Conjugation verb voyager in French

Model : manger

Auxiliary : avoir

Other forms: se voyager / ne pas voyager / ne pas se voyager

Verbs ending in -ger keep the "e" after "g" if they it is followed by vowels "a" or "o": il mangeait, nous mangeons.

  • il/elle voyage
  • nous voyageons
  • vous voyagez
  • ils/elles voyagent
  • je voyageais
  • tu voyageais
  • il/elle voyageait
  • nous voyagions
  • vous voyagiez
  • ils/elles voyageaient
  • je voyagerai
  • tu voyageras
  • il/elle voyagera
  • nous voyagerons
  • vous voyagerez
  • ils/elles voyageront

Passé simple

  • je voyageai
  • tu voyageas
  • il/elle voyagea
  • nous voyageĂąmes
  • vous voyageĂątes
  • ils/elles voyagĂšrent

Passé composé

  • j' ai voyagĂ©
  • tu as voyagĂ©
  • il/elle a voyagĂ©
  • nous avons voyagĂ©
  • vous avez voyagĂ©
  • ils/elles ont voyagĂ©


  • j' avais voyagĂ©
  • tu avais voyagĂ©
  • il/elle avait voyagĂ©
  • nous avions voyagĂ©
  • vous aviez voyagĂ©
  • ils/elles avaient voyagĂ©

Passé antérieur

  • j' eus voyagĂ©
  • tu eus voyagĂ©
  • il/elle eut voyagĂ©
  • nous eĂ»mes voyagĂ©
  • vous eĂ»tes voyagĂ©
  • ils/elles eurent voyagĂ©

Futur antérieur

  • j' aurai voyagĂ©
  • tu auras voyagĂ©
  • il/elle aura voyagĂ©
  • nous aurons voyagĂ©
  • vous aurez voyagĂ©
  • ils/elles auront voyagĂ©
  • que je voyage
  • que tu voyages
  • qu' il/elle voyage
  • que nous voyagions
  • que vous voyagiez
  • qu' ils/elles voyagent
  • que je voyageasse
  • que tu voyageasses
  • qu' il/elle voyageĂąt
  • que nous voyageassions
  • que vous voyageassiez
  • qu' ils/elles voyageassent
  • que j' eusse voyagĂ©
  • que tu eusses voyagĂ©
  • qu' il/elle eĂ»t voyagĂ©
  • que nous eussions voyagĂ©
  • que vous eussiez voyagĂ©
  • qu' ils/elles eussent voyagĂ©
  • que j' aie voyagĂ©
  • que tu aies voyagĂ©
  • qu' il/elle ait voyagĂ©
  • que nous ayons voyagĂ©
  • que vous ayez voyagĂ©
  • qu' ils/elles aient voyagĂ©


  • je voyagerais
  • tu voyagerais
  • il/elle voyagerait
  • nous voyagerions
  • vous voyageriez
  • ils/elles voyageraient

Passé premiÚre forme

  • j' aurais voyagĂ©
  • tu aurais voyagĂ©
  • il/elle aurait voyagĂ©
  • nous aurions voyagĂ©
  • vous auriez voyagĂ©
  • ils/elles auraient voyagĂ©

Passé deuxiÚme forme

  • j' eusse voyagĂ©
  • tu eusses voyagĂ©
  • il/elle eĂ»t voyagĂ©
  • nous eussions voyagĂ©
  • vous eussiez voyagĂ©
  • ils/elles eussent voyagĂ©
  • ayant voyagĂ©
  • voyagĂ©
  • voyagĂ©s
  • fĂ© voyagĂ©e
  • fĂ© voyagĂ©es
  • ayons voyagĂ©
  • ayez voyagĂ©
  • avoir voyagĂ©

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Conjugate the French Verb "Voyager"

  • Pronunciation & Conversation
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In French, the verb  voyager  means "to travel." This is easy to remember if you associate traveling with a voyage. When you want to say things such as "I traveled" or "we are traveling" in French, the verb needs to be conjugated . A short lesson will introduce you to the most basic conjugations of  voyager .

The Basic Conjugations of  Voyager

Some French verb conjugations are easier than others and voyager falls in the middle. It follows the rules of all verbs that end in - ger and is classified as a spelling change verb .

