travel organizer app for iphone

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travel organizer app for iphone

12 Best Travel TRIP PLANNER APPs To Have in 2023

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In a fast-paced world where the stress of work and school is overwhelming, we all need a break to de-stress our minds. Traveling is one good way to take your mind off of stressful things – a breather. And a scheduled vacation gives you something to look forward to.

Whether it’s a local trip alone, a family holiday, or a getaway with your best friends, it just excites you to wish the day would come faster. 

Although trip planning is fun, sometimes, it is just too much. There are many apps that would help us with that burden and more from .

12 Best Trip Planner Apps in 2022

The freeform app, skratch – build your own skratch map, hopper – flight & hotel deals.

  • TripIt: Travel Planner
  • Sygic Travel Maps Trip Planner

Packing Pro

Roadtrippers: trip planner,, loungebuddy, travel planning apps for your next trip.

travel organizer app for iphone

The Freeform app is an endless whiteboard that lets users add information from a variety of websites, photos, videos and files.

Because the boards are kept in iCloud, they can be accessed from any device anytime inspiration hits. While you and your travel companions plan your dream trip, the specifics can be shared with several individuals working together on the same whiteboard, making them an ongoing work in progress.

The Freeform app is free to iPhone users on iOS 16.2, iPad users on 16.2, and Mac users on Ventura MacOS Venture 13.1. 

Download the brand-new app here .

Read our full post: Apple Launches New Travel App Freeform – What to Know

Wanderlog Trip Planner App

wanderlog - best travel planning app

Wanderlog is your all-in-one destination for planning future trips, sharing travel guides, and blogging past trips.

Its trip planning features are incredibly flexible: you can research destinations and activities, organize reservations by connecting your email, and map out a day itinerary with start/end times. You can also add notes and links all throughout.

Everything is stored offline so you can access your itinerary when traveling abroad. For road trips, it calculates the time and distance between places and exports them to Google Maps (and there are no limits to the number of stops you have on a trip!).

Plus, there’s a fun social component: collaborate with friends on itineraries, write your own travel guide, and blog about past trips. Wanderlog is available on the web and on your smartphone, so you can seamlessly plan while at home and on-the-go.

iOS  /  Android

travel organizer app for iphone

Rome2rio is a versatile travel planning app that simplifies the process of finding and booking travel options. It’s a handy tool for travelers seeking to explore various transportation choices between destinations. Rome2rio offers users a comprehensive view of travel options, including flights, trains, buses, ferries, and even driving directions.

Key features of Rome2rio include:

  • Route Information: The app provides detailed information on different routes, including estimated travel times, costs, and the number of transfers required.
  • Booking Integration: Users can book flights, train tickets, and other transportation options directly through the app, streamlining the booking process.
  • Map Integration: Rome2rio integrates with maps, allowing users to visualize their travel routes and explore nearby attractions.
  • Multi-Modal Travel: It offers options for combining various modes of transportation, making it easy to plan complex journeys.
  • Accurate Pricing: The app provides real-time pricing information, helping users make informed decisions based on their budget.
  • Offline Access: Rome2rio offers offline access to previously searched routes, which can be handy when traveling without a data connection.

iOS / Android

best travel websites

Skratch is the ultimate way to track your travel life . Simply create your Skratch map and the app will instantly show you all the countries you’ve been in the world. You can then also mark where you’ve lived or want to go on your bucket list.

Ever wonder what you did in all these places? Skratch lets you pin all your travel photos & videos directly to the map. This is a great way to relive your best memories by country.

As you visit new places, Skratch will either mark it automatically with a notification or let you mark your map offline. There’s also an achievements section that tracks your stats and progress towards unlocking world regions, as well as allowing you to share your map on social media. This is a great companion app for any traveler, and you can upgrade your map to mark over 18,000 regions & cities or set custom themes (iOS only for now).

Hopper - Travel Planning App

Hopper is an amazing trip planner app to have on your phone. The app predicts airfares up to 1 year in advance, with 95% accuracy. It analyzes over billions of flight prices and hotels within the day – telling you whether to book your trip now or wait for just a little longer.

Here’s how it works: Key in your destination and a color-coded calendar will display the cheapest and most expensive date to fly. The app will then recommend you to either book the flight now or sit it out and wait for airfare to get cheaper. Also, you can filter predictions to custom-fit your trip – remove long layovers, extra fees, restrictions, and more. 

And if you worry about missing out the cheap flight bookings, don’t be! Hopper will send you a notification when fares have dropped to its lowest point.

TripIt: Trip Planner App

TripIt - Travel Planning App

If you need any help organizing the dozens of itineraries, TripIt is the app for you. Users simply need to forward your flight, hotel, restaurant, and car rental confirmation emails to [email protected] and the app will create a free master doc for each of your trips. The best thing about this app is that you can get access to your itinerary anywhere, even without an internet connection. 

In addition, the Pro version will find you alternative routes for canceled flights and send out notifications for delayed flights, cancellations, and more from the airlines. 

SYGIC Travel Maps Trip Planner

Sygic Travel Maps , the new version of Sygic Trip Planner, is the first travel app to display all of the attractions and places a traveler needs to see and visit on a single map.

Sync your trips with the Sygic Travel app and find hidden gems in all cities you visit. The app boast a large database that allows you to find the best hotels, tourist attractions, museums, restaurants, bars, and stores wherever you go.

This mobile app also let you download offline maps and guides, which come in helpful when traveling to remote locations with poor or non-existing Wi-Fi.

It also has a dedicated section to worldwide places of interest for travel business. Get location information for individual cities, countries, continents, or the entire planet.

The app is available in 18 languages.

travel organizer app for iphone

We can all agree that packing is the least liked activity pre and post-trip. Let Packing Pro help you with that. The app lets you create a customizable list of essential things to pack that considers important factors like the trip duration, weather conditions, destination, and many more.

Don’t know where to start? Packing Pro’s sample packing list provides a good starting point if you don’t want to create your own.

Packing Pro has a plethora of item catalog that ensures that everything and everyone is accounted for. The app allows for seamless syncing and sharing to make sure that no one in the family leaves behind essential stuff.

Roadtrippers - Travel Planning Mobile App

Planning on a cross-country road trip ? Roadtrippers is the app for you! Not everyone is fond of waiting long hours at the airport while sitting through your red-eye flight. Hit the road with your friends instead.

Roadtrippers provides everything you need to know on your road trip. Just enter your starting point, destination, and let the app do its work for you! From camping sites to rest stops, outdoor activities, exciting adventures along the way that you didn’t know existed. This app is the perfect buddy for your road trip regardless of your mode of transportation – a sedan, a rental car, or a huge family RV.


Since its launch in 2014, has grown to become one of the largest online communities for photographers and visitors, exchanging information on the world’s most picturesque locations, including their precise location, shooting advice, trip suggestions, and much more.

Use the official Locationscout app to identify locations nearby or plan your trip in advance and bookmark locations you like and wish to visit in the future to avoid missing the greatest photo opportunities on your next trip.

Use Around Me to find local places and never miss scenic areas again on your travels. Use a grid view to find the best places, or simply zoom in on the map. When you select a place, you’ll get a map with a possible route, as well as a calculation of the distance and estimated travel time.

Whether you use your smartphone or a large screen to plan your vacation. You can save the places you do not want to miss more easily since all your bookmarks are synchronized on all your devices.

travel organizer app for iphone

Let’s face it, waiting around at the airport for your flight, which turns out to be delayed, is not the nicest experience at all. You wait around in uncomfortable seats, with bad Wi-Fi, and inedible food choices. Wouldn’t it be nice though to wait around in pleasant lounges?

But without membership or business-class tickets then there is no way for you to get in. Good thing Loungebuddy makes it possible for travelers to get access to airport lounges across the globe in just seconds. 

Even with an economy ticket, the app lets you elevate your flying experience – in style. 

travel organizer app for iphone

Used by over 90 million people worldwide, Skyscanner gives you great deals for flights, hotels, and car rentals. Its “everywhere” feature allows you to look at destinations that would fit right into your budget and timeframe. 

Is your Europe your dream destination? Take it off your dream board and make it a reality – Skyscanner will make it possible for you. Like Hopper, Skyscanner sends you alerts when airfares hit their lowest points too.

HotelTonight: Hotel Deals

travel organizer app for iphone

Booked a spontaneous flight out and need a nice place to stay for the night? Or exhausted from the hundreds of mile-long trip and need to get a place to rest ASAP? HotelTonight provides you with surprising last-minute deals on hotels near you. 

Regardless of your budget, this app has something to offer. From luxury to budget-friendly hotels, and unique boutiques, all available in just a few clicks!

travel organizer app for iphone

Not a big fan of hotel rooms? Perhaps you want to rent a room, a house, or a whole apartment for that homey feeling while being far away from home! Airbnb provides you with different spaces, from rooms, couches, to a whole apartment from locals in your desired place. 

You can filter through the photos, reviews, and available amenities – such as pool, washing machines/dryers, iron, and more! The app also serves as a medium for seamless communication with your hosts who are always so willing to give you the best stay possible. Plus, locals give you tips on where to find the best dining spots!

iOS / Android  


travel organizer app for iphone

Most of us dream of going to places! But planning an amazing trip to places we have not been to is pretty hard as you don’t know where to stay, what to do, places to eat, and adventures to try. We mostly rely on recommendations, most of which are not even right, that we find online. 

TripAdvisor has over millions of travel recommendations on hotels, top dining spots, must-do experiences, and treasured gems to over 8 million destinations at your perusal. It is an all-in-one app that lets you book tables at restaurants and compares low prices on hotels and flights.

You can also follow friends and travel experts for advice that match your interests, watch videos, and read articles. In return, you can share your experiences, reviews, and helpful guides for other users too!

TravelSpend: Track Travel Expense & Trip Budget

travel organizer app for iphone

Setting up a budget for your trip is easy, however, sticking to it is hard. TravelSpend will help you with that. It starts with entering your budget and expenses over multiple days so you don’t go overboard. The app helps you in sticking to your budget effectively.

Being in another country is not a problem at all: enter your expenses in any currency and the app will automatically convert it to your home currency.

Track your travel expenses whether going on a solo around-the-world trip or backpacking holiday with your best friends. The app allows you to share your trip with your friends and track your expenses together. Pay debts, split bills, and check your balances – all in the app!

PackPoint Travel Packing Lis‪t

PackPoint Travel Packing Lis‪t

PackPoint is a free packing list organizer and packing trip planner for seasoned travelers. Sometimes you leave for your long-awaited beach vacation only to realize you forgot an important piece of clothing, gadget, or sports equipment. PackPoint Travel Packing List helps you pack everything you need for your vacation. 

The app will suggest what you should take based on the information you enter, such as the type of vacation you are taking, the activities you are planning, the time of year, and the destination, but you can also can create your manual lists. This way, you can make sure that you do not leave home without essential clothing, accessories, or gear. You can also try the similar Packing Pro for iOS for only $3.


Most of the apps are free to download. Although, some may need in-app purchases to use its premium features. But that is just a small price to pay for a well-planned trip that’s ahead of your way. 

Let this list of apps be your useful companion to your next travel adventure. Leave your worries behind, even for a short while, take lots of pictures, and don’t forget to live in the moment!

Thank you for your suggestions! Those apps are very useful and various

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Best travel apps in 2021

Beat the traffic, avoid flight delays and find a place to stay on your next trip

best travel apps

The best travel apps are the ones that take all the stress out of a trip, freeing you up to enjoy the journey. And fortunately, you've got a lot of choices when it comes to finding apps that can help you plan your next getaway. 

You'll find everything from trip planners and itinerary generators to online marketplaces for flights and hotels in both the Play Store and Apple's store for apps. Combine one of the best travel apps with some great travel tech , and your chances for a smooth trip will increase dramatically.

  • These are the best Android apps overall
  • Get better trip photos with the best Android camera apps

Not sure where to look first? We've found a list of the best travel apps for when you're ready to hit the road again after sticking close to home for more than a year.

1. MyTSA (Free: Android; iOS)

Before you hit the road, make sure you've got MyTSA on your smartphone. The official app of the Transportation Security Administration isn't going to win any beauty contests, but it will let you check wait times at security checkpoints at major airpots. And that can help you plan on how much travel time you need to allow.

The app includes historical wait-time data while also giving you the option of checking crowd-sourced reports of how long security lines are at that moment. The ability to search what you can bring on a plane, get live assistance and find out info on the TSA PreCheck program make this a good app for travelers to keep handy on their smartphone.

Download MyTSA: Android , iOS

2. Expedia (Android, iOS: Free)

If you're a frequent traveller, you need a good all-in-one travel app, and Expedia is a tried-and-true option. You can book every aspect of your trip through Expedia, including hotels, flights and rental cars. The app also lets you bundle deals on travel and lodging, look for cruises, and research things to do when you arrive at your destination. 

If you're looking to stretch your travel budget even farther, Expedia promises exclusive deals for mobile users, with members of Expedia's rewards program enjoying additional perks. 

Download Expedia: Android , iOS

3. Flighty (iOS: Free)

There are flight trackers, and then there's Flighty, an iOS app for people who really want to know the location and arrival time of their plane. The free version of the app gives you basic flight-tracking tools, but pay up for a subscription ($8.99 a month or $49.99 per year), and you get access to more sophisticated features such as push notifications, syncing with TripIt or with calendars, and an assistant to help with your flight connections. 

Flighty also claims to be able to predict flight delays by monitoring inbound planes for 25 hours and monitoring FAA-mandated delays. You can check out the portions of the paid app for free during a 14-day trial.

Download Flighty: iOS

4. Hopper (Android, iOS: Free)

Another app bringing big data and predictive algorithms to the world of air travel is Hopper It uses a massive database of airline prices and historical trends to predict when prices to a destination are likely to be lowest, when they're likely to change, and the best time to buy a ticket for a particular date and destination. 

