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black diamond jetforce tour 26l

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black diamond jetforce tour 26l

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black diamond jetforce tour 26l

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black diamond jetforce tour 26l

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black diamond jetforce tour 26l

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black diamond jetforce tour 26l

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black diamond jetforce tour 26l

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black diamond jetforce tour 26l

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black diamond jetforce tour 26l

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black diamond jetforce tour 26l

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Black Diamond - Jetforce Tour 26L Backpack

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Out of stock, jetforce tour 26l backpack.

Black Diamond's Jetforce Tour 26L features the new Alpride E1 airbag system, which is one of the lightest electrical airbag systems that's offered on the market. The system runs using supercapacitator technology, which replaces the traditional lithium ion battery to save weight and be less susceptible to changes in performance in very cold temperatures—a huge bonus when you're out in extremely cold conditions. No cartridges are necessary, making this system extremely travel-friendly, and you can also practice with it without having to worry about refilling cartridges, meaning you'll be better prepared in the event of an emergency. The Alpride E1 system easily charges in an hour with a micro USB, and can also be charged in about 40 minutes with two AA batteries while you're out in the backcountry. To make it more second-nature if you do ever need to deploy the system, Alpride designed the trigger so it can sit on whatever side you prefer.

With a generous 26-liter capacity, the pack itself has all the bells and whistles for a day in the backcountry. The main compartment accommodates your food, water, layers, and first aid kit, and the separate compartment for your shovel and probe keeps them quickly accessible. An adjustable hip belt with a stash pocket keeps your inclinometer or sunscreen close at hand, and the included leg loop prevents the pack from being pulled over your head if you deploy it during a slide.

  • Airbag pack for backcountry skiing and snowboarding
  • Fan-based airbag is fully electronic for easy travel
  • Supercapacitor technology functions reliably in the cold
  • System charges easily with a micro USB or two AA batteries
  • Deploy trigger sits on either shoulder for efficient deployment
  • Avalanche safety compartment for quick access in an emergency
  • Spacious main compartment accommodates all your essentials
  • Item #BLD00ZV

Overall Rating

4 based on 22 ratings

Review Summary

Fits true to size.

What do you think about this product?

January 1, 2021

great day pack

lightweight avy bag for a day trip. works great i didn't have any problems with leaking ink as mentioned by other reviewers. Perhaps they fixed that problem, or perhaps it doesn't happen in cold weather. the pack is spacious. plenty of room to overpack on a day trip. the waist belt is small. i need to take off my gloves to operate it. it is a bit inconvenient that the on/off switch is buried so far in the pack. but not that big of a deal. easy to repack the bag after it is deployed. i traveled with it and didn't have any issues going thru security as a carry on

February 14, 2020

Comortable, has all the right things

I work as an avalanche instructor, I got this bag so that I could demonstrate an airbag deployment to students as many are curious about airbags. Great to be able to do this and not need cartrages. I have a few cretiques in order of priority: Hard to get into the bag to turn it on when the pack is full or you are wearing gloves. 30L would be a better size and allow me to pack a puffy jacket. outer pocket is slightly small for some of the larger shovle blades out there.

Originally reviewed on

February 7, 2020

Dyed my jacket

As everyone said, dyed a jacket with jetforce tour.

February 5, 2020

Best airbag pack on the market!

Use daily as Heli Ski Guide pack. Fits well and skis well!

January 30, 2020

Alpride E1 System is Great. Pack is ok at best

I have had this pack one week and it has already ruined a goretex jacket. The black dye leached into the jacket and even after hand washing the jacket is permenantly dyed. Really unhappy about that. Summary: Good pack, not really tailored to touring. I toured with this for 7 days 8-9 hours a day. The pack has good storage space, and the dedicated shovel/probe pocket is great. I would say this pack better suited to patrolling inbounds. That said it is a heavy pack with extra strap material, and superfluous padding that should have been cut for weight. (not padding between back and pack, but outside of pack facing the air) Pros: -Sturdy, well put together and should last a long time -Alpride E1 is amazing -Integrated helmet holder is clutch Cons: -Poor quality dye leached into jacket (really really big con) -Extra weight for a touring pack, should have cut some of the foam -Does not shift weight to the hips well, for touring your shoulders will get sore after a couple days with any real weight in the pack

user image

January 17, 2020

Very light and comfortable

This aval bag is very different than my Mammut bag, so it took a little getting use to packing. Super comfortable touring with, but bucket is a little small, so difficult to use with gloves. There much more room it the main area than appears because of space above the fan. Wish it included a water bladder pouch.

January 14, 2020

Visual aids?

Seems like a nice pack. Where on earth can I find a video or photos explaining the pack with all the straps, and how everything sits on it? Especially the diagonal ski strap set up. Nothing in instructions.

January 3, 2020

Great for Day of Touring

Pretty pumped with this pack. Bought one last year for ski touring/patrolling and got another one dedicated setup for snowmobiling. Pack is light and easy to get in/out of. Took a bit of figuring and googling to understand the diagonal ski carry setup but once you get it it works great. Make sure to lock in your helmet strap in the helmet carry. Really like being able to test/practice the pulling motion - makes me feel more comfortable and prepared to use in a real situation. Also I like that it is easy to check the battery and you can recharge with new batteries on the fly or via usb in the truck/house or battery pack.. Unless you deploy, it stays charged for a dang long time - I have never had it lose charge on its own in a season (I do pull it every once and a while then have to recharge). Overall, love it, lighter and more simple to use than the canister packs in my opinion.

November 30, 2019

Very awesome! Great combination of features.

I bought one last year. The capacitor does its job well. I changed the AA batteries at the beginning of every month, light stayed green, ot was used approximately 45 days last year. I like smaller packs, makes it hard to take too much stuff. The pack has just enough room for the essentials. I tested it a couple times during the season, took the batteries out during the summer. I charged the capacitor at the beginning of this season and it is good to go. I wish the cord was USB-C. I am 6'8" the strap that goes between the legs isn't long enough for me so I added a carribeaner.

