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JAIPUR Itinerary • MUST READ! (2024)

“The Pink City” of Jaipur is majestic Rajasthan’s bustling capital and is just jam-packed with splendid palaces, mystical temples and unmatched shopping opportunities. Located in the Golden Triangle in the north of India, it’s been at the center of India’s cultural, artistic and scientific development since its foundation.

Whether it’s a museum of handmade textiles or a sprawling astronomical observatory you’re after, you’ll find this living history all over our Jaipur itinerary!

Jaipur is so big and so manic that it can be a challenge to pack everything in. But when you decide to follow our Jaipur itinerary, you’re getting so much more than just a list of sites to visit. From the best place to stay in Jaipur in 3 days to the nearest eatery for every attraction, we’ve really thought of everything!

Just stick close to our 3 day in Jaipur itinerary and you’ll be in for a dazzling time in the pink city of Jaipur!

A Little Bit About This Jaipur Itinerary

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From state-of-the-art museums to an utterly beguiling pink palace, Jaipur hosts a whole trove of treasures with which to dazzle visitors. Our day-by-day Jaipur itineraries will introduce you to all the city’s iconic wonders, as well as find spaces where you can just breathe and take it all in! If you are wondering how many days to spend in Jaipur, then I suggest that 3 is plenty.

There are various methods of getting around Jaipur. Uber and Ola, another app-based cab service, both operate in Jaipur and are the most hassle-free ways of getting around.

You can also take a rickshaw which is best for short distances. Try The Pink City Rickshaw Company which is run and owned by women from low-income households in Jaipur. It’s easy to spot these hot pink, eco-friendly, and custom-designed vehicles from a distance!

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

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3 Day Jaipur Itinerary Overview

  • Day 1 – Jaipur City Palace , Chandra Mahal , Street Food , Jantar Mantar , Hawa Mahal
  • Day 2 – Albert Hall , Amrapali Museum , Lunch at Old Green Tandoori , Bazaar Shopping , Monkey Temple , Dinner at Arya Niwaz
  • Day 3 – Amer Fort , Jal Mahal , Block Print Museum , Lunch at Anokhi , Gem Palace , Nahargarh Fort

As magical as Jaipur may seem when you’re ogling the pink palace, there are also parts of Jaipur that are far from picturesque. Choosing where to stay on your Jaipur trip is very important!

Bani Park is the best place to stay in Jaipur. It’s a tranquil and safe residential area that is within easy proximity to the sights on your Jaipur itinerary! It’s close to the train station and rickshaw drivers are always close by to get you around Jaipur.

where to stay in jaipur

The Broke Backpacker is supported by you . Clicking through our links may earn us a small affiliate commission, and that's what allows us to keep producing free content 🙂 Learn more .

There are numerous accommodation options ranging from budget to all-out luxury! Bani Park is actually the center of the haveli accommodation industry. Havelis are traditional Indian mansions that are built around a courtyard and you’ll find plenty of these charming hotels in Bani Park!

C Scheme is another good option to base your itinerary for Jaipur. It has fewer accommodation options than Bani Park but it is within walking distance of the major Jaipur attractions, such as the City Palace.

If you prefer to be right in the heart of things while on your Jaipur visit, consider Mirza Ismail Road (also known as MI Road). This colossal road cuts through the entire city, meaning it has ideal access to transport! The area has various accommodation options to suit all budgets and is ideal for those interested in shopping and local cuisine.

Best Hostel in Jaipur – Zostel Jaipur Hostel

Zostel Jaipur Hostel

Zostel Jaipur Hostel is the two-time winner of the best hostel in India prize so you know you’re in good hands here! It’s situated in the city center, near the Hawa Mahal. There’s free wifi, air conditioning for humid summers, and regular social events! The staff has gotten top marks for friendliness and helpfulness, while the hostel itself remains pristine.

Best Airbnb in Jaipur: Period property steeped in history!

Period property steeped in history

This palatial, heritage property will make you feel like you stepped back in time the moment you walk through the door. It’s the kind of place where every detail has been considered and nothing skipped. Perfect for the insta-minded.

Best Luxury Hotel in Jaipur – Taj Rambagh Palace

Taj Rambagh Palace

With endless landscaped gardens, four-poster beds and on-call butlers, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re royalty at the Taj Rambagh Palace! After all, the hotel is a palace that was once the home of the Maharajah of Jaipur! The staff at this 5-star hotel is both discrete and efficient, and everything from cocktails to afternoon tea is on offer!

Jaipur Itinerary Day 1 Map

Day 1 of our Jaipur Itinerary takes in the historical pink city. Prepare to be amazed by the ancient palaces and swept up Jaipur’s manic energy. Wear comfortable shoes and light, loose clothing as there will be a bit of walking involved. You can get between the various attractions by Tuk Tuk which can easily be hailed from the street -just remember to barter hard on the price!

10.00 am – Chandra Mahal

Chandra Mahal

Although it’s technically a part of City Palace, Chandra Mahal has its own entrance fee and a famed reputation in its own right! It’s a seven-story building but only the ground floor can be visited by tourists.

The royal collection on display at the museum is just spectacular, with everything from priceless manuscripts to rare carpets on display! Although it’s a bit pricey, most visitors agree that it’s worth it.

  • How long should I stay here?  1 hour
  • Getting there –  Take a Tuk Tuk or cab

11:30 am- City Palace

City Palace

Built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, Jaipur City Palace is a fusion of Mughal and Rajput architecture. The enormous complex took up one-seventh of old Jaipur so there’s plenty to see.

The Mubarak Mahal is one of the great highlights of the palace. It was constructed as a reception hall in the 19th century and today, it’s the palace museum. There are some truly envy-provoking clothes worn by the royal family on display!

In the Diwan-I-Khas, an audience chamber, you’ll find two silver vessels which hold the Guinness World Book of Records for the largest silver vessels in the world. They were used to carry water from the Ganges for Sawaii Madho Singh II who wanted to only drink the holy water while on tour in England!

If you can afford to splash out on just one thing, it should be a guided tour of the City Palace. The palace is just gigantic and has so many stories that only an insider can tell! If you don’t have a guide, try the audio guide which costs $3 USD.

  • Cost  – $10
  • Getting there  –  It’s adjacent to Chandra Mahal so use those feet!

1.00 pm – Street Food

If you are backpacking India on a budget then you will probably be living on street food. Indian street food is world-famous and if it’s your first time in Jaipur you have to try it! The offerings are varied are ubiquitous, the flavors tantalizing and best of all it is super cheap! Pakora’s (fried balls of spicy stuff) can readily be picked up from $0.10. You can find street food pretty much anywhere and the streets around City Palace and Chandra Mahal have a few stalls or kiosks operating.

Some western stomachs can be a bit sensitive to spices and ghee and but you don’t have too much to worry about in terms of hygiene. Just pick somewhere that looks popular and eat only food that is hot and fresh.

2.00 pm – Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar was constructed by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II who was fascinated with the mysteries of the skies. It continues to be a working astronomical observatory that fascinates tourists on vacation in Jaipur!

Vrihat Samrat Yantra, the huge sundial, is the crown jewel of Jantar Mantar. At 27m, it’s the tallest sundial in the world.

Jaya Prakash Yantra is another stellar highlight of our Jaipur itinerary. When the inverted image of the sky falls on the marble slabs, casting a shadow, it’s possible to determine the positions of various stars and planets!

Other fascinating instruments include Digamsa and Karnti Vritya which measure times for sunrise and sunset, and the solar sign of the sun, respectively.

Make sure that you get here around midday when the sun is overhead. This means you’ll be able to see how readings are taken from the various instruments much more easily than at other times!

  • How long should I stay here?  30 – 60 minutes
  • Getting there  –  A Tuk Tuk or Cab to the main entrance

3.30 pm – Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal

The next of our places to visit Jaipur in 3 days is Hawa Mahal, the gorgeous “Palace of the Wind” and one of the classic Jaipur landmarks. It was built as an extension to City Palace in 1799 to allow royal ladies to watch street parades without being seen by the wider public.

The architecture of Hawa Mahal is just sublime. Admiring the facade, which is shaped a bit like a honeycomb, you can take in all 953 windows!

Some say that the shape was inspired by Lord Krishna’s crown.  When the royal ladies would watch street activities, they’d have the windows slightly open to let in a breeze, giving rise to the name “Palace of the Wind”.

Hawa Mahal is also reputedly the world’s tallest building without a foundation. If you notice a slight curve in the structure, that was a mechanism to compensate for the lack of a foundation!

  • How long should I stay here?  2 hours
  • Getting there  –  It’s a 9 minute walk from the last stop. Ask for “Hawa Mahal”.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

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Jaipur Itinerary Day 2 Map

I do hope you saved some energy yesterday as Day 2 of our Jaipur Itinerary is equally as action-packed! Today we take in some colonial-era architectural gems, a few lovely museums, and finish with sunset up at the monkey temple; my personal favorite spot in Jaipur.

10:00 am – Albert Hall Museum

Albert Hall

When the building first started on Albert Hall, no one had any idea of what purpose the structure would serve! Fortunately, Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II approved an idea to create a museum in the space that would showcase the talents of local artists.

Albert Hall’s architecture is something of an attraction in itself. The Indian-Saracenic style incorporates features from various Indian architectural styles.

The museum walls are covered in murals depicting daily life in various other great empires, like Babylon and Egypt. This allowed citizens to compare their lives with others and develop their knowledge.

The 16 galleries inside the museum range from armor to miniature paintings. There are some fascinating coins that date back to before the 11th century! You’re also able to admire royal jewellery, intricate woodwork, and ivory statues.

  • How long should I stay here?  60 – 90 minutes
  • Getting there –  Take a Tuk Tuk or cab

11.30 am – Amrapali Museum

No, it’s not just another museum on the Jaipur itinerary; this is the Amrapali Museum and, trust us, it’s awesome! It has arguably the most state-of-the-art facilities to showcase hand-picked items from around India, and it’s just stunning.

Amrapali Museum was founded by two friends who went on an epic trip around India, sourcing unique items from various Indian tribes. The love and thought that went into this venture are so palpable in the museum that it’d be a shame to miss it when you travel to Jaipur!

The bulk of the museum’s collection is jewelry and expensive personal items. While you can easily give yourself free rein to explore the museum, there are a number of absolute must-see items on show!

One of the more unusual collections is that of  mukhnaals . These gilded objects were used by Indian kings as mouthpieces for hookahs. The eclectic designs range from fish to elephants!

Another insight into lavish royal life comes with the pair of  mojris  from around the 19th century. These shoes are made of solid gold and silver, encrusted with rubies and emeralds, and would have been worn for ceremonial occasions!

You may not be able to afford the real thing but upstairs there are some pretty good replicas for sale!

  • Getting there  –  It’s a 5 – 10 minute ride by Tuk Tuk or cab

1.00 pm – Lunch at Old Green Tandoori

Old Green Tandori

Today we’re having lunch at what is something of a Jaipur institution. Green Tandoori situated just opposite Chamelli market is a hub for foreigners re-fueling after browsing the markets and professional stone buyers. They do classic Indian dishes and amazing tandoori’s at bargain prices.

I recommend the Paneer Tikka Tandoori (cheese roasted in spices) chased down by a lassi – a typical Indian milk-based drink. Or, if you are very hungry take a Thali (mixed tray).

The Green Tandoori makes it very easy to access the next options in our itinerary.

  • Cost  – $3 will properly fill you up
  • Getting there  –  It’s a 9-minute walk or you can grab a Tuk Tuk for about 50rps

2.00 pm – Bazaar shopping


From turbans to musical instruments, Jaipur’s bazaars have anything and everything you can imagine on sale! Even if you’re not buying, just taking the vibrant atmosphere in will be a highlight of your Jaipur itinerary!

There are different markets and bazaars scattered across Jaipur each one specializing in something different from textiles, to stones to metal to random bits of crap!

Sireh Deori Bazaar is probably the most famous place to shop while touring Jaipur. It’s just opposite the Hawa Mahal and has a variety of goods, ideal for window shoppers who want to get an idea of what’s on offer! You’ll also find the best camel leather products here.

For a bit of Maharaja bling, head to Johari Bazaar. It’s a bit like an Aladdin’s cave, with heaps of precious stones and glittering metals. Handmade necklaces and any jewelry set with precious stones are the perfect souvenirs to remember your vacation in Jaipur many years after!

You’ll find carpets, dyed fabrics, and brassware at Tripolia Bazaar. There are also rows and rows of the colorful lac bangles that are so iconically worn by Indian women!

Finally, head to Chandpole Bazaar. It continues its long history of selling sculptures made from marble, wood or stone. The marble carvings are particularly gorgeous!

  • Cost  – Pay for what you buy!
  • How long should I stay here?  90 minutes +!
  • Getting there –   Depends on which bazaar you want. Either walk or grab a Tuk Tuk

5.00 pm- Monkey Temple

monkey temple

The Monkey Temple, or Galta Ji Temple, is a temple dedicated to Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god.  Aside from being popular with tourists, the temple complex is still a sacred pilgrimage site for Hindu devotees

There are actually a series of temples to explore here and taking them all on will take you a few hours. It is a must-see in Jaipur in 3 days.

Take a Tuk Tuk to the bottom of the hill. Your driver will wait around if you pay him for his time and this may be the easiest and safest opinion.

Then you walk up the temple and make your way up the winding pathways to the summit. The monkeys are absolutely everywhere, watch your valuables and do not get too close to them as they can become aggressive.

The view from the top is great and it is a great spot from where to take in the sun-set. Bring a torch as making your way down after dark can be a bit tricky.

  • Cost  – Donation for maintenance
  • Getting there  – Hire a Tuk Tuk or cab and ask the driver to wait for you

7.00 pm – Dinner at Arya Niwaz

Dinner at Arya Niwaz

Arya Niwaz is an (expensive) Jaipur hotel that has an excellent, well-priced restaurant that is open to the public. It offers some of the best traditional vegetarian food in Jaipur and the menu format allows you to try multiple options. I recommend the Bindi (Okra) and Aubergine dishes. The salads are also decent and are washed in mineral water.

They don’t allow alcohol to be consumed on the premises but if you sit in the garden nobody is exactly watching you…

  • Cost  – $3 – $5 for a feast
  • Getting there –   Grab a Tuk Tuk. It’s a 10-15 minute ride in evening traffic

Zostel Jaipur

Zostel Jaipur

Zostel Jaipur is the two-time winner of the best hostel in India prize, so you know you’re in good hands here! It’s situated in the city center near the Hawa Mahal. There’s free wifi, air conditioning for humid summers, and regular social events!

  • Free Parking

Jaipur Itinerary Day 3

You may have 3 days in Jaipur, but there’s no need to search high and low wondering what to do in Jaipur next! Our incredible 3-day itinerary in Jaipur rounds up the final Jaipur attractions that will stoke your curiosity and steal your breath. Be sure to bring your best travel camera to record these precious moments!

07:30 am – Amer Fort

Jaipur fort India

The jewel in the crown of Jaipuri tourism is without any doubt the splendid, epic, and captivating Amer Fort and Palace. Located some 20km away from Jaipur city, the fortress is built into the surrounding hills and was once t…

The best way to get here is to hire a Tuk Tuk for half day. He will drive you here, wait for you, can then stop by the Jal Mahal on the return leg and drop you either at your hotel or at our lunch spot.

The Fort itself is big with a number of different sections, It does get busy most days so get here EARLY. A guided tour is a good way to make the most of the fort.

Note that Tuk Tuk drivers will offer to take you textile stops on the way back from Amer Fort. If you are in the market for some, then do consider this but be mindful that they take you to their friends/cousins shop rather than the one that has the best wares. Personally I got an awesome shirt made via this method.

  • How long should I stay here?
  • Getting there –   It’s an hours drive from the centre of Jaipur. Hire a driver for half a day.

12.00 pm – Anokhi Museum of Hand Block Printing

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Block printing is a proper Rajasthani tradition and some of the best block print work in the whole world is still done in Jaipur. If you are visiting Jaipur for the first time then you will certainly notice the blocks and fabrics on sale around you.

The Anokhi Museum is the stunning result of a true labor of love. It was founded by an Indian family and remains a privately-owned, small organization.

Anokhi is dedicated to preserving and promoting the threatened local hand block printing industry, and we think it’s doing a fabulous job.

There’s a small collection of historical textiles that help document the  evolution of hand block printing  in India. The focus, however, is on contemporary hand block printing from the 1960s to the present day.

There’s a rich permanent collection of clothing, raw fabrics and home furnishings that showcases the many varied patterns that these artisans have created in the last 60 years! This is accompanied by a photographic collection and items from the production process.

Learning about the different kinds of dyes (from natural to chemical processes) and tools (including brass and wooden blocks, as well as carving tools) is really an interesting experience to add to your Jaipur itinerary! The Anokhi Museum also hosts various temporary exhibitions. These might explore unique kinds of bedding from a small village or the use of traditional techniques in more contemporary styles of clothing. Don’t miss out!

  • Getting there  –  Its en route back from Amer Fort

1.00 pm – Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal

Rising out of a body of glimmering water, Jal Mahal, or the Water Palace, has to be one of the most serene Jaipur points of interest! It was constructed at the end of the 18th century as a hunting lodge and was later renovated into the elegant palace we see today.

You can stop off here on the way back from Amer Fort and get your photo ops. Now, the Jal Mahal is also particularly beautiful at sunset but unfortunately, the sun doesn’t usually set at midday. Sorry about that bt this itinerary has to run on a schedule!

You’re probably wondering how a palace just “floats” on a lake and that’s a valid question! Firstly, you only see one level of the palace from above ground; below the water are a further four stories! When the palace was built, it wasn’t surrounded by a lake as the area was experiencing a severe drought.

To preserve the palace when the drought passed, the palace’s pink sandstone walls were coated in special lime mortar to prevent water seeping into the monument. Note that access to the Palace is by special request and private tour only.

  • Getting there  –   It’s a 12 minute ride from the block museum

2.30 pm – Late Lunch at Anokhi

coffee cafe in amed

Anokhi is one of my favorite lunch spots in Jaipur. Located near Haveli & Sanjay Marg and set in a peaceful garden environment, they specialize in creating and serving up delicious, healthy, modern fusion foods. Dishes here include semolina pasta and vegetarian sushi. They also have a mega selection of tea, do great coffee, and filling cakes!

Prices are high for Jaipuri standards but don’t trouble most westerner budgets to be honest.

  • Cost – $10 per person
  • Getting there  –  Have your driver drop you here

4.00 pm – Gem Palace

Keeping with the theme of Jaipuri industries next up is a trip to the cities leading gem emporium (or gemporium…)

A veritable treasure trove, the Gem Palace is one of the best places to visit in Jaipur in 3 days! It’s home to both antique and modern jewelry that’s been in hot demand since the mid-19th century. If you’re shopping, be prepared to fork out your money but rest assured that the quality is unbeatable.

The store is owned by the Kasliwal family who first gained fame as court jewelers to the maharajas of India. The skilled jewelers and gem cutters passed their skills down to the present generation who have also brought in Western influences.

  • Cost  – Pay for what you buy
  • Getting there  –  Take a Tuk Tuk or cab

5.30 pm – Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort Jaipur

Nahargarh Fort’s walls are visible from many parts of Jaipur so it would be rude not to visit.

The story goes that while the fort was being built, strange things started happening. Each day the workers would come to work to find the previous day’s work destroyed.

The ruling Maharaja investigated and found that the land was haunted by the spirit of a tiger! To placate the tiger, a shrine to it was built and the fort was named after him: Nahargarh, meaning “abode of the tiger”!

Before you get lost in the wonders of  Nahargarh Fort itself , appreciate the fantastic views of Jaipur and the countryside that the hilltop location affords!

The fort was constructed in 1734 and you can still see the original 1km-long walls. Many of the other original structures have been destroyed. The highlight of the fort is the palace which dates from the late 19th century when it was used by Madho Singh II to keep his favorite concubines away from the disapproval of his officials and wives!

If you enjoy Indian sites with interesting stories, check out our guide to  the most mysterious places in India.

This is a very popular spot for Bollywood, music video & Instagram shoots. I’m not sure the Tiger spirit would approve.

  • Getting there  –  It’s a 12 minute ride

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When deciding when to visit Jaipur, the weather is the most important factor to keep in mind. Summers are incredibly hot, with temperatures reaching as high as 45 °C/113 °F. The added burden of dust and pollution makes summer even more unbearable. If you do visit Jaipur during this time, make sure to choose hotels with air conditioning and to drink lots of water!

Winter (from October to March) is actually the best time to visit Jaipur. The weather is warm and dry during the day but some nights can be very chilly! This is actually peak season so book your accommodation as soon as possible if you’re busy planning a trip to Jaipur.

Between August and September is monsoon season. Rainfall ranges between mild and moderate, and floods are rare. However, it is quite humid during this time. Photographers, though, will find an advantage to going on a Jaipur tour during this time. The monuments are fresh from the recent showers and the colors are more vivid!

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

The only way to get around Jaipur is by motor vehicle. The city is not suitable for walking primarily because of the big distances between attractions. However, aside from this, walking even manageable distances is simply not fun. Pavements are shoddy, traffic fumes punishing and roads dangerous to cross. Personally, I would not ever consider cycling in Jaipur either as the traffic is simply far too dangerous.

Fortunately, Tuk Tuk’s, cabs, and Motor’s (bikes) are plentiful and cheap. Uber operates across the city and is a lot cheaper than hailing transport on the street. If you do hail one from the street, barter very hard.

Planning a trip to Jaipur? Then this is what you need to know!

The weather in Jaipur ranges from punishing heat, damp humidity in monsoon, and gets a bit cool in winter. Packing for India can be a challenge as the environment and weather changes depending on where you are. In the warmer months, pack loose, thin clothes but remember to dress modestly to avoid unwanted attention. This is the mother of all Jaipur travel tips!

Bring a water bottle, hand sanitizer, diarrhea medication, and paracetamol in case Delhi Belly/Gandi’s revenge strikes.

Jaipur isn’t an especially dangerous city but you will need your wits about you. One of the more unusual safety hazards you may encounter on your Jaipur tour is monkeys!  Hold tight to your possessions as they’re notorious for grabbing. Monkey bites can transmit disease so keep your distance. Other than that;

  • Take care when crossing roads.
  • Pickpocketing does happen in crowded areas so be wary.
  • Scams on foreigners are common all across India. There are far too many to list so as a rule, be just a bit wary of everybody.
  • India has a bad reputation for overall sanitation which is semi-justified. Avoid tap water, bring hand sanitizer and only eat hot street food.
  • Women travelers should take extra care. Dress modestly, avoid quiet, dark areas, and do not accept drinks from strangers.

Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance for Jaipur

ALWAYS sort out your backpacker insurance before your trip. There’s plenty to choose from in that department, but a good place to start is Safety Wing .

They offer month-to-month payments, no lock-in contracts, and require absolutely no itineraries: that’s the exact kind of insurance long-term travellers and digital nomads need.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

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Find out what people want to know when planning their Jaipur itinerary.

How many days do you need in Jaipur?

2-3 days are ideal for Jaipur. Any extra days to explore further afield are a bonus!

What should you include on a 3 day Jaipur itinerary?

Jaipur is packed with incredible places to visit. Make sure to include these on your itinerary: – Chandra Mahal – Jantar Mantar – Hawa Mahal – Monkey Temple – Amer Fort

Where should you stay in Jaipur if you have a full itinerary?

Bani Park is the best place to base yourself. It’s a safe residential area close to top city attractions and easy transport connections.

What is the best month to visit Jaipur?

Any month from October-March are ideal for a trip to Jaipur, as the rest of the year sees temperatures soaring. Make sure to book accommodation early though as this is peak season!

Final Thoughts

In Jaipur, you’re never too far from a UNESCO World Heritage Site or a centuries-old tradition. Whether you’re shopping up a storm in the bazaar or ogling the many windows of the Hawa Mahal, our Jaipur itinerary ensures that you’re always in the heart of the city’s rich heritage!

Jaipur’s beautiful monuments mostly remain just as they were when they were built, allowing visitors an intimate glimpse of its illustrious past. Coupled with a handful of intimate museums and tried-and-tested traditional techniques in the bazaars and workshops, this means that Jaipur’s past is as alive as its bustling present.

If tasty Indian sweets, lofty architecture and vibrant colors sound good to you, then Jaipur is definitely for you! The pink city offers a warm welcome to visitors and our Jaipur itinerary lets you dive right into this charming Indian city! Once you’ve decided where to stay in Jaipur, pack your bags using our suggested India packing list !

Made it this far? You get 15% OFF to book a place to stay ! Offer valid exclusively for Broke Backpackers 😉

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Suzanne Borders

Jaipur Itinerary Pinterest Image

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The Perfect 3 Days in Jaipur Itinerary

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This 3 days in Jaipur itinerary is perfect for first-time visitors to the capital city of Rajasthan . From when to visit, how to reach, how to get around to recommended restaurants, suggested shopping markets, and best places to visit in Jaipur – it includes all the information you need while planning a trip to Jaipur .

A trip to India is incomplete without a visit to Jaipur in Rajasthan. It remains one of the top travel destinations in India along with Delhi and Agra . These three Indian cities form a famous tourist circuit called the Golden Triangle .

Bathed in pretty pink (which gives it a sobriquet of Pink City), the Old City of Jaipur is a hustling and bustling city with its jam-packed streets as well as jam-packed attractions. From cultural extravaganza , historic forts, illustrious palaces, magical temples, and open-air astronomical observatories to ancient step-wells, vibrant bazaars, and lip-smacking food – Jaipur ticks all the boxes.

JAIPUR QUICK LINKS Airport Transfer:  Book arrival meet-and-greet plus airport transfer to your hotel in Jaipur at reasonable prices on  Viator . Where to Stay:   Sajjan Niwas  (budget);  Hotel Diggi Palace  (mid-range);  Pearl Palace Heritage Boutique Hotel  (boutique);  Alsisar Haveli  (heritage);  Rambagh Palace  (luxury) Top Rated City Tour:   Full Day City Tour with a Local Guide Top Rated Food Tour:   Jaipur Food & Heritage Walk Top Rated Day Tours:   Taj Mahal Tour ;  Pushkar Day Trip ;  Ranthambore National Park Tour ;  Chand Baori & Bhangarh Fort Ground Transport:  If you are heading to  Bikaner ,  Udaipur ,  Jodhpur , or  Jaisalmer  next, you can easily book train and bus tickets in advance on  12Go .

3-Day Jaipur Itinerary: Outline

Day 1: Amer Fort + Panna Meena ka Kund + Nahargarh Fort + Jaigarh Fort + Jal Mahal + Light and Sound Show (Amber Palace) Day 2: Hawa Mahal + City Palace + Jantar Mantar + Albert Hall Museum + Gaitore ki Chhatriyan + Shopping Day 3: Jawahar Circle and Patrika Gate + Galta ji Temple (Monkey Temple) + Sisodia Rani ka Bagh + Chokhi Dhani

Jaipur Itinerary: How to Spend 3 Days in Jaipur

Our 3-day Jaipur itinerary covers almost all the best things to do in Jaipur. We designed this Jaipur trip itinerary after a lot of research and it made our first trip to Jaipur (Having traveled to Jaipur more times than I can count since that first visit—thanks to its proximity to Delhi—it’s become a familiar outing I cherish deeply) fun and easy. And hope that it helps you too to plan an exciting and unforgettable vacation.

Are 3 days in Jaipur enough? Not at all. However, we think three days in Jaipur are enough to give you a taste of the city.

Anyhow, onto our 3-day itinerary for Jaipur!

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Note: On our first trip to Jaipur, we stayed at Pearl Palace Heritage Boutique Hotel right in the middle of everything. It was easy to get around and quick to pop back whenever we needed a break. Later visits let us check out Alsisar Haveli , Rambagh Palace , and Taj Amer (a bit far from the center) too – each one made our stays extra special in its own way. If it’s your first time in the city, staying central is key — think Bani Park, C Scheme, and MI Road!

Day 1 of 3 Days in Jaipur Itinerary

7 am: breakfast @ the stag rooftop restro, cafe & lounge.

Delicious breakfast served with love while you gasp at the stunning view of the iconic amber fort – what a headstart to your first day in the royal capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur!

You must try their refreshing Green Apple Mojito.

8 am: Amer Fort

amer fort jaipur

Begin your 3-day itinerary for Jaipur with one of the best places to visit in Jaipur, Amer Fort.

Tip: You must get to the fort as early as possible (preferably, as soon as it opens) to beat the crowds and heat and avoid visiting on weekends, at all costs.

Located in the small town of Amer , perched atop a little hill, Amer Fort (aka Amber Palace) looks imposing. You can’t help but fall in love with the pièce de résistance! A UNESCO World Heritage Site for a reason, of course.

It’s a 10-minute hike to get to the entrance of the fort (Suraj Pol). There’s an option to ride an elephant to the fort but we are strongly against animal cruelty and urge you to walk up to the fort.

Let’s promote experiences that are ethical, sustainable, and meet high standards of animal welfare. Shall we?

The view of Maota Lake (located at the foot of the fort) and Mohan Bari , a terraced garden right in its center (popularly known as Kesar Kyari or Saffron Garden ) from Amer Fort is mesmerizing.

You can also check out the underground tunnels that connect Amer Fort to Jaigarh Fort.

Brimming with history and radiating with architectural beauty, Amer Fort is a delight to explore. The must-see attractions within the fort are Suraj Pol , Chand Pol , Jaleb Chowk , Shila Devi Temple , Ganesh Pol , Diwan-e-Aam , Diwan-e-Khas , Sukh Niwas , Suhag Mandir , Sheesh Mahal , and Zenana Mahal .

Note: I strongly recommend hiring a guide who can easily walk you through the main attractions of the fort (it’s huge and with so many hidden alleys, maze-like passages, and secret rooms, it’s easy to get lost) and make you understand the architectural details and rich history (It has an interesting story hidden in every nook and cranny) associated with the fort.

amer fort best forts in jaipur

And you can’t miss climbing The Great Wall Of Amer ! Located right opposite the fort, the wall with its beautiful watchtowers is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Jaipur.

A staircase (over 350 steep stairs) leads you all the way up to Amer Fort Viewpoint. It’s one of the best sunrise and sunset points in Jaipur. Once on the top, you’ll be rewarded with a bird’s eye view of Amer Fort, Amer Town, Jal Mahal, the Aravalli Mountains, and even the city of Jaipur.

Opening Hours: 8 am to 5:30 pm Entry Fee: INR 100 per Indian visitor and INR 500 per foreign visitor

Skip the often-long entrance lines at the Amber Fort and Palace with this prepaid admission ticket that includes a guide too!

10 am: Panna Meena Ka Kund

panna meena ka kund

Just about 800 meters away from Amer Fort is a beautiful ancient stepwell, Panna Meena Ka Kund.

An architectural marvel in its own right, the stepwell is one of the most Instagrammable places in Jaipur. Instagrammers flock here to capture the picturesque perfectly symmetrical stairways.

Opening Hours: 7 am to 6 pm Entrance Fee: Free

11 am: Nahargarh Fort

nahargarh fort jaipur

Strategically perched high on the Aravali Hills, Nahargarh Fort offers one of the most magical views of the city of Jaipur.

The fort itself is utterly beautiful. I particularly loved the doors and windows and the gorgeous rooftop in Madhavendra Bhawan .

The golden light makes the views from the fort even more magical!

nahargarh fort view

Nahargarh Step Well is another architectural beauty you must check out! It became an overnight sensation after being featured in a Bollywood movie called Rand De Basanti.

nahargarh stepwell

Located in the Shastragaar and Vishraamghar sections of the Nahargarh Fort, the Jaipur Wax Museum attracts quite many travelers for its unique concept.

The museum is divided into three sections namely the Hall of Icons, Royal Darbar, and Sheesh Mahal.

Sheesh Mahal is the most beautiful section of all. The wax museum has a separate entrance fee. It costs INR 500 per Indian citizen and INR 700 per foreign citizen.  The museum remains open on all days from 10 am to 6 pm.

Opening Hours: 10 am to 5:30 pm Entrance Fee: INR 50 per Indian citizen and INR 200 per foreign citizen

Nahargarh Fort Skip the Line E-Tickets with Guide (Hotel Transfer Included)

1 pm: Jaigarh Fort

nahargarh jaipur

Purely built for defensive purposes, Jaigarh Fort is architecturally simple and plain.

Ram Harihar Temple , Aram Mandir , Lalit Mandir , Laxmi Vilas , Vilas Mandir , Sagar Chatri , Shubhat Niwas , Khilbat Niwas , Kal Bhairav Temple , Puppet Theater , the museum , the armory , Char Bagh , and Diya Burj (the highest point of the fort) are the major attractions of the fort.

The two high points of the fort are the unobstructed view of Amer Fort, the Aravalli Hills, and Lake Maota, and Jaivana , the world’s largest cannon on the wheels.

jaigarh fort jaipur rajasthan

Opening Hours: 9 am to 4:30 pm Entrance Fee: INR 70 per Indian citizen and INR 150 per foreign citizen Still Camera Charges: INR 50 Video Camera Charges: INR 200

2 pm: Lunch @ Govindam Retreat

Get a real taste of Rajasthani culture, heritage, and royalty at Govindam Retreat. Good Food. Nice Ambiance. Prompt Service. Reasonable Price. Live Traditional Music.

What to try? Rajasthani thali, beetroot halwa, anjeer sharbat, and rajwadi handi.

4 pm: Masala Chai @ Gulab Ji Chai Wale

Located opposite Ganpati Plaza on MI Road, Gulab Ji Chai Wale is an iconic tea stall in Jaipur. It’s a favorite amongst tourists and Jaipur locals.

The humble little tea stall was set up way back in 1946 by the Late Gulab Singh Ji Dheerawat.

Known for its unique masala chai that’s made with pure milk and a pinch of masala, a dash of sugar, and a heap of love, Gulab Ji Chai Wale is also noted for its kindness.

Gulab Ji used to serve free tea and food to around 250 beggars every day and his grandson continued the legacy.

A cup of masala chai that’s been celebrated by famous personalities and celebrities – you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world!

5 pm: Jal Mahal

jal mahal jaipur lake palace

Sitting right in the middle of Man Sagar Lake, Jal Mahal (literally means Water Palace) looks as pretty as a picture.

The palace was used as a hunting lodge for the royals. The palace originally had 5 floors but four of them got submerged in a lake created by the construction of a dam and the one you see from the shores of the lake is the last floor of the palace.

Unfortunately, you can’t witness its beauty up close (how I wish I could) as entry to the palace is prohibited by the state government but can admire it from afar. Boats used to take tourists across the lake, but they were stopped years ago.

6:30 pm: Light & Sound Show (Amber Palace)

amer light and sound show

Conceived by Gulzar and narrated by The Amitabh Bachchan and adorned by soulful music from legendary singers Late Ustad Sultan Khan and Shubha Mudgal, the show takes you back in time when Amer was a flourishing capital of Kachwaha Rajputs.

Show Timings: 6:30 p.m. (English) and 7:30 p.m. (Hindi) from October to February; 7 p.m. (English) and 8 p.m. (Hindi) from March to April; and 7:30 p.m. (English) and 8:30 p.m. (Hindi) from May to September Show Ticket Fee: INR 250

Book Sound & Light Show At Amber Fort Skip the Line Ticket with Hotel Transfer

8 pm: Dinner @ 1135 AD

1135 AD is an amazing place to dine at! We loved everything about it – be it the ambiance, hospitality, food, drinks, location, or the view.

Day 2 of 3 Days in Jaipur Itinerary

8 am: breakfast @ the tattoo cafe & lounge.

The Tattoo Cafe & Lounge is located across the street from Hawa Mahal and offers the best-unobstructed view of the beautiful red and pink sandstone palace.

It gets busy (well, it’s famous among Instagrammers) so early morning is the best time to enjoy the views and click some cool Insta-worthy shots while gorging on a tasty breakfast.

PS: Wind View Cafe is another rooftop cafe that offers the perfect view of Hawa Mahal.

9 am: Hawa Mahal

hawa mahal jaipur palace of winds

Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds) with its impeccable honeycomb architecture is one of the most beautiful places in Jaipur and is a poster child for Jaipur Tourism.

Hawa Mahal was built by Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799 for the royal ladies to witness any celebrations and activities on the street without being seen by outsiders.

A fine blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture, the shape of the palace is inspired by the crown of Lord Krishna as Sawai Pratap Singh was devoted to Krishna.

The 953 latticed windows or jharokhas that allow a cool breeze to flow through the palace to keep it cool used by the royal women gave the palace its name.

Did you know? Hawa Mahal is the tallest building in the world without a foundation.

The photos of the Hawa Mahal that you see on the internet showcase the back facade of the palace. Most travelers witness and photograph the rear facade and leave.

You can discover the palace from the inside if you wish to. The entrance is through the City Palace.

The interiors of the palace are simple and plain as compared to the rich exteriors. However, it’s worth a visit.

Opening Hours: 9 am to 4:30 pm Entrance Fee: INR 10 per Indian citizen and INR 50 per foreign citizen

Book Hawa Mahal Skip the Line E-Tickets with Guide and Hotel Transfer

Note: You can spare some time to shop for souvenirs from Sireh Deori Bazaar after you are done exploring Hawa Mahal. Located opposite Hawa Mahal, it’s one of the best shopping streets in Jaipur. You can find a range of traditional handicrafts in Rajasthan.

10 am: City Palace

city palace jaipur

The City Palace of Jaipur is counted among the main attractions in Jaipur. You can’t miss it when crafting a Jaipur travel itinerary.

Commissioned by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II (founder of Jaipur), the palace (Chandra Mahal) is still home to the royal family of Jaipur.

There are three main gates to the palace – Tripolia Gate, Virendra Pol, and Udai Pol . The royal family uses Tripolia Gate.

The palace complex comprises several courtyards, buildings, pavilions, gardens, and temples.

The most visited attractions of the palace are Mubarak Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Pritam Niwas Chowk, Diwan-e-Aam or Sabha Niwas, Diwan-e-Khas, or Sarvato Bhadra, Maharani Palace, Baggi Khana, and Govind Dev Ji Temple.

Mubarak Mahal has been converted into a museum called Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum that showcases royal costumes. Maharani Palace houses an armory.

Two giant silver urns displayed at Diwan-e-Khas enjoy celebrity status. They are listed as the world’s largest silver objects in the Guinness Book of World Records. There’s an interesting story associated with these huge silver jars. You can read it here .

The Pritam Niwas Chowk is the most beautiful attraction in the palace. It’s an inner courtyard that provides access to the Chandra Mahal. It features 4 exquisitely carved gates – Peacock Gate, Lotus Gate, Green Gate or Leheriya Gate or Waves Gate, and Rose Gate.

lotus gate city palace pritam niwas chowk

Each gate represents a different season and is dedicated to different Hindu deities. The Lotus Gate indicates the summer season and is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the Leheriya Gate represents spring and is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the Rose Gate symbolizes the winter season and is dedicated to Goddess Devi, and last but not least, Peacock Gate signifies the autumn season and is devoted to Lord Vishnu.

rose gate city palace pritam niwas chowk

Chandra Mahal is one of the oldest structures in the palace. It’s not a part of the museum as the royal family resides here. You need to pay separately to visit the mahal.

The beauty, grandeur, and craftmanship of Chandra Mahal are unmatchable! The mahal also affords an incomparable view of the city of Jaipur.

The mahal consists of seven floors – Sukh Niwas aka Hall of Pleasures (first and second floor), Rang Mahal (third floor) Shobha Niwas aka Hall of Beauty (fourth floor), Chhavi Niwas aka Hall of Images aka Blue Room (fifth floor), Shri Niwas aka Hall of Mirrors (sixth floor), and Mukut Mandir aka Crown Temple (seventh floor). Each floor has its own charm and is beautiful and unique in its own way.

Sukh Niwas is a royal dining hall. Rang Mahal showcases mesmerizing mirrorwork while Shibha Niwas is lavishly adorned with emerald, cherry red, and gold-colored stones.

Chhavi Niwas with its vivid blue and white hues is sensationally attractive. Intricate paintings on the walls add to the charm. I’m sure you must have seen its pictures floating on Instagram. If not, here it is!

city palace chandra mahal blue room

The five-colored flag of the royal family of Jaipur remains hoisted on the top of Mukut Mandir. If you see a quarter flag along with the regular flag, it means Maharaja Padmanabh Singh (King of Jaipur) is in residence.

A complete tour of the palace would require about two to three hours. The palace is so so beautiful that it’s a real treat for your eyes, soul, and camera.

Opening Timings: 9:30 am to 7 pm City Palace Entrance Fee: INR 300 per Indian adult; INR 150 per Indian child; INR 700 per foreign adult; and INR 400 per foreign child (for foreign visitors, the price also includes access to Jaigarh Fort and Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan) Museum at Night ticket (gives access to Sculpture Lumière Show, all palace courts, and selected galleries): INR 500 per Indian adult, INR 250 per Indian child, INR 1000 per foreign adult, and INR 500 per foreign child Exclusive access to Chandra Mahal: INR 2000 per Indian adult, INR 1000 per Indian child, INR 2500 per foreign adult, and INR 1500 per foreign child *child aged 5 to 12 years PS: You can now stay in Jaipur City Palace. Yes! The Maharaja of Jaipur has become one of the first royal hosts on Airbnb. He has opened his royal suite (Gudliya Suite) for you to savor the taste of royalty. Book it here for INR 5,69,200 per night.

12 pm: Jantar Mantar

jantar mantar jaipur

Just a few steps away from City Palace is Jantar Mantar, a unique open-air astronomical observatory (which happens to be one of the oldest and the largest astronomical observatories in the world) that has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II (the founder of Jaipur) in 1734 and it houses over 19 astronomical instruments used to observe the position of celestial bodies and calculate the local time of the most famous being Samrat Yantra , the world’s largest stone sundial. Opening Time: 9 am to 4:30 pm Entrance Fee: INR 50 per Indian visitor and INR 200 per foreign visitor

It makes sense to hire a guide to understand the history of the monument and the workings of different astronomical instruments. Alternatively, you can take an audio-guide tour.

Book Jantar Mantar Skip the Line E-Tickets with Guide

Note: Just about 500 m from Jantar Mantar is Tripolia Bazar . The market is famous for its lac bangles . Handcrafted with love by the local artisans, you’d love to wear these gorgeous bangles. The lac bangles are considered auspicious in India.

1 pm: Lunch @ Hawk View Restaurant & Bar

Hawk View Restaurant & Bar is a great choice to recharge yourself. The menu serves up a variety of Indian and international cuisine.

The food is amazing and the flavors are on point. And the prices are reasonable. Live Rajasthani folk dance and music set the perfect ambiance.

And that’s not all! The dining terrace bestows a stunning view of Nahargarh Fort and the city of Jaipur.

2:30 pm: Albert Hall Museum

albert hall museum jaipur

Housed in Ram Niwas Garden, Albert Hall Museum (aka Government Central Museum) was commissioned to celebrate the visit of Albert Edward, the Prince of Wales in 1876 and thus, is named after him.

Built in Indo-Saracenic architecture, the building attracts immediate attention.

The museum holds 16 art galleries, each showcasing unique artifacts from different regions of the world. Opening Hours: 9 am to 8 pm Entrance Fee: INR 40 per Indian tourist and INR 300 per foreign tourist

Book Albert Hall Museum Skip the Line E-Tickets with Guide

3:30 pm: Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan

gaitor ki chhatriyan

A royal crematorium ground for the Kachhwaha rulers, Gaitore Ki Chaatriyan is utterly beautiful. Not many travelers come here and that makes it all the more impressive. You can have the entire place to yourself. So peaceful, quiet, and surreal.

