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43 Instagram Travel Bloggers You Must Follow in 2022

Best Instagram Travel Bloggers You Should Follow in 2022

Would you like to be one of the top Instagram travel bloggers or one of the top travel influencers on Instagram?

When it comes to planning a dream vacation, using social media apps like Instagram continues to be very popular. If you are reading this, there is a good chance you are a travel writer or a travel blogger. But, put yourself in the position of a traveler for a minute. Remember how ridiculously easy it is to scroll through Instagram as you sip your morning coffee, or actively search through the thousands of pages of inspiration right at your fingertips.

Learn from the best. Check out what these amazing Instagrammers are up to so you can find new ways to share all the amazing places you visit with your followers. Learn how to share your personal travel style. Whether you are a family, adventure-seekers, or foodie traveler- there’s a travel Instagram account below that is sure to inspire you.

If you want to become one of the top travel Instagram accounts for travelers or you want travel inspiration of your own, we’ve rounded up the 43 Instagram travel bloggers you should follow in 2022.

Travel Instagram Accounts You Should Follow in 2022

Your followers want to benefit from real-world experiences and tips for traveling to your dream destinations.  Help them find secret locations that are off the beaten path and make their Instagram experience a better travel planning tool than a “Top 10” list.

Below, we have found 43 of the top travel Instagram accounts, travel influencers, and best travel bloggers on Instagram, across every niche, that you need to go follow right now!

5 Totally Amazing Instagram Travel Bloggers

If you are a travel blogger yourself you might be curious to follow some of the top travel Instagram influencers to check out how they are posting photos, reels, and live on the platform.

Below are a few of our top Instagram travel influencers. This list isn’t just about travel bloggers on Instagram with huge numbers. Our goal was to find accounts with great photos and reels as well as accounts that have great engagement with their followers.

1. Murad Osmann | @muradosmann

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by MURAD OSMANN (@muradosmann)

Their signature pose is Natalia holding Osmann’s hand while her back is turned towards the scenery. His photography has shown up beyond Instagram including Times Square and Art Basel. He also has an amazing photography book based on his Instagramm;  Murad and Natalia Osmann, Russian Bloggers Who Conquered the World! It is a collection of 100 inspiring travel and love tales from Instagram’s most romantic pair.

2. Carolyn Stritch | @theslowtraveler

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Carolyn (@theslowtraveler)

If you don’t already know what slow travel is, you’re about to become obsessed. Slow travel implies that your trips should always emphasize connection to the people and places around you. These vacations usually operate at a much “slower” pace to allow time for authentic experiences. No more tourist traps here! Carolyn documents her seaside homestead and travels throughout the countryside in an artistic and fairy-tale like fashion. She even has her own slow travel book club, so you can read along with her as she makes her way across the country.

3. Mark + Mim | @thecommonwanderer

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Mark + Mim | Travel Bloggers (@thecommonwanderer)

4. Dave & Deb from The Planet D | @theplanetd

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Dave & Deb🔹ThePlanetD (@theplanetd)

5. Alexa from 52 Perfect Days | @52perfectdays

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Alexa Williams Meisler (@52perfectdays)

Well, I couldn’t NOT include myself! My goal is to make all your travel dreams come true. It’s always a goal to try to be one of the best travel bloggers on Instagram, and I focus on sharing authenticity as well as a good content diversity, making every day new, exciting and attainable for the average traveler. My goal with my posts is to inspire the travel enthusiast across every niche, from delicious donuts in Wichita to fiery San Diego Sunsets. I also love sharing gluten-free cuisine and a good glass of wine, and tips for booking a better vacation. I’d be so honored for you to get your travel fix with @52PerfectDays.

5 Instagram Foodie Travel Accounts

Here are our top picks for Instagram accounts to follow that are focused on foodie travel.

6. Melissa Hie | @girleatworld

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by ❤️ Mel’s Food & Travel log (@girleatworld)

This Instagram account is home to collection of the cutest food you’ve ever seen, in front of the world most exotic backdrops. From coconut cocktails in Bali to wild strawberries in Ukraine, @girleatsworld will engage your senses and have you craving a good snack and travel at the same time. If you want to know exactly where to find the trendiest street foods around the world, Mel is your girl. She’s been documenting her eats across the world since 2015, when blogging and travelling became her full-time gig.

7. Marcus Nilsson | @pissinginthepunchbowl

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Marcus Nilsson (@pissinginthepunchbowl)

8. Kelsey | @eatdrinkrunrepeat

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Kelsey | San Diego Food + Travel (@eatdrinkrunrepeat)

If the phrase, “will travel for food” resonates with you on a spiritual level, you’ll be sure to fall in love with Kelsey’s travel Instagram. @eatdrinkrunrepeat is a masterful account of the trendiest and tastiest meals from around her home base of San Diego and across the globe. Even outside of the foodie niche, this Kelsey is definitely one of the best travel bloggers instagram. She’s also a dog au pair (who knew that was a thing?) so her furry clients pop up from time to time. Puppies, ice cream and Machu Picchu? Yes please!

9. Kathryn Burrington |  @travelwithkat

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Kathryn Burrington (@travelwithkat)

10. Jo Yee | @candidsbyjo

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jo Yee (@candidsbyjo)

5 Instagram Luxury Travel Accounts

Below are our favorite Instagram travel bloggers who focus on luxury travel.

Here are our top picks of Instagram accounts to follow that are focused on foodie travel. These Instagram travel influencers will XX

11. Hannah & Nick | @saltinourhair

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by HANNAH & NICK 🇳🇱 A TRAVEL LIFE (@saltinourhair)

13. Small Luxury Hotels | @smallluxuryhotels

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Small Luxury Hotels (@smallluxuryhotels)

14. Zach & Tara | @leaguetravels

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Zach & Tara — Family Travel (@leaguetravels)

15. Merel van Poorten | @andathousandwords

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Merel van Poorten (@andathousandwords)

5 Budget Travel Accounts

Below are the best Instagram travel influencers that focus on budget travel. Budget travel is the best way to travel longer, so take inspiration from these five Instagrammers who have figured out how to travel on a budget.

16. Vins & Yosh | @thepoortraveler

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by thepoortraveler (@thepoortraveler)

17. Nat & Rob | @loveandroad

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Nat & Rob (@loveandroad)

18. Stephanie Parker | @bigworldsmallpockets

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Big World Small Pockets (@bigworldsmallpockets)

19. Debra Schroeder | @travelwell4less

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Debra Schroeder (@travelwell4less)

20. Aileen Adalid | @i_am_aileen

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Aileen Adalid (@i_am_aileen)

5 Adventure Travel Accounts

Best travel bloggers’ Instagram accounts that focus on adventure travel.

21. Kat Carney @katcarney

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Kat (@katcarney)

22. Kyle Frost | @kylefrost

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Kyle Frost (@kylefrost)

23. David + Lina | @divergenttravelers

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by David + Lina ❦ 🇺🇸Travel Couple (@divergenttravelers)

24. Sebastian Canaves & Line Dubois + Finley | @offthepath

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Abenteuer | Reise | Vanlife (@offthepath)

25. Alexandra Taylor | @alliemtaylor

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Alexandra Taylor (@alliemtaylor)

5 Instagram Family Travel Accounts

Below are the best Instagram accounts that focus on family travel.

26. Geneva | @cosmic.american

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by geneva 〰️ (@cosmic.american)

27. Kirianna & Lockie, Riley & Alba | @rileys_travels

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Van life travel family 🌙 (@rileys_travels)

28. Garrett and Jessica Gee | @thebucketlistfamily

The Bucket ListFamily, based out of Hawaii, is one of the most well-known family Instagram travel influencers. They are well-known for providing kid-friendly ideas for family vacations. Their colorful photos and upbeat personas have amassed 2.6 million of followers on their Instagram account. Garrett and Jessica Gee decided to take a risk, sell everything they owned, and explore the world in 2015 to enjoy as many of the activities and adventures on their bucket list as possible. The illustrious and infamous Gee family, often known as “The Bucket List Family,” has established themselves as one of the most fascinating families in the world of travels.

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by The Bucket List Family (@thebucketlistfamily)

29. Rory, Jayme & Kids | @these.wander.days

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Travel family // AUSTRALIA (@these.wander.days)

30. Brie + Reuben + Oliver⁣ | @vancitywild

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by VancityWild | Travel Family (@vancitywild)

5 Ethical Travel Instagram Travel Accounts

Our favorite travel influencers on Instagram who focus on transformational, sustainable, and ethical travel.

31. Ellie Cleary | @soultravelblog

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Soul Travel | Ellie Cleary (@soultravelblog)

32. Vivien & Aaron | @thedharmatrails

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Eco Travel, Ocean Conservation (@thedharmatrails)

33. Natasha | @lifeinminiaturepictures

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Natasha | Ethical Travel (@lifeinminiaturepictures)

34. Alessia @greeny_nomad

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by alessia | conscious ☽ vanlife (@greeny_nomad)

35. Linda & Caleb | @bambooandbackpacks

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by LINDA & CALEB | ECO-TRAVEL (@bambooandbackpacks)

5 Instagram Photographer Travel Accounts

Below are some of our favorite Instagram travel photographer accounts.

36. Erika Hobart | @erikaexplores

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Erika Hobart (@erikaexplores)

37. @carleyscamera

Meet Carley , a nomadic fine art photographer who spends her days photographers luxury boutique hotels in exotic places. this makes her not only one of the top photographers on the app, but also one of the top travel bloggers on Instagram. If you want to be in the know about the best hotel stays (and the odd secret beach) across every nation, you absolutely need to giver her a follow. Her feed looks like the ultimate travel mood board and her soft hues will give you a sense of relaxation as you peruse her work. Talk about dreamy!

38. Lucy Rose Laucht | @lucylaucht

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Lucy Rose Laucht (@lucylaucht)

39. @germanroamers

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by German Roamers (@germanroamers)

40. @jasoncharleshill

This Aussie photographer is sharing his travel shots with some BIG attitude. If you’ve been lusting over a vacation to the North, you’ll go wild for these stunning captures he’s best known for. His moody aesthetic is super coordinated, making his page a sea of blues and whites from mountaintop to ocean deep worthy of this top Instagram blogger status. Of course, Jason has been everywhere, so he also has some drool-worthy images of Hawaii, the Namibian Desert and the rest of the world.

3 Niche Instagram Accounts to Follow for Fun

41. suki cat | @sukiicat.

Love cats? We got you!

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Suki Cat (@sukiicat)

42. @miami_traveller_dog

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Miami Traveller Dog (@miami_traveller_dog)
  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Travel Tips & Dad Joke Hits 🎶 (@tsa)

Instagram Travel Blogger & Influencer FAQ

Do travel influencers get paid.

Travel influencers who blog about travel, destinations, or even start a travel blog about being a travel blogger (that’s me!) can make money in multiple ways. Bloggers and influencers can get paid to travel and share a brand or a destination with their social media accounts such as Instagram or on their website. A few other ways to make money as a blogger is with ads and affiliate links.

How do you become a travel influencer in 2022

  • If you want to become a travel influencer on Instagram you need to focus on your Instagram account. Spend time daily on the platform.
  • Consistently post photos, reels, and live. Beyond this it is really important to engage with your followers as well as other accounts on Instagram.
  • Know your niche (what makes you and your travel unique) and consistently tell this story.
  • You’ll want to research hashtags and use them in your posts (so more people find you on the platform.)
  • You’ll want to find similar accounts on Instagram and study what they are doing. Decide what you like and make it original for your channel.

How much do travel influencers charge?

Instagram influencer pricing as of 2022 is in this range per post or reel.

Micro (10-100k followers) $100-500 Mid (100-500k followers) $500-$5k Macro (500k-1m followers) $5-$10k Mega (1m+ followers) $10k+

How much money can you charge for every 10k Instagram followers?

Most micro-influencers who have 5-10k followers make an average of ₹6,531 per post. Creators with 50,000 to 80,000 followers usually charge around ₹14,843 per post and as you move higher up the ladder creators with 250,000 to 500,000 followers charge around ₹49,725 per post.

How do Instagram travelers make money?

Companies like clothing, travel gear, photography equipment, tours or even hotels you stay at. You will get paid to recommend their products to your followers. You can promote trips where the winning party covers all the costs but doesn’t pay for content.

Do influencers travel for free?

Though influencers usually need massive followings to get paid to travel, there are plenty of companies that pay smaller influencers too. It takes work, the right marketing strategy, and the right pitch to the right company to pull it off, but you too can get paid to live that travel fantasy!

Who are your favorite Instagram travel bloggers & influencers? Who do you think are the best travel bloggers on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below

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20 Travel Content Ideas for Instagram

TL;DR: Packing tips, BTS, best places to eat, best places to click photos, throwbacks, how to reach unexplored destinations, packing hacks, flight tips. There are endless travel content ideas for Instagram that creators can use to boost engagement.

Even with a folder of content ideas, and a Pinterest board filled with pinned photos and videos, it’s still a challenge to come up with fresh and new travel content ideas for Instagram.

While keeping an eye ? on other travel content creators is a kicka$$ way to know what’s trending, it’s not too great an idea for original content. So, as always, we’re happy to serve some piping hot stuff. 

Travel content ideas for Instagram creators

Pin it, save it, screenshot it, memorise it, whatever. Just save these travel content ideas for Instagram for the future because you’re gonna need them! 

1. Share a useful tip

While Instagram is all about aesthetics, most people use it to get information. And if you’re offering expert advice on anything, people will welcome it with open hands. 

So, that is the first travel content idea. We know it sounds cliched. But it works really well. Share expert advice based on your travel experience.

Let’s say you’ve recently been to the Maldives. Talk about the best beaches, and what to wear to one of the best sunscreens to protect your skin.

2. The best places for photography

Instagram-worthy. Instagrammable. 

There is a reason these words exist and it’s because people love to take and share photos of gorgeous, weird and unique places. So that’s the next idea for travel content creators. 

Upload images of the best place to photograph for each of your destinations . Don’t forget to tag the location in your post so your community knows exactly where to visit when they land in the same location. 

The crooked house

Source: Pinterest

3. Share facts about places you visited

Every traveller wants to know hidden or unknown facts about a place. It’s informative and entertaining content. 

4. Give travel health tips

Create a list of travel health tips and share it on Instagram. For example, you can advise your audience about staying hydrated if they are planning a vacation during the summers.

5. Invite your audience to an event

This travel content idea is for creators with a global audience. Let your audience know that you’d be visiting a local event in the city you’re travelling to. Ask them to drop by and say hello!

6. Make your audience laugh

Travel creators, all your content ideas need not be informative. Let your funny side out. Share a meme or humorous picture related to the destination. Or, even bloopers and BTS of your videos and Reels.

7. Outfit details for the win

If you’re dressing up well during your travels, don’t miss a chance to click a photo and share it on Instagram. Yes, this content idea works for both fashion and travel bloggers. 

8. Give flight/flying tips

As a traveller, you’re a pro at flying. Share it with your community. Give advice on how to survive a long-haul flight, sleep in flight, or tips on how to make flying easy for jittery travellers. Just because it seems obvious or simple to you doesn’t mean every person would know the trick.  

9. Suggest meaningful travel hacks

This content idea for Instagram never gets old. And you can plumb it to its depth and still never run out of ideas. From what gear to carry while travelling to how to save money on travel, from equipment and camera you use to travel hacks for comfort, there’s plenty you can share. Make it informative and relevant content.

Travel plan guide

10. Collaborate with a creator in another country

Collaborating with other creators or influencers is another kicka$$ travel content idea to boost engagement. Maybe you can do an Instagram live session to discuss travel hacks and each other’s experiences?

11. List travel blogs you love to read

This travel content idea doesn’t really involve travelling. Unless you count digitally. Curate a list of your favourite blogs and share it with your community. You can do them around themes, such as best travel photography blogs or best digital nomad blogs, etc.

12. Share behind the scenes

Your audience on Instagram always sees the final image. They don’t know all that goes into creating travel content. Use the opportunity to post behind the scenes of your travel photography with details on which camera and props you use, and how lighting affects the final image or video. 

13. Share your opinion – always

If something is happening in the travel industry and you have your opinion, don’t hesitate to share it on your social media handle. However, make sure you don’t fall into any trap of controversy.

14. Offer travel budgeting tips

This is one of the most discussed topics in travel content and an evergreen one. The idea here is to create a list of the trending questions, do a live session on Instagram and share your answers. At the close of the session, invite your community to ask questions about travelling.

15. Post your favourite quotes

Today, with the availability of tons of online tools like Canva, it is easy to create quotes and post them on your Instagram. Look for funny, quirky or motivational quotes online and slap them on the best of your travel photographs or GIFs!

16. Share a unique experience

If you recently visited a place where your experience has been great, you can share it with your followers. 

Let’s say you have visited the Palm Springs Aerial in California. You can share your experience of travelling in a tramway at 8,500 feet from the ground. You can also share valuable information and facts like – the tram floats over Chino Canyon and is the only rotating tram car in the Western hemisphere.

17. Give packing tips

There’s a high chance that some of your audience is first-time travellers. Create an Instagram reel of 30-40 seconds, giving quick tips on how to pack items for vacation.

Travel packing tips

18. Best food to try

Food and travel content go hand in hand. If you visit a place where the food is super-delicious, tell your community about it. FYI, this will need homework on your part. Research popular dishes of the destination before you travel so you can actually post the content .

19. Tips for visiting the unexplored destinations

Some destinations truly fall into the road-less-travelled category.  You can advise your audience about how to reach these places, and where to stay. FYI, the reverse also applied. If a destination is overcrowded, talk about the best time to visit them. It’ll give your audience a moment to click that Instagrammable photo before the hordes descend. 

20. Give a throwback

Can a list of travel content ideas even end without a #TBT? When you run out of fresh content or ideas, share your old travel photos. Dig deep into your gallery. Find one that you never posted and share it.

Haven’t downloaded DYT yet and set your creator growth on track? Snap up the app!

travel vlog instagram

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[2023 GUIDE] How to Start a Travel Instagram – 8 Tips from a Travel Influencer

Posted by Mick | How to Become a Digital Nomad | 0

[2023 GUIDE] How to Start a Travel Instagram – 8 Tips from a Travel Influencer

*POST SUMMARY: How do you use Instagram for travel ? Tips from a travel influencer who has worked with international tourism boards and luxury hotels – read below!

Starting a travel Instagram has opened my opportunities for travel influencers to travel the world while making money online . But the question still remains, do travel Instagram pages still make money in 2022? The answer is YES! Who would’ve thought like ten years ago that a platform like Instagram could eventually lead people to pursue their passion, such as traveling while earning a full-time income ? The content creators, who have some of the best travel pages on Instagram , generate their income mostly from tourism and brand sponsored content. Today, tourism boards hire Influencers with a trendsetting travel Instagram accounts to promote their country’s tourism spots.

According to a  National Geographic  report, travel influencers provide an incredible amount of investment when it comes to promoting tourism.  As a result, influencers with a big following and an aspirational travel Instagram pages get hired sometimes on a monthly basis, raking in full-time income while traveling the world. It’s a lifestyle that every aspiring digital nomad wants to achieve.  Considering the opportunities in the travel Instagram space, every wanderluster wants to emulate travel influencers who get to pay a lot of money and travel for free.  Unfortunately, many fail to realize that becoming an ‘influencer’ and having a trendsetting travel Instagram page takes a lot of work and requires a certain level of professionalism to turn this passion into a full-time career through Instagram. 

In this article, I will give eight simple tips to help position yourself to become a travel influencer and turn your Instagram into a full-time career. 

Table of Contents

How to Become an Influencer on Instagram? Find Your Travel Instagram Niche

travel vlog instagram

If you’ve ever wondered how to become a travel influencer , your travel Instagram needs to hone and focus on a specific niche to establish yourself as a thought leader and an authority in that subject.  Traveling is a huge niche with so many sub-niches you can focus on. The different types of travel niches are adventure travel, luxury travel, health and wellness travel, gastro tourism, themed cruises, tropical/island travel, hiking, winter destinations, and so on. Picking one (or if you can blend a couple of other sub-niches through your content), can help you establish authority over the subject.

An example of a travel Instagrammer in the adventure sub-niche would be posting content related to exploring mostly wild, outdoor, and exotic locations that requires a bit of adrenaline. The images and videos in adventure travel give a high focus on non-touristy places, destinations that are still unknown to the masses. Trolltunga, the now popular site in Norway, reported an increase in their tourism from 500 to 40,000 between 2009 and 2014. The spike in tourism credits the rise of Instagram between this period.  Another example of a sub-niche in the travel niche is luxury travel. To be regarded as a go-to influencer in this sub-niche, your travel Instagram would have to be filled with luxury travel content. Examples would be pictures or videos flying in first class, or staying in luxury hotels, or traveling in style that people aspire to achieve someday. 

Build Your Instagram Brand

how to start a travel instagram

Digital branding is key to helping your travel Instagram page stand out from the many other successful travel influencers. Many creative travel influencers have spectacular content through their stunning travel photography and inspirational videos. With the number of travel influencers out there today, you need something more than great content to stand out. With that said, digital branding gives you that extra edge to compete with other travel Instagrammers vying for travel campaigns via Instagram sponsorship .  Building a digital brand is part of a travel influencer becoming an aspiration and inspiration.

Perhaps loyalty is the most significant advantage and benefit of creating an aspiring and inspiring digital brand. When you have a loyal following, they are more likely to engage and interact with your content, which is critical if you want to grow the followers of your travel Instagram page. A way to create an inspiring and aspiring brand for your travel Instagram page is to post visually striking images or videos consistently. If your content doesn’t capture your followers’ attention, they will just scroll past your post and be buried among the rest.  Another strategy to create an Instagram brand is through your voice. Do your captions tell a meaningful story that engages your audience to think, and inspire them to join the conversation? We spend quite a lot of time ensuring that our captions on each of our posts reflect our brand and represent our voice. 

Take Great Photos

how to become an influencer on instagram

Instagram is a visual platform, so it should not be a surprise that taking great photos is a massive part of becoming a travel influencer. But don’t think you need to be a professional photographer to create visually striking imagery to inspire your followers about your travels. It’s about knowing the simple tips and tricks of creating a beautiful image and finding your style of photography. Once again, being a travel influencer doesn’t require you to invest money to study photography. However, it does require you to study the basic rules of photography and find a style that works for you. For example, every travel influencer I know is familiar with the rule of thirds, where the basic idea is NOT to place your subject and focus on the center of the image.

Another photography basics are lighting, where travel influencers mostly shoot during a specific time of day (mostly in the early morning) to have the softest lighting possible.  Apart from learning the basics of photography , many travel influencers use Presets to improve their pictures. These days, it’s pretty rare for a travel influencer not to have a preset of their own that they sell so that you can easily copy their feed. If you prefer not to spend money on presets, you can still improve your pictures by knowing some tips and tricks on how to improve  Instagram filters .  Lastly, taking exceptional photos also doesn’t mean having the fanciest and most expensive equipment. For us, we do use a professional camera that helps us create some of our best content. However, there are also moments where a picture looks just as great as using an iPhone. 

