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What To Put In a Travel First Aid Kit

travel toiletry kit in french

When you are getting ready for a trip, what are some of the first things you pack? Certainly the best clothes and shoes for your travels. Toiletries are essential, too, and even your favorite skincare products. But do you have a first aid kit in case of emergencies? 

Most people don’t think about bringing a first aid kit on trips, but they can be very helpful in an emergency. So, before you head off on that next vacation, let’s look at some essentials you should have in a travel first aid kit.

Why You Need a Travel First Aid Kit

travel toiletry kit in french

Having a travel first aid kit in your carry-on bag or your car for a road trip can help you handle any small injuries or wounds. You don’t need every single item in your medicine cabinet, but it is nice to have a small bag of essentials just in case. 

It is convenient to reach into a small first aid kit when you have a cut, bruise, or slight illness. There is also a risk that you will be somewhere where you cannot access a pharmacy or get immediate medical help. You may also need specific medication for your own health that you may not be able to get in another area or country. 

What to Put In a Travel First Aid Kit

It will help if you use a small zipped bag or small tackle box for your travel first aid kit that you can easily access. 

A few essential items to include in the kit are:

  • Antibacterial wipes and creams
  • Adhesive tape
  • Antibiotic creams (or hydrogen peroxide) for cuts

Pack different sizes of bandages in case of cuts or blisters. Depending on where you are going, other items to pack include are:

  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen (SPF15 or higher)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Your health insurance card.

Include medications that you regularly take at home. In fact, you may want to pack enough medicine for the trip plus a bit extra in case your trip is extended for some reason. You can also include some over-the-counter medicines like ibuprofen or motion sickness pills in cases of headaches or nausea. Be sure to keep this medication in the original packaging so that travel officials can easily identify it.

General Items for Skin Problems

You may want to include a few items in your travel first aid kit if you face skin problems while out, like cuts or poison ivy.

  • Antibiotic ointments

These can be especially helpful if you are camping, hiking, or doing other activities in nature. Another item you may want to include in this kit is calamine lotion, just in case you develop some nasty, itchy rash. You may want to have aloe vera gel and medical tape.

Items for Stomach Problems

You also want to be prepared in case of any stomach issues that may come up during a trip. No one wants to really think about it, but bloating, gas, and other stomach issues can occur on trips. You may eat something while in another state or country that doesn’t sit well with your stomach, and it would be nice to be prepared for that situation. 

With your travel first aid kit, you should include motion sickness or nausea medication in case you suffer from those issues on a plane, boat, or in the car. You may want to include antacids in case you suffer from heartburn.

Items for Respiratory Problems

When creating a first aid kit for your travels, it’s important to consider potential respiratory issues. Your first aid kit should have some antihistamine medicine or EpiPens in case of odd allergies. 

For those who suffer from respiratory issues like asthma, or allergies, you want to make sure you have your standard medicine or equipment to handle those issues. For example, having your inhaler (or two) is a must for those who suffer even from mild asthma. You never know when you may have an attack.

What To Do Before Your Trip

travel toiletry kit in french

Before you even go on your trip , you want to take proper steps to stay healthy and safe. Beyond having a travel first aid kit:

  • Be sure you are up-to-date with your doctor appointments and routine vaccines before traveling (especially if you are going abroad). 
  • Research if your health insurance covers medical care for international trips. If not, plan to get additional travel insurance in case you get sick or injured.
  • Leave copies of important travel documents, including your itineraries, contact information, and passport, with someone back home. 
  • Have a list of emergency contacts on you at all times. 

Make Your Own or Buy a Travel First Kit

If you do not want to create your own first aid kit, you can also buy one! There are different organizations and retailers that offer ready-made kits. The Red Cross offers several different kits, including this kit with some essential items for emergencies. Amazon also has several different kits available for purchase. If you decide to buy or create your own travel first aid kit, you also want to check the expiration date on any products you’ve included. Replace any old items as soon as possible before you leave.


travel toiletry kit in french

travel toiletry kit in french

You Need a Tech Dopp Kit

Your traditional dopp kit ( or toiletry bag ) is a useful travel companion. It’s where you stick items like your toothbrush, comb, deodorant, or other grooming items essential for not looking like a slob.

