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The Koga (Signature) WorldTraveller Bicycle: Reviewed

A few weeks ago a woman contacted me on social media and pointed out that her husband was holding back on buying a new bike until I published a review of the Koga WorldTraveller bicycle that I purchased back in the early summer of 2019. I have to admit that I have promised a review on several occasions but never actually got around to writing one. Well, finally, here it is. Much to the relief of the husband concerned… Let’s start with a video that will put the whole buying-a-new-touring-bike thing into perspective:

OK. I’ve now promised, so I’d better deliver. Here is the review…

As noted above, I’ve now been riding the Koga WorldTraveller called Wanda for just over two years. The initial motivation for investing a sizeable chunk of cash in the new bike (and it was sizeable – you’ll have to visit the Koga website to work out how much I shelled out…) was a planned trip to Japan in the summer of 2020. Well, that clearly never took place in 2020 and won’t take place in 2021 either. 2022? Perhaps… But that doesn’t mean the bike has been resting idle. Far from it. The first expedition with the Koga was along the EuroVelo 12 here in Yorkshire , followed by a trip around the Isle of Wight , a cycle from Santander, Spain to the end of the Douro Valley in Portugal , a four-capital tour of the United Kingdom in the coronavirus summer of 2020 and a jaunt around the Yorkshire Dales in early autumn of last year. Indeed if you’d like to see Wanda in action, that trip to the Dales might be a good place to start. Here’s a film I made about the three-day cycle:

There are more films of Wanda in action on the CyclingEurope.org YouTube channel .

Although you can purchase Koga ‘Signature’ bikes direct from Koga themselves, I would recommend going via a dealer as they will be able to advise you on what choices to make. And when it comes to Koga dealers in the UK, David Stainforth of CycleSense in Tadcaster is difficult to beat.

koga world traveller reddit

I’ll make some more general comments about the bike at the end of the review but I thought I’d use the following image from the initial video above to organise my comments:

koga world traveller reddit

Some areas merit more comment than others, as you will see, and some comments will no doubt see me veering off on a tangent that is not particularly specific to the Koga WorldTraveller bike itself. I will also give each component area of the bike a score out of ten. On with the show!

Aluminium Alloy (6061) Frame

One of the first things that people notice when they see the Koga WorldTraveller is just how robust the frame looks. And it is. In fact, over the past two years, many people have assumed that it is hiding a battery and that I must be riding an eBike. This is obviously not the case (although you can buy a Koga WorldTraveller eBike – more details here ) but, combined with the ‘look’ of the Rohloff hub (see below), it is an understandable mistake to make. This can be a little frustrating if I am passed by someone on a hill as they bask in their smugness at not only cycling more quickly than me, but cycling more quickly than someone on an eBike… Little do they know that they should only be smug on one of those counts. The frame’s chunkyness (if such a word exists) gives it strength. I think… Combined with the wide tires, it’s a very comfortable thing to ride. Lots of bounce, although I do suspect this has more to do with said tires. A point of vanity, as you may have noticed in the initial video above, is that I have my website, CyclingEurope.org, embossed on the upper bar. I’m not a fan of tattoos but in this case I’ll make an exception. The weldings are beautiful and merit comment and because the bike that I have comes with a belt rather than chain, the frame contains a little removable piece that allows for replacement of the belt when needed. Very neat!

Score: 9/10 (If it didn’t look like an eBike, it would score 10)

Brooks B17 Saddle

They are a Marmite topic of debate. I love them and they look so good. I don’t think people appreciate that in order to stop things rubbing (i.e. your back side), you need to reduce friction. Spongey saddles may keep you bouncing along but what you need is a bit of slide. A well-maintained Brooks saddle gives you plenty of slide and minimal friction. Don’t forget, however, that the wax they supply should be applied on the underside of the saddle with just a little on the top. Common mistake to make.

Score: 10/10 (Can’t be bettered)

Tubus Pannier Racks

Well made and, so far, have had no issues with the racks. They have plenty of places upon which to place your panniers, irrespective of which make of pannier you are using. The rear pannier has two upper bars so you can opt for either a higher or lower position for your pannier. As far as I’m aware, these are about as good as it gets with pannier racks. They have become a little discoloured after only two years but is that a big issue? I think not.

Score: 9/10 (I’ll knock off a point for the discolouring)

Ryde Andrea 28″ Wheels

I don’t really have much to say about the wheels aside from not having had any issues with them in the past two years. They look as good as they did upon delivery and, with a multitude of spokes, they are as strong as you can get I imagine. Having had issues with spokes before, I hope I’m not tempting fate by handing the wheels a maximum score. Fingers are crossed.

Score: 10/10

Rohloff 14-Speed Hub

Well if you ignore the vast expense, what’s not to like? I first saw a Rohloff hub up close and personal a few years ago at the Bike Show in Birmingham. The display model had been sliced in two and you could see all the internal workings. It blew my mind. I have no idea how you can possibly put everything that normally requires a chainset, cogs, derailleur etc… into such a small space. ( This chap does! ) But that’s why I’m a French teacher and not an engineer… It has worked perfectly for two years. Well, I say ‘perfectly’… It very occasionally misses a gear but a twist of the shifter gets things sorted within seconds. There is no maintenance required by me although when the bike went in for its annual service last year, I seem to remember that the oil was changed. The sound of the workings is sublime and the ability to grind to a halt and change gear whilst stationary (at traffic lights for example) is cool. It’s the the bit of the Koga that puts it in the same league as an Aston Marin. If James Bond were ever to ride a bike, he’d have one fitted with a Rohloff hub. No doubt whatsoever about that. I thought I might have had an issue with the hub last summer when I noticed that there was sometimes a pool of oil on the ground after the bike had been stood up overnight (apologies to the folk at the YHA hostel in London…). I wrongly assumed this was a leak from the Rohloff. Turned out it was water draining through the cable housing that is next to the hub. How could I have ever doubted it? ‘Reassuringly expensive’ is a term invented not just for Stella Artois but also for the Rohloff 14-Speed Hub.

