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by Jack Robbins | Feb 11, 2024 | RV

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When you're looking to buy or sell an RV, understanding its value is crucial. Unfortunately, Kelley Blue Book, a long-trusted resource for automobile valuation, doesn't offer an RV or camper guide .

However, similar resources can help you determine the value of a recreational vehicle. Guides like the National Automobile Dealers' Association (NADA) provide detailed RV valuations, which can be considered the equivalent of a "Kelley Blue Book for RVs."

Utilizing these tools gives you insight into your RV's current market value based on factors such as make, model, year, and condition.

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Before you decide to buy, sell or trade in your recreational vehicle, it's important to do your homework. Price comparison is a key step, and RV marketplaces can show you what others are listing their RVs for.

This information can be invaluable for setting a competitive price or knowing what to expect when you're in the market for an RV. Along with NADA guides, professional appraisal services offer a robust valuation, keeping in mind the unique aspects of your RV, such as size, mileage, condition, and added extras.

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RV ownership entails a significant investment, and accurate valuation not only informs your selling or purchasing decisions but also aids in insurance and financing matters.

The NADA RV Values guides by J.D. Power and services like RV Trader Price Check allow for a thorough understanding of RV values without the existence of an RV-specific Kelley Blue Book. Armed with the right information, you can approach transactions with confidence and clarity, ensuring you receive a fair deal in the evolving RV market.

Understanding RV Values (Even Campers and Trailers)

To accurately gauge an RV's worth, you need reliable tools and an understanding of factors that affect its market value.

Determining an RV's New and Used Market Value

To determine the value of an RV, several resources are available. However, checking what's actually for sale is the one of the best ways to check value. Here are some of the top places that many of our readers have found success with: 

  • The JD Power Website
  • Ebay Motors

Impact of Mileage on RV Prices

The mileage of an RV significantly influences its value:

  • Low mileage often suggests less wear and indicates a higher value.
  • High mileage can lead to a lower price point, but market conditions and the RV's maintenance history also play pivotal roles.

Influence of RV Condition and Market Trends

The condition of an RV and external market trends are key to its value.

  • Check for operational systems, lack of damage, and interior quality.
  • Monitor sales trends, supply and demand, and seasonal factors as they can affect pricing.

By consulting NADA Guides and considering these factors, you're better equipped to understand the true value of an RV in today's market.

Kelley Blue Book for RVs

Kelley Blue Book is a revered resource for determining car values, and while they don't offer a service for RVs, there are alternative methods and resources that RV owners can use to ascertain the value of their vehicles.

Comparing Kelley Blue Book with NADA

When comparing the approaches of Kelley Blue Book and NADA for RV valuations, it is important to consider their intended use cases:

  • Primarily focused on automobiles.
  • Establishes the valuation benchmark.
  • Specialty in RVs and similar vehicles.
  • Offers detailed pricing and value information specific to RV models and types.

Understanding these differences will help you find the best resource for determining the value of your RV.

Practical Considerations When Valuing Your RV

rv price with kbb

When attempting to ascertain the value of your RV, it’s essential to consider the impact of the make and model, as well as how broader market conditions affect RV prices.

Impact of Type and Model on RV Price

buying rv calculator

  • Type of RV : Every RV category, from motorhomes to travel trailers, has its unique pricing scale. Within these categories, different models may carry significantly different values.
  • RV Model and Mileage : Specific RV models, especially those known for durability and quality, maintain their value better. Similarly, a lower mileage often indicates less wear and consequently a higher value.
  • Keep Your RV in good condition because this can significantly influence its actual value. Regular maintenance and cautious use can help preserve your RV’s value over time.
  • Used RVs : The value of used RVs can vary greatly depending on their condition. Be aware that the depreciation rate of an RV might impact its current pricing information.

Navigating the RV Market When Buying or Selling

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  • RV Market Trends : The RV industry fluctuates with seasonality, economic factors like gas prices, and interest rates. When you decide to find out how much your RV might be worth, consider the timing of your valuation in relation to these market forces.
  • Private Party Value vs. Dealer Trade-in : A private party sale can often yield a higher RV value compared to dealer trade-ins. This is due to dealers needing to mark up prices for a profit after acquisition.
  • Actual Value vs. Book Value : Understand that book values , such as those suggested by Kelley Blue Book for cars, are different from the actual market value . For RVs, the NADA Guides are more commonly used for appraisal.
  • Pricing Information : Collecting pricing information from various sources, including online listings of similar RVs, can give you a comprehensive view of what your type of RV might be fetching in the current market.

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Know Your RV’s Value: Check The RV Blue Book

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  • RV Trailers and Motorhomes

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If you’re looking to sell your RV, the first thing you’re going to want to do is find the true value of the RV. This is important because if you over-value your RV, it probably won’t sell. Meanwhile, if you under-value it, you’re likely to scare off potential buyers because a low price creates suspicion. Besides, asking for too little could mean leaving good money on the table.

Unfortunately, some RV owners aren’t sure where to turn when attempting to determine the true value of their trailer or motorhome. The good news? We’re here to help. 

Is There A Kelley Blue Book For RVs?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a Kelley Blue Book for RVs? You could look up your RV model and year and instantly know your RV’s value.

Unfortunately, the RV industry doesn’t work like that. You see, the Blue Book model only works if there are limited variables within any asset class. When you consider all the different variables of RVs in the marketplace, you quickly realize that a Kelley Blue Book simply would not work for RVs as well as it does for cars and trucks. 

What Determines RV Value?

The value of an RV depends on many variables like the season and even the weather. The public’s interest in RVing, the current demand for RVs, the state of the RV industry, also come into play. You also have to consider the current supply of new and used RVs, and even economic influences like the price of gas, interest rates, or the threat of a recession. All of these variables change constantly. 

On top of all that, you also have to remember that the unique variables associated with your RV will also impact its value. For example, a 2014 Airstream travel trailer will have a vastly different value than a Jay Feather trailer of the same length and model year. However, if the Jay Feather is in excellent condition, is well appointed, and has been impeccably maintained, while the Airstream has not, the relative values of these two trailers change.

Consequently, to know your RV’s value, you’ll need assistance from experts in the used RV industry who can merge the details of your RV with the current market conditions. The professionals at National Vehicle can provide this crucial insight . Their role is much like a house appraiser. They interview RV sellers to learn all about each RV then factor in market conditions and finally present the seller with a written valuation based on current trends and today’s data.

The best part? Your RV valuation is totally free .

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What if Your RV’s Value is Less Than What You Owe?

What if your free RV valuation comes back with a value that is less than what you owe? Should you just wait a couple more years until you have paid down the balance before you sell it? Absolutely not! The future might not be as favorable, your RV will be older, and it will continue to lose value as it ages. 

Let’s say your free RV valuation reveals that your rig is worth $55,000, but the outstanding balance on your RV loan is $60,000. You reason that you don’t have $5,000 to make up the difference, so you decide to wait two years before you sell it. In two years, your RV loan balance should be down to about $55,000. But here’s the catch with this strategy: your RV will be older, the market could shift to favor buyers not sellers, and your RV might only be worth $40,000 two years from now.

Other Costs of Keeping an RV

On top of all that, you will have been paying the principal and interest on your RV loan during those two years, plus insurance, maintenance costs, and possibly storage fees. In two years, your RV might also need costly repairs, and you’d be no closer to closing the gap between its resale value and what you owe. Therefore, your delay means you have to continue to pay out-of-pocket expenses for two more years, and the gap between your RV’s value and what you owe might be even larger than it is today.

Consider Financing Age Requirments

Finally, it’s important to keep RV financing age requirements in mind. Every year your RV ages, and when it reaches 10 years old, most RV financing disappears. Some lenders will finance some RVs up to 12 years old, but the borrower needs excellent credit and the RV must pass an independent inspection. Regardless, if lenders will only finance 10- or 12-year-old (or newer) RVs, the closer your RV gets to that age, the harder it is to sell. Waiting a couple more years could significantly limit the number of potential buyers.

Clearly, from a financial standpoint, waiting to sell your RV makes no sense, whether you still owe on your loan or you own the RV outright.

How to Sell Your RV

Fortunately, selling your RV can be easy once you figure out how to find the true value of your rig. Simply follow these simple steps to sell on the private market and get the most profit from your sale. 

  • Price it correctly based on a current free valuation from National Vehicle
  • Describe it completely
  • Take high quality, comprehensive photos
  • Hire National Vehicle to create compelling ads
  • Let National Vehicle place your ads in all the places where RV buyers shop
  • Read and follow the seller’s tips provided by National Vehicle
  • Be available to candidly discuss your RV with buyers
  • Get all your documentation and paperwork ready to transfer ownership
  • Negotiate in earnest when a buyer makes an offer

Get started today with a free valuation and know your RV’s value before you sell your RV!


Is There a Kelley Blue Book for RVs and Campers?

Is there an official kelley blue book for RVs

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Updated March 25, 2024

If you are planning to buy or sell a used RV, your first question is likely, “What is this RV worth?” Before you list your RV for sale or make an offer on a used RV to purchase, you need to have a clear idea of the value of the RV which begs the question, Is There an Official Kelley Blue Book for RVs?

There is no official ‘Kelley Blue Book’ for RVs, but there are other excellent resources to check the value of your RV. The NADA RV Guides by J.D. Power are a great place to start. You can also use RVTrader Price Check and RVChecks reports to help you find the true value of your RV or camper.

In this article, we’ll dive into several helpful ways to find the true value of an RV or camper. We’ve included a YouTube video that has some great tips, too!

If you have purchased or sold a used car or truck before, you likely used the Kelley Blue Book to determine the value of your vehicle. Unfortunately, Kelley Blue Book no longer shares the values of RVs and motorhomes. But you have several other resources at your disposal, so that’s okay!

