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12 Best Small Travel Trailers for a Family of 4

Small Travel Trailer

Small travel trailers come in all different shapes, sizes, and configurations.

But if you’re looking for a small travel trailer that can fit a family of four , this is not always an easy task.

As many small campers are not designed or set up for a family of four to comfortably live and sleep inside the trailer. 

So we did a ton of research and created this list of the best small travel trailers for a family of 4 .

To showcase some of the best options, if you’re looking for a small travel trailer designed for families .  

Best Small Travel Trailers for Family of 4 (Least to Most Expensive)

1. braxton creek bushwhacker plus 17fd, quick specs.

  • Average Cost :  $14,000
  • Length :  18 Feet
  • Dry Weight :  2,240 Pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity :  4
  • Bathroom :  2-Piece Wet Bath
  • Slide Outs :  None

Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 17FD Floorplan

One of the smallest and cheapest small traveler trailers on the market for a family of four is the Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 17FD .

Making the trailer perfect for first-time RVers or anyone shopping for a new RV on a budget that still needs to sleep four.

While you’re not going to find too many bells and whistles on this basic small trailer, you do have everything you need for a weekend camping trip with the family .

Including such amenities as a kitchen with a two-burner propane cooktop, sink, and mini-fridge, as well as a small wet bath, a convertible dinette booth, and a rear queen bed.  

Why It’s Great for a Family of 4

  • Can sleep four campers at a time with two separate sleeping areas. 
  • Has a four-person dinette booth so the whole family can sit down to enjoy a meal together.
  • Offers a well-equipped kitchen making meal prep and cooking for the family easy.
To see other cheap campers, check out our blog post “ Top 10 Budget Travel Trailers Under 20K (With Video) “.

2. Scamp 13 Standard Trailer

  • Average Cost :  $17,000
  • Length :  13 Feet
  • Dry Weight :  1,200 or 1,500 Pounds (Depending on Floorplan)
  • Bathroom :  3-Piece Wet Bath (Optional)

Scamp 13 Trailer Standard Layout 1

One of my personal favorites when it comes to small travel trailers is the Scamp 13 Standard Trailer because of its super short length, lightweight design, and affordable price point.  

But there’s a catch if you want this trailer to sleep four, as you have to option the trailer without a bathroom.

This is because the front of the 13-Foot Scamp Trailer can either be optioned with a convertible sofa that converts into bunk beds or a wet bath. 

13 Foot Scamp Trailer Interior

But if you choose the wet bath, the only place to sleep in this small camper is the convertible dinette booth that can only sleep two.

If you can camp without a bathroom though, you won’t find a smaller or lighter travel trailer that can actually sleep four campers at a time.  

  • Equipped with a convertible four-person dinette booth, providing a great space for mealtime or family activities like board games.  
  • Front bunk beds make a great place for two kids to sleep.
  • Versatile interior, allowing you to set the trailer up to best suit your family’s needs.  

3. Jayco Jay Flight SLX 174BH

  • Average Cost :  $18,000
  • Length :  21 Feet 8 Inches
  • Dry Weight :  3,145 Pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity :  5
  • Bathroom :  2-Piece Dry Bath

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 174BH Floorplan

The Jayco Jay Flight SLX 174BH is one of the cheapest bunkhouse travel trailers you can buy.  

Making it ideal for families of four, as this camper offers rear bunk beds, a small convertible dinette booth, and a front RV queen bed .

Providing not only a five-person sleeping capacity but also four separate sleeping areas.

And with an average price of only $18,000, this little travel trailer makes a great camper for a family of 4 shopping on a budget.  

  • Can sleep five campers at a time with four separate sleeping areas. 
  • Equipped with bunk beds, which are great for kids.
  • Lots of overhead cabinets provide plenty of storage space.
  • The bathroom offers a tub/shower combo, which is great for smaller kids.  

4. Coachmen Clipper 17CBH

  • Average Cost :  $18,500
  • Length :  20 Feet 5 Inches
  • Dry Weight :  2 ,840 Pounds

Coachmen Clipper 17CBH Floorplan

The Coachmen Clipper 17BH has a very similar floor plan and price compared to the above Jayco Jay Flight SLX 174BH, which is nice.

As it allows you to choose either the Coachmen or Jayco version of the camper, based on their design and individual features.

Plus, like the Jay Flight , this popular Clipper has the ability to comfortably sleep up to five campers at a time , thanks to its front queen bed, convertible dinette, and rear bunk beds .

In addition, Coachmen also included several upgrades not typically found on entry-level trailers, including certified green construction, extra soft teddy bear bunk mats, and a standard 12-foot power awning with LED lighting.   

  • Can comfortably sleep five campers at a time.
  • Has four separate sleeping spaces, allowing for a wide range of sleeping options.
  • Equipped with bunk beds that are great for kids.
  • Offers a built-in four-person dinette booth providing a very flexible space for the whole family to hang out together.  
  • Plenty of overhead cabinets provide a lot of storage capacity.

5. Keystone Bullet Crossfire 1900RD

  • Average Cost :  $25,000
  • Length :  21 Feet 11 Inches
  • Dry Weight :  3,892 Pounds
  • Bathroom :  3-Piece Dry Bath

Keystone Bullet Crossfire 1900RD Floorplan

When you’re ready to move beyond the basic entry-level small travel trailer, a great option to consider is the Keystone Bullet Crossfire 1900RD .

As this compact trailer has a full exterior fiberglass body, as well as many features throughout that, give it an upgraded premium feel .

Including such features as multiple large windows, a full three-piece dry bath, a large U-shaped convertible dinette, and an upgraded and modern interior. 

And as is the case with all campers on this list, this small travel trailer is also great for a family of four.

As the camper can comfortably sleep four campers at a time, thanks to a front queen bed and a large U-shaped dinette booth in the rear . 

Keystone also did a nice job on the interior cabinetry and finishes on this trailer as well, which really gives it a fresh and modern feel. 

  • Has sleeping space for four campers at a time.
  • Offers a well-equipped kitchen with a full-size refrigerator making food storage, prep, and cooking a breeze.  
  • Equipped with a separate 3-piece dry bath making getting ready for the day much easier.  
  • The bathroom has a tub/shower combo, which is great for smaller kids.  

6. KZ RV Escape E17 Hatch

  • Average Cost : $27,000
  • Length : 22 Feet
  • Dry Weight : 3,320 Pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity : 4
  • Bathroom : 2-Piece Dry Bath
  • Slide Outs : None

KZ Escape E17 Hatch Floorplan

The KZ RV Escape E17 Hatch is like no other camper on this list.

Thanks to the trailer’s unique hybrid toy hauler/travel trailer design, which features a large rear flip-up hatch and a versatile open cargo area.

Allowing the trailer to act as both a standard travel trailer as well a toy hauler .

Which makes this camper super popular with RVers that enjoy outdoor activities and sports, such as fishing, biking, kayaking, etc…

KZ Escape E17 Hatch Rear Garage

Just because this camper from KZ RV offers toy hauler capability though doesn’t mean it lacks the usual travel trailer creature comforts.

As the Escape E17 Hatch has all the standard RV amenities.

Including a four-person sleeping capacity, a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, and a convertible fold-up dinette booth.

  • Offers a built-in four-person dinette booth that provides flex space for the whole family to hang out together.  
  • Toy hauler design provides unmatched storage capacity.
  • Has a well-appointed kitchen, making prepping and cooking meals a breeze.

7. Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G20BHS

  • Average Cost :  $27,500
  • Length :  21 Feet 2 Inches
  • Dry Weight :  3,547 Pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity :  6
  • Bathroom :  Hybrid 3-Piece Wet/Dry Bath
  • Slide Outs :  1

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G20BHS Floorplan

A popular small travel trailer that’s great for families is the Rockwood Geo Pro by Forest River.

And they released a new trim level in 2021 called the Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G20BHS , featured here, which is absolutely perfect for families or anyone that needs a lot of sleeping capacity .  

As this roomy travel trailer has a front full bed, a large convertible dinette booth, and rear bunk beds.

Giving this small camper the ability to sleep six campers at a time, which is pretty amazing, considering this trailer is only 21 feet long.  

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G20BHS Interior

And thanks to the trailer’s slide-out, the inside of the camper has a roomy feel inside, allowing four people to comfortably move around without bumping into each other.

  • Can sleep up to 6 campers at a time.
  • Has four separate sleeping spaces allowing for a wide range of sleeping options.  
  • Built-in bunk beds are great for kids.
  • Slide-out provides more interior space for people to move around inside the trailer.
  • Has a large dinette booth that provides nice flex space for eating and entertainment.  

8. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E16BH

  • Average Cost :  $28,000
  • Length :  18 Feet 6 Inches
  • Dry Weight :  3,280 Pounds

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E16BH Floorplan

If you liked the above Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G20BHS but looking for a smaller lighter bunkhouse option, you might want to check out the Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E16BH .

As this Flagstaff E-Pro, which is the sister RV to the Rockwood Geo Pro, offers a bunkhouse floorplan and is over 2 feet shorter and 200 pounds lighter.

Making it one of the smallest bunkhouse campers available, and ideal for less capable tow vehicles, such as SUVs and small trucks .

Despite the trailer’s smaller size though, it still feels surprisingly spacious inside, thanks to its kitchen slide-out, which helps to open up the interior.

At just under $30,000, this small bunkhouse trailer doesn’t come cheap though, as it actually costs more than the larger Rockwood Geo Pro from above, due to its desirability and scarcity.

  • Can sleep up to 4 campers at a time.
  • Offers a large U-shaped dinette booth that provides a great place for the whole family to hang out. 
  • Equipped with a full 3-piece dry bath, providing plenty of room for everyone to get ready in the morning.  
  • Ample overhead cabinets provide lots of storage options.
To see other campers under $30K, check out our blog post “ Top 10 Travel Trailers Under $30,000 (With Pricing & Video) “.

9. Winnebago Micro Minnie 2100BH

  • Average Cost :  $30,000
  • Dry Weight :  4,088 Pounds

Winnebago Micro Minnie 2100BH Floorplan

The Winnebago Micro Minnie 2100BH is the first true four-season trailer on this list.

As the trailer can be optioned with an all-weather insulation package, heated tanks, and a heated/enclosed underbelly .

Allowing you to camp year-round with this family-friendly travel trailer.  

This compact travel trailer by Winnebago also has many upgrades as well, including a double axle , power tongue jack, powered 13-foot awning, dual propane tanks, and an available off-road package.  

Winnebago Micro Minnie 2100BH Bunk Beds

Another nice feature of the Micro Minnie 2100BH is that it includes what Winnebago refers to as an exterior pack-N-play, which is a rear access door that allows you to use the lower bunk as cargo space while traveling .  

And of course, this small travel trailer also makes a great camper for four.

Thanks to the trailer’s five-person sleeping capacity that includes a front full bed, convertible dinette booth, and rear bunk beds. 

  • Can sleep up to 5 campers at a time.
  • Four separate sleeping spaces allow for multiple sleeping arrangements.
  • Slide-out provides extra interior space and a more open floor plan for easier movement inside the trailer.

10. Lance 1685

  • Average Cost :  $ 5 0,000
  • Length :  21 Feet 5 Inches
  • Dry Weight :  4,690 Pounds

Lance 1685 Floorplan

While there’s nothing cheap about Lance travel trailers, as this Lance 1685 is definitely towards the top of the small travel trailer price range , when it comes to quality and craftsmanship it’s hard to beat a Lance. 

As Lance makes some of the most well-built and high-end travel trailers on the market today .

What Lance trailers are best known for though is their four-season capability , which is second to none in the RV industry.  

This is because Lance includes a wide array of cold-weather and four-season features on their trailers to handle not only the coldest days of winter but also the hottest days of summer.

There’s more to Lance trailers though than just their four-season capability.

As Lance trailers are also some of the most well-appointed and feature-rich small travel trailers on the road today as well.

As they offer all-aluminum framing, Azdel walls , ducted heat, high-end cabinetry with accent lighting, and upgraded appliances. 

  • The large U-shaped dinette provides a great place for the whole family to eat and play games together.  
  • Equipped with larger holding tanks, including a 45-gallon fresh, grey, and black tank, allowing a family of four to boondock for longer.

11. Airstream Basecamp 20X

  • Average Cost : $58,000
  • Length : 20 Feet 2 Inches
  • Dry Weight : 3,500 Pounds
  • Bathroom : 2-Piece Wet Bath

Airstream Basecamp 20X Floorplan

If you need a four-person sleeping capacity and like adventure and getting off the beaten path, one of the best options out there is the Airstream Basecamp 20X .

As this compact Airstream Basecamp makes the perfect adventure trailer .

Thanks to numerous off-grid and off-road features, including a 300W roof-mounted solar package, good-size holding tanks, an enclosed/insulated heated underbelly, 12V tank heaters, a 3-inch lift kit, Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain tires, and stainless steel front stone guards.

Airstream Basecamp 20X Interior

Just because this trailer is built for adventure though doesn’t mean it lacks RV comfort and convenience features.

As the camper offers a wide range of amenities, such as two convertible dinette booths, a fully functional kitchen, a self-contained wet bath, a four-person sleeping capacity, and plenty of flexible storage.

  • Front and rear convertible dinettes provide flexible space for the family to spread out inside the camper.
  • Offers a well-appointed kitchen, making prepping and cooking meals a breeze.

12. Airstream Bambi 19CB

  • Average Cost :  $65,000
  • Length :  19 Feet 1 Inch
  • Dry Weight :  3,650 Pounds

Airstream Bambi 19CB Floorplan

While Airstream trailers come with a hefty price tag, there is no other small camper on the market that is more iconic than the classic Airstream travel trailer.  

And one of the most popular Airstream travel trailers is the small Airstream Bambi , which includes four different floorplans and trailer lengths, ranging from 16 to 22 feet.

However, the Bambi we’re focussed on here is the Airstream Bambi 19CB , which is the smallest Bambi that can still accommodate a family of four . 

This small travel trailer from Airstream is perfect for a family of four, thanks to its sizeable rear bed and front dinette booth that can be converted into additional sleeping space for kids.

In addition, this well-equipped small trailer also has a full three-piece dry bath and a nicely appointed kitchen as well.

  • Equipped with a full three-piece dry bath providing plenty of room for everyone to get ready in the morning.  
  • Offers a large front dinette booth that provides an excellent place for the whole family to hang out together. 


Scamp Trailer

Finding a small travel trailer for a family of four is no easy task, due to the size constraints of small campers.

However, we hope we’ve shown you what’s possible by highlighting 12 of the most popular options.

As these compact four-person trailers offer a level of comfort and convenience that’s hard to find in small trailers.

And because we ranked them from least to most expensive, it’s easy to find the best options for your family as well as your budget.

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight simple option or a luxurious feature-packed option.

Remember though, the best small travel trailer is the one that aligns not only with your budget but also your needs.

So take your time, do your research, and make sure to visit your local RV dealerships to see these trailers in person.

To find the perfect match for your family.

Regardless of which camper you choose though, you can be sure that investing in a small travel trailer will allow your family to create lasting memories, explore new destinations, and embark on unforgettable adventures together for years to come.

Happy travels!

If you’re new to RVing, then you have to check out our blog post “ 20 Important Beginner RV Tips No One Tells You “.

Jason is an avid lover of RVs and the RV lifestyle. He is both a writer and editor for RV Owner HQ and has been RVing and camping for over 20 years.

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11 ultra-lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds

' src=

482 shares Share Pin Email Twitter If you think you need a heavy-duty truck to tow the travel trailer of your dreams, think again. More…

Couple sits outside their ultra lightweight travel trailer under 2000lbs.

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11 ultralight travel trailers

If you think you need a heavy-duty truck to tow the travel trailer of your dreams, think again.

More travelers than ever are looking to minimize their footprint and maximize their versatility, and manufacturers are jumping to meet their demand.

The market is now flooded with ultra-lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds that manage to stretch a ton of living space out of incredibly lightweight frames.

Imagine the possibilities. Suddenly, almost any car with a hitch—even some sedans—can seamlessly convert into a weekend adventurer.

Sounds pretty perfect, right?

But with so many options, it can be tough to know where to begin. We’ve rounded up 11 of our favorite campers under 2,000 pounds to help you get started.

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Table of Contents

The Best Ultra-Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 2,000 Pounds

Jayco hummingbird.

The Jayco Hummingbird starts our list for ultra lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds.

Amazing space-to-weight ratio

Weight : 1,545 – 3,015 pounds Length: 13 – 20 feet Starting at: $13,503 MSRP

Jayco does an incredible job of maximizing living space at an incredibly low weight range with their Hummingbird campers.

These ultra-lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds are available in five different floor plans, fewer options than they’ve released in previous years.

While you’ll still find an incredible range in their five 2020 options, looking at used models from previous years can open up even more possibilities if you’re looking for campers under 2,000 pounds.

The larger floor plans are a bit over our 2,000lbs cap but they’re absolutely worth mentioning. Slide-outs are notoriously heavy, yet, Jayco manages three floor plans with large pop-outs all under ~3,000lbs.

The extra space allows Jayco to offer full dry baths , dedicated sleeping areas, large living rooms, and spacious kitchens.

It’s honestly hard to imagine how Jayco fits all that into an ultra-lightweight camper. If you’re looking for all the creature comforts of full-size campers at an ultra light weight, the Jayco Hummingbird really hits it out of the park.

