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35 BEST Travel Jobs to Make Money While Travelling

Do you wish you could travel more but don’t have enough money?

Then this guide is for you! It will tell you all about the types of epic travel jobs that you can do. Ultimately, this post will help you find work and travel the world… FOREVER.

There are a surprising number of jobs that involve travelling, a few canny ways to make money travelling abroad, and even some jobs where you actually get paid to travel… (The best kind!)

From freelancing to affiliate marketing, travel blogging, tending the bar at a hip hostel–there are seriously all kinds of awesome – and some terrible – travel jobs you can get to make ends meet and prolong your travels.

The life of a working traveller is varied and complex: there are countless tools in your arsenal! In today’s post, I’m giving you the lowdown on some of the best travel jobs for backpackers, expats, and aspiring digital nomads. And realistically, for nearly all of them, you don’t need no tertiary education.

Ditch your desk, amigos: the world is waiting and the only thing you need to SUCCEED is  grit.

Nic working on a laptop in Bohinj, near Bled in Slovenia.

  • Making Money Travelling the World:Types of Travel Work

The 35 Best Travel Jobs in 2024

Did you find your dream travel job, making money travelling the world: types of travel work.

There are lots of different types of travel jobs out there, and they can roughly be broken down into three categories. Let’s take a look at them before we delve into the jobs themselves…

There are some jobs that will pay you to travel the world. This might sound very glamorous at first, but you have to bear in mind you may not get as much of a chance to actually explore as you will be working. These could be travel jobs or potentially even travel careers , but they still generally require the level of input from you that any regular ol’ boring job would.

Jobs that require travel and pay well, such as being an airline pilot or foreign service travel jobs, will offer you a chance to save up mega-cashola and to hopefully see parts of the world during your downtime. But to be honest (and in my opinion) these travel careers don’t have the same kind of freedom as being a digital nomad.

Personally, I’m a big believer in making money through a digital nomad job as these jobs allow you to work from literally anywhere in the world, on your own schedule, and often as your own boss.

It takes time to set up a career as a digital nomad career… But it’s easy to get started now and to begin your journey!

All you need is a laptop plus a few other of the digital nomad essentials , and idea of WHAT you want to do, and a place in the world that you’re content to get some work done from. Well, that and playlist that gets you in the zone!

Beccoming a digital nomad changes how you travel , so for backpackers that want to retain their backpacker-roots, you need a job for backpacker. These travel jobs are job-jobs.

They could be wicked jobs, they could be shitkicker jobs. They could, potentially, also progress into careers, but they wouldn’t be travel careers. You’d just be an expat with a regular ol’ job.

Many of the best travelling jobs for backpackers are super casual affairs – seasonal work or temporary labour gigs. I’ve found paying work on goat farms, behind bars, in hostels, on construction sites, on beaches, and in many other places whilst backpacking around the world. It’s usually very easy to find some casual work as a backpacker.

All you need is a good smile, good work ethic, and maybe the willingess to be paid under the table for less than minimum wage! (Oops, did I say that? You do you.) 😉

travelling ea jobs

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Let’s look at how to work and travel like a BOSS (or self-employed hustler). Ideas range from online trading to teaching yoga to consulting. Don’t Work Another Day ; we have something for every CV!

1. Make Money Blogging

Starting a blog is one of the best travel jobs out there. You can travel whenever you want and make money out of your adventures to keep you going! However, blogging is not easy and it’s not one of those jobs to make money quickly.

Blogging offers a great introduction to many different digital nomad careers. You’ll learn more about SEO, copywriting, web design, social media management, marketing and PR… the list goes on! All you need to get started is a decent laptop for travel blogging and loads of patience!

If you want to get a taste of blogging before launching your own, you can look into becoming a virtual assistant or if writing is more your thing becoming a freelance service provider , like Sofie Couwenbergh is also a viable option. Working for a blogger is the best way to learn the tricks of the trade!

Full disclosure: The travel blogging industry is competitive, cutthroat, and, honestly, oversaturated. DO expect a long road to the top.

How Much Can You Earn?

  • From $0 – $50,000 per month!

Digital Nomad in Malta

Finding a work-friendly atmosphere is important – check out Tribal Bali …

Having a job is one thing, but being able to sit down and get some work in is a whole other story. Luckily there are amazing coworking spaces all over the globe. But what if you could combine working and a place to live? Say no more…

travelling ea jobs

Introducing the best Coworking Hostel in the World – Tribal Bali!

A unique coworking and co-living hostel for those that want to travel the world while working from their laptops. Make use of the massive open-air coworking spaces and sip on delicious coffee. If you need a quick screen break, just take a refreshing dip in the infinity pool or grab a drink at the bar. Need more work inspiration?

Staying at a digital nomad-friendly hostel is a really smart way to get more done whilst still enjoying the social life of travelling… Mingle, share ideas, brainstorm, make connections and find your tribe at Tribal Bali!

2. Teach English Abroad

Teaching English in Sri Lanka

For backpackers looking to settle somewhere for a year or more to save up some serious cash, teaching English abroad is one of the best jobs for nomads.

These days, you can teach English in most countries in the world while seeing all the goods they got to offer at the same time! This is probably one of the best travel careers out there: there’s a low barrier to entry and most native speakers can get a travel job teaching English.

Being a native speaker gives you an obvious advantage, but it’s also possible for non-native speakers to get work teaching English too.  You don’t even really need a degree to teach English in many countries, however, nabbing a TEFL certificate through an online course first will help you hit the ground running. (And hopefully will mean you won’t be a crap teacher too ?)

It’s a small investment that will help you score more gigs AND better-paying gigs in the long run. Plus, think of the children! Won’t somebody think of the children!?!?

  • $1500 – $3000 depending on the country.

3. Teach English Online

a girl working on her laptop in a cafe with a view of rice fields in Bali behind her

Thanks to the power of the internet, the world of teaching English online has opened doors to English speakers everywhere! You can work from anywhere! (Provided you have a solid internet connection.)

What’s the best part? Depending on the company you work for, you can choose your own schedule and commitment level. Whatever works for you!

Teaching English online is fast becoming one of the best ways for backpackers to make money online without a doubt. Online teaching platforms connect prospective teachers with keen students. Set your pricing, choose your hours, and market yourself to potential clients.

The money isn’t impressive, particularly in the early days, but this is a job that you can grow and literally do anywhere. Nothing beats a location independent gig!

  • About $1500 per month.

4. Dropshipping

remote worker doing some work at a cafe in Seminyak, bali

Dropshipping is when you ship products to customers, usually in Europe or the USA, from somewhere cheap (usually China). Essentially, you manage the online storefront while a third party handles the logistics of storing and shipping products.

Now, dropshipping CAN be profitable. It can also be a major headache: you have been warned.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Digital nomad in Portugal. Coffee, laptop and work in Lagos.

Affiliate marketing is very simple. It means that you recommend a product or service to your audience, and if someone on your website uses or buys that product or service, you get a commission!

Affiliate marketing is basically being a middle man and is one of the most popular, proven, and sustainable ways to create income online.

If you are interested in online jobs travellers can easily utilise, learning effective affiliate marketing strategies is the holy grail. Passive income is fucking POWERFUL.

  • Oodles but you need the traffic to earn it. But then, it all flows in passively. 😉

6. Crytocurrency and Day Trading

A large sculpture of a Peseta coin, Spain

The exciting world of cryptocurrency investment has come a long way. You can HODL, stake, mine, generate interest (yup – totally a thing now!), and, of course, trade.

Day trading is a really exciting – but very nerve-wracking – way to make money while travelling. I have no experience trading stocks, but a lot of people I know have been trading cryptocurrency for a while now and have seen rather delectables return on their investments (with some losses along the way).

If you have money that you can afford to lose (seriously, this shit carries risk), then day trading is one of the most exciting travel jobs out there right now.

  • The sky’s the limit!

7. Volunteering

shirtless man volunteering in rural india with two kids swinging on his arms

Okiedoke – volunteering! Now, clearly, volunteering ISN’T a travel job, however, it’s functionally the same. You work (hard), you greatly reduce your travel costs, plus you’ll have some life-changing experiences while you’re at it. So it fits the bill!

Now, while voluntourism has received some flak over the years (and the trade has only become stickier in the COVID-times ), volunteering still remains one of the most meaningful ways to travel. A free feed and bed is certainly a win, but it’s the experience and the knowledge that you’re actually making a difference is what makes it, honestly, one of the best travel jobs for backpackers.

You have a lot of good options for volunteering abroad:

  • WWOOF – An organisation primarily concerned with connecting working travellers with volunteering gigs on organic farms and agricultural projects.
  • Workaway (and its numerous alternatives ) – As well as agricultural projects, these guys tend to also connect you to volunteering gigs around the board. Hostel work, translation and copywriting, building skate ramps, building backyard dunnies: it’s a wide net.
  • Worldpackers – Our personal fave platform for this bizz.

Worldpackers is a smashing organisation. They’ve got more of a community focus than many of the alternatives and they run a tight ship too!

We sent one of our tried and true broke backpackers on a volunteering mission to Vietnam and the results were stellar. So stellar, in fact, that we happily partnered with them to bring Broke Backpacker readers a discount on the signup fee!

Just enter the code BROKEBACKPACKER at the checkout when signing up or do the clicky-click below!

travelling ea jobs

Worldpackers: connecting travellers with  meaningful travel experiences.

We’ve also got a review of Workaway you can peruse if Worldpackers doesn’t float your boat. They’re a bit more stuffy (a natural caveat for being the lead of the pack), but they have volunteering gigs coming out of the ears!

And as one brief little sidenote, it’s worth noting the skills you pick up volunteering can go a LONG way to aiding you in your career as a working traveller. The more you know, the more backpacker jobs open up to you.

8. Become A Freelance Travel Photographer

travelling ea jobs

If you love taking pictures, why don’t you make the most of your skills and be paid for it? Breaking into freelance photography is no easy, feat but it’s totally possible if you have perseverance and work at honing your craft every day.

You can travel the world forever by snapping away… If you get really good at your craft, you can even land a job that pays you to travel as a professional photographer for either the media or, the dream, National Geographic.

  • $0 – $5000
  • BEST Cameras for Travellers
  • GoPro Alternatives to Make You  Whoah
  • Top Camera Bags – Buyer’s Guide!
  • Essential Camera Accessories You NEED

9. Teach Yoga

a girl going a yoga handstand on a beach

Yoga continues to grow in popularity around the world, and yoga instructors are in high demand. While not the highest paying job for travellers, finding work as a yoga instructor is one of the more assured ways to work and travel.

Travellers love yoga and are keen on lessons just about anywhere in the world. Combine that with hostels, cafes, and community centres (among a million other venues) always being on the lookout

Getting a yoga certification CERTAINLY helps you stand out from the crowd but it necessarily isn’t needed. Talk to other guests at your hostel, or people around any beach, hippy, or traveller town and see what you can rustle up. Start off with a sesh at a world-class yoga retreat to learn a few Asanas and limber up first and the rest will be easy.

Alternatively, head over to Yoga Travel Jobs Directory and see if there are any worthwhile postings. The beauty of this one is that the informality allows you to find work on the road in most places without the added red tape.

  • $5/hour or even less in developing nations. Bounce on over to the northern beaches of Sydney though, and activewear soccer mums eat that shit up for $50+ a pop!

10. Fitness Instructor

Similar to yoga, if you’re in shape and know how to break a sweat, you can get paid to help others do the same! I love finding creative ways to stay in shape while travelling and you’ll find plenty of other travellers who will share this interest.

Will's first fitness competition in Sydney.

See if your hostel wants to organise any activities or events which you can market by word of mouth or by putting a flyer up. Head to a park or the beach and BOOM! You’re a certified fitness instructor… sort of.

Certifications are for losers without glorious, rippling muscles.

11. Tour Director

travelling ea jobs

Directors accompany a tour group for the entirety of the itinerary and basically make sure people are having a good time. If it’s a twenty-one-day culture tour through Central America, the tour director is there the entire time, leading the group, answering questions, communicating with the bus driver, and, most importantly, creating solutions when shit goes wrong.

This is one of the travel industry careers that require the most work, but if you think you possess the qualities, there are thousands of amazing adventure tour companies looking for new leaders worldwide.

This industry is very competitive, but once you get your foot in the door you’ll be offered work left and right. I’ve got some experience leading adventure tours myself and this is a solid choice of job that involves travelling… You just need to have endless amounts of energy.

These are maybe the best jobs for travel and adventure for those that seek the high life and the pay ain’t too shabby either!.

  • $1000 – $3000

grayl geopress filter bottle

Drink water from ANYWHERE. The Grayl Geopress is the worlds leading filtered water bottle protecting you from all manner of waterborne nasties.