If you love photography and have a penchant for all things beautiful, I can’t recommend this place enough. You must add it to your Jaipur tour itinerary! Opening Hours: 9:30 am to 5 pm Entrance Fee: INR 30 per person

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5 pm: Lassi at Lassiwala

Because you can’t leave Jaipur before you gulp down a traditional glass of lassi at Lassiwala!

6 pm: Shop at Colorful Markets of Jaipur

shopping in jaipur markets

Jaipur is one of the best cities in India for shopping freaks. A visit to its many bazaars overwhelms travelers. Shopaholic or not, you can’t just stop shopping.

Shop till you drop should be your mantra. You’d love to go on a shopping spree especially if you love handicrafts and handlooms.

I instantly fell in love with vibrant and colorful leheriya and bandhani fabric. You must add these ethenic fabrics to your wardrobe.

The hand-embroidered and colorful Rajasthani umbrellas do more than protect you from the sun. Adding this little traditional piece to your home decor can do magic. They instantly brighten up the corners!

And you must pick a piece of the beautiful Indian handicraft of blue pottery for your home. It’s sure to add style to your living room.

Other must-buy handcrafted items in Jaipur include mojris (traditional Rajasthani footwear), lac bangles, handbags, bedsheets, silver jewelry, gemstones, and Meenakari items.

You can choose to do market hopping on your own or can join a shopping tour .

Even if you don’t want to buy anything (the ghost of a chance), wandering around the vibrant and fascinating markets lifts your mood.

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8 pm: Dinner @ Peacock Restaurant at Hotel Pearl Palace

I found Peacock Restaurant amazing. The beautiful open-air patio styled with plants and graced with dim outdoor lighting and live music set the perfect ambiance. The food is excellent and the staff is delightful.

Day 3 of 3 Days in Jaipur Itinerary

8:30 am: breakfast @ on the house.

OTH Cafe is one of the best places in Jaipur to grab a bite and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. From the Mediterranean to Italian to Indian to English – their menu boasts a huge variety of food. We particularly loved their salted caramel affogato and Nutella cheesecake.

9:30 am: Jawahar Circle and Patrika Gate

patrika gate jaipur jawahar circle garden

Located about 30 minutes outside of the city center, Patrika Gate serves as an entrance to the biggest circular park in Asia , Jawahar Circle Garden.

Built on the principles of Vastu Shastra, the walled city of Jaipur had seven gates viz. Dhruv Pol (Jorawar Singh Gate), Suraj Pol, Chand Pol, Kishan Pol (Ajmeri Gate), Shiv Pol (Sanganeri Gate), Ram Pol (Ghat Gate), and Samrat Gate. The Naya Pol (New Gate) is said to have been built in the 1940s by Maharajah Sawai Man Singh II which became the eighth gate.

Patrika Gate, the ninth gate of Jaipur is the newest addition to the gates of the pink city. Opened to the public in 2020, Patrika Gate was built by a local newspaper and media company, Rajasthan Patrika in collaboration with Jaipur Development Authority.

Number 9, an auspicious number as per Hindu astrology, is considered the soul of Patrika Gate. The architectural features of the structure bring together the importance of the number 9, for example, the gate has 9 pavilions each 9 feet wide.

A beautiful piece of architecture, Patrika Gate holds a spellbinding beauty. Intricate details and vibrant pastels make it a photographer’s delight. It’s simply beauty personified.

If you’ve time, you can come back at night for the musical fountain show in Jawahar Circle Park every evening at 7 pm. Opening Hours: The Patrika Gate is open to the public 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Entrance Fee: There is no entry fee! It’s free.

11:30 am: Galta Ji Temple (Monkey Temple)

galta ji temple jaipur monkey temple

Located a little less than 11 km from the center of Jaipur, Galta Ji Temple is a famous ancient Hindu sacred pilgrimage site.

It was built by Diwan Rao Kriparam way back in the 15th century and was named after Saint Galtav did penance here.

There is a string of temples carved into a narrow crevice of a mountain pass in the Aravalli hills – temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman, Lord Rama (Shri Sitaram Ji Temple), Lord Krishna (Shri Gyan Gopal Ji Temple), Lord Surya (Sun Temple), Lord Balaji, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Brahma.

There are 7 holy kunds (ponds, water tanks, or reservoirs) filled by a natural freshwater spring in Galta Ji, out of which the holiest one is Galta Kund. Legend has it that this pond never runs dry.

As per Hindu belief, bathing in the sacred pond especially on Kartik Purnima (when it is believed that the holy trinity of Hinduism viz. Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, and Lord Shiva visit Galtaji) and Makar Sankranti absolves them of sin and speeds them to nirvana after death.

The location (enveloped by hills and lush greens) and the temple complex itself are mesmerizing. Carved out of pink sandstone, the walls and ceilings of the temple are magnificently adorned with carvings and murals depicting Hindu mythology and it looks no less than a royal palace.

Galta Ji Temple is not only famous for its architecture and history but also known for its troop of monkeys (the reason it’s also called the Monkey Temple.) They are pretty harmless unless you provoke them.

I seriously suggest you not offer any food items to the monkeys and don’t get too close to them just for the sake of a photograph. It can be risky.

You can reach Galtaji either by foot or by a rental car, cab, taxi, or autorickshaw. The hike up to Galta Ji Temple from Galta Gate takes around an hour or so but is packed with a lot of monkeys.

This route passes via Sun Temple or Surya Temple which sits atop a 200-meter hill and provides a stunning vantage point to breathe in the beauty of sunrise and sunset over the city.

I’d say it’s better to drive to the main entrance gate of the temple (Galwar Bagh Gate) and maybe climb up to the Surya Temple to enjoy the view over the city skyline. Opening Hours: 5 am to 9 pm Entrance Fee: Free

Join a Sunrise Trek in Galta Ji Temple

1:30 pm: Sisodia Rani ka Bagh

sisodia rani ka bagh

A heritage palace garden, Sisodia Rani ka Bagh or Sisodia Garden was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh as a peaceful retreat to break free from the mundane routine of his beloved second wife, the princess of Udaipur , Sisodia Rani. The garden celebrates his eternal love and affection for his queen.

Inspired by Mughal Gardens ( Charbagh ), Sisodia Garden features a queen’s palace, pavilions, shrines, fountains, and a natural spring. The murals on the walls and pillars depict the eternal love of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. Opening Timings: 8 am to 5 pm Entrance Fee: INR 50 per Indian visitor and INR 200 per foreign visitor

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2:30 pm: Lunch @ Suvarna Mahal

Dine at Suvarna Mahal (Golden Palace) for the most authentic and royal experience.

The restaurant sits on top when it comes to the best places to eat in Jaipur and of course for a reason.

The decor that narrates the history, the ambiance that exudes royalty, the service that charms visitors, the staff that wins hearts, and the food (served in gold-plated tableware) that wins tummy 😉 – Suvarna Mahal comes heavily recommended.

 Such a beautiful experience that you are sure to come back another time.

5:30 pm: Experience Rajasthani Culture at Chokhi Dhani

chokhi dhani jaipur

It makes sense to end your trip to Jaipur with a unique traditional Rajasthani experience. Isn’t it?

About 20 km from the city center lies a mock village called Chokhi Dhani. It’s a perfect place to get up close and personal with rural Rajasthani life. The name literally translates to Rajasthani Culture.

The place showcases historical plays, temples, camel and bullock cart rides, traditional folk music and dance performances, interesting games, puppet shows, magic shows, shopping stalls by local artisans, and serves authentic Rajasthani food (there are about 8 dining options to choose from.)

It’s a great place for kids to have fun and for you to dive deep into Indian culture and heritage . Opening Hours: 5 pm to 11 pm Entrance Fee: INR 750 to INR 1200 per adult and INR 450 to INR 800 (depending upon the chosen dining option)

Book a Half-Day City Tour of Chokhi Dhani Ethnic Village from Jaipur

Note: If you’ve another day to spend in Jaipur, I’d strongly recommend taking a day trip to Chand Baori and Bhangarh Fort .

We hope our 3 days in Jaipur itinerary helps you plan a great trip to Jaipur. You can cover all the main highlights of the pink city in 3 days but if you want to explore other beautiful places in Jaipur like Birla Mandir, Amrapali Museum, Anokhi Museum, Museum of Legacies, and around Jaipur like Chand Baori Stepwell and Bhangarh Fort, you need to include another day or two. If you have any questions about this itinerary for Jaipur, give us a shout!

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2 thoughts on “The Perfect 3 Days in Jaipur Itinerary”

Thanks Anjali, it is really an awesome post. Helped me planning short trip for my friend who is visiting india for short days 🙂

Thanks for the words of appreciation, Kavita 🙂 Here’s hoping your friend enjoys the trip!

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3 Days in Jaipur: A Detailed Jaipur Itinerary

Jaipur itinerary

Table of Contents

This post may contain affiliate links to things like tours, hotels, Amazon associates and products. These help me earn a small commission at no additional charge to you.

Jaipur, also known as the Pink City, is a must while in India. With plenty to see and do, I’d recommend spending 3 days in Jaipur at a minimum. It’s one of the best places for solo female travel in India as it’s fairly safe with lots of hostels. I can’t wait to share my Jaipur itinerary to help you plan the perfect trip! Before you get too excited, it’s worth noting that the Pink City isn’t entirely pink. Along with the Blue City of Jodhpur, the White City of Udaipur and the Golden City of Jaisalmer, it’s one of India ‘s famous colourful cities. There are a few pink buildings, including the oh-so-Instagrammable Hawa Mahal, but don’t expect to find the whole city washed in bright pink paint.

JAIPUR ESSENTIALS India Lonely Planet Accommodation: Booking.com / Hostelworld Activities: GetYourGuide Getting there: flight ( Skyscanner ) / bus / train ( 12Go ) Travel insurance:   True Traveller  (European travellers) /   Hey Mundo  (other nationalities) /   Safety Wing  (digital nomads)

Jaipur travel itinerary

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There are a few theories as to why Jaipur is called The Pink City. Many say it was to welcome the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria in the late 1800s because pink was traditionally a colour of hospitality. I’ve also heard a more simple explanation: that it was built using terracotta stone from the surrounding region.

How to get to Jaipur

Trains and buses run between Jaipur and other towns and cities in India. If you wish to take buses around India (which can be booked the day before unlike the trains which get booked up in advance) check out 12Go Asia . Jaipur has an international airport. I use Skyscanner to find flights and search by month to find the best value deals.

Nahargarh Fort Jaipur itinerary

3 days in Jaipur itinerary

Jaipur is a fascinating city to spend 3 days because of its rich history and decadent palaces. It was actually India’s first planned city, all designed in the shape of a mandala by Jai Singh II, the ruler of Amer state at the time. While it’s undeniably well designed, Jaipur isn’t the most accessible city today. I really loved the mesmerising palaces and ancient forts during my 3 days in Jaipur but I found the city as a whole to be hectic and not walkable. I ended up taking taxis between the sights and I felt I missed the heart of modern Jaipur.

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For that reason, it wasn’t my favourite place in the whole world. But that’s okay! The sights I saw were stunning and it’s well worth visiting during your India trip. Let’s get stuck into my three day Jaipur itinerary…

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Day 1 – forts, step wells and a floating palace

Amer Fort Jaipur itinerary

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I always like to see a city’s main highlights straight away so I can move onto hidden gems and quirky corners if there’s time. With 3 days in Jaipur, I planned to squeeze way more into my first day than I actually did. This was partly because of an insane tuk-tuk driver who I’d hired to take me on a day tour was 500 rupees. He messed me around, trying to add other people to the ride, changing me to a friend’s cab (I think he got a better offer?) and eventually leaving me on the side of the road. He said a situation had come up and he had to go home, but then, 20 minutes later, was calling me saying he wanted to re-start the tour. By this point, I was having none of it! I wasted a lot of time during the whole saga, and it was also overwhelmingly hot during April. Instead, of squeezing too much into day one, I moved at my leisure…

Morning – Amer Fort

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

The first place I explored during my 3 days in Jaipur was Amer Fort . This trip to the was my second visit. I visited with my friend Hannah in 2015 and we were captivated by the decadent palace made from sandstone and marble. I was excited to go back and see it again, especially with an actual camera rather than my iPhone5 of four years ago.

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Vegetable dies at Amer Fort Jaipur

This spectacular palace complex is entirely protected by the third-largest wall in the world. To me, it looks like a mini Great Wall of China. Guards would have stood at each checkpoint, protecting the royals and looking out for potential invaders. There was a structure on the site from the year 967, but the Palace wasn’t built until the 16th century. It was then continually improved upon during the upcoming decades. Judging by the architecture and mind-blowing details, I’m not surprised it took hundreds of years to perfect. It really is a work of art!

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

The best bits to see at Amer Fort are the Palace of Mirrors (Sheesh Mahal) and the secret peepholes that look down over the first courtyard. These were used by the women of the palace to view the courtyard without being seen themselves. There’s so much to see at Amer Fort and I’d really recommend hiring a guide to navigate it all. If you tour it solo, you won’t really glean any of the history. Many of the guides charge 300 rupees but, as mine was a guide in training, he only asked for 100.

Panna Meena ka Kund (Step Well)

Panna Meena ka Kund Jaipur

There’s a cool hidden gem near Amer Fort that many tourists miss. If you’re coming to the Palace during your 3 days in Jaip ur, you may as well take an extra 15 minutes to find the site locally known as Panna Meena ka Kund . Such step wells were once prevalent in Rajasthan, used by locals to collect water during dry months. They were designed so that people could fill up regardless of how full the pool was, taking the steps down to the surface. They became a social place to sit, wash, chat and conduct daily life. There aren’t so many of them around these days, so take this chance to see one! You can follow Google Maps down from the back of the Amber Palace to the step well , although there’s also a shortcut that any local can point you in the way of.

Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort

Okay, an honest opinion here – Nahargarh wasn’t the highlight of my Jaipur itinerary. Why am I mentioning it anyway? It offers the best panoramic view of the city. If you’ve had your fort fix for the day, maybe skip Nahargarh. But history lovers and photographers spending 3 days in Jaipur should swing by. From the city centre, it’s a bit of a drive but from Amber Fort it’s just 20-minutes by road. You’ll then pass by Jal Mahal (the Water Palace) on the way home. If you start your day a little later, Nahargarh is an excellent place to see sunset .

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Entrance to Nahargarh Fort is 200 rupees and you’ll want to stay an hour or so.

Jal Mahal Jaipur itinerary

Known as the Water Palace (I wonder why?), Jal Mahal is a pretty place to stop for photos. Since it’s been leaking for several decades, you can’t go inside. There’s not much to explore or ‘do’ here but it’s a very scenic and peaceful place. The waters of the man-made lake are calm; flowers and green bushes nicely frame the Palace, and birds flit across the clear sky. It’s a free stop en route between the forts and the city, so you’ve no reason not to check it out.

jal mahal water palace

Jal Mahal is nice any time of day – sunrise, sunset, daytime or at night. Visit either on the way to the forts or on the journey back home. Perfect for any day of your 72 hour Jaipur itinerary.

Day 2 – the Pink City!

The first day of this 3 day Jaipur itinerary will hopefully let you enjoy some of the best bits without tackling the busy city centre. On my second day in Jaipur, I headed to some of the city centre spots I missed during my 2015 trip.

Hawa Mahal Jaipur

For me, the most fascinating place is all of Jaipur was Hawa Mahal. Let’s face it, the (sometimes harrowing) lives of women are often the most relevant for female travellers to learn about. Hawa Mahal is a place that you can engage with as much as you desire. Many people see it from the ground, snap some Instagrammable shots and leave, unaware of its history and bizarre purpose. If you’re interested, I’d recommend you…

See it from the inside

While the most impressive view of Hawa Mahal is free from the front, I’m happy I paid the 200 rupees to go inside. I also paid another 100 for an audio guide, something that I’d recommend as there’s lot to learn here.


Hawa Mahal was built, not for aesthetics, but as a place for women to reside, unseen. During the 1700s when the palace was built, it was not the done thing for women to see seen in public without their husbands. This practice was called purdah and still exists in some Muslim and Hindu societies. Many women wore veils or even avoided going outside at all. While the working class couldn’t avoid being seen, the elite had the time and money to build decadent palaces to hide women away. Hawa Maha was exactly that. Inside Hawa Mahal, you can look through the same multi-coloured windows that the women of the palace would have done. These were cleverly designed so that those inside could see out, but those outside could not see in. Performance and ceremonies would have been held on the streets for them to watch, while they lived in total luxury inside. I don’t think these women would have been treated badly but they’d certainly had had no freedom nor choice.

The City Palace

Lotus Gate City Palace Jaipur

Another must-visit during 3 days in Jaipur is the City Palace. I have to admit I have mixed feelings about this place because it was so expensive to get in, 700 rupees. Outrageous! There’s not actually that much to see and do inside. You can opt to pay an additional 3,000 rupees to go inside some other parts of the palace which is just ridiculous, although I think a lot of (richer) bloggers and Instagrammers do it.

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I was only there about an hour and much preferred Hawa Mahal, though I can’t deny the facades and gates were stunning. The Lotus, Rose, Peacock and Wave gates dedicated to Vishnu, Shiva, Devi and Ganesha are so beautiful and detailed; a real work of art.

Peacock Gate City Palace Jaipur

I’d have been disappointed to not see the City Palace so I’m glad I went, but I just feel it was a rip off for what you get. I guess they know we all want our photo memories!

Albert Hall Museum

I didn’t make it to Albert Hall Museum but it would may be worth adding to your Jaipur itinerary if you have time. It was originally built as a concert hall, based on the architecture of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Nowadays it’s full of relics including pottery, paintings, armour and jewellery.

Evening – a very decadent cinema!

Raj Mandir cinema

Whichever evening of your trip you visit, make sure you don’t miss Raj Mandir Cinema . It’s not just a cinema but a tourist attraction that locals and tourists flock to. The highlight was the decadent interior because I couldn’t actually understand the Hindi film playing, plus the only drink they sold was Mountain Dew…

Day 3 in Jaipur

By my third day in Jaipur, I was feeling hot and tired from all the sightseeing and burning April temperatures. This was my least busy day, but I did squeeze in a productive morning photoshoot. If you’ve got time for a 3 day Jaipur itinerary, consider this for the final day…

Patrika Gate

Patrika Gate Jaipur

There are countless gates in Jaipur and Patrika Gate is just one of them. It’s a little out of town, towards the airport. You don’t need to spend long looking around, meaning the drive there and back will be the most time-consuming part. I’d say it’s worth it especially if you like taking colourful photos. The vibrant columns and pillars are really something else. It’s easy to find on the side of the main road with parking so your tuk-tuk/taxi/scooter driver can wait. Entrance is free and you should factor 30 minutes for looking around and taking photos.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Have an indulgent last afternoon

After a solid 2 and a half days of culture, photos and journies, I was exhausted. I finished my 3 days in Jaipur with a leisurely lunch at Curious Life Coffee Roasters and felt no shame. The brunches here are like any at home but a fraction of the price, and the coffee was hands-down the best I’ve had in India. Also, the aircon was just what I needed due to the scorching temperatures outside.

Pancakes at Curious Life Coffee Roasters

The one thing I feel I missed during my 3 days in Jaipur was the shopping and colourful local markets. So if you have the energy, head to the city centre and haggle hard during your final afternoon.

Where to stay in Jaipur

During my Jaipur itinerary, I stayed in The Hosteller in Jaipur which I can recommend it as a good base. There aren’t many nearby attractions but, as Jaipur doesn’t have an obvious city centre and you usually travel by vehicle anyway, this didn’t really matter. The dorm rooms are basic and could probably use an update, but the rooftop terrace is great. From up here, you get a great view of Jaipur as you lounge on comfy sofas, cushions and even a swing! Book on Hostelworld – dorms from £4 ad privates from £20 .

The Hosteller rooftop hostel

The food at The Hosteller was very good, and there’s also an icy-cold lounge room where I worked on my laptop. They hold chai masala-making workshops each day and other events including movie nights. Like most hostels in India, they run daily tours but I never experienced enough people signing up for them to run. But with just 3 days in Jaipur and set ideas of what I wanted to squeeze in, I was happy to do the sightseeing myself.

Hotel – Khandela Haveli

I recently return to Jaipur and stayed at the lovely Khandela Haveli hotel with a swimming pool and rooftop restaurant located on a quiet street away from the hustle and bustle. It was a lovely, relaxing base to explore the city from. Book from £31 a night .

Browse Jaipur accommodation on Booking.com and Hostelworld .

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Thanks for reading my 3 day Jaipur itinerary!

See you next time for more adventures,

For more travel content, follow me on Instagram , Facebook , Twitter and YouTube .

Ps. Liked my guide to spending 3 days in Jaipur? Pin it for later!

city itinerary jaipur India

VISITING INDIA?  These are my trusted resources: Getting around by air – it’s easy to get between cities by flight. I use Skyscanner and search by whole month to find the best value dates. Buses – buses are comfy and efficient. Use 12Go to book . Trains – these are a good option for long journeys because you have a bed rather than a seat. Use 12Go to book . For hotels , I use Booking.com – they also have self-catering apartments. You can filter by review score and price to find the best-rated budget places. For hostels, I use Hostelworld . Browse tours and activities on GetYourGuide . I also check Viator and Klook in case they have a better price. For food tours with passionate local chefs and foodies, check out EatWith . Pack the latest copy of India Lonely Planet . Need travel insurance ? I use True Traveller (for UK & Europe residents) since it’s affordable but covers everything you’d need including various activities, valuables and pre-existing conditions. Unlike some companies, they insure you if you’re already travelling / don’t yet have your flight home booked. Get a quote . For travel insurance for other nationalities, I recommend Hey Mundo and for long-term digital nomad travellers, I suggest Safety Wing . Check out my resources page for more travel discounts and tips!

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Rose is a solo traveller from the UK who has been on the road since 2015. She wants to show other women that solo travel isn't scary and doesn't have to be expensive! Rose has lived in Mexico, Canada and all over Asia, seeking out food, bubble tea and street art wherever she goes!

1 thoughts on “ 3 Days in Jaipur: A Detailed Jaipur Itinerary ”

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Jaipur is the best spot to see in Rajasthan. I loved lots of forts and old palaces there. I always loved living in this city. I miss this city very badly.

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Kingdom of Travelers

2 Days in Jaipur: The Ultimate Jaipur Itinerary.

2 Days in Jaipur: The Ultimate Jaipur Itinerary.

' data-src=

Travelling through India and looking for the perfect 2-day itinerary for Jaipur? With this 2-day Jaipur itinerary,  I’ll take you on a fascinating journey of ancient forts, majestic Palaces, and fascinating bazaars of ‘Pink City.

Jaipur is one of the best cities in India, located in the heart of Rajasthan, India. It’s a popular tourist destination with something to offer everyone, from history lovers to culture explorers to foodies.

Jaipur city and mountain view from Amer fort. 2 Days Jaipur Itinerary

During your journey, You’ll explore historical landmarks such as the impressive Amer Fort, sitting proudly atop a hill. The stunning Hawa Mahal, where the royal ladies once enjoyed the view of the bustling streets.

You’ll also explore the impressive City Palace, where you can marvel at the luxurious Halls, lovely courtyards, and priceless antiques that display the Maharajas’ luxury. 

You’ll also stroll through bustling bazaars where the air is filled with the aroma of spices, colourful clothes and sparkling gemstones to capture your attention. 

When you feel hungry, satisfy your taste buds with the delicious Rajasthani food, from the excellent dal baati churma to the spicy flavours of pyaaz ki kachori and the sweetness of ghewar.

Consider this 2 day Jaipur itinerary your best guide to the perfect trip to Jaipur. From top Jaipur attractions, the best place to stay, where to eat, interactive map and everything else in between, You will find in this 2 Jaipur Itinerary.  

Table of Contents

Are 2 Days in Jaipur Enough? 

You might be wondering if two days are enough to fully immerse yourself in Jaipur’s charm. Well, in truth, 2 days are definitely enough to cover the city’s main attractions, including the Amber Fort, the Hawa Mahal, the City Palace, Jaigarh Fort and the Jantar Mantar.

You can also take the time to explore local markets, experience the vibrant local life, and enjoy delicious Rajasthani cuisine. But if you want to explore the city in more depth, or if you want to take some day trips, you might want to consider staying for longer.

Things to do in Jaipur                     

Day 1 of jaipur itinerary.

Amer fort photo from outside.

Amer Fort, also known as Amber Fort, is a beautiful and historic fort located 10 km from Jaipur centre. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jaipur, and for good reason.

The fort is situated on a hilltop and provides breathtaking views of the surrounding area. You’ll discover a variety of attractions within the fort, including palaces, temples, gardens, and courtyards.

A beautifully decorated door Ganesh Pool Inside the Amer fort. 2 days Jaipur Itinerary.

Amer Fort is a fusion of Hindu and Muslim architectural styles, and this you will find in its many features. For example, the Ganesh Pol, the main entrance gate, is a beautiful example of Hindu architecture, while the Sheesh Mahal, a chamber adorned with thousands of mirrors, is a masterpiece of Muslim architecture.

Beautifully dresses Elephant in Amer fort.

You have three ways to reach the fort entrance: walking, taking a vintage jeep, or riding an elephant. However, it is important to note that there have been concerns raised about the treatment of elephants by their caregivers during such rides.

Visiting Amer Fort is a must in Jaipur, as a trip to the city would be incomplete without it.

Note :- To make the most of your visit and avoid crowds, plan to arrive at Amer Fort early in the morning, around 8 a.m.

Timing : 8 Am to 5:30 Pm. (every day)

Visiting Duration : 2 Hours.

Next attraction :- 1 km, 6 minutes by car or tuk-tuk, and 15 minutes by walk.

Panna Meena Ka Kund

Stairs of panna Meena ka Kund In Jaipur.

Panna Meena ka Kund is a stunning stepwell situated near the Amer Fort. This stepwell is believed to have been constructed in the 16th century and features a symmetrical structure leading down to a pool of water.

The centuries-old stepwell is a stunning example of ancient water management innovation. Once you descend to the bottom, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the impressive symmetrical patterns of the steps, creating a mesmerizing visual effect.

As you explore its depths, you’ll quickly realize that these steps are a true work of art. Carved stone motifs, intricate patterns, and niches that once held oil lamps. All these contribute to the stepwell’s undeniable charm.

Panna Meena ka Kund isn’t just historically significant; it also serves as an ideal spot for you to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

It offers you a peaceful and tranquil environment, making it the perfect place for you to relax and take a break from the urban rush .

Timing : 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm

Visiting Duration : 30 Minutes.

Next attraction : 8 km, 18 minutes by car or tuk-tuk and 44 minutes by walk.

Jaigadh Fort

Way to reach Jaigarh fort top.

The Jaigarh Fort stands tall on the Aravalli Hills, 500 feet above sea level and 400 meters from Amer Fort, as a symbol of power.

Built in 1726 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh to protect the Amer Fort and the Maharaja family during wartime, Jaigarh Fort showcases an ideal blend of Mughal and Rajput architectural styles.

Canon on wheel at Jaigadh Fort.

One of the main highlights of Jaigarh Fort is the “Jaivana Cannon,” the world’s largest wheeled cannon. As you make your way to the cannon area, you’ll be amazed by its huge size. Standing tall at 20 feet and weighing around 50 tons.

When you climb to the highest point of the fort, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. As you make your way from the cannon area to the viewpoint, you will be able to see the whole city of Jaipur and the gorgeous Aravalli hills.

Timing : 9:00 Am 6:00 Pm.

Visiting Duration : 1:30 Hour.

Next attraction : 8 km, 20 minutes by car or tuk tuk and 1:30 hours by walk.

Jal Mahal situared in the middle of Manasarover lake.

Jal Mahal, also known as the “Water Palace,” is a five-story palace located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake. It is a remarkable architectural masterpiece that was built in 1699.

The structure was built as a summer retreat for the royal family of Jaipur and served as Maharaja Jai Singh II’s duck-hunting party lodge.

The palace offers you breathtaking views of the surrounding lake and the Aravalli Hills in the distance. Unfortunately, tourists are not permitted to enter the palace. However, it’s a fantastic spot for you to take a break and capture some beautiful photographs.

The first landmark I observed from my bus window after entering the city was the Jal Mahal.

Timing :- 24 Hours.

Next attraction :- 13 km, 30 minutes by car or tuk-tuk.

Galtaji Temple

Temple entrance inside the Galtaji Temple. 2 Days Jaipur Itinerary.

Galtaji Temple is a hidden gem of Jaipur, The temple is situated amidst the Aravalli hills at a distance of 10 km from Jaipur city. The temple complex is devoted to Lord Hanuman, the monkey god. And there you will also find other temples dedicated to gods like Krishna, Rama, and Surya.

This incredible Temple is widely known as the Monkey Temple because the temple complex is home to many monkeys. These Monkeys are an integral part of the Galtaji experience.

Monkeys in Galtaji Temple

Don’t be surprised if you find them everywhere and curiously observing visitors. Just remember to keep your belongings secure and maintain a safe distance.

As you enter the temple complex, you’ll be welcomed by an impressive sight: a collection of small temples and structures between rocky hills. And you will feel a sense of calmness and peace.

Tourist are climbing on the stairs of Galtaji Temple to Reach at the top.

While exploring the temple as part of your 2 day Jaipur itinerary, you’ll come across various sacred pools or “kunds,” believed to have healing qualities. The most famous is the “Galta Kund,” a holy water tank that never went dry.

You will see devotees offering prayer, and taking holy baths in kund to seek blessing. 

During my visit, the most unusual thing was a lot of monkeys around the temple, because I had never seen so many monkeys together in one place before. 

Timing : 5:00 Am 9:00 Pm

Visiting Duration :- 1 Hour.

Day 2 of Jaipur Itinerary

Patrika Gate

Beautifully decorated Patrika Gate in Jaipur is One of the best things to do.

Patrika Gate is one of the most beautiful gates to visit in Jaipur. Situated on Jawahar Circle, this gate is a relatively new addition to Jaipur, having been built in 2016. To me, Patrika Gate isn’t your ordinary monument; it’s a visual masterpiece that will truly amaze you.

As you walk through its grand gateway, you’ll be surrounded by brilliant colours and fascinating designs. At every turn, I was mesmerized by stunning artwork that tells captivating stories of Jaipur.

The iconic Hawa Mahal and the majestic Amer Fort are brilliantly represented in the breathtaking murals that adorn this place. The Patrik Gate evokes a deep sense of appreciation within me.

At every corner, you’ll discover a new photo opportunity. And with each step, you’ll experience the beauty and diversity of Rajasthan in a new and exciting way. 

Timing : 24 Hours.

Next Destination : 12 km, 25 minutes by car or tuk-tuk.

Hawa Mahal 

Hawa Mahal.

The Hawa Mahal is another magnificent palace and one of the best things to do on this 2-day Jaipur itinerary. This beautifully designed, crown-shaped structure was constructed in 1799.

The structure is made of red and pink sandstone and is a masterpiece, blending Rajput and Mughal architectural styles.

Hawa Mahal has 953 windows, and each one is carefully crafted with beautiful designs and decorations.

The reason behind the windows was to give royal women the possibility to observe city life and festival celebrations. Women weren’t allowed to go out and be seen in public in those times.

Hawa Mahal window Photo.

I never went inside the Hawa Mahal since most tourists prefer to photograph from outside.

Sometimes it’s challenging to take a good photograph, as this area is crowded with tourists, locals, and shopkeepers. But you can take amazing photographs from rooftop cafes in front of Hawa Mahal.

I recommend you go early in the morning before the street gets crowded.

Timing : 9:00 Am 5:00 Pm ( Last entry 4:30 Pm)

Visiting Duration : 1 Hour.

Next attraction : 2 km, 5 minutes by car or tuk-tuk and 10 minutes by walk.

Jantar Mantar

Tourist are listening to their guide and observing Jantar Mantar Instruments in Jaipur.

Jantar Mantar, meaning “instrument for calculation,” stands as an outstanding UNESCO World Heritage monument in Jaipur. This magnificent site, was established in the 18th century by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh.

Astronomical instrument in Jantar Mantar Jaipur.

As you explore this vast complex, you will encounter incredible architectural and astronomical instruments. These meticulously crafted stone and marble devices were designed to observe celestial phenomena, accurately measure time, and even predict astronomical events.

You’ll be amazed to witness the world’s largest sundial, which can tell time with remarkable precision. I highly recommend you hire a guide to help you understand how these instruments work. Also, the incredible craftsmanship that went into their construction.

This experience will truly deepen your appreciation for the rich history of science and astronomy in India.

Largest Sundail in the world inside Jantar Mantar Jaipur.

Timing : 9 Am to 6Pm( Last Entry 5:30 Pm)

Next attraction :- 1 minute by walk.

City Palace

City Place wall Photo. 2 days in Jaipur Itinerary.

The City Palace in Jaipur is a spectacular complex of palaces, gardens, and temples that was once the home of the Maharajas of Jaipur.

The palace was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the inventor of Jaipur, and is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.

As you enter the city palace, explore the palace’s magnificent rooms and galleries. Admire the colourful paintings, sparkling mirrors, and elaborate carvings that cover the walls. 

world Largest Silver Jar in Jaipur City Palace.

Inside the palace, you will find Chandra Mahal, the current residence of the royal family. Diwan-i-Khas, the Hall of Private Audience, where the king used to hold important meetings.

Within the Diwan-i-Khas, you’ll find stunning pillars and two huge silver pots. Which are believed to be the world’s biggest silver antiques.

Beautifully decorated door Inside City Palace of jaipur.

Don’t forget to visit the Mubarak Mahal, the palace’s reception hall that is now a museum. You’ll discover a wonderful collection of royal clothes, weapons, documents, and artworks here. So Exploring the City Palace is a must-do during your 2 days in Jaipur itinerary.

Timing :-9:30 5 Pm5Pm ( Last entry 4:30 Pm)

Next attraction : Johri Bazar is 1.2 km, 5 minutes by car or tuk-tuk and 16 minutes by walk.

Jaipur Bazaar

People are shopping in Jaipur Bazar.

The bazaars in Jaipur provide a unique and delightful shopping experience, which makes them a must-see for travellers. 

As you stroll through the bustling lanes, You’ll find yourself surrounded by beautiful textiles, handcrafted items, and shining jewellery.

Turban for sale in  Jaipur Bazaar.

Johri Bazar :-One of the must-visit bazaars is Johri Bazar, a paradise for jewellery lovers. Here, you’ll discover a dazzling collection of precious gemstones, intricately designed gold and silver ornaments, and breathtaking Kundan and Meenakari work.

Bapu Bazar and Nehru Bazar :- Visit Bapu Bazar and Nehru Bazar if textiles and fabrics catch your interest. These vibrant marketplaces are filled with colourful fabrics, embroidered textiles, block-printed clothing, and traditional Rajasthani clothes. 

Kishanpol Bazar :- Another famous Bazar is Kishanpol Bazar, As you explore the bazaar you will Inhale the fragrant aroma of spices and listen to the rhythmic beating of metalwork.

This bazaar is renowned for its vibrant spices, as well as copper utensils, brassware, and traditional metal handicrafts.

Puppet in Jaipur Bazar

Local shopkeepers will welcome you with great hospitality and a Friendly smile that will make the experience even more memorable.

Timing :- 10:00 Am to 10:00 Pm.

Rajasthani Thali

Rajasthani Thali image.

Ready to enjoy some authentic local food? Jaipur has lots of famous dishes to try, like Pyaj Kachori, Gatte ki Sabzi, Dal Bati Churma, and Laal Maas. However, one culinary experience you simply cannot miss is the Rajasthani Thali.

A Thali is a delightful combination of various dishes, including cooked vegetables, lentils, rice, Indian bread, yoghurt, salad, pickles, and chutney. A Rajasthani Thali is a great way to experience the flavours of Rajasthan in a single meal.

Restaurants typically offer two types of thalis: vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The non-vegetarian option often includes a chicken or mutton dish.

Whenever I find myself in Rajasthan, I can’t resist having a Rajasthani Thali because it’s so delicious. It’s a food experience that truly highlights the amazing tastes of this place and makes a memorable addition to your 2-day Jaipur itinerary.

The most recommended places to try Rajasthani Thali and food by tourists are.

The Grand Peacock Restaurant

The Grand Peacock Restaurant is situated on the way to Galtaji Temple in the heart of Jaipur and is renowned as one of the city’s finest dining spots. They offer delightful Indian and continental cuisines, with a particular focus on Rajasthani dishes.

The food here tastes really authentic and will make your taste buds happy. This is a family-operated restaurant, and the owner is exceptionally friendly and always ready to assist you in selecting your meal.

What makes this place even more charming is that the prices are reasonable. The restaurant also provides a relaxing ambience, making it an ideal dining spot in Jaipur.

Peacock Restaurant

The Peacock Restaurant is another delightful dining spot in Jaipur. It’s a rooftop restaurant and bar offering delicious food, excellent service, and a wonderful ambience adorned with beautiful traditional decorations.

This restaurant not only serves tasty dishes, but it also has some fantastic cocktails. To add to the charm, the evenings here come alive with captivating live music.

Handi Restaurant

Handi is also one of the most recommended restaurants in Jaipur for authentic Rajasthani cuisine.

This restaurant specializes in dishes like Junglee Maas, Laal Maas, and Bajre ki Roti. If you enjoy eating mutton, you must try their Junglee Maas, which they are particularly famous for. Just keep in mind, it can be quite spicy.

Handi also offers a Rajasthani Thali and a variety of delicious Rajasthani and North Indian dishes. Additionally, they have a bar where you can enjoy some beer and cocktails.

They all are near Johri and Bapu Bazar.

How to get around

Auto Rickshaw

The best way to get around Jaipur will vary depending on your budget and what you’re looking for. Here are a few options to consider


These are the most common way to get around Jaipur. They’re cheap and easy to find, but negotiating the fare can be a bit of a hassle. You can use the Ola or Uber app to determine the right fare and even book auto-rickshaws through these apps.

Taxis are slightly more expensive than auto-rickshaws, but they’re more reliable, and you’re less likely to be overcharged. You can even book a taxi for the entire day, saving you the hassle of finding one each time you need a ride.

Uber or Ola

These ride-hailing apps are a great option if you’re not comfortable bargaining with auto-rickshaw drivers. You can book a car, auto-rickshaw, or even a motorcycle to travel from one destination to another.

Metro Rail.

The Jaipur Metro is a relatively new addition to the city and is an excellent budget-friendly option. You can reach the city centre and explore nearby monuments on foot. The Badi Chaupar Metro Station is located in the heart of the city.

Local Buses

Local buses are the cheapest way to get around Jaipur, but they can be crowded and slow.

The most budget-friendly options for exploring Jaipur are buses and the metro, but keep in mind that they can get crowded.

If you prefer a more comfortable experience, consider hiring a taxi or auto-rickshaw, but remember to negotiate for the best fare. For a hassle-free and comfortable experience, you can also hire a taxi or auto-rickshaw for the entire day.

My preferred way to explore the city is by using a combination of local transport and walking. I use public transportation to get to the city centre and then explore the nearby attractions on foot. For longer distances, I opt for local transport or a taxi.

Regardless of your choice, always negotiate for the best price and don’t hesitate to seek recommendations from your hotel or tour guide.

What is the best time to visit

October to March : – Considered the best time to visit . due to lower temperatures with cool breezes.

April to June : – The hottest month of the year, as the temperature can reach 47 degrees Celsius.

July to September : – This is monsoon time in the city.

 How to reach

There are three main ways to reach Jaipur: by air, by train, or by bus. The closest airport to Jaipur is Sanganer Airport, situated approximately 10 kilometres from the city centre.

Additionally, there are direct trains connecting Jaipur to many major cities across India, and buses that operate from various locations throughout the country.

If you’re coming from a distant location, flying to Jaipur is the quickest and most convenient option. Jaipur Airport offers travellers a wide range of flight options, with direct flights to many Indian cities and a few international destinations.

Trains offer a more budget-friendly option compared to flying. I enjoy train journeys as they provide an opportunity to witness diverse landscapes. Jaipur boasts excellent rail connectivity from all over India.

The primary railway hubs in Jaipur are Jaipur Junction and Gandhinagar Jaipur stations. There are numerous trains connecting Jaipur to famous cities like Delhi, Varanasi, Agra, and more.

Below are some of the best trains you can take to reach Jaipur from Delhi and Agra:

To book a train ticket to India, you can visit the India Railway Website or 12go Asia . It is best to book your ticket three to four months in advance, especially if you are travelling during peak season. This will give you a better chance of getting your preferred seat and class.

For those who prefer the flexibility of a road trip, you can drive or hire a cab to reach Jaipur. The well-maintained road network seamlessly connects Jaipur to nearby cities.

Composite Tickets

A Composite Ticket is a single ticket that gives you access to multiple historical attractions and museums in Jaipur. There are 2 types of composite tickets which you can use to save your money and time.

1 St cover :- Amber Fort, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Albert Hall, Nahargarh Fort, Vidyadhar Garden and Sisodia Rani Palace and Garden. These Seven Monument composite tickets are valid for two days and can be purchased at any of the seven attractions.

2 nd covers :- City Palace, Jaigarh Fort and Royal Cenotaphs, This ticket you can buy from City Palace.

Where to Stay

Blow indicated accommodation has the highest rating on Booking and TripAdvisor.com.

Pachamama Hostel

Situated in Jaipur’s Civil Lines district, is just 2.6 km from Jaipur Railway Station, and City Palace is a short 6.4 km away. The hostel offers 24-hour service, airport transfers, and free WiFi.

Rooms are well-equipped with a tea kettle and TV, and some even feature balconies. Guests can indulge in daily breakfast and enjoy activities such as darts and cycling.

Marigold Inn- Homesta y

Situated just 1.8 km from the railway station, this homestay in Jaipur is one of the best homestays. The rooms offer private bathrooms, air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and some even feature balconies.

To begin your day, enjoy a continental breakfast in the homestay. For city exploration, you can conveniently rent a bicycle or car. Additionally, there’s a pleasant terrace where you can unwind or enjoy your dinner.

The Gulmohar Mansion

The Gulmohar Mansion in Jaipur is the top-rated 3-star hotel known for exceptional service and quality. The staff is very attentive and friendly and the rooms are spotless.

This hotel is a wonderful spot to stay because of the pleasant environment, refreshing pool, and great breakfast. Situated on a peaceful street, the rooftop terrace and pool offer stunning views.

Rambagh Palace

This 5-star hotel is conveniently located just 3.5 km from Jaipur’s main attractions, including Jantar Mantar, City Palace, and Hawa Mahal. Once the former residence of the Maharaja, Rambagh Palace has been transformed into a luxurious hotel.

This Hotel features breathtaking gardens and exquisite Indian architecture. You can indulge in the hotel’s indoor and outdoor pools, avail of full spa services, and relax in spacious, air-conditioned rooms adorned with elegant decor.

Downloadable Image of Jaipur Itinerary

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

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People are gathering on the Dashashwmedh ghat for evening Aarti

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How to Plan a Jaipur Itinerary 2024

Known as the pink city, the buildings in Jaipur, from roof to walls, are all pink, emanating a lively and romantic feel.

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. Together with Delhi and Agra, it is part of the golden triangle of India travel.

See how to plan a Jaipur itinerary with things to do, itinerary suggestions, best times, and more below...

What to Do in Jaipur

How long to spend in jaipur, how to get to jaipur from delhi/agra, best times to visit jaipur, where to stay in jaipur.

