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Find a Cruise Mate to Share a Cabin

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Find a Cruise Mate to Share a Cabin


By WAVEJourney

Q: Where can I find a reputable company who can match me up for sharing a cruise cabin?

A: For those who want to cruise, but don’t have anyone to cruise with and don’t want to pay the solo supplement (up to 200%), try cruise forums on sites such as Cruise Critic and Cruise Mates .

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cruise mate definition

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Cruise-Mate Throttle Assist

Easy to use and reliable throttle assist from IronBraid

cruise mate definition

Cruise-Mate is an easy to use lever operated throttle assist. Using Cruise-Mate takes about as much effort as operating your directional signal button, operates in 1/4 turn or less. Once installed, Cruise-Mate is extremely reliable and easy to operate. When you want to set the throttle simply flip lever forward (towards front of bike), you can still turn throttle once Cruise-Mate is set. Flip lever back (toward rear of bike) and throttle returns to normal operation. When adjusted properly the throttle does not lock completely and can be turned back to the closed position without touching the lever in the event of an emergency. Is not a cruise control, and will not maintain speed when going uphill.

cruise mate definition

Cruise-Mate was originally designed to replace the Harley-Davidson Idle Adjustment Thumbscrew but is available for the following motorcycles: All Harley Davidson's 82-Present, 98- 07 Victory, 98-Present Big Dogs, all Can-Am Spyders and many Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. Available with either a Chrome or Black Powder Coated Handle, all internal components are Stainless Steel. Cruise-Mate will not fit motorcycles with throttle cables that come out the side of the housings, or most Honda’s.

Features & Choices

  • Handles are available in Chrome or Black Power Coated.
  • Flip the lever forward to set.
  • Throttle still operable when Cruise-Mate is set.
  • All Cruise-Mates internal Parts are made from Stainless Steel.
  • Cruise-Mate is infinitely adjustable, set proper tension in a few seconds.
  • Cruise-Mate comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Cruise-Mate is easy to install.

For more information, go to IronBraid.com

cruise mate definition

The Ultimate Cruise Lingo Glossary – 85 Terms You Need to Know

Cruise Lingo Glossary the ultimate guide

Sharing is caring!

Cruise vocabulary, jargon or lingo – if you’re going on a cruise, you’ll want to be familiar with the cruise terminology

Are you getting ready for your first cruise? Through the planning process, you may have noticed that there’s a whole world of cruise vocabulary, nautical terms or “cruise lingo”.

This handy glossary of cruise terminology includes some of the new terms and acronyms used in the cruise industry today. These are some of the most common cruise phrases and words you’ll be hearing as you plan your cruise, as well as when you board your cruise ship.

This post contains affiliate links which means if you click and buy that I may make a commission, at no cost to you. Please see my disclosure policy for details.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

A Cruise Lingo Tip You Must Know

Before we get started, here’s the most important piece of advice I can give you, when it comes to talking like a cruise pro.

Don’t call a cruise ship a boat.

Cruisers might have different opinions about which cruise lines are the best, cruise line dress codes , and the do’s and don’ts of cruise gratuities , but there’s one thing all cruisers agree on…

Don’t call a cruise ship a boat. Trust me on this 😉

cruise lingo glossary for cruisers

About Cruise Lingo and Cruise Lifestyle

Cruising is a lifestyle unto it’s own, and cruisers really do have their own lingo and cruise terminology. Nautical terms are often used, and cruisers love it!

New cruisers can be left scratching their heads.

Words and acronyms such as Aft, Muster drill, Starboard, OBC and MDR, may seem like a mysterious cruise language. However, in this cruise lingo glossary, I’ll go over all the cruise jargon need to know.

You’ll be chatting like a seasoned cruiser in no time!

Cruise ship vocabulary

You’re on a ship, not a boat. A boat fits inside a ship, and not the other way around. Fellow cruisers won’t hesitate to correct you sternly if you get this wrong.

Try and get used to this one quickly,  just trust me on this…

Below you can hear Celebrity Cruises Captain Kate , explaining this point in her navigational report.

Your room is called a cabin. While hotels have rooms, ships have cabins.

3. Stateroom

Sometimes a cruise cabin will be referred to as a stateroom.

Your cruise ship will have many decks. While hotels refer to floors, cruise-ships refer to decks.

cruise deck cruise lingo

5. The bridge

The bridge is the navigational hub of the ship.

The person in command of the ship.

7. Cruise Director

Think Julie McCoy :-). Your cruise director, among other duties, will act as Emcee, heading up most major entertainment events on the ship. On larger ships you’ll see assistant cruise directors and other activities staff also leading main activities.

8. Itinerary

Your cruise itinerary refers to each destination/cruise port of call you’ll be visiting.

9. Port of departure

This is the port from which your cruise will depart (ie. Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Vancouver, Barcelona etc.)

10. Cruise terminal

Just like airplanes have airports, cruise ships have cruise terminals or cruise ports. There are safety and boarding procedures to be aware of.

Recommended:   11 Cruise Boarding Tips You Need to Know

cruise port

11. Ports of call

You probably remember this one from “The Love Boat”. I know I do! This is individual destination where you will stop at for the day. Examples of cruise ports or ports of call on a Caribbean cruise include Cozumel , St. Thomas , Grand Cayman and so on.

12. Shore excursion

This is an organized activity you may choose to do when in a port. You can book a shore excursion through your cruise line or on your own with a private vendor or tour company. Examples include a snorkeling or sightseeing excursion.

A cruise ship will usually arrive at a large dock when it arrives at the cruise port.

There are some cruise ports where cruise ships cannot access the land directly and dock, due to coral reefs and other reasons. In these cases your ship will tender a few minutes away from the port, and shuttle passengers in by tender boats.

As an example, Grand Cayman is a tender port at this time, but it looks like a new dock will be built in a couple years.

tendering in georgetown grand cayman

15. Stabilizers

Modern cruise ships have stabilizers to keep motion to a minimum.

The ship’s anchor is impressive. Along with the chain, the anchor holds to the sea bed to keep the ship from drifting at sea.

The super large kitchen where literally tons of food is cooked and prepared. You can actually do a galley tour while on your cruise if you’re interested.