You can watch flights on specific dates or destinations, and the app will advise you whether it's worth it to buy now or to wait, tell you the dates when it's likely cheapest to fly, estimate changes in price, and notify you of price drops or rises. You can also save your payment details within the app for quick booking.

Download Hopper: Android , iOS

5. iExit (Android, iOS: Free)

If your travel plans involve a lot of driving, iExit works as a handy freeway exit guide, listing nearby highway exits, as well as the kind of businesses and amenities there are nearby. Need to gas up or find some good food or a place to stay for the night? iExit’s search tools come to the rescue, showing you nearby gas stations (with price data powered by GasBuddy), motels, and even deals and discounts from nearby businesses.

Download iExit: Android , iOS

6. Waze (Android; iOS)

Nothing gets a vacation off on the wrong foot like getting stuck in traffic. Waze can't eliminate the traffic, but it can help you get around any jams, especially if you're in an unfamiliar city. 

The navigation app feeds your smartphone real-time traffic information, based on reports from other Waze users. That data includes accidents, speed traps and other hazards that might keep you from getting to your destination in a timely fashion. 

Other features sure to impress travelers include automatic rerouting, cheap gas alerts and the ability to send your ETA to anyone waiting at your final stop.

Download Waze: Android , iOS

7. Skiplagged (Android, iOS: Free)

If you're traveling light and looking to save a few bucks, check out Skiplagged. It's a neat app that can keep your travel costs down by taking advantage of "hidden city flights", where flyers get off at a layover, instead of at the final destination. 

Enter your origin and destination, and Skiplagged will show you the cost of a direct flight, as well as any cheaper "hidden city" flights that have your intended destination as a layover. The caveat? Stick to carry-on luggage, as any checked-in bags will go all the way to the flight's final destination. 

Skiplagged also allows you to book hotels, including last-minute deals and special offers.

Download Skiplagged: Android , iOS

8. Flio (Android, iOS: Free)

Flio aims to be the all-in-one companion app for harried travelers making their way through airports worldwide. An official partner of 300 airports, Flio also has info on thousands more. That lets the app feature terminal maps, a boarding pass scanner, a flight tracker and directions to shuttle buses and booking options for everything from parking to lounge access. 

The app's sheer variety of services and features make it a great addition to the app toolkit of frequent fliers and vacationers alike.

Download Flio: Android , iOS

9. AtYourGate (Android, iOS: Free)

AtYourGate is another helpful airport companion that focuses more about retail opportunities while you're killing time waiting at the airport. If you need food, supplies (like say a phone charger to replace the one you forgot to pack), or last-minute gifts, you can browse the AtYourGate app for nearby shops and restaurants instead of having to wander around the airport. 

AtYourGate users can order food or other items, pay through the app, and even arrange for the item to be delivered to them right at their gate, lounge, or other location. AtYourGate currently operates in a select number of major airports, including JFK, La Guardia, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Portland, San Diego, and Newark.

Download AtYourGate: Android , iOS

10. Mobile Passport (Android, iOS: Free)

Mobile Passport is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection-approved app that helps speed you through lengthy immigration lines. It allows anyone with U.S. or Canadian passports to submit their passport control and customs declarations through the app, replacing paper forms and providing faster processing in a number of major US airports where the Mobile Passport service is supported. 

The app will save you a good amount of time in line, but it’s no reason to leave your physical passport at home. Mobile Passport is a companion app, not a replacement.

Download Mobile Passport: Android , iOS

11. TripIt (Android, iOS: Free)

TripIt promises to cut back on the travel hassle by consolidating your travel plans into a simple, convenient itinerary. Viewable online and synced to your cell phone, you can also share itineraries with your contacts. 

You just link your email account to TripIt, and the service will automatically dig through your inbox for reservation confirmations and other forms. Using that data, TripIt builds an organized itinerary of your flight boarding times, hotel check-ins and more. While TripIt is a free download, a $48.99 annual subscription gets you features like real-time flight alerts and updates on how long airport lines are.

Download TripIt: Android , iOS

12. App In The Air (Android, iOS: Free)

App In The Air is designed to help you through the entire process of your airplane flight, serving as a booking assistant that reminds you of your gate, ETA, check-in requirements, baggage tips, and more. 

The app condenses all of this important information so that it's easy to refer to at a glance, while also providing handy extras. You can view a summary of your airline's baggage rules (or even have an augmented reality overlay that you can use to measure your baggage to see if it will fit for carry-on or overhead guidelines). 

Travelers can integrate the app with TripIt, track loyalty rewards, view airplane amenities and even forward their details to their Apple Watch or Android Wear device. A premium subscription ($29.99 per year) includes real-time flight status updates, automated check-ins, and more.

Download App In The Air: Android , iOS

13. GasBuddy (Android, iOS: Free)

If road trips are more your thing, consider GasBuddy, a mobile app that helps users track down the cheapest gas in their region. Users can tap into their GPS location through their phone, or search by address or zip code to find the nearby gas prices.

As many of the prices are based on user reports, GasBuddy rewards users with points for reporting and updating a station's prices, with points making you eligible for regular raffles of prizes like free gas.

Download GasBuddy: Android , iOS

14. Roadtrippers (Android, iOS: Free)

Another handy travel companion when you hit the road is the aptly named Roadtrippers, a trip planning and itinerary app that lets you plot your next road trip, and helps you discover destinations, attractions, and useful stops along the way. 

With Roadtrippers, you can share your route and schedule with friends and family. The app helps users find everything from diners and dives to hotels, restaurants, national parks, roadside attractions and other scenic points of interest. 

If doing that research on a small phone screen stresses you out, you can plan trips in the Roadtrippers web portal if you prefer, saving locations and stops into a trip plan which you can sync across multiple devices for easy reference.

Download Roadtrippers: Android , iOS

15. PackPoint (Android, iOS: Free)

PackPoint is a travel packing wizard that provides a checklist of travel essentials that you'll need to pack, depending on the nature of your trip. 

Simply create a trip profile with your destination, length of stay and purpose of travel. PackPoint then creates a customized packing and luggage checklist that takes into account whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, the type and amount of clothing to pack based on the weather forecast and other factors. 

The app also comes with a variety of premium features, such as TripIt integration for automatic packing list creation.

Download PackPoint: Android , iOS

16. TripAdvisor (Android, iOS: Free)

TripAdvisor is your crowd-sourced guide to hotels, restaurants and attractions worldwide. The app allows you to browse through plenty of reviews, images and videos featuring various establishments worldwide to get a better idea of what awaits you at your destination. 

You can also access contact details; search for nearby establishments; explore restaurants by food type, price range or rating; check out air fares; and even add to the knowledge base by posting your own reviews, images and entries for the places you visit. There are even some handy "Near Me Now" features to alert you of nearby points of interest once you're on the scene.

Download TripAdvisor: Android , iOS

17. Airbnb (Android, iOS: Free)

Airbnb is a marketplace app that allows users to search for and find unique accommodations across the world, from mom-and-pop B&Bs for a night, to a small apartment for a week, or even a castle for a month. There's no shortage of quirky and unique establishments. Airbnb covers a range of prices in more than 34,000 cities across almost 200 countries, which means the adventurous or flexible traveler has some interesting choices for accommodations on their next trip.

Download Airbnb: Android , iOS

18. Vrbo (Android, iOS: Free)

Vrbo's mobile app is another option for finding places to stay on your next trip. At Vrbo, the emphasis is on vacation rentals, and with 2 million unique places to stay in 190-plus countries, you've got plenty of options. 

Use the Vrbo app to search for vacation homes, plan your trip and book your lodging. The app also gives you access to key booking details — what is the Wi-Fi password at your rental property, anyway? — and lets you share your itinerary with friends and family.

Download Vrbo: Android , iOS

19. Hotel Tonight (Android, iOS: Free)

If you unexpectedly need to look for last minute hotel rooms, check out  HotelTonight. It offers last-minute discounts on vacancies and same-night accommodations from top-rated hotels. Users can search by category and quality such as Basic, Hip or Luxe; view information on nearby hotels; and quickly book accommodations from within the app.

Download HotelTonight: Android , iOS

20. GlobeTips (iOS: Free)

How much should you tip? GlobeTips is a handy app that can tell you how much gratuity is customary wherever you are in the world. In addition to global tipping guides, GlobeTips includes a calculator for automatically calculating the tip, splitting the bill, and handling sales tax.

Download GlobeTips: iOS

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22 Best Travel Apps Every Traveler Should Know About

From tracking flight delays, finding last-minute accommodations, and even locating the nearest public restroom, these are the most helpful travel apps to download before you travel.

travel organizer app for iphone

Using the right travel apps can help you save both time and money , while making the journey much less stressful . Many of these apps also provide local recommendations and hidden gems tourists don't often get to see — and some are completely free.

Whether you're looking for an app that will give you discounts for popular local events, offer a last-minute booking at a fraction of the price, or help you breeze through the airport , these are the 22 best travel apps to download before your next trip.

Citymapper helps travelers find the speediest route to their destination, providing step-by-step instructions on where to find the nearest bus and train stations. You'll be able to see when the next arrivals are, and real-time routing means you'll get updates every minute. The app also has a chat feature that allows you to update friends and family on your E.T.A. wherever you are.

Available on iOS and Android .

PackPoint takes the hassle out of packing by creating a customized list of what you'll need for your getaway. Enter your destination, travel dates, length of stay, and activities that might require special gear, like hiking or swimming, and the app will create a custom packing list you can save for future use. Besides checking weather conditions for you, the app also allows users to share their packing lists with fellow travelers.

The beauty of Rebtel is you don't need an internet connection to call friends and family back home. The app connects to local phone lines to provide you with cheap calls in 51 countries around the world without having to deal with the hassle of getting a local SIM card or racking up your phone bill.

If you're looking to get outdoors, this app will provide you with the area's best hiking, biking, and running trails. In addition to details on length, starting location, and trail quality, AllTrails includes reviews and photos from a community of hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. You'll find useful information like what to pack, obstacles you'll find along the route, and the best scenic spots to check out.

If you find yourself in the middle of a long layover, Dayuse can get you into a hotel room for a few hours for up to 75 percent less than what the typical overnight rate would be. The app features 5,000 hotels in 23 countries, and allows you to make free cancellations at the last minute, in case you manage to catch an earlier flight.

Selections include everything from business hotels to wellness accommodations, with payments made directly when you arrive. You also get full use of the hotel's amenities for the duration of your stay.

The prices of flights can fluctuate, making it tricky to decide if you should book right away or hold off. That's where Hopper comes in, predicting the best time to find the cheapest fares, saving up to 40 percent. The app also has a price-monitoring feature so that you can select a particular flight and receive alerts if the price drops. Through Hopper, users can also compare the prices and amenities of more than 250 airlines and get alerts about airfare flash sales.

RV Parks & Campgrounds

This camping app helps you locate prime RV parks, campgrounds, rest areas, and gas stations across North America. With more than 40,000 facilities, the app sorts locations based on ratings and includes both privately-owned RV parks and public parks to choose from.

Nike Training Club

Hitting the gym while you're traveling can be tough, but with Nike Training Club , you'll feel like you have a personal trainer right in your pocket. That's because you can access hundreds of free workouts from Nike Master Trainers and celebrities like Kevin Hart, Serena Williams, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Audio and video clips help you make sure you're on top of your technique, while personalized training plans will keep you on track.

If you don't have much time to spare at the airport, Grab allows you to check out what food selections are near your gate, and gives you the option to pre-order your meal so you can pick it up on the way. The app currently operates at over 60 airports worldwide, giving you plenty of bites to choose from on your next trip.

GasBuddy is the app you'll want if you're taking a road trip. GasBuddy tracks down where to find the cheapest gas prices, allowing you to filter by price, location, brand, and amenities. It also provides you with deals at nearby convenience stores and price hike alerts so you can nail down the best prices every time.

Want to know what local events are taking place at your destination? Headout will show you the top attractions, shows, tours, and experiences in popular cities like New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando, Hawaii, Dubai, and more.

Activities range from catching a Broadway show, yoga in the hills, or taking a helicopter tour, with exclusive last-minute offers that can be up to 80 percent off.

If you need to access the internet during your travels, chances are you'll have to connect to public Wi-Fi, which can be sketchy. TunnelBear allows you to connect privately and securely by providing you a VPN (virtual private network) that will encrypt your browsing data to keep your information hidden from hackers and advertisers. The app comes with 500MB of free browsing data each month, or you can opt for unlimited data at a low monthly rate.


Hostelworld is where you'll find more than 17,000 hostels, hotels, B&B's, and communal spaces in 178 countries. The app is great for solo travelers looking to meet fellow vacationers during their trip, including a Noticeboard that highlights events and meetups, and a translator that will help you communicate in up to 43 languages.

WeatherBug provides forecasts for millions of locations around the world, with current, hourly, and even 10-day options. The app also has specific weather maps to track everything from lightning and wind to pressure and humidity, and makes staying on top of changes to the weather easy with instant alerts.

Eatwith allows you to dine with locals, in their homes, all over the world. Menus are posted for you to see, while hosts will typically list what they cook, the languages they speak, and any alcohol pairings they'll be serving. Not only does the app give you a chance to meet locals and get superb dining recommendations, but it also allows you to enjoy a high-quality meal for less than what you'd typically pay at a restaurant.

Available on iOS and Android.

Trying to locate a public restroom can be tricky, especially in a new destination. That's where Flush comes in. The app has a database of more than 200,000 toilets, and quickly provides travelers with nearby bathrooms. You can search without an internet connection, and the app will also notify you if a restroom requires a fee.

While banks may charge you a fee for transferring money abroad, Wise allows you to make a transfer based on real-time currency exchanges, so you can send money at rates the company says are up to eight times cheaper than what you'd find at traditional banks.