There is more to explore in Jaipur. The magnificent architectural creations are Jaipur's biggest highlights :

The eye-catching Palace of the Wind is a masterpiece of Indian architecture. Its pink walls and numerous windows are a Jaipur landmark.

There are also the City Palace that the current king of Jaipur is still living in and the historic Jantar Mantar (giant stone instruments of astronomy).

Meanwhile, the grand Amber Fort overlooks Jaipur. If you are thinking of a couple's trip, you can add a romantic dinner experience at Amber Fort to your itinerary. This could make a treasured memory for your anniversary or honeymoon.

If you're interested in history, you could also visit Nahargarh Fort , a former military defense base. There you could enjoy an unrivaled bird's-eye view of the city at dusk.

Jaipur is also the center of gem processing and distribution in India. If you want to go shopping for souvenirs, we recommend Johari Bazaar. There you can find all kinds of gems, textiles, Indian essential oils, incense, and tea.

It takes 1–3 days to visit all the highlights of Jaipur.

If you want to have a golden triangle trip with Delhi and Agra too, you would need at least 7 days.

If you are thinking of a desert culture trip exploring Rajasthan, 8–10 days are needed, covering its major cities of Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer.

See more details on these itinerary ideas below:

Jaipur Itinerary: 1–3 Days

A 3-day itinerary in Jaipur offers many top attractions and a relaxed pace: one day for arrival and rest and two days for classic city sightseeing and some cultural experiences like an Indian cooking class.

Day 1 : Arrival day. You could rest from your journey in (usually 5 hours by road from Delhi; international flights in usually transfer at Delhi). At night, enjoy a romantic dinner in Amber Fort.

Day 2 : Explore the Palace of Wind, Amber Fort, and take a cooking class in the home of a Jaipuri local.

Day 3 : Go to the City Palace and Nahargarh Fort. Explore some local markets and bazaars.

If you want a shorter stay, you could visit the City Palace and Nahargarh Fort on the first day, when you arrive in Jaipur, just in time to see the beautiful sunset.

A Classic Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur Itinerary: 7 Days

These three cities encompass the most iconic experiences in India — history and culture in the capital, the Taj Mahal in Agra, and charming pink architecture in Jaipur.

Days 1–2 : Delhi exploration. Learn about India's culture and history from its famous sights: Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid, and Humayun's Tomb. Then take a rickshaw ride through Chandni Chowk market for some local culture.

Days 3–4 : Agra discovery. Visit 'Moonlight Garden', where you can get a stunning sunset view of the Taj Mahal. Explore the famous Taj and Agra Fort up close the next day.

Days 5–6 : Jaipur experience. Go to City Palace, where the king of Jaipur now lives. Visit Hawa Mahal ('Palace of Winds') and Amber Fort. Take an Indian cooking class.

Day 7 : Return to Delhi from Jaipur for your departure.

Check out more on our 7-Day Golden Triangle India Tour if you are interested in this itinerary.

You can also get more tips on India itinerary planning from How Long to Spend in India (for First Timers): from 5 Days to 1 Month .

A Cultural Rajasthan with Jaipur Itinerary: 14 Days

If you are interested in a dreamy Indian landscape (desert and lakes), impressive forts, and some romantic experiences like Indian-style dating and a candlelit dinner by the lakeside, you should consider this itinerary.

The journey through Rajasthan mainly features its capital Jaipur, the desert city — Jaisalmer, the city of lakes — Udaipur, and the blue city — Jodhpur.

  • Days 1–2: Delhi sightseeing
  • Days 3–4: Agra highlights
  • Day 5: Jaipur sightseeing (experience Indian dating, a cooking class, and dinner in a fort)
  • Days 6–7: Bikaner sightseeing (visit Rajasthan's most ornately decorated fort; have a heritage hotel experience)
  • Days 8–9: Jaisalmer exploration (go on a camel safari; enjoy sunset over the royal family cenotaphs; visit a fort complex)
  • Days 10–11: Jodhpur sightseeing (walk among its characteristic blue houses; visit magnificent Mehrangarh Fort)
  • Days 12–13: Udaipur tour with a boat ride experience
  • Day 14: Back to Delhi

Check out more details on our 14-Day Romantic Honeymoon Trip in India .

Jaipur is not far away from both Delhi and Agra. Jaipur is about 280 kilometers (175 miles) southwest of Delhi and about 238 km (148 miles) west of Agra.

It is very convenient to travel to Jaipur from Delhi and Agra. The most worry-free and efficient way to get to Jaipur is by private vehicle, taking you right from hotel to hotel. It will take about 5½ hours from Delhi to Jaipur and 4½ hours from Agra to Jaipur.

Flights to Jaipur from Agra are not available. You could choose to take a direct flight from Delhi to Jaipur of about 50 minutes to 1 hour, but flights are not daily. With the waiting time and the travel time from hotel to airport to hotel, it will take about 5 hours in total as well.

Other ways, like taking a train or bus, are also doable. We have compiled more detailed transportation information on Delhi to Jaipur and Agra to Jaipur .

December to February sees Jaipur's coolest and driest weather, which could be one of the best times to visit Jaipur.

March, October, and November are considered the shoulder season months in Jaipur. You can expect to enjoy attractions with fewer crowds and sunny days while paying lower prices than during peak season. With Asia Highlights , you enjoy 100% refund of any payments made to China Highlights prior to 3 weeks before departure ( detail⇒ ).

July to September is the rainy season in Jaipur, but you can find good discounts if you want the lowest prices. And April to June is the hot season, which regularly sees temperatures over 40°C (104°F); it has low prices too.

Check out more on our article: Best and Worst Times to Visit Jaipur .

Jaipur has many heritage palaces. Some of these palaces have been converted into hotels and have become a feature of Jaipur — its heritage hotels .

Jaipur's main attractions, like the City Palace, the Wind of Palace, and Jantar Mantar, are located in its 'old city'. So, if you want to stay in an area that is convenient for sightseeing and shopping, you should choose to stay in the old city area.

If you prefer a quiet vibe, you could stay around Man Sagar Lake, about halfway between the Old City and Amber Fort, or even around the fort itself.

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  • 14-Day Classic Rajasthan Tour
  • 8-Day Royal Rajasthan on Wheels Tour
  • 9-Day India Golden Triangle with Tiger Safari

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The Best 2 Day Jaipur Itinerary – How to Spend 2 Days in Jaipur

  • January 23, 2024

Planning 2 days in Jaipur and seeking a comprehensive itinerary? Great, because we have got you covered. In this guide, we bring to you what we consider to be the best places to visit in Jaipur in 2 days. We also include the best pltaces to eat, where you should stay, and all of our top tips, so that you can spend less time planning and more time enjoying this magical city.

Commonly referred to as the ‘Pink City, thanks to its signature tericotta architecture, Jaipur is one of the most visited cities in India. Packed to bursting with architectural gems, from enchanting palaces to ancient forts, it’s easy to see why.  Exploring Jaipur felt like a scene straight from the movies, and if you are even remotely interested in Indian history it’s an essential addition to your India itinerary .

At the same time, If I were to be truly honest, I would say that we had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Jaipur. On the one hand, Jaipur is everything we dislike about big cities – loud, dirty, and horrendously busy. On the other, we were fascinated by the organised chaos, which makes Jaipur, well, Jaipur .

Anyhow, there is a lot to cover for spending 2 days in Jaipur, so let’s get to it!

Continuing your travels in Rajasthan? See our Rajasthan Itinerary , as well as articles on The Golden Triangle Route , Udaipur , Pushkar, and Jaisalmer to help plan your trip.

2 Days in Jaipur Itinerary

*Before You Travel to Jaipur , have you got your travel insurance sorted?  Cover yourself for the unexpected, read  why you really need travel insurance .

*Have you got your travel Visa sorted? Check if  you need one here  and retrieve a quote. It’s simple, fast and reliable.

*Don’t leave home without any  backpacker essentials  with our free printable packing list.

Is 2 Days in Jaipur Enough?

Jaipur is a vast, sprawling city with lots to see and do. But if you plan your 48 hours in Jaipur wisely, you should find it enough to get acquainted with the city. This Jaipur Itinerary ensures you cover all of the city highlights so by the time you leave, you’ll feel like you haven’t missed a thing.

We actually booked to stay for 4 nights in the Pink City, but both agreed that 2 days in Jaipur is more than enough. As I mentioned earlier, the city is busy and intense. So personally, I wouldn’t spend any longer than what’s really necessary.

Where to Stay with 2 Days in Jaipur

There is no shortage of accommodation options in Jaipur, catering to various budgets and tastes. However, to make the most of this 2 Day Jaipur Itinerary, it makes sense to locate yourself centrally. This way, you can avoid journey time eating into your valuable exploring time. I’ve made some hotel suggestions below, or you can click the link for a list of all hostels, guesthouses, and hotels in the city.

Check rates and availability for all Jaipur accommodation here .

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Hostel $ – Hostel Lumb’s Nest 

We stayed in a private room at Hostel Lumbs Nest in Jaipur, and we couldn’t rate it any higher. The owners went out of their way to make us feel at home and were completely comfortable with us being a lesbian couple. The room was spacious and clean, and we had a delicious local breakfast served to us every morning. My only complaint is that the location isn’t very central, but in the end, it was nice to be able to escape the hustle & bustle.

Check prices and availability for Hostel Lumb’s Nest here .

Budget $ – Treebo Raya Inn

Treebo is a popular chain of budget hotels in India, and their 3* establishments are always a reliable choice when seeking a value option. Located 100m from Jaipur Railway Station, Treebo Raya Inn is central enough to visit all top tourist attractions in Jaipur conveniently. For less than $20, all rooms come equipped with air-conditioning, wifi, and everything else you need for a comfortable stay. 

Check prices and availability for Treebo Raya Inn here.

Mid-Range $$ – Shahpura House

It’s incredible what you can get for your money in Jaipur, and Shahpura House is a prime example. Set inside a traditional Rajasthan haveli, this luxurious hotel resembles a small palace. The interior is breathtaking and provides an oasis of tranquillity to retreat to after a busy day of sightseeing. Featuring a swimming pool, spa, restaurant, and beautiful rooms, this is unbelievable value for money at under $100 a night.

Check prices and availability for Shahpura House here .

Luxury $$$ – Taj Rambagh Palace

If you’re looking for nothing short of the best, Taj Rambagh Palace is one of the most iconic hotels in India. You can expect nothing short of 5* luxury and celebrity treatment at the former palace, that once served as the residence to the Maharaja of Jaipur. Even if you don’t plan on staying, click on the link and check out this insane hotel, commonly referred to as the ‘Jewel of Jaipur.’ 

Check prices and availability Taj Rambagh Palace.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

If you’d prefer something more personal, you may wish to consider an Air BnB instead. These are particularly great if you are staying long term and we are pleased to offer a  £32 discount on your first booking . Simply click the  link to validate your o ffer.

The Best Places to Visit in Jaipur in 2 Days

I go into quite a lot of detail in this comprehensive Jaipur itinerary, so if you’re short for a time here’s a brief overview of the best places to visit in Jaipur in 2 days.

  • Take some photos at the insta-worthy Patrika Gate
  • Marvel the Architecture at Jaipur City Palace
  • Escape the hustle & bustle of the city at Amer Fort
  • Visit the unique Galta Ji (Monkey) Temple
  • Watch the sunset at Nahargarh Fort
  • Explore the Pink City and admire the Hawa Mahal building.
  • Immerse in the chaotic atmosphere at the city bazaars.

2 Days in Jaipur Itinerary

2 Day Jaipur Itinerary

A myriad of world heritage sights, bustling bazaars, extraordinary temples, and hidden gems make up the top places to visit in Jaipur in 2 days. Here is our suggested 2-day itinerary for Jaipur that ensures you’ll cover all of the city highlights.

Jaipur Itinerary – Day 1

From the cities most popular landmarks to a secret sunset spot, here is some inspiration for your first-day sightseeing in Jaipur.

Discover Jaipur on an Organised Tour

For a hassle-free experience where you need to do nothing but make a booking, the Jaipur Heritage Tour is the best-rated tour on the market. On this tour, you’ll visit the cities most famous landmarks, including Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, and the Jaipur City Palace. There will be air-conditioned transportation provided to make your journey as comfortable as possible. And an English speaking guide will join you throughout the day. For more information and to make a booking, check out the link below.

Book your Jaipur City Heritage Tour Here .

Patrika Gate

Patrika Gate is one of the most recognisable landmarks in Jaipur. Located 30-minutes outside of the city centre, the gate serves as an entrance to the peaceful Jawahar Circle Gardens. At the same time, it is considered to be one of the most instagrammable places in India .

While Patrika Gate is just one of the many architectural marvels in Jaipur, the grandeur design is truly sensational. We were left mesmerised by the vibrant and intricate walkways, that serves as a true reflection of Rajasthani culture.

Keen photographers will be in their element sho0ting at the Patrika Gate. However, if you want to avoid the crowds, we suggest getting there pre-8am.

Afterwards, you can enjoy a relaxing stroll in the gardens.   Featuring a jogging track and workout machines, it’s a popular work out spot among locals. Other facilities include a park area and picnic spots, so it’s a nice place to visit if you have little ones.

For more information regarding this spot, you can check out our complete guide to Patrika Gate here .

Patrika Gate Entrance Fee:   Free


Jaipur City Palace

When planning a trip to Jaipur, every guidebook, travel blog, and tour guide will tell you to visit the City Palace. And while we agree it is one of the most important places to see in Jaipur in 2 days, we wanted to share our honest opinion of the City Palace. Hopefully, this will help you decide if you’re going to pay the hefty entrance fee to visit.

First of all, there is no denying the sheer magnificence of the Palace Complex. A Unesco World Heritage Site and residence to the Royal Family, naturally there are no holds barred in its extravagance. On the other hand, we couldn’t help but feel it was a bit of a tourist trap.

After paying a hefty entrance fee compared to other city palaces in India (10 us$), we felt stung but hoped the price would be warranted. Unfortunately, this ticket only granted us basic access to the palace, and to upgrade would have been an extra 15 us$. It wasn’t a huge deal, but we were limited to certain areas of the palace grounds.

Anyhow, if you’re interested in the history of Jaipur or enjoy photography, you may want to consider adding the City Palace to your itinerary. But for backpackers on a budget, I recommend putting the entrance fee towards other tourist attractions in Jaipur. You can read our honest review of Jaipur City Palace here.

Entrance Fee: The entrance fee for foreigners to access the premises is 700 Indian Rupee – equivalent to around £8; however, if you want to access the unique museums and secret rooms, the price is 2000 IDR/£22.70.


The Jaipur Stepwell

Historically, stepwells were constructed to collect water for in times of drought in India. However, they do not only bear historical significance. The symmetrical design of the stepwells is another example of unique architecture that prevails throughout the country .

When we visited Jaipur Stepwell, we were thrilled to be the only ones there. After seeing some incredible posts on Instagram, we were surprised to learn that it is strictly prohibited to step foot inside the stepwell. Of course, like most things in India, a bribe to the guard would have soon eradicated this problem. But, we decided against it on this occasion.  

Entrance Fee:  Free – That is, unless you want to bribe the guard to allow you on the steps.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Amber Palace

If you have to choose between the Jaipur City Palace and the Amber Palace, we recommend putting your money towards the latter. The Amber Palace was once residence to the Royal Family before they relocated to the City Palace. However, in our opinion, Amber Palace is the most impressive.

The grandeur structure, constructed from red sandstone and marble is easily one of the most beautiful places to visit in Jaipur in 2-days. Inside the palace grounds, you will find a series of pristine gardens, intricate courtyards, and spectacular photo opportunities, including a stunning mirrored room.  

While we suggest making Amber Palace a priority on your Jaipur Itinerary, we have to ask that you don’t participate in elephant rides. Many tourists opt for elephant rides up to the palace entrance, without knowing the horrors behind animal tourism.  For more information, check out our guide to Amber Palace here .

Day Entry Fee  into Amber Palace is Rs. 500 for foreigners and Rs. 100 for nationals.

Night Entry Fee  into Amber Palace is Rs. 100 rupees for both foreigners and nationals.

*Budget Tip  – If you plan on visiting other attractions in Jaipur, you may want to consider purchasing a Tourist Composite Ticket. This allows you access to 10 attractions in Jaipur at a discounted rate.  Tickets can be purchased online .

*Travellers Tip – The Amber Palace is considered one of the best places to visit in Jaipur at night when dazzling light displays adorn the grounds. Alternatively, you can check out the light and sound show which focuses on the history of Jaipur. Tickets are available to buy online.

2 Days in Jaipur - Amber Palace

Amer Fort View Point

Hidden gems can be hard to come by in ever-popular Jaipur; however, the Amer Fort viewpoint offers a peaceful retreat from the congested city. Located across the lake from Amber Palace, several watchtowers boast a spectacular view of the fortress and city below. If you have the energy, you can also walk the perimeter of the fort in search of different vantage points.

I think we owe thanks for the viewpoints solitude, to the rather challenging stairs to reach it. It isn’t necessarily a long hike, but it’s strenuous enough to get the heart rate soaring. If you’re in good shape, you’ll reach the top within 15-20 minutes max. As well as being a place of serenity, the Amer Fort viewpoint is an underrated sunset spot in Jaipur.

Entrance Fee:  Free.

2 days in Jaipur Itinerary

Jaipur Itinerary – Day 2

From temples teeming with monkeys, to a spectacular fort for sunset, let’s plan day 2 of your Jaipur Itinerary.

Jaipur Instagram Tour

Accompanied by an English speaking guide, this tour is perfect for travellers who may need assistance taking photos at busy Instagram locations in Jaipur. Bearing in mind that tripods are not allowed in most tourist attractions in Jaipur, this is a worth-while tour indeed. For more information and to make a booking, check out the link below.

Book your Jaipur Instagram Tour Here .

Galta Ji (Monkey) Temple

Galta Ji Temple is probably one of the most intriguing temples we visited throughout our time in India.   While the official name is Galta Ji, most refer to it as Monkey Temple, due to the thousands of monkeys that occupy the grounds. As well as being a tourist hotspot, the temple complex is a sacred pilgrimage site for Hindu devotees. 

Although the monkeys are a key attraction at this temple, what we loved most was the location. Built amidst a mountain pass, natural springs from the mountain replenish the temples 7 holy baths.  In these ‘kunds’ as they are known to locals, you will find pilgrims bathing in the sacred water, believed to cleanse away sins and revitalise the body.

It is recommended to visit the temple early If you want to avoid the crowds; however, we actually enjoyed watching all the spiritual ceremonies unfold.   I suggest heading up to the higher levels of the complex where you can observe from above and take it all in.  If you need more info, you can check out our guide to Jaipur’s monkey temple here .

Entrance Fee:  Free to enter, 50 Rupees camera charge

Galta Ji Temple - 2 Days in Jaipur

Explore the Pink City by Foot

Our favourite way to go Sightseeing in Jaipur was to travel on foot. Not only will you cover some of the best places to visit in Jaipur in 2 days, but you’ll get to immerse in the culture.  Jaipur is a fascinating city, and you’re in a land of extraordinary characters.  We loved interacting with the locals, sharing some stories over a chai before moving on to the next stop on our itinerary.

The only advice I do have is to be mindful when taking photos.  Too often we see tourists pushing their cameras into peoples faces without having communicated with them first.  The key is to be respectful and try to suss out the situation.  More often than not, the locals are only too happy to let you take a photo.  And you might find you take a lot more from the interaction than just a picture.


Hawa Mahal, or the Palace of Winds, is the crown jewel of Jaipur.  Historically, the palace was built in the late 1800s, for female members of the Royal Family to observe the city without being seen.

The remarkable architecture of the complex includes 953 small windows, carved with intricate latticework and resembling the pattern of honeycomb. We for one were taken aback by its majestic appearance, and would, therefore, consider it to be one of the best places to visit in Jaipur in 2 days.

While many pay an entrance fee to explore inside the Hawa Mahal, we decided it was enough to admire from the outside. We would often head to one of the rooftop cafes across the road, where we could enjoy a drink and snap some clean photos.

*Travellers Tip  – For an underated sunset spot in Jaipur, head to Tattoo Cafe across the road!  The Hawa Mahal is also one of the best places to visit in Jaipur at night when the entire building is lit up.

Entrance Fee:  Tickets inside Hawa Mahal are 50 Rupees per person for Indians and 200 rupees per person for Foreigners.

Places to visit in Jaipur in 2 Days - Hawa Mahal

Brave the Bazaars

Experiencing the delirium of the city bazaars is one of the most exciting things to do in Jaipur.   The tantalising aroma of street food & chai. The burst of colour of traditional clothing and spices. The energy of the locals wheeling and dealing.  In short, walking among them is a show-stopping delight .

If you plan to buy at the bazaars, you will need to master the art of bargaining.   Haggling with the charismatic vendors can be great fun, and you will bag yourself some bargains; however, be sure to haggle sensibly and pay what you think is fair for the item.

If you want to take home some souvenirs, saris, gemstones, rugs, and puppets are all traditional items of Jaipur.  Be warned, it’s easy to get carried away! You can find some of the best markets in Jaipur located around the Hawa Mahal area.

Places to visit in Jaipur in 2 Days

Nahargarh AKA Tiger Fort

Nahargarh Fort is a tourist hotspot Jaipur. Located high in the Aravali mountains, the breathtaking fortress provides an unrivalled view over the bustling city below. The fort is famed for being an architectural wonder, as well as being one of the best sunset spots in Jaipur.

Historically, along with Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh helped form a defence wall around the old Royal City. The name ‘Nahargarh’ translates to Tiger Fort in English, so I can only assume wild tigers once roamed the same mountains. As you sit atop the walls of the old fort, it’s easy to picture the scene. After all, Jaipur was once a barren desert city.

It has to be said, the only advantage of the pollution in Jaipur is that it makes for an epic sunset. The sun appeared hazy and ethereal as the sky set on fire in pink and orange hues. By this time, people were clambering atop the walls of the fort to get a photo. Security guards patrol the area asking people to come down; however, it doesn’t prevent people from getting a picture at one of the most  Insta-worthy locations in Jaipur .

If you visit during the opening hours of 10 am and 6 pm, you can access the attractions inside the fort.  These include a palace, sculpture gallery, and wax museum.  Otherwise, you can explore the perimeter of the fort for sunrise or sunset. See our guide to Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur for more info.

Entrance Fee:  200 Rupees for foreigners, 50 rupees for Indians, discounted rates for students.


Save Time and Book a Tour

For a more local experience in Jaipur, beyond the obvious tourist hotspots, we recommend checking out the guided tours on Get Your Guide :

Other Places to Visit in Jaipur in 2 Days

While the above itinerary should keep you busy over your 2 Days in Jaipur, you may have some spare time or wish to make some adjustments. With this in mind, here are some other exciting things to do in the city.

Albert Hall Museum

Another hidden gem in Jaipur is the Albert Hall Museum.  Many are unaware that this museum even exists, but if you are a history buff it’s worth adding to your Jaipur itinerary.  The museum houses a collection of historical artifacts, and in true Jaipur style, the architecture is sensational!

Gatore Ki Chatriyan Cenotaphs

Just a short journey outside the center of Jaipur, you’ll find a collection of royal tombs where Jaipur’s maharajas are laid to rest.  While it may be lesser-heard-of site in Jaipur, this serene and peaceful spot is truly worth a visit. The name Gatore comes from the Hindi phrase “Gaye ka Thor” which means “resting place of the departed souls”.

places to visit in jaipur in 2 days

World Trade Park

The World Trade Park shopping centre could not be any further from the traditional architecture of Jaipur; however, you will no doubt be just as impressed by its futuristic design.   As well as an abundance of high-end shops, the centre incorporates a cinema and an innovative indoor food street.  If you are spending more than 2 Days in Jaipur, we highly recommend you check it out.

Celebrate Diwali

One of the most significant and magical festivals to be celebrated in India, Diwali is known as the Hindu festival of light.  Held annually during the months of October or November, Jaipur is one of the best cities in the country to celebrate.

We were fortunate enough to be in Jaipur for Diwali and it was an unforgettable experience.  The city comes alive with the festivitie.  Houses, shops, and streets are illuminated in bright lights.  This is to signify ‘light over darkness’ or ‘good over evil’.  Think Christmas, but in India, so it’s a lot more wild!

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Best Places to Eat in Jaipur

With so many places to visit in Jaipur in 2 days, you can expect to leave your hotel before sunrise and return after sunset.  To avoid burning out, it pays to eat well and keep hydrated! At the same time, food is a huge part of the Jaipur experience, so check out our favourite restaurants for some of the best food in the city!

Best For Lunch: Tapri the Teahouse $$

For a classy lunch without breaking the bank, we highly recommend this trendy rooftop establishment.  The extensive menu includes a fusion of cuisines, and we couldn’t help but get food envy everytime a new dish came out of the kitchen. Not only that, but the atmosphere and service were second to none.

Best For Sunset: Tattoo Cafe $

Located across the way from Hawa Mahal, this cafe is the perfect spot to escape the bustling streets of Jaipur. While we would enjoy coming here at any time of day, we particularly loved coming here for sunset.  Watching the sun disappear behind one of the most iconic buildings in India was a surreal experience.  And if you hang around until it’s dark, you’ll get to experience the palace illuminated. Oh, and the food and drinks are pretty good too!

Best For Dinner: 25 Degrees East $$

We enjoyed some of the best food of our India trip  here, and while it is a little on the pricy side, you won’t regret the momentary splurge. 

Best For Street Food: Anywhere $

Many visitors are anxious about trying street food in India;  however, it’s a huge part of the experience and you should try your best to get on board.  Concerns about getting sick are valid; however, there are steps you can take to avoid the dreaded Delhi belly!  You can find street food stalls all over Jaipur, and it’s the cheapest way to indulge in the delicious cuisuine.


Tips & Advice for Travelling Jaipur

Jaipur is a vibrant, wild, and exciting place to travel. At the same time, it can be overwhelming, confusing, and even sometimes scary. So here are some travel tips and advice that we accumulated during our time in Jaipur. Hopefully, it will help ensure a fun, safe, and stress-free trip of a lifetime.

Best Time to Visit Jaipur

The best time to visit Jaipur is during the Indian Winter, which runs from October to February. During this time you can expect perfect weather for sightseeing – Ie. The temperatures are cooler, and there is very little rain. It’s also the period where many festivals take place in India such as Diwali. If you are sensitive to the heat, you may wish to keep mornings and late afternoons free outdoor activities, as the lunchtime hours get incredibly hot all year round. It’s advisable to avoid Rajasthan altogether during the months of Summer or Monsoon.  

Getting Around in Jaipur

If you’ve got just  2 days in Jaipur, the easiest and cheapest way to get around is by scooter.   The cost is around Rs. 500 for 24hrs; however, the roads of Jaipur can be intimidating for even the most experienced driver.

Another option is to get around on tuk-tuks.   This can be cost-effective if you are in a group, but be sure to haggle as the drivers are opportunists when it comes to tourists.  

There is also a reliable public bus network in place in Jaipur. You can check the city of Jaipur website for more information on  bus routes in Jaipur .

Our favourite way to get around Jaipur is by using the Ola Taxi app. Similar to Uber, taxis are ordered directly through the app. Not only can you book single trips, but it’s an affordable way to hire a driver for the entire day!

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Tourist Composite Tickets

If you plan on getting around all of the best places to visit in Jaipur in 2 Days, you may want to consider purchasing a tourist composite ticket. For a discounted rate, the tourist composite tickets allows you access to 10 attractions in Jaipur, including Hawa Mahal, Amber Palace, and Nahargarh Fort.  Tickets can be purchased online  here.  

Wherever you go in India, it is important that you dress appropriately.  It is recommended that female travellers respect the local tradition of covering shoulders and legs from the knee upwards.  Not only is it respectful, but it will help to avoid unwanted attention.

The dress code for men is a little more relaxed; however, it is recommended to avoid revealing vests or tank top.

Safety in Jaipur

The topic regarding safety in Jaipur and India, in general, is as complex as the country itself. Every individual has a different experience, and while there are many horror stories, we can honestly say we encountered nothing overly negative ourselves. By that, I mean we were not the victims of crime, theft, physical/verbal abuse and the like.  

Having said that, there were times when we felt uncomfortable and scared. Sometimes it was warranted, other times, it was not. You see, the biggest issue for us travelling India as a lesbian couple wasn’t even our sexuality, it was our gender. Being a foreign woman in India arouses a lot of attention. And like I said earlier, what we recognise as socially acceptable behaviour is not necessarily the same in Indian culture. For example, staring, taking photos without asking, or invasion of personal space can come across as intimidating, even when it’s not. 

So girls, be prepared to carry yourself confidently and don’t be afraid to say something should anybody cross the line. Unfortunately, there are many reports of women being groped by local men. If you find yourself in this position, it’s best to call him out, as other locals will step in to help you and probably give him a slap while they’re at it.

Otherwise, the biggest threat to tourists is petty theft crimes such as pickpocketing and bag snatching. We suggest keeping your belongings close to you at all times and use a small padlock or compartmental bag to keep your valuables safe. When travelling at night, avoid being alone in parks or dark areas.

Finally, It pays to make yourself aware of the  common scams in India , so in turn, you can avoid them.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Travel Insurance

With that, don’t even think about going to Jaipur without travel insurance. Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. If the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you’ll want the best cover money can buy.

For this reason, we always recommend Heymondo for travel insurance. They are affordable, offer a variety of packages and get 5% discount using our link! (discount applicable for non-American citizens)

If you need further convincing, read our article on  why you need travel insurance .

Most tourist attractions in India forbid the use of tripods within the grounds.  Expect to be reprimanded by security guards if you attempt to use one.

Alcohol, Drugs, & Parties in Jaipur

If you’re looking to party, Jaipur isn’t the place. You’ll want to get yourself to the likes of  Goa , Manali, or  Hampi . But if you enjoy a few drinks of an evening time, alcohol is easy to find at many bars and restaurants. Just check in advance so that you’re not disappointed when you go to order. 

The local drug of choice is, of course, Bhang. For those of you who don’t know what Bhang is, it is an edible form of cannabis. You’ll find Bhang shops all over Rajasthan, selling Bhang Lassis – a tasty beverage mixed with milk, sugar, and fruits. Or alternatively bhang cakes or cookies. Bhang forms a big part of ancient Hindu tradition, and they believe it cures many ailments. It produces a similar effect as smoking cannabis; however, it can last longer and also take a lot longer to kick in. If it is your  first time experimenting with Bhang , it is worth educating yourself on the effects before partaking.


Social Etiquette in Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the holiest and most socially conservative cities in all of India. It’s important to keep in mind that what might be socially acceptable in your home country, is likely to be viewed entirely different here. Thankfully, most Indians are forgiving toward foreigners to a certain extent; however, to avoid unwanted attention and embarrassment, it’s good to know the dos and don’ts. In which case, I recommend this article regarding  social etiquette in India , which includes dress codes, table manners, temple etiquette etc.

At the same time, you’ll likely be surprised by some of the aspects of Indian culture. And in all honestly, you’ll probably be offended from time to time. But again, it’s important to remember that the culture is entirely different from the western world, and embracing the unique Indian culture is all part and parcel of the experience.

Stay Connected in Jaipur

If, like us, you rely on the internet when you travel (let’s face it, who doesn’t anymore), we have the perfect solution. After coming home to too many hefty phone bills and buying countless international sim cards, we were desperate for an affordable solution. 

That’s when we discovered TravelWifi.  TravelWifi’s portable pocket wifi  allows us to quickly and securely connect when we need it the most. Click the link for more information on coverage, packages, and the latest offers.

Otherwise, you can pick up a local sim card at most major airports. We used Vodaphone and it was reliable throughout our stay. You will need your passport and visa to register for a sim card and it can take up to 48 hours to activate.

What to Pack for 2 Days in Jaipur

Unsure of what you might need to pack for your adventures in Jaipur? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.  Check out our  backpacker  essentials,  for a   packing list of  items that we carry with us on every adventure .

More on Rajasthan

Are you planning a trip to Rajasthan?  Check out our other articles to help plan your trip.

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Did you Enjoy our 2 Day Jaipur Itinerary?

Let us know. That concludes  The Best 2 Day Jaipur Itinerary – How to Spend 2 Days in Jaipur .   We hope you enjoy your time in this magical country. But if you have any questions or feel we have missed anything, please reach out to us in the comment section below, through our contact us page. Don’t forget to follow us on  Instagram here  where we share further travel advice & inspiration.

Stay adventurous and Happy travels.

Charlotte & Natalie x

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. That means that if you purchase through these links, we will earn a small commission,  at no extra cost to you.  And we can continue bringing you free travel tips and advice. If you found the content helpful and are kind enough to use our affiliates –  you are awesome, and we thank you! 









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7 Responses

A love hate relationship for sure! It’s a place that stressed me out a lot while I was there (and I’ve been to 75 countries), but it’s still intriguing and I wanted to keep exploring. I would definitely recommend someone travel other places in Asia first, but definitely dive into India when you’re ready, and this is a great write up to help guide the way!

Kudos, -Tim Insta @timjohnkub

Hello Tim, thank you for taking the time to comment, we are so pleased this was helpful to you. After 14 months in Asia, we felt like we were ready for India, and it’s now one of our favourites! We hope to return next year.

I think we should add Jaipur to our list! Your experiences and pictures are incredible!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us ♥!

Happy Monday and lots of love from Germany, Anna

Hi Anna, thank you for taking the time to comment, we are so pleased you enjoyed the article. Jaipur is a great city! Let us know if there is anything else we could help with during your visit! Sending much love

Thanks for your amazing travel guide on Jaipur. I have been in this amazing city in 2016. I wish to go back again. The people are really friendly there.

Hi Tiana, thank you for taking the time to comment. We are so glad you liked our guide, we loved Japiur too! Feel free to ask us any questions for your return!

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Jaipur Itinerary: 3 Days in the Wonderous Pink City

City Palace in Jaipur for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

  • 19 June, 2020

Mainak Siddhida


This page may contain compensated links. For more information read our disclaimer .

To help you prepare for your trip to India’s Pink City, we are sharing our huge Jaipur Itinerary.

We’ve also provided a list of some of the best things to do in Jaipur, India, plus how you can fit them all into a Jaipur 3 days itinerary


❶ Things to Do in Jaipur ❷  3 Days in Jaipur Itinerary ❸  Where to Stay in Jaipur

❹  Best Time to Visit Jaipur ❺ Jaipur Transport

Are you ready to learn more about the spectacular Pink City? First, we will delve into all of the fun things to do in Jaipur in 3 days, then we will put them all together to make the best itinerary for 3 days in Jaipur.

Palace of the Winds in Jaipur for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

Things to do in Jaipur

Jaipur, the Pink City and the capital of Rajasthan, is an icon of royal legacy in India .

This famous travel destination is well known for mesmerizing historic sites, magnificent monuments, spacious parks, chaotic streets, and spicy eateries on every corner.

Jaipur, being the capital city of Rajasthan, has a lot of important and historically significant forts, monuments, and palaces. To make the most of this fulfilling destination, you need to finalize the best 3 days itinerary for Jaipur to suit your travel plans.

Jump to Jaipur Itinerary: 3 Days

The Heritage Amber Fort

Amer Fort (Amber fort) from outside for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

Amer Fort, also known as Amber Palace or Amber Fort, built in 1599 is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an epitome of Rajasthani architecture and design. This beautiful citadel is decorated with red and pink sandstone with obscure carvings of great artisans.

Inside, the fort and its carvings are so artistic that virtually every corner can become a stunning Instagram-worthy picture. 

Panna Meena Kund Stepwell

Panna Meena Kund stepwell for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

Panna Meena Ka Kund is a beautiful (and famous) stepwell that lies in the shadow of Amber Fort. This is one of those places where, in ancient times, locals came to collect water, wash clothing, and engage in light chit-chat.

The temperature inside the stepwell remains relatively cooler as compared to outside. You can reach here on foot when you visit Amber Fort. It’s also a good place for photoshoots – you may have caught some images on Insta!

Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh Fort for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

This fort is also famous for the world’s largest cannon on the wheels called Jaivana Cannon. Open to the public from 10 am – 5 pm, you can take a car to visit the interiors, enjoy the gardens and armoury museum.

Nahargarh Fort 

Nahargarh Fort for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

After Amber fort and Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort is the third hilltop fort in Jaipur and is an ideal place for enjoying the panoramic views of the city. Located at Aravalli Hills, it offers the most striking views of Jaipur’s scenic landscapes.

The royal families also used this fort as a relaxing getaway for their excursions, and hunting activities. 

READ: What Should You Pack for a Trip to India?

Jaipur Wax Museum

The world’s first wax museum, which is located inside a heritage site right near the Nahargarh Fort, the Jaipur Wax Museum has 32 wax exhibits. The museum showcases wax and silicone statues and the life-like statues of Bollywood celebrities and national icons add more joy to your selfies.

Jalmahal (The Water Palace)

Jalmahl Water Palace for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

Although entry to Jalmahal and the lake surrounding it has been closed by the government, you should definitely stop for 10-15 mins on the way back from Nahargarh Fort to admire the beauty.

The palace’s yellow colour is in stark contrast with the blue lake (on a clear-sky day), thereby making the view even more incredible! It’s one of the best places to visit in Jaipur in 3 days!

Hawamahal (Palace of the Winds)

Hawamahal Palace of Winds for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

The masterpiece of the Pink City, Hawamahal is a royal place and a must-visit attraction. This Palace of Winds is visually represented as a 5-story extension of a honeycomb with 953 windows, called jharokhas, adorned by intricate lattice works so that a cool breeze always persists inside this flamboyant palace.

The purpose behind the building’s design was to prevent outsiders from catching a glance of the royal women in ancient times. 

Shopping in Jaipur

Joothis shoes for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

Make sure you check out Johri Bazaar and Bapu Bazaar – the shopping hubs of Jaipur. There are also places called Nehru Bazaar, Badi Choppad, and Choti Choppad for ethnic wear, bangles, and joothis (Rajasthani footwear).

Also, don’t forget to try Masala Chai at Sahu Tea Shop at Bapu Bazaar. Famous in the entire Rajasthan, this modest shop is where masala chai gives you a beautiful feeling after a day of roaming around. Several generations run this shop, and their tea is addictive to any customers who visit.

Johri Bazaar is one of the best shopping places in Jaipur. Here you will get delicate colourful Jaipuri jewellery, an amazing collection of Lehengas and sarees, and joothis . 

Jantar Mantar Observatory

Jantar Mantar Observatory for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

Heaven for Astronomy lovers, in Jantar Mantar where you will find large-scale versions of the instruments used to calculate the position and distance of stars and planets. This popular UNESCO world heritage site, consists of 19 architectural astronomical instruments devices that measure time, predict eclipses, track the locations of stars and calculate the earth’s movement around the sun.

Maharaja Jai Singh had dedicated this place to astronomy geeks and it is now a famous tourist attraction.

The City Palace

Peacock Door at City Palace for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

To explore more of the centrepieces of Jaipur, you can now head towards Jaipur City Palace. Located in the heart of the metropolitan city, it is one of the most remarkable monuments to visit. Its everlasting architecture brims with every minute detailing of Rajput and Mughal’s empire.

Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal comprise the major parts. This gorgeous peacock gate, which depicts the four seasons and the Hindu gods, is also a famous photo shoot point. Maharani Palace and Baggi Khana are the best galleries of all.  

Govind Dev Ji Temple

Govind Dev Ji temple is an adorable spiritual location in Jaipur. Built in 1733 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, the main deity Govind Dev Ji is believed to be another form of Lord Krishna. 

This place was first created by the great-grandson of Lord Krishna named Bajranabh, hence this place is also called Bajrakit. The calm and serene temple attracts devotees to experience its pleasures. 

Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan Crematorium Grounds

Gaitore Crematorium for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

Gaitore Ki Chaatriyan is the royal crematorium grounds for the Kachawa rulers. It may appear to be a weird thing to do in Jaipur at first, but the family tombs form an impressive cluster of intricate structures. Plus it is a peaceful place to wander around.

Albert Hall Museum

Albert Hall Museum for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

Albert Hall Museum was built to commemorate the visit of the Prince of Wales. A Strong Ruler of Jaipur, Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II opened this museum for all the public to enjoy.

The collections of the Albert Hall museum have been increasing for centuries and have raised their stature to an international level. There are also products of local Rajasthani artisans and craftsmen, where you can check for souvenirs.  

Birla Mandir Temple

Birla Mandir Temple for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

Birla Mandir is also a lovely place to visit in Jaipur. This white architectural marvel is a combination of ancient and modern styles of Hindu temple architecture. The main deity is Lord Vishnu and Lord Laxmi.

The three large marble domes represent three religions that originated in India. The walls have unique Hindu symbols and citations referred to from various religious books. There are also many idols of philosophers Like Buddha, Zarathustra, Socrates, Confucius, and others. 

Statue Circle

Statue Circle is also one of the most famous interesting tourist attractions. If you visit after 6 pm you can have a good relaxing time, with lighting, nice roads, and with a good cup of coffee.

This area is quite magnificent with gorgeous gardens around. There are also famous cafes and restaurants where you can experience a variety of lip-smacking dishes. 

Chand Baori Stepwell

Chand Baori stepwell for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

Chand Baori, one of the largest step-wells in the world, is located in the Abhaneri village, around 90 km (2 hours drive) from Jaipur city. It was built over a thousand years ago, by then king Chand Raja. The 3,500 steps form a somewhat magical maze and the consistent play of light and shadow on the structure gives it a captivating look.

Being slightly outside the main city, it is relatively difficult to locate and hence remains a hidden secret of Rajasthan.

Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh Garden

Sisodia Garden for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh is nature filled with beautiful surprises and views of peace. This garden was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh for his second queen, Sisodia who was a princess of Udaipur.

This royal garden boasts amazing flowerbeds, galleries, water channels, and natural attractions. It is believed that this gorgeous place is used by the queen for relaxation. Mural paintings that are decorated around the garden depict the love story of Lord Krishna and Radha, which is a sign of love from the king to the queen. 

Galtaji Monkey Temple

Galtaji Temple for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

Galtaji Temple (or Temple Shri Gyan Gopalji, Galtaji) is a famous temple surrounded by hills and many holy kunds of pure and clear water. The architecture of this temple is very much different from any other temple in Jaipur.

It is said that the holy water in “Gaumukh” is filled by the holy River Ganga. There are a lot of monkeys around the Hanuman temple nearby which are quite friendly and photogenic.  

World Trade Park

World Trade Park is an impressive building at Malviya Nagar (Jaipur’s energetic modern core). Some of the best things to do in Jaipur can be done here. It has various food joints, famous shopping brands, and a recreational hub.

Jawahar Circle Garden

Jawahar Circle Garden Patrika Gate for Jaipur Itinerary 3 days in Jaipur

Jawahar Circle Garden is famous for the largest highway Circular Park, which is connected to a musical fountain, the colourful Patrika Gate, and quaint rose gardens.

The musical fountain show begins at 7 pm every day. This is also a family-friendly place to visit for fun events happening here throughout the year.

Choki Dhani Resort

Now it’s time for another unique Rajasthani experience , Choki Dhani.

Chokhi Dhani is a well-known tourist spot and famed village resort. It is popular for traditional Rajasthani food, delicacies, music, and cultural celebrations. This innovative resort also has traditional folk dance performances, magic shows, photography spots, and spa experiences.

The entire village setting is heavily influenced by the Indo-Saracenic style. They have many cultural activities like the haldighati battle , puppet shows, and dining restaurants… the list is endless. Many people from all over the world visit here every day. 

Jaipur: 3 Day Itinerary

This 3-day Jaipur travel itinerary covers almost everything to do in Jaipur and the significant places to visit. This itinerary, we believe, is a good mixture of regular as well as unusual attractions in Jaipur. And that’s why we are sure that you will have lots of fun.