What cruise lingo do you need to know

18. Dry dock

When a cruise ship goes into dry dock, it’can be to receive routine maintenance, or to be refurbished. the ship can be out of service for weeks or longer.

19. Charter

Groups will sometimes charter a cruise ship, to host a special event.

Cruise Ship Terminology – understanding common areas of the cruise ship

The atrium is a large central public area usually spanning 3 or more decks. Often very beautiful, it will be the central hub of the ship’s interior.

cruise atrium

21. Port side

The left side of the ship, as you face forward, is referred to as port side .

Tip: An easy way to remember – LEFT has 4 letters and so does PORT

22. Starboard side

The right side of the ship as you face forward is the Starboard side.

23. Forward

The front section of the ship.

The back section of the ship is called the aft. The aft or wake view is a favorite for many cruisers.

25. Purser’s desk

These days, the purser’s desk is often referred to as guest or passenger services. However many avid cruisers enjoy the nautical language and will continue to use the term “purser’s desk”. Usually this is located in the atrium.

Cruise Lingo Every Cruiser Needs to Know

26. Mid-ship

Generally said in reference to the preferred cabin location . Most cruise passengers will prefer a mid-ship cabin, rather than one that is forward or aft. This area has an advantage of having more stability in general.

Get The Ultimate Cruise Planner

Regular price: $27 now just $17.

cruise mate definition

Cruise Cabin Terminology

When booking a cruise, you’ll notice that there are several different stateroom options. Below are the most common cabin options.

27. Interior staterooms

Inside or interior cabins are staterooms which include all the basics, however do not have a window.

Related:  15 Best Tips for Cruising in an Inside Cabin: cabin organization and more

28. Oceanview Cabins

Cabins with a window or porthole are ocean view cabins.

29. Balcony cabins

Balcony cabins , sometimes referred to as Veranda cabins, include a private outdoor space outside your cabin.

Related:   7 Best Reasons to Book a Balcony Cabin

30. Guarantee cabin (GTY)

This refers to an unassigned cabin any type of cabin (inside, ocean view, balcony) . The cruise line will assign the cabin at any point before the cruise.

Often, guarantee cabins will be priced lower, so this can be a great value if you’re not picky about the location of your cabin.

31. Pullman bed

If you have more than 2 passengers in your cabin, you may have pullman beds for 3rd and 4th passengers. They are like bunk beds that come out of the wall or ceiling. They will be tucked back into the ceiling or wall during the day if you like.

cruise ship pullman bed

32. Double occupancy

The cruise fare will be based on double occupancy as a standard, and this is what you will see as an advertised price.

33. Single occupancy

When cruising solo, most of the time you’ll be paying a single occupancy rate, which can be almost the cost of 2 people in a cabin (you won’t pay taxes twice).

34. Solo cabins – Studio cabins

If you’re cruising solo, look for cruise ships that have studio cabins intended for solo travelers.

35. Triple and Quad Cabins

Some cabins can accomodate 3, 4 or more passengers in one cabin, referred to as triple or quad cabins. These are most popular with young families cruising together .

Read next:   Worst Cruise Ship Cabins to Avoid

85 most useful terms

Back to the Cruise Ship

36. Deck plan

A map of all the cruise ship decks.

37. Lido deck

The Lido Deck is the public pool deck, often on one of the top decks of the cruise ship. There may be more than one pool, hot tub and outdoor seating.

38. Gangway

The gangway is elevated walkway you will use to board your ship, usually covered, but not always.

The very front of the ship.

The very back of the ship.

The beautiful white trail of waves visible at the very back of the ship. My favorite spot on the ship to realx and take it all in. Please let me know in the comments if this is your favorite as well – if not, where is?

ship's wake - Ilana Life Well Cruised

Cruise Lingo you need to know for the first day of your cruise and beyond

42.   Embarkation day

The first day of your cruise and the best day in a cruiser’s life 😉

Recommended reading to prepare for your cruise embarkation day – 25 Cruise Embarkation Day Tips Straight from the Pros

43. Muster drill

The muster drill is a mandatory safety drill which is done prior to sailing. Note, it’s not “mustard” drill, as you just may hear from other passengers.

44. Muster station

Your assigned emergency meeting location. You’ll likely meet here for your muster drill, but don’t worry, cruise ship crew will help to guide you.

45. Daily planner

Different cruise lines use different terms for their daily newsletter of information scheduled activities (Cruise Compass, Princess Patters, Today, Freestyle Daily). Many cruise lines now have this information available on their app.

cruise daily planner

46. Sailaway

The period of time that your Cruise Ship actually sails away from the shore. Often there will be a Sailaway party on the top deck, however some cruisers enjoy it from their own balcony.

47. Sailaway Party

Check your daily planner for information. Generally the Sailaway party will be at the main pool and will include some drinks, a DJ or band playing and some dancing.

48. Sea day

A day at sea is when your cruise ship is not visiting a port, but sea days aren’t boring ! There will be plenty of activities to choose from if you don’t want to simply relax by a pool.

49. Cruise Card

On most cruise ships, you’ll be given a cruise card which will act as your room key, ID and your method of payment when on your cruise.

Cruise lingo the ultimate guide updated

50. Ocean Medallion

Ocean Medallion is a relatively new cruise ship technology available on Princess Cruises . Instead of a cruise card, the medallion serves like a cruise card, but also does much more.

You can read about our recent Ocean Medallion experience here .

51. Room steward or cabin attendant

Sometimes mistakenly called a room “Stuart”, the person who cleans your room twice a day (amazing!) and really takes care of you and your cabin mates is called a room steward or a cabin attendant.

52. Dress code

Cruise lines have suggested dress codes , ranging from very casual to more formal.

53. Formal night 

A tradition on many cruise ships, the formal night is a night to dress up. Check your cruise line’s dress codes for suggestions. Some cruise lines have relaxed the dress codes a bit, including Celebrity Cruises which now has Evening Chic , rather than formal.

54. Early dining and late dining

Early and late dining are basically a first and second seating, which some cruise lines with an option of assigned dining will have. This is for a main dining room and not a buffet.

55. Open dining

Open dining is offered on many cruise ships. In some cases, a cruise line will offer both open and set dining. It can go by different terminology including Anytime Dining on Princess , My Time Dining on Royal Caribbean, Select Dining on Celebrity .