Take Great Videos

Mastering Videos is another medium that travel Instagrammers need to master. We especially like to take videos on our travels and make it a point to post on our feed. Videos allow us to capture our experience on our travels better than images can. Editing is one of the necessary skills in creating a powerful Instagram travel video. Great editing would quickly tell a story and draw your viewers to keep watching the video. Focus using some of your best shots on the first five to ten seconds of your video to ensure you captivate your audience’s attention.  Consider using video editing apps such as Adobe Premiere Pro , or edit videos directly on your phone with apps such as Videorama . Both of these editing apps are user friendly and easy to follow and master. 

After you’ve mastered the editing portion, the next step is selecting the right music that goes along well with your travel videos.  Some of the equipment to use to build our Instagram travel pages are drones, a professional camera, and an iPhone. We especially love drone shots because it allows us to capture certain angles that would otherwise be impossible. Professional cameras can capture quality videos as well and are high on the ground level. Lastly, iPhones are also excellent quality for capturing videos for stories.

Travel Instagram Stories

how to become a travel influencer

Instagram stories are, without a doubt, one of the platform’s popular outlet.  Considering that editing photos and videos take time, posting on Instagram stories about your travels allows you to give a preview of what’s to come. For us, we rarely post our content on our feed immediately following our travels. The amount of time it takes to edit a video and photograph just takes too long. 

As a result, content creators use Instagram stories to share their content immediately. The posts are typically instantaneous and don’t require editing effort. Instagram stories also allow their followers to get an instant glimpse of their travels, and allow content creators to document everything that is happening during their travels and share them with their followers. It’s fun and a great way to interact with your followers. Instagram stories are such a powerful medium to take your travel Instagram to the next level because it allows you to go off-brand. Regardless of being a travel influencer, posting content not related to travel is entirely acceptable and won’t be seen as ‘weird.’ Posting content not related to your niche allows you to show off a little bit about yourself and other things that your followers can relate to.

Use Hashtags

Travel Instagrammers who get hired for paid travel campaigns, the use of hashtags in almost always part of the deal of the job. It means that for every post we make about the travel campaign, we have to use that specific hashtag related to that campaign.  Using hashtags can make a difference in getting your content discovered and ultimately land on the explorer page. The hashtag allows Instagram to identify people who are not following you but may be interested in your topic. In other words, you could be gaining a lot more followers if you use hashtags correctly.  So use hashtags effectively, whether on your feed posts or stories, chances are your content will reach a new audience you’ve never had before! 

Collaborate with Other Travel Influencers

travel instagram niche

Part of the job of travel Instagrammers is to network off Instagram.  Not many realize that part of the hustle is to meet other travel Instagrammers and collaborate on creating content. They tend to tag each other on stories and on static posts, which creates an opportunity to be introduced to a brand new set of audiences and grow their accounts.  For us, the best part of meeting other travel Instagrammers is getting an opportunity to be invited to other travel campaigns. If a travel campaign is looking for 15 other content creators, you can potentially get an invite your new travel Instagrammer friend endorses you to be part of the campaign.  Collaborating with other travel influencers also allows you to learn from each other. There are so many creative strategies and knowledge that influencers can share with each other – from little tricks on taking pictures, or how to edit videos, or possibly learning the business side of having a travel Instagram page – networking with other influencers is a crucial part of their growth in the business. 

Starting a Travel Instagram Hub Account 

Many might be surprised to know that you can still start a travel Instagram account even if you don’t have a lot of personal travel content to post.  You might have just said ‘How?!’ Many Instagram travel pages are created to repost other travel content creators. It’s a curated travel page where they repost other travel pictures or videos while giving credit to the original poster. It’s a great strategy to build your travel content and followers in the beginning if you don’t have a lot of travel-related content to post yet.  Some of the Instagram accounts that are travel hub accounts that you should check out our @theglobewanderer , @welivetoexplore , @beautifuldestinations , and @earthpix to name a few.  The travel hub accounts mentioned amassed followers in the millions, and followed by some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, both in the US and abroad. 

Final Word To Start Your Travel Instagram

There you have it!  Traveling while getting paid is possible with Instagram. It’s a dream that many wanderlusters aspire to have given the freedom to pursue your passion for traveling while getting paid to do it.  It’s totally doable, but it seriously takes a lot of hustle, consistency, and dedication to achieve the lifestyle of traveling the world while getting paid.  It’s also important to add that a certain level of professionalism is required to achieve success in the business. Besides creating content, travel influencers have to become business savvy and know how to pitch and negotiate when it comes to paid Instagram sponsorships – it’s all part of the game!

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Hello there, thanks for stopping by! My name is Mick – nice to meet you here. I was born in Manila, grew up in Chicago, went to college in San Diego, and then worked for the French Government up until 2017.

Since then, I have been trotting around full-time. I’m grateful and excited to share all things travel with you, and perhaps we’ll cross paths somewhere along in our journey!

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Travel Wanderlust

16 Best travel vlogs to follow in 2022

15 best travel vloggers 2021

A travel vlog is a video collection of someone who explores our world. Whether it’s a digital nomad, someone living from their van, or good old-fashioned backpackers, these people have an undying thirst for travelling and sharing their stories. I’m sure you’re wondering how these travellers can explore so freely with no ties to one place?

The best travel vloggers have grown a massive fanbase, allowing them to cash in as influencers. They take advantage of their following and promote brands and businesses around the globe, making an income right from their vlogs to continue their adventures.

Is the travel vlog life for you?

Travel vlogs are a great way to create content

If you have a wandering spirit and love to create content, then posting travel vlogs might be the lifestyle for you! Like with any other content creator, consistency is the name of the game. An ongoing stream of videos will slowly create a fanbase that could someday finance your adventures.

READ MORE : We share some of the best travel blogs for you

Below, you’ll find 16 of some of the best travel bloggers and travel YouTubers we could find that share their adventures exploring the world. There are some with millions of views that cater to audiences far and wide, while others might be aimed at a more niche audience.

Here are 16 of the best travel vloggers

  • Hey Nadine – Travel inspiration
  • TFIL – Lifetime experiences
  • International ME – Lesser-known places
  • Fearless & Far – New and wild places
  • Mark Wiens – Top food tourism videos
  • Lexi Limitless – New cultures and fun adventures
  • Kombi Life – Van traveller’s lifestyle
  • GRRRLTRAVELER – Women solo travel
  • Kold – Cinematic documentaries
  • The Bucket List Family – Exploring the world
  • Sailing La Vagabonde – Sea life
  • Phil Good Travel – Positive connections
  • Kara and Nate – Daily travel adventures
  • Hopscotch the Globe – Tips & inspiration
  • Dany #gotaworldtosee – Itinerary ideas and advice
  • Lost Leblanc – Adventures with friends

1. Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora is the brilliant mind behind Hey Nadine . In the last ten years, she’s visited 55 countries. You can expect to see vlogs with packing tutorials and motivational videos that will inspire you to travel.

One of her most successful videos is “ Airport and Airplane Travel Hacks ,” with over 1.4 million views.

Elton Castee became famous after a series of viral prank videos on Vine. Soon after, he began his travel project TFIL (The F*** It List), crossing off items from his list and becoming one of the best travel blogs out there.

He has broken several Guinness World Records and raised over $500,000 USD for different charities.

3. International ME

Angela An was born in New Zealand but has been showing Japan’s secret spots for the last five years on her travel vlog, internationally ME . She specializes in lesser-known places in Japan and has multiple videos with over one million views.

Her most popular videos include “ Tokyo Tourist Traps ” and “ What Not To Wear In Japan .”

4. Fearless & Far

Mike Corey specializes in motivating viewers to their fears and explore the world in Fearless & Far . A BBC television host who has posted YouTube videos for the past five years, Mike takes viewers to the wildest places.

Whether it’s attending exploding hammer festivals in Mexico or staying in an Airbnb on a cliff in Oman, Mike always pushes the envelope to discover new places.

5. Mark Wiens

Mark is one of the top food tourism influencers on YouTube. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Mark Wiens is one of the best YouTube travel channels. With over 7.5 million subscribers, his videos rack up several million views.

His initial travels explored Asian cuisine starting and have expanded all over the world. You can find episodes of him tasting street delicacies in Dubai, Ghana, Mexico, and more.

6. Lexie Limitless

Currently holding the Guinness World Record for the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country is Lexie Alford, an American travel vlogger. In fact, she’s been to all 196 countries before turning 21!

Explore and travel the world vicariously on Lexi Limitless while learning about the unique cultures all over the world. She also has videos on travel guides and advice for budget travelling and road trips.

7. Kombi Life

The community of van travellers is growing, and Kombi Life is one of its top exponents. These travel vloggers highlight an alternative, nomadic lifestyle on a van life-focused channel.

Their “ The Longest Road In The World ” video covers three years of adventures on the road.

8. GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa

Women have a harder time travelling alone due to pressures in different countries. Hawaiian native Christine Kaaloa posts videos to GRRRLTRAVELER to give other women confidence when travelling alone.

She’s currently amassed over 25 million views on her channel, making her one of the best travel vloggers out there.

An extraordinary filmmaker, Sam Kolder, takes his time between each video on his channel, Kold . He doesn’t produce content on a massive scale, but when he posts something, it’s a banger.

I love how he mixes animation, live-action video, and drone shots in his Hey Tim – The Story Of My Life video.

10. The Bucket List Family

This family sold everything and has been travelling since 2015. Their channel, The Bucket List Family , focuses on family-friendly content, from safe surfing lessons for kids, healthy eating and workout habits, to how to explore places all over the world with children.

11. Sailing La Vagabonde

After working for eight years on offshore rigs and mines in Western Australia, Riley Whitelum purchased a yacht and began to navigate around the world with his partner Elayna.

They travel thanks to his vlog Sailing La Vagabonde , subscribers, and Patreon account, where they post content on sea life and alternative lifestyles.

12. Phil Good Travel

Phil Calvert is all about spreading good vibes in his travel vlog Phil Good Travel. Committed to breaking down negative stereotypes, he strives to create positive connections and has established a community of Black travellers in Europe.

13. Kara and Nate

These travel YouTubers set out on a year-long trip in 2016, covering their adventures through daily videos on their channel, Kara and Nate .

Four years later, they recently launched an hour-long documentary showing their experiences across 100 countries!

14. Hopscotch the Globe (Kristen and Siya)

If you need helpful content for your travels, search no more! Hopscotch the Globe (Kristen and Siya) is one of the most helpful travel vlogs out there, with packing tips, instructions on creating content, and more.

As far as travel vloggers go, they are a great guide for inspiring travel youtubers.

15. Dany #gotaworldtosee

Dany Dev started his travelling escapades in 2015 and has since gained over 32 million views and a healthy following. You can find him trying local cuisines and new cultures, sharing his honest first impressions and giving useful safety tips on his channel Dany #gotaworldtosee .

One of my favourite videos is his hour-long guide on “How to travel Dubai 2022 ” where he shares extensively about his experiences and the ins and outs of travelling Dubai.

16. Lost Leblanc

Christian LeBlanc is one of the most well-known travel vlogers out there. After quitting his job to travel full-time, he decided to embark on some extreme challenges and exciting adventures with his friends. Sharing both the creative, filmmaking side and business side of travelling with his community, the channel has amassed an impressive 192 million views.

He also goes on adventures with his friends and followers, with his most recent one being one to Costa Rica .

Are you the next great travel vlogger?

Do you have what it takes to be one of the best travel YouTubers?

Many of us wonder what it takes to get started in the world of travel vlogs. I mean, all these people have established solid brands thanks to years of hard work. But they had to start somewhere.

With the dawn of the post-pandemic era and borders slowly reopening, it’s now time to go out there and explore the world. Whether you are seeking advice for a nomadic lifestyle, thrilling adventures or a simple budget-friendly holiday, there is a travel vlogger for you. Follow their advice, pack those bags, and get started!

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Home Blog 40 Top Travel Influencers of the Year

40 Top Travel Influencers of the Year

From the world’s most stunning coastlines, rejuvenating getaways, and steamy colorful springs, to beautiful cityscapes and dreamy starry night skies – discover the world alongside these passionate travel influencers.

What more could your wanderlust need?

How about a dose of fashion-loving travel bloggers hopping to island festivals in style? Ice cream and summer-loving in the Maldives. Santorini in a cherry dress. Sunkissed holidaying in Hawaii. And under mystical waterfalls in a beautiful red dress.

This great lineup of adventurous travel influencers of the year is the perfect companion for all your destination planning and exploration around the world.

And in addition to that, (for all your brands) , these travel influencers are ready and keen to collab!

So if you need a stylish influencer (or two) with a tremendous passion for travel to jump on board your marketing campaign, then we have the perfect candidates for you!

Afluencer’s talent scouts have dug up some of the most passionate and stylish travel bloggers and content creators that will inspire all the wanderlust in you.

From spectacular travel destinations to stylish outfits, let’s take a look at what these fashionable travel influencers have to offer.

But first, here’s a sneak peek at every travel influencer and blogger that we will be featuring:

Colleen Roden – @colleen.travels

Tasha ryland – @tasharyland, lisa niver – @lisaniver.

  • Crystal Gordan – @vanhalla_adventures

Ariele Rachel – @arielerachel

Eric gamble – @theblpblog, kailah fredette – @nowhereonearth, nicole baez – @motheranddaughterabroad, francislaine santos – @travelloverfran33, arner adventures – @arneradventures.

  • Emily Bell – @emilyjbell_

Geeves – @realgirlreview

  • Magdalena Lok – @magddelene

Melissa Jimenez – @delrosario.adventures

Anamaris hernandez – @anamarishl, jessica haynie – @jesslivingabroad, gian luca sgaggero – @viaggiaescopri, from colmar to the moon – @fromcolmartothemoon, jamison murray – @jamison_murray2, ruth rieckehoff – @tanama_tales, suzanne jones – @thetravelbunny, jackie mesa – @jackiemesa, ava roxanne – @spatravelgal, haley dasovich – @haleytakesontheworld, stefano cicchini – @stefano_cicchini, wendy song – @wenwensong, alizee paradis – @electricalizee.

  • Best Beaches in The World – @worlds_beaches

Vale – @vval_e

Sofia – @sofiakrarad, crystal egan – @castawaywithcrystal.

  • Yariella – @beautybackpckr
  • Fahira Fazlic – @zlicc
  • Darling Coco – @darlingcoco
  • Chelsey PeCoy – @chelseypecoy
  • Monisha B – @aqualibrantraveler
  • Chris Burkard – @chrisburkard
  • Chelsea – @chelseakauai
  • Eric Rubens – @erubes1
  • Jannik Obenhoff – @jannikobenhoff

40 Most Passionate Travel Influencers Coming at You in Style

So are you ready for these influencers, bloggers, and content creators to inspire you with amazing travel adventures and stylish fashion choices?

Colleen Roden | Macro Influencer on Afluencer | Travel posts

Wanderlusting from Wisconsin, USA, is a macro-influencer and travel lover Colleen Roden that leaves no adventure waiting.  Because you’ll find her exploring the world with hashtags like #bucketlist, #exploremore, #islandlife, #instatravel, and #worldtravel .

Feel inspired, pack your bags, and get ready for your next fun travel exploration with Colleen.

Join Colleen’s beautiful free spirit at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre.  Let her welcome you to fabulous Las Vegas.  Get lost somewhere in the middle of Hudson, Colorado, in a Teepee.  Experience an enchanting chapel in the woods.  Set your happiness into the skies with summer sunsets and hot air balloons. And discover what could be the clearest water in the USA at Lake Tahoe.

She’s so much fun too.  Step into The Office with Colleen in Chicago and capture your own #TheOfficeExperience.

Because travel and food are awesome together, alongside Colleen’s adventures, she shares good food and dining tips with her followers like where to go for the freshest fish.

Colleen’s Instagram feed gives her followers a passenger’s seat into her adventures—not leaving you behind but giving you so much inspiration to join her travel-loving spirit.

From travel hacks and must-have beauty products to support a healthy immune system on the go—Colleen shares all-inclusive content about her travel lifestyle.

Colleen is a great match for brands looking to reach travel, lifestyle, beauty, and wellness influencers with a large audience.

Tasha Ryland outdoor travel adventures | IG posts featured on Afluencer

From British Columbia, Canada is adventure-loving travel and lifestyle influencer Tasha Ryland.

She’s a nurse with a lively spirit for the outdoors and a love for fashion that loves sharing her travel activities with her followers.

With an inspiring Instagram bio that reads “you belong somewhere you feel free” and a moving quote “it’s already yours” – The Universe, Tasha is an instant inspiration to go out on an adventure and live your life in fullness.

With the motivating travel hashtag #getoutside, she’ll inspire you with East Coast Trail ocean views, paradise in British Columbia, scenic mountain views, river reflections, snowy walks, trails in the woods, and wherever her wanderlust takes her.

Tasha’s Instagram profile feels like a gallery of beautiful landscape postcards—from river rapids to roads less traveled in a spectacular white winter wonderland.  You wish you were there.

Whether grand or small, followers will always be inspired to explore and find happiness in simple things like “a fresh cup of coffee and your favorite book” .

Tasha will truly inspire you to “live a life you will remember” .

With a fantastic engagement rate of 7% and a following of mainly 25 to 34-year-olds, Tasha Ryland is an ideal micro-influencer match for travel and lifestyle brands.

Lisa Niver | Africa travel posts | Instagram Influencer

From the USA, Lisa Niver is an impressive award-winning travel expert and writer that has explored 102 countries and 6 continents.

One of her recent accomplishments was her nomination as a finalist for the 64th Southern California Journalism Awards including the 2021 Online Technology Reporter of the year, bringing her total number of nominations as a finalist to 20 and wins to 5!

She is also an on-camera host at KTLA TV where she talks about travel.

Lisa has sailed the seas to exotic locations for 7 years, and she has also embarked on a self-reinvention journey to discover herself as she backpacked through Asia for 3 years.

With such an outstanding profile, Lisa is a notable influential travel professional.

Did we mention that after just 3 months of being on TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, and YouTube Shorts, Lisa had over 500,000 views? Let’s take a look at the impressive content that’s only increasing in popularity.

On Instagram, Lisa’s content is organically presented – sharing her life travel experiences with thoughtful and inspiring captions.

From cultural experiences with local children in Indonesia, a visit to the world’s biggest Buddhist monument, temples in Cambodia, skiing in Utah, to brave snorkeling with jellyfish in Palau.

With images and videos, Lisa’s travel content will certainly captivate you enough to inspire interest to explore these places and live these experiences for yourself.

For more depth into Lisa’s global adventures, visit her We Said Go Travel blog.  Here is where the strength of her travel influence can be found.  Home to her blog are stories, adventures, and travel info. Like her “ Tell Me More About ” series, and posts like “ I Remember When:  We Went Cruising ”, and “ My Sonoma Adventure:  Redwoods, Hiking & Wine ”.

On her YouTube channel, Lisa shares a series of stylish videos on each place she visits – providing aspiring travelers with more than enough inspo on where to go, what to do, and where to stay.  You bet videos like “ Dive with Volcano Island Divers ” will influence your own adventure to Tanna, Vanuatu.

Among many features, Lisa has been published in top travel publications.  Such as American Airways, National Geographic, Robb Report, Saturday Evening Post, Scuba Diver Life, Sierra Club, and Ski Utah – just to name a few. It’s no wonder she made it to our list of top travel influencers!

Want Trusted, Top-Notch Influencers to Promote Your Travel Gear?

Sign up with afluencer and to connect with travel influencers who have what it takes to pull in the crowds., crystal gordon – @vanhalla_adventures.

Vanhalla Adventures YoutTube channel video highlights

Representing the USA are Crystal and Brian. This lovely couple quickly grew tired of living the usual “ordinary” life and decided to make road-tripping a full-time thing. They sold *everything* and built their off-grid tiny house on wheels – aka Beatrice The White Whale. Now, constant travel is their reality and it doesn’t look like they’ll grow tired of this lifestyle any time soon…

Why should they? Based on their exciting content, being on the road full-time looks like a good way to spend your days – there is never a dull moment!

Can we just say that their content looks like a series straight out of the Travel Channel? It’s high-quality and expertly captured. From van life hacks to beach life to being pulled over by Mexican police and every other nail-biting wanderlust-inducing moment, this is one duo of travel influencers who know how to capture their audience.

Crystal and Brian make sure they only promote brands or products they use personally and love themselves. Their authenticity is definitely a plus with their following. You don’t want to miss out on a Collab opportunity with Vanhalla Adventures™.

Ariele Rachel | Seaside IG posts | Travel influencers

She may be based in New York but Ariele’s love for travel has inspired her to create content that is a useful resource for travel and lifestyle tips and tricks to make your life better.

On her Instagram page, Ariele does a great job of giving travel tips, detailed captions, and options for what to see or do at certain travel spots.

Her Facebook page – American Woman – has a slight twist to it. This page is dedicated not only to travel but to giving women more lifestyle tips to help them become better versions of themselves. Whether that’s tips on skincare, being an influencer, what to wear when traveling, recipes, or insightful information on travel destinations, Ariele is able to tap into different topics while still maintaining relevance in the travel niche.

Eric Gamble adventure posts | Travel influencers

What’s on your bucket list? Eric and his wife, Darcee, are sure to inspire you to tick some things off… guiding you along the way with some excellent resources and tools they’ve tried and tested themselves.

It’s great to watch travel influencers tick things off their bucket lists. What’s even better, though, is being informed on how you can tick things off your bucket list as well.

From camel rides in Morocco to wine tasting in Liechtenstein, flyboarding in Panama to horse-drawn carriage rides in their backyard of Louisiana, Eric and Darcee do a great job of covering a wide variety of potential bucket list items. Hey, not every item on your list has to be adrenalin-inducing!

The Bucket List Project is always sure to organically mention where they are and tag the places, activities, tour guides, and people wherever they check off a bucket list item. If you Collab with these #adventurepartners, your brand is sure to be known and may even make it to their followers’ bucket lists!

Kailah Fredette family adventures | Travel influencers

Kailah and her family are on a mission to experience authentic adventure and obtain financial and locational independence… and they’re doing it!

With 2 kids in tow, no less. If there’s one way to convince families that their travel dreams don’t have to end, it’s to show them yourselves.

Active on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, their followers can find a good mix of content. Instagram – the visual travel bug (warning – you WILL get bitten). Here you’ll find amazing videos and imagery that will awaken the wanderlust within you.

Facebook – Here you can find more informative content, including links to their travel vlogs.

YouTube – It’s all about the details that you might miss on Instagram and Facebook.

Kailah is no stranger to brand partnerships. As @nowhereonearth Kailah and her family have partnered with brands in travel and fashion, to name a few. As you’ll quickly find, there are so many opportunities for a Collab beyond travel.

Nicole Baez IG travel posts | Influencers featured on Afluencer

Let’s keep the family ties rolling with this mother-and-daughter duo seeing new places and creating memories together.

If you think traveling with your mom is a snooze fest, think again! This duo has been to concerts, repelled down a cenote in Mexico, and even been to Vegas together! They’ve been globe-trotting together for a long time now and clearly share a passion for travel.

Their Instagram page is a refreshing combination of awe-inspiring travel scenery and a wholesome mother-daughter bond that you don’t come across often.