October 17, 2019

Light and rechargeable, but needs refinement

I've got a half season on this pack mostly for snowmobile use in Alaska. Pros: I love the size, weight, and the idea behind the supercapacitor. After an initial charge and installation of lithium Energizers I never did have to charge it again for the remaining 3 month season even after a few test discharges. Overall a decent pack that is definitely geared for the backcountry skier. Cons: I'd like to see pockets on each side of the hip belt. I'd like to see the on/off switch on the handle rather than in the main pocket. BD is not accommodating to snowboarders. I am not able to strap my board to my pack in ride mode. Would be tough in tour mode. SIDE NOTE: This model does not have an auto-deflate option and pressure maintenance like their jet-fan lithium battery system did. This is likely because a capacitor discharges extremely quickly. So the initial discharge is sufficient to fill the bag, whereas a battery system can discharge slower allowing for the pressure maintenance and deflate option. Thought y'all should be aware of this. So the trade off is weight savings for safety features.

Need Expert Advice?

Our Gearheads Can Help

October 15, 2020

.css-1e30eku{font-family:var(--chakra-fonts-base);font-size:var(--chakra-fontSizes-lg);font-weight:var(--chakra-fontWeights-bold);margin-right:var(--chakra-space-2);} Q: Is it possible to remove the E1 system from the bag and install it in another E1 compatible bag?

WildSnow wants to thank La Sportiva for its continued support covering the backcountry skiing scene!

Black Diamond Jetforce UL 26 Review

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

Alaska skiing with the Jetforce UL. Photo: Zach Runyan

Why doesn’t everyone ride with an avalanche airbag? Setting aside dependable points about risk homeostasis, my answer is threefold: they’re heavy, expensive, and often perform less well than their non-inflatable brethren.

The Black Diamond Jetforce UL is Black Diamond’s canister-based attempt to make the lightest bag they reasonably could (hence the “UL”, i.e. Ultra Light moniker) while keeping the cost reasonable and design functional. I’ve spent a season with the pack and formed thoughts about its performance for a first-time airbag user.

The Airbag Technology

The Jetforce UL uses compressed gas canisters rather than heavier batteries or supercapacitors to inflate its 150L airbag. BD’s engineers chose to use Alpride’s 2.0 canister system, the same inflation tech found in some G3 and Scott packs.

Alpride’s “airbag system 2.0” uses two pre-sealed canisters, one filled with argon, the other with carbon dioxide. These canisters are purchased online or from brick and mortar retailers and installed by the user. Unlike other canister-based systems (e.g. Mammut or BCA), these canisters are single use only. Once the canister’s foil seals are punctured, they’re useless, and need to be replaced with new ones.

Two pre-loaded pins spring forward when the user pulls the deployment handle, piercing foil seals on the gas canisters. Gas flowing out of the cylinders pulls in air from the outside environment, inflating a bag stored behind a birthing zipper running across the top and sides of the back. Once inflated, the airbag (hopefully) buoys the user above the avalanche flowing around them.

I won’t dwell on the debate surrounding the effectiveness of avalanche airbags here. I will state that, in my opinion, they significantly increase the chances of surviving certain classes of avalanches. Of course, they are never a substitute for a partner, avalanche gear, or decision making aimed at keeping you out of an avalanche in the first place.

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

Storm days with friends. Left to right, the OG Jetforce (battery powered), the Jetforce UL (canister powered), and the Jetforce Tour (supercapacitor powered). Photo: Zach Runyan

The Bag Itself

The Jetforce UL sports a somewhat stripped down set of features. Although marketed towards the fast and light crowd, the pack includes a diagonal ski carry, an internal sleeve for avalanche equipment, an ice axe carry, a small internal mesh zippered compartment, a goggle pocket, and a helmet carry.

Notably, although this bag is not designed with hydration bladders in mind, I did manage to run a hydration tube down the non-trigger shoulder strap, allowing me to drink from an internal bladder. (On the Jetforce UL the trigger mounts on either the left or right shoulder strap, presumably to accommodate lefties and righties.) This is an “at your own risk” mod. But for what it’s worth, when I accidentally deployed the bag with a hydration tube attached to the non-trigger side shoulder strap, the airbag seemed to deploy fine.

Hoisting the bag, it’s immediately noticeable how light it is. Per the BD website, the bag weighs in at 1991 grams (including canisters), breaking the magical 2-kilogram barrier, putting it in the range of the lightest ski-specific airbags available. I’m somewhat of a gram weenie and was reluctant to buy an airbag after lifting friends’ BD Jetforce V1 and BCA packs – they immediately felt heavy. However, during the winter, I’ve never reached for a lighter pack (including on some 10K vert days), and never felt like I was sacrificing speed on the skin track to gain safety on the ski.

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

The Black Diamond Jetforce UL in action. Photo: Frits Van Paasschen

The bag is sold as a 26L pack and feels like it has roughly 18L of capacity with the airbag installed. Although you won’t be carrying overnight gear in the Jetforce UL , the pack is a sweet size for single-push ski mountaineering. I can fit water, a bit of food, an insulating layer, crampons, ascent plates, and standard avalanche gear in the pack without too much squeezing. I even fit a 60m rappel rope on several occasions. However, I do tend to choose small gear and am generally OK with being a bit spartan when packing.

With a few exceptions (see below), I enjoyed touring with this pack. The pack checked all the boxes I look for in terms of features, and was generally comfortable and functional. Most days, it did what any good piece of gear does: disappear into the background, letting you enjoy the skiing without worrying too much about what you’re wearing.

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

The unzipped Jetforce UL, with a 1L Nalgene for scale.

For whatever reason, the ability to fly with a pack seems to be a significant consideration for those buying an airbag (maybe those dropping close to a thousand dollars on a backpack tend to not mind ponying up for airfare?). Flyability was not my primary concern when shopping for bags, but I experienced flying with the Jetforce UL twice this season.

Traveling with the bag was doable, but not a joy. I packed the bag in my carry-on (in the hopes of talking to a TSA agent at security in case of issues, rather than having it simply confiscated out of a checked bag) and got through security each time hassle-free. Although Black Diamond claims that the canisters are acceptable to fly with (they’re the same design as the canisters which power the life vests under plane seats), reading the fine print on airline websites muddies the waters. I’m guessing you could get one onto a plane on some days, but it would take either a bit of luck or a good deal of experience sweet talking TSA agents.

I chose not to fly with the canisters and instead just had them delivered to an REI near my final destination. (Caveat emptor, while shipping in the lower 48 seemed to work fine, shipping canisters to Alaska was somewhat of a challenge.) After arrival, I picked up the canisters at REI, installed them in the bag, and went on my merry way.

