Cruise Ship Dream

Have you recently had a dream about a cruise ship? Maybe you were lounging on the deck or perhaps navigating stormy seas.

Either way, such a dream can symbolize the future fulfillment of a long-held wish, stepping out of comfort zones, or even the anticipation of romance.

Join me in this post as I navigate through ten powerful interpretations of a cruise ship dream, offering you insights that can unravel the mysteries of your subconscious.

Table Of Contents

1. Preparing for a Significant Life Change

When you have a dream about a cruise ship, it often signifies preparing for a significant life change.

Picture yourself on the deck of a cruise ship; it’s a symbol of transition, moving from one place to another, and setting sail towards the unknown.

Imagine how you might feel as the ship pulls away from the dock. There’s anticipation, perhaps a touch of nervousness, but also the thrill of something new on the horizon.

In this context, the cruise ship dream reflects a forthcoming shift in your life. It could be anything – a new job, a big move, even the addition of a family member.

This dream of a cruise ship might also remind you of the preparations before embarking on a journey. The packing, the planning, the goodbyes.

These activities mirror the emotional and mental preparation you might be undergoing in real life, as you brace yourself for a significant change.

Remember, even if the seas are rough at times, the journey ultimately leads to a destination, a new phase in your life.

2. Breaking Away from Routine

Another dream about cruise ship meaning might suggest a desire to break away from routine.

Consider the typical cruise ship experience: the break from daily life, the fresh ocean air, the freedom to spend your day as you wish.

This is a far cry from the monotonous routine many of us find ourselves in. So, when you dream of a cruise ship, it’s as though your subconscious is giving you a signal: it’s time for a change of scenery.

Imagine shaking up your daily schedule, trying something new, or even stepping out of your professional domain. Think of it as a call to inject some variety into your life.

Just as the cruise ship docks at diverse ports of call, you too should embrace the diversity life has to offer. This dream signifies your soul’s longing to break free from the monotony and venture into the new and exciting.

3. Bountiful Opportunities Ahead

The cruise ship dream meaning could be the indication of bountiful opportunities ahead. In a dream of a cruise ship, the vast ocean represents endless possibilities, and the ship symbolizes your journey through the sea of life.

It’s an exciting thought, isn’t it? Embarking on a journey where countless opportunities await you.

Imagine making progress work, discovering a promising new hobby, or meeting people who open doors to fantastic experiences.

These are all examples of opportunities that might come your way. Just like a cruise ship, you’re navigating through the vast ocean of life, ready to seize every promising opportunity that comes your way.

4. Finding Balance in Life

The fourth interpretation revolves around dreams about cruise ship suggesting a quest for balance in life. Think about it: a cruise ship, despite the waves and storms it might face, always strives to stay balanced.

This concept can be a reflection of your personal life. You might be seeking that equilibrium between your work and personal life, or between your responsibilities and your leisure time.

Picture yourself juggling work projects while also making time for your loved ones or your personal interests. The quest for balance might not be easy, but it’s worth it.

This dream symbolizes your subconscious mind’s desire for a well-rounded, harmonious life.

5. Impending Joyful News

A dream about a cruise ship might also symbolize impending joyful news. Imagine standing on the ship’s deck, seeing a delightful sight, or receiving a piece of exciting news. This is often the essence of a cruise ship dream.

The joyful news could take any form. Maybe you’ll hear about a friend’s engagement, receive a long-awaited news, or discover a pleasant surprise waiting for you.

Whatever it may be, this dream of a cruise ship heralds a wave of joy coming your way, filling your life with happiness and satisfaction.

6. Fulfillment of a Long-Held Wish

Picture the breathtaking moments on a cruise ship in a dream; perhaps a particular scene that takes your breath away or a thrilling experience you’ve always wished for.

This imagery can symbolize the fulfillment of a long-held wish in your life. Your cruise ship dream might be a manifestation of a deep-rooted desire coming to fruition in the future.

This could range from finally being able to afford a home, progress at work you’ve worked hard for, or even a journey you’ve been meaning to take.

Like the breathtaking moments you experience during a cruise, your long-awaited wish will bring immense joy and satisfaction, making all the anticipation worthwhile.

7. Reward for Hard Work

A dream about a cruise ship could symbolize the reward for hard work coming your way.

Just like the luxury and relaxation that a cruise ship vacation offers after months of hard work, your dream suggests a similar pattern in your life.

Imagine putting in long hours for a project at work or consistently working on a personal goal. Your hard work is about to pay off in the form of rewards, recognition, or success.

Like the anticipation of a well-deserved cruise ship vacation, your dreaming about a cruise ship signals that the time to reap the benefits of your hard work is nearing.

8. Anticipation of Romance

When it comes to love, a dream of a cruise ship can indicate the anticipation of romance. A cruise ship often brings with it the aura of romance; stunning sunsets, candlelit dinners, and walking under the stars.

This romantic setting in your dream about cruise ship could be a hint of a budding romantic relationship or a deepening of an existing one in your life.

It might be a new colleague who catches your eye, or your long-term partner surprising you with a romantic gesture.

The dream represents your heart’s anticipation of these romantic moments, promising an exciting time ahead in your love life.

9. Yearning for a Grand Escape

Ever had those moments where you just want to get away from it all? A dream of a cruise ship might symbolize this yearning for a grand escape.

The sea represents freedom, and a cruise ship allows us to explore this freedom. Just as you might long for the boundless ocean in a cruise ship in dream, you might also be yearning for a grand escape in your life.

This escape could be as simple as a vacation you’re planning or a drastic change like shifting to a new city.

Regardless, the yearning for change, the longing for an escape from your current circumstances, is what this dream is all about. It’s a signal that you are ready for a refreshing change in your life.

10. Stepping out of Comfort Zones

Finally, a dreaming about cruise ship can often represent stepping out of your comfort zones. A cruise ship, after all, takes you to new and unfamiliar destinations.

Similarly, your dream may suggest that you’ll soon be venturing outside your usual routine or comfort zone.

This could be something as mundane as taking on a new project at work or something as thrilling as trying an adventure sport.

The key is to embrace the unfamiliar, much like how a traveler embraces the new destinations a cruise ship takes them to.

It might be a bit daunting at first, but the rewards and experiences gained from stepping out of your comfort zone can be truly enriching.

💎 Important Questions

1. What was the condition of the sea or ocean while you were on the cruise ship in your dream?

If the sea was calm and serene, it could represent a period of tranquility and harmony that’s about to grace your life.

This might mean that you’re going to enjoy a phase at work where everything runs smoothly, with few conflicts or challenges.

On the other hand, if the sea was stormy or turbulent, it could mean that you are about to face challenges, but fear not, these challenges will ultimately lead to rewarding outcomes, similar to the storm leading you to a beautiful sunrise.

2. What was the size of the cruise ship in your dream?

If the cruise ship was grand and massive, it could symbolize that an opportunity of significant magnitude is on the horizon, perhaps something like making progress at work or an important project landing in your lap.

Conversely, if the cruise ship was smaller or modest, it might indicate an intimate and deeply personal journey ahead, perhaps finding love or connecting on a deeper level with someone close to you.

3. Were you alone or with others on the cruise ship in your dream?

If you were alone on the cruise ship, it might imply that you’re heading towards a period of self-discovery, perhaps gaining a better understanding of your capabilities at work or realizing your strengths in personal matters.

If you were with others, it might suggest that you will soon embark on a shared journey or a joint project with colleagues or friends that will deepen your bond with them.

4.  What was the destination of the cruise ship in your dream?

If the destination was a tropical island, it could indicate an upcoming period of relaxation and enjoyment in your life, like taking a break from your busy schedule and spending some quality time with loved ones.

If the destination was unknown or unclear, it could mean that an unexpected turn of events is about to happen in your life, like an unexpected promotion or a surprise party by friends.

5. Did the cruise ship dock successfully in your dream ?

If the ship docked successfully, it could represent the successful completion of a project or task you’re currently working on.

But if the ship didn’t dock or faced issues, it could mean that there might be some hurdles in your current task but remember, overcoming these will lead to personal satisfaction and recognition.

6. What time of the day was it in your dream on the cruise ship?

If it was daytime with clear skies, it could mean a period of clarity and insight is coming your way, helping you in making key decisions at work or home.

If it was nighttime, it could suggest that you’re about to discover something previously hidden or overlooked.

7. What were you doing on the cruise ship in your dream?

If you were enjoying and having fun, it could suggest a forthcoming period of joy and happiness in your life, perhaps a family celebration or a successful project completion.

If you were working or busy on the ship, it might suggest that your efforts at work will soon bear fruit.

8. Were there any unique or distinctive features about the cruise ship in your dream?

If the cruise ship had unique or distinctive features, like a particular color or design, it could mean that something unique or distinctive is about to happen in your life.

For instance, a cruise ship with gold detailing might suggest you’ll soon be rewarded for your efforts, just like gold represents reward and recognition.

🧬 Related Dreams

Dream about cruise ship sinking.

A sinking cruise ship in your dream might evoke fear, but in dream interpretation, it can suggest a transformation that’s on the horizon.

Just like how a sinking ship descends into the depths, you might be plunged into an entirely new situation or environment.

This could be a sudden project at work that requires you to develop new skills or perhaps a surprise relocation that will open up new possibilities.

The sinking ship symbolizes this deep dive into something new. So, when you dream about a sinking cruise ship, it can hint towards an upcoming challenging task, but one that will also unlock new opportunities.

Dream About Cruise Ship Flipping Over

Dreaming about a cruise ship flipping over can be dramatic and intense. This dream could indicate a shift or turnaround in your life, akin to how the cruise ship flips over.

For instance, you might be in line for a complete career switch or a drastic change in your daily routine. The flipping over is a sign of this 180-degree turn.

The dream of cruise ship meaning in this case is not suggesting that your life will turn chaotic, but instead, it hints that you’re about to experience a remarkable change that can lead to interesting opportunities.

Dream About Cruise Ship in Storm

Seeing a cruise ship in a storm during a dream can appear daunting but it might signify that you’re headed for a period of challenges that will eventually lead to growth.

Just as a storm tests the strength of a ship, you may find yourself facing obstacles that will test your resilience.

For example, you might encounter a difficult project at work or a complicated situation in your personal life. But remember, it’s often after weathering the storm that we reach calm waters.

This dream about a cruise ship in a storm suggests that although you might have to navigate through some rough patches, these will ultimately lead to a phase of peace and success.

Dream Cruise Ship Carnival

Carnival in a dream often represents celebration, joy, and social connections. Therefore, seeing a carnival on a cruise ship in your dream may suggest that you’re headed towards a period of social gatherings or communal success.

Just as a carnival on a cruise ship brings together diverse individuals, you might soon be part of a successful team project at work or a community event that fosters strong bonds.

This dream cruise ship carnival symbolizes the joy that comes from shared victories and collective celebrations, indicating a promising future full of camaraderie and shared achievements.

Dream of Cruise Ship Docking

When you dream of a cruise ship docking, it could imply that you’re about to complete a significant phase or project in your life.

Just as a cruise ship docks signifying the end of a journey, you might be reaching the conclusion of a significant task or period in your life.

This might be wrapping up a major project at work or achieving a long-term goal. The dream about a cruise ship docking signifies this end, but it also highlights that every end is a new beginning.

This could mean the initiation of an even more exciting phase in your life.

Dream of Cruise Ship Departing

Seeing a cruise ship departing in your dream can signify the beginning of a new journey. Just like the cruise ship sets sail towards a new destination, you may be about to embark on a new venture in your life.

This could be anything from starting a new job, launching a new project, or stepping into a new role.

The dream of a cruise ship departing is a metaphor for this new beginning, promising a future filled with new experiences and learnings.

Dream of Being Left Behind by a Cruise Ship

The feeling of being left behind can be disheartening, especially when it comes in the form of a dream about a cruise ship leaving without you.

However, such a dream might be hinting that you are about to break free from the regular, and venture into unexplored territories.

Much like the feeling of seeing a cruise ship sail away, you might find yourself stepping out of your comfort zone at work, taking up tasks that were once considered unconventional for you.

It might be nerve-wracking initially, but soon you will discover a new side to your skills and potential.

Dream of Seeing a Cruise Ship from a Distance

The sight of a cruise ship from a distance in your dream might suggest that you’re on the verge of embarking on a significant journey.

Similar to watching a cruise ship from afar, you could be looking at an upcoming project or opportunity that promises to be significant and impactful.

This dream about a cruise ship is a sign that you’re heading towards something big, like a game-changing project at work or a transformative life experience.

Dream of Being on a Luxurious Cruise Ship

The luxury and comfort that a dream of being on a luxurious cruise ship brings can indicate an upcoming period of success and prosperity in your life.

This might translate to receiving recognition at work or experiencing a significant improvement in your lifestyle.

The luxurious cruise ship symbolizes this journey towards achievement and abundance, suggesting that you might be on the brink of a great period.

Dreaming of a Cruise Ship at Night

A cruise ship at night in your dream may imply that you’re about to uncover some unknown aspects of your life.

Just like the darkness that the night brings, there might be a situation or an opportunity that isn’t clear to you right now.

This dream about a cruise ship at night can suggest that this uncertainty will soon clear up, leading to a revelation or insight that can be life-changing.

Dream of Cruise Ship Sailing Smoothly

When you dream of a cruise ship sailing smoothly, it can suggest that your life is about to enter a period of tranquility and smooth sailing.

Much like the calm waters through which the cruise ship sails, you might be heading towards a phase of peace and calm in your life. This could translate into a harmonious work environment or a phase of personal stability.

The dream about a cruise ship sailing smoothly symbolizes this transition into a peaceful and harmonious phase.

Dream of Being Lost on a Cruise Ship

Feeling lost on a cruise ship in your dream might symbolize that you’re on the verge of discovering a new direction or path.

Just as being lost prompts you to find a way, you might soon find yourself uncovering new goals or aspirations.

This dream of being lost on a cruise ship hints at this self-discovery, pointing towards an exciting future filled with new ambitions and directions.

Dream of a Cruise Ship in a Storm

Dreaming about cruise ship battling a storm, it could be an indication that you’re going to confront some turbulence in your life.

Yet, just like a ship steering its way through a storm, you will also weather through your difficulties.

It might be a challenging deadline at work or a test of your problem-solving skills, but this dream signifies that you’re set to overcome these hurdles and reach calmer waters.

Dream of a Cruise Ship Docking

Dreaming about cruise ship docking  might signify that you’re about to reach a significant milestone.

The dream about cruise ship docking could be hinting at an upcoming achievement, like the completion of a major project at work or reaching a long-term goal.

It’s an indication that, just like a ship reaching its port, you too are nearing a significant milestone in your life.

Dream of Being the Captain of a Cruise Ship

The responsibility that comes with being the captain of a cruise ship in your dream suggests you’re set to take up a leadership role.

The dream of cruise ship captain could signify an upcoming promotion or an opportunity at work where your leadership skills will be put to the test.

Just like a captain steering the ship, you’ll find yourself navigating your team towards success.

💬 Reader’s Dreams

Dream of a party on a cruise ship.

“I dreamt that I was at a lavish party on a magnificent cruise ship. Everyone was having a good time, and the atmosphere was lively and energetic. People were dancing, and I was part of the crowd, laughing and enjoying the festivities”.

Meaning : The dream hints that you are going to experience a joyous event or celebration in the near future.

Just like the party on the ship, it might be a social gathering, a get-together, or a celebration at work that would lead to a good time and foster a sense of community.

You might not be aware of it yet, but the preparations are already under way.

Dream of a Cruise Ship in Calm Waters

“In my dream, I saw a cruise ship sailing calmly on a vast, serene sea. The sky was clear, the sun was shining brightly, and the overall scene was peaceful and tranquil”.

Meaning : Such a dream could be suggesting that you are about to enter a period of calm and tranquility in your life.

The calm waters represent peace, much like the calm conditions in your dream.

It might mean that a stressful project at work will be concluded successfully or that a personal situation causing you stress will be resolved, leading to a period of peace and tranquility”.

Dream of Getting Lost on a Cruise Ship

“I had a dream where I was wandering aimlessly on a gigantic cruise ship. It felt like I was lost, and no matter where I turned, I couldn’t find my way back”.

Meaning : This dream could be indicating that you will encounter a challenging situation that will require you to seek help or advice.

Just as you were lost on the ship, you may find yourself in a situation at work or in your personal life that leaves you feeling a bit lost.

However, the dream suggests that you will eventually find the help you need to navigate through this situation.

Dream of a Cruise Ship at Night

“I dreamt of a well-lit cruise ship sailing smoothly in the darkness of the night. The ship was a beacon of light amidst the surrounding darkness, and I felt drawn to it”.

Meaning : This dream suggests that you will soon become a source of inspiration or support for someone in your life.

Just as the ship was a beacon of light in the dark, you might find yourself providing guidance or support to a colleague at work or a friend in need. Your actions will make a significant difference to them.

Dream of Watching a Cruise Ship from the Shore

“In my dream, I was standing on the shore, watching a magnificent cruise ship sail away. I felt a mix of emotions as I watched it drift further and further away”.

Meaning : The dream could indicate that you are about to let go of a long-held belief or a familiar situation. Just like the ship sailing away, you may find yourself moving away from a mindset or a situation that has served its purpose in your life.

It might be an outdated work practice or a habit that you will decide to let go of, paving the way for new beginnings.

I hope my post helped you understand the meaning of your cruise ship dream. If you have any questions- feel free to comment below. Thank you for reading!

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If you have a dream that has been haunting you, or a strange experience that you can't explain, Betty is the person to turn to.

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Oceanview Stateroom

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Interior with Picture Window

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Interior Stateroom

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Sample Cabin Image for Category Code 4G (Interior Stateroom)

Interior Upper/Lower Stateroom

These staterooms are great for a pair of cruisers on a budget, creatively maximizing space with a different layout — featuring one Twin bed, and either an upper Pullman or sofa bed.

View Deck Plan

Plan for 15 Sky Deck

Scarlet Restaurant

Decks: 3 Lobby 4 Atlantic

Scarlet Restaurant.

The Crimson Restaurant

The Crimson Restaurant

Decks: 4 Atlantic 3 Lobby

Feast on culinary pleasures and choose to your heart’s delight, as well as your palate’s.

The Gathering Lido Restaurant

The Gathering Lido Restaurant

Deck: 10 Lido

Plaza cafe

Deck: 5 Promenade

Plaza cafe.

The Chef's Art Steakhouse

The Chef's Art Steakhouse

Deck: 12 Spa

Turn your special vacation in the direction of delicious — book a table for an unforgettably delectable evening at the Steakhouse. Our menu features mouthwatering premium cuts of beef cooked to your exact specifications, as well as a fantastic selection of seafood, entrées, gourmet appetizers and an extensive wine list. The atmosphere pairs remarkably well with — and perhaps even enhances — the culinary creations of our gourmet chefs.

Pizzeria Del Capitano

Pizzeria Del Capitano

On Carnival ships, the captain tends to be kind of a big deal — almost a celebrity. On a few select ships, they’ve even got their own pizza kitchen. The best part? Pizzeria del Capitano is open to everyone, 24 hours a day! And since our captains tend to be Italian, you know the quality of the ingredients truly pass muster. (Sorry, nautical pun.) Hand-tossed dough, made from imported Italian flour, plus fresh mozzarella form a solid base, and a choice of toppings put the finishing touches on this piping hot, fresh-from-the-oven mealtime — or anytime — classic. (Also, try our caesar salad

Grand Buffet

Grand Buffet

Grand Buffet.