Single-use plastic bottles are a MASSIVE threat to marine life. Be a part of the solution and travel with a filter water bottle. Save money and the environment!

We’ve tested the Geopress  rigorously  from the icy heights of Pakistan to the tropical jungles of Bali, and can confirm: it’s the best water bottle you’ll ever buy!

12. Travel Tour Guide

Eating Okonomiyaki in Osaka Japan on a street food tour.

As opposed to a tour director, a tour guide usually does shorter tours (think three-hour walking tours). Ideally, tour guides are experts in their niche, but sometimes just a bit more knowledge than the average Joe will suffice

If you have experience or certification, getting tour guide work will be easy. If you travelling in the EU , you can also find tour guide work within Europe relatively easy (free walking tours, etc.) without certification.

Otherwise, there are lots of people on the web tapping into their entrepreneurial spirit and starting their own tour jobs while on the road.

  • $500 – $1500

13. Work on A Boat

A person sitting on a wooden boat with blue sea and jungle covered islands in the distance.

Unfortunately, the days of being a pirate are kinda over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still work and live on a boat!

A traveller’s job on a boat is certainly easier to get with experience, but sometimes it’s as easy as just walking onto a dock and asking around. Teach yourself to tie knots first and you’ll be golden.

Want to significantly increase your chances of getting hired on a superyacht or boat? Consider taking a course at the Super Yacht School – an online training company that educates people on everything they need to know regarding how to land a job on a superyacht as a crew member.

Alternatively, become a cruise ship worker and live the party-working-travelling-life on the high seas. Drugs, booze, and nights of wanton hedonism – excellent!

  • $1200 – $2500

14. Boat Delivery

Rear view of a boat with views of mountains in the background

More boats! This one is a bit difficult to get into as a newbie, but if you have some experience working on the high seas, boat delivery has some serious work and travel potential. Typically the pay won’t be very high (if at all) but you’ll get your experience up and get to sail the seven seas for free!

Getting into this travel career could lead to more lucrative gigs in the future too, so it’s worth considering if the goal is simply finding jobs that let you travel.

Head over to Crewseekers.net or cruisersforum.com for some killer job leads!

15. Making and Selling Jewellery

handcrafts on the beach working with silver and precious stones

Screw travel jobs – be a travel entrepreneur! While you can make and sell anything, jewellery is certainly the backpacker artisans staple, and I’ve met lots of people who make and sell jewellery whilst travelling .

Some critics of budget backpacking might have a go at you for – ahem – “begpacking” , but to those critics I say… get a job, ya hippy! If you’re wheeling, dealing, and hustling on the road, you are the literal opposite of a begpacker. It’s fun too!

The materials can be cheap and light to carry, it’s an artsy and fun thing to do, and you can set up shop (busking-style) in most places in the world that are kind to street merchants (i.e. not Malaysia). Selling handmade jewellery on the street isn’t the path to becoming a billionaire, but if you can make a decent product, it’s a great way to bring in enough to cover a day of gallivanting.

It isn’t strictly one of the easiest travel jobs out there if you genuinely care about your craft. Sourcing ethical materials, making the jewellery, and haggling for a fair price can all be a real battle. But damn you’ll have some ten-outta-ten adventures along the way!

  • $300 – $1000 per month

16. Importing Stuff to Sell


A personal favourite of mine, this is what I sometimes refer to as the ‘ stuff your backpack’ method. It’s an easy w ay to make some money back after quitting your job to travel .

When in exotic countries, you will find awesome trinkets and doodads that people back home will go crazy over! Think hippy stuff: chillums, trousers, jewellery, festival belts, etc. These items will be authentic and dirt cheap.

Then, when you are outside that country and back in the good ol’ inflationary West, you can sell the authentic handcrafted Indian peace pipe that you paid $.75 cents for in Mumbai for $15 at festivals or online! It’s a great way to make 1,000% or more on your investments.

To make the most money though, you’ll have to frequently hit the road and stuff your backpack (a big hiking backpack is good for this) as well as have a good eye for stuff to take back home. If you can somehow inject something about chakras into the marketing spiel you’ll give to sell it, it’s a winner.

  • $500 – $2000 per month

Aether Backpack

We’ve tested countless backpacks over the years, but there’s one that has always been the best and remains the best buy for adventurers: the broke backpacker-approved Osprey Aether and Ariel series.

Want more deetz on why these packs are so  damn perfect? Then read our comprehensive review for the inside scoop!

17. Busking

A street band in Portugal

Another of the world’s oldest professions that now catches some flak from the world’s newest crybabies: busking. If you have a talent, you can flaunt it for some cash in the street AND – better yet – make a bunch of people smile too!

You doen’t have to be a wandering musician with a travel-sized guitar either; magic, acrobatics, juggling, flow, dance – anything that’s impressive enough to score a tip is worth the shot, and you can score some mean tips! (Believe it or not.)

If the artisti di strada chooses the right location and is talented (or smiley) enough, there’s a pretty good chance they are making some dough! Enough to cover a day’s cost at least… You just need to know how to busk !

Also, if you are a musician, you should look into giving lessons for work while travelling or even playing some low-key gigs at bars or hostels. It’s a good way to score a feed, and it’s certainly not a bad payoff for a few hours of jammin’!

The resident in-house dirtbag busker on The Broke Backpacker team had this to say:

“I’ve had $5/hour days, I’ve had $50/hour days; busking is large part luck, however, there is a hidden art and science to the craft.”

18. Scuba Diving Instructor

Two people taking a selfie whilst scuba diving.

Get paid for adventure. Underwater adventures no less!

Becoming a certified scuba diver and instructor takes a bit of investment, but it can be one of the most fun ways to work and travel the world simultaneously. You need a handful of courses and certifications, as well as having logged in a certain amount of hours underwater yourself, and then the world is your… oyster. (Huehuehue.)

If you are already certified, get excited! If you aren’t, you can do it at home, or take advantage of many (significantly cheaper) programs that exist in countries like Thailand and the Philippines. Hands down this is one of the best ways to get paid to travel PLUS you can pick up paying work in lots of different countries around the world.

Plus, y’know, dive for a living. Not bad, ‘ey?

  • $1000 – $4000 per month.

19. Surf Instructor

A person surfing

Similar to a scuba instructor but without all of the need for certifications. You just need to be a badass surfer! Surfing instructors can do well for themselves by travelling, surfing, meeting people who are interested and want to learn, and then offering their services.

Plus, let’s be real… you’ll get laid. A lot.

You won’t earn as much as a scuba instructor, but you’ll be getting paid to surf and travel at the same time which is probably the coolest thing ever! I’m a big fan of surfing and hoping to spend a year or two getting a hell of a lot better in the future. If you are looking for cool jobs you can do while travelling, this may be for you.

There are lots of resources for finding potential gigs. Surf Travel Jobs is an excellent starting point.

  • $500 – $1500 per month.

travelling ea jobs

Wanna know how to pack like a pro? Well for a start you need the right gear….

These are packing cubes for the globetrotters and compression sacks for the  real adventurers – these babies are a traveller’s best kept secret. They organise yo’ packing and minimise volume too so you can pack MORE.

Or, y’know… you can stick to just chucking it all in your backpack…

20. Buy A Place and Rent It

An old cottage covered in rose bushes and a tin roof near Queenstown, New Zealand.

If you have been working for a while, you may have some savings. Rather than blowing it all on a couple of fast-paced years of travel, invest it into buying a property at home and renting it out whilst you travel (thus living off the rent money).

You can advertise your place on lots of different websites including Airbnb or one of the many excellent sites like Airbnb , and it can very easily turn into big bucks! Pretty soon, you’ll be making money while travelling; so much so that some of my friends don’t even stay at their own place when they return to their hometown.

  • $600 – $2000 per month.

21. Housesitting

Will chilling on the terrace with two white dogs

Sort of a work-exchange-meets-job, housesitting while travelling is HAWT right now. Typically you pet-sit for an extended amount of time, and in return, you are given free rein over an entire house. Housesitting gigs rarely pay, but you can’t really complain as their still jobs that allow you to travel near-indefinitely.

You’ll be getting free accommodation, a big ass kitchen, and the privacy of your own house! This is one of the best ways to travel!

As with all good things, it’s challenging to crack into, but once you gain experience and a resume, you’ll have your choice of gigs. As far as travel work goes, this one comes highly recommended – it barely counts as working!

  • A free house!

22. Work as an Au Pair

People meeting locals kids whilst hitch hiking in El Salvador, Central America

Au-pairing is one of the oldest travel careers around and is still a great option to save some money and see the world. Personally, kids ain’t for me, but if you are bubbly, happy, smiley and don’t mind cleaning up the misdirected poopoos, then there are plenty of little ones who need a lovely person like you to help take care of them.

It doesn’t always pay… and if it does pay it’s not always much. But you can earn up to 5k a month if you’re happy to travel for work (which, you should be) to teach in some more far-flung lands.

You’ll get free lodging and food and likely some pocket change for the weekend if you’re volunteering in Europe. Being an au-pair is a pretty solid way to get paid to travel and live in a new country.

  • $0 – $5000 per month.

23. Hostel Work

danielle cooking in a hostel

Hostel work is one of the best-kept not-so-secret-secrets of the budget backpacking trade . Once upon a time, it was hush-hush, but now not so much. So let me tell you – finding hostel gigs is SUPER simple and hostel work is one of the best travel jobs for backpackers.

Hostel work is one of the easiest travel jobs to get – just ask the hostels you are staying at if they are looking for any help. They will know exactly what this means. “Help” means manning the front desk graveyard shift, sweeping the floors, or most likely minding the bar, all in exchange for free accommodation.

If they are looking for any “help” , they miiight pay a bit of cash, but more likely, you’ll get a free bed and some food out of it. Hostels are one of the staples for travel work and are a phenomenal way to save money while travelling – not to mention free entry into the hostel life shenanigans is a pretty sweet dealer for a lone ranger looking for some buds.

…And bud. 😉

  • Usually just a free stay. Maybe some weed money (or weed) if you’re lucky.

24. Bar Work

Two friends having a cocktail in a bar

Similar to hostel work, bar jobs have kept the backpacker going since basically the dawn of time. Often the bar work will be in a hostel bar (mentioned above) but just as legit is finding work at standalone bars.

This is particularly true in seasonal European cities (but I’ve seen it in South America, Australia, Asia… basically everywhere). Alcoholics are everywhere and they need a charming face with a winning smile to pour their drinks dammit!

The best way to find a bar job is just to walk around and ask if the bars are looking for any help. Or, if you’re having a pint somewhere, strike up a conversation with the bartender and get the scoop. A simple inquisition can lead to a lot of opportunities.

Full disclosure though: the booze and babes of the graveyard shift are fun for a while, but a few too many staffies a few too many months later and you’ll find yourself stuck right in a classic backpacker trap. And hungover.

  • $800 – $2000 per month

travelling ea jobs

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25. Become a Party Promoter/Brand Ambassador

a big group of people at maya beach in thailand, gathering for a group picture acting like pirates

If you are a fun-loving party animal with some social media/writing/promoting skills, then you could be a candidate to score a job as a brand ambassador for a tour business specializing in party-based tours. I’ve met someone who did this for a period; while the money wasn’t always hella tight, the nights of debauchery sure were!

A good option to break into this field is Stoke Travel . Every year, Stoke Travel gives 100+ regular travellers the opportunity to work and travel by volunteering at events or doing internships in their Barcelona and Byron Bay Office.

That’s right. Three square meals per day and unlimited booze. You’re basically travelling for free !

For the right individual, this job promises to be helluva of a lot of fun. (Possibly, too much fun…? )

  • Free drinks – $1200

26. Seasonal Jobs

two girls smiling holding snowboards on a snowy mountain

This is a large category that encompasses many different travel jobs. Restaurants, construction, hotels, cruise ship jobs, ski resorts, mining, deep-sea Alaskan fishing gigs, the list goes on! While a lot of these jobs are covered elsewhere in this post, seasonal jobs are worth noting.

You can literally travel the world working, chasing the season (which by the way usually equates to amazingly beautiful weather) and making money when jobs are in demand and at their highest paying…

Depending on the industry, you can end up both in some pretty off the beaten path destinations as well as touristed ones. Or both! The ski resorts in the summer trekking season is usually a much more peaceful vibe once all the loquacious Aussies have packed up shop.

  • $1000 – $5000 per month

27. Construction

Construction Work or English Teaching in Vang Vieng

You can find construction work basically anywhere in the world, however, the right destinations (eg. Australia and New Zealand) pay a mean wage. If you’re operating above board that is.