A look at their Instagram stats will not only show you a pretty good engagement rate but you’ll notice that the majority of their followers fall within the 18 to 44-year-old age bracket. Wow!

If you’re looking to partner with travel influencers who attract a wide age demographic, Nikki and Pam should be at the top of your list for a Collab.

Francislaine Santos | Husband wife travel adventures

Up next are Fran and her husband Bruno. Together these 2 have a goal to visit 100 countries together, sharing advice on budget, luxury, and couple travel along the way.

If you need inspiration to book a ticket with your partner, look no further than Fran’s page. This is the stuff travel dreams are made of.

The scenery is EPIC.

Her captions are detailed and oftentimes motivational.

The love between these 2? Undeniable.

This sounds like the perfect recipe for amazing content.

What does their comment section look like? Let’s take a peek.

“Okay, this is just incredible.”

“This is so dreamy.”

“How adorable you guys.”

“This does look perfect!”

With a growing follower count and a fantastic engagement rate of 8.5%, Fran is another of our travel influencers worth reaching out to.

Arner Adventures outdoor travels

Based in North Carolina, Gerry and Shannon Arner (and their dog BettyWhite) are the definitions of travel inspiration. After owning their own business, they grew tired of the daily grind and decided a lifestyle change was needed! So they sold *almost* everything and moved to the beach to begin a life of adventure…. And haven’t looked back!

If you’re looking for another wholesome travel influencer duo to grace your feed, you gotta follow these two!

They are living their best life and giving us a glimpse into their new lifestyle… which, by the way, looks AMAZING. #noregrets for them, we’re sure.

Whether they are relaxing at home on their porch or in a distant land somewhere, their content is super relatable and authentic.

Gerry and Shannon are no strangers to partnering with brands, having a few Collabs under their belt. These travel influencers are injecting new life into their everyday… let them do the same for your business.

Emily-Bell – @emilyjbell_

Emily-Bell Instagram posts | Influencers featured on Afluencer

Let’s head over to Canada where Emily-Bell has been bitten by the travel bug and has a love for all things outdoor and adventure!

Constantly in search of her next adventure, Emily-Bell’s Instagram page looks like a storybook. From mountain tops to sandy beaches, lakes, and vineyards, Emily-Bell does not shy away from a chance to explore. Many times she’s exploring local Canadian sites… proving that you don’t need to go far to find adventure. Other times she’s in a foreign land soaking it all in.

She also has a love for photography (her pictures are amazing btw) and hiking.

This solo traveler takes on travel with confidence like no other. Her trips have taken her to mountain peaks… imagine what a Collab with Emily-Bell could do for your brand…

Geeves travel adventures | Influencers on Afluencer

Based in the United States, this travel influencer (who also says she’s no influencer) and self-proclaimed life enthusiast, and huge foodie is just a real girl, giving real reviews of her travel destinations. Tell you what… we love people who keep it real.

Food and travel… kind of go hand-in-hand. That’s where Geeves comes in.

She openly confesses to not being able to churn out a blog every day. Why? Because she’s out there enjoying the experiences she will eventually write about. Now that’s real.

Not only does she give reviews, but she gives practical advice too such as:

“Wear comfy shoes, you are going to want to walk the vineyard trails.”

“Give yourself a rest day … even on vacation… do nothing.”

Geeves also approaches travel with undeniable confidence and passion which draws you (and her ever-growing following) in. You’ve gotta Collab with Geeves if you’re looking for influencers with the gift of creating awesome travel content!

Magdalena Lok – @magddalene

Magdalena Lok coastal holidays | Santorini Greece

Meet Magdelena. She’s traveled the world and finally found her place in California, USA.

While she’s found somewhere to call home, that has not stopped her from continuing to pursue her love for travel. Blink and you’ll miss her! Boom! She’s in Mykonos. Boom! Santorini. Boom! Vegas.

Amongst her travel content, you will also find fashion inspo (everything from sweats to beachwear) and food… Magdalena loves the food scene in LA.

How does all this content work so well? Magdalena says it best:

“The secret ingredient is passion…”

Plus, we think it also has a little something to do with her unique personality.

This travel influencer stays true to herself, and in doing so has managed to capture and steadily grow her influence. With a fantastic engagement rate of 6.6%, there’s no doubt that a Collab here could be a boost for your brand.


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Melissa Jimenez coastal holiday adventures

Meet your new travel BFF, Melissa. No, really. This travel influencer loves exploring so much that she founded a travel group for women – @travelbff.

Over on @delrosario.adventures, you’ll find highlights of Melissa’s many exciting trips – both with women from her travel group and on her own personal adventures.

@travelbff features content strictly to do with her continuously growing female community of travelers. Here you’ll find highlights of their trips, where their meetups will be, what to look forward to, and so much more.

Whether on her personal trips or as a travel BFF, Melissa captures it all – from romantic sunsets to Melissa and her girls diving off yachts and everything in between.

We love that she’s created a community for women who may want to travel but do not want to travel alone – which opens up a whole new demographic for your brand to explore. A Collab with Melissa should not be missed out on.

Anamaris Hernandez family lifestyle and travel posts

Anamaris is a mom and wife with a passion for travel and lifestyle. She loves sharing tips on these and other topics, including parenting.

Travel and parenting… as our other travel influencers in this list have proved, it can be done! Anamaris further proves this point—by documenting her family’s travels and sharing tips to help make the ride smoother.

She also gives great reviews for travel products – all traveling parents take note! With Anamaris, your life of adventure will be that much easier. Yes to travel hacks!

Anamaris has already been busy Collabbing on Afluencer, will your brand be next in line?

Jessica Haynie | Japan travels

A lover of all things Southern and Samurai, Jessica spends her time between two cities – Atlanta and Tokyo, fully immersing herself in both cultures.

Who would have thought that Southern and Samurai would make for one cohesive body of content? Whatever Jessica is doing, she’s doing it well. Her engagement rate currently sits at a mind-blowing 23.3%. What?! Clearly, she’s bringing a whole new personality to the travel influencer scene.

A quick scroll through her Instagram reveals beautiful imagery – the pictures she captures are stunning. You’ll find epic views, unique to Atlanta and Tokyo.

Jessica is also quite the comedian, bringing humor to the cultural differences in her two cities.

Jessica’s Collab game is on point, having already partnered with brands in travel. She has a unique selling point, not to be missed out on if you’re in search of creative travel influencers!

Gian Luca Sgaggero travel architecture

Meet one of the few men to make this list – Gian Luca. He is based in Italy, has been a travel blogger since 2010, and has a passion for sharing his adventures and inspiring his followers.

His posts may be in Italian, but you don’t need to speak the language to appreciate the scenes he’s managed to capture.

As you will see from his posts, this travel influencer has a love for architecture and art. His captions are very detailed, pointing out the key features and historic importance of these landmarks. We’re loving the angle Gian Luca takes with his travel content.

If you’re looking for an Italian-speaking travel influencer to Collab with, Gian Luca is your guy!

From Colmar to the Moon | Mother nature

Based in Paris, this multi-lingual travel influencer brings the world to all 20k+ of her followers. We couldn’t be more grateful.

Sometimes, passion shines through your work. That’s what we see here. A woman whose passion for travel and zest for life is embodied in the content she creates.

She does a great job of showing us what to do in Paris, besides the Eiffel Tower.

You can also find highlights of her adventures – from Costa Rica to Hungary and many a place in between.

A lover of food and fitness too, this travel influencer presents a variety of Collab opportunities for the right brand – which could be you!

Jamison Murray Instagram posts | Travel influencers on Afluencer

If there’s an epic travel buddy that you’ve got to take on your next adventure, it’s got to be Jamison Murray.  If not, he better be on your social media feed—especially if the US is on your itinerary.

From New York, USA, Jamison is an adventurous adrenaline junkie with a passion for travel.

From scenic views to fun trips and thrilling activities—Jamison’s Instagram profile is an inspiring gallery of someone living the most out of his life.  And just as he says, “I live for living” , Jamison will certainly inspire you to do the same.

With his feel-good organic posts on social media that connect you to his life, Jamison feels like a friend you always want to check in on for some adventure inspo.

Rainy days at a pumpkin orchard, scenic views at Owasco Lake, sunsets in Cali, storms in Palm Desert, Hollywood walk of fame, and skydiving in California.  Jamison’s travel spirit is nothing short of exciting and definitely worth story-telling.

You can only love Jamison more as you discover his passion for promoting sustainable brands—from environmentally-friendly outdoor clothing to “Save the Fishes” water bottles.

Ruth Rieckehoff - Explorer and Blogger - Instagram Post Highlights

Based in Southern California, Ruth is an explorer and blogger that loves inspiring meaningful experiences.

She also has a love for wild beaches, piers, and ethnic neighborhoods.

Ruth is a relaxed traveler, that’s for sure.  Sightseeing and easy-going is how she rolls – a pleasure indeed for those that enjoy seeing the world this way.

On Instagram, Ruth shares travel experiences and activities in and around Southern California.  If you’re in this area, she’s a must-follow for inspo on things to do and places to see.

But she’ll also venture beyond the seas and oceans to Euro destinations like Germany and the Czech Republic.

Museums, architectural sites, “lunch over the canal”, tower views, bridges, and also charming “riverside houses in Frankfurt”.

Her posts will certainly stir new travel interests and get you googling up these stunning places.

Curious followers can indulge in more of her content on her Tanama Tales blog.  With intriguing posts such as “ Easy Day Trips from Palm Springs, California ”, “ Things to Do in the Salton Sea, California ”, and “ Things to Do in the Little Tokyo, Los Angeles ”.

Ruth’s recent Collabs have been with top brands known for working with travel influencers such as USA State Parks and Everyday Wanderer.

Suzzanne Jones | The Travel Bunny

From the UK, Suzanne Jones is an inspiring influencer in all things travel, food, and adventure.

Amazing destinations, culinary experiences, and thrilling adventures.  Suzanne’s love for travel captures your heart as you indulge in her Instagram pictures and stories.

Crooked houses, cobbled roads, a 12th Century old haunted inn, an enchanting lighthouse, a walk into mystical woods, dreamy sunsets in Santorini, European historical architecture, cultural heritage sites, and a retreat on a yacht in Spain.

Traveling through Suzanne’s eyes will stir up a unique sense of mysterious adventure.

Suzanne does more than satisfy her followers with just a standalone destination post.  Instead, she shares the depth of her experiences in each location with multiple posts at a time.  Allowing her followers to absorb inspiration from many views of travel.

Let your wanderlust carry you away into Suzanne’s blog with irresistible posts like “An Epic 2-Week Vietnam Adventure”, “The Art of Armchair Travel”, and more.

Suzanne is a great fit for brands looking for travel influencers to promote destinations, tourist sites, and unique places and activities.

Jackie Mesa Social media posts at Disney World

From Florida, USA, Jackie Mesa is a fun and adventurous travel and lifestyle influencer that is passionate about sharing the things and experiences that she truly loves.

Jackie is all the magic you need to feel on an exciting travel Instagram feed.

Her lively outgoing youthful energy is an instant love at first post.

From posing at Hollywood studios to epic Jurassic shots at the Island of Adventure—Jackie’s content creativity will get you hooked and scrolling for more.

She’s a talented creator and influencer—sharing valuable travel info videos like “Visiting All Four Disney Parks in Orlando” , “Best Places For Pictures at Magic Kingdom” , “Visiting Key West Florida ”, and more.

And you’ve got to love Jackie’s whimsical Disney-themed content—from castles to her impressive Mickey Ears collection.  She certainly knows how to make magic on social media.

You simply can’t get enough of her fascinating Instagram feed that’s full of her travel and lifestyle experiences.

With an Instagram profile so bubbly, you’ve got to check Jackie out on TikTok too.

Jackie is an awesome match for lifestyle and travel brands looking for fun micro-influencers.

She also has an Amazon shop—perfect for Amazon Collabs too.

Ava Roxanne | Top Instagram Travel Influencers

From the USA, Ava Roxanne is a seasoned luxury travel explorer inspired by the finest spa experiences across the world.

Ava is also a USA Today Spa Expert and a travel writer.

Top destinations, luxury spas, fluffy robes, fine dining, and also not forgetting those spectacular views.  Ava’s Instagram profile is a rich showcase of her luxury travel experiences.

Eating a Quiche Lorraine on a French canal cruise. Pampering spa days in VIP lounges. A perfect soak in an infinity pool. A high-class afternoon tea in a grand hall overlooking the breathtaking mountains of Switzerland. Serene sunsets in paradise. And the ultimate private island experience.

Travel with Ava is nothing short of extraordinary.

On Ava’s blog, followers can explore more of her experiences and knowledge on spa travel, luxury travel, and wellness travel.

Some of Ava’s Brand Collabs as an influencer include the likes of Travel Birds, and Babbel, as well as a number of hotel brands.

Haley Dasovich | Top Travel Influencer Featured on Afluencer | Instagram Gallery

Based in California, Haley Dasovich is an accomplished YouTuber, impeccable content creator, and an inspiring go-getter with an adventurous heart for travel.

And she happens to be quite the techie too.

With a profile as rich as hers, it’s no surprise that Haley’s enthusiasm for lifestyle challenges has a contagious effect on those that catch a glimpse of her exciting world.

Whether she’s exploring the exotic coast of Mexico, breathtaking lagoons in the Maldives, majestic Giza Pyramids or a dreamy oasis in Tunisia—Haley’s travel content is a master composition of beautiful images and videos with charming captions.

And it doesn’t stop there because her stirring background story of how she left her 6-figure salary to pursue her passion will leave you feeling motivated and empowered.

“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life” – Haley.

This seasoned macro-influencer definitely has a talented hook on her followers.

YouTube Channel

598K+ subscribers later and Haley Takes On the World has undeniably lived up to her YouTube channel name.  From airline reviews, must-know destination travel tips, “How to Travel the World for FREE” , to “4 Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere” —Haley’s YouTube presence is loaded with hot travel content.

From travel and hospitality companies to lifestyle products—Haley is a talented macro-influencer match for brand collaborations that fall within her interests.

Want To Be Featured In This Article?

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Stefano Cicchini | Popular Italian Travel Influencer

Featured as one of the 250 Best Italian Content Creators by Buzzoole (a top marketing agency in Italy) , Stefano Cicchini is a seasoned travel and food blogger with compelling creative storytelling talents.

Stefano’s flattering dusty-toned Instagram profile is enriched with lively sparks of what travel is typically all about.

From connecting with the locals in Thailand, diving into the icy Baltic Sea, dining over the beautiful cityscapes of Bangkok, to strolling along the banks of the Danube in Budapest.

Beyond his appealing images, Stefano documents and shares practical destination tips that travelers would find valuable.  Like where to go for breathtaking views if you’d like to skip the long lines to the London Eye.

Stefano is, without a doubt, a bookmark source for all the practical details of your travel plans.

Stefano’s content is mostly in Italian.  But I must admit that his posts are so fascinating that you’ll be tempted to translate. Especially once you discover the hidden nuggets of info.

If you’re thirsty for more beautiful pics and stories about his travel and food experiences, then visit the Stefano Cicchini blog.  Indulge in captivating posts like “ The City That Breathes Music ” and “ Christmas in London: 10 Things You Absolutely Must Do ”.

Stefano has teamed up with multiple European tourism bodies.  One notable sponsorship was a campaign that he took part in for the first Formula E Grand Prix based in Rome.

Wendy Song | Travel Photographer and Instagram Influencer

Based in Los Angeles, Wendy is a travel photographer with a passion for the outdoors and sustainability.

Travel in the eyes of a photographer always feels like an adventure.  And that’s exactly what you get when you’re on Wendy’s Instagram.

Her love for the outdoors couldn’t get any more inspiring.  From hiking up the Canyon Falls Trail, catching fading bioluminescence, toasting up at Sunset Beach in Malibu, view gazing from the Desert View Watchtower in Grand Canyon South Ruin, touring the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, to the classical dreamy starry night sky in California.

Exploring the world through Wendy’s camera lens is certainly a wonder.  But her profile feels delightfully organic and not all full of “picture-perfect” shots.  She posts some personal snaps of herself with blog-like captions – storytelling and also sharing travel info along the way.

Wendy’s travel explorations are detailed in her blog with destinations including America, Maldives, and Iceland.  “ Exploring Grand Canyon ” and “ Hunting for the Northern Lights ” are just some of the adventurous posts you can expect from her.

Alizee Paradis | Instagram influencers on Afluencer

Alizee Paradis is a gorgeous model influencer who will take you on her travels around the world this year with fashion and music at heart.

But there’s so much more to Alizee.  She’s a retired pro and D7 tennis player, she has a master’s degree in finance and she’s also an owner of a seasonal Italian hotel.  Alizee certainly comes with a pretty impressive profile, doesn’t she?

With a smile so bright and a bikini body so perfect, you’ll catch her on a luxury yacht, soaking in stunning ocean views, sipping on cocktails by the beach, or buzzing at an island festival.  Of course, all in style – just as a fashion-loving entertainment adventurer does.

Pulling in audiences across the U.S., Canada, and Italy, Alizee has a blooming social media influence with a noteworthy engagement rate of 4.57%.

Some of her collaborations have been with big-name brands such as LA Fashion Week and Louis Vuitton X Museum, all of which love working with stylish travel influencers and bloggers.  She’s most certainly your 2020 influencer girl for those sleek and stylish paid partnerships.

Social Media

While Alizee’s main influence is on Instagram, she does also have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Best Beaches in The World (by Leonid) – @worlds_beaches

Leonid - The Beaches in the World - Instagram posts

For the ultimate experience of the world’s most stunning coastlines, Best Beaches in The World is love at first sight.

Warning:  you may suffer from a serious case of wanderlust.  But that’s ok, ‘cause it’s nothing that a holiday to any one of these amazing beach destinations can’t fix.

Sandy beaches, blue oceans, colorful beach umbrellas, and all the sunshine your soul could ever need.

From sunbeds on white sandy beaches in Mexico, thatched cabins in the Philippines, beautiful Barbados, resort-perfect Fiji, crystal blue waters in Puerto Rico, vibrant coastal lines of Kenya, and calming rocky beaches of Seychelles to the ultimate beach life in the Maldives.

Hawaii, Anguilla, Cook Islands, Thailand, Cayman Islands, US Virgin Islands, and any other perfect paradise – Best Beaches in The World will take you there.

Picture perfect beach landscapes and drone footage that will wow you away.

“ Take me there ” is all you’ll be feeling, post after post.

The Best Beaches in The World is an ideal match for brands looking for top travel influencers to help reach the global audience of beach lovers.

Vale the Travel Explorer | Inspiring Influencers | Posts that Inspire | @vval_e

Holistic life-loving fitness explorer and writer, Vale @vval_e.

Based in the United States, Vale is your girl that will inspire you to live your best life.  She’s a certified holistic lifestyle coach that is passionate about finding harmony. A harmony that motivates her to escape to revive local sites.

From beachside meditations, lakeside yoga, and hiking through the mountains to retreating to unreachable cabins and also wandering through the woods.

Her mindfulness takes her as far as her nature-loving desire will take her.  Even if it’s to hug a giant tree log in the most beautiful way you could imagine.

Her local travel retreats combined with her health enthusiasm will surely influence you enough to live a better, balanced life.

Wellness seekers can be filled with life-improving messages and stories found on her blog.

Our inspiring travel influencer promotes mostly health and wellness products on her social media channels – some of which include CBD products.

Want to know more about Vale? Then go look up Vale’s Instagram handle, @vval_e.

Sofia Krarad | Travel Adventurer Available for Collabs

Traveling the world for a living as a flight attendant, Sofia lives the life that most only dream of.  But “always chase your dreams”, she says.

Travel, beauty, makeup, and lots of FOMO.

Sofia’s Instagram profile is a tasteful spread of experiences around the world.  While she may not mass publish content like other mainstream influencers, Sofia’s posts are full of quality and nothing less.

Skiing through snowy mountains. Scouting Switzerland from the sky in a chopper. Camel rides through a safari. Beach tanning. Bubbling through colorful Morocco. And how about those iconic experiences like a spa soak in the Dead Sea and a mesmerizing dip at Tibumana Waterfall in Bali?

Wherever the skies take her, you’ll certainly have that I-need-to-book-that-trip feeling as she shares the highlights of her amazing adventures.

Sofia has had success with her Collabs as a travel influencer with a number of tourism companies and restaurants in Saudia Arabia.

Crystal Egan | Top Travel Influencer from Australia

From Australia, Crystal Egan is a travel blogger that loves to inspire the extraordinary power of travel.

Crystal also calls herself an animal whisperer and tree hugger among many other charming titles – all invoking curiosity to know more.

Crystal’s Instagram profile is a calming and reviving source of slow travel.  Soaking in outdoor and cultural experiences wherever she goes.

Incredible hiking trails, beautiful highway passes, steamy vivid colorful springs, remote road trips, tiny uninhabited islands, and not to mention those unusual destinations.

Crystal will certainly inspire you to experience places beyond mainstream tourism.  Soak in the awe-inspiring handcrafted floral motifs on the interior walls of the Taj Mahal.  Wander through enchanting lantern markets in Turkey.  And then set yourself free under a hidden waterfall in Mexico.

Soulful travel couldn’t feel any more rewarding than this.

For more about her meaningful travel adventures, visit Crystal’s blog.  Here you’ll get advice on deals, guides, adventures, cheap travel, eco-tourism, culture, and more.

Explore many places and learn about interesting things like “ How to See Turtles Nest And Hatch in Mexico ” and so much more.

Crystal quite rightly deserves a feature spot amongst the other top travel influencers, having partnered with great brands that include Red Lodge and Sudio.

Yari – @beautybackpckr

Yariella - The Beauty Backpacker | Travel posts

From London, Yari is an uplifting solo traveler who loves sharing destination guides and beauty tips from around the world.

Trips and lipsticks are what Yari’s itinerary is all about.

Global destinations, chilling spa breaks, and also everyday beauty and makeup are the highlights of her Instagram profile.

From unforgettable sunsets in Costa Del Clapton, picturesque landscapes in Norway, and artistic streetwalls of Brooklyn to the mystic Taj Mahal in India.

And if there are colorful crumbling walls and doors insight, Yari certainly won’t miss snapping one of her signature shots.

Could you be any more inspired to travel solo?

On Yariella’s The Beauty Backpackers blog, entertain your wanderlust with hot blog posts such as “ The Ultimate Packing List for Backpacking Your Way Around the World ”.

Yari’s adventures get more exciting on her YouTube channel, especially when she creates video content like “ A Backpackers Paradise ” and “ Amazon Rainforest ”.

For travel and tourism brands looking to Collab with top nano travel influencers, Yari is indeed the perfect match for you.

Are You Ready To Collab With Top Travel Influencers?

Join the afluencer family to connect with adventurous influencers who know how to create amazing content and inspire engaged audiences., fahira fazlic – @zlicc – fashion mixed with adventures.

Fahira Fazlic | Travelholic | Instagram merry-go-round-post

Fahira Fazlic is where fashion and travel lifestyles create a beautiful feed of adventures worldwide.  And seriously, more than enough FOMO to make you visit about your 2020 dream getaway.