TripIt makes it easy to put together a cohesive travel itinerary. Simply forward your confirmation emails, like your hotel and flight reservations, or your rental car reservation, and TripIt will build a full itinerary to help you stay organized with all of your plans.

With real-time alerts, you'll know if your flight is delayed or canceled, while the flight finder can help you book a new option should a cancellation occur.

Another good app for the road, Waze gives you community-based data about traffic jams, and information to locate points of interest like the cheapest gas stations and the fastest routes to your destination. Live maps include voice-guided navigation to easily guide you.

Xe provides live exchange rates and charts to keep you on top of money matters during your travels, easily allowing you to choose between different currencies you'd like to convert. It also has a rate alert so that you can monitor your favorite currencies — and it can be used offline.


If you're sick of the jet lag battle that inevitably comes with travel, check out Timeshifter , an app that helps you to avoid jet lag long before your flight departs. Thanks to neuroscience research on circadian rhythms and sleep, the app provides personalized recommendations that take into account your age, gender, typical sleep patterns, and specifics about your trip. The app will tell you when you should avoid or seek daylight, and when you should stay awake or take a nap. The result? A gentle jet lag experience, which translates to more time exploring your destination.


If you have a tight connection or are picking up friends or family from the airport, look to FlightAware for help. The app tracks flights in real time, so you can see exactly where the aircraft is at any given moment. In addition to providing arrivals and delays, you can also see if weather will have any affect on certain locations.

Evie Carrick is a writer and editor who’s lived in five countries and visited well over 50. She now splits her time between Colorado and Paris, ensuring she doesn't have to live without skiing or L'As du Fallafel.

travel organizer app for iphone

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The 9 Best Travel Planner Apps of 2023

Find bargain flights, research activities, and pack like a pro

travel organizer app for iphone

  • Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
  • Payment Services

Planning the perfect trip can be almost overwhelming enough to take the fun out of what should be an exciting experience. Thankfully, there are many travel planning apps available to help you organize your next getaway, right down to the smallest detail.

Best for Predicting Lowest Flight and Hotel Prices: Hopper

The Watch feature sends push notifications about good deals when it's time to commit.

Some fairly large airlines aren't included in Hopper's analysis.

Hopper's proprietary algorithm tries to predict where flight and lodging prices are headed in the near future, letting you wait until the right moment to spring into action and book your trip at the lowest price. The app analyzes billions of prices per day and claims to predict what the cheapest one will be with a 95% accuracy rate.

Download For:

Best Overall Trip Planner: Kayak

The Explore feature helps you decide on a destination, suggesting getaways all over the globe based on your maximum budget.

Doesn't always show all available flights on a specific route, potentially causing you to miss out on the best deal.

One of the top all-in-one apps for setting up a trip, Kayak searches hundreds of travel sites instantly to provide multiple deals on a flight, hotel, or rental car in the same location. Kayak also organizes everything in one place and includes up-to-date details on security wait times, along with airport terminal maps.

The app also measures your luggage using your phone's camera, informing you of potential fees and carry-on rules for most airlines.

Best for Helping You Remember the Essentials: Packing Pro

An impressive group of sample packing lists provides a good starting point if you don't want to make your own.

In-app purchases are inappropriate for an app you purchased.

Packing Pro is well worth the $2.99 price if stuffing your suitcases isn't your favorite pre-trip activity. The app creates customizable packing lists that take into account important factors like the trip duration, destination, expected weather conditions, food preferences, and more. Packing Pro's robust item catalog ensures that even the most unique dietary or religious restrictions are satisfied.

Best for Car or RV Trips: Roadtrippers

The hidden gems that can be discovered with this app.

GPS coordination isn't as good as it is in apps like Waze.

If dealing with long lines at the airport isn't your idea of fun, then Roadtrippers may be the app for you. Whether you're hitting the highway or off-roading it, enter your starting and destination points and let Roadtrippers provide the information you need on everything in between.

From campsites and outdoor attractions to unique adventures that are off the beaten path, this app is the perfect companion for planning an excursion no matter if your mode of transportation is a small-sized rental car or a giant RV.

An optional yearly subscription unlocks advanced features, including live traffic monitoring and different map styles.

Best for Finding Bargain Flights: Skiplagged

Frequent travelers can save a significant amount of money.

Airline baggage fee policies can be murky, so read the fine print before booking.

By showing fares to connecting cities that are sometimes cheaper than a direct flight to that city, Skiplagged lets you book flights where you simply stay at the layover location (your destination) rather than continuing with the connecting flight. When it works, you spend less to end up in your desired destination. Skiplagged also lets you book last-minute hotel deals.

Best for Avoiding Hidden Fees: Skyscanner

Offers protection to ensure car rental providers don't overcharge for fuel.

In rare instances, flight prices shown in the app are outdated.

Skyscanner should be included when you're looking at some of the bigger all-in-one planning and booking apps. Offering reliable price alerts, integrated frequent flyer miles, and no additional or hidden fees like you might find elsewhere, Skyscanner usually follows through on its promises and is easy to navigate.

Best Itinerary Planner: Sygic Travel

If you don't want a planned itinerary, Sygic is useful for finding nearby attractions on-the-fly.

Access to Sygic's offline maps requires a paid upgrade to the Premium version.

Sygic Travel lets you plan a detailed itinerary for each day of your trip before you leave home, down to the last detail, like walking distances between attractions.

With over 50 million places included, many with 360-degree videos that make you feel like you're there, the app's smart search filters help you narrow things down to the perfect daily schedule. Collaborative city guides provide an easy-to-use snapshot of the most popular locales around the globe.

Best for Customer Reviews: TripAdvisor

The forums are a great resource for getting specific travel-related questions answered quickly.

Default rankings don't always correlate with customer reviews, so you often need to take a deeper dive to discover the best value.

A stalwart in the travel industry, TripAdvisor isn't unique in providing a one-stop-shop for booking good deals on flights, hotels, and restaurants for your upcoming trip, though it does a dependable job of each. Where the app sets itself apart is with its customer feedback on airlines, lodging, food, and activities. By offering over 500 million opinions from real travelers who've been there and done that, TripAdvisor helps you make informed planning decisions based on others' past experiences.

Best for Organizing Confirmations and Reservations: TripIt

Send information manually, forward confirmation emails, or have the app automatically fetch itineraries from your inbox.

The default notification setting is for an annoying number of alerts.

When you plan a trip, it's not uncommon to receive multiple confirmation emails and itineraries from airlines, hotels, rental car companies, or other sources. Keeping all these details organized can be a hassle.

TripIt solves this problem by taking all your scattered information and organizing it into an easy-to-use main itinerary. This basic functionality is available free of charge, while an annual subscription provides the ability to upgrade your seat on upcoming flights and track reward miles, among other perks.

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Top 3 iPhone App Organizers & Home Screen Organizers

If you’re facing difficulties managing apps on your iPhone, this post offers you some of the best organizer apps for iPhone so you can manage the content and apps on your iPhone in a much better and enhanced way. Read on to find out what those apps are.

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Switch to New iPhone

Basic tips for new iphone.

  • How to Restart iPhone
  • iPhone Quick Start Not Working
  • Set Up New iPhone
  • What Is the Other on iPhone
  • Trust A Developer on iPhone
  • Change Passcode on iPhone
  • Best Organizer App for iPhone
  • How to Backup iPhone
  • How to Clone an iPhone
  • Time Spent on iPhone Backup

Transfer Data to New iPhone

  • Backup Old iPhone/Android
  • Switch from Android to iPhone
  • Transfer Candy Crush Data

Organizing content has always been important as it helps you easily find the content you want at a later time. If you have not organized your apps on your iPhone, you would have issues finding them when you need them the most. Fortunately, Apple offers some of the best iPhone organization tips so your apps and content are always well organized. So, you ask:  Is there an app that will organize my apps iPhone? The answer is YES.

Here in this post, we go beyond that and offer you some of the apps that will help you better manage applications and their icons on your iPhone. One of them that is worthy of mentioning is AnyTrans, which can help you do more than just organizing Apps but transferring videos and other data. Here are the best organizers for your iPhone and let’s keep reading and learn more:

Further Reading: How to Fix Can’t Delete Apps on iPhone >

1. AnyTrans – The Best App Organizer for iPhone

  • 2. iTunes (for iTunes 12.7 and earlier)

3. AppButler – An App Organizer for iPhone

Bonus tip. backup apps on iphone with apptrans, frequently asked questions and answers.

AnyTrans  is a feature-rich application that works like iTunes in many ways and allows you to rearrange your apps on iPhone and manage the entire home screen content to make it a better place. One of the things you can do with the app is use the intelligence of the app to group your apps by folders or colors.

The app works like a charm and has helped a number of users redo their home screens and be more productive. If you have never tried the app before, you may want to give it a try right away to see its magic for yourself.

  • You can batch move multiple apps and organize them into folders by simple drag and drop.
  • AnyTrans supports all iPhones and iOS systems, including the latest iOS 17 and iPhone 15.
  • What’s more, you can download, install, update, uninstall apps, or move apps and app data to new iPhone easily.
  • You can also share App Files Between iDevice and Computer as you need.
  • Free and safe to use.
  • Need a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer.

And you can follow the steps below to organize iPhone apps on computer :

Step 1: Download AnyTrans  and launch it on your computer. Connect your iPhone with the USB cable and you will see the interface as below. Then click the Home Screen Manager button.

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Tap on Home Screen Manager from the Homepage

Tap on Home Screen Manager from the Homepage

Step 2: Click the Arrange Home Screen button.

Click Arrange Home Screen

Click Arrange Home Screen

Step 3: There are several classification ways to orange apps – including Color (with folders or pages), Catalog, Manual Classification, and Other Options. You can preview the interface when you click the Preview button. Then choose the ways you preferred, click Sync to Device to apply.

Choose one Style and Sync to Device

Choose one Style and Sync to Device

Also, in Step 2, you can manage your home screen by the buttons:  Clean Gray App Icon ,  Backup Home Screen ,  Restore Home Screen .

What’s more, you can download, install, update, uninstall apps, and b ackup Apps on iPhone by choosing the App Downloader function:

Install App that you Need

Install App that you Need

2. iTunes – App Organizers for iPhone(for iTunes 12.7 and earlier)

Organize Apps on iPhone with iTunes

Organize Apps on iPhone with iTunes

If you have ever backed up your iPhone or restored your iPhone, you would know what iTunes  is and what it can do for you. Among all the features the app offers, iTunes allows you to rearrange the app layouts on your iPhone right off of your computer.

All you need to do is connect your iPhone to your computer and launch the iTunes app. You can then click on the appropriate option to select a layout for the apps on your iPhone.

  • You can also drag the app icons to place them at a new location.
  • You can play around with the feature for however long you want and until you are satisfied.
  • iTunes is a completely free app available for both Windows PCs and Apple Macs.
  • With iTunes 12.7 abruptly removing the App Store, you can’t download iOS apps from computer anymore.

So without further ado, head over to the iTunes website and get the latest version downloaded and installed on your computer. Then, start playing around with various apps layout on your iPhone.

Apple has removed its ability to sync apps and ringtones, and now iTunes just focuses on transferring music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and audiobooks. This means you can’t use iTunes to arrange apps on iPhone anymore since the “Apps” tab is gone . So, maybe you want to back to the original methods to  categorize apps on iPhone .

AppButler - An App Organizer for iPhone

AppButler – An App Organizer for iPhone

AppButler  may not be as popular as iTunes but it is an app dedicated solely to helping you with arranging app icons on the home screen of your iPhone. The app allows you to create various kinds of folders to put your apps in, lets you change app icons to an image, and so on.

  • One of the features you are going to like about the app is its ability to create numbered pages to help you keep your apps organized.
  • It also comes with 39 app category icons to help you better manage apps.
  • If your iPhone’s home screen often gets clogged up, you can add empty spaces and line breaks in between the apps using the AppButler app.
  • In case you don’t like any of the existing app icons, you can choose one from your photo library for your apps.

Another choice is to use the wonderful iOS apps management tool – AppTrans which can help you back up, restore, and transfer all or any apps & app data you want in 1 click. Apart from backup apps, you can go back to the older version in a tap with AppTrans if you don’t like the new version of an app.

Step 1. Please free download AppTrans and follow the steps below to make a backup of your apps and app data:

Step 2. Launch AppTrans on your computer > Choose the App Backup option on the left control panel and then click on the Back Up Now button.

App Backup Overview

App Backup Overview

Step 3. Connect your iPhone to the computer > Tap on Back Up Now button.

Step 4. Select the apps that you want to backup to the computer and you can choose to backup both app and app Data only backup app by tapping on the button at the lower right corner.

Choose Apps to Make a Backup

Choose Apps to Make a Backup

Step 5. Now AppTrans is downloading your iPhone’s apps and app data. It may take some time to complete the backup process based on the amount of device data. Please keep patient.

1. Is there an app organizer for iPhone without a computer?

On iOS 14, there is a new function called App Library, which organizes your apps in labeled groups to make them easier to find. So, you can organize your iPhone apps on your iPhone directly.

2. How do I organize my iPhone home screen?

  • You can touch and hold an empty area on your Home Screen on your iPhone.
  • Then, tap the dots near the bottom of your screen.
  • Finally, drag a page to reorder it. Tap Done.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to iPhone app organizers, there are not many choices available for users. However, the above ones are some of the best organizer apps for your iPhone that you can use to organize your content and find your content easily on your devices. Don’t forget to download AnyTrans to organize your iPhone apps as you like.

AnyTrans – App Organizer for iPhone

Free download AnyTrans to organize iPhone home screen and organize  your iPhone apps in a flexible way. It also helps transfer apps to your new iPhone.