To note, some cruise lines offer only open dining, such as Norwegian Cruise Line which is Freestyle dining.

56. Specialty restaurants

This usually refers to the dining in an alternative restaurant that is not included in your cruise fare and is often a more intimate or higher culinary experience. An example of this would be Celebrity Cruises Tuscan Grille .

tuscan grille celebrity cruises

57. All Aboard

The ship will leave your ports of call promptly. All aboard time is generally set for 30 minutes before your cruise is scheduled to leave the port of call. Do verify the all aboard time before heading off for an excursion in the cruise port.

All joking aside, there are people at cruise ports every year – and you don’t want it to be you.

58. Towel animals

You just may find towel animals in your cruise cabin. These are the super cute towel creations made by your room steward, available on some cruise lines (usually family orientated ones).

We’ve had many years of enjoyment when our kids were young, even miss them a little bit these days.

towel animal

59. Pier runners: This is an unofficial name given to those (who may have had too many libations) who can be seen running in the last few minutes hoping not to miss the ship’s departure. It is quite entertaining!

60. Roll call

A roll call may be set up for your cruise by yourself or other cruise passengers. Basically, this is a group of people who chat online before a cruise, and may have some gatherings set up once on board.

Read more:   5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Cruise Roll Call

61. Disembarkation

The saddest day in a cruiser’s life is the day that you need to disembark and the cruise is over.

Wondering about how disembarkation day really works?   21 Cruise Disembarkation Tips You Need to Know

62. Onboard booking

Booking your next cruise on board can give you some awesome benefits and is one of the best kept secrets for saving money while booking a cruise . For those that book with travel agents, don’t worry, the future cruise consultant will transfer it to the agency (request if they don’t offer).

Tip: Check to make sure about the terms and conditions and find out if future cruise deposits are refundable if that’s important to you.

85 cruise lingo terms you can use

Booking a cruise – terms to know

63. Cruise fare

This is the base cost of the cruise, per person

64. Deposit and Final Payment

When you book a cruise, if you’ve booked early you’ll be making a deposit which will secure your booking. As you get closer to sailing (usually about 70-90 days pre cruise), your final payment will be due.

Terms and conditions may be different on various cruise lines, however the details will be on your own reservation.

65. Cruise contract

When booking a cruise, you’ll be agreeing to a cruise contract. The cruise contract includes the terms and conditions that cruise passengers agree to.

66. Online check-in

Before your cruise, passengers are asked to complete an online check in and print out cruise documents to sail.

67. Gratuities

Gratuities or tipping is customary on a cruise. A per person service fee or gratuity will be charged daily to your cabin, on most major cruise lines.

Recommended:   Cruise Tipping Guidelines and Etiquette

68. Prepaid gratuities

When booking your cruise, you can prepay your gratuities , and avoid thinking about additional expenses on a cruise .

69. Lanyard

A lanyard might be used by cruisers to hang a cruise card around the next for convenience. This is one of the most popular cruise accessories in our list of travel essentials .

70. Rum Runners

A type of container used to conceal alcohol brought on a cruise, that isn’t allowed. For more on other items that are prohibited, read this next:  33 Banned Items You Can’t Bring on a Cruise 

Recommended:   10 Things NOT to pack for a cruise

New cruise lingo for cruise suspension

Cruise Start Up Terms

Along with some major changes on cruise ships, we have seen new cruise line policies the have resulted in more cruise lingo – more words and explanations we just don’t know.

71. Cruise with Confidence

The major cruise lines introduced a flexible cruise cancellation policy, during this time, should people decide to cancel a cruise up to 48 hours pre-cruise. When cancelling, in most cases passengers will receive a credit which can be used towards a future cruise.

There are some terms and conditions to be aware of, so always read the fine print.

72. Muster 2.0

A new technology that would allow muster drills to be done using a new app, rather than in a large gathering. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises came out with this new technology as cruises resume. Several cruise lines are using a form of emuster as well.

The Cruise Line International Association is the world’s largest cruise industry trade association. It represents the major cruise lines, which have suspended cruises leaving from the United States until the end of October .

74. No Sail Order

A no sail order was put into effect by the CDC in March 2020. For cruises to resume, it was imperative that the CDC lift the no sail order . This is lifted and cruisers have resumed with strict guidelines for safety and health.

75. Warm lay up and cold lay up

As cruises are suspended, we hear the terms “warm and cold lay up” of cruise ships.

Warm lay up refers to when a cruise ship has reduced levels of crew onboard, and costs for fuel and other items are reduced. However, the cruise ship is kept in a condition as to be able to be brought back to service relatively quickly.

A cold lay up is a prolonged period of time when the cruise ship is shut down as much as possible to reduce cost. It takes longer for ships to be brought back to service and is a more complicated process.

76. NEW Safety and health protocols

The cruise lines have adopted new safety and health protocols to ensure safe cruising for passengers and crew.

balcony breakfast

Cruise Lingo Acronyms

It’s quite common to hear people who cruise a lot speak using these acronyms. You may even see these abbreviations in cruise facebook groups and pages, or on cruise forums .

Here is an explanation of the most common cruise acronyms, so you’ll be fluent in cruise lingo of all sorts.

Main Dining Room

On board credit – extra cash credit on your cruise account that you can use on the ship for most purchases. Sometimes this is added as a promotion by the cruise line or your travel agent.

This refers to a back to back cruise, meaning one cruise and then another cruise one after the other. Some cruisers may even do a B2B2B (3 cruises in a row)

The abbreviation for a guarantee cabin (see above in cruise lingo glossary)

Future Cruise Credit – when booking a future cruise onboard

A TA is short for travel agent

Cruise Lingo you must know if you love cruising

Avid Cruiser Lingo

83. Cruisebug

After a first cruiser, it’s not uncommon for a new cruiser to love it so much that they feel an immediate calling to book again and cruise more often. Often, this is referred to as catching the cruisebug.

84. Cruise addict

It’s said that cruising is the healthiest addiction and a vice many are happy to have! If you’ve cruised and now you’re constantly on the lookout for all the cruise info you can find and really just want to book cruises, congrats! You are now a cruise addict!

85. Cruiseaholic

Another word for someone who is addicted to cruising!

