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Ultimate Mexico Travel Guide

truth or consequences new mexico tourism

Mexico is a vibrant country rich in culture, fun, and history. There’s everything from stunning beaches and tropical jungles to lively cities and ancient ruins. Don’t start packing your bags until you learn what to expect during your trip. This guide includes everything you need to know about Mexico, including the best cities to visit, must-see attractions, and activities. So sit back, relax, and get ready for an adventure!

When Is the Best Time To Travel To Mexico?

Mexico has many different climates and activities. So the best time to visit Mexico depends on what you want to do.

If you’re interested in a lively scene, consider visiting Oaxaca for one of these popular festivals:

  • Día de Muertos , also the Day of the Dead (October 31 – November 2)
  • The Guelaguetza festival in July
  • Fiesta de Las Posadas (December 16-24)

Any time between October and April is a good choice if you’re interested in soaking up the sun. These months are hot, but they offer the best opportunity to see the desert in all its glory. December and April offer the warmest weather and the least amount of rainfall. However, to avoid crowds, you may want to visit during the summer months of May through September. The weather is still pleasant, and you’ll find better deals on accommodation and flights.

What To Expect In Mexico

To properly plan your trip to Mexico, you need to know some basic information. Let’s discuss a few technicalities for you to keep in mind.

  • Official language : For starters, the official language of Mexico is Spanish, but English is common, too. In tourist areas, it’s not unusual to find signs and menus in both languages. However, it’s always polite to attempt a few phrases in Spanish before resorting to English.
  • Currency : The Peso is Mexico’s official currency, but US dollars are also accepted in most areas. ATMs are readily available, and most major credit cards are accepted at larger establishments. When using pesos, check the exchange rate before making any purchases.
  • Plugs : Regarding plugs and sockets for devices, Mexico uses the same type as the United States.
  • Safety : Also, Mexico is generally a safe country to visit. Still, it’s always wise to take precautions and use common sense when traveling in an unfamiliar place.

What Are the Top Places To Visit In Mexico?

truth or consequences new mexico tourism

Mexico is full of diverse opportunities for visitors. Where you go when you get there will depend on your interests. Here we’ll talk about some popular options.

One of the most famous places to visit is Acapulco . Located on the Pacific Coast in Guerrero, Acapulco has been a popular vacation site for ages. You can enjoy a lazy day sunbathing on the beach, take a day tour of the city, or watch the cliff divers take to the skies and into the water at La Quebrada. You might also visit the Fort of San Diego for a buzzing nightlife, beautiful beaches, and delightful food culture.

Mexico City

Mexico City is Mexico’s capital and one of the world’s most populated cities. It’s home to several historical and cultural sites and an animated nightlife scene. You can also explore ancient ruins like the Templo Mayor and the Palacio Nacional and enjoy many great restaurants and bars.

Cancun is a popular beach destination located on the Yucatan Peninsula. The city is home to some of Mexico’s best beaches and several resorts and hotels. It offers several water activities, like jet skiing, parasailing, and snorkeling. You can also explore the Mayan ruins of El Rey and party at one of the city’s many nightclubs.

Another great place to explore is Oaxaca . This colonial city near the Sierra Madre Mountain range is a great nook to enjoy. It’s full of authentic food, bold colors, culture, beaches, and waterfalls. Immerse yourself in the Zapotec and Mixtec history by visiting the archaeological sites. You can also hike the mountains or enjoy the breeze as you surf or lounge around.

Bucket List Experiences In Mexico

truth or consequences new mexico tourism

There are so many things to see and do that it can be hard to decide what to put on your bucket list. However, some things stand out more than others.

Cultural Events

Mexico is popular for its culture. Attending the Day of the Dead festivals in Oaxaca is a must if you visit Mexico at the end of October. The city comes alive with parades, colorful lanterns, and decorations galore. Be sure to try the traditional food while you’re there!

Historical Experiences

If history is your thing, Chichen Itza is one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations. The ancient Mayan ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World . You can also explore the Temple of Kukulkan, climb to the top of El Castillo, and learn about the history and culture of the Mayan people. 

Xochimilco is the only remaining part of the waterways that existed before the Spanish colonization. Enjoy the ride on a trajinera as you glide across the canal, buy a flower or fruit from the chinampa, and chill.

Water Adventure

Swimming with whale sharks is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t want to miss. Mexico is one of the best places to swim with these gentle giants in the world. Head down to Isla Holbox, one of the best places to spot whale sharks. You can experience around three hours of snorkeling with whales while learning about their lives from the tour guides.

Mexico also has some of the most beautiful cenotes or natural swimming holes in the world. These include Cenote Suytun , Cenote Ik Kil , Cenote Dos Ojos , and Cenote Azul . They offer an unforgettable experience, allowing you to swim in a cenote at sunset.

There is so much to do in Mexico that you might not get to experience it all in one trip. However, this Mexico visitor’s guide can give you some great places to start your planning. 


truth or consequences new mexico tourism

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New Mexico Map

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Truth or Consequences

Welcome to truth or consequences.

