Vintage Trek Catalogs

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Here you can find all the Trek catalogs from 1976 up to 1999.

Trek started out in 1975 by providing only frames. In 1976 they would supply entire bicycles.

Iconic Models

For many people Trek is most famous for sponsoring Lance Armstrong’s U.S. Postal team during the late 90’s up to his retirement.

Trek 5000 1989

But Trek already pioneered the use of carbon fiber in 1989 with the Trek 5000.

Trek Y Foil 1998

It would result in the short-lived but daring design of the Y-Foil, introduced in 1998. One of the few bikes that is designated with something more than just a number.

Trek 850 1983

They were also early adopters of the mountain bike craze, with the Trek 850 launched in 1983.

Trek Y22 1995

Their early foray in using carbon fiber would be later used with the introduction of the iconic Y33 and Y22 models. Mountain bikes with a monocoque carbon fiber frame. Although it used the suspension technique URT ( unified rear triangle ) which would turn out to be rubbish, the original design was considered iconic.

If you’re interested in learning more about vintage Trek bicycles, please visit .

Trek Catalogs

  • Trek Catalog 1976
  • Trek Catalog 1977
  • Trek Catalog 1978
  • Trek Catalog 1979
  • Trek Catalog 1980
  • Trek Catalog 1981
  • Trek Catalog 1982
  • Trek Catalog 1983-1
  • Trek Catalog 1983-2
  • Trek Catalog 1984
  • Trek Catalog 1985All-Terrain
  • Trek Catalog 1985Trek2000
  • Trek Catalog 1985TrekRacing
  • Trek Catalog 1985TrekSport
  • Trek Catalog 1985TrekTouring
  • Trek Catalog 1986
  • Trek Catalog 1987
  • Trek Catalog 1988
  • Trek Catalog 1989
  • Trek Catalog 1990
  • Trek Catalog 1991
  • Trek Catalog 1992
  • Trek Catalog 1993
  • Trek Catalog 1994
  • Trek Catalog 1995
  • Trek Catalog 1996
  • Trek Catalog 1997
  • Trek Catalog 1998
  • Trek Catalog 1999

Trek Models

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Barnevelderstraat 17 1109BX, Amsterdam the Netherlands +31 618 744 920

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trek 8500 zx 1998

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  • 595184 Trek-8500-ZX-1997

Trek-8500-ZX-1997 (34 Photos)

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trek 8500 zx 1998

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trek 8500 zx 1998

woutervt1: Trek-8500-ZX-1997 in: Bikes - All Mountain/Enduro

trek 8500 zx 1998

woutervt1: Trek-8500-ZX-1997 in: XC Riding

trek 8500 zx 1998

woutervt1: Trek-8500-ZX-1997 in: Parts - Suspension

trek 8500 zx 1998

woutervt1: Trek-8500-ZX-1997 in: Parts - Other

trek 8500 zx 1998

Cool Features

trek 8500 zx 1998

trek 8500 zx 1998

  • ALL (130 Forums)

Trek 8500 XC Hardtail

trek 8500 zx 1998

  • ZR 9000 Alloy
  • Rear Derailleur
  • Front Suspension
  • Bontrager Race Disc

I use it for for things from 2m high gap jumps to 3km long climbs love it.

One two three words.

Great Bike. Very Fast and light and superb Geometry.

Bontrager Flat Handle Bars should be Riser Bars instead.

Absolutely Awesome

Similar Products Used:

Klein Attitude

It's pretty Fast, awesome! i really love this frame

i dont see any weakness so far

i love this bike!

Very stiff and quick frame!

TREK frames could be slightly lighter, but it is the stiffnes and durability that counts the most:D

The 8500 frame is probably one of the best aluminum frames on the market today! I work in a bikeshop and have seen and tried alot of bikes, but this frame is something of its own;)

Ridley Scorpion

Fast, nimble and sexy. Tough, too, since I weigh 90kg and it's never given me any sort of trouble.

Bontrager seatpost and saddle lasted 6 months and then gave up the ghost.

This bike is stellar. I use this bike to commute and to have fun - all in all I put 200km a week on this bike. This bike has not given me any kind of trouble and looks and feels like it will give many more miles of pleasure.

Merida TFS 900 D

Light,fast and looks good.great spec. Race ready.

Tyres and saddle

I just love this bike from the day i brought it.i had a scott scale 40 last year and this trek 8500 blows it away. The bike is a real head turner. I have just recently changed the tyres to mountain king 2.4 as i did not like the bontrager jones tyres,plus the bontrager saddle that came with the bike was not realy that comfy so changed for selle italia. I would recommend this bike to anyone who likes to ride at weekends or for a more competitive trail rider.

Scott scale 40

Very stiff ride, climbs excellent even whith this 96kg gorilla on top. Easy to take steep drops and excellent at cornering.

none realy ...not a full suspension version available?