As there are plenty of places to visit in Jaipur, 3 days is a bare minimum to enjoy the best bits. Now, it is time to list out a perfect travel itinerary of Jaipur for 3 days.

Jaipur Itinerary Map

To open a larger version of this map or download it onto your phone in Google Maps, hit the square frame icon at the top right-hand corner. Let this Jaipur trip plan help you organize every step of your visit to Jaipur!

DAY 1 | Forts, Palaces, and Bazaars

Day one activities can be viewed on the map above and are the  orange icons .

Main Highlights of Day 1 : Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Forts, Jal mahal, Hawa mahal, Johri Bazaar.

7:30 | The best way to kick off your 3 days Jaipur itinerary is by visiting one of the prime attractions – the Amer Fort (or Amber Fort), located in Amer, just outside the main city. Allow 2 hours here.

Tip: try to reach there as early as possible to avoid crowds and people in your photos. In fact, we reached there even before the fort opened at 8 am to be among the first ones to enter.

10:00 | Walk over to Panna Meena Kund for some IG-worthy pictures in the stepwell. It’s a 10-minute walk or 1 minute in a taxi from Amber Fort.

11:00 | Optional: Jaigarh Fort is just 20 mins away from Amber Fort and easily reachable by taxi from Amer Palace. Allow 1 hour here.

Lunch | Have lunch either after Jaigarh Fort or Nahargarh Fort. There are only a small number of restaurants in these areas, but there are street food stalls. If you don’t like eating street food, bring a packed lunch instead.

Your next stop is at Nahargarh Fort, a 15-minute taxi drive away. Or if you choose to skip this, head back to the city via Jalmahal the Water Palace.

13:30 | Optional: Nahargarh Fort and Jaipur Wax Museum .

If you haven’t maxed out on beautiful forts, stop over to Nahargarh Fort and enjoy panoramic city views. It’s a 15-minute drive between Amber Fort and Nahargarh Fort.

Additionally, Jaipur Wax Museum and Nahargarh Step Well are only a 3-minute walk from Nahargarh Fort. Allow 2-3 hours at these sites.

16:00 | While on the 40-minute drive back to the city, stop by Jalmahal (The Water Palace) to click some beautiful shots of the floating palace. This won’t take long, just ask your driver to stop for a few minutes.

Tip: If you decide to skip Nahargarh Fort or Jaigarh Fort, you can still stop at Jalmahal on the way back into the city since it is on the same road.

16:30 | Hawamahal (Palace of Winds) is not to be missed. Many people simply marvel at it from the street, but you can also enter and check out the museum and incredible viewpoints from inside if you wish.

17:30 | Next we’ll be heading to Johri Bazaar for some shopping in Jaipur . This is a 10-minute walk or a super quick rickshaw from Hawamahal.

Down some Masala Chai at Sahu Tea Shop in Bapu Bazaar and then find somewhere to have dinner nearby.

DAY 2 | Within the City

Day two activities can be viewed on the map above and are the  teal icons .

Main Highlights of Day 2: Jantar Mantar, City Palace, Govind Devi Ji Temple, Albert Hall, Birla Mandir, Statue Circle.

09:00 | Day 2 can be started at the famous Jantar Mantar Observatory at 9 am opening. Allow about 45-minutes here.

10:00 | The City Palace then opens at 9:30 am and you can walk there from Jantar Mantar Observatory once you’re done. Spend between 1.5-3 hours here exploring the whole complex.

Lunch | Have lunch at a restaurant near the City Palace such as Govindam Retreat or the Art Cafe.

14:00 | After lunch walk over to the Govind Dev Ji Temple in which is also in the City Palace Complex. Allow 30 minutes-1 hour here.

Tip: You can visit Govind Dev Ji Temple anytime between sunset and sunrise on any day of the week if you are an early riser and prefer to do this activity first in the day.

15:00 | Optional: Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan crematorium grounds, a 10-minute drive from City Palace, is an optional stopover if you’re after something really unique to do in Jaipur. Allow 1-3 hours here.

15:00 | Optional: Visit the Albert Hall Museum to see Indian art, arms, jewels, and artefacts. It is a 5-10-minute drive from the Govind Dev Ji Temple. Allow 2-3 hours here.

Next, Birla Mandir Temple is a 15-20-minute drive from Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan crematorium or a 10-minute drive from Albert Hall Museum.

17:00 | Birla Mandir white temple is a quick and easy activity that shouldn’t be missed. Allow 30 minutes to look around inside or just admire it from outside.

The Statue Circle is only a 5-minute drive from Birla Mandir.

18:00 | End your day at the Statue Circle for a famous cold coffee, sunset, light shows, and dinner nearby.

DAY 3 | Wells, Gardens and Culture

Day three activities can be viewed on the map above and are the  purple icons .

Main Highlights of Day 3:   Chand Baori, Sisodia Rani Bagh, Galtaji Monkey Temple,   World Trade Park, Jawahar Circle, Chokhi Dhani.

07:00 | Chand Baori Stepwell (Abhaneri) is a 2-hour drive from Jaipur. It is a hidden secret and will most likely be quiet, especially if you go when it first opens at 7 am.

Tip: If you don’t want to go that far out of the city (or you already saw the Panna Meena Kund stepwell on day 1), skip this activity.

10:00 | Sisodia Rani ka Bagh Garden opens at 8 am and can be visited on the way back from Chand Baori. Alternatively, it can be your first activity of the day if you skipped Chand Baori stepwell. Allow 30-45 minutes here.

Next head over to Galtaji Temple, which is only a 10-minute drive and is also outside of the city.

11:00 | You’ll need 1-3 hours at Galtaji Monkey Temple depending on whether you want to do the hike up the hill or just stay on the ground level. Be sure to allow some time to view and play with the monkeys.

Next, World Trade Park is a 30-minute drive from Galtaji Temple.

Lunch | Find somewhere to eat at World Trade Park (next stop) in the air conditioning like The Yellow Chilli or Biryani Blues.

13:00 | Now it’s time to explore a modern part of Jaipur, World Trade Park. Great for air-conditioning, lunch, and shopping.

Afterwards, take a taxi to Jawahar Circle Garden, 5 minutes away.

16:00 | Visit Jawahar Circle Garden to relax outside, see the beautiful intricate architecture and have a snack. Watch the Jawahar Circle Music Show that is conducted every day in the evening at around 7:00 pm if you are still in the area.

18:00 | Now it’s time for dinner and a show at Choki Dhani Resort . The Folk Dancing is not to be missed.

The Best Time to Visit Jaipur

Just like any other city in Rajasthan, the best time to visit Jaipur is between October and March to avoid the summer heat. And the weather is particularly awesome from mid-November to mid-February.

But, you also need to keep in mind that this is the peak tourist season. Hence, you need to plan your Rajasthan trip as meticulously as possible, and at least 3-4 months in advance.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Where to Stay in Jaipur

If it’s your first time to the Pink City and you want to know where to stay in Jaipur, we recommend somewhere in either Bani Park or Vaishali Nagar. If you’re on a budget, head for the central Pink City or Raja Park.

Use the Booking widget below to gauge how much and where the best places to stay in Jaipur are.

Transport in Jaipur

Jaipur is easily accessible via road, air, and railways. A huge portion of the foreign travellers to Jaipur usually end up arriving at New Delhi Aiport and then taking a road trip to Jaipur. The majority of the metro cities in India have good flight connections.

Commuting within the city is also pretty easy with a convenient network of city buses and mini-buses. Also, taxis and auto-rickshaws are available everywhere.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

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Visiting Jaipur FAQs

If you have more than 3 days in Jaipur, you could consider visiting some of the attractions near Jaipur. Travellers looking for somewhere not touristy should consider visiting Acrol Fort, an archaic fort located about 34.5 kilometres from Jaipur. The path to the fort is an easy 1.5-hour trek, ideal for travellers wanting to get physical on their trip to Jaipur. Bhangarh is another popular place to visit near Jaipur. Located around 77 kilometres from Jaipur, Bhangarh is an excellent day trip from Jaipur. Its serene village-like vibes and the historical fort make the perfect getaway from Jaipur.

As one of the most popular places to visit in India, Jaipur’s safety is also one of the highest in the country. Jaipur at night is typically very safe, especially if you are a group. If you are travelling solo to Jaipur, especially as a woman, taking a little bit more precaution is recommended. Watch your belongings, keep an eye on your drink, and avoid walking alone at night.

Selecting the best area to stay in Jaipur is imperative to maximize your time in Jaipur. As a result, we highly recommend that you stay in Bani Park or Vaishali Nagar. In those two neighbourhoods, you will be able to find a variety of accommodations – from budget backpacker hostels to luxurious hotels!

Generally speaking, yes, Jaipur is safe to travel alone. As one of the most-visited cities in India, Jaipur is very safe. However, I would recommend being extra careful at night, especially if you are a woman. Remember, India is still a developing country and foreign tourists can be an easy target for locals to scam/get money from.

Jaipur, like the rest of India, is extremely affordable for travellers, especially compared to other international destinations. For budget travellers, you can spend less than $20 USD a day and travel comfortably. For travellers that prefer a bit more luxury, you can easily spend up to $200 to $300 USD and enjoy a vacation of a lifetime.

3 images of Jaipur, a decorated doorway, a fort atop a hill and a floating fort with text olay "3 Day Itinerary Jaipur India"

Is there anything you’d add to this Jaipur Itinerary? Please comment below!

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Jaipur Itinerary: 2 Perfect Days in the Pink City of India (2024)

Hawa Mahal beautiful landmarks in India

India’s so-called Pink City, Jaipur, is the capital of Rajasthan . This city is home to the marvellous Hawa Mahal, spectacular forts and beautiful temples. This 2-day Jaipur itinerary for first-timers covers the city’s most beautiful places to visit and its most interesting sights.

At the end of this post, you will also find some useful information including how to get around Jaipur, the best time to visit the city, how to get there and more.

Jaipur is one of the stops on India’s Golden Triangle tourist route , which connects the Pink City to New Delhi and Agra (which is famous for the Taj Mahal ). By connecting these three cities on a map, you will see that they form an imaginary triangle, hence the name “golden triangle”. This route is one of the most popular travel itineraries in India, as it covers some of the country’s most spectacular sights.

But without further ado, let’s dive into this itinerary and find out exactly how to spend two wonderful days in beautiful Jaipur.

City Palace of Jaipur in India

2 days itinerary for Jaipur, India’s pink city

This itinerary was designed to help you get the most out of your 2 days in Jaipur .

It all depends on your personal pace, but you should have some time left to explore the Pink City’s bustling streets and to go shopping for some beautiful Indian souvenirs too.

Tip : A great way to save time and money is by buying a composite entry ticket for Jaipur’s main tourist attractions. It costs INR 600 for foreigners and INR 300 for Indian nationals and is valid for 2 days. This ticket will give you access to many of Jaipur’s highlights and it can be bought at the entrance of most of this city’s tourist attractions.

Day 1: Forts, palaces and museums

City Palace in Jaipur India

On the first day of this Jaipur itinerary, we will visit some of the Pink City’s most spectacular landmark s . These include the famous Amer Fort and the stunning Jawa Mahal, two of the highlights of a trip to the Pink City.

For today, I would recommend hiring a rickshaw that takes you to the forts and stepwell and then to the Jal Mahal and Hawa Mahal. From here, you can either walk 20 minutes or take a rickshaw to the Albert Hall Museum.

Do make sure to negotiate the price in advance, as Indian rickshaw drivers are notorious for charging foreigners ten times the local price.

Amer Fort in Jaipur

Located 11 km (6.8 mi) from the centre of Jaipur, Amer Fort or Amber Fort is a huge structure that cannot be missed on a visit to the city. It is one of India’s most famous landmarks and it is easy to understand why – it is simply spectacular!

This fort was built by Raja Man Singh, the raja (or king) of Amer, and later expanded by ruler Sawai Jai Singh. It was completed in 1599, 25 years after the first construction works started.

During a visit to Amer Fort, you will see some incredible architecture – a blend of both Mughal as well as indigenous styles. Some of the fort’s highlights are Ganesh Pol – the main gate, Sheesh Mahal – the glass palace, and Jaleb Chowk – the fort’s enormous courtyard.

Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur

Jaigarh Fort is located right next to Amer Fort, so both places are easy to combine. This fort was built by Jai Singh II in 1726 to protect Amer Fort.

You will find the Jaivana Cannon here, which dates back to the beginning of the 18th century and was the world’s largest cannon on wheels at the time it was manufactured.

Panna Meena Ka Kund Stepwell

Panna Meena Ka Kund Stepwell

Next, head to the 16th-century Panna Meena Ka Kund Stepwell . This beautiful structure is just a 1 km (0,6 mi) ride or walk from Amer Fort.

This stepwell was used to collect water for the surrounding villages. In the olden days, women would come here to fill their water pots and chat.

Unfortunately, I found out about the Panna Meena Ka Kund Stepwell too late, so I wasn’t able to visit it. it is a good reason to go back, though! I did visit other stepwells in India and love the way they look.

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Jal Mahal (Water Palace)

Jalmahal on Jaipur itinerary

You will pass the Jal Mahal (or the Water Palace) on the way from the forts to the Hawa Mahal, which is the next stop on this itinerary.

The water palace is the perfect place for a quick stop to snap some photos. The interior of the Jal Mahal cannot be visited anymore, but it is worth stopping here for 10 to 15 minutes.

This palace is located in the middle of Man Sagar Lake, and it was constructed by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1699. The Jal Mahal wasn’t used as a palace, though, but as a hunting lodge for the maharaja’s duck-hunting escapades.

Hawa Mahal + Lunch

Hawa Mahal in India

The Hawa Mahal is the next stop on this Jaipur itinerary and it is one of my favourite buildings ever. I couldn’t stop gazing at it during my visit to Jaipur.

Take some time to admire the Hawa Mahal’s beautiful facade before entering the building on the backside. There’s a small alleyway leading to the back of the building on the right side.

This magnificent palace was built by Kachhwaha ruler Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799, and it has a whopping 953 windows . Its purpose was to provide royal women with a view of everyday life through the windows, as they could not appear in public.

All in all, the Hawa Mahal is one of Rajasthan’s most spectacular landmarks and one you cannot miss during a visit to Jaipur.

Tip: Don’t forget to climb up the stairs on the opposite side of the street for a spectacular view of the Hawa Mahal . There’s one free view (although the nearby shopkeepers will try to lure you into their shops) and some restaurants are also overlooking the palace. This is a great place to have lunch.

Johri Bazaar

Johri Bazaar in Jaipur

Head to the Johri Bazaar after your visit to the Hawa Mahal, it is just a 10-minute walk from here. This is a nice place to go souvenir shopping or simply soak up the atmosphere.

You will find jewellery, sarees and other beautiful items here, but do make sure to haggle if you decide to purchase something.

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Albert Hall Museum

Albert Hall Museum, the state museum of Rajasthan

The last activity for today is a visit to the Albert Hall Museum.

Constructed in 1887, this is Rajasthan’s oldest museum, and it is located a 20-minute walk or a 5-minute rickshaw drive from the Johri Bazaar. This is the state museum of Rajasthan and there’s a lot to see here.

Once you get to the Albert Hall Museum, you will notice that the building’s Indo-Saracenic architecture is quite spectacular. It was designed by Samuel Swinton Jacob, who also designed the Laxmi Niwas Palace in Bikaner .

Inside the museum, you will find 16 galleries that showcase a large collection of artefacts, from various Rajasthani handicrafts to the  sarcophagus of an Egyptian mummy , which is the museum’s highlight.

Take some well-deserved time to dine and rest after your visit to the Albert Hall Museum. There’s another full day of exploring Jaipur left tomorrow!

Day 2: Monkeys, temples and palaces

Baby monkey at the Galta Ji Monkey Temple

Day 2 of this Jaipur itinerary will bring you to some of the city’s most beautiful temples and other photogenic landmarks.

I would recommend hiring a rickshaw that takes you to Patrika Gate , Birla Mandir and the Monkey Temple before dropping you at the City Palace, which is in the heart of Jaipur. This way, you will have some time left in the centre of the city to explore its shops, dine and maybe take an evening walk.

As always when travelling in India, make sure to negotiate the price of the rickshaw in advance.

Patrika Gate

Patrika Gate in Jaipur

Let’s kick off the second day of this 2 day Jaipur itinerary with a visit to one of the city’s most photogenic and colourful tourist attractions: Patrika Gate .

Surprisingly, this is also one of Jaipur’s newest landmarks. It was built by the Patrika group of Newspapers in 2016 and serves as an entrance to Jawahar Circle Garden.

At the same time, Patrika Gate is a memorial that showcases Rajasthan’s architectural and cultural heritage. You will find beautiful arches inside, each decorated with colourful images.

It doesn’t take too long to visit Patrika Gate. However, if you’re like me, you will want to snap a ton of pictures here!

Tip: Start your day early to avoid crowds at Patrika Gate. This is a popular photo shoot location among locals.

Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir in Jaipur

Birla Mandir is on the way from Patrika Gate to Galtaji Monkey Temple (which is next on this list), and it makes for a perfect stop between these two places. Note that the distance between both of these landmarks is 6 km (3 mi). So, the best way to get there is to take a rickshaw.

This temple was completed in 1988 and it is one of the 14 temples that was constructed by the Birla Foundation , which was founded by the wealthy Birla family. The Birla Mandir consists entirely of white marble, and it is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu.

You will need approximately 20-30 minutes to visit the temple, and after your visit, it is time to head to another temple, which is quite unique!

Galta Ji Monkey Temple

Monkey Temple on Jaipur itinerary

Jaipur’s unique Monkey Temple is located about 9 km (5 mi) from Birla Mandir. Once you arrive at its base, you will have to walk uphill for another 15 to 20 minutes to reach the temple. It might not be the easiest place to reach, but it is worth the effort. On top of that, it is a nice walk – if you like monkeys at least – as you will encounter plenty of these animals on your way to the temple.

It is good to know that there is also another entrance to this temple, and from this one, you won’t have to walk. I’m not sure if it can be reached by rickshaw, though.

Galta Ji is centred around a natural spring which has been channelled to fill seven holy pools . You will see how devotees bathe away their sins in those waters. If you visit the temple at a quiet time, however, you may see monkeys bathing instead of people.

The temple’s surroundings are beautiful too, it is located in between rocky hills. When you’re on its main square, you will find the main temple, where you can receive a blessing , on the right side (just follow the steps up that lead to it). Do expect to pay a small contribution if you want to get blessed.

City Palace

City Palace in Jaipur India

The next stop on this 2-day Jaipur itinerary is the City Palace. This beautiful structure is a 15-minute rickshaw drive from the Monkey Temple.

The City Palace was built at the same time as the city of Jaipur – in 1727. This is when Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II moved his court from Amer to the Pink City . It was the place where the Maharaja reigned until 1949.

There are many beautiful places to see in Jaipur’s City Palace, but my favourite one was Pritam Niwas Chowk . Here, you will find some of the most astonishing doors you will ever lay your eyes on. I was obsessed with the peacock gate (as pictured above)!

It is good to know that there are multiple types of tickets to visit the City Palace. I bought a composite ticket, which costs INR 700 for foreigners and INR 300 for Indian nationals. This ticket will grant you access to the City Palace and its museums, and it includes the Pritam Niwas Chowk , Mubarak Mahal and the exterior of the Chandra Mahal .

If you want to see the royal chambers , however, you will have to buy another ticket. This ticket either costs a whopping INR 3500 for foreigners and INR 2000 for Indian nationals or INR 2000 for foreigners and INR 1500 for Indians. I’m not sure what the difference is between both of these, but the cheaper one is called the Royal Grandeur Tour and the other one is the Royal Splendor Tour .

Although I’m sure the royal chambers are beautiful, I think a ridiculous amount of money is being charged, so I decided to skip it.

Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar on Jaipur itinerary

Finally, it is time to head to Jantar Mantar, a UNESCO World Heritage site right across from the City Palace.

Here, you will find an impressive collection of 19 astronomical instruments . These were built at the demand of Rajah Jai Singh II, the founder of Jaipur, in 1734. The instruments that can be found at Jaipur’s Jantar Mantar are some of the best-preserved in the country.

One of the instruments at Jantar Mantar is the world’s largest sundial , the Vrihat Samrat Yantra . This instrument is able to measure time to an accuracy of 2 seconds, something that hadn’t been achieved before.

Optional: City centre, Gatore Ki Chhatriyan or temples

Depending on how much time and energy you have left, you might want to add some other places to this Jaipur itinerary. I opted for a stroll around the Pink City, which is one of my favourite things to do when I visit a new place.

Another option is to head to the royal crematorium grounds, Gatore Ki Chhatriyan (2 km/1.4 mi from the City Palace) or to visit one of the other famous temples in Jaipur , like the Akshardham Temple or the Shri Digambar Jain Temple .

Map and schedule for the Jaipur itinerary

You will find the places that are included in this Jaipur itinerary on the map below. Click the pin on the map to learn more about each place.

Schedule for day 1: Forts, palaces and museums

8:00 am: Visit Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort 11:30 am: See the Panna Meena Ka Kund Stepwell 12:30 am: Stop by the Jal Mahal (water palace) 1:00 pm: Have lunch near the Hawa Mahal 2:00 pm: Visit the Hawa Mahal 3:00 pm: Go shopping at Johri Bazaar 4:00 pm: Visit the Albert Hall Museum

Schedule for day 2: Monkeys, temples and palaces

8:00 am: Head to Patrika Gate 9:15 am: Stop by Birla Mandir 10:00 am : Visit the Galta Ji Monkey Temple 12:00 am: Head to the city centre for lunch 1:30 pm: Visit the City Palace 3:30 pm: Visit Jantar Mantar across the street from the City Palace 4:30 pm (optional): Explore the city centre, visit Gatore Ki Chhatriyan or head to one of Jaipur’s famous temples

The Pink City of India

How to get to Jaipur

Jaipur is a well-connected city that’s easy to reach from other cities in India. You can either reach it by bus , train or plane , as Jaipur has an airport too.

Although I didn’t book transportation in advance when I was travelling in the south of India, I did book trains and buses in advance in the north of the country, as this is what locals advised me to do.

Check out 12GoAsia to book tickets online. This is the only website I could find that accepts payments with non-Indian bank accounts and it works great.

How to get around in Jaipur

Although the city centre is walkable, most tourist attractions in Jaipur are located far away from one another. So you will have to use one of the following options to get around:

  • Rickshaw : Taking the rickshaw is one of the easiest ways to get around in Jaipur. You can either take several to take you from one place to the other or hire one for an entire day.
  • Ola: The Ola app is a true lifesaver when you’re travelling in India. It works like Uber and allows you to book a car, rickshaw or bike that will come pick you up for a good price. This way, you won’t need to haggle. Rickshaw drivers often try to charge 10 times the local price when they see foreigners, which can get quite frustrating.
  • Taxi: Taking a taxi is the most comfortable way to get around Jaipur, but it is also the most expensive one.
  • Rent a bike or a car: If you’d rather get around with your own transportation, you can opt to rent a bike or rent a car in Jaipur . This will definitely give you the most flexibility and freedom.
  • Public bus: The public bus is the cheapest way to get from one point to another. However, it is also the most time-consuming one.

Streets of Jaipur in India

Best time to visit Jaipur

The best time to visit Jaipur is between October and March . At this time of the year, the weather will be pleasant and there won’t be much rain.

I visited Jaipur in July, which is during the monsoon season. Although it is true that it was hot and humid, and there were some showers, it didn’t rain all the time and I found the heat manageable (quite contrary to the South of India during the summer months).

Where to stay in Jaipur

There are many hotels to stay at in Jaipur . These range from budget hostels to expensive resorts. You will find my top recommendations below.

  • Anuraag Villa ( ⭐ 8.7/10): This is where I stayed during my 2 weeks in Jaipur. The rooms of Anuraag Villa are spacious and some of the cleanest ones I have come across in India. The wifi is good, the staff is friendly and there’s a beautiful garden with a nice restaurant. It is good to know that this hotel is located in a residential area near the railway station, which is about 4 km (2.8 mi) from the city centre.
  • All Seasons Homestay ( ⭐ 9.5/10) : This beautifully decorated homestay is also located close to the railway station, about 4 km (2.8 mi) from the centre of Jaipur. All Seasons Homestay features an onsite restaurant serving delicious breakfast and most of the rooms have a balcony.
  • The Leela Palace ( ⭐ 9.1/10): If you would like to pamper yourself in luxury, then the Leela Palace is the place for you! This is one of Jaipur’s finest hotels, featuring elegant rooms, magnificent gardens and beautiful pools.

Amer Fort main gate in India

Jaipur FAQ’s

How many days is sufficient for jaipur.

It all depends on your personal pace, but two full days in Jaipur should be enough. If you want to take things more slowly, however, or if you want to visit the surroundings, I would recommend spending three days in Jaipur.

Is Jaipur worth visiting?

Yes, Jaipur is definitely worth visiting! India’s Pink City is part of the Golden Triangle tourist route, and this is one of the highlights of a trip to the country. You’ll find some amazing architecture here, as well as some of India’s most famous landmarks.

What is Jaipur famous for?

Jaipur is popularly known as the Pink City , and it is famous for its magnificent architecture (look at the Hawa Mahal, for example), its beautiful forts and for being the capital of Rajasthan.

Why is Jaipur called the pink city?

In the city centre of Jaipur, all the buildings are built from pink stone. It all started in 1876 when the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria visited India. Maharaja Ram Singh decided to paint the entire city pink, the colour of hospitality, to welcome them.

Is Jaipur safe?

Yes, Jaipur is safe, as long as you use your common sense. I travelled in Jaipur solo and there hasn’t been a moment where I didn’t feel safe.

2 days in Jaipur itinerary – Final thoughts

India’s pink city, Jaipur, is a must-see during a visit to Rajasthan . This city is home to some of India’s most impressive landmarks, and part of the famous Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit (together with Delhi and Agra).

All in all, Jaipur is a city that I loved exploring. The Hawa Mahal is one of my favourite buildings in the entire world, and the Peacock Gate at the City Palace is definitely the most beautiful door I’ve ever seen!

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  • Jaisalmer Itinerary: Best Places to Visit

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2 days in Jaipur itinerary

Laura Meyers

Laura Meyers is the founder of Laure Wanders. She was born in Belgium and has spent years travelling solo. She currently spends most of her time between Belgium and South Asia and loves helping other travellers plan their adventures abroad.

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One Day in Jaipur Itinerary – The Best Places in Jaipur, India

The third corner of the golden triangle and the best place to find the calm in the Indian storm, Jaipur is most definitely a must for those touring Northern India. When visiting Delhi and Agra it just makes sense to complete the golden triangle – and here’s why.

One day in Jaipur Itinerary

Guest post by Tabitha

When in India, you will find that you are always very much on the move. The hustle and bustle of the country is like no other; yet it takes three times the usual time to do menial tasks like picking up a train ticket. And that is why people love it – it is truly unique and once emerged in the way of life it is a hard place not to love. But sometimes, you just want to have a moment of peace and step away from the hundreds of tourists and staring eyes of the locals. That solace can be found in Jaipur.

Now, it can’t be said that it’s chilled… but for India, it is! There is so much that makes Jaipur distinctive, from its architecture to its fabrics to the amazingly painted elephants you will see wandering down the main roads.

What’s the best time to visit Jaipur?

Summer in Jaipur is from  March to July  and temperatures reach up to 45 degrees Celsius. This is not preferable for the activities that you may wish to do there, unless you have a high toleration for heat!

From July to November  lasts the monsoon season, and in India as a whole it rains… a lot. However, Rajasthan’s monsoon season is much milder, so from the end of September to October  you can avoid the rain entirely, though it is a risk to take. Therefore, travelling in these months is best avoided if you can.

The most popular time to go is winter, from November to February . The weather is warm, dry and sunny, but the nights can be cool, so be ready for it! Good weather does mean a lot more tourists, so queues for popular attractions could be a lot bigger, but the atmosphere of the city as a whole is nice because everyone can get out regardless of the poor weather.

Furthermore, if you go in March, you can see Jaipur’s famous  Elephant festival , where painted elephants roam the streets and sports such as elephant polo take place! This occurs the day before Holi in March. Jaipur also has a k ite festival on the 14 th of January, which is the first day the sun is in the northern hemisphere. It is a true spectacle as the kites have glass shards which catch the light when in the sky… one to maybe watch from afar!

What’s good to know about Jaipur?

Jaipur is known as the pink city, and upon arrival you will not be disappointed by your expectations. It is in fact very pink. In fact, the colour is so entrenched in the history of the country that it is enforced in local laws!

Jaipur - Pink City

One of the finest examples of the pink colour in Jaipur is the Hawa Mahal Jaipur, also known as the Palace of the Winds. It was built to resemble the honeycomb structure of a bee’s nest and got its name from the ‘cooling system’ design of the windows, which were designed to allow the breeze to blow through. However, windows were in fact installed into the palace during a renovation, meaning its name has lost all meaning. The palace acts as a prime example of Jaipur’s amazing architecture. It appears to be a great palace, but in fact it is all a façade. The structure is almost 2 dimensional and was built as a high screen so that women of the city palace could observe street festivals from inside and remain unnoticed from the outside.

The Palace of the Winds Detail, Jaipur

One Day in Jaipur Itinerary

Follow this guide and make the most of your trip even if you’re short on time. These are the top sights and things to do during your one day in Jaipur.

Start your day early, you have a fun day of activities ahead!

The Monkey Temple

A good place to begin is Galtaji, aka the Monkey Temple . If you are travelling round India, it’s likely you will have seen a lot of temples and maybe be a bit hesitant because of that, but this one is like no other. Situated literally in a rock face, about 10km out of the city centre, is an ancient pilgrimage site. If you get a tuk tuk from the city centre, it should cost no more than 400 rupees for them to drive you to the site, wait for you to visit and then drive you back. In total, it’s around a half hour drive each way, but it’s definitely worth it!

Monkey Temple, Jaipur

Upon arrival, you will be dropped on the outskirts of a town facing a big hill. You may think you have been tricked by the driver, but look for people selling monkey food, and the monkeys themselves, and you’ll know you’re in the right place!

You walk up the hill and reach a point where you can continue to the top or go ahead through a little village. The top will take you to a tiny temple with a 10 rupee entry fee. It’s not much to see, but the view  from there is worth the extra 10 minute walk. Carrying on through the village takes you down the other side of the hill. It’s a bit of a walk but you will reach a more built up area, then suddenly, out of nowhere, you turn around and behind you is a massive temple area, with pools filled with monkeys cleaning themselves and another one filled with people worshiping and praying. It is a true spectacle that is well worth the visit! A little tip though, people will try charge you for taking pictures. You can either tell them to go away, get over your reluctance and pay the small fee for a quiet life, or just not take pictures, but do not miss out on the memory of this place!

The Palace of the Winds

Upon arrival back to the city, take a wander past the Palace of the Winds mentioned above. You can go in, but when you only have one day it’s more of a photo opportunity. After all, it’s flat, there’s really not much to see! Local shop owners from across the road will encourage you to go onto their roofs to get a better view. In actual fact, the view from there is amazing, you can see right over the city as well as the surrounding forts, and all they ask in exchange is that you take a look in their shop. Obviously, as this is India, as usual watch your back and don’t be naïve to the fact that they will expect you to buy a little souvenir as thanks, but it’s well worth it!

The Palace of the Winds, Jaipur

Johari Bazar

Head for lunch via Johari Bazar (you can walk there from the Palace of the Winds). Here is a fab place to buy souvenirs; the street specializes in jewelry, clothing, craft-work and art. It’s a bustling, busy area and there are plenty of places to get yourself a good deal! For lunch, restaurants are hard to come by, but there is a fab place called Jain Patang Udyog  on the Haldion Ka Rasta street just off the main street. It serves Dal ki kachori with chatni, a local delicacy.

Johari Bazar

Jantar Mantar

After lunch head to the Jantar Mantar . This is a collection of astrological instruments all built to tell the time, from seconds to months to the year. The location is a UNESCO site and features the world’s largest sundial. The instruments are all still in working order, and it is fascinating to learn how the concept of time was developed. You can get a tour on the door from a registered tour guide, costing from 50-100 rupees per person depending on group size. It is definitely worth paying for a guide here as otherwise you will not gain insight into how the instruments actually work, although they are amazing just to look at, as well!

Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

The Jantar Mantar is situated next to the City Palace . Entry into the palace is quite expensive, however if you don’t want to go in you can have a quick look! It is also all within a walking distance from the Palace of the Winds and Johari Bazar.

City Palace, Jaipur

It’s best to hire a driver to Amer Fort , although you can get a tuk tuk here too! If you get a driver, they will be able to organize a tour guide for you, who you pay in tips. Alternatively, you can get an elephant ride up to the fort.

Amer Fort Entrance, Jaipur

However, these run in the mornings only, so you would have to rearrange the day. Amer Fort is the one place where it would be recommended more than anywhere to get a tour guide ! The fort itself is amazing to look at and the view from it is amazing, too. But the architectural genius of this place is like no other, and to learn about this you need a tour guide!

Amer Fort, Jaipur

From the design of the palace with hidden corridors so that the king’s 9 wives never had to cross paths; to the different bedrooms for summer and winter depending on the light; to the water pipe system that saved water for drought and is still in working condition today! There are so many wonderful photo opportunities and there is so much to see and learn, Amer Fort is a must see in Jaipur!

Amer Fort, Jaipur

Amer Fort Light Show

End the day under Amer Fort watching the spectacular light and sound show which tells the story of Jaipur. Tickets are 200 rupees, and the show lasts around 45 minutes.

Amer Fort at Dusk

Where to stay in Jaipur?

Umaid mahal – heritage style hotel.

Book your stay in the Umaid Mahal – Heritage Style Hotel  or one of its counterparts (it is part of a small chain). It is a fab, authentic hotel with great breakfast, a small pool that is nice for a quick dip in the morning, plus the price is very reasonable. The best thing about the hotel is its décor. The outside is one big mosaic, and the inside is furnished with traditional furniture in a true Jaipur style . It also has a rooftop restaurant which had the best chicken tikka pizza going.

Umaid Mahal - Heritage Style Hotel

Best hostels

Jaipur is a great destination for backpackers and young travelers, and hostels around the city are surely the best place to stay if you want quality budget stay . It’s a great place to meet other travelers and explore the local culture. These three hostels may be the best in the city, so check one of them:  Blue Beds Hostel ,  Jaipur Jantar Hostel ,  Zostel Jaipur .

Book Blue Beds Hostel

Blue Beds Hostel

Book Jaipur Jantar Hostel

Jaipur Jantar Hostel

Book Zostel Jaipur

Zostel Jaipur


India is a country of immense cultural wealth, and no matter where you turn you will see something incredible. However, some sights deserve your attention more than others, so take them into consideration when planning your day trip from Jaipur.

If you have the time and energy, Agra as a destination is a no-brainer. Yes, it will take you more than three hours to get there, but the payoff is huge. The city is home to two fabled UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Agra Fort and the majestic Taj Mahal . The sensation you get when you first see these monumental buildings is indescribable, and you will immediately forget about the ride here.


For animal-lovers, Ranthambore is something they absolutely must visit. This beautiful national park is a great getaway from the city crowds, and since you get a chance to see tigers and leopards in their natural habitat, the idea of this day trip becomes even more enticing. Head out on a safari and enjoy a day you will never forget.

Ajmer is a city about two hours from Jaipur, and it has loads of sights to visit. From the incredible Lal Mandir with its golden interior to  Ajmer Sharif Dargah , a shrine dedicated to  a revered saint, you will have more than enough to see and explore. Just don’t forget to leave some time to go and visit Pushkar , a small town on Ajmer’s outskirts, where a sacred lake is located.

Chand Baori

Hands down, Chand Baori is the most beautiful stepwell in India. Numerous steps were created on its three sides, with an impressive pavilion on the fourth. Seeing this is like entering a fantasy movie or something like that, and if you want some photos that will make everyone back home jealous, this is the place to take them. After that, don’t forget to visit Bhangarh , a fort that is supposedly cursed and haunted by restless spirits.

Sanganer is the perfect place to do some souvenir shopping. It is very close to Jaipur and is completely dedicated to producing its unique fabrics which you can actually have printed out right there and then. It is also an important town for Jains, who have their temples scattered all over the place. Shopping and a bit of culture, doesn’t sound bad, now does it?

Extra tips for visiting Jaipur?

– Accept the fact that in Jaipur you are going to be paying foreigner admission prices which will cost a great deal more than for locals. Despite this, prices are all very reasonable!

– If you do have any extra time, hire a car and go watch the sunset from Nahargarh Fort , which is a short drive from Amer Fort. The view covers the whole city and the palace up there is worth a visit too.


If you have any other propositions for this one day in jaipur itinerary feel free to share it in the comments below, make sure you have everything you need, what to pack for your next trip.

Make your next trip as simple and as enjoyable as possible by packing smart. It’s amazing how much stress top travel items can save you, so choose carefully. Things like lightweight travel backpacks, for example, are ideal for short trips and allow you to move around with ease, and a passport holder will make sure you keep your documents safe at all times. Check our travel checklist guide for 2021 to make sure you haven’t missed anything, and travel to your next destination in style and with maximum comfort.

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Tabitha’s Travels

Tabitha’s Travels

Tabitha is a young blogger who wants to prove that it is possible to get an education, work AND travel. Through the ethos of ‘traveling the world in bite-size chunks’ she has visited almost 40 countries, and there are many more to come! She is currently planning a 2-month trip to South America and working to save the pennies!

Too bad. I thought it will be a genuine travel review but this is a paid one with links of hotels. I wish travelers would have shared genuine travel accounts. But of late, in a lure of earning money, this kind of crappy stuff is being filled on internet and google.

Hi Anuj, thank you for your comment. It is an actual overview of one day spend there by the guest author. It is not a paid article and we always include hotels which we believe are the best choice for staying at.

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How to spend 3 fantastic days around Jaipur

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Last Updated on August 26, 2022 by

Jaipur 3 days itinerary

Jaipur. The buzzing capital of Rajasthan. Chaotic, exotic, beautiful and pink. Jaipur was probably my favourite city along my 20-days itinerary of India. In this guide, will find a detailed Jaipur 3-days itinerary. This includes maps, things to do, where to eat in Jaipur and how to go around!

Table of Contents

A brief history of Jaipur

jaipur 3 days itinerary

Jaipur, the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan was founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1727. In order to accommodate the needs of a constant growing population he planned to shift the capital of Rajasthan from Amer to Jaipur.

The building of a fairytale city

The construction of the city of Jaipur took just four years and the urban plan used for its development followed the principles of Vastu Shastra . This is traditional Hindu architectural system that integrates religious beliefs into architectural patterns. Indeed, the city’s division into nine main blocks was an incredible advanced system during that century.

This made Jaipur one of the most modern Indian cities during the XVIII century. For reason of public security, the city has always been walled and accessible throughout one of its 8 gates (9 if one considers also the latest built gate, famous as the “Patrika Gate”). When it was built, the city didn’t have the current outlook. Indeed, this was part of the “welcome plan” for the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria who were visiting the city in 1876. In this occasion, the city was painted entirely in pink.

Why pink? Because for Indian people, the colour pink was understood as a sign of hospitality. Therefore, painting in this colour an entire city was considered a great sign of welcoming towards its guests. From this moment onward, Jaipur became famous with the epithet of “Pink City” . The name is still used to describe the city that still keeps its street painted with this lovely vibrant colour.

Getting to Jaipur from Agra or New Delhi

Jaipur is far 268 km from New Delhi and 241 km from Agra (travelling by car). It can be reached by plane, train or car. The closest airport is the Jaipur International Airport located at about 25 mins from the city centre.

Driving to Jaipur from Agra

The road trip from Agra to Jaipur takes about 4 hours ( a little bit more if you consider the Indian traffic). It is not advised to travel by car on your own. Indian roads are risky, there are animals on the street, people drive in a crazy way and you may even get scammed along the road. The best thing to do is hiring a cab with an expert driver. This can be done via your hotel or external agencies.

Because we were principally in India for the wedding of two friends of us, they helped us with this giving us a trusted local contact who organised the road trip for us. Indeed, with the same driver and at a combined price we travelled from Agra to Vrindavan and then from Agra to Jaipur (the day after).

Cost of a cab from Agra to Jaipur

A medium A/C cab in good conditions generally costs around ₹ 4,500 (£ 50 circa). However, if you are not making any stop, travelling light and don’t care about air conditioning in the car, you can try to negotiate a lower price. I’ve heard of some companies that take people from Agra to Jaipur as cheap as ₹ 2,500. However, I can’t grant you about their reliability. Moreover, consider to go on a A/C not just for the warm weather but also for the pollution.

In certain areas of India the air quality is very poor. Therefore, without air conditioning and with a very warm temperature, you will travel with open windows, breathing the most polluted air and risking a pollution poisoning (having had this in Agra, I wouldn’t wish this to anyone!). 

Travelling by coach, train or plane to Jaipur

Travelling by mini-bus/coach is recommended only to experienced and adventurous travellers (possibly male only). Local friends highly discouraged us to get on a coach because of frequent scams, criminality and even kidnapping. Better safe than sorry!

Train is so far the cheapest option. The fastest train going from Agra to Jaipur is the 22988 AF AII SUPERFAST. This takes 4 hours and costs ₹155-555 (1-7£).

If you want to know how to book a train ticket in India if you are a tourist check my guide here!

Moreover, if you are getting to Jaipur from New Delhi, the most convenient way might be flying. Companies like Air Asia, Spice Jet, Air India and IndiGo offers daily flight between the two cities as cheap as £18 for 55 mins flight (average fares go between £33-58).

jaipur 3 days itinerary

Whether you are reaching Jaipur by car or train, BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS ! Especially if you are a first timer in India. Don’t go venturing alone and always check with the police or your hotel if you have any doubt. In addition, if you would like to book a cab to go to Jaipur and not sure who to trust, refer to your hotel, they will always have a trusted driver.

Getting around Jaipur

Jaipur 3 days itinerary

Jaipur is a big city and getting to see all you want to see might not be easy without knowing how to move around. Find below the most reliable ways to get around Jaipur.

Getting around by taxi

Differently from Agra, where you can get around only by pre-paid taxis, Jaipur is served by Uber .  Someone might disagree with this, but we used Uber for most of our daily trips in different Indian cities (except Agra). I found it cheap, honest, safe and reliable. Moreover, we travelled with Uber in Jaipur also by night. We had no problem at all (which is something you should’t undervalue when in India).

If you have bought an Indian sim at the airport, you can choose to move also with the cab company OLA . This is very similar to Uber but needs an Indian number to be booked. Otherwise, you can use your usual Uber app (and your roaming charges) to book cab. To be sure of not being scammed, always check that the details of your Uber booking and driver correspond to the cab you are taking. Moreover be sure the driver understands your name and destination.

Getting around by Tuk Tuk

Going around with a tuk tuk is one of the most funny experience you can do in India. Jaipur doesn’t make an exception. In fact, Tuk Tuk are cheap and perfect for brief distances. According to my experience, they are also lifesavers in case your phone is dead and you don’t know how to book an Uber. Tuk Tuks are also quite reliable. Nevertheless, you might have to “fight” for obtaining fair price (never expect to pay the same price of local people anyway). Especially if you look too much touristy. To be sure your driver doesn’t take advantage of you, ALWAYS ask the price of the ride BEFORE jumping on a Tuk Tuk. Moreover, clarify if the price is for one person only or for a whole group.