Once known as Hot Springs, and still America’s most affordable Spa Town.

Truth or Consequences is a small resort town with a year-round population of slightly more than 8,000.  You’ll find all sorts of lodging here, from larger, name-brand motels “uptown” (near I-25 exit 79 and Walmart) to charmingly-restored commercial Spa/Hotels in the Historic Hot Springs and Downtown District, to the many motor courts along Date Street. The town also offers a range of interesting dining options

ADDRESS: 301 S. Foch Street REGION: SouthWest


Riverside Hot Springs and Spa

With the construction of nearby  Spaceport America  and the upcoming launch of space tourism flights by Virgin Galactic, T or C has undergone a renaissance, attracting new shops, restaurants, wineries and a brewery where live music is frequently performed.  Art galleries line the downtown streets where the monthly  Second Saturday Art Hop  brings residents and visitors alike outdoors to soak in the laid back vibe of Truth or Consequences.

Spaceport America Sunrise outside of T or C

Visit These Locations & Attractions Close to Truth or Consequences

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Truth or Consequences Area Businesses

Sierra County Recreation and Tourism

Sierra County New Mexico

Sierra County Recreation and Tourism

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Truth or Consequences New Mexico

downtown Truth or Consequences New Mexico

Once known as Hot Springs , Truth or Consequences New Mexico is a small resort town with a year-round population of slightly more than 6,000.

A walk around downtown Truth or Consequences can be like stepping into a living time capsule; one can stroll among businesses  on WPA-era sidewalks, take a soak in T or C’s ancient hot springs , or dine at a steak house straight out of the 1980s (the town offers a range of interesting  dining options ).

You’ll find all sorts of lodging here, from larger, name-brand motels “uptown” (near I-25 exit 79 and Walmart) to charmingly-restored commercial Spa/Hotels in the Historic Hot Springs and Downtown District , to the many motor courts along Date Street.

Truth or Consequences New Mexico - coolest small town, 2008

Situated off I-25 between Albuquerque and Las Cruces , this little town got its big name in 1950 as part of a publicity scheme to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ralph Edwards’ hugely successful game show on NBC radio. ( more info on the name change ) Once Hot Springs became Truth or Consequences, Edwards traveled to town annually, celebrity friends in tow, for nearly 50 years to celebrate “ Truth or Consequences Fiesta .” Edwards has been gone for some time now, but Fiesta continues every year, on the first weekend of May.

Las Palomas Fountain next to the Geronimo Springs Museum in downtown Truth or Consequences NM

Fiesta activities include the Miss Fiesta pageant, a parade, rodeos and calf roping, a golf tournament, and – throughout the downtown and at Ralph Edwards Park – music, performance, and contests including a junk boat race and rubber duck race on the Rio Grande. (Complete info is on the Fiesta website .)

Las Palomas Plaza (pictured at left) , completed by the artist Shel Neymark circa 2003, is an inviting feature of downtown T or C. Located next door to the artifact-studded Geronimo Springs Museum and across the street from the historic downtown Post Office, the fountain provides a place for visitors to sit and relax while soaking their feet in the town’s famous hot mineral waters . Currently, the water cycles at 15 minutes on / 15 minutes off – these waters are worth waiting for if you can spare the time.

Truth or Consequences Main Street

MainStreet Truth or Consequences , a community-based group dedicated to the revitalization and beautification of the downtown, partners with the Sierra County Tourism Board in the promotion of downtown Truth or Consequences, its Historic Hot Springs District and water sports on the Rio Grande.

Truth or Consequences Art Hop

MainStreet is also the group behind the monthly Second Saturday Art Hop , a night when many downtown businesses open their doors from 6-9pm for gallery shows, shopping, dining, performance, and live music at T or C Brewing (and beyond).

Downtown Visitor Center

The Geronimo Trail National Scenic Byway Visitor Center is open daily, just inside the entrance of the Lee Belle Johnson Center. Brochures, maps and other information on local and area attractions and amenities are available here 7 days per week. The Healing Waters Plaza , located directly behind the Visitor Center, serves as an event venue and a nice place for pedestrians to sit and watch the world go by.

Spaceport America Visitor Center

Truth or Consequences Hot Springs District

map of downtown truth or consequences hot springs

There are  TEN commercial bathhouses  offering hot springs in the cool town’s easily walkable historic hot springs & commercial district.

The bathhouses were the town’s biggest draw in the Hot Springs era, back when T or C was advertised as the City of Health .

Today, the springs are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Most of T or C’s spas have been charmingly restored and are open to walk-ins who can pay to soak by the hour. Several also offer lodging .

Truth or Consequences New Mexico Municipal website

Explore Truth or Consequences

Sunset offers a beautiful glow to the mountains.