Learn more about the Jayco Hummingbird.


  • Tons of living space
  • Range of interior options
  • Optional pop-outs
  • More features = more weight
  • Limited 2020 floor plans

Happier Camper – a customizable camper under 2,000 pounds

The Happier Camper setup on a beach rocking those retro vibes is one of many easy travel trailers under 2,000 pounds you can tow

Fully customizable interior

Length: 13 feet Dry weight: 1,100 pounds Starting at: $24,950 MSRP

The Happier Camper has grown an almost cult-like following in recent years. Just look to Instagram to see how popular and loved these campers are.

The iconic silhouette gives off some major vintage vibes, and it’s easy to see how they quickly gained attention on image-first platforms.

When it comes to the interior, you’re only limited by your imagination.

And that’s just the start.

Happier Camper’s innovative Adaptiv™ technology makes this ultra-lightweight travel trailer under 2,000 pounds infinitely customizable. You can choose between several modular furniture pieces to create your own unique layout.

Fitting together like lego bricks, the modules can easily be rearranged, repurposed, and even taken out of the camper to be used outside. Being able to turn the outdoors into usable living space is a huge benefit for such a small camper.

You can even turn the Happy Camper into a small camper with a bathroom!

Learn more about the Happier Camper.

  • Modular, customizable layout
  • Striking, curved silhouette
  • 100% fiberglass double hull shell
  • Social media star
  • Limited length, no longer options available

Aliner Ascape – an ultra-lightweight travel trailer under 2,000 pounds with an aerodynamic profile

The aerodynamic, Aliner Ascape, 2,000 pound camper.

Dry weight: 1,500 – 1,750 pounds Length: 13 feet Aerodynamic profile

The Aliner Ascape tends to be a polarizing camper under 2,000 pounds. The teardrop shape allows for optimal aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, something touted by fans. While the shape is a great feature for some, the aesthetics make it a miss for others.

If you appreciate the fuel savings and efficiency of the teardrop shape, the Aliner Ascape is one of the best travel trailers under 2,000 pounds available.

There are three versions of the Ascape, all with similar layouts. While that might feel limiting for people looking to customize their space, the tried and tested layout is ideal for most campers.

Featuring a wet bath, a standard kitchenette, and a large dinette seating area, they’ve tailored this unit to exactly what they know their customers want most.

Learn more about the Aliner Ascape.

  • Fuel efficient
  • Dropped floor for extra headroom
  • Limited layout options
  • Slightly awkward living space

Renting a travel trailer before you buy is a great way to test one out! Outdoorsy is like the Airbnb of RV rentals, where you rent a travel trailer by owner. Use the coupon code WAYWARDHOME  to get $50 off any rental with Outdoorsy.

Rent a Travel Trailer! [$50 Off]

Taxa Tiger Moth

The Tiger Moth is a rugged 2,000lbs camper shown towed by a small SUV

Dry weight: 1,360 pounds Length: 12 feet Rugged design Sleeps up to 4 adults

Taxa designed the Tiger Moth to tackle the most rugged of adventures. If you’re looking to hit the dirt road in a 2,000 lb off-road camper, tackle some serious inclines, or travel remote and off the grid, the Tiger Moth is exactly what you’re looking for.

This travel trailer completely re-imagines what campers under 2,000lbs can be.

Revolutionary hatches and doors open and unfold to create living space seemingly out of thin air. A pull out kitchen and awning provide a totally functional and scenic cooking space.

The huge side hatch opens the camper’s living space to allow immersion with the nature around you, a huge plus for people looking to get up close with the outdoors. Optional mosquito netting and screen doors can create the ideal balance between the two.

The actual interior space of this unit is mostly dedicated to sleeping, living, and storage. There is also an option to add a rooftop tent, converting this from a 2-person to 4-person sleeper.

For such a small profile and weight, comfortably sleeping 4 adults is a pretty huge feat.

Learn more about the Tiger Moth.

  • Ultra-rugged exterior
  • Maximized usable outdoor space
  • Large skylight
  • Small interior living space

Scamp 13’ Travel Trailer

The Scamp manages to fit all the needed amenities in a 2,000 pound camper.

All Scamp campers are designed to be lightweight and easily towed. Their aerodynamic, vintage exteriors have shot them up the ranks of popularity.

The 13’ camper, the smallest of their fleet, somehow fits their most-loved features into a tiny frame, making it one of the best ultra lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds.

The two main layouts are mostly the same, with a kitchenette, a closet, and a large convertible dinette/sleeping area. The layouts differ with the buyers choice between a wet bath or a couch that converts into single bunk beds.

Overall, the Scamp is a great 2,000 lb camper for travelers wanting a classic camper at a slightly smaller scale.

Learn more about the Scamp trailer.

  • Vintage, stylish exterior
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Slightly outdated interior design

Roulette Travel Trailers – one of many ultra-lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds you can tow with a car

Even a small car can tow this ultra-light weight travel trailer under 2,000 pounds

Roulette offers ultra-lightweight travel trailers in an astounding range of weights and sizes. Their smallest trailer weighs just 590lbs.

No, that’s not a typo, it really weighs less than 600lbs. That means virtually any car with a tow hitch can pull it.

The smaller models are pretty bare bones, offering a simple sofa bed that converts into a table and couch for daytime use. While that might be a bit too minimalist for most people’s needs, they do offer 15 different sizes and floor plans. You can select exactly the amount of space and amenities you need.

As you go up in size, Roulette adds various features like full baths, large kitchenettes, dual sleeping areas, and even private bedrooms. With so many options, it’ll be hard not to find a Roulette Prolite trailer that’s pretty perfect for you.

Learn more about Roulette Travel Trailers.

  • Tons of usable living space
  • Sleek, modern interior

Armadillo Trailers

The Armadillo gleaming in the sun, embraces a lot of retro in a lightweight package.

Armadillo strives to revitalize classic rounded campers with modern amenities and forward-thinking designs.

The molds that build the Armadillo fleet are actually the same molds that produced legendary trailers like the Boler and L’il Bigfoot. Combining a beloved exterior with state-of-the-art interior features created some pretty great campers under 2,000 pounds.

The Armadillo trailers come in four floor plans, all offering an incredible amount of living space for a 2000 lb camper. Their newest layout features a triple bunk, offering enough space for even a growing family to comfortably sleep.

The style of the Armadillo is also hard to miss. The sleek box steel framing, wraparound LED lights, and retro-yet-futuristic round windows make this a camper that won’t fade into the background.

Learn more about Armadillo Trailers.

  • Rounded metal exterior
  • Marine-grade construction quality
  • Limited floorplan options

Travel Lite F-14

F Lite Travel Trailer Under 2,000 pounds

Length: 13’ 5” to 18’ 2”  Dry weight: 1,692 to 2,176 pounds

Travel Lite may have performed a few magic tricks to fit so much living space into a lightweight trailer under 2,000 pounds because their F-lite line almost feels too good to be true. The interiors are updated with sleek furnishings and LED lighting for a modern look.

Even the smallest, F-14 model includes a spacious kitchenette, convertible dining area, wet bath, skylight, storage, and more.

Adding a few extra feet with one of the larger models gives you the space for either a large dry bath or a separate dedicated sleeping area. With an extra sleeping space or bunk bed, this small camper can comfortably sleep an entire family.

When it comes to travel trailers under 2,000 pounds, being able to sleep 4+ is a pretty incredible feat.

Learn more about the F Lite.

  • Stylish LED lights throughout

The Meerkat

The Meerkat offers a unique, round, pop-up piece to allow head room in main living area.

The Meerkat camper under 2,000 pounds is one of a kind. Featuring a totally unique, round pop-up top, this trailer has some serious personality.

The tower isn’t just for looks, the extra headspace in the living/cooking area provides stand-up headroom for just about any height traveler.

To help maximize your outside space, The Meerkat comes with an attachable awning room that extends off the front door, essentially doubling your living space.

If you add the awning room, The Meerkat boasts an impressive footprint for such a lightweight trailer.

Learn more about the Meerkat.

  • Stand-up headroom
  • Fits in a standard garage 
  • Attachable screened-in room
  • Only one floorplan available

Classic Timberleaf Teardrop – retro-inspired travel trailer under 2,000 pounds

The Classic Teardrop camper is pulled by a Sudan in front of a mountains.

The Classic Teardrop by Timberleaf is a small cabin travel trailer perfect for weekend adventures under the stars. With the largest skylights of any teardrop camper available, the interior cabin feels open and spacious even when safely closed off from the outdoors.

The exterior rear galley is filled with retro-inspired styling details like aluminum edging and leather handles to bring rustic charm to your cook space.

The Classic Teardrop does not have a bath or shower option, so this trailer is better suited for short-term or weekend trips.

But with an aerodynamic, teardrop shape, this 2,000 lb camper can go just about anywhere you want to take it without draining your fuel efficiency along the way.

Learn more about the Timberleaf.

  • Sleek, teardrop shape
  • Retro-inspired details
  • No bath or shower option

Forest River E Pro

The E-Pro, weighing under 2,000 pounds doesn't take up much room in the driveway.

Forest River’s E-Pro line of travel trailers under 2,000 pounds was designed specifically for people without heavy-duty towing trucks.

With over 15 different floor plans and lengths, they offer a lightweight version of about every type of camper you could want. While above our 2,000lbs threshold, there are toy hauler E-Pro models, perfect for people looking to take some serious gear along with them.

Forest River also prides itself on offering more standard features than its competition. That means every E-Pro camper comes with convenient features like a WIFI booster and a roof-mounted solar system.

Looking through their many, many floor plan options, you’ll notice a huge range of functionality. These floor plans aren’t small tweaks upon one main layout, they’re each completely unique spaces, each totally rethought and structured.

Whether you want a huge entertaining space, a cozy, private bedroom, or a space maximizing bunkhouse, you’ll find an E-Pro perfect for your needs.

Learn more about the E Pro.

  • Huge range of layout options
  • Luxury features included standard

Chalet – the LTW

The Chalet LTW is a 2,000 pound A-frame, pop-up camper.

Base weight: 990 pounds Length: 12’ 9” A-frame with pop-ups

The LTW is Chalet’s smallest and most lightweight A-frame, pop-up camper under 2,000 pounds. If you’re not familiar with A-frame trailers , they have a few unique benefits.

Chalet’s campers peak at 8 ft of head space, offering more vertical room than most comparable trailers could provide. And with the hard-sided dormer pop-outs, even tiny layouts can expand and maximize once you’re set up at camp.

Unlike most soft-sided pop-outs, Chalet’s hard dormers offer more protection from the elements, eliminated drying time, and freedom from campsite restrictions on soft-sided tents.

The closed A-frame structure is also great for aerodynamic towing and can help keep your fuel costs down. The further you plan on driving your trailer, the more gas savings you’ll eventually see.

After three decades of learning and improving upon their designs, Chalet has truly mastered the technology of pop-up campers, and the LTW can be set up or taken down in less than 30 seconds. If that doesn’t impress you much, try setting up camp in the pouring rain and then we’ll talk.

A 30 second setup time is a huge benefit, especially if you plan to move camp often.

Learn more about the Chalet.

  • 30-second setup time
  • Collapsable, aerodynamic profile

Q&A about the best ultra lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds

What size travel trailer can i tow.

The maximum weight you can tow depends on a couple of factors. First, you’ll need to know your car’s GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating), and GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating).

Make sure your vehicle can safely tow your travel trailer’s weight and ensure that the load on any axle of the towing vehicle doesn’t exceed the GAWR.

It’s important to remember the difference between dry weights, wet weights, and loaded weights. The dry weight of your trailer doesn’t include any liquid in the tanks or gear in the storage. Consider the weight of everything inside your trailer in addition to the trailer itself. 

Is it difficult to tow travel trailers under 2,000 pounds?

Surprisingly, no. One of the reasons smaller trailers are rising in popularity is their drivability and maneuverability. As long as your vehicle is rated to tow the weight of the trailer you’re towing, it really shouldn’t be very difficult to tow at all. Some aspects, like reversing, are a bit more difficult to master but are also not needed in most day-to-day travels. 

How fast should you tow a travel trailer?

Even ultra lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds should be towed with some level of caution. Many manufacturers recommend not towing anything beyond 60mph, with most people recommending a cruising range of 55-65mph.

Never go faster than you feel comfortable, but be aware of your surroundings and never drive slower than is safe for the road you’re on. 

How to avoid trailer sway?

Make sure you have sufficient hitch weight. If your hitch weight is less than 10% of your total travel trailer weight, you’ll need to move some weight around. One option is to move heavier gear toward the front of the trailer, or you could empty your holding tanks to lower the overall tow weight. 

Conclusion on ultra-lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds

Hopefully, this article has shown you the potential of your small tow capacity vehicle. Even at under 2,000 pounds, there are some amazing travel trailers on the market waiting to take you on your next adventure.

Whether you’re just looking for a covered bed to sleep in at night or a full-scale kitchen and dry bath setup, there’s a tiny home on wheels that offers everything you need and more. Happy camping!

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' src=

Kristin Hanes is a former radio news journalist turned publisher of The Wayward Home website and podcast. Kristin has lived in a Prius and a Chevy Astro van, and now splits her time between a 2021 DIY Sprinter van and a sailboat. Email her: [email protected]

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Your article “11ultra lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds” was very interesting. The 2000 lbs, are you using Dry Weight or GVWR? I have a Grand Caravan and my max GVWR is 3600 lbs. Jim

Why did you not mention the Trailmarker trailer made in NY state ? It’s under 2000 lbs and has a queen size bed and a 6 foot interior height, with LITERALLY tons of storage. Not to mention that they are built like tanks, in a good way, they will last your lifetime. You can’t go wrong.

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North Trail

No matter which direction or camping spot you’re headed, the spacious and innovative, North Trail ultra-lite weight travel trailers get you there with ease. With the North Trail RV's open concept and oversize windows, there’s room enough for the whole family. The EZ Sweep carpet free slide room makes cleaning a snap. And the all new Super King Kong sized storage space holds everything an active family needs.

ultra light travel trailer sleeps 4

Starting At

  • MSRP $38,701
  • Length 22' 1/2"
  • Weight 4,534 lbs

Secure Ride Equipped

Wide Traxx Suspension, Galvanized wheel wells, and Dexter Axles

Weather Defense Package

2" Azdel Composite sidewalls with block foam insulation, 4" thick vacuum bonded roof with lifetime warranty and heated underbelly.

Super King Kong Storage

Pass-through storage compartment (67.5 cu. ft.. of storage space). Fifth Wheel sized storage in a Travel Trailer.

Prepped for anything

TPMS prepped, slide-out topper prepped, solar prep with the option to upgrade, backup camera prepped, WiFi prepped, and rear ladder prepped.

Air Fryer Range

A welcome addition to your kitchen, this refined appliance is full of features seen in the finest residential ranges. Air fries food to perfection, duel fuel meaning it comes with a gas cooktop while the 120V electric element in the air fryer over eliminates hot/cold spots.

North Trail Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer Videos

27bhg walkthrough, king kong storage, 21rbss - walkthrough, 28rkds - walkthrough, 22fbs - walkthrough, 24bhs - walkthrough, 29bhp - walkthrough, 33bkss - walkthrough, 23rbs - walkthrough, 33rets - walkthrough, north trail 26fkds, north trail 29flr travel trailer walk-through, what is north trail, inside the heartland north trail rv - product features, north trail 25rbp travel trailer walk-through, heartland rv presents: north trail factory tour, “we looked for a few months, at multiples brands, just trying to balance our price range and functionality. heartland matched our needs with both the price point and the separate bunk room we were looking for for our family. ”.


New Travel Trailer Models for 2023

North trail in the wild.

Hit the trail in a spacious RV designed to accommodate the whole family—including the dog. With an open concept and oversize windows, you will be able to enjoy your stay away from home.


Most popular north trail floor plans.

North Trail 21RBSS Floorplan

Help Me Find My RV

Floor Plans are adapted by region. Learn which region your state falls in. Find My Region

North Trail Floor Plans

North Trail 22FBS Floorplan

Take a virtual tour.

Please select a floor plan to tour.

North Trail 21RBSS Virtual Tour

Explore the North Trail Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer Gallery

ultra light travel trailer sleeps 4

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Lance Camper

Lance Travel Trailers

The highest quality and most innovative ultra-light travel trailers.

Lance 1475 floorplan

1475 Travel Trailer

5000+ lbs. tow vehicles.

Lance 1475 Travel Trailer 360 View

1575 Travel Trailer

Lance 1575 Travel Trailer 360 View

1685 Travel Trailer

7000+ lbs. tow vehicles.

Lance 1685 Travel Trailer 360 View

1875 Travel Trailer

Lance 1875 Travel Trailer 360 View

1985 Travel Trailer

Lance 1985 Travel Trailer 360 View

1995 Travel Trailer

Lance 1995 Travel Trailer 360 View

2075 Travel Trailer

Lance 2075 Travel Trailer 360 View

2185 Travel Trailer

9000+ lbs. tow vehicles.