Score: 10/10 (I’d happily score it higher)

Gates Carbon Belt

When I was talking to David Stainforth prior to buying the Koga, the carbon belt was something that got discussed at length. If truth were to be told, however, I think I was secretly hoping he would persuade me to include the carbon belt on the specification when we finally placed the order. As with the Rohloff hub, it wasn’t cheap but I think I got to the point where I thought ‘what the hell!’. When will I next buy such an expensive bike? Perhaps never. In for a penny, in for many pounds… The lack of required maintenance is, for someone who isn’t very interested in fiddling with the bike, a big plus. No oil is required. In fact, it’s prohibited! When I took the bike to Spain in 2019, I did experience some squeaking of the belt and I found that throwing some water on it sorted the problem, for a period at least. Since returning from Spain, I’ve lubricated the belt with silicon lubricant. A quick spray every few weeks and the squeaking isn’t an issue. Yes, it’s true that if the belt does break and you happen to be in the middle of nowhere, you are in trouble. If I ever were planning to go to the middle of nowhere I would probably carry a replacement belt. That said, Gates designed these belts for motorbikes originally. How often do they actually break without outside intervention of a sharp object? I hope never to find out.

Score: 9/10 (The squeaking was annoying)

Shimano PD-T8000 Pedals

Over the years I have dabbled with SPD’s but I think I have finally come to the conclusion that, when cycling, I prefer to wear a solid pair of trainers or, when it’s hot, my Merrell sandles. These are all incompatible with SPD pedals which isn’t a problem for the PD-T8000 pedals as they have a flat side for people like me who think that SPD’s are just an invention too far. I may change my mind at some point in the future, but I doubt it, especially when I remember the extent to which the metal plates on the shoe can so effectively transfer cold to my feet. I’ve had no issues with the pedals. They get a top score.

Shimano XT Hydraulic Discbrakes

I first used discbrakes on a Cannondale bike that I rode a few years ago ( remember ‘Dale’? ). My main criticism of the brakes was that when going downhill they could be painful on the hands on the drop handlebars. They used cables. The Koga’s brakes are hydraulic. What a difference! Wonderfully smooth… Very easy and not painful to apply even on the steepest of Pennine hills. Yes, the brake pads are not easy to replace; I’ve only done that myself once and it did take a while (I usually ask for the brake pads to be changed whenever the bike needs a service using the expression ‘ oh and while you are at it, could you… ‘ to casually hide my fear of anything technical) and all brake pads are not equal! Some can be very noisy. It’s also difficult to see if the pads are worn down and whether they need changing. But these are criticisms of the brake pads rather than the brakes themselves which are excellent.

Score: 9/10 (Would get a 10 if Shimano invented a way of easily changing the pads…)

Son 28 Dynamo Hub

This is one of the things on the Koga that is a bit of a luxury but it does make life easy. No more batteries to change in the lights (see below) and a drip, drip of energy via the USB connection into my iPhone. I don’t think the charge would ever be sufficient to recharge the iPhone from low charge to high charge, especially if you are using the phone during the day to track your ride, check directions, take photos or capture video etc… but it does a decent job of keeping it topped up. I dare say this is an area in which technology will continue to improve, but probably at the battery end rather than the hub end. This, I suppose, future proofs the device. It’s a very useful thing to have and as far as I’m aware, the Son 28 does as good a job as any available dynamo hub.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour Tires

When I bought the bike, I didn’t opt for the Marathon Plus tires and I can’t remember why that was the case. Was I mad? I’ve used Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires for many, many years. Indeed on the three long trips across Europe, I only ever suffered one puncture and I put this down to the Marathon Plus tires. So why did I opt for Schwalbe Almotion tires when I bought Wanda? I replaced the Almotion tires earlier this year as I thought the tread was wearing a little thin and I had a slow puncture on the rear wheel. The tires – both Almotion and Marathon – are very wide, and standard Marathon Plus tires don’t come in such a wide format. The Almotions were ever-so-slightly wider than the Marathon Plus Tour tires that replaced them but the tread on the Marathon Plus Tour tires is just gorgeous. (How often do you hear people refer to tire tread in such terms?) I’m never going back. They make for a super-comfy ride.

Score: 10/10 (Marathon Plus Tour), 8/10 (Almotion)

Busch & Muller Lights

Combined with the Son dynamo hub, they are great. Very bright and they do what it says on the tin. However, I can’t understand why the rear light cuts out when you stop cycling. The front light remains lit. Not so with the rear light. Bearing in mind that when you are stationary the rear light is probably more important than the front light, it’s a design fault that gives the lights the lowest of any of the scores on this page. When I have been cycling at night (which isn’t very often – usually on the commute home from work), I have always attached a battery rear light as well. Which is a pity.

Score: 7/10. (Due to that pesky rear light cutting out)

Koga ‘Denham’ Handlebars

I love the wideness of these bars. It’s difficult to appreciate just how wide they are so here’s a picture taken in Northern Ireland last year as I cycled north along the Antrim coast:

koga world traveller reddit

As you can see, they are almost as wide as the carriageway… OK, not quite but they are wide! And that’s what makes them so wonderfully comfortable. (I note that I have used the word ‘comfort’ or ‘comfortable’ several times so far – you can clearly see where my priorities are…) There’s also plenty of room for the accessories on the ‘dashboard’ so as to speak. The name ‘Denham’ comes from the fact that they were designed in cooperation with Alee Denham who is a brand ambassador for Koga (see comments below) and one of his main innovations with these handlebars are the small bars protruding forward from the main bar. To be honest, I rarely use them. The position of my wonderful Crane Bell on the left doesn’t help. They are, however, useful for hanging things on. I’m sure Alee didn’t have that in mind when he slaved over their design…

Score: 9/10

Alee Denham appeared on episode 008 of The Cycling Europe Podcast which was dedicated to the purchase of a new touring bicycle.. Here is the full description of that episode:

“The Cycling Europe Podcast returns with a new touring bike special. Andrew P. Sykes visits CycleSense in Tadcaster, Yorkshire to pick up his new Koga Signature WorldTraveller bicycle and chats to the owner David Stainthorpe about his purchase. We hear from Koga brand ambassador Alee Denham from the website  CyclingAbout.com  about his experiences of cycling across South America on a Koga WorldTraveller bike. Andrew also chats to the master frame builder Richard Hallett about his life as a bespoke bicycle manufacturer and to one of his very satisfied customers, Andy Johnson. We hear an extract from Andrew’s first book – Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie – in which he wrote about buying his first touring bicycle, a Ridgeback Panorama. Finally, the author reflects upon his first ride on his new touring bicycle, a bike called Wanda.”