Truth or Consequences Tourism: Best of Truth or Consequences

Essential truth or consequences.

truth or consequences new mexico tourism

Truth or Consequences Is Great For

truth or consequences new mexico tourism

Eat & drink

truth or consequences new mexico tourism

The great outdoors

truth or consequences new mexico tourism

  • Riverbend Hot Springs
  • Sierra Grande
  • Blackstone Hotsprings Lodging & Baths
  • La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa
  • Fire Water Lodge
  • The Restaurant at Sierra Grande
  • Passion Pie Cafe
  • Los Arcos Steak & Lobster House
  • Pacific Grill
  • Johnny B's Restaurant
  • Hot Springs Bathhouse Historic and Commercial District
  • Spaceport America
  • Geronimo Springs Museum
  • Caballo Lake State Park

Weekend Getaway | Truth or Consequences

Riverbend Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

By Cheryl Fallstead

Ralph Edwards display at Geronimo Springs Museum, T or C

Truth or Consequences is a small, quirky city filled with fascinating stories — how it got its name is only one of them! While long-time New Mexico residents casually refer to the destination an hour north of Las Cruces as “T or C,” newcomers may wonder about the history of the distinctive name as they take a soak in one of the area’s natural hot springs , wander through unique shops and galleries, or enjoy a restaurant meal. To get the full explanation plus an in-depth overview of the area’s history, they can head to Geronimo Springs Museum ( 211 Main St. ) where all will be made clear.

Until you get to the museum, we’ll give you the short version: Due to the abundance of hot springs, the town was named Palomas Hot Springs when it was founded in 1856, then shortened to just Hot Springs in 1917. Unsurprisingly, several other communities across the country had that same name. In 1950, Ralph Edwards, the popular radio and TV host of the Truth or Consequences show, promised to host an episode in a community that would name itself after the show for a day. Hot Springs, New Mexico, tossed a figurative hat into the ring. It was selected and the plan succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Edwards was so taken with the community that he came back year after year for a Ralph Edwards Day Fiesta, bringing Hollywood friends along with him. And the name Truth or Consequences stuck! You can see broadcasts of the show, the handcrafted saddle for his parade horse, and much more about the history of the area — including a vast collection of Native American pottery — at the Geronimo Springs Museum.

HOT SPRINGS in truth or consequences

Exterior of Sierra Grande Lodge and Spa, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

It’s likely you were drawn to visit T or C by the opportunity to soak in one of the many hot springs, much as Apache leader Geronimo and his people once were. Before colonization, Indigenous tribes inhabited this area, and archeological evidence suggests ancient Mimbres people called this area home. It is believed the land was considered a sacred neutral healing ground, and warring tribes would come to this area, where no weapons were allowed, to tend to their wounds or pains.

So how did the hot springs come to be? More than 50 million years ago a rift appeared along the Rio Grande, causing a fault line that allowed groundwater from deep in the earth to flow to the surface without losing its minerals or heat. The hot spring water in T or C contains high concentrations of about 40 different beneficial minerals. The most important mineral found in this crystal clear and odorless water is chloride, a germ killer that naturally sterilizes the water and your skin. Today, this sacred land is home to a small New Mexico city where visitors flock to experience these wondrous and healing hot springs.

Riverbend Hot Springs at sunset with moon

One of the most popular spots to soak is Riverbend Hot Springs ( 100 Austin St. ). Although many people know this place as an oasis perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation, some don’t know that Riverbend started as a bait shop more than 70 years ago. In the late 1980s, Lee and Sylvia Foerstner bought the bait shop and took over the business, eventually turning it into a hot springs destination.

Under the leadership of their son Jake, Riverbend now has five public riverside hot spring baths in addition to their original minnow baths and seven private baths that overlook the Rio Grande. Public or private hourly soaks are available every day by appointment only. Rooms are available if you are looking to spend a few days at this desert paradise and overnight guests can enjoy unlimited public area soaking. Within the last two years, Riverbend added two casitas with their own private hot springs.

Further down the road at 410 Austin St. is Blackstone Hotsprings. Blackstone features three private springs available for hourly soaking. Their largest bath accommodates up to four guests and each private bath includes a shower. Stay the night in one of their 12 luxury suites, each featuring a private hot spring.

Established in 1940 and named after the original owner’s son who was stationed overseas, the Charles Hotsprings Resort ( 601 N. Broadway ) has been a hot springs hotspot since opening. They feature hourly soaks in their giant single-person tiled tubs, which range from 107 to 115 degrees, and four rooms currently available for overnight stays. Their other rooms were undergoing upgrades at press time. Present owner Collette Rogers says that guests can expect “an atmosphere of relaxation, contemplation, and joy. The amenities that we offer include hot mineral springs, rental service, a movement studio, qi gong, lobby wifi service, an onsite barbershop, massage and body therapies, and an ongoing list of events like yoga retreats, breathwork retreats, and weekly classes.”

Perhaps the most luxurious accommodations in T or C are at Ted Turner’s Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa ( 501 McAdoo St. ) with its 17 guest rooms, spa services, and indoor and outdoor private soaking pools. Hotel guests receive a 30-minute soak each day of their stay and the resort also offers conference services and a fitness room. While their restaurant is currently closed, overnight guests are treated to a continental breakfast. Sierra Grande is also the perfect launch point for tours of Turner’s Ladder and Armendaris Ranches.