From France, Fahira is also the founder of an online gift service business, LuvBox Paris.

Someone, please wake me up. I must be dreaming. Because I feel like my heart has just traveled the world with our influencer, Fahira.

Fahira will charm your summer-loving soul with ice cream in the Maldives; she’ll dazzle you with city skyscrapers in Moscow; warm your heart with elephants by a waterhole in Sri Lanka; give you a cultural taste of Nepal; and so much more.

Doing it all in gorgeous swimsuits and stunning dresses.

Fahira’s latest paid partnership was with Jungle Travel (no stranger to working with influencers) , where she promoted several travel features.

Darling Coco – @darlingcoco – Fashion Blogger Goes Travel

Darling Coco | Travel Influencers | Santorini, Greece

Darling Coco is your professional photographer of the year turned fashion blogger with a passion for travel.

From travel guides to style finds, Darling Coco turns these two worlds into one with her charming social media presence .

With a bright cherry red dress, the classic Santorini white resort could not look any more gripping with Coco.  She’ll take you on a travel exploration into the city of Barcelona, to the top of NYC, or to the Grand Canyon in beautiful style.

From relaxing in an exotic nest in Mexico, getting lost in sand dunes, to chasing waterfalls in Yosemite – Coco will make your wanderlust heartbeat.

With soft neutral color tones to her feed plus her sophisticated style, Coco’s social media profile is a breath of fresh air to the modern mature audience.

On her website, she blogs about her travel adventures, her style passions, and also other interesting stories about her lifestyle – like her latest journal entry about her proposal story.  Followers can also shop in her closet, too.

And if you’re a brand looking to collab with passionate travel influencers,

Chelsey PeCoy – @chelseypecoy -Hawaiian Fashion & Travel Blogger

Chelsea PeCoy | Top Travel Influencers | Bell bottoms IG post

Leisure travel, vegan lifestyle, and a whole lot of sunshine – Chelsey PeCoy is this year’s freelance model influencer with so many happy and fun vibes to offer.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Chelsey is growing her modeling career while fulfilling her passion for travel.

From holidaying in Hawaii with funky flare jeans, sunkissed swimsuit beauty, and lovely casual boho style by the beach, to cowboy vibes in Arizona.  Chelsey is an adventurer in her style just as much as she is in travel.

“Where is this?” and “OMG those pants” is how she gets her commenters buzzing about her content.

Then her bubbly personality comes all out on her YouTube travel vlog where some of her posts include “My Weekend in Mexico City” and “Moving to LA alone”.

Monisha B – @aqualibrantraveler – Travel & Fashion Blogger

Monisha B | Wanderlust + Visual Storyteller | Waterfall

Monisha B is a devoted travel blogger with a very stylish and vibrant fashion sense.

Based in Boston, Monisha certainly knows how to make her content pop and wow her followers away.

With spectacular destination images in eye-popping color styles, it’s rather difficult not to notice Monisha’s posts. And it’s difficult not to like or drop a comment either. Her high content engagement rate of 9.49% certainly says it all.

Monisha, in a gorgeous red outfit under a mystical waterfall. A pretty vintage dress in an old town. Flowing long summer dress in an ocean cave in Puerto Rico. And a stunning sheer black dress at the beach. From hiking spots to mountain cabins.

Dresses and dresses. Wanderlust and wanderlust.

Her followers react with, “what a spectacular place” and “absolutely stunning”. Charmed by her travel adventures and charmed by her vibrant style.

You have to see her travel posts for yourself and you’ll fall in love with this vibrant influencer.

Chris Burkard – @chrisburkard – Photographer Extraordinaire

Chris Burkard | Travel Influencers | Camping on the side of mountain wall

Earth-loving awe-inspiring traveling photographer, Chris Burkard.

From the U.S.A, Chris is an award-winning photographer and also a social media influencer . Traveling through all corners of the world, all year round, his mission is to visually capture stories to inspire people to connect and love the earth.

He also passionately advocates the preservation of the wild.

Followers of Chris see the beauty of the earth like never seen before.

Breathtaking natural landscapes will move your heart and probe you to want to see more.

Rare magnificent sunsets in New Zealand. Canoeing through the energetic mountains of Italy. Flying over glacial rivers in Iceland. Overlooking the enchanting arctic sky. Parachuting through waterfalls. Erupting Raikoke volcano in Russia. And a magnificent family portrait of whales that will flood your heart with emotion.

These are just a few of his many remarkable explorations.

Some are so incredible that this inspiring influencer will even share raw travel footage off his phone, good enough to blow you away.

His images speak volumes. But that’s no surprise coming from a professional photographer .

Followers can shop for some of the best images from his website as well as get info on his upcoming workshops and events.

Chris certainly deserved to be on our list of travel influencers that inspire, having collaborated with big-name sponsors such as Sony, prAna, PolarPro, Medterra, and SmugMug.

Chelsea – @chelseakauai – Hawaiian Explorer

Chelsea diving with stingrays | Hawaiian Traveler Adventurer | Influencers that Inspire

Water-loving adventure traveler, Chelsea.

Diving. Surfing. Snorkeling. Hiking. Plus captivating photo and video memories across 53 countries worldwide.

Based in Hawaii, Chelsea is the adventure-seeking traveler who will give you enough FOMO to book that once-in-a-lifetime holiday you’ve always dreamed about.

Hammocks. Rainbows. Treehouses. Deep ocean blues. And exotic tropical greens.

From snorkeling through coral reefs under waves in French Polynesia, swimming in Bora Bora with the most eagle rays your eyes could ever see, observing a baby humpback whale, water diving in the Philippines, to desert dancing and stargazing in Indonesia.

Chelsea’s images are pretty surreal. And her drone video footage gives her followers a real sense of her adventures.

She’s daring enough to walk on the edge of a building in an exquisite dress for a mesmerizing shot of the Eiffel Tower like you’ve never imagined. And her playful pics with giraffes shows enough of her quirkiness to make you smile.

If you seek more inspiring travels, then our awesome influencers’ well-presented influencer blog will satisfy your craving. Followers can also catch her on her growing Youtube channel.

Some of Chelsea’s sponsors include Canon and Adobe while her latest paid Brand Collaboration is with American Express.

Eric Rubens – @erubes1 – California Dreaming

Eric Rubens walking through tree tunnel | Influential Photographer & Videographer

Mesmerizing photographer and videographer, Eric Rubens.

Based in South Carolina, Eric’s skillful photography plus his passion for travel has seen him make big lists like Business Insider’s Top Instagram Travel Influencers at #3.

Mesmerizing moments. Pretty cool travel experiences.

Winter wonderlands in the mountains. Camping in the middle of nowhere under the mystical milky way. Canoeing through the caves of Croatia. Exploring the beautiful sunrise coastlines of New Zealand. Lost in fall cabins in New Hampshire. And approaching the edge of cliffs.

Where else would you rather experience the wow factor of all that travel has to offer?

Following Eric only gets more captivating when you visit his growing Youtube channel where he shares some of his stylish video travel campaigns.

Eric’s work features some big-name brands in the travel industry such as Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Air New Zealand, American Express, and T-Mobile as well as photography sponsor, Sony.

He has produced some outstanding campaigns from Visit Jordan, Conrad Bora Bora, Sony Alpha Collective x British Virgin Islands, and Travel Alberta – just to name a few.

Eric’s work is certainly nothing short of a high standard.

Jannik Obenhoff – @jannikobenhoff – German Roamer

Jannik Obenhoff | German Photography | Posts that Inspire

Peculiar German photographer roamer, Jannik Obenhoff.

One of the 14 members of German Roamers, the biggest photography community in Europe, Jannik loves to share the diversity of the world in a not-so-typical way.

His different perspectives of the world will certainly have you moved by the unexpected beauty of the earth.

From a lonely tree in the grand mountains of Altai Krai in Russia, unreachable lava valleys, chilly cabins of Norway, endless rainy bridge walks to misty mountains and cloudy landscapes.

This amazing influencer will inspire you to see and travel the world in a different way and certainly inspire unconventional experiences.  Something his European audience is charmed by.

If you need to live more of his experiences, then check out his Youtube channel for some of his inspiring travel memories.

Some of his travel work features Iceland Travel, Visit Abu Dhabi, and Visit South Tyrol.

You can also find out more about Jannik’s inspiring influencer work on his travel website.

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Podcast Episode 26 – Scaling Brands via Personality & Entertainment | Taylor Elajas – EBN TV

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  • 15 Best Travel Bloggers On Instagram You Need To Follow Right Away

Has it been a long day so far? And you are actually tired of your 9 to 6 corporate job! Don’t really know what you are doing with your life and need some serious ‘daily dose of motivation! Then Instagram is the perfect place to turn to and going through the profiles of these  best travel bloggers on Instagram would give you some serious travel goals. As you scroll through their pics you would know that they lead a life out of a backpack, explore the world like a local and are more than happy doing it.

While these travel bloggers share their experiences through their catchy writeups, they also weave a wonderful kaleidoscope with the lively picture describing the best of places and experiences they came across. Take a sneak peek at these mighty Instagram handles and treat yourself to some daily dose of awesomeness.

Top 15 Travel Bloggers On Instagram

Looking for the best travel bloggers on Instagram ? Here are the top ranking bloggers are their work that makes people visit their account again and again!

1. Murad Osmann, @muradosmann – 4.6m followers

A post shared by Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) on Nov 9, 2017 at 8:41am PST

One of the most popular travel blogs on Instagram belongs to the wonderful duo of Murad and Nataly Osmann . The Russia based traveler cum photographer travels with his wife around the world and the couple is an inspiration for every aspiring travel couple across the globe.

Murad and Nataly’s famous series “ Follow Me To ” made the headlines after the pictures from their series went viral in 2012. Yes, this couple make travel goals for you!

Read more about Murad & Nataly’s travel exploits here !

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2. Jack Morris, @doyoutravel – 2.7m followers

    A post shared by JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel) on Nov 13, 2017 at 3:55am PST

The story of Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen is nothing less than a fairy tale. The adorable couple is in their mid-20s and already have millions of followers on Instagram. The two travel bloggers met only last year in Fiji and ever since then they have been traveling together 20 countries so far!

Only to give you more reasons to envy, the couple charges a six-figure salary for every Instagram posts they publish on their handle. Already thinking about quitting your desk job? Wait, finish this article first! Read more about Jack Morris’s travel exploits here !

3. Lauren Bullen, @gypsea_lust – 1.9m followers

      A post shared by LAUREN BULLEN (@gypsea_lust) on Nov 12, 2017 at 2:38am PST

Another popular amongst the Instagram travel bloggers is Gypsea_lust, that is Lauren Bullen, with close to 2 million followers on Instagram, is one of the powerful celebrities in the world of travel influencers. Today, Laura along with her hubby has become the face of travel blogging. The Australian traveler blogger loves to share her experiences eloquently and I am keeping a close eye on her! ;)

Read more about Lauren Bullen’s travel exploits here !

4. Loki, @loki_the_wolfdog – 1.6m followers

    A post shared by Loki (@loki_the_wolfdog) on Oct 15, 2017 at 9:58am PDT

The Instagram handle is (co)-owned by Kelly Lund from Colorado and his 2-year-old wolfdog. Charming as the wolfdog appears, equally intriguing are his exploits. A hybrid of Siberian husky, Malamute, and Arctic Wolf, Loki has a wonderful mentor in Kelly and together they epitomise friendship!

They are amongst the top travel bloggers on Instagram ! As the adorable buddies roam around in the outdoors, Kelly captures the best moments of Loki. They certainly are a force in the sphere of travel blogging today. Read more about Loki and Kelly’s travel exploits here !

5. Tara Milk Tea, @taramilktea – 840k followers

      A post shared by Tara Milk Tea (@taramilktea) on Nov 2, 2017 at 12:47am PDT

Fashion, food, and travel! That’s all this Asian-Australian blogger. She has already won hearts with her remarkable presence on Instagram and keeps raising the bar for the competing bloggers with her stunning pics taken in some of the most striking places on earth.

When it comes to perfectly timed pictures there’s hardly anyone on the internet that can compete with Tara. Her love for varieties of food delicacies makes her travel and it’s the other way around as well!

Read more about Tara’s travel exploits here !

Suggested Read: Female Traveler Captures The Best Self-Portraits In Flowy Dresses & The Results Are Beyond Magical!

6. Brooke Saward, @worldwanderlust – 635k followers

    A post shared by Brooke Saward (@worldwanderlust) on Jul 17, 2017 at 3:55am PDT

Brooke Saward is a restless solo traveler with some serious itchy feet. The 24-year-old wanderer rightly leverages her Instagram handle to inspire people to travel across the globe. Her blog, World of Wanderlust, is an inspiration for travelers with over 630k plus followers worldwide.

The proud author of the book, World of Wanderlust , has a lot to share from her adventures. Call her the owner of a boutique, bakery, or a book, she fits the best into all the roles that she takes. Read more about Brooke Saward’s travel exploits here !

7. Kiki The Blonde Abroad, @theblondeabroad – 459k followers

      A post shared by Kiki • The Blonde Abroad (@theblondeabroad) on Aug 27, 2017 at 6:58pm PDT

Traveling to the places unknown and knocking off adventures off her bucket list, that’s what Kiersten – a native of California, does for a living. Having traveled to 50 plus countries, Kiersten is a serious inspiration for all the solo female travelers out there.

Through her travel stories, she has rightly addressed some genuine concerns raised by female travelers who look forward to traveling solo.

Read more about Kiki’s travel exploits here !

Suggested Read: Safety Tips For Female Solo Travelers: Planning Well & Staying Alert Is The Mantra

8. Jess, @jess.wandering – 381k followers

    A post shared by J E S S (@jess.wandering) on Oct 18, 2017 at 8:57pm PDT

Jess calls herself as an outdoor enthusiast while I call her a tough traveler. The girl, on a perpetual journey, describes herself as someone who loves to go to the top of a mountain more often, swim in an alpine lake, or wander down a gusty path!

She has been on a traveling spree for the past couple of years and today she is a renowned figure in the world of travel on Instagram. Read more about Jess’s travel exploits here !

9. Holly Johnson, @missholldoll – 307k followers

      A post shared by Holly Johnson (@missholldoll) on Nov 9, 2017 at 10:33am PST

For an avid traveler that she is,  Holly Johnson loves to live life out of a backpack. Over the years Holly has realized that she shares a bond with nature like none other and she embraces the pious camaraderie gracefully. As you scroll through her Instagram feed you would know one thing for sure, she’s not the luxury traveler kind. She’s made for backpacking and hiking.

Read more about Holly Johnson’s travel exploits here !

10. Matt Expert Vagabond, @expertvagabond – 145k followers

A post shared by Matt • Expert Vagabond (@expertvagabond) on Nov 8, 2017 at 12:28am PST

Featured by the travel giants like NatGeo, Lonely Planet, and GoPro, Matt is an adventure travel photographer & a professional blogger who is constantly on the move. Be it camping in one of the most remote locations in the forests of Panama, camping by the live volcano in Guatemala, or capturing the best of Iceland, Matt has done it all.

And his pictures and words say it all. If you are traveling to these places specifically, you need to visit his website at least once. Read more about Matt’s travel exploits here !

11. Savi and Vid, @bruisedpassport – 144k followers

      A post shared by Savi and Vid (@bruisedpassports) on Oct 13, 2017 at 8:32pm PDT

Dream! And dream more often, coz dreams do come true. The stylish Indian duo of Vidit Taneja and Savi Munjal (aka. Vid and Savi) are the living testimony to the aforesaid. The school time friends turned couple have traveled to 80 plus countries in a span of 9 years. After they decided to become full-time travelers, the couple has come a long way.

Today, they are a powerhouse of information for travelers around the globe. And they make a living out of their travel blog Bruised Passports! Fancy them, eh? Get on with the basis in the first place. Start traveling!

Read more about Savi and Vid’s travel exploits here !

Suggested Read: Dream Honeymoon Destinations Of Popular Travel Bloggers

12. Selena Jacob, @finduslost – 122k followers

    A post shared by TRAVELERS • Selena + Jacob (@finduslost) on Nov 5, 2017 at 10:29am PST

It started with a road trip across Europe and is turning out to be around the globe trip for these wandering couples. Selena and Jacob are the couple in their 20s who came in a relationship after the college and today travel keeps them going.

They share an undying hunger for travel and go exploring places together. The Expats aren’t here to stay and keep sharing their travel quests on Instagram. Read more about Selena Jacob’s travel exploits here !

13. Laura, @Vagablonde_laura – 106k followers

      A post shared by Laura (@vagablonde_laura) on Jul 14, 2017 at 7:47am PDT

Adventures, globetrotting and the incredible nature has kept Laura going. The woman epitomizes true grit with the fact that she walked into the office one fine day, handed over the 2-week notice to him and never really went back to the same place.

Gradually after moving north and moving to Portland and having traveled, hiked, backpacked, and explored secret waterfalls, she has gracefully embraced traveling as a way of life. Today Laura is a popular travel blogger on Instagram and loves to make it easy for travelers across the globe by furnishing all the details that she garners from her trips.

Read more about Laura’s travel exploits here !

14. Meg Jerrard, @mappingmegan – 46.1k followers

    A post shared by Meg Jerrard (@mappingmegan) on Jan 26, 2017 at 2:06pm PST

Presenting the wonderful couple Megan and Mike Jerrard for you! The couple has been traveling and educating people from their informative blogs since 2007 and have quite a bit of adventure under their belt! Talk of Skydiving over Swiss Alps, bungee jumping in Costa Rica, treading the world’s largest sand dunes, or climbing atop Mt. Kilimanjaro, the couple has got everything covered.

Apart from blogging they share a lot of information on their video blogs as well. Another informative Instagram handle that you must follow! Read more about Meg Jerrard’s travel exploits here !

15. Shivya Nath, @shivya – 39.6k followers

      A post shared by Shivya Nath (@shivya) on Oct 5, 2017 at 10:59pm PDT

Meet India’s very own Wonder Woman who looks like a traveler on a mission. Ever since quitting her corporate job in 2011, Sivya Nath hasn’t looked back and has traveled solo around the world to some of the remotest places. As I write this, she would be exploring some other part of the globe walking the unknown trail, munching on some vegan cuisine (Shivya is a vegan traveler!).

The best part is, Shivya makes a living out of it and she does that comprehensively. From hitch-hiking across the Romania’s countryside to having lived with Mayan community in Guatemala, and from boarding Canada’s mountain railways to have accomplished some daredevil activities by stepping out of the comfort zone, Shivya has pulled off it all.

Read more about Shivya’s travel exploits here !

Further Read: This Indian Blogger Shares The Untold Reality Behind Quitting The Job To Travel The World

The social media is full of life, fun, and beauty. And when you start looking for travel pics of these travel bloggers, you already know that you must consider traveling as a full-time profession sooner!

Disclaimer: TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own the rights to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Bloggers On Instagram

How do i become a travel blogger on instagram.

Being a blogger is not as easy as people have made it seem. Here are a few tips that one should keep in mind when planning to become a full-time travel blogger on Instagram, one of the famous social media platforms. 1. Decide on a phenomenal username that would appeal to users. Add a quirky yet simple bio and an appealing profile picture. 2. Select what your content will be about. It could be anything related to landscapes, forts, or travel food. 3. Use relevant, proper, and right amount of hashtags. 4. Engage and connect with fellow bloggers and users. 5. Keep adding stories and posts. Do not leave the account as-is for long.

What are the best travel accounts to follow?

Some of the best travel accounts that one should definitely follow during this year are Salt in our Hair, Christina Tan, Jack Morris, Gigi Hopkins, Meg Jerrard, Vagablonde_laura, and Selena Jacob.

How do travel bloggers get paid?

There are many ways through which travel bloggers can get paid such as selling their own products, paid marketing of brands, sponsored posts, freelance content creation, public speaking, and mentoring or coaching.

What should you not do on Instagram?

In order to achieve fame on Instagram, there are certain set of rules that one should follow. Some of these rules are- avoid using an awkward or difficult username, do not set a profile on private, do not overstuff the caption with hashtags, do not steal someone else’s work, and do not ignore the comments from followers.

Who are some Indian travel bloggers famous on Instagram?

Some of the most famous Indian travel bloggers that one should immediately follow on Instagram are Shivya Nath, Lavina, Lakshmi Sharath, Jyotsana Ramani, and Neelima Vallangi.

How much does a travel blogger earn?

Once a travel blogger has settled and established himself or herself on Instagram or any other social media, they can earn around $3000 to $5000 per month. But if someone wants to earn double or triple the amount, they usually start working on side income sources such as freelance writing, social media management, content creation, and many other sources.

What does a travel blogger do?

A travel blogger plans to generate income by collaborating with a brand and promoting it to the audience. One can do this either by posting on sites and talking about the brand, sharing content to social media, and other ways.

How do you promote your travel on Instagram?

One can promote their travel on Instagram through researching for hashtags, finding similar accounts and connecting with them, use blogger outreach, make use of google alerts, and influencer marketing platforms.

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Ready, Set, Jet: 20 Travel Accounts to Follow on Instagram

The best eye candy for your wanderlust.

These travel aficionados know how to make good eye candy, are passionate about their travels and know how to travel in style. If you're thinking of hopping on a flight to Bali, going on an African safari or are looking to explore the South of France, we suggest you do so vicariously through these jetsetters first. These adventurous influencers are go-to's for recommendations on where to stay, what to eat and how to live like a local. And along the way, be sure to glean their tips and tricks to snagging the perfect shots on your next adventure. Be prepared to get major travel envy, these feeds are no joke.

An aggregation of some of the best travel shots on Instagram, this is the handle to peruse for endless eye candy–whether you're looking for imagery of stunning snowcapped mountains, blissful beaches or some of the globe's most captivating cities.



A hub of drop-dead amazing travel photos is what's garnered this key Instagram influencer community almost 9 million followers–and that's just for this account. Beautiful Destinations is one of seven accounts that chronicle the worlds most beautiful things, from hotels to apparel to cuisine–and puts them all at your fingertips to lust over. Their main account is what has us captivated for hours on end; we cannot get enough of the various places to go, and absolutely stunning things to see their network of talented photographers has captured.


It’s hard not to get lost in Jack Morris ’ feed of impressive photos from around the globe. He’s currently living in Bali but spends most of his time photographing and exploring the world with his other half, @gypsea_lust , and their feeds are the definition of #relationshipgoals and #travelgoals.


From the sand dunes in Abu Dabi to ethereal ocean views in Greece, Lauren Bullen ’s photos make us wanting to book our trip to wherever she is immediately–and look as good in the bikinis she sports while doing it.


Gigi Hopkins ' feed is a free city guide to the places we want to go to now. She left her corporate job to live life on the road, and is sharing her favorite finds to her loyal audience. From the Catskills in Upstate New York to Orpheus Island in Australia, you can trust her to guide you to all of the hottest spots and hidden gems–especially when she's chatting about her hometown of Melbourne, or contributing her best tips to as one of our contributing travel editors.