Nothing beats referring to yourself in the third person…

So there you have my thoughts after riding the Koga Signature WorldTraveller bicycle for the past two years. It’s a great bike to ride. Expensive, yes, but worth every penny.

What was the overall score?

Out of ten, I give it… 9.3

Would I recommend it?

Of course I would .

koga world traveller reddit

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Thanks for the review, Andrew.

Looking at your rear light (Toplight Line Plus?) the spec. says “Standlight deactivates automatically after 4 minutes, or manually by push button when parked”. Might be a fault to get checked by supplier.

The Denham bar bullhorns are designed to “mimic the brake hoods of a drop handlebar .. helping reduce your body’s frontal area” (www.cyclingabout.com/koga-denham-bars), one to test next time you are confronted with a block headwind, though, as you say, you may need to rotate the bell out of the way.

Thanks Jon. I’ve just inspected the light and there is indeed a little button under the rear light. Can’t believe I’ve had the bike for over 2 years and only just discovered it!!! I’ll double check the light when I next go out for a ride. As for the handlebars, perhaps the bell needs a permanent repositioning. If the wind is so strong that it requires you to consider reducing ‘your body’s frontal area’ to help cut through the it, I would definitely not be using the bullhorns as keeping the bike steady would be much more difficult…

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koga world traveller reddit

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The New 2020 KOGA WorldTraveller S 2.0 Touring Bikes

' src=

Table of Contents

The 2020 koga worldtraveller s 2.0, configuration choices, bike features, how does the koga worldtraveller-s ride.

KOGA has just announced a big update to its premium touring bike range. The 2020 KOGA WorldTraveller S 2.0 now offers a new welding technology, new sizing, new drivetrain option, 200 new paint options and a new entry-level price point.

The ‘S’ in the model name refers to KOGA’s Signature program, which offers every WorldTraveller-S bike as a custom build. You choose from a huge range of proven touring parts, pick your colour and can even get your name painted onto on the top tube. The  online bike configurator  for the WorldTraveller is the best in the business, with live changes to the bike image, weight and price.

The frames are painted in the Netherlands in a colour of your choice, and once the paint is dry, a certified mechanic constructs your bike from start to finish. The time from placing your order to receiving your bike is six weeks, including global shipping.

I made a film about the KOGA factory when I visited; you can see how the bikes come together  HERE . 

2020 Koga WorldTraveller-S

NEW: Super Smooth Welding Looking at the frame, the first thing you’ll notice is that there are no visible welds. That’s because KOGA has changed the welding style on their aluminium touring frames. The welds have been tested to be just as strong, but with a more elegant finish than ever before.

NEW: Sizing The length of the headtube has been increased by 25mm (1-inch) on most sizes. This decision has been made based on many years of comments from KOGA riders. I use exactly 25mm of spacers on my frame, so this will be a welcome change for when I eventually update to the new frameset.

NEW: Derailleur-Ready Frames Previously the WorldTraveller-S frame was designed for Rohloff hubs exclusively. The 2.0 update brings derailleur compatibility to the Signature-level touring bike, allowing for a lower entry price to the KOGA Signature program.

NEW: Lower Pricing The KOGA Signature touring bikes start from €2600 for a Shimano XT T8000  touring bike complete with dynamo lights. KOGA ships their bikes worldwide, so if you order a bike outside the EU you’ll save 21% on VAT. However, once you factor in the shipping and landing costs it’ll likely end up in the same ballpark in US dollars, more or less. It’s also worth noting that KOGA covers 50% of the shipping costs of their bikes, so shipping to your country may not be as expensive as you think! You can find out the exact shipping cost to your country in KOGA’s online bike configurator .

NEW: More Paint Options KOGA has always offered 10 standard colours for their Signature range touring bikes. But they’ve just stepped it up a few notches with their custom colour program. For an additional €200, you have the ability to request any ‘RAL’ colour number; by my calculations, that’s about 200 colour options! Even special requests like the Madagascar Orange (seen above) can be entertained.

Choice of Frame Design You can choose between a ‘traditional’ or ‘mixed’ frame design, both in five different sizes. The Dutch have the tallest average height of any country – 184cm for men and 170cm for women. So naturally, KOGA constructs mixed frames to suit riders up to 190cm/6ft3 and traditional frames for riders over 200cm/6ft7. On the other end of the spectrum, the smallest mixed frame will suit riders around 150cm/4ft11.

Choice of Wheel Sizes The frame has been designed to fit both 700x50C (29×2.0″) or 27.5×2.4″ with fenders. Removing the fenders boosts that those maximum tyre widths even higher. If you’re spending most of your time on sealed roads, you’ll be happiest with the 700C option which keeps rolling resistance to a minimum. If you’re seeking dirt roads or simply want the extra comfort, 27.5″ will offer all that, plus more.

Rohloff or Derailleur Gearing There are two gearing options for the WorldTraveller. You can choose the top-of-the-line Shimano touring groupset which is called T8000. This is the most simple gearing option as you can get spare parts from any bike shop in the world. The Rohloff gear hub is an engineering marvel, storing 14 gears within the confines of a fully sealed hub shell. These hubs are sturdy, efficient, long-lasting, maintenance-free (almost) and very well proven for world bike travel. You can read the pros and cons of choosing a Rohloff HERE  – this upgrade adds €900 to the bike’s price.

Belt or Chain Drive You may not have seen belt drive bikes before. They’re popular for touring in particular as they can last 3-4x as long as a chain. They also require no lubrication, are grease-free and require very little cleaning. They’re the ultimate drivetrain for bike travel, in my humble opinion! You can read all about the pros and cons of belts HERE . Belt drivetrains add €300 to the price of a KOGA WorldTraveller-S 2.0.