Mongolian Wok

Mongolian Wok

Chow down on some delicious Asian goodness. First, select your noodles and veggies. Then tell one of our chefs which sauce and meat you want in the wok. Will it be mussels and Szechuan? Beef and Thai barbecue? Chicken and black bean? Don’t worry, the decision doesn’t have to be final — you can come back to Mongolian Wok and try all the combos your heart desires!

Blue Iguana Cantina

Blue Iguana Cantina

Nobody knows Mexican dining like a blue iguana. Well, our blue iguana, at least. That’s why it should come as no surprise that the BlueIguana Cantina features freshly made tacos and burritos stuffed specially for your enjoyment. Throw our homemade tortillas and salsa into the mix, and you have a casual dining experience that will make you say “mmmm” (which is actually Iguanese for “more, please”).

Guys Burger Joint

Guys Burger Joint

We went looking for someone to help us grill up the best burgers at sea, and we found just the guy. Carnival has teamed up with best-selling author, restaurateur and Food Network personality Guy Fieri to bring all the authentic appeal of a roadside burger shack to Guy’s Burger Joint, the cool poolside spot for hot burgers and hand-cut fries. Try a fresh-off-the-grill burger Guy’s way, or take it off-road to our toppings bar and truly make it your own.

Bonsai Sushi

Bonsai Sushi

So maybe you’ve had sushi on a cruise before, but you’ve never had it like Bonsai Sushi, our onboard seafood-and-soy-sauce spot. Dine amidst expertly-pruned bonsai trees while enjoying sit-down service and an affordable menu of delectable sushi and sashimi… plus rolls, soups, sides, sakes and desserts. So the next time you’re taking an onboard stroll, stop at Bonsai Sushi for a little something satisfying.

Guy's Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse

Guy's Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse

Seafood Shack

Seafood Shack

Seafood Shack.


Deck: 3 Lobby

The Gathering

The Gathering

Deck: 11 Panorama

The Gathering.

Crimson Lounge1 & 2 Restaurant Annex

Crimson Lounge1 & 2 Restaurant Annex

Traveling in a group? Reserve this space as your own private dining room.

Encore Main Lounge

Encore Main Lounge

Decks: 4 Atlantic 3 Lobby 5 Promenade

Encore Main Lounge.

Jackpot Casino Non Smoking

Jackpot Casino Non Smoking

Jackpot Casino Non Smoking.

The Page Turner Library

The Page Turner Library

Deck: 4 Atlantic

With wall-to-wall activities, most people wouldn’t think of their cruise vacation as a great time to read a book, but you’ll find the bibliophilic faithful stretched out on deck chairs, enjoying the sun, sea breeze… and a page-turner

Carnival Waterworks

Carnival Waterworks

Carnival Waterworks.

Sunset Pool

Sunset Pool

Sunset Pool.

Waves Pool

Think palm trees, a cool breeze and relaxing with your favorite drink in your hand. Now make that a reality and head on over to our new Resort-Style Pool -- Swim or just chill out.

Mini Golf

Carnival's Seaside Theatre

Carnival's Seaside Theatre.

Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Art Gallery.

Upper Dream Street Promenade

Upper Dream Street Promenade

Upper Dream Street Promenade.

The Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery.

Shore Excursions

Shore Excursions

The best way to fill your day on shore is to explore our vacation destination's hot spots.

Club O2

Your parents deserve a nice vacation… but then again, so do you. So let’s let them go do their thing while you do yours. Where to? Club O2. Hang out and do stuff like watch movies, listen to music from this decade, play sports and video games, join karaoke jam sessions… maybe even have a pool party or two, all with other high schoolers ages of 15 to 17.

The Warehouse Video Arcade

The Warehouse Video Arcade

If you love to play video games, you’re in luck. Our video arcade boasts a huge array of games, and is open to players of all ages, all night and all day. So get some tokens from the vending machine and let the fun times begin. Challenge your friends to a game, or just see if you can beat the top score. After all, with the video arcade open 24 hours and an entire cruise ahead of you, you have plenty of time to try.


Decks: 15 Sky 11 Panorama 10 Lido 5 Promenade

Cloud 9 Spa staff are masters (or, maybe more like artists) trained in the craft of simply helping you chill. What’s their secret? Massages, facials, body wraps, thermal suites and more — plus, on certain ships, the amazing Thalassotherapy Pool — these are the tools of the trade. And the trade is ultimate relaxation.

Ocean Plaza

Ocean Plaza

Ocean Plaza.

Sam's Piano Bar

Sam's Piano Bar

Sam's Piano Bar.

Burgundy Aft Lounge

Burgundy Aft Lounge

Burgundy Aft Lounge.

Rendezvous Club Lounge

Rendezvous Club Lounge

Rendezvous Club Lounge.

The Lanai Promenade

The Lanai Promenade

Breathe in the salty sea air as you relax in the jacuzzi, stroll along the half-mile-long promenade and get spoiled by views, each more intoxicating than the last.

The Dream Atrium

The Dream Atrium

Decks: 11 Panorama 10 Lido 9 Vista 8 Verandah 7 Empress 6 Upper 4 Atlantic 5 Promenade

The Dream Atrium.

The Dream Lobby

The Dream Lobby

The Dream Lobby.

Dream Team Basketball Court

Dream Team Basketball Court

Deck: 14 Sun

Dream Team Basketball Court.

Fitness Studio

Fitness Studio

Fitness Studio.


A trip to the salon is an opportunity to relax, to chat with others, to focus on yourself. It’s about more than just getting your hair or nails done… but it’s definitely about getting your hair or nails done! Even though you’re on vacation, you won’t have to settle for anything less than the salon style you’re used to back on land. And these good looks go beyond the usual — we even offer services like teeth whitening… great for taking those ‘I’m on vacation and I’m looking great!’ smiles to the next level.

Treatments Room

Treatments Room


Jogging Track

Jogging may not immediately come to mind when you think of things to do at sea, but it probably should. You don’t have to walk on water, you just have to get on a Carnival cruise. After all, if you’re going to jog, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place to do it with a more scenic view, or a more refreshing breeze — both of these are available in abundance when you go for an open-air jog on the upper-deck. Jogging tracks are available on all Carnival ships, and are even padded for long-distance comfort.

Relax Lounge

Relax Lounge

Thermal Suite Tepidarium

Thermal Suite Tepidarium

Thermal Suite Tepidarium.

Hydrotherapy Pool

Hydrotherapy Pool

Hydrotherapy Pool.

Camp Ocean

Camp Ocean.


Blue Iguana Tequila bar

BlueIguana Tequila Bar is the onboard spot to chill and enjoy a slushy tequila drink or an ice-cold Mexican cerveza. The menu offers up Mexican favorites, including several brands of tequila and a slew of Mexican brews. There’s a lineup of frozen concoctions, cocktails and margaritas served by the glass or by the pitcher, and even a special Mexican beer cocktail (yes, really). Where can you find this little slice of Mexican paradise? Next to the pool, of course. So stay cool and take in the bar’s vacation vibe while you kick back on your cruise – that’s what official bar mascot Blue the Iguana would tell you.

Redfrog Rum Bar

Redfrog Rum Bar

Guests have told us we hit on something special with the cool Caribbean chill of the RedFrog Pub. We've taken the best parts and brought them poolside with the RedFrog Rum Bar, where the frog keeps the fun hopping day and night with all the island flava you know and love. Join the party at this poolside bar featuring a great selection of frog-approved Caribbean rum-based concoctions available by the glass or pitcher, plus plenty of Carnival’s signature private-label draft beer, ThirstyFrog Red.


Decks: 5 Promenade 4 Atlantic 3 Lobby

The Song Jazz Lounge

The Song Jazz Lounge

The Song Jazz Lounge.

Caliente Dance Club

Caliente Dance Club

Alchemy Bar

Alchemy Bar

Alchemy Bar.

Dance Floor

Dance Floor

Decks: 5 Promenade 3 Lobby

Dance Floor.

Jackpot Bar

Jackpot Bar


Cherry On Top

A cruise is the perfect time to treat yourself to something sweet, and Cherry On Top happens to be the perfect place. You'll find this well-stocked candy-and-more-store not only great for enjoying some of your confectionery favorites, but the place to pick up food and apparel gifts for that special someone, even if — admit it — that someone happens to be you!

The Fun Shops

The Fun Shops

The Fun Shops.

Dream Bar

Guest Services


Criental steam Bath

Criental steam Bath.

Coed Sauna

Coed Sauna.

Aroma Steam Bath

Aroma Steam Bath

Aroma Steam Bath.


Decks: 14 Sun 15 Sky

The Lanai

Lower Dream Street Promenade

Lower Dream Street Promenade.

Aft Atrium

Aft Atrium.

Carnival Adventures

Carnival Adventures

Jackpot Casino

Jackpot Casino

Jackpot Casino.

Sunset Bar


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Inside My Dream

Unravel the Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About a Cruise Ship: A Guide to Understanding Dreams About Cruise Ships

Written by:

Do you ever have dreams about being on a cruise ship? Have you ever wondered what your cruise ship dream could mean? Dreams about cruise ships can have a variety of meanings depending on the context of the dream. Unlocking the meaning of your cruise ship dream can give you insight into yourself and your life. By exploring the symbolism of your cruise ship dream, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your emotions.

What Dreams Are and What They Can Tell Us

What Dreams Are And What They Can Tell Us

  • Dreams are a reflection of the dreamer’s subconscious – They can provide insight into a person’s innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires.
  • Dreams can provide insight into the future – They can help people make decisions, solve problems, and understand their lives better.
  • Dreams can be symbolic – Symbols in dreams can represent different things. Different symbols can represent different meanings depending on the context of the dream.
  • Dreams can be a way of exploring the unknown – Dreams can provide a safe space for exploring the unknown and confronting difficult decisions that need to be made.
  • Dreams can be a way of understanding your own emotions – Dreams can help you better understand your emotions and how they affect your life.

When it comes to dreaming about a cruise ship, it can be a sign of adventure, relaxation, and exploration. A cruise ship dream could symbolize a desire to explore the unknown and to take a break from the everyday. It could also represent a desire for excitement and a need for change. The meaning of a cruise ship dream can vary depending on the dreamer’s current situation and goals. It is important to look at the context of the dream and analyze the details to get a better understanding of its meaning.

Card 1

Dreaming About a Cruise Ship

What does it mean to dream about a cruise ship.

Dreaming about a cruise ship is a powerful symbol for potential and opportunity. It often reflects the desire to explore and discover something new. Cruises can represent a journey of self-exploration, of breaking through barriers and discovering hidden potential.

Symbolic Meanings and Interpretations

The cruise ship in your dream could be a sign of upcoming changes or opportunities in your life. It could also be a metaphor for going on an adventure and discovering something new. Alternatively, the cruise ship could be a symbol of luxury and comfort, representing the desire to escape from everyday life and enjoy a relaxing and carefree lifestyle.

Cruise ships in dreams can also symbolize a desire for freedom and independence. It could be a sign of wanting to break away from the demands of everyday life and explore something different. Alternatively, it could represent a journey of self-discovery, of unlocking hidden potential and discovering who you truly are.

Finally, the cruise ship in your dream could be a sign of inner peace and balance. The dream could be a metaphor for finding harmony in the midst of chaos, of being able to navigate the stormy seas of life. Alternatively, it could be a sign of being in control of your own destiny and having the courage to go on an adventure and discover something new.

Relationship Dynamics

Relationship Dynamics

Dreams About Cruising With a Partner

Dreaming of taking a cruise with your partner could be a sign that you two are ready for a new adventure together. It could also be a sign of your desire to reconnect and deepen your relationship, as a shared experience on a cruise ship could help you to strengthen your bond. Dreaming of a cruise with your partner could be a sign that you are both ready to take the next step in your relationship.

Dreams About Cruising With Family

Dreaming of taking a cruise with your family could mean that you are looking for quality time together and to strengthen your family bond. It could also be a sign that you are looking for a distraction away from the day-to-day grind of family life. Dreaming of a cruise with your family could be a sign that you are looking for a break from your routine and to spend quality time together.

Dreams About Cruising Alone

Dreaming of taking a cruise alone could mean that you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It could also be a sign of your need for independence and to explore different opportunities. Dreaming of a cruise alone could be a sign that you are looking for a break from your everyday life and to explore new possibilities.

Career and Financial Goals

Dreams about cruising and professional goals.

Cruising dreams may symbolize a desire to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. They can also represent a desire to explore unknown waters or take a journey to a destination of your choosing. Alternatively, they could indicate a desire to take risks in order to reach success.

Dreams About Cruising and Financial Goals

Cruising dreams may symbolize a desire to improve your financial situation. They could be a sign that you will soon receive a windfall of money or that you will soon find a way to increase your income. Alternatively, they may be a sign that you are ready to take a financial risk in order to achieve your goals.

Exploring Our Inner Worlds

Exploring Our Inner Worlds

Dreams About the Ocean

Dreams about the ocean often reflect feelings of vastness and freedom. It is a symbol of growth and power. They can signal a need for relaxation and a chance to escape from the worries of daily life. On the other hand, dreams about the ocean can also symbolize a lack of control or a need to confront personal fears.

Dreams About the Ship

Dreams about a cruise ship often represent a desire for a life of luxury and ease. It can also reflect a need for a break from the demands of everyday life. The cruise ship can also be a metaphor for a spiritual journey or personal transformation. It can be a sign of a new adventure or exploration.

Processing Our Feelings

Dreams about cruise ships can have various meanings, depending on the context and emotional state of the dreamer. It’s important to take the time to explore your feelings about the dream, as it could reveal deeper aspects of your emotional life.

Dreams About Experiencing Joy

Dreams about cruise ships can represent feelings of joy, relaxation, and freedom. This can be a sign that you are seeking out ways to explore and express your creativity and passions. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands and obligations, consider a cruise ship dream as a reminder to take time out to relax and enjoy life’s pleasures.

Dreams About Experiencing Fear

On the other hand, if you had a dream about a cruise ship that made you feel fearful, it could be a sign that you are feeling out of control in some area of your life. It could also be a sign that you need to take a step back and reassess the risks you are taking in order to make sure they are worth it. Pay attention to the details of the dream and use it as an opportunity to reflect on what is causing you to feel overwhelmed or anxious.

Exploring Our Limitations

Dreams about cruise ships can often be interpreted as a metaphor for exploring the limitations that we place on ourselves. Dreams about reaching our limits could be interpreted as a sign that you are reaching the boundaries of your own capacity and that you need to take a step back and assess the situation. On the other hand, dreams about breaking through our limits could be interpreted as a sign that you have the courage and strength to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and achieve great things.

It is important to remember that the interpretation of a dream is largely dependent on the context and the symbolism of the dream itself. For example, if the cruise ship in your dream is old and decrepit, it could be interpreted as a sign that you are stuck in a situation and need to make some changes to move forward. On the other hand, if the cruise ship is a luxurious and grand vessel, it could be interpreted as a sign that you have the potential to reach the highest heights and achieve your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common symbols associated with cruise ship dreams.

  • Excitement: Cruises often represent being excited for an upcoming experience or feeling of anticipation.
  • Freedom: Cruise ships may symbolize the freedom of being away from everyday life, a chance to explore and discover something new.
  • Journeys: Cruise ships suggest a journey and adventure, a sense of exploration and a desire to experience new and exciting places.
  • Relaxation: Cruise ships can symbolize a restful, relaxing holiday, a chance to get away from the stresses of everyday life.
  • Romance: Cruise ships often represent the idea of a romantic getaway, a chance to share an intimate moment with a loved one.
  • Luxury: Cruise ships may symbolize a luxurious experience, a chance to enjoy the finer things in life.

How can I interpret my dream in a meaningful way?

  • Focus on what stands out the most to you.
  • Note down the emotions and feelings you experienced during the dream.
  • Think about the context and the environment of the dream.
  • Pay attention to the symbols and metaphors in the dream.
  • Try to find a connection between the dream and your life.
  • Discover what the dream might be trying to tell you.

Interpreting a dream can be a powerful way of unlocking meaningful insight about yourself and your life. To interpret a cruise ship dream, start by focusing on what stands out the most to you. Note down the emotions and feelings you experienced during the dream, as these can be very telling. Think about the context and the environment of the dream to gain further insight. Pay attention to the symbols and metaphors in the dream, and try to find a connection between the dream and your life. Finally, discover what the dream might be trying to tell you. The answers can be surprising and can help illuminate a path forward.

What Does it Mean When I Dream About Being on a Cruise Ship?

Dreaming about being on a cruise ship can represent a desire for adventure, exploration, and freedom. The vastness of the ocean in the dream may be symbolic of one’s own inner depths and potential for growth. It can also be a reminder to take more time for leisure and relaxation. The cruise ship can also be a symbol for the journey of life, with its highs and lows, and the need for balance and stability. Ultimately, the dream can be interpreted differently depending on the context and individual experience.

Could my cruise ship dream be related to a current event in my life?

  • Work Stress: Dreams about cruise ships can be reflections of the stress you are feeling in your life, especially in relation to your job. If you are feeling overwhelmed with work, you may have a dream about being on a cruise ship and leaving the pressure of work behind.
  • Travel: If you have been dreaming of taking a cruise, it is possible that your dream is related to a current event in your life, such as planning a vacation or a trip. This could be a sign that you need to take a break and get away from the stress of everyday life.
  • Relationships: Dreams about cruise ships can also be related to your relationships. If you are feeling disconnected from your partner, you may dream about being on a cruise ship, which could symbolize a desire to reconnect and rekindle the romance.
  • Fear of the Unknown: Dreams about cruise ships can also be a reflection of your fear of the unknown. If you are facing a major change in your life, such as a move or a new job, you may be feeling anxious about the future. The cruise ship could represent the unknown and the fear that comes with it.
  • Loss of Control: Dreams about cruise ships can also be related to feelings of being out of control. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life and struggling to make decisions, the dream may be a reflection of your feelings of helplessness and lack of control.

By exploring the symbolism of the dream and understanding the current events in your life, you can gain insight into what your cruise ship dream may mean for you.

How Can I Use My Cruise Ship Dream to Better Understand Myself?

Dreams are a reflection of the subconscious mind and can provide valuable insight into our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. To unlock the meaning of a cruise ship dream, look at the context of the dream, the emotions experienced, and the symbols that appear. Cruise ships often symbolize relaxation and a sense of freedom, but they can also symbolize an escape from reality. Examining these symbols can help you gain insight into how you feel about your current life and how you might be trying to escape from it. Additionally, consider what activities you were doing or what the ship represented in the dream. Was the ship filled with fun activities or was it empty and desolate? These details can provide further insight into how you view yourself and your current situation. Finally, consider how you felt at the end of the dream and what you took away from it. Understanding the underlying meaning of a cruise ship dream can help you gain a greater understanding of yourself and your life.

Cruise ships in dreams often represent a journey or a desire for a new beginning. The dream can symbolize a need to escape from a difficult situation, to explore new opportunities, or to take a break from everyday life. It can also represent a desire for adventure and a chance to experience something new. Whether the dream is interpreted positively or negatively, it is important to consider the meaning and the message behind the dream and to use it as an opportunity for personal growth.