RV values can vary tremendously based on several factors. These include the condition of the rig, added features, and even your location and the time of year! The number of factors impacting the price makes it crucial for you to do your homework in advance to see what the fair market value is for your RV. 

Best Sources to Determine the Price of an RV

The first step to buying or selling a used RV is to figure out an estimated value of the RV. While dozens of websites offer to help you determine the value of an RV, some are certainly better than others. We recommend checking three different online tools to come up with a fair price for your RV. 

1. RV NADA Guides by J.D. Power (National Automobile Dealers Association)

Kelley Blue Book For RVs Alternative: NADA Guides by J.D. Power

If you are familiar with the Kelley Blue Book website, you will find the NADA RV Pricing Guide to be very similar. 

To start, go to the website and choose the type of RV or travel trailer you own or are looking to buy. You can use the drop-down menus to select the manufacturer, models, years, length, and add-on options. If you have a motorized RV, you can also enter the mileage, which is extremely useful for determining the value of the rig. Once you have narrowed down your rig, you will enter your zip code to see up-to-date pricing for your region. 

Keep in mind that pricing can vary tremendously from one region to the next. Even the time of year can have an impact on the estimated value of the RV! 

In addition to an estimated value, the NADA website will also show you the list price (original MSRP) for the RV along with the average prices found online today. 

Most of the pricing is up to date, but if you are looking at a much older RV, you may find only estimates or the site may refer you back to the manufacturer’s website for more information. 

 The information from the NADA website is a great place to start when valuing your RV for sale or searching for a used RV to purchase. 

2. RVTrader Price Check

Kelley Blue Book for RVs Alternative: RVTrader RV Price Checker

RVTrader is one of the leading websites for folks looking to buy or sell a used RV. Whether or not you choose to make a sale or purchase through the website, it can be a useful tool for determining the value of the RV you are looking to sell or purchase. 

To get an estimated value on RVTrader, you can enter the RV make and model into the search tool to see the current prices of similar RVs. RVTrader also offers a feature called RV Price Check that will give you an overall value of your RV. What we like about this feature is that it will provide you with three estimates for your RV: the highest value, lowest value, and average value. These estimates are helpful when deciding how to price your rig or figuring out a reasonable offer on an RV you are trying to purchase. 

Keep in mind that the RVTrader Price Checker provides a general value for your RV, and is not as specific as the NADA value. However, it is an excellent resource, and checking out both of these websites together will give you an excellent starting point for determining how to price or bid on your RV.

3. RVchex Reports

RVChex RV Price Checker Provides RV Values as an alternative to an RV Kelley Blue Book.

An additional resource that is helpful when estimating the value of a used RV is the RVchex Report . This report is similar to a Carfax report in that it tells you the vehicle’s history along with any reported accidents, damage, or repairs. This information is gathered through a search of the RV VIN number, so it is necessary to have that information on hand.

We have found the RVchex Report to be most helpful when purchasing a specific used RV, but it can also be useful when pricing an RV, particularly if you are not the first owner. 

One other point to note is that this service is only available for motorized RVs. There is not a similar product on the market for travel trailers and fifth wheels at this time.

There is a charge for an RVchex Report, but we think it is a worthwhile investment, particularly if you are considering purchasing a used RV.

What Affects an RVs Value?

Much like a vehicle, many factors can impact the value of an RV. The most significant variables are the make, model, and year of the RV. In general, the newer the RV is, the higher the price you can expect to sell it for. Older RVs can be sold or purchased for much less.

The exception to this rule is certain popular brands of RVs, such as Airstreams. Airstreams tend to hold their value, and you can expect to receive top dollar if you are selling an older model Airstream in good condition. Likewise, if you plan to purchase an Airstream, the year may not make as much of a difference in the purchase price as the model and condition. 

If your RV is drivable, the condition of the engine and the RVs mileage is extremely important. Low mileage is preferred to high mileage. Buyers will want to know that everything related to the operation of the RV is in working order. 

The condition of the interior of the rig is another significant factor in the value of the RV. RVs in overall great condition inside will be worth more than those with interior damage. The layout of the RV impacts the price as well. Some layouts are more desirable and may fetch a higher price than other RVs of similar size with less desirable layouts. 

In general, larger RVs tend to sell for more than smaller RVs. Some exceptions to this are popular teardrop models or smaller RVs in excellent condition with special features. 

Additional Factors that Affect Your RV’s Value

rv value kelley blue book for RV

If you are selling any additional items along with the RV, that can impact the value as well. Awnings, generators, solar panels, upgraded finishes, and more can affect the listing and purchase price. Likewise, if you are looking to buy an RV and the buyer is offering extra items, you can expect to pay a bit more. Of course, you can always make an offer that does not include these items. However, they may be useful, especially if you are new to RVing. 

Other variables that can impact the value of an RV are the time of year and economic conditions. In general, you can expect to sell an RV for more (or pay more if you are a buyer) in the late winter and early spring. During this time of year, people are preparing for spring and summer travel, and RVers may be looking to upgrade their rigs, which increases demand. 

If you are selling an RV, think about whether it would be better to market your RV to families or snowbirds/retirees. If your rig is desirable to “snowbirds,” retirees who winter in the southern United States and Mexico, you may want to try selling your RV in the late summer or early fall. Your model and floor plan will impact the type of buyer that you choose to target when selling your RV.

Do Economic Conditions Affect RV Values?

Finally, economic conditions at the time that you are trying to sell or buy an RV can dramatically impact the price. During times of recession, many people may be trying to sell their RVs to free up cash, making it an excellent time to buy. If you are a seller, having to sell your RV during tough economic times will usually mean agreeing to a much lower price.

When the economy is doing well, people often buy more luxury items, such as RVs. A strong economy can increase the demand for RVs, which will also increase its sale price. RV sellers will do well selling with a strong economy while the buyer can expect to pay a bit more. 

The bottom line is that your RV is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. The amount of interest you receive in your RV when you list it for sale will also be a good indicator as to whether or not you priced it right. 

How to Determine the Fair Market Value of an RV

Once you have determined a general price range for the RV you are selling or purchasing, it is time to dig into current pricing and values. 

1️⃣ Compare Dealership Websites

Dealership websites are an excellent place to begin when determining a reasonable sale price or purchase price for an RV. If you are trying to sell a used RV, check out what that same RV would cost brand new. If your RV is several years old, you are not going to be able to ask anywhere close to the price of a new model.

2️⃣ Compare RV Classifieds

RV classifieds are an excellent resource for seeing what is on the market. If you are selling an RV, pay close attention to similar RVs for sale in your area. If there are numerous similar RVs for sale in your area, you will likely face competition from other sellers and may have to settle on a lower sale price. 

Likewise, if you are looking to purchase an RV, you will want to determine how many RVs meeting your criteria can be found in your location. Searching for an RV in a more remote area can mean a better price for you. However, you will need to drive to the location to check out the rig and pick it up, so consider how much time (and gas money) you will have to spend to purchase an RV farther from your home.

3️⃣ Ask Your Bank How They Determine the Value of an RV

If you plan to finance your RV purchase, checking in with your bank before shopping is very important. Some banks may not be willing to finance a used RV purchase, or they may have set criteria for financing this type of purchase. 

Finding out the terms and conditions of the bank in advance will save you time and possible headaches down the road. It can also be useful in helping you come up with a target budget and purchase price on the RVs you are considering. 


Click here to check out our article called How to Find the Best Deal on a Travel Trailer to learn all about how to find your best price for a camper.

How Much Does an RV Depreciate?

It is important to remember that no matter how well you care for your RV, RVs always depreciate. Unless you have a highly sought-after custom Airstream, for example, your RV will never be worth what you paid for it when you purchased it. 

The value of an RV declines dramatically as soon as you purchase it, just like a car. For sellers, you need to remember that you will not be able to sell your RV for anything near the purchase price, no matter its condition. For buyers, this is good news! Even an RV only a year or two old should sell for much less than a brand-new RV. 

While there is no exact science to determining how much or how quickly an RV will depreciate, many experts agree that an RV loses at least 20% of its value as soon as it is purchased. From there, the depreciation does slow down, but it doesn’t stop. An RV that is around five years old has likely lost about 35% of its value. 

Again, the actual depreciation of your rig depends on many factors. An RV that is in excellent condition with low mileage will always be worth more than one that is in poor shape with high mileage.

Check out our article called Travel Trailer Depreciation: What’s My Travel Trailer Worth? Although we wrote it about travel trailers it offers useful information for any type of RV.

How Do I Determine the Trade-In Value of an RV?

If you are planning to sell your RV and upgrade to a newer or larger model, trading in your RV may seem like a good option. It is important to keep in mind that most sellers lose money when trading in an RV compared with selling it on their own. 

The newer your RV, the harder it will be for you to get a reasonable price for it, whether you are selling it or trading it in. Depreciation makes it challenging to sell or trade in models that are only a few years old. 

Most dealers are not willing to pay anywhere near NADA value for your rig, no matter how good of condition it may be in. This process penalizes folks who have kept their RVs in good working order, as most dealers are not going to pay you more for an RV in excellent condition. 

If your RV is in fair condition, trading it in may be a better option for you than making the repairs that would likely be necessary to sell it to a private buyer. While still not a great deal, it would save you the time and money that it would surely cost for you to get your RV in a saleable condition. 

The bottom line is that you can expect to get less for your RV by trading it in than selling it yourself. The only advantage here is that you will not have to deal with the hassle of fixing up your RV, listing it, and meeting with potential buyers. If it is worth it to you to avoid this time and expense, then trading in your RV may be a good option.

how much is my rv worth

Should You Buy A New Or Used RV?