You need a tech kit for your electronic devices as well. A tech dopp kit centralizes all the dongles, cables, and adapters you’ll inevitably need on the road. It makes travel easier, since you don’t have to worry about losing anything when packing and unpacking in your hotel room, or at the airport’s security line. It all goes in the kit.

What to Put in Your Tech Kit

Before you put a single thing in your tech kit, you should do an assessment of the devices you have, and what you might need them for. If you don’t plan on giving any presentations on vacation, feel free to leave the Mini DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter at home. If you’re bringing both an iPhone and iPad on your trip, you may want to include a pair of Lightning cables compatible with your battery pack and power adapter.

Use a Toiletry Bag

Your tech dopp kit doesn’t need to be filled with built-in cable organizers, multiple pouches, or elastic bands. A regular toiletry bag will do. You should opt for a water-resistant toiletry bag, just in case you’re like me and tend to spill water on every electronic device in your backpack.

Long (and Short) USB Cables

Your tech kit should be where you put your USB cables. Instead of bringing that dinky three-foot one, however, get some longer six-foot cables. When you’re be traveling, you’ll inevitably be plugging into outlets that aren’t in the most convenient locations. The extra few feet will really come in handy when the nearest outlet is halfway across the room. You should also include some really short USB cables for connecting devices to something like a laptop. You can find cables as short as six inches in length.

Don’t Forget the Velcro Ties

Need to organize your cables when you stick them in your kit? Attach and cut to size some velcro ties you can use to keep that tangle of cables organized and out of the way.

USB-C (and USB-A) Adapters

Including USB-C and USB-A adapters in your tech kit means that encountering brand new hardware won’t stop you from charging or connecting to it with your USB-A cables. They’re tiny, cheap ( Anker sells two-packs for around seven bucks), and will boost the longevity of the cables you already own since you won’t need to replace them. Some models plug directly into your device, and look like a flash drive with a female USB port. Others look like really short charging cables , giving you a bit more flexibility when positioning your cable or device.

If you opt to purchase the small, cord-free adapters, you should stick those inside yet another bag, like a coin purse. No one likes rooting around for items the size of pocket change.

Battery Pack

Of course, you should include a battery pack in your tech kit (especially if you don’t own one of those fancy battery-equipped suitcases). Which battery pack you include in your kit depends on what you’ll be charging. Some include built-in Lightning or Micro-USB cables so you don’t need to think about where you put your cable when you need to charge your phone. You can get USB-C-equipped battery packs as well if your tech is more current.

Bluetooth Tracker

You probably don’t want to lose the bag holding the dongle and cables you need to stay connected and online. If you’ve got some room left in the bag, throw in a device like a Tile tracker to keep an eye on your bag. The company’s newest trackers, Tile Pro, use Bluetooth LE to connect to your phone at a range of up to 200 feet. Lost your kit? Report your Tile as lost and other Tile users in the area will automatically find and report your kit’s location to you.

2-Port Power Adapter

A two-port power adapter is recommended so you can charge without having to choose which device deserves some juice. Simply charge both your primary device (like your smartphone) as well as your portable battery pack. Everybody wins.

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"travel kit" in french.

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  • aller en véhicule
  • se déplacer
  • déplacement
  • feuille de route
  • agence de voyage
  • boîte de rustines
  • bourlinguer
  • réveil de voyage
  • travel horizontally
  • travel hours
  • travel incognito
  • travel industry
  • travel inland
  • travel insurance
  • travel itinerary
  • travel journal
  • travel journey
  • travel lane
  • travel light
  • travel lightly
  • travel literature
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  • travel magazine
  • travel memoir
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  • travel north

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travel toiletry kit in french

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We took the traditional toiletry kit and reimagined it. A slimmed-down, thoughtful design keeps your essentials squared away and accessible. With zipper pouch add-ons that let you customize it to fit exactly how you travel there will be no more rummaging for your Aesop deodorant. No more bulky mess. Available in French Calfskin leather or Italian Sport Leather. The Sport Leather version is carefully designed to withstand the increased wear-and-tear that comes from an active lifestyle. The patented coating on the exterior of the leather is water and stain resistant and will retain its vibrant color over time.