Hot Springs Glamp Camp

If you are looking for a unique experience, Hot Springs Glamp Camp ( 675 S. Foch St. ) is the place to be. What can be better than “glamping” in vintage-style RVs paired with soaking in the hot springs? Having the option to stay in a yurt or a safari tent, that’s what! This fun spot is T or C’s newest hot springs resort. Owner Andrea Allen says, “We opened Glamp Camp in February 2021 as a place where people can easily get away, relax, and reset in our onsite healing hot springs and experience all the joys of camping . . . in complete comfort! Our guests are looking for unique travel experiences, and love staying in our stylish ‘glamorous camping’ accommodations.”

The Glamp Camp also has five BYOG (Bring Your Own Glamp) spaces for those who want to bring their own RV or camper.

As a guest, you can enjoy soaking in the two private outdoor metal baths or the larger public bath. They even have an indoor jetted tub hooked up to the hot spring. The quaint grounds are secluded from surrounding homes and roads and feature a fire pit for those chilly nights under the stars. Conveniently, the Glamp Camp is just a short walk from T or C Brewing Co.

Experience T or C’s oldest mineral baths at La Paloma ( 311 Marr St. ) and connect with the land’s history at Indian Springs Bath Houses ( 218 Austin St. ) where you will have a rustic and relaxing experience. For more hot spring soaking, visit the romantic Fire Water Lodge ( 311 N. Broadway St. ), the colorful and fun Pelican Spa ( 306 S. Pershing St. ), and the historic Hoosier Hot Springs ( 516 Austin St. ).

LODGING in truth or consequences

If you didn’t select a hot spring with its own lodging, here are some other places to consider so you can stay long enough to really explore all T or C has to offer. The locally owned and operated Travelodge ( 2270 N. Date St. ) is a great place to stay if you are planning to spend time at Elephant Butte, as it’s just a short drive to the marina. You’ll wake up to a delicious continental breakfast with waffles, sausage and biscuits, bagels, cereal, juice, and much more. Planning on bringing your pups for a weekend at the lake? The Rocket Inn ( 605 N. Date St. ) has a cozy room for you! The name is a nod to the science fiction of the mid-century when the motel was built as well as to the actual rockets launching from the nearby Spaceport America and White Sands Missile Range. For those wanting to stay at the lake, the Damsite Historic District ( 55 Damsite Rd. ) provides unique hotel rooms, casitas, houses, and RV spots.

SHOPPING & GALLERIES in truth or consequences

Ingo's Art Cafe, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

For those who love exploring interesting shops and galleries, T or C is just the place! In the Hot Springs District, you can walk down Broadway or Main Street for a large concentration of fascinating shops, galleries, and restaurants. In fact, some businesses serve double duty!

One that does is Ingo’s Art Café ( 422 N. Broadway ), where you can order a coffee or tea and spend time shopping the variety of art on the walls, attire, fun stuff, and gemstones. And speaking of interesting stories, it turns out Ingo Hoeppner, owner of the café, came to T or C from Germany via Holloman Air Force Base near Alamogordo, where he was based with the German Air Force. He and his late wife discovered the healing powers of the hot springs and came to soak again and again. When the German Air Force returned home, Ingo stayed and opened his café on German Unity Day in 2018. So, if you go to T or C on October 3 and see German flags flying, you’ll know you’ve found Ingo and his café!

Another combo business is right next door at Destiny’s Kitchen  ( 426 N. Broadway ), a restaurant and curio shop. Destiny Mitchell is a city commissioner and long-time resident of T or C. Her business started by offering keto meal prep services, and later she opened her restaurant that offers vegetarian, vegan, and keto meals as well as “regular” fare. “If I can, I’ll make it,” Destiny promises. She also promises free delivery to the T or C Brewing Co. down the street. The front of her restaurant is a shop called Enchanted Times with Native American jewelry and pottery, plus jams and jellies, honey, and more.

Move over one more shop and you’re at Xochi’s Bookstore & Gallery, ( 430 N. Broadway ) owned by Stan Sokolow, who has been in business 26 years and has more than 30,000 books in the store, plus textiles, baskets, pottery, and paintings. He specializes in rare books. “I get here every morning at 5 a.m.” says the man who fell in love with books as an archeology student at the University of New Mexico.

Across Broadway is Morning Star Outfitters ( 421 N. Broadway ), run by Jasper Mondello and opened in late 2019 as a sister shop to Morning Star Sports in Silver City. This large store sells outdoor clothing, footwear, bikes, kayaks, and sporting goods. They also rent mountain bikes and e-bikes for those who want to explore the area. (Best hiking or biking trails in the area? Jasper suggests Ash Canyon, Healing Waters Trail, and Paseo del Rio.)