One of the first decisions to make when buying an RV is whether to buy a new or used one. Each option has pros and cons, so carefully considering your needs and budget is essential.

After all, who doesn’t love that “new car smell” feeling? Plus, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting with a new RV. 

There won’t be any surprises in terms of wear and tear or previous ownership. Most new RVs come with manufacturer warranties, giving you peace of mind if anything goes wrong.

However, new RVs also come with a hefty price tag. The average cost can range from $25,000 to $100,000 or more. 

If you have a large budget and plan on using your RV frequently, there may be more financially practical options than buying a new one.

  • Warranty coverage: New RVs include manufacturer warranties, covering any unexpected repairs or issues.
  • Customization options: You can customize your new RV to your liking, from the interior design to specific features, making it unique and tailored to your needs.
  • Updated technology and amenities: New RVs often come equipped with the latest technology, making your travels more comfortable and convenient.
  • Higher cost: New RVs may not be workable for those on a tight budget or who plan on using their RV sparingly because of their higher price tag than used ones.
  • Depreciation: Like any new vehicle, an RV will depreciate when it leaves the lot. If you decide to sell in the future, you may not get back the total amount you paid for it.
  • Potential mechanical issues: Even with warranties, unexpected mechanical problems can arise with new RVs, which can be both a hassle and potentially expensive.

Buying a used RV can save you thousands of dollars. You’ll often find great deals on used RVs that are only a few years old and still in excellent condition. 

Plus, if you’re handy and willing to do some repairs or updates yourself, you can save even more money by purchasing an older model.

Another advantage of buying used is finding a wider variety of RVs. While manufacturers release new models each year, the options for used RVs are endless. 

You can find a specific make and model that isn’t available in newer versions.

However, there are also some drawbacks when purchasing a used RV. The biggest concern is the condition of the vehicle. 

Unlike buying a new one, a used RV does not have a guarantee or warranty. Inspecting any potential purchases thoroughly and having a trusted mechanic look before making a final decision is essential.

Financing options for used RVs may be more limited than new ones. If you’re planning on financing your purchase, it’s important to research different lenders and their requirements for used RV loans.

Another factor to consider is the potential for hidden costs. Additional repairs or maintenance may be necessary depending on the RV’s age and condition. Budgeting for these potential expenses is essential for a more accurate understanding of the total cost of owning a used RV.

  • Affordability: Used RVs are often more budget-friendly than new ones.
  • More Features: Purchasing a used RV can provide access to additional features and amenities at a lower cost.
  • DIY Opportunities: Those who enjoy do-it-yourself projects can save money by handling repairs on their used RVs. 
  • Potential Wear and Tear: A used RV has a higher chance of encountering wear and tear, leading to expensive repairs.
  • Limited Warranties: Used RVs may come with limited or no warranties, leaving owners responsible for any repairs or replacements.
  • Unknown History: It is essential to thoroughly research a used RV’s history before purchasing it to ensure you know of any potential issues.

When deciding whether to buy a new or used RV, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons and determine what works best for your lifestyle and budget. 

If you value having the latest technology and customization options, a new RV may be the right choice. 

However, if the budget is a top priority and you are willing to make some repairs or updates yourself, a used RV could save you money in the long run.

Do RV Prices Vary By State?

Yes, RV prices vary significantly by state because of supply and demand, taxes, and local market conditions. 

For example, states with a high population of RV owners may have higher prices because of the demand for recreational vehicles. Some states with lower populations or fewer camping opportunities may have lower RV prices.

Researching and comparing RV prices in the specific areas you are interested in purchasing is crucial. Traveling to another state could save you thousands of dollars on your dream RV.

What States Have The Highest RV Prices?

kelley blue book travel trailer guide

States with robust economies, like California, Florida, Texas, and New York, typically experience higher demand for RVs. This leads to dealers in these regions being able to charge higher prices for their vehicles. People are often willing to pay more when there is a high demand. 

Popular vacation destinations like Florida and California see many seasonal RV rentals, which drive up the cost of an RV in these areas.

It’s also worth noting that the cost of living in certain areas can significantly affect the price of an RV. The West Coast and Northeast have higher living costs than other parts of the country, which can translate to higher RV prices.

Another factor that affects RV prices is state taxes and registration/licensing fees. These can vary from state to state and significantly increase the overall cost. 

For example, California has some of the highest registration fees in the country, while states like Montana have no sales tax on vehicles.

How Do I Sell My Used RV?

If you are ready to sell your current RV, there are steps that you can take to ensure that the process will be as smooth as possible. These steps will also give you a better chance of receiving the highest possible price for your used RV. 

1. Price Your RV to Sell

The first step in selling your RV is to price it right. If you have used the NADA website and other tools provided in this article, you should have a good idea of what your rig is worth. Remember to take your love for your RV out of the equation. Go by the values listed and consider pricing your RV even a bit lower than its listed value to make a sale faster.

2. Decide Where and How You Will Sell Your RV

The next step in selling your used RV is deciding where and when you plan to sell it. You can sell your RV privately, sell it to an RV dealership, or trade it in. If you decide to trade in your RV or sell it to a dealership, you will most likely receive a much lower price for your RV. You also need to make sure that the dealership is interested in your particular RV, as some dealers only sell specific brands and models. 

On the plus side, selling to a dealership is usually the fastest and easiest way to sell your RV. If you need to sell your RV quickly, consider selling directly to a dealer. 

If you decide to sell your RV privately, you will most likely make more money on the sale. However, it will probably take more time than selling to a dealership. Consider whether you want to sell your RV online or locally. If you decide to sell your RV locally, you need to find a great place to park it. If you live along a busy street, your driveway may be an excellent place to display your camper. Another good option is a local campground. Wherever you decide to park your RV, make sure the “for sale” sign is easy to see and read. 

Selling online allows you to reach a larger audience, which is always a good idea when you are trying to make a sale. There are many great websites where you can list your RV for sale, such as RV Trader or You could also use a site such as eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. 

Word of Mouth Helps

No matter where you decide to sell your RV, be sure to let your friends and family know that it is for sale. Word of mouth is a great way to make a sale, as you never know who may be in the market for an RV! Be sure to share the information on your social media accounts as well. 

3. Choose the Right Time of Year to Sell

Remember that the time of year can make a big difference when it comes to selling your RV. The beginning of the year and spring are when people are getting excited about summer travel and may be looking to buy an RV. During the summer, most people are out enjoying themselves, which makes it challenging to make a sale. 

The worst time of year to try to sell your RV is the fall season or around the holidays. While you may have some luck selling in the fall if you are marketing your RV to snowbirds, it is not usually a time when people are looking for RVs. Be sure to avoid listing your RV near the holiday season as well. The holiday season is the slowest time of year for RV sales, and your rig will likely sit on the market much longer. 

4. Deal With Any Issues in Your RV

Hopefully, you have kept your rig in good condition, which will make this step much more manageable. No matter what condition your RV is in now is the time to give it a thorough inspection and correct any issues. 

Potential buyers are going to be looking out for any sign of a problem, particularly issues with the engine or water damage of any kind. Check for everything from dents to mold and water damage and fix these issues. Most buyers will walk away from a sale if they see problems of this kind. While others may be willing to negotiate, you can expect to drop your price tremendously if there are noticeable issues in your RV. 

5. Thoroughly Clean and Stage Your RV

Now is the time to take all of your personal belongings out of your RV. No one wants to see your clothes in the closets when they are considering a purchase. Remove all personal items and complete a deep clean of your rig. You may want to hire a professional to clean any carpets if there is an odor to your camper. If you come across anything that is broken in your RV, make sure that you repair it. 

Once all of your items have been removed, and the RV is clean, you may want to bring in a few small decorative items to make your RV look inviting. Placemats on the table neatly made beds, and maybe even some flowers are all little touches that can make your RV shine. 

6. Write a Great Advertisement and Include Pictures

Whether you choose to sell your RV locally or online, you will want to create a strong advertisement. If you decide to sell locally, you can post your ad in local businesses. If you choose to sell online, a good ad is even more critical. 

The text of your ad should cover the basics about your RV and answer common questions buyers will have. Details like mileage, repairs that have been made, the age of the tires, and the features of the RV are all important to include in your ad.

Be sure, to be honest in your advertisement. Minor issues are not going to scare away buyers, and they will likely discover the problems for themselves when they come to view your RV. 

When it comes to pictures, you want a lot! Try to have at least 12-15 images of your RV. You will need photos from both inside and outside of your RV. Also, be sure to take pictures taken from different vantage points. Photos are essential to get potential buyers to decide to come and see your RV in person.

7. Get Your Paperwork in Order

If you have documents from the purchase of your RV and any repairs and maintenance you have completed, gather them together for the potential buyers. 

Buyers love to see proof that the RV has been well maintained, and paperwork provides that evidence. If you have any manuals for your RV or appliances, include those documents as well. 

Next, make sure you have all the required paperwork to complete the sale. You will need to complete a bill of sale and title transfer and file them with your state Department of Motor Vehicles. You may also need a notary present to witness the transaction. Research the requirements for your state so that you will not have any surprises.

Finally, if you are selling your RV privately, make sure to require the buyer to pay you with cash, a cashier’s check, or a money order. It is never wise to accept a check or any other form of payment for a transaction of this size. 

8.  Typing No – No’s

Whenever you are writing an online advertisement or perhaps responding to a potential RV buyer via email, please do not use all capital letters.  It is like you are yelling at the person.  It will probably turn people off. 

So, remember do not use your CAPS LOCK.

Kelley blue book for RVs

Can I Rent My RV Instead of Selling It or Trading It In?

Yes, you can rent your RV instead of selling it or trading it to buy an RV. Especially if you don’t need the money from the sale of your RV as the down payment on your new RV.