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The Best Toiletry Bags

Seven toiletry bags of different models and styles lined up on a vacuum counter.

After nine years of testing, we know that no one toiletry bag works for all travelers.

To find the best solutions for carrying what is, essentially, a bathroom in a bag, we stuffed, shook, dunked, and examined toiletry bags meant for all sorts of travel scenarios.

After researching 69 and testing 23, we chose five bags that we liked for their style, packability, and quality of construction.

We looked at a variety of zippered sacks, hanging bags, and structured, standing toiletry cases that open from above (what we’re calling “dopp kits”).

We selected picks for a variety of travelers and those using it in their bathroom: a versatile bag for most travel situations , a dopp kit with loads of organizational compartments , an open-style dopp kit with plenty of space for larger toiletries , a compact hanging bag for light packers , and a hanging bag big enough for a family to share .

The research

The most versatile toiletry bag: state bags bensen toiletry kit, best dopp kit for organization: peak design wash pouch, best dopp kit if you need more space: topo designs dopp kit, the lightest toiletry bag: sea to summit hanging toiletry bag (small), the best bag for couples and families: l.l.bean personal organizer toiletry bag (medium), how we picked and tested, what to look forward to, the competition.

Our pick for most versatile toiletry bag, the State Bags Bensen Dopp Kit, shown upright on a bathroom countertop near a sink.

State Bags Bensen Toiletry Kit

The most versatile toiletry bag.

This bag is not, by our definition, a dopp kit, since it opens flat, like a book. Yet it offers organizational options (including a detachable pouch, handy for quick trips) that should work for light and heavy packers alike.

Buying Options

Get this if: You want a bag for both long and short trips.

Why it’s great: Though it’s not the best bag for every type of trip, the State Bags Bensen Toiletry Kit is a good option for more scenarios than any other bag we tested. It’s also a great choice for travelers who need a versatile kit that can hold enough for longer excursions as well as keep smaller, travel-size items organized.

The bag (which is made of nylon, polyster, or cotton, depending on what color you pick) unzips flat like a textbook (7 by 9 by 3 inches) instead of opening at the top, like a traditional brick-shaped dopp kit. So it offers more flexibility to stash larger and wider items, like a full-size shampoo bottle, shaving cream canister, or large makeup palette. It also has a hook, so you can hang it from a towel rack. To keep your gear organized, one side of the toiletry bag has two open pockets, and the other has a mesh zip pocket. When we stuffed the main compartment full of toiletries, the seams didn’t pucker, and it was still easy to zip closed.

There’s also a removable plastic pouch that holds up to four 2.7-ounce travel bottles. When we first tested this bag, in 2019, the plastic pouch was translucent; we loved that you could easily unsnap it for airport security checks without unloading the entire bag. In later versions of the bag, the plastic was too opaque to serve that purpose. But as of 2023, only one of the dozen or so color options (the nylon black/floral) incorporates that opaque plastic. The other options all now come with a translucent pouch.

Our pick for most versatile toiletry bag, the State Bags Bensen Dopp Kit, shown opened and hanging on a bathroom wall.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: This bag is the most expensive of our picks. The Bensen’s plastic hook didn’t break in our tests, but it’s still thinner (by a millimeter or two) than those on most of the hanging bags we reviewed. Under pressure, it bends more easily than most of the other hooks, so we’ll be watching how it holds up during long-term testing.

The detachable plastic pouch isn’t as waterproof as it appears. The pouch’s edges are lined in fabric, which sops up liquids like a sponge before leaking the contents everywhere.

Capacity: State Bags couldn’t tell us the capacity; we estimate it to be 3.5 liters.

Dimensions: 9 by 7 by 3 inches

Colors: about 20 frequently changing options—some solid, some mulit-colored, and some printed with patterns

A teal grey Peak Design Wash Pouch sitting on a tile bathroom counter.

Peak Design Wash Pouch

Countertop organization.

Minimalist-looking on the outside, this water-resistant dopp kit has lots of specialized pockets inside to hold—and keep safely separate—your essentials. Although it has a hook, it works best sitting on a bathroom counter.

