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What Countries Do Tourists Overlook the Most?

tourist spots near nagpur

There are so many beautiful places in the world to visit. But, many tourists overlook these locales as potential vacation spots. If you’re looking to visit a place that’s not overrun with tourist traps and inflated prices, have a look at these countries. They’re safe to visit and have lots to do. Plus, you’ll see some gorgeous scenery. With all that relaxing you’ll indulge in, you’re sure to return home feeling rejuvenated.

This neighboring country of Columbia and Peru is often overlooked by tourists visiting South America. Ecuador is peppered with award-winning restaurants and plenty of incredible sights to see. You can also visit pristine, powder-sand beaches with lots of places to go swimming.

tourist spots near nagpur

Another advantage of taking a vacation to Ecuador is that it’s easy to navigate, and the United States dollar is its national currency. It’s a beautiful country with much to see and do. If you find yourself wanting to visit South America, don’t neglect Ecuador. It’s truly a gem and can provide an unforgettable experience.

Breathtaking beaches, amazing architecture, seaside restaurants worth writing home about, mountain ranges, ski slopes, forests — that’s just a taste of what you can expect if you make a trip to Montenegro. It’s a very diverse vacation spot with activities and sights for every type of traveler. Also, it’s quite budget-friendly compared to its neighbors.

tourist spots near nagpur

The beaches here are known as some of the most beautiful in Europe, and you won’t have to deal with the overwhelming crowds. Check out ancient towns and stunning hiking trails. This country also boasts some of the most affordable ski slopes in all of Europe.

Lots of people choose to vacation in Central America, so it might sound strange that Panama people often overlook Panama. It’s the epitome of a tropical vacation paired with a rich history, retreats and remote mountains that are pretty breathtaking.

tourist spots near nagpur

Most people opt to visit Costa Rica instead of basking in the sun in Panama, so don’t expect tons of tourists here. But if you’re really looking to get away from it all, there are a lot of uninhabited islands close by to visit that are virtually untouched and pristine. This is an amazing vacation spot for anybody looking to do something a bit out of the norm.

Even if you’re not into vampiric legends and all things Dracula, there’s still a lot to explore in the country of Romania, especially if you’re a person who enjoys attractions that are on the more atypical side. In Romania, you can find tons of them, including a theme park located in a salt mine.

tourist spots near nagpur

There’s lots to do and lots to see in this beautiful country. You’ll even find plenty of wellness spas that feature saunas and treatment options you won’t find in the United States. And did we mention? Drinks in Romania are pretty affordable!

Taiwan is one often overlooked gem of East Asia. While it may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of this region, it should be. It’s packed with interesting cultural events and has some of the best food in the world. If you love exploring, there are markets galore where you can find unique souvenirs.

tourist spots near nagpur

The Taiwanese also get very creative in the way they serve their fantastic food — there’s a chain restaurant that presents its meals in mini toilet bowls! If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a new culture and want to visit a country that’s more bustling and alive, consider Taiwan for your next vacation.

South Africa

South Africa is an incredible place for a vacation. The wildlife, the sights, the culture, the tours — they’re all once-in-a-lifetime experiences. You can go on just about any type of wildlife safari you want, seeing lions in the wild, catching the sight of elephants roaming or viewing the wildlife up close and personal.

tourist spots near nagpur

There are also varied options for lodging while visiting South Africa, including luxury resorts. The scenery alone will be something you’ll never forget, but the kindness of the locals might just top it.

Dominica is a Caribbean island nestled between Martinique and Guadeloupe. There, you’ll encounter jungles, stunning mountains, natural hot springs and so much natural beauty. It’s the perfect place for a romantic vacation and an adventurous one bundled together.

tourist spots near nagpur

Plan to chill out at a luxury hotel or explore the gorgeous Trafalgar Falls. Spend days hiking, ziplining, relaxing on the beach or simply taking in the scenery. A visit to Dominica can check all your vacation boxes, so get there before more people discover this wonder.

If you enjoy spas, Finland will wow you in the best way. This country loves its saunas and has tons that are both beautiful and restorative. If you prefer to see the great outdoors, there are nature excursions to suit your interest. You can do boat rides, head into the country or spend time in one of the amazing cities.

tourist spots near nagpur

There are also a lot of cultural sites, sandy beaches and some pretty interesting (and reportedly haunted) locations. Try out one of the intriguing tours on offer to turn your trip into a true learning experience.

It used to be a common belief that Malaysia was unsafe, but society here is very modern. Officials have implemented policies and designed an infrastructure that helps keep citizens and tourists alike safe. Malaysia boasts beautiful city views, jungles, glittering coastlines and plentiful wildlife. Actually, Malaysia is one of the most biologically diverse places in the world.

tourist spots near nagpur

The experiences you can enjoy here are seemingly endless, and there are options for just about any taste. Visit the Petronas Twin Towers or head to the Batu Caves. Hike Mount Kinabalu, the tallest mountain in Malaysia. Or, enjoy the wealth of dining options to learn about the local culinary culture. There’s something for everyone!

If you don’t travel near Lebanon’s borders with Syria and Israel, it’s generally a safe country to visit — and it’s a beautiful one, too, with everything from beaches to snow-capped mountains. Watersports and hitting the slopes are both options for enjoying the outdoors. There are loads of museums for history buffs and plenty of historical buildings.

tourist spots near nagpur

There’s also a variety of beautiful hiking trails and forests with trees that look like they’re right out of a storybook. Check out Beirut, spend time at the beach, hike the forests or have a weekend of skiing.

If you prefer a more laid-back vibe when you travel — paired with options to have once-in-a-lifetime encounters with wildlife — the African country of Mozambique should be on your radar. There are pristine beaches where you can take part in reef diving and surfing, and you can also opt for safari experiences that are out of this world.

tourist spots near nagpur

You can also swim with manta rays and sharks. It’s close to South Africa but doesn’t get as many tourists, so you’ll get to experience the beauty with even fewer crowds. Mozambique is a forgotten gem that deserves a lot more attention than it gets — but not so much that tourists start flocking here!

Want modern architecture, culture and lots of diversity? You may want to check out Singapore. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, and if you love history, you have learning opportunities galore! There are beautiful cultural traditions you can experience and famous landmarks that you can’t pass up — like the Merlion statue.

tourist spots near nagpur

Visit resorts and hotels that offer unique experiences to even the most jaded traveler. Enjoy opulence and relaxation at the glam Marina Bay Sands, or head to the famous Raffles Hotel and enjoy the nation’s signature drink, the Singapore Sling.

While this country in South America may be one of the smaller ones, the experiences are anything but little. It’s located between Argentina and Brazil. Here, there are vibrant cities, laid-back beach towns, a spectacular wine region, delicious food and lots of cultural opportunities.

tourist spots near nagpur

Foodies rave about the cuisine in Uruguay, and as time has passed, the food has only been getting more spectacular. Try the country’s famed “asado,” a spread of barbecued meats grilled over open flames and served with crusty fresh bread.

North Macedonia

If you’re looking for a truly unique place to visit, consider North Macedonia, which was formerly part of Yugoslavia. There are enormous statues that will remind you of something out of a movie, the oldest bazaar in the Balkans stunning architecture, museums and tasty cuisine. History buffs, foodies and shopping fanatics will all find something to enjoy here.

tourist spots near nagpur

There are lovely sights to see, including one of the deepest lakes in Europe. Another thing that makes this country a great one to visit is the cost. If you’re seeking something budget-friendly, North Macedonia won’t break the bank.

Ever thought of a Mediterranean island getaway? Worry about throngs of tourists who have that same idea? Take a look at Malta. The weather is incredible, and you’ll likely find that traveling here is more affordable than it is in many other European locales.

tourist spots near nagpur

Most meals in Malta take place outdoors because of the fantastic weather. Also, if you’re a fan of Italian food, you’ll be in culinary heaven here. This tiny island lies only about 50 miles off the coast of Italy, and the cultural influences are undeniable.