Otherwise, asking around for something more informal is usually the way to go. If you have construction experience, jump on those work exchange platforms for some cheap volunteering gigs .

Many hostels, farms, and everything in between will advertise their needs in hopes of finding a qualified working traveller. You’ll get food, lodging, and (depending on the project) a bit of money as well. It’ll get you networked too – word of mouth carries!

If you have experience as a plumber or electrician, you can make bank and even land a job where you are paid to travel to and from different world projects. Also, insider tip: traffic controllers Down Under get paid an ungodly amount for literally doing nothing. They usually pick the cutest girl to man the stop sign though – yay, sexism!

  • $1200 – $3000 per month but hugely variable depending on your trade and skillset,

28. Transport a Car or RV

Will with a car on the beach in New Zealand

Car and RV dealerships or car rental companies sometimes hire people to drive cars to different destinations. Rental companies often find themselves with too many cars in one destination and want to move them to an area where rentals are more in demand. Car dealerships may need a specific car, with specific options or colours, that they arrange to get from another dealer.

While most companies work with full-time professional drivers, there may be some opportunities for one-time trips. The trick with these jobs is getting a car that’s going where you want to go at the right time. You’ll need a clean driver’s license and may need a specialty license to drive RVs, but it’s worth it for a free and rocking RV road trip !

Some transport companies that you may be able to score some delivery gigs with include:

  • Imoova is one of the biggest search platforms for relocations.
  • Jucy has some nice opportunities on RVs.
  • Cars Arrive Auto Relocation is USA based and has some good options.
  • HitTheRoad.ca is a well-known Canadian company that offers mostly long-distance, one way, one trip driving contracts for cars.
  • A free road trip!

29. Professional Chef

Man cooking food on the grill using his hands.

If you have some cooking abilities or some legitimate kitchen experience, you can find a job by asking around at kitchens in hotels, cruise ships, boats, or retreats. Also, take a look into Worldpackers and Workaway as you can certainly find some cook-work opportunities for a free place to stay.

The downside is that you’ll have to work in close proximity to chefs. Chefs are primadonnas. Get in and out of the hospo industry as quick as possible, amigos.

If thou gaze too long into an abyss…

  • $1500 – $3000 per month

30. Travel Nurse

A - the best job for travel that pays well

Stop right now and listen to me. If you are a nurse, or if you are thinking about becoming a nurse, becoming a travel nurse is one of the single most amazing careers you can get into.

Travelling nurses are usually hired for thirteen to twenty-six weeks in whatever location they choose and all of your travel expenses are usually paid. Housing is usually covered, and due to the high demand and urgency, travelling nurses are paid more than regular nurses. It’s one of the best ways to travel, work and save a stupid amount of money.

Plus, you know, saving lives and all that jazz.

  • $1500 – $4000 per month.

31. Flight Attendant

Two girls walking towards a plane at sunset in Mexico

An oldie but a goodie, being a flight attendant isn’t as glamorous as it once was, but in terms of travel friendly jobs , this is a fantastic travel career. It’s really the OG travel job (right after busker AKA a wandering minstrel).

Free flights, long stopovers to explore, and the ability to tweak your schedule to have a few weeks off a month – there’s a lot to like! This is one of the best careers that involve travelling, and if you get hired by a quality airline, this is a job that not only requires travel but can also pay well.

  • $1800 – $2500 per month

mockup of a person holding a smartphone in white background with Holafly logo

A new country, a new contract, a new piece of plastic – booooring. Instead, buy an eSIM!

An eSIM works just like an app: you buy it, you download it, and BOOM! You’re connected. It’s just that easy.

Is your phone eSIM ready? Read about how e-Sims work or click below to see one of the top eSIM providers on the market and  ditch the plastic .

32. New Zealand/Australia Work Visa

A person jumping in front of the Sydney Opera House in New South Wales, Australia

Not strictly a top travel job so much as a top place to find a job. Yes, the rumours you’ve heard are true: Australia does have an obscenely high minimum wage (as does New Zealand, albeit not as high).

Depending on where you are from and if you are able, New Zealand and Australia are two excellent countries to get work visas for. The visa allows you to be employed in most industries, but you’ll most likely find jobs in the hospitality, tourism, and agricultural fields. Come Down Under where you can travel and work for a year or maybe two!

However, both New Zealand and Australia’s cost of living is high, so finding a job that provides you with both a room and food will net you some huge savings. The more remote you go, the better you will earn too. (Sheep shearers make BANK… and then blow it all on cocaine and meth…)

Watch out though: not all Ozzies and Kiwis subscribe to the “mateship and fair go for all” mentality they’re known for. It’s not uncommon to get paid a fraction of that obscenely high minimum wage.

  • $1800 – $3500 per month
  • Backpacking Australia Travel Guide
  • Where to Stay in Australia
  • Backpacking New Zealand Travel Guide
  • Where to Stay in New Zealand

33. Ski Resort Jobs

a snowboard in the snowy mountains of park city utah

While I mentioned resorts and seasonal gigs before, skiing deserves its own holler(back girl). Ski resorts are notorious for hiring travellers and often under the table. Ski resort gigs can be the best seasonal jobs for travelling.

As an “unofficial” ski resort worker, you won’t get paid much (and you will likely be overworked), but it’s a great way to work hard, play hard, and make some travel friends along the way! Plus, there will always be the skiing/snowboarding perks which are obviously EPIC.

You don’t have to be an instructor though. Many seasonal jobs in lodges or working the lifts are widely available. Oh, and the snowbum life is pretty hedonistic – it’s basically working, partying, and picking up Insta-brand vacayers between your shifts.

  • $1000 – $2000 per month.

34. Tattoo Artist

Man topless with tattoos looking at a list.

Backpackers love to get tattoos on the road , so there is always a demand for talented artists. And I’ve met some amazing tattoo artists travelling the world and paying their way through freelance work in hostels and backpacker hangouts. Talk about a creative travel job!

The better you get at your craft, the more doors that will open up to you. You don’t even need a gun! I’ve met and befriended some phenomenal stick-and-poke artists who earn money working while they travel.

Plus getting paid by people to inflict large amounts of bodily harm on them really isn’t too bad either!

  • $500 – $15000 per month (be prepared to adjust your rates to reflect the country you’re in – ain’t nobody stupid enough to pay $100+ an hour in Mexico).

35. Join the Peace Corps

peace corps - a travel job and lifestyle

This is certainly one of the noblest travel jobs on this list and it deserves a mention! Providing a different work and travel experience, the Peace Corps is no joke and essentially makes you an international aid worker in a foreign country.

It’s a two-year commitment, you have very little influence on where you are stationed, and you only get two days off per month.

You don’t get paid much but, hell, you will be earning and you will get paid to travel to somewhere new. And what’s more, is relevant work experience can take the place of a college degree.

Check out:  This Peace Corps volunteer’s blog all about her experiences volunteering in Vanuatu.

Do You Need Insurance as a Working Traveller?

If you are going to be living and working outside of your home country, you really do need to think about getting health insurance. If you have an accident or get sick, then those hospital bills are going to completely nullify any money you’ve earned and saved.

For long term cover, we recommend SafetyWing . They specialise in covering digital nomads and those working outside of their home country. It’s basically a subscription model – month to month payments – on international health insurance without the need to provide an itinerary.

Month to month payments, no lock-in contracts, and no itineraries required: that’s the exact kind of insurance digital nomads and long-term traveller types need. Cover yo’ pretty little self while you live the DREAM!

travelling ea jobs

SafetyWing is cheap, easy, and admin-free: just sign up lickety-split so you can get back to work! Click the button below to learn more about SafetyWing’s setup or read our insider review for the full tasty scoop.

There are so many ways to work and travel; sometimes you just gotta get a bit creative! As long as you are cutting the costs of travel and picking up a job where and when needed, you’ll find a way.

Not every traveling job needs to be a career. Covering your living costs is a fantastic start, and all the skills and confidence will take you soooo much further in life than one simple job ever could.

Taking a leap of faith on a new vocation on the road is fantastic. It’s a step outside of your comfort zone and right into the growth of travel. In many ways, that’s what it means to BE a broke backpacker .

You don’t have to be broke to be a broke backpacker. Nay, being resourceful, willing, and kind-hearted with a good work ethic – that makes you more of a broke backpacker than holes in your undies and lack of consistent showering ever will.

So get out there and work on the road! Start with a shit-kicker job. Then once you’ve levelled up appropriately (and with some ingenuity), you’ll find a job that involves travelling and where you get paid to travel and live in a new country. Maybe you’ll even live in a mini-campervan conversion and start rockin’ the super nomad life. Then, you’re not just hunting for the best travel jobs anymore.

No, that’s a travel career: a whole new adventure!

will hatton working in chiang mai

Updated November 2022 by Samantha Shea

travelling ea jobs

And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links . That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!

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Elina Mattila

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EA to Dynamic CEO

Leaman Consulting Limited logo

  • London (Central), London (Greater)
  • £60/65k + top bonus + outstanding package
  • Leaman Consulting Limited

Executive PA to CEO - St James's SW1 An exceptional opportunity has arisen for a degree standard (Essential) EA with top all round ability and stro...

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  • Salary: £40,000 - £60,000 GPY


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EA to the CEO

Bain and Gray logo

  • £50,000 - £60,000K
  • Bain and Gray

An excellent opportunity for an Executive Assistant with C-Suite experience to join a leading Insurance firm in The City.

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EA within Luxury Travel £50-55k + bonus and benefits

Annabel Taylor Recruitment Limited logo

  • SW1Y 4AA, London (Greater)
  • Up to £55k plus bonus and benefits
  • Annabel Taylor Recruitment Limited

This luxury yacht brokers in South West London is looking for a professional, detail orientated EA to assist two senior brokers. The role requires ...

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EA to MD at asset management firm, £60-80k

  • W1K 1AB, London (Greater)
  • Up to £90k plus excellent benefits

This well established private equity firm in Chelsea is looking for a quietly confident, proactive, flexible and bright EA to MD and Team - 7 in to...

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Tiger Recruitment logo

  • Central London
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  • Tiger Recruitment

A great interim temp EA role with a leading, international investment firm to keep you busy for the next 4 to 8 weeks.

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Executive Assistant - Leading HedgeFund -remote

ROC Recruitment logo

  • England, London, West End
  • £60000 - £80000 per annum + Excellent benefits
  • ROC Recruitment

Leading global hedgefund has a fantastic opportunity for an experienced EA to support the founder!

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EA to CCO - Maternity Cover

  • City of London
  • £50,000 to £55,000 + benefits

My client a well-established executive support firm based in the city are searching for an impressive EA to support their Chief Commercial Officer ...

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Italian speaking Team Assistant for Luxury goods company - West End

Selectus Recruitment Solutions logo

  • up to £48K plus generous bonus and benefits
  • Selectus Recruitment Solutions

Italian speaking Team Assistant to 6 Executives - Luxury Goods company - West End - up to £48K plus bonus and benefits

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Italian Speaking Executive Assistant

Larbey Evans Ltd logo

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An elite US law firm is hiring a new Italian Speaking Executive Assistant to join their stunning new London office. Situated in the heart of the Cit

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EA Required to Support MD of Private Equity Firm, Mayfair, very competitive salary and benefits

  • Salary dependent on experience plus excellent benefits

This private equity firm in Mayfair is looking for a flexible and bright Executive Assistant to support an MD and his team - 7 in total.

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EA - part time

Aldrich & Company Limited logo

  • £50,000 - £60,000 pro rata
  • Aldrich & Company Limited

EA to Founder, part time 4 days a week, SW1. £50,000 - £60,000 pro rata. Private Equity firm looking for an outstanding EA to support their Founder.

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EA & Office Manager

  • Paddington, London
  • £40,000 to £50,000 + benefits

My client a marketing leader in the restaurant industry is searching for an EA to support their CEO and CFO while their current EA is on maternity ...

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EA/Office Manager

ISE Partners Limited logo

  • £42000 - £46000 per annum, Benefits: Health, Holiday 25 days
  • ISE Partners Limited

Fantastic EA/OM role for 12 months contract near the Tower of London. Must have 2/3 years experience in similar role 50 - 100 people in the office.

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EA To Managing Board - £58-68k

Law Choice logo

  • London (Greater)

Are you experienced in legal support and are looking to provide this support within an INCREDIBLE law firm? Then look no further.... This is an exc...

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Private EA to 2 HNWIs – Up to £75,000 and good benefits

The Maine Group logo

  • Up to £75,000 and good benefits
  • The Maine Group

Private EA to 2 HNWIs – Up to £75,000 and good benefits   This is a truly exciting opportunity for an experienced, professional, high energy, passi...