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Disney Dream

A dream come true., onboard fun.

There’s an almost endless amount of one-of-a-kind entertainment, recreation and dining offerings on the Disney Dream to keep the entire family smiling from sun-up to well after sundown.

View All Onboard Activities on the Disney Dream


Laugh and cheer during original Disney musicals, watch a fireworks show under the stars or catch the newest Disney films. View More

Imaginative play in vivid settings for the kids, adults-only hotspots, 3 pools—around every corner, there’s fun for everyone. View More

Hungry for something different? Feast on gourmet delights and made-to-order casual fare at magically themed restaurants. View More


Character greetings, first-run movies, daily activities.

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Casual dining, adult-exclusive dining.

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Set your sights on some of the newest onboard enhancements and must-see experiences designed to stir your family’s imagination and create memories to last a lifetime.

Animator’s Palate

Be drawn into the magic of Disney animation at this restaurant that serves up a unique dinner show starring Disney characters.

Marvel Day at Sea

Join some of Marvel’s mightiest heroes for a super day-long celebration—available on select cruises.

Star Wars : Millenium Falcon

Inside Disney’s Oceaneer Club, young rebels are invited to pilot Han Solo’s legendary spaceship through the Star Wars universe.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Step inside this enchanted beauty salon that offers magical, head-to-toe makeovers for young princesses, pirates and knights.

Beauty and the Beast

Fall in love—all over again! Belle, Beast and the enchanted kingdom comes alive in an amazing stage show that’ll have our Guests singing along.

Indulge in tantalizing French-gourmet fare at this adult-exclusive restaurant boasting sweeping sea views and a chic ambience.

Stay in a stateroom to fit your family’s need for style and comfort—from cozy private lodgings with extra space to grand and richly appointed suites boasting sweeping views.

Luxurious and spacious beyond compare, Concierge staterooms feature separate bedrooms, top-notch amenities and unparalleled service.

Breathe in the ocean air from these richly appointed accommodations designed for families of 3 to 5—featuring a private balcony and sweeping sea views.

Relax in roomy quarters bedecked in a charming nautical motif with Art Deco flourishes—plus one or 2 portholes for admiring the scenery.

Sail away in a spacious stateroom fitted with a Magical Porthole for real-time sea views—and surprise sightings of animated Disney characters! 


Chart a course for unforgettable adventure with the Disney Dream as your guide and drop anchor in some of the world’s most magical places, including the Bahamas and Disney’s very own Castaway Cay.

Castaway Cay

Lose yourself to swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling and boating on this island paradise reserved for Disney Cruise Line Guests.

Tropical weather blankets this sun-kissed paradise, where the recreation is renowned and the landscapes are breathtaking.

Royal palaces, expansive museums and sumptuous gardens make this wondrous region beloved by all who visit.

Disney Dream cruise ship review: Mostly magic with a bit of mayhem

Erica Silverstein

TPG's Erica Silverstein accepted a free trip from Disney Cruise Line to cruise on Disney Dream. The opinions expressed below are entirely hers and weren't subject to review by the line.

A Disney Dream cruise is not just for families with young children who love Mickey Mouse and princesses. Disney lovers of all ages, including many couples who choose to get married on board or on the cruise line's private island, will appreciate setting sail in an immersive Disney atmosphere.

A Disney Dream sailing is also attractive to travelers who love a good show, as the ship offers stellar musicals, captivating deck parties and all the movies you can watch from the many Disney-owned production companies (Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and more). Cruisers seeking a more midsize ship, with attentive service and plenty of activities geared toward both kids and adults, will not be disappointed.

Unsurprisingly, Disney Cruise Line does themed sailings well. My five-night Western Caribbean cruise was a Very Merrytime sailing, complete with holiday decorations throughout the ship, seasonal shows and activities, and visits from Santa. Mickey and friends, as well as my fellow passengers, were sporting red and green attire, too. The ship gets equally passionate about Halloween and Marvel-themed sailings.

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A Disney cruise might be a magical experience for some, but Disney Dream isn't perfect. On my cruise, dining venues were crowded and loud, and the lobby atrium and pool deck did not have enough space for all the cruisers who wanted to watch the signature shows. Cruisers looking for varied nightlife might be disappointed that many adults are tied up with childcare at night and unable to venture out to the adults-only bars and lounges.

A cruise aboard Disney Dream is pricey, especially when compared with family-friendly lines such as Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line . Make sure that Disney Dream is the ship for you by learning everything you need to know about the ship — from its cabins to its restaurants, attractions and activities — as well as my take on where the ship excels and where it misses the mark.

Overview of Disney Dream

a cruise ship dream

The 130,000-ton Disney Dream contains 1,250 cabins and can carry 2,500 passengers at double occupancy and 4,000 at maximum capacity. That makes it small for a family ship when comparing it to Royal Caribbean's family favorite Oasis Class ships. The biggest Oasis Class ship, Wonder of the Seas , for example, measures 236,857 tons — 82% bigger than Disney Dream — and carries 5,734 passengers at double occupancy or 6,988 passengers when full.

The ship also stands apart from competitors in that it defies categorization. The ship would be considered mass-market because it offers a range of cabins from windowless insides through suites, appeals to families, does not focus on gourmet food or high-end finishings, and does not offer all-inclusive fares.

Yet Disney Dream's sailings are priced higher than most family-friendly cruise ships because the Disney brand commands a premium. Plus, you could argue that the service levels are higher and the entertainment is of a higher quality than on Royal Caribbean, Carnival or Norwegian Cruise Line ships.

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So who's on board? Obviously, families with young children make up a large fraction of Disney Dream's passenger base. You'll find babies, kids and teens, as well as three-generation groups and extended family or friend groups. Yet the ship also attracts adults who are Disney fans or appreciate Disney's entertainment and service. It is common for couples to plan onboard weddings or take their honeymoon on a Disney cruise.

Because Disney cruise fares are so high, most Disney Dream passengers are willing to spend money, either because they have a high vacation budget or have saved up for a special trip where they will pull out all the stops. I was surprised how many passengers were paying extra for princess makeovers at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, high-priced Disney paraphernalia from the onboard shops, and souvenir drink and popcorn containers.

The other thing to recognize about Disney Dream is that the kid activities are central and the adult amenities peripheral. The pool deck features several bars, but they are tucked away at the ends of the deck, not set out by the main pool. The sports pub, nightclub and other themed bars are hidden at the back end of Deck 4 in a warren of interconnected rooms that aren't always easy to find, and the adults-only specialty restaurants are relegated to a quiet corner at the top of the ship. There is no casino on board.

Because so many of the adults on board are traveling with children, not all are free to go out at night. So, some adult venues and evening activities can be sparsely populated. (Others generate a larger crowd, though.) On the upside, I did not encounter obviously inebriated folks on this cruise — though that could be because I, like so many adults, was traveling with a child and not often in the adult spaces.

What I loved about Disney Dream

The crew and waiters.

a cruise ship dream

Every cruise line promotes the attentiveness of its crew, but the Disney Dream crew really shined, especially our waiters, who traveled with us from restaurant to restaurant. They quickly learned our preferences, bringing us our preferred drinks as we sat down, giving us butter in addition to the day's dip for the bread and remembering our tea preferences.

Our main waiter, Richard, always had a riddle or magic trick for the kids in his section, and Afandi, our assistant waiter, made origami for the kids each night. They would patiently listen as our 7-year-old companion told them jokes and stories, even though they were busy delivering meals and clearing plates.

Our room steward, Panca, left us towel animals every day and always inquired if there was anything we needed. The kids club counselors were always welcoming and ready to answer any parent questions. The entertainment staff did a great job involving as many kids as possible in the activities and were friendly and patient.

a cruise ship dream

I love a good Broadway show, but the song-and-dance revues featured on so many cruise lines often fall flat. The singing ranges from great to mediocre, and while the costume changes and high-tech effects are cool, the shows don't always have a strong thread connecting the various numbers.

Disney Cruise Line takes a different approach — a more Disney approach, if you will. Disney Dream offers three featured musicals, all with a clear story to tell. Adults can appreciate the strong performances and creative use of costumes and scenery, and kids enjoy seeing some of their favorite characters and stories come to life on stage.

This was especially true of the ship's version of "Beauty and the Beast," an abridged version of the story based on the live-action movie. Kids and adults alike were riveted in their seats for an hour and a half, and the performances were stellar, with some of the actors even hailing from Broadway.

The only downside to the shows being so good is that you never want to miss one. That meant my friend and I never sent her daughter to the kids club after dinner, which would have allowed us to enjoy one of the ship's bars and an after-dinner cocktail together.

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Palo brunch

a cruise ship dream

I'd heard from many people that brunch at Palo was amazing, and the experience did not disappoint. If you can sneak away for a couple hours, it's a lovely way to enjoy a relaxed, quiet, kid-free meal without missing one of the featured rotational restaurants. It's also good value, leading some people to claim it's the best $50 you can spend on a Disney cruise .

Our waiter, Victor, was as handsome and charming as any Disney prince. He brought us passionfruit mimosas when my friend said she didn't care for orange juice. We started the meal with a bread basket, and the almond croissants were the best I'd ever had, warm and flaky with a delicious almond filling that elevated the pastry.

The menu is so varied that it's hard to choose. Winners included poached eggs with spinach, asparagus and mornay sauce and the goat cheese flatbread. The mushroom ravioli fell flat, but that was OK because I was getting pretty full by then. The chocolate hazelnut dessert was thankfully small because I only had room for a few delectable bites.

My tip: Book an early brunch, and don't eat anything beforehand. You will definitely want to arrive hungry and with a very empty stomach.

Family-friendly cabins

a cruise ship dream

Disney really thought about what families need in a living space when it designed the cabins on its ships, including Disney Dream. As a mom who has cruised with kids since they were babies, I understand the unique challenges families face when sharing a small cabin together. Disney does, too, and has created cabins to eliminate some of those challenges.

It starts with the split bathrooms, one with sink and toilet and the other with sink and shower. That means two can brush their teeth at once, and if a little person suddenly has to go potty when Daddy is in the shower, it's not a problem.

The cabins have plentiful storage space with lots of drawers because little kid clothing does not fit on grown-up hangers. Our cabin host even left a kid-size bathrobe in the closet, along with the two adult-size ones.

There's a dim light on the ceiling of the room's living area where kids will sleep in sofabeds and pulldown bunks to serve as a nightlight. A floor-to-ceiling curtain can extend across the entire room to separate the kids' sleeping areas from the adults. This way, adults can have the lights on in their section of the room after bedtime.

Even the balconies have childproof locks high up on the door, so you can prevent kiddos from sneaking onto the veranda without adult supervision.

What I didn't love about Disney Dream

Crowds and queues.

a cruise ship dream

Disney does not get everything magically right, unfortunately. One way its ships resemble its parks is in the crowds and wait times for nearly everything.

I was dismayed at how much time we spent on this cruise waiting around. Sometimes, it was waiting in the always-long lines for a meet-and-greet and photo opp with characters or to drop off or pick up kids at the Oceaneer Club. I waited 40 minutes on a sea-day afternoon to ride the AquaDuck, and there was no entertainment in that line, as there might be at a Disney park water attraction.

Any show we wanted to see involved arriving early to get seats, occasionally waiting in line to enter the theater. Show up late to one of the Pirate Night shows or any of the events in the atrium lobby, and you will have terrible sightlines and be unable to see much of the show.

The ship also felt small for the number of people it carried, possibly because of bad design and passenger flow. Unless you go very early or late, the pool deck and its two pools are insanely crowded. Even the dining rooms felt like tables were pushed extremely close together, and it was so loud that I often had to raise my voice or lean across the table to converse with my tablemates. Walking through crowded areas was also tricky since kids would veer unpredictably while ambling slowly, so it was hard to get by; both parents and kids would block stairwells or corridors.

The crowding did make the adult areas feel like a respite. Still, the Quiet Cove sun deck and pool area fill up.

Nightlife district

a cruise ship dream

The majority of Disney Dream's indoor bars and adult lounge areas are grouped together in a warren of interconnected rooms at the back of Deck 4. The District is meant to be a happening nightlife area, but I found it to be more of a dark, confusing afterthought.

I liked the vibe in the pub, with comfy seating and windows to the outside, and the whimsical Champagne bar Pink with its bubbles and corset theming. But the other bars were dark and not necessarily inviting. There was one bar, Skyline, that I could not find until I got turned around in a stairwell and happened upon it.

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A member of the ship's entertainment team told me that evening adult events were hit or miss as far as attendance goes. It makes sense — I found that by the time I ate dinner and attended the show, it was time to put my friend's kid to bed. I could have ditched them to hang out in a bar on my own, but that wasn't an attractive option.

Disney Dream cabins and suites

a cruise ship dream

The cabins and suites on Disney Dream were designed with families in mind, more so than on nearly every other cruise ship afloat. Cabins come in various categories, with many that can sleep families of three or four. Most have a split bathroom design, with two half baths; one contains a toilet and sink, the other a sink and shower (or shower-tub combo).

My cabin was a balcony room that could accommodate three, with a queen-size bed and a sofa that flips into a twin bed. I was dismayed to discover that, unlike every other ocean-going cruise ship I've sailed, the queen bed did not split into two twins. This forced my friend and I to share a bed. (Cabins that can sleep four will have a pull-down bunk above the sofa bed.)

The room is split in two by a floor-to-ceiling height, full-width blackout curtain, so we could put my friend's daughter to bed on the couch, turn off the lights on her side of the room and then read in bed with the lights on. One downside of this arrangement is that the small flat-screen TV is in the living area, not the bedroom, so we couldn't watch a late-night movie. Another downside: The blackout curtains effectively turned the adult sleeping area into an inside cabin with no natural light.

In addition to the sofa bed, the cabin's living area features a desk with two 110V and one 220V outlets, three deep drawers (perfect for storing kid clothing), a minifridge, the aforementioned TV, an open cabinet with two narrow shelves, a closed cabinet with two tall shelves and a mirror. One of the many light switches by the desk turns on a dim overhead light that can be used as a nightlight. A low-backed chair can be positioned at the desk or turned around to face the coffee table when dining in your cabin.

The master bed is flanked by two small nightstands, each with one drawer, and reading lamps. Only one side of the bed has a 110V and 220V outlet; the other has the cabin's phone. The closet is divided into two sections, both with hanging space and some open shelves. Adjacent is a shelving unit with three deep drawers and a tall two-shelf open cabinet above. The bed is high enough for suitcases, or your small child, to fit underneath.

I found the storage perfectly adequate for two adults and a child on a five-night cruise, and the room could likely handle belongings for a seven-night or longer cruise, as well.

a cruise ship dream

The narrow balcony features two metal and mesh upright chairs and a round metal drinks table. It has a childproof lock you can choose to use to prevent little cruisers from venturing out on the balcony unattended.

The bathroom with the toilet and sink offers three small glass shelves for storing toiletries; the shower room has two. Our bathroom had a tub/shower combo, and at 6 feet tall, I came close to hitting my head on the ceiling; I could not wash my hair without removing the wand showerhead from its holder and reaching it up as far its cord would go.

Each bathroom comes with a refillable hand soap dispenser; the shower room also offers bar soap and refillable containers of Disney brand shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in the tub. You'll find tissue dispensers in each. The shower room has a full-length mirror on the back of the door, which is useful, but this means there are no hooks on the door to hang extra items. There are, however, two retractable clotheslines in the shower and two large hooks on the wall between the bathroom and the sleeping area.

Less expensive cabins are either windowless insides with "magical portholes" (round video screens set in a window frame that display images from outside the ship with some cameos from animated characters) or ocean-view rooms with a round porthole window that does not open.

Higher-tier cabins include Concierge-level cabins and suites that grant you access to the exclusive Concierge lounge and sun deck on decks 12 and 13, respectively. These rooms come in three styles: a balcony cabin, a one-bedroom suite and a Royal Suite, all with private verandas. They come with upgraded amenities and privileges, such as included Wi-Fi, a pillow menu, feather duvets and priority for check-in and debarkation, tendering and reservations.

Wheelchair-accessible cabins come in nearly every cabin category except the Royal Suite.

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Disney Dream restaurants and bars

a cruise ship dream

The Disney dining experience is a bit different than what you might have experienced on other cruise ships . The line employs a "rotational dining" system in which you choose early or late seating (5:45 and 8:15 p.m. on my sailing). Then, each night, you are assigned to one of three restaurants each evening. You "rotate" through all the options during the course of your cruise, and your waiters move with you. This way, you can build a rapport, and they can get to know your dining preferences.

Disney Dream does not offer a buffet alternative at dinner, though you can order room service or pick up burgers and chicken tenders at Tow Mater's Grill on the pool deck. If you choose these options or if the adults in your party make a reservation at the adults-only specialty restaurants, Palo and Remy, you might miss out on one of the themed main dining room experiences.


Overall, the food on Disney is fine, but the emphasis is less on impressive food and more on creating an experience that children will enjoy. The waiters work hard, not only taking orders and serving food, but cutting up food for kids or entertaining them with riddles and origami.

Each of the three main restaurants serves its own menu, but on some nights, each menu will serve the same menu, such as the "welcome aboard" menu on night one and a Caribbean-themed menu on pirate night. Every menu is divided into appetizers, soups and salads, main courses, vegetarian options, lighter options and dessert (which always includes an ice cream sundae and a sugar-free option).

The kids menu varies nightly, but is the same at each restaurant on any given day. It's divided into appetizers (a different soup each night and a garden salad), mains (macaroni and cheese, mini burgers, pizza and a changing option such as kid-sized surf and turf) and Disney Check Meals (combo dinners served with a main such as baked cod or penne pasta, a vegetable and fruit).

Mickey ice cream bars are the favorite dessert here; ice cream is also available, as well as a changing dessert such as a chocolate brownie with ice cream or white chocolate cheesecake.

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Unlike the venues on Disney's newer ships, the three main restaurants on Disney Dream have less of a theatrical aspect to them, though all are themed.

The design of the Enchanted Garden restaurant on Deck 2 was inspired by the Gardens of Versailles, and its menu claims to be market-style and international. Try the ahi tuna and avocado tower as a starter and the scallops or the prime rib for your main. The signature pecan tart was a nod to Thanksgiving on a Christmas-themed cruise.

a cruise ship dream

Right above the Enchanted Garden on Deck 3 is the Royal Palace, inspired by four princesses — Cinderella, Snow White, Belle and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). See if you can find iconic images from their stories around the dining room. Dinner here is the perfect time to wear your princess dress to dinner or dress up a little.

The menu is French, with starters like escargot and baked brie. Mains include duck breast, rack of lamb and Chateaubriand-roasted steak. For dessert, consider the grand marnier souffle or the apple tart tartin.

Royal Palace was also the sit-down option for breakfast and lunch on our cruise. Breakfast offers a nice selection of fruit and yogurt, breakfast pastries and egg and griddle options. A kids menu features fun-sized versions of eggs, pancakes, Mickey waffles and yogurt with fruit. Signature adult breakfasts include a savory power crepe, a plant-based hot breakfast for the vegans among us, southern hash and brioche French toast.

Most families stick to casual options for lunch, but if you want a sit-down, multicourse meal, the Royal Palace is there for you. The lunch menu is split into a choice of soups and salads, small plates (such as beef satay skewers or tomato and mozzarella bruschetta), chef's recommendations (churrasco steak, spiced cod fillet), burgers (including a turkey burger and Impossible burger), pasta, a handful of kid-friendly options and dessert (typically one is a sundae). Sit-down lunch is a great option on embarkation day when you don't want to drag your bags around a crowded buffet.