Lance 2185 Travel Trailer 360 View

2285 Travel Trailer

Lance 2285 Travel Trailer 360 View

2375 Travel Trailer

Lance 2375 Travel Trailer 360 View

2445 Travel Trailer

Lance 2445 Travel Trailer 360 View

2465 Travel Trailer

Lance 2465 Travel Trailer 360 View

Compare Models

RV Magazine's Readers Choice Awards

RV Magazine's Readers Choice Award Small Camping Trailer & Travel Trailer

RV Pro Best of Show

RV Pro Best of Show

RV Business Top Debut

RV Business Top Debut

Lance 2375 Brings Home The Hardware!

2375 Brings Home The Hardware! In addition to striking Gold (Truck Camper Line Up) & Silver (Travel Trailers Line Up) with Trailer Life's "Readers Choice" awards earlier this year, the Lance 2375 Travel Trailer was named "Best of Show" in the 2016 Recreational Vehicle Industry Association's National RV Trade Show in Louisville, KY last month and a "2017 Top Debut" from RV Business magazine. Since its inception in 2012, a Lance model has been named as a "Best of Show" by RV Pro five times while making RV Business "Top Debut" honor roll.

Lance at a Glance

2465 travel trailer 360, lance camper factory tour.

Lance Camper Factory Tour

A behind the scenes look at what is "The Lance Difference!" Take a plant tour of Lance Camper Manufacturing Corporation, makers of class leading Travel Trailers & Truck Campers.

* Match your travel trailer and tow vehicle correctly. See your dealer for assistance. CLICK HERE to read the disclaimers in the travel trailers section of the Warranty page.

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Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite Travel Trailer RVs For Sale

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The easy-to-tow Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite travel trailers offer larger floorplans with "glamping" amenities! The beautifully painted full fiberglass front cap with KeyShield will turn heads down the highway, and the solid surface countertops and the Hyper Deck high-performance water-resistant RV flooring will be the talk of the campground.

The dream dinette available on select models is designed for more comfort while staying sturdy and easy to operate with no pedestals so you can stretch your legs. Other models offer a spacious U-shaped dinette or a wall mounted table and four chairs. You won't have to deal with the hassle of manual crank jacks thanks to the power stabilizer jacks which can be set up with just a push of a button. The Norco HSLA steel/automotive deposition coated frame is assembled with huck bolts for a sturdy unit that will hold up for years to come.

The Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite travel trailers are luxuriously lightweight and ready for your next great adventure!

  • Floorplans (12)

Premier Ultra Lite 25RKPR

Premier Ultra Lite 25RKPR Floorplan Image

Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite 25RKPR travel trailer highlights: Rear Kitchen ... more about Premier Ultra Lite 25RKPR

Featured 25RKPR

ultra light travel trailer sleeps 4

  • Location: Brainerd, MN
  • Stock #: 619-23A
  • MSRP: $36,999.00
  • Sale Price $35,488.00


Similar floorplans, premier ultra lite 26rbpr.

Premier Ultra Lite 26RBPR Floorplan Image

>Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite 26RBPR travel trailer highlights: Kitchen Island ... more about Premier Ultra Lite 26RBPR

Featured 26RBPR

ultra light travel trailer sleeps 4

  • Color: Steel
  • Location: St. Cloud, MN
  • Stock #: 60-22
  • MSRP: $57,075.00
  • Sale Price $34,425.00

ultra light travel trailer sleeps 4

  • Color: Ashland
  • Location: Ramsey, MN
  • Stock #: 56-22
  • MSRP: $56,812.00
  • Sale Price $33,905.00

Premier Ultra Lite 30RIPR

Premier Ultra Lite 30RIPR Floorplan Image

Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite 30RIPR travel trailer highlights: Kitchen Island ... more about Premier Ultra Lite 30RIPR

Featured 30RIPR

ultra light travel trailer sleeps 4

  • Color: Flagstone
  • Stock #: 486-22A
  • MSRP: $35,999.00
  • Sale Price $34,788.00

Premier Ultra Lite 19FBPR

Premier Ultra Lite 19FBPR Floorplan Image

Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite 19FBPR travel trailer highlights: Full Rear ... more about Premier Ultra Lite 19FBPR

Have a question about this floorplan? Contact Us

Premier Ultra Lite 23RBPR

Premier Ultra Lite 23RBPR Floorplan Image

Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite 23RBPR travel trailer highlights: Walk-In Shower ... more about Premier Ultra Lite 23RBPR

Premier Ultra Lite 25FKPR

Premier Ultra Lite 25FKPR Floorplan Image

Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite 25FKPR travel trailer highlights: Front Kitchen ... more about Premier Ultra Lite 25FKPR

Premier Ultra Lite 29BHPR

Premier Ultra Lite 29BHPR Floorplan Image

Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite 29BHPR travel trailer highlights: Bunk Beds ... more about Premier Ultra Lite 29BHPR

Premier Ultra Lite 29RKPR

Premier Ultra Lite 29RKPR Floorplan Image

Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite 29RKPR travel trailer highlights: Rear Kitchen ... more about Premier Ultra Lite 29RKPR

Premier Ultra Lite 31REPR

Premier Ultra Lite 31REPR Floorplan Image

Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite 31REPR travel trailer highlights: King Bed Slide ... more about Premier Ultra Lite 31REPR

Premier Ultra Lite 33BKPR

Premier Ultra Lite 33BKPR Floorplan Image

Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite 233BKPR travel trailer highlights: Bath and a ... more about Premier Ultra Lite 33BKPR

Premier Ultra Lite 34BIPR

Premier Ultra Lite 34BIPR Floorplan Image

Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite 34BIPR travel trailer highlights: Rear Private ... more about Premier Ultra Lite 34BIPR

Premier Ultra Lite 34RIPR

Premier Ultra Lite 34RIPR Floorplan Image

Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite 34RIPR travel trailer highlights: Rear Living ... more about Premier Ultra Lite 34RIPR

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Premier Ultra Lite Features:

Standard Features (2023)

  • NORCO® HSLA steel/automotive deposition coated frame assembled w/ huck bolts
  • Dual battery rack
  • Electric tongue jack
  • Aluminum framed floor and walls
  • Sliding windows w/ tinted safety glass
  • Full front cap w/ KeyShield™ automotive-grade paint & protective liner
  • Fully walkable roof with one-piece TPO membrane
  • Rear ladder prep
  • NORCO® flush floor cable slide system (N/A bunk & bed slides)
  • 2" heat duct into underbelly
  • One piece ABS enclosed underbelly
  • Dexter E-Z Lube® axles
  • Aluminum wheels w/ easily accessible spare tire
  • (4) electric stabilizer jacks
  • Friction hinge door with oversized grab handle on main entry
  • LCI® SolidStep® with extra-wide first step
  • 51 cu. ft. of pass-through storage w/ peg board storage, 42" wide baggage doors w/ slam latch & magnetic catches (select models)
  • Back up camera prep
  • Battery disconnect
  • Docking station w/ winterization, black tank flush, & water heater bypass
  • 37 gal. fresh, 30 gal. black, 30 gal. gray (select models) 
  • 54 gal. fresh, 30 gal. black, 30 gal. gray (select models)
  • 54 gal. fresh, 30 gal. black, 60 gal. gray (select models)
  • LP quick connect at back bumper
  • Detachable power cord, TV prep, & 110v outlet
  • Outside hot/cold shower w/ showerhead & black tank flush
  • Electric awning with adjustable arms and LED light strip
  • Beauflor® w/ woven flooring in slides
  • Roller shades
  • Midnight Monterey stained hardwood cabinet doors & hidden hinges
  • Tri-fold sofa w/ cupholders & storage (select models)
  • Theater seat w/ cupholders & storage IPO tri-fold sofa or U-shaped dinette (select models)
  • 6' 11" interior height with vaulted ceilings
  • Electric fireplace (select models)
  • Laundry chute to pass-through storage (select models)

Keystone Exclusives

  • Color-coded unified wiring standard
  • 4G LTE and Wi-Fi prep
  • Tuf-Lok™ thermoplastic duct joiners
  • KeyTV™ multisource signal controller
  • Tru-fit™ slide construction
  • Hyper Deck™ flooring
  • Giggy Box™ weather protected, labeled, and fused electric box

Kitchen Features

  • Full depth cabinets & full extension drawer guides
  • Solid surface countertops
  • Single basin stainless steel sink w/ stainless steel roll up cover
  • Stainless steel high rise faucet with pullout sprayer
  • Stor-Mor drawers & Dream Dinette™ (select models)
  • Stor-Mor drawers w/ U-shaped dinette (select models)
  • Wall mounted table & four chairs (select models)

Appliances & Utilities

  • (2) 20 lb LP tanks with cover
  • 15K BTU A/C
  • 2nd 13.5K A/C (select models)
  • 50 Amp service w/ 2nd A/C prep (select models)
  • 30K BTU furnace
  • Girard Tankless Water Heater
  • LED TV w/ entertainment system (AM/FM/Bluetooth/Aux/USB) and exterior speakers
  • 8 cu. ft. gas/electric refrigerator (optional)
  • 10 cu. ft. 12v refrigerator 
  • Furrion® microwave
  • Furrion® three burner gas range & oven w/ flush mount glass cover & low profile hood
  • LED lighting w/ decorative fixtures over islands & dinettes
  • Central monitor panel

Bedroom Features

  • 60" x 80" full size queen bed (select models)
  • King bed (select models)
  • LED reading lights above bed
  • Double 110v and USB outlets on each side
  • Light switch for ceiling lights
  • TV hookup and 110v outlet in every bedroom

Bathroom Features

  • Ultra durable continuous edge countertops w/ stainless sink & residential size faucet
  • Full tub/shower surround w/ built-in shelves & skylight
  • Porcelain foot flush toilet
  • Power roof vent
  • Breakaway switch
  • GFI receptacles
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Smoke detector
  • Propane gas leak detector
  • Fire extinguisher
  • SolarFlex™ 200
  • SolarFlex™ 400i (optional)
  • (2) 100 AMP hour Dragonfly lithium batteries

Please see us for a complete list of features and available options!

All standard features and specifications are subject to change.

All warranty info is typically reserved for new units and is subject to specific terms and  conditions. See us for more details.

Due to the current environment, our features and options are subject to change due to material availability.


Keystone RV

When Cole Davis founded Keystone RV in 1996 his vision was clear: to build a quality RVs loaded with features, and provided exceptional value to owners. To accomplish his goal, Cole would recruit and build a strong team, focus on keeping overhead low, and empower the people closest to the customer to make decisions.

Today, Keystone RV Company is the #1 manufacturer of towable RV’s in North America with more than a million owners, 5,000 team members and over a million square feet of manufacturing in Goshen, Indiana and Pendleton, Oregon. Although a lot has changed, Cole’s wisdom still guides us. Our goal is to surprise and delight our owners at each and every touchpoint, providing them with the information, quality, and assurance they need to move in the direction of their dreams – to Live It Out™

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Journey With Confidence


10 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers For 2023

' src=

  • RV Trailers and Motorhomes

The Rove Lite small travel trailer. (Image: travelliterv.com)[/caption]

Consider the GVWR (not the UVW)

Many RV manufacturers tout the UVW (unloaded vehicle weight) of their trailers. But adding cargo like fresh water, propane tank(s), food, clothing, bicycles, and other camping equipment to the trailer can add hundreds of pounds to that UVW number.

GVWR is the weight to know when buying a trailer for a lightweight truck or passenger car tow vehicle.

Knowing the GVWR of small campers is the key to safe towing on road or while off-the-grid camping. Now, let’s dive into our list of the best lightweight travel trailers for 2023.

The 10 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers (Under 6,000 Pounds GVWR)

Our top small travel trailers for 2023 are listed in order by cost in US dollars, from least expensive to most expensive.

1. Vintage Trailer Works XTR: An Off-Road Lightweight, Customizable Camper 

The Vintage Trailer Works team builds custom teardrops, retro campers, and toy haulers in Dothan, Alabama. The 5’x8′ model XTR is one of VTW’s four off-road, customizable lightweight teardrop trailers.

Vintage Trailer Works XTR Off-Road Teardrop Camper

This mini travel trailer features dual doors with sliding windows, a tri-fold queen bed mattress and couch, 30″ A/T tires, and a beautifully designed galley under the rear hatch that’s ready for the best camping coolers and grills and outdoor cooktops of your choice.

Vintage Trailer Works XTR small travel trailer teardrop camper

All XTRs are custom built per buyer’s choices, starting with 4’x8′ to 5’x10′ floorplans, tailored kitchen layouts, an optional roof rack, awnings, cargo storage system choices, electronics, and more.

Vintage Trailer Works XTR Features

  • Hitch weight: 275 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 2,990 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 1,600 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 14′
  • Full exterior height: 5′ 8″
  • Exterior width: 7′ 5″
  • Freshwater capacity: 10 gallons
  • Optional roof rack and awning
  • Base MSRP: $11,695

2. Riverside RV Retro 135: Vintage Style Small Trailer with Full Bath 

There aren’t many small travel trailers with a full bath on the market today. But one trailer stands out from the rest: the Retro 135 from Riverside RV.

Retro 135 small travel trailer from Riverside RV

The retro vibe starts on the outside with a colorful fiberglass exterior and continues inside with an eye-catching 1950s-style vintage trailer interior.

It features a black-and-white checkerboard flooring; dinette cushions in aqua, red, or seafoam green; and bright birch wood interior walls and cabinetry.

Retro 135 ultralight camper pull-behind from Riverside RV

The ceiling is 6′ 3″ with an airy feel, despite being one of the smallest camper trailers on our list. The Retro has plenty of room for a 20K Btu furnace and 13.5K Btu A/C, a full wet bath, and a kitchenette with a refrigerator and cooktop. 

Riverside RV Retro 135 Features

  • Hitch weight: 140 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 3,730 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 2,640 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 15′ 9″
  • Full exterior height: 9′ 6″
  • Exterior width: 7′ 6″
  • Interior height: 6′ 5″ 
  • Freshwater capacity: 36 gallons
  • Gray water capacity: 32 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 17 gallons
  • Optional dinette
  • Base MSRP: $24,317

3. 2023 Travel Lite Rove Lite 16RB: A Versatile and Lightweight Trailer

You will love the new Rove Lite 16RB ultralight travel trailer from Travel Lite . This is the largest in the company’s offerings. Yet, it’s one of the most affordable small travel trailers on the market and light enough to pull behind many small cars and tow vehicles.

RoveLite 16 lightweight travel trailers of 2023

The sleek Euro-style design, use of state-of-the-art composite materials, aluminum chassis, and seamless poured resin fiberglass roof are industry-leading materials.

Rove Lite 16RB interior

Interior features include a convertible bed and one of the only lightweight travel trailers with a full bathroom (and an outdoor shower, too). RVers love the unexpected space-saving functionality of this ultra-light travel trailer.

2023 Travel Lite Rove Lite 16RB Features

  • Hitch weight: 154 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 3,500 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 2,044 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 18′ 9″
  • Full exterior height: 8′ 11″
  • Exterior width: 7′ 11″
  • Gray water capacity: 30 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 5 gallons
  • Optional exterior shower and electric side awning
  • Base MSRP: $30,236

4. 2023 Keystone Passport Solo 15FK: An Elegant Small Trailer with a Full Kitchen

Keystone RV’s new Passport Solo 15FK is the smallest of the five Solo Series (single-axle) lightweight travel trailers. It’s in prototype phase now but will be out in 2023.

Keystone RV Passport Solo Series Ultra-Lite travel trailer

This ultralight travel trailer is loaded with standard features usually not found on single-axle campers, including an outdoor kitchen, tongue jack, stabilizer jacks, and a 10-foot awning.

Passport Solo 15FK kitchen

This compact travel trailer features Keystone’s exclusive HyperDec flooring (composite and water-resistant), a rear wet bath, a 60″x80″ tri-fold queen-size bed, plus a beautiful wrap-around kitchen in the front with a large pantry, an 8 cu. ft. 12V fridge, plus a microwave and two-burner LP stove. There’s also an outside kitchen with a pullout griddle to accommodate hungry family members.

2023 Keystone Passport Solo 15FK Features

  • Hitch weight: 595 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 5,650 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 4,410 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 19′ 5″
  • Full exterior height: 10′ 4″
  • Exterior width: 8′
  • Freshwater capacity: 37 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 30 gallons
  • Optional solar panel packages and lithium batteries
  • Base MSRP: $34,350

5. L’Air Camper Company Trillium Lion 1300 GT: Classic Styling in a Lightweight Pull-Behind Trailer

Want to tow a small trailer with a small SUV or crossover? This is it!

L’Air Camper’s new Trillium Lion 1300 GT is a great small camper for couples and solo RVers who love the look of classic ’50s styling.

L’air Camper Trillium Lion 1300 GT, a best lightweight travel trailers of 2023

The molded fiberglass, 13-foot, 2,200-pound Lion GT model with the bathroom layout has everything needed to camp comfortably anywhere.

Trillium Heritage Lion camper trailer for small cars and trucks

This small pull-behind camper features a 46″x76″ foam bed, two-burner cooktop, microwave, fridge, 12V/110V and solar power , A/C, furnace, hot water, inside shower, cassette toilet, 8-foot awning, and decent storage.

The Lion version has 15″ wheels, all-terrain tires, fender flares, gray marine upholstery, and roof rails for gear racks.