I ride it at least 3 times a week on 20 to 30 km trips each day and i can say it is extremely comfortable. Even when now I'm looking to change to a full suspension because of the obvious aches i'm gettin in my back after a 40km trip due to my weight, Im sure i would keep it for shorter trips Nothing to complain really. This is a review concerning only the frame as you can see it does not have the standard accesories.

Alubike Grizley

I bought from a cousing a 2008 Trek 8500 frame w/ a 100mm Reba Race (2008) w/ remote lockout, LX hydraulic disk brakes, FSA seat tube, Matrix token stem, Titec Pluto flat handlebar, LX chainrings.... Great frame geometry, light weighted, nice paint job, it feels so confortable when going up, I noticed an incredible difference when climbing, with the 34 Sram cassette you can easily climb anything... is pretty stiff, and the alpha red aluminum gives me confidence it will hold anything... This frame along with the Reba Race fork makes this bike a very sweet ride, this fork works amazingly good...

this is a custom made bicycle, no weaknesses about the frame

I'm not changing this frame anytime soon, I will probably die with it :) Trek bikes may be somehow expensive and even more the top of the line frames and bikes but they well worth the money. From now on I will go Trek all the way...

Optimis Traxer, this is a Costa Rican bicycle company... I'd be surprise if someone around here have seen one :)

Looks nice, extremely lightweight, fast, Stiff, nice geometry. very nice handling, I like that mine is a 2006 and all the weldings are polished, the silver color is awesome

Very weak frame painting, scratch easily

With that setup is very fast, responsive, comfortable ride, climbs fast. Good for descents, It is just the best race aluminum bike you can buy. More than 1500 miles on-road and 700 off-road, Nothing to replace or repair, still like new, except some scratches. Very reliable

Gary Fisher HooKooEKoo

Light and climb really fast

easily stretchable frame paint, stock tires

Great race bike, climb steep and rough paths faster than anyone that I've ever tried. Race frame geometry, not good for riding slow or long flat ways or family Sunday rides. Good for riding fast! Stock tires worn fast and frame paint easily get scratched by small rocks hitting.

trek 4400, stumpjumper ht, Hardrock, Caldera

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    1998 Trek 8500 1996 1998 2001 2002 2003 2004 2009 2010 View All Reviews Share Not eligible for trade in. Learn more. ‌ TRADE-IN RANGE $105 - $108 Private Range $181 - $186 MSRP $1,600 Good Condition Overview and Specifications Shop for one like this Find this bike for sale on our marketplace. Shop now Trade up for a new bike

  2. Trek Bike Models by Year and Color

    The early bikes, from 1976 to 1981, were available in numerous colors. For these, color is not indicative of model. If color is not given for an 82 and newer model, it maybe available in the brochure for that year.

  3. Vintage Trek Catalogs

    It would result in the short-lived but daring design of the Y-Foil, introduced in 1998. One of the few bikes that is designated with something more than just a number. Trek 850 from 1983 They were also early adopters of the mountain bike craze, with the Trek 850 launched in 1983. Trek Y22 from 1995

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    New Listing Vintage Trek 8500 ZX USA Frame Set 19" Matte Easton EA70 MTB 26" Manitou Pre-Owned $239.99 Extra 25% off with coupon or Best Offer Top Rated Plus +$47.21 shipping mtr0089 (12,577) 100% Free returns Sponsored Classic Ulysses Hurrikane 8500 XT Bicycle Frameset Mountain Bike Touring MTB Pre-Owned $160.00 icycle_ro (3,290) 99.5%

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    Wheel Size: 26" wheels: Hubs: Shimano Deore LX: Rims: Bontrager, 32-hole: Front Tire: Front: 26 x 2.10" Bontrager Revolt ST, Rear: 26 x 1.95" Bontrager Revolt ST

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    Trek 8000 Bike Bike 1998 or Older user reviews : 3.9 out of 5 - 74 reviews - Trek 8000 Bike Bike 1998 or Older DESCRIPTION Trek 8000 USER REVIEWS Next 10 Showing 1-10 of 74 [Jan 30, 2021] fitlady OVERALL RATING 5 ★★★★★ ★★★★★ Strength: I had one and absolutely loved it.

  7. Trek 8500

    $500.00 Kansas City, MO 5 months ago 95/96 Trek Mountain Bike 8500 ZX - $300 (Fargo) Selling my 1995 Trek 8500 ZX series mountain bike, looks to be all original, have the original neck that came with bike. Bike is n good shape, aluminum frame, been sitting in basement and time to sell since not using anymore $300.00 North Dakota, ND 1 year ago

  8. Trek 8000 SL Bike 1998 or Older

    [Jan 23, 2011] FrenchFit Weekend Warrior Strength: Light, Fit Geometry, Easy Upgrade, Quality Weakness: None I've bought a few Trek MTB frames, SL & ZX. This is a white 8000 SL with black and red decals, yr. 2000 my guess. I used the LX shifters and brakes, everything else is upgraded or old skool components I just prefer.