Zia Gallery, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Wander down this side of Broadway and you’ll run into a series of small galleries and shops, including John and Durrae Johanek’s Zia Gallery ( 415 N. Broadway ), another recent addition to the city. John has more than 25 years’ experience in magazine design and Durrae is a fiber artist. Here you’ll find, along with the work of a dozen other local artists who are exclusive to their gallery, John’s graphic designs and paintings and Durrae’s fiber arts (be sure to ask about her fiber pieces featuring amazingly soft dog fur or those with cotton from a plant she grew herself).

Keep meandering and you’ll visit Allison Norton’s Forget About It shop ( 407 N. Broadway ) with used furniture, collectibles, and vintage clothing. She’s been offering eclectic items for “people who like oddities” for 12 years. Two of her most popular items are license plates and belt buckles. Next up you’ll find Vic’s ( 405 N. Broadway ), with the tagline “unique gifts for unique people.” Vic offers his own handcrafted pieces, plus collectibles, local photography, and jewelry.

Head to the end of Broadway across from Ralph Edwards Park for the largest art gallery in T or C: RioBravoFineArt ( 110 N. Broadway ). Owner Eduardo Alicea is happy to show you around the two-story gallery and explain the wide range of art, most by about 20 New Mexico artists, but some by artists from Eduardo’s homeland of Puerto Rico. You can find fiber arts, photography, sculptures, paintings, jewelry, and just about any other form of art here.

Of course, there are more shops and galleries to explore, like Desert Archaic , The Annex , Center Gallery , Main Street Gallery , Galactic Digs , and Don’s Den , to name a few (we just couldn’t make it everywhere!). Art lovers will want to keep in mind that the second Saturday of the month is the town’s Art Hop, with many galleries and businesses open from 6 to 9 p.m.

truth or consequences DINING

T or C offers an eclectic mix of restaurants for when your soaking and exploring work up your appetite. From Los Arcos Steakhouse ( 1400 N. Date St. ) with its surf ‘n’ turf and full bar to A & B Drive In ( 211 N. Broadway ) with Mexican food and burgers — plus many other venues — you’re sure to find something you like.

Truth or Consequences Brewing Co. has quickly become a fixture, and since they don’t have their own kitchen many restaurants offer to-go or delivery meals so you can enjoy your food at the brewery. Called “city hall” by many locals, this is the place where everybody knows your name. T or C Brewing Co. is in the middle of the main drag downtown and serves a variety of locally brewed beer. They often host live music on their stage. It’s the place to wind up a day of soaking and shopping or gather with friends who may be at different campsites at Elephant Butte Lake before going back to your site and roasting some marshmallows.

Grapevine Bistro ( 413 N. Broadway ) is across the street from the brewery in a building painted with colorful designs. Vegans will find options such as a delicious “very berry” salad (lunch only) or a plant-based Impossible burger, but there’s plenty for meat eaters, too, like a Hatch green chile cheeseburger, a T or C club sandwich, and a chicken sandwich with maple-chipotle bacon and blue cheese. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner and will deliver to the brewery. Check online for hours as they close mid-day.

Passion Pie ( 406 Main Ave. ) is a T or C institution, recently included in Only in Your State’s list of 12 restaurants to try in New Mexico. This bakery and coffee shop has delicious baked goods to enjoy there or take with you, including vegan and gluten-free options, plus soups, sandwiches, and brunch items such as crepes.

Grab a delicious dinner and some sangria or choose from 26 different beers on tap at Point Blanc Winery & Pizzeria ( 820 Cedar St. ). This restaurant features a menu full of enticing options. BBQ pulled pork pizza is a favorite, but if pies aren’t your jam you can opt for BBQ pulled pork sliders, fries, or tots. They will be adding new items such as fish tacos and steak bites to the menu soon! You can take the whole family out for a weekend dinner or take a seat at the bar and watch the game. You can even enjoy your dinner and watch the sunset reflect off Turtleback Mountain out on their new patio.

Pizza from Outer Edge overlooking the lake.

T or C’s newest pizza joint is Outer Edge Pizzeria ( 719 Main Ave. ) The stars of the menu are 10-inch New York-style thin crust pizzas made with your choice of toppings on a house-made marinara, garlic oil, or Alfredo base. They offer a gluten-free crust, too, plus hot and cold sandwiches, crisp salads, flavorful pastas, unique appetizers, and more. Outer Edge also features an Italian deli where customers can purchase high-quality meats and cheeses. According to co-owner Mark Edwards, “When we first started discussing the idea of a pizzeria, we knew we wanted a casual atmosphere where locals could gather to eat delicious food or to pick up meals to eat at home. We hope that T or C will love what we’ve created.”

The Giddy Up Cafe (311 N. Broadway ) is a unique experiment opened in 2020 by partners C.J. and Rooster to give downtown Truth or Consequences a place to get a delicious homemade meal and friendly service. The Giddy Up’s chef, Barbara, has constructed a succinct but delicious menu with soup, salad, and a variety of creative macaroni-and-cheese options to which you can add turkey or pork meatballs. The Giddy Up Sunday brunch is a T or C legend, but get there early for the biscuits and gravy, as doors open at 9:30 a.m. and people line up well before opening!