Walking around Jaipur

Walking around Jaipur is pretty safe, especially around touristic areas like the City Palace or the Hawa Mahal.  In fact, we did walk a lot in Jaipur (a lot more than other Indian cities). This because we had an hotel at just 20 mins walk from the City Palace. Therefore, it was pointless for us to take a taxi when so close to certain city attraction.

However, walking can be a little stressing around the frontal facade of the Hawa Mahal. Indeed, the street it’s ridiculously full of cars and crossing the road can be quite challenging. The trick is to follow what the locals do. They know perfectly how to sneak into the traffic and cross the street safely. The great boulevards and bazaars are mostly safe to walk. However, people may approach you. Sometimes just to have a chat because they are curious about you, sometimes because they want to bring you to their cousin bazaar and sometimes because they are try to scam you. Therefore, if you decide to walk keep your eyes wide open and trust your instinct.

Jaipur 3 days itinerary

If you are planning to arrive in Jaipur by car, the first day might be the most stressing one. Your driver might wants to pick you up very early in the morning (like at 4.30 am) and take advantage of the empty roads to avoid the traffic. You will stay in the car for no less than 4 hours (possibly without stopping at all) and when arriving in Jaipur might it be hot, humid, chaotic and different from all the other Indian cities you visited.

Moreover, your driver might insist you (our driver did) to visit the abandoned village of Fatehpur Sikri . This place is right on the main road to Jaipur and is the most visited place by tourist going to the Pink City from Agra. We would probably visited if we had one more day but we preferred to opt for the less touristic Abhaneri’s stepwell , known as Chand Baori.

Day 1- Visiting Jaipur off the beaten track

Knowing what was expecting us, we decided to opt for a light itinerary and visit some some of the Jaipur’s off the beaten track attractions that otherwise we would probably never visited. First of all, we asked the driver to pick-up us around 7.30 and not 4.30. We were still suffering from the pollution poisoning we had the past days in Agra and we needed all the rest possible before undertaking another long road trip.

The itinerary we proposed to our driver was departing at 7.30 from Agra and driving towards the Chand Baori Step-Well (B) in the city of Abhaneri. We hoped to arrive in Abhaneri around 12 pm, visiting the site and then driving again towards Jaipur. When in Jaipur, our first stop should be the Patrika Gate (C) which is quite at the edge of the city and then our final stop before our hotel, the iconic Jal Mahal (D). In all of this we decided to skip lunch and go for a relaxed meal at the hotel restaurant at night.

Visiting the Chand Baori Step-Well. What you need to know.

jaipur 3 days itinerary

The Chand Baori, is one of the largest, deepest and oldest Step-Wells in Rajasthan with the oldest part of the structure dating back to the 8th century A.D.. In Hindi, the word baoli means “step”. This Step-Well is descending to the bottom of the ground for about 20 metres throughout more than 3,500 steps based on 13 levels.

The Step-Well was built with the purpose of providing water to the village of Abhaneri (water is still visible at the bottom).  Descending the step-well is not possible for safety reasons. This because the steps are very slippery and narrow and people fell down in the past. Interestingly, any tentative to corrupt the guardian to let us go to the lower level was unsuccessful.

The Chand Baori is located in the historical village of Abhaneri. This was created by King Raja Chand of Gurjar Kingdom in the 9th century A.D. The original name of the village was “Abha Nagri” meaning “city of brightness”. The legend says that the goddess Harshat Mata spreaded the brightness of his joy all over the village, from here the name. Unfortunately, of this beautiful and legendary medieval village only the Step-Well and the nearby temple are still surviving.

Getting to Abhaneri

Jaipur 3 days itinerary

The village of Abhaneri is far from Jaipur around 95 km (2h drive circa) and 30.9 km from Dausa. The village is located on the NH-11 Jaipur-Agra road.

How much does it cost visiting the Chand Baori?

jaipur 3 days itinerary

Visiting the Chand Baori is completely free ! If anyone is asking you money for any reason to access the Step-Well, he/she is cheating on you! If you want, you can leave an offer to the temple nearby or to the guardian, if he is so kind to take you around and tell you a bit of history of the place. In our case, the guardian asked us if we would like him to explain a bit of history of the place and we accepted. He also took some nice picture of us, so we left him a generous offer. I asked him also if I could take some pictures INSIDE the well but he kindly refused.

How long time do I need to visit the Step-Well?

Because you can’t really access the staircases leading to the bottom of the Well, seeing the structure only from its surroundings, I would say that a half hour is more than enough to take pictures and give you a comprehensive view of the archaeological site. However, if you visit also the Harshat Mata Temple (see below) you will spend more or less 1 hour in total.

Bonus stop – The Harshat Mata Temple

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

When exit the Chand Baori, don’t miss to pay a visit to the nearby temple of Harshat Mata. This that was built together with the Step-Well by King Chand to honour the goddess who brought joy to the village. During ancient times, before visiting the temple, people washed their hands and feet into the water of the Chand Baori Step-Well as a ritual. In fact, for the Hindu religion, water is considered a sacred purifier from evil.

The fairytale ninth gate of Jaipur. The Patrika Gate

Jaipur 3 days itinerary

Far from the main Jaipur chaos, almost at the edge of the city, you will find the “ninth gate” to the Pink city. This is famous as the Patrika Gate .A mind-blowing architectural piece built just in 2009. The Patrika Gate introduces people to the largest circular garden of Asia (something you cannot certainly miss while in Jaipur!).

I think this was one of my favourite places because this piece of architecture it isn’t just a gate, but it unleashes feelings belonging to a mysterious exotic past. A period in which India was not only that beautiful chaotic country we know today, but it was also forests, wilderness and timeless fairy-tales. 

The Patrika Gate represents exactly this. A remembrance of the Rajasthan’s glorious past painted in hundreds of beautiful details across this architectural jewel. Moreover, architects calls the number 9 as the soul of the gate. In fact, there are Nine pavilions, which are nine feet large etc. The gate is, indeed, the ninth one surrounding the city.

Best time to visit the Patrika Gate

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

The best time to visit the Patrika Gate is mid-afternoon (between 4-5 pm) when the sun is a bit lower and the light plays with the colours of the paintings creating beautiful colours.

Tips and Scam alert

It was difficult to convince our driver to leave us at the Patrika Gate. I don’t know why, but he was insisting that there was nothing to see in that side of the city. In fact, he called the circular gardens “just a roundabout”. I needed to be very firm about the fact that I wanted to go there (yes, most drivers in India tend to be very insisting if they think is better to go somewhere else). 

Visiting the gate and the adjacent garden is FREE but stay alert for scammers nearby. Thanks to Instagram this place became quite popular and Indian scammers are well-aware of that. For example, I wanted just to have a picture of myself with the beautiful archways but a man was standing ALL THE TIME behind me, in every picture.

This made me quite nervous and uncomfortable. I tried to wait, I asked him kindly to move away. Nothing. I immediately found out he wanted money to stay away from my pictures. However, this happened because every nice girl with a flowing skirt wanted a picture alone there. Therefore, I let him stay and photo-shopped him later (same result – no stress).

Visiting the Jal Mahal

Jaipur 3 days itinerary

In the middle of the Man Sangar Lake in Jaipur there is a beautiful palace called Jal Mahal . The name literally means “Water Palace”. The Jal Mahal dates back to 1699 and it used to be a hunting lodge for the local Raja. During that period, the level of water was very low and the palace had a normal ground level access.

Nevertheless, the construction of a dam by the King of Amer changed the sort of the Jal Mahal. In fact, the amount of water storage flooding into the valley caused the submersion of the palace and its decline.  What you can see today from the shores of the lake is just the last floor of this beautiful royal palace. There are, in fact, three others submerged floors underwater.

Practical Information

Visiting the palace is, unfortunately, strictly off limits. Until 2015, little gondola-style boats were navigating around the lake to allow visitors to get a closer look of the Jal Mahal. Nevertheless, due to the fragility of the environment and the presence of a bird sanctuary in the terrace of the palace, is no longer possible to take a boat tour. The only way to see the palace now is from the banks of the Man Sagar Lake.  Without crowd, the visit will not take more than 30 mins.

Day 2 – Exploring the Pink City

Our second day in Jaipur was packed with activities. The morning started with a walk around the city Then we visited the City Palace (A) and Hawa Mahal (B). At lunchtime we boarded a tuk tuk that left us at the iconic Café Palladio (C) were we had a delicious lunch. In the afternoon, we took an Uber to the mysterious Galta-ji Monkey Temple and completed our day itinerary at the beautiful Sisodia Garden (D). My suggestion is to start early, stay hydrated and take a good lunch break to have energy for the afternoon activities.

First stop: exploring the City Palace

Jaipur 3 days itinerary

The City Palace of Jaipur is one of the main attractions in the Pink City. For this reason, it’s quite popular among tourists, with long queues at the ticket counter. The City Palace is actually a complex of buildings, pavilions and gardens belonging to the royal family of Jaipur (that still lives there).  The ruler of Amer, Jai Singh II, who built the outer walls and the city of Jaipur, initiated the palace in 1729. The most visited structures of the City Palace are the Chandra Mahal (pictured above), the City Palace Museum and the Shri Govind Dev Temple. 

Jaipur 3 days itinerary

The Chandra Mahal is the oldest structure of the palace. It includes seven floors of beautifully decorated rooms and the worldwide famous Pritam Niwas Chowk or “Courtyard of the Beloved”. This is a beautiful courtyard that features 4 uniquely carved gates each one representing a season and a different divinity. This courtyard was used for dance performances seen by the royal family from the balconies of the Chandra Mahal.

Best time for visiting the City Palace

Jaipur 3 days itinerary

I suggest you to visit the palace at early morning, before other places. Indeed, the palace is one of the most visited places in Jaipur and tend to be quite crowded at mid-morning. Moreover, if you are a picture-addicted and want beautiful pictures for your Instagram, when you arrive, go straight to the Chandra Mahal courtyard of the beloved. In fact, this is the most crowded places of the entire complex and if you hope to have a picture with the iconic doors is better to arrive before the others. You can easily spend a half-day wandering around the timeless courtyards and inside the palace’s eighteenth-century walls without never get tired. 

General entry to the City Palace costs ₹700 (£6.70). This gives you access to the main ground of the complex. You can visit the courtyards, the armoury and the museum and the Royal Cenotaphs. However, if you want to visit also the private rooms of the royal residence, you have to purchase a different ticket sold at the entrance gate. There are two types of tickets, one called Royal Grandeur costing ₹2,000 (£19.40) and one called Royal Splendour costing ₹ 2,500 (£25). The Royal Grandeur gives you access to some of rooms of the Chandra Mahal (with a guided tour). The Royal Splendour ticket gives you access to all the rooms and visitable sections of the City Palace (with a guided tour).

Jaipur 3 days itinerary

To note that you can book online ONLY the composite basic ticket. You can do it here . If you want one of the two special tours, you have to add these ticket after and in person at the ticket counter. This because some of the rooms might not be available on the day you visit (particularly if the royals are on site) so they might change the tours at the last minute.

How long time do I need to visit the City Palace?

jaipur 3 days itinerary

If you buy the composite basic ticket (like I did) you will need about two hours to visit all the visitable parts. However, if you have also one of the special tickets you will likely need some additional hours because the visits are organised at specific times. Therefore, is better to keep 3-4 hours free for the whole visit.

Second stop: be enchanted at the magnificent Hawa Mahal

 Jaipur 3 days itinerary - view of the hawa mahal

I dreamed of visiting the Hawa Mahal for a long time and, despite is situated right on one of the most crowded streets of Jaipur, it did not disappoint at all. Many people tent to not visit its inside because believe the main facade is its best part. However, if you have the occasion I warmly suggest you go and visit. The unexpected beauty of its rooms will surprise you!!

Jaipur 3 days itinerary

Rajput Sawai Pratap Singh built the Hawa Mahal in 1799 and it’s a five-storey building.  The shape of the facade is very peculiar because it was inspired by the crown of Lord Krishna. The palace is famous also with the name “palace of winds” because of its 953 small windows known with the name Jharokhas and decorate with lattice work. The original scope of the windows was that of allowing royal women to watch the life out of the palace without being seen from the outside. Moreover, the Hawa Mahal is also one of the few places to not have a front gate! Indeed, the facade you see from the street it’s actually the back of the palace.

Inside the Hawa Mahal. Discovering the Palace of winds

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

One of the things I always wondered before visiting India was. What is like the Hawa Mahal inside? On social media you are submerged with photos of its popular back-facade but not many people show what is like inside its mysterious rooms. It was a real surprise to discover how different, simpler and beautiful the Hawa Mahal look from its inside. It is much sober compared to its well known facade but at the same time equally beautiful. Once you enter the white marble gate, you will be welcomed by a large courtyard featuring a central fountain. You can immediately see the doubled-storey back (which is actually the front) of the famous street facade that is surprisingly painted not only in pink but also in yellow.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

From here, smaller courtyards are accessible throughout a series of corridors. If you throughout these small windows, you can see Jaipur markets and the life of the city passing by from the smallest of the windows. Once you return to the central courtyard, you will notice some side openings, these will lead you up into upper parts of the building through a series of ramps. Yes! You read well, ramps not stairs! In fact, the ramps allowed the royal women to be transported by palanquins (sort of chairs).

The five different floors of the Hawa Mahal

Each of the five different floors of the Hawa Mahal has a different name. These are called respectively Sharad Mandir, Ratan Mandir ,Vichitra Mandir ,Prakash Mandir and Hawa Mandir.

 Jaipur 3 days itinerary

Sharad Mandir it’s the first floor and its name comes from the Autumn festivities that were celebrated during this season on this level. of the palace Mandir. Ratan Mandir is the second floor. This features beautiful stained glass windows that filter the lights according to the time of the day. The name Ratan means “gem” in Hindi because the artwork of this floor is considered the gem of the palace. This floor features also a small balcony with a view on the courtyard.

The third floor is Vichitra Mandir . This was the worship place of the Maharaja who came here to spend time alone and pray. The fourth floor is called Prakash Mandir. You can reach it through a series of small ramps and little staircases. These will lead you to two side terraces from where you can enjoy a partial view of the palace. The fifth and last floor is called Hawa Mandir (from where the palace take its name). Here you can enjoy the best view of Jaipur. This is also the most windy place of the palace and you can feel also a pleasant breeze.

How to find the entrance of the Hawa Mahal

 Jaipur 3 days itinerary

The entrance to the palace is a bit tricky. In fact, giving that many people know the place only because of its rear facade, when they arrive there and can’t find the entrance they become very confused. First of all, DON’T PANIC. There is an entrance (pictured above), it’s not as spectacular as the rear facade and it’s not visible from the street. However, it’s not difficult to find it.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Second, remain on the same side of the street of the rear facade. This street is called “Hawa Mahal Road” from here, in order to access the palace, you have to walk for about 5 mins. Go straight towards a street called “Tripolia Bazar” (left if you are facing the Hawa Mahal). Here you will see many stalls and little shops part of the Hawa Mahal Market. When you turn into the Tripolia Bazar, just before the Post Office and immediately in your right-hand side, there is a little covered street. Enter here and follow the way for one minute. When you see a white-marbled gate on your right, this is the entrance!

To note that the entrance does not correspond with the same place where you can buy the tickets. These are sold in a very tiny office placed on the right of the entrance. Bring cash with you because you can’t pay by card.

Fees and Opening hours

The entrance fee to the palace is just of ₹50 (less than 1£) and you can go up till the last floor and visit also the museum.

The Hawa Mahal is open daily from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm

What is the best time to visit the Hawa Mahal?

In my opinion, the best times to visit are early morning and mid- morning. In fact, if you go at these times, you can enjoy the sunlight entering through the colourful stain glasses of the Ratan Mandir floor. The colourful windows will shine towards the floor creating a magical effect.

Eating in Jaipur: lunch at Caffé Palladio

 Jaipur 3 days itinerary

Jaipur is full of lovely places where to have lunch (including the nice cafe in front of the Hawa Mahal). However, since I was planning my trip to India. I had only one place in my mind. This is Caffé Palladio (to not confuse with Bar Palladio that is the “night” version of this restaurant that we visited on our last day to Jaipur – see forward). 

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

One of the reasons why I want to visit Caffé Palladio is for its incredible interior design. In fact, its luscious appearance was conceived from the genius of Marie-Anne Oudejans who designed also Bar Palladio. Both places are owned by Barbara Miolini who, after a stay in India, fell in love with the Rajasthani culture and decided to bring a piece of Italy in the heart of Jaipur.

A little part of Sicily in India

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

As a good Sicilian as I am, I could not miss the opportunity to visit this little gem situated slightly out of the Pink City. Indeed, you need just a single step inside the property to think that you are no longer in the chaotic Jaipur but in a sunny terrace somewhere in Sicily.

Indeed, Sicilian cuisine has inspired most of the dishes served at Caffé Palladio. Among all the places I could imagine to eat a great home-made pasta alla norma, India was probably the least of the places coming into my mind!

Dining at Caffé Palladio. Practical information

 Jaipur 3 days itinerary

Caffé Palladio is usually open from lunch to mid afternoon. Differently from Bar Palladio, you don’t need a reservation to dine here. You can just pop in and request a seat. Despite visiting during high season, we didn’t find crowd when we had lunch there.

Caffè Palladio serves lunch but also desserts and afternoon tea. Prices are also quite affordable ranging from ₹200-850 (£2 -10) depending on the dish.

2021 UPDATE. Caffè Palladio is temporarily closed because it’s changing location! Therefore, you should no longer go to 100, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Santha Bagh. Instead, is better to follow the updates from the website as the new location will be announced soon.

Third stop: explore the Galta-ji Monkey Temple

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

We had a crazy morning at the Pink City! In fact, we walked through picturesque bazaars, fell in love with the Rajput architecture and eat the most delicious food. We needed a lunch pause away from the continuous horn in central Jaipur. Recharged by pasta and bruschette from Caffè Palladio, we were ready to go on the road again. This time to explore Jaipur’s most hidden temple, the mysterious Galta – Ji. Carved into the mountain, ancient pilgrimage site and inhabited by a colony of 5,000 monkeys.

Jaipur hidden gem

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

I always believed there are places that keeps a sort of timeless beauty. Despite disrepair, despite human being, despite the inclemency of time. Galta-ji is one of those places. Situated at 10 km far from Jaipur, within a narrow crevice, Galta-ji is still a site of pilgrimage for Hindu religious.

Don’t be surprised to see locals bathing in one of the seven, not-very-clean, pools around the sixteenth-century complex. The Hanuman temple, more famous as Galta-ji or simply “the monkey temple” is not a single structure. In fact, it is a complex of buildings stretched within a narrow mountain pass. This mountain pass is considered a sacred location since the sixteenth century. This because of the natural source of water flowing into the valley and gathering into the seven pools.

The biggest pool (the one you see when arriving) is called Galta Kund . It’s very deep and a local legend says that it never dries. Galta-ji’s temples are known also for their colony of mischief monkeys. Indeed, these monkeys are famous for being very naughty. Particularly against visitors (be warned they love so much to steal and bite!)

Mischief monkeys

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

I found the monkeys at Galta- Ji quite unfriendly and most of the time nervous when people walked around them. I warmly suggest you to avoid touching or feeding them if possible. Even if they look cute and even if some local people offers you some food to approach them in a friendly way. Indeed, there is a high risk these animals carry rabies and might scratch or bite you.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Tip: Don’t dare to put your camera or phone too close to the monkeys. They will steal it. Seriously. You know Abu, the Alladdin’s monkey? They are worse. Not because they are trained, just because they are used to this life. If you want to photograph them, carry with you a zoom lens and keep at distance. In fact, they don’t like being photographed either.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Moreover, the site is still used for pilgrimage and locals go there to pray. They might approach you to give you a benediction, a blessing or a forehead mark with kumkuma (the latter happen to us). Don’t be rude. You are a foreign on their sacred temple and this is a gesture of welcome and blessing for you.

Getting to Galta-ji

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

There are essentially two main ways to reach Galta-ji: by car or walking. If you go by car, this is a twenty minutes ride from central Jaipur. We booked a Uber straight in front Caffé Palladio. A one-way ride generally costs around ₹230-260. 

If you decide to go walking, consider a 1h/1h and a half hike from the Pink city.  Local call this route the “secret passage”. In fact, this is a small scenic route through the mountains (quite steep in the last 30 mins), The route pass via the Sun Temple and then arrives to Galta-ji. I actually don’t know anyone who did this route. Moreover, during our visit we were not equipped for a hike (plus my phone died at one point).

Therefore, I can’t guarantee if this is safe or nice to do (especially solo). I’m sure you can find some more info online but if you are not sure, take a taxi or a tuk tuk.

TIP: Be sure your driver understands you that he has to leave you straight in front of the temple entrance. Many drivers when they read “Galta-ji” will leave you at the village not at the temple. To be sure you can say “Monkey Temple” or “Hanuman Temple”. If by mistake you were dropped at the village, don’t panic. You can reach the temple by walking 10-15 minutes on the main road.

Galta-ji fees and opening hours

There is no official entrance fee to Galta-ji. However, a guardian at the entrance will ask you a ₹50 donation for the use of your camera equipment, even if it’s just a phone.

Last stop. Getting lost in the Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

99% of the people I know who went to Jaipur, never heard about this place. They remained quite shocked in seeing that it was just less than 4 km from Galta-ji. When I planned our itinerary, I considered that, if everything went smoothly, after Galta-ji we should have still a couple of hours to explore. So, I was searching for a stop not too far from the temple. Here I found the Sisodia Garden.

A brief history of Sisodia Garden

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

The Sisodia rani ka bag more famous with the name “ Sisodia Garden “, is an eighteenth-century palace and garden built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh in honour of his second wife, Queen Sisodia Rani.

  The garden represented for the Maharajah the symbol of his eternal love for the queen. The whole structure was designed entirely with the purpose of showing her this love. How romantic is this???  Sisodia was a princess from Udaipur and this luscious palace served as a peaceful retreat remembering her the beauty of her former home.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

The palace is entirely painted with scenes of the Radha-Krishna love. This symbolises the love of the Maharajah for Sisodia.

How to reach the Sisodia Garden

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

The Sisodia Garden is at just 4 km from the Galta-ji temple. If you’re up for a walk you can just exit the temple and follow the route down towards Jaipur (there is only one route, so you can’t go wrong). The temple entrance is on the street. If you want to save a bit of time, you can take one of the many tuk tuks at the exit of Galta-ji. It’s very cheap and safe.

Fees and Opening Hours

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

We arrived shortly after 4.30 pm and the place was immersed in a beautiful golden light. I had the impression this place was not much on the tourists radar as we were alone for more than 20 mins before another couple of tourists arrived. 

There is an entry fee of ₹200. You should pay it at the small door on the left of the main gate BEFORE crossing the entry gate itself. I tell you this because the entrance gives you the impression that the ticket counter might be after the gate. Moreover, the door on the left isn’t immediately visible (see above pictures). The garden closes at 5.00 pm, in theory. However, the guardian is quite flexible if he see there are people coming. In fact, we stayed until around 5.30. If you are going at morning, bring your own lunch because there’s nothing around for miles.

Day 3 – Wandering around Jaipur’s fairytale forts

On our third day in Jaipur, we wanted to visit all the beautiful forts that surround the hills of the Rajasthan capital.

If you have time I think it would be better to split the visit at the forts in two days, leaving the visit to Amer on a single day. Unfortunately, we had just one day, so we needed to plan accordingly. On this occasion, instead of taking an Uber we opted for an all-day driver provided by our hotel.

Given that it was our first time in that city (and in India), we did not know much the streets and geography of those places. Furthermore, after having seen the isolation around Galta-ji, and considered also our short time, we wouldn’t want to risk to get lost or miss a visit. I don’t remember exactly how much we paid for a full day driver. However, it wasn’t much more than £50. Our first stops were in sequence Nahargarth Fort (A), Jaigarh Fort (B), and Amer Fort (C) .

Ejoy the best of the views from the Nahargarh Fort

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

The Nahargarh Fort was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Sing II (who founded also the city of Jaipur) in 1734. The main purpose of the palace was that of being an additional residence for the royal family. The fort is connected to the other city’s fortifications (Jaigarh and Amer) throughout an incredibly scenic series of walls surrounding Jaipur’s hills.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Nahargarh is also one of the fewest Indian fortification than never been under military attack since its construction. Indeed, all the walls, buildings and surroundings are practically intact since the eighteenth century, suffering only the damages of time.

I have to say I was so blown away about the beauty of the place that I didn’t pay attention to all the rubbish around. In fact, the Nahargarh Fort offers probably one of the most beautiful view of the entire city being positioned at a considerable height.

Curious facts about Nahargarh

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Among the curious facts about this place, locals believe Nahargarh is one of the seven most haunted places of Rajasthan. Apparently, the ghost of Prince Singh Bhomia likes to roam in the palaces’ rooms. Unfortunately, we did not see any ghost but surely the still fascinating beauty of the painted rooms impressed us.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

If you want to have a great view on the city of Jaipur, go up to the roof. A very narrow staircase will lead you to a labyrinthine series of terraces where you can spot a marvellous panorama. However, be aware that walking, or even taking pictures near the roof walls is strictly forbidden. I did not know this and a guardian yelled at me very loudly while I was taking my pictures sitting on the edge. It was too late anyway! Alessio already got all the photos!.

However, not all the guards are so strict (I saw other people taking pictures), so you may try your luck. Moreover, unless you literally walk on the edge, there’s no danger to fall down.

When is the best time to visit the Nahargarh Fort?

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

The best time to visit the Nahargarh Fort is at early morning. This because despite the palace itself is closed, (the opening time is 10:00 AM – 05:30 PM), you can wander around its beautiful walls and explore the area without rushing. Furthermore, if you have enough time, there is a small water step-well you can visit nearby the external wall belt.

Late afternoon, before closure is also a good moment because of the golden light that will make the view even more magical.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

The access fee to the fort is of ₹200 per person to pay in cash. The fort is open daily from 10:00 am to 5.30 pm. You can access the grounds before the official opening.

Find adventure at the Jairgarh Fort

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Jaigarh Fort is probably the less visually appealing of the three main forts surrounding Jaipur. This because it dates back to 1726 and the purpose of the construction was purely defensive. In fact, the scope of the fort was that of protecting the royal family who lived in the Amber Palace (immediately visible from the hill down Jaigarh). For this reason, the aesthetic of the structure is very simple, with a series of observation towers, complex labyrinthine corridors and just one small garden .

Interesting facts about Jaigarh

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

A legend says that Jaigarh was actually built to keep the treasures of the main palace in a safe place. The huge water tank of the palace, containing several underground levels and rooms, was designed to be one of the safest places of the fort. 

For many years this legend was believed to be true and the treasure considered buried somewhere in the structure. In this regard, in 1977 Indira Gandhi launched a “treasure hunt” to find the mysterious treasure. However, nothing was found.

During our visit, I was quite disappointed to discover that the nicest part of the fort, the Aaram Bagh and its garden (photos above), were not open to public. I am not sure if this is a permanent closure or we were just unlucky!

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

The access fee to Jaigarh Fort is ₹100. However, if you have already purchased a ticket for the City Palace, and used within the last 48 hours, this is valid also for a free entrance to the Jaigarh Fort! Moreover, if you want to have a real adventure, there are several secret passageways connecting Jaigarh to the Amber Palace.

A main one is an open-air tunnel long 325 metres going straight down the hill. To access, first, you have to find it and second, if there is a guardian you might have to pay him 100 rupees to let you in! Good Luck! 

The Jaigarh fort is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm.                                                 

Feel the magic at the Amber Fort

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

The Amber (or Amer) fort is probably the most impressive structure we visited during our three-days itinerary of Jaipur. Looking straight out of a Game of Throne episode, the current fort lies on the site of a former medieval fortification. It is a massive sandstone construction dating back to the sixteenth century. It took nearly 100 years to be completed and reach the current aspect. Moreover, the name “Amber” comes from  the Ambikeshwar Temple situated at the top of the hill. This fort was on a strategic position for the royal family. In fact, the city of Amber was the historic capital of Rajasthan until Jaipur took his place in 1727.

Exploring the Amber Palace

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

The palace has six huge sections that will take a great part of your day to be explored. I had the impression that our driver suggested us the wrong thing in making us visit this place for last because when we arrived it was incredibly crowded! So crowded that we had to queue on the ramps going to the main palace in order to access.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

I believe also that late December is a high peak period for visitors. Probably, during another time of the year the place is more enjoyable. Because of the extreme crowd, we didn’t have the chance to take good pictures but we did our best!

What to visit inside the Amber Fort

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

After climbing the main ramp to the palace, you will start your visit immediately after you by crossing the Suraji Pol (Sun Gate). You will find your self in one of the four courtyards of the Amber Fort, This is called Jaleb Chowk . Here you will see elephants, bazaars and street vendors like you have suddenly time-travelled in another era. Here is also where you will find the ticket counter (we needed to ask directions because it was impossible to find with the crowd!). This is the courtyard where the Maharaja used to inspect the guard contingent.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Once you have grabbed your tickets, you can enter the palace itself from the beautifully decorated Ganesh Pol (pictured above). This was likely one of the most photographed areas of the palace and, despite my efforts, I couldn’t have a decent picture. Of particular beauty is the third courtyard, where the Maharaja and his family were located. Here you can visit an interesting structure called Sheesh Mahal or “mirror palace”. A little palace embellished with glass inlaid panels and multi-mirrored ceilings that would shine with a candlelight.

Other notable attractions inside the Amber Fort are the Mughal Garden, the Palace of Man Singh I in the fourth courtyard and the Sila Devi Temple in the right side of the Jalebi Chowk.

The entrance fee for foreign tourists is quite expensive compared to the other forts, amounting to ₹550.

The Amber fort is open daily from 8 am to 5.30 pm and from 6.30 pm to 9.15 pm

Don’t ride Elephants!!

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Once you arrive at the Amber Fort, the majestic elephants carrying tourist up and down the steep slope might immediately fascinate you. For Indian people, this is one of the most traditional experience a tourist can do. Nevertheless, I think that this is another way to get money at the damage of elephants working for hours in very poor conditions .This is a phenomenon spread all over India, not only in Rajasthan. In this regard, I would like to invite you to NOT RIDE ELEPHANTS for any reason. Don’t ride Elephants anywhere in India or in the world where they are used as tourist attraction and kept in captivity. If you are not convinced, please give a reading to the articles of World Animal Protection and BBC and try to be a better human!

However, If you want to have a genuine contact with these amazing animals while in India, go to an elephant sanctuary or a rescue centre where you can give help. I suggest you to give a look at the Wildlife SOS in Agra with a specialised elephant conservation and care centre in Mathura.

Where to eat in Jaipur: Bar Palladio

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Amber Fort was the last stop of our Jaipur 3 days itinerary before heading to central Jaipur for dinner!

During our last night in Jaipur, we wanted to visit Bar Palladio.  You can find Bar Palladio within the Narain Niwas Palace Hotel (so if your driver doesn’t know the location of the restaurant just give him the name of the hotel).

Bar Palladio or Caffé Palladio?

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Differently from Caffé Palladio, which is open at lunchtime and you can just pop in and find a seat, to dine in Bar Palladio you will need a reservation . Indeed, this place is very popular (especially among tourists) and is often full. There is a nice courtyard, with various private gazebos, where you can dine or you can book a table inside.

The bar is fully painted in blue peacock, a distinctive sign of its identity.  Moreover, the menu is quite different from the one in Caffè Palladio and you can taste a various range of first and second courses together with amazing cocktails. For our dinner, we chose a mushroom risotto but the menu can have some other variations now.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Dining at Bar Palladio Practical information

Bar Palladio is located at Narain Niwas Palace Hotel Kanota Bagh, Narain Singh Road Jaipur – RJ 302004 India

The opening time is Monday – Saturday 4 pm – 12 midnight Sunday 11 am – 12 midnight

To reserve your seat you should call one of these numbers +91 141 2565556 +91 807 8689804 (from 11 am)

For more info visit the website Bar Palladio


We had a very great time in Jaipur. However, I admit that three days are quite a short time to see all the amazing things this city has to offer. In any case, if you are a first timer in India and want to enjoy the main highlights of the golden triangle within a short period, a 3-days itinerary is perfect! After our tour, I am definitely convinced I want to visit more of Rajasthan and hope to organise another trip soon! If you want any other info, give me a shout!

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My Simple Sojourn

My Jaipur itinerary – Places to visit in Jaipur in one day, 2 days & 3 days

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Jaipur is the biggest city of Rajasthan as well as the state capital. It is a modern city like any other big city in India. There are so many historical places and things to do in Jaipur. Considering that there is so much to see and do, a Jaipur itinerary depends upon how many days you have and at what pace you want to explore the city. There is something for every traveler and depending upon your interest you can plan which places to visit in Jaipur in one day or 2 days or 3 days time. A trip to Jaipur is incomplete without visiting Amber Palace, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, and Jaigarh Fort. Other then these there are many other interesting places in Jaipur.

I think a 3 days Jaipur itinerary is best to explore and get the feel of this historical city.

I have traveled to Jaipur from Delhi on several occasions for leisure as well as work in the last few years. At one point in time when I was working in the garment fashion industry, I used to travel to Jaipur at least 4 to 5 times a year. Though during those trips I could not visit historical places of Jaipur as there was no time during the day. Still, I visited some good food joints for lunch or dinner meals.

Also read about First timer’s guide for Delhi and Offbeat places in Delhi

Must visit places during a trip to Jaipur

Amber palace & fort.

This is one of the must-visit place in Jaipur. Though it is little outside the main city of Jaipur but on its one side a small colony exists. Like most of the forts in Rajasthan and Jaipur, it is situated on a small hillock.

There are many interesting points inside Amber palace & Fort. Suraj Pole, Jaleb Chowk, Ganesh Pole, Suhag Mahal, Central garden, and Sukh Mahal are important places inside the for Amber Fort. The main attraction of Amber fort is Sheesh Mahal or the Palace of Mirrors.

Gate inside Amber fort jaipur

Tips – Visit Amber Fort in the morning.

Tickets for Amber Palace – Individual ticket for Indians is 100 INR & for foreign nationals, it’s 500 INR. Buy a composite ticket to save money if you are visiting other monuments in Jaipur. The camera ticket is 50 INR. The timing for Amber Fort & Palace – 08.00 AM – 05.30 PM

How to visit Amber Palace & Fort

Kesar Kayari Amber fort jaipur

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City Palace Jaipur

The palace is situated inside the busy city of Jaipur. A part of the palace still used by the royal family as residence and rest of the palace is opened for public. It was the seat of administration for kings of Jaipur before Independence of India.

City palace Jaipur gate

The artifacts displayed in the museums of the city palace gives insight into the rich history of the Jaipur royal family. The paintings and photo gallery of the city palace is one of its own kind in Rajasthan.

Tips – It’s in close proximity to the Jantar Mantar & Hawa Mahal.

Tickets – Individual ticket for Indians is 75 INR and for foreign nationals, it is 300 INR. City Palace is also included in the composite ticket of Jaipur monuments. The camera ticket is 50 INR. The timing for City Palace – 09.00 AM – 05.00 PM

How to visit City Palace Jaipur

City palace jaipur

Jantar Mantar Jaipur

This planetary observatory is a very detailed and interesting place. It is bigger and more detailed than the Jantar Mantar in Delhi. There are nineteen structures in this Jantar Mantar . All these work as instruments for measuring time, the location of major stars, ascertaining the location of the planets, predicting eclipses, and determining the celestial altitudes. There is only 2 seconds variation in time measured on these and electronic clock.

Tips – Hire a guide to show you around and explain the functioning of different instruments, otherwise, you will be lost. Everything is in open so avoid visiting during midday as it will be hot.

Jantar Mantar Jaipur

It is also known as the Palace of winds due to its unique construction and air flow. Hawa Mahal is not a palace as the name suggest, it was built as an observation area for royal women. The women folks of the royal family use to sit behind the latticework windows and see the procession as well as other activities of the market. This gave them the advantage to see others, while people on the road can’t see them.

The Hawa Mahal looks beautiful from across the road. You can also climb to Hawa Mahal from the city palace complex. There are ramps for climbing to the top floors.

Tips – It is situated in the busy Zohri bazaar market and next to Jantar Mantar and City Palace. So combine a visit to all these monuments with shopping to save travel time.

Hawa Mahal Jaipur

Albert Hall Museum Jaipur

This is one of the best museums in Jaipur. Here you can see rare artifacts including paintings, carpets, ivory, stone, coins, metal sculptures, and crystal work.

The Albert Hall Museum has a well-maintained garden is around it and it is fenced from all sides. There is an open area outside the fenced compound, where people feed thousand of pigeons every day. The flying pigeons with Albert hall museum are one the most photographed picture of Jaipur.

Tips – Visit the museum in the afternoon to beat the heat of Jaipur.

Albert hall museum outside

This one of the famous monuments in Jaipur, which can be seen from a distance because it is not opened for visitors. This small Mahal was built in the middle of the lake as a leisure palace.

There is a mini flea market on the shore of the lake. Other then this you may find women or men selling small wheat balls to feed the fishes in the lake. People feed the fishes though there is a board with instructions against feeding.

Tips – Visit it in the late afternoon and also at night.

Jal Mahal Jaipur

Nahargarh Fort

This fort is situated on Aravalli hill and can be reached by car. You have to pass through Nahargarh biological park and an entry ticket for the car is 300 INR.

Nahargarh Fort was built as a hunting palace and fortified retreat for kings of Jaipur.

Inside the palace is a Diwan-e-aam and several rooms with beautiful frescoes paintings on walls. These rooms were built for queens and now they are the main attraction of this palace fort. The view of Jaipur from the top of the Nahargarh fort is beautiful.

There are two restaurants inside the Nahargarh fort complex.

Tips – Visit it before the afternoon. Also, visit Nahargarh fort at night to see the illuminated overview of Jaipur.

Nahargarh fort jaipur

Jaigarh Fort

This is the biggest fort in Jaipur. There is a lot of open area inside the fort with high ramps to walk around. The museum, armory galley, and watchtower are some of the interesting places in the fort. The main attraction of the fort is Jaivana canon, it is the largest canon on the wheels from the Modern era. It is a marvel in itself to mount such a heavy cannon at the top of the fort.

There is a tunnel from Jaigarh fort to Amber Palace. I have not gone through the tunnel. The view of the surrounding areas from the top of the fort is beautiful.

Tips – Wear comfortable footwear as you have to walk a lot inside the fort.

Jaigarh fort jaipur

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Chokhi Dhani

This is a resort cum restaurant where they have created an environment of traditional Rajasthani village with activities. Inside the Chowki Dhani, you can see live performances of traditional dancers, puppet show, and Magic show. Other then these they have elephant rides, camel rides and bull cart rides on payment basis. There are models of traditional style huts and a small Bhool Bhulaiya (Place where you lose your way).

Chokhi Dhani has 3 different dining areas named Chaupal, Bindola, and Aragosta Restaurant.

Tips – You need a taxi to visit Chokhi Dhani because it is outside the Jaipur city. Everywhere inside the Chokhi Dhani performers expect tips, infect servers in restaurants also ask for a tip. Some of them are persistent about tips and it is irritating.

Chokhi Dhani Jaipur

Birla Temple

This Birla temple is one of the several Birla temples across India. The other two Birla temples I have been to are in Delhi and Hyderabad . This temple is dedicated to Lord Narayan and Goddess Laxmi.

Birla temple in Jaipur is made of white marble on elevated ground. This beautiful temple has intricate carving on its wall and is a spectacular sight during the day and also at night when it is illuminated.

The garden around the temple is well maintained and creates a beautiful contrast, which is pleasing for the eyes.

Tips – It is open for Indian and foreign nationals. Attend an evening aarti as the atmosphere is quite electric at that time and it is an experience in itself.

Birla temple jaipur

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Galta Ji temple

This temple is popularly known as monkey temple of Jaipur. Situated 12 Km outside the main city of Jaipur in a narrow pass of Aravalli hills. A spring falls from the nearby hills and its water is collected in a pond in the temple complex. Bathing in the temple pond is considered auspicious. This temple is popular among locals as well as travelers from across the world.

Tips – There are lots of monkeys in the temple area, so be careful of your belongings and don’t eat. It is outside the city so you need a cab to and fro trip.

Galta ji temple

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Sisodia Rani Garden & Palace

It is an old leisure garden, which was built by Kings of Jaipur in the early 18th century. This garden is built on many levels and very well designed. The fountains and gardens are well maintained. Worth visiting this place if you have time.

Tips – It is a perfect picnic spot. Don’t go in the afternoon, it’s better to go in the late afternoon.

Entry ticket – For Indians 50 INR and for foreign nationals 200 INR The timing for Sisodia Rani Garden & Palace – 08.00 AM to 05.00 PM

Kanak Vrindavan Garden

This garden is close to Amber Palace. It was built in the 18th century along with other monuments of Jaipur. It was an entertainment and recreation garden for the king and queens of Jaipur.

The garden is surrounded by Aravalli hills. There are Cenotaphs, a temple, and fountains in the garden. The intricate “Jalli” work on walls and mirror art is the main attraction of Kanak Vrindavan garden.

Tips – A perfect picnic and photography spot.

Kanak Ghati Jaipur

Amar Jawan Jyoti

Amar Jawan Jyoti Jaipur

Shopping in Jaipur

The most popular markets of Jaipur are Bapu Bazaar and Johri Bazaar. The Bapu Bazaar is the best place to buy fashion items and Johri Bazaar is to buy fashion, silver and Kundan jewelry.

If you want to buy good quality traditional products at fixed prices then visit the Anokhi store. They may be expensive in comparison to local market shops but their product is durable.

Jaipur Market

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Places to visit in Jaipur in one day

If you have a time constraint and can spend only one day in Jaipur then visit these places. Amber Palace in the morning, drive through Jal Mahal, Jantar Mantar, City Palace, and Hawa Mahal. After visiting these places do shopping in Johri bazaar which is close to Hawa Mahal and City Palace. You can spend the evening watching the Light & sound show in Amber palace or at Chokhi Dhani for Dinner.

Places to visit in Jaipur in 2 days

Places to visit in Jaipur in 3 days

A three days itinerary is most appropriate to explore the Jaipur.

Day 1 – Keep the day one schedule the same as in 2 days itinerary.

Day 2 – On 2nd day in Jaipur visit Jantar Mantar, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Albert Hall Museum and Birla temple. Also, attend aarti in Birla temple. Go to Chowki Dhani for dinner and activities.

Also read about Places to visit in Jaipur at night .

Important tips –

* Composite Ticket for Jaipur Monuments is available at all Archaeological Monuments. One ticket covers five monuments i.e. Albert Hall, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh, Amber Palace. For Indians, it costs 300 INR and for foreign nationals, it’s 1000 INR.

* Photography ticket for each monument is separate. Also check tips for photography .

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My trip to Jaipur itinerary - Places to visit in Jaipur in one day, 2 days & 3 days

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places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Thanks for you amazing travel guide on Jaipur. I have been on this amazing city in 2016. I wish to go back again. The people are really friendly there.

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places to visit in jaipur itinerary

A Perfect One Day in Jaipur Itinerary

You are currently viewing A Perfect One Day in Jaipur Itinerary

  • Post author: Subhadeep Mondal
  • Post last modified: April 30, 2023
  • Reading time: 30 mins read

Nestled in the Aravalli Hills, Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and one of the most visited places in the state. It is also part of the Golden Triangle Tour, India’s most popular tourist route. Jaipur, the Pink City of India, has so many places to visit that it will take at least three days to cover them comfortably. I had been to Jaipur twice. But I could manage only a day to explore this beautiful city both times. In this post, I am sharing my one-day itinerary in Jaipur that might help travellers like me who has only a day to explore Jaipur.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Table of Contents

Places to See in One Day in Jaipur

Jantar mantar, city palace, jaigarh fort, nahargarh fort, light and sound show in amer fort.