Disc or Rim Brake While most bikes outside Europe are only available with disc brakes, KOGA still offers a rim brake option. If you go with disc brakes you’ll achieve more braking power, better braking performance in wet/muddy conditions and much better mileage out of a set of brake pads. Disc brakes also do not wear out your rims over time. I’ve found Shimano XT disc brakes to be reliable and repairable at any shop that sells mountain bikes – they really are the superior brake type. But for those who still like the idea of rim brakes, KOGA offers Magura hydraulic or Shimano XT rim brake calipers, with the latter being the easiest to repair yourself.

Internal Cable Routing All of the cables are hidden away inside the WorldTraveller frame, including the cable for the rear dynamo light. Inside the downtube are long cable channels ( PIC ) to ensure there’s no rattling around on bumpy roads. The internal routing not only looks neat but also keeps the cables tucked away from water, mud and dust.

Steering Limiter Inside the headtube is a feature unique to KOGA touring bikes – a steering limiter. This stops the handlebar from being able to twist into the top tube. It also ensures that your front wheel cannot turn too far when you deploy the kickstand.

Paint Details One of the highlights of the WorldTraveller Signature is the detail of the paint. Throughout the bike are contour lines and other intricate details. You can also get your name or a message/quote painted on the top tube. KOGA use a powder coat finish which is the most durable paint option for touring.

Super Stiff Frame One of the most noticeable things about the WorldTraveller-S is the super stiff frame design. KOGA use an eccentric bottom bracket so that they can make the rear triangle as stiff as possible for a belt drivetrain. You can learn more about frame stiffness and why it’s important for touring in my resource HERE .

KOGA Denham Bars Obviously, the best feature of the new WorldTraveller is that it’s available with the handlebars that I designed! The bars are nice and wide, giving you a lot of control over your loaded bike. There are also many hand positions for comfort including an inboard bullhorn position (like a drop handlebar) which allows you to tuck in your elbows, making you much more aerodynamic in the headwinds. You can read all about the KOGA Denham Bars  HERE .

After-Sales Care From KOGA: “Our mission is never to leave any Signature customers stranded anywhere in the world. Together with our partners and suppliers, and the customer’s willingness to cooperate – we always strive to find a solution to get our customers on the road again ASAP!” Ask any bike traveller about the KOGA after-sales care – they’re famous for it. For example, my friend Pascal had cycled over 30,000km before his rim cracked. This was a special 40-hole rim that wasn’t available locally. Rather than just sending a replacement rim, they built up an entirely new wheel and shipped it to Australia so he could get on the road without fuss.

Disclosure: KOGA is my personal bike sponsor for my ‘CyclingAbout The Americas’ bike tour from 2017-2020, so I have lots of experience riding the WorldTraveller platform. Despite my connection to the company, I can attest to the above information being accurate, and frankly, all quantifiably measurable or explained.

I have been really happy with my KOGA WorldTraveller. The WorldTraveller has a near-identical frame geometry to one of my favourite touring bikes, the Surly Long Haul Trucker, so the handling was straight away very familiar to me. The bike steers nice and quick with the wide flat bar and is also super stable on descents thanks to its long wheelbase. To be honest, I’m not sure I could design the frame geometry to be much better (I’m pretty critical in this regard). But perhaps I’d increase the top tube lengths in the larger frame sizes and add a bit more ‘toe clearance’ across the size range.

The most noticeable difference between the WorldTraveller and many other touring bikes is the lateral frame stiffness – the KOGA experiences less front-end ‘shimmy’ or wobbling at high speeds, especially with a heavy and potentially uneven load up front. This is something I’ve always been critical of with the Long Haul Trucker (and many other touring bikes) as you can never have enough lateral stiffness, in my opinion!

Despite many people’s preconceptions that aluminium is ‘harsh’, I find the WorldTraveller rides just as comfortably as steel bikes. That’s because most of the comfort of a bicycle is made up from the tyres, seatpost and saddle which deflect and flex far more than a frame can.

Otherwise, my hydro disc brakes have been running nicely, with only a rear brake bleed in the last 16 months. I really like the 29×2.0″ Schwalbe Almotion tyres, which roll super quick, and I have had zero punctures in the last year! The Rohloff hub + belt drivetrain has always been easy and maintenance-free for me. The kickstand is so bloody practical; I thought I’d take it off after a while but now I can’t believe I’ve previously toured without one.

Want To Compare The KOGA WorldTraveller With Dozens of Others?

Check out The Touring Bicycle Buyer’s Guide  which compares touring bike steering, sizing, gear ratios, specification, pricing and more. The Bikepacking Bike Buyer’s Guide does the same thing, however, with a focus on lighter bikes and models with more off-road capability. Both of these guides are updated annually with the latest models at no extra cost!

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Endurance mountain bikes

Koga WorldTraveller

  • AUS $ NZD $ USD $ CAD $ GBP £ EUR €

Size / 50cm, 54cm, 57cm, 60cm, 63cm

At a glance

Where to buy, specifications.

  • Fork Aluminium
  • Wheels KOGA
  • Wheel Size 29
  • Tires Schwalbe, Puncture-proof tyres, Marathon
  • Crank Shimano
  • Shifters Shimano , XT T8000
  • Brakeset Rear: Shimano , MT400, Hydraulic disc brake, Front: Shimano , MT400, Hydraulic disc brake
  • Saddle Selle Italia
  • Stem KOGA adjustable stem - A-head

Q: How much is a 2022 Koga WorldTraveller?

A 2022 Koga WorldTraveller is typically priced around €2,599 EUR when new. Be sure to shop around for the best price, and also look to the used market for a great deal.

Q: Where to buy a 2022 Koga WorldTraveller?

The 2022 Koga WorldTraveller may be purchased directly from Koga .

Q: What size wheels does the 2022 Koga WorldTraveller have?

The 2022 Koga WorldTraveller has 29 wheels.

Q: What size 2022 Koga WorldTraveller should I get?

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koga world traveller reddit

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Koga Signature E-WorldTraveller-S Trekkingbike Review

The Koga Signature E-WorldTraveller-S is the electrified brother of the famous Koga WorldTraveller, one of the most famous trekkingbikes in The Netherlands. Read the review and watch the video!