Animator's Palate, on Deck 3 aft (essentially behind the Royal Palace), is the night to experience dinner with a show. Video screens around the animation-themed restaurant come to life with characters from "Finding Nemo" and "Finding Dory," with a surprising interactive element. I enjoyed the butternut squash soup, ginger-teriyaki beef tenderloin and the cookies and cream sundae for dessert.

I generally found the three main restaurants loud, with tables spaced extremely close together. (At Animator's Palate, our table was separated from the next by the width of the ice bucket for our bottle of Prosecco.) Dinners are not relaxing events, even though the waiters are outstanding, keeping the kids entertained with riddles, magic tricks and origami.

Perhaps that is why Disney Dream's two specialty restaurants are exclusive to adults over 18. They offer a nice break for the grown-ups in the group to have a quieter, more upscale meal in a less crowded setting. Both the French Remy and Italian Palo are on Deck 12, separated by the Meridian Bar.

Palo is open for brunch on sea days and dinner daily, both for $50 per person. Brunch is a highlight and a great value for all the food they give you. The meal starts with a complimentary Prosecco or mimosa and a bread basket that includes not-to-be-missed warm almond croissants.

Then you can choose as many breakfast or lunch entrees as you'd like; the poached eggs with spinach, asparagus and mornay sauce and the goat cheese flatbread (pizza) were standouts from our brunch. You can also select from frittatas, waffles and pancakes, and mains like lasagna Bolognese, sirloin steak, veal and parmesan-crusted chicken breast.

a cruise ship dream

After you've completely stuffed yourself, the waiters have the audacity to offer dessert. We sampled the warm amaretto chocolate fondant and the limoncello torte; while tasty, they were definitely not necessary to complete your meal.

For dinner in Palo, choose from the $50 fixed-price menu (a four-course meal with limited options for each), upgrade to the wine-paired menu or order a la carte from the full menu. The chocolate souffle dessert is the signature sweet and should be ordered at the beginning of the meal.

Remy is one of the most expensive specialty restaurants at sea, with menus by acclaimed chefs Scott Hunnel (from Victoria & Albert's at Walt Disney World Resort) and Arnaud Lallement (of Michelin star fame). Disney Dream offers two set menus, one by each chef, for $135 per person, with wine and Champagne pairings for an additional $120 and $160, respectively. You can also order a la carte.

For casual dining, Disney Dream does offer a buffet option on the Deck 11 pool deck. Cabanas serves breakfast and lunch only. In the morning, you'll find all the staples: eggs, breakfast meat, pastries, cereal, yogurt, fruit, pancakes and the famous Mickey waffles. An omelet station is tucked away at the back.

At lunch, you can find pizza and burgers, an array of hot entrees, soup, premade salads, a huge stash of shrimp and crab legs, pasta, deli meat and desserts (including ice cream). Look for themed sections that change daily.

a cruise ship dream

I found Cabanas to have a nice variety of dishes (and the creamiest steam tray scrambled eggs I've had on a cruise to date). However, the layout is awful. The buffet is all one line, rather than station-based, and there is not a lot of room to walk around the venue. The result is that lines are long, and it's tricky to navigate through (say, if you're walking from the beverage station back to your table). This is especially true if you get stuck behind slow-moving, unpredictable small children who are somehow impossible to get around.

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Unlike other mass-market cruise ships, Disney Dream offers free soda with meals and from beverage stations along the pool deck sides and in Cabanas (where you'll also find water, juice, coffee, tea and hot chocolate). Bring your own refillable drink containers to avoid waste because the poolside stations only offer paper cups, not reusable glasses and mugs.

For a snack or simpler meal, a trio of food counters, collectively known as Flo's Cafe, on the opposite end of the pool deck from Cabanas offers all the kid favorites. Luigi's Pizza serves up five types of pie daily; Tow-Mater's Grill cooks up burgers, chicken, hot dogs and sausages, plus chicken tenders and French fries; and Fillmore's Favorites serves a range of paninis, wraps, salads and fruit bowls. Be aware that while these venues are open all afternoon, only Tow-Mater's is open for dinner; Luigi's Pizza opens again at 9 p.m. for late-night snacks.

a cruise ship dream

Poolside treats include the Eye Scream station with three soft-serve machines pumping out multiple flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, banana and strawberry. Frozone Treats next door offers extra-fee smoothies and refreshing drinks with and without alcohol (such as Dole Whip with a shot of rum).

Room service is complimentary on Disney Dream. You can order continental breakfast items by marking off your selections on a tag and hanging it outside your door before bed. All-day room service is available for order via phone; the menu is on the Navigator app. Selections include soups, salads, American fare (buffalo wings, burgers, chicken tenders), pizza and pasta and dessert. Mickey bars are not on the official room service menu, but can be ordered to your cabin.

If the free treats on this ship aren't enough (which is a concept that's difficult to grasp), you can splurge at Vanellope's Sweet Treats. Indulge with extra-fee ice cream and gelato, crazy sundaes, cupcakes and other baked goods and candy.

a cruise ship dream

Outside the Walt Disney Theatre on Deck 3 is Preludes, where you can buy snacks (popcorn, candy) and drinks to bring into the theater. A secondary outpost of Preludes is outside the Buena Vista Theater on Deck 4.

Parents, be prepared: The pervasive smell of popcorn will have your littles desperate for a snack, and the only way to access popcorn is by purchasing a souvenir popcorn bucket on the first night. The buckets range from $8 to more than $20, but refills are only $1.50.

On a ship where sodas and ice cream bars are complimentary, I was surprised the line charged for popcorn.

On a ship full of kids, it's understandable that adults might need a grown-up beverage or two. Disney Dream accommodates, but the bars are less front and center than perhaps you'd find on other cruise ships.

a cruise ship dream

On Deck 3, the Bon Voyage bar is tucked to one side of the midship elevator banks, between the Grand Lobby and the shopping area. It's in a crowded thoroughfare, so it lacks ambience.

Tucked into a corner on Deck 4 is the Vista Cafe for all your coffee drinks, regular or spiked. It also has a small case of snacks to go with your latte or mocha.

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The District, on Deck 4 aft, is the adult nightlife area, though it's used during the day to host events such as trivia. Grouped together are Pink, a wine and Champagne bar; Evolution, the nightclub and event space; Pub 687, the sports and game bar; Skyline, for bougie martinis with a changing cityscape behind the bar; and the District Lounge for hanging out, sometimes with live music. The District is a dark warren of interconnected rooms, so I only found the Skyline bar halfway through my cruise.

a cruise ship dream

You won't find crowds here, as many adults will be at the family activities in the evening or stuck in their cabins after their kids go to sleep. Fun competitive games, trivia contests, and karaoke in Evolution did get a good-sized audience, but you'll rarely need to search for a seat at any of the venues.

If you're interested in Disney Dream nightlife and are traveling with younger kids, I recommend cruising with extended family or friends; this way, each adult can take turns staying with sleeping children while the others go out. Alternatively, put your kids in Oceaneer Club after dinner and the show, but not every child wants to stay up that late or leave their family for the club.

A buffet of finger foods is put out for an hour each evening to help soak up all that alcohol.

On the upper decks, the Cove Cafe is half coffee shop, half bar by the Quiet Cove adult pool. Grownups don't have to get out of the water to order drinks at the swim-up Cove Bar adjacent to the pool. Forward of the adults area, a juice bar in the Senses Spa will kick start your day or refresh you after a workout with fresh juice blends.

Additional pool bars include the Waves Bar on Deck 12 and the Currents Bar on Deck 13.

a cruise ship dream

Also on Deck 12, the Meridian bar is the perfect place for a pre-dinner cocktail before a meal in the adjacent Remy or Palo. It has both indoor and outdoor seating and is a lovely getaway from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the ship. Passengers booked into Concierge-level cabins can also get drinks at their exclusive Concierge Lounge also on Deck 12.

Disney Dream activities

a cruise ship dream

Disney cruise ships offer a mix of typical and unique-to-Disney activities. Perhaps the most Disney thing you can do on Disney Dream is meet your favorite Disney characters and princesses.

Families have three options: You can sign up for free Royal Gatherings, where you can meet multiple princesses at one time, or extra-fee events, such as the Royal Court Royal Tea. You can look up on the Navigator app when characters will be making appearances and line up for a photo opp and to get an autograph. You'll often find the characters posing in the Grand Lobby or on the balcony just above. Or, you can serendipitously run into a character wandering about the ship.

Even your kids who think they're too cool for Mickey or princess photos will likely become starstruck when they see the characters around the ship and ultimately want a photo or two.

a cruise ship dream

Most kid-friendly activities occur in the multiple Disney cruise kids clubs on board. Most are clustered on Deck 4, where you'll find the It's a Small World Nursery for baby and toddler (up to age 3) daycare for an hourly rate. The Oceaneer Club and Lab offer complimentary drop-off activities for kids ages 3-10. Kids will love flying the Millennium Falcon, playing in Andy's Room, competing in Magic PlayFloor challenges and making crafts in Tinkerbell's Fairy Hollow.

Also on Deck 4 is the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, where families can pay for a range of princess, prince and pirate makeovers for young cruisers. If you decide to splurge, choose your salon times wisely. You might not want to get makeup and an updo at 9 a.m. and then be unable to go into the pool for the rest of the day.

Tweens (ages 11-14) have their own hangout called Edge with video games, movies, crafts and group activities in the fake forward funnel on Deck 13. Teens (14-17) can enjoy an indoor lounge with snack bar, video game and movie space, plus a teen-only outdoor sun deck with a plunge pool and hot tub. Vibe, as it's called, is all the way forward on Deck 5, with a secret entrance from the Deck 4 outdoor promenade.

a cruise ship dream

A range of family activities, from crafts to karaoke and dance parties, take place in the D Lounge on Deck 4. (Don't confuse it with the District Lounge next door, which is a bar in the adults-only area.) Some activities are held in the atrium lobby, including the hilarious Jack Jack's Diaper Dash (ie, crawling baby races). Evolution is the destination for evening adult activities, such as trivia, interactive competitions and karaoke.

The other major family-focused destination is, of course, the pool deck. Disney Dream has options for all ages and interests. Deck 11 midship is the main pool area with Mickey's pool and slide (the latter meant for ages 3-14) and the Goofy pool. Life jackets are available for kids who aren't strong swimmers.

a cruise ship dream

A giant poolside screen shows Disney movies during both daytime and evening. Pools are open late so you can watch the evening film from the water. The pool area stage is where the welcome/sailaway show and Pirate's Night shows take place.

The Nemo's Reef splash area is intended for supervised splashing for junior cruisers in swim diapers, though youngsters of all ages are welcome. There is a hot tub by the kids pool, but it's generally full of kids.

Don't worry, Mom and Dad: Adults have their own pool deck, forward on Deck 11. The Quiet Cove pool and hot tub are exclusive to adults over 18 and are surrounded by a swim-up bar, adults-only coffee shop and lounge spaces.

a cruise ship dream

Two decks up, the Satellite Falls pool and sun deck provides additional sunbathing space and a wading pool with a circular rain curtain under the ship's satellite transmitter. A sun deck exclusive to Concierge-level guests is also found on Deck 13.

Between the two on Deck 12 forward is a small family area with the Funnel Puddle plunge pool.

The pool area's other main attraction is the AquaDuck two-person raft slide that circles the entire pool deck. You must be 42 inches to ride and 54 inches to ride alone or with a smaller person. The ride has some thrills but is fairly tame. Sea-day afternoon wait times can be long (upward of 40 minutes). Ride after dark, and you'll hardly wait at all.

The entrance and exit from the AquaDuck are adjacent to each other on Deck 12, right above Nemo's Reef. I say this so you won't loop the decks multiple times looking for it.

On the opposite side of the ship on Deck 13 is Goofy's Sports Deck for all your athletic or competitive pursuits. A central sports court with basketball hoops is surrounded by a wacky minigolf course, ping pong tables and foosball.

a cruise ship dream

Your running and walking track, however, will be the Deck 4 promenade. You'll find padded wooden lounge chairs here, as well as shuffleboard courts.

If you need some serious pamper time, head to the Senses Spa and Salon on Deck 11 forward. A salon offers mani-pedis and hair styling, or you can book a massage or facial in one of the spa treatment rooms. Couples treatments include various massages as well as time in one of two couples' villas, and teen services are also available.

A fitness center is stocked with resistance machines, free weights, yoga mats and cardio machines with ocean views, plus group class space for spin and core classes. You can also book a pass to the Rainforest Room thermal suite for access to relaxing saunas and steam rooms.

a cruise ship dream

If retail therapy is more your style, you'll find an array of shops on decks 3 and 4, selling all kinds of character-based souvenirs and toys, Disney Cruise Line logo items, fine jewelry and sundries. The Whozits and Whatzits shop on Deck 11 sells swim and beach items in case you forgot something at home. If you plan on splurging, consider packing a foldable duffle that you can fill with all your souvenirs for the trip home.

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Disney Dream shows

a cruise ship dream

Disney Cruise Line is known for its original Broadway-style musical shows. Disney Dream's trio of original productions include "The Golden Mickeys," "Beauty and the Beast" and "Disney's Believe." These are performed in the Walt Disney Theatre on decks 3 and 4. Your showtime is opposite your mealtime; if you have an early dinner, you'll see the late show and vice versa.

"The Golden Mickeys" is a Disney's version of an awards show, honoring the bravest heroes and the most dastardly villains. The show combines video clips with live performances of favorite songs from Disney movies.

"Disney Believe" is another original musical featuring a single dad who goes on a journey to regain his belief in magic. Along the way, he encounters characters from a wide selection of Disney movies, who guide him on his journey with song and dance.

a cruise ship dream

The ship's marquee show, which runs 1 and 1/2 hours rather than an hour, is a stage adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast," based on the live-action movie. The show employs creative use of puppetry and high-tech scenery, and the performers are stellar. (Some even have Broadway backgrounds.) On our sailing, this show also has a matinee performance to accommodate more guests.

The Walt Disney Theatre has both orchestra and balcony seating. Be careful of poles and railings that can block views from the balcony. Sit in the front section of the orchestra if you want confetti to rain down on you during certain performances.

Disney Dream does not have just one theater. The Buena Vista Theatre on decks 4 and 5 is the ship's movie cinema, showing first-run movies from Disney-owned production studios. That means if the film is currently showing in the movie theaters on land, you can watch it for free while you're at sea.

Disney Cruise Line is also famous for its Pirate Night, a shipwide pirate-themed party, complete with pirate-themed games, trivia and kids activities; a special pirate-themed, island-inspired dinner menu in every restaurant; and two pirate shows on the pool deck stage. The early show stars Pirate Mickey and friends and is geared for younger cruisers; the later, all-ages show features Jack Sparrow and culminates in a fireworks display.

a cruise ship dream

Nearly everyone on board, from babies to grandparents, gets into the pirate spirit, dressing up in looks ranging from simple DIY outfits with a few accessories to head-to-toe professional costumes, complete with wigs. Even if your kids think they're too cool, pack some pirate attire because you will feel left out of the fun if you're not in costume.

Another hot tip: The pool deck cannot handle the number of people who turn out for these shows. Arrive a good half hour early to stake out a spot with decent sightlines, and be prepared to potentially hold your child up the entire time if you're standing in the back. Also, plan for an afternoon nap, if your young kid wants to see fireworks. The show starts after 10 p.m.

On our five-night cruise, Pirate Night took place on a night when a performance one of the three musicals was not occurring. On that night, the main stage screened the newest Disney movie, so more people could watch. On the remaining night, a guest magician performed.

If you like shows, keep an eye out for short performances listed in the daily schedule on the app. Early in the sailing, Mickey and friends did a Christmas tree lighting event, complete with a Santa visit. One evening, the Broadway actor who plays Gaston in the ship's theater did a half-hour one-man show, performing numbers from the Disney songbook.

Disney Dream itineraries and pricing

a cruise ship dream

Disney Dream will offer a series of three-, four- and five-night Bahamas and Caribbean cruises out of Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, through early May 2024. Ports of call in the Bahamas include Nassau and Castaway Cay, Disney's longtime private island. Caribbean cruises include Grand Cayman or Cozumel, Mexico.

The ship then crosses the Atlantic for a summer season in Europe. From May through mid-July, it will offer five- to 11-night Mediterranean cruises out of Barcelona and Civitavecchia (the port for Rome), Italy.

It will then reposition to Southampton, England (near London), where it will sail two Scandinavian fjords cruises; several three- to seven-night Europe Coastal and southern Europe cruises to ports in Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands; and one British Isles cruise before crossing the Atlantic back to Florida.

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The ship returns to Fort Lauderdale from October 2024 through May 2025, again offering three- to five-night Caribbean and Bahamas sailings. This time, certain itineraries include Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point, Disney's new private destination on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas.

Fares vary by season, cruise destination and theme, as well as cabin category. Expect the least expensive windowless inside cabins to start at more than $200 per person, per night, based on double occupancy.

On Disney's website, three-night Bahamas cruises start from $1,733 for a couple. Five-night Western Caribbean cruises start at $2,437 per couple, and a seven-night Western Europe cruise starts at $4,427 per couple. Fares increase from there for cabins with balconies or suites, as well as for adding additional guests sharing the cabin.

A family of four would pay upward of $5,859 for a Concierge-level cabin on a three-night Bahamas cruise, for example.

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What to know before you go

Required documents.

a cruise ship dream

U.S. citizens sailing Disney Dream from Port Canaveral will need either a passport or a government-issued photo ID and an original birth certificate. Children can sail with either a passport or a birth certificate. However, for Disney Dream's summer European sailings, including the transatlantic crossings, everyone traveling (including babies) will need a passport.

If you're sailing with a child who is not your own, you will need to fill out a form certifying that you have permission from their parents to travel with them. Passports, when required, must be valid for at least six months. Note that it is important that the name on your reservation be exactly as it is stated on your passport or other official proof of nationality.

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Disney Cruise Line charges a crew gratuity of $14.50 per person (including babies and children) per day for most cruisers and $15.50 per person for Concierge-level cabins and suites.

You can prepay this amount, or it will be added to your onboard bill. If you have not prepaid, you can adjust the amount up or down at guest services or give additional tips in cash. The hardworking crew relies on these gratuities; even if you have service snafus, we strongly encourage you to pay the full amount and express your dissatisfaction in another fashion.

To give an idea of the cost, a four-person family on a five-night cruise in a standard cabin would pay $290 in recommended tips. The amount is split among your team of dining room servers who kept your kids entertained at dinner and your cabin host who cleaned up your mess each day.

An 18% gratuity is added to onboard spa, bar, beverage, wine and deck service tabs. You can always add an additional gratuity for any of your services or servers.

While room service is free, it's customary to add a few dollars of tip when you sign the "bill."

A gratuity is added to bills at Palo and Remy because those servers are not included in the automatic gratuity. Leave an additional tip if you enjoyed the service. If you stay in a Concierge-level room or suite, it is customary to tip the Concierge Lounge hosts $8 per person, per day, at the end of your cruise.

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a cruise ship dream

Disney Dream offers various Wi-Fi packages for a fee.