For those who have an adventurous side and love animals, there are few more intriguing places on Earth to vacation than Madagascar. It’s the fourth-largest island in the world, and when it comes to nature and unique creatures, it’s breathtaking. Because it’s somewhat isolated, it’s not an incredibly popular tourist destination.

tourist spots near nagpur

About 80% of the wildlife here is endemic and not seen anywhere else in the world, making it truly a once-in-a-lifetime place to see. Madagascar also boasts numerous national parks and nature preserves — it’s ideal if you’re the outdoorsy type.

If you want to visit a country where the residents are known for their warm hospitality, Georgia is the place to be. The country itself is small, but those who live here are known for their big personalities. Expect everything to be nothing less than sensational, from the people to the food to the landscapes that you just have to see to believe.

tourist spots near nagpur

Fancy a bit of hiking? The mountain trails there are out of this world. Plus, there’s a ton of intriguing history to learn about. And if you love shopping, you can’t miss the markets here. Be prepared to find unique cultural tokens, not mass-marketed, cheap souvenirs.

Sri Lanka is a place of beauty, culture and incredible food. It’s surprising that many more people don’t consider visiting. The beaches here are amazing, with some even being named among the top 100 in the world, according to various publications.

tourist spots near nagpur

Sri Lanka is also known for its tea plantations that are beautiful all their own. Learn about local culture and get some relaxation in by visiting and sipping freshly brewed tea. This country also boasts some of the most beautiful train journeys on the planet.

For decades following the Vietnam War, Laos kept itself isolated and it wasn’t seen as a safe place to visit. That’s changed a lot in recent years. While some areas are still off limits due to unexploded land mines, Laos is generally a safe country for travelers. And its pristine natural beauty can’t be beat.

tourist spots near nagpur

People backpack all over this country, often moving from hostel to hostel. If you’re the adventurous type, there are cave systems and underwater lakes to explore. And if you think you know Southeast Asian food because you love Vietnamese and Thai, Laotian cuisine is sure to delight you with its distinct regional dishes.

Ever heard of Andorra? If you love traveling, you’ll be glad you learned about it. It’s tucked in the Pyrenees Mountains where scenic vistas are ample and absolutely beautiful. Many of the cities are very quaint, and the stone buildings will transport you to a different time.

tourist spots near nagpur

There are lots of ancient sites to visit, and you’ll have so many reasons to get outdoors. There are hiking trails that seem to be totally untouched, and if you’re a skiing buff, you absolutely must hit the slopes here.

Poland is starting to grow when it comes to tourism, so you may want to make your reservations soon. From castles to ossuaries to beautiful forests, there are lots of captivating things to see here. On a more somber note, Poland’s place in WWII is undeniable, and several former concentration camps are open to visitors.

tourist spots near nagpur

Poland also delights when it comes to food. From farm-fresh cheese to traditional doughnuts and pastries, there are so many tasty things to sample here. Head to a local bakery to get paczki, a type of filled doughnut flavored with orange zest and rose petals — they’re a must-try snack.

Vanuatu is a beautiful island in the South Pacific with a rich history. There are shipwrecks to be explored while you’re scuba diving, gorgeous beaches, waterfalls that look too beautiful to be real, snorkeling excursions and exotic restaurants that’ll have you drooling.

tourist spots near nagpur

This island country is a hidden gem that deserves much more attention than it gets. There are also mountains and scenery that seems never-ending. Enjoy food and drinks on the beach and catch the sunset of a lifetime.

Estonia is filled with architecture of centuries past and presents various opportunities for once-in-a-lifetime photo-ops. There’s also a lot of history and culture that you can dive into. Off the mainland, there are over 2,000 islands that you can explore.

tourist spots near nagpur

Each one appears to be more fantastic and diverse than the last, boasting lighthouses, fortresses, museums and villages that are almost too quaint to be believed. If you want to visit someplace unique, Estonia is the perfect place for stepping back in time.

For those who love scuba diving and all things water, Belize is a paradise. For everyone else, it’s still a paradise filled with jungle adventures, vibrant wildlife, hidden waterfalls, Mayan ruins, a sinkhole that can be seen from space and plenty of other interesting sights.

tourist spots near nagpur

Whether you’re interested in a long stay or a week away, you won’t run out of things to do. Some of the most experienced scuba divers in the world have said this is the most beautiful place they’ve been diving. Ready for extreme beauty? Check out Belize.

Slovenia is a peaceful place, boasting low crime rates, friendly people and plenty of beautiful architecture and natural surroundings. It’s very underrated in terms of travel, possibly because it’s such a laid-back place. The landscapes are diverse, and you can camp just about anywhere. If you love rafting, the rivers here are waiting to be explored.

tourist spots near nagpur

There are lots of adventures to be had, and most of them won’t break the bank. To save even more during your travels, stick to the countryside and quaint small towns instead of staying in the capital, Ljubljana, the entire time.

Botswana is another great place where you can see animals in the wild. The safari spots here are some of the best in the world. Seeing the elephants is one magical experience you have to try. The landscapes are diverse, too, which is ideal if you prefer to explore.

tourist spots near nagpur

Botswana has everything from jungles to mountains to salt lakes to deserts. You can even see prehistoric rock paintings. Hiking trails, great food, friendly people and scenery that’s incredible are just some of the things that await you in Botswana.

If you thought Utah’s landscapes were otherworldly, you’re sure to love Jordan. The terrain is so unique here that it’s frequently used as a filming location for movies that are set on Mars. Viewing the stars at night in the desert is said to be life-changing. But the unique vistas aren’t the only reason to visit.

tourist spots near nagpur

Although it’s located in the Middle East, Jordan is quite safe for travelers. And that’s a good thing, because you don’t want to miss out on the distinctive cuisine here. Be sure to try “knafeh,” a sweet cheese pastry that’s flavored with rose and pistachio.

Strap on your hiking boots; there’s a lot to explore in Tasmania. This captivating island is about the size of Ireland and is located off the coast of Australia. Here, you’ll get a mix of wild locations — rural and rugged landscapes that are truly beautiful — and urban cities. This underrated destination is also a foodie’s paradise.

tourist spots near nagpur

Perhaps even more laid-back than Australia, Tasmania is a great place to head if you want to see things at your own pace and enjoy the outdoors. The capital city, Hobart, is safe and easily walkable. Head to Salamanca Market to pick up locally made souvenirs from the vendors.

Wales is often overlooked for other, more popular destinations, but it’s a gorgeous country to visit, and the climate is temperate. There are ruins that are some of the most well preserved in the entire world. If you love gothic architecture, Wales has exactly what you’re looking for.

tourist spots near nagpur

For couples, it can be a very romantic place. It’s a haven for rugby and opera, too, so if those interest you, Wales can check a lot of boxes. Want to get outside? There are dozens of parks with miles and miles of trails to explore. It’s serene, relaxing and welcoming to visitors.

Climbing Mount Everest isn’t the only reason to visit this stunning country nestled between India and Tibet. Nepal is also a great destination for hikers of all skill levels. But if you aren’t interested in spending all your time giving your legs a workout, fret not.

tourist spots near nagpur

From taking in the sights via a helicopter tour to paragliding above rolling hills, seeing the country from the sky is another engaging option. After a day of adventure, head to the capital city Kathmandu to indulge in tasty eats like samosas, kebabs and a refreshing yogurt drink called lassi.


tourist spots near nagpur

tourist spots near nagpur

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Tourist Places near Nagpur

Here are some of the best places to visit near nagpur:, quick navigation.


Sanchi, the pride of Madhya Pradesh is home to several Buddhist temples, stupas, monasteries and the Ashokan Pillar has received the UNESCO World Heritage site status for the Mahastupa which is one of the oldest stone structures in India dating back to the 2nd century. The four gateways also referred to as the Toranas are heavily embellished with intricate stone art.  Intricate carvings from the life of Buddha and his followers, important relics of Buddha, Emperor Ashoka’s childhood and the art and history of the Mauryan period have been displayed throughout Sanchi. Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 400kms via NH47 and NH46. Attractions: Sanchi Stupa, Mahastupa, Udaygiri caves, Gupta temple, ASI Museum and Chaiyta Vihar.