  • Weight: 24,86 kg 
  • Size: 57 cm
  • Price: € 6025

One of the most famous trekking bike brands in The Netherlands is Koga. Koga is based in Heerenveen – in the north of The Netherlands – and the name is a contraction of the names Kowallik and Gaastra, the couple that started the Koga brand. Later the brand was known under the name Koga Miyata. The Japanese Miyata once built the frames for Koga but somewhere in the mid ’90 the name Mitaya disappeared. Nowadays Koga belongs to the huge Accell Group. They are the owners of the original Dutch bikebrands Batavus and Sparta but also of Lapierre, Raleigh, Ghost, HaiBike and VanNicholas 

Size and weight

The Koga Signature E-WorldTraveller-S Trekkingbike that I am reviewing has a frame size of 57 cm and fits well my length of 169,5 cm. The bike is fully loaded: Bosch Performance CX-mid engine, PowerPack 500 battery, 14-speed Rohloff E-14 speedhub, Gates beltdrive, Shimano XT disc-brakes, SKS fenders, B&M lighting, Trelock lock, Brooks C17 Cambium saddle etc. The total weight as stated by Koga is 24,4 kg. I measured a tiny bit more: 24,86 kg and for an E-bike so complete this is pretty ok. 

The E-WorldTraveller-S is equipped with carriers from the German brand Tubus.

Signature configuration

The Signature part in the name refers to the Signature configuration system of Koga. You ‘built’ your own custom bike on the Koga Signature website. Here you can adapt the ‘basic’ bike to your own demands. I did not do this since Koga lend me the bike and they made the choices. But I don’t think I would make any different choices accept for one. More on this later.

Frame and smooth welding

The Koga Signature E-WorldTraveller-S has an aluminum frame and fork. The frame tubes are manufactured by hydroforming – under water pressure – that gives the tubes their special shape. Thanks to this technique, tubes can be made in virtually any shape. This way tubes can be extremely thin – hence light – without losing strength. The fork has three attachment points for carriers or bottle-holders.

The Bosch mid-engine is an integral part of the frame and therefore it is a very solid construction. All welds on the frame are smooth and that is something of a trend thing. Smooth welding doesn’t say anything about the welds or the quality of the welds. It only says that the welds are hidden under a layer of putty so that you don’t see the welds anymore but you get a very clean looking frame. Personal note: I love high quality welding that is visible and I have never been a trendy-sensitive guy…

The Koga Signature E-WorldTraveller-S can be customized through the Signature website.

Wiring and mounting points

Since the Koga is an E-bike a lot of extra wiring is required I must say that Koga did a beautiful job. All electrical wires are mostly inside the frame which makes them less vulnerable. The same applies to the cables coming from the brakes levers. There is only one bit of wiring I don’t like: the electrical wire on the right side of the handlebar with some cheap electricity tape… 

The head light is from Busch & Muller.

The battery is mounted on the frame where you would normally place a bottle holder. The frame has three places to attach a bottle-holder to: one on the seat tube, one underneath the top tube and one underneath the down tube. The first only fits a small bottle-cage but in the other two large 1.5 liter ones do fit. 

The Koga has three positions for bottle holders.


This is the first bike I ride with a Bosch-Rohloff-Gates combination and I am impressed. Since the Bosch motor is placed in the heart of the frame, the center of gravity and the balance of the Koga is spot on. The motor is operated with three buttons on the left side of the handlebar. The plus and minus symbols are used to change between the amount of support given by the engine. I have the choice between Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo and “off”. This is all displayed in a screen that is located in the middle of the handlebar. The middle button is the information button an by pressing it I change the information in the display ranging from distance, speed, average speed, gear and also estimated reach. On the right side of the handlebar I have a second set of buttons. These operate the changing of gears in the Rohloff speedhub in the rear wheel. Yes, electric!

The Bosch motor is a joy.

Electric Rohloff E-14 speedhub

The Rohloff E-14 speedhub is a hub with 14-gears in the hub. Shifting is traditionally done by a twist-grip on the handlebar. Turn the twist-grip on the handlebar and the gears go up or down. The Rohloff hub has a name in being a wonder of technique that is bulletproof. Since the Koga is an E-bike is it logical that the changing of gears is automatic to. 

Shifting is done electronically.

Shifting through the gears of the electric14-speed Rohloff speedhub is astonishing. A press of one of the buttons operates a servo in the shifting mechanism that is positioned left side of the rear wheel. The whole system is about the same in size as the manual one. The shifting is fast, almost silent and very accurate. During riding on flat roads and not to steep ascents it works brilliantly. Pressing three times gives the same as manual shifting three gears up (or down). In fact it feels so natural and smooth I would prefer electrical shifting in favor of the manual one. Even on non-E-bikes. Except for two small remarks:

  • With the manual system it is possible to climb a steep hill, pause the pedals for a millisecond and shift very quickly before coming to a complete stop. The automatic system is not that fast and sometimes it happened to me that shifting was not fast enough to keep the speed going. Changing gears with pressure on the pedals is not something a Rohloff-speedhub likes when climbing.
  • The electric system detects when the bike is coming to a stop. For example in front of traffic light, a stop to look at the map or take zip from a bottle. When the bike stops the system automatically shifts back to gear number 6 (you can program this to your desire) so that the bike is in the right gear to start biking again. This is super except when you ‘stop’ by doing a sur-place or turning a very tight corner on one spot. The system doesn’t register that the bike keeps moving and it changes into 6 th gear. Something I don’t want at those moments.

The shifting mechanism is positioned to the left side of the rear wheel.

Are those two remarks a big thing? The first… maybe. It depends on how you are going to use the bike. The second…. I know I am a bit of a nerd that tries tot to touch the ground when stopping as long as possible.

Gates belt-drive

The Gates belt drive. I love bikes with a belt. The main reason is that a belt is a very quiet way of getting energy from one part to the other. And because it is so silent I enjoy the ride more because I hear more sounds from nature, ok… mainly birds and wind. Also the facts that a belt requires hardly any maintenance and is free from grease are a pro. 