There are many reasons that renting your RV may make more sense than selling it. Here are just a few.

✅ Your RV has depreciated so much that its value is very low

If your RV has depreciated a lot then selling it may not make sense. If you can rent it and make more money than you would if you sold it then maybe you should consider renting it out? You can make up to $20,000 a year, or more in some cases, renting your RV.

✅ You can make enough money renting your RV to cover all the monthly expenses of the new RV

Even the least expensive popup campers rent for $50 a day so let’s say you can rent your RV and make $500 a week. and you rent it for 20 weeks a year. That’s $10,000!

I would imagine that $10,000 would cover the monthly RV and insurance payments for your new RV. Let’s say your new RV payment is $300 a month and insurance is $50 a month. That’s $350 a month for 12 months which is $4,200 a year. That means you would pocket $5,800 a year renting out your RV!

✅ It’s safer and easier than ever to list and rent your RV

With companies like RVshare and Outdoorsy, it is easier than ever to list your RV for rent and rent out your RV. These companies handle all of the paperwork, insurance, roadside assistance, and security deposits. It really couldn’t be any easier. In fact, you can even use Outdoorsy’s listing calculator to see how much money you can make renting out your RV.

Just enter the type of RV you have and it will give you an estimated range of how much rent you can expect per week. To get a more specific estimate you could lookup similar size RVs on their site and see how much they are renting for.

I ran my own type of RV and here are the results I got for my Class C RV if I decide to rent it out.

Outdoorsy Price Calculator

Decide Who You Are Selling To

Some sellers forget to think about WHO they are selling to.  Think about it this way – would you rather sell to an RV dealership or would you rather have a sign in the yard that says “For Sale By Owner”?  This is an important question to answer. 

Of course, there is the online option to sell your used RV, but sometimes you get a lot of email inquiries and not anyone actually buying.  Online marketplaces such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, RV Trader, and more are all options.

Pros and Cons of Selling to an RV Dealer

Every RV dealership is going to try to buy your RV for a song because they have to make money too.  And that is okay because they are your fast alternative to trying to sell it yourself.  However, do not let professional RV dealers pressure you into giving away your RV for a fraction of its value either!

There are a lot of ways to find out what you can sell your RV for.  Many websites will give you a free vehicle valuation, market analysis, and information.  Honestly, the best way to sell your RV fast and for its proper value is to know as much as you can. 

Try Selling Your RV While Camping!

Sounds crazy?  Well maybe, but maybe not. Think about it – where is there a better place to talk to potential RV buyers than when you are at a campsite? 

How many times have you walked around the campground you are staying at and looked at other people’s camper trailers?  Your answer is probably “often”.  If you have a “For Sale” sign up in the window then you just might strike up a conversation with a potential buyer for your used RV.

RV camper values when buying or selling

Consignment versus Private Sale

Whatever your reason for wanting to sell, considering the pros and cons of consignment versus private sale may be worth researching.  Let’s look at the differences between the two below:

What Is RV Consignment?

An RV consignment is when another party, in most cases it is a dealer, tries to find a buyer for your used camper trailer.  In the meantime, you still have full ownership of your RV as well as any financial obligation if you have a loan.

The biggest negative to RV consignment is you have to pay a set commission to the dealership.  Of course, the flip side of that is you don’t have to advertise, market, find, or deal with the RV buyer.

What Is A Private Sale?

This is when you, the RV owner, do all of the work.  You will be advertising, marketing, cleaning, promoting, and finalizing the sale of your used camper trailer. 

The biggest advantage to a private sale of your used RV is that you will not pay any commissions.  If money is an issue, then selling your used camper trailer yourself will ultimately save you money but likely will take you longer to sell it.

How Much Does a Used RV Cost?

The cost of a good, used RV varies by the model and age of the RV. Once you have examined the price range of the make and model RV you are considering, it is time to consider its condition and any extras that may come with the purchase. 

An RV that doesn’t need much, or any, work will be worth more than an RV that needs some touch-ups. If the seller is planning to sell the RV with upgrades and additional features, it will be worth more as well. 

Some upgrades that will increase the value and price of an RV include new air conditioning, upgraded finishes, satellite TV, solar panels, and new appliances. 

Whether you are selling buying or even renting out your RV we hope this article provides lots of helpful info so you have the tools and the know-how to make your best deal.

kelley blue book travel trailer guide

1 thought on “Is There a Kelley Blue Book for RVs and Campers?”

Very informative. Thanks. We aren’t RV owners yet but may be sometime in the near future.

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kelley blue book travel trailer guide

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Home - Blog - Kelley Blue Book Travel Trailer: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect RV

Kelley Blue Book Travel Trailer: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect RV

David Ciccarelli

David Ciccarelli

May 18, 2024

In this article

Get started.


Are you in the market for an RV and curious about its value? You’re not alone!

Many people turn to Kelley Blue Book (KBB) to determine the value of their cars, trucks, and motorcycles. But what about RVs? In this article, we’ll explore KBB’s coverage of RV valuations and offer alternative resources to help you buy and sell with confidence.

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy an RV, suh as the Kelley Blue Book Travel Trailer, understanding its value is crucial. According to NADA, the National Automobile Dealers’ Association, platforms like RV Trader can be a great resource for getting an approximate value of your rig. But what about KBB? Let’s dive in and find out.

Stay Updated on the Best Travel Destinations and Tips!

Rvs for rent near you.

According to the KBB RV guide, renting an RV is a great way to save money on your next vacation. You can travel at your own pace, stay in unique locations, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Whether you’re planning a family vacation or a weekend getaway , renting an RV is a great option. It allows you to explore new destinations, make memories, and experience the freedom of the open road.

So why wait? Rent an RV today and start your adventure!

Kelley Blue Book Travel Trailer/RV Valuation

Kelley blue book travel trailer2

Kelley Blue Book is a trusted resource for determining the value of traditional automotive vehicles. However, unfortunately, they do not offer a dedicated valuation service for RVs on their website or in their printed guides. Fortunately, there are other resources available that can help you determine the value of your RV.

When determining the value of an RV, factors such as make, model, year, mileage, condition, and optional features are taken into consideration. The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) offers a similar service to Kelley Blue Book for RVs. You can use NADA to find prices and values for motorhomes, travel trailers, truck campers , and park models.

Additionally, RV Trader offers a price guide that allows you to see what other sellers are listing their RV for, and how much your dream RV is worth. Keep in mind that these estimates are subject to change based on recent sale prices for similar vehicles.

When selling or buying an RV, it’s important to have an accurate understanding of its value. By utilizing resources such as NADA and RV Trader, you can make informed decisions and ensure that you receive fair value for your RV.

Alternative Resources for RV Valuations

If you’re looking to buy or sell an RV, it’s important to know its value. While Kelley Blue Book RV valuation may not exist, there are several other resources available to help you determine the value of your RV. Here are some alternative resources to consider:

NADA Guides

NADA Guides is a trusted resource for determining the value of various types of vehicles, including recreational vehicles. Their website provides comprehensive pricing information for both new and used RVs, including motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and campers. The user-friendly interface allows you to enter specific details about your RV to get an accurate valuation.

a ccording to NADA Guides, the average retail value of a 2022 Class A motorhome is $172,400, while the average wholesale value is $127,600. For a 2022 travel trailer, the average retail value is $35,900, and the average wholesale value is $26,500.

RVTrader is an online marketplace that allows you to buy and sell RVs. Their website provides a tool called “RV Valuation,” which helps you estimate the current market value of your RV based on various factors. While not as comprehensive as NADA Guides, RVTrader’s valuation tool is handy for comparison purposes and will definitely help you get a better feel for what your RV might be worth.

According to RVTrader, the average retail value of a 2022 Class A motorhome is $174,000, while the average wholesale value is $129,000. For a 2022 travel trailer, the average retail value is $36,000, and the average wholesale value is $26,000.

Local RV Dealerships

Another great way to determine the value of your RV is to check in with local RV dealerships. Dealerships have insights into the current market trends and can provide accurate valuations based on their recent selling experience as well as their expertise. While this approach may involve some legwork, it can be particularly useful when considering trade-ins or selling your RV to a dealer. Be sure to get a few different opinions before agreeing to any offers.

Online Forums and Communities

Engaging with online RV forums and communities can be an excellent way to gather information on RV values. There are several active online communities where RV enthusiasts discuss various topics, including pricing and valuations. By checking in with these forums, you will gain valuable insight from experienced RV owners as well as many industry professionals who spend the majority of their time immersed in the world of RVing.

When seeking advice from forums, keep in mind that not everyone knows what they’re talking about. Instead, use this tool to get a general feel for what your RV might be worth using the information provided by the group as a whole rather than any one individual. Old threads can provide outdated information, so be sure to start your own new thread.

As you can see, there are several alternative resources available to help you determine the value of your RV. Remember that factors such as age, condition, mileage, optional features, and local market demand play significant roles in determining an RV’s worth. Therefore, it is advisable to consider multiple sources and consult with experts to get the most accurate valuation possible before buying or selling an RV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kelley blue book travel trailer3

How can you determine the value of your travel trailer?

Determining the value of your travel trailer can be a challenging task. However, Kelley Blue Book is a great resource to use for assessing the value of your travel trailer. You can easily determine the value of your travel trailer by visiting the Kelley Blue Book website and entering the make, model, and year of your travel trailer. Kelley Blue Book also considers the condition of your travel trailer when determining its value.

What’s the best alternative to Kelley Blue Book for assessing RV and travel trailer values?

If you are looking for an alternative to Kelley Blue Book for assessing the value of your RV or travel trailer, NADA Guides is a great option. NADA Guides is a reliable source for assessing the value of your RV or travel trailer, and they offer a variety of tools to help you determine the value of your vehicle.