Growing Pains?

While this is far from BD’s first airbag, it is their first that I would classify as ultralight. There are several features on the pack that strike me as workable, but remain far from perfect. It’s unclear if these are simply growing pains associated with a first-generation pack, or if designers cut corners to nudge the bag into the eye-popping 1900 gram range. To list a few of the problems I encountered:

– The waist strap is small and doesn’t help much with carrying (to be fair, you’re not going to be fitting huge loads in the pack anyway, given the capacity). The waist buckle is frankly tiny, and a bit hard to take on and off with gloves on.

– The ski carry is workable but leaves something to be desired, especially when the pack isn’t very full. The top attachment point isn’t directly attached to the shoulder strap, making the connection to your back a bit less secure and bomber when climbing with skis attached.

– The zipper for the internal pouch securing the inflation mechanism frequently opened. I have difficulty seeing how this would prevent the airbag from working correctly, but it’s annoying.

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

The Alpride inflation mechanism inside the unzipped pouch, sans canisters.

– Although the packed airbag provides a fair amount of structure, the pack lacks a rigid back panel. This makes packing less efficient, and the shoulder straps less comfortable, especially compared to the highly functional design used in the BD Dawn Patrol backpack line.

– In one somewhat violent crash, the airbag birthing zipper split open, spilling the bag, necessitating a field repacking.

– The canister installation/arming instructions were unclear. Despite excitedly reading the instructions several times, I still messed up, wasting an expensive canister set the first time I armed the bag. It turns out YOU MUST ARM THE BAG BEFORE INSTALLING THE CANISTERS, or you’ll puncture the canisters while loading the inflation pins.

– The materials, in general, felt a bit cheaper and less burley than in other packs I’ve handled. To be fair, I haven’t had any durability problems despite heavy use, but it doesn’t feel quite as good in the hand. Of course, these materials may account for some of the weight savings.

– The helmet carry system pocket has a poorly designed velcro closure, making it hard to securely close, especially when the bag is full. I wish BD used another 5 grams of higher quality velcro (or readjusted the size of the pocket) so the helmet carry didn’t open despite being closed with care.

While no pack is perfect, I’m a little disappointed this pack seems to have so many problems of this nature. To be clear, none of these is even close to a deal-breaker, but they do illustrate that this pack isn’t (yet) the platonic ideal of an ultralight airbag. I’m hoping Black Diamond releases a second generation of this pack which sings. The potential is there, but for now, the execution is just the slightest bit lacking.

The Bottom Line

Should you buy an avalanche airbag? Without a doubt, airbags are expensive but are comparable in cost to a pair of skis, boots, bindings, a ski pass, a set of avalanche gear, or an AIARE class. I want to ski steep winter snow and generally want to stack the odds of not dying in my favor if I make a flawed decision. To be sure, an airbag probably isn’t the first thing a beginner ski tourer should purchase and is probably overkill if you rarely ski in avalanche terrain or if you only tour in the late spring and summer. But for me, padding my margins of surviving a life of backcountry skiing just a little bit more in my favor is worth it.

Should you buy this avalanche airbag? If you’re someone like me, who would leave a heavy airbag in the car on most tours, but who also wants an extra margin of safety while skiing avalanche terrain in winter snow; In that case, the Black Diamond Jetforce UL is an excellent choice, possibly the best on the market. To be clear, there are some problems with the execution of this pack, and people who need a large pack, one which cheaply accommodates multiple pulls, or one with a ton of fancy features, may want to look elsewhere. That said, I have no qualms about having bought this pack, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

In terms of value, this bag is significantly cheaper than other electronic models on the market, especially if the Jetforce UL can be found on sale. It’s a bit more expensive than comparable Mammut or BCA models, but the small increase in cost can be justified in terms of weight savings and features.

Of course, it’s somewhat expensive compared to electronic models when comparing cost per inflation, but if you’re worried about the expense of having to inflate your airbag that much, I’d argue you should be re-calibrating your terrain selection. If you want to practice pulling the trigger, the Jetforce UL can be “dry-fired” with the system armed and without the cartridges installed.

The Black Diamond Jetforce UL is a great option for a light avalanche airbag, albeit with some room for improvement. Black Diamond, if you’re listening, could we please have a Jetforce UL V2?

Model Name: Black Diamond Jetforce UL 26L MSRP: $849.95 Sizes: S/M, M/L Claimed Weight: 1991 grams (M/L, with cartridges) Capacity: 26L (M/L)

Roger Romani is a skier based in the California Bay Area. When not skiing in Tahoe, the Eastern Sierra, or the Cascades, Roger can be found in a UC Berkeley Physics lab, where he works as a graduate student building dark matter detectors. You can follow him on Instagram @roger_romani.

Full Value Guiding with Aaron Hartz

Totally deep podcast 91– updating a guidebook and avalanche safety theater with lou dawson.

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

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The lurking gator on the topsheet should give you some idea of the capability of the Rossignol Black Ops 118 Skis - all calm and serene up top, but...


Sammy Carlson is one-of-a-kind, and he needs more than a single unique ski to handle all the creativity he unleashes on the hill. The Whitewalker 1...


The Rossignol Blackops Tatum 118 Skis for women are the ultimate freeride skis, built for shredding the most challenging terrain. With a lightweigh...

BACON 115 SKIS - 2024

Introducing the LINE Bacon 115. Featuring all of the same tech features and improvements as its little brother, the Bacon 115 is the widest ski in ...

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Merrell ALVERSTONE 2 MID WP - MEN'S - Next Adventure


Deal of the day price.

Regular Price: $130.00

You Save: $40.03


Sometimes, the most fun terrain exists outside of the resort. The all-new K2 Tree Splitter was designed to stand sideways in backyards, on small hi...


The Team Pro's carefully engineered construction gives riders looking for a little extra performance to "level up" their riding effortlessly with a...


The Team Pro Marcus Kleveland's specifically engineered construction gives a little extra performance to "level up" your riding no matter how big o...


Inspired by Dirksen’s authoritative edge control. Whether you’re, ripping pow or carving groomers, the wider design with the control under your bac...