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park

One of the famous Tiger reserves and the largest National park of India is situated at the heart of our country which was Rudyard Kipling’s inspiration for his famous literature, The Jungle Book. Kanha tiger reserve takes pride in preserving the rare and exotic animals of India like the Royal Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, Sloth bear, Bara Singha and Indian wild dog in their natural habitat. The authorities have marked it into 4 zones, Kanha, Kisli, Sarha and Mukki along with 3 other buffer zones, Khatia, Sijhora and Khapa which can be accessed by tourists for Jungle Safari. Distance from Nagpur: 260km via NH44 which takes close to 5.5hours. Attractions: Jungle Safari at Kanha Tiger reserve, Stay at Kanha National Park and Kanha Museum.

Wildlife Exploration at  Kanha National Park

Best of Mumbai

 Places to Visit in Mumbai, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

Ajanta and Ellora caves of Aurangabad are very popular places to visit near Nagpur and have also made their way to the UNESCO world heritage sites famous for its rock cut sculptures. The 30 rock-cut caves of Ajanta built in the 2nd century are basically masterpieces of Buddhist religious art which later influenced Indian art and culture. The paintings on the caves depict lives and rebirths of the Buddha inspired from the Jatakamala along with other Buddhist deities. The jaw-dropping Ellora caves will keep you enamoured for it is the largest rock-cut monastery temple cave complex in the world featuring Hindu, Jain and Buddhist philosophies. Distance from Nagpur: 412km, which takes approximately 9 hours by road. Attractions: Ajanta Caves, Kailasanatha temple, Buddhist caves, Ellora Caves, Grishneshwar temple, Jain caves and Aurangabad cave.


The unique rock shelters of Bhimbetka is an interesting place to visit as it has a rich history which dates back to the prehistoric era. Excavated by Dr Vishnu Wakankar in 1957, the 500 caves amidst lush green forest area have paintings done by ancient men to communicate with each other. A few paintings are said to be as old as 30,000 years old is a testimony to prehistoric mankind and their lifestyle. Out of the 500, only 12 caves are open to the public for witnessing the vivid paintings done with natural colours. Distance from Nagpur: 312km via NH46 and NH47 and takes close to 6 hours to reach. Attractions: The rock caves, Hoshangabad and Bhojpur.

Bhimbetka and Bhojpur Visit

Best of Pune

 Places to Visit in Pune, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Pench National Park

Pench National Park

This National Park in Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhyapradesh must feature in the list of places to visit near Nagpur due to its sprawling greenery spread across 758 Sq Km offering the finest Wildlife experience. The National park is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, Wild boar, Sloth bear, striped bear, gaur, antelope, Indian wolf and a host of other flora and fauna. A jungle safari during the winters along the meandering path is an exhilarating experience to indulge in. For a cosy and a comfortable stay, there are numerous hotels and resorts in and around Pench National Park offering breathtaking views of wilderness around. Distance from Nagpur: 100km via NH44 and takes 2 hours to reach. Attractions: Jeep Safari, Elephant safari, Bird watching and Rookhad Wildlife sanctuary also referred to as the Bison Sanctuary.

Pench National Park Day Tour from Nagpur

Pachmarhi, also referred to as the queen of Satpura in Hoshangabad district stands tall with all its glory embellished with several waterfalls, caves from the Buddhist era and tons of history tucked within. The tallest hill station has featured in the list of UNESCO Biosphere reserve for its rich flora and fauna. Locals believe that the 5 Pandavas of Mahabharata had stayed in the caves of Pachmarhi during their exile. Distance from Nagpur: 227km via Chhindwara road and takes approximately 2 hours to reach. Attractions: Rajat prapat waterfalls, Pandava caves, Jatashankar caves, Dhoopgarh, Satpura National park, Hando Kho, Chota Mahadeo, Churches and Chauragarh temple.


Best of Alibag

 Places to Visit in Alibag, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Lonar lake was believed to have been taken shape from a crater formed some 50,000 years ago due to the collision of a meteorite. This mesmerizingly beautiful lake which is 6000 feet wide and 500 feet deep is an important site for scientific research and educational importance. The only saltwater lake on the basaltic rock in the world looks magnificent, especially during the monsoons surrounded by greenery. Nestled between dainty hills all around, Lonar Lake looks like a priceless green jade with the natural abundance that is unmatched. Distance from Nagpur: 350km and takes 7 hours to reach. Attractions: Lonar Lake, Gomukh temple, Kamalja temple, Shankar Ganesh temple and Daitya Sudan temple Also Checkout:   Things To Do In Paris


The spellbinding marble rocks alongside the Narmada, creates magic especially on moonlight nights, where the entire area gets dramatic with its natural beauty and flawless setting. Bhedaghat has stood the testimony of time and archaeologists have found Dinosaur eggs in several ghats of this interesting place. A boat ride on the serene Narmada surrounded by white marble rocks will transport one back to a tranquil space. The 10th-century temple of goddess Durga at the Chaunsath Yogini Temple adds to the mystic beauty of this place. Distance from Nagpur: 280 km via NH34 and NH44 and takes a little more than 2.5 hours to reach. Attractions: Marble rocks, Chaunsath Yogini Temple, Banda Kudni and Dhuandhar Falls. Click Here to Book Now:   Seine River Cruise

Adventure Day Out at Bhedaghat, Jabalpur

Best of Nashik

 Things to Do in Nashik 2023

The holy town of Ramtek is believed to be a halting-place of Lord Rams along with Lakshman and Sita from the Ramayana, thus making it a pilgrimage places to visit near Nagpur. The Vakatakas also happened to reign this place during the 2nd to the 4th century, thus the town is adorned with several edifices and beautiful structure of relevance. Ramtek is thus a destination of choice for both history lovers and pilgrims making it a hotspot during the weekends. Ramtek is dotted with hillocks, breathtaking lakes and temples done up in Hemadpanthi architecture making it picturesque. Distance from Nagpur: 56km via NH44 and takes a little above 1hour to reach. Attractions: Ram-Laxman temple, Kapur Bawli, Shantinath Atishaya Khestra, Ram Temple, Khindsi lake, Ramtek Dham, Sur river and Kamthikhairy Dam. Also Checkout:   Things To Do In London


One of the largest and oldest National parks of India, Tadoba National park is just 3hours away from Nagpur. Tadoba-Andhari Tiger reserve attracts a lot many visitors round the year due to its wide variety of flora and fauna making it a destination of choice amongst nature lovers. Besides the 40 plus tigers residing in the forest, it is home to leopard, sloth bear, Gaur, Sambar, Barking deer, flying squirrel and a host of many exotic animals and birds. Distance from Nagpur: 146km via NH44 and takes 3 hours to reach. Attractions: Tadoba National Park, Tadoba Lake, Tadoba-Andhari Tiger reserve, Moharli and Kolsa. You Can Checkout Great Discounts On  Alcazar Cabaret Show Tickets


Best of Panchgani

 Things to Do in Panchgani 2023

If you are looking for places to visit near Nagpur for adventure and some fun-filled moments, your next short trip should be at Khekranala nestled on Chhindwara road near Khapa. Tourists are often attracted by the tranquil lake and the Dam which is enveloped by dense green forest area. It is an ideal setting for nature lovers and adventure seekers for trekking, camping and nature trails making it a destination of choice, especially during the weekends or even for a picnic with family and friends. Distance from Nagpur: 56km via NH47 and takes close to 1.5 hours to reach. Attractions: Khekranala Dam and Shiv Temple in a naturally built cave.