L’Air Camper Company Trillium Lion 1300 GT Features

  • Hitch weight: 165 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 2,200 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 1,500 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 13′ 5″
  • Full exterior height: 7′ 6″
  • Exterior width: 6′ 6″
  • Interior height: 6′ 2″
  • Freshwater capacity: 13 gallons
  • Gray water capacity: 13 gallons
  • Black water capacity: N/A
  • Base MSRP: $39,500 USD

6. 2023 InTech Sol Horizon: A Stylish, Luxury Ultralight Trailer 

InTech’s new Sol Horizon is a luxurious aluminum ultralight travel trailer with a full-width U-shaped dinette up front. The big windows on three sides give expansive views of your surroundings.

InTech Sol Horizon, one of the best lightweight travel trailers of 2023

The roomy interior has a unique “tilt-forward design” that allows use of the area over the trailer’s tongue to increase sleeping/lounging space.

interior of intech sol horizon

The Sol Horizon also sports a sizeable wet bath; a luxurious kitchen with an enormous farmhouse sink, commercial-grade faucet, and two-burner LP-gas stove; and an adjacent entertainment center. A 10′ awning is standard, with options such as a slide-out kitchen and solar power.

2023 InTech Sol Horizon Features

  • Hitch weight: 465 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 4,000 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 3,372 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 19′
  • Full exterior height: 9′ 5″
  • Exterior width: 8′ 6″
  • Interior height: 6′ 6″
  • Freshwater capacity: 28 gallons
  • Gray water capacity: N/A
  • Black water capacity: 32 gallons
  • Optional dual LP-gas tanks and off-grid package
  • Base MSRP: $42,539

7. Vorsheer XCT: Rugged Off-Road Campers

From the ground up, Vorsheer’s 2023 Xtreme Camp Trailer (XCT) is an adventure-style off-road trailer designed with longevity and quality in mind. 

Made in Utah, the XCT has hot and cold season insulation, a composite shell, aluminum-body subframe, high-strength steel main frame, a full trailer kitchen in back, queen-size bed inside, and much more in a unique, head-turning design.

Vorsheer XCT 4x4 travel trailer

This small off-road trailer will carry a rooftop tent for added sleeping options. In addition, you can also carry adventure toys such as kayaks or a canoe.

It stands tall to handle the tougher 4×4 trails with nearly 20″ of ground clearance. If your tow vehicle can clear the obstacle, you know your trailer will too.

Vorsheer XCT Features

  • Hitch weight: 260 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 1,995 lbs.
  • Full exterior height: 6′ 11″
  • Freshwater capacity: 27 gallons
  • Extra large 270° awning (Bat Wing)
  • Optional exterior water heater and shower
  • Base MSRP: $44,560

8. 2023 Mars Campers Mars 15 Deluxe: Off-Road Trailer with a King Bed and Full Bath 

Mars Campers is the sister company to Black Series Campers and closely resembles their off-road campers imported from Australia into North America.

The Mars 15 Deluxe is a full-featured hybrid trailer. For example, it has a metal roof that lifts up to add headroom and a rear slide-out adds living space.

Mars 15 Deluxe pull-behind camping trailers for small cars and trucks

This small pull-behind trailer is solid. For instance, it’s built with rock sliders and skid plates to protect every vulnerable area. Additionally, it has an independent suspension to smooth out the ride over rough terrain.

Mars 15 Deluxe small travel trailer with king bed

The interior is large, with a big kitchen, four-burner cooktop, fridge, and lots of storage. It also has a wet bath and the rare feature of a lightweight travel trailer with a king bed.

Additionally, the pair of fold-up bunks makes it family-friendly. You’ll love the huge slide-out kitchen and 13-foot awning too. 

If you can’t get to Australia to buy it, don’t worry. The Black Series HQ12 small 4×4 trailer is a great alternative.

Mars 15 Deluxe Features

  • Hitch weight: 320 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 5,291 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 4,409 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 18′
  • Full exterior height: 8′ 2″
  • Exterior width: 7′ 4″
  • Interior height:6’4″
  • Freshwater capacity: 26.4 gallons
  • Gray water capacity: 26.4 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 26.4 gallons
  • Base MSRP: $55,990

9. 2023 Lance Camper Enduro: An Equipped and Innovative Overlanding Trailer 

This off-grid camper is built for RVers who love off-road outdoor adventures. The all-new 19′ 1″, 4,500-pound (GVWR) Lance Camper Enduro is centered around an interior wet bath with a cassette toilet, a U-shaped convertible dinette, kids drop-down bunks, and a large exterior kitchen under the rear hatch with a two-burner cooktop.

Lance Camper Enduro Off-grid Overland Trailer

Robust solar and lithium battery technology handles the power for dry camping. Additionally, having 40 gallons of onboard freshwater and a remote filtering system gives you independence.

Lance Camper Enduro pull-behind campers for boondocking

Back kitchen galley of the Lance Camper Enduro.

The prototype campers have been in development for almost two years and will hit RV dealer lots in early 2023.

2023 Lance Camper Enduro Features

  • Hitch weight: 350 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 4,500 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 3,500 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 19′ 1″
  • Exterior width: 8′ 5″
  • Freshwater capacity: 40 gallons
  • Gray water capacity: 26 gallons
  • Base MSRP: $59,000

10. 2023 Kimberley Kampers Kruiser E-Class: Small Camper with a Composting Toilet 

The Kimberley Kampers Kruiser E-Class is a full-featured travel trailer from the company’s Ohio location. This luxury small camper is loaded with high-tech features, particularly the adjustable air bag suspension and the diesel-powered hot water system.

Kimberley's best lightweight travel trailers of 2023

Additionally, there is a retractable island queen bed and an RV composting toilet . These travel trailers keep RVers comfortable in the outback or anywhere in North America.

Kimberley Kampers Kruiser e-Class small travel trailer

The E-Class Kruiser model has more options than many small campers. It’s easy to tailor this camper to fit any RV lifestyle.

2023 Kimberley Kampers Kruiser E-Class Features

  • Hitch weight: 265 lbs.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 5,500 lbs.
  • Unloaded vehicle weight: 3,836 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 17′
  • Full exterior height: 9′ 8″
  • Freshwater capacity: 50 gallons
  • Gray water capacity: 16 gallons
  • Black water capacity: Waterless Composting Toilet
  • Base MSRP: $89,268

Editor’s note: RV production costs are in flux. Base costs for these small towable RVs may have changed since Q4 2022 (when we created this list of the best lightweight travel trailer reviews for 2023).

Meet other lightweight travel trailer owners

One of the best parts about RVing is meeting other camping fans. Learn more from owners of expandable, hybrids, & light travel trailer campers in the iRV2 Discussion Forums . Get other perspectives on the best small travel trailers, light tow vehicles, RV products, great camping spots, hacks and mods, and much more. 

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  • 10 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers of 2022
  • What Is Your Gross Vehicle Weight (And Why Does It Matter)?

Headshot of automotive author Bruce W Smith

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Top 13 Best Ultra Light Travel Trailers 2023 Review

Top 13 Best Ultra Light Travel Trailers 2020 Review

Travel trailers, all over the calendar year, are becoming among the Best Ultra Light Travel Trailers options for people. On account of their weight that is light, there is no requirement for the owner. Additionally, the materials and construction methods utilized allow travel trailer makers to look comfortable, well-appointed, ultralight travel trailers.

The specification we will need to consider is Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, If it comes to ultralight travel trailers. GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is the maximum permissible weight of this unit when completely loaded. It features all weights, inclusive of fluids, cargo equipment, and accessories.

For safety and product performance, do NOT exceed the GVWR. There’s a formula you can use to figure out the maximums and also to make sure that you haven’t surpassed any of these manufacturers’ specifications. Continue reading this informative article from Mark Polk to find out how to figure out this. So as to have some notion of how many things you can take along with you, In addition, you should understand the weight of your travel trailer.

What Creates a Travel Trailer Lightweight Compared to Designs?

Trailers are only better-designed trailers to decrease the weight of their RV. To get a travel trailer it doesn’t necessarily have to be smaller. Restructurings and a couple of replacements for better-suited options can impact a traveler’s burden. A Couple of changes that are designed to create a travel trailer that is milder would be as follow:

Construction Material

The construction substance has a say in the weight of this trailer. Ordinarily, for RVs or travel trailers, high-grade thick steel, and no-iron shirts consumer reports are used for construction. For trailers that are cheap composites are common. So the dry weight is decreased, They’re created out of a mix of a couple of different substances, and the strength isn’t compromised.

  • Top 31 Best Camping Bed Review in 2022
  • How to Cool a Tent Without Electricity – The Best Surprise Answer in 2022
  • Top 12 Best Travel Fishing Rod 2023 Review

One other factor that determines the weight of this trailer, in addition, is how through towing the trailer is hit by in which the wind.

Employing the fundamentals of aerodynamics, those trailers’ bodies are designed using a front and underbellies that were low. This keeps it and aids against immunity against the atmosphere. All in all, the shape impacts this trailer’s weight.

There are beautifully designed thoughts that use items such as a streamlined and energy-efficient cooker or a bunk bed. These items are designed to present your trailer an appearance whilst cutting down the weight.

Anyone who’s spent has probably seen that a Scamp; they’re the fiberglass trailer. The design has not changed over the years. The Scamp ranges in length from a little 13′ in 1,200-1,500 pounds into some generous 19’fifth-wheel, weighing in at 2,400-2,900 lbs. Scamps sold from their mill at Backus, Minnesota, and are made to order.

Scamps possess a large number of features and choices. The Deluxe 13′ Front Toilet models come equipped with a bathroom and shower and weigh in at a very small 1300-1600 lbs. The 16′ Standard versions weigh in at 1750-2000 lbs. If you would like to step around a 16′ Deluxe version, to get an additional 200 lbs, you can find a shower.

The insides are appointed with your choice of vinyl or carpeting flooring, along with walnut or walnut hardwoods. The styling is both practical and basic, and willing to design as your own. These trailers that are traditional aren’t just sturdy, but they have all you want to live on the street.

Top 13 Best Ultra Light Travel Trailers - what are the best ultra light travel trailers

Top 13 Best Ultra Light Travel Trailers

Marvine 7 Way Trailer Wiring Connector with Double Prongs 7 pin for 5th Wheel/Travel Trailer/Camper Wiring Harness 4FT Weatherproof Cable AWM2586 600V 10AWG/2+12AWG/1+14AWG/4

Last update on 2023-11-05 / Affiliate links / As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Taxa Outdoors Cricket Travel Trailer

At first glance, Taxa Outdoors Cricket features a strange profile as a result of the asymmetrical outer shell however seeing space usage, it is next to none.

Each nook and cranny from the inside of Outdoors Cricket offer just as much distance as necessary, which keeps its total dimensions to the bare minimum. The diminutive size of this Taxa travel trailer makes sure that RVers would undergo quite slight managing issues on the street.

Like many ultra-lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds today, Taxa Outdoors Cricket could be a town with routine four-cylinder vehicles.

Packing around 4 fold 5 and windows net windows, Outdoors Cricket is effective at keeping excellent ventilation in most weather conditions. For two adults and two kids, the trailer’s total capability, the well-ventilated interior could nonetheless be comfy and airy. If necessary, the pop-up roof will provide the headroom.

For storage, Taxa Outdoors Cricket integrates under-bed storage so that you need to be able to put away all you require for your trip.

The trailer provides a 15-gallon storage tank for both freshwaters plus also a 16-gallon one for greywater, adequate for conventional RV journeys.

  • 12V Accessory Outlets (Inside & Outside )
  • Quad Stabilizer Jacks
  • Furnace & Water Heater System

The Happier Camper

We’ve looked at The Happier Camper Many times at best rated ultra light travel trailers and with best ultra light travel trailers in northwest factory direct. It’s such a wonderful ultralight travel trailer. In the retro design to the contemporary conveniences and also the exceptionally well-thought-out utilization of distance, you just can not go wrong picking this lightweight travel trailer.

The Happier Camper has a dry weight of 1,100 pounds and a GVWR of 1,500 pounds.

Though it’s ultralight and little, its Adaptiv modular interior layout makes up for this. Possessing an Adaptiv modular inside layout means that you may rearrange everything indoors to fit your requirements and also to serve your eyesight and camping needs. It’s possible to eliminate the table rearrange the chairs (or eliminate them completely ), and put into anything you desire. At max, a household of two adults and 3 children can fit in here.

Some single individuals camp and bring together their toys such as bicycles, skateboards, and also their work principles (should they operate remotely.) Some couples bring their children to the beach, to the mountains, or into a camping site in order to disconnect for a little while and revel in the family bonding period.

The Happier Camper, using HC1 2019 because its most recent version, is easy to tow with just about any vehicle, particularly with its GVWR of 1,500 lbs. Available colors are colossal white, pacific blue, bishop crimson, Topanga turquoise, sequoia orange, Silverlake, and Mojave sage. Other features are:

  • 100 percent double-hull insulated fiberglass
  • Adaptiv system
  • The large back hatch door
  • Sleeps to sleep around five
  • 72sf with 42sf of valuable floor area
  • Storage space during
  • Customized precision parts
  • Panoramic jalousie windows
  • Solar-powered with panel
  • Strong framework with built-in stabilizers
  • Standard electrical brakes
  • Torsion axle / / 13″ brakes / fold back tongue
  • Advanced electricity and electric components
  • Fits in one parking area & most garages

To find out more about this ultralight travel trailer, see their website at which you are able to view photographs, find out about features, and also download a booklet and owner’s guide.

Winnebago Micro Minnie

The Winnebago Micro Minnie feels just like you’re carrying out a miniature home on 4 tires. It’s quite well-equipped and has a streamlined design for simple towing and maneuvering. This trailer includes multiple floor plans to pick from to match the area usage in line with the purchaser’s requirements.

The walking area has been coated with Linoleum, which isn’t difficult to keep clean and can also be silent. The kitchen includes a stovetop, a microwave, and a counter with countertops, and a fridge. What more can you request? It’s possible to prepare whatever within this kitchen.

Among the features is the Micro Minnie includes a bath on-board. The toilet has a shower using a water heater providing water. The lowest floor plan of the trailer has a freshwater capability of 31 gallons.

The trailer isn’t hard to control during towing. It’s lightweight with a diameter, making it responsive in after the instructions of the towing car. All in all, has transcended the steps of relaxation.

  • Number of Floorplans: 12
  • Length: 19’2″
  • Length: 7′
  • Weight: 2980lbs.

Jayco Hummingbird Travel Trailer

Should you want a lightweight travel trailer but one that is still ample, it will not get any better compared to Hummingbird 10RK traveling trailer out of Jayco. This floorplan that arrives of being below 1800 dry weight, below the standards is a top pick for anybody.

You’ll locate this camper has plenty of features for tailgaters. Exterior speakers, outside grill, power awning and outside TV bracket are a few of the whistles and bells which it’s. If you are considering spending the excursion inside further it’s a comfortable bed on the interior along with style countertops and a picnic table. Hummingbird has proved itself as a producer of some of its ultra-light travel trailers on the marketplace.

  • 8 different floor plans available
  • One-piece fiberglass roof
  • Double marine-grade exterior speakers
  • LED lighting during
  • Residential style countertops
  • Self-adjusting electrical brakes

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer

Packing lavish amenities, affordable space, and strong construction, Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro is your very best quality ultra light travel trailers under 2,000 lbs available on the marketplace for RVers.

Since the duration of Rockwood Geo Pro travel trailers drops in between 11 and 20 ft, they move on the street and camping grounds. Furthermore, if you choose Forest River trailers, then you’d have the ability to pick from several floor plans so that you may get it tailor-fitted to accommodate two to four individuals.

As it uses a six-sided aluminum cage layout, Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro is known as one of the more durable campers under 2,000 lbs. Since Rockwood Geo Pro is designed to coordinate with the towing capacity of household vehicles, so you should have no trouble towing it by standard SUVs.

All versions of Rockwood Geo Pro include Wi-Fi array extender as standard, therefore that it’s a cinch. Regular features include a ladder , a roof mount panel, and so forth. Forest River offers many customized options like A/C, bicycle rack, lift kit,…

  • AM/FM stereo using Bluetooth/USB vents
  • 12V TV with DVD player
  • Wifi range booster with connectivity that is accessible

Aliner Ascape Travel Trailer

You probably know in our article of the top 5 travel trailers under 3,000 lbs about the Aliner Ascape. The Ascape, is much milder. The Ascape MT itself is crossed 13 feet and only 1170 pounds, which makes it spacious all matters considered. Its 4 floorplans like the Ascape Camp are under 1800 pounds weight.

This Aliner camper is equally as feature-rich as any standard travel trailer, and it will be a feat. From a blBluetoothound pub and also a 23-inch TV into a 3-way fridge and Attwood furnace, the Ascape provides and surpasses every expectation from an ultra-light travel trailer!

  • 5 different floor plans available
  • Atwood 16,000 BTU furnace
  • Conventional sink with a faucet that is static
  • Front-mounted panel
  • Deep bowl sink with pull-out faucet
  • 23-inch flat-screen TV

Timberleaf Teardrop Trailer

The teardrop travel trailer marketplace has exploded recently, as a result of their own being towable by pretty much any automobile (in some instances even a bicycle ). The Timberleaf is operational and minimal. The provider’s woodworking abilities are apparent from the craftsmanship. Inside, the cottage features a skylight, which makes for stargazing, and shelving ensures lots of room for the essentials. Back, the hatch shows a superbly designed galley with a cooktop and pull-out drawer.