As you study these conjugations, you'll notice that the  e  after the  g  is retained in many places where it would be dropped in others, such as the regular - er  verbs . This is because the  e  is vital to retaining the soft  g  sound when the infinitive ending begins with an  a  or  o . Without that  e , the  g  would sound like it does in the word gold and that is not a proper pronunciation.

Other than that small change in some of the forms, you'll find that conjugating  voyager  is rather standard. Begin by committing the basic present, future, and imperfect past tenses to memory as these will be the most useful forms you'll need.

Using the chart, pair the subject pronoun with the appropriate tense for your subject. For instance, "I am traveling" is  je voyage  and "we will travel" is  nous voyagerons .

The Present Participle of Voyager

Once again, the  e  remains attached to the verb stem when forming voyager 's present participle . The ending - ant  is added to create the word  voyageant.

Voyager  in the Compound Past Tense

You also have the option of using the French compound past tense, known as the  passĂ© composĂ© . It can be easier than memorizing all those imperfect forms, though you will need the  auxiliary verb   avoir  and the  past participle   voyagĂ© .

For this construction, you only need to conjugate  avoir  in the present tense to fit the subject pronoun. The past participle remains the same no matter the subject and implies that the action happened in the past. For example, "I traveled" is  j'ai voyagĂ©  and "we traveled" is nous avons voyagĂ© .

More Simple Conjugations of Voyager

While the conjugations above should be every French student's first priority, there are a few more simple conjugations you might need as well. For example, when you want to imply that the action of traveling is uncertain, use the subjunctive . If, however, someone's travels are dependent on something else, you'll use the conditional .

There may also be times when you encounter the passĂ© simple  or the imperfect subjunctive . These are most often found in more formal French but are good to know.

Should you find yourself wanting to use  voyager  in direct commands or short requests,  the imperative  is useful. This is also easier because there's no need to include the subject pronoun: simplify  tu voyage  to  voyage .

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voyager in french future

  • Conjugation voyager
  • Exercise voyager

Conjugation French verb voyager

Translation voyager, indicatif (indicative), présent (present), passé composé (present perfect), imparfait (imperfect), plus-que-parfait (pluperfect), passé simple (simple past), passé antérieur (past perfect), futur simple (future), futur antérieur (past future), conditionnel (conditional), passé (perfect), subjonctif (subjunctive), passé (past), impératif (imperative), infinitif (infinitive), participe (participle), gérondif (gerund), synonyms for the verb voyager.


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voyager – to travel

French verb conjugation tables.

voyager in french future

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voyager in french future

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voyager in french future

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CoolJugator: the smart verb Conjugator

Voyager (to travel) conjugation

Conjugation of eiti, examples of voyager, more french verbs, similar but longer, other french verbs with the meaning similar to 'travel':, 'travel' in different languages.

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Conjugation of the French verb voyager

Verb conjugation of "voyager" in French

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  • Voyager Conjugation

Voyager to travel

Voyager - indicative, voyager - perfect, voyager - subjunctive, voyager - conditional, voyager - imperative (commands).

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voyager in french future

How does it work?

Type a French verb you'd like to conjugate in its infinitive form ( infinitif ) or choose among the most common verbs from the list below.

Verb conjugation Voyager

  • tu voya ges
  • il voya ge /elle voya ge
  • nous voya geons
  • vous voya gez
  • ils voya gent /elles voya gent

Passé composé

  • j'ai voya gĂ©
  • tu as voya gĂ©
  • il a voya gĂ© /elle a voya gĂ©
  • nous avons voya gĂ©
  • vous avez voya gĂ©
  • ils ont voya gĂ© /elles ont voya gĂ©
  • je voya geais
  • tu voya geais
  • il voya geait /elle voya geait
  • nous voya gions
  • vous voya giez
  • ils voya geaient /elles voya geaient


  • j'avais voya gĂ©
  • tu avais voya gĂ©
  • il avait voya gĂ© /elle avait voya gĂ©
  • nous avions voya gĂ©
  • vous aviez voya gĂ©
  • ils avaient voya gĂ© /elles avaient voya gĂ©