Can you find out the value of a used RV through NADA guides?

Yes, you can find out the value of a used RV through NADA Guides. NADA Guides offers a variety of tools to help you determine the value of your RV, including an online valuation tool that takes into consideration the make, model, and year of your RV, as well as its condition.

Where can you get a free RV valuation similar to Kelley Blue Book?

If you’re looking for a free RV valuation similar to Kelley Blue Book, NADA Guides is a great option. NADA Guides offers a variety of tools to help you determine the value of your RV, including an online valuation tool that takes into consideration the make, model, and year of your RV, as well as its condition.

How do you calculate the private party value of your RV?

Calculating the private party value of your RV can be a bit tricky. However, Kelley Blue Book is a great resource to use for calculating the private party value of your RV. Kelley Blue Book takes into consideration the make, model, and year of your RV, as well as its condition, to determine its private party value.

David Ciccarelli


David Ciccarelli, is the Founder and CEO of Lake. He is based in Toronto, Canada, and is an expert in management, business administration, strategy, product development, and customer experience. His educational achievements include the Owner President Management Program at Harvard Business School (2019-2022) and the QuantumShift Program at Ivey Business School in 2017, aimed at CEOs of growing businesses.

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What Is the Blue Book Value for Your RV? How to Calculate Your RV’s Value

Home » What Is the Blue Book Value for Your RV? How to Calculate Your RV’s Value

  • May 19, 2024


Table of Contents

If you’re looking to get top-dollar for your RV, it’s important to know what the market value is. 

However, finding that out is much more difficult than your average vehicle.

That’s because there is no Kelley Blue Book for RVs.

With that said, there are some great alternatives for calculating your RVs value which we’ll dive into below.

We’ll also cover some tips for selling your RV to help you get the most from the sale.

Read on to learn more.

What Is the Kelley Blue Book Value of My RV?

Kelley Blue Book is the standard in vehicle valuations. If you want to sell your vehicle, you look up the blue book price. 

Kelley Blue Book for RVs?

However, there is no blue book for the RV industry , which means you’ll need to calculate the value of your RV another way. 

Why is there no central resource for calculating the value of used RVs? 

The ease and frequency with which RVs are customized make it difficult for there to be a central database with RV values based on all the possibilities of modifications and added features. 

So, how do you go about determining the value of your RV?

Fortunately, there are free valuation tools online such as National Vehicle and J.D. Power (previously by that will allow you to get a better idea of what your RV is worth.

Let’s talk about those now: 

Blue Book Alternatives for RVs: J.D. Power / NADA Tool and More

Below are four options for calculating the “blue book” value of your RV:

  • J.D. Power / NADA
  • National Vehicle
  • And local RV dealerships

Each is a valid way of assessing the value of your RV, it’s suggested that you use two or more of these to ensure you get a second opinion if you’re trying to maximize your return. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of each blue book alternative: 

J.D. Power (Previously NADA Guides)

JD Power Valuation Tool

NADA, or the National Automobile Dealers’ Association , has been widely considered to be the standard when it came to assessing the value of an RV for years.

In 2015, J.D. Power purchased NADA’s used RV evaluation guides and tool. It’s now located here: RV Prices, Values & Reviews – J.D. Power .

They offer the most comprehensive tool on the market that breaks down valuation-related information for all RV types. 

While there is no true “RV blue book”, the J.D. Power / NADA RV valuation tool comes close in terms of being recognized as a trustworthy authority and tool for calculating an approximate value for your RV. 

You can calculate the value of your RV using J.D. Power’s RV valuation tool here .

National Vehicle Valuation Tool

Not far behind J.D. Power, National Vehicle is an RV buying and selling platform that offers a free RV valuation tool with a personalized touch.

It isn’t an online tool like J.D. Power (or Kelley Blue Book), but it is reliable and you can sometimes get even more accurate information by jotting down details you can’t input manually into J.D. Power’s automated tool. 

You can submit your RV’s information for a free valuation from National Vehicle here .

RV Trader Valuation Tool

RV Trader is another free online tool for valuing your RV. However, it’s pretty bare bones and doesn’t offer more than:

Like National Vehicle, RV Trader is also a national marketplace where you can sell your RV so there’s an added benefit to plugging your RV into their tool regardless. 

With that said, don’t expect accurate information given the limited information it uses to calculate your RV’s value:

RV Trader Valuation Screen

You can try out RV Trader’s RV value tool here . 


Now, let’s talk about two more “hands-on” approaches: going to your local dealership and local market research.

While it may be more time-consuming, calling up your local RV dealer and having a conversation is one of the better ways to figure out the value of your RV.

Salesmen might try to sell you a new RV, but one thing they won’t do is promise you more for your RV than the price they’ll actually buy it for. 

With that said, it’s important to note that this value is going to be wholesale, which will be less than what you can sell it for via direct to consumer on a marketplace like RV Trader or National Vehicle. 

Local Market Research

Last but not least, you can also do your own local market research.

Nothing is more effective than finding people in your general area selling the same RV with similar specs.

What a platform values your RV at is one thing, what real people have sold it for recently is another. 

To do your own local research, you can use RV platforms like RV Trader as well as more general platforms such as Facebook Marketplace to try and find something as close to your RV as possible. 

You’ll want to keep in mind that specs aren’t likely to be exact, so you’ll need to do a bit of your own calculation here. 

How to Find the Value of Your RV Using J.D. Power’s RV Valuation Tool

Next, let’s walk through how to find the value of your RV using J.D. Power’s tool.

While this just one tool for estimating your RV’s value, it’s the most reliable and trustworthy way to get an accurate estimate fast. 

First, head to their RV Prices and Values tool here . Then click on the big orange button:


Next, select the brand of your RV:


Then select your RV model from the list (make sure to select the correct model):


Next, you’ll need to check off all of the options relevant to your RV across a variety of categories:


Make sure to select the exact options that your RV has as the wrong selection will affect the price and could give you an incorrect valuation.

If you’re unsure, do a detailed check over your RV to ensure you know exactly what systems and options it has. 

Once you’re done, you’ll be taken to your final valuation page with a breakdown of your RV’s resale value, including the suggested list price, low retail, and average retail price: 


Here’s a breakdown of each value:

  • Suggested list price : Sticker price or MSRP. If you purchased your RV brand new at a dealership, this is around what they’d sell it for. 
  • Low retail price : Consider this the maximum a dealership would likely offer you for your RV.
  • Average retail price : What you would pay for your RV if you bought it used at a dealership. If you plan to sell your RV to a local dealer, start negotiations here.

Keep in mind that no tool online will typically give you a 100% accurate valuation of your RV’s value.

Condition, modifications, and other factors aren’t taken into account on any online tool, even J.D. Power’s, so it can help to get a second opinion.

It’s an especially good idea to pair using an online tool like J.D. Power’s with your own local market research, whether that’s studying the same or similar RVs for sale or calling a few dealers in your area. 

Tips for Selling Your RV or Motorhome

Selling your RV can be a smooth or painful process, depending on a few factors.

You can also get, “whatever someone can afford” or what your RV is truly worth depending on how you play it.

Consider these tips to smooth out the entire process and get the most for your RV when selling:

1. Be objective

I know, it’s your baby. But you’ll only push away potential buyers if what you’re asking is far beyond its actual worth.

You need to be objective and honest with your valuation, including everything from maintenance needs to its wear-and-tear and age. 

As long as your price is fair, buyers will be willing to deal with a bit of fixing up. If you hide repair issues or other flaws you’ll only get yourself into trouble that could jeopardize the entire transaction. 

2. Sell up unique features and upgrades

Did you do any custom work on your RV, whether via furniture, solar panels, or something else?

When putting together your listing and talking to buyers, sell these unique features up. They’re things they won’t likely find in the same RV, which gives you an advantage over other sellers.

3. Take high-quality photos

Great photos are key to selling your RV properly. The difference between good and bad photos could be the difference between your RV selling fast and… not at all. 

Take some time to bring your RV out somewhere with nice, even sunlight and even rent a camera for a day if you need to (though most modern smartphones have good enough picture quality). 

Get photos of:

  • Exterior : Front, sides, back 
  • Interior : All areas, all appliances, electronics
  • Unique features : special installations, solar panels, whatever it is get clear photos of these as well
  • Close-ups and wide-scale

Take some time to tidy up your RV, give it a good cleaning, and maybe even dress it up a bit before taking photographs.

Think of this as your open house. You’ll want to show off your RV as best as you can to attract buyers. The better you can do this the more buyers you’ll attract and the faster it will sell. 

4. Make your listing attractive

Now, take all those amazing photos you shot and create an attractive listing wherever you’re putting your RV up for sale.

Make sure to list all of the features of your RV, its specs, sell up unique features, and display your best photos (the more the better). 

When writing the text for your listing, think of how the buyer will see it. Sell up the dream of owning their own RV by mentioning all the amazing features it offers that make it perfect for long-distance travel, camping, and enjoying time with family.

5. Use online RV platforms

If you’re selling direct to consumer, the wider the net you can cast the better. Use every marketplace at your disposal, including:

  • Facebook Marketplace

These are just a few examples. The more marketplaces you can get your listing on, the more potential buyers you’ll get your RV in front of.

6. Be prepared to negotiate

Lastly, understand that selling your RV direct to consumer isn’t like walking into a dealer.

If you sell your RV to a local dealer, they’ll offer a certain amount and you either take it or leave it (and it will be less than you can sell it for directly). 

If you sell your RV on an online marketplace (i.e. direct to consumer), you’ll be speaking with an aspiring RV owner who will give you an offer. That owner may be lower than you know you can get for your RV, and that’s fine.