Armadillo Trailer

The 13.5 ft. Trailer is your small, lightweight recreational record of things to come. Its features include:

  • It comes with a fire extinguisher with a carbon dioxide detector
  • Its subfloor is high density with a depth of 1-inch
  • An axle that has brakes
  • 2-burner stove with a digital lighter
  • A 22-liter water heater

This camper is excellent using its features. It’s the basics you will appreciate when camping.

The Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro Series

Forest River is a well-known and reliable manufacturer that produces ultra-lite trailers, but they also manufacture quality fifth-wheels, motorhomes, and park models.

The Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro travel trailer isn’t just affordable, but it’s also lightweight and superbly appointed. The inside is a soft grey that can be customized. On top of that, for people who would like to boondock, a WIFI Ranger booster along with a panel comes Standard on many versions.

The E-Pro series contains seven different floor plans, which can sleep two. The lengths vary from eleven feet to twenty-one feet. The weight ranges from over 1,100 pounds. The 2 versions under 2,000 dry-weight would be the EK12K in 11′ 4″ weighing in at 1252 lbs and the E12SRK in 12′ and also 1763 lbs. Both these models include a grill and an outdoor kitchen and has a bath.

If you can manage to tow slightly more fat, then the E15TB weighs at 2483 pounds with a length of 15′ 10″. This version not only includes an outside grill but in addition, it has a kitchen plus a tub that is wet with a bathroom and a shower.

Hiker Trailer Travel Trailer

Made to browse challenging grounds and terrains that are aggressive, Hiker Trailer is among the very appropriate ultra-lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 lbs for off-roading.

You’d have difficulty finding Should you venture without clear aims in mind. The manufacturer offers many variations to be able to coincide with problems it is possible that you create customizations.

As with ultra lite travel trailers under 2,000 pounds for sale the Hiker demands light-duty towing vehicles such as small SUVs passenger cars, and minivans. This means you’d be able to tow the trailer.

A huge plus is its own teardrop layout: the Hiker Trailer experiences drag undertow you do not need to fret about fuel efficiency whilst traveling.

  • Aluminum wheels
  • Safety chains
  • Vinyl floors

Prime Time RV LaCrosse

Since it’s everything you can ask for and 15, we adore this Lacrosse trailer. It’s compartmented bedrooms bathrooms and kitchen spaces. It’s acceptable for a number of individuals. It houses a sitting room with chairs and a TV for on-deck amusement.

The kitchen is as equipped as the one. It’s everything,o it’s possible to cook whichever manner you desire. The security measures with this trailer are amazing. It’s a smoke swab, smoke sensor, bolts, and a CO sensor.

Among the features is that the two slide-outs that increase the space indoors during parking to get a dwelling that is comfortable. The baths aren’t only functional but also have an extremely lavish touch using their ceramic gear, skylights, and motion detector light to them.

If you’re among people that journey without compromising durability, this trailer is the go-to alternative. It is worth every cent Though it’s small at the end of this spectrum.

  • Number of Floorplans: Multiple
  • Amount of Slide-Outs: two
  • Length: Varies between distinct floorplans; minimal 31′ 11″
  • Length: 96″
  • Weight: Lightest 770lbs.

The Intech RV Luna

This styling onto the Luna is ultra-modern, and also the clearance permits you to go everywhere. It’s a raised suspension, off-road wheels, and also a roof rack, which makes this a small trailer to tow from the 4×4. The Luna weighs at 1,800 pounds with a length of 15′ 6″.

Among the best ultra-light travel trailers about this teardrop trailer is your huge panoramic front for views that are good. Unlike many style trailers, the Luna has a table in the front and bench seats. This permits you to look from the front window that is huge and admire the view. The back futons fold up as seats or fold into beds. The kitchen includes a 3-burner cooker, a fridge, a microwave, a sink, and a great deal of cupboard space. The Luna also features an entertainment center with a 32″ TV.

Safari Condo Alto R Series Travel Trailer

While it’s indisputable that teardrop trailers possess dimensions, they have a tendency to possess less than perfect built-in amenities. Safari Condo releases Alto R Series trailers to remedy that matter, That’s.

Having movable tables a toilet, and a storage cupboard, the Safari Condo model proves superior to other travel trailers. With a lot of versions it is a cinch to locate.

On the street, Safari Condo Alto R Series will be known to produce up to 75 percent less drag than travel trailers that are normal. For RVers that need economical ultra-lightweight travel trailers Alto R Series units are cost-effective investments.

You ought to be able to tow the trailer without any difficulty utilizing standard. Besides being lightweight, the substances happen to be recyclable for the most part making trailers of this line environmentally-friendly.

During transportation, Safari Condo Alto R Series’ roofing has to be kept down but afterward, you can pop up it for more space. Retract and to increase the trailer roof, then you need to hit on an electric switch.

Since the crescent-shaped windows of this trailer use tempered glass lighting provide loads of lighting.

  • Independent suspension
  • Electric brakes
  • Aluminum Construction

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  • Top 15 Best Travel Trailers Under 4000 Lbs 2023 Review
  • Top 11 Best Small Travel Trailers 2023 Review
  • Top 14 Best Truck For Towing Travel Trailer 2023
  • Top 9 Best RV Generator 2023 Review [New]

' src=

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Ultra Light Travel Trailers

Best Ultra-Light Travel Trailers for Easy Towing on the Road

Fly Zest is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page.

If you’ve been researching travel trailers, you know one thing by now: there are a TON of options out there! Before you go any further in your search, one option you might want to look into is ultra-light travel trailers.

There are plenty of reasons you might want to consider ultra-light travel trailers. You may have a vehicle that can’t tow a 10,000-pound trailer; thus, an ultra-light might work well for you. Also, you may not need a ton of space in your trailer and are looking to save some money.

Table of Contents

Advantages of Ultra Light Travel Trailers

As we mentioned above, an ultra-light trailer is great for a vehicle that doesn’t have a huge towing capacity. Depending on the weight of the individual trailer, you should be able to tow an ultra light trailer with a much smaller tow vehicle than is normally required. This can eliminate the need to invest in a huge pickup truck.

Price is another benefit of an ultra-light trailer. Many trailers of this class are built out of cheaper materials so you won’t have to pay nearly as much. They are also typically smaller in size, which also means a smaller price tag.

A lightweight trailer is also going to help out with gas mileage on your tow vehicle. You are going to save a bit on gas pulling a 4,000-pound ultra-light trailer versus an 8,000-pound rig.

In summary, the advantages of ultra-light trailers include:

  • Lower price tag
  • Towable with smaller vehicles
  • Often smaller in size
  • Better gas mileage

Disadvantages of Ultra Light Travel Trailers

Ultralight trailers are so light because they are built with thinner materials than other trailers. This has a weight benefit, but it comes with some disadvantages.

The main disadvantage is that you will have more trouble in very hot or very cold weather. The thinner wall panels will make it more difficult to keep your trailer climate controlled. So, if you frequently travel to very warm or very cold locations you may not want an ultra-light trailer.

Another important disadvantage is that your trailer is going to be more susceptible to external conditions when towing. Heavier trailers are less vulnerable to crosswinds but an ultra-light trailer is going to get pushed around more.

These are important factors to keep in mind before getting an ultra-light travel trailer, and you’ll need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages in your particular situation.

Best Ultra-Light Travel Trailer Brands

There are a few different brands and models in the ultra-light travel trailer segment. We will outline a few of the most popular here to help you start your search!

Viking Ultra-Lite

The Viking Ultra-Lite was created as an affordable alternative for families who want a travel trailer. It weighs around 3500 pounds and will be towable by most vehicles.

It is a Certified Green vehicle by TRA Certifications, meaning it is resource-efficient and has minimal impact on the environment.

The Viking Ultra-Lite comes in three models, ranging from 3634 pounds GVWR to 3719 GVWR. The smallest size has two bunks while the largest size has a full-sized bed plus the two bunks.

Rockwood Ultra-Lite

The Rockwood Ultra-Lite is manufactured by Forest River. It’s created from lightweight materials but does not sacrifice design or amenities.

Rockwood offers quite a few different ultralight options, both for fifth wheels and travel trailers. There are 17 different models between the two categories to choose from.

All models offer a kitchenette, dining area, and sleeping area. The ultra-light models range in weight from 5536 pounds UVW to 6437 pounds UVW.

Livin’ Lite CampLite

Livin’ Lite CampLite

The CampLite ultra light travel trailer is designed around livability and function but made with efficient materials. It is made completely from aluminum, even the chassis, which creates a super lightweight trailer.

The CampLite is offered in six different paint colors and the interior is customizable as well. There are four different design schemes for the interior.

Aside from the aesthetic customization, you can choose from eight different models with unique floor plans. The smallest model weighs in at 2872 pounds GVWR, while the largest model weighs 5468 pounds GVWR.

All models include a living room and kitchen area, bathroom, and bedroom. If you are looking for additional amenities, Livin’ Lite offers an “XL Living Package” you can look into!

SolAire by Palomino

Solaire offers a range of ultra-light trailer options. The trailers are made from lightweight aluminum and have a barreled roof for additional interior space.

The ultra-light trailers come in 14 different models, ranging in weight from 5196 pounds GVWR up to 11089 pounds GVWR. All of their models include a kitchen and dining area, queen bed, and bathroom.

In any model, you have the option of adding in some upgrades. These include a TV, air conditioning modifications, and additional bedding.

Lance Ultra-Light Travel Trailers

Lance Ultra-Light Travel Trailers

Lance claims to have the highest quality and most innovative ultra-light travel trailers on the market. All their trailers are made from lightweight but durable materials to reduce tow weight and increase longevity.

Lance offers trailers from 14 feet up to 23 feet long, varying in weight from 3500 pounds to 6500 pounds GVWR.

The larger models offer more dining and sleeping space, accommodating up to 7 people. The smaller models don’t have quite as much space and usually sleep 2-4 people.

All models offer a sleeping and dining area, kitchen, and bathroom. For more information on Lance’s ultra-light trailers.

Whether you are buying an ultra-light travel trailer for its low price or easy towability, there are some great options out there. Above we have listed just a few of the popular names in this category, but there are plenty more options to choose from.

When deciding whether or not an ultra-light trailer is right for you, it’s important to keep in mind both the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of trailer.

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6 Best Ultra-Light Travel Trailers With Outdoor Kitchens

Ultra-Light Travel Trailers With Outdoor Kitchens

Published Date: August 14, 2020

Last Updated on November 29, 2022 by Camper Front

Whenever it is refreshment time in the campground, it is more fun to host it outside the trailer because there will be enough room for everyone, and you want to keep the distinct smell from some of your favorite recipes outside.

And without an outdoor kitchen, it could be pretty uncomfortable inside.

For this reason, we have listed some of the best ultra-light travel trailers with outdoor kitchens for your next trip. They are easily towable and offer you virtually everything you need to feel at home.

Table of Contents

Best Ultra-Light Travel Trailer With Outdoor Kitchens

1. 2020 coachmen apex ultra-lite 293rlds travel trailer.

2020 Coachmen Apex Ultra-lite 293RLDS

The Apex Ultra-lite 293RLDS RV from Coachmen is one of the best ultra-light travel trailers with outdoor kitchens available in the market today. It’s the perfect choice when going on a big family adventure because it can house a large number of audiences.

Apex promises to enrich the quality of your RV life with the luxuries of a home throughout your stay. Interestingly, the interior features stainless steel appliances, and energy-efficient LED lighting throughout to get that futuristic appeal.

Even though the Apex Ultra-lite 293RLDS was engineered in Aluma-cage, with a laminated crowned roof, and vacuum bond Azdel/fiberglass walls, it is lightweight.

The trailer has a private master bedroom with a queen-size evergreen sleep mattress, a full bathroom, a front window for seeing the itineraries, as well as plenty of storage for accessories.

Furthermore, there is an entertainment room that doubles up as another bedroom with a cozy fireplace. You have a tri-fold sofa, two recliners facing directly to the TV set, as well as an eating area in booth style dinette with a cupboard overhead.

Even more fascinating, the Apex makes life in the kitchen (both in and out) more comfortable and enjoyable when preparing a meal.

The inside kitchen is a bit spacious, yet conducive enough to house a large fridge, a kitchen island with a dual sink, and lots of cabinet and counter spaces. Additionally, there is a three-burner stovetop and a massive pantry.

As for the exterior, you get a camp kitchen featuring a compact grill, countertop, mini-fridge, and a TV. RVers can set up a comfy outdoor refreshment with families and friends under a large power awning.

Key Features

  • Rear Living Area
  • 6440 lbs Dry Weight
  • 33 ft 11 in Length
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Hitch Weight: 832 lb.
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW): 6440 lb.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 7800 lb.
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC): 1360 lb.
  • Exterior Length: 33′ 11″
  • Exterior Width: 96″
  • Exterior Height: 10′ 7″
  • Fresh Water: 50.00 gals.
  • Black Water: 35.00 gals.
  • Gray Water: 70.00 gals.
  • Awning Size: 18′

The screenshot below shows the specifications of the 2020 Coachmen Apex Ultra-lite 293RLDS travel trailer :

Coachmen Apex Ultra-lite 293RLDS specifications

2. Grand Design Reflection 297RSTS Travel Trailer

Grand Design Reflection 297RSTS

If you and your family love traveling in style, I highly recommend the Grand Design Reflection 297RSTS travel trailer with an outdoor kitchen.

It is a 33-foot, 11-inch lengthy trailer with spectacular interior designs , packed with all the amenities needed for a memorable vacation.

The Reflection 297RSTS not alone offers luxury, but it is also towable to your favorite destination due to the aerodynamic front cap with a max turn radius.

The moment you get your foot in the door, you will be struck by the mind-boggling living that owns a theater seating, freestanding dinette, trifold sofa, as well as a 40-inch TV beneath a built-in fireplace.

Guests can crash on the tri-fold sofa in the living room after a long day of outdoor activities.

The spacious private bathroom has linen storage and a 30-inch by 36-inch stand-up shower with a skylight.

Before the entertainment center, there is a gourmet kitchen with a center island and a large sink surrounded by many counter spaces for preparing some of your favorite recipes.

The open floorplan kitchen contains an 8-cubic-foot refrigerator, a convection oven, plus ample overhead cabinets.

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When it comes to the front master bathroom, sleeping is more convenient than ever.

You get a queen-size bed with pillow tops. There is little space on the sides and back of the bed for access to the drawers, the king-sized wardrobe, oversized under-bed storage, and more.

The unit houses a universal all-in-one docking station, one-touch electric awning , LP quick connects, and LED lighting throughout for easy setup and packing up for outdoor refreshment.

Lastly, the exterior kitchen rest under a 21-foot power awning. The kitchen comes with a mini-fridge, as well as a slideout stove to maximize space.

  • 8096 lbs Dry Weight
  • Residential Panel Cabinet Doors
  • Roller Shade Window Covering
  • Solid Core Cabinet Stiles
  • Solid Hardwood Drawer Fronts
  • UVW1: 8096 lbs
  • GVWR: 9995 lbs
  • Hitch Weight1: 824 lbs
  • Height5: 11′ 6″
  • Length2: 33′ 11″
  • Fresh Water Capacity4: 60 Gal
  • Waste Water Capacity: 43 Gal
  • Grey Water Capacity: 86 Gal

Other specifications of the Grand Design Reflection 297RSTS are shown below:

Grand Design Reflection 297RSTS specifications

3. Forest River RV Rockwood Ultra-lite 2906RS

Forest River RV Rockwood Ultra-lite 2906RS

Rockwood Ultra-lite 2906RS has more than enough space for amenities, your families, and neighbors in the campground.

Up to five people can comfortably chill in the 76-inch hide-a-bed sofa   and the master bedroom without struggling for legroom or feeling cramped.

The private bedroom has a queen Serta bed that comes along with nightstands on both sides, an entrance into the dual entry bath, and a slide-out wardrobe and closet.

To keep cool during the summer, you can enjoy the 13,500 BTU A/C unit. There is a quick recovery auto ignition electric/gas water heater available for a hot shower, as well.  Conversely, you can warm up on a cooler day.

Other than that, the trailer is easy to tow with any standard-sized vehicle . It comes with regular easy lube axles and Nev-R adjust brakes to ensure safe arrival.

The entire unit is sleek and sturdy and can last for a lifetime, due to the full aluminum frames, and laminated fiberglass sidewalls architectural design.

With the torsion axle, along with the rubber-Ryde suspension, you can enjoy a smooth ride every time you hop in this RV.

As for the kitchens, cooking for a large-sized family is easy. Both the in and outside kitchens are well-equipped. You have a three-burner range top, a large oven, a microwave, and two countertop extensions inside.

If weather permits, you can take the family dining under the 11-foot power awning and prepare something in the swing-out kitchen.

Other features include storage behind the TV, a large linen closet, and plenty of cabinet storage inside.

Other auxiliary accessories include LED TV with a multi-directional antenna, outside speakers, a WiFi ranger, a multi-zone stereo with an Mp3 player hook-up/FM/AM/CD/ DVD, WiFi booster sky 4, as well as Bluetooth control.