View details Private EA to 2 HNWIs – Up to £75,000 and good benefits

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Executive Assistant

C & C search logo

  • £50,000-£60,000 plus discretionary bonus and excellent benefits package
  • C & C search

C&C Search is currently recruiting an EA for a super innovative boutique venture capital firm located in Central London. The EA will provide both b...

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  • City Of London
  • £45000 - £50000 per annum, Benefits: Hybrid working

EA to CEO - FinTech 12 month FTC £45,000 - £50,000

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Executive Assistant- 12 month FTC.

Victoria Lindfield Associates logo

  • £55,000- £65,000 plus very generous bonus and benefits
  • Victoria Lindfield Associates

Executive Assistant- Top Private Equity firm- £55k-65k. 12-month Maternity cover. April start. Very generous bonus and benefits. West End.

View details Executive Assistant- 12 month FTC.

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French Speaking EA

Angela Mortimer Plc - International Division logo

  • £40,000 - £45,000
  • Angela Mortimer Plc - International Division

View details French Speaking EA

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  • Walking distance Bond Street or Oxford Circus
  • £55,000- £65,000 plus very generous bonus, flexible working

Executive Assistant- Top Private Equity firm- £55k-65k plus very generous bonus and benefits. West End. 9-5:30pm. Flexible working.

Knightsbridge Recruitment logo

  • From £40,000 to £50,000 with fabulous benefits
  • Knightsbridge Recruitment

A leading global property company is looking for a first-rate EA to support one of its most senior Directors. Based in central London you will be w...

We are currently looking for a French speaking EA for a Executive Search firm based in Central London. This will be a hybrid role paying 45k plus a...

Part-time Temporary EA, 27 hours p/w

  • £25.00 per hour + holiday pay

Our client, a multinational Advisory Management Firm are in search of an organised, proactive, temporary Executive Assistant.

View details Part-time Temporary EA, 27 hours p/w

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Executive Assistant- Hybrid Working

Hera Search logo

  • London (Central), London (Greater) homeworking
  • £60,000 plus bonus & hybrid working
  • Hera Search

A wonderful opportunity for a professional Executive Assistant to join this close-knit boutique investment firm based in Central London, with 2 day...

View details Executive Assistant- Hybrid Working

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Floating Team Executive Assistant | Financial Services | 1 day WFH

  • London (City)
  • £37,000 - £47,000 + (generous) Benefits + Hybrid work (1 day WFH)

Our client is looking for a Floating Team EA to join their business support function and grow within the business| £40-47K + Benefits|1 day WFH

View details Floating Team Executive Assistant | Financial Services | 1 day WFH

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Attic Recruitment Limited logo

  • 60,000 - 80,000
  • Attic Recruitment Limited

Exciting opening for a senior level EA to join the support team of a prestigious financial services firm based in central London.

View details Senior EA

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Business Assistant - Shipping

SORTED Personal Management logo

  • Circa £60k-£65k, dependent upon experience
  • SORTED Personal Management

Seeking proactive and versatile Business Assistant to join dynamic and forward-thinking company with a deep heritage in the shipping industry.

View details Business Assistant - Shipping

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Legal EA (Fluent German) US Law Firm - Top salary & benefits!

J M Legal Limited logo

  • Homeworking
  • £52500 - £53500 per annum + Excellent benefits & hybrid working
  • J M Legal Limited

View details Legal EA (Fluent German) US Law Firm - Top salary & benefits!

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10 Best Jobs That Allow You to Travel

These best travel jobs allow you to build a fulfilling career while traveling domestically or internationally.

travelling ea jobs

Getty Images |

Satisfy your wanderlust with these travel jobs.

Getting a 9-to-5 job doesn't mean you have to put your dream of traveling the world on hold. Many professions nowadays not only provide financial stability but offer the exciting perk of frequent travel. Let's explore some of the best jobs that allow you to build a fulfilling career while satiating your wanderlust.

We've taken the top travel jobs from the U.S. News 100 Best Jobs rankings. These jobs are described by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as having a travel component.

a female logistics worker is organising dispatch of freight on her interactive digital map whilst talking on her headset.

10. Cartographer

Median salary: $71,890 Expected job growth by 2032: 5%

Cartographers collect data to create detailed geographic maps. They use advanced tools like geographic information systems, or GIS, for spatial analysis, ensuring accuracy in representing terrain, features and other information. Although cartographers spend much of their time in offices, specific jobs may require extensive travel to locations that are being mapped.

Learn more about cartographers .

travelling ea jobs

(Caiaimage | Paul Bradbury

9. Public Relations Specialist

Median salary: $67,440 Expected job growth by 2032: 6%

Public relations specialists' main job is to generate positive publicity for their clients and help them maintain a good reputation. They can work in various industries, including corporate, government, nonprofit or agency settings. As a public relations specialist, you may travel often to engage with the media, attend events and build relationships with stakeholders.

Learn more about public relations specialists .

Foreman looking at and writing on his clipboard in front of a floor to ceiling window in an empty room at a construction site.

8. Construction Manager

Median salary: $101,480 Expected job growth by 2032: 5%

Construction managers oversee construction projects from start to finish, collaborating with architects, engineers and contractors to ensure projects adhere to budgets, timelines and quality standards. Since construction managers often manage several projects simultaneously, they may need to frequently travel among sites.

Learn more about construction managers .

The coach is explaining the tactics to the soccer team. The athletes are sitting on the bench.

7. Sports Coach

Median salary: $44,890 Expected job growth by 2032: 9%

Sports coaches help athletes develop to their full potential and reach maximum performance. The travel frequency for sports coaches, especially in major leagues like the NFL and NBA, is high. These coaches often accompany their teams to away games in different states, which means they spend lots of time on the road.

Learn more about sports coaches .

travelling ea jobs

6. Flight Attendant

Median salary: $63,760 Expected job growth by 2032: 11%

Flight attendants travel wherever an aircraft goes, ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers. They also communicate with pilots regarding flight details and cabin conditions.

Flight attendants' travel frequency depends on factors such as their seniority and the airline's scheduling policies. Junior flight attendants often have less control over their schedules and may work more weekends and holidays.

Learn more about flight attendants .

Business woman study financial market to calculate possible risks and profits.Female economist accounting money with statistics graphs pointing on screen of computer at desktop. Quotations on exchange

(Getty Images) |

5. Sales Manager

Median salary: $130,600 Expected job growth by 2032: 4%

Sales managers are responsible for directing an organization’s sales team. Some of their duties may include setting sales goals, analyzing data, developing training programs for sales representative and addressing any changes necessary to meet customer needs. Depending on the company, sales managers may have to travel to national, regional or local offices and attend in-person customer meetings.

Learn more about sales managers .

Businesswoman working on a tablet in the office.

4. Operations Research Analyst

Median salary: $85,720 Expected job growth by 2032: 23%

Operations research analysts use advanced techniques, such as data mining and mathematical modeling, to develop solutions that help organizations operate more efficiently. They help businesses solve a wide range of problems, including supply chain optimization, production planning and inventory management.

Although operations research analysts typically spend their time in offices, they may travel occasionally to meet with clients.

Learn more about operations research analysts .

Mid adult Chinese man sitting at desk using computer, IT supporter assisting office worker, software developer looking at screen and concentrating

3. Management Analyst

Median salary: $95,290 Expected job growth by 2032: 10%

Management analysts, also known as management consultants, are experts who specialize in helping companies improve efficiency and increase profits. How often management analysts travel depends on the company they work for and their current projects. However, those who pursue a career in management consulting can expect to travel quite frequently to meet with clients.

Learn more about management analysts .

Businesswoman brainstorming ideas on whiteboard with colleague. Female business partners having brainstorming session in startup meeting room.

2. Marketing Manager

Median salary: $140,040 Expected job growth by 2032: 7%

Marketing managers gauge the demand for a product and help develop a marketing strategy that fits. Depending on their company’s needs, marketing managers may travel throughout the country or worldwide to meet with clients and attend conferences.

Learn more about marketing managers .

Administrator business man financial inspector and secretary making report calculating balance. Internal Revenue Service checking document. Audit concept

Median salary: $113,990 Expected job growth by 2032: 23%

Actuaries assess and manage financial risks using mathematical and statistical models. They often work in industries such as insurance, finance and retirement planning, determining the likelihood of events and their financial impacts.

Travel frequency for actuaries varies depending on the employer and their specific job role, but some may travel occasionally to attend meetings or meet with clients.

Learn more about actuaries .


Real Estate

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  • London - City (Bank)
  • £45 - 50,000 plus great benefits and hybrid working

EA and Project Coordinator - £45 – 50,000, hybrid working, plus great benefits including bonus (based City) - newly created role working 1:2

View details EA

  • 17 days ago
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Private EA to 2 HNWIs – Up to £75,000 and good benefits


  • London (Central), London (Greater)
  • Up to £75,000 and good benefits

Private EA to 2 HNWIs – Up to £75,000 and good benefits   This is a truly exciting opportunity for an experienced, professional, high energy, passi...

View details Private EA to 2 HNWIs – Up to £75,000 and good benefits

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Are you passionate about encouraging and promoting social change? We are proud to be partnering with a great charity that helps social entrepreneur...

View details EA to CEO

  • 4 days left
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Financial Controller

Oak Trees Multi-Academy Trust logo

  • Wirral, Merseyside
  • £59,955 - £62,867 + 20.8% employer contributory pension + 27 days annual leave + 8 public holidays.
  • Oak Trees Multi-Academy Trust

EA First are partnering with Oak Trees Multi-Academy Trust to recruit a Financial Controller. Based on the Wirral, paying £59,955 - £62,867.

View details Financial Controller

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Senior Executive Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor


  • Birmingham, West Midlands
  • Starting salary usually £45,585 to £54,395, with potential progression once in post to £61,198

We are looking for an experienced EA to work with our Vice-Chancellor.

View details Senior Executive Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor

  • 3 days left
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Part-time Admin Assistant, coaching and training company, 12 hours per week


  • Hertfordshire
  • £15 per hour

We have just taken on a part-time admin assistant role working for a small bespoke coaching and training company

View details Part-time Admin Assistant, coaching and training company, 12 hours per week

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hireful logo

  • £33971 per annum

Departments: Governance, Audit & Risk Home Palace : Hampton Court Palace 1-2 days per week / homeworking Status : Established/Permanent


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Executive Assistant


  • £40000 - £45000 per annum, Benefits: Executive Assistant to Headteacher,

Executive Assistant to Headteacher, £40k-£45k, Southwark

View details Executive Assistant

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Head of Education Strategic Delivery


  • Exeter, Devon

The Head of Education Strategic Delivery will play a pivotal role in achieving the ambitious Education goals of the University’s Strategy 2030.

View details Head of Education Strategic Delivery

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EA to MD at asset management firm, £70-90k


  • £70-90k Plus Excellent Benefits

This well established asset management firm in Victoria is looking for a EA with investment experience to support an MD and team. This is a fantast...

View details EA to MD at asset management firm, £70-90k

  • 22 days ago
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EA to MDs of Fast Paced Consultancy in South West London, £45 - £55k plus bonus and benefits


  • Up to £55k plus bonus and benefits

This successful, innovative, friendly energy and tech consultancy in West London is looking for a confident, proactive and adaptable EA to support ...

View details EA to MDs of Fast Paced Consultancy in South West London, £45 - £55k plus bonus and benefits

  • 12 days ago
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EA for Private Equity Firm, competitive salary and benefits

  • competitive salary excellent bonus and benefits

This well established private equity firm in Mayfair is looking for a degree educated, proactive, flexible and bright team player to support the He...

View details EA for Private Equity Firm, competitive salary and benefits

  • 15 days ago
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EA within Luxury Travel £50-55k


  • SW1Y 4AA, London (Greater)

This luxury yacht brokers in South West London is looking for a professional, detail orientated PA to assist their team.

View details EA within Luxury Travel £50-55k

  • 23 days ago
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Private Executive Assistant for dynamic family office



Prestigious Family office based in Mayfair are looking for a pro-active and dynamic EA /Administrator.

View details Private Executive Assistant for dynamic family office

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Personal Assistant - International Examining Body


  • £30000 - £35000 per annum

Our client, an exciting international examining and awarding body, are looking for a proactive and experienced Personal Assistant to join their friend

View details Personal Assistant - International Examining Body

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Personal Assistant


  • £30799.00 - £33168.00 Per Annum

We are looking for a Personal Assistant to support the Bishop of Reading, in this varied and rewarding role.

View details Personal Assistant

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Jobs & Work Abroad Programs

Browse international jobs and find the position for you..