Many visitors to T or C come for a day of camping, boating, or birding at Elephant Butte State Park or nearby Caballo Lake State Park . Elephant Butte Lake has been one of the most popular recreation destinations for tourists and New Mexicans for more than a century. It is named for the eroded core of an ancient volcano resting in the middle of the lake that is in the shape of an elephant lying down. More than 200 miles of shoreline beckon, along with fun and exciting activities for families and friends to enjoy at reasonable prices.

For fun on the water, you can bring your own boat or jet skis. With many launch pads around the lake, you can set sail from all around the park. Don’t have your own water vehicle, but want to enjoy the water? During the lake season, jet skis, boats, and other water toys are available for daily rental at Sports Adventure located right on the water on the north side of Long Point. Canoeing and kayaking are options, too. Fishing is another great local pastime, and all you need to be able to cast your line is a license that can be purchased through the New Mexico Game & Fish  website .

Before firing up the boat and hitting the lake, hitting the links is always a great idea, and T or C offers beautiful fairways and greens for locals and guests. If you are looking for a quick round of nine (or didn’t bring your clubs), the Truth or Consequences Municipal Golf Course ( 685 Marie St. ) has reasonable green fees, golf club rental, as well as a disc golf course. Left your discs on the boat? No problem: You can rent discs in the pro shop.

Sierra del Rio ( 101 Clubhouse Rd., Elephant Butte ) is a visually stunning facility and golf course with a challenging course and gorgeous views of its beautiful surroundings. Sierra del Rio is one of the top 10 golf courses in New Mexico according to Golf Digest, and a terrific place to book a large event or for just you and your golfing friends to meet for a new experience. Turtleback Taphouse and Grill features a full menu and bar. The pub is a friendly place, and the large patio has breathtaking views of the high desert and Turtleback Mountain.


Exterior of El Cortez Movie Theatre, T or C

You may want to begin your explorations at the Geronimo Trail National Scenic Byway Visitor Center and Spaceport America Visitors Center ( 301 S. Foch St. ) where you can pick up brochures and information about things to do in Sierra County and beyond.

One of the biggest things to land in Sierra County recently is  Spaceport America , owned and operated by the State of New Mexico and home to Virgin Galactic and other space-related companies. Step to the back of the tourism office to explore the Spaceport America Visitors Center, with videos, signage, and hands-on activities. This is also where tours to Spaceport America launch, operated by Final Frontier Tours.

If you want to relax with a film, visit El Cortez Movie Theatre ( 415 Main Ave. ), recently restored to its 1935 glory. Along with mainstream movies, the owners plan to host film festivals, art house films, and during the annual fiesta even run episodes of the Truth of Consequences show for which the city is named.

Pay your respects at the Veterans Memorial Park and Hamilton Military Museum ( 996 S. Broadway ). There you’ll find a half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a “walk of education” with information about each conflict in which the United States has been involved, plus a fascinating military museum that includes uniforms and buttons worn from the American Revolutionary War to today.

Local artists have added even more character to T or C by creating more than 50 murals all around the city. Pick up a copy of the guide to the murals at the tourism office and watch for these outdoor pieces of art as you wander about.

ANNUAL EVENTS in truth or consequences

Remember that Ralph Edwards Day Fiesta? It has evolved into the annual Truth or Consequences Fiesta each May, with a parade, rodeo, poker tournament, live entertainment, and lots of other fun activities. You can also look forward to the Elephant Butte Balloon Regatta in August, the Sierra County Fair in October, the Veterans Day Car Show in November, and the December Elephant Butte Luminaria Beachwalk & Floating Lights Parade.

Be sure to check days and hours of operation before you visit. Some T or C businesses are only open later in the week and for the weekend.

So, whether you stop for the history, a soak, the eclectic arts scene, shopping, a trip to the lake, a meal with a local brew, or even its new connection to space, Truth or Consequences is a fascinating place to visit.

Written by Cheryl Fallstead, Olivia Belcher, and Daniel Gonzales Photography by Cheryl Fallstead, Olivia Belcher, and courtesy Originally published in  Neighbors magazine

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San Antonio Hot Springs Where to soak in new mexico

Get Your Soak On

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Public Lands Interpretive Association building exterior

Public Lands Interpretive Association

truth or consequences new mexico tourism

Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Santa Fe

Fix My Roof Santa Fe New Mexico

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Sage Inn Santa Fe New Mexico

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Meyer Gallery

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Sacred Wellness – The CBD Apothecary

Four Seasons Spa Santa Fe New Mexico

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upper crust pizza

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Eldorado Dental team in black and white clothing.

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This One Town In New Mexico Is Perfect For A Memorable Long Weekend

truth or consequences new mexico tourism

Juliet White

Staff writer for Only In Your State and freelance writer. Juliet can be reached on Twitter @JulietWrites.