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Staff Picks

"I grew up in Oregon riding Mt. Hood. These days, as a photographer, I go between carving powder in the trees or spinning in the parks and my Arbor board is fun anywhere I take it. Having versatile lenses in my Dragon goggles is essential for Mt. Hood days where it can go from cloudy to blue skies and back to cloudy by the hour. In the backcountry, having a comfortable and well thought out day pack to carry my shovel, camera gear, and avalanche equipment is a necessity. I hope to see you on the mountain! -Michael"


Gear review: aqua bound aerial whitewater paddle, january fishing preview for the pacific northwest, february fishing preview for the pacific northwest.

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Zachary Kenney

Zachary Kenney

Adventure Doesn't Find You

Review: Black Diamond JetForce Tour 26L Avalanche Airbag

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

The JetForce Tour was built with the same impeccable quality and reliability you can expect from a Black Diamond product. I’ve gone on 10 tours in the Wasatch with this pack and have put it through the ringer (except for an avalanche). Enough days and hours to be able to review the pack in the following categories: Technology, Functionality, Size, Weight/Comfort, and Price.  Note, this is my first avi pack, but I did plenty of research before getting this pack and feel like I can make an accurate comparison.

Reviewing an avalanche airbag pack can be, in my opinion, difficult and sometimes pointless. We look to buy an avalanche pack in hopes that I will save our lives in the event you’re caught in a slide. Yet, how many reviews claim the pack is awesome, or 5-stars, without truly testing it for its primary function? Saving your life. So if we assume this pack, like all other avi-packs, will function properly when needed, I will go ahead with my review of the bag.

The Tour 26L comes with the Swiss built Alpride E1 airbag system, a fully electronic avalanche airbag. Unlike the traditional gas canister inflating airbags, this pack relies on a supercapacitor (very fast discharging battery) to power a fan that inflates the bag. But unlike a battery, super capacitors are unaffected by temperatures. This system performs the same at temperatures from -22F to 104F. Another way this pack differs from the traditional one, this pack is capable of inflating more than once during a tour. 2x AA batteries can recharge the supercapacitor in 40minutes after the bag is deployed once. This can be a life-savor on a long tour or multi-day trip where gas refills are near impossible. 

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

Not only could this save your life in the rare event you get caught in multiple slides, or prevent you from having to decide whether or not to deploy your pack in a small slide which still could be fatal. 

The bag is recharged in 20min via micro-usb, so you can pull your ripcord and test your bag as much as you would like, free of charge and without needing refills. Now you can practice, with or without, your gear on.


The Tour 26 is a minimalist’s version of an Avalanche Airbag Pack. There is just enough to keep you safe in the mountains, while being able to bringing the essentials along. 

From the fan perspective, it is very simple to arm, deploy, and disarm. To turn on the fan, simply enter the main compartment, unzip the case that covers the fan, pull the dial outward and turn it 90degrees clockwise. The fan will beep twice, signaling it is armed. To deploy the airbag, ensure the rip cord is unzipped from the shoulder strap, and pull with a moderate amount of force. This will inflate the bag fully within a couple seconds. To deflate the airbag, you must enter the main compartment again, unzip the fan cover again to find a valve. Press on the air bag while you have the valve turned to the open position until all the air is removed from the airbag, allowing it to be folded back up and packed into the airbag compartment. To disarm, turn off, the fan, repeat the step to turn it on and this time it will only beep once. To double check if the bag is on or off, a green/orange/red light can be visible from the outside of the pack by the fan’s intake screen. The colored lights indicate the fan’s battery level.

The airbag is contained by a perforated zipper at the top of the bag. At first, tricky to figure out, but after a few re-packs, you get the hang of it. The zipper that closes the compartment has a small opening at the top that does not completely close. A small bit of velcro covers the open zipper. This allows the bag to open as the airbag inflates, ensuring nothing prevents it from expanding. 

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

Another critical feature is the waist strap clasp. Rather than a buckle that could break, this comes with an interlocking clasps. Additionally, this pack has an integrated leg loop that attaches, between your legs, to your hip strap to prevent the back from being pulled over your head in the event of an avalanche. 

On the hip belt, there is also a small pocket for snacks or tools on the right side, as well as an ice tool/gear loop on your left hip.

Packing things in, and out, of this bag is relatively straight forward. I have had issues with an overloaded pack and attempting to use the ski carrying loops result in the airbag compartment zipper opening up.  Which is definitely annoying, but not the end of the world. Does not compromise the airbag’s effectiveness if needed.

26L is a relatively small pack. Perfect for a day tour? Well I guess that all depends on what you like to carry on your tour. In the main compartment of my pack; I usually have my shell, skins, mirrorless camera, and a 1L water bottle. In the avalanche equipment dedicated pocket; I have my shovel, probe, snow saw, snow study kit, and a multi-tool. And lastly, in the zipper pocket inside the dedicated avi pocket I usually include spare batteries, snacks, and keys. Some days, if I’m not meticulous about how I fold up my gear or pack it away, the pack seems overly stuffed and cumbersome. If I had the option to go up a size, I would probably go up to a 32L. But like someone once said, “A bigger pack just means it’ll get filled with more crap.” And I guess that’s true. The 26L requires me to be precise with my gear. Bringing only what will keep me safe and what I need. I have yet to be underprepared on a day tour. Safe to say, unless I wanted to be the smelliest, hungriest, and coldest guy on a hut trip, there’s no way this could be my only bag on a multi-day trip.

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

The space that the fan system and airbag take up is relatively minimal, and expected among all avalanche airbag packs. But just note, this is not a regular backpack, so don’t expect to have 100% freedom inside the backpack to put things anywhere you want.


This pack weighs 5lbs 11oz. For comparison, the popular, BCA Float 32 weighs 6lbs 7oz including the full system with cylinder

This is the lightest electrical system on the market, and the exact same pack weight as the most popular, entry avi-pack on the market. Wearing it, does not feel heavy at all compared to any normal backpack. The fan system is located at the bottom of the bag, which keeps the center of gravity lower so that you don’t feel top-heavy while skiing with it on your back.

At $1,999.95 the price of this bag is pretty steep. Among the fan-powered airbags, it has pretty common price +/- $50. Most compressed air-deployed bags run between $400-$800, with the BCA Float 32 coming in at $549.95.

