalonia beach_Unique Places to Visit in Greece_Feature

Unique Places to Visit in Greece: Uncover Hidden Gems

things to do in santorini_feature

The Best things to do in Athens in 2024


Our travel agency is here to make your Greece Vacation unforgettable! Score the best deals in Greece tours, Greek island hopping packages, transfers and personalized Greece vacation packages that will make your trip to Greece smooth, avoiding any hassle!

Our travel agency helps thousands of people every year to plan their trip to Greece. From tours to hotels and from car rentals to ferry tickets, we provide all the essential travel services, to make your trip to Greece the most epic and smooth one. Let us make your vacation organization in Greece a fun and easy process! Our services are rated ★★★★★. Read reviews about our services. Our guide and services won the Silver Award (2020) of the annual Tourism Awards in Greece .

Cancellation Guarantee! Book your next trip to Greece with peace of mind! Read more .


Tailor-made Services

Do you Need a Free Travel Quote?

Our team of experienced travel specialists can organize your unforgettable vacation in Greece!

Please send us a request and we will rapidly answer you with a free quote!


Athens - mykonos - santorini, delphi - meteora monasteries, mycenae - olympia - delphi - meteora, athens - mykonos - paros - santorini, athens - mykonos - santorini - crete, athens - paros - naxos, discover more about greece.

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Special offers, " fantasy went above and beyond to make our trip perfect.", "..please extend our appreciation to all of the workers associated with fantasy travel..", "you guys are #1", "you did an excellent job...", "the transfers and sailings went like clockwork ..a big thanks to all concerned.", " ..a big thank for helping make our honeymoon so enjoyable..", popular packages.

Picturesque shot of Pelion

Mamma Mia & Mainland Roadtrip

Bourtzi from the Nafplion waterfront

Along the Peloponnesian Coast

Ancient ruins of the archaeological site of Olympia, Peloponnese

Seniors Winter Special

View of Chora in Mykonos

Pursuit of Pleasure...2

Woman enjoying the view of the caldera, the white houses and the infinite blue sea, Santorini island

Best Price - Most Wanted Places!

Elounda Beach Aerial Photo

Cretan High Living

best travel agent in greece

Your Greek vacation awaits

Experience the unique culture and natural beauty of Greece

Specialized Expertise

Local knowledge, trusted relationships.

Your Dream Greek Odyssey: Authentic. Personalized. Unforgettable.

Welcome to Real Greece Travel, your gateway to a personalized and enchanting journey through Greece’s captivating landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. As a dedicated travel advisor working hand-in-hand with my expert in-country team, we bridge the gap between the local knowledge you crave and the American traveler’s expectations you deserve. By choosing our team to create your journey, you’ll experience the best of Greece through the eyes of a local while enjoying the custom-tailored touches that will make your adventure truly unforgettable. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter itineraries and embrace a world of personalized, immersive, and truly authentic Greek experiences.

best travel agent in greece


Free download, the top 10 experiences 1st time travelers to greece miss out on —revealed.

Are you dreaming of traveling to Greece? Unsure where to start? Feeling overwhelmed by over information online? Trying to sort of what not to miss? I’ve got you. 

Sign up to receive my top experiences 99% of first time travelers to Greece completely miss out on.

Your Journey To Greece Begins Here

Always there for you, how do you decide who to trust with your vacation.

1. As an American who chose to make Greece her second home 20+ years ago, our founder Carole understands what vacation means to you. You work hard to earn your vacation, and we will make sure you make the most of it.

2. The best recommendations come from the locals, and we have made ourselves part of the local community. We go beyond telling you where to go and what to see. We make sure you're connected with the right local expert, driver or guide, so you get there. We will recommend local restaurants and dishes to try, boutique hotels that secretly have the best views in town, and tell you our favorite stores to pick up souvenirs like olive oil or handmade ceramics.

Family & Multi-Generation Travel

Culinary tour of greece, small group journeys, how it works, let’s connect.

Whether you want to see historical sites or go island hopping around the Cyclades Islands, we want to hear about it. In addition to a phone consultation, you will also complete a travel planning questionnaire. This helps us to get to know you better and understand your style of travel. We will ask questions like what you want to see, your travel style and your expectations so that we can create a plan for your Greek adventure.

Creating Your Itinerary

Based on your travel requests, we will create a custom itinerary for you that includes a mix of our suggestions and must-have experiences. If you like the initial itinerary, that’s great! If you want to make some changes, we will revise your itinerary until you are happy and excited about your trip.

It’s time to go to Greece!

Once your itinerary has been finalized and your trip has been booked it’s time for your vacation to begin! We will make sure you have everything you need before you go so you can travel confidently and comfortably.

best travel agent in greece

Carole Heiman-Kezios

It’s time to see the real greece ..

Welcome to Real Greece.

We specialize in helping curious travelers experience the history, culture, food, and flavors of Greece with our custom travel planning and concierge services.

We know how stressful planning a vacation can be, especially if you are the one planning for your whole group. The pressure you feel to plan an epic trip can be overwhelming and you do not have time to research, plan and execute a trip to a destination you’ve never been to before.

This is where we come in. As travel experts specializing in Greece, we take the time to get to know you and then we turn to our little black book of in-country partners to create an itinerary just for you.

You are unique, so your trip to Greece should be too. Our goal is to create a trip that fits you, your style, your interests and your budget. Your itinerary will allow you to immerse yourself into the local culture, food, wine and customs of Greece without the unnecessary stress travel planning can bring.

By the end of your trip, we hope you love Greece just as much as we do!

Dreamworthy Destinations

best travel agent in greece


best travel agent in greece


best travel agent in greece


Travel tips & inspiration.

Colorful kites ready to fly for Clean Monday in Greece

Embrace Tradition and New Beginnings: Celebrating Clean Monday in Greece

Flights to Greece from the US

Your Ultimate Guide to Booking a Flight to Greece

best travel agent in greece

Enhance Your Greek Adventure: Essential Reads before you travel to Greece

best travel agent in greece

Discovering the Timeless Charm of Syros: A Perfect Retreat in the Cyclades

Santorini blue dome white church

Where did Santorini get its name?

best travel agent in greece

Girls, Girls, Girls… When it comes to bees, it’s all about the girls!

What our clients are saying.

Stefanie & Rob


[email protected]


Home Our Team Inspiration Testimonials Travel Articles We’d love to hear from you!


Mainland Greece Crete Cycladic Islands Peloponnese

best travel agent in greece

Kivotos of Aegean Travel

Travel Agency – Tour Operators in Greece

Kivotos of aegean travel, inspired tailor made vacations, we turn your unique travel dreams into reality, find a tour by category.


Quick Search

Advanced search, find a tour by destination.