Recommended:   30 Best Gifts for Cruisers (that are unique too!)

86. Thallosphile (n)

A lover of the sea , someone who loves the sea, ocean.

87. Post-cruise blues

So, the post-cruise blues is real! One possible remedy is booking another cruise when onboard, but it’s still tough to leave that amazing cruise ship life!

Do you suffer from Post-Cruise Depression?

How To Know if You Have Post-Cruise Depression (a fun read)

*Ultimate Cruise Travel Planner*

Over the last year, I put together a 47 page cruise travel planner that has everything you need as you plan and get ready for your cruise.

If you could use cruise packing lists, to-do checklists, shore excursion forms and more, you’ll love the Life Well Cruised Ultimate Cruise Planner .

Plus, for a limited time, it’s $10 off. Hope you enjoy!

See details here: Ultimate Cruise Planner -What’s Included

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Recap: Cruise Lingo Glossary – 85 Cruise Terms You Need to Know

In this post, we went over 85 cruise terms that are important to know when you’re booking a cruise, as well as when you’re on a cruise ship. This list of “cruise lingo” should help to navigate the world of cruise language.

If you’re a new cruiser I hope the information has been helpful. If you’re a seasoned cruiser, I hope it was a fun read!

Is there a cruise term that you think should be added? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Happy cruising!

P.S. If you’ve enjoyed this, please don’t keep it to yourself ;-)! Please share it with a friend, on Facebook or save for later on Pinterest. Thanks so much!

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' src=

You missed out Rum Runners. Those cheapskates that think its clever to smuggle on alcohol rather than buy on board in various containers. This may be a Carnival thing but its creeping on the better lines.

' src=

You’re right – I completely forgot that one and it’s now totally in the cruise lexicon, right? For better or for worse, lol!

I’ll add it in. Thanks for taking the time to comment :-)!!

' src=

by the way what happens to the “Rum Runners” when caught?

Hmmmm,good question. I actually have heard that any alcohol will simply be confiscated, but I’ve never used them so I can’t say for sure.

I love the drinks on board, so I just drink those 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to comment Lebo.

' src=

I really like your blog/page. The information in it is very good. I am a member of the Princess Cruise forum and what I have done is when I have come across something interesting or information I didn’t know I take notes on it. That’s how I’ve learned many of the items here. I would add TA – which is travel agent may seem too simple But I see TA all the time. I liked your comment about if you don’t know something ask a fellow cruise passenger or staff person on board. Since I am a solo travelor that really helped me. I would also add to tips for new cruisers is to be respectful of their fellow travelors and also all staff they encounter onboard (which includes room stewards, wait staff and everyone else they encounter).

Hi Charles,

Great points! TA is one I overlooked and you are so right. I agree completely with respect for passengers and crew – I hope most are.

I really appreciate you reading my blog and taking the time to leave a comment!

All the best,

' src=

This is great, but I would have liked a short, printable list, as well.

Glad the list was helpful. Thanks for your suggestion as well. This may be something that I’ll work on doing in the future.

' src=

I love your cruise blog. I have the cruise bug bad. PCD is bad in me on disembarkation day. I have only cruised with NCL and when onboard I buy as many CruiseNext Deals as I can. Many times you buy one and get on free, and on balcony and higher you can use two. To me free money off my cruise. NCL has past guest deals and when on bourd I book it. Thus even getting a better deal. I will triple dip looking for a past guest and a Latitudes Reward program. Earn point for every cruise night, Point for Suite, point booking 9 mounts in advance, and point for a Latitudes insider offer. Next cruise I will earn many points per day. That gives you free laundry, free dinners, free bottles of wine at dinner, and hopefully one day a free cruise… I would like to do a B2B2B. Do you have to get off the ship? Only word I would add is RESPECT. Respect yourself not making a scene if something not right. For you are the lesser for it. Hopefully one day we will meet up on a cruise ship. Your friend Russell

Thanks Russell for your kind words and your great tips! I have the same sentiments on disembarkation day – it’s the worst :-(.

For a B2B, you do have to get off the ship (although I hear sometimes not if customs come on), but it’s a pretty good process as passengers are grouped together and passed through quickly.

Would be great to meet you on a cruise one day!

' src=

Yes a printable list of the terms would be very helpful. Tyvm for your time to help fellow cruisers!!

Thanks Deborah for your comment. I’ll definitely look into creating one, especially since it’s been suggested a couple of times.

Best to you,

' src=

We too had a stressful private tour in Turkey, going to Ephesus. We made it back by the skin of our teeth, but the traffic on he way back through Izmir was heavy and slow. All your tips about not being a pier runner are very apt! Thank you. Jim and Norita Nickerson

Hi Jim & Norita,

Wow I would have been stressed as well. We loved Ephesus but did a morning tour only so were back early. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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Not only do I find your newsletters fun AND helpful but ditto your You Tube videos. I have been addicted to cruising since 1959. Wish I could afford to feed my addiction more frequently. Going on an 11 day Caribbean cruise on Rotterdam VII in December.

Thanks so much Jim! I’m so glad that you enjoy my emails and videos & appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Don’t we all just wish we could cruise a little more? Your Caribbean cruise sounds absolutely amazing – enjoy every minute!

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I enjoy your work … 2 more often overlooked terms: bunkering and along-side … bunkering of course is the re-fueling process … along-side is the captain’s term for bringing a ship to a full stop at a future pier (“we’re expected to be along-side at 7 am in Fort Lauderdale”) …

Thanks for sharing these!

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Ahoy, Matey! Discover the Meaning behind Nautical Phrases


Loose cannon : We bet you know a few people who you’d deem as “loose cannons,” but did you know the term comes from when a ship’s cannon would literally come loose from its lashing?

A square meal : It doesn’t mean you have all the food groups and serving sizes on your plate. Quite literally, wooden plates on tall ships were square.

Pipe down : You may have heard this phrase a time or two growing up, but in nautical terms, “pipe down” was the last signal from the boson’s pipe each day, meaning lights out and time to go to sleep.

Toe the line : If you’ve ever heard this phrase, it was probably in reference to someone who had made some behavioral mistakes and needed to now follow the rules. But in nautical speak it was an old expression referring to a ship’s crew that was called to gather and form a line with their toes all touching a given line of deck planking.