Interestingly, each Forest River travel trailer is weighed at the manufacturing facility before shipping. A label identifying the Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) of the actual unit and the Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) is applied to every Forest River trailer before leaving the facilities.

Forest River travel trailers also allow you to choose from different floor plans, which will tailor-fit it to accommodate 2-4 people. And it also boasts aluminum cage construction.

That said, you can travel in comfort and entertainment along with your belongings to your favorite campground.

  • Booth dinette
  • Pass-through storage
  • Outside kitchen
  • Master suite
  • Screwed and glued wood cabinetry
  • Slatewood interior
  • Residential full-extension metal drawer guides
  • Decorative slide-out fascia
  • Hardwood cabinet doors and drawer fronts
  • Insulation factors r-7 side wall, r-12 floor, and r-14 ceiling
  • Fully aluminum frame (sidewall, roof, and floor)
  • Vinyl/rubber composite roofing membrane
  • Radius roofs w/interior vaulted ceilings

Below are the full specifications of the Forest River RV Rockwood Ultra-lite 2906RS camping trailer:

Forest River RV Rockwood Ultra-lite 2906RS specifications

4. New 2019 Jayco Jay Flight Slx 8 242BHS

New 2019 Jayco Jay Flight Slx 8 242BHS

The classic Jay Flight SLX 8 242BHS has been the secret behind thousands of RVers’ happiness when camping. And, I know you want to have a taste of it as well.

The moment you step foot into the Jay Flight SLX 8 242BHS, you will appreciate the queen-sized Simmons mattress located in the small master bedroom.

The room also contains a hanging shelf, with wardrobes on both sides of the bed, with a curtain-style door.

Although the trailer might not be as spacious as other RVs on this list, the room is adequate for its occupants.

Inside you will find the entertainment room and a modern kitchen . This section includes a Norcold refrigerator, a double sink, some counter space and overhead cabinetry, a microwave oven, and a three-burner stovetop with a 9,000 BTU super burner and piezo igniter.

There is also a spacious pantry and a u-dinette across the room.

On the other end of the trailer, there lies the bathroom and the double bunk bed. The bathroom features a corner vanity set-up, a wide-sided shower, and a toilet.

Whereas, the double bunk bed has a corner access point with a curtain-style door, for privacy.

You can prepare some of your delicious recipes outside in the outdoor kitchen and eat underneath the awning, as well.

  • Double Size Bunks
  • 2 axle count
  • Norcold refrigerator
  • 20 LP tank capacity
  • Semi-Private Bedroom
  • 30 AMP electrical service
  • U-Shaped Dinette
  • Standard shower type
  • Outside Kitchen
  • DSI gas water heater
  • 38 gals fresh water capacity
  • Truffle interior color
  • Gross Weight: 700 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 650 lbs
  • Cargo Weight: 1535 lbs
  • Dry Weight: 5465 lbs

Specifications of the New 2019 Jayco Jay Flight Slx 8 242BHS travel trailer is found below:

New 2019 Jayco Jay Flight Slx 8 242BHS specifications

5. Cruiser Embrace EL310 Travel Trailer

Cruiser Embrace EL310 trailer

Another one of the best ultra-light travel trailers with outdoor kitchens that suit your luxurious needs is the Cruiser Embrace EL310.

There is enough room for everyone. A family of about seven can sleep in peace in this RV.

The Embrace EL310 has a dual-entry master bedroom with a king-sized bed, a rear bunkhouse with a set of bunk beds, together with a futon sleeper with an upper bunk.

This travel trailer with an outdoor kitchen has a sink, stove, mini-sized fridge, three cabinets, and two drawers, along with a large countertop with outlets. Not only that, but it also comes with an exterior oversized pass-through storage.

Whereas, the indoor kitchen features a vaulted ceiling, solid-surface countertops, as well as hardwood cabinets.

There is a glass-top stove with an oven, as well as a four-sitter booth dinette with an abundance of storage cabinets throughout the RV.

Lastly, you get to enjoy the oversized slam latch baggage doors, the charging station, and a GoPower solar prep package – everything you need for a comfortable, relaxing trip away from home is at your fingertips.

  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Dual slide outs
  • Private bunkhouse
  • King size bed
  • Dual entry bedroom
  • 72″ x 80″ king-size bed
  • Tri-fold sofa
  • Solid surface countertops
  • 5/8 tongue and grooved plywood flooring
  • 6’11 aluminum roofs w/h ducted a/c vents
  • 15k a/c standard and 50-amp service and 2nd a/c prep
  • Hardwood cabinets with hidden hinges
  • 15″ rims and tires on Dexter axles
  • Laminated rear wall and slide-out end walls
  • Furrion 39in tv standard
  • 15,000 BTA a/c
  • 50-amp service
  • Black tank flush system

Cruiser Embrace EL310 Specifications:

Cruiser Embrace EL310 specifications

6. Keystone Laredo 332BH Camping Trailer

Keystone Laredo 332BH Trailer

This trailer accommodates exceptional amenities that will catapult your outdoor entertainment to a whole new level. Keystone is the leader in affordable luxury.

Keystone believes the amenities in your own home should be brought to life in your camper, as well.

For this reason, they integrated residential-grade carpet, exclusive KeyTV with multi-source signal control to boost signal quality, as well as television operation, and a high-rise faucet with a pull-out sprayer.

The Laredo model 332BH is a step up in size from other best ultra-light travel trailers with an outdoor kitchen.

With a 38-feet, a gross of about 8,619 pounds, a king-sized master bed, and flip-up sofa bunks, this unit has enough beds for up to six people.

The outdoor kitchen presents a grill and mini-fridge for campfire refreshments.

Furthermore, you can roll out the 11-foot awning, and enjoy dining outdoors listing to the stereo or show some TV shows.

The interior is no less luxurious with the breathtaking kitchen island, breakfast bar, and private bunkhouse.

It can accommodate large family meals with a three-burner cooktop, oven, two refrigerators inside, and added counter space.

Even if the weather is frowning, you can eat conveniently on the slide-out dinette, and cozy up on the sofa next to the fireplace.

You will be impressed with the 50 AMP power cord, 12-gallon gas/electric water heater, fully enclosed/heated underbelly, as well as the oversized lighted and heated pass-through storage compartment.

  • Smoke detector
  • Arched ceiling
  • Systems monitor panel
  • KeyTV™ multisource TV controller system
  • 12V AM/FM/CD/DVD home theater system w/Bluetooth
  • 8 cu. ft. refrigerator
  • Large residential-size showers (most models)
  • Microwave with carousel
  • Foot flush porcelain toilet
  • Shower skylight
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Dexter® E-Z Lube axles®
  • Backup camera prepSolar panel prep
  • Electric slide-out system w/manual override
  • Battery disconnect
  • Dinette with storage below
  • Waterworks utility center
  • Residential-grade carpet
  • Designer window treatments
  • Tri-fold sleeper sofa
  • Pleated shades
  • Sink covers
  • Large overhead cabinets
  • Ball-bearing full-extension drawer guides
  • Fire extinguisher
  • 8 cu. ft. Refrigerator
  • Propane gas leak detector

Specifications of the Keystone Laredo 332BH Trailer are shown below:

Keystone Laredo 332BH specifications

What Makes A Travel Trailer Ultra Lightweight?

First of all, you need to understand that camper trailers are usually more affordable than RVing. Basically, it’s easier to tow a travel trailer with an SUV or a truck.

Although our focus is on ultra-lightweight units, it’s still important to know about some other features and designs.

Sadly, owning a trailer model that lacks your primary necessities or won’t let you make adjustments could be a major setback.

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A Point to Note About the Weight of a Camper Trailer

What Makes A Travel Trailer Ultra Lightweight

Large trailers weighing over 3000 pounds are usually bigger in size; hence, they’re more likely to slow you down.

Most tow vehicles are best paired with a travel trailer of 2,000 pounds weight or less to avoid being slowed down. Now, it is always easy to check the actual weight of a trailer , but it’s worth noting that it is the dry weight or unloaded vehicle weight (UVW) that is usually checked.

By the time you have added your camping/travel accessories, you’ll undoubtedly exceed the 2,000 pounds mark.

You will basically need to go with some basic amenities, such as water, propane, generator, groceries, sleeping mats, air conditioner, etc.

Some standard travel trailer also features hardwood cabinets and solid-surface countertops in the indoor kitchen, a vaulted ceiling, a bike rack, a glass-top stove with an oven, a four-seater booth dinette, a storage cabinet, a full-size bed with overhead storage, etc. All these will undoubtedly contribute to the overall weight of the camper.

In other words, the gross weight of your travel trailer totally depends on your needs. Luckily, most travel trailer brands usually specify the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which stands for the maximum allowable weight of a loaded vehicle.

Does Floor Plan Affect Travel Trailer Weight?

Coachmen Apex Ultra-lite 293RLDS floorplan

Yes, the floor plan and layout often determine the size of a travel trailer. A well-designed floor plan is highly necessary as it could either make your trailer lighter or heavier.

For instance, some people like to include household items while traveling, such as loaded bathrooms, equipped kitchens, storage space, a sink and a stove/grill with extra storage cabinets, dining area, countertop space, tall mini fridge for beverage and food storage, drawers, etc.

In some models, users can also pull out a portion of the wall to create larger spaces. While space is limited, you can also plan how to install an off-the-ground sleeping area or a stove in the trailer.

With a great floor plan, you can also include roof vents, solar panels, an outside grill, a WiFi booster, etc. This is why the ultra-lightweight trailer models are the best because they maintain a low profile outdoors.

Additionally, an excellent floor plan and manageable weight make it easier to set up the camper trailer at camping grounds, especially at small campsites. Aside from that, a trailer is also more convenient to set up than a tent.

With this mobility, you have the freedom to quickly pack your gear and move to another location when needed.

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Other Factors That Affects The Weight of a Trailer

Materials and construction.

Travel trailers come in different types of construction, including fiberglass and aluminum constructions.

The materials and construction of a trailer pretty much add up to its unloaded weight. A standard travel trailer is expected to have solid, sturdy walls, even if it’s ultra-lightweight.

This will enable the travel trailer to remain intact during unexpected weather changes or long hours of travel. Furthermore, tough and rigid walls should be able to provide insulation from cold or noise.

Convenient Towing

While travel trailers are created to be highly spacious, they should also be towable. The experts recommend using an SUV or minivan to tow trailers weighing 2000 pounds or less.

Economical Features

Do you remember the popular saying that “less is more?” This is where it comes into play.

Smaller camping trailers tend to consume fuel slowly, leading to lower operational costs. Meanwhile, larger units will cost you more on both fuel and maintenance.

In terms of fuel economy, travel trailers are approximately 2 to 3 MPG better compared to RVs.

That said, it’s also worth mentioning that towing a loaded trailer reduces the fuel efficiency of a towing vehicle by a few miles per gallon.

Therefore, owning an ultra-light travel trailer with outdoor kitchens means that your towing van will not need up to 8 to 10 MPG when towing. That’s not all; a lightweight trailer also means less space for your AC unit to cool or heat.

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  • Best RVs Under 4000 lbs
  • Best RVs Under 5000 lbs
  • Best RVs Under 10,000 lbs

You need the best ultra-light travel trailers with outdoor kitchens when next you are going on a vacation or camping, for three reasons:

Firstly, they are chock-full of basic amenities, yet they are lightweight.

Secondly, unlike other gigantic trailers that require massive vehicle horsepower to pull them around, these trailers are towable even with smaller vehicles without hassle.

Thirdly, a lightweight trailer with an outdoor kitchen provides an additional area to cook something with a distinct smell, or you don’t want to heat the inside of your RV. You should also aim at going for a travel trailer that lets you choose your own floor plan.

After all, with so much to gain and nothing to lose, you should give these trailers a shot. But always remember to know your trailer’s carrying capacity.


Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags and Quilts of 2023

For minimalists, ounce-counters, and thru-hikers, we break down the top lightweight sleeping options.

Ultralight sleeping bag (Feathered Friends bag inside ultralight tent)

Switchback Travel

We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. Read more about us . 

For all the minimalist backpackers and bikepackers, thru-hikers, and ounce-counters out there, the lightweight gear world is full of options to complete your sleep system. We’ve broken our top picks for 2023 below into two categories: ultralight sleeping bags , which include both traditional mummy bags and hoodless designs designed to be combined with a down puffy, and  backpacking quilts that either attach to a sleeping pad or are used in a hammock. For more background information, see our comparison tables  and buying advice below the picks.  

Our Team's Ultralight Sleeping Bag Picks

  • Best Overall Ultralight Sleeping Bag: Feathered Friends Hummingbird
  • Best Budget Ultralight Sleeping Bag:  REI Co-op Magma 30
  • Best Hoodless Ultralight Sleeping Bag: Feathered Friends Tanager 20
  • Best UL Sleeping Bag for Warm Weather:  Sea to Summit Spark 40

Best Overall Ultralight Sleeping Bag

1.  feathered friends hummingbird ul 30 ($549).

Feathered Friends Hummingbird UL 30 sleeping bag 7

There’s no denying that the Hummingbird UL above is a great ultralight pick, but at well over a pound, it’s just too heavy for some. While you won’t find a lighter fully featured bag within Feathered Friends’ lineup (the Tanager forgoes a zipper and hood), Western Mountaineering has a number of options to choose from. One of their most popular ultralight designs is the HighLite, which checks in at a pound even and includes a half-length zipper and hood. And the materials and construction are top notch, with a strong shell fabric and a combination of sewn-through and baffled seams that balances weight-savings and warmth. Sure, 8 ounces of down fill isn’t a lot, but it’s hard to argue with the efficiency of this Western Mountaineering design.

The HighLite’s 35-degree temperature rating is only 5 degrees shy of the Hummingbird’s, but a quick look at the specs tells us there’s more to the story. While you get a generous 11.5 ounces of 950-fill down with the Feathered Friends, the Western Mountaineering packs in significantly less insulation, and it's a lower fill-power down to boot. In other words, the HighLite lacks the versatility of the Hummingbird for shoulder-season use—although it should be fully sufficient for most summer nights (even in the mountains). Further, the half-length zipper isn’t great for dumping heat, which is a big reason to opt for a quilt. These gripes aside, you’d be hard-pressed to find this much warmth packed into a 1-pound mummy bag, which is why we rank the HighLite toward the top of our list. See the Western Mountaineering HighLite

6. Therm-a-Rest Hyperion 20 ($550)

Therm-a-Rest Hyperion 20 sleeping bag

Temperature rating: 39˚F ISO Comfort, 30˚F Lower Limit Weight: 1 lb. 2.7 oz. Fill: 800-fill down What we like: Baffle-free exterior and internal diagonal baffles nicely balance weight and comfort. What we don’t: Shell is thin and fragile.

Montbell’s Seamless Down Hugger is truly a work of art. Instead of standard baffles, it uses a web of polyester threads (dubbed the “Spider Baffle System”) to keep the down insulation in place. As a result, it achieves more warmth with less insulation (read: less weight) compared with Montbell’s standard sleeping bag designs. And on the inside, the liner features a spiraled elastic thread that expands with your movements and constricts to hug your body, effectively trapping warmth. Added up, the Seamless Down Hugger is an incredibly efficient sleeping bag, great for a range of body sizes, and will make side sleepers happy, too.

In terms of features, the Down Hugger is premium through and through. The 10-denier shell—while undeniably thin—is made with Montbell’s Ballistic Airtight nylon, which is tightly woven to increase tear resistance. Further, the zipper is two-way, which means you have the option of venting at the shoulders or the lower legs. And at 1 pound 2.7 ounces, it gives the Therm-a-Rest Hyperion above a run for its money in terms of warmth for the weight (for a significant price drop). Finally, it’s worth noting that Montbell offers the Seamless Down Hugger in a variety of fill weights (900, 800, and 650-fill) and temperature ratings (15, 25, 30, 40˚F), including “WR” models with windproof Gore-Tex Infinium shell fabrics and water-resistant zippers for added assurance in inclement weather. See the Montbell Seamless Down Hugger 800 #3   See the Women's Montbell Down Hugger 800 #3

9. Big Agnes Pluton UL 40 ($350)

Big Agnes Pluton UL 40 ultralight backpacking sleeping bag

Big Agnes makes some of our favorite lightweight tents, so it comes as no surprise that their ultralight Pluton sleeping bag makes an appearance here. At 1 pound even, the Pluton is the lightest model in their lineup but doesn’t skimp on the details. Half of the bag’s weight is devoted to 850-fill hydrophobic down (that’s 1.7 oz. more down than the Spark above), while the other half manages to accommodate a full-length, two-way zipper and hood with drawcord. We’re used to seeing manufacturers make compromises in zipper length to achieve low weights, but we appreciate that the Pluton allows you to open up the bag for full ventilation or use as a blanket.