Tailor Made Vacation Itineraries

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Our popular vacation itineraries


Divine Cyclades Small Ship Luxury Cruise

8 days / 7 nights

Athens – Sounion – Sifnos – Milos – Kimolos – Ios – Santorini – Schoinousa – Koufonisia – Antiparos – Naxos – Delos – Mykonos – Serifos – Kythnos – Athens

Ancient Paths, 7 night Greece Luxury Boutique Cruise

Athens – Hydra – Fokianos – Monemvasia – Elafonisos – Ancient Olympia – Zakynthos – Ithaca – Gidaki – Itea – Delphi – Galaxidi – Athens


Classical Greece Small Ship Cruises

Athens – Kea – Delos – Mykonos – Santorini – Rethymnon – Kythira – Monemvasia – Nafplion – Hydra – Athens


Antiquity to Byzantium Small Ship Cruise

Athens – Epidaurus – Nafplion – Mycenae – Gythion – Pylos – Olympia – Delphi – Athens


Variety Cruises Jewels of the Cyclades

Athens – Poros – Folegandros – Santorini – Antiparos – Paros – Syros – Kythnos – Athens


Athens, Delphi and 4 Night Greek Island Cruise

9 days / 8 nights

Athens – Delphi – Mykonos – Kusadasi – Patmos – Rhodes – Athens


Eros Greece Honeymoon Experience

11 days / 10 nights

Athens – Delphi – Syros – Mykonos – Santorini – Athens


Pathos Greece Honeymoon

15 days / 14 nights

Athens – Rhodes – Heraklion (Crete) – Agios Nikolaos (Crete) – Santorini – Mykonos – Delos – Athens


Cycladic Panorama Honeymoon

11 days / 12 nights

Athens – Santorini – Naxos – Mykonos – Delos – Athens


Harmony Greek Island Honeymoon

Athens – Santorini – Mykonos – Delos – Athens


Majestic Honeymoon in Greece

12 days / 11 nights

Athens – Chania (Crete) – Santorini – Mykonos – Delos – Athens


Fantasia Greek Island Honeymoon

Athens – Santorini – Naxos – Athens


Symphony of the Aegean Honeymoon

Athens – Chania (Crete) – Santorini – Milos – Athens

Why book with us


Local Experts

Kivotos of Aegean  is a Greek owned, family run, boutique travel agency, operating since 1999.

We are a team of travel specialists with firsthand knowledge of the area.

Peace of mind. We are proud of our 5 star reviews on TripAdvisor, Google and more

We are a legitimate company, licensed by the Greek National Tourist Organization

Personalized service

We offer authentic tailor made travel experiences designed just for you. Our passion for travel, our personalized 24 hour service, and our pursuit of excellence, are some of the reasons that guarantee a memorable experience.

We are here for you

Peace of mind.

24/7 assistance during your vacation.

Competitive pricing

Our personalized travel itineraries are carefully planned to offer value for money

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The Greece Vacation Experts

Our passion is our friends to experience the unique culture of Greece

Explore Greece Vacation Packages

If your vacation of a lifetime is a honeymoon in Greece, or one of award winning Greece Vacation Packages, let us design the perfect private journey for you.

Popular Vacation Packages in Cyclades Islands & Greece.

Hellenic essence, explore the hellenic essence.

10 Days / 8 Nights Athens / Mykonos / Santorini

Hellenic Euphoria

Explore the hellenic euphoria.

14 Days / 12 Nights Athens / Mykonos / Naxos / Santorini

Hellenic Jewel

Explore the hellenic jewel.

11 Days / 9 Nights Athens / Crete / Santorini

Hellenic Rhapsody

Explore the hellenic rhapsody.

14 Days / 12 Nights Athens / Milos / Naxos / Santorini

Popular Honeymoon Packages in Cyclades Islands & Greece.

Hellenic dream, explore the hellenic dream.

11 Days / 9 Nights Athens / Mykonos / Santorini

Hellenic Allure

Explore the hellenic allure, hellenic indulgence, explore the hellenic indulgence.

14 Days / 12 Nights Athens / Crete / Santorini / Mykonos

Hellenic Fantasea

Explore the hellenic fantasea, explore tailor-made vacations & honeymoon packages by destination.

What better way to celebrate the start of your new life together, than with a honeymoon in Greece. We don’t create just vacations to Greece. Let us help you make memories of a lifetime.

Popular Greece Vacation Packages by Destination

Hellenic holidays blog, in praise of the peloponnese: 7 reasons to visit.

The Peloponnese has simply everything you could want from a Greek destination – and then some. Ancient history? How about Ancient Olympia, the birthpl...

Best Laid Plans: Plotting a Summer Greek Vacation with Friends over Christmas – Part II

Welcome to the conclusion to vacation experts Hellenic Holidays' Christmas tale. To read Part I click here.“Oh my God this ...

Best Laid Plans: Plotting a Summer Greek Vacation with Friends over Christmas

Joanne returns from the kitchen carrying a fresh bottle of wine. She sidles up to Steve on the couch and flashes her phone at him ...

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Talk to an Awarded Vacation Expert

Our passion is for our friends to experience the unique cultures of Greece and Turkey and learning about their epic histories.

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19, Filellinon St.

(+30) 210-3310530.

[email protected]

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36 Years Of Experience

With 36 years of experience we’ll ensure you always get the best guidance.

Our Services

With carefully crafted packages we make sure your clients will have the best possible experience!

Private Tours

Our in-depth knowledge enables us to design and deliver a tailor-made program of shore excursions and activities., using high quality buses, mini-buses, a professional taxi fleet and our mercedes v.i.p mini-bus, we provide a first class transfer experience all over greece., tailor-made packages, our expertise is to create trips tailored to the needs and personality of your customers., what we offer, we offer a wide variety of services including vacation packages ,  tours , cruises , accommodation , transfers  and ticket  booking., our friendly and experienced travel experts will always be there to offer you the best quality of services at competitive rates. we also offer a collection of tools for our selected partners, thus providing speed and convenience..

Fantasy Travel is a widely acknowledged, reliable and certified tour operator, licensed by IATA. It is also a member of HATTA and EOT with EOT tour operator license No. 0206E61000103900. Fantasy Travel operates since February 1983 under the same Owner (George Gerassimidis) and under private owned offices in the center of Athens at Syntagma Square. It has acquired a good reputation and good reviews from its travelers and co-operators.

Established in 1983, Fantasy Travel has been a trusted name in the travel industry for 36 years. Our staff consists of qualified travel agents with many years of experience in the travel industry, fluent in many languages, with a knowledge of the country that comes with a love for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which destinations do your services expand.

We offer our services all over Greece, as well as in Turkey and Egypt.

What are your payment and cancellation policies?

You may find detailed information in our “ Terms & Conditions ” page.

In which languages do you provide your services?

Our services are available in every language you request, by arrangement. Furthermore, our staff speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian and Greek.

How can I become your Partner?

Thank you for your interest. Please, send us your message through our “ Contact Us ” form and one of our experienced B2B representatives will reply to you as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us?

We have 36 years of experience in the travel industry.

Personal Services

We specialize in crafting vacation packages tailored to the special needs of your customers.

Competitive Rates

We offer quality services at the most competitive rates.

  • Welcome to Greece
  • Discover the World

BlissTravel is a luxury boutique incoming/outgoing travel agency based in Greece, specialized in creating tailor-made itineraries and enhancing the traveller experience in the destination. Our focus is to create personalized itineraries for each traveller.

We are an Authentic Boutique Travel Agency as we support boutique hotels, local small authentic excursions companies, we work directly with the owners of yachts and cruises, and we suggest off the beaten track experiences. Our partners are our friends, and we work closely with them to create a unique ‘boutique’ experience for our clients, and united with our partners we care for the guests every step of the way. In close consultation with our guests, we provide experiences that reflect the culture of the destination, and we are always available; this is how Bliss is created for every traveller during their vacation!

best travel agent in greece


We have a meticulous portfolio of suppliers that we have visited, established partnerships with, and know the level of quality they offer to our customers.

best travel agent in greece


We do not work regular office hours; we are literally always available.

best travel agent in greece

We support boutique local businesses, among them boutique hotels and local companies that offer true Greek experiences.

best travel agent in greece


Our experiences are private and tailored to the individual visitor.

best travel agent in greece

We enhance the traveller’s experience by providing solutions during their stay.

Welcome To Greece

We work through consultation and we specialize in creating tailor-made itineraries based solely on the customer’s preferences, schedules, and needs. We constantly research and secure the finest offers and make suggestions on the best places to visit and activities to do in each destination.

Discover The World

Embark on life-changing adventures and  discover unique and unusual destinations  throughout the world. Our team takes care of everything from your arrival to your departure. We design travel escapades that guarantee you unique and fulfilling  emotional experiences.