Get this if: You want a water-resistant toiletry case with lots of pockets and you don’t usually need or want to hang your bag.

Why it’s great: The Peak Design Wash Pouch has several organizational pockets for your sundries; it was the most thoughtfully designed dopp-style bag we tested. Most dopp kits have at most one small pocket in addition to their main compartment, but this bag kept our items separated, so that our toothbrush didn’t have to mingle in the same pocket as our razor.

The toiletry bag opens like an accordion, and its wide base keeps it upright even when it’s full. There’s an open compartment on one side of the bag that’s big enough to hold a 12-ounce shampoo bottle or an electric razor. The other side has three mesh pockets great for keeping travel toiletries in their place, as well as a large zip pocket for stashing cotton swabs and facial tissues. Testers were pleasantly surprised to learn the bag is divided in half by a magnetically closed toothbrush pocket; it doesn’t seal completely, though, so moisture can evaporate. On the outside, there’s a pocket for a small beard trimmer or body razor, so you won’t cut yourself on a blade when digging through the main compartment for tweezers. “I love it. The compartments seem thoughtfully conceived,” said Wirecutter’s Winnie Yang. “It could hold enough for all three of us in my family times two.”

The teal grey peak design toiletry bag hung from a shower shelf.

This dopp kit is also tough. It’s made of recycled, 200-denier nylon and coated with durable water repellent (DWR), so it’s light and flexible, and water-resistant too. (There weren’t any leaks in our tests.) It has large zippers and reinforced pull tabs that didn’t snap off when we tugged hard. The internal mesh pockets are coated in silicone, so it’s easier to wipe them clean than dealing with traditional mesh pockets. As a bonus, all pockets turn inside out for cleaning.

The Peak Design Wash Pouch has a lifetime warranty.

A close up of three toiletry bag hooks on a shower shelf.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The Peak Design’s hook has a shallower shape than the hooks on our other picks, so it’s more likely to slide off a towel bar when, say, you’re digging for a contacts case at the bottom of the bag. (Peak Design’s arc radius is roughly 200 degrees; the hook on the L.L.Bean Personal Organizer , by contrast, has an arc of 270 degrees.) We preferred to use it like a dopp kit, letting it sit on the counter; that way, it was easy to access all its different compartments without worrying about it slipping and scattering our toiletries.

Capacity: 2.5 liters

Dimensions: 10 by 6 by 4.3 inches

Colors: black, sage green

A brown blue and red Topo Designs Dopp Kit sitting on a bathroom counter.

Topo Designs Dopp Kit

An expansive dopp kit.

This contemporary-looking bag packs down flat but is still roomier when expanded than most of the dopp kits we tested. It does, however, lack pockets and a hook.

Get this if: You’re a heavy packer who doesn’t need a lot of organizational compartments.

Why it’s great: The Topo Designs Dopp Kit is fun to look at. It’s shaped like a prism and comes in solid colors or complementary color combos. It remains upright when full, yet packs completely flat for storage. Its spacious main interior holds oblong toiletries well, including a full-size hair spray canister or electric razor kit. And the structure has some give, so you can stuff the bag into sharp suitcase corners without compromising packing space.

The unzipped topo designs dopp kit showing toiletries and a brush inside.

The dopp kit is covered in an abrasion-resistant 1,000-denier nylon that’s textured like canvas and zips closed with a heavy-duty YKK zipper. The inside of the kit is lined in nylon pack cloth for easy cleaning; it doesn’t trap moisture or leak between layers. There’s also a long strap that makes it easier to grip the bag with one hand. And it has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Although the bag’s nylon lining helped trap small leaks, bigger spills may still seep through the bag’s zipper teeth. Like most dopp kits we’ve seen, this one has no hook. Unlike most dopp kits, though, this one has no pockets at all apart from the main compartment. If you prefer a toiletry bag that isn’t a gaping hole, opt for one of our other picks instead.

Capacity: 3 liters

Dimensions: 11 by 5.5 by 5.5 inches

Colors: about a dozen frequently changing solid and multi-colored options

A lime green Sea to Summit Travelling Light Hanging Toiletry Bag sitting on a bathroom counter.

Sea to Summit Hanging Toiletry Bag (small)

A space-saving hanging bag.