On my sailing, you could choose from three Wi-Fi packages and pay per 24 hours or per voyage. The Stay Connected package gives access to just Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It costs $18 for 24 hours for one device or $16/day for the full voyage (so $80 for a five-night sailing like mine).

The Classic Surf package gives access to the entire web, email and audio calling. The 24-hour price for one device is $28; the full-cruise cost is $24/day ($120 for a five-night sailing).

The Premium Surf package gives the same access as the Classic but with the addition of streaming services like YouTube, Snapchat and video calling. It costs $42 for 24 hours on one device or $34/day for the voyage ($170 for a five-night cruise).

For any of the plans, you can purchase full-cruise packages for up to four devices, with a 20% discount for each additional device. There is no discount for a multiple-device package for 24 hours. You can purchase a full-cruise package in the middle of your vacation, and the price will be prorated for the number of days left.

If you're deciding how many devices to add to your package, know that you can switch your plan from device to device throughout the cruise. For example, if you purchase a one-device plan, you can switch the service from your phone to your tablet then back to your phone. However, if you need a connection on your tablet and phone at the same time, you will need a two-device plan.

On my Caribbean cruise, I had no problems using the Navigator app or texting, and my travel companions made several Wi-Fi calls using our Premium Surf package. However, loading webpages and uploading photos on my laptop was often slow.

Carry-on drinks policy

Each passenger 21 years and older can bring a maximum of two bottles of unopened wine or Champagne (no larger than 750 milliliters) or six beers (no larger than 12 ounces) on board both at the beginning of the cruise and at each port of call. Not every cruise line allows you to bring drinks back from port without confiscating them, so take advantage of this generous alcohol policy .

On embarkation day, beverages must be packed in your carry-on (not checked) bags. You can keep drinks chilled in the small fridge in your cabin or ask your stateroom host for ice.

If you wish to consume wine or Champagne that you've brought on board in one of the dining rooms, you must pay a $26 corkage fee per bottle.

Smoking policy

Smoking is permitted in the following onboard locations only:

  • The portside outdoor area of the Meridian Lounge on Deck 12
  • The portside deck area on Deck 13 aft by the Currents Bar
  • The aft port side of the Deck 4 outdoor promenade, but only from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Passengers caught smoking in their cabins or on their cabin balconies will be charged a $250 cleaning fee.

a cruise ship dream

Disney Dream offers 24-hour, self-service guest laundry facilities on Decks 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. They are not marked on the deck plans on the app, but they are shown on each floor's deck plan by the stairwell and signs in the cabin hallways point the way. On most decks, they are located all the way forward or aft.

Use your Key to the World cruise card to pay to operate the washers and dryers, as well as buy any detergent or dryer sheets you need. Laundry rooms are also stocked with irons and ironing boards for complimentary use; they are the only place on board where you're allowed to use an iron.

If you really don't want to do chores on your vacation, you can send out your dirty laundry for washing, pressing or dry cleaning for an additional fee. Use the laundry bag and form in your cabin and your cabin attendant will pick up and return your clothes.

Electrical outlets

All cabins are equipped with 110-volt outlets, which are standard in the U.S. and Canada, and 220-volt (European) outlets by the desk and on one side of the bed. A shaver-only outlet is located on the ceiling of the bathroom.

The currency on Disney Cruise Line ships is the U.S. dollar.

When you are on the ship, you will not need cash or a credit card — all incidentals, purchases and services will be charged to your cabin folio. Your Key to the World card serves as your onboard payment method. The only exception is if you want to tip a crew member in cash.

You will want to have some cash or a credit card for purchases in port. The exception is Castaway Cay, where cruisers can pay for all purchases at the shops and bars with their cruise cards; cash and credit cards are not accepted on Disney's private island.

Drinking age

The drinking age on board Disney Dream is 21. However, if you're sailing on one of Dream's round-trip cruises within Europe, where the drinking age is lower, parents and guardians can sign a form to allow 18- to 20-year-olds to drink on board when in the presence of an adult in their traveling party.

Daytime dress is casual; shorts, T-shirts and casual sundresses are the norm on Bahamas and Caribbean sailings. Many of your shipmates will be dressed in Mickey ears, Disney-themed attire, princess dresses or group T-shirts at all times.

During the evenings, dining attire in the three main dining restaurants is "cruise casual," meaning no swimwear or tank tops, but you don't have to dress up in anything fancy. That said, many guests do dress up in the evening, but it's not required unless you are dining in Palo or Remy. (Palo also asks that diners dress up a bit for brunch, so come prepared.)

Our five-night cruise had one optional dress-up night, and we were also told that it's fun to change into something a bit fancier (or perhaps a princess costume) when dining at the Royal Palace restaurant.

The dress code on Pirate Night is, of course, pirate casual. Bring your bandanas and eye patches, but leave your swords and pistols at home.

On Halloween and Very Merrytime Christmas cruises, costumes and holiday attire are encouraged — and make for great photos.

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Bottom line

a cruise ship dream

Disney Dream offers an amazing experience for families with children and Disney lovers of all ages. The ship stands out for its family-friendly cabins, attentive crew and stellar musical shows. You will be able to meet many of your favorite Disney characters and immerse yourself in the world of Disney.

However, you need to be prepared for crowds and queues, loud dinners, other people's children and myriad extra-fee events, treats and souvenirs that will tempt everyone in your travel party. Come with the right mindset, and you'll have a magical trip your family will remember fondly.

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Ultimate Guide to Carnival Dream

By Carnival Cruise Line

Swimming, playing, feasting and laughing. Celebrating the sunrise and toasting the sunset. These are all just part of the experience of cruising on Carnival Dream™ , a ship so magnificent it inspired two more Carnival ships to follow in its wake.

If you’re looking forward to a family cruise, romantic getaway or fun time with friends on Carnival Dream, know that the onboard experience promises to be just as exciting as any destination. Pinch yourself if you have to, but there’s no denying your cruise vacation will feel like a dream!

carnival dream sailing through the ocean

While a family cruise on Carnival Dream means tons of fun in the sun, the ship boasts some amazing attractions to entice you indoors as well. Do not miss the chance to catch a Broadway-worthy show by Playlist Productions .

These spectacular stage shows—with themes ranging from vintage pop to epic rock—feature singers and dancers who dazzle the audience with their talents.

playlist productions show onboard a carnival ship

For a different kind of live entertainment, take a seat at the Punchliner Comedy Club . You’ll laugh your socks (or sandals!) off when the comedy pros take to the stage, with both family-friendly and adults-only shows on the schedule.

two people enjoying a comedy show onboard a carnival ship

When you want to take a break from all the action, you can really make the most of your cruise by booking a beauty or wellness treatment at Cloud 9 Spa . Perhaps a massage to soothe your muscles after a super-active shore excursion? Or a facial to revitalize your skin after days under the Caribbean sun.

Remember though, you don’t really need a reason for some relaxation—you’re on vacation!

three friends enjoying the cloud 9 spa onboard a carnival ship

Another great spot for a break onboard is  Carnival Dream’s Casino , where you can try your luck at the slots or table games . Whether you have a legendary poker face or you’re a high-roller at the blackjack table, there are so many exciting opportunities to win big.

group of friends playing roulette

Of course, Carnival Dream has lots of indoor fun for kids too. All ages enjoy the gaming action the Video Arcade , which is open 24 hours a day. And for the youngest passengers we have our Seuss At Sea programs inspired by the colorful, whimsical world of Dr. Seuss.

They can eat green eggs and ham for breakfast with the Cat in the Hat, create Seuss-themed arts and crafts and catch the wonderful character parade that always puts a smile on everyone’s face.

seuss-a-palooza reading onboard a carnival ship

Outdoor Fun

When you’re cruising from Galveston to the Caribbean on Carnival Dream, you’ll have plenty of time for outdoor fun in the sun. Options range from non-stop action at the WaterWorks onboard water park to the ultimate in relaxation at the Serenity Adult Only Retreat .

For all the splashing, swimming, dunking and soaring fun you can imagine, head to the Twister Waterslide and ride from the sky to the splash-down zone as many times as you desire.

waterslides from waterworks onboard a carnival ship

Prefer to keep your feet on the deck? Putt around the Mini Golf course and aim for a hole in one. Another delightful attraction for the whole family is Carnival Dream’s schedule of Dive-in Movies . Take a seat or lounge chair by the pool and take in a blockbuster movie under the stars.

Along with the big screen and show, we provide popcorn and blankets to make this a movie night you’ll never forget.

mini golf course onboard carnival dream

What goes better with a tropical cruise vacation than your favorite drink? Whether it’s a frosty beer, fruity cocktail or perfect glass of wine to sip while watching the sunset over the ocean, the great bars on Carnival Dream have you covered. Each bar has its own theme, vibe and array of signature drinks, in addition to a full menu of classics.

RedFrog Rum Bar , which you’ll find right next to the pool, has drinks at the ready to get you in the mood for exploring Caribbean destinations. Its special rum-based cocktails are available by the glass (including a souvenir glass option) or pitcher, and among them mojitos, frozen daiquiris and original creations too.

It also offers Carnival’s custom brew, ThirstyFrog Red™, as do all the bars on Carnival Dream.

couple enjoying a drink a redfrog rum bar

If tequila’s more your thing, grab a seat at BlueIguana Tequila Bar where margaritas, Micheladas and more evoke the vibe of Mexico. Or, have the master mixologists at Alchemy Bar create a custom cocktail just for you. Vintage drinks are also a specialty at this pharmacy-themed bar.

three friends enjoying a drink at blueiguana tequila bar

Delicious Dining

With all the unforgettable indoor and outdoor fun, entertainment, cool drinks and relaxation time, you’re sure to work up a big appetite while cruising on Carnival Dream. Luckily there’s no shortage of delicious dining options on board.

You might be cruising from Galveston to the Caribbean, but your taste buds can take a side trip to New England simply by feasting at the Seafood Shack . Lobster rolls, clam chowder, crab creations and the catch of the day are available for lunch and dinner, every day.

family eating a meal from seafood shack

How about a sojourn to Mexico? Dine on your favorite Mexican cuisine at BlueIguana Cantina , where you can customize tacos and burritos with all your favorite toppings. They’re all made fresh to order.

fish and chicken tacos from blueiguana cantina

And you won’t want to disembark until you’ve eaten at Guy’s Burger Joint , the on-board brainchild of celebrity chef Guy Fieri. This top-notch restaurant features a toppings bar so you can load up those fresh-off-the-grill burgers with a side of hand-cut fries, any way you want them.

burger from guy’s burger joint

Ready to Wake Up on Carnival Dream?

Carnival Dream is without a doubt the perfect ship for a dream vacation to the Caribbean. With so many activities on board you can spend all day having fun or enjoy hours on end doing nothing at all. Add to this all the great dining and drinking options, and it’s clear that there’s no dreamier way to take a vacation.

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Cruise ship dream

What does a cruise ship mean in your dream, cruise ship dream.

Cruise Ship Dream

Cruise ships themselves represent our emotions, our motherly characteristics and above all a spiritual journey. In ancient times people used to travel to the astral planes on ships that flew in the sky. This is very common in shamanism. In recent times cruise ships have been somewhat popular. And, did you know that 30 billion dollars are spent on cruise liners yearly! In order to understand the dream of a cruise liner, we must first appreciate the key features of the dream itself - and how symbolism can be interpreted. As I’ve already outlined ships represent our own hidden emotions and it could be a sign that even though they’ll you are living in luxury in regards to a situation every there may be some problems going forward.

A cruise liner in my view indicates that you might be locked into a relationship and have problems that we will find difficult to overcome. The fact that cruise liner is associated with enjoyment could possibly mean your enjoyment of a task that you used to be interested in - maybe because you no longer feel this is relevant. Many people have contacted me about the dream of a sinking cruise ship - so let’s understand what this means. To see a cruise ship sink can indicate that you are likely to overcome some hidden problems or dangers. To see a cruise ship sailing in the distance illustrates that you will explore different elements in life. Perhaps you are reaching a certain age and wish that you had done “more” in life. Remember that we all do have regrets but it is through these regrets that we can focus on the future. I will now try to dissect the dream further and give you more of an overview.

What does it mean to dream about sailing on a cruise ship?

Obviously, I have touched on this in the opening paragraph but the cruise ship indicates your decisions in life. It can illustrate a time period where things have been somewhat busy and overwhelming. It may be a spiritual sign that it is time to take a vacation and understand yourself better. Some cruise ships are elaborate in regards to the internal features. If we turn this around it can illustrate an effective approach that you will have in regards to building positive relationships. If the journey on the cruise ship was happy and joyful then this can illustrate you are likely to improve the relationships around you. If however, the cruise ship was broken, shipwrecked or even sunk then it implies you need to be responsible for the challenges you are facing on the social basis. Think about the cruise ship as being a place where your ego is protected from social relationships. I like to think of the cruise ship as a symbolism of my own interaction with other people. If there is untidiness or the cruise ship is dirty and anyway, then a new phase is going to be born. It can also indicate that you may have frustrations even about clutter around your home stop untidiness can often cause a degree of stress, I know it does for me - and this may be because you are too busy to clean or that you just do not feel it is a priority.

Obviously, I have touched on this in the opening paragraph but the cruise ship indicates your decisions in life. It can illustrate a time period where things have been somewhat busy and overwhelming. It may be a spiritual sign that it is time to take a vacation and understand yourself better. Some cruise ships are elaborate in regards to the internal features. If we turn this around it can illustrate an effective approach that you will have in regards to building positive relationships. If the journey on the cruise ship was happy and joyful then this can illustrate you are likely to improve the relationships around you. If however, the cruise ship was broken, shipwrecked or even sunk then it implies you need to be responsible for the challenges you are facing on the social basis. Think about the cruise ship as being a place where your ego is protected from social relationships. I like to think of the cruise ship can represent in dreams your interaction with other people. If there is a problem with the cruise ship then I feel that this can indicate that a new phase is going to be born. I also believe that we all have frustrations in life and if the cruise ship was unkept or crashed into another boat this is connected to clutter around your home. I think this could be urging you to make sure everything is tidy. Yes, we all have a degree of stress and a messy house can mean a messy mind, I know it does for me - and this may be because you are too busy to clean or that you just do not feel you have the energy to get the house in order.

What does it mean to dream of a cruise ship?

The cruise ship seen in dreams is quite exciting, I feel it is conencted to spiritual focus and our journey in life. When we dream of a cruise liner, all the other things in the dream is important, it can mean feeling overwhelmed with a range of emotions, such as excitement, trepidation, or anxiety. In our minds, what does the presence of such an iconic vessel mean? By exploring some of the other parts of the dream (as I have said before) it can point us into the water's paradoxical energy and why this can be important in life.

Understanding the symbolism of a cruise ship in dreams

Even when we're asleep, cruise ships capture our imaginations. I feel that cruise ships feature two things: representing both physical and emotional journeys. Exploring new horizons, lands, countries or even islands on a ship during a dream this means that you feel you need excitment in life and the desire to embark on an adventure filled with excitement is on the doorstep. I also believe that if you dream of cruising your mind may be saying "I must escape" and I do see it as an escape, as a way to leave behind all the crappy things in life: the stress and monotony of everyday life. Dreams of cruise ships can also reflect how we are socially and the people on the cruise ship represents those connections with others or our desire for companionship, a new lover or partner. It is certain, however, that these dreams are invitations to explore the subconscious mind and gain new insights into ourselves.

What does it mean to dream of a white cruise ship?

White cruise ships can have different meanings to different people. I feel this is a great dream to have that represents a journey towards a brighter and more peaceful future, this is a great color to see on the cruise ship. I also want to mention that the boat can envoke this felling and sense of purity and innocence, pristine white may represent equal: a fresh start or a clean slate. On the other hand, dreaming of a white cruise ship at sea could also suggest a desire for adventure and exploration. The blueness of the ocean can indicate the possibility of exploring new horizons in life and seeking a sense of excitement and freedom. I personally interpret dreams of white cruise ships as a sort of "reflection of our innermost desires" and opportunties, and of course --- aspirations, which can serve as an understanding to our world.

What is the biblical dream meaning of a cruise ship?

Around the world, cruise ships are a popular mode of transportation and people love to go on holiday in life. In the Bible sense, however, a dream about a cruise ship may represent something deeper on a biblical level.Through the ship, we navigate life's challenges and opportunities. This dream is about a communal journey, where we are all together on the water (which means emotions in dreams) and is about, working towards a real goal. In these dreams, the ocean equals how the vastness how annoyed we can become with others. This dream is about taking a look at the unknown, which we must bravely face with faith and courage, that is why the consistency of the water is important. The stormy water in dreams indicates we are feeling unsettled inside, calm and things will become calm in the future. So, a biblical dream of a cruise ship may lead us to ponder about what I would call the "metaphorical journey" of our life and how we face its challenges.

What does it mean to dream of a cruise ship sinking?

This is normally a wierd dream, it can be worrying and a cruise ship sinking is a nightmare that can stir up all sorts of fear and anxiety. This dream symbolizes the fear of losing control or being overwhelmed by a situation in your life. It could be a sign that in life we sometimes feel uncertain about your future plans or afraid of taking risks. I feel this dream about a sinking cruise ship can represent the need to let go of excess baggage in your life or the fear of being trapped in a negative situation. Whatever the interpretation, it's essential to reflect on the possible meanings of this dream to listen (to our heart) and its significance and gain insight into your real purpose life.

What does it mean to dream of working on a cruise ship?

To dream of working on a cruise ship can mean that you are drawing on your work-life in the waking world. If you are having excitement and adventure on the cruise ship this can indicate a desire for a change of pace from that difficult nine-to-five routine. It could also represent a desire for connection and camaraderie, as cruise ship employees often form close friendships with their colleagues. On the same token, the dream may be a symbol of your desire for escape a crappy work situation. Working on a cruise ship is a signal for change and exploration.

What does it mean to dream of crystal clear blue sea water?

It was not long ago, I had a dream about crystal clear waters. It can indicate a sense of calm and peacefulness in the dream world -- this may be represented by the vibrant blue hue of the water. When you are relaxed this dream can happen, it is telling you that you can feel free of worries and stress. It is also possible to connect the color blue with feelings of sadness or isolation. Understanding the "dream's message" requires taking into account any associations or emotions attached to the scenario. 

What does it mean to dream of a cruise ship and it is stormy?

Often, dreams are mysterious and puzzling, leaving us wondering about their significance. Stormy cruise ship dreams can be unsettling if you dream that the cruise is going up and down and it is somewhat “crazy” or scary. It is believed, however, in my old dream books --- that dreaming about a cruise ship indicates an upcoming journey or adventure. This journey may be challenged and obstructed by stormy weather. As the storm represents turbulence inside, it might also represent your emotional state. Even though the situation seemed ominous, the dream may indicate inner courage and resilience. Maybe it's time to face your fears and overcome your obstacles.

What does it mean to dream of a cruise ship anchored?

Dreaming of a cruise ship anchored in the water is quite an interesting dream, this can mean the need to take a break from daily life. It could indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a pattern and need to take some time off to clear your head and gain perspective on your current situation. I also feel that this dream could be telling you to explore new things in life and venture away from your comfort zone. The dream may be a reminder to relax, enjoy life, and be open to taking risks and embracing new opportunities. Finally, it could indicate the need for adventure and freedom in your life – that you are yearning for something more exciting or exotic then dreaming of cruises often happens (to me anyway.)