But wait! The air canister is not included in those prices! So after you go and drop $600 on your new avalanche airbag pack, you have to go out a $179 Float 2.0 Cylinder. So the price is now nearly $200 more. And even factoring in the $20 it costs to refill you cylinder after a deployment, it’d take 23 refills for the price of the BCA Float 32 to equal the Tour 26. Still, drastically cheaper than the BD Jetforce Tour 26 out of the box though.

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

The way I see it, an Avalanche Airbag is the most expensive thing you hope you’ll never need. But when you need it, you want to make sure it’s guaranteed to work, right? And with that, you’ll need to practice. Most people who have air canister airbags will practice maybe once, or at most, twice before heading out into the backcountry. And rarely are they fully geared up when they practice. So who’s to say they’ll be comfortable, and confident enough to safely deploy their airbag when needed. 

The peace of mind that an electronic airbag provides because it’s free to practice over and over again, is priceless. Since getting my bag, I regularly deploy it before and after tours. Practice, practice, practice. 

Pros:  Technology is unparalleled Reliability as long as it’s charged Ease of use and re-use  Multiple deployments on a tour Weight is not heavy at all

Cons: Size is smaller than you’d like You have to open the pack every time to power on/off the fan Price is expensive

I’m enjoying this pack more and more, every time I get out into the backcountry. If you’re in the market for a new avi-pack, or just your first one and you can afford it, go for the Jetforce. 

black diamond jetforce tour 26l


I purchased this bag at a drastically reduced price. Unfortunately, if I hadn’t, I probably would have went with a BCA bag due to the price. And that would have been a mistake. This bag is worth every penny. Especially if it saves my life.

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

Hi there, my name is Zachary Kenney and I’m an adventure filmmaker & photographer.  My passion is to tell stories that will hopefully motivate you to go live a more adventurous life. Whether that is to experience the view from the summit of a mountain, or wandering through a new town on a road trip. Currently based out of Park City, UT.

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black diamond jetforce tour 26l

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Hey, nice review. Just wanted to point out I’m pretty sure your listed weight for the BCA Float 32 is wrong. BCA themselves lists it (with the canister) at 3043 grams, 6.7 pounds, significantly heavier than you listed

'  data-srcset=

Thank you very much for catching that error Justin. I’ve since updated the weight spec for the BCA Float bag. Thank you again!

'  data-srcset=

Hi, Thanks for the review… Just wondering if you had any feedback about the size S/M vrs M/L as I (probably like a lot of people) will order online and don’t always trust the manufacturers size charts. If you had any thoughts/feedback on the breakpoint in body height between the sizes it would be great to hear. Cheers

Hey Hamish, thanks for reaching out. I’ll start by saying I wish I had gone with a S/M. I’m 5’11”, weighing around 170lbs with waist size of 32. I personally thing the backpack sits too large on my back and doesn’t sit properly on my hips when out touring. I have to tighten the waist and shoulder straps down almost to their ends in order to feel secure when touring. Hope this helps, let me know if you want any other info!

'  data-srcset=

Can you post the dimensions of the pack? Can’t find it in any official documentation.

Also, is there any way to MacGyver a hydration hose pass through to the sleeve on the shoulder strap? No hydration compatibility is a major drawback for me…

Jan, for documentation of dimension, I haven’t been able to find anything official. REI has decent amount:

As for the Hydration, yes, you can MacGyver a hose from the main compartment, behind the airbag, into the shoulder strap. It’s the same process to get a radio Mic cord to your shoulder (I’ve done this and it’s easy). A guy in my AVI 1 course put a hydration pack hose through his shoulder and it worked fine.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

'  data-srcset=

Thanks for the review! Can the airbag and pump be removed so I can use the bag in non-avy terrain?

Hey Christian! Sorry, neither the airbag nor fan can be removed. They are fastened together and integral to the bag itself. Yeah, that would be a much better design, but less reliable if you have the ability to reassemble it in the winter and maybe miss some connections. Hoped that helped.

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4 Best Avalanche Airbags for Skiing

' src=

Avalanche backpacks with airbags have become essential safety tools for backcountry skiers worldwide. The devices don’t just increase your survival chances if you’re caught up in an avalanche; they also make it much easier for rescuers to see you.

I’ve skied hundreds of days in my life and have yet to experience an avalanche. But I still play it safe when I venture into avalanche country and know what to look for in a high-quality avalanche airbag.

The Black Diamond Jetforce Tour 26L is my pick for the best avalanche airbag of the season. This is a very top-quality option that will give you reliable performance if you ever happen to get caught in a slide. It’s expensive but definitely worth it. 

Several other good avalanche airbags are available, and I’ll show you all of the best options in this post. I want to make sure you stay safe when you are in the backcountry or anywhere else with serious avalanche danger.

Let’s get started. 

Who Should Get This

1. black diamond jetforce tour 26l, 2. mammut removable airbag system 3.0, 3. backcountry access bca float 22 avalanche airbag 2.0, 4. ortovox ascent 30, how to choose an avalanche backpack or airbag, useful tips & resources, final verdict.

Every backcountry skier or anyone who often ventures out into avalanche territory needs an airbag. The devices are incredibly useful, and they come in handy in any area where an accident might occur. 

Though they are not designed for more casual skiers or those who stay in-bounds, if you plan on going off the grid, even for a short day run, you’re going to need a pack for some much-needed protection.

Do avalanche packs work?

While there is no guarantee of anything in a snow slide, avalanche packs can increase your chances for survival substantially if you are caught in one. They keep you near the surface of the snow and also protect your head from injury.

Are avalanche airbags worth it?

If you are skiing in an area with heavy avalanche danger, then an avalanche airbag is totally worth it. You may never need to use it, but you will surely be happy to have one on your back if you happen to get caught in a slide.

Why are avalanche backpacks so expensive?

You always want your airbag to be reliable and effective, so companies have built bags that feature innovative tech and cutting-edge materials. This keeps the cost pretty high, but it also ensures that they will provide you with their intended purpose when needed.

Best Avalanche Airbags for Skiing: Top Picks

Here are all of my top picks for the best avalanche airbags for skiing this season. These are the best models out there in terms of quality and reliability. 

  • Best for: Overall 
  • Key features: Effective design, reliable, powerful airbag, extra pockets
  • Style: Backpack  
  • System: Rechargeable 

The Black Diamond Jetforce Tour 26L is my top pick for the best avalanche airbag of the season. This is a backpack-style airbag that will provide you with effective deployment if you get caught in a slide. 