The only coffee growing region in Maharashtra, Chikaldhara boasts of serene lakes, acres of coffee plantation, cascading waterfalls, forts and a rich reservoir of flora and fauna tucked in the dense forests. Chikaldhara is an extremely picturesque location dotted with the gifts of mother nature abundantly. The place is also of historical relevance tucked into the many bricks of the forts like Narnala, Teliagarh and Zafragarh situated on the hills of Satpura. Distance from Nagpur: 231km and a drive down the Aurangabad Highway and takes 4.5hours. Attractions: Bhimkund, Narnala Fort, Melghat tiger reserve, Muktagiri, Gwaligarh fort, Bir lake, Kalapani lake, Panchel point, Amner fort, Gugamal national park and museum. Also Checkout:  Guell Palace Tickets


Best of Kolad

 Places to Visit in Kolad, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Scouting for places to visit near Nagpur for a break from the monotonous city life? Your search ends at Waki woods, where nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts flock in huge numbers to witness the beauty of the woods. Trekking, boating, archery, bird watching, photography, village walks, picnics are a few of the activities here to be one with nature and experience the wonders of the place. In the last few years, Ecotourism in this area has evolved manifolds providing eco-stays and sustainable accommodation for visitors. Distance from Nagpur: 33km by road. Attractions: Waki River and Waki Taj Darbaar. You Can Also Book:   Places To Visit In Barcelona


Nestled atop a tiny hillock is the shrine of Lord Ganapati in all his glory. A small trek of 100 metres takes one to the shrine to offer prayers to the elephant god. A 360-degree bird’s eye view from the hillock offers a splendid landscape of the region. The major attraction is towards the eight Ashtavinayak Ganapati Temple standing tall with a looming magnitude. Visitors also spend a day with family and friends gathered at the various picnic spots close by. Distance from Nagpur: 40km via NH47 and takes less than an hour. Attractions: Adasa Ganapati Temple and other temples.


Best of Matheran

 Places to Visit in Matheran, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Planning for a picnic during the weekend? Amba Khori is one of those hidden places to visit near Nagpur  where locals come in hordes to spend some soulful moments on the lap of nature. Situated on the banks of river Pench, one can spend hours just in awe of mother nature and her splendid beauty. Several Bollywood movies have been shot here amidst this exotic location with irresistible charm. The flowing water of Pench just adds to the serenity of this place enveloped in various hues of green. Distance from Nagpur: 1078km and takes a hectic 21 hours to reach. Attractions: Totladoh Lake Dam, Meghdoot reservoir


Located in Telangana as its second-largest district, this erstwhile royal place gets its name from Yusuf Adil Shah, the ruler of Bijapur. This offbeat destination, perfect for nature lovers and heritage aficionados, is a beautiful juxtaposition of scenic natural beauty, historical grandeur, ancient crafts, stunning Mughal, and Maratha-style architecture and customs. Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 196 kilometres. Attractions: Visit the beautiful waterfalls like Pochera and Kunthala. and Kawal and Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary to spot tigers, panthers, wild boar, sloth bear, etc. 


Best of Khandala

15 Resorts in Khandala: Book Now & Get Upto 50% Off

One of the most important industrial and financial centres of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur is one of the most popular places to visit near Nagpur known for its natural and historical attractions. It is a common belief that this erstwhile British cantonment area is the birthplace of the game snooker. Jabalpur is a great place to see the festivals and customs of several Indian communities like Marwaris, Sindhis, Marathis, Gonds, etc. Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 274 kilometres. Attractions: The major attraction here is the almost 100-ft Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat that jut out of the Narmada waters and the Balancing Rocks that defy gravity andTake a cable car ride at the massive Dhuandhar waterfall and see the 11th-century Madan Mahal Fort. 


Located on the banks of the River Tapti, the historical city of Burhanpur dates back to 753 AD and is amongst the most intriguing places to visit around Nagpur. Changing hands between the Mughals, Marathas, and finally, the British has left an indelible mark on its architectural landscape and can be seen in its beautiful gardens, palaces, and hammams. This is the place where Shah Jahan’s wife Mumtaz Mahal died and it was here that the inspiration for building the Taj Mahal was born. Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 274 kilometres. Attractions: The Mughal-era Shahi Qilla for its Persian-style hammam where Mumtaz Mahal died, intricate paintings, and majestic courtyards.

Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Dhapewada is the exact place that houses the famous Vithoba Temple where people visit very often. Lying peacefully on the banks of River Chandrabhaga, this picnic spot is very close to Ramtek hill. Once people bow their respects before the holy shrines, they move to Khindsi Lake nearby to spend some passive time by the quaint water. Activities: Water sports How to reach: There are regular state bus transports available from Nagpur, or you can drive down to cover this distance of 36km. Best time to Visit: October to March

People Also Ask About Nagpur

Which are the popular one-day picnic spots near nagpur.

1. Ramtek: Perfect for a daylong picnic, Ramtek amazes you with its lush hills, beautiful lakes, and centuries-old temples. The top attraction here is the 600-year-old Rama Dham where Kalidasa is said to have written the epic Meghdoot and the beautiful Totladoh waterfall for a fun picnic lunch. 2. Khekranala: One of the best picnic spots near Nagpur, this is a picturesque dam site surrounded by the Khapa hill ranges and a calm lake. The lush greenery and several rugged trails make Khekranala the perfect picnic place for adventure and nature lovers. 3. Amba Khori: A picnic near a waterfall makes it even more fun. Amba Khori, located amidst lush greenery and close to the Pench River, is a great place to spend the whole day with your friends. You can enjoy long swimming sessions and picnic lunches near the beautiful plunge pool here.

4. Adoni Fort:  A must-visit with your family, Adoni Fort is one of the largest forts in the country. This 14th-century fort, built during the Vijayanagar regime, has walls as long as 50 kilometres is a collection of 12 small forts and one can see the ruins of a temple, a dargah, a mosque, and a water body.  5. Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary:  An exciting place for the entire family to explore the lush beauty of nature and wildlife like tigers, panthers, gaurs, giant flying squirrels, Indian rock python, cobras, etc. The sanctuary has several watchtowers, watch cabins, and a small museum inside.  6. Japanese Rose Garden:  Spend the whole day with your family at this great picnic spot surrounded by thousands of roses, plants, and well-maintained promenades. This is a great place to enjoy picnic meals and games in the beautiful shaded spots here.

Which are the best hill stations near Nagpur for a weekend trip?

1. Chikhaldara: One of the best hill stations near Nagpur, this place even finds a mention in the Mahabharata and is the only coffee-growing area in Maharashtra. Visit the Gugamal National Park to see tigers, sloth bears, and birds, Bir Lake for a picnic, and forts like Gwaligarh and Muktagiri. 2. Igatpuri: This stunning hillside escape, surrounded by the Sahyadris, is most loved for its dense foliage, misty valleys, and beautiful trails. Visit the Camel Valley dotted with 5 waterfalls, the highest peak in Maharashtra Kalsubai Peak, and see panoramic views of the place from Tringalwadi Fort. 3. Bhandardara: This riverside hillside resort village is tucked amidst the majestic Sahyadris and is famous for stunning attractions like the Arthur lake, Umbrella & Randha Falls, Kalsubai Temple, Ratangad Fort, etc. 4. Jawhar: Cool misty weather, dense vegetation, and natural attractions like Damdara Dam, Dabdaba waterfall, Sunset Point, etc. Don’t miss to see the majestic Bharatgad Fort, Jai Vilas Palace, and the 3rd-century Maratha empire landmark Shirpamal.

Which are the best resorts near Nagpur for a one day picnic?

1. Tuli Veer Bagh Resort: The resort’s outdoor pool, picnic spots in the garden, and activities like fishing and cycling make it one of the best resorts to enjoy a day out with your family. The resort also offers delicious home-cooked meals from its on-property restaurant. 2. Le Meridien: Le Meridien promises the luxury synonymous with the Marriott brand by offering amenities that keep the whole family engaged. It has a fully-equipped fitness centre, an infinity pool, and 5 restaurants and bars. The resort also offers a spa that offers holistic wellness treatments, perfect for rounding off the day. 3. Treebo Trend Chalets: This family-friendly budget resort is perfect for bigger groups travelling together. It offers a sun terrace perfect for playing card games and enjoying a cup of coffee together along with indoor games, excursions, and sightseeing facilities.

Which are the tourist places near Nagpur within 200 km?