Passé simple

  • je voya geai
  • tu voya geas
  • il voya gea /elle voya gea
  • nous voya geĂąmes
  • vous voya geĂątes
  • ils voya gĂšrent /elles voya gĂšrent

Passé antérieur

  • j'eus voya gĂ©
  • tu eus voya gĂ©
  • il eut voya gĂ© /elle eut voya gĂ©
  • nous eĂ»mes voya gĂ©
  • vous eĂ»tes voya gĂ©
  • ils eurent voya gĂ© /elles eurent voya gĂ©
  • je voya gerai
  • tu voya geras
  • il voya gera /elle voya gera
  • nous voya gerons
  • vous voya gerez
  • ils voya geront /elles voya geront

Futur antérieur

  • j'aurai voya gĂ©
  • tu auras voya gĂ©
  • il aura voya gĂ© /elle aura voya gĂ©
  • nous aurons voya gĂ©
  • vous aurez voya gĂ©
  • ils auront voya gĂ© /elles auront voya gĂ©

Futur proche

  • je vais voya ger
  • tu vas voya ger
  • il va voya ger /elle va voya ger
  • nous allons voya ger
  • vous allez voya ger
  • ils vont voya ger /elles vont voya ger


  • je voya gerais
  • tu voya gerais
  • il voya gerait /elle voya gerait
  • nous voya gerions
  • vous voya geriez
  • ils voya geraient /elles voya geraient
  • j'aurais voya gĂ©
  • tu aurais voya gĂ©
  • il aurait voya gĂ© /elle aurait voya gĂ©
  • nous aurions voya gĂ©
  • vous auriez voya gĂ©
  • ils auraient voya gĂ© /elles auraient voya gĂ©

Passé - forme alternative

  • j'eusse voya gĂ©
  • tu eusses voya gĂ©
  • il eĂ»t voya gĂ© /elle eĂ»t voya gĂ©
  • nous eussions voya gĂ©
  • vous eussiez voya gĂ©
  • ils eussent voya gĂ© /elles eussent voya gĂ©
  • que je voya ge
  • que tu voya ges
  • qu'il voya ge /qu'elle voya ge
  • que nous voya gions
  • que vous voya giez
  • qu'ils voya gent /qu'elles voya gent
  • que je voya geasse
  • que tu voya geasses
  • qu'il voya geĂąt /qu'elle voya geĂąt
  • que nous voya geassions
  • que vous voya geassiez
  • qu'ils voya geassent /qu'elles voya geassent
  • que j'eusse voya gĂ©
  • que tu eusses voya gĂ©
  • qu'il eĂ»t voya gĂ© /qu'elle eĂ»t voya gĂ©
  • que nous eussions voya gĂ©
  • que vous eussiez voya gĂ©
  • qu'ils eussent voya gĂ© /qu'elles eussent voya gĂ©
  • que j'aie voya gĂ©
  • que tu aies voya gĂ©
  • qu'il ait voya gĂ© /qu'elle ait voya gĂ©
  • que nous ayons voya gĂ©
  • que vous ayez voya gĂ©
  • qu'ils aient voya gĂ© /qu'elles aient voya gĂ©
  • (tu) voya ge
  • (nous) voya geons
  • (vous) voya gez


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English [ edit ]

Etymology [ edit ].

From voyage +‎ -er .

Pronunciation [ edit ]

Noun [ edit ].

voyager ( plural voyagers )

  • A person who voyages , traveller, a person who explores new lands and worlds.

Synonyms [ edit ]

Related terms [ edit ], translations [ edit ], french [ edit ].

  • IPA ( key ) : /vwa.ja.ʒe/

Verb [ edit ]

  • 1986 , Desireless (lyrics and music), “Voyage, Voyage”, in François : Voyage, voyage / Plus loin que la nuit et le jour (voyage, voyage) / Voyage (voyage) / Dans l’espace inouĂŻ de l’amour Voyage, voyage / Further than the night and the day (voyage, voyage) / Voyage (voyage) / In the unheard-of space of love

Conjugation [ edit ]

This is a regular -er verb, but the stem is written voyage- before endings that begin with -a- or -o- (to indicate that the -g- is a "soft" /ʒ/ and not a "hard" /ÉĄ/ ). This spelling-change occurs in all verbs in -ger , such as neiger and manger .