Work abroad programs are a great way to earn more than just money. The list of advantages is practically endless: broadened horizons, new skills, improved independence, new friendships (and business relations), a new language added to your repertoire, and a boost to take your career dreams to the next level. You’ll be having so much fun overcoming new challenges and having new experiences that your job abroad won’t even feel like work; rather, it’ll be like one crazy (paid!) adventure.

So how do you even get a job abroad ? Well, you’ll want to start by finding the destinations where you can legally work abroad and then start your job search. Or, you can find a job that allows you to work abroad, and they will often sponsor your work visa.

You can also get a job overseas with no experience ! In fact, teaching English abroad is the perfect job in that particular scenario. However, if teaching isn’t your true calling, you can either apply for international positions while still at home, or apply for a work visa abroad and figure things out once you arrive.

Here’s how to get a job abroad:

  • Choose a destination. Places like Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland grant Working Holiday Visas to citizens of certain countries and who meet an age requirement. If you want to work abroad for a year or permanently, then you’ll want to secure a job offer prior to applying for work visas abroad.
  • Choose your field. Sometimes, it’s easier to figure out what kind of job you want prior to choosing the destination. The demand for certain positions is higher in some countries than others, which will make your job search a lot easier (or more challenging).
  • Apply to open job opportunities. Once you know where you want to go and what kind of job you want overseas, then it’s time to start applying to work abroad programs! The length of this process will vary depending on your qualifications and prior experience, and perhaps even your proficiency in the local language. 
  • Apply for a work visa. Once you find your job, then you can apply for a work visa. Most likely, you’ll need to show proof of a job offer in order to qualify. There should be someone at your new workplace who is in charge of assisting you with planning your trip abroad.

The best types of jobs abroad depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for. Do you want to only work for room and board? WWOOFING is for you. Are you okay with working odd jobs here and there in order to fund your travels around the world? You can find short term and seasonal work on orchards, vineyards, and farms in countries like Australia and New Zealand. Or, if you want to start a permanent career abroad, nurses, program developers, software engineers, marketers, and teachers are needed all over the world.

Your options for working abroad will depend on your nationality. You’ll want to find the easiest countries to get a work visa for citizens of your home country, since the process of applying for work visas can be drawn out and complicated. For Americans, it’s exceptionally easy to get short term work visas in New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland. However, as previously mentioned, you can get sponsored for work visas almost anywhere as long as you have a valid job offer beforehand.

There are lots of reasons for working overseas ! Perhaps the earning potential is much higher in a country abroad than at home. Or maybe there are better job opportunities overseas in your chosen field. Or maybe, like so many of us, you just really want to be able to live abroad sustainably! Being able to work abroad means being able to travel and immerse in new cultures indefinitely—and that sounds like a dream come true to us.

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Arts & Theater Job in Bogotá, Colombia

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Award Winning TEFL Courses For Teaching English Abroad

International TEFL Academy

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Teach In and Around Dubai | SABIS Network Schools

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London College of Teachers and Trainers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out all the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

How to travel and work abroad

To travel and work abroad for a year or short term, you'll need to qualify for a work visa in your destination. Some places, like Australia and New Zealand , make this easy even without a degree or sponsorship. Teaching English is also a good way to work abroad.

  • 7 Best Ways to Work Abroad
  • 11 Countries Where It’s Easy to Get a Work Visa

Where to find jobs abroad

The easiest places to find jobs abroad (without needing special skills) are New Zealand , Australia , and Ireland , due to the availability of working holiday visas. There is also demand for English teachers in Korea , China , and Vietnam .

  • 10 Best Countries to Work in the World in 2023
  • Working Holiday Visas for U.S. Citizens: Are You Qualified?

Why work abroad?

Reasons to work abroad include sustainable long term travel, networking opportunities, language learning opportunities, and a unique way to build your resume/CV for your future career or academics.

  • Why Work Abroad? 9 Legit Reasons

What are the best types of jobs abroad?

The best types of jobs abroad include teaching English , hospitality (especially hotels and restaurants), nursing , and agriculture . Successfully finding jobs in these fields involves a varying degree of skill and qualifications.

  • 10 Crazy-Cool Jobs Abroad
  • 14 Careers Involving Languages and Travel

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7 Examples of an Executive Assistant Job Description [+ a free template]

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“Executive assistant job description” is one of the most-searched JD templates I’ve seen. This tells me thousands of people (5,000+ a month to be exact!) want to know how to write one of their own.

In this post, you’ll find:

  • 7 of the most-common executive assistant duties (to use in your JDs)
  • 7 of the most-searched executive assistant job titles (by candidates)
  • 7 executive assistant job description samples (from Amazon, HPE, Dell & more)
  • a free (EA) executive assistant job description template (just copy/paste!)

Note: I ran the examples through Ongig’s Text Analyzer software to ensure they score 80% or more (out of 100), are gender-neutral, AND have no other exclusionary language (based on race, age, disability, sexual orientation & more).

Now, let’s dive in.

Primary Executive Assistant Duties

EA’s provide administrative support to C-Level or other senior managers. Here are 7 of the most common duties they might perform daily. ( You can use these in your own job postings ).

  • coordinate meetings
  • arrange appointments
  • manage the employer’s schedule
  • answer phones
  • make travel arrangements
  • prepare and file important documents
  • perform other essential adminsitrative tasks as needed

Note: You can find 10 EA skills to look for in this blog from Oriel Partners: Top Executive Assistant Skills To Look For When Hiring .

7 Executive Assistant Titles from Top Companies

If you don’t know which title to use for your executive assistant job description, here’s a list of 7 popular EA job titles, along with the brands that use them.

  • Executive Assistant (Uber)
  • Executive Administrative Assistant (Lyft)
  • Executive Administrator (Visa)
  • Senior Executive Assistant (YouTube)
  • Executive Assistant to the CEO (Google)
  • Executive Admin (Adobe)
  • Executive Associate (American Express)

This is a small sample of the most-search Executive Assistant job titles. You can find more in our post The Top 20 Executive Assistant Job Titles [with Descriptions] .

Now, onto the EA job description examples.

7 Executive Assistant Job Description Samples

Here are 7 sample executive assistant job descriptions from different industries to use for inspiration:

Amazon — Executive Assistant Job Description Sample

executive assistant job description sample  amazon

Dell — Job Description for Executive Assistant

job description for an executive assistant dell

Roku — Executive Administrative Assistant Job Description

executive assistant job description and salary roku

HPE — Senior Executive Assistant Job Description

sr executive assistant job description hpe

Trusaic — Executive Assistant to CEO Job Description

executive assistant to the ceo job description trusaic

Imperial PFS — Executive Personal Assistant Job Description 

executive personal assistant to CEO job description imperial pfs

Douglas Elliman — Real Estate Executive Assistant Job Description

Real Estate Executive Assistant Job Description douglas elliman

And, for even more inspiration, here’s a free template (with tips on what to include in each section).

Free Executive Assistant Job Description Template [just copy & paste!]

If you are still unsure where to start, try using this template of a job description for an executive assistant as your guide. I’ve listed examples so you can easily copy and paste.

[Here, you can use “Executive Assistant,” or there are other options that might fit your biz better. You can find top executive assistant job titles in this blog .

Tip: Keep your job titles between 1-3 words and 20 syllables or less. This helps with SEO and makes them easier to read. For example, “Engineering Manager” is a better title than “Software Engineering Manager – Growth & Remote Support.”


[This is where you write a paragraph about the role.]

Tip: The EA job summary should concisely explain the job functions for the role. Executive assistant duties can vary (it is a broad job title). Including an executive assistant job summary at the beginning of your JD helps the candidates know what to expect.

Here’s an executive assistant job summary example from the NBA:

“The NBA’s Global Partnerships group develops and manages marketing and merchandising partnerships with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. The department creates and executes marketing and merchandising platforms tailored to driving each partner’s business around the NBA, WNBA, NBA G League, NBA 2K League and USA Basketball. This position will provide executive administrative support to two senior leaders within this group, the Head of Marketing Partnerships and the Head of Media and Business Development exercising a high level of professionalism, discretion, attention to detail, thought leadership and responsiveness.”

[This is where you talk about your executive assistant candidate.]

Include a sentence on:

  • what the candidate will do
  • some goals they will reach for
  • how they work with the team (or other teams)

Tip: Look at other companies for inspiration. Here’s a good example from BookNook’s executive assistant job description:

“The Executive Assistant is a key role in providing comprehensive support to our CEO and other members of BookNook’s Strategy Team. The Executive Assistant will be responsible for anticipating the needs of those they support, think critically and creatively, and offer solutions with a high level of professionalism and confidentiality.”


[Here is where you can list your EA duties for the day-to-day of the role.]

Tip: Keep your “responsibilities” lists short. Using more than 7 bullets might make candidates feel underqualified or overwhelmed.

Take a look at Dell’s Executive Assistant “You will” section. This is a great example of keeping it short and sweet:

— Coordinate scheduling and calendar management, as well as management of content and flow of information to executives — Manage and coordinate executives’ travel and travel-related activities, including expense reports — Organize staff and business meetings — Act as the point of contact among executives, employees, clients and other external partners


[This section is where you list basic qualifications and experience that make up the executive assistant requirements.]

For example:

  • Experience in a senior assistant role
  • Editing and proofreading skills
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Google Drive
  • Impeccable attention to detail

Tip: Include your preferred requirements here or create an “It’s a plus if you have” section if there are more than two. 


[List any perks your executive assistant will get if they join the team. Even if they are not specific (e.g., attractive salary or retirement package)]

Here are some examples:

  • starting salary range of $61,000-$99,000
  • family health insurance
  • employee wellness programs
  • parental leave
  • paid time off
  • 4-day work week

Tip: Even if it’s a range, list salary details. Candidates spend more time looking at it than anything else. 


[These are some optional sections you might use in your job description for an EA.]

  • travel requirements
  • remote work policies
  • disability accommodations
  • how to apply

[Here you can talk about yourself!]

Some ideas to include:

  • what type of business you are in
  • how great the company is
  • your core values
  • your mission

Tip: I like to save the “About Us” section for the end (even though about 50% of JDs start with About Us). That way, you can START your JD about the candidate/role, making them feel valued.


[Most companies have an EEO or diversity statement. You can put yours here.]

Here’s a sample one we recommend to Ongig clients:

“We embrace diversity and equality in a serious way. We are committed to building a team with a variety of backgrounds, skills and views. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be. Creating a culture of Equality isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing.”

Tip: You’ll find more examples in our blog 25 Examples of Awesome Diversity Statements.


Ongig’s mission is to transform job descriptions. Click here to learn more about how Ongig’s Text Analyzer can help you optimize your JDs (and job titles).


  • 19 Essential Executive Assistant Skills for 2021 (by Angela Robinson)
  • Executive Assistant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications (by Indeed for Employers)

December 16, 2021 by Heather Barbour in Job Descriptions

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  • Employee Branding (3)
  • Employer Branding (42)
  • Employer of Choice (4)
  • Entrepreneurship (4)
  • Hiring (27)
  • HR Content (52)
  • Job Boards (2)
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An official website of the United States government Here's how you know

Official websites use .gov A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States.

Secure .gov websites use HTTPS A lock ( Lock A locked padlock ) or https:// means you’ve safely connected to the .gov website. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites.


High-speed rail project will create thousands of jobs and provide an efficient way to travel between Southern California and Las Vegas

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) today announced the approval of $2.5 billion in private activity bonds authority allocated for the Brightline West High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail project connecting Las Vegas, Nevada, and Southern California. The 218-mile, high-speed rail line will primarily run along the I-15 median with trains capable of reaching 186 mph or more, cutting the trip to two hours – half the time to travel by car. Brightline West’s $12 billion high-speed rail project will be a fully electric, zero-emission system to become one of the greenest forms of transportation in the U.S. The project will bolster tourism, create 35,000 good-paying jobs, ease traffic on I-15, and cut more than 400,000 tons of carbon pollution each year.

“Today, the Biden-Harris administration takes the next step to fulfill the promise of high-speed rail in the American West, with $2.5 billion in private activity bond authority to  lay tracks, create jobs, and connect American cities,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. “President Biden’s historic infrastructure package gives us the opportunity to build safe, green, and accessible rail systems that will deliver benefits to the American people for generations to come.” 

“Building a high speed rail corridor from Las Vegas to Southern California will drive economic investment and opportunity across the region,” said U.S. Transportation Deputy Secretary Polly Trottenberg. “Residents and visitors alike will benefit from access to a fast and sustainable travel option that better connects key cities.”