Get a chance to see tiger when he comes to drink water

Nagpur Top Attractions


Often referred to as the most peaceful place, Deeksha Bhoomi is likely to be on the top of your “places to visit in Nagpur” list. Relatively a new one - built in the year 2001, Deeksha Bhoomi is a monument with huge whitewashed dome and is the largest stupa in Asia.It was erected in the memory of Dr. Ambedkar and his event of embracing Buddhism; wherein with him, 60000 others had also converted to Buddhism. The bronze statue of Buddha here, along with the sacred tree has made Deeksha Bhoomi one of the famous tourist places in Nagpur.Location: Ambazari Road.Timings: All day.Entry fee: None.

Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary

Home to “Jai” - one of the largest tigers and the only male in the entire sanctuary, Umred Karhandla has become a hub for tourists; especially for nature lovers and photographers. It  is a good option for a one day trip.Other than tigers, animals like Gaur, wild dogs and other rarely found animals like pangolins and flying squirrels are often spotted here which has led to an increase in the numbers of tourists visiting the sanctuary.Location: The sanctuary is located about 58 kilometers to Nagpur in Nawegaon.Timings: 6 AM to 8 AM & 2:30 PM to 4:30 PMEntry fee: INR 250 onwards.

Ambazari Lake & Garden

As aforesaid, Nagpur is the land of many lakes - 11 to be precise, and Ambazari Lake is one of the most famous tourist places to visit in Nagpur, mainly because it is the largest one in the city. Its mere beauty and size call out for some peaceful time in the lap of nature.Adjacent to the lake, the garden spread across 25 acres of land is like the cherry on top. Here, together there is plenty of flora and fauna that you would not want to miss if you are a nature lover.Location: Ambazari.Timings: 10 AM to 6:30 PMEntry fee: INR 10

More Nagpur Attractions

Nagpur travel guides.

Best Amusement Parks in Nagpur: {{year}} Updated

Popular Nearby Places Around Nagpur

More things to do in nagpur, more on nagpur tourism, popular related destinations.


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Places To Visit Near Nagpur For A Sightseeing Vacation

Top hotel collections.

tourist spots near nagpur

Best Hotels

5 Star Hotels

Places To Visit Near Nagpur

Here is the list of 20 places to visit near nagpur for a sightseeing vacation, 1. waki woods.

Waki Woods

Situated at a distance of about 30 kms from Nagpur, Waki Woods is a sight to behold. The luscious greens provide you with a plethora of activities, other than a scintillating natural landscape for a picnic day out. Life in these 'woods' is a perfect mix of modernity and nature, as you will find fully furnished tents with facilities like electricity and phones. What's more? Indulge in the pleasure of boating, archery, go on a trekking adventure, or unleash the inner wildlife photographer in you-thanks to the bird sanctuaries at Waki. Pay a visit to the While in the woods, do not forget to treat your taste buds with lip-smacking delicacies at the Waki Woods Dhaba.

2. Khekranala, Nagpur

Khekranala, Nagpur

Renowned as an ideal trekking destination, Khrekanala is situated at a distance of about 60 kms from the city of Nagpur. A perfect spot to enjoy nature, Khekranala has a beautiful dam on a picturesque blue lake, along with a wide variety of fauna. This place is also famous for various water sporting activities, and when all of the exertions leaves you hungry, check into the MTDC guest house for a stupendous meal. The awes trucking display of nature makes Khrekanla one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Nagpur.

Distance from Nagpur: 55 km

3. Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh - The Land of the Marble Rocks.

Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh - The Land of the Marble Rocks.

Known For : Marble Rocks Dhuandhar Falls Chausath Yogini Temple

Also regarded as the Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat, this small town has earned a reputation for the 100 ft tall resplendent rocks on either sides of Narmada in not only India, but all across the world. Bhedaghat is in close proximity of one of the major cities of Madhya Pradesh of Jabalpur .

Distance from Nagpur: 270 km

Best Time: November to March

5 Bhedaghat Attractions

4. Amba Khori, Nagpur

Amba Khori, Nagpur

Remember that scene from your favorite movie, where the hero and heroine dance to a romantic song by a waterfall? Well, a visit to Amba Khori, at about 80 kilometer from Nagpur, will make this scene come to life. Situated close to the banks of River Pench, this location is nothing short of an exotic foreign location. Sitting in the lap of Mother Nature, Amba Khori has more than just a waterfall to attract. The mesmerizing Totladoh Lake Dam, which is said to resemble the teary eyes of Kalidasa's renowned heroine, Shakuntala is a sight to behold.

Top Hotels In Nagpur

₽ 1,132 onwards

₽ 2,425 onwards

₽ 5,689 onwards

₽ 783 onwards

₽ 785 onwards

₽ 426 onwards

5. Ramtek Fort Temple

Ramtek Fort Temple

Away from the city crowd, situated inside a fort on a hilltop, this temple is a source of rich mythological history. It is believed that Lord Rama took rest in this temple before leaving to conquer Lanka therefore making Lord Rama the main deity to be worshipped here.

Distance from Nagpur: 50 km

6. Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Maharashtra - The World Heritage Caves

Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Maharashtra - The World Heritage Caves

Known For : Ajanta Caves Grishneshwar Temple, Ellora The Buddhist Caves, Ellora

Ajanta and Ellora caves are considered to be one of the most important tourist destinations in the world owing to the magnificent paintings of Ajanta and well-carved sculptures of Ellora. The rock-cut caves containing carvings are the finest example of Indian paintings and sculpture.

Distance from Nagpur: 498 km

Best Time: June to March

12 Ajanta Caves Attractions

7. Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh - Queen of the Satpuras

Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh - Queen of the Satpuras

Known For : Bee falls Jata Shankar caves Pandava Caves

The only hill station in Madhya Pradesh , Pachmarhi is often known as the queen of the Satpura ranges. Being at an elevated height of 1,067 feet and surrounded by beautiful forests of the Satpuras, Pachmarhi is a great place to visit near Nagpur. With streams and waterfalls dotting this town, it gives any tourist a serene and memorable experience.

Distance from Nagpur: 227 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

18 Pachmarhi Attractions

8. Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh

Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh

Known For : Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary Kunthala Waterfalls Pochera Waterfalls

Alive with every sound of the gurgling waterfalls, gentle cool breeze and abuzz with vibrant culture, Adilabad is a small town in the state of Telangana . The town is blessed with a very colorful past and today it witnesses a wonderful fusion of various cultures and traditions. It is one of the places to visit near Nagpur for those seeking a quaint holiday.

Distance from Nagpur: 198 km

17 Adilabad Attractions

9. Tadoba, Maharashtra

Tadoba, Maharashtra

Known For : Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve Moharli Khosla

Famous for its natural heritage, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is definitely one of India's most exciting and best protected Tiger Reserve, with most visible tiger sightings in the state of Maharashtra. It is one of the adventurous places to visit near Nagpur for wildlife enthusiasts.

Distance from Nagpur: 173 km

Best Time: October to March

6 Tadoba Attractions

10. Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh - The inspiration for 'The Jungle Book'

Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh - The inspiration for 'The Jungle Book'

With the majestic Pench river flowing through the greens and a variety of wildlife to be spotted in the rocky terrains, Pench National Park served as an inspiration for the famous novel 'The Jungle Book'. Home to a variety of flora and fauna, Pench is one of the most popular national parks in Central India. The serene surroundings of rich woody forests with the occasional sightings of wild animals make this national park one of the exciting places to visit near Nagpur.

Distance from Nagpur: 160 km

Best Time: October to June

11. Lonar, Maharashtra - Land of the Crater

Lonar, Maharashtra - Land of the Crater

Known For : Lonar crater lake Gomukh Temple Daitya Sudhan Temple

Along with being famous for a crater that was formed over 50,000 years ago due to the collision of a meteorite on the surface of the region, Lonar is also famous for its rich natural heritage. Lonar is a mesmerizingly beautiful place famous for the Lonar crater and the lake formed due to a meteorite hitting the earth around 52, 000 years ago. This 6,000 feet wide and 500 feet deep lake is, therefore, an important source of scientific research and educational importance.