Free Download 100% Clean & Safe

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Best Travel Organizer iPhone Apps

travel organizer app for iphone

If your trip is any more complicated than one round-trip flight and one hotel stay, you may have gotten into the habit of carrying a small stack of printed-off confirmation emails or itineraries whenever you travel. Not only does the iPhone make that unnecessary, the travel organizer apps listed below make organizing your next trip so easy and elegant you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

Travel Organization Apps for the iPhone

Trip Journal $0.99 Trip Journal is one of the most popular travel organization apps out there, partly because it does so much and partly because it looks so good doing it. With this app you can take photos and video (which are geo-tagged with your location), add comments to both photos and video, jot down notes along the way, keep track of all the various aspects of your trip (flights, hotels, etc.), look up locations and get real-time tracking on a map, and share whatever trip details you like via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, and more.

>> Download Trip Journal from the iTunes Store

TripDoc currently $4.99 Instead of opening up a map of your destination that’s crowded with all the places the guide’s writers think you should know about, wouldn’t it be handy to open up a map that’s populated with only the places you knew you wanted to see? With the TripDoc app, that’s what you get. You add places – restaurants you want to try, attractions you want to see, shops you want to check out, the hotel you’re staying in – and those are the only places that are on the map. It’s clean, simple, incredibly easy to use, and much easier to keep track of than scribbling notes in the margin of a guidebook. There’s a free version so you can test it out, but it only lets you add five places. The full version is on sale right now because the app is new.

>> Download TripDoc from the iTunes Store

TripCase FREE The TripCase app has the benefit of being free, although it isn’t quite as multi-functional (or pretty) as some of the other paid apps listed here. With TripCase, however, you can track your itinerary (and flights), see listings for nearby hotels, get weather reports, and share trip details (including photos and notes) with friends and family.

>> Download TripCase from the iTunes Store

TripIt FREE TripIt is one of those must-have iPhone apps for travelers, because it consolidates all those confirmation emails into well-organized trips. It’s free to join TripIt, and the app is free, so you have almost no excuse for using it. It’s ideally suited to people who fly, rent cars, and stay in hotels frequently, since those are the activities where you’re going to get all those confirmation emails, but you can use TripIt to organize just about any kind of trip – you’ll just be inputting more information manually.

>> Download TripIt from the iTunes Store

Travel Diary $2.99 The Travel Diary app is mainly used to help you organize the photos you take on your trip, but it does more than just store pictures. With this app every picture you take (from within the app) is automatically tagged with the time as well as the GPS location where you took it, and with the newest version you can record audio notes to go with each photo as well. Audio notes can also be recorded on their own, so you can end up with an audio-visual diary of your trip. And if you want to share en route, you can export photos and audio comments to Facebook from within the app.

>> Download Travel Diary from the iTunes Store

Trip Organizer $4.99 Trip Organizer is a great tool to help you get ready for your trip. With a database of more than 150 countries, the app helps you keep track of all the things you need to do before you leave – what shots are required and recommended, what official documents you’ll need, what you need to arrange beforehand, etc. And as you check things off your pre-trip to-do list, the app’s status bar moves along showing you just how much you’ve done (and how much you have left!). While this app may not be as critical for someone on a simple two-week trip to Europe, it could be invaluable for a long-term traveler.

>> Download Trip Organizer from the iTunes Store

GlobeJot – Travel Organizer & Trip Planner $7.99 This app lets you throw all the things you’d like to do during your trip into a master list, and then sorts them by things like the priority you’ve assigned to it or the cost to help you figure out which things you have the time and money for. You can check things off as “done” or “skipped” to keep track of them, and the dashboard is customizable so you see just what you want to see. GlobeJot works with TripIt and the iPhone’s Maps application, so it’s easy to import lots of travel information and look up addresses and directions with a tap of your finger.

>> Download GlobeJot from the iTunes Store

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ZDNET's recommendations are based on many hours of testing, research, and comparison shopping. We gather data from the best available sources, including vendor and retailer listings as well as other relevant and independent reviews sites. And we pore over customer reviews to find out what matters to real people who already own and use the products and services we’re assessing.

When you click through from our site to a retailer and buy a product or service, we may earn affiliate commissions. This helps support our work, but does not affect what we cover or how, and it does not affect the price you pay. Neither ZDNET nor the author are compensated for these independent reviews. Indeed, we follow strict guidelines that ensure our editorial content is never influenced by advertisers.

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The 5 best trip planner apps: Easily plan your next vacation


Planning a trip is not easy. There are flights and rental car reservations to manage, hotels and Airbnbs to confirm, and activities to schedule. In all that planning, it is easy to lose track and misplace reservations or forget to make one altogether.

This is where trip planning apps can help. The right trip planning app organizes all your information while assisting in the reservation and booking process. The best trip planning apps offer even more if you know where to look.

Before you hit the road for your next trip, these are the best trip planner apps to help get you there. 

Best trip planner app overall


  • Developer: TripIt
  • Compatibility: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
  • App Store rating: 4.8
  • Google Play rating: 4.7

TripIt boasts nearly 20 million users, and it is easy to see why. The convenience cannot be denied. Anytime you make a reservation, you simply hit forward to [email protected] to automatically add it to your itinerary. Whether you are online or offline, you will be able to view your itinerary at any time. If you need to upload items, Tripit accepts multiple forms of documents, including PDFs, photos, boarding passes, and even digital QR codes. You also have the ability to share details with anyone you like, whether it is family or a friend. Also, Siri works to make you that much more efficient. As your trip approaches, you will begin to receive specially curated information like entry requirements, neighborhood safety scores, and even necessary vaccine certifications. If you upgrade to an annual membership for less than $50 a year, you receive even more support, like real-time flight status alerts and refund alerts if your fare drops. You also get a free trial of CLEAR for four months. 


Best trip planner app for hotels.


  • Developer: Hotel Tonight Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
  • App Store rating: 4.9
  • Google Play rating: 4.4

HotelTonight rates as one of our best hotel booking apps. When you don't have the opportunity to book in advance, HotelTonight makes it easy to get a last-minute reservation. If you are organized, you can book up to 100 days in advance. Either way, HotelTonight enables gives you to book luxury hotels as well as boutiques, giving you a wide variety of properties to choose from. There are three categories that you can use to search: Basic, Hip, and Luxe. It makes finding the right hotel even easier. You also can search by city or attraction, or you can perform a search for pet-friendly spots. HotelTonight is available throughout the world, including Europe, Latin America, and Asia, with available ratings and reviews from real guests. Check out the Daily Drop for special offers and extra discounts each day. 


Best trip planner app for road trips.


  • Developer: Roadtrippers Inc.
  • App Store rating: 4.7
  • Google Play rating: 4.0

If you are planning a road trip, Roadtrippers is the best trip planner app for you. It has helped make more than 38 million successful trips in the US and Canada. It uses turn-by-turn navigation via Waze, plus offers invaluable guidance on local attractions, so you know exactly how to live like the locals. There are guides ready to help at any time if you feel restlessness coming on. Roadtrippers can recommend restaurants, parks, scenic overlooks, and even hotels to keep you entertained throughout your entire trip. Plot your stops with the ability to add up to seven waypoints, or 150 if you upgrade to Roadtrippers Plus. The upgrade allows to share your trip with friends and receive exclusive deals with access to maps when offline. 

Best trip planner app for international travel


  • Developer: Rome2rio Pty Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac
  • Google Play rating: 4.6

The aptly named Rome2rio has been an invaluable support to my family as we prepare for my brother's upcoming wedding in Italy. It is easy to get travel information when you enter your destination into the app. You will receive specially curated information for your chosen location, giving you a variety of travel options for more than 160 countries. You can find details for flight, train, bus, and ferry rides, with assistance for rental car service. Rome2rio works with a variety of partners, including major airlines and Amtrak, to help get you where you want to go and at the best price. The app will help you find a place to stay, plus suggest fun activities to keep you busy.  

Best trip planner app for flights


  • Developer: Skyscanner Limited

Skyscanner may be the best trip planning app for flights, but that's not it does. It also works for hotels and car rentals, helping you find exclusive deals and providing helpful guidance. Even if you do not have a particular destination in mind, Skyscanner will pull the best deals for you to review. You also search by flight length, a particular airline you like, or even departure and arrival times. The app is excellent for booking because it allows you to compare pricing from top providers, so you can always find the best deal for your trip. You also get to skip many of the fees - there are no booking fees or hidden charges assessed on your travel.  

What is the best trip planner app?

TripIt receives our vote for the best trip planner app, helping almost 20 million users plan the best possible arrangements for their upcoming trips. From automatic reservation entry to easy uploads and sharing, there are several conveniences to simplify travel and make your trip the best it can be.  

To compare Tripit against the other best trip planner apps, check out this comparison chart based on real user reviews to determine which trip planner app is best for you.

Which is the right trip planner app for you?

To help you find the best trip planner app for your travel, consider our suggestions based on our expert study.

How did we choose these trip planner apps?

When searching for the best trip planner apps, we used several critical factors to compare. 

  • Features: Each app can vary significantly with the type of features it offers, whether it is the way you add your reservations to how you find the best deals and booking information. 
  • Compatibility: An app is of little use if it does not work with your devices, so we look to see what compatibility each trip planning app offers.
  • Customer reviews: We study real customer reviews and ratings to evaluate customer satisfaction and service. 
  • Cost: Most trip planning apps are free, but you may have to upgrade to receive special access to exclusive features or deals.  

Before you choose an app, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each to be sure that you download the right app for your unique needs.

What is a trip planner app?

A trip planner app is an app that provides organizational features for your upcoming trip. It is often free and incorporates trip planning tools, whether you are traveling by ground or air.   

How does a trip planner app work?

A trip planner app can incorporate special features, like an itinerary, calendar, reservation hub, and map assistance. Depending on the app you choose, there is even trip-sharing with friends and family to simplify the entire trip planning process.  

How much does a trip planner app cost?

Most trip planner apps are free, but some may offer in-app purchases to upgrade or enhance your experience. 

Are there alternative trip planner apps worth considering?

While searching for the best trip planning apps, we also found these specialty trip planning apps that may also help with your next trip.  


PackPoint: Invaluable help with packing


TripAdvisor: Help determining the best local spot


Kayak: Best for flights

Before you head out, check out our expert picks for the best luggage , best travel gadgets , and the best travel credit cards !

ZDNET Recommends


The best travel VPNs you can buy


Boost your security and productivity with the top Mac apps


The best smart notebooks you can buy


Best travel apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

travel organizer app for iphone

Whether it’s for business or leisure, travel is today much more comfortable than it was even a decade or so ago. There are cheaper flights and great deals that you can take advantage of, no matter your budget. Moreover, a wide variety of apps make things even simpler by giving you a convenient way to plan and organize your trip from the palm of your hand. So if the travel bug bites you, check out these best travel apps for iPhone and iPad.

  • Google Maps
  • TripAdvisor
  • Google Translate
  • Roadtrippers
  • XE Currency
  • Wanderlog Trip Planner

1. Google Maps 

google maps iphone and ipad travel app screenshot

No matter where you go, let Google Maps lead the way and ensure that you never get lost. It is an offline map app for over 220 countries and territories. It features hundreds of millions of businesses and places waiting to be discovered by you.

Not only does it help you navigate, but you can also find restaurants near you, make lists of notable places, share your location, and more. You can also check out recommendations from local area experts.

Price: Free

expedia travel planning iphone and ipad app screenshot

This one is among the best travel planner apps for your iPhone and iPad. It lets you save on flights and hotels and also offers free cancellation for up to 24 hours. Further, you can learn about things to do at your destination and helpful trip reminders if you like.

Plus, you’ll earn double Expedia Rewards points every time you book through the app. Tickets are available for shows, tours, reserve airport shuttles, theme parks, and more. Through alerts, it keeps you updated about flight delays, hotel check-out time, etc.

uber iphone and ipad travel app screenshot

With a presence at over 600 airports in 700+ cities around the world, Uber is your best friend when it comes to getting around locally in your destination. It allows you to get reasonably priced rides on bikes, cars, and other local transport such as tuk-tuks.

Furthermore, you can see a price estimate before booking and have multiple payment options such as cash or cards. Safety features only add to the convenience. For instance, you can quikcly share your trip status with any contact at any time.


booking iphone and ipad travel planner app screenshot

No matter what your travel accommodation budget, you’ll find the best place to stay with It has listings for over 27 million hotels, homes, apartments, and other unique places to stay worldwide.

The clean and fast user-interface makes it a breeze to use and sort properties according to your priorities. Moreover, the best part is that you can often ‘book now and pay later.’ This lets you plan your trips even when you’re not absolutely sure about going.

5. Airbnb 

airbnb travel planner iphone and ipad app screenshot

Airbnb is one of the best iOS travel apps that has revolutionized the travel industry. It makes it easy to stay with locals and experience the distinct culture of any place. You can search from over 6 million vacation home rentals in over 191 countries.

Add unique experiences and events to your itinerary, led by native experts. You can also choose to be a host and make money by renting out spare space in your home to travelers. It also pays attention to safety, and all users have to verify their profiles by uploading identification documents.

hopper iphone and ipad trip planner app screenshot

Hopper helps you out by recommending the best time to book a flight at the best price. You can opt to ‘watch’ trips for up to a year in advance, and the app will advise you if you should go ahead and book or wait for a bit.

This is extremely helpful to save on flight costs, given how airline prices change in unpredictable ways. It currently supports the major airlines in the US, Canada, and other popular destinations around the world. You can also book hotels and rental cars.

7. Skyscanner

skyscanner trip planner iphone and ipad app screenshot

Just as its name indicates, this free travel app scans the skies for the best possible flights you can take. No matter where you want to go, Skyscanner will find you the cheapest and fastest flight deals.

It is essentially an aggregator that saves you the tedious task of searching on multiple flight websites. Moreover, a notable feature is that when you’re not sure of where to go, it can find you the cheapest destinations from your starting country. Pretty cool.

kayak iphone and ipad travel planner app screenshot

This is another top travel app that searches tons of flights, hotels, and rental cars to find you the best deals. It also keeps all your travel plans organized in one place, including free flight status updates, airport terminal maps, and security wait times.