By Flo Saul Mar 17, 2018

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a cruise ship dream

Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line, Disney Dream, A new pocket guide to help plan your next adventure!

Beginners Guide to the Disney Dream Cruise Ship

Elyssa Esposito

by Elyssa Esposito , Digital Integration Specialist

I’m so excited to pass along the next pocket guide in the  Disney Cruise Line  series, the Disney Dream! The  Dream  joined the fleet in 2011 with 14 decks of onboard activities for the whole family to enjoy. Here are some of the offerings you’ll find onboard the first ship in the Dream Class:

1. Welcome Aboard 

As you embark on your Disney Dream adventure, crew members will greet your party by name, and you’ll be welcomed into the atrium by a bronze-sculpted Admiral Donald Duck. Be sure to look up as you won’t want to miss the one-of-a-kind Art Deco chandelier embellished with crystals.

2. Signature Dining

Rotational dining ensures that guests can enjoy all three themed dining experiences while on board. Your party and service team will rotate to a different table service restaurant each night. As part of your rotational dining experience on the Disney Dream, you’ll savor flavors from around the world at  Enchanted Garden , dine in the center of a classic Disney fairytale at  Royal Palace , and embrace your inner artist at  Animator’s Palate !

3. Broadway-Style Entertainment

It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that the  Walt Disney Theatre  proudly presents a musical production of the Disney classic  Beauty and the Beast  on board the Disney Dream. You can also catch a showing of  Disney’s Believe , a heartwarming story of a family who comes together through the power of Disney magic, or attend “ The Golden Mickeys ,” a Hollywood-style award show featuring dazzling performances that pay homage to the magic of Disney storytelling. 

4. Adult-Exclusives 

If you’re an avid Disney cruiser, you may be familiar with the exquisite Italian cuisine at  Palo . But did you know that the Disney Dream is home to two adult-exclusive dining experiences? Indulge in a luxurious evening at  Remy  and treat your tastebuds to carefully crafted French-inspired fare surrounded by elegant, “Ratatouille”-inspired décor. 

For late-night drinks, dancing and entertainment, visit The District. This adults-only area is home to a collection of lounges and nightclubs for every taste and mood, featuring  District Lounge ,  Evolution ,  Skyline ,  Pink: Wine and Champagne Bar , and  Pub 687 . 

5. Just for Kids

While adults take advantage of the nightlife on board, there are several themed spaces for the rest of your crew to enjoy age-appropriate, supervised fun. For an imaginative experience that is exclusive to the Disney Dream, Jedis-in-training can learn to pilot the  Star Wars : Millennium Falcon at  The Oceaneer Club !

To learn more about additional offerings and planDisney tips, be sure to swipe through our planDisney Pocket Guide:

View this post on Instagram A post shared by planDisney (@plandisneypanel)

You can also download a copy of the Disney Dream planDisney Pocket Guide here .

Stay tuned for more planDisney pocket guides as we explore all the Disney Cruise Line ships, and don’t forget to check out our past editions on the  Disney Magic  and  Disney Wonder . Complete your pocket guide collection with the  Disney Resort hotel pocket guides to help you plan your next vacation ashore! For more fun tips and great advice for planning your next Disney vacation stop by @planDisneyPanel on Instagram, @planDisney on Twitter, or . We look forward to answering your planning questions.

Panelists receive compensation for their participation on planDisney.

Destinations: Disney Cruise Line

Topics: planDisney

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Dining Plan Tips at Disney You Should Know!

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'Things flying all over the place': Royal Caribbean cruise ship rocked by rough weather

a cruise ship dream

A Royal Caribbean International cruise ship was rocked by rough weather that shook guest cabins and caused flooding around the ship, according to travelers on board.

The line’s Voyager of the Seas was on its way back to Galveston, Texas, as part of a round-trip, five-night sailing that visited Cozumel, Mexico. The cruise originally departed on Jan. 22.

Passengers told USA TODAY the ship sailed through three bouts of rough weather that brought rain, hail and high winds beginning late in the day on Friday.

Chelsea Ireland and her husband noticed the ship was approaching dark skies and rain around 2:30 p.m. The pair decided to stay in their balcony cabin, which seemed the safest place to be but felt the ship tilt heavily to one side.

“When we tried to walk across our room, it felt like we were walking up a very steep hill,” said the 30-year-old, who lives in Frisco, Texas. “And that lasted for about five minutes.”

When they eventually left their cabin, they saw some passengers walking around in lifejackets, and praying and comforting one another in the halls.

Elaina Escobedo, 21, was around the ship’s Royal Promenade when she heard what sounded like metal dishware hitting the ground. When she and her boyfriend arrived at her grandparents’ cabin, among several family members traveling with her, she found her grandmother’s wheelchair had rolled across the room and cups of lemonade and water had spilled (her grandmother was safe on her couch).

“There were just things flying all over the place,” said Escobedo, who lives in Port Arthur, Texas. She had been on eight cruises before and felt ships rock “but nothing to this extent.” Escobedo also posted a video on TikTok that her sister filmed, showing a chair being blown across an outer deck.

Both Ireland and Escobedo said their staterooms flooded as water filled their balconies, as well, though neither were as severe as some other staterooms they saw.

Royal Caribbean did not immediately respond to USA TODAY’s request for comment.

The news comes after another Royal Caribbean ship, Serenade of the Seas, also faced flooding last month. The vessel, which is currently operating the line’s nine-month Ultimate World Cruise , got caught in rough weather off the coast of South America.

For Escobedo’s part, the experience wasn’t enough to prevent her from taking another cruise – eventually. “I don’t think it’d be anytime soon,” she said.

Nathan Diller is a consumer travel reporter for USA TODAY based in Nashville. You can reach him at [email protected] .

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Disney Dream Deck Plans & Reviews

a cruise ship dream

Disney Dream

a cruise ship dream

Activities & entertainment

  • Connect@Sea *
  • Disney's Oceaneer Club
  • Vibe Interior
  • Disney's Oceaneer Lab
  • It's A Small World Nursery
  • Nemo's Reef
  • Couples Villa *
  • Senses Fitness Area
  • Mickey Slide
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  • Scavenger Hunts
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  • Extensive Kids Programs
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  • Sing-Alongs
  • Video Game Competitions
  • Adults-Only Events
  • Hot Tubs (4)
  • Waterslides (2)
  • Walt Disney Theatre
  • Buena Vista Theatre
  • Disney Movies Onboard
  • Enchanted Garden - International
  • Preludes - Movie Snacks *
  • Royal Palace - French & American
  • Animator's Palate - West Coast Fusion
  • Pink - Wine & Champagne *
  • The District - Piano Bar *
  • Pub 687 - Sports bar *
  • Skyline - Cocktail Bar *
  • Vista Café - Coffee Bar *
  • District Lounge - Piano Bar *
  • Cove Bar - Coffee Bar *
  • Eye Scream /Frozone Treats - Ice Cream
  • Beverage Station - Soft Drinks
  • Vanellope's Sweets and Treats - Sweets *
  • Flo's Café: Luigi's Pizza /Tow-Mater's Grill /Fillmore's Favorites - Fast Food
  • Beverage Station
  • Cove Café - Coffee Bar *
  • Senses Juice Bar - Juices
  • Palo - Gourmet *
  • Waves Bar - Pool bar *
  • Remy - Gourmet French *
  • Meridian - Clubby Cocktails *
  • Currents Bar - Pool Bar *
  • Excellent 120
  • Very Good 19
  • Terrible 13
  • All languages ( 169 )
  • English ( 165 )
  • Spanish ( 3 )
  • French ( 1 )

Upcoming itineraries

The map for this itinerary is not available at this time.

Fox Weather App on an iPhone, Fox Weather logo overlapping

Watch: Storm floods cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico

Royal caribbean's voyager of the seas first encountered hail as the ship was heading back to its home port of galveston, texas..

Video shot on Friday shows floodwater flowing through a cabin on a Royal Caribbean cruise line. (Courtesy: Jessica Helms via Storyful)

Storm floods cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico

Video shot on Friday shows floodwater flowing through a cabin on a Royal Caribbean cruise line. (Courtesy: Jessica Helms via Storyful)

GALVESTON, Texas – A ferocious storm that struck a cruise ship while in the Gulf of Mexico Friday left at least one cabin flooded as torrential rains poured down.

Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas first encountered hail as the ship was heading back to its home port of Galveston, Texas .

Water flows into the cabin.

(Jessica Helms via Storyful / FOX Weather)

Video from a passenger inside their cabin shows hail that can be heard striking the glass door and seen bouncing on a black chair outside and then falling onto a pool of water on the floor.


As heavy rains fall, water on the balcony can then floods into the cabin itself, soaking a path through the carpet, under a bed and leading to the door.

The dark portion of the carpet shows where the floodwater flowed into the cabin from the balcony.

The dark portion of the carpet shows where the floodwater flowed into the cabin from the balcony.

"Hope there’s nothing electrical that we’re gonna get electrocuted on," said Jessica Helms, who filmed the flooding in her cabin.


She referred to the flooding as a "complete river" that extended across the hall to her neighbor’s room.

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Welcome aboard the Genting Dream, the flagship of Resorts World Cruises. We’ve been a pioneer and a trendsetter in hospitality for 50 years and we know luxury cruising like no other. We’ll be bringing you fresh, novel experiences and an array of cuisine, entertainment and themes from across the globe for a cruise that’s limited only by your imagination.

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Catch one of our live production shows from our critically acclaimed production team in our opulent theatre.

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If there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s partying! Dive in at one of our famous pool parties or dance till dawn to the beat of our guest DJs at Zouk.

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Palace Villa

可容納人數6人 位於17層甲板 一張特大雙人床 + 一張雙人床 + 一張雙人沙發床" }'>Approx. 224 sq.m Max Occupancy 6 Deck 17 1 King-sized Bed + 1 Queen-size Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed

a cruise ship dream

Palace Penthouse

可容納人數4-6人* 位於13/16層甲板 一張特大雙人床 + 一張雙人沙發床 / 一張雙人床 + 兩張雙人沙發床 / 一張雙人床 + 一張雙人沙發床 (*如有特殊需求,指定皇宮行政套房的可容納人數可增加至6人,視預定情況而定)" }'>Approx. 56 - 115.4 sq.m Max Occupancy 4-6* Deck 13/16 1 King-size Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed / 1 Queen-size Bed + 2 Double Sofa Beds/ 1 Queen-size Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed (* The maximum occupancy of designated Palace Penthouss can be up to 6 guests upon request, subject to stateroom availability)

a cruise ship dream

Palace Deluxe Premium

可容納人數4人 位於9/10/11/12/13/15層甲板 一張特大雙人床 + 一張雙人沙發床" }'>From 41 - 61 sq.m Max Occupancy 4 Deck 9/10/11/12/13/15 1 King-size Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed

a cruise ship dream

Palace Deluxe Suite

可容納人數4人 位於15層甲板 一張雙人床 + 一張雙人沙發床" }'>From 41 sq.m Max Occupancy 4 Deck 15 1 Queen-size Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed

a cruise ship dream

Palace Suite

可容納人數4人 位於13/15/16/17層甲板 一張雙人床 + 一張雙人沙發床" }'>From 37 - 40 sq.m Max Occupancy 4 Deck 13/15/16/17 1 Queen-size Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed

a cruise ship dream

Balcony Deluxe Stateroom

可容納人數3-4人 位於8/9/10/11/12/13/15層甲板 一張雙人床 + 一張單人沙發床/一張單人沙發床 + 一張壁櫃床/一張雙人沙發床" }'>From 22 - 28 sq.m Max Occupancy 2-4 Deck 8/9/10/11/12/13/15 1 Queen-size Bed + 1 Single Sofa Bed / 1 Single Sofa Bed + 1 Ceiling Pullman Bed / 1 Double Sofa Bed

a cruise ship dream

Balcony Stateroom

可容納人數2-4人 位於8/9/10/11/12/13/15層甲板 一張雙人床 + 一張單人沙發床/一張單人沙發床 + 一張壁櫃床/一張雙人沙發床" }'>From 20 sq.m Max Occupancy 3-4 Deck 8/9/10/11/12/13/15 1 Queen-size Bed + 1 Single Sofa Bed / 1 Single Sofa Bed + 1 Ceiling Pullman Bed / 1 Double Sofa Bed

a cruise ship dream

Oceanview Stateroom

位於5/9/10/11/12/13層甲板 兩張單人床 / 兩張單人床 + 一張雙人沙發床 / 兩張單人床 + 一張單人沙發床" }'>From 16 - 35 sq.m Max Occupancy 2-4 Deck 5/9/10/11/12/13 2 Single Beds / 2 Single beds + 1 double Sofa Bed / 2 Single beds + 1 Single Sofa Bed

a cruise ship dream

Interior Stateroom

可容納人數2-4人^ 位於5/8/9/10/11/12/13/15層甲板 兩張單人床 / 兩張單人床+ 一張壁櫃床 / 一張單人床 + 一張壁櫃床 + 一張雙人沙發床 (^上圖為2人房佈局圖,另有3人及4人房可供選擇) " }'>From 13 - 14 sq.m Max Occupancy 2-4^ Deck 5/8/9/10/11/12/13/15 2 Single Beds / 2 Single Beds + 1 Ceiling Pullman Bed / 1 Single Bed + 1 Pullman Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed (^ The image shown is for a stateroom configuration for 2 persons - other stateroom configurations for 3 persons & 4 persons are also available)

At 335m end to end, we’re bigger than a skyscraper and way more fun.


a cruise ship dream

Gross Tonnage

a cruise ship dream

(下舖床位)" }'>Passenger Capacity (Lower Berth)

a cruise ship dream

Meyer Werft Germany

Ship Manufacturer

a cruise ship dream

Fresh Air Ventilation System

a cruise ship dream

Resorts Cruising At Sea

來最佳的度假體驗。在您探索東南亞的所有景點 時享受難忘的體驗。" }'>At Resorts World Cruises, we bring the classic resort experience to you even while at sea. Enjoy elevated experience while you explore all that Southeast Asia has to offer.

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The Disney Dream cruise ship sails in open water

Disney Dream Cruise Ship: Complete Guide

When the Disney Dream Cruise Ship began sailing in 2011, it became the third ship in the fleet and the first of what would be known as Disney’s “Dream class” ships. Let’s take a deep dive into all the guest rooms, dining, activities and entertainment onboard this amazing floating resort.

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In This Guide:

  • Ship Overview
  • Rotational Dining
  • Adult-Exclusive Dining
  • Casual Dining
  • Lounges, Bars & Snacks
  • Room Service
  • Pools & Splash Pads
  • Oceaneer Club
  • Oceaneer Lab
  • Broadway-Style Shows
  • Pirate Night / Fireworks

Midship Detective Agency

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Disney Dream Ship Overview

An elegant light fixture forms the centerpiece of the three-deck Disney Dream atrium lobby

Image © Disney

The arrival of the Disney Dream in 2011 marked the first expansion of Disney Cruise Line’s fleet since its initial two ships in the late 1990s. It had been about 12 years since the launch of the Disney Wonder, and the Dream’s launch was highly anticipated — not just because of pent-up demand but also because Disney had an additional decade of experience and technological advances under its belt. Still no casinos onboard , but lots of new innovations such as a sort of water coaster called the AquaDuck, interactive artwork that springs to life as you pass by, and much more.

As you step onto the ship, your arrival is announced over the atrium loudspeakers as if you were arriving at a state dinner — the crew and your fellow passengers applaud to welcome you aboard, and your vacation has officially begun!

Inside the grand atrium of the ship which towers three decks in height, you might stop to gawk at the impressive overhead light fixture (22 feet in diameter and 13 feet tall, bedazzled with more than 88,000 Swarovski crystals and 24-carat gold plating).

A large crystal covered light fixture

There are plenty of photo spots here, from the grand staircase to the selfie-worthy statue of Admiral Donald [Duck]. Glass elevators zip up and down, ferrying passengers between 14 passenger decks, each waiting to be explored. Where will you head first?

How Does Disney Dream Compare to Other Disney Cruise Ships?

The Disney Dream is a sister ship to the Disney Fantasy , meaning the two are relatively equal in terms of construction (although similar areas on each ship are usually themed differently from one another). The Dream is significantly larger than the two original ships ( Disney Magic and Disney Wonder ) but is slightly smaller than the Disney Wish .

Based on the expected design of the remaining Disney Cruise ships currently being built , the Disney Dream should settle in as one of the “mid-sized” ships in the Disney Cruise fleet — larger than the classic ships, but well below the gigantic ship that Disney is planning to launch in Singapore in 2025.

As to onboard experiences, the Disney Dream is one of only two ships in the fleet to offer the AquaDuck water coaster, the Remy adult-exclusive fine dining restaurant, and virtual portholes (with live camera views of the outside) for its inside staterooms.

How Does the Dream’s Size Affect the Onboard Experience?

There are pros and cons to both types of ships — larger and smaller — but it really depends on your personal preference.

The smaller ships such as the Magic and Wonder are certainly easier to navigate on foot – you’re just a short walk away from virtually anything onboard. My wife and I tend to prefer the smaller ships for this very reason — but the difference is certainly not significant enough to be a dealbreaker. As a matter of fact, Katie and I have sailed onboard the Disney Dream more than any other Disney Cruise Ship despite generally preferring the smaller ones.

We at MagicGuides also tend to recommend smaller ships for first-time cruisers as they might feel a bit cozier when you’re trying to get your feel of the world of cruising — but again, it’s not a major consideration. My first Disney Cruise (and my first cruise ever, for that matter) was on the Disney Dream; I never felt overwhelmed during my maiden voyage and you likely won’t either.

Larger ships such as the Dream might not be able to dock in smaller ports; this is  usually not a concern thanks to savvy itinerary planning on Disney’s part, but some ports are so small that almost every cruise ship has to rely on tenders (smaller boats to ferry you between the ship and shore).

A bigger ship means more passengers, so you’ll find that all of the onboard venues are larger, too. Expect larger restaurants, larger theaters, and larger pools. Fortunately, the additional passengers are well absorbed by these so it rarely feels crowded. And thanks to clever design such as the use of forced perspective, there are still plenty of cozy spots onboard so you never really feel like you’re in a giant cavernous gymnasium.

Jump To: Overview   |  Staterooms   |  Dining   |  Water Fun   |  Kids Clubs   |  Entertainment   |  Spa & Salons   |  Itineraries & Ports   |  Deck-by-Deck   |  Fact Sheet   |  How To Book

Disney Dream Staterooms

A bed, couch, and desk, in front of a sliding glass door leading to a verandah balcony

One of the biggest decisions to make for your cruise is your own private room onboard the ship. Your stateroom (passenger cabin) serves as your hotel room at sea.

The Disney Dream has 1,250 staterooms, most of which offer an outside view via either a porthole window or a verandah balcony. There are four primary types of staterooms on the ship; each of those four types is further divided into multiple categories and subcategories. Your choice of stateroom is one of the biggest factors in the how much a Disney Cruise costs , because the per-person cost can increase depending on the stateroom category.

Here is a consolidated list of the room types offered onboard. They’re listed here generally from least expensive to most expensive, though there may be some price overlap. For a more in-depth look at each of these room types, see the descriptions and photos posted in our Disney Cruise Staterooms article.