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Ivis Travel, the most central travel agency in Athens.

best travel agent in greece

Don’ t forget to take a look to our online brochure!

You can find useful information about traveling in Greece.

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Featured Greek Packages

best travel agent in greece

Aegina, Poros, Hydra, One Day Cruise

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best travel agent in greece

Delphi, One Day Tour

best travel agent in greece

Argolis, One Day Tour

best travel agent in greece

Santorini Short Escape

best travel agent in greece

Mykonos Short Escape

best travel agent in greece

Hercules Tour

best travel agent in greece

MITE : 0206E61000232400


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Contact Information

5 Mitropoleos str, 105 57 Athens, Greece Phone: +30 210 32 43 365 / +30 210 32 435 43 Fax: +30 210 32 24 205 Email: [email protected]

Take a look at our brochure:

best travel agent in greece

Payment methods

best travel agent in greece

best travel agent in greece

1 (855)-274-2274

Use our trip planner

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What is the Tully Difference? The most satisfying travel experiences are the ones that captivate and transform you as a person and that deepen your connection to the world around you. It is that belief that fuels our desire to create rewarding travel experiences for people who are passionate about discovering the essence and heart of a destination.

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Home > Greece

Greece - Private Travel

From its ancient and momentous past to an incredibly vibrant and modern present, Greece is everything you want in a luxury European vacation – with miles of coastline as your playground, glorious mountain views, sun-drenched beaches, a scintillating social life, and adventurous people.

With miles of coastline as your playground, sun-drenched beaches and a scintillating social life, luxury Greek travel can take many forms.

Greece luxury travel can take many forms, from the highest peak of Mount Olympus to the coral reefs ringing more than 200 islands and beyond. And as the very seat of Western civilization, Greece truly feels like you’ve just come home. At the crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa, Greece is the birthplace of not only democracy but also of philosophy, literature, science, and mathematics. Little wonder that this country of 11 million has a passionate viewpoint of its place in the world and an unbridled desire to show and tell you all about it. Visitors immerse themselves in the monasteries of Meteora, the Temple of Apollo, the sanctuary of Olympia, and the Theatre of Epidaurus. The Acropolis of Athens watches over the city in all its iconic architectural glory; the many exciting cultural pursuits below bookend most luxury travel itineraries to the country. And while the country’s culinary pursuits are indeed profound, you can work it off living the sporty life during the day, letting the kitesurfing, rock climbing, scuba diving, and boating work off the calories – and work up your appetite for more.

Top Destinations

The city’s exploding with new art galleries, new museums and new neighborhoods to explore.... Read more

Romantic cliffside alcoves and amazing views of the endless Aegean Sea. ... Read more

Mykonos has no shortage of cosmopolitan culture and exotic exploits to indulge in.... Read more

Its lush coastline, verdant hills, and sparkling bays have drawn visitors since the 8th century BC... Read more

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The Best of Greece

The best ways to explore are often by foot… or by fork. From ruins of ancient civilizations and temples shrouded in Greek mythology to the quintessential blue and white buildings that line the cobbled streets. Explore thriving metropolitan cities and feast on some of the best street food you’ll likely ever happen across. Our bespoke excursions and cruise itineraries are designed so you can experience the very best of beautiful Greece.

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Private Travel Partners

The coveted relationships we have with our Global Travel Partners are second to none and allow us to offer you the extraordinary trips that you desire.

best travel agent in greece

Meet our Greece Travel Designers

What is the most memorable vacation you have planned for a client? I booked a group of 14-16 people on a Uniworld River Cruise, who wanted to include a cycling trip. I researched several companies asking if they would follow our river cruise down the Rhine. There were a lot of components, but it turned out perfect!

Senior Travel Designer

What is the most memorable vacation you have planned for a client? A ladies' food and shopping trip across Italy, including Rome, Lake Como, Sorrento, Cinque Terre and Portofino. It was such a fun trip to plan from beginning to end and the ladies enjoyed every minute of it and planned to do it again!

Natalie Thomson

What is your approach to planning bespoke luxury travel? Our role can be so important. Whatever we plan will make for lasting memories and can seal or bond families, love and friendly relationships. It is primarily about listening and understanding what a client wants; their needs, moods and family dynamics.

Saloua Rezgui

If you’re considering bespoke private travel to Greece, let our expert Travel Designers make your vacation truly customized from start to finish. Having spent the last three decades traveling and experiencing the best luxury offerings firsthand, Tully Luxury Travel has an exceptional understanding of Greece. We have the contacts and the relationships in place to ensure your travel needs are met – milestone celebrations, romantic dinners, private tours, dietary requirements, special room-service requests – all the details curated in step with your every wish. In Greece, our private travel specialists have insider information about which islands to visit and in what order, the best days and times of the week to tour the archeological sites, and the best luxury hotels to suit your preferred agendas, active and otherwise. The time to start planning your next vacation is now. Our private luxury travel service also allows us to secure the best amenities and VIP extras at no additional cost. That’s the Tully Difference. Talk with a Travel Designer and start planning your bespoke luxury Greece vacation today.

best travel agent in greece


Over 35 years’ experience and industry-recognition in curated luxury travel.

best travel agent in greece

Exceptional Service

Work with our award-winning Travel Designers who have lived and travelled all over the world.

best travel agent in greece

Enjoy exclusive access to the finest amenities and upgrades thanks to our preferred partnerships.

best travel agent in greece

Making travel dreams a reality with our unparalleled customer service, attention to detail and expertise.

Award Winning…

Throughout the years, Tully Luxury Travel has been recognized as a top producing agency by virtually every luxury cruise line and hotel property.

best travel agent in greece

More Greece Inspiration

Best time of the year to visit greece.

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Why choose us? We believe our award-winning service, more than three decades of experience, and firsthand knowledge of luxury travel in every part of the world shine through in the wonderful testimonials that we receive every day from our valued clients who return year after year.

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'They know how to bring your dream vacation to life!!'

I have been working with Tully Luxury Travel for years and love their attention to detail. They seem to know exactly what their clients needs are.

'Exceptional travel company'

I have been with Tully luxury travel almost 20 years and Diana Wehrle has been my advisor all along. I find them very professional, efficient and willing to go the extra mile.

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Greece Is What We Do

Creating exclusive packages to Greece and Europe for over 35 years.

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Mama Mia Package

9 Night Vacation Package takes you to Athens, Skiathos, and Skopelos!

best travel agent in greece

Orthodox Christian Europe tour

15 Days, 3 Countries, 6 Beautiful Destinations.

best travel agent in greece

Dream Package

9 Night Vacation Package takes you to Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos!


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Explore and enjoy the wonderous hidden treasures. Our packages cover the most exquisite destinations.

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Contact us for our exclusive packages and enjoy your dream trip. We cater to all our client’s needs and can personalize your travel package to the Mediterranean today!

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Mideast Travel

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Business Travel

best travel agent in greece

Welcome to Mideast Travel Worldwide, the award-winning travel agency in Athens that has been operating in the travel and tourism industry since 1983. With more than four decades of experience, we have established ourselves as a leading travel company dedicated to providing exceptional travel experiences. From leisure travel and luxury tourism to organizing meetings, events, conferences, and incentive travel, Mideast Travel will fulfill all your travel needs.

Travel Agency in Athens – Explore the world with us

At Mideast Travel, the travel agency in Athens with more than 40 years of history, we treat each traveler individually. Whether you dream of exploring ancient monuments, soaking up the Mediterranean sun on pristine beaches with turquoise waters, or immersing yourself in wonderful cultures and savoring mouth-watering cuisines around the world, we can create the trip of your dreams.