Further, you can pick a destination and choose flexible dates to find out when it’s best to get there. And when you’re planning a group trip, it lets you share search results and more info using iMessage so everyone can stay in the loop.

tripit trip planner iphone and ipad app screenshot

When it comes to trip planner apps, Tripit is worth checking out. When you’ve got long travel itineraries, it can be challenging to keep track of things and remember when exactly you have to catch the next flight. Tripit makes this super easy by syncing travel plans to your calendar.

After you sign up, every time you book something – a flight, bus, train, hotel, etc. – just send the confirmation email to [email protected], and the app will take care of the rest. It creates a master itinerary that is super easy to reference and edit whenever you wish.

Price: Free (TripIt Pro 1 Year – $48.99)

10. TripAdvisor

tripadvisor travel planner iphone and ipad app screenshot

TripAdvisor has been one of the most trusted names in the travel industry for years. Their free travel app provides over 830 million reviews of flights, hotels, things to do, cafes, restaurants, and more across the globe.

You can save and organize your travel ideas and view them together on a map too. Further, it has the world’s most extensive collection of tours, attractions, and experiences. You can book using Apple Pay or PayPal and make free cancellations and modifications if needed.

11. Google Translate

google translate iphone and ipad app screenshot

Travel is fascinating, but language barriers can be frustrating and stressful. Google Translate comes to the rescue by making it easy to translate between 108 languages through typing. You can also download languages for offline translation.

Further, you can translate text in images for 90 languages and draw text characters instead of typing for 95 languages. Build up your foreign vocabulary by starring and saving translated words and phrases for future reference.

12. Roadtrippers

roadtrippers iphone and ipad trip planner app screenshot

If you love road tripping, then check out this app that lets you find amazing spots nearby and plan your trips with friends. From local diners to national parks and quirky roadside attractions, it finds something for everyone.

You can get inspired by pre-made trip guides of the most exciting and must-see scenic routes in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The free version of the app lets you start planning with up to 7 waypoints.

Price: Free (Roadtrippers Plus Monthly – $6.99)

moovit iphone and ipad travel planner app screenshot

If you’re anxious about finding your way around an unfamiliar city, Moovit will guide you from point A to B in the most convenient way. It features train and bus times, maps, and real-time instructions that will guide you to move around with confidence.

It currently supports over 3000 cities around the world. It’s almost like a personal transit assistant that gives you step-by-step directions for your chosen mode of transport such as bus, metro, scooter, walk, or even a combination of them.

14. XE Currency

xe currency iphone and ipad app screenshot

If you’re a globetrotter, it can be challenging to keep up with the different currencies you’re dealing with. This app makes it easier by providing fast conversions in multiple currencies, so you always know how much you’re spending.

Moreover, when you’re exchanging currency, this app can help ensure that you get the best deal at the current rates. It also saves the last updated rates when offline, which is convenient when you don’t have reliable internet access when traveling.

packr iphone and ipad trip planner app screenshot

Whether you love it or hate it, packing is something you cannot ignore, no matter what kind of trip you’re going on. Packr can help you out by creating a packing checklist for your suitcase based on 24 pre-defined activities.

Just input some criteria such as your length of stay, the weather conditions, etc., and your packing list will be generated in no time. Moreover, it learns from each trip you take and adjusts the items based on your preferences. Personal Packing Assistant? Check.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)

16. Wanderlog Trip Planner

wanderlog trip planner iphone and ipad app screenshot

Wanderlog is curated from hundreds of travel guides, blogs, and maps to help you create the perfect travel itineraries. Save your plans offline for easy access and automatically import email confirmations to keep track of your reservations.

Further, you can collaborate with travel buddies to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Connect with other travelers through sharing your travel tips and stories. Best of all, you can store information about multiple trips, so it’s’s almost like a personal travel assistant.

Price:  Free

Summing Up!

So, where is your wanderlust taking you next? And which of these great travel apps are you adding to your iPhone? Let us know in the comments below.

You may want to take a peek at:

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  • 14 Must-Have Travel Accessories for iPhones
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  • Best iPhone and iPad Travel Kit Bags

Readers like you help support iGeeksBlog. When you make a purchase using links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.  Read more .

  • iPhone Apps

travel organizer app for iphone

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The best travel apps you need on your iPhone

Malcolm Owen's Avatar

via Cameron Casey/Pexels

travel organizer app for iphone

Going on holiday to far-off destinations was exciting and challenging until a certain global pandemic made things considerably harder. As the world starts to open itself back up, so is the prospect of travel.

Though you may be limited to within a country's borders or are barred from accessing some territories and potentially face quarantine in others, there's always the chance of going away. And, just like a few years ago, your iPhone will be your best friend for the trip, wherever you decide to go.

These are what AppleInsider believes are some of the best apps you can have on your iPhone when traveling alongside Apple Maps.

Google Maps

Google Maps is extensive, and importantly has an offline mode.

Navigation apps are extremely useful in travel, not only in getting to your destination but also in traversing a town or city you're unfamiliar with. They're critical and go first on this list ahead of anything else.

It may seem odd to recommend Google Maps over Apple Maps, but there are a few things to bear in mind here. For a start, Google Maps is extremely popular, has been around for quite a bit longer, and has over 220 countries and territories mapped, complete with hundreds of millions of businesses and other locations for you to find.

For international travel, where data plans become expensive or severely limited, the Google Maps offline option is its biggest asset. You can define an area and preload maps before you travel, which can then be used without needing a data connection, potentially saving you money.

Google Maps is free to download and use and requires iOS or iPadOS 12.2 or later.

Expedia is a great one-stop app for your flights, hotel, and other travel needs.

If you know where you want to go but don't fancy scouring airlines for flights or trying to track down a great hotel deal, Expedia is an excellent way to sort all that out for you.

Expedia helps you find the perfect flight within your budget, as well as the ability to find and book the right hotel, and if you need it, a rental car. Packages and bundles offer discounts for buying flights and other elements simultaneously versus getting them individually.

The app does more, including offering recommendations to local attractions and getting deals on tours, shows, and theme park entry.

It's also handy in that everything to do with your trip is held within one app, making it a one-stop-shop for all of your travel needs. You'll even get alerts for flight delays and gate changes, as well as any other unexpected alterations to your trip itinerary.

Expedia is free to download and requires iOS or iPadOS 14.0 or later.


LoungeBuddy can help make your trip to the airport more enjoyable.

Frequent airline passengers may not be that enthralled by busy airports. Airport lounges can offer an escape from the crowds and a relaxing time before you take off, but typically they're only offered as a free service for certain types of plane tickets or if you have a credit card or something similar that provides similar access.

While you may be OK with the idea of paying for a pass to the lounges, there's no guarantee that the lounge you want to enter will allow you in the first place, such as if you're flying on a different airline. It can also be hard to determine what lounges are in a specific airport in the first place.

LoungeBuddy serves as both a guide and a way to quickly buy access to airport lounges so that you can travel in style. The app will tell you what lounges you may have access to based on your trip, class of service, memberships, or credit cards you have, as well as whether it's free or paid.

It also allows users to buy access to hundreds of other lounges in airports worldwide, regardless of the user's status or ticket.

LoungeBuddy is a free download, requiring iOS or iPadOS 14.3 or later.

Don't fancy a hotel? Airbnb can help you find a unique place to stay.

If you need a place to stay somewhere, hotels are the obvious choice. However, if you want something a bit more personal and native to the area you're in, you could try Airbnb.

Offering access to many locations, ranging from secluded beach houses to apartments in the heart of a city, the app can get you as close or as far from civilization as you want. You can also stay in unique locations, such as domes and treehouses, that you won't find in more corporate-focused travel sites.

You can get in contact with hosts through the app, as well as local experts who could help make your trip the best it could be by using their knowledge of the area. The app also recommends various experiences you can try out for fun while you're at your destination.

If you're lucky enough to have a property that you could let out and earn a bit of cash, you can do so on Airbnb, which provides support and liability insurance for those choosing to become a host.

Airbnb is free to download and requires iOS or iPadOS 14.0 or later.

Google Translate

Google Translate will tell you what signs and text means, even from a live camera feed.

In a similar vein to the Google Maps recommendation, we're recommending Google Translate over Apple's Translate app. In short, it's because Google's heavily-developed service is far more helpful.

Offering translations between 108 languages by typing, it also includes other ways to translate, including verbal conversations, handwriting, and photos. There's even a live instant translation feature, managed by using your iPhone's camera and superimposing translations of words on top of the live video feed.

This is extremely useful for immediacy, such as reading a menu or looking at signs, as it'll help you understand what's happening extremely quickly.

Again, the best part is that there's an offline mode for translations without Internet for 59 languages. So long as you preload the languages at home before you go, you're saving on data costs.

Google Translate is free to download and requires iOS and iPadOS 12.4 or later.

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{{ title }}

{{ summary }}

author image

travel organizer app for iphone

You'll never travel without our trip planner again

Build, organize, and map your itineraries in a free travel app designed for vacations & road trips.

travel organizer app for iphone

Your itinerary and your map in one view

No more switching between different apps, tabs, and tools to keep track of your travel plans.

What travelers are raving about

Features to replace all your other tools, add places from guides with 1 click, collaborate with friends in real time, import flight and hotel reservations, expense tracking and splitting, checklists for anything, get personalized suggestions, plan like a pro.

Unlock premium features like offline access, unlimited attachments, flight deals, export to Google maps, and much more

Offline access

Unlimited attachments, optimize your route.

4.9 on App Store, 4.7 on Google Play

Discover your next favorite destination

Get inspired from guides around the world — with expert tips and recommendations from the Wanderlog community. See all Wanderlog travel guides.

Have tips of your own? Write a guide to share with other travelers like you!

Ready to plan your trip in half the time?

For every kind of trip and every destination, the best road trip planner, the best vacation planner, the best group itinerary planner.

TripIt: Travel Planner 4+

Trip & holiday organiser.

  • #194 in Travel
  • 4.8 • 18.4K Ratings
  • Offers In-App Purchases



Join nearly 20 million travellers on the world's highest-rated travel planner app for trip and itinerary organisation! TRAVEL ITINERARY As soon as you book a flight, hotel, rental car or other travel plan, simply forward it to [email protected] and we’ll automatically add it to your comprehensive itinerary. Seamlessly sync travel plans to your calendar or share them with anyone you choose. RESERVATION DETAILS No more frantically searching through your inbox for important details about your travel plans, like when your flight gets in or the confirmation number for your hotel. Find them in a flash with TripIt – even when you’re offline. Access this information hands-free with Siri shortcuts! Upload PDFs, photos, boarding passes, digital passport QR codes and more to your travel itinerary so you can track everything in one place. MAPS AND DIRECTIONS The TripIt app includes all the map-related tools you’ll need on the go (it’s great for road trips). - Plot out your entire trip on Google Maps or Apple Maps - Quickly pull up transportation options and driving directions between two points (powered by Rome2Rio) - Easily locate the closest restaurants, parking, cashpoints and more TRIPIT PRO For roughly the price of checking your bags, upgrade to TripIt Pro to access exclusive travel perks all year long. When you upgrade, TripIt Pro will do all this for you (and more!): • Share real-time flight status alerts and check-in reminders • Notify you if you're eligible for a refund if your fare price drops after booking • Track your reward programmes and alert you if points are expiring • Navigate you through the airport with interactive maps Your iTunes account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Your TripIt Pro subscription will be good for 1 year, and automatically renew each year at $48.99 unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before your term ends. To manage your subscription, including auto-renew, visit iTunes Account Settings. FREE TRIPIT PRO FOR SAP CONCUR USERS If your company uses SAP Concur, you may receive complimentary TripIt Pro benefits that most travellers have to pay for. Make sure you’re connected to TripIt to get itineraries created for you as soon as you book, and receive a complimentary subscription to TripIt Pro, if you’re eligible. For more information, see the TripIt User Agreement ( and Privacy Policy (

Version 18.1.0

• We've made the medium home screen widget more interactive! Simply tap the up and down arrows in the widget to see previous and upcoming plans in your itinerary. And tap the suitcase to be taken to the trip timeline (iOS 17). • We've tweaked the Lock Screen widget to open to the trip timeline when tapped for a better at-a-glance view. • We've fixed bugs related to entering dates and adding TripIt to your calendar.

Ratings and Reviews

18.4K Ratings

Simple. Easy. Brilliant!

We all have had that moment when we’ve printed out a dozen itineraries for one trip, or where we’ve had to flip through a dozen apps to check various confirmation numbers and all that. And am sure that we have all thought to ourselves at some point how much easier life would be if all that would be under one roof. Well, voila! This is an app that does all that, and more. Being in the travel industry myself, I didn’t see the need to have a pro version, but it does sound very exciting with all its inclusions. The basic version is great though. You create an account, and then just send your bookings/reservations via email or add them manually, and the best thing is that it puts it all together nicely. You can also assign a name to each trip, and use a cover photo to make it look all snazzy-like. I recommended it to a friend who pointed out that it gives the app access to your email account, but that’s not true. You can give it access if you choose, and it automatically scans and adds any travel bookings into its system, or you can refuse access and just email them when you make a booking, and not fear that a third party has access to your email account. Really love this little app, and am letting all my clients know about it, cause it’s brilliant!😀
My husband created an itinerary for our trip to the US. He invited myself and my daughter to view it and be able to make changes. Sounds like a grand idea. Except! It won’t let me create my account. One email address it says there is maintenance going on, so I tried with Facebook keeps saying that I have blocked it, except I have never used the app or known anyone else who has so not sure what that’s about. Tried a different email and I keep getting a error that it can’t activate the email address, so tried my last option email and I get the same error. Have now run out of email addresses to try and can’t login using any of them. So I will not be sharing the itinerary for our trip unless we use another app. After following the instructions provided by your help department, I am still unable to use the app to login and sync our itinerary. I can use the website, but the app still says that my password is incorrect. I have uninstalled and restarted my phone and installed again, still no joy. We have decided to use a different app.