This list is made in the same order in which I visited those places. You can change the sequence as per your comfort and requirements.

Book a Jaipur Instagram Photography Tour!!

Plan your movement before you start

You can start your trip either from Hawa Mahal or Amer Fort. If you begin with Hawa Mahal, complete your visit to City Palace and Jantar Mantar before lunch. All of them are within walking distance of each other. Or you can go to Amer Fort in the morning, followed by the other two forts (Jaigarh and Nahargarh Fort) and return to the city for lunch. Then proceed to the places inside the main town.

I preferred to start with Hawa Mahal. As you go through the detail of this itinerary, you will understand why I made the sequence like this. Now let’s begin our one-day trip to the Pink City of India – Jaipur .

Get your entry pass

Every place mentioned in the above list (apart from Jal Mahal) has an entry fee. You can also buy a composite ticket to avoid the queue everywhere.

There is one composite ticke t (Indian / Foreigner – ₹300 / 1000; two days) that will cover eight places. Four are on our list: Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Amer Fort, and Nahargarh Fort. The other four places covered in the composite ticket are Isarlat (Swargasuli Tower), Albert Museum, Sisodia Garden and Vidyadhar Garden. This ticket is valid for two days from the day of purchase.

Book Golden Triangle and Ranthambore Tiger Safari Tour!!

Another composite ticket (Indian / Foreigner ₹190 / 500; two days) includes entry to the City Palace, Royal Gaitor, Cenotaphs of the Maharanis and Jaigarh; for foreigners, this ticket is included with entrance to the City Palace.

You must get a separate ticket for the Light and Sound Show in Amer Fort.

You can pre-book your entry tickets online .

How to move around in Jaipur

You can hire a cab for your full-day tour or an auto-rickshaw (tuk-tuk) to move in between destinations.

You can use Uber Moto to move around if you are a solo traveller. You can also rent a bike or a bicycle and explore yourself with the help of the map I shared above.

Book a full-day Jaipur trip with a local guide!!

An image of a boy riding segway inside Amer Fort in Jaipur.

Start your one-day trip in Jaipur

Your first destination will be the iconic landmark of Jaipur – Hawa Mahal . It was built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, the grandson of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of the city of Jaipur. The five-storied palace is constructed like Krishna’s crown with red and pink sandstone sitting at the eastern edge of City Palace.

This palace was built for royal ladies to watch parades and processions without being noticed by the public. There are 953 small casements in the facade of Hawa Mahal, each with a small lattice-worked pink window, balconies and arched roofs with hanging cornices. Those windows allow the cool breeze to blow through the palace and keep it refreshing and airy in summer.

This honeycomb-like building has five floors; the upper three floors are single rooms thick. The first and second floors have patios in front of the rooms.

Image of Hawa Mahal from outside. Hawa Mahal will be your first destination in your one day in Jaipur itinerary.

Entry Time: 9:30 am – 5 pm

Entry Fee: Indian – ₹50; Foreigner – ₹200

Average time to visit : 30 minutes

Why should you start your day with a visit to Hawa Mahal?

The facade of the “Palace of Wind” is east-facing. That means you will get your best shot when light falls directly over Hawa Mahal in the morning.

If you want to explore Hawa Mahal inside, morning is the best time as light peeps through the windows and illuminates the room inside.

It is situated beside one of the busiest streets in Jaipur, so nothing is better than going there early and avoiding heavy traffic in late hours.

Wind View Cafe – this rooftop cafe opposite Hawa Mahal is a perfect place to click the best frame of the palace while enjoying your breakfast.

Jantar Mantar will be your next stop. It is the largest of the five observatories Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II made and has nineteen architectural astronomical instruments. In addition, it features the world’s largest sundial.

The monument features instruments operating in the three principal classical celestial coordinate systems. These instruments are designed to observe astronomical positions with the naked eye. They are an outstanding testimony of medieval India’s rich scientific and technical knowledge.

A guide is essential if you want to understand how those instruments function. Believe me, and you will be amazed to know how precise and accurate these instruments are.

Jantar Mantar is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the state of Rajasthan.

An image inside Jantar Mantar in Jaipur.

I recommend visiting there after Hawa Mahal while your shadow is still long and getting out of there before the sun is above your head.

Entry Time : 9 am – 5 pm

Entry Fee : Indian – ₹50; Foreigner – ₹200

Average time to visit : 45 minutes – 1 hour

By now, you are already impressed with the science and technology of eighteenth-century India. Now cross the road in front of Jantar Mantar and enter into the galore of royalty, heritage and grandeur of the Kachhawahas – The City Palace of Jaipur. City Palace was built simultaneously when Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh moved his court from Amber to Jaipur in 1727. From then till 1949, City Palace was the administrative seat of the Maharaja of Jaipur.

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh shifted his capital from Amber to Jaipur because of the increasing population and shortage of water. He planned Jaipur city in six blocks separated by broad avenues under the architectural guidance of Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, a Bengali architect from present-day West Bengal.

Image of Pritam Niwas Chowk in City Palace, Jaipur.

The buildings inside the Palace complex are a blend of Rajput, Mughal and European architecture. Present-day City Palace is a unique and large complex with several courtyards, towers, pavilions, gardens, temples, museums and restaurants.

The most prominent and most visited structures inside the Palace complex are Chandra Mahal , Mubarak Mahal , Shri Govind Dev Ji Temple , Pritam Niwas Chowk and galleries like Sabha Niwas (Hall of Audience) , Textile Gallery , Arms and Armour Gallery , Painting and Photography Gallery , Transport Gallery .

Image of Lehriya Gate inside City Palace, Jaipur. This gate represents "spring" season.

Entry Time : 9:30 am – 5 pm (Day) / 7 pm – 10 pm (Night)

Entry Fee :

  • Indian – ₹200(Day)/₹500 (Night) ;
  • Foreigner – ₹700(Day)/₹1000 (Night)
  • Child (5-12 yrs) – half of the adult entry fee
  • Royal Grandeur (Chandra Mahal Tour) – Indian ₹1500/ Foreigner ₹2000

Average time to visit : 2 hours

Once you complete your visit to City Palace, you should have your lunch before proceeding to the second half of the day. You can go to Bardari , inside City Palace, for an al fresco dining experience, or you can head to Laxmi Mishtan Bhandar in Bapu Bazaar for an authentic Rajasthani Thali.

Jal Mahal will come on your way to Amber Fort. It’s a palace in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. This is another wonder made by Maharaja Madho Sing in the year 1799.

This palace is a five-storied building made of red sandstone, of which four floors remain underwater, and you can see only the top one or two floors above depending on the level of water.

Visitors are not allowed inside this palace, but you can go boating in Man Sagar Lake.

Average time to visit : 15 minutes

Image of glowing Hawa Mahal during sunset.

Amer Fort (Amber Fort)

Amber Fort, or Amer Fort, is located 11 km away from Jaipur town. Located on Aravalli Hill, this is one of the prime attractions of Jaipur. It was originally built by Meenas (a tribe found mainly in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh) and later ruled by Maharaja Man Singh I , the trusted general of Mughal Emperor Akbar and also part of the Navaratnas of the royal court of Akbar.

Mughal architecture greatly influenced many buildings inside the fort. Constructed in red stone and marble, this fort was the residence of Rajput kings till the early eighteenth century when Maharaja Jai Singh II shifted the court to Jaipur.

Read More: Mehrangarh Fort and Museum | A Wonder in the Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Image of 1st courtyard of Amer Fort.

This palace was constructed on four levels, each with a courtyard. It consists of Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-Khas, Sheesh Mahal, Jai Mandir and Sukh Niwas Palace. With its large ramparts and series of gates and cobbled paths, this fort overlooks Maota Lake, which was the source of water for Amer Palace.

Amer Fort was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a part of the group Hill Forts of Rajasthan in the year 2013.

Entry Time : 8 am – 5:30 pm

Entry Fee : Indian – ₹25; Foreigner – ₹550

Delicate work over Ganesh Pol inside Amer Fort.

Jaigarh Fort overlooks Amer Fort and Maota Lake and is situated over an adjacent hill. Maharaja Jai Singh built the fort to protect Amer Palace, and it was named after him. A hidden passage connects Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort, which was used as a hideout for the royal family in case of an emergency.

Image of fort wall of Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur.

The main attraction of Jaigarh Fort is the “Jaivana” Cannon, which was the world’s most giant cannon on wheels of that time. Being 400 metres above Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort provides an excellent view of Aravalli hills and Amer Fort down below.

A museum inside Jaigarh Fort exhibits royal photographs, stamps and many artefacts. The armoury chamber has a vast display of swords, shields, guns, muskets and a 50 kg cannonball.

Entry Time : 9 am – 4:30 pm

Entry Fee : Indian – ₹35 ; Foreigner – ₹85

Image of "Jaivana" cannon inside Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur.

Nahargarh Fort will be your last destination before the day ends. This fort stands on the edge of Aravalli hills overlooking the city of Jaipur. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh also built this as a place of retreat on the summit of the ridge above the city.

There are suites for the queens of Jaipur and the king himself inside Madhavendra Bhawan. The rooms are linked by corridors and still have some delicate frescoes. Nahargarh was also the hunting residence of Maharajas of Jaipur.

Read More: Welcome to Golden Fort in Jaisalmer – The Last Living Fort of India

Aerial view of Jaipur city from Nahargarh Fort.

Jaipur wax museum is another attraction inside Nahargarh Fort. It has wax statues of Maharajas and Maharani of Jaipur with statues of freedom fighters, sports and Bollywood personalities.

Entry Time : 10 am – 5:30 pm

Entry Fee : Indian – ₹50 ; Foreigner – ₹200

The Light and Sound show in Amer Fort is a visual delight for tourists. The breathtaking play of light over the walls of Amer Fort with a dramatic background score and a baritone-voice narrative of Amer’s rich history, myths and folklores will ride you back in a time machine to the glorious era of Amer Kingdom.

Show Time : English – 7 pm; Hindi – 8 pm

Entry Fee : English – ₹200; Hindi – ₹100

Image showing how majestic Amer Fort looks during Light and Sound Show.

This is where your one-day itinerary in Jaipur ends. You will be exhausted for sure but happily occupied with the rich history, culture, architecture and stories of the Rajput Kingdom. You can stop at Handi on MI Road for dinner before returning to your hotel. Or you can go to Chokhi Dhani for a memorable Rajasthani evening cum dining experience .

How to Reach Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. It has excellent rail, road and air connectivity with the rest of India.

Sanganer International Airport has direct flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru. It is 10 km away from the centre of the city.

Book your flight to Jaipur!!

The railway junction in Jaipur connects with various cities. You can enjoy the royal experience in Palace on Wheels , which runs between Delhi and different cities of Rajasthan.

Delhi is 270 km by road, and Agra is 240 km from Jaipur. Other important cities like Ajmer is 130 km, Jodhpur is 350 km, Udaipur is 390 km, Mathura is 220 km, and Gwalior is 330 km from Jaipur. Road conditions from Delhi and other cities are excellent for the most part.

Book your Golden Triangle Tour, including Agra, Jaipur and Delhi!!

An aerial view of Jaipur city from Amer Fort.

When to visit Jaipur

Jaipur experiences a sweltering and dry summer (April – June). The temperature often crosses 40 degrees Celsius in summer. You can visit Jaipur throughout the year except for summer.

The monsoon is from July to September. At times there is heavy rain during the monsoon. High humidity with a temperature above 30 degrees may cause slight discomfort. September and October are the months when you can get a discount on everything, yet the weather usually does not cause any problems during your trip.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

The best time to visit Rajasthan would be from November to March . This is also the peak season in Rajasthan. The temperature during this time is enjoyable. Nights can be chilly in December and January, when temperatures may drop below 10 degrees.

Where to Stay in Jaipur

I will recommend staying around the centre of the city. Hotels around MI road or in the calm locality of Bani Park will be the best options.

Zostel has accommodation near Hawa Mahal, which will be the best place to stay if you are a solo traveller.

Find more hostel stays in Jaipur!!

Arya Niwas and Hotel Pearl Palace are some other budget hotels inside Jaipur city where you can stay during your trip to Jaipur.

Shahpura House and Samode Haveli are two centuries-old mansion-turned-hotels where you can stay to experience traditional Rajasthani hospitality.

Where to eat in Jaipur

Breakfast : Wind View Cafe

Lunch : Bardari / Laxmi Mishtan Bhandar

Dinner : Handi / Chokhi Dhani

Enjoy street food in Jaipur with a local guide!!

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Shopping in Jaipur

Well, this one-day itinerary will be so occupied that you will hardly have time for shopping. If you are still interested in shopping, you may go for it after you visit Nahargarh Fort in case you are not interested in the Light and Sound Show.

The best marketplaces for shopping in Jaipur are –

Tripolia Bazaar – Bangles and Jewellery, Brassware, Textiles, Carpet

Johari Bazaar – Gem, Jewellery, Handicraft Items

Bapu Bazaar – Footwear, Home Decor Items, Fabric material, Dress Items

Enjoy a day shopping in the streets of Jaipur!!

Tips to Remember

  • Expect a lot of walking, especially inside forts. So, dress accordingly and wear comfortable shoes.
  • Hire a guide if you want to know more about the history and stories of Rajput rulers. An audio guide is available in all places.
  • Some places need an extra charge to be paid for still or video camera use. Tripod could not be used without prior permission.
  • If you are a student, carry your student ID. Entry fee in all places is half of the usual for students.
  • This tour will be in a hurry, no doubt. But it’s quite doable. You may skip stopping at Jal Mahal as it will be on your way to Amer Fort, and you can go there after you visit Nahargarh Fort.
  • You can add Galtaji Temple to this itinerary if you are a tireless ball of energy. But you have to start the trip at 6 in the morning.
  • Chokhi Dhani village is 45 minute drive from Nahargarh Fort. If you are not interested in the Light and Sound Show in Amer Fort, you can go to Chokhi Dhani Village for a unique dining experience.
  • If you want to experience an elephant ride in Amer Fort, you must go there in the morning.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Book your trip : Resources

Use Skyscanner or Google Flights to book your flight.

Tripadvisor and Agoda are perfect for booking your hotel. If you want to stay in a hostel, then Hostelworld would greatly help you find one at your convenience.

World Nomads is perfect for travel insurance. You can get comprehensive protection from them. Let them take care of unexpected situations while you concentrate on your trip.

You can book a package tour from G-Adventures and Viator . They are a reputed company arranging small group tours and customising them per your requirements. You can also use Get Your Guide to book your private transport, city tours, heritage walks, food walks and other experiences like a cooking lesson or a Yoga session.

Disclosure:  Some of the links below are affiliate links. You will be directed to another third-party website when you click those links. If you purchase anything via those links, I will earn a referral bonus without any extra cost to you.

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A Broken Backpack

Perfect 2 Days In Jaipur Itinerary

by Melissa Giroux | Last updated Jan 19, 2023 | Asia , India , Travel Tips

The pink city of Jaipur is a must-visit spot for anyone traveling to India.

This Rajasthan capital city has so much to enjoy and has so many incredibly beautiful sites to see and it is one of the most visited spots in India.

Ready To Travel? Don't Go Without Travel Insurance.

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Because of this, you may wonder, ‘Why visit Jaipur as a tourist?’, or ‘Is Jaipur worth visiting?’

Jaipur is absolutely bursting with culture and you can find bustling streets, colorful bazaars, and phenomenal food everywhere you go.

Here, you can step into the past of the royals of the city by visiting the city palace and other areas they frequented.

Most travelers find 2 days in Jaipur to be enough time to enjoy all the main sites. So, if you’re wondering how many days in Jaipur you’ll need – 2 days should be enough!

Therefore, we have put together this Jaipur itinerary detailing everything to do, see, and eat on your upcoming Jaipur city break.

Jaipur, India

Jaipur is home to some of the best forts in India, we will visit some of those on your first day in the city.

Day 1 will begin with a visit to the astonishing Amber Fort. This is a historic building in Jaipur and is definitely not to be missed. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

To get to Amber Fort, you must travel around 30 minutes outside the city. You can book a taxi, or travel with a guided tour to get there.

Alternatively, you can take a city bus which departs every 20 minutes. Check with the local providers for your closest bus stop.

It’s best to get here as early as possible to beat the crowds because it can get very busy throughout the day. Our recommendation would be to go around 8 AM when it opens.

The architecture here at Amber Fort is incredible and is a great example of the Hindu-style architecture of the time. It sits on top of a hill giving it sensational views for miles.

This is an incredibly unique fort built mainly from red sandstone and has some of the most breathtaking views in the area.

Amber Fort, Jaipur, India

Suraj Pol is the main entrance of the fort and where you can begin your exploring. Next, be sure to take in the main attraction of the fort, Sheesh Mahal – the hall of mirrors.

Take your time to wander around here, give yourself a couple of hours and really soak up everything it has to offer.

Planning your upcoming adventures? Travel by bus! (It's cheap!)

We recommend spending about 2 hours at Amber Fort, to really immerse yourself in all the beauty it has to offer.

On your way back to the city, you can view the water palace, Jal Mahal. It is a remarkable structure you can view from the road, but it usually isn’t open to the public.

This afternoon, it’s time to visit Nahargarh fort. This is a magnificent fort that was built in 1734 as a form of protection for the city.

It is situated in an iconic location, as it stands on the edge of the Aravalli Hills, with views of the city of Jaipur to soak up in every direction.

You can spend a couple of hours strolling around the Nahargarh fort, which is located in the Nahargarh Biological Park – this area is home to many wild animals.

This is a great place to stay until late afternoon for sunset.

The is an entrance fee to visit Nahargarh fort of 200 rupees (USD 2.50) for tourists.

Nahargarh fort, Jaipur, India

After a day of exploring some of the major sites of Jaipur, it’s time to get some shopping done!

The city of Jaipur has many bazaars dotted all around for some amazing street shopping. The majority of markets are open from 10 am until 10 or 11 pm.

We recommend visiting Sireh Deori Bazaar. This is one of the most famous shopping areas in Jaipur and for good reason.

There is a buzzing atmosphere in this bazaar and you can buy a bit of everything here. It is most well known for selling some of the best camel leather products the city has to offer.

We recommend you grab dinner close by in the popular Surabhi restaurant and turban museum. Here you can experience an authentic Indian dining experience with some highly-rated food.

There is still so much to do and see in Jaipur on your second day in the city, so it will be a jam-packed day once again!

We will start the day by visiting one of the most well-known sites in Jaipur, Hawa Mahal – The palace of winds.

This is a breathtaking pink structure in Jaipur. This is best viewed from the outside and most tourists don’t venture into the building as the outside is the most impressive part. This structure is what gives Jaipur the name of being the pink city.

This structure is built from red and pink sandstone and was once the women’s section of the enormous City Palace at the center of Jaipur.

The facade we see from the street is what the royal women of the time would stand behind to look out at the city as they were not allowed to show their faces in public. This is a place truly steeped in history.

It comprises of 953 windows and a screened porch. It is a great spot for some photography while you soak in the beauty of the structure in an unmissable part of the city.

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, India

This afternoon, let’s head to the Observatory, Jantar Mantar. This is another UNESCO world heritage site in Jaipur.

This is an open-air observatory and is a must-see attraction in the city. Here you can see the ancient ways of reading stars and studying the sky.

This observatory was built in the 18th century and has 19 large astrological instruments in place today, including the largest sundial in India, the Samrat Yantra.

Visiting here is an educational experience and you can learn fascinating things about space and time, making it a great option for the whole family.

Every night, there is a sound and light show for you to enjoy at Jantar Mantar with exciting tales about the city and the observatory itself, it’s not to be missed. Starting at 6:30 pm onwards.

Observatory, Jaipur, India

For your last evening in Jaipur, it’s time to experience more of the incredible food the city has to offer.

Let’s head to the Cinnamon-Jai Mahal Palace, which was once a palace and is now a hotel, but will still have you feeling like royalty when you arrive.

This stunning hotel has some astounding architecture on offer and has a beautiful restaurant attached to it.

This is an authentic Indian restaurant where you will experience some fine dining and have a chance to taste some of the Rajasthani royal cuisines.

Make sure to book this restaurant in advance, as it is an extremely popular spot in the city and often books out.

Is Jaipur Worth Visiting?

Wondering if Jaipur is worth visiting? We think so!

Why? See the main reasons why you should visit Jaipur below.

  • There is an international airport in this city which makes it extremely easy to get to.
  • It has some of the most beautiful architecture India has to offer
  • The city experiences some very pleasant weather during the winter

Best Time To Visit Jaipur

From November to February, the weather in Jaipur is cold and dry as this is their winter. However, it can climb to 26 degrees celsius during the day making it the perfect time to visit.

March to June is also an option for visiting the pink city, although it is summer, so it will be extremely hot, with temperatures sometimes reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius.

It’s best to avoid visiting Jaipur from July to October as this is the monsoon season, and the area experiences huge amounts of rain.

How Many Days In Jaipur Is Enough?

Wondering if two days in Jaipur is enough? The truth is that it depends on your arrival time and departure time.

For example, if you get to Jaipur late, you won’t have a lot of time to make the most of your holidays in Jaipur.

That said, looking at this 2-day itinerary in Jaipur, you probably noticed it’s possible to see Jaipur during a weekend.

If you arrive late, we suggest you add one more night so that you can fully enjoy your time in Jaipur.

To help you figure out how many days you’ll need in Jaipur, we suggest you list the things you wish to see and do. Then, look at the map and see if it seems realistic.

Adding the arrival time and departure time to your Jaipur itinerary, you’ll see exactly how many days in Jaipur will be enough.

If you decide to use Jaipur as a base, you may want to rent a car or hire a driver and explore the area.

Where To Stay In Jaipur For 2 Days?

Wondering where to stay in Jaipur?

You won’t be short of accommodation choices in Jaipur, and you can enjoy staying in the city center no matter your budget.

Here are our top hotel recommendations for your 2 days in Jaipur.

Best Budget Accommodation

If you’re on a budget in Jaipur, you won’t be short on choices for your accommodation. We recommend staying at the Dera Rawatsar Heritage Hotel .

This hotel is a great option as it is situated within the city walls and is within walking distance of the bus station.

It has an outdoor swimming pool for guests to enjoy and there is free WiFi.

Check Availability

Best Mid-Range Accommodation

For a more mid-range option, we recommend staying at Dileep Kothi – A Royal Boutique Luxury Suites .

This four-star boutique hotel is just 4km from the city palace and offers breakfast every morning.

The rooms are decorated with four poster beds and the stunning arches and columns at the front of the building make it feel like you are staying in a palace.

Best Luxury Accommodation

If you want the best accommodation in Jaipur, it has to be Rambagh Palace .

Here you will receive world-class service and relax in the former residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur.

Rambagh Palace is known as the jewel of Jaipur, mainly for its spectacular architecture and the pristine well-manicured lawns that surround the building.

The building is filled with history and will have you living like a royal during your time in Jaipur.

Final Thoughts On Jaipur Itinerary

With so much culture to explore and cuisine to taste, spending one or two days in Jaipur is bound to be a fantastic experience because there are enough things to do in Jaipur to keep you entertained.

However, be sure to follow an itinerary like ours to make the most of your short trip.

If you decide to rent a car during your time in India, it will give you a lot more independence and flexibility to explore the city and its surrounding areas. That said, driving a car in India can be a challenging experience. Instead, you might want to hire a driver or organize day trips with a tour guide.

We hope we managed to help you figure out what to do in Jaipur, India.

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  • Best places to live in India
  • Mumbai in 2 days

places to visit in jaipur itinerary







places to visit in jaipur itinerary

acouplescalling, Couple travel blog

2 Day Jaipur Itinerary (The Best Places To Visit In Jaipur, India)

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Last Updated: November 17 2020

Jaipur city is the capital of India’s Rajasthan state and is located approximately 170 miles from New Delhi. Jaipur is known as the ‘Pink City’ due to the beautiful coloured sandstone of the buildings. There are so many Jaipur tourist attractions to choose from when putting together your Jaipur itinerary.

This city is a popular tourist destination thanks to the beautiful buildings and architecture. It forms a part of the famous tourist circuit the ‘Golden Triangle’ which includes other cities such as Agra and Delhi.

This blog post will outline what you need to include in your Jaipur travel itinerary, along with other useful information such as accommodation options and travelling around the city. Sightseeing in Jaipur should be on any India itinerary, and we couldn’t recommend it enough! In our opinion, Jaipur is one of the best cities to visit in India.

Table of Contents

The Ultimate 2 Day Jaipur itinerary

We have included some of the best places to visit in Jaipur on this itinerary and we hope you enjoy them too! We only spent 2 days in Jaipur and would have loved to have seen more. However, that is just an excuse to go back!

Jaipur itinerary map

This is a map of all the sights we have included in this Jaipur 2 day itinerary.

Day 1 – Jaipur itinerary

Within day 1 of this Jaipur itinerary, we have included the spots that are located close together within the Pink City. They are easily accessible by using GRAB or some are within walking distance.

Patrika Gate

  • City Palace

Albert Hall Museum

Out of all the destinations we visited on this Jaipur trip itinerary, Patrika Gate was probably our favourite! It is a gate that acts as an entrance to Jawahar Circle Garden. Patrika gate is made up of several colourful walkways that show the Rajasthani culture, and it is beautiful!

Make sure you come prepared with your camera here as it is a total photography hotspot! The earlier you get there the better as it can get pretty busy! We arrived at about 10 am but it is probably best to go even earlier. You will probably want to spend at least 30 minutes here as the gate is incredible.

Make sure you check out the intricate detail in the amazing artwork and stay there long enough to appreciate all of the different colours! Patrika Gate is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Jaipur!

Entrance Fee: Free

Patrika Gate - Jaipur

City Palace, Jaipur

The City Palace of Jaipur is a UNESCO world heritage site and a residence of the royal family. It was built by Sawai Jai Singh; the founder of the city of Jaipur. There are multiple gates, gardens and buildings located throughout the complex so there is plenty to explore!

In all honesty, we didn’t visit the City Palace as we had heard plenty of mixed reviews about it being regarded as a tourist trap. We were heading to Ranthambore National Park after Jaipur and decided to put our entrance fee towards another chance to see a wild tiger.

However, upon seeing the extraordinary photographs of this place, we wish that we had added it to Jaipur trip itinerary! The architecture looks incredibly beautiful, and it will be on our list for our next visit to Jaipur!

Entrance Fee: 500 INR (about £5.50) for foreign tourists, 130 INR for locals (about £1.40)

Hawa Mahal was built in 1799 from red and pink sandstone. It is a beautiful palace that sits on the edge of the city palace of Jaipur. The architecture of the building is incredible, with it almost looking like Pink honeycomb.

There are five floors to the front of Hawa Mahal with a total of 953 small windows. Make sure you head to the bottom of the palace first to get a great close up view. We took some photo’s there first before it got too busy.

Hawa Mahal - Jaipur, India

It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Jaipur so you will want to head there quite early. However, we suggest you head to Patrika Gate first. This is because the surrounding area has some amazing rooftop cafe’s where you can get great views of the Hawa Mahal but they don’t tend to open until around 8-8:30ish.

We chose to have breakfast in one of the cafe’s across the road and had the most incredible view. One thing we will say is to beware of the scams. People will offer you money to have a ‘good view’ of the palace. However the views they will give you won’t be nearly as good as the rooftop gardens so save your money.

Entrance Fee: To enter inside the Hawa Mahal it costs 200 INR (about £2.20) for foreign tourists, 50 INR for locals (about £0.50).

2 days in Jaipur - Hawa Mahal

If you are interested in history and culture, then you should pay a visit to the Albert Hall Museum. It is known as the state museum of Rajasthan and has so many antiques and artefacts.

The museum is named after the Prince of Wales who visited in 1876 and laid the foundation stone.

Entrance Fee: 300 INR (about £3.25) for foreign tourists, 40 INR for locals (about £0.40)

Day 2 – Jaipur itinerary

In day 2 of this itinerary for Jaipur, we have included the destinations that are just outside the city centre. They aren’t located that far from each other, but it may be best to hire a tuk-tuk driver for the day or use GRAB to get around.

Amber Palace

Jaigarh fort.

  • Jaipur Stepwell
  • Nahargarh Fort

If you are looking for beautiful architecture, colourful gates and plenty of culture then Amber Palace is your place. It is open daily from 8 a.m. until 5.30 p.m, but it is best to get there early due to the crowds.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to explore the courtyards and gardens that make this place beautiful.

One sad part of this attraction is that they run elephant rides up to the palace. The weather was extremely hot whilst we visited and it is so unfair to these animals. Please don’t partake in this activity as it is animal cruelty!

Entrance Fee: 500 INR (about £5.50) for foreign tourists, 100 INR for locals (about £1.10)

Amber Fort - Jaipur, India

Amber Fort Viewpoint (also known as Amer Fort)

Amber Fort is about 7 miles away from Jaipur in a small area called Amer. The Fort is a UNESCO world heritage site and its construction began in the 16th century.

The viewpoint gives incredible views of Amber Palace and is known as one of the best sunset spots in Jaipur. A short hike will take you to the fort walkway and here you can see the amazing views for yourself. There are plenty of watchtowers, where you can take amazing photographs too!

Entrance Fee: To head to the viewpoint of Amber Fort is free

Jaigarh Fort is world-renowned for holding the largest cannon in the world. It even has a name; Jaiban! It’s about 15km away from the city of Jaipur and was constructed in the 18th century.

Jaigarh Fort is connected to Amber Fort through passageways and is of similar architecture. It is worth a visit and another of the places of interest in Jaipur. It is even rumoured that there is lots of treasure buried underneath the fort!

Entrance Fee: 85 INR (about £0.90) for foreign tourists, 35 INR for locals (about £0.40)

Whilst in Amer it is well worth checking out the famous Jaipur Stepwell. These types of step-wells can be found throughout India but the one in Amer is extremely popular. If you are spending a couple of days in Jaipur it is worth a visit!

A stepwell is a uniquely designed piece of architecture; an interesting arrangement of steps that leads down to a well. The well is only a 10-minute walk away from Amber Fort and worth adding to your Jaipur sightseeing itinerary.

You used to be able to go down the steps and take photographs however, somebody recently fell and died as a result. Due to this security now watch to make sure nobody goes down the steps.

We have heard some security guards are willing to look the other way for a small fee. We wouldn’t recommend doing this though because the rules are in place for a reason.

Jaipur Stepwell, India

Nahargarh fort

Nahargarh Fort is one of the largest forts in India and is a popular tourist destination of Rajasthan. It is found on top of the Aravalli Ranges, one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. From the top, you can see incredible views of Jaipur city and the surrounding area!

Nahargarh Fort, Amber Fort and Jaigarh Fort run around the city of Jaipur, so they were a really strong form of defence back in the day. They are all located fairly close together so can easily be visited within the same day.

Entrance Fee: 200 INR (about £2.15) for foreign tourists, 50 INR for locals (about £0.50)

Getting To Jaipur

We travelled to Jaipur from Jaisalmer by bus. The journey took about 12 hours, but we had a cabin on the bus which came with a small double bed sized cushioned seat with a door you can shut. The cabin also had plug sockets for the journey!

The journey cost us around 1700 INR (about £18) for the two of us and was worth it! You can also travel to Jaipur from other destinations in India such as Agra, New Deli and Jodphur.

Jaipur - Amber Fort

Getting around Jaipur

There are different ways to get around Jaipur, but be aware of scammers. The easiest way and probably cheapest is by scooter but we weren’t brave enough to do that haha!

Tuk-tuks are a popular choice but beware of scammers who overcharge tourists, as this is a very common scenario. You can also use public transport in Jaipur.

We used the Grab taxi app the majority of the time because it was cheap and reliable. There were never any issues either which was great! We would recommend this way of getting around if you don’t want to hire a scooter!

Hawa Mahal

Jaipur accommodation options – Where to stay 

We stayed in a place called Nahar Singh Haveli which cost us £9 a night for a budget double room with air conditioning. They also had a rooftop restaurant which was ideal for getting breakfast or a quick bite to eat.

If you fancy looking for somewhere else, there are plenty of other cheap hotels in Jaipur. We will list some other options below.

Budget accommodation

Moustache Hostel- £9 a night for a budget double room with private bathroom Nahargarh Palace Hotel- £8 a night for a standard double room. Backpackers Villa- £8 a night for a deluxe double room.

Medium cost accommodation

The Hosteller Jaipur- £21 a night for a deluxe double room. Laxmi Palace Heritage Boutique Hotel- £17 a night for a deluxe double room and pool access. Pearl Palace Heritage- The Boutique Guesthouse- £17 a night for a deluxe double room in a very cool hotel.

High budget accommodation 

Trident Jaipur- £46 a night for a deluxe garden view room with a balcony and pool access. Dera Rawatsar- Heritage Hotel- £26 a night for a deluxe double room, free breakfast and a complimentary airport pick up. Holiday Inn Jaipur City Centre- £42 a night for a superior twin room with a rooftop pool and free breakfast.

Patrika Gate in India

Travel tips for your Jaipur trip

Here are some tips to make the most out of your time in Jaipur:

  • Be aware of Scams: There are plenty of common scams in India, and Jaipur is no different. There are plenty of pickpocketers in the area so be wary of where you put your valuables. People will also try to scam you out of money for transport, entrance tickets to tourist attractions and in other circumstances so keep your wits about you!
  • Be mindful of the weather in Jaipur: The weather can get extremely hot in India. When we travelled through Rajasthan we encountered temperatures of 38C to 40C which was new territory for us! It is best to head out early and spend mid-afternoon inside.
  • Be prepared to Haggle:  Haggling is an important factor in travelling through Asia and it’s no different here. If you want to look through the Bazaar’s be prepared to haggle for prices.
  • Dress Code: It is important to dress appropriately in India, and respect their culture. For women, the recommendation is to cover your shoulders and legs from the knee upwards. For males, the recommendation is not to wear revealing tops such as tank tops.

Onward travel from Jaipur

From Jaipur, we headed to Sawai Madhopur to visit Ranthambore National Park. Seeing wild tigers had been on our bucket list for so long which is why Ranthambore was our next destination. Other places you can travel to from Jaipur include Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, New Delhi and Agra.

Tiger at Ranthambore National Park

We hope this Jaipur itinerary has given you an idea of the best tourist places in Jaipur to visit. This city is full of amazing culture, and experiences so make the most out of it!

Thanks for reading, Happy Travelling, Jack & Abbie

P.S If you want more travel tips and itineraries, you can find our Pinterest here.


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Jaipur itinerary pin


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places to visit in jaipur itinerary

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Backpack Adventures

Jaipur Itinerary: how to spend 2 days in Jaipur

This post is the ultimate 2 day Jaipur itinerary. Jaipur is the biggest city in Rajasthan and part of the so-called Golden triangle. The Golden Triangle in India is a popular tourist circuit that includes the cities of Delhi , Agra , and Jaipur. It is called the “Golden Triangle” because of the triangular shape formed by these three cities on a map, and because they are home to some of India’s most iconic landmarks and cultural attractions.

Jaipur is rightly among them. It is also known as the “Pink City,” and known for its colorful architecture, traditional handicrafts, and historic landmarks such as the City Palace, Jantar Mantar, and Hawa Mahal. Although Jaipur is chaotic and crowded at first sight, the city has many hidden gems to discover. Therefore it is important to plan your Jaipur itinerary well. 

Jaipur itinerary: the pink city

Jaipurs history started in 1727 when Maharaja Jai Singh wanted to develop a new city. The design and architecture was carefully planned and reflected the ruler’s love for mathematics and science. He even built an astronomical observatory along with the city palace. 

When in 1876 the prince of Wales came for a visit, the whole city was painted a terracotta pink. Jaipur’s historic center still reflects its royal past. In addition, the bazaar is a great place for shopping and trying different kinds of street food. The city itself deserves at least one full day in your Jaipur itinerary.

However, the real beauty of Jaipur lies in the rocky Aravalli hills around the city. This is where ancient forts, temples and palaces can keep you busy for another day in your Jaipur itinerary. 

Entrance to Nahargarh fort in Jaipur India

My Jaipur itinerary

Back in 2007 I was travelling during the monsoon season when there were few other tourists in India. After travelling on my own through Rajasthan for almost a month I was in desperate need to meet some other travellers.

Although I am not a big fan of tours, they can be a great way to meet other people. Also, Jaipur overwhelmed me at first and I only had a 2 day Jaipur itinerary. Therefore I decided to book a city tour with the Rajasthan Tourist Office . I was looking forward to meet other english speaking tourists. 

The next day I entered the tour bus to discover that the bus was full with South Indian families. I was the only foreigner so there was a lot of staring and giggling. It felt very uncomfortable at first but throughout the day I witnessed how friendly and welcoming Indian people can be.

I was quickly adopted by several families that made it their mission to look over my well-being during the day. They shared their food with me, bought me drinks and showed me around. In the end this tour was a heartwarming experience showing me the true Indian hospitality.

To be honest, I didn’t like Jaipur that much on my first visit. On the tour I saw everything in one day, but it also meant that I had to rush through things. It was only on my second visit to Jaipur that I really appreciated everything it had to offer. Being able to explore the sights at my own pace made a big difference.

Jaipur bazaar

A 2 day Jaipur itinerary

In my opinion you need at least 2 days in Jaipur to get a good feel of the city and its sights in the Aravalli hills. I would suggest to spend one day of your Jaipur itinerary exploring the bazaar and the historic center and another day visiting the sights that are outside of Jaipur such as the famous Amber fort. 

Jaipur itinerary day 1

City palace.

Start the first day of your Jaipur itinerary at the Jaipur city palace . This is one of the top tourist attractions in Jaipur. Therefore I suggest to come here early before the tour groups arrive. 

The city palace was one of the first buildings built by Maharaja Jai Singh when he moved the capital from Amber to Jaipur. The home of the Jaipur royal family was a work in progress and it was continuously expanded reflecting the different architectural styles that were in fashion at the time. Inside you will find beautifully decorated gates, courtyards, gardens, pavilions and lavish rooms with collections of art, jewellery, costumes and military items. 

Jaipurs city palace is well worth the entrance fee. Highlights include the three entrance gates to the palace, the Diwan e Aam (Mughal hall of audience), the Diwan e Khas (hall of private audience), the peacock gate at the Pritam Niwas Chowk, the Chandra mahal (moon palace) and the Mubarak Mahal (welcome palace).

Like the Udaipur city palace, part of this complex is still used as the private residence of the former royal family of Jaipur. They continue to organize lots of special events in the palace, especially during festivals.

Insider tip : try to be here early as it can get very crowded during the day. That is also why I put this first in your Jaipur itinerary.   

Jaipur city palace

Jantar Mantar

Maharaja Jai Singh loved mathematics and science and he ordered the construction of five astronomical observatories. One in Delhi, Ujjain, Mathura, Varanasi and of course his own city Jaipur. The one in Jaipur is right behind the city palace and there are nineteen architectural instruments that facilitated astronomical observations.

If you are really into astronomy I recommend a guide that can explain the use of the different instruments and how they work.  

Jantar mantar in Jaipur India

The Hawa Mahal or the palace of the winds is another top tourist attraction in Jaipur. The impressive terracotta pink facade, that is actually the back of the palace, has over 900 small windows. All of them have intricate and delicate latticework.  

These windows allowed cool air to come through and allowed the royal ladies to observe everyday life in the street below without being seen. 

It’s possible to go inside to see the view from the top. However, you can get similar views in one of the cafes opposite the Hawa mahal, except that they also offer the best viewpoint on the Hawa mahal itself. 

Therefore, the Hawa Mahal makes a perfect lunch stop. Just make sure you leave some space in your belly to try some street food in the bazaar later.  

Hawa mahal in Jaipur India

Spend the rest of your afternoon in Jaipur’s bustling bazaar. Jaipur is famous for its high quality handicrafts and it’s one of the best places in Rajasthan to go shopping. One of the famous arts in Jaipur is a block printing technique called Anokhi . Look out for the beautiful textiles that include clothes and linens such as bed sheets and cushion covers.

The bazaar in Jaipur has different sections. For textiles head to Bapu bazaar with its characteristic terracotta pink walls. Nearby Johari bazaar is one of the oldest parts of the market and this area is all about jewellery and silver. Here you will find lots of bangles as well. The Tripoli bazaar near the tripoli gate has lots of utensils and tools made from brass, copper and steel. At last the Chandpole bazaar near the Chandpole gate has miniature paintings, perfumes and spices. 

Jaipurs bazaar is also a great place to try street food. Don’t be scared of the Delhi belly. I can not guarantee you it won’t happen, but if you look at which places are busy with locals you will most likely be fine. A lot of the stalls are specialized in just one type of street food, but have developed it into perfection over the years.

The Golcha cinema samosa stall serves for example the best samosas in town while the lassiwala on MI road shop 321 has the best lassis and Jagannath Sharma Pakodi walla has the best pakodas. Also don’t miss the Kachori at Radhe Kachori wala . These crispy and flaky snacks with different fillings are delicious. Finally, head to Pandit Kulfi for the traditional Indian icecream Kulfi. 

Insider tip : Be prepared to negotiate and learn the art of bargaining beforehand. As a tourist you will be quoted a higher price. The first price you hear is almost always unreasonable. But then, they won’t expect you to agree immediately. Bargain well and it’s still possible to score a good deal at Jaipur’s bazaar.

Jaipur bazaar

Raj Mandir Cinema

If you are looking to do something in the evening I can recommend an outing to the famous Raj Mandir cinema to see a Bollywood movie. It is the largest cinema in Jaipur and famous for its opulent interiors. 

Raj mandir cinema

Jaipur itinerary day 2

On the second day of your Jaipur itinerary I can recommend you to rent a tuk tuk to explore some sights that lie in the rocky Aravalli hills that surround the city of Jaipur.

There are tours, but you might find that they rush through things. Renting a tuk tuk allows you to not only see things at your own pace, but also include some off the beaten path gems. 

Start the second day of your Jaipur itinerary at the famous Amber fort. Get here early before the tour groups do, because this is one of the most popular forts in the Aravalli hill range near Jaipur. 

It was built by the local Meena tribe in the tenth century, but not much is left of the original structure. What you see nowadays comes from the hands of the Rajput Maharanas from the 16th and 17th century. The large complex has different sections, each with their own gates and courtyards. 

Highlights include the beautifully decorated Ganesh Pol entrance, the Sila Devi temple and the mirror palace.

Amber Fort

Panna Meena Ka Kund

The 16th century Panna Meena Ka Kund stepwells are only a 15 minute walk from the Amer fort, but only get a fraction of its visitors. Stepwells are quite common in the desert areas of India and were used to store the monsoon rains for the drier months. The geometric staircases allowed people to reach the pool as water levels changed throughout the year. 

The Panna Meena ka Kund are not necessarily the most beautiful stepwells in Rajasthan, but being so near the Amber fort they are definitely worth a quick stop on your Jaipur itinerary.  

Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh fort or victory fort was designed to protect Amber fort and the two were closely interlinked. There is even a secret underground tunnel that connects the two. If you are up for the walk this is probably the most interesting way to get from Amber fort to Jaigarh fort. Otherwise it’s a quick tuk tuk ride. 

Jaigarh fort has a relatively simple design and the main reason to visit this fort is its spectacular location on top of the Aravalli hill range overlooking the village of Amer and Amber fort below.