This lightweight, well-organized bag fits a week’s worth of travel-size toiletries into a compact package. It’s meant to be hung, which makes it good for tight spaces, but it doesn’t have much in the way of internal structure.

Get this if: You’re a light packer who wants to hang up your bag for easy access.

Why it’s great: The Sea to Summit Hanging Toiletry Bag (small) is our previous top pick, and we still love it. It’s compact, holds enough gear for a week-long trip, and is durable.

Unassuming in size and appearance, the Sea to Summit is small enough to stash in a backpack or laptop bag, but it holds enough travel-size toiletries to keep us supplied for a week. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you can open it and hang it from a shower curtain or towel rod to easily see and grab your items. It comes with a shatterproof mirror, two micro-mesh zip pockets and an open pocket for toothbrushes, lip balm, and tweezers, and a large compartment for bulky lotions and hair care products.

The sea to summit bag hanging open from a shower shelf.

This toiletry bag is also tougher than it looks. Its ripstop nylon exterior didn’t tear in our tests. And the seams didn’t give when we stuffed it full of travel toiletry bottles, a toothbrush, toothpaste, facial tissues, and more. This bag comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Long-term test notes: Wirecutter’s Shannon Palus traveled with the Sea to Summit toiletry bag for two months, including a trip to Europe and weekend trips, and said she loved it: “I like how small it is, I can easily throw it in a backpack so I have meds and makeup et cetera on the plane too. There are so many random pockets, it’s easy to stash extra hair ties or a back-up $20 and not have them get lost. One complaint: One of the ties on a zipper broke off almost immediately.”

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The Sea to Summit weighs just under 3 ounces, making it lighter than our most-versatile hanging-bag pick, the State Bags Benson Dopp Kit . Its willowy shape becomes lumpy when packed to the brim with travel toiletries, so some people may prefer a bag with more structure.

And though small spills are no match for this bag’s water-resistant exterior, bigger messes may be a problem because moisture leaks through the zipper.

Dimensions: 9 by 6 by 3 inches

Colors: high rise grey, atoll blue, spicy orange

A blue and white L.L.Bean Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag sitting on a bathroom counter.

L.L.Bean Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag

A big bag to share.

This bag is inexpensive and sturdily constructed, and it holds enough to supply multiple users.

Get this if: You’re packing for a beach getaway for two or a family trip to a theme park.

Why it’s great: We like the L.L.Bean Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag because it’s big enough to hold a family of four’s bathroom essentials and it’s long-lasting.

With 6 liters of capacity, the medium-size L.L.Bean toiletry bag offers more room than the Peak Design and Topo bags combined. Our testers thought the bag was intimidatingly large for solo travel and preferred its roomy size for excursions with partners or a family. There’s plenty of space for packing full-size bathroom essentials to share among the group. We fit one full-size bottle each of shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and hair spray into this bag and still had room to add a hairbrush. And it’s loaded with storage features, so everything has its place. It has a wide handle, three external pockets, two interior waterproof zip pockets, a zip mesh pouch, and three small mesh pockets for taller toiletries, like a hairspray canister or sunscreen. There’s also a hook, removable shower caddy, and a removable mirror.

The sea to summit toiletry bag hanging open from a shower shelf.

The bag is heavy when crammed full, but when we suspended the bag (stuffed with shampoo, toothpaste, hair spray, and more ) by its metal hook for an hour, the hook didn’t break or bend. Its YKK zippers skate across the teeth, making it easy to open and close when full. And the bag’s abrasion-resistant cover didn’t scuff in our drop tests. The L.L.Bean toiletry bag has a one-year warranty.

A close up of the removable shower caddy on the l.l. bean toiletry bag.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: This toiletry bag has two external side pockets for stashing smaller items, like lotions or facial tissues. But they’re too stubby for a regular toothbrush, so if that’s where you want to pack your toothbrush, you’ll need a travel-size one instead.

While moisture from a spill did bead up on the surface of this toiletry bag, it’s not completely waterproof. Major spills are still a problem, as liquids leak through the zipper teeth.

Capacity: 6 liters

Dimensions: 11.5 by 9.75 by 3.5 inches

Colors: about a dozen solid, print, and plaid options

Six different colors and styles of toiletry bags organized in a grid on a tile floor.