Derived terms [ edit ]

  • machine Ă  voyager dans le temps
  • voyageotter

Further reading [ edit ]

  • “ voyager ”, in TrĂ©sor de la langue française informatisĂ© [ Digitized Treasury of the French Language ] , 2012.

voyager in french future

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Verb conjugations for voyager

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Trends of voyager.

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  • voyager Ă  tarif rĂ©duit
  • voyager en avion
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Related terms of voyager

  • voyager frĂ©quemment
  • voyager en seconde
  • voyager sac au dos
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Examples of voyager


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voyager in french future

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voyager in french future

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Born in Omaha, Nebraska, to two parents of Greek heritage, two-time Oscar winner Alexander Payne was awarded Greek citizenship last year around the time he was working on his latest feature, The Holdovers . 

In line with the honor, Payne has returned to his adoptive home to present The Holdovers as one of the centerpiece screenings at this year’s Thessaloniki International Film Festival . 

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The pic was penned by writer David Hemingson, best known as the creator of Whiskey Cavalier , and marks the second feature Payne has directed from a screenplay he didn’t write. The director’s two Oscars are both in the Adapted Screenplay category. When asked whether he found it difficult to direct a script he didn’t originate, Payne wryly responded with a joke.

“If AI could write a script for me, I would be so happy,” he joked. “I trained as a director, not a writer. To be a filmmaker, you write, direct, and edit. But I much prefer directing to writing. Writing is hard, and I’m slow at it.” 

Payne added that he considered The Holdovers as his first experience “directing a writer” as he commissioned the screenplay. 

“I found the writer. I gave him the premise, and we came up with the story together. He showed me many drafts. I got involved in the writing even though I don’t have credit, and the result was something personal to us both.”

On his lead actor Paul Giamatti, with whom he reunited on this pic after 2004 Oscar winner Sideways , Payne said there was no version of this feature in his mind without Giamatti. 

Payne described Giamatti as “the greatest actor.”

“There’s nothing that he can’t do. If the part is generally right for him, give it to Paul Giamatti,” he said. “It’s like giving a part to Meryl Streep or Laurence Olivier. You’re just curious what this great actor is going to do with the part. He’s that good.”

The Holdovers is currently on a limited release stateside and opens wide on November 10 via Focus Features, which acquired the pic out of last year’s Toronto Film Festival for around $30M. When quizzed on what he planned to work on following The Holdovers, Payne said he plans to reteam with Hemingson. 

“We’re conceiving a Western right now,” Payne said of himself and Hemingson. “I’ve always wanted to make a real Western. There’s another project that I have. The screenplay isn’t quite ready, but it takes place in Paris and is in the French language.” 

He added: “I still think just about movies and not TV series.”

The Thessaloniki International Film Festival runs until November 12.

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voyager in french future

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Protesters stand outside with banners. One reads: “Stop the Cuts. We Care.”

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That means state appropriations should focus more on engineering and business programs, said Shad White, the auditor, and less on liberal arts majors like anthropology, women’s studies and German language and literature.

Those graduates not only earn less, Mr. White said, but they are also less likely to stay in Mississippi. More than 60 percent of anthropology graduates leave to find work, he said.

“If I were advising my kids, I would say first and foremost, you have to find a degree program that combines your passion with some sort of practical skill that the world actually needs,” Mr. White said in an interview. (He has three small children, far from college age.)

For years, economists and more than a few worried parents have argued over whether a liberal arts degree is worth the price. The debate now seems to be over, and the answer is “no.”

Not only are public officials, like Mr. White, questioning state support for the humanities, a growing number of universities, often aided by outside consultants, are now putting many cherished departments — art history, American studies — on the chopping block. They say they are facing headwinds, including students who are fleeing to majors more closely aligned to employment.

West Virginia University recently sent layoff notices to 76 people, including 32 tenured faculty members, as part of its decision to cut 28 academic programs — many in areas like languages, landscape architecture and the arts.

Several other public institutions have announced or proposed cuts to programs, largely in the humanities, including the University of Alaska, Eastern Kentucky University, North Dakota State University, Iowa State University and the University of Kansas, according to The Hechinger Report, an education journal.