Views from Jaigarh fort

In between Jaipur and the Amer fort lies the picturesque Jal Mahal. This yellowish sandstone building seems to float on the manmade sagar lake and there are in fact 4 levels underwater. Jal Mahal means water palace, but it was in fact the maharaja’s hunting lodge. As far as I know you can not enter the palace and you will have to do with a quick picture stop at the side of the road.  

Jal Mahal in Jaipur India

Gaitore cenotaphs

The Gaitore cenotaphs or Gaitore ki chhatriyan receives very few visitors, despite its beauty. It was my tuk tuk driver that told me about this hidden gem that is just a short ride away from the Jal Mahal palace.

The Gaitore cenotaphs are the royal burial grounds for the Rajput kings. The architecture is stunning and the sandstone and marble tombs are richly decorated with onion shaped domes and intricate carvings of battle scenes and animals.  

It’s a very serene and peaceful spot. I was the only tourist around and I would certainly recommend to include the Gaitore cenotaphs in your Jaipur itinerary. 

Gaitore ki chhatriyan

Nahargarh fort

Finish the second day of your Jaipur itinerary at the Nahargarh fort for a beautiful sunset. Like Jaigarh fort it is not the architecture, but the views that make it worth a visit. The rooftop terrace offers the best views over the city of Jaipur. 

Views from Nahargarh fort

More than 2 days in Jaipur

If you have more than 2 days in Jaipur there are some other sights that you could include in your Jaipur itinerary. 

Patrika gate

The colorful Patrika gate is a quite new addition to the tourist attractions in Jaipur. It opened in 2016 and functions as a gate to the large Jawahar circle park. It’s already hugely popular on instagram. If you have some time left in your Jaipur itinerary this is definitely a place I would recommend. 

Anokhi museum of hand printing

If you are interested in the Anokhi textiles that you can buy in the bazaar you should consider a visit to the Anokhi museum of hand printing . They also have a small shop that guarantees you the best quality of Anokhi textiles.

Birla Mandir temple

The white marble Birla Mandir temple is worth a quick visit if you have some time left. People come here to pray to Vishnu and Laxmi (goddess of wealth). It was built in 1988 by the Birla family who have built a number of other temples in places like Delhi, Calcutta and Hyderabad.

Birla mandir temple in Jaipur

Galta ji monkey temple

Galta ji is a local pilgrimage place that gets few foreign visitors. It’s a complex of several palaces and temples with stunning architecture and beautiful paintings inside. I loved how peaceful and serene this place was, despite its popularity among the locals. 

Galta ji’s location was also quite beautiful in a hidden corner of the Aravalli hills. There are lots of peacocks and monkeys as well and therefore people call it the monkey temple.

Galta ji monkey temple in Jaipur India

Galw bagh monkey temple

There are actually two monkey temples near Jaipur. Beautiful and clean Galtaji and the more famous, but dirty Galwh Bagh. People com e here to feed the tame monkeys. The stairs leading up to the temple are fullwith beggars, animals and dirt.

It’s one of those Indian experiences you will never forget. Can I recommend a visit? The interaction between the monkeys, goats, pigs and beggars that call this temple their home is interesting to watch and the views on top of the temple are beautiful.

Galw bagh monkey temple

Chand Baori stepwells

Less than 100 kilometers from Jaipur, in the village of Abhaneri lie the oldest and largest stepwells in Rajasthan. These stepwells were used in desert areas of India for thousands of years to store the monsoon rain water. The characteristic geometric staircases leading down to the pool are visually stunning. 

The Chand Baori stepwells receive few visitors. Although its maintenance is not that good there are some wonderful stone sculptures of Hindu gods. It makes a perfect day trip from Jaipur. To get there by public transportation is not that easy, therefore renting a taxi is best. 

Jaipur itinerary travel tips

Where to eat in jaipur.

My favourite restaurant in Jaipur was the Al Umar restaurant . The kebabs were one of the best I had in Rajasthan. They come in gravy curries with different colours and tastes. The green coloured one (hariyali kebab) was absolutely delicious as well as the white coloured one (malai kebab).

Al Umar restaurant in Jaipur

Where to sleep in Jaipur

Vinayak Guesthouse : The clean Vinayak Guest house was one of my favourite accomodations in Rajasthan. A nice rooftop restaurant, beautiful rooms, good Wi-fi and friendly people.

Zostel Hostel : For those on a budget I can recommend Zostel Hostel . They have branches all over India including Jaipur and are good value for money. 

Vinayak guesthouse Jaipur

How to get around Jaipur

Uber and Ola : Uber is a good way to get around in Jaipur, but India has its own similar business called Ola cabs that is even more popular. The good thing about both Ola and Uber is that it is cheaper than a tuk tuk and you do not need to negotiate the price or explain where you need to go. Both offer a pool option in which you share your ride with others that makes it even more affordable.

Ola also has a tuk tuk option that is one of the best and most affordable way to travel for shorter distances. I never had to wait long for a Ola or Uber to come and most of the time when I ordered the pool option I had no other passengers.

There is of course always the option of stopping a tuk tuk on the road, but be prepared to negotiate about the price.

When to visit Jaipur

The best time to visit Jaipur is between October and March. In October temperatures cool down and you might have a chance to join the festivities for Dussehra and Diwali. India’s biggest festivals.

Temperatures remain pleasant till March. In April and May, Rajasthan in general, will be extremely hot. In June it is the start of the monsoon that lasts till September and will see a lot of rainfall.

Sustainable travel in Jaipur

Jaipur is beautiful, but it is also a crowded city with a lot of trash and pollution. It might sound obvious, but don’t add to the litter problem. Try to avoid using plastic and use dustbins wherever possible. Bring a reusable water bottle that you can refill at places that have drinking water facilities.

If you want to hire a taxi for the day to bring you to the sights outside of Jaipur consider Sakha cabs . They are a social enterprise providing safe transport solutions for women by women while being part of a bigger civil society movement to push for women’s empowerment and gender equality.

At last try to avoid elephant rides. They are still very popular in Jaipur, especially at the Amber fort. Besides the ethical concerns about elephant rides in general, the abuse of elephants in Jaipur is well documented. If you really want to spend time with elephants you can visit Elefantastic . This ethical elephant village in Jaipur tries to break the cycle of abusive tourism. They offer rescued elephants a safe place to live in with a focus on their well being.

Disclaimer: This post with a 2 day Jaipur itinerary contains affiliate links. If you buy any service through any of my links, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. These earnings help me to keep Backpack Adventures alive! Thanks for your support!

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

26 thoughts on “Jaipur Itinerary: how to spend 2 days in Jaipur”

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I liked the Amber Fort and the Gaitore Cenotaphs – beautiful architecture. Looks like Jaipur has a lot to offer!

We’re considering a visit to Jaipur in July. Thanks for the inspiration. How many days would you recommend at a minimum?

I would say 2-3 days would be best.

This post brings back a lot of wonderful Jaipur memories and you captured it all in words and photos pretty nicely.

Awesome pictures! Love how you captured the lives of day-to-day people. We visited Jaipur almost six years ago, so your post bought back some great memories. Your food from Al Umar looks delicious!!

I love the archways of Amber Fort! The views look just as incredible as inside as well. Traditional Indian food and kebabs sound mouth watering too

Jaipur looks like a wonderful place! To be honest I have never heard about it before, but now after reading your post I would love to visit ! The view from that fort is incredible! And the monkeys are so cute!!

What a great mix of tourist spots and lesser known destinations. I love it that you went on a tour looking for other travelers like yourself, but instead found yourself immersed in the regional culture. You probably would not have had the experience if you were not alone! Sounds like an interesting and peaceful day trip!

Definitely a variety of wonderful spots here. The cenotaphs look particularly stunning. The carvings in the marble would be beautiful to see in person.

Amber Fort looks amazing! Ther are very beautiful sights in Jaipur…and those views! I also like the fact that you showed the people living there in your photos… brings that city to life!

Wow all those colours – a real onslaught on the senses. I love it. I could experience it so clearly through the screen with your pictures.

Jaipur looks so beautiful, I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time! Thanks for sharing some of the highlights, I’ll keep these in mind when I’m planning!

This looks amazing! I’m planning a trip to India next year, so this is really helpful 🙂

Beautiful post, I visited Jaipur in the 90s and long to return

I’d been put off India by a friend who visited and now I am having to re-think my biases. Thanks for sharing this.

A great itinerary! I went to Jaipur on my first trip to India but would love to go back there and explore more.

So many amazing things to do! And your pictures are beautiful. I must visit one day

Beautiful! The Golden Triangle is absolutely on my bucket list!

I had a trip scheduled to India and I had to cancel because of the travel restrictions, so next year hopefully I will get to go and I am saving this guide. I love it, great to follow, and very well illustrated.

I’ve always wanted to visit Jaipur because it looks like such an enchanting city. Hope India opens up soon so I can start planning a trip there 🙂

This is such a helpful and comprehensive post, with so much good information. I went to quite a few of the places you’ve mentioned when I visited Jaipur, but your post makes me want to go back!

This brings back happy memories of my trip to Rajasthan and Jaipur. Sadly I lost all my photos so your photos are a delight.

Jaipur is as colorful as the entire state of Rajasthan. Vibrant everywhere! That munchkin monkey is such an adorable click!

Jaipur is by far the most beautiful city! Great captures!!

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MagicandBliss | Travel & Wellness

23 Awesome Things To Do In Jaipur | Jaipur Weekend Itinerary

Jaipur is an incredibly colorful & diverse city in India and if you love photography you are in for a treat in this city. I have been to Jaipur more than 8 times in my life but I never get bored of this beautiful place. The Pink city – Jaipur, has an abundance of palaces & forts, rich history, marvelous architecture, delicious Rajasthani food and endless opportunities to take pictures. Need I say more to convince you how unique this place is? Read further and plan your weekend itinerary in Jaipur.

The city of Jaipur was founded in the year 1727 by Maharaja Jai Singh II. The old part of the city has neat and broadly laid out roads and is painted all over in pink thus deriving the name of Jaipur as the “Pink City” . Maharaja Jai Singh built the city of Jaipur (city of victory) moving his capital from Amber to house the growing population and address the concerns of water scarcity. Since then the city has grown in size and although only old parts of the city are Pink – it is still referred to as the Pink City. It was India’s first planned city and is very well known for many forts and gates that were erected during the rule of the Rajputs in the 18th century.

The best time to visit Jaipur is during the winter months (Nov to Feb) when the weather is cold but this is also the time the city is most crowded. If you want to avoid the rush, I would suggest visiting in the slightly warmer (but still pleasant) months of Sep-Oct or Mar-Apr .

So without any further delay, let’s start planning your weekend itinerary with the best places to visit in Jaipur.

#1 Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal (or the palace of winds) is located in the centre of the pink city and is one of the most visited landmarks of Jaipur. The palace of winds is named so because of the 953 windows (or Jharokas) the main purpose of which was to help Rajput women catch glimpses of the city. The windows are decorated with intricate designs and looking through the windows you can look down onto the streets of the old city. There is also a small museum in the complex that you can visit which has paintings and old artefacts depicting Rajasthani culture.

No weekend itinerary to Jaipur is complete without a visit to the Hawa Mahal. This is my favourite place in the city. You can get really good pictures clicked and you can explore the fort in its entirety as almost all areas are accessible to the public. For an incredible view of Hawa Mahal and even better Instagram clicks – head over to either Wind View café or Tattoo café & lounge across the street.

#2 City Palace

The City Palace of Jaipur was built in 1729 and took 3 years to build in the city center. It is located very close to the Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar. The monument paints a great picture of the rich culture of the time and is one of the best places to visit in Jaipur.

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Nishtha Pande (@magicandbliss) on Aug 17, 2019 at 9:40am PDT

Chandra Mahal – one half of the palace – still houses the Jaipur royal family. There are various sections to the palace including Diwan-I-Aam, Diwan-I-Khas, Mubarak Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Maharani Palace and much more. The architecture of the palace has influences of Rajput, European and Islamic styles. The palace has now been converted into a Museum which is open to the public.

#3 Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar is an astronomical observatory located near the city centre. It was constructed by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II and he built 5 such observatories across the country – Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi, Ujjain and Mathura (now in ruins). The one in Jaipur is the largest and includes stone structures that help interpret the position of celestial bodies and calculate time. Jantar Mantar is a UNESCO heritage site and attracts all types of mathematicians, geographers, historians and architects.

#4 Zorawar Singh Gate (Dhruv Pol)

Dhruv Pol is the northernmost gate of the walled city and is named after the Dhruv Tara (Pole Star) which marks the north direction. It is the widest of all the gates that surround the walled city.

#5 Ajmeri Gate

Jaipur weekend itinerary from Jaipur

Ajmeri Gate is the southernmost gate of the walled city and is named so as the roads lead onto Ajmer.

The names of the other gates around the walled city are – Suraj Pol, Chand Pol, Ram Pol, Shiv Pol, Ganga Pol, Naya Pol, Sireh Deori Gate, Tripolia Gate, Naqqarkahne ka Darwaza, Rajendra Pol, Ganesh Pol and Ridhisidhi Pol.

#6 Jal Mahal

This beautiful monument, situated right in the middle of Man Sagar Lake surrounded by the Aravalli hills range, was built in 1799 by Sawai Pratap Singh. When you look at Jal Mahal (Water Palace) – it seems it has only 1 floor but actually there are four secret floors beneath the water surface. The original structure was not submerged in water but was constructed for the royalty to hunt in the area. The submergence took place later when the King of Amer decided to build a dam between the surroundings hills to prevent flooding.

You can reach Jal Mahal using boats that also match the building design. With the well-preserved paintings in the halls, beautiful intricate designs and amazing terrace – Jal Mahal should be on your list of places to visit.

#7 Patrika Gate

Patrika Gate is my favourite destination to grab Instagram worthy pictures in Jaipur. The vibrant colours, perfect symmetry and intricate details of the gate really catch the eye and make for amazing pictures.

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Nishtha Pande (@magicandbliss) on Aug 30, 2019 at 11:57am PDT

#8 Amer Fort

Amer Fort is part of a series of hill forts near Jaipur – about 11km away. It was originally built by the Meenas and later was ruled by Raja Man Singh (1550-1614). It is decorated with intricate designing of various Hindu elements with typical Rajasthani architecture elements like gates.

The main places to see inside the fort are the Diwan-i-Aam (Hall of public audience), the Diwan-i-Khas (Hall of private audience, the Sheesh Mahal (mirror palace) and Sukh Niwas that houses a waterfall in the royal palace. There is ample parking space available at the fort and you can take your car up the hill to reach Amer Fort. You can explore the fort for hours and hours as a lot of it has been maintained and is open to the public. The views from the fort are magnificent and this should definitely be on your list when you visit Jaipur.

#9 Panna Meena ka Kund

This is a beautiful ancient marvel – almost 450 years old near the Amer Fort. The stepwell was used in the 16th Century by devotees from a nearby temple as a place to relax. It is a good site to just sit, relax and converse with the locals about your travels. At least that’s what I did!

#10 Nahargarh Fort

jaipur weekend itinerary

Along with Amer and Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort used to form the defence for the then capital city. The fort was built 1734 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. Nahargarh (the abode of tigers) was named after the spirit of Rathore Nahar Singh. An interesting piece of trivia told to me by the local guide was that when the construction of the fort had started, every morning the workers found the previous day’s worked destroyed. Maharaja Jai Singh felt that the site was haunted and constructed a shrine where the haunted spirit could reside.

In present day, there is a food court at the top of the fort with an excellent view of the Aravalli hills. You can also visit Jaipur wax Museum and Sheesh Mahal.

#11 Gaitore ki Chhatriyan

Located in the foothills of Nahargarh fort, this is a complex of beautiful temples and tombs. It used to be the royal crematorium for the rulers of Rajasthan and the complex is filled with engravings of Maharajas buried here. This place is a must-visit along with the Nahargarh fort.

#12 Jaigarh Fort

This is the third fort to visit along with Nahargarh and Amer Fort in the Aravalli hills. It was primarily built to protect Amer Fort and is famous for the largest cannon on wheels at the time (in 1720) called Jaivana. The fort was built in 1726 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh and offers panoramic views of the Aravalli hills. It is considered as the strongest monument of Jaipur and was the storehouse of all types of war ammunition.

#13 Chokhi Dhani

Looking to catch genuine Rajasthani feel? Visit Chokhi Dhani for a wonderful evening. Taste the famous Rajasthani Thali fed to you in traditional Rajasthani style whilst sitting on the floor and wearing a turban. You will have plenty on your plate – Trust me!

There are different shows going on – magic shows, puppet shows and traditional dance performances. You can go for a camel ride, elephant ride, try your hand at pottery and taste freshly made Bajra Roti. You can shop for genuine Rajasthani artifacts and food items if you’re looking to shop. Chokhi Dhani is also a good place to stay but it is a bit on the expensive side.

#14 Galtaji Temple/

Galtaji Temple is a Hindu temple located near Jaipur (around 10 km). Also known as the Monkey temple- it is home to a large colony of monkeys who playfully jump around this large complex. The temple is unique as it has been constructed around a natural spring which gets channeled to make seven large pools. These waters are considered holy and devotees bathe in them to wash away their sins.

#15 Albert Hall Museum

This is considered one of the finest galleries of Jaipur and it is also proof that you can visit Jaipur multiple times and yet miss things (Yes! I have not been here). The museum was designed by Colonel Sir Swinton Jacob in 1887 and contains more than 24,000 exhibits. The museum complex itself borrows from Indo-Saracenic architecture with beautiful pillars, arches and courtyards.

Places to Shop in Jaipur

#16 bapu bazaar.

Want to take home some Rajasthani products? Bapu Bazaar is the place to be. You will find genuine yet inexpensive products right in the city center- from textiles, perfumes, sarees, quilts, food products and much more.

Tip – Do not agree to the first price set by the shopkeeper. Always bargain and you will see those prices drop!

#17 Johri Bazaar

Must visit for the shopaholic in you! Located centrally near the Hawa Mahal, this place houses the most beautiful collections of jewelry to choose from. You can also find great artefacts here to purchase and take a piece of Rajasthan home with you.

Must-Eat Foods in Jaipur

#18 pyaaz ki kachori at rawat mishtan bhandar.

If you’re a foodie like me, you must add Rawat Mishthan Bhandar to your Jaipur weekend itinerary. When visiting Jaipur – a must-eat is the famous Pyaaz ki Kachori (Onion Kachori). They also have sweets and other savory snacks such as Mirchi-Vada, Dal Kachori and Samosa that you can try too.

#19 Mouth-watering Chat at Masala Chowk Food Court

This is a relatively new place where you can go and enjoy multiple cuisines. They have have different street food options like Gol Gappe, Chole Bhature and Jalebi and also South India options like Idli, Dosa and Uttapam.

#20 Pav Bhaji at Pandits

Pav Bhaji is a famous delicacy from the streets of Mumbai. But you can still get mouth-watering helpings of it in Jaipur. Head over to the Pandit’s stall near Birla Mandir and give your taste buds a treat. The food is fresh and is available at a very reasonable price.

#21 Lassi at Lassiwala

Lassiwala is very popular for its Lassi (famous yogurt-based drink) amongst the locals in Jaipur. They serve the Lassi in traditional earthen pots which adds to the flavor. Reach a bit early though, I missed the Lassi here for two days straight when I reached after 4pm.

#22 Sweets & Snacks at Laxmi Mishtan Bhandar

This is one of my favorite places to eat in Jaipur. Must have had lunch here more than 10 times. I love the way this place never disappoints. (Also that it is centrally located and I invariably find myself near this place during lunch hours) Try out the different sweets on offer like Phirni, Milk cake, Dhoda, Ghewar and Balushahi. You can try out chats, the pyaaz kachori and the special Rajasthani Thali as well if you are in the mood to eat lavishly.

#23 Bapu Bazaar Kulfi Faluda

If you’ve never tasted Kulfi Faluda, you really are missing out! One of the most refreshing dessert to have to beat the heat of Jaipur. Shop No 28 on Link Road in Bapu Bazaar is the best place to enjoy Kulfi Faluda in Jaipur. You will not regret it!

Pheww!! That’s a long list and I am sure there are still many more things to do if you go outside of the city. I hope this helps you plan your weekend itinerary for Jaipur. Do let me know in the comments if and when you visit 😊

Want to explore Rajasthan further? Then check out Rajasthan Road Trip from Delhi : Ultimate 10 Day Itinerary

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Plan your weekend itinerary with these 23 awesome things to do in Jaipur India. Explore Rajasthan Culture in the streets of the Pink City in India. Check out the blog for complete travel guide to Jaipur. Things to do, places to visit, things to eat, go shopping for Rajasthani art and jewellery, the best spots for your instagram shots and much more. Plan your trip to Jaipur soon. | Rajasthan Tourism | India Travel | Off The Beaten Track | #rajasthan #jaipur #india

98 thoughts on “ 23 Awesome Things To Do In Jaipur | Jaipur Weekend Itinerary ”

Absolutely stunning photos and great itinerary! I love that you share your tips and tricks of where to take photos and places to eat too.

There are so many amazing things to do in Jaipur!! I especially love the Patrika Gate, it looks so beautiful!

A trip to India feels so overwhelming to me, but you make it seem easy. The locations in your post are amazing. I love the water palace, the many beautiful gates and the stepwell temple. The architecture is so intricately decorated. I love it.

Beeeautiful photos! I would like to go back and visit Jaipur again. I went when I was 17, with a film camera – but I really feel like none of my photos to the pink city justice! Your pictures bring back such happy memories!

Panna Meena ka Kund is flipping amazing isn’t it!

I’d love to visit Jaipur! Whenever I think of Jaipur, Hawa Mahal is always what comes to mind, but there are so many beautiful buildings and sights to see! Patrika Gate Looks absolutely stunning! I can’t wait until I have the opportunity to visit. Thanks for the wonderful guide!

So many incredible things to do and sights to see. I love all of the details on the architecture. So beautiful! I hope to visit one day!

Jaipur looks so lovely! Can’t wait to visit one day. Will definitely reference this blog post when I do!!!

Great post! I didn’t know there were so many great things to do in Jaipur!

Jaipur looks really beautiful, I love the architecture! Sound like a great week-end

Jaipur has been on my bucket list for so long now. It looks like an absolutely magical place! Thanks for all the great travel tips on this gorgeous place.

What an awesome list of the best things to do in Jaipur! I would love to do all 23 if I could fit them all in a weekend. Gorgeous!

Oh, I remember going to Jaipur. So pretty, and there are insta-worthy spots everywhere. But i have only explored a small portion of it. Need to go again next time.

This is a great guide. So much history and the architecture is amazing.

Jaipur has been on my bucket list foreverrrrr. How can you not want to go there after seeing a photo of the Patrika Gate?!? Thanks for showing me so much more of this beautiful place in India, I hope to travel there as soon as it’s safe.

Wow, now I really want to go to Jaipur. There are so many beautiful locations and destinations there. One that really caught my eye was the Jal Mahal. Hopefully, one day I’ll make it there!

This is such a great list! I did many of these things when I visited Jaipur a few years ago – but I missed Albert Hall Museum. I think I need to go back a second time to see that, and do a few of the other things on this list that I missed, too.

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Posted by neha patnaik | INDIA , TRAVEL GUIDES


Travelling to Jaipur and looking for the perfect itinerary? Look no further! This blog post on the best 2 days itinerary for Jaipur is the perfect little travel guide to help you check out this beautiful city and fall in love with it. It includes all the things to see, where to stay, where to eat and travel tips. Keep reading to find out Everything you need to know to plan a trip and how to make the best use of your time in Jaipur.

Before proceeding i want to state that this is not a sponsored post. Everything is based on my honest opinion ! Enjoy!

Welcome to the Pink City: Jaipur ! In March 2021 I finally got to fulfil one of my long awaited wishes by visiting Rajasthan. And top of my week long Rajasthan Itinerary was travelling to Jaipur.  Famous among international travelers as one of the most popular and tourist friendly cities of India, Jaipur certainly won my heart. It is colourful and very beautiful, with a lot of amazing places worth exploring.

Jaipur is a part of  India’s famous tourist destinations along with Kerala and Goa. It is the capital of Rajasthan and is usually the first stop on a Rajasthan trip before you venture deeper into the state like Udaipur , Jodhpur or Jaisalmer. This 2 days itinerary for Jaipur tries to fit most of the beautiful sites that you need to see so that you get the best Jaipur experience. If you have more or less time in hand, scroll down for more itinerary options.

Before getting started with this article, here are some essential resources you will need to plan your trip.

  • COVID 19 REQUIREMENTS:  Check all the ever changing requirements and restrictions for various nationalities at  SHERPA .
  • FLIGHTS:  Check and compare flight prices using  SKYSCANNER   or Google Flights.
  • ACCOMODATION:  Get the best range of stay options at  BOOKING.COM  and  AIR BNB .
  • TRAVEL INSURANCE:  Get your trip insured in these uncertain times with  WORLD NOMADS .
  • TRANSPORT:  I book all my bus/train/road transfers using  12GoAsia ,  a very safe and convenient website for all transport options.

the best itinerary for Jaipur


The best time is November to Early March . The heat is definitely bearable during this season. Be ready for peak season crowds. Summer starts from late March and the intense heat makes sight seeing very unpleasant.


Jaipur is 280 kms from Delhi and a road trip takes approx 5 hours.

  • By Flights :  Available from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and a few other major cities.
  • By road: Jaipur is an easy road trip from New Delhi and a popular weekend getaway for Delhi based travellers. Book a taxi or rent a car for this road trip.
  • By Train: Use the  IRCTC website/app to book trains from major Indian cities to Jaipur. While trains are cheaper, the time is much longer and I don’t recommend it unless you have plenty of time in hand. Plus train tickets need to be booked much earlier.



Like with any other tourist destination, 2 days is never enough. But for most of us who simply cannot afford endless days of vacation, 2 days is pretty decent for a city like Jaipur. I would suggest 2 full days as the bare minimum if you want to follow this itinerary and be able to see most of the stunning attractions on offer. To explore the city at a slow pace, with some much needed pockets of rest and relaxation along with the explorations, I will suggest 3 days.  But if you don’t have much time and are looking for a 2 days itinerary for Jaipur, this list should be doable, though your days will be a bit packed.

the best 2 days itinerary for Jaipur


For all first time visitors to Jaipur, it is best to take the oppurtunity and stay in one of the many beautiful renovated Havelis dotting the city. It will definitely be a unique experience to have in Rajasthan. There are plenty of budget and mid range hotels and Havelis which offer wonderful service.


  •  Blue Beds Hostel
  •  Pearl Palace Heritage Boutique hotel


  • Alsisar Haveli: We stayed here for 3 nights and loved the place. A great mid range option situated 10 mins from Hawa Mahal. It has beautiful interiors, an in house restaurant, pool and plenty of area for your your kids to play around. Despite being close to the city centre, its like an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle outside the gates.
  •  Suryya Villa Jaipur
  •  Laxmi Palace Heritage boutique hotel


1. Umaid Bhawan

2. Rambhag Palace

3. The Oberoi Raj Vilas

Select your accomodation using BOOKING.COM   our favourite site.

beautiful place to stay in Jaipur


Jaipur is famous for it’s street food and you should most definitely try a few. Here are some of them.

  • Pyaaz Kachori at Rawat Misthan Bhandar
  • Masala Chai at Gulab ji chaiwala
  • Kathi Roll at Al Bake
  • Pav Bhaji at Pandit’s
  • Lassi at Lassiwala
  • Shrikhand at Falahar
  • Kulfi Faluda at Bapu Bazaar


For this jam packed 2 days Jaipur itinerary, it would be really best to hire a car or booking an uber rental to save time and see all these attractions on offer. If you have more time on hand, you can make use of public transportation (bus, tuk tuks) to get between sites.

one of the best places to visit in Udaipur is the beautiful Badi lake



To follow this 2 days itinerary for Jaipur you need 2 FULL days in Jaipur, meaning you have to reach the city the previous night. 2 full days will let you hit all those beautiful Instagram worthy spots.

In every one of my itineraries, i always try to include a sunrise and a sunset mission. I feel experiencing a stunning sunrise or sunset in a new place makes the trip extra special and memorable. If you hate early wake up calls, skip the sunrise.

For this Jaipur itinerary, i included all the spots that i felt were essential to give you a feel of the real Jaipur experience: cultural sites, bazaars and little oases of calm too. These are ‘must sees’ in my opinion! Of course you can tweak according to your convenience and choice, but  i am very proud of this little 2 days itinerary for Jaipur that i had put together during our visit. I truly believe it is the best Jaipur Itinerary for 2 days !

I have also listed below other Jaipur itineraries for different time durations: Jaipur itinerary for 1 day and a Jaipur itinerary for 3 days along with a few day trip options. If you are visiting Jaipur for that duration, scroll below and take a look to find one that suits you !


Sunrise at amer fort walls.

Your first day in Jaipur will start with a very early morning wake up call to catch Jaipur’s most stunning sunrise at Amer Fort wall. This stone wall that runs all around Amer Fort, is 36 kms long and the 3 rd longest wall in the world. There is no entry fees but it does involve climbing 400+ stone steps to reach the top for all those magnificient views. You might be huffing and puffing by the end but those views are gonna make up for it.

  • Since this is a sunrise mission, you have to reach the top of the wall by 6am. Look up the sunrise time on Google and plan your visit.
  • This one is definitely not for families with children, elderly citizens or those with medical/knee problems. If you belong to any one of these categories, give it a skip and head directly to Amer Palace at 8am to begin your day of sightseeing.

the best itinerary for Jaipur


After completing your sunrise mission, head down, have a cup of tea from the seller and cross the road to Amer Palace. The opening time is 8AM so it perfectly syncs with the sunrise plan. Make sure to allocate at least 2-3 hours for exploring the palace.

Amer(also known as Amber) Fort is the major tourist attraction in Jaipur. It was actually built as a mini town within the fort walls, overlooking Maota lake. The fort is massive and divided into many different sections with their own entrance and exit. Here are the most impressive parts that you should not miss:

  • Suraj Pol (Sun Gate): This is the main entry that faces east. Royal victory processions used to be held here earlier.
  • Jaleb Chowk: the first main courtyard where soldiers used to assemble.
  • Sila Devi Temple: Located on the right side of the Jaleb Chowk is this small temple dedicated to Sila Devi, the family deity of the royal family.
  • Ganesh Pol: This is one of the most beautiful structures in the palace. It is a 3 level structure with frescoes that leads to the inner parts of the palace. Above the gate is the Suhag Mandir which has latticed windows for the royal ladies to watch functions.
  • Diwan-e-Aam: This is the Public audience hall that is also the second courtyard. It is entered via stairs from the first courtyard itself and is built with a double row of columns.
  • Third Courtyard: This is entered only via Ganesh pol and functions as the private chambers of the royal family. There is plenty to see here. On one end, there is Sheesh Mahal (Mirror Palace) filled with glittering coloured glass panels and multi mirrored ceilings. On the other end, there is Sukh Niwas (Hall of Pleasure) that is decorated with marble work. In between these 2 buildings are the beautiful Mughal Gardens.
  • Fourth Courtyard: This houses the living quarters of the Zenana (royal family women) as well as the Palace of King Man Singh 1 . This  is the oldest part of the entire complex and took 25 years to be completed. The exit from this palace leads to the town of Amber, which is a heritage town with many palatial houses, temples and mosques.
  • Entry Fees: Rs 25 (Indians); Rs 550(foreigners); special discounts for students.
  • Timings: 8am-5pm
  • I will definitely recommend that you hire a guide here. The complex is vast and there is so much history in each place. We took a guide here and found it really helpful as he manouvered us through the entire area and told plenty of interesting stories. Guide charges range from Rs 300-1000.
  • DO NOT use elephants to ride upto the fort entrance. Use cars or walk.

the best 2 days itinerary for Jaipur

After exploring Amer Fort, you can check out 2 other sites that are situated nearby.

  • PANNA MEENA KA KUND: This ancient stepwell (locally called as Baoli) was built in the 16 th century and is pretty popular among instagrammers. Stepwells are very common in North India and were a method of rain water harvesting during those times. The stepwell has a series of criss cross pattern of steps. TIPS: Entry Free. Climbing down the stairs into the well is prohibited. A guard is posted there most of the day to ensure this rule is followed.

2. JAGAT SHIROMANI TEMPLE: Dedicated to Lord Krishna, this temple has a beautiful architectural style. Entry Free but there is a camera charge of Rs 25 for taking pictures.

Best places to visit in Jaipur


This 5 storey palace designed in the shape of a honeycomb is one of Jaipur’s iconic tourist sites. There are 953 small windows decorated with intricate lattice work that were originally meant to help the royal ladies look at the functions in the street below without leaving home. Though you can enter the palace, the best image of Hawa Mahal is from a couple of cafes across the street. And that is where you will also proceed to have your lunch.

TIPS: The 2 cafes for the best view of Hawa Mahal are Wind View Café and Tatoo Café. You have to order something to be able to take pictures from their rooftop balconies. I choose the Lebanese wrap and Mango Lassi at Tatoo Café and it was filling enough to keep me going for another few hours of sightseeing.

After lunch, you can choose to rest or head over to another famous temple.


This temple actually consists of a series of temples built within a mountain pass and lies around 10kms east of Jaipur. The temple complex is set around a natural spring and the water flows down while filling 7 holy ponds where pilgrims can take baths. One of the temple here, Sita Ramji temple is locally known as the monkey temple due to a large population of rhesus monkeys who inhabit the area and have also been featured in National Geographic.

 The last stop of your first day will end in watching the sunset at one of Jaipur’s beautiful sites: Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan.


These are the crematorium grounds of the Jaipur royal family and a great place to enjoy some peace and tranquility away from the main city. The most impressive chattri is of Sawai Jai Singh. Manny photographers head here to capture the beautiful architecture and take in the city view.

  • ENTRY FEES: Rs 30
  • TIMINGS: 9.30 AM-5 PM


Fortunately your second day in Jaipur does’nt require an insane wake up call, so you can sleep in (a little bit!). Today’s first stop will be one of Jaipur’s most Instagram popular Places: Patrika Gate (Jawahar Circle).


Patrika gate is one of Jaipur’s newest gates and was constructed in 2016. It is actually the entrance gate of one of Jaipur’s biggest park: Jawahar Circle. The outer façade itself is very beautiful, an elaborate pink gate looming over everything. Inside the gate is a corridor with columns and arches. The walls and roof are decorated with colourful art showcasing Rajasthani culture.

TIPS: Timing: If you want to take pictures without too many people around, it’s best to arrive in the morning around 7-8am. The park usually has joggers around. Entry Fees: Free

Best places to visit in Jaipur


The city palace was established in 1727 around the same time as Jaipur city by Maharaja jai Singh II. Today it houses a museum and is the home of the Jaipur royal family. The palace complex consists of several courtyards, pavilions, gardens and temples. Some of the most important parts that you have to visit are:

  • Govind Dev ji Temple
  • Diwan-e-Aam (Hall of Public audience): this hall modelled along Mughal styles has multiple arches, marble columns and a beautiful ceiling.
  • Diwan-e-Khaas: Located in between the public and private areas, this hall is used today for many ceremonial events and religious functions. One of the special things about this hall is the presence of 2 huge vessels made of sterling silver and weighing 340kgs each.
  • Pritam Niwas Chowk: this is the inner courtyard that has 4 incredibly beautiful gates that represent the 4 seasons. These gates that have take over Instagram are: Peacock gate for Autumn, lotus gate for summer, Leheriya (waves) gate for spring and Rose gate for winter.
  • Chandra Mahal: this 7 storey building has some very pretty rooms like Rang Mahal with coloured glasswork and Chavi Niwas with it’s blue and white decorations.
  • Mubarak Mahal: this beautiful building with it’s intricate carvings was initially built to receive foreign dignitaries. Today it houses the textile museum, library and a couple of offices.
  • Arms and Armour Gallery
  • Painting Gallery

the best 2 days itinerary for Jaipur

Now the ticket pricing of the City Palace is a bit complex with various categories of prices and inclusions. Night time entry tickets are also available. It’s best to visit  THIS OFFICIAL SITE to get the latest updated prices and information.

NOTE: The basic ticket will give you access to most of the famous parts including Pritam Chowk with those famous doors.

It’s best to hire an official guide who can explain the history while also taking your pictures. Prices around Rs 200-500.

Make sure to check out the painting gallery near Mubarak Mahal where artists sit and showcase their art. You can buy Rajasthani artwork from here while supporting local artisans. We ended up buying a ‘miniature painting’ from a renowned artist.

Best places to visit in Jaipur


This is the oldest museum of Rajasthan as well as the state museum. The architecture is really beautiful and the outer area is a popular photo spot. An Egyptian mummy is the main attraction here.

TIMINGS:9am-5pm and 7pm-10pm (Night time entry)

ENTRY FEE: Rs 40 (Indians); Rs 300(Foreigners); Discounts for students. Night time tickets: Rs 100 for Indians and foreigners.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

The last stop on this 2 days itinerary for Jaipur is a stunning sunset at Nahargarh fort.


The Nahargarh Fort built in 1734 was actually constructed as a place of retreat above the summit of the city. It also formed a part of Jaipur’s defence along with Amer Fort and Jaigarh fort. Today, Nahargarh is known for its beautiful sunset which attracts plenty of tourists. ‘Nahargarh’ literally means abode of tigers and though there are no tigers found today, it is surrounded by a dense forest that is part of the Nahargarh Biological park.

The fort houses Madhavendra Bhawan (the in house palace), Diwan-e-Aam, Jaipur wax museum, Sheesh mahal and a sculpture park. There are a couple of in house restaurants: Padao and Once upon a time in Nahargarh. The grounds are extensive and involves a fair amount of walking. The sunset spot is one of the highlights and it does present a beautiful view of the setting sun.

TIMINGS: 10am-5.30 pm

Entry Fees: Rs 50 (Indians); Rs 200 (Indian tourists). Additional entry fees required for Sheesh mahal and Wax museum.

the best itinerary for Jaipur


Jaipur itinerary for 1 day.

If you only have 1 day in Jaipur, follow this Jaipur 1 day itinerary to make the best use of your time.

  • Start the day at 7am with a colourful photoshoot at Patrika gate 
  • From there, head straight to Amer Fort at 8am and spend a couple of hours exploring the  palace. This i feel is the best palace in Jaipur and is not to be missed. 
  • Then head over to the Jaipur city palace and click all the instagram worthy pics you want.
  • Have lunch at one of the cafes opposite Hawa Mahal and kill two birds with one stone.
  • Following lunch, you can head over to Albert hall museum.
  • You can end the day with a sunset at either Gaitore ki Chattriyan or Nahargarh Fort.


With a 3 day itinerary, you have plenty of time to explore the city.

  • Follow the 2 days itinerary for Jaipur in a more slower and relaxed manner.
  • Apart from that, add a visit to Jantar Mantar which will be a delight for astronomy buffs. 
  • Check out Jal Mahal, a wonder palace in Man sagar lake which has 4 of its 5 storeys submerged in water with the topmost floor giving a floating appearance.
  • Spend an evening at Choki Dhani, a tourist spot that showcases the best of Rajasthani culture with folk music, dancing, puppet shows and delicious Rajasthani food. 


If you have more time to spend in Jaipur, you can consider a few day trip sightseeing options.

  • Ajmer: Home to the famous Ajmer Sharif Dargah, this spiritual city is located 153 kms from Jaipur.
  • Pushkar: Famous for it’s annual camel fair that is held in winter, this charming city is a great day trip option. Pushkar also has the only Brahma temple in India.
  • Ranthambhore: Home to the famous national park that houses tigers, Ranthambhore is not really for a day trip but rather for a couple of days. It also has forts, lakes and temples.
  • Bharatpur and Sariska: if you are a bird lover, look no further than these 2 parks especially during winter whem migration happens.

the best itinerary for Jaipur


If you are a big culture lover like me, you can plan trips to some of these destinations using my travel guides:


I think i have covered pretty much everything in this travel guide with the best possible 2 days itinerary for Jaipur. Hope you find this blog post informative and helpful for planning your future Jaipur trip. Comment below if you have any extra questions. Happy planning!


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Best places to visit in Jaipur

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Places to Visit in Jaipur in 2 Days | Jaipur Itinerary 2 Days

Places to Visit in Jaipur in 2 Days

To get an authentic feeling, Jaipur is the ideal place for visitors. With extravagant monuments, ancient forts and traditional culture, the places make sure to delight you. In your two days of trips, you can cover many places to visit in Jaipur in 2 days .

Two days are sufficient to visit the main places in Jaipur. Though there is a number of places to choose from. Most of the tourist attractions belong to history like forts, palaces, and temples too.

Book tour packages to Jaipur with Swan Tours at best price

Best Places to Visit in Jaipur in 2 Days

In this 2 day Jaipur itinerary which covers things to do in Jaipur and places to visit, I have also recommended advised Jaipur accommodation, food & shopping tips. This 2-day itinerary for Jaipur covers the best places to visit in Jaipur.

Day 1 Itinerary

1. Amer Fort (Amber Fort)

Amber Fort

A sight-seeing journey of Jaipur cannot be considered full without a visit to the spectacular Amer Fort as well as Palace. The most opulent amongst all the forts in Jaipur, Amer Fort embodies architectural brilliance and royal splendor. The lavish palace inside the fort is laid on 4 levels. Amongst the major attractions of the fort is the Sheesh Mahal or the Palace of Mirrors. This stunning building is garnished with a mosaic of gleaming mirrors as well as glass decorate all along the walls and also the ceiling also. You can also go for an elephant ride inside the fort or shop for some souvenirs.

Timings : 10:00 am to 5:00 pm; all the days of the week

Access Fee : 100 (Indians); 550 (Foreign Nationals).

Rajasthan Tour Packages

Pricing and itinerary.

Rajasthan Honeymoon Packages

Rajasthan Honeymoon Packages – 05 N / 06 D Starting – ₹ 18,999

Jodhpur Jaisalmer Tour Package

Jodhpur Jaisalmer Tour Package – 04 N / 05 D Starting – ₹ 14,500

Rajasthan with Agra Tour Package

Rajasthan with Agra Tour Package – 10 N / 11 D Starting – ₹ 32,499

Royal Rajasthan Tour

Royal Rajasthan Tour Package – 12 N / 13 D Starting – ₹ 60,455

Rajasthan Cultural Tour

Rajasthan Cultural Tour Package – 12 N / 13 D Starting – ₹ 45,999

Majestic Rajasthan Tour

Majestic Rajasthan Tour Package – 04 N / 05 D Starting – ₹ 15,900

Best of Rajasthan Tour Packages

Best of Rajasthan Tour Packages – 12 N / 13 D Starting – ₹ 46,999

Rajasthan Heritage Tour

Rajasthan Heritage Tour – 10 N / 11 D Starting – ₹ 32,499

2. Panna Meena ka Kund

Panna Meena ka Kund

All the wells have their own beauty and charm, yet Panna Meena ka Kund is the only one we saw which were not made out of grey stone. You’ll find it in the middle of Amer village near to Amber Fort; about 20 minutes’ drive from the main Jaipur if you go early in the morning.

Address : Near Amber Fort, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Timings : Best time to visit is during day

Visiting Duration : 1 to 3 hours

Entry Fee : No Entry Fee

3. Jal Mahal – The Water Palace

Jal Mahal

Set amidst the beautiful Man – Sarovar Lake, Jal Mahal is an amazing view! The five-storied building, which dates back to the 1750s, was actually never ever built with the purpose of it being utilized as a palace. The ruler at the time, Madho Singh, simply desired it as a hunting lodge for himself and also as a location for his duck searching events.

You’ll drive by Jal Mahal on your way from town to the forts so it’s a fantastic place to unwind awhile. Have a coconut as well as take pleasure in the panorama of the palace and all the beautiful birds.