After nine years of reviewing toiletry bags, we have a solid foundation in what travelers value in a bag. Still, we approached this guide as first-timers and read dozens of travel blogs, message boards, and bag review guides. We also consulted a panel made up of occasional travelers and frequent fliers to find out what matters to them the most, whether traveling across town or across the continent.

From there, we compiled a list of 69 different toiletry bags and divided them into four categories: plain bags, clear TSA-approved bags, dopp kits, and hanging bags. We reviewed each contender’s design, size, weight, storage capacity, materials, notable features (like a travel shower caddy or extended warranty), availability across retailers, and third-party reviews. We narrowed it down to 23 of the best-reviewed toiletry bags with a mix of features to accommodate different kinds of uses and various tastes in style. Then we called in the bags and tested them using the following criteria:

Overall design and construction: We reviewed each bag’s materials, the quality of the seams, and smoothness of the zippers, as well as the usefulness of each compartment. We also considered the bag’s weight, the sturdiness of its hook (if it had one), and color options, wanting to accommodate a range of tastes.

Bag capacity: We filled each bag with a selection of travel-size or full-size toiletries, depending on the size of the bag. Most bags contained a combination of the following toiletries: a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, body razor, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, facial tissues, feminine hygiene products, condoms, cotton swabs, a hairbrush, hairpins and ties, sunscreen, lotion, and a pill bottle.

Shape retention and durability: We closed each bag when stuffed full of gear and noted which bags deformed and if the seams puckered or tore under pressure. If the bag had a hook, we hung it up for at least half a day and checked both the bag and hook for structural integrity.

Contents retention: We shook each bag around and dropped it on the ground to see if the contents spilled out or became rearranged during handling.

Waterproofing: We ran each bag under a kitchen faucet for a few seconds to see how well the exterior repelled water. Then we spilled a tablespoon of water inside each bag, closed it, and shook it to see how easily it would leak a less viscous liquid (like spilled eye-makeup remover or toner).

Community review: We asked a panel of staffers with varying travel needs and family sizes to look at the bags from our list and offer feedback.

We plan to call in and test new toiletry bags from Aer, Eagle Creek, and other companies. We’re also taking a look at a smaller version of one of our picks, Peak Design’s Wash Pouch.

The Matador FlatPak Toiletry Case is the thinnest and lightest bag we tested and folds flat like a sheet of paper when empty. Its roll-top design ensures there’s no wasted space, and it snaps closed with a YKK buckle. But the roll-top unfurled easily during our tests, spilling smaller items, like travel toothpaste, onto the floor.

TSA-approved clear bags

The CableintheBay TSA-Approved Clear Toiletry Bag is made of plastic that’s thinner than other clear bags we tested, so it’s easier to puncture the bag when cramming it into a suitcase. It also leaked during our spill tests.

The Tom Bihn Clear 3D Organizer Cube is made of a ballistic nylon, which is scuff-proof and tear-resistant, and it has YKK zippers, so it’ll outlast most other toiletry bags. But at just 7 by 4 by 2 inches, it’s the smallest bag we tested and barely had enough room for three travel-size toiletries. It’s also twice as expensive as other clear bags.

The Travel Smart by Conair TS78SK Transparent Sundry Bag is the largest bag in this category, at 9.75 by 6.33 by 3.66 inches. A TSA spokesperson recommended that all clear toiletry bags remain under 1 quart (typically 6 by 9 inches), and we don’t want to risk getting detained at the security checkpoint with the wrong-size bag.

The Aer Dopp Kit has narrow dual compartments that were less spacious than our dopp kit pick from Peak Design. Its compartments couldn’t hold bulky pill bottles and shaving cream canisters. And it still leaked despite its water-resistant exterior. (Since our testing, Aer has redesigned the kit—now called the Dopp Kit 2 . We’ll take a look at it soon.)

In previous years, the Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Quick Trip was our budget pick. It has since been replaced by the Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Quick Trip ; we’ll be testing that model soon.

The Herschel Supply Chapter Travel Kit 5L holds more than any other dopp kit we tested, so it’s large enough for a couple to share on an extended getaway. But it isn’t leak-proof, and the bag tips over easily when full of gear.