Miami University, a public institution in Oxford, Ohio, with 20,000 students, is reappraising 18 undergraduate majors, each of which has fewer than 35 students enrolled, including French and German, American studies, art history, classical studies and religion.

Those departments are dwarfed by computer science, which has 600 students enrolled; finance, with 1,400; marketing, with 1,200; and nursing, with almost 700.

For the humanities faculty, “it’s an existential crisis,” Elizabeth Reitz Mullenix, provost of Miami University, said in an interview. “There’s so much pressure about return on investment.”

She said that she hoped that the subject matter, if not the majors, could be salvaged, perhaps by creating more interdisciplinary programs, like cybersecurity and philosophy.

The shift has been happening over decades. In 1970, education and combined social sciences and history degrees were the most popular majors, according to federal statistics.

Today, the most popular degree is business, at 19 percent of all bachelor’s degrees, while social sciences trail far behind at just 8 percent of degrees.

Many courses on the endangered list are also dissonant with an expanding conservative political agenda. And many public universities are loath to invite further scrutiny of their already stagnant state subsidies.

At Miami University, degrees on the chopping block include critical race and ethnic studies, social justice studies and women’s, gender and sexuality studies.

Mr. White, the Republican state auditor, said his first question was whether state spending on degree programs matched the needs of the economy. But he said that he also wanted to know, “Are we paying or using taxpayer money to fund programs that teach the professor’s ideology, and not just a set of skills on how to approach problems in the world?”

Liberal arts professors are trying to defend themselves, using arguments tailored to an economy that is rapidly shifting — while also appealing to a more august vision of life’s possibilities.

In a recent YouTube video — bluntly titled “Is a Humanities Degree Worth It?” — Jeffrey Cohen, the dean of the humanities at Arizona State University, defends his domain as a pathway toward not just a job but a lifetime of career reinvention.

“Our students are living in a time when the career that they’ve trained for is not likely to be the career that they’re going to be following 10 years later,” Mr. Cohen says. Studying the humanities, he argues, will teach them how to be nimble.

In a recent panel discussion in New York City, sponsored by Plough, a quarterly Christian-oriented magazine, Roosevelt MontĂĄs, a senior lecturer in American studies and English at Columbia University, suggested that universities should push back against a strictly careerist view of education.

“It’s not true that all students want from a college is the job,” he said. They are hungry for an education that “transforms them, an education that addresses their entire selves, not just a bank account.”

But that argument seems to be faltering almost everywhere.

Harvard, which has an endowment of more than $50 billion, formed a strategic planning committee to look at humanities education. One idea, a university spokesman said, would consolidate three language majors into one super major: “languages, literatures and cultures.”

There is also collateral damage. In early October, Gettysburg College shut down The Gettysburg Review. In its heyday, the magazine, founded in 1988, published writers like E.L. Doctorow, Joyce Carol Oates and Rita Dove. More recently, it has prided itself on publishing up-and-coming writers.

The editors of the magazine, Lauren Hohle and Mark Drew, were caught off guard when the college provost told them they were being fired.

“She said we’re not serving the core mission of the college,” Mr. Drew recalled. “I was going to say, ‘What is the core mission?’ I thought this was a liberal arts institution. But I was trying not to be snarky.”

To Mr. Drew, The Review, with about 1,100 paying subscribers, was a symbol to the outside world of the college’s commitment to the humanities. But to the university’s president, Robert Iuliano, the review was a money pit that might have bolstered the college’s reputation among the literati, but at a cost to the student body.

The magazine earned about $30,000 to 40,000 a year in subscription revenue, “and the operating cost is something like five times more than that,” he said.

“We have been really thinking hard about what it means to prepare students for today’s world,” he said, “because you know, it’s changing with such rapidity.” That means, he added, offering courses that could be twinned with “hands-on experiential opportunities.”

Mr. White, the Mississippi state auditor, majored in political science and economics at the University of Mississippi before becoming a Rhodes scholar and a graduate of Harvard Law School — a fine example, perhaps, of the value of the liberal arts.