More by this Author

Deciding where to go for a long weekend can be tricky. Pick somewhere too small and you’ll be hunting for things to do. Choose a larger city and your time there may feel too short. However, some towns were made for long weekends. Whether you’re planning a romantic escape or a girlfriend’s getaway, take a long weekend and you’ll find plenty of things to do in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. It’s a wonderful weekend getaway destination.

truth or consequences new mexico tourism

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truth or consequences new mexico tourism

truth or consequences new mexico tourism

You have a wealth of options in terms of accommodations. If you’re planning on spending much of your weekend soaking, then check into a hot springs hotel – many offer free daily soaks or discounted rates to overnight guests. More concerned about the budget? Rooms at the Rocket Inn , an updated motor lodge, are extremely reasonable. And camping fans can pitch a tent at nearby Caballo Lake State Park or Elephant Butte Lake State Park.

Have you been to Truth or Consequences? Where in New Mexico do you like to spend a long weekend?

Here is some extra info on our state’s many hot springs .

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  • If you enjoy exploring nature, take a drive out to the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument. The layered hills and pointy rock caps create a sight unlike any other. The park offers great trails that allow you to see them up close.
  • Take a trip through New Mexico's history and art culture on the Turquoise Trail. This trip will take you through abandoned mining towns, to local art galleries, and among some pretty gorgeous scenery. It's a great way to fit some of the Land of Enchantment's best sights into one day.

What is the most unique town in New Mexico?

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What are the most unique getaways in New Mexico?

One of the most unique getaways in New Mexico is Jemez Springs, a tiny town with only 250 residents, but hundreds more flock there every year to enjoy the hot springs and beautiful scenery. There is a hot spring resort as well as undeveloped hot springs. Along with the springs, there is also a waterfall called the Soda Dam, multiple restaurants, and even 500-year-old village ruins. Whether you go for the relaxing springs, unique setting, or any of the other attractions, it's a great weekend destination.

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Truth or consequences, nm.

Spaceport America featuring modern architecture

Visit Truth or Consequences

The hot spring city of Truth or Consequences is an oasis of relaxation in the rocky Sierra County on the edge of the lush Rio Grande valley and the Elephant Butte Reservoir. Capture photographs of the picturesque backdrop of red mountains as you explore this interesting city with some 8,000 locals.

Wander through the historic center and meet some of the locals, who affectionately call their home “T or C”. Ask them about the unusual name of their city. In 1950, the city changed its name from Hot Springs in honor of a popular NBC radio, and eventually TV, program. The show’s presenter then visited T or C every year for 50 years on the first weekend of May. His visit, often accompanied by other celebrities, was marked by a celebration called “Fiesta” which continues today and includes beauty pageants and parades.

Watch an episode of the Truth or Consequences TV show in the Geronimo Springs Museum, on the city’s Main Street. The museum also presents collections that document the history of the county. Follow this heritage through displays from Hispanic and Apache artifacts to a re-assembled miner’s cabin.

Other interesting sites in the downtown area include Las Palomas Plaza, through which water from the hot springs flows. Admire the plaza’s colorful art installations that resemble the surrounding terrain.

Take some time out at one of the many spas spread out across the town. Venues include La Paloma Hot Springs and Spa and the Indian Springs Baths and Apartments. The water in Truth or Consequences is free of the unpleasant odor that often comes with natural hot springs.

Head southeast by car for 40 minutes to reach the impressive Spaceport America and learn about its goal of making space travel possible for everyone. Take a tour of its futuristic terminals and ride the G-Shock Trainer for a glimpse into the strenuous training of astronauts.

Truth or Consequences lies in a sparsely populated area in the Jornada del Muerto desert basin of southern New Mexico. Arrive at Albuquerque International Airport or El Paso International Airport, both of which are approximately 130 miles (210 kilometers) from the city. Expect hot, sunny weather in summer with cold winters, when temperatures fall below freezing at night and snow covers the peaks of the mountains of Sierra County.

  • Truth or Consequences Hotel Deals
  • Vacation Rentals in Truth or Consequences

Motel 6 Truth Or Consequences, NM

Reviewed on Sep 21, 2023

Pelican Spa

Reviewed on Oct 25, 2023

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Truth or Consequences, an IHG Hotel

Reviewed on Oct 30, 2023

Casa de Colores - Cheerful 1 Bed, Full Bath House

Reviewed on Oct 17, 2023

Labyrinth Retreat!  Cozy and Comfortable Home for 4!!

Reviewed on Oct 9, 2023

Check Truth or Consequences hotel availability

Popular places to visit, spaceport america.

The future of space travel is at your fingertips at this center that aims to educate the world about commercial space travel through fun and informative exhibits.

Riverbend Hot Springs

You can take time to visit Riverbend Hot Springs during your travels to Truth or Consequences. Stroll along the lakeside or visit the spas in the area.

Blackstone Hotsprings

You can take time to visit Blackstone Hotsprings during your travels to Truth or Consequences. Stroll along the lakeside or visit the spas in the area.

Truth or Consequences Veterans Memorial Park

You can find out about the history of Truth or Consequences when you stop by Truth or Consequences Veterans Memorial Park. Amble around the area's lakeside or visit its spas.