Clean bill of health : Cleanliness on ships hundreds of years ago wasn’t always something to write home about. Ships had to present a certificate declaring a “clean bill of health” communicating either the presence or absence of infectious diseases among the crew and the port they traveled from.

Hand over fist : Today we think of this term in regards to someone who makes a large sum of money quickly. However, in nautical speak, it refers to sailors tugging at lines as fast as they could to trim sheets and raise sails.

Learn more nautical terms in our blog What the Helm? Learn our Sailboat Parts .

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cruise mate definition

Cruise-Mate is an easy to use lever operated throttle assist. Cruise-Mate takes about as much effort as operating your directional signal button. Cruise-Mate is extremely reliable and easy to operate. To set the throttle simply push the lever forward, throttle still turns once Cruise-Mate is set. Flip lever back and throttle returns to normal operation. Throttle does not lock down and can be moved easily without touching the lever. Cruise-Mate is an easy to use lever operated throttle assist designed to replace the original Harley-Davidson Idle Adjustment Thumbscrew under the grip.

Features & Choices

  • Available in Chrome or Black Power Coated.
  • Flip the lever forward to set. 
  • Throttle still operable when Cruise-Mate is set.
  • All Cruise-Mate internal Parts are made from Stainless Steel.
  • Cruise-Mate is infinitely adjustable for proper tension in a few seconds. 
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Easy to install.
  • Not a cruise control and will not maintain speed when going uphill.

Cruise-Mate is available for most motorcycles. (Does Not Fit Honda).

Notes: Installation Kits and Drill and Tap Kit Sold Separately.          

6202 | Black Stop Pin Kit

Price: $10.00

Add to Cart

cruise mate definition

6201 | Chrome Stop Pin Kit

cruise mate definition

6200 (TR# 47-6095) | Cruise-Mate Drill & Tap Kit, Ea

Price: $10.99

cruise mate definition

6120 (TR# 47-6013) | Cruise-Mate F/82-95 Hd’s, Black, Ea.

Price: $39.95

cruise mate definition

6110 (TR# 47-6012) | Cruise-Mate F/82-95 Hd’s, Chrome, Ea.

cruise mate definition

6060 (TR# 47-6011) | Cruise-Mate F/all 96-Present Hd’s w/throttle cables, Black, Ea

cruise mate definition

6050 (TR# 47-6010) | Cruise-Mate F/all 96-Present Hd’s w/throttle cables, Chrome, Ea

cruise mate definition

6090 (TR# 47-6008) | Cruise-Mate Install Kit, F/82-Present Hd’s w/Throttle Cables, Ea

Price: $9.95

cruise mate definition

6100 (TR# 47-6009) | Cruise-Mate Installation Kit, F/08-13 Hd’s w/Electronic Throttle, Ea

Price: $19.95

cruise mate definition

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verb (used without object)

  • to sail about on a pleasure trip.
  • to sail about, as a warship patrolling a body of water.
  • to travel about without a particular purpose or destination.
  • to fly, drive, or sail at a constant speed that permits maximum operating efficiency for sustained travel.

cruising along the highway enjoying the scenery.

Taxis and police cars cruise in the downtown area.

Let's cruise over to my house after the concert.

  • Informal. to go about on the streets or in public areas in search of a sexual partner.

verb (used with object)

patrol cars cruising the neighborhood; to cruise the Caribbean.

  • to move slowly through or visit (a street, park, bar, etc.) in search of a sexual partner.
  • to make sexual overtures to; attempt to arouse the sexual interest of.
  • to inspect (a tract of forest) for the purpose of estimating lumber potential.
  • the act of cruising.
  • a pleasure voyage on a ship, usually with stops at various ports.
  • Tom Thomas Cruise Mapother, 4th, born 1962, U.S. film actor.
  • intr to make a trip by sea in a liner for pleasure, usually calling at a number of ports
  • to sail or travel over (a body of water) for pleasure in a yacht, cruiser, etc
  • intr to search for enemy vessels in a warship
  • intr (of a vehicle, aircraft, or vessel) to travel at a moderate and efficient speed
  • informal. intr to search the streets or other public places for a sexual partner
  • an act or instance of cruising, esp a trip by sea
  • CruiseTom1970MUSFILMS AND TV: actor Tom. original name Thomas Cruise Mapother. born 1962, US film actor; his films include Risky Business (1983), Top Gun (1986), Jerry Maguire (1989), Eyes Wide Shut (1999), War of the Worlds (2005), and Valkyrie (2008)

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Other words from.

  • cruising·ly adverb

Word History and Origins

Origin of cruise 1

Example Sentences

Such tests might be useful, say, to screen school children or cruise ship passengers.

Meanwhile, Cruise still has its eyes set on public deployment, which is where the expertise of Raman comes in.

That all came after Cruise had already scrapped its plans to launch a robotaxi service in 2019.

Cruise also began focusing more on hardware earlier this year.

Cruise Director of Government Affairs Prashanthi Raman Earlier this year, before the world blew up, Cruise received a permit in California to begin transporting passengers.

These skills are particularly needed when, as in the case of the AirAsia flight, the airplane is at cruise altitude.

Nerd Cruise By Adam Rogers, Wired What 800 Nerds on a Cruise Ship Taught Me About Life, the Universe, and Snorkeling.

He told the court he called the retired captain to see exactly where he lived so he knew when to sound the cruise ship horn.

More than 150 passengers on a California cruise ship came down with norovirus, continuing a trend that happens every year.

It also has a close association with cruises and cruise ships.

And Jack come home from a long cruise, with prize-money in his pockets, was as ostentatious as any nouveau riche.

And every boy made a dash for the camp to secure anything he might need on a cruise down the bay.

In his first cruise he was out forty-five days, and in that time he captured fourteen vessels and 166 prisoners.

Then, his mother coming in, he proceeded to tell about their "cruise," and the sad fate of his bundle.

Earth-closets are a delusion; you cannot get earth, nor even sand, when on a cruise, and there are other serious objections.