But if he could do it over again, he might switch majors, he said, because “political science majors don’t command a high salary.” Working on a campaign or in government might be more valuable experience than the degree, he said.

Mr. White said he personally would have liked to play acoustic guitar for a living. But he doubted his chances for success, given the small number of jobs available.

Then he seemed to reconsider, conceding: “If you dig into the data, music majors do pretty well for whatever reason. They go to work at schools, they go to work at the university setting, or they work in churches.”

So on reflection, he softened his message. “What I would tell students is, don’t write off all of liberal arts,” he said. “Don’t write off all of the fine arts.”

Anemona Hartocollis is a national correspondent, covering higher education. She is also the author of the book “Seven Days of Possibilities: One Teacher, 24 Kids, and the Music That Changed Their Lives Forever.” More about Anemona Hartocollis

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voyager in french future

  • Israel-Hamas war

Ivan Segré: 'Israel's future lies in an alliance with progressive Arab forces'

Time to 5 min. Lire en français

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Interview In an interview with Le Monde, the philosopher Ivan Segré considers Israel's military response to be a 'political and strategic error.' The French-Israeli philosopher specializing in Talmudic studies argues for a Zionism backed by democratic movements in the Middle East.

A French-Israeli philosopher and Talmudist, Ivan Segré works on rabbinic literature, Spinoza and contemporary philosophy. Critical of the right-wing turn of some Jewish intellectuals and of the anti-Zionism of some on the left, he divides his life between France and Israel and, happily calling himself a "Zionist," defends a progressive and democratic vision of the Israeli-Palestinian future.

Do you think that the massacres perpetrated by Hamas of October 7 justify the bombardment of Gaza, and that it is possible for Israel to put an end to this Palestinian Islamist movement in a strictly military manner?

When it comes to justifying Israel's military response, everything depends on the yardstick chosen. In terms of reason of state, yes, it is amply justified, and condemnations from major world powers such as the United States, Russia and China, or regional powers such as Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia, would inevitably raise a smile, given the way these states behave when their vital interests, or perceived vital interests, are at stake. For people of my generation, born in the 1970s, it was better to have been born in Gaza than in Baghdad.

But the real question is strategic. And I think Israel's military response is a strategic error, not to mention the ethical problems it raises in terms of civilian casualties and hostages held by Hamas. As we all know, in Iraq, as in Afghanistan, Western bombs have sown no future.

What strategy do you think should be adopted?

This question concerns not only the war against Hamas, but also the political opposition to Benjamin Netanyahu. In Israel, the main arguments of the so-called "left-wing" opposition to Netanyahu consist in condemning corruption, vilifying his Machiavellianism, criticizing his justice reform project, his alliance with the far right and, for the more intrepid, being indignant about his policy towards the Palestinians. Netanyahu has been satisfied with Hamas's hold on Gaza and Fatah's corresponding weakening, since this allowed him to bury the peace process and continue colonizing the West Bank.

In my opinion, this panoply of arguments is unsatisfactory. Netanyahu is an authentic representative of the Israeli right, and it is this right that should be opposed, not Netanyahu's personality or his political maneuvers. For the Israeli right, a Palestinian state can only be a step toward Israel's destruction as long as the majority of Arab-Muslim powers do not recognize the legitimacy of Jewish sovereignty in Palestine. From this point of view, the Hamas attack is a confirmation.

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French Conjugation

  • Voyager conjugation table
  • Voyager conjugation rules
  • Voyager synonyms

Voyager french definition

Voyager conjugation in all forms, voyager conjugation in all tenses.

  • Voyager : verbs with similar conjugation
  • Voyager conjugation in indicative
  • Voyager conjugation in present indicative
  • Voyager conjugation in present perfect indicative
  • Voyager conjugation in imperfect indicative
  • Voyager conjugation in pluperfect indicative
  • Voyager conjugation in simple past indicative
  • Voyager conjugation in past perfect indicative
  • Voyager conjugation in simple future indicative
  • Voyager conjugation in future perfect indicative
  • Voyager conjugation in subjunctive
  • Voyager conjugation in present subjunctive
  • Voyager conjugation in past subjunctive
  • Voyager conjugation in imperfect subjunctive
  • Voyager conjugation in pluperfect subjunctive
  • Voyager conjugation in conditional
  • Voyager conjugation in present conditional
  • Voyager conjugation in past conditional
  • Voyager conjugation in imperative
  • Voyager conjugation in present imperative
  • Voyager conjugation in past imperative
  • Infinitive of french verb Voyager
  • Present infinitive of french verb Voyager
  • Past infinitive of french verb Voyager
  • Participle of french verb voyager
  • Present participle of french verb voyager
  • Past participle of french verb voyager
  • Gerundive of french verb voyager
  • Present gerundive of french verb voyager
  • Past gerundive of french verb voyager