Our passionate team is always ready and dedicated to creating personalized journeys that will give you indelible memories of a lifetime. Following the trends of the times and the needs of modern-day life, Mideast Travel has evolved and created a Travel Agency in Athens, offering everything you need.

We offer quality services for unforgettable moments

Leisure Travel

Crafting unforgettable travel moments. From organized trips all over the world to solutions tailor-made to your needs.

A to Z travel services in Greece. Discover a country of unique sensations, memories, and authentic experiences.

M.I.C.E. Services and Business Travel

We don’t wait for ideas. We create them. Creative solutions for your meetings, incentives, conferences, and corporate events. Our business is to understand yours. Mideast is the ideal travel agency in Greece to organize your business trips.

Luxury Tourism

Your exclusive partner in luxury tourism. A premium company specializing in VIP services for discerning guests in Greece.

Transfer services

24/7 services in Athens & Mykonos. Car disposal and transfer services are based on your last-minute needs and desires.

Online services

Online bookings for all and The Booking Expert, your ultimate B2B booking engine of the industry for travel agents and partners.

Quality services for every traveler

Mideast Travel understands that every trip should be as exceptional as the destination itself. That’s why we pride ourselves on having the experience and “Know How” to create safe and memorable but also personalized services. Our network of associates is trained and capable of providing the highest quality of service, ensuring comfort, safety, and unforgettable memories. Sit back, relax, and let us travel you to your destination in style and elegance.

Create memories with Mideast Travel

At Mideast Travel, the travel agency in Athens with the top travel services, you will have an experience beyond the ordinary. We have a passion and thirst to showcase the true essence of all the world’s destinations and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you are looking for an exotic trip, an adventurous excursion, or a relaxing beach holiday, Mideast Travel will be there for you every step of the way.

ταξίδια αναψυχής

Discover enchanting Greece

Our tours and trips to Greece are designed to create a unique travel experience to explore the wonderful Greek culture, unique cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes. We have a team of expert travel agents who work closely with you to tailor the ideal travel package to suit your preferences, budget, and schedule, providing exceptional inbound tourism services in Greece.

MICE services from the experts

On the other hand, if you are looking for a travel agency in Athens to plan a corporate event or incentive trip, at Mideast Travel we will work closely with you to understand your vision. From choosing the perfect venue to coordinating the logistics and ensuring flawless execution, we strive to create unforgettable moments that will exceed your expectations.


Professional travel experiences

In addition, at Mideast Travel we offer business travel services that ensure exceptional travel experiences. With great expertise, an extensive network of strategic partnerships, and attention to detail, we provide comprehensive business travel planning support.

Your travel needs with one click

In 2016, Mideast Travel introduced to the travel market The Booking Expert, an online platform designed exclusively for B2B travel agents. The Booking Expert offers a user-friendly interface, providing travel agents with everything they need to manage bookings, real-time availability, and access to competitive rates across a wide range of services. With our comprehensive database of accommodation, transport options, tours, and excursions, travel agents can create personalized trips that meet their clients’ unique preferences.

Understanding the evolving needs of modern travelers, Mideast Travel, the travel agency in Athens with exceptional leisure travel, business travel, and M.I.C.E services in Greece, has created a modern website that meets all travel needs. Our user-friendly website now enables everyone to explore all the destinations of their interest, our services, and travel packages at their own pace and time. Browse the Mideast Travel website and discover unique tours and packages designed with our long experience and expertise.


Contact us today to start planning your dream getaway. Let us guide you on an adventure that will enchant you. Discover the beauty and history of each country with Mideast Travel, the travel agency in Athens that cares and has been traveling with you since 1983.


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  • English (UK)
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  • Deutsch (DE)
  • Deutsch (CH)

The 5 best online travel agencies in Greece

Best online travel agency for business travel, 1. travelperk: the all-in-one agency for business travel.

Travelperk1 1 1024x543

  • Extensive inventory of travel services
  • Flexible booking with FlexiPerk
  • Safety alerts with TravelCare
  • Integrated travel policy & approval flows
  • Centralized invoicing
  • Easy & real-time expense reports
  • Carbon offsetting with GreenPerk
  • 24/7 customer support with a 15s target
  • VAT reclaim
  • Integration with 3rd party tools , such as expense management or HR software like Expensify and BambooHR

Traveler Street Coffee

Start saving money on business travel for your company today!

The top travel agencies for greek leisure travel, 2. discover greece: make your greece vacation the best it can be.

Discovery Greece 1024x354

  • Book your flights, accommodation, activities, and ferry tickets from the same place
  • A ‘While in Greece’ guide with everything you need to know for your stay
  • Up-to-date and entertaining podcast for you to learn as much as you can before—and after—your trip to Greece
  • Road trips by car or bike, available with local tour guides
  • Categories for places to go like Greek Islands, Cities & Towns, Landmarks, Coastal, Natural Escapes, or by Region

3. Greeka: a top Greek tour company

Greeka 1024x409

  • Long stays and day trips to Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete, Naxos, and 90 other Greek destinations
  • Experienced travel agents
  • Island-hopping packages for an authentic Greece tour experience
  • A community of photography enthusiast that document their time in Greece and can help inspire your next adventure
  • Services in Greek and English

4. Fantasy Travel: tour operators on a mission to provide affordable holidays

Fantasy Travel Greece 1024x590

  • They offer half-day and multi-day, private and group tours, excursions, and themed classes across Greece
  • Special offers section to get the best value-for-money itineraries
  • Flights, cruises, sightseeing tours, transfers, and car rentals available
  • Far from Crowd vacation packages: designed specifically for those who want to avoid the packed touristy spots

5. Olympic Holidays: the best travel company for last-minute offers

Olympic Holidays Greece 1024x491

  • Licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority and holds an Air Travel Organiser's Licence (ATOL) and is a member of ABTA
  • Holiday extras like: car hire, spa packages, and even airport fast-track options
  • Pay as little as $110 USD as a deposit and make the final payment 12 weeks before departure
  • Customer service and information provided in English
  • You can book flights and travel experiences to and from Europe

Get ready for Greece with the best travel specialist by your side

Train Plane Travel

Make business travel simpler. Forever.

  • See our platform in action . Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, TravelPerk makes business travel simpler to manage with more flexibility, full control of spending with easy reporting, and options to offset your carbon footprint.
  • Find hundreds of resources on all things business travel, from tips on traveling more sustainably, to advice on setting up a business travel policy, and managing your expenses. Our latest e-books and blog posts have you covered.
  • Never miss another update. Stay in touch with us on social for the latest product releases, upcoming events, and articles fresh off the press.

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View of caldera from Santorini blue domed buildings.

Greece Tours & Vacations

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  • Travel Agents

Customers rate Zicasso's travel referral service  4.9  on a scale of 1 to 5 based on  1552  reviews on Trustpilot

We match you with top tour companies that specialize in the trip you want,  whether it's a customized private tour or a group tour.

With a record of over 25,000 Greece vacations planned through Zicasso’s vetted experts, you can be assured your perfect Greek odyssey will be a reality. A country filled with legends that continue to inspire the imaginations of people around the world, Greece’s natural beauty, revered culture, and famous food and wine will stay with you for a lifetime. Our Greek travel specialists will get you exclusive access only found in a Zicasso vacation package, and our guide and travel tips offer more inspiration for planning.

Life-Enriching Travel Designed Just for You

Trips curated by the world’s top destination experts

Concierge-level service leading up to and during your trip

Unique, exclusive experiences and insider access

Zicasso in the News

Santorini blue domes with caldera and ocean

9  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $2,920

Embrace the history, culture, food, and breathtaking scenery of Greece on this vacation that combines experiences in Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini in nine days. Feel Greek mythology come to life as you explore the Acropolis, spend time on the sweeping golden sands of Mykonos, and discover the Cycladic charms of Santorini. This tailored trip shares the best of Greece, from Athens across the Aegean Sea.