Developer Response ,

Please contact our Support team via our Help page:

Superb travel planner

When you make complex travel plans far ahead, it’s great to be able to keep your whole itinerary in one place (actually two places, as the app is synced to the website, so your travel details are safe whatever happens). You can add and edit details of flights, train tickets, hotel reservations, restaurants, sightseeing excursions, you name it, either through the app itself or via the Tripit website. You can also give Tripit permission to scan your emails (or manually forward them to Tripit), and it’ll automatically detect booking confirmations and add them. The whole thing then appears as a neat itinerary, so it’s easy to check you have every step covered or look up your flight number. You can even invite contacts to share a trip, either as planners, travellers, or viewers. This is all a million times better than the old system of printing everything out, stuffing it in an envelope and losing it, or else manually typing it into a poorly structured spreadsheet which you can’t easily read on your phone.


App privacy.

The developer, TripIt , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

  • Contact Info
  • User Content
  • Identifiers

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Diagnostics

Privacy practices may vary based on, for example, the features you use or your age. Learn More


English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

  • TripIt Pro (1 Year) £38.99
  • Developer Website
  • App Support
  • Privacy Policy

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Guiding Tech

We explain and teach technology, solve tech problems and help you make gadget buying decisions.

11 Best Planner Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Whether personal or professional, we usually have a list of tasks to complete. Such as studying, making presentations, attending meetings, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and whatnot. Now, to ensure that you complete all these tasks, you need a solid plan. Thankfully, some of the best planner apps for iPhone and iPad can help you do so effortlessly.


Managing tasks can be a piece of cake. But only if you’ve nailed the art of remembering, listing, and prioritizing them. A daily planner app can not only improve your task management skills but can also give you the satisfaction of checking off tasks one by one. So, let’s explore some amazing iPhone and iPad planner apps.

1. Apple Notes + Reminders App – Best Free Option for Apple Users

Thanks to incredible integration and feature support, using a built-in app is a smart decision. The combination of Apple Notes and the Reminders app can be a powerful planning tool. Apart from creating a checklist on Notes, you can also link related notes, scan documents , and even use Smart Folders to segregate/organize your notes.

Notes app

However, the one thing missing is the reminder facility. And that’s where the reminder app comes into play, wherein you can easily set reminders with alerts . While you can create and use templates , you can also turn your notes into reminders. The best part, you can set reminders for individual notes or parts of the notes as well.

To do so, open the note (select the text if needed) → Share → Find and select Reminders → Add. Here, tap Details to manage the reminder’s priority and list. And if that’s not enough, both apps effortlessly support iPads with Apple Pencil. Now isn’t this a win-win planner app option?

Price : Free

Get Notes app

2. Google Keep – Digital Planner App for Google Lovers

If you’re not completely boxed into Apple’s wall garden, Google Keep is the next best free planner app for iPad and iPhone. All your notes will be synced with your Google account , and you can access it from any device, whether Android, Windows, or even the web.

Google Keep Digital Planner App for Google Lovers

The app facilitates features like checkboxes (with multiple indentations), reminders , doodling or drawing, color codes and labels for organization , real-time collaboration, etc. And while not as extensive, it also offers Apple Pencil support, including some rich text support.

Now here comes the decisive factor. If you’re a layman or beginner, you’ll enjoy the simple and minimal user interface. However, if you like to decorate their to-do list, it might be a lost cause. Plus, the main home screen might seem a bit cluttered at times.

Download Google Keep

3. Todoist – A Powerful Agenda App for iPad and iPhone

Todoist is an elegant, sleek,feature-rich, and intuitive planner app to organize your professional and personal tasks. It’s a great choice for those who prefer a structured and organized approach to planning. You can create tasks with due dates, labels, and priority levels, ensuring you have a clear overview of your to-do list.

Todoist A Powerful Agenda App for iPad and iPhone

Furthermore, it supports recurring tasks, so you don’t have to jot down your daily, weekly, or monthly tasks repeatedly. Hands down, the best feature is its powerful everyday language recognition. You can add a task and reminder with a simple statement like, a meditation session at 6:00 am every Saturday.

The app also houses iOS- and iPadOS-specific features such as support for Siri, widgets, share extension, handoff, quick actions, etc. Plus, integration with over 60 tools like Gmail, Outlook, Slack, and third-party calendars. Although some features are locked under a subscription fee, the free version is more than sufficient.

Price : Free; Monthly subscription : $4.99 onwards

Download Todoist

4. – Great Organizer for Collaboration is another feature-packed iPad planner app to keep you on top of your tasks and schedule. As an all-in-one app, it can be an organizer, daily planner, task manager, notepad, a board for sticky notes, and a collaboration tool. Great Organizer for Collaboration

The app offers incredible cross-platform support. You can create recurring tasks, set location reminders, manage sub-tasks, add notes or file attachments, and more. Incredibly, you can also your voice to create reminders or add notes.

You can add items to your list directly from your email. Simply forward it to [email protected]. And you can not just share your task list or notes with others but also assign them tasks, chat with them in real time, and check overall progress.

Moreover, it integrates with popular calendar apps, such as Google, Apple, and Outlook Calendar , for seamless time management. Although its free version is pretty limited, you’ll have to loosen your wallet to experience the magic of this organizational wizard.

Price : Free; In-app purchases : $2.99 onwards


5. Microsoft To Do – A Simple Planner App Designed for Everyone

Microsoft To Do is a natural choice for many professionals and students, especially if their offices and schools incorporate the Microsoft ecosystem. The seamless integration with Outlook and other Microsoft products makes it a comprehensive solution for managing tasks and schedules.

Microsoft To Do A Simple Planner App Designed for Everyone side

Thanks to its simple and easy-to-approach interface, Microsoft To Do is almost everyone’s cup of tea or coffee. You can create tasks and to-do lists, set due dates, and add notes to keep things well-documented. It also supports one-time or recurring reminders, intuitive task suggestions, and interactive collaboration on lists and tasks.

Furthermore, the ability to categorize tasks into lists, sub-tasks, or projects, and personalizing them via theme colors or backgrounds, helps you to organize and prioritize tasks. And if you’re a Microsoft 365 user, all your tasks, calendar events, and emails are easily synced across.

Whether you’re managing work-related tasks or personal commitments, Microsoft To Do offers a highly functional, reliable, and integrated solution for your planning needs.

Download Microsoft To Do

6. Goodnotes 6 – Great Option for iPad With Apple Pencil

Goodnotes 6 is an exceptional planner app tailored for iPad users. Designed to offer a premium experience for students, professionals, and creatives alike, it sports seamless support for the Apple Pencil. You can write and draw with precision and fluidity, closely resembling the experience of pen and paper.

Goodnotes 6 Best Planner for Handwritten Notes on iPad 1 side

It’s best suited for people who what to enjoy the convenience of digital planning with the added bonus of handwriting and sketching. Moreover, Goodnotes offers an extensive range of pen and highlighter options, paper templates, and document organization tools to enhance productivity.

So, whether you’re taking class notes, sketching out designs, or simply jotting down your daily agenda, this one here can manage it all. Goodnotes is an excellent asset for students. It not only allows you to record audio notes but also to search notes and even AI assistance to summarize, shorten, and edit your text.

Overall the app offers a seamless blend of technology and traditional methods. Although you might have to spend some $$ to make the most of this app.

Price : Free; Annual subscription : $9.99

Download Goodnotes

7. Notability – Best Planner App for Students

If you lie on the creative end of the spectrum and want your planner to look aesthetic, Notability could be it. With a strong focus on flexibility and creativity, it’s an excellent choice for those who prefer a highly customizable digital planning experience. Consider this app as the perfect blend of a journal and planner, allowing you to create multimedia notes.

Notability – Best Planner App for Students

One of its standout features is its robust support for handwriting and sketching, especially for Apple Pencil users. Apart from planning their days, students and professionals can also use it for taking class notes, annotating documents, and creating detailed plans.

Quite like Apple’s Freeform , Notability offers an infinite digital canvas. Plus, it seamlessly supports features like iPad multitasking, drag and drop, annotating PDFs, images, etc., audio recording in sync with your note-taking, and more.

In summary, Notability is a powerful, creative, and flexible digital planner that excels in its note-taking capabilities, albeit at a steep price.

Download Notability

8. Habitica – Best Daily Planner for Forming Habits

Task management can be a pain and sometimes can make you more anxious than at ease. However, if you’re up for some fun and need extra motivation, Habitica can help you out. It gamifies task management by turning your daily routine into an RPG-style game.

Habitica Best Daily Planner for Forming Habits 1 side

With Habitica, you create an avatar and set goals, just like you would in a role-playing game. The best part is that completing your real-world tasks, whether work-related, personal, or educational, earns you rewards and experience points.

And you’re not alone. You can collaborate with other users and participate in engaging challenges and quests that involve completing your daily tasks. The app allows you to set up different types of tasks, including habits, dailies, and to-dos. Wherein dailies are tasks you need to complete daily, and to-dos are one-time tasks.

Habitica’s unique concept is particularly helpful for individuals who thrive on challenges and rewards, turning daily productivity into an engaging adventure. It offers a web and mobile app, allowing you to access your gamified planner across platforms.

Price: Free; In-app purchases : $0.99 onwards

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9. Evernote – Simple to Use Digital Planner App

Evernote is a well-established and versatile note-taking and organization app that doubles as a robust planner for iPhone and iPad users. At its core, Evernote excels in capturing and organizing notes.

Evernote Simple to Use Digital Planner App 2 side

You can effortlessly create notes, clip web pages, add images and tags, and a hierarchical structure. Most importantly, you can set task reminders so you’re on top of schedule. Its USP is its powerful search functionality, allowing you to locate notes and tasks, including handwritten notes or scanned documents, quickly.

Furthermore, the app offers cross-device compatibility, ensuring your planner and notes are accessible across devices. It’s also a popular choice for document and file storage, allowing you to keep attachments, PDFs, and other important files in a centralized location connected to your tasks and notes.

Evernote’s rich features make it a well-rounded choice for keeping your digital life organized. And while the paid plan has some amazing perks, the free version is pretty great as well.

Price : Free; In-app purchases : $6.99 onwards

Download Evernote

Tip : Can’t decide which note-taking app is better for you? Check out this detailed comparison between Apple Notes and Evernote .

10. Things 3 – Feature Packed Daily Planner app

As the name suggests, if you have things to do, Things might be the route you want to take. Crafted for effortless task management, it boasts a minimalistic elegant design, user-friendly interface, and intuitive approach. The uncluttered layout allows you to create, organize, and manage tasks with remarkable ease.

Things 3 Feature Packed Daily Planner app side

Just add to-do items, set due dates, and organize them into projects or areas of focus. It incorporates all the basic features you’ll need like reminders, repeaters, calendar integration, tags, quick find, share extension, and widgets. Additionally, it houses some special features like Mail to Things, This Evening (easy overview), and Magic Plus (drag + and add to-dos).

The best part is that the app doesn’t attempt to multitask. It just concentrates on one task, i.e., to keep you on top of your to-do list. And does it so perfectly, that you can multitask like a pro. And even though it’s a paid app, its elegant simplicity and thoughtfully crafted features are worth the expense.

Although having separate apps for iPhone and iPad, with significantly different price points, might be a put-off for some users.

Price : $9.99 for iPhone and $19.99 for iPad

Download Things 3 on iPhone

Download Things 3 on iPad

11. TickTick – An All-In-One App for To-do Lists

TickTick is a robust, versatile, and highly customizable planner app. One of its standout features is its natural language input. It makes task creation a breeze. Simply type or speak task descriptions in plain language, and the app will automatically convert them into tasks with due dates.

TickTick An All In One App for To Do Lists side

You can also do so manually, create to-do items, set due dates, and assign them to specific lists or projects. But that’s not it; the app also offers features like recurring tasks, priority levels, and tags, making it easy to categorize and manage your tasks effectively. This flexibility enables you to be organized, whether work, personal tasks, or hobbies.

Moreover, you are also privy to Siri support, Pomodoro timer, habit tracking, instant time and location reminder, quick search, add tasks via email, and batch edit tasks. On top of it all, maintains a simple and uncluttered interface. Overall TickTick is an adaptable and efficient planner and a worthy Things 3 alternative if you’re looking for one.

Price : Free; Premium subscription : $3.99 onwards

Download TickTick

Tip : Still confused? Maybe this guide comparing Microsoft To Do and TickTick might help, so do check it out.

How To Choose The Best Daily Planner App for You

Everyone has different needs, styles of working, and motivation. So, what’s great for someone else might not be the best fit for you. Selecting the right app for you is pretty important, and here are a few pointers that can help you decide.

  • Platform Compatibility – Is the app available on all your devices, and most importantly, does it offer cloud sync? The idea is to invest (money and time) in an app that gives you freedom and does not lock you down on a particular device.
  • Features – A fancy feature might feel great while reading the description, but do you really need that feature? Make a rough list of features you’d like and accordingly select an app.
  • Specialized needs – Depending upon your needs, there might be some features you absolutely need, like collaboration, real-time updates, recurring reminders, tags, indentations, etc. So do keep that in mind.
  • User Interface – Some thrive in chaos, while others need minimalism. And for an app that you’ll access multiple times a day, looks matter. So observe the screenshots before you hit download.
  • Ease of use and customization – It’s not that the planner apps are overly complicated; it’s all about your personal preferences. Explore a few options to see what floats your boat.
  • Price – Freemium vs. Premium is an obvious consideration. You’ll have to understand what you need and if you’re ok with the price that it comes at. Additionally, you can always start with the free alternative and then proceed accordingly

Get Yourself Organized

As mentioned earlier, the best planner app for your iPhone and iPad will depend on your unique needs and preferences. So, take your time to evaluate the options available and choose an app that aligns with your daily planning requirements.