The pack has an Alpride E1 supercapacitor airbag system that features innovative technology that has been created with safety in mind. The system is rechargeable to give you all-day performance. 

The pack also comes with several pockets that let you store extra safety gear like a shovel, probe, or beacon. I also like the hipbelt stash pocket for smaller items. 

It’s expensive, but the Jetforce Tour is a fantastic airbag anyway you look at it.   

==> You can get it on Black Diamond Equipment or Outdoor Gear Exchange or Evo .

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

  • Best for: Lightweight 
  • Key features: Lightweight, affordable, reliable, durable construction, works in different backpacks
  • Style: Backpack insert 
  • System: Compressed gas 

The Mammut Removable Airbag System 3.0 is a lightweight option that you can use in a variety of different compatible backpacks. 

This bag has an impressive volume of 150 liters to give you plenty of float and protection from debris in a slide. 

It also has a very reliable compressed gas system that quickly fills up when deployed. 

You’ll want to make sure this is compatible with the backpack you are choosing before you take it into the backcountry.  

==> You can also get it on Outdoor Gear Exchange or Moosejaw .

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

  • Best for: Value 
  • Key features: Lightweight, comfortable, versatile, tough design, good value
  • Style: Backpack 
  • System: Compressed Air 

The Backcountry Access BCA Float 22 is an excellent option for anyone who wants quality at a reasonable price. 

Though this won’t run you as much as similar models, it is still one of the most comfortable picks money can buy. Not only is it snug, but it moves with your body as you head downhill. 

While this doesn’t have as much room for longer treks, it still has enough interior space for other essential items like food, shovels, and lightweight gear. The tough design also holds up to elements quite nicely, which makes this a good pick if you like traversing through rough weather.

This one doesn’t have as large of an airbag volume as the other options, but that helps keep the price down. 

==> You can also get it on Backcountry or MEC or Scheels .

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

  • Best for: Fit 
  • Key features: Good fit, lightweight, strong construction, 30L volume, included activation unit
  • Cost: $$$$$

Those who enjoy going on more extended ski tours will enjoy the Ortovox Ascent 30, thanks to a reliable airbag and a fantastic fit.  

This 30-liter model is compact and easy to carry and has plenty of internal space for your gear, snacks, or whatever else you need out in the backcountry. 

It comes fully equipped with a rope attachment, compression strap, D-Skifix, and tough, water-resistant zipper. There are plenty of gear loops, and it is hydration system compatible. 

Though the cartridge is not included, the locking clasp, chest strap, and signal whistle ensure you’ll stay safe in any situation.

==> You can also get it on Cotswold Outdoor .

This section will highlight some important things to consider when choosing an avalanche backpack or airbag.  

When picking out an avalanche backpack, you first need to consider its design. There are quite a few models out there, and they each use a specific system. 

The base unit design has a system that allows you to keep everything in one pack. In contrast, the integrated system comes with a fixed airbag size, while detachable models will enable you to use the pack without the bag.

You can also either get a backpack that comes equipped with an airbag or an airbag that goes into a pack you already have. You’ll just want to make sure that the airbag is compatible with the backpack you choose if you go that route. 

Of course, a good avalanche pack doesn’t do much if it can’t hold up in tough situations. You need something well-made and able to stand up to biting or harsh elements. Durability is essential in the backcountry.  

Strong materials specially made to handle backcountry environments are a must. It’s also important to favor models from trusted brands, so you know you’re buying a quality item. That might cost more upfront, but it’s worth it in the end.

You also want to consider your avalanche backpack’s size. That largely depends on the type of skiing you plan on doing. You don’t want to be weighed down with too much gear, especially if you have a long uphill ascent.  

If you’re going out on a lift-served backcountry trip, you probably won’t need anything bigger than an 18 or 20-liter pack. However, day touring probably requires at least 25 to 35 liters and multi-day trips require 40 to 50 liters.

A good avalanche backpack brings you a lot of safety, but it’s far from the only piece of gear you need out in the backcountry. There is a wide range of essential items you need to stay fully prepared for any situation. Here’s a checklist of some other essential backcountry gear that you might need. 

Beyond gear, you need to stick to a series of rules when traveling out of bounds. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the backcountry or a seasoned skier, this article will ensure you don’t run into any problems.

Whatever you do, always make sure to play it safe in the backcountry. Avalanches are a hazardous aspect of the sport, and getting caught in one is deadly. 

The video below provides some good information about how avalanche airbags work if you are still curious.

The Black Diamond Jetforce Tour 26L is my pick for the best avalanche airbag of the season. This is a highly effective option that will give you good protection from debris and solid floatation to stay close to the surface of a slide. 

If you are skiing in avalanche country and want to be prepared, an available airbag is a must. All of the options you see here can very realistically save your life in the event of a slide, and they are the best models currently available.

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' src=

Best for people 5’6″ and under? From your review of the bags, I’m assuming you are tall…

yes, I’m tall 🙂

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black diamond jetforce tour 26l is a resource site for skiers of all levels to learn and improve skiing. Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Private Moscow Metro Tour - With Reviews & Ratings

  • Moscow Tours
  • Walking & Biking Tours
  • Walking Tours

Private Moscow Metro Tour

  • See more images

Tour Information

Key Details

  • Mobile Voucher Accepted
  • Hotel pickup Available
  • Free Cancellation
  • Duration: 2 Hrs
  • Language: English
  • Departure Time : 10:00 AM
  • Departure Details : Traveler pickup is offered Your guide can meet you at your hotel, hostel or vacation rental, You don't need to call to confirm the tour. The local supplier will contact you via email Your guide can meet you at your hotel, hostel or vacation rental, You don't need to call to confirm the tour. The local supplier will contact you via email" />
  • Return Details : Your hotel or any place in Moscow you wish
  • Cancellation Policy : For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience. Tours booked using discount coupon codes will be non refundable.