Duration of visit: 30 Mins – 1 Hr.

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM.

Entry Fee: Rs. 50 for person

4. Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh Fort

At a distance of 15 kilometers from Jaipur Railway Station and also much less than 1 km (by walk) from Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort is positioned on a cliff called Cheel ka Teela (Hill of Eagles) of the Aravalli range. It forgets the Amber Forts as well as the Maota Lake. This is one of the best forts in Jaipur as well as additionally among the famous Jaipur visitor places which are commonly seen from Amer fort.

Duration of Visit : 1-2 Hours

Timings : 9 AM to 4.30 PM.

Entry Cost : Rs.35 for Indians, Rs.85 for Foreigners and Rs.50 for Video camera & Rs.200 for Video Camera.

5. Sunset at Nahargarh Fort

Nahar means tiger. Garh means fort. In English, this stunning fortress converts to the Tiger Fort. Up in the hills of Jaipur, the Nahargarh Fort walls wind along the ridges of the mountains. Standing on the fort wall surfaces you will overlook communities teeming with intense action. If you arrive before sunset you can stray with the gallery or the wax gallery.

There is an awesome tour that takes you to both the Nahargarh Fort and the Jaigarh Fort on a half-day scenic tour. We highly recommend visiting both!

Address : Krishna Nagar, Brahampuri, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002.

Opening Time : All days of the week -10:00 AM – 05:30 PM.

Best Time to Go To : In between the months of October and March.

Day 2 Itinerary

1. City Palace

City Palace

The impressive city palace stands right in the heart of Jaipur and takes you back to an era of royal grandeur and magnificence. The palace boasts of a striking fusion of Rajput and also Mughal styles of architecture, making it one of the must-visit places in Jaipur. When you tip within, you will certainly be transported to a various world, loaded with sprawling halls, yards, yards, royal residences, art galleries, and much more. There’s also a museum that offers a glimpse right into the lifestyle of the royalty. You can see the royal garments when used by Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II and also Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh I preserved at the museum.

Timings : 9:30 am to 5:00 pm; throughout the days of the week

Entry Charge : 190 (Indians); 500 (Foreign Nationals).

2. Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal

This is another architectural gem which means Palace of Wind. You might have seen it numerous times in different travel magazines, tours covering Jaipur. The palace was built to allow imperial ladies to enjoy festive events happening outdoors. It has 953 home windows and they are constructed as there will certainly be an awesome wind flowing through the palace irrespective of the period.

Ticket cost : 200 INR for immigrants, 50 INR for Indians

Visiting Hrs : 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Time Required : 1 hour

3. Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar

If you ask any Indian about Jantar Mantar, the first thing that will come in anyone’s mind is activists fasting & fighting a cause. That’s true in some cases, but that’s not what why Jantar Mantar is famous.

There are 5 Jantar Mantras in India – Jaipur, New Delhi, Mathura, Ujjain & Varanasi. The very best-preserved ones remain in Jaipur & New Delhi.

Address : Gangotri Bazaar, J.D.A. Market, Pink City, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002

Hours : Open ⋅ Closes 4:30 PM

UNESCO World Heritage Site : 2010

4. Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir

There are many Birla Temples around India; however, Jaipur’s Birla Temple is just one of the best. Located on top of a hill, it is always peaceful over here. Try being here in the evening to see the beautiful aarti.

Don’t forget to see the outdoors wall surfaces which have depictions of various other faiths & gods.

Address : Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004

Famous for : Monolith Fort/ Fortress Background & Society

Entrance Fee : Free

Visiting Time : All the days of the week 6:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

How to reach Jaipur?

Jaipur Pink City in 2 Days

It’s very easy to reach Jaipur from any part of India or the world.

Air : Jaipur is connected by almost all the major cities of India by air. If you are coming from any non-Indian city, it is suggested that you get down at New Delhi (The capital) and afterward take a taxicab to Jaipur.

Road : Jaipur has excellent road connectivity with the rest of the country. New Delhi is just 4 hrs away by road. Other important cities of Rajasthan are also in 4-6 hours radius from Jaipur.

Train : There are many super-fast & local trains going to Jaipur from various cities in India. If you are planning to go to during the peak season, book your seat in advance. The reservations begin 4 months in advance in Indian trains.

Best Time to Visit Jaipur?

Visit Jaipur

Rajasthan is a hot state. In summer, it can go up to 50* C in some parts of the state. Jaipur can obtain really hot in the summer season so the best time to visit Jaipur is from Last week of October to First Week of March. November & December being the best months in terms of climate are crowded as well.

Places to Visit Near Jaipur for 2 Days

If you are looking for to get away from Jaipur for a weekend and aren’t sure about where you want to go or what you want to do, follow this 10 best places to visit near Jaipur in 2 days and also you must have a good idea.

  • Sariska Tiger Reserve and National Park
  • Ranthambore Reserve

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Shopping in Rajasthan – 14 Traditional Markets in Rajasthan

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Best jaipur blog and travel guide.

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Jaipur Itinerary For One Day| A Local’s Guide To Top Places To Visit

Jaipur itinerary for one day? If you are wondering why a traveler would visit Jaipur for just one day, read on. Jaipur is one of the most popular cities among travelers and tourists in India. It is not surprising as it is a part of the golden triangle consisting of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. The Golden Triangle is the most popular tourist circuit in India. The palaces, forts, Havelis , bazaars , and shopping are a big lure for travelers to visit the pink city. Given the number of tourist attractions, it is difficult to squeeze them all into the Jaipur itinerary for one day. With many destination weddings, business conferences, and conclaves happening in Jaipur, a large number of people visit the pink city on a tight schedule, often they have only 24 hours in Jaipur, leaving little time for sightseeing. Visiting Jaipur and not being able to explore tourist attractions is a letdown. This travel blog on Jaipur will help you with the must-visit places in Jaipur, especially the best Jaipur tourist places. This is a standard Jaipur one-day itinerary that can be customized by travelers to suit their requirements.

Jaipur Itinerary for One Day With Places to Visit

People often get confused with places to visit in Jaipur in one day. This Jaipur travel guide blog will help you with the Jaipur itinerary for one day and must-visit tourist places in Jaipur to visit.

Jaipur Itinerary For One-Day

Here is the itinerary for one day in Jaipur.

Start early with a Jaipur walking tour followed by Amer Fort, and either Hawa Mahal or Jantar Mantar. This should set you free by 1-2 p.m. for a lunch break. To save time, you can have lunch in Baradari, Jaipur City Palace, or The Johri in Johri Bazaar. After the lunch break, visit Jaipur City Palace or Nahargarh Fort.


How to plan Jaipur for one-day sightseeing

The following is an indicative plan for Jaipur one-day sightseeing. The time and route are indicative. Feel free to plan as per your suitability. The route needs to be customized based on the location of your stay and beyond the scope of this blog on the Jaipur itinerary.

The estimated time required to complete each of the must-visit places in the Jaipur itinerary is as follows:

  • Jaipur Walking Tour – 1.5-2 hours
  • Amer Palace -2-3 hours
  • Hawa Mahal – 10 minutes for a street-side view/ 30 minutes to explore the entire structure.
  • Jantar Mantar – 45 minutes
  • City Palace – 1 hour
  • Nahargarh Fort – 30 minutes to 45 minutes for Madhavendra Palace. This sets you free to spend time at Padao restaurant, and wind your day at your pace!
  • Post-Nahargarh Fort or Jaipur City Palace, you can visit the old bazaar of Jaipur in the walled city for shopping.

TIP! You can avail of a composite ticket for Amer Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Jantar Mantar, and Hawa Mahal. It’s a good deal.

Must-Visit Places In Jaipur In One Day

Jaipur walking tour.

Jaipur Walking Tour allows you to understand the city differently. This sets the base for exploring the tourist attractions in Jaipur. Why do people go on walking tours? Many people prefer a walking tour because these tours are led by a local who has a deeper knowledge of the city than travel agents who plan a city they have never visited or have only spent a short time in. It is vital that the walking tour leader has in-depth knowledge and is willing to share the same. Many of these walking tours are often led by students who are leading these tours to make extra money. Such tours are not worth your time and money. The Jaipur walking Tour is increasingly becoming a must-do activity in Jaipur. Read more: Everything About Heritage Walking Tour in Jaipur


Amer Fort is the most popular tourist attraction in Jaipur and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For this reason, every traveler wants to include this place in their Jaipur itinerary for one day. It is 10 km from Jaipur and it’s a palace and not a fort. Its grandeur is spellbinding. Its architecture is a beautiful blend of Rajput and Mughal architectural styles using both marble and sandstone which are found locally. It was recently included in India’s top 17 iconic tourist attraction by the Indian Ministry of Tourism.


Amer Fort Elephant ride is one of the most highly coveted experiences of this medieval fort.  There are many things to see here and it takes a minimum of 45 minutes to complete the tour of the palace section. Don’t miss Ganesh Pol, Sheesh Mahal, Sukh Mahal, and Zenana.

Do read the complete guide to Amer Fort in this post – The only guide you will ever need for Amer Fort.


Also Read: 5 Reasons Why Amer Fort is the most popular tourist attraction in Jaipur?

Amer Fort Timing : The Amer Fort is open between 8 AM and 5 PM. It opens under Amer By Night from 7 PM to 10 PM.


Jaipur City Palace 

Jaipur City Palace is a royal abode; the residence of Jaipur royalty. It was built by Maharajah Sawai Jai Singh II . Descendants of the royal family still reside in City Palace. However, some of its parts are open for tourists to explore. It’s located right in the heart of the city, close to Hawa Mahal .


Things to see in Jaipur City Palace include beautiful courtyards, painted gates, and museums. Not to be missed are Mubarak Mahal and Pritam Niwas. The four gates of Jaipur City Palace in Pritam Chowk are popular among travelers. These gates are among the most photographed areas of the City Palace. The four gates are Peacock Gate, Leheriya Gate, Lotus Gate, and Rose Gate.

Read What makes a walk with Jaipur City Palace unique?


Jantar Mantar

It’s a must-see visit place and should be a part of your Jaipur itinerary for one day; it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. Jantar Mantar is one of the one-of-a-kind solar observatories in the world! It was built by Maharajah Sawai Jai Singh II in 1738 AD and is still fully functional. The instruments are still precise.  It has the world’s largest sundial. Math and astronomy piqued the interest of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. He did extensive research on the works of Portuguese and Arabs in the field of astronomy before building Jantar Mantar. Jantar Mantar is part of the Jaipur City Palace complex, but it is run and maintained by the government department and it offers entry through composite tickets along with Amer Fort and Albert Hall Museum.


Hawa Mahal is synonymous with Jaipur. It’s unique in terms of its design & beauty; an architectural marvel. It is popular around the world as The Wind Palace and was built in 1799 AD by Lal Chand Ustad, commissioned by Maharajah Sawai Pratap Singh. This iconic building is five stories tall and features 953 windows! It served as a screen for the royal women as they watched the processions or life on the street. It would be a crime to not include it in the Jaipur itinerary for one day.

hawa mahal popular tourist attraction in jaipur

The facade of the Hawa Mahal is its backside! The entrance to the building is from the opposite side. If you have time, explore the entire structure. However, If you are short on time, a selfie with Hawa Mahal will do!!

Read – Exploring Hawa Mahal


Read:  Hawa Mahal- Face of Jaipur


Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort is extremely popular among the locals, especially the youth. Nahargarh Fort Sunrise and Nahargarh Fort Sunset experience are highly sought after. The fort covers a huge area and overlooks Jaipur City. It’s been restored beautifully. Madhavendra Palace is its main attraction and contains 12 identical quarters. It was a residential complex for Queens designed in a way that King could access any of them discreetly. While a lot of tour planners do not include Nahargarh Fort in the Jaipur itinerary for one day, I think otherwise. Read more about this fort in this post How to explore Nahargarh Fort


The Stepwells of Nahargarh Fort are incredibly popular among visitors. In fact, one of the famous Bollywood movies Rang De Basanti was filmed at Nahargarh Fort Baori.


Things & Places to Add to Jaipur One Day Itinerary

There are two more places you can add to the above Jaipur travel guide itinerary if you have already seen any of the listed places. This would not form part of Jaipur’s itinerary for one day for the first-time visitor going by the conservative plan, most travel agents suggest.

Patrika Gate


Bar Palladio

bar palladio

Shopping Places in Jaipur For One Day Itinerary

Jaipur is a popular shopping destination offering a huge variety in all that it offers. Here is a quick shopping guide to include in the Jaipur itinerary for one day.

picture of johari bazaar jaipur

  • Tripolia Bazaar for metal utensils and brass items

Jaipur Travel Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions on Jaipur travels. These frequently asked questions are not exhaustive and you might have more questions. You can reach out to me by posting a comment and I will try to answer your queries.

Is One Day Enough for Jaipur?

If you want to visit the must-see places in Jaipur, one day is enough for Jaipur. The only exception is during the peak tourist season like the New Year holidays when the city gets clogged with a large number of travelers and visitors. With careful planning and starting early, one can easily visit must-visit places in Jaipur in one day. This one day Jaipur itinerary blog will help travelers plan well and include must-visit places in Jaipur.


How Can I Plan One Day In Jaipur?

Even though I have listed places to visit in Jaipur as well as shopping places in Jaipur in this blog, I suggest one should plan according to what suits the situation. There are many factors to consider like the season you are visiting Jaipur, which area in Jaipur you are staying in, and the tourist season. I generally suggest not to plan ambitiously. I have been advising travelers on how to plan a Jaipur itinerary.

What to do in Jaipur for the full day?

It is difficult to generalize Jaipur’s full-day itinerary for everyone since we are unique and our choices & preferences vary. I always suggest places based on interests and travel style. You can pick the places listed above in this blog on Jaipur in one day.


What Is the History of Jaipur?

Unlike many other cities in India, the history of Jaipur dates back less than 300 years. Jaipur was founded in 1727 AD by Maharajah Sawai Jai Singh II and it is one of the few planned Indian cities, popular the world over as the Pink City. Initially, Amber or Amer was the capital of this region called Dhundad. The history of Amer as a capital of this region dates back to the 10th to 11th centuries. It is at a distance of 11 km from Jaipur. The need to shift the capital to Jaipur arose because of the increasing population of the Amer town and the scarcity of land. Maharajah Sawai Jai Singh II wanted to grow his capital into a great trading hub, therefore, he decided to build a new one close to Amer. He consulted several astrologers and city planners before finalizing the layout of the city.


The layout of Jaipur was guided by the ancient art of Shilp Shashtra. After the founding of Jaipur, he invited leading traders, Brahmins, and artists from all over the country to settle in his new capital. This explains why even today Jaipur is a leading center for Jewelry, handblock print fabrics & clothes, and handicrafts.

Why is Jaipur called the Pink City?

Jaipur wasn’t always pink ever since it was founded. The color pink was chosen when Edward Albert, the Prince of Wales was visiting Jaipur in 1876 AD. India was then a British colony. The king of Jaipur, Maharaja Ram Singh II thought it would be a welcome gesture to paint the city with a single color, not knowing that this shade of pink would stay on forever. Before choosing this shade he got all markets painted in different colors as an experiment but ultimately, the color pink was chosen. The “Jaipur Pink” is a terracotta pink.


Follow  Jaipurthrumylens, a blog on Jaipur with  Facebook ,  Twitter , and Instagram

Jaipur Travel Tips

Tips for amer fort.

If you want to avoid the rush at Amer Fort, you can Amer Fort at night. Amer is open for tourists between 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. called Amer By Night .

Tips for Jaipur City Palace

The best time to visit the city palace is post-lunch, you don’t have to walk around much. It’s located very close to Johari Bazar, so commuting is not a hassle. Don’t miss two huge silver urns made by Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II to carry the holy water of river Ganga during his trip to England in 1902. Each of them weighs 345 Kg!!

Tip for Jantar Mantar

Don’t forget to hire a guide!! Without a guide, it’ll be difficult for you to understand how each instrument functions. It takes 30-45 minutes to complete the tour of Jantar Mantar .

Tip for Hawa Mahal

There are 953 windows in Hawa Mahal called Jharokhas in the local language! By the way, all the shops around Hawa Mahal sell tourist-oriented stuff like garments, bedsheets, souvenirs, etc. You will find only commercial quality in these shops. Bargain hard before you seal a deal else head to places that locals buy. Read the Jaipur Shopping Guide . The only shop worth recommending is Gulab Chand Prints. It is a famous shop selling hand-block-printed fabrics near Hawa Mahal and a trusted place in Jaipur for Sanganeri hand-block-printed fabrics, salwar suits, dresses, and shirts.

Tip for Nahargarh Fort

The palace section closes at 5 p.m. Visit Nahargarh Fort at around 4-4.30 p.m. After visiting the Madhavendra Palace section, head to the open-air Padao restaurant and enjoy the sunset & city views. The restaurant is run by RTDC – Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation. It serves only beer and snacks. Amazing views are the best way to end your Jaipur trip. It won’t be a problem if you wish to leave at 7 or 9 PM. Do note that no public transport services or taxis are available for your return trip from Nahargarh Fort. Arrange for your pick up well in advance or ask for the cab to wait for you.

If you love watching the sunset do read this post on Nahargarh Sunset


Feel free to tinker around with this Jaipur travel itinerary of places to visit in Jaipur in one day. This Jaipur travel guide is not valid for the summer months (March to June) when the scorching heat makes it difficult to explore tourist attractions in Jaipur during the daytime. I’m sure this travel blog will help you explore pink in the best way. 

must see places in jaipur in one day tourist attractions jaipurthrumylens #mustseeplacesjaipur #jaipur #amerfort

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This is a great comprehensive guide to Jaipur. I love architecture and the buildings look so beautiful. My husband and I have talked about going to India at some point in the future, and visiting Jaipur should definitely be on the list.

I’m taking note of all of your Jaipur travel posts. Many of my husband’s co-workers travel to India for work, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he travels there one day (along with me 😉 ). As usual, your photos are amazing and your posts are very informative. Great post!

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Thanks Erin, I’m sure you both will love Jaipur. The city ranks high on travelers list because it offers quite a lot. So where are you based, Erin?

I can see why people would like to travel to Jaipur – your pictures are beautiful! We are in Minnesota – USA. 🙂

Thanks. That’s a lovely place, Erin 😃

Beautiful photographs! I’ve been to Amer fort thrice – it’s so beautiful! But, on my last visit, I was sad to see they had closed off most of the rooms due to vandalism. I really wish people would have more respect for our history and culture!

Indeed, that’s sad. I have already posted few pictures and even a post to raise this issue. It’s a persistent problem across all monuments in India. It’s unfortunate that our youth instead of being bold enough to express their feeling to the person chooses walls. You should read of my post – Why our attitude towards heritage needs to change?

All of these are iconic must-visit sites in Jaipur. Loved all the pictures. Can’t wait to get there 🙂

Yes, Ophira! They are. Have you explored India?

I have a whole sets of pins on Jaipur thanks to you! Someday I will get to visit and this will be my guidebook.

Happy to hear this, Orla! I’m sure you will love visiting Jaipur. I’m always here to assist you. 🙂

Thank you for my Saturday visit to India! I so look forward to your post, and the pictures of Jaipur are as always stunning! C x

Thanks, Claire for all the appreciation 😊

Stunning pictures and well done written thanks for sharing and keep it up thanks a lot !

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No one can tell better than a local guy from Jaipur telling you about his experience.

The places you have mentioned are quite good.

And Jaipur never fails to amaze hope to come here soon

If you have never been to Jaipur….someday you must! I’m sure you will like it, Sudeep 🙂

Beautiful and informative once again!

Thanks, Orla. 🙂

Arv, thanks for such a beautiful guided virtual day trip of Jaipur. It was like revisiting the city with you. 🙂 What a wonderful and helpful post.

I’m glad you liked this post, Sarmistha. I’m hoping that this will come in handy for the travelers. 🙂


I love to read this blog post, because of you are using real images i love that…very nice post about visit or travel in jaipur. Thanks Alot

I plan to go to Jaipur after attending my friend’s wedding in Bangalore this December. Thank you for the amazingly well put itinerary. Super excited to see it all…

I’m glad you found this useful, Fransiska. The weather is amazing during December in Jaipur. 🙂

So that’s why it’s pink! Love it.

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7 Days Jaipur Itinerary: Best Places to Visit in Jaipur

Author's Profile Picture

by Trip.com

May 15, 2024

Day 1 | Morning

Amber palace.

Opening Hours: Open from 9:00am-5:00pm

Ticket Price: 25 INR

Recommended Length of Stay: 2-3 Hours

Location: Devisinghpura, Amer, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Amber Fort is located on a hill on the northern outskirts of Jaipur . It is the old capital of Jaipur. Because the castle is made of milky white, light yellow, rose red and pure white stone, it looks like amber from a distance, so it is called Amber Fort. . The castle covers a large area and is built on the mountain, which is very spectacular. The interior consists of many independent palaces. The location of the Amber Castle is dangerous, with a moat below and a winding high wall surrounding it. The whole fortress is commanding and defending the city of Jaipur.

Day 1 | Afternoon

When time permits after visiting Amber Palace, don’t forget pay a visit to Palace of Breeze.

Palace of Breeze

Opening Hours: Open from 9:00am-4:30pm

Ticket Price: 10 INR

Recommended Length of Stay: 1-3 Hours

Location: Hawa Mahal Rd, Badi Choupad, J.D.A. Market, Kanwar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002, India

The Palace of Winds was built in 1799 and is located on the main road of the commercial center of Jaipur . It was originally part of the city palace and extended to the harem where the concubines were, and is now a landmark building in Jaipur. The unique five-story building of the Palace of Winds is like a huge pink "wall", which is densely covered with 953 honeycomb-shaped windows, made of red sandstone hollows. At sunrise in the morning, the Palace of Winds is particularly spectacular in the golden light, and it has a unique charm under the bright moon at night. The original intention of this design is to allow the concubines to watch the street below without being seen by outsiders, because they must strictly abide by the masking regulations. This structure also allows the wind to blow in anywhere in the palace. Even if it encounters strong winds, as long as the windows are opened, the wind will blow through the front and rear windows without blowing the building down, hence the name "Palace of Winds". Although the Palace of Winds is famous, many tourists usually leave in a hurry just to look outside. In fact, there are many places worth seeing inside. The entrance to the Palace of Winds is at the back, and there is an inner courtyard there. The interior of the Palace of Winds is well-lit, well-ventilated, and cleverly designed. The cloisters here extend in all directions, but exits can be easily found through signs.

Reviews from Real Guests:

Trip.com User: it is also called Hawa Mahal and it is in Jaipur. Made with the red and pink sandstone. it is one of the oldest structure in Jaipur built for cool breeze for maharani.

Trip.com User: The restaurant opposite the Palace offers a beautiful night view of the Palace and many Rajasthan artifacts are available nearby.

Day 1 | Evening

After visiting the glorious Palace of Breeze, Hostel Blue Night nearby is the best place to stay.

Hostel Blue Night

Set in Jaipur , Rajasthan region, Hostel Blue Night is located a 7-minute walk from Hawa Mahal - Palace of Winds. This hostel offers a 24-hour front desk and valet parking. City Palace is 600 metres away. All units at the hostel are fitted with a seating area. Rooms have a wardrobe and a flat-screen TV, and selected rooms also boast a terrace. All guest rooms will provide guests with a microwave. A buffet breakfast is served every morning at the property. Jantar Mantar, Jaipur is 600 metres from Hostel Blue Night, while Nahargarh Fort Palace is 1.5 km from the property. The nearest airport is Jaipur International Airport, 12 km from the property.

Airport pickup service

Check Availability

Day 2 | Morning

City palace, jaipur.

Opening Hours: Open from 9:30am-5:00pm

Ticket Price: 200 INR

Location: City Palace, Kanwar Nagar, Pink City, Jaipur

The Jaipur City Palace is located in the center of the old city of Jaipur. The palace was built in 1729 by the then Maharaja Sawai Jay Singh II. Rajasthani Indian style and Mughal Islamic style. The areas currently open for viewing in the City Palace include the Welcome Palace, the Court of Love, the Public Hall and the Carriage Museum. Entering the courtyard of the city palace, the center is the welcome palace Mubarak Mahal, which used to be a place to entertain VIPs and is now transformed into a textile exhibition hall. The museum displays the silk and hand-dyed garments of the Jaipur maharajas of all dynasties. One of them is a cloak-style robe made of brocade, which was owned by Maharaja Swaj Maddor Singh I. This robe shows that The wealthy body of the prince and the gorgeous clothes of the year.

Trip.com User: City Palace will be forever my sweet memories. Mesmerized of how beautiful and colorful palace. magnificent place with rich historical story. each corner has their story. Very romantic and elegant at the same time. It tells us the color of Jaipur. It shows us the story of Rajasthan. meaningful trip for me personally.

Shifali: l loved the architecture, the location from all the city wide.

Day 2 | Afternoon

Jantar Mantar nearby is the top choice before you leave City Palace, Jaipur and hit the road.

Jantar Mantar

Ticket Price: 20 INR

Recommended Length of Stay: 1-1 Hours

Location: Tripoliya Bazaar, Near Entrance to City Palace, Jaipur 302020

Jantar Mantar Observatory is the masterpiece of Jaipur city builder Sawai Jai Singh II, who built a total of five Jantar Mantars in Jaipur, Delhi, Varanasi and other places. Tower Observatory, Jaipur is the larger one. On the green lawn, there are many strange-shaped brick buildings, as well as the world's largest sundial, each of which has a special purpose. The observation facilities reflect the intelligence and wisdom of the ancient Indian people. Jantar Mantar is a relatively well-preserved place, and various observation instruments can still be used by astronomers to this day. The construction of the observatory and the observation instruments show the amazing wisdom of the ancient Indians, who had the scientific knowledge of observing astronomy very early, which made the observatory quite famous. Here, you can see two circular sundials with a history of nearly 300 years. The twelve triangular small buildings in the courtyard represent twelve constellations, and the angles and directions of each constellation are towards their respective constellations, which are very accurate and scientific, and are still used in the study of astrology.

Day 2 | Evening

Don’t forget to book Hotel Stay Inn in advance, because all the tourists head to Jantar Mantar love staying at it.

Hotel Stay Inn

Opened in 2022, the Hotel Stay Inn is a great accommodation choice in Jaipur.

The hotel is only 5km from Jaipur Railway Station and 17km from Jaipur International Airport, giving guests a number of convenient transportation options. Famous local attractions Quber Arts, Virasat Experiences and Eleday, can all be reached with a short walk.

After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel.

There's never a dull moment at this hotel, our guests indicate that the facilities are excellent.

Day 3 | Morning

Jaigarh fort.

Opening Hours: Open from 9:30am-4:45pm

Ticket Price: 85 INR

Location: XRJV+MW7, Devisinghpura, Amer, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302028, India

Jaygarh Fort is located on the hill near Amber Fort. This fort built on the hill has strong military defense facilities and has resisted the attacks of foreign invaders again and again in history. It is also because of this castle that the whole of Jaipur is known for its invincibility, which means "City of Victory" in the local language. Jaygarh Fort was planned by Jay Singh I but was completed during the reign of Jay Singh II. It only opened to the public in 1983, so it still retains much of its original appearance. There are many watchtowers above this old castle, and it was a great fortification of the 18th century that was never taken. Unlike other ancient castles, which only use the empty shelves of some palaces, there is a reservoir, residential areas, a puppet theater and the largest wheeled cannon in the world - JayaVana.

Kubraaa: Nice attractive place , whole day can be spent . Nice street food nearby .

Day 3 | Afternoon

Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing nearby is the top choice before you leave Jaigarh Fort and hit the road.

Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Ticket Price: 30 INR

Location: Chanwar Palkhiwalon-ki-Haveli |Kheri Gate, Amber, Jaipur 302017, India

In the village of Amber below the Amber Fort, there is such a very interesting museum. The hand-printing process is exhibited here and allows visitors to experience the craft for themselves. Turn left into the village at the first intersection, then walk forward until you see a blue sign indicating to turn right, continue on this road until KhenGate at the end. The museum is on the right inside the door.

Day 3 | Evening

Don’t forget to book Indana Palace Jaipur in advance, because all the tourists head to Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing love staying at it.

Indana Palace Jaipur

Stop at Indana Palace to discover the wonders of Jaipur. The property features a wide range of facilities to make your stay a pleasant experience. 24-hour room service, 24-hour security, daily housekeeping, free Wi-Fi in all rooms, gift/souvenir shop are on the list of things guests can enjoy. Comfortable guestrooms ensure a good night's sleep with some rooms featuring facilities such as television LCD/plasma screen, bathroom phone, free welcome drink, locker, mirror. Access to the hotel's fitness center, outdoor pool, massage, pool (kids), garden will further enhance your satisfying stay. A welcoming atmosphere and excellent service are what you can expect during your stay at Indana Palace.

Swimming pool

Day 4 | Morning

Royal gaitor tumbas.

Recommended Length of Stay: 1-2 Hours

Location: 309B, Mangala Rd, Bada Akhada, Krishna Nagar, Brahampuri, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002

The Royal Memorial Hall, located below the Nahagar Fort outside the city walls, is a cemetery worth visiting, where a sense of paradise will arise spontaneously. The stele is extraordinary and the carvings are exquisite. Maharajas Pratap Singh, Madhu Singh II, Jay Singh II and several other maharajas are buried here. The marble memorial of Jay Singh II is striking, with 20 carved pillars supporting a dome.

Day 4 | Afternoon

Albert Hall Museum nearby is the top choice before you leave Royal Gaitor Tumbas and hit the road.

Albert Hall Museum

Opening Hours: Open on Mon-Fri,Sun,9:00am-5:00pm

Ticket Price: 300 INR

Location: Museum Rd, Ram Niwas Garden, Kailash Puri, Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004, India

Jaipur is known as the "Pink City" because in 1876, the then King Ram Singh of Jaipur ordered the entire building to be renovated in order to welcome Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, who liked pink. Cities are painted pink. Albert Hall was also built to welcome the Prince of Wales' visit and is now the location of the Central Museum. Designed by Sir Swinton Jacobs, Albert Hall is a fusion of British and North Indian architectural styles. After its unveiling in 1887, it became the pride of New Jaipur. The central museum in the hall has some interesting exhibits: tribal costumes, yoga models in different poses, diorama, puppets, carpets, and musical instruments.

Day 4 | Evening

If you want to explore other popular attractions later, Rambagh Palace is a suitable place for you to stay and refresh.

Rambagh Palace

Rambagh Palace Hotel is perfectly located for both business and leisure guests in Jaipur. The hotel offers guests a range of services and amenities designed to provide comfort and convenience. Facilities like facilities for disabled guests, smoking area, bar, babysitting, laundry service are readily available for you to enjoy. Designed for comfort, guestrooms offer internet access – LAN, in room safe, television, shower, refrigerator to ensure a restful night. To enhance guests' stay, the hotel offers recreational facilities such as outdoor pool, hot tub, sauna, spa, massage. For reliable service and professional staff, Rambagh Palace Hotel caters to your needs.

Day 5 | Morning

Src museum of indology.

Opening Hours: Open from 8:00am-6:00pm

Ticket Price: 100 INR

Location: Choice Gangwal Park, Near Medical College, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302007

This crumbling, dusty treasure trove is an excellent showroom for private collections. Folk art treasures and other objects are displayed here - from manuscripts by Aurangzeb to a bed from Carnell (for a diminutive queen). This museum has wayfinding signs on JNeheru Rd, just south of the central museum.

Day 5 | Afternoon

Having the chance to enjoy the charming SRC Museum Of Indology, Jal Mahal next to it is another great place that you will never want to miss!

Ticket Price: Free

Recommended Length of Stay: 0.5-0.5 Hours

Location: Amer Rd, Jal Mahal, Amer, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002, India

The Palace of Water was built in the artificial lake by the monarch of Jaipur in the 16th century to escape the summer heat. The Palace of Water is a palace built on water and can only be reached by boat. The place where members of the royal family take refuge in summer is located in the Amber Fort. on the way. The palace itself is not open to the public, but from a distance by the lake, the palace seems to be floating on the water, as stunning as a mirage, and the night view is even more charming.

Day 5 | Evening

Don’t forget to book Trident Jaipur in advance, because all the tourists head to Jal Mahal love staying at it.

Trident Jaipur

Property Location With a stay at Trident, Jaipur in Jaipur (Mansagar Lake), you'll be minutes from Jal Mahal and close to Amber Fort. This 4.5-star hotel is within close proximity of Gaitor and Jaigarh Fort.

Rooms Make yourself at home in one of the 132 air-conditioned rooms featuring minibars and flat-screen televisions. Rooms have private balconies. Wireless Internet access (surcharge) keeps you connected, and satellite programming is available for your entertainment. Private bathrooms with shower/tub combinations feature complimentary toiletries and hair dryers.

Rec, Spa, Premium Amenities Take time to pamper yourself with a visit to the full-service spa. If you're looking for recreational opportunities, you'll find a health club and an outdoor pool. Additional features include concierge services, babysitting/childcare (surcharge), and gift shops/newsstands. Guests can get to nearby shops on the shuttle (surcharge).

Dining Satisfy your appetite at the hotel's restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or stay in and take advantage of 24-hour room service. Relax with your favorite drink at a bar/lounge or a poolside bar.

Business, Other Amenities Featured amenities include a business center, limo/town car service, and complimentary newspapers in the lobby. This hotel has 2 meeting rooms available for events. Guests may use a train station pick-up service for a surcharge, and free valet parking is available onsite.

You must present a photo ID when checking in. Your credit card is charged at the time you book. Bed type and smoking preferences are not guaranteed.Your reservation is prepaid and is guaranteed for late arrival. The total charge includes all room charges and taxes, as well as fees for access and booking. Any incidental charges such as parking, phone calls, and room service will be handled directly between you and the property.

Day 6 | Morning

Birla mandir jaipur.

Opening Hours: Open from 3:00pm-8:30pm

Location: Birla Mandir, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302022

The full name is "Birla Lakshmi Narayan Temple", which is a huge, magnificent and modern marble building funded by Indian industrialist Birla. The stained glass depicts scenes from the Hindu scriptures, and the main deity of the temple is Ganesh, the protector of the family. The marble is of fine quality. Entering the temple and looking back at the entrance, you can see the reflection of Ganesha carved on the lintel on the almost transparent marble surface. The interior of the temple depicts many Hindu deities, such as Lakshmi. On the outer walls are the tasks of great historical figures and other religions, including Socrates, Christ, Buddha, Confucius, etc.

dot hacks: it's really nice place to see. go on..

Day 6 | Afternoon

When time permits after visiting Birla Mandir Jaipur, don’t forget pay a visit to Nahargarh Fort.

Nahargarh Fort

Location: WRP8+W6C, Krishna Nagar, Brahampuri, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002, India

Nahagar Fort, also known as Tiger Fort, was built in 1734 and expanded in 1868. The purpose of building Tiger Fort was to enhance the defense capabilities of Amber Fort. There were the longest cannons in the world at that time, with strong defensive capabilities. It stands on a hill in the north of Jaipur's old city and overlooks the whole city. The scenery here is more magnificent and it is a good place to watch the sunset. There is also a legend about the naming of Nahagar Castle because the soul of the dead Prince Narha Singh has been disturbing the construction works, whatever was built during the day, it collapsed at night. He finally left after promising to name the castle after Prince Narha Singh.

Day 6 | Evening

After visiting the glorious Nahargarh Fort, Rajmahal Palace RAAS nearby is the best place to stay.

Rajmahal Palace RAAS

Set in a prime location of Jaipur, SUJAN Rajmahal Palace puts everything the city has to offer just outside your doorstep. The property features a wide range of facilities to make your stay a pleasant experience. All the necessary facilities, including free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour front desk, car park, room service, airport transfer, are at hand. Some of the well-appointed guestrooms feature air conditioning, heating, wake-up service, desk, mini bar. Access to the hotel's outdoor pool, massage, garden will further enhance your satisfying stay. Convenience and comfort makes SUJAN Rajmahal Palace the perfect choice for your stay in Jaipur.

Pets allowed

Day 7 | Morning

Monkey temple.

Location: Jaipur, India

The Monkey Temple is a hill to the east of Jaipur. There is a sun temple on the top of the mountain, overlooking the whole city of Jaipur. Facing the sheer cliffs, it is a moving and isolated barren place. There is a temple dedicated to the Haruman monkey in the valley behind the mountain. Locals and local monkeys often bathe in the holy pool next to the temple. There are groups of monkeys in the mountain, and you can buy a packet of peanuts for 10 rupees at the foot of the mountain to feed them. It takes about 20 minutes from the foot of the mountain along the road to the Sun Temple on the top of the mountain, and about 30 minutes to the Monkey Temple in the valley.

Day 7 | Afternoon

Now we come to another great highlight in the city: Panna Meena ka Kund.

Panna Meena ka Kund

Opening Hours: Open from 7:00am-6:00pm

Recommended Length of Stay: 0.5-1 Hours

Location: XVR2+CFX, Amer, Rajasthan 302028, India

Jaipur Step Well is one of many architectural wonders in India, and it is also an attraction that is easily overlooked by tourists. Unlike common wells, there is only a simple edge or well platform. The edge of the well is a masonry structure with elaborate carvings and even magnificent. People can go down the steps along the edge of the well to the bottom of the well to get water. In the past, it was an important facility for people to store and use water, and sometimes used as a place for religious ceremonies. Although it has lost its use value now, its historical value has attracted attention. The movie "Marigold Hotel" was also shot here because of its unique scenery. Today, the mottled walls, vertical and horizontal stairs, and calm pools remind people of the scenes in the movie.

var: This is a fascinating stepwell, which we found quite interesting, since we had never seen a stepwell before. It is an example of the extraordinary ingenuity of Indian people, who thought of this innovative way to store & utilise water in the arid lands of Rajasthan. It is well worth a visit, just because it is so different and unusual an architectural form. What is truly remarkable is that it was once bustling with life, the place where women gathered to get water from for their daily needs.

Trip.com User: Used to store water for human and animal references. Looks spectacular! Very suitable for taking pictures. But now it is not allowed to go down to the bottom, only to look at it by the well. Just next to Amber Fort, very close.

Day 7 | Evening

After visiting the glorious Panna Meena ka Kund, Crimson Park - the Heritage nearby is the best place to stay.

Crimson Park - the Heritage

Set in a prime location of Jaipur, The Heritage Palace puts everything the city has to offer just outside your doorstep. The hotel offers guests a range of services and amenities designed to provide comfort and convenience. Service-minded staff will welcome and guide you at the The Heritage Palace. Guestrooms are designed to provide an optimal level of comfort with welcoming decor and some offering convenient amenities like television LCD/plasma screen, non smoking rooms, air conditioning, heating, wake-up service. The hotel offers various recreational opportunities. The Heritage Palace is an excellent choice from which to explore Jaipur or to simply relax and rejuvenate.

* All reviews in the blog are machine-translated.

Table of Content

  • Day 1: Amber Palace, Palace of Breeze
  • Day 2: City Palace, Jaipur, Jantar Mantar
  • Day 3: Jaigarh Fort, Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing
  • Day 4: Royal Gaitor Tumbas, Albert Hall Museum
  • Day 5: SRC Museum Of Indology, Jal Mahal
  • Day 6: Birla Mandir Jaipur, Nahargarh Fort
  • Day 7: Monkey Temple, Panna Meena ka Kund

Jaipur Weather

places to visit in jaipur itinerary

Find What to Do in Jaipur in 7 Days Tour

Experience jaipur by night, hands-on embroidery workshop, full day local style, all meals included, fun & cultural immersion guaranteed, hands-on block printing workshop, book admission tickets, cab & tour guide for jaipur, vegetarian & non vegetarian cooking class in jaipur, <h3>besides jaipur itinerary 7 days, people also search for ...</h3>.

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Jewelry Manufacturer

  • Written By Team DWS
  • Jaipur City
  • July 16, 2024

Exploring the Pink City: Top 10 Must-Visit Tourist Places in Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, also known as the Pink City, is a vibrant and colorful city steeped in history and culture. From magnificent palaces and forts to bustling markets and serene gardens, Jaipur has something for everyone. One of the highlights of Jaipur is its stunning jewelry heritage, with DWS Jewellery standing out as one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in the city.

In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 must-visit tourist places in Jaipur and delve into the rich jewelry heritage that the city is famous for.

1. Amber Fort and Palace

One of the most iconic landmarks in Jaipur, the Amber Fort and Palace is a must-visit for all tourists. The fort is famous for its stunning architecture, intricate carvings, and panoramic views of the city. Make sure to take a guided tour of the palace to learn about its fascinating history and admire the beautiful artwork on display.

Amber Fort and Palace

2. City Palace

Located in the heart of the Pink City, the City Palace is a magnificent complex of palaces, courtyards, and gardens. Explore the ornate rooms, stunning courtyards, and beautiful gardens as you immerse yourself in the rich history of Jaipur.

City Palace

3. Hawa Mahal

Also known as the Palace of Winds, the Hawa Mahal is another iconic monument in Jaipur. The stunning facade of the palace is adorned with intricate lattice work and over 900 windows, allowing the royal ladies to observe the hustle and bustle of the city below.

Hawa Mahal

4. Jantar Mantar

If you are a fan of astronomy and ancient science, a visit to the Jantar Mantar is a must. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to a collection of architectural astronomical instruments that were used to measure time, track celestial bodies, and study the movement of planets.

Jantar Mantar

5. Jaigarh Fort

Perched on a hill overlooking the city, the Jaigarh Fort offers stunning views of Jaipur and the surrounding landscape. Explore the well-preserved fortifications, watchtowers, and armory as you step back in time to the era of the Rajputs.

Jaigarh Fort

6. Nahargarh Fort

Located on the Aravalli Hills, Nahargarh Fort is another must-visit destination in Jaipur. The fort offers breathtaking views of the city and is a popular spot for watching the sunset. Make sure to explore the intricate architecture and beautiful gardens within the fort complex.

Nahargarh Fort

7. Albert Hall Museum

Housing a diverse collection of artifacts, paintings, and sculptures, the Albert Hall Museum is a treasure trove of Indian history and culture. Explore the galleries and exhibits to learn more about the rich heritage of Rajasthan.

Albert Hall Museum

8. Jal Mahal

Situated in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake, the Jal Mahal is a stunning water palace that is a sight to behold. Take a boat ride on the lake to get a closer look at the palace and admire its architectural beauty.

Jal Mahal

9. Bapu Bazaar and Johari Bazaar

Experience the true essence of Jaipur by immersing yourself in the lively markets of Bapu Bazaar and Johari Bazaar. Discover the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Rajasthan as you browse through traditional clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, and keepsakes in the vibrant Pink City markets.

Bapu Bazaar and Johari Bazaar

10. DWS Jewellery

Lastly, no exploration of Jaipur would be complete without a visit to DWS Jewellery, one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in the city . Specializing in handmade silver, gold, and gemstone jewelry, DWS Jewellery offers a wide range of exquisite designs that are inspired by the rich heritage of Rajasthan. From intricate filigree work to stunning gemstone settings, DWS Jewellery is a must-visit destination for jewelry enthusiasts.

DWS Jewellery

In conclusion

Jaipur is a city like no other, with its vibrant culture, rich history, and stunning architecture. Whether you are a history buff, an art lover, or a jewelry aficionado, Jaipur has something for everyone. Make sure to explore the top 10 must-visit tourist places in Jaipur and immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of the Pink City. And don't forget to visit DWS Jewellery to shop for exquisite handmade jewelry that will be a perfect memento of your time in Jaipur.

  • tourist attractions
  • must visit places
  • historical sites

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