  9. Trek 6500 Bike 1998 or Older

    Trek 6500 Bike 1998 or Older REVIEW SCORE 62 REVIEWS 4.5 ★★★★★ ★★★★★ OUT OF 5 Own this? Help your community and rate it. (Hover and click on a star) 5 4 3 2 1 ?/5 DESCRIPTION Trek 6500 USER REVIEWS Next 10 Showing 1-10 of 62 [Feb 19, 2013] Steve Ciarico Strength: Frame, Chain, Handle bars, Wheels, Gearing, Quick release hubs and seat post.

  10. Trek 8500 Mountain Bike Review

    Trek 8500 Specifications. The Trek 8500 harnesses a 26 inch wheelset which is typical of this type of mountain bike.Bontrager Rate Lite Pro TLR Disc rims and XR1 Team tyres are a good combination, affording you the strength and hard wearing ruggedness which is necessary for persistent off-road usage.. You get Shimano Deore XT M785 hydraulic disc brakes with large rotors at the front and rear.

  11. Trek 1999 8500 LT Hardtail Bike

    1999 Trek 8500 LT, mountain bike, front suspension, Mountain Mix components, Rock Shox Judy C, 4.0" travel fork. USER REVIEWS . Next 10. Showing 1-10 of 60 [Dec 30, 1999] ... I ended up getting a 1998 Trek 8000SL . I was told by a Trek rep that was in International Bicycle Center in Newton, MA (very big Trek dealer) that this bike was "Bomb ...

  12. 8500

    Frameset Frame Alpha Red Aluminum w/ semi-integrated head tube, butted and formed top tube, hydroformed down tube w/ integrated gusset, bridgeless seatstay, forged race dropouts and replaceable derailleur hanger Fork Fox F-Series Remote RL w/air spring, rebound, remote lockout, alloy steerer, 100mm Wheels Wheels

  13. Trek-8500-ZX-1997 Photo Album

    The World's biggest biking photo gallery of photos like, crashes, north shore. Trek-8500-ZX-1997.

  14. Trek 830 SHX Bike 1998 or Older

    Old school, no nonsense, sweet ride. Weakness: Components are little weak, but mine have surprisingly held up for the last 20 years! Not bad. Solid, made in USA, classic Trek. You gotta love this workhorse. A classic. Trek 830 SHX Bike 1998 or Older user reviews : 4 out of 5 - 28 reviews.

  15. BikePedia

    1998 Trek Mountain Track 220 (02) 1998 Trek Mountain Track 240 1998 Trek Sub-Atomic (01) 1998 Trek Sub-Atomic (02) 1998 Trek Sub-Atomic SS (01) ... 2001 Trek 8500 Disc 2001 Trek Bruiser One 2001 Trek Bruiser Two ...

  16. Trek ZX 7000 ALUMINUM Bike 1998 or Older

    [Jan 22, 2014] skyphix Cross Country Rider Strength: Quick Handling, strong, flickable, fast. Fairly modern geometry despite the age. Weakness: Not much, really. Maybe the lack of disc tabs, but it was 1998 after all... Bought this bike new in late 1997, a gold 1998 model. Rode it HARD for a lot of years, never weighed less than 235lbs.

  17. Trek 8500 XC Hardtail user reviews : 4.5 out of 5

    [May 19, 2019] Troy H OVERALL RATING 4 ★★★★★ ★★★★★ Strength: I use it for for things from 2m high gap jumps to 3km long climbs love it. Weakness: One two three words. Price Paid: $649 Model Year: 2009 [Aug 05, 2011] tazman Cross Country Rider



  19. Vintage Trek 8500 ZX with Spinergy RevX Rear Wheel

    Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vintage Trek 8500 ZX with Spinergy RevX Rear Wheel at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!

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    Vintage Trek 8500 ZX with Spinergy RevX Rear Wheel. Opens in a new window or tab. Pre-Owned. $350.00. erekl26 (5) 100%. or Best Offer +$183.90 shipping. Trek Aluminum 7000 Gravel Bike W/ Girven Fork. Opens in a new window or tab. Pre-Owned. $999.99. stgeorgebicyclecollective (77) 100%. or Best Offer

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    Get the best deals for trek singletrack 950 at We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! ... Vintage Trek 8500 Mountain Frame Set 18 USA Alloy Splatter MTB 26 Deore XT 135. Opens in a new window or tab. ... Vintage Trek 8500 ZX USA Frame Set 19" Matte Easton EA70 MTB 26" Girvin ...

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