Inside Staterooms on Disney Dream

An inside stateroom on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

Inside Staterooms are the smallest Guest rooms on the ship, but are still larger than those found on some other cruise lines. And thanks to some smart design, there’s still plenty of room for everyone and their luggage.

These staterooms have no porthole window and no balcony, but on this ship they do have so-called “magical portholes.” These are circular video screens which offer live video views of the outside, along with occasional character sightings.

Inside staterooms are offered in standard and deluxe versions, with standard being the smaller of the two. The standard version is also the only regular stateroom category on the ship which does not feature a split bathroom configuration; a split bathroom has a toilet/sink in a separate room from the shower/sink, allowing two people to get ready at the same time.

  • 11C:   Deck 2
  • 11B:   Decks 5, 6, 7
  • 11A:   Decks 8, 9, 10
  • 10A:   Decks 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Oceanview Staterooms on Disney Dream

An oceanview stateroom with bed and couch on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

Oceanview staterooms offer an outside view through a porthole window which does not open.

There are two major choices within this category: a  Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom which is similar in layout to many other staterooms on the ship, and a  Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom  which is larger (holding more people) and offers many additional features geared toward larger families.

  • 9D (obstructed porthole with limited ocean view) :   Decks 6, 7, 8
  • 9C (obstructed porthole) :   Decks 7, 8
  • 9B:   Deck 2
  • 9A:   Decks 5, 6, 7, 8
  • 8C: Decks 5, 6
  • 8B: Decks 7, 8, 9
  • 8A: Decks 5, 6

A large porthole window with padded seating

A giant porthole with padded cushion, found in some Family Staterooms | Image © Disney

Verandah Staterooms on Disney Dream

Deck chairs and a small table on a Disney Cruise Ship verandah

A typical stateroom verandah layout | Image © Disney

Verandah staterooms offer a private outside balcony which can be accessed through sliding glass doors. Most verandahs have see-through railings (with clear plexiglass for safety), but a few categories have solid metal partitions or are otherwise somewhat obstructed.

  • 7A:   Decks 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • 6B: Decks 5, 6, 7
  • 6A:   Decks 8, 9
  • 5C:   Decks 6
  • 5B:   Decks 7, 8
  • 5A:   Decks 9, 10
  • 4E (oversized verandah, some with whitewall) :   Deck 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
  • 4C:   Deck 6
  • 4B: Decks 7, 8
  • 4A:   Decks 9, 10

Deck chairs on an enclosed verandah

Category 7A Enclosed Navigator’s Verandah | Image © Disney

Concierge Staterooms on Disney Dream

A lush bed and inviting verandah

Concierge Family Stateroom | Image © Disney

Concierge staterooms offer additional personalized services , concierge staff, and access to an exclusive Concierge Lounge and sun deck.

  • 3A:   Decks 11, 12
  • 2B:   Decks 11, 12
  • 2A:   Deck 12
  • 1A:   Deck 12

A plush bed and sofa with a verandah balcony

Concierge One-Bedroom Suite | Image © Disney

An expansive suite living room and dining room with wraparound floor-to-ceiling windows

Concierge Royal Suite | Image © Disney

Need Help Picking a Stateroom?

For free, personalized guidance on the different stateroom options offered by Disney Cruise Line, trust the Disney Cruise experts at The Vacationeer ! As an Earmarked Diamond level Authorized Disney Vacation Planner ,  The Vacationeer has helped thousands of families just like yours make their Disney Cruise plans.

When you contact The Vacationeer , you’ll be connected with a single, dedicated travel planner — no waiting on hold to speak to someone at a gigantic call center! Your Vacationeer will take the time to get to know your family’s needs to make sure that you find the perfect stateroom at the best possible price  so you get your money’s worth .

They’ll walk you through all the options, answer your questions, make your reservations for you, and share money-saving tips for Disney Cruises . The Vacationeer can even help you set up a zero-interest payment plan ; you’ll often be able to book with just a preliminary deposit, then pay over time .

They even offer a generous onboard credit that can be used toward your purchases on the ship. And best of all, their planning services are free !

So take advantage of free booking help from a Disney Cruise expert — contact The Vacationeer today for a free, no-obligation quote on your dream Disney Cruise!

Disney Dream Dining and Lounges

Disney Cruise Food - Chilean Sea Bass served with a seared scallop and vibrantly-colored vegetables on a dark plate.

It’s generally well-known that food is a big part of the cruise experience , and the Disney Dream is no exception. With three sensational main dining restaurants, two elegant adult-only dining options, multiple lounges/nightclubs, and plenty of places to grab a quick meal or a snack on the go, you certainly won’t go hungry onboard this ship.

Rotational Dining Restaurants on Disney Dream

Like all Disney Cruise Ships, the Disney Dream offers rotational dining during the nightly dinner service. This Disney Cruise Line dining innovation pre-schedules you to visit a different restaurant on each night of the cruise. You’ll have the same servers each night, so they’ll get to know you and your food preferences.

Dinner at these three restaurants is included in the cost of your Disney Cruise .

Animator’s Palate

A themed dining room with columns shaped like giant paintbrushes

Animator’s Palate is the flagship dining experience on the first four Disney ships, including Disney Dream. Animator’s Palate offers a fan-favorite menu along with a taste of the magic of animation.

Menu items are inspired by Asian, Pacific, and Californian cuisine. Some examples of items you’ll find include black truffle pasta purseittes (a favorite of repeat DCL passengers), butternut squash soup, wild mushroom risotto, polenta cake with tomato and mushroom, lemon-thyme marinated chicken, beef tenderloin, and many more.

Your dinner also includes a tribute to animation – Undersea Magic features interactive digital animation of the Finding Nemo characters in a show that’s reminiscent of EPCOT’s Turtle Talk with Crush. It’s a fun digital twist on the usual concept of dining with Disney characters .

  • Enchanted Garden

The use of “enchanted” in this restaurant’s name is no mistake: the atmosphere of this French countryside conservatory magically changes from daytime to sunset to nighttime during the course of your dinner, while light fixtures transform and flowers “bloom.”

A fountain with Mickey Mouse atop serves as the centerpiece of a conservatory-themed dining room

Enchanted Garden offers farm-fresh continental cuisine; menu options may include lobster ravioli, an Ahi tuna and avocado tower, curried carrot & apple soup, sea bass, marjoram-scented chicken, and pork tenderloin. Round out the meal with a tempting dessert of steamed lemon buttermilk pudding, banana sundaes, chocolate tortes, and almond meringue cake.

Outside of dinner service, Enchanted Garden is also an alternate option (versus the primary onboard buffet Cabanas ) for breakfast and lunch on most days. You’ll find a less ambitious menu during those meal periods: the usual sausage, bacon, eggs, and hash browns for breakfast; salads, soups, burgers, grilled items, and pizza at lunch.

  • Royal Palace

Dining tables in an elegant dining room, with a royal tile mosaic on the floor

You’re invited to a royal banquet at this elegant restaurant inspired by the ballroom scene in Disney’s Cinderella and other animated classics: beautiful marble floors with a royal design, tiara-topped porthole windows, and hand-painted portraits of Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White.

Your four-course royal feast includes options such as pomegranate-glazed duck breast, jumbo shrimp, spinach soufflé, avocado citrus salad, French onion soup, angus grilled beef tenderloin, roasted wild boar, lobster medallions, and Dijon-crusted rack of lamb. For dessert, indulge in the famed crème brûlée or enjoy a peanut butter mousse.

Adult-Exclusive Dining on the Disney Dream

Disney cruises are certainly family-friendly, but adults don’t need to worry that there’s nothing for them onboard. One of the great things on the Disney Dream that’s available exclusively to adults is a pair of elegant adult-exclusive restaurants . So send the kids off to the youth clubs, put on some nice duds, and enjoy a lovely kid-free date night at Palo or Remy!

Reserve a table at Palo for a delightful meal featuring memorable Italian cuisine. The stunning venue includes giant windows overlooking the ocean, providing a perfect backdrop for your meal.

Dinner menu items include seared sea scallops, tableside-fileted dover sole, butternut agnolotti, tiramisu, and a signature chocolate soufflé that’s considered one of the most popular items across the entire Disney Cruise fleet. On sea days, a tremendously-popular brunch service is typically offered.

Dining here requires an upcharge and space is usually in high demand; book as early as your onboard booking window allows.

The elegant dining room of Remy on the Disney Dream/Fantasy cruise ships

The finest onboard dining experience is at Remy. Named after the diminutive chef in Ratatouille , this restaurant transports you to the heart of Paris for a gastronomic experience like no other. You might be seated in the main room, or perhaps in the 900-bottle wine room. Or opt for ultimate luxury: the private Gusteau room (complete with a custom multi-course menu).

Dinner begins with a signature champagne cocktail prepared at your table. Then, it’s a gourmet culinary adventure designed in part by Chef Scott Hunnel (of Disney World’s Victoria & Albert’s) and Chef Arnaud Lallement (recipient of three Michelin stars and voted by  other Michelin-starred chefs as one of the 10 best chefs in the entire world). A gourmet cheese trolley and selections such as duck, elk, Kobe beef, langoustine, and sablefish are hallmarks of the menu.

On certain cruises, there’s also a highly-demanded champagne brunch as well as a 5-course dessert experience.

Dining here requires an upcharge. You’ll want to book as early as possible to have the best chance of securing a spot.

Casual Dining on the Disney Dream Cruise Ship

Tables in a tropical themed dining room, with columns shaped like palm trees and a giant oceanview window in the background

Cabanas | Image © Disney

Breakfast and lunch are casual meal periods onboard the Disney Dream. So come as you are (just cover up any swimsuits) and grab a bite at Cabanas.

This restaurant offers a mix of American, Asian, and European favorites in an all-you-care-to-eat breakfast and lunch buffet served from nearly a dozen food stations.

Breakfast is exactly what you’d expect from an American perspective – custom-made omelets, bacon & sausage, Mickey Waffles, hash browns, and the like. There are also some international offerings such as rice and miso soup. For me, this is always a great chance to expand my culinary horizons with things I can’t normally get at home. My usual morning fare on the ship includes a giant healthy bowl of fresh muesli with dried fruits and nuts — admittedly usually with a few Mickey Waffles and bacon on the side (it’s all about the balance, you know).

Lunch at Cabanas is a constantly-changing mix of jumbo iced shrimp & crab claws, hamburgers, sandwiches, pizza, freshly-grilled meats, veggies, and much more.

Cabanas also offers an alternative dinner service most nights. It’s not buffet style at night; a server will present you with a menu and bring your food to you, and it’s usually a rather quiet meal. My spouse and I will sometimes plan to have dinner here on formal night if we don’t feel like packing dress clothes for the cruise.

Lounges, Bars, and Snacks on the Disney Dream

There’s always a place to grab a quick bite or a refreshing drink onboard. Whether you’re looking for a nibble, just want a soda, or are seeking something with a bit of alcohol , you’ll easily find it onboard. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Beverage Station

There’s no need to purchase a separate drink package on a Disney Cruise, as most non-alcoholic drinks are included at no additional cost (a rarity in the cruise industry). This self-service beverage station located near the pool offers unlimited refills of sodas, teas, coffees, and other non-specialty beverages.

An adults-only retreat that focuses on specialty coffees and teas during the day, with cocktails in the evening.

A compelling open-air bar on Deck 13 offering expansive views and delightful cocktails. Adults only.

This family-friendly venue hosts interactive events for all ages. Karaoke, trivia, game shows, and even dance parties can be found here on a daily basis.

A large lounge area with a stage, and the word

  • District Lounge

A relaxed piano bar offering cocktails and nightly entertainment. Non-alcohol options are also available for those who want to enjoy the live music in a “drier” way.

Evolution lives up to its name. During the day, it welcomes cruisers of all ages for games, activities, and dance classes. At night, it evolves into a vibrant adults-only nightclub with a lively bar scene.

DCL Evolution Night Club

Evolution | Image © Disney

Eye Scream Treats and Frozone Treats

Cool down with all-you-can eat soft-serve ice cream cones (included in the cost of your cruise!), or spend a bit extra to enjoy a specialty smoothie.

Flo’s Cafe: Fillmore’s Favorites, Luigi’s Pizza, and Tow Mater’s Grill

For a quick grab-and-go snack poolside, check out these quick service windows. You’ll find pizza, chicken tenders, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and more.

Meridian Lounge

Supplement your elegant meal at Remy or Palo by having cocktails at this upscale travel-themed lounge conveniently located directly between those two fine dining establishments. Cigars are also offered for purchase.

A serene lounge on Deck 14 in the forward funnel (red smokestack). This spot is often overlooked due to its secluded location, so it’s a quiet retreat with compelling views (and a great wedding venue, too!).

An secluded lounge with deeply rich colors

This Champagne and Wine bar pays tribute to all things bubbly, featuring a private-label Tattinger champagne created and bottled exclusively for this spot. Tip: look closely enough at the bubbles along the wall and you can spot pink elephants here even without having a drink!

Disney Cruise - Pink Champagne Bar with bubble décor implying the inside of a champagne bottle

Pink Wine & Champagne Bar (Disney Dream)

This contemporary sports bar offers live matches via satellite (when available) and comfortable lush seating. Open to everyone during the day, and adults only at night. The pub’s name is a nod to the ship’s hull number at the shipyard where it was created.

  • Senses Juice Bar

Enjoy a healthy quaff at this retreat near Senses Spa and Salon. Fresh fruit and vegetables give their all for these nutritious protein- and vitamin-packed beverages.

This adults-only bar provides scenic views of iconic city skylines around the world. Thanks to a little Disney magic, the view out the “window” changes to a different city every fifteen minutes.

  • Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats

Purchase hand-scooped gelato, baked goods, and candy in this shop inspired by  Wreck-It Ralph . Fees apply.

Room Service on Disney Dream

Almost all of the Disney Dream’s Room Service menu is offered at no additional charge – you’ll only have to pay for a few specialty items and to tip the crew member who delivers the food to your room.

The standard room service menu typically includes soups & salads, chicken tenders, burgers & dogs, sandwiches & wraps, and hot wings.  You’ll also typically find a few flatbreads or pizzas and perhaps some pasta. Dessert — usually cookies, cake, or pie — is also offered.

A favorite among repeat cruisers is the All Hands on Deck , a plate of assorted cheese, fruit, and crackers. Kids (both actual and adult) will be pleased to know you can also request a Mickey’s Premium ice cream bar – the same kind found in the theme parks.

If you don’t mind paying a bit extra, you can add on specialty items such as beer, wine, canned soft drinks, deluxe coffees, juices, and pre-packaged snacks such as candies.

Best Bets for Each Meal on Disney Dream

Below we list each of the main meal periods onboard the ship, and your best options for each.

  • Primary option: Cabanas is the number one breakfast spot onboard thanks to its long hours, expansive options, and all-you-care-to-eat service style. Mornings can be rather hectic here, but there’s rarely difficulty in finding a seat.
  • Secondary option: One of the three rotational restaurants (typically Enchanted Garden) usually offers a table-service breakfast, complete with a server who will bring your food and keep your drinks refilled. The menu is a bit more limited than at Cabanas, but it’s usually a much quieter option to start your day.
  • Other options: Room service is available, but there are two things to know. First, you’ll need to order in advance via a menu card that you hang on your doorknob the night before. Second, know that the breakfast menu is extremely limited. There’s no “hot breakfast” (no bacon, eggs, sausage, or oatmeal); instead, it’s a continental sort of menu with juices, coffees, pastries, and cold cereals. I personally find the room service breakfast to be too limited, though I’ll admit there’s a certain charm to coffee and a light pastry while enjoying the sunrise from my verandah.
  • Primary option: Like at breakfast, Cabanas is the best lunch option thanks to its wide selection. Iced jumbo shrimp and crab claws are a signature menu item most days and I usually eat my fill of them at least once during the cruise; you’ll also find freshly grilled meats, a wide variety of side items, some interesting international selections, and lots of tempting desserts.
  • Secondary option: Spending the afternoon by the pool? There’s no need to dry off and head inside when you get a rumbly in your tumbly. Drip dry and head over to the food service windows at Flo’s Café for burgers, dogs, sandwiches, and unlimited ice cream cones. These windows often offer extended hours, which makes them a good failsafe for folks who miss lunch hours at Cabanas or get hungry before their late dinner service.
  • Other options : Enchanted Garden typically serves lunch with open seating. Room Service is another good option, though there’s sometimes a lunch rush which can delay your food’s arrival a bit. The cloche-covered dishes sometimes mean that fried items such as wings might not arrive quite as crispy as you’d like.
  • Primary option: Your assigned rotational dining restaurant is the heart of Disney Cruise dining and shouldn’t be missed. Your dedicated service team follows you all voyage long and will likely become your favorite Crew Members onboard the ship (my wife and I made such a connection with our servers on a 2019 cruise that we still remember their names to this day!). Add in special themed menus and other thoughtful touches, and you’ll quickly see why this is a highlight of each day onboard.
  • Secondary option: As an alternative to your pre-scheduled rotational dining restaurant, you might opt to experience Cabanas in a totally new way. Dinner at Cabanas is an entirely different experience than the free-for-all buffet-style offerings that are the mainstay of breakfast and lunch. A host seats you at your table, and a server presents you a menu featuring some of the most popular selections onboard.
  • Other options: Many cruisers enjoy dedicating at least one night of their cruise to an adult-exclusive meal at Palo or Remy. Otherwise, you can always grab something from the quick-service windows on the pool deck, or order room service.

Off-Hours Eating and Snacking

  • Primary option: For cravings outside the main meal periods, your best bet is Flo’s Café on the pool deck. Their generous hours and snack-friendly offerings make them a great choice to tide you over between meals. Individual portions tend to be “snack sized” (perhaps 2 or 3 chicken tenders and a few fries), so you won’t spoil your dinner unless you want to by asking for a larger portion.
  • Secondary option: Room Service is available 24/7, up until about 1:30 AM on the last morning of your cruise. It’s the only option for overnight snacking. I’ll occasionally order a few warm cookies and some milk at bedtime, but you can also order 1:00 AM buffalo wings if your antacid game is strong.

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Disney Dream Pools and Water Slides

Two riders on a raft are propelled by water through elevated tubes on the AquaDuck, a water ride on some Disney cruise ships

The AquaDuck is the premier water attraction onboard the Disney Dream. This first-of-its kind (water coaster on a cruise ship) attraction takes its guests on a wild adventure high above the upper decks of the ship.

Guests board a raft and are propelled by jets of water through 765 feet of tubes and open-air slide segments; along the way, you’ll experience a 4-deck drop, a careening curve over the edge of the ship, and a journey through one of the iconic red smokestack funnels.

There’s no additional charge to ride the AquaDuck, but you will have to wait in line. There is no FastPass, Lightning Lane, or Genie+ onboard the ship. Lines tend to be longest on Sea Days and shorter when the ship is in port. Riding earlier or later can also help avoid crowds – just don’t forget to check the operating hours each day in the Navigator app.

To ride solo, Guests must be at least 54″ tall and at least 7 years of age. Children under the age of 7 who are at least 42″ tall and toilet-trained may ride with a companion who is at least 14 years of age.

Pools and Splash Pads

  • Donald’s Pool

This pool offers a shallow wading area with a deeper center. This is a perfect place to enjoy Disney movies on the giant 24′ x 14′ FunnelVision screen nearby. This pool is sometimes closed during special on-deck events, covered with a retractable floor to offer more deck space.