It’s your job to negotiate and try to get as high a price as possible while still making them happy and closing the sale. 

To do this, it can help to figure out what the lowest price is that you’ll accept. 

How low is too low? When are you in “it’s a deal” territory? This can serve as your north star while negotiating with potential buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should i fix up my rv before selling.

The condition of your RV or travel trailer affects the resale value. However, whether it will be worth it to fix something or not depends on how much it will impact that value vs. the cost to repair. 

The fastest way to find out how those repairs will affect the resale value is to contact local dealers. They’ll quote you on the wholesale value of the vehicle, but they’ll still be able to give you an idea of how much those repairs will increase the resale value. 

However, in most cases, repairs aren’t worth the time or money unless they’re minor cosmetic items that will affect how the RV is presented in listings. 

What is the best option for selling your used RV?

There is no one best option for selling your RV. If you’re selling an RV, instead you should cast a wide net and use every marketplace at your disposal. 

That includes general marketplaces with lots of eyes such as Facebook Marketplace as well as RV-specific sites such as:

Each of these (and similar RV-specific platforms) are great platforms for buying and selling RVs, and the first place you should look when listing your RV. 

What is a dealer consignment sale?

A dealer consignment sale is essentially a partnership between you and a dealership, where the dealer handles the marketing and sale of your RV and receives a commission in exchange when it’s sold. 

If you’re not picky about how much you get for the sale of your RV and you don’t want to go through the hassle of listing it on marketplaces and negotiating with buyers, this is an option.

However, keep in mind that due to the commission being paid to the dealer, you’re not likely to get as good a return compared to if you sold it yourself.

With that said, your RV might go for more than you expect given it will be in the hands of a salesman (though still lower than if you sold it yourself), helping off-set this a bit.

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Camper Guide | RV & Travel Trailer Guides

Written by Johnathan R. Smith • January 4, 2022 • 9:17 pm • Uncategorized

Is there a Kelley blue book for RVs?

kelley blue book travel trailer guide

A recreational vehicle (RV) is an asset – one that will allow you to have fantastic holidays, undoubtedly; but also the one that you may decide to sell at a later date if your circumstances change. When it comes to selling your RV, you’ve definitely got one huge issue on your mind: what factors go into deciding the value of a recreational vehicle.

Weekends enjoyed camping beneath the skies are what family memories are built of, and an RV can provide a lot of enjoyment for you and your family. A similar scenario applies if your children have left the nest and you want the flexibility to travel the nation in your elder years, which an RV may provide you with.

Despite the fact that it is a clear question, there is no easy solution. Various factors, including type and model, age and mileage, and even season, influence the value of a recreational vehicle.

When it comes time to sell your RV, know how much it is truly worth.

Kelley Blue Book for trailers, RVs, and vans used to be available for purchase many years ago. No more, though. When you’re ready to purchase or sell a used RV, the good news is that you can still uncover RV values to assist you.

kelley blue book travel trailer guide

An RV is a substantial financial commitment, and you should understand how much a motorhome, trailer, or fifth-wheel is valued before making the purchase. It is, however, a bit more difficult to determine the worth of an RV than it is to simply consult the Kelley Blue Book; the Kelley Blue Book used to assess the values of RVs and trailers, but now that it only rates autos.

You’ll have to learn how to figure out the worth of a motorhome or trailer in a different method because of the limitations of the Kelley Blue Book website. Before you purchase or sell an RV, you need to know how much it is genuinely worth in today’s marketplace. When it comes to determining the worth of an RV, whether you’re looking to purchase or sell one, there are several alternatives to the Kelley Blue Book to consider. RV Trader and the NADA website are two well-known websites that provide model comparisons and price information.

It is difficult for many people when they are in the process of purchasing or selling their recreational vehicles. Add to this the very real trend of many families purchasing an entry-level RV, such as a tiny travel trailer or teardrop camper, and then upgrading to a bigger unit as their family develops and their interests change.

kelley blue book travel trailer guide

So, if the RV adventure bug has bitten you hard, the odds are strong that you will need to buy or sell another RV at a certain point in the future.

The incessant upselling and possibly over-inflated costs that can be found at many RV shops are reasons why many individuals choose to acquire a lightly used RV from a private person rather than from a dealer.

Being aware of how much your recreational vehicle is worth, or whether the RV you are buying or selling is worth anything at all, is quite beneficial.

Some individuals may evaluate pricing based on the selling price or the price of a dealership, while others will evaluate prices based on the price of similar units on the RV market, among other criteria.

This all appears to be a little subjective to the majority of purchasers, and it only serves to enhance the level of caution that most RV buyers and sellers experience during the searching and purchasing process.

The Kelley Blue Book for RVs appears to be a straightforward resource for learning about current market values for both new and used models if you’re considering buying or selling an RV.

RVs differ from passenger automobiles in that even “basic” features in new models are considerably varied from one another across the whole range of models. New recreational vehicles sometimes come with extras or packages that may be purchased by the customer, thus complicating the resale value.

kelley blue book travel trailer guide

Most RV owners make some sort of modification to their camper within the first few years of ownership, whether it’s replacing the flooring, eliminating furnishings, or swapping out the refrigerator. Trying to determine the value of a camper or recreational vehicle is difficult owing to the wide variety of brands, models, and kinds, as well as specific amenities and even the location in which it is for sale.

In order to determine the value of an RV, a large number of factors must be considered in order to establish a baseline figure. A few considerations to bear in mind are as follows: Please provide the vehicle’s make, model, and year, as well as the fact that some brand names, such as Airstream, are recognized for holding their worth better.

Those that are newer and have better ratings will often cost a greater price than models that are older and have lower ratings. The size of the vehicle is a concern, with larger recreational vehicles (RVs) often being worth more than smaller ones. It is preferable to have low mileage than it is to have high mileage.

kelley blue book travel trailer guide

It goes without saying that the engine and everything else beneath the hood must be in good working order. The interior layout and overall condition of the RV’s inside will also be taken into consideration. The amount and types of optional accessories that are offered with the car can either increase or decrease the value of the vehicle.

As is true of any marketable item, the actual answer to the question “How much is my RV worth?” is… whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Although you may be able to establish a baseline number for the projected worth, you may find it difficult (or fairly straightforward) to list your property due to external circumstances such as seasonality and the economy.

It is necessary to understand RV value in order to:

  • Calculate a reasonable selling price.
  • When you trade-in your RV at a dealership, you’ll get the most money.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate quantity of insurance coverage.
  • No one wants to overpay for an RV, and no one wants to undervalue their own property, so determining a realistic market value based on current data makes private sales much easier to navigate than they otherwise would.

Getting the most value out of your RV trade-in at a dealership might help you save money on the ultimate cost of your new recreational vehicle (RV). If you walk into the dealership with no clue what your camper is worth, the dealership may undervalue it in order to boost its profit margin.

kelley blue book travel trailer guide

Finally, it’s vital to have the appropriate level of insurance coverage on your RV so that you can repair or replace it if it is damaged without taking a significant blow to your financial situation.

Remember that many RV-valuing websites might be misleading since they frequently include the term Kelley Blue Book in their title or elsewhere in the body of their content.

The term “blue book value” is commonly used to describe a technique of determining the worth of a car; nevertheless, the word is a trademark of Kelley Blue Book (KBB). Given that the KBB no longer provides RV values, websites may attempt to attract you to their services by using the KBB name or the phrase “blue book.”

National Automobile Dealers Association Value

The National Automobile Dealers Association (often known as NADA) is an organization that represents automobile dealerships nationwide. When it comes to RV cost and value, the National Automobile Dealers Association website is probably the closest equivalent to the Kelley Blue Book website. The National Automobile Dealers Association’s RV pricing guide is the most accurate one you’ll discover regarding RV values.

kelley blue book travel trailer guide

The website of the National Automobile Dealers Association provides you with the ability to assess the value for:

  • Travel trailers
  • Fifth-wheels
  • Pop-up trailers
  • Truck campers
  • Vehicles used for towing
  • Park Models

If you really want to know what your RV’s “blue book” worth is, you might be curious how to go about doing so on the NADA website. The good news is that it’s a rather basic and user-friendly process.

  • Simply go to the NADA’s RV value webpage and choose the “kind” of RV you own (or are considering purchasing) from the drop-down menu: travel trailer (includes fifth wheels), motorhome, camping trailer, truck campers, or park models (if applicable). If you’re in the market for tow vehicles, the NADA can also provide you with a valuation!
  • Assume you choose the “motorhome” category from the drop-down menu. After that, you’ll be sent to a page where you may browse through all of the motorhome manufacturers listed by the National Automobile Dealers Association. It is possible to save time by browsing through the most popular (if your rig is made by a prominent manufacturer), or to select from the more extensive and thorough list available from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, you’ll see a list of several models from that manufacturer, which you may filter by year and body type. You’ll also have the choice of hiding or displaying the specifications, which include the length, design, floor layout, and slides, among other things.
  • Once you’ve selected the RV model that corresponds to yours, you’ll be prompted to enter your zip code. This is because, much like the Kelley Blue Book, RV trade-in values vary depending on where you are in the country, so be sure to include your zip code!
  • A list of optional features will appear here, which you may choose to include or exclude from your rig, such as HVAC units, updated appliances, leveling systems, and other choices that, if present and in working order, might increase the value of your rig. You might also choose to skip this step and just look at the baseline number if you are unsure.
  • Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, NADA will offer your RV along with suggested, average, and low retail pricing for you to consider. In order to better prepare yourself for establishing a price for sale or evaluating possible RVs, you’re interested in purchasing, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the following facts.

Factors that may Affect the RV Values

kelley blue book travel trailer guide

The majority of website-based RV and travel trailer pricing recommendations will only provide you with a “Best Guess” price range for a particular item.