Common french verbs

  • French Conjugation Rules
  • French Tenses
  • French Verbs

French Auxiliaries Verbs

  • French First Group Verbs
  • French Second Group Verbs
  • French Third Group Verbs
  • Most Common French Verbs
  • Avoir conjugation
  • Être conjugation
  • Aimer conjugation
  • Manger conjugation
  • Finir conjugation
  • Partir conjugation
  • Aller conjugation
  • Faire conjugation
  • Dire conjugation
  • Lire conjugation
  • Voir conjugation
  • Venir conjugation
  • Pouvoir conjugation
  • Prendre conjugation
  • Vouloir conjugation
  • Devoir conjugation
  • Savoir conjugation
  • Mettre conjugation
  • Present Indicative
  • Imperfect Indicative
  • Simple Past Indicative
  • Simple Future Indicative
  • Present Perfect Indicative
  • Pluperfect Indicative
  • Past Perfect Indicative
  • Future Perfect Indicative
  • Present Subjunctive
  • Past Subjunctive
  • Imperfect Subjunctive
  • Pluperfect Subjunctive
  • Present Conditional
  • Past Conditional
  • Present Imperative
  • Past Imperative
  • French Conjugation
  • Voyager conjugation

Conjugation of french verb voyager in female form

Present perfect, simple past, past perfect, simple future, future perfect, subjunctive, conditional, voyager french verb, conjugation rules, reflexive form:, negative form:, interrogative form:.

  • Voyager french verb conjugation rules

Voyager french synonyms

  • Voyager similar verbs conjugation

This is the list of voyager french verb synonyms :

Active voice conjugation

Similar verbs conjugation.

Here is the full list of verbs sharing the same verb conjugation :

List of verbs used as patterns in french conjugation:

Most common first group verbs

Most common second group verbs, most common third group verbs.

  • Terms of use

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  1. Conjugation Voyager 🔾 French verb in all tenses and forms

    voyager in french future

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    voyager in french future

  3. Conjugate the French Verb "Voyager"

    voyager in french future

  4. Learn French Vocabulary with Talk in French

    voyager in french future

  5. How To Say 'Trip' (Voyager) in French

    voyager in french future

  6. Venerable Voyager 2 Spacecraft Gets a Tune-up 14 billion Kilometers

    voyager in french future


  1. Voyager 1 FINALLY Announced The Clearest Discovery Seen In Space History!


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  1. Conjugation verb voyager in French

    Conjugate the French verb voyager in all tenses: future, participle, present, indicative, subjunctive. Irregular verbs, auxiliary verbs, conjugation rules and conjugation models in French verb conjugation. Translate voyager in context, with examples of use and definition.

  2. Conjugate the French Verb "Voyager"

    Conjugate the French Verb "Voyager". In French, the verb voyager means "to travel." This is easy to remember if you associate traveling with a voyage. When you want to say things such as "I traveled" or "we are traveling" in French, the verb needs to be conjugated. A short lesson will introduce you to the most basic conjugations of voyager .

  3. Voyager

    Simple and compound conjugations for the spelling change French verb voyager. - Lawless French. French lessons and language tools from Laura K Lawless. FAQ; 🇹🇩 Find a Tutor ... Future perfect: Past conditional: Past subjunctive: Pluperfect subj. j' ...

  4. Voyager : Conjugation of french verb voyager

    Voyager french definition. VOYAGER : v. intr. Faire un voyage, se déplacer selon un itinéraire d'une certaine longueur à destination d'une autre ville, d'un autre pays. Il a bien voyagé, il a bien vu du pays. Voyager par toute l'Europe. Voyager en Italie, en GrÚce, en Asie. Il a passé sa vie à voyager.