Paros, Greece

16  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $11,195

This 16-day luxury Athens and Nafplion itinerary explores a dynamic selection of Greece’s historical and scenic destinations. Marvel at architectural magnificence in pavilions and monasteries as you step back to medieval times when visiting famous sites such as the Acropolis, Olympia, and Delphi. Combine learning and leisure, with time spent in charming island villages and endless opportunities to experience Greek cuisine, savoring olives, feta, and mousaka.

Venetian Quay of Chania with Kucuk Hasan Pasha Mosque during twilight blue hour, Crete, Greece

13  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $4,558

Discover the fascinating history and explore the breathtaking scenery of Greece on this spellbinding 13-day tour that takes you from Athens to Milos. Your adventures will take you back in time as you visit Ancient Greek monuments, expand your culinary horizons, and spend moments under the Mediterranean sun on the beautiful shores of idyllic islands.

Vineyards and countryside on Santorini island in Greece

12  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $9,043

Designed for the discerning traveler, this sample Greece tour allows for every detail to be customized to your preferences. Bask in Santorini’s stunning sunset from a catamaran, witness the glinting marble of the Parthenon, discover secret natural pools in Milos and embrace the architectural charms of Naxos. From Poseidon’s Temple to historic wines, delicious food to luxurious accommodations, you will celebrate Greece with an unforgettably immersive experience.

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Dynamic pricing from  $4,051

Submerge yourself in the cradle of Western Civilization on this 12-day tour of Greece. Visits to Athens, Santorini, Naxos, and Crete ensure that nothing is missed in each of these attractive locations. Witness the abundance of history on display, appreciate the culture of modern Greece, and enjoy this distinct corner of the Mediterranean world.

Mother and daughter in Santorini, Greece

10  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $3,245

This 10-day family vacation to Athens, Santorini, and Crete in Greece combines activity and history, highlighting the myths of the ancient world and the beauty of nature. Discover entire cities preserved in ash and stand in the footprints of philosopher kings, with picturesque views. From azure waters to the shadow of the Minotaur, discover the wonders of Greece in the company of family.

Why Travelers Choose Us

Benefits of Using Zicasso

Romantic couple sitting on a beach bench near Little Venice in Mykonos, Greece

11  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $4,571

Romantic moments abound on the idyllic islands beyond the shores of Athens. During this customizable 11-day tour, you can bask in luxurious experiences. Whether exploring the seascapes that surround Syros’ sun-soaked shores or sunset sailing around the cerulean water of Santorini, you will be enchanted every step of the way. Book your dream Greece tour today!

Beach view of Crete in Greece

This 12-day tour of the mainland and archipelagoes of Greece introduces you to the culture and customs that keep visitors returning year after year as well as the off the beaten path trips that will make your trip distinct. From the bustle of Athens to the allure of Rhode's ancient ruins, Greece is an excellent place to witness the vibrant collision of past and present.

Sailboat in Mykonos, Greece

8  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $6,235

This 8-day Greece cruise through the stunning paradise of islands has been handcrafted for those in search of a laid-back approach to travel through the use of a comfortable sailing boat equipped with all the modern luxuries. The Greek archipelago has long attracted visitors with its historical legacy and pristine beaches. From Athens to Santorini, enjoy the breathtaking views and ancient ruins that make this location so unique.

Venetian harbor of Chania in Greece

Dynamic pricing from  $8,575

From ancient Athens to Santorini, explore the luxurious splendors of Greece on this 11-day tour to some of the most significant destinations across the Mediterranean coast. Your every expectation will be exceeded as you uncover the deep historical roots left behind in Ancient Greek monuments, capture picturesque scenes of sweeping seascapes, and delight in exquisite Greek cuisine prepared by world-class chefs.

Windmill and white house with clear blue sky and ocean in Santorini

Dynamic pricing from  $2,699

Your relaxing 8-day Greece vacation for travelers over 50 takes you across the luxurious lifestyles and enchanting scenery of the Greek islands. The ancient wonders of Athens will emerge from the Acropolis while divine images continue to decorate the island of Delos. You can swim in hot springs inside Santorini’s caldera and delight in views of the famous windmills on Mykonos as you bask in Greece’s beauty, prestige, and majesty.

best travel agent in greece

Dynamic pricing from  $4,727

The lengthy list of attractions in Greece should leave no surprise as to why so many flock to this Mediterranean haven; however, this 13-day tour of mainland Greece and its archipelago is designed to balance popular sites with undiscovered gems, ensuring a distinctive visit to this stunning corner of Europe. From Athens to Crete and back again, leisure and excitement will be yours to enjoy in this memorable land.

Dynamic pricing from  $7,275

There are few places in the world as breathtaking as the Greek Islands, making these spectacular destinations the ultimate escape for your honeymoon on this handcrafted 10-day tour. You and your partner will find so much to love and adore as you spend time appreciating the culture and opulent experiences, from the sun-kissed shores of Santorini to the astonishing skyline of Athens.

  Read More

15  Day Custom Tour

From incredible sunsets and ancient ruins to medieval castles and hanging monasteries, discover limitless splendor during this two-week Greece road trip. You can freely explore the Peloponnese in search of seaside cities and preserved epic theaters. Witness the birthplace of the Olympics and the home of the whispering Oracle as you dive deep into Greece’s welcoming culture, inspiring heritage, and endless mythology.

Dynamic pricing from  $9,121

Indulge in splendor and celebrate discovery during this 13-day luxury Greece tour. Experience the marvels of Greece's overlooked mainland, traverse remote mountain villages, and reach the pinnacles of soaring monasteries. Whether enjoying the marbled walkways of an elegant seaside town or basking in the vista of a preserved historic castle, this Greece trip will allow you to bask in luxury, immerse you in the culture, and highlight Greece's history.

Dynamic pricing from  $3,323

Experience Greece like a local as you tour Athens, the Eastern region of Apokoronas, and the island of Santorini on this 8-day tour. From tucking into authentic Greek cuisine at traditional villages to exploring the spectacular seascapes off the mainland, you will uncover the culinary highlights and capture the breathtaking environments that make Greece such a sought-after destination.

Dynamic pricing from  $6,313

Explore ancient history, mythology, breathtaking beaches, and arresting landscapes on hikes across Greece’s rarely traveled regions for nine days. Discover the highlights of Athens before you visit the remains of Delphi on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, tour the Byzantine monasteries of Meteora that are carved into the massive natural monoliths, and cross the sands of Paros to scenic viewpoints overlooking the Cycladic seas.

Dynamic pricing from  $5,611

This 16-day Greece tour is designed to ensure your access to not just the vibrant character of modern Greece but also the abundance of historical and archeological treasures that can be found here. Enjoy it all while basking in the relaxing ambiance of the Aegean Sea. Greece has long enjoyed a unique position at the crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa, and you can immerse yourself in this unique position with this unique adventure.

Dynamic pricing from  $2,595

This is the ultimate one-week historical tour on the Greek mainland and will cover all of the legendary ruins and magnificent sites. Piece together the Greek storyline around Athens and Peloponnese for an incredible week spent through the country’s best ruins and relics. Ruined Corinth, mythical Olympia, Apollo’s sanctuary at Delphi and different acropolises. From ancient civilization to medieval enchantment, you can also discover the Meteora monasteries, coastal Nafplio, and enigmatic Plaka.

Dynamic pricing from  $3,375

There are many ways to appreciate Greece, but none quite as rewarding as a tailored 10-day self-drive discovery of its Peloponnese Peninsula. Along the way and through the emerald mainland, stumble on incredible historical scenes, such as the destination where 300 Spartan warriors held thousands of Persian forces and the staggering viridian winelands of Nemea. Greece is yours to explore on this fascinating journey.