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Cambridge Dictionary

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Meaning of cruise in English

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  • They're going on a cruise round the Med.
  • They've just set off on a round-the-world cruise.
  • Do you dream of a luxury skiing holiday or a Caribbean cruise?
  • age of sail
  • ocean-going
  • under sail idiom
  • They are cruising off the west coast of Vancouver Island.
  • Thousands of spectators watched the tall ships cruise the Detroit River.
  • After launch , the probe will cruise for 6 months before intercepting the comet beyond Earth's orbit .
  • The car is more fuel efficient because the engine can run on just three of six cylinders when cruising.
  • A guy cruised up in a convertible and offered me a lift .
  • He goes cruising the streets looking for places to rob .
  • Our department is doing all the work while the rest of the business is cruising.

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Cruise | american dictionary, translations of cruise.

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without the name of someone who has done a particular thing being known or made public

Dead ringers and peas in pods (Talking about similarities, Part 2)

Dead ringers and peas in pods (Talking about similarities, Part 2)

cruise mate definition

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Investigation Update on the   Sapphire Princess

Cruise Line : Princess Cruises

Cruise Ship : Sapphire Princess

Voyage Dates : April 5–May 7, 2024

Voyage number: H408

Number of passengers who reported being ill during the voyage out of total number of passengers onboard : 94 of 2,532 (3.71%)

Number of crew who reported being ill during the voyage out of total number of crew onboard : 20 of 1,066 (1.8%)

Predominant symptoms : diarrhea and vomiting

Causative agent : norovirus

Actions : In response to the outbreak, Princess Cruises and the crew aboard the ship reported the following actions:

  • Collected stool specimens from gastrointestinal illness cases for testing.
  • Isolated ill passengers and crew.
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection procedures according to the ship’s outbreak prevention and response plan.

VSP remotely monitored the situation, including review of the ship’s outbreak response and sanitation procedures.

Note : The gastrointestinal illness cases reported are totals for the entire voyage and do not represent the number of active (symptomatic) gastrointestinal cases at any given port of call or at disembarkation.

Learn how passengers can protect themselves with these  tips for healthy cruising .

  • Inspection Reports
  • About Inspections
  • Cruise Ship Outbreak Updates
  • About Noroviruses on Cruise Ships
  • VSP Operations Manual   [PDF – 5 MB]
  • VSP Construction Guidelines   [PDF – 4 MB]
  • Illness Prevention Information
  • Publications

Exit Notification / Disclaimer Policy

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cannot attest to the accuracy of a non-federal website.
  • Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website.
  • You will be subject to the destination website's privacy policy when you follow the link.
  • CDC is not responsible for Section 508 compliance (accessibility) on other federal or private website.
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Definition of mate

 (Entry 1 of 5)

transitive verb

Definition of mate  (Entry 2 of 5)

Definition of mate  (Entry 3 of 5)

Definition of mate  (Entry 4 of 5)

intransitive verb

Definition of maté  (Entry 5 of 5)

Word History

Middle English, from Anglo-French mater , from mat , noun, checkmate, ultimately from Arabic māt (in shāh māt )

Middle English, probably from Middle Low German māt ; akin to Old English gemetta guest at one's table, mete food — more at meat

French & American Spanish; French maté , from American Spanish mate maté, vessel for drinking it, from Quechua mati vessel

14th century, in the meaning defined above

14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a(1)

1509, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1

1758, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Phrases Containing mate

  • aerographer's mate
  • mate for life
  • running mate

Dictionary Entries Near mate


Cite this Entry

“Mate.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary , Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/mate. Accessed 30 Apr. 2024.

Kids Definition

Kids definition of mate.

 (Entry 1 of 3)

Kids Definition of mate  (Entry 2 of 3)

Kids Definition of maté

Medical definition, medical definition of mate.

 (Entry 1 of 2)

Medical Definition of maté  (Entry 2 of 2)

More from Merriam-Webster on mate

Nglish: Translation of mate for Spanish Speakers

Britannica English: Translation of mate for Arabic Speakers

Britannica.com: Encyclopedia article about mate

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  • No; Cruise-Mate is a mechanical throttle friction device, it does not release when applying the brakes, it needs to turned on and off manually, however you can still operate throttle with Cruise-Mate set.
  • The original star wheel provided by Harley-Davidson is very small and tucked under control making it very difficult to access. The original equipment star wheel also utilizes a very fine pitch thread, which takes several turns of the star to engage or disengage the throttle lock feature. Cruise-Mate consists of a solid stainless steel cartridge assembly with much coarser internal threads, which nearly doubles the vertical action of the friction device with the same amount of rotary motion. This allows our Cruise-Mate to engage and disengage twice as fast as the original star wheel device. Cruise-Mate also incorporates an infinitely adjustable lever style handle for easy access by the thumb of the operator. Cruise-Mate will typically apply sufficient pressure to hold the throttle in place with 1/4 turn or less of the handle.
  • Yes; Cruise-Mate utilizes a soft tip to apply pressure to the throttle tube, allowing you to still turn the throttle without doing damage to the throttle tube.
  • No; Anyone with average mechanical ability will be able to install Cruise-Mate in well under an hour. All Cruise-Mate's come with very complete installation and operating instructions including pictures every step of the way. And if you do run into a problem, we're available via a toll free phone number to help.
  • No; One of the most unique features of Cruise-Mate is how simple it is to adjust. Inside the handle is a spring loaded spline, which makes it so easy to adjust you can even perform adjustments while riding if you wish. Simply pull down on the handle and rotate it forward or back a notch or two, and release.
  • No, we mold a Nylon tip (same material most throttle tubes are made from) inside the Cruise-Mate insert which is the only part that makes contact with the throttle tube.
  • If after installing Cruise-Mate you decide it's not what you wanted, let us know, we'll provide you with a free screw in bushing that will return your control asssembly to the original  thread size, allowing you to operate your bike exactly as it was previously.

South Dakota governor, a potential Trump running mate, writes in new book about killing her dog

FILE - South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem attends an event Jan. 10, 2024, at the state...

(AP) - South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem  — a potential running mate for presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump — is getting attention again. This time, it’s for a new book where she writes about killing an unruly dog, and a smelly goat, too.

The Guardian  obtained a copy of Noem’s soon-to-be released book, “No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward.” In it, she tells the story of the ill-fated Cricket, a 14-month-old wirehaired pointer she was training for pheasant hunting.