Take aprivate Moscow Metro Tourto see the most historical metro stations, learn fun facts and fascinating stories and feel like a local in the most beautiful Metro in the world. Metro pass is included in the price of the tour. See 10 stations on 2-hour tour or 15 stations on 3-hour tour: Komsomolskaya , Kieskaya, Novoslobodskaya , Prospekt Mira, Belorusskaya , Mayakovskaya , Novokuznetskaya, Revolution Square (Ploshad Revolutsii), Arbatskaya , Sparrow hills , Victory Park, Slavic Boulevard, Vystavochnaya, Kurskaya, Rimskaya. Get lucky and see a one-of-a-kindAquarelle Train a picture gallery on wheels, or bump into a hidden entrance to the secret Metro-2. Take aCoffee Ring ride, check out the station with your sign of the Zodiac, chase the inhabitants of ancient seas, take a selfie with your friendly local guides, and simply have fun!

Know More about this tour

Your private guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel. Say zdravstvuyte to Moscow which is as big as Luxembourg, and to Moscow Metro with its 200 stations, 44 of which are recognized as objects of historical and cultural heritage. Timing is flexible and you can start the tour any time you prefer.

You will take a memorable metro ride with your private guide and see the oldest metro station, as well as the deepest, the longest, and, of course, the most beautiful: Komsomolskaya , Novoslobodskaya , Kieskaya, Belorusskaya , Prospekt Mira, Mayakovskaya , Revolution Square (Ploshad Revolutsii), Novokuznetskaya, Arbatskaya , Victory Park, Sparrow hills , Slavic Boulevard, Kurskaya, Vystavochnaya, Rimskaya.

Moscow Metro system consists of 12 lines and well cover all of them on the tour! Take the same subway cars that operate in the countries of the former Soviet Union, as well as in Sofia, Budapest, Warsaw, Prague and Tehran. Learn interesting facts and stories about the speed of trains, the distance between the stations, what are the busiest lines and get shocked how much it costs to build 1 km of the railway orsimply to rename the station.

Drop into a Moscow Metro museum if its open that day and see the relics of Metro which date back to1930s.

Finish the tour at your hotel, Novodevichy convent , Sparrow hills or any other spot you want.

This tour can be customized to make it a unique experience for you.Your private local guide will meet you in the hotel lobby and discuss the tour itinerary with you at the beginning of the tour.

Highlights of the tour:

  • Visit 10 or 15 must-see Metro stations
  • Check the oldest metro station opened in 1935
  • See the 76 bronze figuresdepicting Soviet heroes on Ploschad Revolutsii station
  • Take pictures of insanely-elaborate metro stations and dontforget to rub the nose of the bronze dog and to look at the Soviet sky
  • Listen to the stories about Metro-2 - a secret metro line that supposedly links the Kremlin with Kgb . See unique Soviet-era dcor with marble, bronze, lavish mosaics, paintings, sculptures, stained glass
  • Explore the underground treasures of Russian Soviet past
  • Take a chance to catch nice Sparrow Hills views from Luzhniki Metro Bridge. The only Moscow metro station above the water
  • If you are lucky,catch a uniqueAquarelle Train a wheeled painting exhibition, brilliantly painted with pictures of peony, chrysanthemums, daisies, sunflowers and every cart is exceptional
  • Visit the Museum of Moscow Metro on a 3-hour metro tour
  • See some of Stalin skyscrapers on a 3-hour tour
  • Enjoy Russian traditional lunch at a cozy authentic cafeon a 3-hour tour

You may choose to finish the tour on Sparrow Hills to hunt down the spot where you can see all seven of Stalin sisters at once!

Private tour

Russian lunch (on selected option with lunch)

Friendly local guide

Multiple start times available

Customized itinerary

Flexibility during the tour

Iconic places for photo shoot

Meeting in the hotel

Expert local advice where to go and what to do after the tour

Additional Info

Confirmation will be received at time of booking

Children must be accompanied by an adult

Please indicate prefer start time in comments when booking

The tour can be modified to meet your preferences

Operates in all weather conditions, please dress appropriately

Not wheelchair accessible

Near public transportation

Most travelers can participate

This is a private tour/activity. Only your group will participate

  • Literary & Arts Tours
  • Museum & Architecture Tours
  • History & Heritage Tours
  • Food & Nightlife Tours
  • Outdoor & Nature Tours
  • Aerial Tours
  • Adventure & Sports
  • Tickets & Passes
  • Transfers & Transportation
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  • Best time of year to visit Moscow
  • How to reach Moscow
  • Restaurants in Moscow
  • City Map of Moscow
  • Moscow Itineraries
  • Moscow Hotels
  • Itinerary Planner

Traveler Reviews

I cant recommend this tour highly enough. I asked a friend to recommend one thing to do with limited time in Moscow and he said, check out the metro. I did one better, and went on this individual tour yesterday with my very well informed guide, Alina. She took me to a number of stations and explained the history, politics and meanings behind the different sculpures and artworks in a way that made the whole experience far more meaningful than getting on and off the metro without guidance would have done. I had a really fantastic time and was thoroughly impressed. To top it all off, we had lunch and Alina suggested some great things for me to do, even whatsapping me maps, suggestions, and internet links. Today she followed up by messaging me to ask how my day was going and if I had any questions about the city, or recommendations for places to eat, etc. A great tour, a lovely guide and a fantastic experience. I couldnt recommend this tour, or Alina, any more highly. Fantastic!

Dear Friends,

My son and myself visited Moscow for a holiday in April 2018. And we had selected this fantastic tour. Our Guide Mrs. Julia came sharp at 10.00 AM even though she was not feeling well and had sore throat. Thereafter she took us to many Metro stations. Though I had already visited Moscow last year and seen all these stations, she gave phenomenal historic background and many interesting facts. She was almost fluent in English and and a good knowledge of Russian Culture, food and many other things. Overall we enjoyed thoroughly and I will highly recommend this tour with Julia if possible. Truly amazing person. And even more amazing tour.

Our Tour booked for 26 December 2017 was absolutely amazing. Our guide Julia picked us up from our Hotel in St Peterburg on time in a luxury minivan. Thanks to Julia we were able to see most of the tourist attractions that day. She went out of her way for us to make our day special. She had a vast knowledge of all the places that we visited. Lunch was special in a typical Russian restaurant with food from the region. I would definitely recommend this tour.

