1. Take a free Mazda Factory tour in Hiroshima Japan

    mazda factory tour

  2. How to Take the Free Mazda Factory Tour Japan

    mazda factory tour

  3. Japan Factory Tour

    mazda factory tour

  4. Mazda Production in Japan Plants

    mazda factory tour

  5. Visit to the Mazda factory

    mazda factory tour

  6. Mazda Factory & Museum Tour ที่คนรักรถควรต้องไปสักครั้งนึงในชีวิต

    mazda factory tour


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  1. MAZDA: About a reservation

    Learn how to book a tour of the Mazda Museum, a free facility that showcases the history and products of Mazda. Choose from different types of tours, languages, and dates, and check the important information before you visit.

  2. How to Take the Free Mazda Factory Tour Japan

    The Mazda Factory is located just a 6 minute train ride from Hiroshima and is very easy to get to. The Mazda Tour includes a guided tour around the Hiroshima Mazda Museum, then a bus trip through the plant. The visit also includes a tour of active production lines. All in all it's a superb visit and a great free thing to do in Japan, for us ...

  3. Mazda Museum

    When the tour is scheduled to begin, a Mazda tour guide directs visitors onto a bus to take them to the museum building on the nearby grounds of Mazda's Hiroshima Plant. ... Tours of the Mazda Museum and factory are held daily, except weekends and company holidays. The duration of the tours is 90-120 minutes.

  4. Mazda factory tour

    Mazda factory tour. Visit the Mazda museum and factory in Hiroshima, the car company's home city. Producing over a million vehicles per year, Mazda is one of Japan's largest automobile companies and has enjoyed global success. Mazda's home however is Hiroshima and it is here that the head office is still based.

  5. How to Take the Free Mazda Factory Tour Japan

    The Mazda Factory Tour is a captivating experience that showcases the dedication, innovation, and precision that go into creating Mazda vehicles. Whether you're a car enthusiast, a fan of the brand, or simply curious about the manufacturing process, this tour offers a fascinating insight into the world of Mazda. ...

  6. Visit to the Mazda factory

    When to go: Once a day (except weekends and holidays) at 10 a.m. Visit the Mazda museum and factory in Hiroshima, the hometown of the car company. Producing more than one million vehicles per year, Mazda is one of the largest automotive companies in Japan and has enjoyed worldwide success.

  7. Mazda Museum

    The tour starts at the Mazda factory main entrance, which is a 5 minute walk from JR Mukainada Station. When alighting the train at Mukainada coming from Hiroshima, you must cross over the tracks using the footbridge, exit the station going straight to the main road, turn right at the Hospital corner and then it is around 500 metres up the road ...

  8. 8 reasons to visit the Mazda museum in Hiroshima

    The Mazda Museum tour concludes with a walk along the assembly line. 7: Watch Miatas getting built Car factories are cool places to visit, and Mazda's Hiroshima plant is unique in the variety of ...

  9. RX-7, Miata and more: A tour of Mazda's factory museum

    Mazda's factory museum has some absolute beauties. We begin at Mazda's corporate headquarters, a nondescript building. It's just a short walk from Mukainada station, about 30 minutes outside of ...

  10. Visiting the Mazda Museum in Hiroshima

    Tips for Visiting the Mazda Museum. The museum is open only on weekdays, but visits are only possible with a guided tour. English language tours start at 10:00 each day. Tours of the Mazda Museum are free of charge, but require a reservation made in advance, done either online or by telephone.

  11. Mazda Museum, Hiroshima, Japan Travel Guide

    The Mazda Museum and factory tour is another one of Japan's great attractions that is not only entertaining but free to visit. The museum generally consists of a guided factory tour where you get to see cars being assembled on a production line followed by a visit to Mazda's extensive museum that showcases some of the new and old products.

  12. Mazda Production in Japan Plants

    Mazda Production in Japan Plants - Factory TourCompilation of production lines from Mazda's Japan plants, years 2016-2019

  13. MAZDA NEWSROOM|Renovated Mazda Museum Grand Reopening in May|NEWS RELEASES

    HIROSHIMA, Japan-- Mazda Motor Corporation's Mazda Museum, located in its Hiroshima headquarters, has undergone a full renovation.The museum showcases historic vehicles and exhibits of the company's history since its foundation. Due to open to the public on May 23 this year, the museum's spatial design and displays have seen a complete makeover with the aim to provide customers and people in ...

  14. Tour the Mazda Factory Museum

    Tour the Mazda Factory Museum. Written by Peter Amato March 19, 2020 June 27, 2022. Why Not Take A Tour Of The MAZA MUSEUM? It's adjacent to Mazda's global headquarters in Hiroshima, Japan, where you can see the brand's extensive museum collection of classic cars, modern racers, and even an extensive exhibit dedicated to the Mazda's ...

  15. Mazda Museum

    The Mazda Museum is a tour facility located on Mazda's premises, and many people from Japan and abroad visit it. In addition to introducing the history of Mazda from the 1920s along with an exhibition of historic cars, you can also learn about rotary engine technology and the process of making cars. At the assembly plant, you can see the powerful appearance of cars being assembled one after ...

  16. Mazda's factory museum has some absolute beauties

    Mazda's factory museum has some absolute beauties. Check out 85 years of Mazda automobiles in the Mazda Museum in Hiroshima, Japan. Geoffrey Morrison. Sept. 14, 2016 9:24 a.m. PT. 1 of 39 Geoffrey ...

  17. Mazda 100th Anniversary|Mazda Virtual Museum|Mazda

    100 Years of Historyin Pictures. Read more. Welcome to Mazda Virtual Museum Here, you will be able to explore Mazda's history over the last 100 years. Take a journey through our past and experience the unwavering passion passed down through generations.

  18. Mazda Factory Tour?

    Mazda Factory Tour? Jump to Latest Follow 3K views 7 replies 4 participants last post by Yoshi Feb 25, 2024. mainemanx Discussion starter 747 posts · Joined 2016 Add to quote; Only show this user #1 · May 18, 2017. Has anyone done the Mazda Hiroshima Museum and Factory tour? ...

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    The faulty Mazda CX-90s were assembled from December 27, 2022, to September 12, 2023, at the Yamaguchi factory in Japan. Owners with questions on the topic can contact Mazda's customer service at ...

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    Here's How AMG's Legendary V-8 Comes Together at the Factory. The One Man, One Engine philosophy is alive and well at AMG's V-8 assembly plant. Jun 2, 2024 at 9:00am ET. By: Brian Silvestro ...

  21. Tesla dangles chance at a factory tour with Elon Musk to get

    Tesla is offering a potential Gigafactory tour with Elon Musk to shareholders who vote in its annual meeting. 15 investors will be chosen at random for the tour, Tesla said.

  22. Test-Driving The 2024 Mazda3 Hatchback

    A Decent Base Engine And A Zealous Turbo Motor. As mentioned earlier, there are two engines and multiple powertrain combinations offered with the 2024 Mazda3 Hatchback. The base motor is a 2.5 ...

  23. Musk offers factory tours to investors as he seeks support for his pay

    Follow. SAN FRANCISCO, May 28 (Reuters) - Elon Musk is offering tours of Tesla's factory next month to 15 shareholders who vote on his $56 billion pay package, the latest effort by the electric ...