DOT previously approved a private activity bond allocation of $1 billion for Brightline West in 2020, bringing the total allocation for this project to $3.5 billion. In December, DOT also awarded a $3 billion grant from President Biden’s infrastructure law to the Nevada Department of Transportation for this project. In June, DOT awarded a $25 million grant to San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) through the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) Program that will be used for the construction of the Brightline West stations in Hesperia and Victor Valley, California. 

“As the first true high-speed rail system in America, Brightline West will serve as the blueprint for connecting cities with fast, eco-friendly passenger rail throughout the country,” said Brightline Founder and Chairman Wes Edens. “Connecting Las Vegas and Southern California will provide wide-spread public benefits to both states, creating thousands of jobs and jumpstarting a new level of economic competitiveness for the region. We appreciate the confidence placed in us by DOT and are ready to get to work.”

To date, the Biden-Harris Administration has announced nearly $31 billion in unprecedented investments for our nation’s rail system, the most significant investment in passenger rail since the creation of Amtrak. Including the new Railroad Crossing Elimination (RCE) program grants and Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) grants announced last year, President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda is laying the foundation for a safe and modern rail network.

The Secretary of Transportation is authorized by Congress to allocate up to $30 billion in private activity bond (PABs) authority through the Build America Bureau for qualified surface transportation facilities. The allocations provide privately financed projects with access to tax-exempt bonds lowering their cost of capital and increasing private sector involvement in the delivery of transportation projects. President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law signed in November 2021 doubled the available private activity bond authority from $15 billion to $30 billion. 

The Department of Transportation’s Build America Bureau advances investment in transportation infrastructure by lending Federal funds to qualified borrowers; clearing roadblocks for credit worthy projects; and encouraging best practices in project planning, financing, delivery, and operations. The Bureau draws on expertise across DOT to serve as the point of coordination for states, municipalities, private partners, and other project sponsors seeking Federal financing.

Travel and Expense Services Supervisor

Extended site maintenance.

We are performing updates and maintenance to our applicant experience. As a result, the site will be unavailable Saturday, January 27th at 9pm EST through Sunday, January 28th at 7:30am EST. During this outage period, applications for job postings can not be submitted.

The University of Michigan Shared Services Center (U-M SSC) is a customer service organization focused on providing user-friendly and cost effective administrative services to the university community. The SSC offers key financial and human resource transaction services to customers through consistent processes and enabling technology.

Reporting to the Service Delivery Manager, the Travel & Expense Services Supervisor actively directs all staff processing travel and expense transactions completed by the U-M SSC. This supervisor in particular will be responsible for supervising all processing activities within Travel & Expense. The Travel & Expense Processing Services Supervisor should provide visible and effective leadership to its staff in a manner that ensures operational excellence and quality customer service. This role directly manages a team comprised of 10-15 staff.

The Travel & Expense Processing Supervisor is responsible for establishing the objectives to be achieved by the Travel & Expense Processing Team and managing the team's daily operational performance. In partnership with the Service Delivery Manager, this individual provides direction to its staff and is expected to uphold a culture that encourages continuous improvement and professional development. The Travel & Expense Services Supervisor will regularly coach and develop his/her staff to assure a team-based and collaborative environment.

The Travel & Expense Services Supervisor is expected to support SSC leadership in promoting a positive and trustworthy reputation for the SSC through consistent and efficient service. Additionally, this individual will be focused on implementing appropriate business processes and internal controls as deemed fit while operating within the SSC's governance structure.

Work Schedule: The SSC is a remote-first organization.This position is 95% remote with some on-site expectations required for leadership.The SSC is a remote-first organization.This position is 95% remote with some on-site expectations required for leadership.

Please Note:

  • Additional on-site presence may be required. Candidates should live within a reasonable commuting distance from Ann Arbor. 
  • Salaries for eligible internal applicants will be considered
  • Visa sponsorship is not available for this position.


Ongoing Supervision

  • Ensure team compliance with applicable University of Michigan policies
  • Report on and analyze established metrics measuring team's progress, meeting regularly with respective Service Delivery Manager to share findings and ensure alignment
  • Manage daily team workload to ensure completion of all responsibilities
  • Answer employee questions and resolve escalations as they arise
  • Meet regularly with travel and expense staff to provide coaching and feedback; write and deliver annual performance reviews
  • Plan and coordinate recruiting, selection, onboarding and integration of new team members
  • Implement continuous improvement initiatives, system enhancements, policy changes, and other special projects on an ad hoc basis
  • Coordinate and facilitate onboarding and process improvements for new and current customers using the T&E service
  • Provide excellent customer service and develop effective partnerships with customers and business partners across the university  

Required Qualifications*

  • Bachelor's degree in related field preferred and/or relevant professional work experience


  • 2+ years experience in a transactional and/or customer service environment
  • 1+ years of supervisory experience in a customer service organization or demonstrated high level performance at a senior associate level
  • Demonstrated ability to enhance effectiveness and efficiency through incorporation of innovative continuous improvement practices and other initiatives

Organizational Core Competencies and Skills:

  • Advancing the Mission - Demonstrates ability to operate effectively in a manner consistent with the University of Michigan mission and culture. Exhibits understanding of the unique issues related to higher education.
  • Building Relationships/Interpersonal Skills - Values organizational diversity, treats others with respect, and promotes cooperation. Effectively manages relationships and collaborates with others at all levels throughout the University.
  • Creative Problem Solving/Strategic Thinking - Develops and creates ideas, processes, and approaches focused on the future.
  • Communication - Demonstrates excellent communication skills to those at all levels throughout the University. Ability to adapt communication style to address the needs of individuals at all levels throughout the University.
  • Development of Self and Others - Seeks opportunities to learn and develop themselves and others by setting developmental goals and seeking performance feedback. Applies new skills and knowledge gained in an effort to add value to the organization.
  • Flexibility/Adaptability to Change - Responds positively to and champions change to others.
  • Leadership/Achievement Orientation - Holds self and staff accountable for meeting established objectives and successfully accomplishing desired outcomes.
  • Quality Service - Strives to meet the expectations of internal and external customers, firmly establishing a service first culture. Displays solid understanding of internal control concepts and the implementation of internal control systems in a complex business environment. Delivers results under difficult conditions and demonstrates balanced judgment under pressure.  

Additional Information

The University of Michigan, with an operating budget of more than $7 billion, is a leader in higher education. U-M SSC provides administrative support related to financial and human resources in the following areas: Accounts Payable, Travel and Expense, General Accounting, Accounts Receivable, Benefits, HR Data Management, Time and Leave, and Employment Process. To learn more about U-M SSC, please visit our website: www.ssc.umich.edu .

We offer our employees an extensive total compensation package including competitive pay, a two-for-one retirement contribution, a variety of health insurance options, and a generous vacation plan. In addition, there are seven paid holidays and four paid season days.

The Shared Services Center seeks to recruit and retain a diverse workforce as a reflection of our commitment to serve the diverse people of Michigan, to sustain the excellence of the university, and to offer our students richly varied disciplines, perspectives and ways of knowing and learning.  

Application Deadline

Job openings are posted for a minimum of seven calendar days.  The review and selection process may begin as early as the eighth day after posting. This opening may be removed from posting boards and filled anytime after the minimum posting period has ended.

U-M EEO/AA Statement

The University of Michigan is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

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Kansas Teacher of the Year receives car to travel around state advocating for educators and students

travelling ea jobs

photo by: Courtesy of Kansas State Department of Education

Taylor Bussinger, of Lawrence, fourth from left, receives the keys to a 2023 Nissan Sentra. Bussinger, the Kansas Teacher of the Year, was presented with the rental car Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024, outside the Statehouse in Topeka. He will use the car to travel around the state advocating for public education.

As part of his Kansas Teacher of the Year obligations, Taylor Bussinger is tasked with leading a group of teachers around the state to advocate on behalf of public schools. And now he will have a new set of wheels to do that in.

During a short ceremony Tuesday at the Statehouse in Topeka, Bussinger received the keys to a blue 2023 Nissan Sentra that he will be using for the next six months to perform those duties. Bussinger, a Lawrence High School alumnus and University of Kansas graduate, is in his 11th year teaching social studies at Prairie Trail Middle School in Olathe.

Bussinger told the Journal-World in October that he was working with a group of other Teacher of the Year finalists to develop a presentation for the statewide advocacy stops. He said the trip would be built around “the concept of finding joy in the classroom.”

While Teacher of the Year obligations will pull Bussinger away from the classroom, he said that he was looking forward to hearing perspectives from teachers in different parts of the state.

“One of the things about the teaching profession is that we very rarely get the opportunity to see what others do because we’re always in our classrooms,” he said.

Bussinger’s new rental car is courtesy of an Enterprise Holdings Foundation grant, according to a news release from the Kansas State Department of Education.

K-12 Education

travelling ea jobs

Free State High team wins 2nd place, $25K in ‘STEM Battle of the Brains!’ contest

travelling ea jobs

15-year-old Lawrence High student killed in Olathe shooting

travelling ea jobs

Lawrence school board increases number of credits needed for graduation

travelling ea jobs

Lawrence, area school districts closed today; KU to delay opening until noon as ice coats roadways

travelling ea jobs

Lawrence school board to consider updating graduation requirements

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Firearms manufacturer announces $30 million expansion of facility in Arkansas, creating 76 new jobs

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FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) — A firearms manufacturer on Thursday announced a $30 million expansion of its facility in western Arkansas, a project expected to create 76 new jobs over the next five years.

Walther Manufacturing said its expansion in Fort Smith will begin in the first quarter of this year and will add 40,000 square feet to its existing 185,000 square foot facility.

“Walther Manufacturing is making a substantial investment in our Fort Smith factory to facilitate the expansion of our research development and manufacturing of U.S.-produced firearms and accessories,” Tom Goike, Walther Manufacturing President and CEO, said in a news release.

Walther established its operations in Arkansas in 2012, making Fort Smith its U.S. headquarters. Walther Manufacturing is the fabrication entity that manufactures all U.S.-based products for the companies Walther Arms and Umarex USA. All three companies share a campus in Fort Smith.

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders met with the company during her European trade mission last year. Walther is receiving $300,000 in incentives from the state, along with sales tax refunds and rebates based on the payroll for new employees, according to the state Economic Development Commission.

travelling ea jobs

Life at Sea passengers say canceled 3-year cruise owes them millions

A letter from 78 customers claims a turkish cruise company has done more damage than the fyre festival.

More than a month after a Turkish cruise company reneged on the promise of a lifetime — a three-year trip around the world in more than 140 countries — customers who spent millions in deposits are asking a U.S. attorney for help getting their money back.

In a saga seemingly destined to join the canon of Netflix scandal documentaries, Miray Cruises’s failure to launch the Life at Sea sailing has left dozens of passengers without homes, jobs, cars, retirement funds and life savings.

A letter sent to Markenzy Lapointe, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida, identifies 78 of the passengers for the Life at Sea sailing as “Victims of Miray.” The letter, which was reviewed by The Washington Post, says passengers lost an estimated $16 million from Miray actions that amount to misrepresentation and fraud. The group includes citizens from the United States, Australia, England, Singapore and India, among other countries. The majority of the customers were seniors over 65.

“The failure of Miray to refund passenger money as promised has caused a significant number of residents to literally become homeless,” the letter says. “Many are living out of suitcases in motels or in spare rooms because of the generosity of friends.”

Miray said in a statement to passengers earlier this month the refunds are slow-rolling due to banking and credit card problems, according to the letter. Spokespeople for the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday. It’s unclear if Lapointe’s office will take up an investigation. The passengers’ letter, which is intended to serve as a formal criminal complaint, says they suffered damages worse than victims of the botched Fyre Festival in the Bahamas; organizer Billy McFarland went to federal prison for wire fraud .

“They’ve not only dashed our hopes and dreams and upset the course of our lives, but they keep wasting our time,” passenger Shirene Thomas, a 58-year-old retired social services worker, told The Post. She said she moved out of the house she was renting, sold her car and condensed her life into five boxes for the trip. She’s currently living with a friend in North Carolina.

Between June and August of 2023, Thomas said she made 27 individual transactions across eight credit cards to Miray, amounting to nearly $157,000 for the three-year trip. (Miray was offering slight discounts to customers who paid upfront for the three years.) “It took so much time and now as you can imagine, it’s taking even more time to file disputes with 27 different transactions and provide them all the documentation.”

So far, only four passengers have seen any of their money returned to them, the letter says.

“One of the harder parts of it all was the lack of communication and being gaslit,” Thomas says. “It would have been much easier if they had just come out and said this was falling through, but that was not what they did.”