The ultimate collection of travel images from other travel pages, @wearetravelgirls’ founders @beckyvandijk and @vanessarivers aim to curate the most cohesive feed of vibrant and informative content. What we love most? Their travel tips, which they frequently include in their captions.


Kelly Lack , an alum at some of the top lifestyle companies such as Martha Stewart, One King's Lane, and Spot , delights her Instagram followers with beautifully curated images of her favorite spots (pun not intended) from her latest journeys. When you're traveling to California, hit up her Instagram account for hidden gems–she's based in San Francisco and knows the best in the West.


One of our favorite photographers, Jamie Beck , has been capturing stunning fashion images paired with her adventures around the world for years–but her recent move to Provence has her landing a spot on this list. We've been turning to Jamie for all things French as of late; her riffs on classic art, her weekly trips to the market chronicled on her stories, and her obsession with living in a French chateau consistently has us coming back for more.


Aside from being the master of food (especially sweets! ) photos and breathtaking self-portraits , Tara’s feed also includes images of jaw dropping destinations from her recent adventures to lust-worthy destinations like Chiang Mai, Shibuya, Jaipur and Finland. Her feed comes complete with perfectly styled shots, the best hotels to spend the night in and some of the best secret spots to indulge in dessert along the way.

@muradosmann & @natalyosmann

Murad and Nataly Osmann of #FollowMeTo are Instagram's original travel inspo duo, and are responsible for creating the iconic hand-holding pose we often associate with couples on the go. The Moscow-based pair doesn't just stop at jaw-dropping imagery; they travel to countries to curate the best in local designer fashion as well, and use it to style their iconic shots. Head to their accounts for the best in travel, style and some cute outtakes of how their feed takes shape.


Jack Harding’s landscape images are unparalleled. When you’re thinking of booking a trip, consider his adventures (and the amazing photos you'd get of them for your feed!) if you used his handle as your travel guide.


@lucylaucht’s feed looks like a gallery of images you’d want to purchase and hang on your wall. Her trips around the world and the stunning shots she takes of them will add countless cities on to your bucket list; expect stunning beaches, cityscapes and a fashion moment here and there.


According to Instagram, the couple that travels together, stays together. Los Angeles natives, Selena and Jacob , left their lives in California to travel and document their exotic getaways. We'll warn you, checking out their feed will likely result in some major travel envy.


Planning a trip to lovely London? Then you must follow this account immediately. It has photos of where you can find all the wisteria when it's in bloom, the quaintest spots for tea and a look at one of the world's best cities from every angle.

Leave it to a professional photographer and filmmaker to capture parts of the world in the most stunning and unexpected ways. Callum Snape is based in Vancouver, and so expect loads of breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, arctic wonders and dreamy lakes.


There’s a reason why this account has over 8 million(!) followers. This account is more of a community than an Insta-feed; the #wonderful_places hashtag generates over 5 million user generated photos of magical places all around the globe, all of which are curated to create the account's content. Trust–you'll want to go to every single place on their feed.


For the traveler that loves pink, girly findings and flowers, this is the feed for you. There are endless photos of lush florals found in various cities across the globe as well as shots taken in must-go cafes and all the quaint streets in-between.

Here, constant traveler and food, fashion and flowers lover, Polina, fills her feed with luscious and vibrant images of her latest eats, discoveries, and experiences with her equally nomadic and sartorial friends.


This whole feed is cohesive and tonal–we’re huge fans of the clean and minimal tones–but @theslowtraveler’s Instagram page is more than just beautiful photography. She also shares tips on how to make Instagram images really pop and includes tips and personal anecdotes in all of her captions.

Headshot of Donna Kim

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15 Best Travel Vloggers on YouTube to Follow

Written By: Christine Ka'aloa

Digital Nomads

Updated On: June 3, 2023

Living your passion for travel is one thing, but filming yourself doing it daily to weekly for binge watching audiences on YouTube is another! Yet, the list of travel vloggers on YouTube grows as storytelling techniques of its creators evolve to keep you tuned in.

From storytelling editing, daily vlogging, cinematic flair, sexy drone shots, and 360 viewing, these travel YouTubers are committed to pumping out travel inspiration on a regularly programmed basis.

Enjoy this list of inspiring Youtube channels to find great travel content and travel experiences.

Table of Contents

Best Travel Vloggers

Christine chose some great travel vlogs and we don’t want to mess with her, list, but when you are done here, check out some other amazing travel YouTubers! These travel personalities are not only travel hosts, they are their own travel show! We made our own list of best travel vloggers too !

1. Fun for Louis

Louis Cole initially started out enthralling (and grossing out) viewers with his adventurous ability to eat every odd delicacy that was dead or alive.

Today, this U.K. travel vlogger has taken to daily vlogs of his life, inspiring viewers to live the adventure while travelling the world.

A well-loved travel vlog hero of YouTube, not only does he make binge-watching addictive, but he incorporates 360-degree video and has his fans introduce his videos.

Schedule : Daily

2. Mr Ben Brown

Mr. Ben Brown is mostly known as a YouTube vlogger. But he travels a bit and his Visual Vibes series showcases some seriously stunning travel cinematography, which will leave you breathless.

An expert storyteller, his vlogs are partly filmed from his perspective, as if you’re inside his head.

Whether skiing, motorbiking or hiking, you’ll feel like you’re moving vicariously with him, as he traipses around the world to meet up with his posse of YouTuber friends.

Ben joined YouTube in 2006 definitely making him one of the older travel vloggers (at least by channel age) out there.

  • Devon Supertamp is very similar and we have him listed on our choices for best travel channels.

Schedule: Daily .

3. Vagabrothers

The Vagabrothers are the wacky boys of the travel vlogging world.

As charismatic travel hosts revving you for the flight,  they offer a cultural soft side into the joys of travelling.

Their travel videos incorporate fun shooting styles, collaborations with other YouTubers, destination guides focused on culture, and lethal drone shots.

Schedule :  Tuesdays

4. Hey Nadine

As the reigning top female travel vlogs on YouTube, Nadine Sykora knows what YouTube audiences want.

As Hey Nadine , she infuses her travel lifestyle channel with a creative flair of fashion, fun, food and entertainment.

From travel tips, to “ What I Eat in a Day in. ..” ,… to playful collaborations with other travel YouTubers, Nadine’s channel drums up an addiction to seeing just what new video she puts out next.

Schedule : Twice a week

5. Migrationology

Would you travel for food? Favorite food vlogger and travel YouTuber Mark Weins does, and boy does he!

A travel and food blog, Migrationology has hit gastronomical stardom on YouTube, making Mark the number one ‘foodie guy’ to both, watch and read.

Mark is the ultimate digital nomad!

He shares his passion for travel by delivering each country through mouth-watering morsels.

You’ll find DIY city guides and of course, lots and lots of food videos!

Schedule: Sundays and Wednesdays.

6. Wolters World

Mark of Woltersworld is my favorite ‘Loves & Hates Travel Guy’, sharing his unchained opinion on what travelers will love, hate and be shocked with about each city.

He tells it like it is and his honesty won’t take away your excitement in experiencing the place for yourself.

His videos are highly informative insights, which crack the travel code of each country.

Schedule: Wednesdays and Saturdays

7. Hopscotch the Globe

Kristin Sarah merges her acting chops with her love for travel in Hopscotch the Globe .

She’s like that fun travel bestie who’s not afraid to be a little silly. Her channel incorporates vlogging with cultural parodies and travel inspired DIY recipes.

Today, she shares her channel spotlight with her husband Siya; together, these travel partners in crime hop around the globe, creating weekly entertainment.

They’ve also recently added a baby drone into their picture!

Schedule : Weekly

8. Psychotraveller

If twenty-something backpacking is your thing, check out Psychotraveller .

Ally dishes backpacking travel tips, vlogs and travel budget information, all with a dose of humor.

Best of all, her favorite filming studio is often a hostel room!

Schedule: Weekly.


Does traveling alone freak you out? Christine Kaaloa of GRRRL TRAVELER takes you inside the adventurous world of solo travel and shows you how she survives it.

Experiencing culture shock and filming it , isn’t easy, but Christine finds ways to turn her encounters of taxi scams, Asian squat toilets, airport layovers and getting sick abroad, into travel survival tips to walk away with !

A solo travel blogger, she films and blogs travel tips and city and food travel guides, while playing with video storytelling styles.

Schedule: Fridays or Saturdays.

10.  Sonia’s Travels

Sonia is your female travel MacGyver. From how to pack your makeup to product reviews and how to score a deal on a hotel, she’s got slick tips to make you a savvy traveler.

Her tips are usually around 2-3 minutes, which make her videos perfect to watch with your morning coffee.

Until then, she has hundreds of travel tip videos to keep your travels well-groomed.

Schedule: On hiatus. Let’s hope she comes back.

11.  The Planet D

Dave and Deb of The Planet D , not only live the dream of travel, but they also visit some of the most exotic places that most of us can only dream about!

This zany travel-adventure couple have blogged about adventure travel for the past 10 years, and now they’re on YouTube too, inspiring each other (and others) to take a passion for adventure to the next level. Making the list as one of the couple travel vloggers to watch.

From polar ice plunges in Antarctica to riding the fastest zipline or ballooning over the Masai Mara, their channel covers a bucket list of activities to try when you’re looking to leave your comfort zone.

Schedule: Saturdays.

Expats & Nomads: Travel Youtubers Hitting the Road

12.  gone with the wynns.

Ever think of packing up your family life and hitting the road in an RV?

Nikki and Jason of Gone with the Wynns sold it all and packed it up to hit the highway.

From composting toilets to solar powering an RV (okay, not your everyday travel story), they’ve transformed the concept of an RV travel lifestyle for YouTube.

Their videos are well-shot and occasionally, filmed like a sexy commercial (okay, not your every day RV travel video).

Recently, they’ve made a rather new change in their lives, by trading in their RV for a sailboat!

Schedule : Weekly.

13. Samuel & Audrey

You may know Samuel and Audrey as their travel blogging aliases, Nomadic Samuel and That Backpacker .

As former ex-Korea expats, this adorable travel geek couple are on an indefinite road between expat life and nomadism.

Their channel is prolific with destination guides and food taste tests.

For audiences, who want to get their binge watching on without taking a break, they are also known to occasionally have long format videos.

Schedule: 1-2 times a week.

14. 8 Miles from Home

Inspiring us to take our dream lifestyle (and dog) abroad is 8 Miles from Home .

Sacha and Jymael are British photographers turn expat vloggers, documenting their life in Thailand.

Their vlogs are cinematic video diaries, occasionally incorporate dazzling special FX.

Recently they announced their new adventure~ a move to Portugal and a baby!

15. The Food Ranger

If you love Asian food, Trevor is The Food Ranger of Asia. An expat in Sichuan, China, he chomps and slurps some of the best Chinese cuisine (and uh, some pretty obscure foods too).

Commendable is his ability to upload regular videos while staying under China’s banned radar (YouTube and Google are banned in China).

He’s quickly growing a following as a new foodie channel to watch.

Schedule: Saturdays

How the best travel vloggers were chosen:

Like all lists, people will wonder why they’re not on it. I’m positive I missed some good ones, but this is very loose criteria I’d be using if I were hired to cast, produce or pitch a TV show. Creators did not need to meet all criteria, but most. – Programming: Weekly dedication, quality, storytelling & individual style execution – Audience: Niche, loyalty, & YouTube friendly – Blog worthy and/or binge worthy – Does it bring a new spin to the term “travel video” or “travel show” – Channel Personality/Talent: brand recognition, hosting & entertainment value

Do you have favourite travel vlogger you love on YouTube? Introduce us to them in the comments below!

  • 16 Amazing Women Instagrammers to Follow
  • 11 Inspiring YouTube Travel Channels to Follow
  • Best Travel Blogs by Category
  • 101 Best Travel Quotes in the World with Pictures

That’s a subjective question. If you go by subscribers it is Devon Supertramp or Fun for Louis on this list. Drew Binskey is definitely the most successful travel vlogger out there right now.

Mark Weins t ops the list as the best food travel vlogger. He takes you on a culinary journey around the world.

Travel Planning Resources

Looking to book your next trip? Why not use these resources that are tried and tested by yours truly.

Flights: Start planning your trip by finding the best flight deals on Skyscanner

Book your Hotel: Find the best prices on hotels with these two providers. If you are located in Europe use and if you are anywhere else use TripAdvisor

Find Apartment Rentals: You will find the cheapest prices on apartment rentals with VRBO . 

Travel Insurance: Don't leave home without it. Here is what we recommend:

  • Allianz - Occasional Travelers.
  • Medjet - Global air medical transport and travel security.

Need more help planning your trip? Make sure to check out our Resources Page where we highlight all the great companies that we trust when we are traveling.

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About Christine Ka'aloa

Christine Ka'aloa is a freelance television producer , camera operator and travel blogger/YouTuber. She runs GRRRL TRAVELER, where she writes about solo travel, food and travel inspiration. Follow Christine at grrltraveler / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / YouTube

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35 Dreamy Travel Instagram Captions for When the Views Leave You Speechless

These short messages, inspirational quotes and clever puns are perfect for all of your trips.

preview for The Best Beaches in the World

Don't waste a moment of hard-earned vacation time hemming and hawing over a sentence or two to highlight those gorgeous snaps. We put together this list of cute, silly, funny and inspirational travel Instagram captions for those times when you don’t have the patience or energy to come up with something on your own. Some of them are even quotes from our favorite celebrities, since sometimes, someone else just says it better. Pick one for now, save some for later and focus on enjoying your trip.

If you need to get more specific (or you've posted so many times that you've exhausted this list), we also have beach inspired ideas , quotes about traveling with your bestie and sayings for when you get you back in touch with nature .

Best Travel Captions

a quote slide with a yellow rolling suitcase

  • I’ve found my happy place.
  • What’s on my bucket list? Everywhere.
  • Take only pictures, leave only footprints.
  • Always say yes to new adventures.
  • Life is short and the world is wide. Better get started.
  • My new routine: Journey. Explore. Discover. Repeat.
  • Only going places that spark joy.
  • Keep calm and travel on.
  • Will travel for food (and a good sunset).
  • The best things happen outside of our comfort zones.
  • Constantly searching for views that take my breath away.
  • I feel most at home when I’m exploring the world.
  • Until you step into the unknown, you don’t know what you’re made of.
  • Life is not meant to be lived in one place.

Funny Travel Captions

a quote slide with a yellow rolling suitcase

  • I follow my heart … and it usually leads me to the airport.
  • Greetings from [insert location]. I live here now.
  • I travel so my life isn’t disrupted by routine.
  • Maybe you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy plane tickets (and that's kind of the same thing).
  • Skipping ahead to the part of my life where I travel the world.
  • Tan lines and jetlag fade, but memories last forever.
  • I’m a travel addict on the road to recovery. Just kidding, I’m headed to the airport.
  • All I need is a 3-month vacation four times a year. That’s really not asking for much.
  • BBN: Be back never.

Travel Quote Captions

travel quote slide with a yellow rolling suitcase

  • "I am one of those who never knows the direction of my journey until I have almost arrived." — Anna Louise Strong
  • "Not all those who wander are lost." — J.R.R. Tolkien
  • "We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls." — Anaïs Nin
  • "An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered." — G.K. Chesterton
  • "Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling." — Margaret Lee Runbeck
  • "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." — Lao Tzu
  • "To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice." — Elizabeth Gilbert
  • "One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things." — Henry Miller
  • "Surely, of all the wonders of the world, the horizon is the greatest." — Freya Stark
  • "Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not." — Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • "For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move." — Robert Louis Stevenson
  • "This is what holidays, travels, vacations are about. It is not really rest or even leisure we chase. We strain to renew our capacity to wonder, to shock ourselves into astonishment once again." — Shana Alexander

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A woman creates an Instagram Recap 2022 with ideas of what to post in an Instagram Recap.

Create an end-of-the-year video you can’t wait to post.

Following the success of Spotify Wrapped, it seems every app these days wants to get in on the year-end recap trend. Instagram’s version of this is Instagram Recap . Unlike the BeReal Recap , which creates a video for you, Instagram Recap provides you with the tools to do the editing yourself. That may seem tiresome for some people, but it’s actually easy once you have some 2022 Instagram Recap ideas for what to post in your end-of-year Reel.

Instagram has always been a platform for curating your own content. You pick and choose which selfies are worthy of the ‘Gram and what memories to share in your Stories for everyone to see versus what’s just for your close friends. With this focus on curation, it makes sense that Instagram would allow you to create your own end-of-the-year recap video. Instead of the app picking and choosing which memories to share, you get to. Of course, this kind of opens the floodgates and allows for endless possibilities, but you can definitely narrow things down with the right Instagram Recap idea.

If your Insta is more travel-focused, you may want to share the biggest adventures you went on in 2022. For those who consider themselves foodies, use Instagram Recap to rank the best meals you’ve had all year or to remember the most ‘Gram-worthy ones that wowed you. You could share your fave memories with your besties or the fire outfits you wore. Another idea is to let the celebrity voiceovers from Bad Bunny and DJ Khaled dictate how you share your year.

There are so many directions you could go in, but if you still need some help, here are some 2022 Instagram Recap ideas to consider.

Bad Bunny shares his Instagram Recap 2022 idea on IG.

Bad Bunny’s voiceover really emphasizes living in the moment and being grateful for your life. Following his lead, share your greatest memories from 2022. These can be as small as hanging out with your bestie on a random Friday night or as big as graduating college. Whatever memory has stuck with you needs to be included, and it can be a lot. To use Bad Bunny’s Instagram Recap template, you’ll need 21 pieces of content.

Priah Ferguson from Stranger Things has an Instagram Recap voiceover that is perfect for showcasing a range of memories from the exciting to the, well, strange. When she says things like “and this one was weird,” you can edit in videos and photos of things that maybe got you out of your comfort zone. You could even mix in some of the good with the bad to really showcase your true authentic self. As Ferguson says, “That’s my life.”

DJ Khaled’s voiceover begins with “OK bless up,” and it calls out everything from “little things” to the “curveballs.” This is your chance to share 15 videos or photos using his Instagram Recap template that really show off that both big and small memories make your life “a blessing.”

Badshah shares what to post in an Instagram Recap 2022.

The rapper Badshah’s voiceover is all about looking back at 2022. He calls out specific memories and says, “I’ll remember you the most for this.” This is a chance to share those moments that when you look back years from now, that’s what you’ll associate the most with 2022. This could be major life milestones or once-in-lifetime experiences or trips.

A foodie-based 2022 Instagram Recap idea is to just share your fave dishes from the past year. It can be an overall compilation of the best of the best from your camera roll, or a breakdown of the best meal from each month. You could even rank your foodie moments as a top 10 for an Instagram Recap.

One idea that goes well with these voiceovers is to share moments from all the concerts you went to this year. This works especially well if you saw Bad Bunny in concert and end up using his voiceover for the Insta Recap.

A Instagram user shares her travels, which is what to post in an Instagram Recap if you love to trav...

Oh, the places you went! Your Instagram Recap can be a time to share every place you visited if you’re someone who prioritized their wanderlust in 2022. This might have been the first time in a long time that you were able to use your passport, so you’ll definitely want to share everything you saw on your adventures. To get the theming across, share a video of the airport or view from your window seat to kick off your recap video.

You don’t have to use one of the Instagram Recap templates to make a video. Since the examples use 15 to 21 different pieces of content, you’ll definitely want to skip it if you plan to just share your fave memory from each month. For this idea, you just need 12 videos or photos from the year to highlight something special from January to December. Be sure to use the text in editing to write out each month, so your friends and followers understand.

If you have a core group of BFFs that do everything with you, you might want to share your best memories from 2022 together. This narrows down what videos and photos to use in your camera roll, but of course, choosing which memories to share with your best friends is also hard AF. Even the smaller moments, like getting fast food late at night or driving around listening to Taylor Swift, are memories you want to share.

Instagram users share what to post in an Instagram Recap.

Instagram Recap can be a time to finally share on main the things you only posted on your Insta Story. Choosing what goes on the grid can be a more difficult process versus your IG Story where you just share your day to day. This year-end recap can be a time to go back in your Instagram archive and find the stories you now think deserve to be shared with everyone. That can be anything from LOL-worthy filters you used to Boomerangs of you cheers-ing at happy hour.

You probably remember your best ‘fits from the year, but Instagram Recap is a time to remind everyone else of them. Show off what a fashionista you were in 2022 with OOTD pics and videos of you wearing your best looks. If you’re more a makeup and beauty person, you could even use this idea to show off your best lewks and all the viral makeup trends you tried (and slayed) this year.

Perhaps you set a goal at the beginning of 2022 and you finally achieved it. It could be starting an art project, finding a better job, or just moving to a new state. Whatever project you started and finished, this is your chance to show that journey.

travel vlog instagram

26 March 2021

How to start vlogging on instagram.

How to start vlogging on Instagram

Vlogging has taken over Youtube as the dominant video style over the last 5 years, but what about vlogging on Instagram? With over 1 Billion users, having a solid presence on Instagram is one of the best ways to build an engaged audience these days. With the popularity of vlogging at an all-time high it's a great time to learn how you can launch your own vlogs on Instagram. When people think of vlogging they typically think that it is limited to YouTube only - but that is not the case! In this article, we will discuss what vlogging is, how vlogging is effective, and how to start vlogging on Instagram.

What is Vlogging?

The basic definition of a vlog is a video that documents someone's knowledge or their life in a 5-10 minute video. If you want the ultimate vlog example check out Casey Niestat's YouTube channel. Casey decided to make one Vlog every day for about 3 years and each vlog simply contains a glimpse into an average day of his. Whether he is buying flowers for his wife's birthday or going to a conference, Casey brings his audience along with him and creates short vlogs that weave his day into an interesting story to watch. In the same way that a blog is an article that is written by an individual and is in a conversational style that isn't overly formal a vlog is the video version of that. Think of a vlog as a "video-log". A vlog usually centers around the person making it and is told in their point of view. It is usually fun, light-hearted, unscripted, and informal. In fact, the more raw and unscripted your vlog is the more the audience will relate to it.

Vlogging on Instagram

Admittedly, Instagram is not fully set up to accommodate Vlogging in the way a platform like YouTube is. On YouTube, you simply upload your 5-10 minute vlog and call it a day. Instagram TV allows for videos longer than 60 seconds but Instagram TV is not an overly popular feature . Posting on Instagram TV typically yields poor engagement and viewership. So that begs the question, how can you vlog on Instagram? Let's take a look at the options for vlogging on Instagram.

Vlogging on Instagram Stories

Vlogging by using Instagram stories is a new idea but a great one. Instagram stories have blown up in popularity since they launched as a rival to Snapchat. An Instagram story is limited to 15 seconds in length but you can post as many as you like in a row. To vlog on Instagram stories simply shoot all your content and begin to upload it as multiple stories. One of the benefits of this is that you can add music, captions, and fun GIFs over your stories to make them more engaging. For more information on Instagram Stories check out our blog post here . Once you have finished your Instagram Story vlog it will automatically disappear after 24 hours. Don't forget to make a "highlight" on your Instagram profile to save your story vlog on your profile afterward.