The KomalC Leather Toiletry Bag is roomy, with enough space for full-size toiletries. But the zippers are clunky, and the bag’s lid is a flap-top design that doesn’t close completely.

The Container Store Toiletry Kit features dual compartments, which aren’t as roomy as other dopp kits we tested. The stitching was poor and unraveled with a quick tug.

The Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag has wide storage compartments, and it didn’t leak during our tests. But those panelists who would buy a leather bag preferred the real leather of our (now-discontinued) pick from Cuyana over Vetelli’s faux leather bag; those who wanted an easier-to-clean option would have gone with one of our nylon or plastic picks.

Hanging bags

The AmazonBasics Hanging Toiletry Kit doesn’t have as many storage pockets as other bags we tested, and the bag leaked during our moisture tests.

The Freegrace Hanging Toiletry Bag is the largest bag tested, so it holds enough toiletries for a family trip. But its size makes it cumbersome to carry when full. The storage compartments are narrow, so it’s harder to fit bulky or odd-shaped items, like wide-tooth combs or hair gel, inside. The bag also leaked during our tests.

We liked the toughness of the Tom Bihn Deluxe Spiff Kit , with its YKK zippers, ripstop fabric, and reinforced carry handles. There’s also a fold-out shelf covered in Velcro that keeps four 1-ounce jars from falling to the floor. Our testers thought the jars were too small, though, and not worth the additional cost. The bag also leaked during our tests.

This article was edited by Ria Misra and Christine Ryan.

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travel toiletry kit in french

Kaitlyn Wells

Kaitlyn Wells is a senior staff writer who advocates for greater work flexibility by showing you how to work smarter remotely without losing yourself. Previously, she covered pets and style for Wirecutter. She's never met a pet she didn’t like, although she can’t say the same thing about productivity apps. Her first picture book, A Family Looks Like Love , follows a pup who learns that love, rather than how you look, is what makes a family.

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The Best Bag and Cable Organizers

by Kaitlyn Wells

Always losing cables, SD cards, and tubes of lip balm in the depths of your backpack? A bag organizer will help you corral what you carry every day.

Our pick for The Best Underseat Personal Items to Pair With Your Carry-On Bag, the Waterfield Air Porter Carry-On Bag.

The Best Underseat Luggage and Personal-Item Bags

by Kit Dillon

There’s more to a great in-flight personal item than being small enough to stuff under a plane seat. Here’s how to choose the right one for your travel needs.

The Cotopaxi Allpa opened to show the zip-up compartments on both the left and right sides filled with clothes.

I’ve Taken 5 Trips in 6 Months. My Go-To Weekender Bag Is This Surprisingly Spacious Backpack.

by Elissa Sanci

Struggling to pack for your weekend away? The Cotopaxi Allpa 35L fits so much more than you’d expect.

A traveler sitting in an airport terminal next to a backpack and talking on her mobile phone

Don’t Travel With a Rolling Bag: The True Cost of Bulky Luggage

by Sally French

The lighter you pack, the easier travel seems to get. Try packing light enough to forgo not only checking luggage but also using the overhead bins.

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Marvis - Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste

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Puressentiel - Purifying Antibacterial Gel

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Phyto - PhytoJoba Moisturizing Shampoo

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Mustela - No Rinse Cleansing Water

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Rogé Cavaillès - Extra Soft Intimate Cleansing Wipes 15

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Klorane - Flax Fiber Dry Shampoo

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Caudalie - Vinoclean Micellar Cleansing Water

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Nuxe - Rêve de Miel® Hand and Nail Cream

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Phyto - PhytoVolume Shampoo

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SVR - Topialyse Cleansing Oil

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Nuxe - Prodigieux® Le Parfum

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Cattier - Green Peppermint Clay Mask

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SVR - Sebiaclear Cleansing Gel

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Marvis - Anise Mint Toothpaste

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Marvis - Sweet & Sour Rhubarb Mini Toothpaste 10ml

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SVR - Sun Secure Pocket Spray SPF50 20ml

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Klorane - Eye Make Up Remover

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Gallinée - Face Mask & Scrub

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