Elephant Butte Reservoir

Commune with nature and explore the great outdoors at Elephant Butte Reservoir during your travels in Truth or Consequences. While you're in the area, stroll along the lakeside.

Geronimo Springs Museum

You can study the exhibits at Geronimo Springs Museum, a museum with a story of its own, during your trip to Truth or Consequences. Stroll along the lakeside or visit the spas in the area.

Reviews of Truth or Consequences

Won't be going back. Maybe my expectations were too high...

This is not my first time in TorC. I come for the hot springs as most do but this quaint little town has more then that. Passion Pie Cafe is a great little stop run by some pretty cool woman with great coffee and food. TorC is well worth the stop.

5/5 - Excellent

We visited the hot springs and local restaurants. A cool town with a quirky but fun and friendly vibe!

I like the hot water

The hot springs are healthy and relaxing.

T or C is a very small town with very nice people. There is not much to do unless you are an adventurous person who like to hike or water activity at Elephant Butte. Out doors excursions packages are available at this hotel.

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Elephant Butte showing tranquil scenes and a lake or waterhole

Elephant Butte

Magdalena showing farmland and landscape views

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  • Riverbend Hot Springs Vacations
  • Blackstone Hotsprings Vacations
  • Elephant Butte Lake State Park Vacations
  • Spaceport America Vacations
  • Geronimo Springs Museum Vacations
  • Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge Vacations
  • Rio Grande Vacations
  • Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument Vacations
  • Sierra del Rio Golf Course Vacations

Truth or Consequences, NM, Trip

The Ultimate Guide to Planning an Unforgettable Truth or Consequences, NM Trip

While you’re exploring The Land of Enchantment, you’ll find that there are many extraordinary destinations for you to get to know. If you find yourself wanting to explore someplace a bit different, take some time to plan a Truth or Consequences, NM, Trip ! Known for its hot springs, a visit to Truth or Consequences is a great stop to plan after your visit to Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch! To get the most out of your visit to Southwest New Mexico, request a personalized copy of our free New Mexico Itinerary . Our handpicked recommendations will help you plan your trip and make the most of every moment of your horseback riding vacation at our dude ranch!  

Unlock Your New Mexico Itinerary  

Everything You Need to Know for Your Truth or Consequences, NM Trip 

How to get there .

It typically takes about two and a half hours to get from Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The quickest and best-maintained route is to take NM-59 East to NM-52 South, then take Interstate 25 South to Truth or Consequences, NM. The driving distance from Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch to Truth or Consequences, NM, is almost 90 miles, making it ideal for a Southwest New Mexico road trip! The best part? The scenic drive is dotted with mountain and desert landscapes that will get you into the perfect mindset for a refreshing Truth or Consequences, NM, trip! 

Which Attractions to Visit? 

No trip to Truth or Consequences, NM is complete without exploring the area’s incredible attractions! The city offers a plethora of things to do from hot springs soaking to hiking, history, and family activities. Whether traveling as a family, with friends, or as a couple, everyone will find something to love in this wonderful Southwest New Mexico destination. 

  • Turtleback Mountain   
  • Geronimo Springs Museum   
  • Geronimo Trail National Scenic Byway Visitor Center
  • Hot Springs Historic District
  • Riverbend Hot Springs  
  • Spaceport America Visitor Center  

Where to Eat?  

Of all the things to do during your visit to Truth or Consequences, enjoying a delicious meal is a must! There’s no better way to get to know the city than to try the food that defines this region. From New Mexican cuisine to local flavors and cafés dotted throughout historic downtown to upscale dining, the restaurants in Truth or Consequences offer some of the best local fare you’ll ever have.  

These are some of the best local restaurants, cafés, and breweries in Truth or Consequences, NM: 

  • Carmen’s Kitchen  
  • Full Moon Kitchen 
  • Grapevine Bistro 
  • Pacific Grill 
  • Passion Pie Café 
  • Point Blanc Winery, Tap Room & Pizzeria 
  • Truth or Consequences Brewing Company
  • The Restaurant at Sierra Grande 

Where to Stay? 

If you are looking for a fantastic combo for your trip to the Land of Enchantment, plan a stay at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch, then wind down soaking in the healing hot springs waters in Truth or Consequences, NM. At Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch you will experience the horseback riding vacation of a lifetime, viewing some of the most beautiful scenery in the world in the 3.3-million-acre Gila National Forest ! You will also discover recent and ancient history and get to tread the same land as the famous Apache, Geronimo, and also the Mimbres people who lived in pit houses and cliff dwellings over 1,000 years ago. You will enjoy three delicious meals a day prepared for you, comfortable well-appointed cabins , and hospitality gained from 15 years of hosting guests in this special place! Take a much-needed escape to our peaceful location and disconnect to reconnect!  Whether you’re planning a relaxing escape for a party of two, friends, or an unforgettable family reunion , we will tailor your trip to your needs and make this one of the best vacations you have ever had!

If you’re ready for the trip of a lifetime, check our availability and book your stay with us today. We can’t wait to share this incredibly beautiful and special area with you!  


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