Distance from Nagpur: 346 km

4 Lonar Attractions

12. Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh - The land of glittering Marble Rocks

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh - The land of glittering Marble Rocks

Known For : Dhuandhar Falls Boat ride to Bhedaghat Sea World Water Park

Jabalpur, located on the shores of river Narmada, is an industrial city picking up as a tourist destination because of its splendid ghats, waterfalls and a mild glitter of historical and cultural structures. A 17th-century fort situated near Narmada river and a temple located near Roopnath are must-visits. Besides them, Bhedaghat-Marble Rocks and Dhuandhar Falls are the most eminent tourist attractions in Jabalpur. Balancing Rock is another site which is must-see for tourists here.

Distance from Nagpur: 271 km

Best Time: August to March

20 Jabalpur Attractions

13. Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh - The land of Jungle Book

Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh - The land of Jungle Book

A delightful town situated in the district of Mandla, Kanha National Park is the haven of an exceptionally wide variety of wild animals, including the majestic creature tiger. Wide open grass plains with a backdrop of the city scrapers, scattered bamboo forests play host to a wide variety of wildlife and diverse birdlife with over 300 species recorded. The present-day area stretches over 940-kilometre square which is divided into two sanctuaries: Hallon and Banjar. One of the best places to visit near Nagpur for wildlife enthusiasts, it is the largest National Park in central India and has been ranked as one of the best parks in Asia.

Distance from Nagpur: 262 km

14. Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh - The land of the Stupas

Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh - The land of the Stupas

Known For : Sanchi Stupa The Great Bowl Ashok Pillar

A symbol of the vast heritage present throughout the culturally rich India, the Buddhist monuments of Sanchi are one of the oldest stone structures in India. Designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO, the Great Stupa was installed in the 3rd century BC by Emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan dynasty. The sculptures and monuments present at the site are a fine example of the development of Buddhist art and architecture. This is one of the mystical places to visit near Nagpur surrounded by lush gardens, providing visitors peace and serenity as they pay tribute to Buddhism.

Distance from Nagpur: 395 km

Best Time: July to March

6 Sanchi Attractions

15. Adasa Ganpati Temple, Nagpur

Adasa Ganpati Temple, Nagpur

Adasa Ganpati Temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is located about 35 kms from the main city of Nagpur. The shrine is situated on top of a tiny hillock and can be reached through a small trek of around 100 metres or a flight of 40-50 stairs. Other than presenting a picturesque view of the city, the premises are also used for family day picnics.

Distance from Nagpur: 4 km

16. Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh - The Exotic Rock Shelters

Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh - The Exotic Rock Shelters

Known For : The Rock Caves Hoshangabad Bhojpur

The Bhimbetka rock shelters are an archaeological site, exhibiting the earliest traces of human life on the Indian subcontinent, and thus the beginning of the South Asian Stone Age. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 2003. Bhimbetka is home to more than 500 rock shelters and caves which have a large number of paintings. The oldest paintings are considered to be 30,000 years old, but some of the geometric figures date to as recently as the medieval period. It is an ideal place to visit near Nagpur for archaeology lovers.

Distance from Nagpur: 312 km

Best Time: October to April

4 Bhimbetka Attractions

17. Chikhaldara, Maharashtra

Chikhaldara, Maharashtra

Known For : Bhimkund Melghat Tiger Reserve Narnala Fort

Being the only coffee growing area in the state, Chikhaldara also boasts of beautiful lakes, breathtaking panoramic viewpoints and exotic wildlife. At an altitude of 1118 m, Chikhaldara is one of the most favourite places to visit near Nagpur in the summer months. It has a large number of attractions to offer and is mostly one of the best places to visit if you are in search of time to be one with nature.

Distance from Nagpur: 231 km

Best Time: July to February

12 Chikhaldara Attractions

18. Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra

Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra

The Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary of the Bhamragarh town is located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra and is home to various animal species like leopards, the blue bull, peacock, flying squirrel, wild boar, etc. The Pamalgautam and Parlkota rivers flow through the sanctuary providing water to the flora and fauna and as well as to the tribes living nearby namely Gonda and Madia tribes which depend on the Forest for their habitation.

Distance from Nagpur: 334 km

Best Time: October to May

19. Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh

Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh

Known For : Asirgarh Fort Jama Masjid, Burhanpur Dargah-E-Hakimi

Burhanpur is a historical town based on the banks of the Tapti River in Madhya Pradesh . The most interesting piece of trivia would be that Mumtaz Begum, the reason why the Taj Mahal was built, died in Burhanpur while giving birth to her fourteenth child.

Distance from Nagpur: 378 km

5 Burhanpur Attractions

20. Bhandardara, Maharashtra

Bhandardara, Maharashtra

Known For : Umbrella Falls Wilson Dam Kalsubai Peak

Bhandardara, a hill station nestled in the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra, has all the nature's blessings a place can get. The lush greenery, the humble waterfalls and surrounded by high mountains makes for the perfect holiday spot for city dwellers.

Distance from Nagpur: 672 km

7 Bhandardara Attractions

Places to visit near Nagpur has something for each kind of traveller that is why they attract domestic as well as international tourists all-round the year. There are many tourist places near Nagpur which provide a perfect outing for those who are trying to escape from their daily routine. These places take 1-2 day(s) and make for a perfect weekend getaway from Nagpur. Escape to these places around Nagpur and explore them if you haven?t.

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Places to visit in Nagpur

Dhamma Chakra Stupa Ramtek Fort Temple Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden

View 37 places to visit in Nagpur

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Dhamma Chakra Stupa

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Top 20 places to Visit in Nagpur: Location, Timings, Entry Fee

Budget Hotels > Travel Blog > Destinations > Nagpur > Top 20 places to Visit in Nagpur: Location, Timings, Entry Fee

All through the year, Nagpur attracts both domestic as well as international tourists with its rich historic heritage, spiritual legacy, and picturesque surroundings. Whether you are an adventure junkie, a spiritual seeker, a history buff or just an aimless tourist bitten by the travel bug, this place won’t disappoint you. So, next time when you are in Nagpur, don’t just spend your time sitting idle in your hotel room. Instead, head off alone or with your dear ones to explore and experience the city in its full glory. Here’s to you a list of the best places to visit in Nagpur.

Places to Visit in Nagpur (List):

Best places to visit in nagpur for couples:.

Japanese Rose Garden | Best Places to Visit in Nagpur for Couples

Japanese Rose Garden | Among the Best Places to Visit in Nagpur for Couples

Visiting the city with your partner? Here’s good news – you create never-dying memories at several spots here. Given below are our top picks.   

1. Sakkardara Lake Garden, Nagpur

Lake and garden – sounds like an ideal setting for a romantic evening, right? Situated on the banks of Sakkardara Lake, this garden can be a perfect spot for you and your lover to spend some quality time away from the humdrum of the city. Walk hand in hand with your sweetheart about this lush green paradise or just sit back on the shores and murmur sweet nothings to each other. Apart from these, you are sure to get enthralled by the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset.  

  • Location: Dattatray Nagar, Ayodhya Nagar   
  • Timings: Morning to evening
  • Entry Fee : N/A

tourist spots near nagpur

2. Japanese Rose Garden, Nagpur

“My love is like a red red rose” said Robert Burns, the Scottish poet. If you too associate roses with love, here is a place for you both to explore. Located near the Civil Lines area, the Japanese Rose Garden is known for its picturesquely beautiful surroundings. It got its name from the colorful iron structures that are a characteristic motif of Japanese design. Owing to the serenity and privacy it offers, it is a popular hangout place for lovebirds, who can sit alongside the alluring rose beds and indulge in endless conversations. Built in a slightly hilly location, this garden allows the lovers to rekindle their love as the cool breeze touches their face and their eyes feast on panoramic views.  

  • Location: Seminary Hills, Nagpur
  • Timings: 06:00 am to 07:00 pm; every day
  • Entry Fee: N/A

Explore recommended places to stay in Nagpur at best price

3. Futala Lake, Nagpur

Spread over 60 acres, this 200-year-old lake is the ideal spot for you and your partner to escape the hurly-burly of city life. Just a walk on the path while enjoying the sunset itself can fascinate you. With three fountains, the evenings at Futala Lake with your beloved gets even more memorable. You can also ride on a tonga ( horse carriage) ride while munching on some corn . A romantic dinner date at one of the lakeside restaurants could be a great way to keep the sparkle alive in your relationship.  