  5. Conjugation French verb voyager

    Conjugate the French verb voyager in several modes, tenses, voices, numbers, persons : indicative mode, subjunctive, imperative mood, conditional, participle form ...

  6. Future of the French verb voyager

    Future of the French verb voyager The future tense conjugations for the French verb voyager, along with their English translations. voyager is a regular verb with spelling changes. Verb phrases. Future Scored; je voyagerai: I will travel: tu voyageras: you will travel: il voyagera: he will travel: elle voyagera:

  7. Voyager Conjugation

    Conjugation table for voyager (to travel) in the present, passĂ© composĂ©, future, imperfect, conditional, subjunctive, plus-que-parfait and more. ... french verb conjugation tables PRESENTje voyagetu voyagesil voyagenous voyageonsvous voyagezils voyagentPASSÉ SIMPLEje voyageaitu voyageasil voyageanous voyageĂąmesvous voyageĂątesils ...

  8. VOYAGER conjugation table

    'voyager' conjugation table in French Go to the definition page of voyager. Indicative Subjunctive Imperative. Infinitive voyager. Past Participle ... Future je voyagerai tu voyageras il/elle voyagera nous voyagerons vous voyagerez ils/elles voyageront. Conditional

  9. Voyager conjugation in French in all forms

    Conjugate the French verb voyager in all forms and with usage examples. Voyager conjugation has never been easier! Conjugate the French verb voyager in all forms and with usage examples. ... Future tense. je voyagerai. I will travel. tu voyageras. you will travel. il/elle/on voyagera. he/she/it will travel. nous voyagerons. we will travel.

  10. Conjugation of the French verb voyager

    A list of the common conjugations for the French verb voyager, along with their English translations. This is a literary tense, i.e. a tense used in writing, in everyday speech the PassĂ© ComposĂ© is used to refer to past actions. The French Future Perfect or Futur antĂ©rieur is made with the future tense of avoir or ĂȘtre and the past ...

  11. Verb conjugation of "voyager" in French

    Conditionnel Passé. Voyager - Verb conjugation in French. Learn how to conjugate voyager in various tenses. Present: je voyage, tu voyages, il voyage ...

  12. Voyager Conjugations In All French Verb Forms

    Voyager - Imperative (Commands) Présent. (tu) voyage. (nous) voyageons. (vous) voyagez. Quiz. French verb VOYAGER conjugated in all forms, with full audio, irregular highlighting, negative forms, and the English translation for all forms.


    Nederlands. If you're having difficulty with the French verb Voyager, check out our online French lessons ! Vatefaireconjuguer is a free online conjugator created by Gymglish. Founded in 2004, Gymglish creates fun, personalized online language courses: English course, Spanish course, German course, French course, Italian course and more.

  14. How to conjugate Voyager (to travel ) in Futur proche tense

    The conjugations for Voyager (to travel ) in Futur proche are=====Je vais voyagerTu vas voyagerIl va voyagerNous allons voyagerVous allez voya...

  15. voyager

    Voyage, voyage / Plus loin que la nuit et le jour (voyage, voyage) / Voyage (voyage) / Dans l'espace inouĂŻ de l'amour ... future perfect future of avoir + past participle conditional perfect conditional of avoir + past participle ... [1995], Master the Basics: French, pp. 77, 78, 79, 81). Derived terms [edit] machine Ă  voyager dans le ...

  16. French Translation of "VOYAGER"

    French Translation of "VOYAGER" | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases.

  17. English Translation of "VOYAGER"

    English Translation of "VOYAGER" | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. Over 100,000 English translations of French words and phrases.

  18. voyager

    voyager translate: to travel, journey, travel, travel, voyage. Learn more in the Cambridge French-English Dictionary.

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  28. Voyager : Conjugation of french verb voyager in female form

    However, although the terminations are perfectly regular, stem can be irregular and have numerous variations. Voyager is conjugated the same way that verbs that end in : -ger . For sound purpose, verbs ending in -ger add the letter « e » after the stem letter « g » with endings in « -a » or « -o ».