Dynamic pricing from  $7,717

Like many Mediterranean countries, Greece has its fair share of pristine beaches and sun-swept islands, but this 11-day tour of the birthplace of democracy will show you another side entirely. From the Acropolis in Athens to the ancient ruins at Santorini, this handcrafted journey introduces you to what is best about each location and how they all help represent what is best of this iconic land.

Dynamic pricing from  $8,432

This 11-day Greece tour of Athens, Crete, and Thessaloniki leaves little to the imagination as a series of guided excursions and leisurely days offer you a balanced approach to exploring this country. Perhaps, no better ambassador exists for the colorful history and culture of the Mediterranean world than Greece. By the time the sun sets on your visit, lifelong memories will be just one of the many treasures you enjoy.

17  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $6,183

This 17-day Greece tour is handcrafted for those travelers in search of a blend of guided activities and leisure days that inspires, educates, and allows for plenty of quality time. Perhaps, there is no better playground for families than the Mediterranean paradise of Greece. By the conclusion of your trip, you will have experienced the solidarity that comes with standing alongside those who are most important to you in addition to exploring the wonder that is Greece.

Dynamic pricing from  $8,419

Culture, architecture, and cuisine collide on this glamorous 12-day couples' getaway to Athens, Naxos, Milos, and Santorini in Greece. Explore the astonishing works of architectural art that signify the height of Ancient Greece in Athens, make your way to the ruins that pepper parts of Naxos, sail the deep-blue waters surrounding Milos, and uncover the untold stories of Santorini on spectacular private tours.

Show More • ( 12 itineraries)

Popular Greece Travel Styles

Infinity pool at luxury resort in Santorini, Greece

Summer in Greece is fantastic but also the warmest and most crowded season. Instead, we recommend a trip to Greece between May and June or September and October.

May to June and September to October are on the edge of spring and fall, and are considered the shoulder season. During this time, you can enjoy more comfortable temperatures and appreciate popular places without the large crowds, even on islands like Mykonos and Santorini.

While these months are excellent times, Greece is truly a year-round destination, offering unique scenic, cultural, and historic experiences no matter the season. Whether traveling in winter or island-hopping in summer, our guide on the best time to visit Greece can help you find the right month for your trip.

Whether touring the preserved mythology crowning the Parthenon in Athens or lounging on the Red Beach in Santorini, the top places to visit in Greece include:

  • The Peloponnese

Greece has over 6,000 islands spread across three different seas, and each island has its own breathtaking backdrops, local culture, and ancient history to discover. Here are some of the best islands to explore on a Greek islands tour:

  • Santorini : One of the most popular islands to visit in Greece, Santorini invites travelers to explore the white-washed cliff towns, famous local wines, and stunning caldera. From a beach covered in red sand to steep rugged cliffs, Santorini is as cinematic as Greek islands get.
  • Crete : As the largest Greek island, the history and culture of Crete are easily felt. The island has an incredibly vast landscape connecting steep mountain slopes to deep gorges, myths of ancient palaces to idyllic Mediterranean beaches .
  • Rhodes : Known more for its medieval past and ancient reputation, Rhodes has become an increasingly popular destination for travelers looking for lively culture, gorgeous beaches, and boutique shops lining historic streets.
  • Milos : Most travelers head to Santorini when seeking a dramatic coastline, but Milos’ volcanic caldera offers a surreal contrast to the crystal-clear waters and charming villages.

Whether spending time in the sun and enjoying the water at famous beaches or preparing Greek dishes during a cooking class, here are some of the top things to do on your tour of Greece:

  • Discover the myths and legends of ancient Greece on tours of historical sites
  • Savor traditional Greek food and wine on culinary tours
  • Hike across mainland Greece to admire the breathtaking landscapes
  • Set sail between the Greek islands on a luxury private charter
  • Sunbathe and enjoy watersports on Greece’s best beaches
  • Learn about the local cultural traditions
  • Scuba dive and snorkel around the reefs to see the marine life

From UNESCO Heritage Sites to mythical islands, monasteries on towering mountains to ancient ruins, here are some top attractions to see on your trip to Greece:

  • The Acropolis of Athens, Athens
  • The Parthenon, Athens
  • The monasteries of Meteora, Meteora
  • Delphi, Central Greece
  • Olympia, the Peloponnese
  • Archeological Site of Sounion, Cape Sounion
  • Archeological Site of Mycenae, Argolis
  • Samaria Gorge, Crete
  • Corinth Canal, Corinth
  • The Palace of Knossos, Heraklion

Moussaka, gyros, and baklava are a few of the deliciously famous foods typical of Greek cuisine. Food in Greece is part of the culture and synonymous with affection, and eating an authentic Greek meal or sampling traditional dishes is an unforgettable experience. When planning a food and wine tour in Greece , or just a culinary excursion, you can enjoy these top experiences:

  • View the ancient vines and sample the traditional wines of Santorini
  • Explore the local produce and typical dishes of the Cyclades in Naxos
  • Visit a historic olive farm
  • Enjoy a farm-to-table Greek cooking class
  • Pair delicious wines with classic meze

Greece is a very safe place to travel to.

Though rare, petty crime may occur in major cities, especially in crowded areas like buses, trains, or busy plazas. Avoid petty theft by keeping your belongings secure and being vigilant of your surroundings.

When visiting the islands or on a Greece tour in summer, we also recommend that you are mindful of the heat and the sun. Use plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin and stay hydrated, especially when walking around hot and crowded areas like the Acropolis.

Greece’s official language is Greek, though English is widely spoken.

On your first trip to Greece or a return visit, we recommend these popular itineraries with excellent routing:

  • A Perfect Greece Vacation Package: Mykonos, Santorini, and More takes you to Greece’s most popular destinations and is a great option for first-time visitors. Starting in Athens and ending in Santorini, this trip covers the highlights and essential experiences in nine days.
  • Taking you to Athens and three iconic Greek islands, our Luxury Highlights of Greece: Athens, Naxos, Santorini and More share a bit of everything, from the highlights to the hidden gems in 12 days.
  • With more time to explore, our Amazing Mainland to Greek Islands: 16-Day Tour of Greece reveals the highlights of Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete, while also showcasing the historic beauty of Delphi and Meteora.
  • Greece is stunning in winter, and our 11-Day Luxuries of Greece in Winter tour takes you away from the summer crowds to immerse you in Athens, Crete, and Thessaloniki during the off-season.

For more ideas on how to get the most out of your trip, discover our best Greece itineraries and work with our travel specialists to design your custom tour.

Explore more information in our frequently asked questions about planning a trip to Greece and inspiration in our Greece travel guide .

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4.93 stars based on 1847 reviews.

Reviewed By  Jill H.

Reviewed By  Suzette U.

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Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete

Mykonos Island – Mykonos Old Port, Top Luxury Travel Greece Destination


Beautiful sunsets, golden sandy beaches, mouth-watering food, culture, history and sunshine for days is the definition of luxury travel to Greece. Thousands of pictures depict dramatic landscapes of incredibly vivid and of unrivalled beauty. When travelling to Greece, you feel the strength of history and you discover the evolutionary course of thought, influence and experience.

best travel agent in greece

Destinations in Greece

Featured Trip Begin your getaway into Athens' antiquities, relax in Mykonos, sip wine in Santorini and explore the turquoise beaches of Crete.

Aegean Escape - 12 Nights: Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete

Balos Lagoon – Crete Island, Travel Greece Packages, Aegean Escape

Luxury Vacations

Enjoy your luxurious trip to Greece by relaxing on the pristine sandy beaches of the islands and swimming in the turquoise clear waters. Adventure through the antiquities of the mainland and taste the exquisite local cuisine and vibrant entertainment. Endless panoramic views and hand-selected luxury hotels await you on your first-class journey.