She writes, according to the Guardian, that the tale was included to show her willingness to do anything “difficult, messy and ugly” if it has to be done. But backlash was swift against the Republican governor, who just a month ago drew attention and criticism for  posting an infomercial-like video  about cosmetic dental surgery she received out-of-state.

In her book, Noem writes that she took Cricket on a hunting trip with older dogs in hopes of calming down the wild puppy. Instead, Cricket chased the pheasants while “having the time of her life.”

On the way home from the hunting trip, Noem writes that she stopped to talk to a family. Cricket got out of Noem’s truck and attacked and killed some of the family’s chickens, then bit the governor.

Noem apologized profusely, wrote the distraught family a check for the deceased chickens, and helped them dispose of the carcasses, she writes. Cricket “was the picture of joy” as all that unfolded.

“I hated that dog,” Noem writes, deeming her “untrainable.”

“At that moment,” Noem writes, “I realized I had to put her down.” She led Cricket to a gravel pit and killed her.

That wasn’t all. Noem writes that her family also owned a “nasty and mean” male goat that smelled bad and liked to chase her kids. She decided to go ahead and kill the goat, too. She writes that the goat survived the first shot, so she went back to the truck, got another shell, then shot him again, killing him.

Soon thereafter, a school bus dropped off Noem’s children. Her daughter asked, “Hey, where’s Cricket?” Noem writes.

The excerpts drew immediate criticism on social media platforms, where many posted photos of their own pets. President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign surfaced the story on social media alongside a photo of Noem with Trump.

The Lincoln Project, a conservative group that opposes Trump, posted a video that it called a “public service announcement,” showing badly behaved dogs and explaining that “shooting your dog in the face is not an option.”

“You down old dogs, hurt dogs, and sick dogs humanely, not by shooting them and tossing them in a gravel pit,” Rick Wilson of the Lincoln Project wrote on X. “Unsporting and deliberately cruel ... but she wrote this to prove the cruelty is the point.”

Noem took to social media to defend herself.

“We love animals, but tough decisions like this happen all the time on a farm,” she said on X. “Sadly, we just had to put down 3 horses a few weeks ago that had been in our family for 25 years.”

She urged readers to preorder her book if they want “more real, honest, and politically INcorrect stories that’ll have the media gasping.”

Republican strategist Alice Stewart said that while some Republican voters might appreciate the story “as a testament to her grit,” it ultimately creates a distraction for Noem.

“It’s never a good look when people think you’re mistreating animals,” Stewart said. “I have a dog I love like a child and I can’t imagine thinking about doing that, I can’t imagine doing that, and I can’t imagine writing about it in a book and telling all the world.”

It’s not the first time Noem has grabbed national attention.

In 2019, she stood behind the state’s anti-meth campaign even as it became the subject of  some mockery  for the tagline “Meth. We’re on it.” Noem said the campaign got people talking about the methamphetamine epidemic and helped lead some to treatment.

Last month, Noem posted a nearly five-minute video on X lavishing praise on a team of  cosmetic dentists  in Texas for giving her a smile she said she can be proud of. “I love my new family at Smile Texas!” she wrote.

South Dakota law bans gifts of over $100 from lobbyists to public officials and their immediate family. A violation is a misdemeanor punishable up to a year in jail and/or a $2,000 fine. The state attorney general’s office has declined to answer questions about whether the gift ban applies to people who are not registered lobbyists.

Copyright 2024 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

A spokesperson for the MHA Nation Emergency Operations Center said around 1:40 p.m. they were...

UPDATE: Missing MHA Nation man located after vehicle crash, is safe

stocking the lakes

ND Game and Fish provides update on what fish species are being stocked and in which lakes

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte, R-MT and Attorney General Austin Knudsen

Montana officials react to TikTok ban signed by Biden

Joshua Mailhot

Grand Forks Principal ousted after special School Board meeting

Tom Eriksen’s daughter bought a home in 2022 in Cypress Reserve. It’s a Lennar-constructed...

Family frustrated over new home’s unsightly problem

Latest news.

Authorities say a 2-year-old boy died after a strong gust of wind blew a bounce house he was...

2-year-old boy killed after wind gusts send bounce house airborne

A gust of wind sent a bounce house in Casa Grande airborne, killing a 2-year-old son of a...

Toddler killed in bounce house incident was son of Phoenix firefighter

The Bismarck Bobcats will face the Minot Minotauros for the Central Division title. Series...

Bobcats win series with Wings, set to face Minotauros for Central title

Abortion law

17 states, including ND & SD, challenge federal rules entitling workers to accommodations for abortion

FILE - Patrons of the Gallatin County Fairgrounds wait in line to cast their ballots in...

Federal judge temporarily blocks confusing Montana voter registration law


  1. Seafarer's professions and ranks

    The chief mate is the head of the deck department on a merchant's vessel, second-in-command after the ship's master. The chief mate's primary responsibilities are the vessel's cargo operations, its stability, and supervising the deck crew. The mate is responsible for the safety and security of the ship, as well as the welfare of the crew on board.

  2. Boatswain

    Boatswain. A boatswain ( / ˈboʊsən / BOH-sən, formerly and dialectally also / ˈboʊtsweɪn / BOHT-swayn ), bo's'n, bos'n, or bosun, also known as a deck boss, or a qualified member of the deck department, is the most senior rate of the deck department and is responsible for the components of a ship's hull. The boatswain supervises the ...

  3. Find a Cruise Mate to Share a Cabin

    Find a Cruise Mate to Share a Cabin. By WAVEJourney. Q: Where can I find a reputable company who can match me up for sharing a cruise cabin? A: For those who want to cruise, but don't have anyone to cruise with and don't want to pay the solo supplement (up to 200%), try cruise forums on sites such as Cruise Critic and Cruise Mates.

  4. Why Cruise-Mate

    Cruise-Mate consists of a solid stainless steel cartridge assembly with much coarser internal pitch, which nearly doubles the vertical action of the friction device with the same amount of motion. This allows Cruise-Mate to engage and disengage nearly twice as fast as the original star wheel device (typically 1/4 turn or less). Cruise-Mate is ...