In March 2023, Miray, a company that typically runs cruises around the Aegean Sea, announced the 1,095-day cruise for as low as $30,000 a year , including lodging, food and other accommodations. While the concept wasn’t particularly new, what Miray was offering and the price it advertised were somewhat rare. (Thomas says that the price tag didn’t end up being entirely accurate, as it reflected the price of only some double occupancy cabins.) Prospective passengers were informed that they would be sailing on the Gemini, a vessel owned by Miray. The boat was scheduled to set sail in November.

As the months elapsed, passengers paid their deposits, acquired new visas, packed up their lives and prepared for sea. Some re-homed pets. Some sold houses. Others dipped into their retirement funds. Meanwhile, the original management team behind Life at Sea quit, apparently over disputes regarding the Gemini’s seaworthiness. During this time, most communication with passengers happened via webinars with new Miray executives, including former CEO Kendra Holmes and COO Ethem Bayramoglu. In July, they announced they’d found a bigger boat to embark on the journey.

In October, passengers shipped off their belongings to Istanbul or Miami (where the vessel was stopping after Turkey). Miray’s owner, Vedat Ugurlu, then announced that the voyage would be delayed until Nov. 11. Many passengers had already bought plane tickets or were in temporary lodging in Istanbul waiting for departure. According to the letter submitted to the U.S. attorney’s office, Ugurlu claimed funds were being finalized for the purchase of the boat – but that the trip was still a go.

On Nov.19, the letter says, Ugurlu announced the complete cancellation of the voyage; plans to secure a larger vessel had fallen through. Miray promised passengers a full repayment of the trip and any additional funds that would be paid out in three installments, the first coming on Dec. 22, with payments following in January and February.

In a statement to passengers on Jan. 14, Miray said disputes over credit card chargebacks have delayed the refunds and prevented the company from processing any transfers. Even still, the passengers claim, the company has engaged in “significant and repeated illegal activity , ” for marketing a three-year cruise without having a ship first.

Kara Youssef and her husband, Joe, are one of the few who have seen a fraction of the money they sunk into Life at Sea come back to them. The couple had been living in Turkey for two years at the time the cruise was announced. They used up most of their retirement fund, dug out a significant chunk of their savings and sold both properties they owned in Turkey to fund the trip. Since Oct. 28, they’ve been living out of three suitcases in a hotel paid for by Miray.

“Our biggest concern at this point is we’re not going to have anywhere to go very soon,” Youssef told The Post. “It’s not that we’d be homeless, but we may not be allowed to go back to our lives since we sold the property we did our [Turkish] residency under.”

On Saturday, more than a month after the first repayment was supposed to turn up in all passengers’ accounts, Youssef was able to arrange an in-person meeting with Bayramoglu, the COO, who paid her 10,000 in cash — 12 percent of what she and her husband had paid for the cruise. She said the remainder is supposed to come in February at the latest.

“I think that Miray has made some horrible management decisions and has been atrocious in their communication, but if they make their payment, if they refund their passengers, as far as I’m concerned, I’m good,” Youssef says. “I’m not trying to ruin them to make them pay or anything like that .”

Not all passengers signed onto the complaint; George Fox, a 67-year-old Maine resident, told The Post he takes responsibility for the money he lost on the cruise. He had always been skeptical it would happen — the change of management and boat gave him pause, as did his bank’s refusal to wire Miray $30,000 for a deposit — but he says he doesn’t believe it was the result of intentional fraud.

“Everybody that signed up for this, they knew that it was a risk,” says Fox, who after growing dubious of the launch, changed his plans and decided he’d embark in Florida, once the ship had successfully set sea. “It was just a lot of things that kind of came together and didn’t come together. It’s just one of those things … I mean, what can you say? It’s a crazy world.”

More cruise news

Latest on cruise travel: Hidden camera arrest | Migrant rescues | Political leanings of passengers | Cruise fees | All-you-can-cruise pass | Owl stowaway | Rogue wave incident | Overboard passenger saved | Carnival fining unruly passengers | Unvaccinated passengers welcomed | Cheap cruises | No more CDC stats | Rape lawsuit | Passenger bill of rights |

The Fearless Foreigner

Come with me on my travels, as you plan yours

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11 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Moscow, Russia

This post contains affiliate links. That means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you, if you buy through my site. I appreciate your support of my site.

Despite all the places I have visited during and after my time living in Moscow, everyone wants to know what is it like to live in Russia. When I accepted a teaching job at an international school in Moscow I knew very little about the country. Of course I did some research, but the United States presents a very skewed view of life in Russia today. Moving abroad is always an emotional experience, but anyone from the USA planning on living and working in Moscow might be surprised about what is and isn’t a challenge in Russia.

After a year living in the country I can say that I didn’t love living in Russia, but I did love the new cultural experience. I already wrote about what it is like to live in Russia in general. In this post I go into the logistics and details of moving to and living in Moscow, Russia.  If you are debating whether or not you should move to Moscow, Russia here are 11 things to know before you pack your bags.

1. The Visa Process is a Hassle

Russian Visa

When I was living in Moscow I came across an article about the hardest visas for US citizens to obtain. Russia was one of the top five. Go figure, I decided to move to Russia!

The US embassy website says it best, “The Russian government maintains a restrictive and complicated visa regime for foreigners who visit, transit, or reside in the Russian Federation.” I may not agree with the US government on a lot of things, but they are correct on that!

A Russian-based sponsor is always required in order to obtain a visa. I’m not going to go into details on the process, that could be a whole different post. It’s unlikely that you could move to Russia without a work/school sponsorship, so your new employer/school should help you through the steps. Before accepting a position that is something to check into!

After receiving sponsorship and your invitation letter you will need to apply for the visa and get an HIV test done. Be aware it needs to be the formal blood drawn test that gets sent to a lab and not just a finger prick instant test. I found that out the hard way!

2. Registration is Required Every-time you Return to Russia

Russian Migration Card

Within a specific period of time when returning back to Russia from another country you or your company needs to register you using the migration card you are given at customs. For most of my time in Moscow this was within 3 days, during the World Cup this needed to be done within 24 hours. One guy from my school did not give his migration card to HR within the required amount of time and had to leave the country and then immediately return in order to avoid issues. 

You will need your migration card in order to leave the country. Needless to say keep it in a safe spot!

3. Documentation Needs to Be Carried at All Times

When walking the streets of Russia you need to carry your papers at all times. This includes your passport, visa, and migration card. A police officer can ask you for these for no reason and you can be detained if you do not have them on you. According to the HR department at my school you can also have an officially stamped copy of your passport and visa instead of your originals.

4. The Cost of Living is Low

Cost of Living in Moscow, Russia

If you are coming from the USA or Western Europe you will most likely find the cost of living low. My phone bill was about $15 a month and my internet was about $20 a month. I had a monthly membership at one of the nicest two story gyms with various classes and a pool for $58 a month. Taxis cost only a few dollars for 10 – 20 minute rides. Overall if you compare costs to what you paid back ‘home’ you will be pleasantly surprised.

Retail shopping was the one thing I found more expensive than in other parts of Europe or the US. The prices of both familiar worldwide brands and unfamiliar Russian brands seemed pricier. Coming from NYC I didn’t think the restaurants were too expensive, but many of my colleagues thought they also had higher prices.

5. Bill Paying is an Odd Process

Paying bills in Moscow

It took me awhile to figure out how to pay my phone and internet bills. In the US I always had a set monthly fee due on a specific date. I could easily set up bill pay. In Moscow the way I found out that my phone and internet bill was due was when they stopped working. For my internet I wouldn’t be able to use it on a random day and had to enter my credit card information to pay for the next month. Without having access to the internet to translate this page I had no chance of figuring out the form correctly. Not to mention, it was a guessing game of figuring out how much I owed. Initially I was confused about the conversion rates so I didn’t even know in the ballpark what monthly internet cost.

Oh my goodness did I struggle with my phone in Moscow! The data wouldn’t work. Sometimes it was because I had to ‘top up’ my payment. Similar to the internet, I didn’t know how much I owed or when. There was some other issue with my phone that took three visits to the phone store with Russian colleagues to resolve. I still don’t know what the issue was because according to my co-worker who translated I would have to pay for them to tell me what they had to fix on my phone. I didn’t have to pay for them to fix it, but I would have to pay if I wanted to know what they fixed??? Welcome to life in Moscow! 

I loved how cheap internet and phone service was, but sometimes I wished I could pay a little more just to simplify using them.

6. Many Online Sites are Blocked

Blocked Online Sites in Russia

Internet and WiFi in Moscow usually work really well. That is unless the site is blocked. Some sites you would never guess would be blocked like Target.com. I found many American online store websites blocked. Also many important financial sites are blocked. M y US bank’s entire website was blocked online, as well as my credit card company. TV shows direct from the networks are often blocked. No watching American Ninja Warrior on NBC or Amazing race on CBS. Hulu is also blocked. Your best bet is through youtube.com or VPN blockers. 

7. Transferring Money is Not Fun

Raiffeisen Bank in Moscow

My school set me up with Raiffeisen Bank. It worked well except for when I needed to transfer money. As I mentioned above my bank (Capital One) couldn’t be accessed online and wouldn’t except transfers from Russia. Before moving to Russia make sure you have a bank back home that you can transfer money to if you plan on doing that. It was very difficult to set up once out of the country. Luckily my parents set up a Chase account that was able to except money from Russia. They then transferred the money to my US bank account.

8. Hardly Anyone Speaks English

Russian post office

The hardest part of all the challenges I have listed above is that most people don’t speak English. It’s one thing being a tourist and trying to communicate at an attraction while traveling. It’s another thing to attempt banking, bill paying, grocery shopping and everything else that living and working in Moscow entails. 

Some Russians speak a little English in the city center, but don’t count on it. In other outlying neighborhoods, like mine, it was rare that someone spoke English. I had so many experiences when people would just speak more Russian to me when I didn’t understand. Unlike a lot of countries that attempt to put more things in English for tourists, Russia seemed to have the attitude of, it is your problem, figure it out. 

Have Yandex Translate or Google Translate at the ready if you don’t speak Russian. Also set your web browser to translate web pages into English.

9. Learning Russian is Hard

Bolshoi Theater Moscow

I knew that learning Russian would improve my life in Moscow a great deal. If you know me personally, you know I am a pretty persistent person. If I set my mind to something, I will do it…..except for learning Russian . My Russian teacher would say a word and I couldn’t remember it two seconds later to repeat it. To be fair I did learn the alphabet, how to count to ten and a few greetings and other nouns.

10. Getting Around Moscow is Easy

The Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro is very nice, cheap and easy to use. It follows the same basic system of metros around the world. If you are considering learning Russian start with the alphabet, it will help you use the metro. Not all the stops and stations are in English. Have a metro map downloaded on your phone in English. You can use it to help you figure out the stop names in Russian. The metro runs from about 5:30am to 1am.

I took the metro whenever I could, but on off hours, going to the airport or when traveling somewhere not on a metro line I used Yandex taxis . They are the Uber of Moscow and very cheap. Most drivers don’t speak English, so this is a good time to have a translator app handy.

11. Hot Water is Shut Off for 10 Days Every Year.

When is the hot water shut off in Moscow

Between May and August almost all of the apartment buildings have an assigned 10 days when the hot water is shut off for maintenance. You can check online at Oaomoek to see when it will be shut off for your apartment building. If you have a new building you may not have to deal with this (most buildings are old though). 

As an American moving to Moscow, Russia I definitely had an adventure! If you have moved to Moscow let me know in the comments below what your experience has been like. Feel free to leave any questions about moving to Russia below as well. 

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What to Know Before Moving to Moscow Russia

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The End of Winter in Moscow – 3/25/18

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Happy International Women’s Day (Belated) – 3/14/18

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Grocery Shopping In Moscow


' src=

The hot water thing happened to me while living (and teaching english too) in Prague! I had no idea that was a thing! Luckily it was for 3 days.

' src=

Interesting, I didn’t know it happened in other countries too!

' src=

Thank you for such a great article! Moving to a new country is always a stressful process no matter how prepared you are and knowing these little ins and outs of the process really helps. Having to get an HIV test before moving kind of surprised me and registering every time you return to Russia seems like a hassle! I have heard that Russian is a very difficult language to learn. I tried learning the basics when I was travelling through Eastern Europe and the Balkans and almost immediately gave up because I found it incredibly difficult to teach myself from free online resources. I’ve heard that Moscow has some of the most beautiful metro stations in the world and would love to see them one day!

You’re welcome, thanks for reading! I’m terrified of needles, so I really hated having to do an HIV test. Also we had to do them a couple times of year at the school I worked at. I found Russian really hard to learn when I had a private teacher. I can imagine it would be even more difficult to try to teach yourself. Yes, the metro stations are beautiful!