Vlogging In-feed On Instagram

Instagram limits the length of in-feed videos to 60 seconds. Sure that might not be your typical 5-10 minute vlog length but you can include a lot in a 60-second video! For example, if you want to make a vlog about your weekend ski trip then shoot the whole weekend, get some good talking scenes and create a 60-second vlog using an editor like Splice. You might be surprised how much you can fit into a well-edited short vlog. If you go this route, ensure you choose a good thumbnail for your video as it will live on your Instagram feed. You can also add additional details in the caption of your post that will give even more context to your vlog.

Vlogging on Instagram TV

Instagram TV is somewhat of a failed pet project by Instagram. Instagram TV was their attempt to get into long form video content on their platform to compete with Youtube. So far, Instagram TV has not performed well and viewers have not been overly interested. Posting your vlog to Instagram TV would be one of the harder ways to get traction on this app.

Telling a Story With Your Vlog

It's important to make sure that your vlogs are telling a story and not just a random assortment of footage . If you are asking for 5-10 minutes of somebody's time they will be expecting some sort of take-away from your vlog.

The internet these days is flooded with videos that are beautiful travel montages of blue water, insane views, and epic activities. There isn't anything wrong with these videos but they also become repetitive and it's hard to make your videos stand out with just a bunch of beautiful imagery - that isn't enough anymore . As vlogs become more and more popular as a medium, viewers are all seeking one important thing, a story . We want to be told a story that we can relate back to our own lives and when a story is told really well we remember it.

Your vlog doesn't always need to be the most "epic" story either, it could simply be about going on a hike or going to someone's birthday party. The real skill comes in finding the story in whatever you're doing and telling it in an exciting way. Before setting out to shoot your video, it's useful to think of the typical structure of a story... Almost every great story is broken up into a 3 act narrative structure :

  • ACT I - This is the introduction where you set up the story and the characters in order to "hook" the viewer. For Example. "We are setting off in search of a secret cabin. We don't know exactly where it is but we heard it's in this area - with only a few hours till dark we need to make it to the cabin before the sun drops or we will be spending the night outside!
  • ACT II - This is when the video has rising action . The stakes get higher and you "confront" what was set up as the obstacle in ACT I. Example. "After getting lost for an hour reality started to sink in.. We might not make it to the cabin before sunset - if so we will be spending the night outside with no tents...
  • ACT III - This act is the conflict resolution . The peak moment of intensity when the result is given. Act 3 is for the resolution as the video slowly comes to an end. For Example "Finally... as we were starting to lose hope... through the trees we spot it, tucked away... the secret cabin. We enjoyed the warm shelter for the night and made the most of our new home."

It can be very helpful to think of the 3 act structure before you shoot and edit your vlog. Do some writing beforehand and find the story in what you're about to shoot. As I mentioned, it doesn't always need to be the most epic story ! It can be as simple as trying to ski a new run on your local mountain or going to a new restaurant for dinner. There is a story in everything and as a filmmaker, it's your job to find it.

Vlogging on Instagram Summary

Vlogging is in and it's not going away any time soon. The powerful combination of Instagram + vlogging is one worth exploring and experimenting with. It's true that Instagram is not perfectly set up for vloggers to showcase their work but there are many people that are showing it can be done! By following the guidelines above you should have a good grasp of how to make a vlog on Instagram . Get out there and keep on creating!

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travel bio for instagram

250+ Unique Travel Bio for Instagram! [2023]

CheckYa Staff

Are you a travel lover or a blogger who shares their adventures on Instagram? If yes, you’re in the right place! We’re here to help you create a captivating Instagram bio that tells the world your travel story. We’ve got over 250+ bio ideas to inspire you. Whether you dream of becoming a top Travel Instagram Blogger or just want to share your journey, your bio is key. We’ll guide you with examples and step-by-step instructions. Let’s get started.

Table of contents:

  • 7 Steps to create an Engaging Instagram Travel Bio:
  • 250+ Unique Travel Bio for Instagram

Add CheckYa link in bio via Instagram

7 Steps to Create an Engaging Travel Bio for Instagram :

Step 1: define your identity:.

In your Instagram bio , make it clear who you are in the world of travel. Are you a globetrotting travel blogger, an explorer of hidden gems, or an adventurer seeking new thrills? Let people know your travel identity.

For example: “Exploring the world, one adventure at a time. Travel blogger, adventurer, and lover of new places.”

Step 2: Add Adventure into Your Bio:

Your bio is a canvas to showcase your love for travel and the exciting journeys you’ve experienced. Let it reflect the thrill of exploration and the beauty of the places you’ve visited.

For example: “Chasing sunsets, climbing mountains, and diving into new cultures. Exploring the world, one adventure at a time.”

Step 3: Share Your Travel Wisdom:

Your bio is a glimpse into your travel world. Use it to let people know what kind of content you offer. Whether it’s travel tips, destination reviews, or cultural insights, give your followers an idea of what they’ll find on your profile.

For example: “Travel advice, wanderlust stories, and tips for exploring the world. Your source for all things travel.”

Step 4: Add link to your bio:

Now, let’s take your bio to the next level with CheckYa. This versatile tool goes beyond a simple link. It lets you include multiple links to your travel videos, YouTube channels, affiliate partnerships, digital travel guides, freebies like travel itineraries, consultation calls for travel advice, and even accept payments for your unique travel experiences. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for travel bloggers.

For example: “Explore my travel vlogs, plan your next adventure with my YouTube channel, and get exclusive travel guides. Let’s connect for personalized travel tips and unforgettable journeys.”

Step 5: Create an Enticing Call to Action (CTA)

Encourage your fellow travelers to click your CheckYa link. Whether you’re offering a downloadable travel e-book, a video series of your adventures, or a special discount on your travel services, entice them to explore further.

For example: “Ready for your next adventure? Click the link below for exclusive travel insights and the journey of a lifetime!”

Step 6: Keep It Fresh and Exciting

Your Instagram bio can change as your travels unfold. Use CheckYa to easily update the links, making sure your audience always has access to your latest travel stories, top tips, and amazing experiences.

For example: “Stay updated on my travel adventures! Click the link for my latest journeys, hidden gems, and must-visit places.”

Step 7: Stay True to Your Travel Brand

Consistency is vital in the world of travel. Ensure that your bio matches the wanderlust you share in your posts. Keep your travel message consistent and captivating.

For example: “From stunning landscapes to cultural discoveries, my feed is a journey through the world’s wonders. Follow for your daily dose of wanderlust.”

In a world where wanderlust is celebrated, and travel inspiration is in high demand, your Instagram bio is your introduction to an audience who shares your passion. With CheckYa, you can make it an unforgettable one. Define your travel identity, let your adventures shine, and enhance it all with this versatile tool designed for travel bloggers and enthusiasts. Your Instagram bio is the opening chapter of your travel story – make it captivating and watch your travel tribe grow.

250+ Unique Travel Bios for Instagram


  • Adventuring through life, one mountain at a time ⛰️
  • Embracing the thrill of the unknown 🌍
  • Skydiving, scuba diving, and all things daring ✈️🌊
  • Collecting memories, not things 🌄
  • Chasing adrenaline, one adventure at a time 🏞️
  • The world is my playground, and I’m here to play 🌏
  • Embracing the wild, one adventure at a time 🌿
  • Adventure is my middle name 🌅
  • Outdoorsy and unapologetically adventurous 🌄
  • On a mission to explore the extraordinary 🌌

Nature Lovers:

  • Nature is my happy place 🍃
  • Roaming with the wildflowers 🌻
  • Sunset chaser and sunrise lover 🌅
  • Exploring Earth’s natural wonders 🌿
  • Wilderness is my therapy 🏞️
  • Nature’s serenity, my sanctuary 🌍
  • Lost in the beauty of Mother Earth 🌎
  • Captivated by the wonders of the great outdoors 🌟
  • Inhaling the essence of every forest 🌲
  • Nature’s beauty, my constant inspiration 🍁

City Explorers:

  • Urban adventurer on the go 🏙️
  • Lost in the city lights 🌃
  • Discovering hidden gems in concrete jungles 🌆
  • Finding art in the heart of the city 🏛️
  • Cityscapes and street food lover 🌮🌆
  • Exploring the world, one city at a time 🌍
  • City lights and endless possibilities 🌟
  • Roaming the streets with a camera in hand 📷
  • Captivated by the urban pulse 🏙️
  • Lost in the rhythm of city life 🎶🌆

Cultural Enthusiasts:

  • Passport full, heart fuller ❤️
  • Soaking in cultures, one destination at a time 🌍
  • A world citizen with a love for diversity 🌎
  • Exploring traditions, one city’s story at a time 🏯
  • Languages, cuisines, and customs are my passion 🌏🍜
  • Embracing cultures, one encounter at a time 🌍🎭
  • Global trotter and cultural ambassador 🗺️
  • Lost in the beauty of cultural exchanges 🌍❤️
  • Discovering the world’s tapestry of traditions 🌟
  • Celebrating the richness of human diversity 🌏🌍🌏

Beach Bums:

  • Sand in my shoes, salt in my hair 🏖️🌞
  • Endless summer and beachy vibes 🐚
  • Seashell collector and sunset watcher 🌅🐚
  • Life is better in flip-flops 🌴
  • Chasing waves and high tides 🌊
  • Beachcombing and sea-salted dreams 🌊🏄‍♂️
  • Sunkissed and sea-breeze obsessed 🌞🌴
  • Sandy toes and sun-kissed nose 🌴🏖️
  • Beach lover on permanent vacation 🐚🌞
  • Beach vibes and salty kisses 🏝️🌊

Foodies on the Go:

  • Exploring the world one dish at a time 🍽️🌍
  • Street food connoisseur and coffee lover ☕
  • Tasting the globe, one bite at a time 🌮🍕
  • Savoring flavors from every corner of the world 🌏🍣
  • Culinary adventurer and wine enthusiast 🍷🍇
  • Food is my love language 🍔🌍
  • Gastronomy globetrotter and menu explorer 🌍🍽️
  • Satisfying wanderlust one dish at a time 🌟🌮
  • Food adventures and flavor explorations 🌎🍲
  • Discovering the world through its delectable offerings 🌏🥂

Family Travelers:

  • Roaming with my tribe 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🌍
  • Adventure-bound family making memories ❤️
  • Raising little explorers 🌿
  • Traveling with kids, one destination at a time 🚗✈️
  • Family adventure is the best adventure 🌄👪
  • Making family memories around the world 🌎❤️
  • Family wanderlust and journey of togetherness 🏞️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  • Adventure seekers with little adventurers in tow 🌟👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  • Raising explorers, one trip at a time 🌏👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  • Our family’s journey, one destination at a time 🌞🌏

Solo Travelers:

  • Exploring solo, embracing the world 🌎
  • My journey, my rules 🚶‍♀️
  • Wandering and wondering, one solo adventure at a time 🌍
  • Finding myself in every place I go 🌟
  • The world is my companion 🌍❤️
  • Independent explorer, one destination at a time 🌞
  • Roaming free, no strings attached 🌄🌏
  • My solo adventures, my personal stories 🌍📖
  • A solo journey through life’s incredible tapestry 🌏🌟
  • Solo traveler, boundless experiences 🌞🌏

Romantic Getaways:

  • Adventuring hand in hand with my love ❤️
  • Love stories written in different cities 📖🏙️
  • Sunset kisses and moonlit wishes 🌅🌙
  • Exploring with my favorite travel partner 💑
  • Creating love notes around the world 💌🌍
  • Love and wanderlust, an unbeatable combo 💞🌏
  • Our journey of love, one destination at a time 🌟❤️
  • Romantic adventures and heartwarming moments 🌆👫
  • Exploring the world, hand in hand 🌏❤️
  • In love with travel

Luxury Travelers:

  • Jet-setting in style ✈️🌟
  • Champagne dreams and caviar wishes 🍾🌍
  • 5-star experiences and VIP views 🏨🌆
  • Lavish adventures and opulent escapes 🌴💎
  • Luxury living, world exploring 🌏🥂
  • Indulging in opulence around the globe 🌍💍
  • The world as my luxury playground 🌟🌏
  • Traveling like royalty, one destination at a time 👑🌍
  • Experiencing the world through a golden lens 🌎🌟
  • Jet-setter, luxury lover, global explorer ✨🌏

Wildlife Enthusiasts:

  • In search of furry, feathery, and scaly friends 🐾🦜
  • Conservationist at heart, protecting Earth’s creatures 🌍🐆
  • Every animal encounter is a treasure 🌿🦢
  • Wandering with wildlife warriors 🦁🐼
  • On a quest to explore the animal kingdom 🐅🌎
  • A voice for the voiceless 🌏🐾
  • Connecting with creatures great and small 🌍🐾
  • Wildlife whisperer and earth’s advocate 🌏🐘
  • Endless fascination with our animal neighbors 🌍🐕
  • Wildlife roamers and animal kingdom explorers 🐾🦁

Historical Explorers:

  • Time-traveler through ancient ruins 🏛️🕰️
  • Unearthing the stories of civilizations past 🌍📜
  • Historical landmarks and tales of old 🗺️🏰
  • Exploring history one monument at a time 🏯📖
  • An adventure through the annals of time 🕊️🌆
  • Wanderer through the pages of history 📚🏛️
  • Architect of historical journeys 🌆🏛️
  • Ancient whispers in modern times 📜🏺
  • History buff wandering through time 🕰️🌍
  • From the past to the present, exploring it all 📖🏰

Budget Travelers:

  • World traveler on a shoestring budget 🌍💰
  • Finding adventures without breaking the bank 💳🌄
  • A frugal explorer of hidden gems 🌎🌟
  • Thrifty adventures and clever savings 🌏💼
  • Traveling light, spending right 🎒👛
  • Budget globetrotter and penny-pinching explorer 🌍💰
  • Stretching the dollar, expanding horizons 🌏💵
  • Wise spender, wide traveler 🌏💼
  • Exploring the world with a frugal eye 🌟💰
  • Budgeting adventures, maximizing experiences 🌏💳

Van Lifers:

  • Mobile home, endless horizons 🚐🌅
  • On a journey where home is wherever we park 🏕️
  • The road is my address 🚚🌍
  • Living simply, traveling freely 🌄🚐
  • Nomadic life, van life 🛣️🚌
  • Rolling with the road, embracing the van life 🚐🌅
  • Van adventures and life on the move 🚐🌟
  • Minimalist traveler, maximalist wanderer 🌄🚐
  • Van life chronicles, open road stories 🚐🌏
  • Mobile living, boundless exploring 🏞️🚐

Mountaineers and Hikers:

  • Scaling heights, conquering summits 🏔️🌄
  • Hiking trails and making nature our gym 🥾🍂
  • The mountains are calling, and I must go ⛰️🏞️
  • Breathing in the fresh mountain air 🌲🏔️
  • Climbing peaks and chasing vistas 🌁🌟
  • Alpine lover and mountain conqueror 🏔️🏞️
  • Trailblazing through nature’s stairways 🥾🌄
  • Hiking life, mountain love 🏔️🌍
  • Peak enthusiast and summit celebrator 🌞🏔️
  • In the mountains, my soul finds peace 🌲🏔️

Digital Nomads:

  • Working from anywhere, exploring everywhere 💼🌍
  • My office is wherever my laptop opens 🌐💻
  • A digital nomad’s journey around the world 🌏✈️
  • Mixing work and wanderlust, one Wi-Fi connection at a time 📈🌆
  • Passport, laptop, and a world of opportunities 🌎💼
  • The world is my workplace, the journey my office 🌏💻
  • Embracing the nomadic lifestyle and remote work 🌟💼
  • Digital nomad adventures and remote working tales 🌏💻
  • Laptop on the go, exploring the globe as I work 📱🌏
  • Constantly connected and constantly exploring 🌍💼

Photographers’ Paradise:

  • Capturing the beauty of the world, one click at a time 📷🌍
  • My camera is my passport to the world 🌆📸
  • Framing memories and stories through my lens 🖼️📷
  • Visual storyteller, wanderer of light 📖🌄
  • Exploring through the lens, discovering through the eye 🌟📷
  • Moments frozen in time, stories captured through my lens 📷🌍
  • Shutterbug on a journey, a world in every shot 📸🌏
  • Photographing places, framing experiences 🌏📷
  • Through my lens, I see the world in a different light 📸🌏
  • Chasing pixels and framing perspectives 📷🌟

Road Trip Junkies:

  •  Hitting the open road, one mile at a time 🚗🛣️
  • Road tripping, music playing, adventure calling 🎶🚗
  • Finding joy in the journey, not just the destination 🌞🛤️
  • Roadside diners, scenic routes, and endless stories 🍔🚗
  • Our journey is the destination 🌆🚗
  • On a highway to adventure, with windows rolled down 🚗🌞
  • Asphalt wanderer, roadside explorer 🛣️🚗

Sunset Chasers:

  • Witnessing the world’s daily masterpiece 🌅🎨
  • Collecting sunsets from every corner of the globe 🌍🌅
  • Sunset therapy for a wanderer’s soul 🌞🌄
  • Each sunset a new adventure, a fresh canvas 🌇🖌️
  • Chasing the golden hour wherever it leads 🌆🌞
  • Sunsets are my souvenirs 🌅🌏
  • Twilight traveler and sunset seeker 🌆🌟
  • Sunsets are my daily dose of inspiration 🌅📷
  • On a quest for the most epic sunsets worldwide 🌎🌅
  • Twilight enthusiast, seeking the world’s most stunning shows 🌅🌏

Green Travelers:

  • Eco-warrior on a sustainable journey 🌱🌍
  • Exploring while respecting and protecting nature 🌿🦋
  • Traveling green, leaving only footprints 🌎👣
  • Sustainability is my compass 🧭🌿
  • Eco-conscious explorer, one destination at a time 🌻🌍
  • Committed to making each trip eco-friendly 🌍🌱
  • Advocating for green travel, one post at a time 🌏📢
  • Green at heart, traveler by choice 🌿🌎
  • Exploring with a conscience and an eco-friendly mindset 🌏🌟
  • Green traveler, preserving the beauty of our planet 🌏🌱

Yoga & Wellness Nomads:

  • Finding zen in the world’s hidden corners 🌏🧘‍♀️
  • Yoga mat, good vibes, and travel dreams 🌞🕉️
  • Wellness on the go, one asana at a time 🏞️🕉️
  • Breathe in. Travel. Breathe out. Repeat. 🌄🧘‍♂️
  • Exploring mind, body, and spirit through travel 🌍🌟
  • On a path to inner peace through global exploration 🌏🌅
  • Yoga nomad, rolling out my mat worldwide 🌏🌟
  • Wellness wanderer, balancing travel and inner harmony 🌅🧘‍♀️
  • Meditating with each sunrise, exploring with each sunset 🌄🧘‍♀️
  • Combining yoga and travel, finding balance in both 🌞🌏

Milestone Markers:

  • Country count: [Your count] 🌍
  • X continents, countless memories 🗺️🌟
  • Celebrating life, one destination at a time 🎉🌍
  • Passport stamps as souvenirs 🛂✈️
  • Traveling the world, one milestone at a time 🌏🥂
  • Marking my adventures with every new stamp 🌍📆
  • Milestone collector, wanderlust conqueror 🌏🌟
  • Celebrating life’s moments, one trip at a time 🌅🌎
  • Each destination is a new chapter in my travel story 🌏📖
  • Turning each trip into a personal milestone 🌍🎯

Train Enthusiasts:

  • Train journeys and rail wanderlust 🚂🛤️
  • Tracks are my trails, stations are my milestones 🚆🏞️
  • Collecting train stories from around the world 🚞🌍
  • Onboard the adventure express 🚄🌅
  • Traveling to the rhythm of the rails 🌟🚊
  • Chugging along, exploring the world by train 🚆🌎
  • Destination: Everywhere accessible by rail 🌍🚂
  • Train enthusiast, connecting the world one rail at a time 🚆🌏
  • Locomotive lover and rail explorer 🌟🚂
  • Riding the iron horse, exploring the world’s railways 🌎🚞

Art & Architecture Aficionados:

  • Uncovering the world’s architectural treasures 🏛️🌍
  • Art, design, and travel blended into one canvas 🎨🏙️
  • Captivated by the symmetry of structures 🌆📐
  • Exploring cities through the lens of their buildings 🌃📸
  • Architecture is my travel guide 🌉🌟
  • Framing skylines with every click 📷🌆
  • Exploring the world, one building at a time 🏛️🌍
  • Drawing inspiration from the lines and shapes of cities 🌟🏙️
  • Architectural voyager, wandering among structures 🏛️🏙️
  • From Gothic to modern, celebrating all architectural eras 🌆📸

Desert Wanderers:

  • Lost in the beauty of endless dunes 🏜️🌄
  • Desert days, starry nights 🌠🌵
  • Sandstorms, oasis dreams, and adventure beams 🏜️🌟
  • Exploring where the sand meets the sky 🏜️🌍
  • Sunsets over golden sands and boundless horizons 🌅🏜️
  • Roaming the world’s most arid landscapes 🏜️🌎
  • Every grain of sand has a story to tell 🌟🏜️
  • Desert diaries, adventures in the golden land 📖🏜️
  • Savoring the stillness of the world’s deserts 🌆🏜️
  • Desert wanderer, where sands and silence meet 🏜️🌌

Winter Wonderland Explorers:

  • Chasing the winter magic, one snowflake at a time ❄️🌨️
  • Snow-capped peaks and frosty adventures ⛷️🏔️
  • Cozy cabins and hot cocoa by the fire ☕❄️

Your Instagram bio is like your travel ID. It’s the first thing people see about your adventures. Tell them who you are and what you’re all about. Use the right words, add a link to your website, and make it easy for folks to reach you. Your bio is your travel story in a few words—so make it memorable! And you’ve also got 250+ bio samples to get ideas from and make your bio even better. Use them to tell your unique story.  

' src=

CheckYa Staff

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Digital Scholar

Top 20 Travel Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India

  • November 15, 2022


Table of Contents

If you’ve been looking for your favourite influencers among the Top 20 Travel Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India, sit back relaxed and explore this article, as we have shortlisted the top 20 Travel Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India, for your convenience.

There are certain tourists who, by their real passion for adventure, encourage people to create their own travel stories among a plethora of self-proclaimed travel influencers who use their celebrity as nothing more than a window to flaunt their glitzy lifestyle.

As the travel fad swept the Internet, a group of photographers and Instagrammers committed themselves to delve deeper into the consciousness of actual India. On the other hand, others are redefining the quirky with their eccentric trips to lesser-known parts of the globe.

These folks, who began with only an Instagram account, have progressed to become travel influencers in their own niche/category over time.

The Indian travel sector has experienced tremendous development, and because to lower flight rates and improved connectivity, more Indians are travelling than ever before.

I have yet to encounter a visitor who dislikes it, and Incredible India provides more alternatives and diversity for vacationers than any other nation. Incredible India has everything for a visitor wishing to spend quality time with family and self, from the snowcapped Himalayas to the gorgeous beaches.

Influencer marketing in the travel sector offers a wide range of tools and benefits that traditional marketing methods can’t match. Influencers effortlessly navigate the different problems that traditional marketing encounters today, whether it is the trust that influencers have earned with their fan base or the diverse revenue models they provide.