  • Location: Juna Futala, Vayusena Nagar
  • Timings: N/A
  • Entry Fee: No fee

4. Ambazari Lake Garden, Nagpur

Ambazari, the largest lake in the city, has an adjoining garden which is built across 18 acres of land. A romantic stroll on the trails by the kaleidoscopic view of the lake makes it no less than a perfect fairytale experience. Make your evening indelible with a drive to Ambazari T-point. Also, remember to get yourself pictured holding each other’s hands while boating on the lake with a beautiful twilight sky making up the backdrop. Though evenings are the best time to visit this garden, we must warn you that it’s the busiest time as well.  

  • Location: Ambazari Road, Ambazari
  • Timings: 09:45 am to 06:30 pm; every day
  • Entry Fee: N/A  

5. Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden, Nagpur

This musical garden can be your ideal spot to cherish those romantic moments with your loved one. Feel enamored all over again as you sit back and enjoy the musical fountain dancing to the rhythms of classical music. You could also find a place in its huge amphitheater that accommodates over 2500 people and be a part of the cultural programs. Else, simply seclude yourself in the beautifully landscaped garden to relax and stargaze with your sweetheart as the soft notes pervade in the background. If you plan to visit this garden, then late afternoon hours would be perfect as morning hours are basically for joggers and walkers.

  • Location : Kalmana Road, Surya Nagar
  • Timings: 05:00 am to 10:00 pm; every day
  • Entry Fees: N/A  

Best Places to Visit in Nagpur with Friends and Family: 

Narrow Gauge Rail Museum | Best Places to Visit in Nagpur with Friends and Family

Narrow Gauge Rail Museum | Among the Best Places to Visit in Nagpur with Friends and Family

Time spent with family and friends are your eternal investments. Here are the best places to visit in Nagpur with family and friends for the time of your life.  

6. Seminary Hill, Nagpur

If you and your friends are nature lovers and want to break away from their everyday routine, this small hillock is the right place for you. The Seminary Hills is named after the St Charles Seminary on its crest. Want to have some fun trekking atop the hill? Why wait? Get into those hiking shoes and break some sweat. Trekking all the way up along the murky, woody and lush green surroundings make it all worth when you get the breathtaking view of the city from the top. Your kids can enjoy at Bal Udyan, which has a play area and toy train. Apart from these, you can visit Lourd Mata Church or stroll about the Satpura Botanical Garden. Lastly, to curb your hunger, there are several eateries in and around the Seminary Hill area.  

  • Location: Seminary Hills

7. Sitabuldi Fort, Nagpur

Over two centuries old, Sitabuldi Fort is a popular tourist attraction that one must explore while in Nagpur. This fort holds historical as well as architectural significance. Built in the year 1817 between two hillocks, it is currently the home to the Indian Army’s 118 th infantry battalion. Adjacent to the fort there is a palace that adds charm to the whole setting. You can see the graves of soldiers killed rain the Third Anglo-Maratha war and a prison where Mahatma Gandhi was locked up. Due to security reasons, this fort is open to public only on three days of the year i.e. 26 th January, 1 st May (Maharashtra Day), and 15 th August. If you are lucky enough to be in Nagpur on either of these days with your friends and family, make sure to pay a visit to this magnificent fort. Though you may not be allowed to take your cameras, mobile phones, and other belongings inside, the history of the place will imprint itself on your mind forever.  

  • Location: Madha Colony, Sitabuldi
  • Days Open :  Morning to Evening; 26 th   January, 1 st May, and 15 th August; every year
  • Entry Fee: N/A                                                            

8. Raman Science Center, Nagpur

If you never stop thinking and talking about science or if your little one’s curious questions are bewildering, visit Raman Science Center. Geeky or not, with its range of marvelous engaging activities and attractions, this place has something for everyone. Named after the famous Nobel Prize winner and Indian physicist, Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, this center encourages scientific perspective among people and displays their application and new inventions from across the world.

Be a part of the various activities undertaken here that can be a fun way to learn something new. Sit back and gaze at celestial bodies as they move across the 133-seater planetarium or stroll through the prehistoric animal park. Indulge your little ones in some fun-filled attractions like floor piano, giant soap bubble, mirror maze, positive shadow and spiral music tubes. Experience 3D films with 5.1 Dolby Digital sound systems that keep you on the edge while your kids scream out of joy. With such a spectacular learning, relearning and unlearning experience, Raman Science Center can be a perfect entertainer for the whole family.  

  • Location: Subhash Road, Empress City
  • 11:30 am to 07:00 pm; every day (March to October)
  • 10:30 am to 06:00 pm; every day (November to February)
  • Closed on Diwali and Holi.  
  • Science Center – ₹ 20 (general public); ₹ 10 (students)  
  • Planetarium – ₹ 40 (general public); ₹ 20 (students)  
  • 3D Theatre – ₹ 20 (general public); ₹ 10 (students)  

9. Maharajbagh Zoo, Nagpur

Located at the heart of the city, Maharajbagh Zoo is a popular place to visit with your family and friends. This zoo offers you a pleasant opportunity to see animals like lions, deer, peacocks, leopard and monkeys. Kids are assured a gala time as they see these animals so close in real life. The botanical garden features a range of herbs, shrubs, and aromatic and ornamental plants. You can plan a fun-filled picnic in the garden area, which has beautiful walking trails and lush green surroundings.  

  • Location: Amravati Road, Maharaja Bagh, Gorepeth
  • Timings: 08:00 am to 06:00 pm; closed on Mondays
  • Entry Fee: ₹ 20 per person  

10. Narrow Gauge Rail Museum, Nagpur

Being the only narrow gauge museum of its kind in India, this place is worth a visit while you are in Nagpur. At this historical museum, you can learn a thing or two about the narrow gauge rail systems of the days gone by. Built in 2002, this museum displays various heritage rolling stock like Bagnall steam engine, NG steam crane, CC class steam engine, NG saloon, old coaches, and wagons. The museum also exhibits models, photographs, artifacts used by different departments. You would be interested to see the Indian Railway logos of all our states put on show here.

Want to get into the fun part? With several entertaining activities like toy trains and an amusement park in the museum premises, not just toddlers but even grown-ups can have fun. Additionally, this place has a beautifully landscaped garden with swings and slides for the merriment of kids. To add to the experience, there is a revolving rail restaurant where you can munch on some delicious food with your family.  

  • Location: Kamptee Road, Moti Bagh
  • Timings: 12:00 pm to 08:00 pm; closed on Mondays
  • Entry Fee* : ₹ 20 (adults); ₹ 10 (children)

*Includes the toy train ride  

11. Zero Mile Marker, Nagpur

Now that you have had your share of fun, let’s take a moment here to appreciate a historical monument in the city, called the Zero Mile Marker. This stone was considered the geographical center of India. It consists of a pillar and four horses which are made of sandstone. The British used this pillar as the center point to measure the distances of all important cities of India. Even now, you can see those distances imprinted on the pillar.

  • Location: Wardha Road, Civil Lines
  • Timings:  N/A
  • Entry Fee : N/A  

12. Krazy Castle Aqua Park, Nagpur

Looking for a place to beat the heat and get the adrenaline pumping? Head off straight to one of the finest amusement and water parks in Nagpur, Krazy Castle Aqua Park. With a range of fun rides and slides, this park can never fail you. The Castle Tower at the entrance leads you to the Zoom Tower, where you can find the Float slide and a three-laned Mat slide. For toddlers to have their own gala time, there is a kids’ pool known as Fish Pool. It displays various sea creatures, bringing curiosity among the tots and encouraging them to learn new things. Then, at Liliput’s Land, which is a pool-cum-wading area, you can see them happily playing and splashing in the pool or gliding on small slides. There are amazing land rides for children as well, such as Carousal, Caterpillar, Cartoon Train, Sun N Moon Ride, Rocking Helicopter, Bungee Jumping, Ocean Bumper Boat and Pit Bikes.