Luxury Vacations in Greece

We loved every city and every hotel we went to. We want to thank you and your whole team for helping us plan and put together this once in a lifetime experience. We will definitely use Travelive again for future vacations.

ALEXANDRIA & FAMILY, USA - Vacation: Aegean Escape

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Take home memories to last a lifetime when visiting Greece for your romantic honeymoon. Spend your dreamy escape with the love of your life by discovering the breathtaking views and colorful sunsets while sipping wine from a local vineyard or exploring the history and rich culture the country has to offer.

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Honeymoons in Greece

Our honeymoon was amazing and all the logistics were perfect and extremely easy. We even got upgraded rooms both in Mykonos and Santorini. Thank you and everyone else involved for making it such a care free adventure!

JIM & WHITNEY, USA – Honeymoon: Hellenic Beauty

Mykonos Island, Luxury Travel Greece, honeymoon packages

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Greece greece, italy italy, croatia croatia, spain spain, portugal portugal, morocco morocco, turkey turkey, egypt egypt.

best travel agent in greece

10 Best Greece Cruises, According to Travel Experts

These are the best Greece cruises for island hopping with ease.

With its stunning beaches, rich history, iconic landmarks, and delectable cuisine, a trip to Greece is always a great idea. However, since the nation is home to more than 6,000 islands — some of which are only accessible by boat — your best bet is to explore via cruise. Just take it from Rob Clabbers, Travel + Leisure A-List travel advisor and Q Cruise + Travel founder, who tells T+L that “Greece and the Greek isles are just the perfect destinations to explore by ship” since “a cruise allows you to see more islands and gives you a unique vantage point.” Several of the best Greece cruises also include visits to neighboring countries like Turkey and Italy, for example, which allow travelers to experience several cultures and countries in one action-packed trip. Intrigued? We don’t blame you: Ahead, check out our favorite Greece cruises for every type of traveler, along with itinerary recommendations and expert insight.

Rob Clabbers is a T+L A-List travel advisor and founder of Q Cruise + Travel, a Chicago-based travel agency. 

Mary Curry is a T+L A-list travel advisor and small ship specialist.

Kari Dillon is the owner of Marvelous Mouse Travels, an agency specializing in theme park and cruise vacations.

Megan Guinnup is a travel agent with Marvelous Mouse Travels.

Windstar Cruises

According to Clabbers, this small luxury cruise line is perfect for those who prefer “a smaller, more casual yacht-style experience.” Per the pro, the onboard vibes are best described as “upscale, but not stuffy or over-the-top.” It’s also worth noting that “each ship offers a water sports platform with kayaks, water trampolines, stand-up paddling, snorkel gear, floating carpets, and other ‘toys’ that are deployed (weather and location permitting, of course) at least once on most Greek itineraries.” 

Itinerary: While you can’t go wrong with any of Windstar’s Greece itineraries, Clabbers is quick to call out the popular Treasures of the Greek Isles voyage, which sets sail each week from May through October. Passengers can visit beloved ports of call like Mykonos and Santorini, along with “lesser-known (and less-crowded!) places like Monemvasia and Patmos.” As part of the experience, guests have the unique opportunity to feast among the ruins in neighboring Turkey as part of the line’s complimentary Evening in Ephesus “after-hours” event, which, per Clabbers, features a decadent five-course dinner accompanied by a chamber orchestra. Speaking of culinary offerings, it’s worth mentioning that Windstar is the official cruise line partner of the esteemed James Beard Foundation, which means you can expect some of the top eats at sea.

Explora Journeys

“A new entrant in the luxury travel industry, Explora Journeys offers all the style and comfort of a modern European luxury resort property on its 922-guest yacht-inspired Explora I and, launching later this year, Explora II, ” explains Clabbers. The line has taken the industry by storm, doing away with cliche cruise staples like main dining rooms, large buffets, and notoriously small staterooms. Instead, says Clabbers, guests can choose from a selection of “excellent restaurants that other companies would call specialty restaurants,” as well as “four swimming pools, each with their own vibe,” and all-suite accommodations, some of which boast private plunge pools. Per the pro, it’s worth noting that “Explora Journeys is the first luxury line that offers a dedicated youth activity program and facility year-round;” as such, it’s an excellent option for multi-generational families looking to cruise Greece in style. 

Itinerary: Sailing round-trip from Athens, the aptly named eight-night A Journey from Athens to Athens itinerary includes a mix of popular ports like Mykonos and Santorini, along with hidden-gem locales like Syros, which is famous for its neoclassical architecture, a buzzy main town, and (essentially) crowd-free beaches. The cruise also visits the serene resort town of Marmaris in Turkey before heading to its final port of call, Kos , a gorgeous Greek island known for its sandy beaches, white-washed buildings, and historical sites.

Celebrity Cruises

According to Clabbers, " Celebrity Cruises was launched by a Greek shipping family," so the line has deep ties to — and many officers who hail from — the country. What’s more, he says, "When you visit Greece, they are taking you to their homeland, and it shows in their passion and love of the Hellenic nation." The line offers a range of larger ships and, thus, more options between accommodations (from economical inside rooms to luxurious suites in The Retreat), itineraries, restaurants, and entertainment; as such, Celebrity is "a great option for adults and families who like more activities on their ship." 

Itinerary: The nine-night Best Of Greece itinerary cruises round-trip from Athens on select dates from May to October and takes place aboard the 2,170-passenger Celebrity Infinity , which Clabbers described as one of the line’s “smaller and more seasoned ships.” The first port of call is Santorini, followed by Ephesus in Turkey and Mykonos. “Additionally,” says Clabbers, " Infinity   travels to Volos and Thessaloniki, ports that are not typically visited by large ships.” Kavala, located in the northern part of the country, serves as the final port of call before heading back to Athens. Here, cruisers can enjoy a mix of history, culture, and architecture — plus some seriously stunning landscapes (from lagoons and lakes to wetlands and beaches) along with lush flora and fauna.

Related: What to Know About All 16 Ships in the Celebrity Cruises Fleet

Silversea offers a variety of Greece cruise itineraries, and it’s one of few truly luxe all-inclusive cruise lines. Per Clabbers, the 596-passenger Silver Moon offers all-suite accommodations and a classic small-ship feel — complete with excellent meals, beverages, and shore excursions all included in your cruise fare. Speaking of the latter, he says, “The inclusion of shore excursions also makes it easy to dive deeper into Greek culture and culinary experiences.” 

Itinerary: While you can’t go wrong with any of Silversea’s Greek itineraries, Clabbers especially recommends the seven-night Athens to Athens cruise, which “calls on highlights, but adds places like Souda Bay in Crete, Nafplion, Patmos, and Rhodes ,” where he recommends visiting the “temple ruins at Lindos, with views over the Mediterranean, and then walk in the footsteps of the Crusaders in the old town.” The cruise also stops in Nafplion, which, despite its romantic seaside setting and lovely beaches, is yet to be uncovered by most American travelers — for now, at least.

Variety Cruises

According to T+L A-list travel advisor and small ship specialist Mary Curry , this local Greek cruise line offers its own fleet of yachts, most carrying fewer than 50 passengers. Since the ships are so small, says Curry, “you can travel a bit further off the beaten path.” Variety offers a handful of Greece itineraries, including specially themed hiking and wine cruises.