  5. Cruise-Mate about us

    Cruise-Mate motorcycle cruise assist was invented by a Navy Vietnam Vet in a garage in Bellingham, MA out of necessity. After many years of riding and an injury to my right hand I found it harder and harder to hold the throttle open for extended periods of time without my right hand going numb. Electronic cruise-control wasn't an option on my ...

  6. Chief mate

    A chief mate (C/M) or chief officer, usually also synonymous with the first mate or first officer, is a licensed mariner and head of the deck department of a merchant ship.The chief mate is customarily a watchstander and is in charge of the ship's cargo and deck crew. The actual title used will vary by ship's employment, by type of ship, by nationality, and by trade: for instance, chief mate ...

  7. Cruise-Mate Throttle Assist

    Cruise-Mate is an easy to use lever operated throttle assist. Using Cruise-Mate takes about as much effort as operating your directional signal button, operates in 1/4 turn or less. Once installed, Cruise-Mate is extremely reliable and easy to operate. When you want to set the throttle simply flip lever forward (towards front of bike), you can ...

  8. Cruise_Mate Installation

    CRUISE-MATE MOTORCYCLE THROTTLE CRUISE CONTROL INSTALLATION. Cruise-Mate installation is much easier than it looks, we include a lot of steps in our instructions, with pictures, so the novice Mechanic can install without difficulty. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. iNSTALLATION VIDEOS. Installation instructions and videos for Cruise-Mate motorcycle ...

  9. How to Become a Chief Mate

    The Chief Mate, Chief Officer, or First Mate/Officer is the department head for the Deck Department. They supervise the members of the deck department including Second and Third Mates, able-seafarers, and ordinary seaman or deckhands. On most vessels, the Chief Mate is second in command after the Captain. Some vessels, usually cruise ships or ...

  10. The Ultimate Cruise Lingo Glossary

    The bridge. The bridge is the navigational hub of the ship. 6. Captain. The person in command of the ship. 7. Cruise Director. Think Julie McCoy :-). Your cruise director, among other duties, will act as Emcee, heading up most major entertainment events on the ship.

  11. First mate Definition & Meaning

    first mate: [noun] the officer on a ship who is most important after the captain.

  12. USCG Mate License Requirements

    Age: 21 A person holding this endorsement may qualify for an STCW endorsement, according to § 11.309.; Sea Service Requirements. Recency: 90 days in the past 3 years on vessels of appropriate tonnage 360 days of service while holding an endorsement as 3rd Mate, OF WHICH 180 days of service as officer in charge of a navigational watch on Ocean/NC steam or motor vessels, AND

  13. Cruise-Mate Motorcycle Cruise Assist

    Installation instructions for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, 1996 - Present (Except 2008 - 2014 touring models with electronic throttle control).

  14. Ahoy, Matey! Discover the Meaning behind Nautical Phrases

    Quite literally, wooden plates on tall ships were square. Pipe down: You may have heard this phrase a time or two growing up, but in nautical terms, "pipe down" was the last signal from the boson's pipe each day, meaning lights out and time to go to sleep. Toe the line: If you've ever heard this phrase, it was probably in reference to ...

  15. Cruise-Mate Installation instructions

    CRUISE-MATE MOTORCYCLE "CRUISE CONTROL ALTERNATIVE" INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. Cruise-Mate installation is really much easier than it looks, we include a lot of steps in our instructions, with pictures, so the novice Mechanic can install without difficulty. HARLEY-DAVIDSON 1996-PRESENT

  16. Cruise-Mate

    Cruise-Mate takes about as much effort as operating your directional signal button. Cruise-Mate is extremely reliable and easy to operate. To set the throttle simply push the lever forward, throttle still turns once Cruise-Mate is set. Flip lever back and throttle returns to normal operation. Throttle does not lock down and can be moved easily ...

  17. CRUISE Definition & Meaning

    Cruise definition: to sail about on a pleasure trip.. See examples of CRUISE used in a sentence.

  18. Getting Started with Shipmate and Creating Your Cruise Profile

    My Cruises. Here, you'll store all of your cruise history. Again, you'll find two sections in this tab: Next Cruise and All Cruises. Once you save cruises, your upcoming sailing detail (ship, ports, etc) will be located in the "Next Cruise" tab. In the All Cruises tab, you'll find a list of every cruise saved to your profile.

  19. Shipmate app

    Cruise Port Info. Shipmate's Cruise Port section offers Tips, Photos, and Reviews for the destinations you'll be visiting. For even more info, you can use the Ship Chat section to ask other shipmates for advice. You'll also find great excursion options not offered by the cruise line.

  20. CRUISE

    CRUISE definition: 1. a journey on a large ship for pleasure, during which you visit several places: 2. (of a ship or…. Learn more.

  21. Motorcycle cruise control

    WORKS ON all harley-davidson motorcycles WITH THROTTLE CABLES OR ELECTRONIC THROTTLE (THROTTLE BY WIRE TBW) 1982 - present, except 2014 or newer touring models (baggers) Motorcycle Cruise Control throttle lock for Harley-Davidson, Victory, Can-Am Spyder, Indian, Boss Hoss, Yamaha and Kawasaki motorcycles.

  22. Investigation Update on the Sapphire Princess

    Cruise Line: Princess Cruises. Cruise Ship: Sapphire Princess . Voyage Dates: April 5-May 7, 2024. Voyage number: H408 Number of passengers who reported being ill during the voyage out of total number of passengers onboard: 94 of 2,532 (3.71%). Number of crew who reported being ill during the voyage out of total number of crew onboard: 20 of 1,066 (1.8%) ...

  23. Mate Definition & Meaning

    mate: [noun] associate, companion. an assistant to a more skilled worker : helper. friend, buddy. match, peer.

  24. Cruise-Mate motorcycle cruise control Frequently Asked Questions

    This allows our Cruise-Mate to engage and disengage twice as fast as the original star wheel device. Cruise-Mate also incorporates an infinitely adjustable lever style handle for easy access by the thumb of the operator. Cruise-Mate will typically apply sufficient pressure to hold the throttle in place with 1/4 turn or less of the handle.

  25. South Dakota governor, a potential Trump running mate, writes in new

    FILE - South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem attends an event Jan. 10, 2024, at the state Capitol in Pierre, S.D. The Guardian has obtained a copy of Noem's soon-to-be released book, where she ...