I’ve had a lot of debates about the durability of a belt-drive on a trekkingbike and some issues I do understand and some I don’t. Replacing one on a long trip I understand because you need to bring one. That belts break easily I don’t understand, chains break too. A belt drive on an E-bike is the proper thing to do: E-bikes are mostly used in environments with a high quality infrastructure so when things go wrong… help is at hand. By the way: a belt is a closed loop and in that respect different than a chain. To place or replace the belt the frame has an ‘opening’ (see picture) in the right seat stay. This does not compromise the frames integrity; one of the things I hear a lot. 

One thing that is important to know is that when the belt is not on the right tension and while putting a lot of force on the paddles, the belt is able to hop over the rear sprocket. This can lead to nasty crashes. To prevent this a snubber is mounted at the rear sprocket. This Snubber is a sort of little wheel that hover above the belt and prevents the belt from lifting so no sprocket hopping can occur.

The Snubber prevents the belt from lifting so no sprocket hopping can occur.

Carriers and luggage

The E-WorldTraveller-S is equipped with carriers from the German brand Tubus. In the front Koga installed a Tubus Duo lowrider and in the back a Tubus Logo. The front is capable of loads up to 15 kg and the rear up to 26 kg. I always test the bikes I review with the same load so I can relate to bikes I tested in the past. In the front I have 10 kg in total and in the back 15 kg. I use dumbbells instead of real camping equipment – although the weight is based on my camping trips – and because of this method I don’t have differences in packing. I mostly use Ortlieb panniers. With the weight in the panniers, the bike and me the total weight is 112,86 kg. The frame and fork have no problems whatsoever with this weight. The handling and steering is fine. The maximum weight limit of the Koga is 130 kg so be aware of this. 

The E-WorldTraveller-S is equipped with carriers from the German brand Tubus.

PowerPack 500 battery range

The range of an E-bike – any E-bike! – is probably the biggest issue with the most difficult answer. Why? Because there are so many variables that influence the range. Think about the support modus – Eco or Turbo -, wind, temperature, hills, luggage, what type of bike, tires, weight of the rider and how much physical power you are delivering. 

The energy is stored in a Bosch Powerpack 500.

I know how I like to ride an E-bike and that is giving a lot a power myself cruising at 25 km/h and end up being totally exhausted after the ride. I see it as a workout. Therefor I ride 70% in Eco and sometimes (5%) in Tour. On the home stretch I go for Turbo to maximize speed and have fun draining the battery and me ( I did 41,5 km/h max on a bridge descent, no support from the motor of course). With the 113 kg and my way of riding I had a range of 100 km from the PowerPack 500 battery. That is decent for this kind of trekking E-bike. With playing between modes you can increase or decrees this dramatically.

Bosch knows that range is a big issue and made an eBike range assistant to give a ruff calculation on range. I put the link below the article. Charging an empty battery takes about 3 hours an when the battery is ‘empty’ there is still some power left for the lights and changing gears. Then you have a normal but a bit heavy trekkingbike. Nice is also that the Bosch engine almost gives no resistance when riding without power.

Shimano disc brakes

There was a time that disc brakes on a trekking bike where a no go. I didn’t understand it in those days and I am happy that times have changed in favor of them. The Koga is equipped with Shimano XT brakes. Both discs are 160 mm and the BRM-8000 calipers have double pistons. The Shimano XT brake levers are easy to adjust to accommodate smaller and larger hands. The dosage of the brakes is user friendly and braking force more than adequate, even with all the luggage.

The brake disc are 160 mm and the calipers have two pistons.

The riding position on the Koga is sporty but comfortable. There is not a lot to play around with if you want to change the position a bit. You can only remove a few shims from the stem if you want a more sporty ride. The Koga-branded handlebar is 665 mm wide and the shape makes it extremely comfortable. The Brooks grips are not totally to my liking; they are too slippery on the top and that is the one thing I would change. The Brooks C-17 Cambium saddle I do like a lot. More on the Brooks in this video. 

The riding position on the Koga is sporty but comfortable.

The behavior of the Koga is very predictable and I do like the fact that it is a bike with a 27,5” wheelset. For me – small guy – this is the perfect balance between a compact bike setup, riding characteristics, and comfort. The rims on the E-WorldTraveller-S are from Ryde with Schwalbe Super Moto X 27.5 62 mm around them. On straight roads it is a super stable combination and when it gets a bit more curvy the behavior is what you would expect from a trekking bike: it goes with the flow. Frame and fork are fully loaded up to job. The beefy tires perform their best on flat and even tarmac. And when properly inflated they give little roll resistance. When riding more adventures roads – gravel, unpaved country roads – I had to experiment a bit with the tire pressure to make the ride a bit more comfortable. But with balloon tiers this big that is never a problem.

The verdict

The Koga Signature E-WorldTraveller-S has proven to be a very comfortable and well built travel companion. The riding position is fine for long distance travelling. The Bosch-Rohloff-Gates combination with the electronic E-14 shifting is worth a Gold Medal on it’s own. I would like to see the availability of this E-shifting on regular trekkingbikes with a small powerpack to feed it. The Koga ride is quiet thanks to the belt. Frame and fork are capable of carrying at least the 130 kg load limit. The beefy tires make the E-WorldTraveller-S suitable for a lot of road conditions. For what it’s worth: the range of the PowerPack 500 battery is about 100 km and that is fine for an E-trekkingbike. Small minuses are there for the shifting up steep hills, the Brook grips and the sloppy taping of the electrical wire on the handlebar. The price is of the Koga Signature E-WorldTraveller-S as I tested it is € 6025,00 and that seems to be a fair price to pay in this top category of E-trekkingbikes. But…. If you are planning to buy one the minuses should be solved and the mandatory bell should be on the handlebar. I rate the Koga Signature E-WorldTraveller-S at 9.2/10 points.Koga statement: ‘We are sorry we forgot to mount the bell on the bike. It should have been there. Our mistake, won’t happen again!’