As always, if you need our assistance in choosing an option or have some queries that we can help with, feel free to connect with us.

Last updated on 04 November, 2023

The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. However, it does not affect our editorial integrity. The content remains unbiased and authentic.

travel organizer app for iphone


travel organizer app for iphone

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travel organizer app for iphone

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travel organizer app for iphone

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Best Travel Planner Apps For iPhone And iPad (2023)

travel organizer app for iphone

In this article, we discuss the best travel planner apps that can assist you in organizing your itinerary, finding attractions, booking accommodations, and more. 

Given the fast-paced and competitive nature of the world we live in, it’s no surprise that traveling has become a popular interest for a significant portion of the population. 

We all need a respite from the constant demands and pressures of daily life, so we can relax and de-stress.

But, the process of planning a trip can often become an ongoing headache that stresses you out more than anything else.

Fortunately, travel organizer apps come to the rescue, serving as invaluable tools that alleviate stress and elevate our travel experiences.

From creating itineraries and finding attractions to booking accommodations and managing expenses, there are numerous aspects to consider. 

Whether you’re a meticulous planner who likes to have every detail in order or a spontaneous traveler who loves exploring off-the-beaten-path locations, these apps cater to specific needs.

Best Travel Planner Apps 

Let’s dive right into it. Here are our top picks for the best travel planner apps for iPhones and iPads.

1. Wanderlog

This iPhone travel planner combines convenience, comprehensive features, and intuitive design to ensure a seamless travel planning experience.

Whether you’re in for long-haul vacations or fun road trips, Wanderlog will assist you in creating the perfect itinerary, keeping in mind your budget and specific accommodation needs. 

But, that’s something every other app offers. What makes this one of the best travel planner apps is its ability to consolidate flights, hotels, and attractions in one place. Furthermore, with its ability to provide offline access to plans, offer collaboration options, and assist in budget management, Wanderlog is a valuable tool for organizing trips.

Key Features:

  • View plans on a Google Maps-based map, map your route, and rearrange places easily by drag-and-drop.
  • Add unlimited stops, optimize routes, view times and distances between places, and export to Google Maps.
  • Automatically import reservations from emails or Gmail, keeping all your travel plans in one place.
  • Trip plans automatically sync across devices, keeping your information up to date.

Download Wanderlog now.

2. Trip Scout

Trip Scout is an excellent app for discovering hidden gems and local attractions. Not only does it provide personalized recommendations based on your interests, but it also offers curated city guides created by travel experts.

So, with Trip Scout iPad travel planner apps you can explore off-the-beaten-path destinations or visit popular landmarks, restaurants, and activities near you. 

One of the best travel planner apps, Trip Scout’s user-friendly interface, and offline maps make it a convenient travel companion.

  • Offers a curated selection of the best travel articles and videos along with a personalized and always up-to-date travel guide.
  • Map every featured restaurant, cafe, shop, or site to 100M+ points of interest.
  • Save anything you discover with one tap, compare photos and local tips from recent travelers, and easily create a personalized itinerary and map on your phone.
  • Travel guides and maps work completely offline giving uninterrupted access to all locations.

Download Trip Scout now.

3. Roadtrippers

The perfect travel companion to take along on your next road trip, Roadtrippers is a travel organizer app that maps out your journey, suggesting interesting stops along the way. 

From quirky roadside attractions, scenic viewpoints, or local restaurants, Roadtrippers can do more than just give you a travel itinerary. You can customize the route, add specific destinations, and calculate fuel costs and travel time with this handy app. 

Plus, the app also allows you to save your favorite places and sync your plans across multiple devices, making it the best travel planner app for your road trips.

  • Build your route and plan your road trip with the easy-to-use trip planner.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation feature to guide you along your chosen route.
  • Discover millions of interesting places, including local diners, quirky roadside attractions, scenic points, national parks, and hotels.
  • Access pre-made trip guides for unique and once-in-a-lifetime routes to explore.
  • Seamlessly navigate using CarPlay integration.
  • Start plotting your route with up to seven waypoints.

Download Roadtrippers now.

TripIt simplifies the process of managing your travel plans making it one of the best travel planner apps. Forward your flight, hotel, and rental car confirmation emails to TripIt, and it will automatically create a detailed itinerary for you. 

The popular travel trip planner app of 2023 provides real-time flight alerts, notifies you about gate changes, and helps you find alternate flights if needed. 

Furthermore, TripIt allows you to share your itinerary with friends or family, making it easier to coordinate your plans and keep everyone informed. 

  • Syncs travel plans to your calendar and allows easy sharing with others.
  • Upload PDFs, photos, boarding passes, and digital passport QR codes to keep all your travel documents in one place.
  • Provides comprehensive mapping tools for road trips, including plotting your entire trip on Google Maps or Apple Maps.
  • Offers transportation options and driving directions between two points, powered by Rome2Rio.
  • Helps you find nearby restaurants, parking, ATMs, and more while on your trip.

Download TripIt now.

This iPhone travel planner combines itinerary planning, expense tracking, and travel information all in one place. It enables you to create detailed daily plans, including activities, transportation, and accommodation. 

The best travel planner app, Tripsy also provides weather forecasts, currency conversion, and language translation features, ensuring you have essential information at your fingertips. 

  • Receive push notifications for flight updates, departure and arrival times, terminals, gates, and baggage claims.
  • Store images, notes, videos, and documents, and easily share them with others.
  • Import reservations from over 700 providers and major airlines.
  • Sync your trip data with your calendar app to stay organized.
  • Access popular mapping services like Waze, Google Maps, and Uber directly from your itinerary.
  • Configure each activity with the desired time zone, making the trip organization more practical.

Download Tripsy now.

6. Rome2Rio

Rome2Rio is the best travel planner app for planning your transportation options, especially when you have multiple destinations in mind. 

The iPad travel planner app provides comprehensive information on schedules, prices, and durations, allowing you to compare various transport options easily. It helps you find the most convenient and cost-effective routes, whether you’re traveling by plane, train, bus, or ferry.

All in all, Rome2Rio makes travel planning easy by providing the quickest, cheapest, and most convenient options to get you to your destination worldwide.

  • Simply enter your destination, and find all your travel options, including air, land, and water transportation.
  • Comprehensive global coverage with information from over 5,000 companies in 160+ countries.
  • Displays a wide range of transport options, including flights, trains, buses, ferries, and rideshares.
  • Enables easy comparison of prices, durations, schedules, connections, and booking details.

Download Rome2Rio now.

Get Your Vacay Mode On!

Whether you’re a meticulous planner or a spontaneous adventurer, you need the best travel planner app to ensure a seamless travel experience. 

After all, the purpose of a vacation is to relax and unwind, not to be overwhelmed by logistical worries.

With these travel organizer apps on your iPhone or iPad, you can effortlessly plan your trips, discover new destinations, and make the most out of your travel adventures in 2023 and beyond.

  • iPhone apps

travel organizer app for iphone

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Home » Gear » What is the Best Travel Organiser – EPIC Rundown 2023

What is the Best Travel Organiser – EPIC Rundown 2023

After a few years of staying home and travelling only in our minds, borders are finally opening up for travel. There’s nothing better than setting off on an adventure, whether you’re crossing the ocean to a different continent or heading off on a backpacking trip around your home state. That being said, if you’re a seasoned traveller, you’ll know that a lot of preparation and packing goes into a trip, and it’s super important you have your possessions organised before you leave.

There are two types of packers in this world, the organised packer, and the chaotic packer. We’ve all indulged in a bit of last-minute messy packing in our time, chucking everything into a backpack unfolded and in a disorganised manner. But truly, there’s nothing worse than finding yourself at the check-in counter without knowing where your passport is or sitting on the flight wondering if you forgot to pack your toothbrush. Luckily, these experiences can only help teach us to be more organised in the future.

The easiest way to keep organised on your travels is by using a bunch of travel organiser bags, packs, and wallets to keep all your things in neat order. This way, there’s a place for everything, and you can visually see if something is missing from your packing list.

Not only do travel organisers make your life much easier when you’re packing and unpacking, but they also help you keep track of your possessions while you’re out and about on your adventure.

In this post, we’re going to highlight some of the best travel organisers for a range of adventures, from backpacks to electronics organisers, to make-up bags, to toiletry bags and everything in between. Whether you’re heading off for a local camping trip or are embarking on a worldwide adventure, there are a bunch of travel organisers on the market that will make your packing and unpacking duties less stressful.

Quick Answers – Stay Organised On Your Travels

No time to read the full article? Take a look at our pick of the top eight travel organizers for a variety of occasions and types of travellers:

#1 Best Organised Backpack – Tropicfeel Shell Backpack

  • #2 Best Clothes Organiser – Nomatic Packing Cubes  

#3 Best Electronics Organiser – WANDRD Tech Pouch

  • #4 Digital Nomad Organiser- Nomad Organisers From Harber London

#5 Best Toiletry Organiser – Nomatic Hanging Toiletry Bag 2.0

#6 best travel document organiser – harber london super slim passport wallet, #7 best organised carry on – monarc settra duffel backpack.

  • #8 Best Jewellery Organiser – Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Organizer

About The Best Travel Organisers

The very best travel organisers in the world today, some more great ways to stay organised, final thoughts on the best travel organisers.

You’ll need different travel organisers depending on where you’re travelling to, how long you’re going for, and the type of trip you are taking. We don’t necessarily suggest you buy all of these organisers for one trip, but rather think about what will be most practical for you and your travel style. For example, a backpacking trip around Costa Rica will require you to pack very differently than if you were visiting Paris for Fashion Week.

The best travel organisers on the market are designed well-using quality materials and zippers. For many people, the whole point of packing well is to fit as much as you possibly can into a small space. For this reason, a good travel organiser should have practical storage compartments with optimised internal storage space for whatever they are designed to store. Some organisers even have customisable compartments, allowing you to design the internal storage space yourself.

travel organizer app for iphone

If you’re travelling by plane or planning to lug your bag around by hand, you’ll also need to consider the bag’s weight. There’s no use being ultra-organised if you rock up to the airport with overweight luggage! 

Price is also an important consideration, and you don’t want to end up spending an arm and a leg on travel organisers before you even embark on your journey. Most of the time, the highest quality products are the most expensive, but this doesn’t mean you won’t find practical and stylish travel organisers for a low price. Sometimes, it’s worth investing in a super high-quality bag if you plan on using it enough.

Shell Backpack By Tropicfeel with open organization bag inside wardrobe

Tropicfeel Shell Backpack

  • > Wardrobe system
  • > 3-in-1 adjustable and adaptable design

Nomatic Packing Cube

Nomatic Packing Cubes

  • > Small and compact
  • > Zippered compression system

Wandrd Tech Bag

WANDRD Tech Pouch

  • > Comes in three sizes
  • > Mesh organization pockets

Harber London Nomad Organiser for iPad Pro 12 9

Nomad Organisers From Harber London

  • > Made from protective and durable leather
  • > Come with security fasteners

Nomatic Toiletry Bag 2

Nomatic Hanging Toiletry Bag 2.0

  • > Comes in small and regular sizes
  • > Minimalistic style and slim profile

Harber London Super Slim Passport Wallet

Harber London Super Slim Passport Wallet

  • > Simple and ultra-sleek leather document pouch
  • > Made from a soft wool lining

Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack

Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack

  • > Includes five accessory bags
  • > Super functional and spacious

Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Organizer

Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Organizer

  • > Includes five different pocket zones
  • > Folds up to the size of a small wallet

We’ve put together a list of the top thirteen travel organisers on the market in 2022. Pick and choose as you wish, considering the type of trip you are taking as well as your travel style while you browse:

travel organizer app for iphone

REI is one of America’s biggest and most-loved outdoor gear retailers.

Now, for just $30, get a lifetime membership that entitles you to 10% OFF on most items, access to their trade-in scheme and discount rentals .

Shell Backpack By Tropicfeel

Tropicfeel created the Shell Backpack for the most versatile travellers. Whether you’re going on an adventurous camping trip or just a weekend away, this is the ultimate modern-day travel backpack and, without a doubt, one of the best travel organisers on the market.

While it’s called the Shell Backpack, this is much more than your ordinary shell. The main feature of the Tropicfeel Shell is its wardrobe system. This allows you to carefully organise your folded clothing into an easy-access foldable wardrobe and compress it into a tight space using the built-in compression system. With this practical technology, you’ll be able to fit in an additional 20% of clothing.

This 3-in-1 adjustable and adaptable design allows you to shift between a 22l and a 40l backpack. Expand it when you’re settled in your hostel, and contract it when you’re moving around.

The entire bag opens like a clamshell, meaning you can forget about digging your hand deep into the bag to unsuccessfully fish something out. 

It also offers space to buy additional detachable accessories (such as a tech pouch, camera cube, and toiletry bag), which can be connected to the bag using magnetic Fidlock technology. This is ideal if you need a little extra space. Talking about space – there’s also a 6l expandable kangaroo pocket at the base of the bag, which is excellent for overflow items.

Of course, fitting so much into a small bag is bound to increase its weight. Luckily, Tropicfeel has thought of everything and has created a super durable and ergonomic backpack that is ultra-comfortable even when packed at full capacity. This is owing to the ergonomic back panel made from foam for lumbar support, as well as the adjustable and cushioned straps, hidden hip belt, and dual handle.

On top of all this, the Shell is weatherproof and built using sustainable fabrics and recycled materials. What more could you possibly ask for?

#2 Best Clothes Organiser – Nomatic Packing Cubes

Nomatic Packing Cube

A packing cube can be one of the most useful products and the best travel organisers for your clothes. They’re small and compact and can fit into wheeled suitcases as well as backpacks. 