' src=

Tell me about it (the visa progress, internet, hot water shut off!), I lived for a while in Moscow many years ago and the paperwork was a nightmare and by the sounds of it, nothing has changed. I learnt Russian pretty fast (had no choice) but I did enjoy my time there. Would I go back? Maybe….

It’s great to hear from someone else who lived in Moscow! That’s awesome that you learned Russian really quick, I’m impressed!

' src=

I had heard about a lot of things about Russia and turns out most of them are true! They have this strictest Visa process and paperwork. One of my acquaintances arrived in Russia after visiting some other Central Asian countries. He was apparently deported with no proper reason. He was told if you want to visit Russia, come directly from your country and not through any other country! It was good to know a lot about Russia and Moscow in general from your blog. I hope you had a good and exciting time there.

Oh wow that’s quite the scary story! I traveled to other countries quite a bit when I lived there and luckily didn’t have any problems going back to Russia.

' src=

First off – kudos for having managed in this city. It does seem like a challenge to get here and more importantly stay here. The amount of documentation and forms. And to not be able to pay your bills in a jiffy. Oof! Russian only and no English can be hassle if you are staying there for long term. The last point totally put me in a bind – no hot water for 10 days in a cold country! Brrrr….

' src=

Hahaha the visa the visa the visa!!!! I was had planned for my trip in December 2019… The hardest part was figuring out how to get an invitation letter when staying at an Airbnb. That took me quite a while to figure out and was a bit costly about $65 but the Airbnb was affordable so the costs balanced out. On arrival don’t be in a hurry, it took about 3 hrs to be cleared at immigration as a first time tourist to Russia. But once that was done i really enjoyed my stay. I love how beautifully decorated it is in December and the fireworks on 31st. Being an African I was a tad cautious but boy are those people kind and friendly… I got so many hugs and numerous people eager to find out more about what I think of Russia and where I’m from. I’d definitely go back. Oh and I visited Voronzeh by bus… Small nice and really affordable town but not as much to do as Moscow though..

The Fearless Foreigner

The visa process and the invitation letter are quite the hassle. Glad you had a good experience in Russia overall though!

' src=

This really opened my eyes to some of the things we take for granted in the US, like consistent WiFi, phone service and hot water. And paying bills sounds as though it would be very frustrating. As someone who has a tendency to misplace things, I was relieved to hear an officially stamped passport and visa copy would be accepted. Imagine losing the originals? Ugh. All worth it, I’m sure, to have this incredible opportunity to experience Russia as a resident. These tips are very helpful and I do hope to visit in the near future. Thank you!

That’s so true, we do take a lot for granted in the US. Moving to Moscow was a challenging experience, but still rewarding!

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I am hoping to visit Moscow in the fall. I know it won’t be my easiest trip and have put off research. This is a great starting point. The tips for apps are greatly appreciated. I didn’t realize language would be as huge a barrier as it sounds so I will do extra prep. Thanks for the heads up on carrying papers with me at all times, I don’t usually do that

As a tourist you will hopefully have an easier time with the language barrier and your hotel will send you the invitation letter to start the visa process. It still is a hassle and takes more planning than other countries though. I have several other Moscow posts, I hope you check them out and let me know if you have any questions!

' src=

Most of the “rough” things mentioned are truly in the eye of the beholder – and a matter of simple adjustment. WI-FI is a lot more consistent and readily available in Russia’s big cities than in cities of comparable size in the US. As to cell phones – the vast majority of plans is “prepaid” vs “pay-as-you-go”, which essentially means you can hypothetically run out of money. That said, internet banking is a lot more developed in Russia – so “topping up” your phone is a matter of a couple of clicks on your phone (or, alternatively, and “auto-payment” from your bank account as soon as you hit a certain limit). Back in 2018, I went for 7 days in Moscow and Spb without any cash or credit cards at all – paying for everything with my phone (Samsung Pay, Google pay, etc).

Hot water – yes, that’s something I had a hard time getting used to. Luckily, most rental apartments have a back up water boiler (or in-line water heater) to help you through those 10 days 🙂 If not – you can always get one (costs about $70, no electrical license or skills needed to install – it’s a simple plug and play. Plug and shower, rather 🙂

As to visa – well, yes, it’s a bit of a pain. To give you some perspective, though – the wait times for a (mandatory) visa interview at the US embassy in Moscow back in 2018 started at 1 year (yes, that’s 365 days), and Russians have to travel to the US embassy, regardless of where in the country they reside. If they happen to live, say, in Petropavlovsk, they need to fly into Moscow (a 9-hr flight across 9 time zones)

' src=

Linda (LD Holland)

Wow! A move to Moscow is certainly adventurous. I know that visiting requires a whole big process. So I am sure residency is a degree of magnitude harder. I am not surprised that internet is blocked. But the process for paying bills is just bizarre. And I am not sure how to deal with no hot water for 10 days. Some great tips for people wanting to do a longer stay in Russia.

Moving to Moscow was an adventure! Some people tough it out and take cold showers for 10 days. I heated up some water and took showers at my gym some days.

' src=

Bhushavali N

Oh wow! That’s quite an experience. Language barrier when you move to a country is indeed difficult, unlike being a tourist for a few days. I know that feeling, coz I’ve been through that! Interesting to know that the cost of living is cheaper than USA or EU! I wonder if the situation of money transfer is difficult only with banks of USA or with any other country! Just like China, I’m not surprised that many sites are blocked in Russia as well!

Most of my co-workers were from the UK or other countries around the world. I talked with them about the money transferring and none of them seemed to have any problem. So I guess it is more of an issue with US banks!

' src=

Victoria immigration expert

Thank you for sharing your experience. This is very valuable. I think it is the language barrier that causes many inconveniences. Good luck to you!

Yes, the language barrier was one of my biggest challenges! Thank you.

' src=

I loved reading this! I am SO curious about Russia right now. It’s somewhere I really really want to go but as you mentioned, the visa process is a bit tricky. It’s just such an unknown place to me, I don’t really know anyone who has been there. I think it’s very cool that you taught English there! I appreciated your honestly about how you didn’t technically love it nor hate it, it seems like there were many challenges but a great experience overall!

Russia is an interesting place! It is a hassle to get a visa, but if you are intrigued you should visit! It’s unique because it is Europe, but doesn’t feel like the other European countries, yet doesn’t feel like Asia either. Let me know if you have any questions about visiting!

' src=

Anton Vasilyev

Just read your article and having traveled to Russia multiple times I think you made it sound a bit too complicated. First, the visa issue – Google an online Russian visa support site and they will do it for you for a modest fee. You all seem to mention that 7- 10 day hot water maintenance. It does take place in the middle of the summer so it’s not that dramatic. When searching for an Airbnb make sure it comes with a water heater. That way you don’t depend on centrally supplied hot water. Most local apartments come with a tankless water heater installed to avoid this exact situation – just ask. And I’ll just ignore your other complaint that English is not widely spoken in Moscow. I actually enjoy that there are not that many English speaking tourists in Moscow and St Petersburg.

Living in a country and traveling in a country is very different.This post is geared to expats moving to Russia and people who like to know all the pros and cons of moving somewhere, even if they are minor inconveniences. For the most part our companies choose where we live and we have no control over the apartment (no AirBnBs). That’s great that you enjoy that many people do not speak English. As I said that is the point of this post, for people to determine if they would like to live in the country or not. Anything that does not pertain to your situation or needs you are free to ignore!

' src=

Hey Elizabeth! I came across your blog after participating in the collab about teaching abroad, with Monica from This Rare Earth! I resonated with what you said here — many of the same things happen in China where I work. It is definitely an adventure 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! That’s very cool that you are teaching in China! I’m sure there are a lot of similarities….teaching abroad is an adventure for sure 🙂

' src=

It was interesting to read, so let me give you Russian point of view. As for visa, I really can not understand what’s the purpose of such hassle – if I was responsible for Russian visa policy, I would make visa-free regime for the majority of countries. We had quite nice experience during the World Cup 3 years back, so I hope things will be changing. Even now, they introduced new e-visa policy, at least for various European countries. However, they always state that all visa policies should be reciprocal, though it doesn’t make sence for me at all. As for passports I strongly disagree with you – you don’t need to carry it all the time, at least in Moscow. It is not required by law and normally no one will ask it as well, at least if you’re not looking like people from Caucasian & Central Asian republics. Attitude towards foreigners from “rich countries” from police is mostly much better, than towards any Russian. As for internet, it amazes me that you found it problematic. Wi-Fi is all over Moscow, Apple Pay can be used almost everywhere, and the unlimited internet package I have on my tablet is less than 10$ per month – i never found anything like that in other countries, though I am travelling a lot. As for blocked sites – there are some, but target.com is blocked not by Russians, but by target.com itself, because it does not accept our cards and doesn’t provide any services to us. Absolutely same situation applies to Ukraine – you will not open it there either. However, absolutely nobody in Russia uses and even knows about that site, we use other websites for shopping, both local and international. In general, we use local sources – we have our analogues of Facebook, Netflix, Spotify etc, and in some cases they are really much more convenient. In general I am happy to read you report – visit us again!

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

' src=

Thank you for sharing so many details living in Moscow ,and i am gald that i have read this article before i go to Moscow ,yes i will study in Moscow for few years and i don’t know what is the life will be there ,i am nervious and at mean time don’t know if it is right for me to live in Moscow ,because i know they have low salary too ,so maybe it’s hard for a student to find a good part time job,anyway ,i will start to my life in Moscow soon,hope everything will go smoothly,thank you for sharing this again!

You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy your time in Moscow.

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travelling ea jobs

  • Main content

​​The 8 things I really wish I knew before I traveled solo to 100 countries

  • I've solo traveled to more than 100 countries since 2013 and I've learned lessons along the way.
  • Travel insurance is super handy and I like to plan my trips a lot in advance.
  • Long-term travel should be a marathon, not a sprint. 

Insider Today

I started my solo-travel journey in 2013 with a one-way ticket to Bangkok and a freshly created remote job.

What was meant to be a short sabbatical from the US turned into visiting over 100 countries in the last decade.

Here are the things I wish I'd known back when I set foot in country No. 1.

Planning is your friend

Although I love the idea of spontaneity, I usually stick to a more structured itinerary.

Still, I make sure my reservations and bookings are refundable. That way, my trip's stricture is never too rigid, and I can change my mind.

I've used apps like Wanderlog and TripIt to efficiently plan out my multi-city trips.

Travel insurance is, no pun intended, a lifesaver

My travel insurance has helped me in many binds, from when I was robbed in Cambodia to when I had to be helicoptered to a hospital in Nepal.

Some travelers I've met don't deem it necessary, but I say you won't realize how much you need it until you actually do.

I've used World Nomads and Safetywing and have been happy with the coverages from each.

A lot of apps can help you feel safe and confident when you travel

As a woman traveling alone , I lean on tech to help me feel safe and secure.

If I have service, I link Google Maps to my smartwatch, so my wrist buzzes when I need to make a turn, eliminating my need to have my phone out if I'm navigating a place where petty theft is common.

I use the Maps.Me app to access maps offline.

Google Translate also has helpful features. I use the audio feature to communicate in countries where I don't speak the language and the camera feature to translate menus and signs in real time.

You may be alone, but you don't have to be lonely

Solo travel means you're on your own, but there are plenty of chances to stay social and connect with local customs and cultures.

Throughout my travels, I realized things as simple as going on free walking tours of a city are a great way to connect with other travelers.

I've also made friends during my travels by participating in activities from sites like EatWith, Airbnb Experiences, or WithLocals.

It's OK to get inside info from others — we don't need to reinvent the travel wheel

There's no need to plan an entire trip from scratch without insights for others.

I'm all for connecting with locals, joining travel communities , or finding destination-specific groups on social media.

In recent years, I also started consciously incorporating women-run tour companies, businesses, and activities into my itineraries.

Doing so has helped me create a global community from the women I've met throughout my travels.

A long-term trip is a marathon, not a sprint

At the start of my solo-travel journey, I rushed my trips and eventually felt burned out. Fortunately, I learned to take breathers and slow down my pace.

Slow travel has helped me dive into a destination while making my trip more sustainable.

Responsible tourism has always been at the core of my travels, and a way to be more mindful on the road is to limit your carbon footprint and keep tourism dollars in one location.

Pick destinations that are meaningful to you, and don't feel pressure to see something because everyone else is

Design a trip around your priorities, and don't feel like you have to go to trendy destinations or overhyped tourist attractions unless you want to.

Conversely, if you want to go to that tourist trap, do it. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for doing something that might be deemed overrated.

Lastly, just take the trip

Don't wait for friends, family, or your partner if you've been dreaming of traveling somewhere.

Solo travel will push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you in ways nothing else can.

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