The Pluton’s specs are remarkable, especially when you consider its price of $350. However, there are a couple of features that cause us concern, especially in terms of durability and comfort. First, the YKK #3 zipper is noticeably thin and will be much more prone to failure than the more standard #5 zippers found on most ultralight sleeping bags. Second, larger sleepers will find the Pluton’s dimensions to be somewhat restrictive. Last, the Big Agnes does not include a compression sack (which you’ll almost certainly need for streamlining your load), so you’ll have to factor in that extra cost. See the Big Agnes Pluton UL 40

10. Western Mountaineering SummerLite ($470)

Western Mountaineering SummerLite sleeping bag

Zpacks is one of the biggest names in ultralight gear, widely known for their Dyneema tents and backpacks. The cottage brand also makes a wide assortment of down sleeping bags and quilts, which—true to ultralight form—offer a high degree of customization in terms of temperature rating, length and width, and color. One of their three sleeping bag options, the hoodless Classic features a ¾-length zipper along the back, which is a versatile design that allows you to drape it over you like a quilt or zip it up like a standard sleeping bag. And because the zipper will likely be under you as you sleep, the need for a draft tube is eliminated, thus saving on weight.

The 20F Classic here features 13.7 ounces of RDS-certified 900-fill down, which puts it in the realm of bags like the Feathered Friends Tanager and Therm-a-Rest Hyperion above. We like the vertical baffles, which keep down from migrating to the side of the bag, and the 2.5 inches of loft offers an incredibly plush and cozy feel. And at $449, the Classic is competitive in terms of price, too. But you have to watch out with Zpacks: Their products do have a slight handmade feel, including occasional loose threads and uneven seams. But if you care about warmth-to-weight ratios above all else, the Classic is certainly worth a closer look—and while you’re at it, it’s worth checking out Zpacks’ Zip Around and Mummy Sleeping Bag , too. See the Zpacks 20F Classic

13. Mountain Hardwear Phantom 30F ($450)

Mountain Hardwear Phantom 30F ultralight sleeping bag

Mountain Hardwear is yet another brand with a great selection of thoughtfully designed sleeping bags, and the Phantom 30F is their ultralight offering. The Phantom goes head to head with a bag like the Western Mountaineering SummerLite above, combining similar amounts of insulation with a functional feature set. Mountain Hardwear shaves weight with a streamlined shape and thin, 10-denier shell fabric (the same material used in their popular ultralight Ghost Whisperer jacket), but they don’t skimp on the zipper, which is almost full-length, reasonably robust, and uses an anti-snag head. We’ve been disappointed by fragile and snag-prone zippers from Mountain Hardwear in the past, so the current Phantom’s design is a welcome improvement.

The Phantom is a suitable bag for most summer conditions, but its warmth falls short of top performers from brands like Feathered Friends and Therm-a-Rest. The 30-degree model uses 10 ounces of 850-fill down, which simply can’t match bags like the Tanager (12.6 oz. of 950-fill) and Hyperion (12.5 oz. of 900-fill), both of which check in at a lighter weight but forgo a full-length zipper. But compared to less compromised bags like the Hummingbird and SummerLite, the Phantom’s warmth-to-weight is a bit more competitive, and it'll cost you $99 less than the Hummingbird, too. We’re partial to down specialists like Feathered Friends and Western Mountaineering–the level of quality is hard to beat–but the Mountain Hardwear is nevertheless a great summer-weight sleeping bag for those looking to streamline weight and bulk. See the Mountain Hardwear Phantom 30F

14. Therm-a-Rest Ohm ($410)

Therm-a-Rest Ohm 32 sleeping bag 2

Backpacking quilts are the bread and butter of Minnesota-based Enlightened Equipment (EE), so it’s no surprise to see their Enigma at the top of our list for 2023. This quilt packs a serious punch with a whopping 15.5 ounces of down—that’s more than all but one of the sleeping bags listed above—and it’s all concentrated along the front and side the body. Further, EE quilts are handmade, can be customized into a variety of sizes (16 combinations of length and circumference), and you have the option of 850- or 950-fill down, along with a whole range of temperature ratings. Priced at a reasonable $340, the Enigma is our top choice for quilt fans and skeptics alike.

Speaking of skeptics: we were squarely in that camp before testing the Enigma but now are bona fide believers. In fact, we haven’t had one cold night in the 20-degree quilt, despite taking it to Patagonia, deep into the North Cascades, and up to 12,000 feet in the Sierra. And we regularly opt for the Enigma over our ultralight Therm-a-Rest Hyperion 20 (above), as it’s far less constricting and vents better on warm nights. It's good to know that EE also makes the popular Revelation (which features the option for an open footbox), the zippered Convert and Conundrum, and the aptly named two-person Accomplice (below). And most Enlightened Equipment products are made to order, which is great for customization but not ideal for wait time (if you're not particular about colors, a stock version of the Enigma  ships within 2-3 days of placing your order). See the Enlightened Equipment Enigma

Best Budget Backpacking Quilt

2. hammock gear economy burrow 30 ($235).

Hammock Gear Economy Burrow ultralight sleeping quilt

You can easily spend $400 on a backpacking quilt, but Hammock Gear’s Economy Burrow is a high-quality design for a budget-friendly $235. The specs are truly impressive for the price, with a generous amount of down and a 1-pound-4.7-ounce build that stacks up fairly competitively to most other options here. What’s more, the Economy Burrow is made with a 20-denier shell fabric, which translates to better durability and abrasion resistance compared to the more common 7- and 10-denier designs. And like many cottage brands, Hammock Gear offers an array of customizations, allowing you to choose temperature rating, length, width, footbox design (zippered or sewn), colors, and even extra down fill. 

Second, while base models incorporate a zipper to open up into a blanket, a more draft-resistant sewn-closed footbox will cost an additional $20. But even with these additions, the Economy Burrow still is a steal, and especially for those who don’t need the lightest of the light. Finally, Hammock Gear also makes a Premium Burrow , which is significantly pricier (a starting price of $330 for the 30˚F model) but uses higher-quality 950-fill down and a thinner (10D) shell fabric. See the Hammock Gear Economy Burrow

Best Hybrid Sleeping Bag/Quilt

3. feathered friends flicker ul ($499).

Feathered Friends Flickr sleeping quilt 2

Western Mountaineering has made some of the best ultralight sleeping bags on the market for decades, so we were very excited when they introduced quilts to their lineup. The first thing you’ll notice about the NanoLite is the weight: at 13.3 ounces, it’s the lightest quilt on our list, and also one of the least insulated. But we love the concept of a quilt for warm weather—unlike lightweight sleeping bags with the 1/3-length zip, the NanoLite allows much more versatility. Drape it across your body on warm nights, or cinch the back all the way up when the mercury drops. Notably, the NanoLite also has a generous shoulder girth of 68 inches (allowing it to wrap all the way your body), along with an insulated collar. 

It's important to keep in mind, however, that the NanoLite’s use is definitively limited to summer nights and lower elevations. It has approximately half the down fill as the 30-degree Enlightened Equipment Enigma above, which certainly gives us pause. In addition, $380 is fairly steep for such a limited temperature range, especially considering that the same amount of money could get you a fully featured mummy bag like the Sea to Summit Spark 40 above. But for thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail or bikepacking near sea level, the NanoLite’s combination of weight and versatility is second to none. And keep in mind that Western Mountaineering also offers a warmer option in their AstraLite Quilt (26˚F), which checks in at 1 pound 1.1 ounces and features 10.5 ounce of 850-fill down. See the Western Mountaineering NanoLite

5. Katabatic Gear Palisade 30 ($340)

Katabatic Palisade sleeping quilt

Katabatic’s 30-degree Palisade Quilt has garnered a lot of attention and for good reason. Most noteworthy is its unique back closure: two thin, 2-millimeter cords secure the quilt to the sleeping pad, and a sliding toggle system locks it in place close to the body. In practice, it does an excellent job keeping out drafts, whether you’re on your back, your side, or moving between the two. And if you choose to go sans sleeping pad, a series of three straps cinch the bag shut in the back. With three lengths to choose from and the option between regular and wide versions (54 and 58-in. shoulder widths), the Palisade is a versatile and highly adaptable option.

Compared to the 30-degree version of the Enigma above, the Palisade has a bit less down (12 oz. vs. 12.4 oz. of 850-fill) and is almost two ounces heavier. The Enlightened Equipment also gets the edge with its vertical baffles (better for keeping down from drifting to the sides) and slightly lower price point (the 30˚F Enigma starts at $315). But there’s no denying Katabatic’s premium build quality, and—similar to the Enigma—you can further customize the Palisade in terms of sizing and down fill (including hydrophobic varieties). It’s also worth looking at Katabatic’s Alsek (22˚F) and Sawatch (15˚F) quilts, as well as the blanket-style Flex (available in 15, 22, and 30˚F options). See the Katabatic Gear Palisade 30

6. Hyperlite Mountain Gear 20-Degree Quilt ($499)

Hyperlite Mountain Gear 20-degree quilt

Hyperlite doesn’t do anything halfway, so their recent foray into sleeping quilts got our full attention. True to form, the 20-Degree Quilt holds nothing back, with top-of-the-line 1,000-fill-power grey goose down and a thin 7-denier micro-ripstop nylon shell with DWR finish. In true Hyperlite style, the quilt has a high-end feel and classy silver colorway, and each detail exudes quality, from the 3D baffles and sleek neck drawcord to the thick logo patches. And it’s customizable for ground and hammock sleepers alike: You can snug the quilt around your body with three integrated clips, or use the streamlined pad attachment straps to secure it to your sleeping mat.

The Hyperlite’s 1,000-fill-power down is the loftiest here, and it measures up in practice: This quilt offers the closest experience we’ve had to sinking into a pillowy cloud. And for the amount of warmth and coziness it offers, it’s also impressively lightweight, checking in over an ounce lighter than the Enlightened Equipment above. The most obvious pitfall is price—$499 is a lot to spend on a quilt, especially considering you can save over $150 with a high-quality option like the Enigma. But if you’re looking for the best quilt money can buy, the Hyperlite is it. It’s also worth noting that Hyperlite also offers a 14.4-ounce 40-Degree Quilt  ($399), which is a great option for summer use. See the Hyperlite Mountain Gear 20-Degree Quilt

7.  Therm-a-Rest Vesper 20 ($460)

Therm-a-Rest Vesper 20 backpacking sleeping quilt

We’ve been impressed by Therm-a-Rest’s sleeping bags, so when the Seattle-based company released a new ultralight quilt, it definitely piqued our interest. Available in both 20- and 32-degree options, the Vesper is stuffed with premium 900-fill hydrophobic down and comes in at an impressive 1 pound 3 ounces for the 20-degree version. And a few noteworthy features set it apart from other quilts here: rather than separating the baffles with a line of draft-prone stitches, Therm-a-Rest uses mesh walls to keep down in its place (also known as box baffled construction). Further, the Vesper is designed with an extra dose of loft along the perimeter of the back’s opening, which does a nice job of sealing out drafts.

The Vesper 20 is a bit lighter than our top-ranked Enlightened Equipment, but the Enigma makes up for it with 3 ounces more down (albeit with a slightly lower fill power). Further, the Therm-a-Rest is $120 more, lacks rear cinches (you won't be able to snug it closed without adding a sleeping pad to the system), and is only available in three sizes compared to the Enlightened Equipment's 16. On the bright side, buying from a brand like Therm-a-Rest is as easy as picking your quilt off the shelf, while you might be waiting weeks or even months for your cottage-industry quilt. See the Therm-a-Rest Vesper 20

8. Sea to Summit Ember 35 ($399)

Sea to Summit Ember 35 Ultralight Backpacking Quilt

Taking design cues from their popular Spark sleeping bag above, Sea to Summit’s Ember is a high-quality quilt made by a well-respected brand. It’s fairly competitive with 12 ounces of 850-fill down in a 1-pound-4-ounce package, and the baffled design (featured in the 25 and 35˚F models) is great for eliminating cold spots and trapping warmth. Notably, the REI Magma Trail—one of the Ember’s mainstream competitors—uses a sewn-through construction instead, which results in a significant drop in warmth. Wrapping up the build, a thin shell and liner (10D and 7D respectively) keep weight low, and the Ember packs up to about the size of a 1-liter Nalgene in the included Ultra-Sil compression sack. 

Despite its impressive specs, the Ember is fairly narrow and barebones for a quilt, and far from our favorite model here. We tested it side by side with the Enlightened Equipment Enigma above, and the combination of narrow dimensions and open footbox resulted in significantly more drafts throughout the night. Further, unlike the Enigma, the Ember does not feature a draft collar, which can go a long way toward trapping warmth and mimicking the security of a sleeping bag. On the other hand, the Sea to Summit can be more easily used as a blanket, and there are a few benefits from buying from a larger company (for example, you might be able to try out the quilt at your local REI store). But in the end, the Ember simply does not stand out in such a highly competitive market.  See the Sea to Summit Ember

9. Zpacks 20F Solo Quilt ($429)

ZPacks Solo Quilt

If you commonly travel as a couple, it can be worth considering a two-person quilt. Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to snuggle with your sweetie, these double designs have a few advantages over single quilts. For one, they allow you to share body warmth, meaning you can often get away with a higher temperature rating. Second, they’re typically lighter and more packable than two standard quilts combined (for example, two 20˚F Enigma quilts weigh 2 lb. 10.4 oz., compared to the Accomplice’s 2-lb. 4.8-oz. build). And finally, they’ll save you a good deal of cash—at $480 for the 20˚F model, the Accomplice is far less than double the cost of the 20˚F Enigma ($340).

But as with most things, there are some compromises in opting for a double sleeping quilt. They’re not as easy to vent as standard designs, and sealing up drafts can be difficult with two people. And then there’s the challenge of sharing the load of a double sleeping bag, which cannot be split between two packs. But the Accomplice pulls it all off better than most, with premium 850 or 950-fill down (your choice), separate collars that cinch around each neck with a draft blocker in between, and a pad attachment system that works with both single and double sleeping pads. Within this category, it’s also worth looking at the Therm-a-Rest Vela (which uses less premium 650-fill down) and the double version of Sea-to-Summit’s Ember . See the Enlightened Equipment Accomplice 20

Ultralight Sleeping Bag Comparison Table

Backpacking quilt comparison table.

Editor's note:  All of the bags and quilts on our list use down that was responsibly sourced, meaning that the birds were not force-fed or live-plucked in the process .

UL Sleeping Bag & Quilt Buying Advice

  • Sleeping Bags
  • Backpacking Quilts

Weight and Packability

  • Warmth and Fill Power
  • Temperature Ratings

Shell Materials and Durability

Shape and dimensions, backpacking quilt features, sustainability: responsibly sourced down, hydrophobic down, the importance of your sleeping pad, cottage-industry brands and ultralight gear, ultralight sleep systems.

Increased popularity in ultralight backpacking and bikepacking has led to a great deal of innovation in lightweight gear. Outdoor gear companies have found new ways to shave weight off traditional mummy bags, in addition to developing minimalist backpacking quilts. Although there is variation within each style and some crossover in designs, we’ve broken down our picks into two main categories: sleeping bags and backpacking quilts. Below we detail the main features of each, including how they compare in terms of warmth, weight, versatility, and more.

Ultralight sleep system (Zpacks Duplex shelter tent with sleeping bags inside)

Sleeping Bags If you’ve done much backpacking, you're probably familiar with mummy-style sleeping bags. Mummy bags are narrow at the feet, widen at the hips and shoulders, and usually have a hood that extends over the head and cinches tight around the face to seal out cold. And while the contoured design of mummy bags means they’re already rather streamlined (compared to more traditional rectangular bags), ultralight styles shed even more weight with thinner shell materials, higher-fill-power down, shorter zippers, and smaller dimensions. Some mummy bags will even drop the hood and zipper entirely, but expect to sacrifice warmth, comfort, and versatility with these hoodless designs. The ultralight mummy bags on our list have temperature ratings from around 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and weigh between 12 ounces and 1 pound 13 ounces, with most hovering just over 1 pound.

Sleeping bags differ from backpacking quilts in one significant way: they wrap fully around and enclose your body, whereas quilts generally cover only your top and sides (more on this below). Many ultralight sleeping bags use a zipper to cinch all the way closed, while others, like the Feathered Friends Tanager , drop the zipper for a simple slip-on “tube.” Because they provide wraparound protection, sleeping bags generally are a bit heavier than quilts, but they’re also slightly warmer. But while those with full-length zippers offer ventilation similar to a quilt, we find that zipperless bags or bags with shortened zippers are much less versatile. In the end, choosing your style of sleep system comes down to personal priorities, but mummy bags generally are our top choice for cold-weather endeavors when you need the ability to cinch your bag shut and keep out drafts. 

Drinking coffee in Sea to Summit Spark 40 ultralight sleeping bag

Backpacking Quilts Thru-hikers and diehard ultralighters always are looking for ways to shave ounces, and the backside of a sleeping bag is an obvious target (your bag’s feathers compress underneath you as you sleep, meaning that they don’t actually provide much insulation). A quilt removes the hood and back from a traditional mummy bag and pairs with a sleeping pad (attached via ties or straps) for insulation on all sides. Some quilts are wide enough to wrap fully around the body (with ties to close the gap), while others (“top quilts”) are designed to protect only the sleeper’s top and sides. In terms of the footbox, quilts will either feature a sewn-shut box or a blanket-style design with a drawcord cinch or zipper at the feet. Like ultralight sleeping bags, quilts prioritize weight savings with high-fill-power down, thin shell fabrics, and lightweight attachment systems. Our top quilt picks range from 13 ounces to 1 pound 6 ounces, with most models clocking in around 1 pound.