A rectangular pool in front of a stage and large video screen

Donald’s Pool | Image © Disney

Funnel Puddle

A shallow (approximately 1-foot deep) family friendly pool that’s far removed from the raucousness of the Donald’s and Mickey’s pools. This is the closest thing you’ll find onboard to a “quiet pool” that’s still open to all ages; but there’s still a small water fountain feature in the middle that kids love to splash in.

  • Mickey’s Pool & Slide

The shape alone clearly communicates this is designed for kids; The deeper zones of this still-shallow pool are shaped like the friendly face of everyone’s favorite pal, Mickey Mouse. Meanwhile, one of Mickey’s signature white gloves supports a bright yellow waterslide for kids aged 4 to 14 / height 38″ to 64″. May be closed during deck parties.

Mickey-shaped pool and bright yellow waterslide

Mickey’s Pool | Image © Disney

  • Nemo’s Reef

This toddler-friendly splash zone features PIXAR characters spraying water, a child-sized Mr. Ray waterslide, and more — all in a shaded, enclosed, and “accidental tumble”-friendly soft surfaced area. Ages 3 years or younger; swim diapers are required.

Water jets and Pixar characters in Nemo's Reef

  • Quiet Cove Pool

A serene oasis for those 18 and up to get away from the kids for some quiet time. There’s a three-circled pool of varying depths, lounge-style seating in the shallowest segment, a whirlpool spa, and of course plenty of adult beverages nearby.

Quiet Cove Pool and Bar

Satellite Falls Pool

One of the most unique water spaces onboard, Satellite Falls is an adults-only wading pool that features a cascading (ok, rapidly dripping) waterfall directly underneath one of the giant satellite domes on the ship’s upper deck.

Satellite Falls pool underneath a large white dome

Satellite Falls | Image © Disney

Disney Dream Kids Clubs and Teen Clubs

Children are trained by a Jedi master

Much of Deck 5 on the Disney Dream is dedicated to spaces especially designed for younger passengers, and there are plenty of other youth-friendly spaces onboard. Here’s a preview.

  • Disney’s Oceaneer Club

The Oceaneer Club is the primary kids activity onboard the ship. It’s the place where your kids will probably spend most of their time onboard. For some families, it’s not uncommon for the kids and adults to part ways at breakfast and regroup at dinner, with the Kids Club filling the gap between.

This secure facility is accessible only to kids aged 3-10 and trained youth activities staff — but there are pre-scheduled open houses to allow parents and kids to tour the location together. Inside there are tons of kid-friendly spaces and activities, and it’s all included in the cost of your Disney cruise! This amazing kids club is one of the reasons we consider Disney to be the best cruise line for children .

Andy’s Room

Kids are immersed in the world of Disney·Pixar’s Toy Story movies in this play area.

Disney Infinity Game Room

Enjoy interactive video games and activities in this high-tech space.

Disney’s Once Upon a Time

Disney characters come to life in this bookmaking and story time experience.

Jedi Training: Experience the Force

Learn the ways of the Force with this interactive training experience.

Pixie Hollow

This forest-themed area is the perfect place for storytelling, playing dress-up, and arts & crafts.

Puzzle Playtime with Mickey

Mickey and pals drop in for fun and games.

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon

The “fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy” is ready for adventure! Hop into the cockpit and zoom through the stars, the forests of Endor, and more.

  • Disney’s Oceaneer Lab

A partner facility to the Oceaneer Club, the Oceaneer Lab offers lots of hands-on activities and experiences for kids ages 3-10.

Red stools at animation tables

Animator’s Studio

Learn how to draw your favorite Disney characters – or just entertain your own creative instincts.

Anyone Can Cook

Learn how to measure and mix ingredients and bake a batch of fresh chocolate-chip cookies.

Craft Studio

A spot perfectly prepared to indulge creative urges with hands-on creations.

Get the Hook!

A 3-day search through multiple crime scenes to find Captain Hook’s… well, you know.

Disney movies, video games, and occasional structured activities are the order of the day here.

Piston Cup Challenge

Bars of soap form the chassis of your custom-made race car in this fun, hands-on race.

Put on battle gear and join forces with The Avengers to take on super villains.

Super Sloppy Science with Professor Make-O-Mess

Meet a world-famous scientist with a penchant for unashamedly messy experiments.

The Wheelhouse

Home of  Tides of Fortune , a multi-player Pirates of the Caribbean game that can only be found on a Disney Cruise. A major component is piloting your pirate ship through the Caribbean Sea via video simulation.

Tweens and young teens (ages 11 to 14) have a space all to themselves onboard the Disney Dream, and it’s in one of the coolest spots on the entire ship: inside the iconic red smokestack funnel on Deck 13! Edge is the perfect place to relax as tweens see fit — a huge video wall, a dance floor, karaoke machines, a game room, and photo booths. The furniture can even be moved around so Guests can make the space their own. A mix of planned activities and unstructured free time keeps things interesting.

Those aged 14 to 17 have a unique indoor/outdoor space made just for them, complete with a super secret entrance! Indoors, teens will find plenty of TVs, video games, and tablets, plus dance parties, karaoke sessions, and group activities. Or, they can head outside to a private sundeck at the bow of the ship to enjoy deck games, splash pools, and sunbathing.

The outdoor sundeck of Vibe, with small pools and game tables

Vibe outdoor sundeck

it’s a small world nursery!

Tiny cruisers are well cared for in it’s a small world nursery! , an onboard babysitting service for infants and toddlers aged three and younger.

Disney youth counselors watch over the tykes, playing with them, feeding them, and handling diaper duty.

Nominal fees apply, charged by the half-hour (with a one-hour minimum), and there are discounts for multiple children in the same family. Advanced reservations are strongly recommended. Note that there are no in-room babysitting services onboard.

Need Answers But Don’t Want To Wait On Hold?

Disney Dream Entertainment and Activities

a cruise ship dream

Disney is an entertainment company at heart, so it’s no surprise that the shows and experiences onboard the Disney Dream are top notch.

Broadway-Style Shows in the Walt Disney Theatre

Each night of your cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a live show in the beautiful Walt Disney Theatre. This includes at least three Broadway-style shows during your cruise, along with other additions (such as family-friendly comedians, magicians, and hypnotists) on longer voyages.

Show times are opposite your dinner time onboard. So if you have early dining, you’ll see the late show — and vice versa.

Beauty and the Beast

This show brings a tale as old as time to the stage. Innovative puppetry and stunning special effects combine with skilled actors and memorable music to bring you an unforgettable evening.

Disney’s Believe

A true stage spectacular, featuring 300+ costumes, 200+ scenic elements, and a cast of characters assembled to help a daughter provide her hard-working father a bit of perspective on what’s truly important in life.

The Golden Mickeys

It’s awards night onboard the Disney Dream! Experience all the glitz and glamor of the red carpet as the crowd clamors to guess who will win the coveted titles of “Most Romantic” and “Most Heroic.” Meanwhile, there’s a problem… the emcee is missing! Fear not — these things usually have a way of solving themselves. This fan-favorite musical features songs from about a dozen different Disney films.

Mickey’s Color Spin Dance Party

This offering, presented on select cruises, features a 90s throwback themed dance party on deck. Start the show off with a group sing-along of Into the Unknown , then spin the color wheel to reveal a series of high-energy performances and easy-to-learn dances and group actions. Mickey, Minnie, and even Max are along for the party.

Pirate Night / Pirates in the Caribbean Deck Party with Fireworks

Pirate night starts with the delivery of pirate bandanas to your stateroom – then the party moves to your scheduled dining location for the evening, where a special themed menu awaits. Then, head up to the pool deck for a raucous show with high-flying pirates including favorite Disney characters. Finally, the grand finale (and another Disney innovation) – fireworks at sea!

Note: not every itinerary offers a pirate night, and fireworks may be canceled due to weather.

Sailing Away Deck Party

The official start to your Disney Dream cruise — your vacation begins when the ship’s horn plays those familiar notes and confetti rains down from the upper decks. Captain Mickey and all his pals are there to join the fun to ensure your trip gets off to a great, high-energy start.

Disney Movies in the Buena Vista Theatre

First-run and classic favorite Disney, Marvel, PIXAR, and LucasFilm movies are shown throughout the day in the Buena Vista Theatre. No need for a ticket — it’s completely free so all you need to do is find a seat at showtime.

Sailing during the premiere of a highly-anticipated Disney film? It’ll be shown repeatedly in the Buena Vista Theatre, likely after a huge “PremEAR at Sea” showing in the Walt Disney Theatre.

Goofy Golf and Sports Deck

If you prefer your entertainment to be a bit more active, there’s plenty of great recreation to be had on Goofy’s Sports Deck , located on Deck 13 aft.

Enjoy a delightfully ludicrous mini-golf course with nine fun-filled, pun-filled holes. It’s completely free and no tee times are required. Just grab a putter and a goofball, er, golf ball — and perhaps a scorecard/pencil if you insist on keeping things official (I don’t bother, as I see no reason to put my lies in writing).

This is one of my absolute favorite things to do onboard the Disney Dream. I just love enjoying a game of mini-golf out on the open ocean, and the sight gags just add to it. Vewy sewious mini-golfers will appreciate that each hole offers two tee locations — one just for fun and one for a slightly more challenging experience.

A miniature golf course hole, complete with silly additions such as an octopus in a bucket of water

Elsewhere on the sports deck, you’ll find other, more mainstream pursuits, such as a basketball court and even a digital sports simulator (fees apply).

Down on deck 4, you’ll also find shuffleboard courts — a classic cruise activity.

Here’s a great way to explore the ship: sleuthing out a crime! Start your adventure at the agency kiosk on Deck 5 — pick up a badge and deck plan / casebook — and suddenly, the game is afoot!

This extensive adventure will send you all over the ship looking for more than 20 interactive artwork displays, where a series of random events and “choose your own adventure” dilemmas make sure that you can play over and over without getting bored.

A family displays their detective badge to an interactive piece of artwork as part of the game

Depending on the agency’s caseload, you might help Mickey and pals recover some stolen paintings, try to find 99 missing Dalmatians, or follow Pepe the King Prawn’s clues to solve a zany Muppet mystery.

Not only is this a fun adventure, it’s also an astounding way to orient yourself to everything on the ship! I highly recommend it for first-timers. And because your detective badge tracks your progress, you can play at your own pace, starting and stopping as you like.

Disney Dream Spas and Salons

Disney Dream offers a full-service spa onboard the ship, featuring many other health and wellness services.

Senses Spa and Salon

Pamper yourself with spa treatments, salon services, and rejuvenation procedures at this restful retreat. Services offered at Senses Spa include Swedish massages, aroma stone therapy, deep tissue massage, acupuncture, facials, teeth whitening, shampoo/cut/style, manicures, pedicures, and more. Even those who aren’t into spa treatments may enjoy the Rainforest Room with its various themed shower settings. Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, showers, lockers, sandals, and robes round out the offerings.

Exclusively for guests aged 13-17, this special area of Senses offers treatments to teens. A parent or guardian must accompany the teen for the duration of the treatment ( solo and combined treatments are offered as an option).

  • Fitness Center

Perhaps you’re a regular exerciser, or maybe you just want to offset several days of all-you-can-eat meals. Either way, you can stay in shape with the offerings at the Disney Dream’s onboard fitness center. Whatever your preferred equipment — weight machines, cardio equipment, ellipticals, treadmills, and others — you’re likely to find it here. If you prefer a group experience you can join a yoga, Pilates, or aerobics class. Or, opt for personalized one-on-one training and analysis with a professional trainer.

  • Walking/Jogging Track

If, like me, you’re not keen on a major workout but do enjoy a nice walk after dinner, you’ll be happy to know that the Disney Dream offers an open-air walking/jogging track on Deck 4. I like that it’s low enough on the ship to offer some close-up ocean views — especially handy if you’re lucky enough to see wildlife such as dolphins playing alongside the ship. A leisurely stroll is perfectly fine, but jogging is also fair game here if you don’t want to miss your daily run while onboard.

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Disney Dream Itineraries and Home Ports

Aerial view of a Disney Cruise Ship at Villefranche | Image © Disney

You can board the Disney Dream from several places around the US and in Europe.

Disney Dream has a busy schedule of cruises in 2024 .

  • January through end of April: Caribbean cruises and Bahamian cruises from Fort Lauderdale
  • Early- to mid-May: Transatlantic voyage from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona
  • Late May to mid-September: Various European itineraries from Barcelona, Civitavecchia (Rome), and Southampton
  • Mid-September to mid-October: Not yet announced
  • Late October: Transatlantic voyage from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale
  • November to end of year: Bahamian cruises and Caribbean cruises from Fort Lauderdale

Here’s an overview of Disney Dream’s schedule of cruises in 2025  so far.

  • January through end of May: Bahamian and Caribbean cruises from Fort Lauderdale
  • June and beyond: Not yet released

Find a Cruise Near You and Secure the Best Possible Rate

Disney Dream Deck-by-Deck

Here’s a look at what’s located on each deck of the Disney Dream.

  • Health Center
  • Tender Lobbies (ship exit at ports of call)
  • Public Restrooms
  • Self-Service Laundry
  • Vista Gallery
  • Category 9B
  • Category 11C
  • Walt Disney Theatre (main level)
  • Animator’s Palate
  • Guest Services
  • Mickey’s Mainsail
  • Sea Treasures
  • Lobby Atrium
  • Buena Vista Theatre (main level)
  • Walt Disney Theatre (balcony level)
  • Pink Wine & Champagne Bar
  • Port Shopping Desk
  • Shutters Photo
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Vacation Planning Desk
  • Atrium (overlook)
  • Buena Vista Theatre (balcony level)
  • “it’s a small world” nursery
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
  • Port Adventures Desk
  • Category 4E
  • Category 6B
  • Category 7A
  • Category 8A
  • Category 8C
  • Category 9A
  • Category 10A
  • Category 11B
  • Category 4C
  • Category 5C
  • Category 9D
  • Category 4B
  • Category 5B
  • Category 8B
  • Category 9C
  • Category 6A
  • Category 11A
  • Category 4A
  • Category 5A
  • Funnel Vision
  • Eye Scream Treats
  • Filmore’s Favorites
  • Luigi’s Pizza
  • Tow Mater’s Grill
  • Frozone Treats
  • Rainforest Room
  • Treatment Salons
  • Whozits & Whatzits
  • Category 2B
  • Category 3A
  • AquaDuck Entrance
  • Funnel Puddle Pool
  • Concierge Lounge
  • Senses Spa (additional treatment rooms)
  • Category 1A
  • Category 2A
  • Sports Courts
  • Sports Simulator
  • Satellite Falls
  • Currents Bar
  • Concierge Private Sun Deck

Disney Dream Fact Sheet

Shipyard (ship’s birthplace).

Meyer Werft – Papenburg, Germany

Maiden voyage

January 26, 2011

Varies by time of year — see Itineraries & Ports above

Ship’s Registry

Approximately 130,000 gross tons

22 knots cruising speed

23.5 knots maximum speed

Diesel-based electric

Crew Members

Maximum capacity.

4,000 passengers

1,250 staterooms

  • 901 verandah staterooms (includes 21 suites)
  • 199 oceanview staterooms
  • 150 inside staterooms (12%)

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Jason Liberty, president and CEO of the line’s parent company Royal Caribbean Group, told USA TODAY the townhouse and the Ultimate Family Suites on other ships in the fleet are spaces “where you can bring families together, multiple generations together, and you can have an incredible experience inside the cabin.”

How big is the Ultimate Family Townhouse?

The three-level structure is even bigger than the two-story Ultimate Family Suites . At 1,772 square feet, the townhouse can accommodate up to 8 guests.

There is also a 410-square-foot balcony on the main level, a 90-square-foot balcony on the second floor, and a 251-square-foot patio.

What can guests expect?

Icon is packed with activities across the ship , but townhouse guests have plenty of ways to play without leaving their room. Those include a slide that connects the second and main levels – I saw kids and adults alike testing it out while touring the room during a preview cruise last month – an in-suite theater with karaoke, table tennis on the patio; and more.

The rainbow-colored staircase also plays music as people walk up and down. Guests can choose from songs like “London Bridge Is Falling Down” or free play, and customize the instrument, with options including piano, violin and trumpet (they can also turn it off if they want peace and quiet).

Located in the ship’s Surfside neighborhood – designed especially for young families – guests also have easy access to aqua parks, a carousel, restaurants like Pier 7 (which serves all-day brunch) and more, just beyond the townhouse’s picket fence on Deck 7.

The two-bedroom space has a king bed, two sets of bunk beds (one of which can fold into the wall leaving just a couch), and a double sofa bed. There are also three bathrooms and floor-to-ceiling windows with striking ocean views, thanks to the suite’s location at the aft of the ship.

How much does the Ultimate Family Townhouse cost?

Like the rest of Icon, the townhouse saw high demand ahead of its debut. Michael Bayley, the line’s president and CEO, said the room was 55% booked for 2024 during Royal Caribbean Group’s February 2023 earnings call, just over three months after revealing details about the ship.

There is still availability to be found, though. Prices vary by sailing date, but the townhouse starts at $23,353 per person for two adults and two kids on a 7-night Eastern Caribbean cruise departing from Miami, Florida, on May 17, 2025, according to Royal Caribbean’s website .

Icon of the Seas guide: How to get the most of the world's biggest cruise ship

The hefty price tag also comes with many perks. The fare includes gratuities, Wi-Fi, laundry and pressing services, priority embarkation and disembarkation and more. Guests will also have a Royal Genie that can help grant their wishes during their stay, like making reservations for onboard restaurants and helping guests avoid waiting in lines.

Editor’s note: The reporter on this story received access to this cruise from Royal Caribbean International, which is owned by Royal Caribbean Group. USA TODAY maintains editorial control of reviews.

Nathan Diller is a consumer travel reporter for USA TODAY based in Nashville. You can reach him at [email protected].

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  • Former AIDAvita cruise ship officially rebranded as Blue Dream...

Former AIDAvita cruise ship officially rebranded as Blue Dream Melody for Chinese market

CruiseMapper logo

Blue Dream Cruises has confirmed the acquisition of the former AIDA cruise ship AIDAvita, which will undergo rebranding and renaming as Blue Dream Melody before setting sail for China in spring 2024.

The agreement for the acquisition was finalized with Beta Marine Ltd, the previous owner and manager of the 42,289-ton vessel, which had been in lay-up in Tallinn, Estonia . The ship's delivery was officially completed on January 12, 2024.

The vessel is scheduled to begin its journey to China in early March, where it will undergo comprehensive refurbishments at a domestic shipyard before commencing operations.

Established in 2016 by Fujian China Transport Investment Group Co., Ltd., Blue Dream Cruises aims to integrate Chinese culture, embody national characteristics, challenge conventional norms, and establish new industry standards. In 2020, the Chinese cruise line acquired its inaugural vessel, Blue Dream Star (formerly Celestyal Odyssey), positioning it as a "National Cruise" brand to promote national culture and values. Following the crisis, Blue Dream Star became the first cruise ship to resume domestic sailings in China on May 26, 2023, successfully operating 42 voyages and accommodating 57,000+ cruise passengers .

Blue Dream Melody is set to commence Chinese domestic cruises from Shanghai , Qingdao , and Tianjin in spring and summer of the current year, presenting a refreshed appearance and new sailing opportunities for passengers in the region.


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