Itinerary: Travelers craving a true off-the-beaten-path experience can book the seven-night Unexplored Greece voyage, which sails round-trip from Athens. The first port of call is Ikira, a tiny island known for its hot springs that also happens to be one of the world’s Blue Zones. Then, it’s off to Patmos, known for its fascinating history and unspoiled beaches, before overnighting in Lipsi, a laid-back isle famous for its gorgeous scenery. On board, guests can taste the destination’s famous wine, Aposperitis. The fun continues in Levintha, inhabited by a single family who raises animals and runs a restaurant where guests can enjoy fresh-caught fish. After, it’s off to Amorgos, where scenic hiking and beautiful beaches abound. The next day, you’ll stop at Panagia Hozoviotissa, a cliffside monastery dating back to the 10th century, before heading to Koufonisia, which boasts majestic caves and rock pools accessible only by boat (thankfully, Variety as you covered). The final stop of the day is the serene island of Iraklia, which offers clear-blue waters ideal for swimming. After remaining here overnight, you’ll head to the final port of call, Serifos, where guests can visit a remote beach, followed by an onboard BBQ feast to refuel before heading to Chora, a fairy-tale village.

This French-owned cruise line offers an impressive fleet of small luxury ships. Additionally, says Curry, “Most cabins have private balconies, and travelers who plan early are rewarded with excellent value for the money.” What’s especially unique about Pontant, explains the pro, is that they “partner with Smithsonian Journeys on select departures to offer an enrichment program of included lectures and shore excursions in each port.”

Itinerary: Curry especially recommends the seven-night Cruising the Greek Islands of the Southern Aegean sailing, which will cruise round-trip from Athens in July and October 2025. The cruise calls on aforementioned spots like Patmos, Rhodes, and Amorgos before visiting Adamas in Milos, a volcanic island teeming with postcard-worthy white-washed towns and breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Adamas itself is a tiny fishing port where colorful boats shimmer against the blue waters. Finally, it’s off to Mykonos and Napflion before finally disembarking in Athens.

Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line is world-famous for its exciting onboard offerings for children of all ages — including character and superhero meet-and-greets, dining options themed after beloved Disney princesses, and live performances galore — making it a favorite for families hoping for a fun-filled Greece vacation.

Itinerary: "Setting sail aboard the Disney Dream on the seven-night Mediterranean with Greek Isles itinerary is nothing short of magical!" says Megan Guinnup , a travel agent with Marvelous Mouse Travels . Cruising round-trip from Rome, the ship calls on Naples before exploring Greece. In addition to popular ports like Athens and Mykonos, you'll also visit Chania on the island of Crete, which offers a bustling harbor, exquisite architecture, and cobblestone streets that look like they were plucked straight from a (Disney) fairy tale. After exploring each locale, the fun continues back on board, where, per the pro, "there is enchantment everywhere — meeting beloved characters, enjoying deck parties with Mickey and Minnie, and indulging in exquisite cuisine."

Related: Everything You Need to Know About Disney Cruise Ships

Royal Caribbean

This mega-ship line truly has it all: Flashy entertainment and onboard activities — which, depending on the ship, can include everything from water slides to zip lines — and plenty of drinking and dining offerings to appease even the pickiest eaters. Guinnup and Kari Dillon, owner of Marvelous Mouse Travels, recommend setting sail aboard Odyssey of the Seas , which offers several Greek itineraries. "On board," says Guinnup, "There's a plethora of activities to enjoy, from bumper cars and roller skating to exquisite dining and a bionic bar — there's something for everyone!"

Itinerary: The seven-night Greek Isles itinerary sails round-trip from Rome with stops in Santorini, Ephesus, Mykonos, and Naples. Keep in mind that because the ship is so large, Santorini and Mykonos are both tender ports. With that in mind, Dillon recommends springing on The Key, an optional add-on that includes priority tender access so that you can spend as much time as possible on land basking in its beauty.

Virgin Voyages

Richard Branson’s adults-only line has taken the industry by storm with its innovative offerings, including 20-plus restaurants instead of buffets, an onboard tattoo parlor, adult-focused entertainment offerings, and a two-story nightclub.

Itinerary: Dillon especially recommends the seven-night Greek Island Aglow itinerary for travelers seeking a high-energy, adults-only option. She continues, telling T+L, “Not only does this sail to the islands of Santorini and Rhodes, but it [also] has an overnight in Mykonos, which is world-famous for its lively party atmosphere.” As a bonus, the cruise also calls on Bodrum in Turkey, which boasts beautiful beaches, flower-filled cafes, and a bustling nightlife scene.

Celestyal Cruises

The Greece-based Celesytal Cruises prides itself on offering an authentic Greek vacation experience. Additionally, Celesytal is unique in that it offers year-round Aegean Sea sailings cruising round-trip from Athens and ranging in length from three to 14 nights. On land, Celeystal guests can choose from a selection of the line’s “Authentic Excursions,” which are specially curated, small-group, expert-led experiences designed to take travelers off the beaten path. Options — including walking food tours and pottery-making demos at a local factory — abound, depending on the particular port of call.

Itinerary: The seven-night Idyllic Aegean voyage visits Thessaloniki (which offers an eclectic combination of history, nightlife, and gastronomy), Kuşadası (a popular Turkish resort town), and Heraklion (the capital of Crete) before heading to iconic isles like Santorini and Mykonos, where the ship will remain overnight. Before returning to Athens for disembarkation, you’ll also stop in magnificent Milos.

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Courtesy of Variety Cruises

Sydney travel agent charged with allegedly defrauding multiple customers

Police allege the Sydney travel agent defrauded 16 customers out of thousands of dollars.

Sydney travel agent Zahra Rachid arrested on fraud charges

Surprise reason Virgin engine caught fire

Tourist dead, three missing in beauty spot

Tourist dead, three missing in beauty spot

Don’t make this Euro summer mistake

Don’t make this Euro summer mistake

A travel agent accused of ripping 16 customers off and leaving them hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket has been charged with making multiple allegedly fraudulent bookings.

Officers from St George Police Area Command in Sydney’s south established Strike Force Bail to investigate reports a travel agent had allegedly failed to honour bookings made by customers.

NSW Police on Monday released footage of the moment Zahra Rachid was arrested.

Travel World Sydney director Zahra Rachid has been arrested on fraud charges. Picture: Channel 9

Ms Rachid, who ran Travel World Sydney at Arncliffe, is accused of cancelling bookings made by customers without their knowledge.

She allegedly did not issue any refunds, NSW Police said.

The 53-year-old was arrested at a unit complex on Mashman Ave, Kingsgrove on June 14.

She was taken to Kogarah Police Station and charged with 16 counts of dishonestly obtain financial advantage by deception.

The investigation was launched by police after the alleged fraudulent behaviour was reported by multiple people.

Nicole Vris claims she used Rachid from Travel World Sydney to book the trip of a lifetime to Greece for 34 family members. Picture: A Current Affair/Channel 9

Among alleged victims is a woman named Nicole Vris, who told Channel 9’s A Current Affair she used the travel agent to book a trip to Greece with 34 of her family members.

“It’s very hard to round everyone up to go on a holiday at the same time, it’s so hard,” Ms Vris told ACA.

Ms Vris had only realised there was no booking when she went to check her flights with the airline and realised she had no confirmation of the booking.

Ms Rachid is facing charges over 16 different customers. Picture: NSW Police

The family has allegedly lost $160,000, with some members of the family having to find the money to pay for new flights to Greece.

Other members are opting out of the trip as they can’t afford to pay twice, Ms Vris said.

Ms Rachid was refused bail when she was arrested by police, appearing at Sutherland Local Court the same day where she was granted strict conditional bail.

She will reappear in court on July 1.

Investigations under Strike Force Baile are continuing.

Virgin has revealed the “possible cause” a flight to Melbourne was forced into an emergency landing after flames were seen coming out of one of its engines.

A tourist has been found dead and three more are missing in a mystery that continues to engulf a tourist hotspot where TV doctor Michael Mosley died.

It’s one of the most luxurious hotels in Europe frequented by celebs, but is this five-star resort worth your money? The answer might surprise you.


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