With social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, among others, increasingly becoming an indispensable part of our everyday lives, social media marketing today caters to a global audience. Establishing a successful influencer marketing plan will become a crucial aspect of marketing activities, allowing firms to connect to their specialised audience via major travel influencers, with a combined network of roughly 3 billion individuals across such platforms.

These travel influencers weave a magnificent kaleidoscope with a colourful images depicting the finest of locations and experiences they came across while sharing their adventures through their snappy writeups. Take a look at these incredible Instagram accounts and give yourself a daily dose of greatness.

1. Shivya Nath

Travel Influencers - Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath had a very ordinary existence until the day she decided she was tired of her corporate job and wanted to see what else was out there. Shivya Nath, author of the best-selling book “The Shooting Star,” feels that the answer is to travel slowly and alone, seeking important local encounters all over the world.

The Shooting Star - Book By Shivya Nath - National Bestseller

  • 2020 – Awarded gold for “Best communicator” at the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards India .
  • 2018 – Awarded silver for “Best writing” in a travel blog at  TBC Asia Awards
  • 2014 – “India’s Best Young Social Media Professional” at CMO Asia Awards

Follow her for authentic, unusual, and very educational tales.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Shivya Nath (@shivya)

Social Media Accounts of Shivya Nath

2. ajay sood.

Travel Influencer - Ajay Sood

Ajay Sood is a well-known travel photographer who has won the Outlook Magazine Photographer of the Year award as well as various other blogging competitions. Though he wears several hats, including TBEX speaker and travel blogger, his passion is photography. His Instagram page, appropriately named Traveller , takes you on a visual tour of India’s inherent spirit and culture.

Check out his Instagram profile.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by 📸 Ajay Sood (Travelure) (@travelure)

Social Media Accounts of Ajay Sood

3. archana singh.

Travel Influencer - Archana Singh

Archana defies the “leave your work, travel the globe” mantra as a travel journalist, brand management specialist, photographer, and public speaker. All of her travel photos and articles on her “Travel See Write” blog are actual testaments to why she travels in the first place—for causes that go beyond adventures, such as environmental awareness and women empowerment.

Check out her Instagram profile

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Archana Singh (@travelseewrite)

Social Media Accounts of Archana Singh

4. nivedith gajapathy.

Travel Influencer - Nivedith Gajapathy

Nivedith puts himself in an unusual niche, or what you can call the future of travel blogging, through his praised works in prominent travel publications and editorials. You don’t just “tour” when you go macro; it’s more about your own experience than the destination. His area of expertise is culinary tourism, and he is also a tech enthusiast.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Nivedith Gajapathy (@nivedithg)

Social Media Accounts of Nivedith Gajapathy

5. siddhartha joshi.

Travel Influencer - Siddartha Joshi

Sid-The Wanderer is a continuously top-rated blog that began as an evening time pass for him to tell his trip narrative with his pals. “I blog, I design, I travel, and it all began with my passion and fascination for studying people,” Siddhartha says, and his work proves it.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Siddhartha Joshi (@siddharthajoshi)

Social Media Accounts of Siddhartha Joshi

6. sharanya iyer.

Travel Influencer - Sharanya Iyer

Brilliant photographer and solo traveller Sharanya Iyer motivates viewers on Instagram and aspiring explorers and travellers. Young Sharanya Iyer is also a well-known YouTuber running her channel for followers who fall in love with travel vlogs. She is popular because she gives her best even on the worst travel days with so many details regarding the ambience, routes and places to visit.

Long story short, As an “eternal student of the global classroom,” she describes herself as having grown up around “catching flights and hotel stays.” She had her “eureka” moment and realised she wanted to explore more during a family trip to Circa in 2015. That’s how she becomes one of the popular travel influencers in India.

So, if you are fond of looking around the world with cultural, modern and religious tastes, then don’t forget to check out her Instagram.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sharanya Iyer | Travel (@trulynomadly)

Social Media Accounts of Sharanya Iyer

7. footloose dev.

Travel Influencer - Footloose Dev

Devesh, who was born and raised in New Delhi, hadn’t even visited his hometown until he encountered a group of like-minded travellers while trekking across the Himalayas. He had no idea that the event would instil in him an insatiable desire to travel! He not only gives travel advice, but he also educates individuals on how to generate money through blogging. Currently, one of India’s greatest travel influencers.

Check out his Instagram profile

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Footloose Dev | Travel India (@footloosedev)

Social Media Accounts of Footloose Dev

8. ami bhat.

Travel Influencer - Ami Bhat

When asked about herself, Ami describes herself as “a restless ball of energy born with a travel bug.” Want to know how to balance your full-time job with travel? Ami Bhat is the perfect person to ask because she has over 15 years of expertise in digital marketing and has never stopped travelling.

When Places Come Alive - book by Travel Influencer Ami Bhat

View this post on Instagram A post shared by ThrillingTravel (@amibhat)

Social Media Accounts of Ami Bhat

9. abhinav singh.

Travel Influencer - Abhinav Singh

Abhinav, who had been fired from his work for using too many vacation days (obviously to travel! ), viewed this as an opportunity to break away from his routine. His Instagram feed is a chicken soup for the souls with incurable wanderlust, filled with real photos of the great folks he met while travelling.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Top Travel Blog Abhinav Siingh (@asoulwindow)

Social Media Accounts of Abhinav Singh

10. swati and sam.

Travel Influencer - Swati and Sam

If you don’t want to fall in love, don’t follow them! Because these two are capable of giving you major couple goals. They have visited 16 overseas places as well as some off-the-beaten-path cities in India.

Check out their Instagram profile

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Swati Sam | India & Germany (@swati_n_sam)

Social Media Accounts of Swati and Sam

11. indrani ghose.

Travel Influencer - Indrani Ghose

Indrani Ghose has a distinct viewpoint on everything she observes, as seen by her Instagram page. They’re lovely, interesting, and have a mysterious air about them. Indrani Ghose is the greatest person to follow if you’re looking for travel inspiration and a few photographic tips.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Indrani Ghose Bangalore India (@indranipics)

Social Media Accounts of Indrani Ghose

12. amrita and agni.

Travel Influencer - Amrita and Agni

There are a #couple on the loose! Here’s another adventure-seeking pair who believes in stretching the boundaries of their relationship by going on adventures together. Their blog, “Tale of 2 Backpackers,” provides detailed information on how to go to India’s key tourist spots in a non-touristy manner.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by AGNI & AMRITA – 2 BACKPACKERS (@offbeatanduntold)

Social Media Accounts of Amrita and Agni

13. karthik murali.

Travel Influencer - Karthik Murali

Karthik Murali, a data scientist with 13 years on the road, adds a unique technological edge to travel. If you enjoy travel, technology, and lifestyle, Karthik’s blog “An Asian Traveller” is a must-read.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Karthik Murali H | Travel Blogger 🇮🇳 (@hkmurali)

Social Media Accounts of Karthik Murali

14. prachi and himadri garg.

Travel Influencer - Prachi and Himadti Garg

When sisters travel together, they don’t argue (just kidding, they fight more). They feel that spontaneous travels are more likely to occur and that there is no use in waiting for the “ideal moment to travel.” They feel spontaneity is the most wonderful element of travel, according to CNN.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by ghoomophirosisters (@himadri)

Social Media Accounts of Prachi and Himadri Garg

15. archana and vidur.

Travel Influencer - Archana and Vidur

This biking pair claims they began travelling because they were tired of the “rat race” and wanted to be out on the open road instead. Follow them for in-depth information on how to identify the best routes in India for bike journeys and where to find them. They are one of the top travel influencers to follow in India for road trips.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Archana ❤️ Vidur (@travelmynation)

Social Media Accounts of Archana and Vidur

16. niranjan das.

Travel Influencer - Niranjan Das

Niranjan Das is a unique influencer in that he feels that travel isn’t all glitter and gold, and that’s not what it’s all about. He has been to several nations in Europe and numerous towns in India, and he seeks to capture the essence of the cultures he encounters.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tales Of A Nomad 🇮🇳 (@rniranjan_das)

Social Media Accounts of Niranjan Das

17. revati and charles victor.

Travel Influencer - Revati and Charles Victor

Wildlife tourism is Charles and Revati’s speciality after 9 years on the road and 35 countries visited. They travel while working full-time, and their blog covers a wide range of topics, from culture and lifestyle to people and experiences from all around the world.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Travel Blogger Revati +Charles (@differentdoors)

Social Media Accounts of Revati and Charles Victor

18. mariellen ward.

Travel Influencer - Mariellen Ward

It’s refreshing to hear from a Canadian travel influencer on how to get the most out of your trip to India. Another reason you should follow her is that she was so taken with India that she went on to create a book called “Songs of India.”

Songs of India Book by Travel Influencer Mariellen Ward

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mariellen Ward (@breathedreamgo)

Social Media Accounts of Mariellen Ward

19. dheeraj sharma.

Travel Influencer - Dheeraj Sharma

Dheeraj Sharma’s Instagram and “Devil On Wheels” blog, which is best characterised as a large blanket of snow assembled in images, may convince you to quit everything and visit the Himalayas right immediately. His paintings not only inspire amazement in every travel enthusiast, but they also show people how to create their own journeys.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ken Agrawal (@unpluggedlife)

Social Media Accounts of Dheeraj Sharma

20. shubham mansingka.

Travel Influencer - Shubham Mansingka

His travel writings capture what others overlook, from Manali’s multicoloured valleys to Goa’s flashy beaches. I’m not sure if he hunts for experiences or the other way around. If you’re looking for real and uncompromising travel adventures, Shubham Mansingka’s work is a wonderful place to start.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Travelshoebum (@shubham.mansingka)

Social Media Accounts of Shubham Mansingka

Travelling adds up years to life. The more you invest yourself in travelling, the more you will come nearer to finding yourself.

The above-mentioned are the Top 20 Travel Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India.

Who among the above-mentioned travel influencers is your favourite? Comment below and let us know.

Happy Travelling!

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Written By Digital Scholar

Digital Scholar is a premier agency-styled digital marketing institute in India. Which offers an online digital marketing course and a free digital marketing course worldwide to elevate their digital skills and become industry experts. Digital Scholar is headed by Sorav Jain and co-founder Rishi Jain, who are pioneers in the field of digital marketing. Digital Scholar’s blogs touch upon numerous aspects of digital marketing and help you get intensive ideas of different domains of digital marketing.

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Travel Quotes and Jokes

Last Updated: January 23, 2024

165 Top Travel Captions for Instagram [Travelling Captions List!]

Looking for some perfect travelling captions ideas for your latest Instagram post? Check out this list of 150 travel captions for Instagram!

' src=

Danny Newman


I hope you find the perfect travel captions for Instagram on this list!

You grow accustomed to being in beautiful places and doing incredible things when you travel.

I mean, you visit ancient temples, hike to hidden waterfalls, watch the sunset on tropical beaches, swim through crystalline waters, witness exotic wildlife, and sleep under the stars…

The list of unforgettable sights and experiences never stops. The result?

Travel’s an unparalleled Instagram opportunity!

You end up snapping and posting pics every few seconds, desperate to document the latest enviable experience for friends and family back home.

But first, you have to write travel captions for Instagram that do those photos justice.

And that’s easier said than done when you’re doing such awesome stuff all the time. Want some help coming up with a travel caption for your latest Instagram post?

Check out this long list of 165 captions for travelling!


Need some travel caption ideas and inspiration? Check out this list of Instagram travel captions!

Want Some Travel Quotes for Instagram Too? Check Out These Posts:

  • 100 Hilarious Jokes and Travelling
  • 150 Adventure Quotes & Captions for Instagram
  • 100+ Short Travel Quotes
  • 110 Quotes About Travelling Alone
  • 150 Quotes for Travelling Couples
  • 25 Quotes About Family Travel

165 Travel Captions for Instagram

In an attempt to make things more manageable, I’ve divided this long list of travel captions into sections. Work your way through them from beginning to end and, with any luck, you’ll find the perfect travelling captions for Instagram posts!

Top Travel Caption Ideas

1. Love the life you live.

2. Another day another adventure.

3. We’re on the road again!

4. I’ll never tire of catching flights to foreign lands.

5. Taking the scenic route.

6. Flights booked. Bags packed. Excitement mounting!

7. Why travel? For the sake of it.

8. Sun. Sea. Sand. Magic!

9. I can smell an adventure brewing.

10. In the words of J.R.R. Tolkien, ‘Not all who wander are lost’.

11. Loving the beauty of being a stranger.

12. Exploration and adventure are my two favourite words.

13. Explore with an open mind and wide-open eyes.

14. Getting lost in distant lands is a recipe for adventure.

15. Venturing into the world


Short captions for travelling are always some of my favourites…

Short Captions for Travelling

16. Travel. Live.

17. Experiencing new things.

18. Any excuse to travel!

19. Vacay? Okay.

20. Living life right.

21. Making memories.

22. Satiating my wanderlust.

23. Stop thinking. Travel.

24. Living the dream.

25. Adventure awaits.

26. Let travel change you.

27. Distant horizons.

28. Another day in paradise.

29. Get lost.

30. This was a good idea.


Looking for beautiful instagram captions travel lovers will appreciate? This next section should help…

Beautiful Instagram Captions Travel

31. Mind-boggling beauty at every turn.

32. It was never enough until I travelled the world.

33. Travelling the world exposes you to beauty in all things.

34. It is impossible to waste time when you’re travelling. Every moment’s as it should be.

35. There’s nothing to lose and a whole world to explore.

36. Everybody should travel at least once.

37. Wanderlust creeps up, sets in, and refuses to leave until you indulge it.

38. These views take my breath away.

39. Screens never do justice to sights like these. You have to see them with your own eyes.

40. Don’t let life pass you by. See what’s out there.

41. All humans were born to travel.

42. The real luxury of travel is time. Time to stop. Time to think. Time to be.

43. Life wasn’t designed to be lived inside a cubicle. Spread your wings and see the world.

44. Allow the burden of normality to lift. Set foot into the unknown and discover yourself.

45. Ask yourself this: when was the last time you did something for the first time?


Memorable travel Instagram captions are ideal when you’re taking epic images on the road!

Memorable Travel Instagram Captions

46. Work. Save. Travel. Repeat.

47. In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with. (Charles Schulz)

48. Catch flights, not feelings.

49. Suns out, guns out.

50. If travelling was free, you’d never see me again.

51. The real joy of travel is found in getting lost.

52. Good time and tan lines.

53. There’s nothing better than making friends in new places.

54. A beer at sunset. Is there any better way to end the day?

55. Life is good. Travel is why.

56. Living proof that there’s no cure for the travel bug.

57. And so the adventure begins!

58. Travel isn’t about arriving. It’s about leaving .

59. Aeroplanes are my happy place.

60. Travelling the world is the best education you could ever get.


Here are some funny travel captions for Instagram if you’re hoping to make your followers chuckle…

Funny Travel Captions for Instagram

61. What’s the saying again? A coconut a day keeps the doctor away?

62. Vacation mode: activated.

63. Do something that scares you every day. Or, failing that, grab a beer and watch the sunset.

64. Mark Twain was spot on when he said ‘there’s no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them’.

65. Want to change your attitude? Change your latitude!

66. I need a vacation so long that I forget all my passwords.

67. Never keep a vacation waiting.

68. Wander where the Wi-Fi’s weak!

69. Gotta get that vitamin sea…

70. Tropic like it’s hot, tropic like it’s hot…

71. Officially on island time.

72. If only someone looked at me the way I look at the travel brochure!

73. I’m in a complicated relationship with my suitcase.

74. If only road trips could pay my bills.

75. Girls just wanna have sun.


Didn’t find any funnys that were up to the task? These punny travel captions for Insta might be better…

Punny Travel Captions for Insta

76. Un-packing after a vacation is the definition of emotional baggage.

77. I’m in Scandinavia, there’s Norway I want to go home yet.

78. I was going to visit Iran but Tehran out of time…

79. Now’s the time to seas the day.

80. On a road trip, having a wheel-ey nice time!

81. The best part of campers? All the ad- van -tures!

82. Nothing about this trip is plane.

83. When on tropical beaches, keep palm and carry on.

84. Heading to Italy. You could say I’m ‘Rome-ing’ the world…

85. Spent time in East Africa. How ‘Kenya’ ever leave this place?!

86. Taking the sea-nic route for a change!

87. Just arrived at the hotel. Suite dreams everyone.

88. Falling in Louvre with Paris.

89. Camping’s fun, but it’s a little… in-tents .

90. Life really is better in slow m- ocean .


I’m always a fan of thought-provoking captions for travelling photos too!

Thought-Provoking Caption for Travelling Photos

91. To travel is to be challenged. To be challenged is to grow.

92. The only thing worth collecting are stamps on your passport.

93. I’m most at home away from home.

94. Humans were hunter-gatherers. We were literally built to roam, to explore…to travel.

95. Forget the destination. Embrace the journey.

96. The destination itself is just one tiny part of travel.

97. The road is my home.

98. Set your sights on the horizon and never let it wander.

99. Embrace the discomfort. Embrace the journey.

100. Planes give us wings. Use them.

101. Travel is a process. You find yourself, lose yourself, and then find yourself once more.

102. Swap concrete and cubicles for exploration and adventure.

103. As Karen Einsel once said, treat every day as a new adventure, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

104. If travel knocks you down, roll over and look up at the stars.

105. Adventure lies on the other side of fear.


Been to the beach? Try these beach captions for travel snaps!

Beach Captions for Travel Snaps

106. Life’s a beach…

107. Don’t worry, beach happy.

108. Peace out, beaches …

109. Talk to the sand.

110. I got 99 problems, but a beach ain’t one.

111. Proof that happiness comes in waves!

112. I’ve got a bad case of resting beach face.

113. How to get a beach body: 1) Have a body, 2) go to the beach!

114. Happiness is a day at the beach.

115. Sea breeze and sandy knees.

116. You used to call me on my shell phone…

117. Life’s better at the beach.

118. Sunset + beach + beer = good day.

119. You had me at Aloha.

120. High tides and good vibes.


Let’s face it, most travels captions for Instagram are inspirational in nature! The ones to come definitely fit that description:

Inspirational Travels Captions

121. “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” (Confucius)

122. The sky is the limit.

123. Travel is expansive. It fills your soul with wonder and leaves you breathless for more.

124. We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.

125. There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.

126. Travel as much as you can, as far as you can, and for as long as you can.

127. Travel is a hopeful state of mind.

128. “People forget years and remember moments.” (Ann Beattie)

129. Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

130. You can find yourself in the middle of nowhere and find yourself.

131. Make memories, explore the world, and dream big.

132. The open road unwinds and makes my spirit soar.

133. Doing my best to live a life without regret.

134. “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” (Lao Tzu)

135. Turn away from what’s common and expected. Embrace the unknown.


Your Instagram followers are sure to enjoy these insightful captions on travelling…

Insightful Captions on Travelling

136. May every sunrise bring you hope, may every sunset bring you peace.

137. “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” (Anais Nin)

138. In the words of Mary Anne Radmacher, ‘I’m not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world’.

139. “Travel leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” (Ibn Battuta)

140. “Wherever you go becomes a part of your somehow.” (Anita Desai)

141. Travelling leaves me weak at the knees.

142. I explore to expand. I leave to become.

143. Adventures fuel my imagination like nothing else in the world.

144. “So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart.” (Tecumseh)

145. Time stood still as I gazed in awe at my surroundings. This world. It was all mine.

146. In an instant I saw the truth: that life is to be lived, not survived.

147. A fiery sun dips below a distant horizon at the end of another day in paradise.

148. To travel is to walk a tightrope between stillness and motion.

149. “Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” (David Mitchell)

150. “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” (Mae West)


Last but not least, check out these cute trip captions for couples…

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Cute Trip Captions for Couples

151. Destinations matter less than travel companions.

152. If I was going to be lost with anyone, I’d choose you.

153. My favourite place in the world? With you.

154. There’s real joy to be found in planning a trip with the person you love.

155. Here’s to more grand adventures together.

156. Love at first sight with someone I love.

157. I’d go anywhere in the world with you.

158. Sharing new experiences.

159. You know you have a keeper when they let you have the window seat.

160. You have a passport straight to my heart.

161. Vacation + bae = baecation .

162. Winging it together.

163. “A couple who travel together grow together.” (Ahmad Fuadi)

164. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” (African Proverb)

165. “Oh darling, let’s be adventurers!” (Unknown)

Enjoy This Travelling Captions List

Writing captions for travel photos on Instagram can be a nightmare.

I mean, you’re in amazing places, surrounded by incredible sights, and doing inspiring new things all the time! Finding words to do those images justice is no mean feat.

If you know the struggle and need some inspiration, then I hope this long list of travel captions for Instagram will help. A mixture of my own fumbled-together creations and famous travel quotes, there should be something in there to do the trick!

Draw upon these travelling captions throughout your trip and you should never be short of a travel caption again.

Did you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for some more inspiring captions ideas, click here to read 105 awesome quotes about the roads of life.

235+ Best Instagram Bios for Your Travel Blog & Account

235+ Best  Instagram Bios for Your Travel Blog & Account

If you're aiming for the top spot for Travel Instagram Blogger, you must have a charismatic Instagram bio.

Your Instagram bio is the first thing your visitors will see - make sure it stirs their curiosity to check on you more and describes to users what you do and who you are.

We understand how difficult it can be to craft a compelling Instagram bio, which is why we curated a list of the best Travel Blog Instagram bios.

Additionally, we provide you with examples of the best Travel bios on Instagram and a step-by-step guide to get you started.

Looking to generate your own bio? Check out our free Instagram bio generator here .