Further than that, you must consider a variety of additional factors that may have an impact on whether the pricing is greater or lower than the industry average. Things like the following are included:

The General Condition of the RV

If you are purchasing a Motorhome or travel trailer from a private partner in another state or from a location that is too far away to do a fast test drive, this might be difficult to ascertain.

When looking at the photos, search for particular signs that indicate water leaks, such as dents and discoloration on the body panels, fractures in the sidewalls, and corrosion around the wheel wells.

Consider paying close attention to the upholstery, especially on items such as convertible sleeping beds and tri-fold couch beds, while you are at it.

Mileage & Maintenance

This is a more significant consideration for motorhomes. The distance traveled by travel trailers, toy haulers, and fifth-wheel campers may nevertheless have an impact on items like electronic trailer brakes, tire tread life, and the condition of the wheel bearings, even if they are designed to be lighter.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of trailer and towing vehicles camper owners do not keep accurate records of their journey distance.

With age comes a certain amount of miles. Motorhomes with low mileage are in high demand since engine maintenance become increasingly expensive as the miles accumulate.

Documentation of regular engine maintenance may raise the value of a recreational vehicle since it ensures that the owner did not neglect the vehicle.

Suppose you purchased a 30-year-old motorhome with 20,000 miles on the odometer based on the seller’s ability to provide proof of regular upkeep as well as any repairs performed within the camper itself. In spite of the passage of time, the engine continues to work admirably.

On the other side, you may buy a 5-year-old campervan with 60,000 miles on it and have it breakdown on a regular basis, even though the vendor claims the engine is in excellent condition.

The value of travel trailers is also affected by the wear and tear that occurs across miles of highway. In the absence of an odometer, it is up to an honest seller to advise a buyer of how many miles it has been pulled during the course of its ownership.

Accessories & Freebies included with the RV

RV manufacturers and dealerships are fond of including extras, optional amenities, and enhanced appliance packages in select model floorplans to attract customers.

Items such as hydraulic levelers, power awnings, satellite TV antennae, backup cameras, and a wide range of upgradeable appliances are included in this category.

They may even provide bed upgrades from a queen to a king size bed on a limited basis. In addition to being a wonderful method for them to enhance the initial sale price, it also has the added benefit of increasing the whole sale price when a private party sells it secondhand.

Many of the extras that come with a used RV provide value that you may not have considered before purchasing the RV.

Items such as a GPS system designed specifically for RVs might cost several hundred dollars.

It is possible to stock an emergency RV repair kit with a wide range of important materials such as plumbing fittings and PEX tools as well as tire repair kits and other products that are invaluable when you are in a hurry and need them.

Quality surge protectors and electrical monitors, which may cost as little as $200 or more, can save thousands of dollars by minimizing electrical meltdowns in recreational vehicles.

Records of Inspections & Repairs

This is as much about demonstrating pride in one’s work as it is about preserving correct documentation.

This is a strong expression of confidence from a private seller if they have these records on hand and are prepared to display them to you.

It also provides you with a sense of what has been maintained and what may need attention for the RV in the future based on the information you have gathered.

A recreational vehicle (RV) is designed to be lived in, but if yours appears to be overly lived in, its value will suffer. In addition to worn and outdated upholstery, visible aesthetic flaws, ancient equipment that reveal their age, and evident wear and tear may all be a big turn off and reduce your RV resale value. Damage to the RV’s exterior, such as dents and dings, will also reduce its resale value.

In addition to repairing any interior or exterior damage, you’ll want to ensure that all appliances are in proper operating condition. Otherwise, you should anticipate any potential purchasers to exploit these minor flaws as negotiating chips in order to get you to lower your price significantly.

Customized builds and Value of the RV

The majority of RV customizations will boost the value of the camper over the NADA estimation of pricing and value since they often improve the appearance, make it more comfortable, or make it more efficient.

It will increase the market value of your RV if you remove and replace RV dinette set with something more utilitarian, such as installing an on-demand water heater.

However, some customizations, such as painting all of the cabinetry hot pink, may detract from the value of the home. Changes made to a camper to accommodate a specific personal preference translate into additional labor for the buyer, lowering the camper’s resell value.

Guide on Selling a used RV or Trailer

kelley blue book travel trailer guide

Selling your previously owned recreational vehicles and travel trailers may be a difficult task. You’ll be fighting against the tides of depreciation, but you’ll also want to obtain the most value for your money possible.

The danger is that you’ll set a price that’s too high, which may frighten away potential buyers from the property. In the meanwhile, you don’t want to set the price too low either.

In the process of purchasing an RV, there are a few important stages that will help you iron out some of the more typical wrinkles and ensure that you receive the most value for your money.

It’s about the right timing

If you live in one of the northern tier states, the price of an RV or travel trailer might fluctuate slightly depending on the season. Dealerships are well aware that their sales will dwindle as soon as the snow begins to fall.

They will frequently have clearance sales at deeply discounted pricing in order to move automobiles off their sales lot.

The difficulty is that when they drastically reduce their pricing, they effectively become competitors with individual sellers who are looking to sell a nicely used recreational vehicle.

Consider yourself a prospective customer weighing the pros and cons of risking your money on a preowned RV or travel trailer with a questionable past vs spending a few thousand dollars more to obtain a brand new discount model from an RV dealer.

In the northern hemisphere of the United States and Canada Purchases of recreational vehicles (RVs) tend to increase from the spring through the summer months.

This is the time of year when dealerships are offering the most expensive models. You may also increase the listing price of the RV or travel trailer to let a buyer feel as if they are receiving a fantastic bargain in contrast to the high-pressure setting of a dealership.

When you decide to sell your RV or travel trailer, it might make a significant difference in the amount of money you receive.

Bit you may have just finished off the summer by camping in your unit and be tempted to sell it right away, it is best to hold off for a little while longer before doing so.

Unless your RV or travel trailer is specially designed or outfitted for winter travel, you should wait until the following spring to list your RV or travel trailer for sale.

It is around this time of year that many begin to consider acquiring an RV or trailer for use in their forthcoming summer vacation plans. This means that individuals will be more likely to pay a higher fee in order to get out and explore more quickly as a result.

Keep it in a Good Condition

You’ll want to take proper care of almost any minor maintenance concerns on your RV and travel trailer before you put them on the market.

Repairing any leaky faucets, checking that all of the trim is correctly connected, ensuring that the upholstery is in excellent condition, and possibly even going as far as rotating the tires are all part of this process.

A motorhome’s oil should be changed and just about any other motor maintenance should be up to date before it is put on the market for sale.

You should also check to see that any state inspections that are required have been carried out. The tabs should also be up to date at this point.

Even if it should go without saying, it is critical to not just the price of your RV or travel trailer, but also to its total worth.

A used recreational vehicle or travel trailer buyer will be searching for any indication of possible difficulties in order to negotiate a lower price.

Examine the interior of your recreational vehicle or travel trailer to make sure there are no signs of mold development, water damage, dents or dings, or any other damage. Before you even contemplate placing your RV or travel trailer on the marketplace, take a stroll around it as if you were a possible buyer and make a list of any issues you notice. This will help you avoid making costly mistakes later on.

If you see these issues, the potential buyer will notice them as well, and they will either opt not to purchase your RV or trailer, or they may attempt to negotiate a lesser price from you with you.

If you acquire another recreational vehicle or travel trailer in the future, bear in mind that you may want to sale it at some point, and do everything you can to preserve the new RV or travel trailer in good shape.

Give it a nice clean

Potential purchasers are more likely to favor your goods over another less-than-clean RV in the same price range when they see that you have kept your RV in good condition. As a result, a thorough deep cleaning is an absolute requirement!

The refrigerator must be pristine, the linen must be newly laundered, any smoke stains around the kitchen stove top must be wiped away, and the bathroom must be sparkling.

Remove everything from the cabinets and give them a thorough cleaning. After that, make certain that all glass surfaces have been cleaned and that any crumbs have been swept away.

Choose wisely on where and how to sell

In the event that you have spare time and some sales negotiation expertise, you could be eager to sell it yourself.

You will almost likely make a huge profit this way, but you will also have to weigh how much your time is valuable to the company.

You will undoubtedly draw more interested individuals if you place an advertisement on a website such as RVUSA. Despite the fact that they may be on the opposite side of the nation.

You might try to sell it locally by placing an ad in the newspaper or using a public sales board.

Almost any establishment, even the local grocery store, may have a tag board where anybody may put an advertisement for anything they are offering.

It is frequently provided for free or at a very low cost. In addition, if you do manage to attract an interested party, you can interact with them in person, they may do test drives at your convenience, and it costs you almost nothing to market your vehicle.

The difficulty here is that there may not be a suitable candidate in your area, or they may just fail to notice your advertisement.

In other words, if you plan to market locally, you should anticipate it to take some time to generate interest and clinch a transaction with potential customers.

Another option to explore is selling your RV or automobile on contract with a local RV or car store. Locals that walk into their parking lot are already interested in what they have to offer.

It also saves you the time and effort of doing the homework, completing the purchase, or acting as a salesperson.

The problem is that the dealership will almost certainly charge you a price for storing your RV and will take a cut of the final earnings as compensation for their services.

Plan on how to accept the payment before closing the deal

Assume you’ve priced your old RV and travel trailer fairly, had some interest, and arranged a nice bargain with a private buyer.

You even went to the DMV to get a clean title.

Transferring the RV to the second party is easy. There’s even a section in the title where they may fill in the gaps. Include a bill of sale.

Once completed, the buyer must file the sale with their state’s DMV.

Depending on their finances, gently advise them to take it out on their own insurance coverage for bringing it back to their house.