Information: www.koga.com

More on Rohloff and Bosch

Rohloff E-14 Speedhub

Bosch Range Assistant US

Bosch Range Assistant UK


  • Down & Insulated
  • Gloves and hats
  • Hiking pants
  • Hiking shoes
  • Knives & Tools
  • Rain jackets
  • Roof top tents
  • Sleeping bags
  • Sleeping pads
  • Trekking poles
  • water bottles, flasks, jugs and mugs
  • Accessories
  • Bikepacking
  • Hardtail Mountain Bikes
  • Trekking bikes
  • Expert Advice

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koga world traveller reddit

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Only for trekking bikes

KOGA Worldtraveller trekkingbikes

With the KOGA Worldtraveller, you will not only ride smoothly over asphalt, but this bike is also great for exploring unpaved (gravel) roads. Thanks to the many attachment points, you take everything you need with you on your journey.

The KOGA Worldtraveller is the world-famous ultimate trekking bike. It is not for nothing that you can come across the KOGA Worldtraveller all over the world. From the Camino de Santiago to the Andes mountains or the Outbacks in Australia. What stops you from discovering the world by bike?



  • Choice of fixed or suspension front fork
  • Can be packed up to 180 kg
  • Extra wide tyres
  • Choice of Shimano Deore XT groupset or Rohloff drive belt
  • Delivery time: min. 12 weeks

The lowrider features an extra stand, so the bike remains stable even when fully loaden.

Wherever possible, the KOGA frame has perfectly smooth welds, creating beautifully clean lines throughout. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, it also reduces the likelihood of corrosion around the welds, areas that are often highly prone to this.

The rear luggage rack is integrated into the frame creating a stiffer construction. This is especially noticeable when the bike is loaded. The KOGA WorldTraveller gives a more stable ride and tighter steering.

Lowrider with stand

Frequently asked question

To explain about determing the right frame size we have written this article >

KOGA chooses the optimum geometry for each type of bike. If you take a comparative test ride at the KOGA dealer, you will feel the difference.

Regular cleaning of your chain is essential. Use a special chain cleaner or lukewarm water and a brush. Your KOGA dealer will also be able to recommend a number of tools.

It is important to lubricate the chain after cleaning. For example, Teflon-based lubricants penetrate the chains really well and do not attract a lot of dirt.

A hub dynamo always produces rolling resistance when the bike is in motion. However the resistance is so minimal that you don’t notice it when cycling. At constant five kilometres per hour or more, the hub’s resistance will be virtually negligible. When the speed is high enough, the magnets will hardly attract each other at all. This results in the cancelling of any resistance. The main advantage of a hub dynamo is that it can work in conjunction with a light sensor so the lights are switched on automatically. This boosts safety while offering ease of use.

Yes, your bike lights will stay on thanks to the battery’s reserve capacity.

The frame size on KOGA bikes is measured from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube. This distance in centimetres is the frame size. Your authorised KOGA dealer can calculate exactly which frame size fits you best.

With regard to the maintenance and safety of your bike, there are a number of things you can keep an eye on yourself.

For your own safety, you should check the following on a regular basis:

  • Check all nuts and bolts - in particular quick-release mechanisms on wheels - are tightened securely.
  • Check the handlebars and handlebar stem for signs of damage.
  • Test the brake operation by checking whether you can stop within a few metres when cycling at a normal speed.
  • Check that the tyre pressure does not exceed the maximum pressure marked on the tyre.
  • Check the tyre tread and ask your dealer if the tyres look worn.
  • Check that the lighting and indicators are working properly and are not obstructed. Wipe clean them regularly with a dry cloth.
  • Check the handlebar grips for wear and make sure they are tight.
  • For bikes with rear suspension, check that all screws on the suspension parts are tight. There must be no play in the bearings.

Checking these items and performing your own maintenance on them is not always straightforward. For this reason KOGA recommends arranging for your KOGA dealer to service your bike at least once a year.

You can also consult the instruction manual that came with your bike.

It is important to remove any sand, especially from the toothed side of your bike’s drive belt. This can be done with lukewarm water and some detergent if required. Although the belt can also be lubricated with dry silicon spray, it is not necessary.

Please refer your bike’s instruction manual for more information about storing your battery.

Only authorised dealers are allowed to sell KOGA bikes on their webshop. This way, the manufacturer’s warranty will also be valid on online orders.

Outback Ride - 21_1

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  • Palworld guides

How to play Palworld multiplayer with friends

What kind of stuff can you do in Palworld’s multiplayer?

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Three Palworld characters fly on Pals

Palworld , the Pokémon-like survival crafting game, has a multiplayer component, but it can be finicky. There’s no PvP in the game, and while you can collaborate with your friends to build bigger bases and take down baddies, some of the progression remains solo.

All that said, playing games is more fun with more people. Below, we explain how the multiplayer and crossplay (or lack thereof) works in Palworld .

How to play multiplayer in Palworld

You can either host or join your friends in a personal save file (up to four players) or you can join a dedicated server (up to 32 players). To join a personal save file, you’ll just need to input the invite code , which the host player can find in their options.

If the invite code doesn’t show up, you the host may need to toggle the multiplayer option in the world settings. Every time you start a new session, you’ll have to send your buddies the invite code, as a new code will generate.

To play on a dedicated server, you can either join one of the Palworld public servers, host your own , or pay for a hosting website. (I typically opt for the latter, since that’s the easiest way to handle it.)

Dedicated servers are only available on Steam (at the moment), so unless you want to limit yourself to four-player sessions, you’ll need to play on Steam.

How does multiplayer work in Palworld?

Multiplayer plays quite differently from the regular game mode. Here are some of the notable differences:

  • You can take down tower bosses, like Zoe and Grizzbolt , together as a group.
  • Guilds function like parties and only those in your guild can work on your base with you. If your friends want to build unique bases, they will want to be in their own guild.
  • World exploration is solo. Players will have to individually uncover the map and unlock fast travel points.
  • Loot is unique to the world, not the player. If you see a chest or a shiny Pal Sphere on the ground and pick it up, your buddies can’t have it.

It’s also worth mentioning that our dedicated server ran into some weird issues that weren’t there when we were playing solo, though we’re unsure if these are multiplayer issues or server issues. This includes not being able to jump up cliffs without falling (so you have to slowly climb up) and items not being counted correctly when building. Palworld is an early access game, so it's not super surprising that there are some hiccups.

A Palworld characters stands in front of a gold glowing chest

Why am I ‘prevented from playing multiplayer’ in Palworld?