Creative Travel Blog Instagram Bios

travel vlog instagram

  • Feel free as a bird when I do
  • Takes candid, urban street photography all over the world.
  • Want to quit your boring job and travel the world?
  • Ignore the noise. Leave your mark.
  • Chasing inspiration, one adventure at a time
  • Wanderlust, Discover and Inspire
  • Travel blogging with a dash of adventure, sea, sun, and fun
  • Travel: Goal Achieved, Destination Wanted
  • Love and laughter on a journey through life
  • Let me show you the world. One adventure at a time.
  • Likes long walk on the beach and getting caught in the rain
  • A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Let's connect the Instagram travelers' community
  • Explore the world solo. Share it with others.
  • Travel for the soul. Inspiration for the heart. Knowledge for the head. Encouragement for the spirit!
  • Living an intentional life full of art, travel, love, and magic.
  • If you can dream it – or even see it – photo it!
  • Journey through our world in photos.
  • What good is a view without someone to share it with?
  • Sailing the seas of opportunity
  • Over Land, Over Sea, Over The Horizon
  • Create memories that last a lifetime.
  • Pack light, Travel far, Live largely ‎- Adventures await those who travel.
  • Open Road. Open Mind.
  • Fasten your seat belt, it's going to be a bumpy ride...
  • From the road less traveled to the Pathway of discovery
  • Around the globe. Under the sea.
  • The Distinguished Traveler
  • Airline to the stars.
  • The world is my oyster
  • Travelling is believing
  • Scenery Collector
  • No perfect time for another vigorous adventure
  • The Best Part Of Traveling Is…
  • Miles Don't Matter
  • Departure is the gateway to adventure.
  • It's time to catch the wave!
  • Instagramming the world
  • Find me on the road

Cute Travel Blog Instagram Bios

travel vlog instagram

  • Travel, Food, and Stories
  • Huge fan of traveling
  • Travel around the world, a photo in every country
  • Let's go places!
  • Creating new adventures and memories.
  • A Travel Blogger & Instagrammer
  • Creative living on adventures
  • Travel, food, and everything in between
  • Travel addict. Foodie. Nature lover.
  • Just a girl who loves traveling!
  • Travel Nerd
  • Travel Mindfully... Live Simply
  • Traveling the world one Instagram photo at a time!
  • Dreaming of the next road trip.
  • Love, joy, and the occasional waterfall
  • Travel is food for the soul.
  • Snaps from my travels
  • Just another day in Paradise
  • Come follow along on my adventures and misadventures.
  • Let your spirit soar
  • Let your dreams become reality
  • Life is a journey, embrace it.
  • Roadtrips to Distant Places
  • Follow your dreams
  • Each Trip is a Success
  • Travel in Style
  • It pays to travel, so always have another fashion accessory with you.
  • Nights of Somewhere Else
  • Every mile matters
  • Going somewhere?
  • Did you pack your bags?
  • Traveling, Sliding down waterfalls, Dancing on tables.
  • Pack your bags for great times ahead.
  • Holiday in the sun
  • Wander Wisely
  • Travel-loving superstar
  • Travel the world and capture it all.
  • Happier with a camera.
  • Hustle and travel for a year
  • Staying warm by a fire.

Cool Travel Blog Instagram Bios

travel vlog instagram

  • Travel blogging for the dream obsessed!
  • Traveling the world while working full-time.
  • Travel, adventure, and living the best life possible!
  • A Camera, A Dream, A Bucket List…
  • Travel, Explore & discover
  • Travel, trekking, adventure, and more...
  • Adventurous_traveller
  • Travel is the spice of life, and remote working lets you travel more!
  • hello to the world; this is me and I am traveling to places that still remain unexplored.
  • If adventure has a name, it must be (your name)
  • Let's take a trip around the world...
  • Wide Open Horizons
  • Exciting destinations. Magical memories
  • Choose the path less traveled
  • Road Warrior
  • Come, explore and create lifetime memories
  • The winds of freedom
  • Travel. Just Do It
  • Buckle up for great adventures
  • The World is at our fingertips.
  • The Thrill Of It All
  • The open road is calling.
  • Go ahead, hop on board!
  • Explore, discover, and pioneer
  • Delivering the world.
  • Let Your Imagination Go!
  • Travel is life with the exclamation
  • Excursions and adventures
  • Try it when it scares you
  • Have a strong desire to travel and see the beauty of yourself
  • The world has so much to offer. Go out and see it yourself
  • Enjoy life, see the world.
  • See the Sights Before Your Very Eyes
  • Sometimes You Just Gotta Go.
  • Be daring, be different, travel.
  • Checking off the world one city at a time!
  • Simply Snaps, No Complaints
  • Chasing the best light.
  • See the world through my lens

Unique Travel Blog Instagram Bios

travel vlog instagram

  • I am an adventurer, photographer, writer, and digital nomad.
  • The pretty easy going guy who likes to travel and take photos
  • Follow my Travel Blog to see beautiful photos from all around the world and my daily happenings
  • A solo female traveler who is interested in meeting other people who are making trips
  • Traveling is about the journey, not the destination.
  • It's always nice to connect with a stranger.
  • Just exploring the world and taking pictures with my Instagram.
  • Travel enthusiast and international adventurer
  • Traveling through life with the hope of meeting new and exciting people from all walks of life!
  • Curious and wandering by nature, I travel not to escape life but for adventure.
  • A Travel Blog that showcases the best of what the world has to offer.
  • Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer
  • Hi! I'm (name) and I've been traveling the world for over 6 years now.
  • Travel trends, destinations, and insights about the world's best photography.
  • I love exploring the world. Follow me as I travel and document my adventures!
  • Travel is an education.
  • There's no road that's too long for me to travel.
  • Around the globe and back again
  • The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.
  • Travel with endless possibilities
  • Some people search their whole life to find what they are looking for. Others are lucky to have it come and find them. We do both!
  • Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.
  • Once you start Travelling, you'll never stop
  • The world's foremost traveler.
  • When you are on the road, there is no throne.
  • Travelling... it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller!
  • One world. Explore it as much as you can
  • Here is the world. Map from here to there
  • When you've seen as much of the world as I have, it's hard not to be interested in exploring more.
  • Travel like you're locals.
  • Sharing my very best Instagram photos through geotagging.
  • Let us show you the world through our photos.
  • Come follow me as I plot out my own adventures.
  • Travelling and photography. Not necessarily in that order
  • Traveling and adventuring is my heartbeat
  • Places I have been. Places I'm going. And always my escape route.
  • Beach, mountain, and desert landscapes - in front of or behind the lens.
  • If you don't have a sense of humor, travel isn't going to be fun; it'll just be another trip.
  • Travel the World. Eat great things. Take pictures.
  • Exploring the world and finding my place in it.

Funny Travel Blog Instagram Bios

travel vlog instagram

  • Travel is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get a warm feeling...
  • Traveling the world, one sandwich at a time.
  • If the home is where the heart is… then I'll be traveling for a loooong time.
  • A guy traveling the world on a shoestring. Not much of an adventurer, but I'm trying!
  • Traveler in Life - Being a.wary.traveler
  • Cycling sinner and saint. A thirst for adventure, a wanderer on the grandest scale.
  • Have you seen my luggage?
  • If you see a monkey, don't follow it. You'll be in a jungle, not a zoo!
  • Travel blogger, adventurer, globetrotter!
  • Silly, laugh a lot. Travel like a backpacker, smile as if you be a tourist. Love every moment of it!
  • Travel, adventure, music & photography; always hungry.
  • Wandering the world with no particular plan.
  • (your name) is known for providing the most revealing and laugh-out-loud funny moments captured by its cameras.
  • Wanderlust with a dash of travel, love, and all things pretty.
  • Wanderlust with a dash of wanderl0ssness
  • Forget what you know about travel agencies.
  • A globe-trotting blog of the unusual, beautiful, and friendly
  • I like to travel, but I don't want to be a tourist.
  • Wanderlust. Couch Potato. An adventurer at heart.
  • Go where the fares are.
  • Riding high on information superhighways
  • Follow your dreams, but take your wallet
  • Get your kicks on Route 66!
  • Getting around town. Around the world. Barrier-free travel. A deep respect for your time.
  • The world is my office.
  • Travel the world with Travelocity
  • With outstretched hands, a little bell tinkling
  • My eyes are bigger than my tummy
  • Don't get lost!
  • I am everywhere; the moss is never out of place.
  • Excitement, Adventure, and Luggage
  • When you have found your destination, Please ring the doorbell
  • Sincronice, Synchronized time
  • Don’t think twice to travel. Life is too short
  • Work to travel
  • Go to places where the wifi is weak and the network is low.
  • No cure for wanderlust except to travel
  • Find a beautiful place to get lost
  • It's a bad manner to keep your vacation waiting
  • Some things go better when toileted.

Travel Lover Bio for Instagram

travel vlog instagram

  • I’m a travel bird; Flying around the world
  • If traveling was free, then most probably you would never see me again.
  • Travel freak; Exploring peak
  • People suffer from diseases, I suffer from wanderlust.
  • I love to speak to a mountain peak
  • You don’t take trips, trips take you.
  • The trip is in my life’s grip
  • Travel whenever you can, life is short to think twice.
  • Living my own travel story to feel the glory
  • If you don’t wanna be late, do what you love.
  • No Mac, only backpack
  • I don’t ask for more, just 6 months of vacation twice a year.
  • Life without travel can’t be a marvel
  • You can’t cure the Wanderlust.
  • Less indoors; More outdoors
  • I don’t know where I’m going, but still I’m on my way.
  • Quest of a wanderlust
  • Comfort zone makes you weak, Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
  • Nomadic life with my wife
  • A road trip is like a small vacation, and we’re always happy to take one with you.
  • Roadie and foodie
  • The World is your playground! Let us help you find it.
  • Packing stuff; Travel buff
  • Travelers are people who see the world as a series of places to explore and love.
  • Innocent itinerant
  • Traveling is so much more than a destination; it’s a way of living.
  • Itinerant; Trips count
  • If you love the world, you’ve gotta travel.
  • Exploring the world like a bird 😉
  • The best place to be.
  • Consistent itinerant
  • We’re always on the road and you should be too.
  • I love jumping from country to country
  • Traveling is a constant state of self-improvement.
  • Every time a new entry into a different country
  • Traveling isn’t just a hobby. It’s a way of life. Follow us if you love to explore the world.
  • We’re travelers. Travelers find you. 
  • Travelers who have been there, done that and are ready for the next adventure.
  • When life gives you an opportunity. Take it.
  • Traveling through the universe, one day at a time.

How To Create A Great Instagram Bio: 7 Steps

1. add a searchable keyword on your instagram name field and username.

The first step to optimizing your Instagram bio is to add a searchable keyword on the name field and the username.

Ideally, whenever users type a keyword or a name on the Instagram search field, the app populates results based on your username to determine the most relevant search results.

Search results are matched by text. Using an Instagram username or profile name that’s related to the content of your posts is your best bet for showing up in relevant searches.

For example, if you are an artist, you may want to include your job title along with your full name on the username or the name field. That way, people searching for you or your services on Instagram can find your account easily.

Notice how Asiko , a professional artist, uses the name field to include his occupation for clarity.

That way, when you search for an artist or use their name, you can find their account easily.


If you want to change your Instagram username or name, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Go to your profile on Instagram

Step 2: Tap or click edit profile

Step 3: Enter the right name and username

Step 4: Hit the submit button or click save, depending on the device you are using.

2. Highlight Your Skills & Target Audience

When Instagram users search you and find your profile, the next thing they will do is check out your bio to make sure they are viewing the right account.

Therefore, a good Instagram bio communicates what your business does and even mentions your target audience.

Having a 150 character count limit for your bio can feel a little tight, so this is your chance to explain to your audience why and how they should get in touch or shop from your brand.

Here are key tips to help you highlight your skills and explain to them what you do.

  • Try to keep your expression simple
  • Use a single thread or theme to link your expressions together
  • Choose readily understandable terms / avoid jargon and acronyms
  • Focus on benefits , not features

For example, Ericka , who Is a social media marketer and an Instagram expert, includes a clear description of what her business entails at the beginning of her bio.

She mentions: “I coach brands on how to use IG to attract, connect + convert their followers”.


Right after reading this description, her audience gets a glimpse of the types of services offered and what her content is going to look like.

3. Include Relevant Keywords On Your Instagram Bio

While adding keywords on your username and name field makes you discoverable, the Instagram bio is also a great place to add keywords you want to rank for.

Typically, using keywords on your Instagram may not directly help you become more discoverable on the app, but will give your account more focus and connect you with like-minded followers.

When describing your business on the Instagram bio section, include secondary and primary keywords:

Primary keywords are the main words describing your business. For example, for a landscaping expert, “gardener” might be the primary keyword.

Secondary keywords are those that add a bit more detail to the primary keywords and are more related to the searcher's intent. In our example, secondary keyword can be “gardener near me.”

Adding primary and secondary keywords to your Instagram bio enables your audience to feel more connected to your brand.

Here are a few tips to guide you when choosing relevant keywords:

  • Refer to Google Autocomplete : when you type an inquiry into the Google search bar, Google autocompletes the inquiry based on the most popular phrases people used in that context.
  • Look for Synonyms and Semantics : try looking for other ways of describing the keywords you have entered.
  • Google Keyword Planner : The free keyword research tool tells you the average search volume and how competitive the keyword is.
  • Use paid keyword research tools : SEMrush, Moz, and Ahrefs are examples of paid keyword research tools to give you insights into your Instagram bio keywords.


4. Add a Link to Your Instagram Profile

The simplest approach of adding a link to your Instagram is displaying it in your profile.

Unlike links placed on Instagram comments and posts, a link on your Instagram bio will be hyperlinked. That means whenever Instagram users tap on the link, they will go straight to your website.

When you create an Instagram post, include a call to action that tells visitors to check out your profile for the relevant link to your e-commerce store or website.

Alternatively, you can use a service like Linkin. bio , which turns your whole Instagram feed into a clickable landing page and drives traffic to your website.

When you add links to any Instagram posts your Instagram audience will be directed to the right content or products on your website.

For example, Barbara Corcoran , a real estate professional uses to add a link to her business unusual podcast.

That way, she can drive traffic to her podcast effectively.


5. Add Your Contact Information

Adding contact information on your Instagram bio means Instagram users can contact you directly. It is an excellent means of developing your brand and Instagram business opportunities.

You can add your phone number, email address, or address to the physical location. This way, anyone who wants to know more about your brand can get in touch with you conveniently.

For example, Décor Finity , supplier of household items includes a phone number of their Instagram bio information.


6. Get Creative With Your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is a great space to convey who you are and what you do. You may also want to use that space to show off your personality and have fun.

Here are some ideas of how to use that space to have fun and show off your personality:

Add Emojis To your Bio Description

Instead of having any text-heavy sections in your bio, you can add some Emojis.

Here is a great example of how to use Emojis in your bio.


Add Branded Hashtags

You can use the branded hashtag to let your audience know about your hashtag by including it in your Instagram bio and highlighting it in your captions and Instagram stories.

Here are great examples of how to use branded hashtags on your Instagram bio.


Add Line Breaks to Your Bio

Text-heavy parts can clutter your Instagram bio.

Adding extra space to the Instagram bio makes the information more bite-sized and consumable.

Darryl Cheng gives us a great example of how to add line breaks to your Instagram bio.


7. Add a Relevant Profile Picture

The final step in the process of optimizing your Instagram bio is choosing a relevant profile picture.

The obvious choice for this would be your brand logo as appears on your website, marketing materials, or other social media platforms.

Adding an identifiable picture makes it easy for your target audience to recognize you.

It also helps to raise brand awareness by making sure it is constantly visible within your niche on Instagram.

A great Instagram bio creates a great first impression and reflects what your brand offers in the first instance.

When creating the Instagram bio for travelers , explain who you are and what you offer your audience. You can do this easily by including keywords on the username and name field.

Include keywords on your bio description, and add a link to your website or blog, to drive Instagram users to your profile.

Do not forget to include your contact address, so that your users can get in touch easily.

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Insta Reels Guides

Best Instagram Reels Songs for Travel

Are you planning your next adventure and looking for the perfect soundtrack to accompany your travels on Instagram? Look no further! In this guide, we’ve compiled the best Instagram reel songs for travel , guaranteed to transport your followers to your destination and add a touch of magic to your travel content. From nostalgic classics to upbeat hits, we’ve got you covered. 

Table of Contents

Why Music Matters for Travel Content on Instagram

Music is a universal language that can bring people together and evoke emotions. The right music can transform an average video into a cinematic masterpiece ; Instagram reels are no exception. Choosing the right music for your travel content on Instagram can help you:

  • Set the tone for your video
  • Evoke emotions in your viewers
  • Capture the essence of your travel experience
  • Create a lasting impression on your audience

How to make a travel Instagram reel?

How to make a travel Instagram reel?

To make a travel Instagram Reel, follow these steps:

Plan your content:

Decide on the theme or story you want to share in your travel Reel. Consider capturing highlights, attractions, food, or unique experiences.

Shoot your footage:

Use a smartphone with a good camera or a separate device to record high-quality videos . Capture various shots, including wide, medium, and close-ups, and consider using different angles and perspectives.

Edit your clips:

Use Instagram’s Reels feature or a third-party video editing app to trim and arrange your clips. Keep the video length between 15-60 seconds per Instagram Reels guidelines.

Add song and effects:

Browse Instagram’s music library or use your audio to enhance your Reel. Add text, stickers, and effects for a creative touch.

Optimize your Reel:

Choose an eye-catching cover image, and write an engaging caption with relevant hashtags to help others discover your content.

Share your Reel:

Post your Reel on your Instagram profile, and share it with your followers. Engage with your audience by responding to comments and DMs.

Remember to follow Instagram’s guidelines and respect local laws and customs when capturing and sharing your travel experiences.

How to Choose the Best Instagram Reels Songs for Travel

Choosing the best Instagram reel songs for travel can be daunting, especially with many options. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the perfect track for your video:

  • Consider the mood of your video: Are you creating a nostalgic video, an upbeat one, or a combination of both? Choose a song that matches the mood of your video.
  • Think about the lyrics: The lyrics of a song can add depth and meaning to your video. Choose a song with lyrics that resonate with your travel experience.
  • Keep it short: Instagram reels are only 15 to 30 seconds long, so choose a song that fits within that timeframe.

How to Choose the Best Instagram Reels Songs for Travel

Classic Travel Songs for Instagram Reels

  • “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

   This classic song is perfect for travel content on Instagram reels. The sweet, calming melody will transport your viewers to a dreamy, ethereal world, making them feel like they are floating in the clouds.

  • “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz

   “I’m Yours” is a popular song that exudes positivity and joy. It’s an excellent choice for travel content on Instagram reels, as it captures the carefree spirit of travel and adventure.

  • Katrina and The Waves – “Walking on Sunshine”

   “Walking on Sunshine” is an upbeat, feel-good song that instantly lifts your viewers’ moods. Its cheerful lyrics and catchy melody make it the perfect song for sunny travel destinations.

  • John Denver – “Take Me Home, Country Roads”

   This classic song is a crowd-pleaser that evokes feelings of nostalgia and longing. The gentle, soothing melody will take viewers through picturesque landscapes, making them feel like they’re driving down a country road.

Upbeat Songs for Instagram Reels While Traveling

  • “Holiday” by Madonna

   “Holiday” is an upbeat, high-energy song that lets your viewers dance in their seats. It’s an excellent choice for travel content on Instagram reels, as it captures the excitement and joy of exploring new destinations.

  • “Don’t Stop the Music” by Rihanna

   This energetic song is perfect for travel content on Instagram reels. The catchy beat and lively lyrics will keep your viewers engaged and excited, creating a fun, vibrant atmosphere.

  • “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire

   “September” is a timeless classic that always gets people dancing. The upbeat, funky rhythm and soulful vocals make it an excellent choice for travel content on Instagram reels, especially for destinations with lively nightlife.

  • “Good Life” by Kanye West ft. T-Pain

   “Good Life” is an uplifting song that celebrates the good things in life. It’s an excellent choice for travel content on Instagram reels, as it captures the sense of adventure and freedom of exploring new destinations.

Nostalgic Travel Songs for Instagram Reels

  • “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton

   “A Thousand Miles” is a beautiful, heartfelt song that captures the feeling of longing and distance. It’s an excellent choice for travel content on Instagram reels, as it conveys a sense of wanderlust and yearning for new experiences.

  • “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson

   This classic Michael Jackson hit is a great choice for travel content on Instagram reels. The upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics will get your viewers dancing, while the nostalgic vibes will evoke memories of past adventures.

  • “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles

   “Here Comes the Sun” is a timeless classic that captures the feeling of hope and renewal. It’s an excellent choice for travel content on Instagram reels, especially for destinations with beautiful sunrises or sunsets.

  • The Mamas & The Papas – “California Dreamin'” 

   “California Dreamin'” is a classic song that evokes nostalgia and longing. It’s a great choice for travel content on Instagram reels, as it captures the essence of the Golden State and the dream of chasing adventure.

International Travel Songs for Instagram Reels

  • “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias ft. Sean Paul

   “Bailando” is an energetic, Latin-inspired song to get your viewers dancing. It’s an excellent choice for travel content on Instagram reels, especially for destinations with a strong Latin culture or influence.

  • “Tunak Tunak Tun” by Daler Mehndi

   This upbeat Punjabi pop song is perfect for travel content on Instagram reels. The catchy beat and lively vocals will create a fun, vibrant atmosphere and capture the spirit of adventure and exploration.

  • “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

   “Despacito” is a global phenomenon that needs no introduction. The upbeat, infectious rhythm and catchy lyrics make it an excellent choice for travel content on Instagram reels, especially for destinations with a strong Spanish influence.

  • “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” by Michel Teló

   This Brazilian hit song is perfect for travel content on Instagram reels, especially for destinations with vibrant nightlife and a strong Brazilian culture. The upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics will get your viewers dancing and create a lively atmosphere.


What are travel reel songs.

Travel Reel songs are background music tracks used in Instagram Reels that feature travel content. These songs typically have a catchy, upbeat, or inspirational vibe to complement the visuals of travel experiences, destinations, and adventures shared in the Reels.

Can I use copyrighted music in my Instagram reels?

Can I use copyrighted music in my Instagram Reels?

While Instagram does provide a library of royalty-free music, you may also use copyrighted music as long as you have the necessary licenses or permissions. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of your platform and the music rights before using any copyrighted music.

Can I use music from different genres in my Instagram reels?

Absolutely! Mixing and matching different genres of music can create a unique and exciting vibe for your Instagram reels. Just make sure the songs you choose fit the mood and tone of your content.

Do I have to be a photographer or videographer to create a reel song?

No, you don’t need to be a professional to create a Reel with a song. Anyone can use Instagram’s Reels feature to combine video clips and music by following simple steps within the app. Record or upload clips, choose a song, edit, and share.

How can I find the right music for my Instagram reels?

You can use music streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music to discover new music or browse the Instagram music library to find the perfect song for your reels. You can also check out curated YouTube or social media playlists to find inspiration.

How important is the choice of music in creating engaging Instagram reels?

The choice of music can greatly impact the engagement and overall success of your Instagram reels. The right music can create a mood, evoke emotions, and make your content more memorable and shareable.

Can I edit the music in my Instagram reels?

Can I edit the music in my Instagram reels?

Yes, Instagram provides basic editing tools that allow you to trim the length of the music or adjust the volume to fit your content. You can also use third-party editing apps to add effects and create a more customized soundtrack.

Can I use a smartphone camera to create a reel song?

Yes, you can use a smartphone camera to create a Reel with a song. Most modern smartphones have good-quality cameras that are suitable for capturing video content. Use Instagram’s Reels feature to combine your video clips with a song, edit, and share your creation.

The right soundtrack is crucial for creating engaging and captivating travel content on Instagram reels. Whether you’re exploring exotic destinations or enjoying the sights and sounds of your hometown, the right music can set the mood and transport your viewers to another world. From classic travel songs to international hits, the songs listed above will surely add fun and excitement to your Instagram reels and make your content stand out.


He is a marketing yet SEO specialist and holds experience living in a big Town. When earning a degree, he began utilizing his marketing skills such as SEO for the various big brands in the market. Whether it’s clothing, gaming, or any other industry, Usman is naturally curious to hunt out hidden gems and share them with different marketers. Moreover, he helps different websites to rank easily through his powerful skills.  Powerfully opinionative, he likes to discuss topics inside the business with others. A Nintendo critic and proponent, his favorite console is the GameCube. Additionally to managing the SEO  for Insta Reels Guides, he creates videos for his Instagram account as well.

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