While the quilts on our list have temperature ratings similar to our top sleeping bag picks (20 to 40˚F), there are a few factors to consider here. First off, unless you’re a perfectly still back sleeper, quilts have a higher potential for drafts, which throws a wrench in the temperature rating. But to compensate, most designs contain a bit more down fill than traditional bags (and remember, it’s concentrated on the front and sides, which means even more warmth). For example, the 20-degree Therm-a-Rest Hyperion sleeping bag has 13 ounces of 900-fill down, while the 20-degree Zpacks Solo Quilt  has 13.7 ounces of higher-quality 950-fill down. And on warmer nights, quilts offer much better ventilation than sleeping bags. Finally, by doing away with the zipper and a whole side of materials, quilts often are a bit lighter too (consider the 13.3-oz. Western Mountaineering NanoLite).

Ultralight sleeping bag and quilt (REI Co-op Magma bag and Magma Trail Quilt)

Hybrids It’s worth mentioning that there is a tiny subgroup of sleeping bag/quilt hybrids that retains many characteristics of both. For example, the hybrid Feathered Friends Flicker UL features a full-length zipper that extends all the way through the footbox. On cold nights, the Flicker encloses your body completely, à la sleeping bag (a cinch tightens the footbox to minimize cold air spots), and on warm nights it opens all the way up into a blanket. Another hybrid option is the Therm-a-Rest Ohm, which features a more roomy, semi-rectangular shape that opens up into a quilt for two. These hybrid options are super versatile ultralight sleep systems that cross over from cold to warm better than most, but keep in mind that the full-length zipper does add some weight. For example, the 30-degree Flicker is 1 pound 6 ounces compared to the 1-pound-5.4-ounce Hummingbird sleeping bag and 1-pound-3.8-ounce Katabatic Gear Palisade quilt (both also 30˚F). For a more detailed breakdown of the categories mentioned above, see our article on sleeping bags. vs. quilts .   

Ultralight sleeping bags and quilts are specifically designed for weight- and space-conscious backpackers, thru-hikers, alpinists, and bikepackers. Every sleeping bag and quilt we’ve included on our list above is under 2 pounds (most hover just over 1 lb.), which is pretty impressive considering the amount of warmth they provide. And because all of these bags and quilts are insulated with down rather than synthetic fill, they pack down incredibly small. Some come with a compression sack, but if not, we highly recommend purchasing one separately. With that, many of these bags and quilts can compress roughly to the size of a Nalgene bottle, easily fitting into a corner of your backpacking pack  or bike pannier. 

Ultralight sleeping quilt (Enlightened Equipment Enigma packability)

As we mentioned above, manufacturers shave weight from sleeping bags and quilts in a number of ways, including the use of ultra-thin shell fabrics (measured in denier), high-fill-power down (which offers impressive warmth for the weight), thin or shortened zippers (or none at all), and narrow profiles. Other designs eliminate the hood or footbox or include less down fill along the torso. In the case of quilts, some also leave off attachments or cinches (these are often known as “top quilts”). It’s important to keep in mind that inevitably, a lighter sleeping bag or quilt will often result in sacrifices in durability, comfort, or warmth (or all of the above). 

For example, consider the 1-pound-5.4-ounce Feathered Friends Hummingbird and 1-pound-2.6-ounce Tanager. While you’d expect the heavier model to be warmer, in this case the Tanager is the warmer bag (by 10 degrees), with 12.6 ounces of 950-fill down vs. the Hummingbird’s 11.5. How does the Tanager accomplish this? The short answer is that the bag sacrifices both convenience and durability, with a hoodless and zipperless design and very thin shell fabric. The lesson here is that a lower weight does not always mean a less insulated bag—but it does indicate that some sacrifices are being made. In the end, it’s important to look at the specific features of each bag, which we've tried to detail above, and decide what and how much you’re willing to give up for a few ounces of weight and space.

Sleeping in the alpine (ultralight sleeping bags and quilts)

Warmth and Fill Power 

One of the first things you might notice about the ultralight sleeping bags and quilts featured in this article is their insulation: every item on our list uses down fill. This is a notable departure from our  traditional sleeping bag round-up , where we have a solid mix of down and synthetic options. But in an ultralight category, down is by far the superior insulator, beating out synthetic fill both in warmth-to-weight ratio and compressibility.

That said, not all down insulation is created equal. Both duck and goose down are measured in terms of their fill power, which describes (in cubic inches) how much space is filled by one ounce of down. Fill power can vary from around 500 to over 900, with most ultralight sleeping bags and quilts featuring a fill power of 850 to 950. A second measurement you’ll commonly see is fill weight, which is the total weight (in ounces) of the amount of down in a product. For example, the REI Co-op Magma 30 has 8.5 ounces of 850-fill goose down. Be sure to pay attention to both numbers—a higher fill power doesn’t always indicate a warmer product, and fill weight is the lesser-advertised but perhaps more important spec of the two. In the end, you need both to get an accurate idea of how warm a given bag is.

Ultralight sleeping quilt (Katabatic Gear Flex in tent)

One way that manufacturers shave weight off ultralight sleeping bags and quilts is by using extremely thin shell fabrics, which can go as low as 7-denier (or in the case of the Feathered Friends Tanager , 5 x 7D). These products require an extreme amount of care—with thousands of feathers loose inside, a small rip can mean the loss of a lot of insulation. We’ve had our fabric rip due to a snagged zipper, but you’ll also need to be careful around twigs, rocks, and sharp items in your pack. If you’re sleeping without a tarp or tent, make sure to clear the ground of any abrasive objects. Further, we recommend always stowing or packing your bag in a stuff sack or cloth bag for transport or storage.

Ultralight sleeping bag (Western Mountaineering SummerLite backpacking)

Ultralight bags and quilts are often much more streamlined (read: narrower) than their traditional counterparts. For example, compare the Feathered Friends ultralight Hummingbird UL 30 to their roomier (and heavier) Swallow UL 30 . The Hummingbird (1 lb. 5.4 oz.) measures in at 58 inches around the shoulders, 52 at the hips, and 38 in the footbox, while the Swallow (1 lb. 9 oz.) is 60, 56, and 38 inches respectively. The UL versions of the Hummingbird and Swallow are virtually identical aside from their measurements and weights. And keep in mind that shoulder girths between sleeping bags and quilts don't quite compare—for example, Katabatic Gear states that their size-regular Palisade quilt (54 in. at the shoulders) is comparable to a sleeping bag with a shoulder measurement of 63 inches.

While cutting a bag’s dimensions is effective for minimizing the total weight of the product, it can be a pain for those with broad shoulders and wide hips or for side sleepers. If you consider yourself in either category, we recommend looking at wider or roomier options. In the ultralight realm, the Down Hugger lineup from Montbell is a great choice, featuring spiral baffles that allow for stretch in the fabric. Quilts also can offer a nice solution for those who feel constrained by a sleeping bag, but their narrow dimensions pose a whole different issue—if you do want to batten down the hatches, there might not be enough fabric to wrap fully around your body. For the best of both worlds, look for quilts with generous shoulder dimensions (like the Zpacks Solo’s 60-in. design) that are wide enough to cinch closed. Alternatively, you might also consider opting for a double quilt, which typically measure around 86 inches at the shoulders and are available from brands like Zpacks, Enlightened Equipment, and UGQ.

Sleeping on granite near Mt. Slesse (ultralight sleeping quilt)

Rear Closure  Backpacking quilts, by design, forgo the zipper closure of a traditional sleeping bag and leave the back open, draping over the sleeper like a blanket or attaching to the sleeping pad. Some are so narrow that they are unable to fully enclose a body (think hot dog bun), while others, like the Zpacks Solo Quilt are wide enough that the two sides can meet (more akin to a taco). On these wider quilts, it’s common to see a closure along the backside, which means the quilt can secure closed, mimicking a sleeping bag. Feathered Friends’ Flicker UL is also a notable exception here, as it has a full-length zipper to seal shut (although it’s heavier than much of the competition). 

Ultralight sleeping quilt (Katabatic Gear Flex footbox snap)

Other Features

Zippers   Zippers are one of the heaviest features on a sleeping bag, so it’s no surprise that this is a place we see a great deal of variation and innovation in the ultralight world. For one, manufacturers can cut weight by shortening the length of a zipper: while some ultralight sleeping bags feature zippers that extend the entire length of the bag ( REI Co-op Magma ), others have partial-length zippers (the Sea to Summit Spark) or forgo the zipper entirely (Feathered Friends’ Tanager and Vireo). 

Ultralight sleeping bag (sewn-through footbox)

Baffle Design The different stitching patterns on each individual sleeping bag and quilt may seem like they’re just for show, but this “baffling” actually is a critical design feature. Baffles essentially are tubes of fabric that help down insulation stay evenly distributed throughout a bag or quilt. Take one glance at the picks above and you’ll see a range of patterns, from the chevron baffles on the Loco Libre Operator Series Ghost Pepper Quilt (not listed above) to the horizontal tubes on the Feathered Friends Hummingbird and the vertical body baffles on the Zpacks Solo Quilt . Despite the range in appearances, these examples can be broken down into two main designs: continuous baffling and segmented baffling. 

Continuous baffles, like those found on the Feathered Friends Hummingbird and Katabatic Gear Palisade , are tubes of feathers that go the entire width or length of a sleeping bag without being blocked by stitching or fabric. Feathers can move up and down these tubes as the user sees fit, depending on temperature swings. During cold evenings, move your features on top for added warmth; during warm evenings, shift them underneath you for a less insulated bag. The downside of continuous baffles is that feathers can occasionally move without you guiding them, leaving the sleeper shivering through the night. 

Ultralight sleeping bag (Feathered Friends Tanager 20 CFL cinched to neck)

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    Sleeps 3-4. Length 39'-7" Dry Weight 13,080 lbs. Hitch Weight 2,755 lbs. Square Foot 410. RV Type Fifth Wheel. Add To Compare New. Big Country 3502RKI . MSRP. ... North Trail Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer - Dealer Stock Only - East Coast Production Model 24DBS . MSRP. $49,517.00. Sleeps 7-8. Length 30'-10-1/2. Dry Weight 6,316 lbs. Hitch Weight 806 ...

  4. 11 ultra-lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds

    Starting at: $13,503 MSRP Jayco does an incredible job of maximizing living space at an incredibly low weight range with their Hummingbird campers. These ultra-lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds are available in five different floor plans, fewer options than they've released in previous years.

  5. 11 Of the Best Small Travel Trailers for Sale Right Now

    Sonic Lite Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer. 2021 Sonic Lite - Photo: Venture RV. If TAXA's design is a little too out-there for you, check out the Sonic Lite Ultra-Lite camper by Venture RV. ... The F1743 sleeps 3-4 people with a 60 x 81 queen size bed and the conversion of the front dining area into a 36 x 81 bed. This model also features a ...

  6. Ultra Lite For Sale

    What is a Ultra Lite? Travel Trailer: A unit designed to be towed by a car, ... Sleeps 4 (996) Sleeps 5 (650) Sleeps 6 (599) Sleeps 7 (208) Sleeps 8 (685) Sleeps 9 (410) Sleeps 10 (238) Disclaimers. RV Trader Disclaimer: The information provided for each listing is supplied by the seller and/or other third parties. RVTrader.com is not ...

  7. Ultra Lite Travel Trailers

    An ultra lite or ultra-light travel trailer is any travel trailer designed to be both lightweight to tow and more aerodynamic than a typical travel trailer. Ultra lite RVs typically use lighter, still-durable materials for construction, inside and out. This helps keep them light enough to be towed by a variety of vehicles, from SUVs to trucks.

  8. 2022 Jay Feather Micro

    Starting at $41,078. Sleeps up to 10. Length 24' 0" - 36' 1". Weight 4,775 - 6,970 lbs. Learn More » Browse Floorplans ». 903 S. Main Street, 574-825-5861. Browse All Floorplans. The smallest travel trailer in the Jayco lineup, is sure to offer a floorplan that fits into any lifestyle.

  9. Kodiak Ultra-Lite

    The Ultra-Lite features the same aluminum frame construction as the Kodiak Ultimate and many of the same amenities yet remains lightweight for easy towing ... Coleman Light travel trailers are light enough to tow with an SUV, but don't skimp on standard features. ... Sleeps: 4-6; Explore ; Build & Price ; Compare ; Kodiak Ultra-Lite 257RKSL ...

  10. North Trail Ultra Lite by Heartland RVs

    Weight 4,534 lbs Shop All Floor Plans Top Feature Secure Ride Equipped Wide Traxx Suspension, Galvanized wheel wells, and Dexter Axles Top Feature Weather Defense Package 2" Azdel Composite sidewalls with block foam insulation, 4" thick vacuum bonded roof with lifetime warranty and heated underbelly. North Trail Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer Videos

  11. Travel Trailers

    Ultra-Light Travel Trailers. 1475 Travel Trailer 5000+ Lbs. Tow Vehicles. Floor Length 14'10'' Dry Weight 3225 Lbs. Sleeps up to 2/3. Explore 1475. 1575 Travel Trailer ... Sleeps up to 4. Explore 1875 360° 1985 Travel Trailer 7000+ Lbs. Tow Vehicles. Floor Length 18'9'' Dry Weight 4965 Lbs. Sleeps up to 4. Explore 1985 360°

  12. 10 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers Of 2022

    The ultralight trailers often cost less than a passenger car. Each trailer has one of the lightest gross vehicle weight ratings ( GVWR) around. Just about any size truck or even some larger SUVs can pull them. (If you're looking for 2023 model-year lightweight travel trailers, check out our post 10 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers For 2023 .)

  13. Sonic Lite Floorplans

    View the Sonic Lite ultra-lite travel trailer floorplans. Search. Dealer Locator Travel Trailers Fifth Wheels Owners Dealers Company ... Sleeps - 4 SL169VUD Photos Quick Tour 360 UVW - 3,720 Exterior Length - 21' 11" ...

  14. Best In Class Travel Trailers

    Shop RVs Browse all Floorplans Brochures Award-Winning RVs Click the star on a floorplan page to save and compare. Browse All Floorplans Jayco's collection of travel trailers offers something for every adventurer, budget, tow vehicle and family size. Find your next camper today!

  15. Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite Travel Trailer RVs For Sale

    The easy-to-tow Keystone RV Premier Ultra Lite travel trailers offer larger floorplans with "glamping" amenities! The beautifully painted full fiberglass front cap with KeyShield will turn heads down the highway, and the solid surface countertops and the Hyper Deck high-performance water-resistant RV flooring will be the talk of the campground.

  16. 10 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers For 2023

    1. Vintage Trailer Works XTR: An Off-Road Lightweight, Customizable Camper The Vintage Trailer Works team builds custom teardrops, retro campers, and toy haulers in Dothan, Alabama. The 5'x8′ model XTR is one of VTW's four off-road, customizable lightweight teardrop trailers. Vintage Trailer Works XTR Off-Road Teardrop Camper

  17. Ultra Lite For Sale Sleeps 5

    As we briefly mentioned, Travel Trailers come in a large variety of styles and can be anywhere from 8 to 40 ft. in length. Depending on the specific model, Travel Trailers typically include living spaces, multiple sleeping areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. Smaller Travel Trailers will normally include dinettes, murphy beds, and many dual purpose ...

  18. Top 13 Best Ultra Light Travel Trailers 2023 Review

    Lumitronics RV Surface Mount Light - Stop/Turn/Tail for RV, Trailer, Camper, 5th Wheel, Motorhome (Black) Description: Combination stop/turn/tail light with black base. 4.3 Lumens.; Features: Snap-on, replaceable lens and easy to change bulbs. $14.99.

  19. Used Travel Trailer RVs

    Used Travel Trailers For Sale: 3,953 Travel Trailers Near Me - Find Used Travel Trailers Sleeps 4 on RV Trader.

  20. Forest River ULTRA LITE Travel Trailer for Sale

    Browse Forest River ULTRA LITE RVs for sale on RvTrader.com. View our entire inventory of New Or Used Forest River RVs. RvTrader.com always has the largest selection of New Or Used RVs for sale anywhere. (1)FOREST RIVER 2606WS. close.

  21. Best Ultra-Light Travel Trailers for Easy Towing on the Road

    The CampLite ultra light travel trailer is designed around livability and function but made with efficient materials. It is made completely from aluminum, even the chassis, which creates a super lightweight trailer. ... The smaller models don't have quite as much space and usually sleep 2-4 people. All models offer a sleeping and dining area ...

  22. 6 Best Ultra-Light Travel Trailers With Outdoor Kitchens

    Key Features Sleeps 5 Rear Living Area 6440 lbs Dry Weight 33 ft 11 in Length Outdoor Kitchen Hitch Weight: 832 lb. Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW): 6440 lb. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 7800 lb. Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC): 1360 lb. Exterior Length: 33′ 11″ Exterior Width: 96″ Exterior Height: 10′ 7″ Fresh Water: 50.00 gals.

  23. Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags and Quilts of 2023

    Best Overall Ultralight Sleeping Bag 1. Feathered Friends Hummingbird UL 30 ($549) Temperature rating: 30°F Weight: 1 lb. 5.4 oz. Fill: 11.5 oz. of 950-fill down What we like: Extremely well-built and warmer than the temperature rating suggests. What we don't: Heavier than most of the competition. If you haven't yet heard of Feathered Friends, we recommend that you get acquainted.