The game’s massive popularity levels right now are causing some server stability issues. It’s not you, it’s Palworld . That said, if you run into a note saying you’re “prevented from playing multiplayer,” you can try doing the usual fixes for when games give you errors: close and relaunch the game, run the game as administrator (if you’re on PC), and turn your console or PC off and on again.

Is there crossplay multiplayer in Palworld?

No. The Xbox version and the Steam version cannot crossplay with each other. In addition, the version playable via Xbox Game Pass on PC is also not crossplay-compatible with the Steam version of the game.

If you want to play with friends, you have to either all buy it on Steam or all buy it on Xbox.

According to a FAQ posted by Pocketpair , they are “working to make this a possibility as soon as possible!” so hang tight.

Is Palworld coming to PS5?

According to the same FAQ mentioned above, developer Pocketpair have no plans for a PlayStation 5 launch, but “will consider it during development.”

If you’re starting out in Palworld , we have guides for you, including a beginner’s guide and type chart . If you’re ready to take on the first tower boss , we have a guide for that, too.

koga world traveller reddit

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How to get wheat seeds in Palworld


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    Koga Worldtraveller-S For Sale! 1 / 5 8 11 Related Topics Bicycle Cycling Cardio Sports Amateur sport Fitness Fitness and Nutrition 11 comments Best Add a Comment greymanXL • 1 yr. ago That's a great bike, however the price seems to be very close to brand new from the factory. (At least from a short glimpse on the Koga-website.)

  11. Here's My $6000 KOGA WorldTraveller Touring Bike ...

    Here's My $6000 KOGA WorldTraveller Touring Bike After 30,000km Use by Alee Denham December 1, 2021 Table of Contents Frame Details Handlebars & Grips Suspension Stem Cinq Plug5 Plus USB Charger Quadlock Mount Tyres Rims and Spokes Rohloff 14-Speed Gearbox Hub Belt Drive Bottom Bracket Pedals Brakes Seatpost Saddle Fenders, Racks, Kickstand

  12. New Bike Day! The 2020 KOGA WorldTraveller Is An ...

    by Alee Denham. July 30, 2019. As a KOGA sponsored rider, I have the difficult job of test riding their bikes across continents! This video is an in-depth look into the 2020 KOGA WorldTraveller frame details, the components I've selected and the customisations I've made for my bike ride from Panama (July-2019) to Alaska (late-2020).

  13. Video: My New Koga WorldTraveller Touring Bike

    KOGA WorldTraveller Touring Bike Specs. Frame: KOGA WorldTraveller-S Alloy (60cm / Classic Grey) Fork: KOGA WorldTraveller-S Alloy. Headset: Koga Sealed Bearing Steering Limiter. Stem: Koga Signature Alloy. Handlebars: Velo Orange Casey's Crazy Bar. Grips: ESI Silicone and Koga Bartape. Seatpost: Koga Signature Alloy. Saddle: Velo Unbranded.

  14. The New 2020 KOGA WorldTraveller S 2.0 Touring Bikes

    The 2020 KOGA WorldTraveller S 2.0 now offers a new welding technology, new sizing, new drivetrain option, 200 new paint options and a new entry-level price point. The 'S' in the model name refers to KOGA's Signature program, which offers every WorldTraveller-S bike as a custom build. You choose from a huge range of proven touring parts ...

  15. KOGA WorldTraveller

    The KOGA Worldtraveller is the world-famous ultimate trekking bike. It is not for nothing that you can come across the KOGA Worldtraveller all over the world. From the Camino de Santiago to the Andes mountains or the Outbacks in Australia. What stops you from discovering the world by bike? On tour the new WorldTraveller

  16. 2022 Koga WorldTraveller

    The 2022 Koga WorldTraveller is a Touring and road road bike. It sports 29 wheels, is priced at €2,599 EUR and comes in a range of sizes, including 50cm, 54cm, 57cm, 60cm, 63cm. The bike is part of Koga 's WorldTraveller range of road bikes.

  17. Here's My $6000 KOGA WorldTraveller-S Touring Bike After 30 ...

    Everything I've broken, upgraded, liked and disliked about my fancy touring bike, all in one video! 📕 The Touring Bicycle Buyer's Guide: https://www.cycling...

  18. The ultimate trekking bike just get even better

    KOGA WorldTraveller | The ultimate trekking bike just get even better Trekking bikes view women's sport model Worldtraveller For those who prefer to discover the world by bike. DKK 20499 Info Media Benefits Features Specifications Other models DKK 20499 The above price includes VAT. Find a dealer for advice compare bicycle

  19. Koga Signature E-WorldTraveller-S Trekkingbike Review

    The Koga ride is quiet thanks to the belt. Frame and fork are capable of carrying at least the 130 kg load limit. The beefy tires make the E-WorldTraveller-S suitable for a lot of road conditions. For what it's worth: the range of the PowerPack 500 battery is about 100 km and that is fine for an E-trekkingbike.

  20. KOGA WorldTraveller: honest Review after 5k on the road!

    About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright ...

  21. Kona Sutra SE 2022 for mixed road + off-road touring?

    Hey OP, this post is a little old but also wondering. I have a Sutra se 22 and want to take it on some off road touring. The Sutra SE has pretty high trail for a touring bike already, at 71mm, other touring bikes are around 50-65mm and MTB start around 75mm.

  22. New bikes

    The WorldTraveller is ready for the future! Do you want to know more? Read more about the KOGA Worldtraveller > 2023 is the year of innovation with new e-bikes, racing bikes, city bikes, touring bikes and more connectivity. Read more here

  23. KOGA WorldTraveller

    Robust pack mules Also fully customisable To the Worldtraveller KOGA Worldtraveller trekkingbikes Features Frequently asked question KOGA Worldtraveller trekkingbikes Your companion on all your cycling trips With the KOGA Worldtraveller, you will not only ride smoothly over asphalt, but this bike is also great for exploring unpaved (gravel) roads.

  24. How to play Palworld multiplayer with friends

    How to play multiplayer in Palworld. You can either host or join your friends in a personal save file (up to four players) or you can join a dedicated server (up to 32 players). To join a personal ...