Picked up in the hotel lobby by our guide, Lylie, who then walked us to the closest Metro. She walked/trained us to 13 different stations and then explained the history of the metro and the significance of the decor in each station. We had plenty of time to photo, view the decor, watch and ride the trains and observe the people coming and going with their daily affairs. The art work/mosaics/sculptures/stained glass/ marble all had a role to play in presenting the history of communist Russia. The Russian metro well deserves the title of the most interesting and outstanding metro in the world. Lylie then took us to lunch, advised us on menu choices and their significance in the Russian culture and was very happy answering our questions on how the younger generation is responding to the new Russia. We had an outstanding guide, a fantastic experience and would highly recommend this tour over and above other tours which merely include a visit to a small number of stations. Lesley and David - Sydney

Great guide! She explained everything and took me to all the important stations. She knew her stuff! Worth it!

Our guide ,Dacha, was charming and very informative. We took the 2 hour tour and saw what Dacha thought were the most beautiful and interesting metro stations. The Metro is certainly worthy of its museum status and we were glad to have some of the designs and features explained to us.

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Moscow Metro 2019

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

Will it be easy to find my way in the Moscow Metro? It is a question many visitors ask themselves before hitting the streets of the Russian capital. As metro is the main means of transport in Moscow – fast, reliable and safe – having some skills in using it will help make your visit more successful and smooth. On top of this, it is the most beautiful metro in the world !

. There are over 220 stations and 15 lines in the Moscow Metro. It is open from 6 am to 1 am. Trains come very frequently: during the rush hour you won't wait for more than 90 seconds! Distances between stations are quite long – 1,5 to 2 or even 3 kilometers. Metro runs inside the city borders only. To get to the airport you will need to take an onground train - Aeroexpress.


Paper ticket A fee is fixed and does not depend on how far you go. There are tickets for a number of trips: 1, 2 or 60 trips; or for a number of days: 1, 3 days or a month. Your trips are recorded on a paper ticket. Ifyou buy a ticket for several trips you can share it with your traveling partner passing it from one to the other at the turnstile.

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

On every station there is cashier and machines (you can switch it to English). Cards and cash are accepted. 1 trip - 55 RUB 2 trips - 110 RUB

Tickets for 60 trips and day passes are available only at the cashier's.

60 rides - 1900 RUB

1 day - 230 RUB 3 days - 438 RUB 30 days - 2170 RUB.

The cheapest way to travel is buying Troyka card . It is a plastic card you can top up for any amount at the machine or at the ticket office. With it every trip costs 38 RUB in the metro and 21 RUB in a bus. You can get the card in any ticket office. Be prepared to leave a deposit of 50 RUB. You can get it back returning the card to the cashier.

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

SamsungPay, ApplePay and PayPass cards.

One turnstile at every station accept PayPass and payments with phones. It has a sticker with the logos and located next to the security's cabin.


At the platfrom you will see one of these signs.

It indicates the line you are at now (line 6), shows the direction train run and the final stations. Numbers below there are of those lines you can change from this line.

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

In trains, stations are announced in Russian and English. In newer trains there are also visual indication of there you are on the line.

To change lines look for these signs. This one shows the way to line 2.

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

There are also signs on the platfrom. They will help you to havigate yourself. (To the lines 3 and 5 in this case). 

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

black diamond jetforce tour 26l

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black diamond jetforce tour 26l

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BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Jetforce Tour Pack 26L - Black - Small Medium

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BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Jetforce Tour Pack 26L - Black - Small Medium

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    black diamond jetforce tour 26l

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    black diamond jetforce tour 26l

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    Black Diamond JetForce Tour 26L Avalanche Airbag Pack Was: $1199.95 Now: $959.96 You save: $239.99 (20%) or 4 interest-free payments of $239.99 with Add to Wishlist Online inventory may not reflect in-store availability. Free shipping on most orders over $50 * 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Easy Returns and Exchanges

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    The Black Diamond JetForce Tour utilizes the rapid-discharging, capacitor-based Alpride E1 system, which is a new innovation in airbag pack technology. Featuring a fully-electronic, turbine-based fan system powered by supercapacitors, the JetForce Tour is cartridge free, making travel easy, and it charges via a micro USB and two AA batteries.

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    1. Black Diamond Jetforce Tour 26L. Key features: Effective design, reliable, powerful airbag, extra pockets. The Black Diamond Jetforce Tour 26L is my top pick for the best avalanche airbag of the season. This is a backpack-style airbag that will provide you with effective deployment if you get caught in a slide.

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    Go beneath the streets on this tour of the spectacular, mind-bending Moscow Metro! Be awed by architecture and spot the Propaganda , then hear soviet stories from a local in the know. Finish it all up above ground, looking up to Stalins skyscrapers, and get the inside scoop on whats gone on behind those walls.

  19. JetForce Tour 26L Avalanche Airbag Pack

    JetForce Tour 26L Avalanche Airbag Pack Product Details Tech Specs Reviews Out of Stock The Black Diamond JetForce Tour utilizes the rapid-discharging, capacitor-based Alpride E1 system, which is a new innovation in airbag pack technology.

  20. Private Moscow Metro Tour

    Take aprivate Moscow Metro Tourto see the most historical metro stations, learn fun facts and fascinating stories and feel like a local in the most beautiful Metro in the world. Metro pass is included in the price of the tour.See 10 stations on 2-hour tour or 15 stations on 3-hour tour:Komsomolskaya, Kieskaya, Novoslobodskaya, Prospekt Mira, Beloru

  21. Moscow Metro 2019

    Will it be easy to find my way in the Moscow Metro? It is a question many visitors ask themselves before hitting the streets of the Russian capital. As metro is the main means of transport in Moscow - fast, reliable and safe - having some skills in using it will help make your visit more successful and smooth. On top of this, it is the most beautiful metro in the world!

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    Fan-based avalanche airbag backpack, fully electronic for backcountry skiing and snowboarding. Your Black Diamond® avy pack for the season.

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    Black Diamond Equipment Jetforce Tour 26L Avalanche Airbag Pack - Black - Small Medium Visit the BLACK DIAMOND Store Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Alpride E1 supercapacitor airbag system is cutting-edge, rechargeable, and powerful Charges in less than 1 hour via micro USB or AA batteries

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    Moscow has some of the most well-decorated metro stations in the world but visitors don't always know which are the best to see. This guided tour takes you to the city's most opulent stations, decorated in styles ranging from neoclassicism to art deco and featuring chandeliers and frescoes, and also provides a history of (and guidance on how to use) the Moscow metro system.