Packing cubes are ideal for trips where you plan to move around every few nights. Without having to unpack and repack your suitcase at each destination, you can easily decompartmentalise the contents of your case without unfolding your clothes or losing track of anything along the way.

Nomatic has a range of three packing cubes (small, medium, and large) for different sized cases, all differing in thickness. They’re built using durable materials, including high-quality zippers, and are lightweight enough not to make much of a difference to your overall bag weight.

Each packing cube is designed with a zippered compression system to help you pack 50% more than you otherwise would. The see-through mesh allows you to see what you’ve packed, making it easy to find what you’re looking for without having to open up each pack. 

Want a matching bag to put it in? Check out our review of the epic Nomatic flagship backpack , also be sure to check out the Nomatic Messenger bag for keeping your passport and wallet safe.

Wandrd Tech Bag

One of the most frustrating things you can do is forget a charger cable in a wall socket during your travels. Not only are cables, cords, and plugs super pricey, but it’s also impractical not to have your device chargers on hand. Whether you work in the film or tech industry or you’re going on a short or a long trip, these pouches have been thoughtfully designed using high-quality materials for all sorts of travellers.

The best travel organisers for electronics are also designed to keep your cables in good condition, reducing the possibility of them being bent at funky angles and breaking. We’ve all had a dodgy aux cable that just ruins the vibe!

To make your life a little bit easier, WANDRD has designed the ultimate tech pouch to stash your devices and electronic accessories. The pouch comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large), each of which has a unique webbing lock and clip system on the back panel, allowing you to connect two or three bags together depending on how much tech equipment you’re carrying. These tech bags have mesh organisation pockets, as well as pen loops and cord pass-through holes.

For added convenience, the tech bags can also attach to two of WANDRD’s most popular backpacks. However, if you aren’t lucky enough to be kitted out with this brand’s backpacks, you can also use the detachable carry straps to attach your tech organisers to any other bag. They might look small, but you’ll be surprised at how much you can fit into these bags!

Fancy having a look at the WANDRD backpacks? Check out the WANDRD PRVKE 31 if you’re after an epic backpack, or check out the WANDRD PRVKE Lite if you want something smaller. Also, check out the WANDRD Detour Hip Pack for a smaller pack you could also use as an organiser.

#4 Digital Nomad Organiser – Nomad Organisers From Harber London

Harber London Nomad Organiser for iPad Pro 12 9

Harber London is known for creating quality leather products that are practical for a range of activities and uses. Suppose you’re a digital nomad exploring the world while working. In this case, you’ll want to have all your digital devices, notebooks, and stationery packed together in an organised and safe place at all times.

Harber’s broad range can carry different sized devices from iPhones to iPads to personal laptops, all bundled together with your cables, earphones, papers, and more. Made from protective and durable leather, each of Harber’s products comes in four different professional colours.

From their smallest digital nomad organiser to their biggest, each organiser comes with a range of practical sleeves, pockets, clips, and rings to hold everything you might need. Loops and rings are ideal for keeping your keys in one place, as well as organising your electronic cables so that they don’t bend and get damaged. 

You can even use the organiser as a wallet, with card pouches and zipper pockets added to keep your cards and cash safe. You also won’t have to worry about your laptop slipping out, as the bags come with security fasteners to keep them safely in place. One big zipper then closes the entire bag ensuring nothing will slide out, and no outside spillage will get in.

Not only are these the best travel organisers for digital nomads, but they can even be used by office workers for everyday use.

Want something smaller? Check out the best travel purses instead.

Nomatic Toiletry Bag 2

If there’s one product on this list that you likely already have, we’d guess it was a toiletry bag. They’re a common product that helps us keep all our toiletries in one place, but they’re also super useful in case one of your products buckles under cabin pressure and explodes or leaks. If we packed our toiletries in and amongst our clothing, we would all land up with shampoo-drenched t-shirts.

The Nomatic Hanging Toiletry Bag is one of the best travel organizers in the business because of its hanging straps and internal organisational layout. Have you ever arrived at a hotel or hostel to realise the bathroom has no counter space to lay out all your things? Well, simply attach this bag to a hanger, the shower pole, or the door handle in your bathroom for easy access to your toiletries at any time.

This bag comes in small and regular sizes and is designed with a minimalistic style and slim profile, making it easy to pack into your suitcase or backpack. The bags are built using durable waterproof materials to ensure any leaks are contained (both from internal spills and outdoor weather!)

The Hanging Toiletry Bag is made up of a bunch of mesh compartments, making it easy to compartmentalize your products and see what is where at all times. There is even a dedicated toothbrush holder where you can stash your toothbrush and keep it clean.

Want to know more? We’ve only gone and done a full review of the Nomatic Toiletry Bag !

Harber London Super Slim Passport Wallet

We’ve all felt our hearts sink when we think we’ve misplaced a passport, card, or money while travelling, so keeping your travel documents safe is a top priority for any global traveller. Harber London has designed a simple and ultra-sleek leather document pouch to keep your passport, travel cards, and cash safe and in one place. 

The ultimate goal of this passport wallet is to eliminate bulky pockets. Without this nifty wallet, you’ll have to store your passports separately from your cards and money, making for an uncomfortably chunky pocket.

The organiser can hold between one and two passports, many boarding passes and receipts, and up to four cards. The interior is made from a soft wool lining, which helps prevent your documents from getting scratched or damaged along your journey.

Need a wallet? Check out this list of best travel wallets to see if something suits your style.

travel organizer app for iphone

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Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack

If you’re looking for the best travel organiser to take with you as carry-on luggage , look no further. The Monarc Settra duffel is basically six bags in one, making it one of the most versatile bags on our list.

This dual function bag can be used as either a duffel bag or a backpack and is TSA-approved for carrying with you in an aeroplane cabin. The Settra comes in a grey or a black colour and includes five accessory bags that seamlessly fit into them. 

Firstly, there’s a large and a medium compression pack to store your clothing. Secondly, the bag includes a laundry pack which can double as a fashionable tote bag for daily use. You can even use this bag for groceries!

Third, there’s a super practical camera cube with adjustable and removable section dividers. Design your own camera pack interior depending on the model camera you have, or remove the dividers entirely and use the cube for something else!

Fourth, you can make use of the tech pack to store all your devices, cords and cables, drives, journals, and pens. This section is even large enough to store an iPad Mini. There’s also a laptop pocket in the main bag which is large enough to store a 17-inch laptop.

Comfort is key when you’re backpacking, and while other duffel backpacks are typically less comfortable than traditional backpacks, the Monarc Settra has air mesh padding at the back to provide comfort and breathability.

Not only is it super functional and spacious, but it’s also made using 50 recycled plastic bottles and water-resistant fabric that is ethically sewn. Labelled the world’s first certified plastic negative bag, you can rest assured you’re doing your part for the planet when buying this bag. If recycled, eco-friendly products are important to you, we definitely suggest you check out one of our favorite Earth-conscious boot brands, Vivobarefoot.

Looking for something similar? Check out our guide to the best duffel bags .

#8 Best Jewelry Organiser – Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Organizer

Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Organizer

Small jewellery pieces are some of the easiest items to lose track of, so it’s important to store all your jewellery in one safe place when you’re travelling. Bagsmart has created an organized foldable jewellery case to keep all your rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and watches together.

The compact polyester bag includes five different pocket zones; two lockable tubes to store all your rings, a panel to safely clip your earrings onto, perfectly sized bangle and bracelet compartments, a watch pocket, and separate clips and pouches to keep your necklaces from getting tangled together.

This compact bag folds up to the size of a small wallet and is the best travel organiser for jewellery for a quick business trip and other adventures. If you own valuable jewellery, you’ll want to keep your valuables close to you at all times, and this organizer is conveniently small enough to keep in your handbag.

#9 A Good Travel Journal – Drifter Leather Journal

Drifter Leather Journal

Journals are one of the best things you can take with you on your travels. Aside from being practical whenever you need to write something down, they’re also great for documenting your experiences along your journey. 

The Drifter Leather Journal is the perfect travel companion for any trip. It comes in two different colours and is made from 100% leather with handmade artisan paper. A snap button closure makes it easy to keep all your thoughts and writings protected from being bent and torn.

The journal comes with 210 blank pages and can be refilled once you’ve gone through all the pages. It’s the perfect gift for someone about to embark on an exciting journey!

Check out the best travel journals for some more options.

#10 The Best Travel Laundry Bag – Nomatic Mesh Laundry Bag

Mesh Laundry Bag Nomatic

Every true backpacker will know the importance of having a laundry bag on their travels. Without one, it’s easy to end up with a mish-mash collection of dirty, clean, and unfolded clothing all mixed up together. 

The Nomatic Mesh Laundry Bag is designed with breathable mesh with a wireframe to help keep its shape. It also has a practical hanging strap so you can hand it in a closet or the bathroom instead of on a questionably dirty hostel floor.

Perfect for stashing in your backpack, the bag is collapsible and compact. In fact, it’s designed to fit perfectly into the shoe compartment of Nomatic’s travel bag. 

#11 The Best Sling Pack – WANDRD Roam 9L Sling

WANDRD Roam 9L Sling

There’s nothing more useful than a practical sling bag, whether you’re using it to carry your everyday goodies or safely protect your camera equipment. WANDRD’s Roam 9L Sling comes in either 13-inch or 16-inch sizes with a colour option of black or tan. 

This camera/everyday bag is as beautiful as it is practical. While it looks compact, you’ll be surprised by how much you can squeeze into this bag. As a matter of fact, it even fits a 16-inch laptop.

As the best travel organiser sling pack on the market, the Roam Sling boasts a five-point adjustment system that can comfortably fit a bunch of different body types. Wear it over one shoulder, wear it around your waist; the choice is yours! Conveniently, the bag’s back panel (which sits directly against your body) is made from a technical air mesh material, offering maximum breathability even in hot weather.

Ideal for photographers and camera lovers, the bag features removable and adjustable dividers to customise the bag to fit your specific camera model. It even has an expandable water bottle and/or tripod pocket underneath the bag.

Of course, this nifty sling bag includes other practical features, including a key clip, tightening straps and buckles, and three separate handles. Perfect for all weather conditions, it is made using waterproof material to keep your possessions protected from the elements.

Looking for more options? Check out our guide to the best travel slings on the market.

#12 The Best Medication Box to Stay Organised – Ollieroo Combination Medicine Box

Ollieroo Combination Medicine Box

An avid traveller knows all too well how important it is to be prepared for anything. This is why it’s always necessary to take a first aid kit with you wherever you travel. Even if you never end up using it, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your physical health.

This Combination Medicine Box from Ollieroo isn’t just one of the top travel organizers for your medication, it’s also a nifty piece of equipment to keep on hand wherever you live. The box is made from a light but sturdy aluminium metal with a plastic lid and includes a safety lock to keep children from digging around. The clear cover is useful for seeing what’s inside without having to unlock the box.

This box has six different removable compartments that can store syrups, pill tubs, plasters, gauze, and other first-aid equipment. Great for taking along with you on your travels, the box is small, lightweight, and compact. In fact, it could even double as a cosmetic or toiletry box.

looking for something similar? Check out the best travel first aid kits for your trip!

travel organizer app for iphone

Now, you  could spend a fat chunk of $$$ on the WRONG present for someone. Wrong size hiking boots, wrong fit backpack, wrong shape sleeping bag… As any adventurer will tell you, gear is a personal choice.

So give the adventurer in your life the gift of convenience: buy them an REI Co-op gift card!  REI is The Broke Backpacker’s retailer of choice for ALL things outdoors, and an REI gift card is the perfect present you can buy from them. And then you won’t have to keep the receipt. 😉

#13 The Best Make-Up Organizer – Chomeiu Travel Make-Up Case

Chomeiu Travel Make Up Case

This portable make-up case was built for professional make-up artists and enthusiasts. It has more than enough space to store and organise all your best products. However, it’s also compact enough to fit into a suitcase, making it one of the best travel organisers for an on-the-go artist or to take to a festival.

The internal dividers are entirely adjustable and customizable so that you can design your ideal partitions according to the make-up you own. The case opens out like a zippered suitcase, with adequate storage space for brushes on the underside of the lid flap. 

Your brushes will be kept fixed in one position with the help of carefully designed elasticated pouches and a protective flap to cover the bristles, which means they will be kept in top condition for as long as you use this case.

The case is made using a durable and waterproof material, so you won’t have to worry about your prized make-up brushes getting wet. This also makes it super easy to clean, and any professional make-up artist will understand the importance of this!

The Chomeiu Travel Make-Up Case comes with a sturdy and comfortable handle to help you transport your goodies with ease. In fact, it’s a super multi-functional product that can also be used as a toiletry bag or a tech bag.

travel organizer app for iphone

Our GREATEST Travel Secrets…

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There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination and realising you’ve forgotten an essential charger cable or outfit for your holiday. A good travel organiser can make all the difference in your travel experience by allowing you to keep track of your possessions when you pack, during your travels and when you unpack. 

That being said, there are endless travel organisers on the market, suitable for a range of needs and personal styles. A general Google can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused, so it’s important that you know what you want from your travel organizer before you look into buying one. The best travel organisers for you depend on your destination, bag weight limit, and the type of trip you’re taking. 

Aside from the weight, size, and practical aspects of a travel organiser, you’ll need to consider the price and quality of the product. In our opinion, it’s always better to invest in the best quality product that you can afford at the time, so it won’t break or fail you during your trip. This way, you’ll be splurging now to save later.

Preparation is vital when you’re travelling, and being underprepared or disorganised can lead to a whole lot worse than having to buy some new toiletries. So, we hope this list of the top thirteen travel organisers has helped you clarify the type of organiser you think you need.

travel organizer app for iphone

And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links . That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!

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