When paying, let them know if you want cash or a check.

Too many times, someone has made a private sale of a high-priced item only to discover that the private check was insufficient.

Choose nicely on who to sell it to

When it comes to selling your RV, the most crucial item to consider is to who you will be selling it to.

You could try visiting a dealership to see if they would purchase your RV or travel trailer immediately if you are wanting to sell your used RV or travel trailer quickly.

Whilst selling your RV or travel trailer through a dealership would be quicker than advertising it on the internet, you will most likely receive far less money than you had hoped for.

Repairs & Comfort

It is now necessary to address any issues that may have arisen within the unit. Prevent potential buyers from viewing your property by having any moisture damage to the bathroom floor repaired or any bothersome mechanical issues resolved before you show it to them. If the general condition of your RV is good, you will be able to sell it much more rapidly.

Having said that, you don’t want the RV to appear utterly desolate, or it won’t present well. Maintain an air of familiarity by placing a few well chosen linens and cushions on your dining room table as well as in your master bedroom. Other suggestions include arranging books on the shelf and storing a few irresistible staples in the kitchen cabinet.

How much do RVs Depreciate?

kelley blue book travel trailer guide

RVs degrade in value in the same way that automobiles and vehicles do. Depending on whether you are a buyer or a seller of a pre-owned recreational vehicle, this might be a positive or negative development. Similar to a conventional road automobile, they will continue to degrade over time and will be impacted by their condition and usage.

This implies that if you’re willing to purchase a lightly used recreational vehicle, you may be able to get more for your money.

Despite the fact that there may be some haggling over the cost of the item. This is especially true if the vendor arrived at their own pricing without conducting extensive market research. It’s vital to realize that no matter how carefully you take care of your RV, it will always degrade in value. It is unlikely that your RV will ever be worth more than what you paid for it when you bought it, unless it is a top-of-the-line after customized Airstream, for example.

kelley blue book travel trailer guide

In the same way that a car depreciates in value immediately after purchase, an RV depreciates drastically as soon as it is purchased. For sellers, it is important to note that no matter how well maintained your RV is, you will not be able to sell it for anything close to the original purchase price. This is great news for prospective buyers! Even a recreational vehicle that is only a year or two old should sell for far less than a brand new RV.

Many experts believe that an RV loses at least 20% of its value the moment it is acquired, yet there is no exact science to calculating how much or how rapidly it will depreciate. Depreciation does begin to reduce after then, but it does not come to a halt. When it comes to RVs, the value of a vehicle that is roughly five years old has most likely decreased by approximately 35%.

Once again, the precise depreciation of your rig is determined by a variety of circumstances. It is always more valuable to own an RV that is in good condition with little miles than to own an RV that is in bad condition with high mileage.

Q. How much is an RV worth?

A. RV prices vary according to the size and characteristics of each. Camp trailers that have been built and equipped on trucks will cost roughly $30,000. The typical cost of an RV 5×4 might go as high as $40,000

Q. How do I find value of a used RV?

A. The page lists the pricing values for motor homes, travel trailers, travel vans or even truck models or parks. Platforms such as RV trading that help people sell their RVs can offer other valuable info such as prices and information.

kelley blue book travel trailer guide

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Kelly Blue Book RV Guide

A Kelly Blue Book RV Guide seems to be the most reliable and popular way to determine the value of an RV.

With this guide, you can get the value of a used travel trailer or RV camper you are wanting to buy or sell.

You want to be fair with the price, so it is recommended by banks and travel trailer dealers to use this guide.

An RV dealer will consult this guide when you want to trade in one camper for another.

The value of the options are considered when determining a value price.

The Kelly Blue Book RV Guide will give the estimated value of every RV and will be non-biased. Some RVs lose their value and some gain in value.

You should not attempt to buy or sell an RV without getting a quote of value from this book or their website.

It is hard to find one of these books for your own personal use. These are usually found in financial institutions and RV dealerships.

Some book stores will sell them as a used item. Of course, most of them will be out of date by the time they reach the shelves.

An equivalent resource would be the NADA price guide , which you can find online.

Your best option is to contact a reputable source and give them a list of options and conditions for the RV you are seeking to buy or sell.

Keeping your price within the limits of the Kelley Blue Book RV Guide will ensure your quick sale. Never buy an RV without looking at it and doing an inspection. An RV Buyers guide is a great help when making an RV purchase.

Knowing what to look for is the key to inspecting one.

One thing to remember when seeking a value price is to consider getting a VIN report.

These days you may be able to access a used RV buyers guide at a dealer's website, too.

See our other page on determining price .

Doing your research is vital when investing in or selling this type of vehicle.

You want to get your money's worth, but, you also don't want to overpay for it.

Some people just want others to know they have one for sale by setting the price so high that it is not going to sell.

Keep it fair both from the selling end and the buying end.

Your investment will bring you many years of enjoyment, but only if you buy one that is truly worth the price.

  • Kelly Blue Book RV

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    Use KBB To Get Your Estimate. Once you have all the necessary information about your RV, you can use KBB to get an estimate of its value. Simply go to their website and select "RV Values" from the menu bar at the top of the page. Then enter in all the details about your RV that you gathered in step two and click "Get My Value Estimate".

  11. RV Prices: New & Used RV Price Guide

    Price Checker. Location. Type. Make. Model. Trim. Year. Check Price. Use Rv Trader's RV price guide to find out what other sellers are listing their RV for, or find out how much your dream RV is - RV Trader.

  12. Does Kelley Blue Book do RVs? What You Need to Know

    As you can see, although Kelley Blue Book RV valuations are not an option, several alternative resources can assist you in determining the value of your RV. NADA Guides, RV Trader, local RV dealerships, and online forums and communities are excellent sources for estimating the market value of a recreational vehicle before you buy or sell.

  13. Kelley Blue Book for Used RV Values (Pricing Guide)

    Unfortunately, Kelley Blue Book does not offer an RV valuation guide anymore and only focuses on automobiles. Luckily, there are other options available to help you learn the value of any particular RV. The National Automobile Dealers' Association (NADA) offers general pricing suggestions for the value of all types of RVs, including: Motorhomes.

  14. What Is the Blue Book Value for Your RV? [2024 Guide]

    NADA, or the National Automobile Dealers' Association, has been widely considered to be the standard when it came to assessing the value of an RV for years.. In 2015, J.D. Power purchased NADA's used RV evaluation guides and tool. It's now located here: RV Prices, Values & Reviews - J.D. Power. They offer the most comprehensive tool on the market that breaks down valuation-related ...

  15. RV Prices, Guides & Vehicle History Reports

    Every Big Rig Buyer's Worst Nightmare is buying a Rig that has been Wrecked, Stolen, or is Unsafe to Drive. Prevent buying a Used Truck that has issues you are unaware of by purchasing a BigRigVIN History Report BEFORE you buy your next Light, Medium or Heavy Duty Commercial Truck, 18 Wheeler, Caravan, Bus, Motor Home, Tractor Trailer or Recreational Vehicle.

  16. RV Prices, Values & Reviews

    Get Cash. RV INSURANCE. Join the leader in RV insurance for as little as $125/year. Get a free quote now! Get a Quote. Sell Your RV with GoRollick. Receive a direct offer on your RV with GoRollick. Get Started. J.D. Power RV Price Guides.

  17. Does Kelley Blue Book Do RVs? How To Calculate Your RVs Worth

    The J.D. Power RV Price Guides compare to the Kelley Blue Book to help you with price, research, and compare different models and makes of cars, RVs, boats, and more. You should look at J.D. Power RV Price Guides valuations as a starting point. This means you will need to do further research when pricing your own used RV for sale or determining ...

  18. Kelley Blue Book

    The Kelley Blue Book for RV's would seem to be the simple way to price your unit. Recreational vehicle pricing guides, however, can mislead you. PPL believes RV prices should be based on actual selling prices and comparisons to other RVs on the Market. Click on the topics below for more information about appraising and selling your unit.

  19. RV Values: When Selling an RV, What's It Really Worth?

    Just remember that NADA RV values provide only one piece of the equation in determining the actual market value of an RV. It is significant, but it's not the only thing that matters. Let's take a look at other data to consider. Kelley Blue Book Values. Kelley Blue Book is another popular way to obtain information on vehicle valuation. In ...

  20. Free RV Valuation from

    The process of pricing your RV accurately should start with getting an idea of what fair market value is in your area. Valuation services like RV Bluebooks can help in obtaining the data you need to get a general idea of what your RV is worth. We provide retail, trade and private-party pricing based on the details of your RV and overall ...

  21. Is there a Kelley blue book for RVs?

    Kelley Blue Book for trailers, RVs, and vans used to be available for purchase many years ago. No more, though. When you're ready to purchase or sell a used RV, the good news is that you can still uncover RV values to assist you. An RV is a substantial financial commitment, and you should understand how much a motorhome, trailer, or fifth ...

  22. Kelley Blue Book

    Check car prices and values when buying and selling new or used vehicles. Find expert reviews and ratings, explore latest car news, get an Instant Cash Offer, and 5-Year Cost to Own information on ...

  23. Consumer Vehicle Values

    Research new and used car book values, trade-in values, ratings, specs and photos. Get a Value. #inline_block:basic-12109. Resources for Dealers . We represent more than 16,000 new-car dealers and advocate on their behalf before all branches of the federal government, manufacturers, the media and the public. Learn More. Latest News

  24. Kelly Blue Book RV Guide

    Kelly Blue Book RV Guide. A Kelly Blue Book RV Guide seems to be the most reliable and popular way to determine the value of an RV. With this guide, you can get the value of a used travel trailer or RV camper you are wanting to buy or sell. You want to be fair with the price, so it is recommended by banks and travel trailer dealers to use this ...