While the kids have the best time of their life, you can laze around in Lazy River, sipping on your favorite drink from the eatery inside the park. The Splash Tower, Tornado Slide, and Pendulum Tower are some of the popular slides among grown-ups. Also, the Wave Pool at this park offers a beach-like experience while the Rapid Falls gives you the feel of an actual waterfall. To satiate your hunger pangs, dig into the various types of delicacies from the food court called the Great Banyan Food.  

  • Location: Opposite Ambazari Lake
  • April to September – 11:00 am to 06.00 pm (Water Park); 04:00 pm to 07:00 pm (Amusement Park)
  • October to March – 10:00 am to 05:00 pm (Water Park); 03:00 pm to 06:00 pm (Amusement Park)  
  • Adults – ₹ 495 (Weekdays) and ₹ 540 (Weekends & Holidays)
  • Children (height between 33″ – 4’6″) – ₹ 310 (all days)
  • Senior Citizens (65 years and above with ID proof) – ₹ 310 (all days)
  • Children (below 33″) – Free

*Separate charges for costume and locker facility  

Top Religious Places to Visit in Nagpur:

Deekshabhoomi | Top Religious Places to Visit in Nagpur

Deekshabhoomi | Among the Top Religious Places to Visit in Nagpur

Who said Nagpur is all about parks, gardens, lakes, and museums? For those, who are looking for some spiritual nirvana, here’s a handpicked list of the top religious places to visit in Nagpur.  

13. Deekshabhoomi, Nagpur

A sacred monument among Buddhists, Deekshabhoomi is thronged by lots of devotees every year. It was erected in the place where BR Ambedkar was ordained to Buddhism along with a large number of followers. Spread over four acres, this magnificent two-storey hemispherical stupa leaves you awe-struck with its architectural beauty. Among all the Buddhist stupas in the world, Deekshabhoomi is considered to be the largest hollow stupa. There is also a Buddha Vihara and a Bodhi Tree in the premises. The place certainly deserves to be on your must-see list while in Nagpur, whether you are a follower of Buddhism or not.  

  • Location: South Ambazari Road, Abhyankar Nagar
  • Timings:  12:00 to 06:00 pm
  • Entry Fee: No fee  

14. Shri Ganesh Mandir Tekdi, Nagpur

Said to be 250 years old, this is one of the oldest and most frequented Ganesh Temples in the city. Locals consider this temple as Jagrutha Devasthan (Alive temple) and Ganesh Idol is considered to be Swayambhu (self-manifested). In Marathi, the word Tekdi means Hill, so, the name Tekdi Ganapthi is derived from the location of the temple, which is a hilltop. Due to its amazing location and religious association, it draws large numbers of visitors all through the year.  

  • Location: Sitabuldi
  • Timings:  6:00 am to 11:30 pm

15. Sai Baba Temple, Nagpur

Being a replica of the Sai Baba Temple in Shirdi, this temple attracts devotees from across the country. It’s a serene place to meditate and seek blessings from the almighty. If you wish to visit this temple, let us warn you that Thursdays are the busiest of the week. So, plan your visit accordingly and get a lifetime experience in this holy place of worship.  

  • Location: Wardha Rd, Chhatrapati Road
  • Timings:  Morning to Evening

16. Hazrat Tajuddin Dargah, Nagpur

This religiously significant place for Muslims stands out among the others in the city with its tranquil atmosphere. Being the resting place of Hazrat Baba Tajuddin, it is frequented by not just Muslims but people of other communities too. On important Muslim days, such as the Urs of the Sufi saint, the dargah is magnificently lit up with multi-colored lights, which is a sight to behold.

  • Location: Umreth Road, Near Dighori
  • Timings: 06:00 am to 09:00p pm; every day

17. Dragon Palace Temple, Nagpur

Built in the year 1999 as a symbol of Indo-Japanese friendship, the Dragon Palace Temple is one of the famous tourist attractions in Nagpur. Nurture your body, soul, and mind with some meditation with the devotees who chant de-stressing mantras. You will find yourself at peace as you walk through this glorious temple made of white marbles. On its second floor is enthroned a huge statue of Gautam Buddha carved from fragrant sandalwood.  

  • Location: Dadasaheb Kumbhare Parisar, New Kamptee
  • Timings:  05:00 am to 08:00 pm

18. Shri Swaminarayan Temple, Nagpur

If you want to treat your eyes to incredible carving, then Swaminarayan Temple is the best place for you. A union of cultures is seen here as the temple towers (shikharas) are a Hindu element, whereas the serpent-like arches above the entrance are a Buddhist motif, known as Makara Torana (dragon arch). You can pray and seek blessings from the deities for a blissful feature. If you visit this temple in the evening, you will find it lit up to add more glory to its commendable architecture.  

  • Location: Swaminarayan Marg, Ring Road, Wathoda
  • Timings: 08:00 am to 12:00 pm and 04:00 pm to 08:30 pm; every day

19. Telankhedi Hanuman Mandir, Nagpur

Steeped deep in myths, this temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Also, it is believed that the origin of this temple is related to Lord Rama, who rested on these hillocks on the way to Sri Lanka. Along with the idol of Lord Hanuman, who is the presiding deity, there are idols of various deities as well. Devotees believe that the idol has mystical powers to elude their sorrows in life. With a calm atmosphere, it is a great place to visit if you find your life going downhill or even otherwise.  

20. All Saints’ Cathedral, Nagpur

This Gothic-style cathedral is known for its elegantly decorated altar, exemplarily painted glasses and windows, and century-old trees. Relax, pray, and meditate in the peaceful space of this architectural landmark\. Being one of the finest churches in the region, it is visited by travelers from different parts of the country. The church bell, chandeliers and furniture inside are said to be brought all the way from England.  

  • Location: Residency Road, Sadar

The City of Oranges can bedazzle you with its perfect blend of rich history and modernity. From a lovey-dovey couple to a bunch of crazy friends, from a playful family to a nirvana seeker, Nagpur delights all. The next time you search for a hotel in Nagpur , send a little more time in learning about which among the above-mentioned places is nearby, so you don’t face any connectivity hassle. Off, you go!

Frequently Asked Questions About Nagpur:

Q: How is the nightlife in Nagpur?

A: Nagpur has a happening night scene that can be best explored at pubs and nightclubs like 10 Downing Street, Longitude, Rhythm and Blues, Fiona, Royal Lancers, Ethyl, Ice Lounge, House of Beers, The Atmosphere and Elements.

Q: Suggest some good restaurants in Nagpur.

A: The list of the some of the best cafes and restaurants in Nagpur includes Uttar Dakshin by Naivedhyam, Barbeque Nation, Hideout Cafe, Barbecue Restaurant, Bouffage, Reddy's Gokul Brindavan Restaurant, Pablo - The Art Cafe Lounge, Veeraswami, FSB, The Breakfast Story, Roast Cafe, Checker's, Haldiram's Hotspot, Nanking and Yello.

Q: Which places to visit in Nagpur are ideal to explore with kids?

A: If you're travelling with kids, it is best to spend a day at any of the amusement and water parks in and around Nagpur like Krazy Castle Aqua Park, Fun n Food Village, Highland Park, Dwarka Water Park or WaghVille. Another option is to take the kids for a picnic to Futala Lake or Ambazari Lake.

Q: Where to shop in Nagpur?

A: Nagpur has many malls like Central Mall, Eternity Mall, Empress City Mall and Millenium Shopping Mall to buy branded stuff. Local markets in Nagpur including Sarafa Bazaar, Sitabuldi Main Road Market, Sadar Bazar and Cotton Market are great for street shopping.

Q: How to reach Nagpur?

A: The main gateways to the city include Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport and Nagpur Junction. Those who wish to travel by road can take a bus or taxi to the city from surrounding major cities like Mumbai and Pune.

Q: Are there any places to visit near Nagpur for a one-day trip?

A: Yes, in fact there are quite a few. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Bandhavgarh National Park, Pench National Park and the temple town of Ramtek are some of the best weekend getaways from Nagpur.

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  • 13 Picnic Spots Near Nagpur That Guarantee A Serene Weekend Getaway In 2023

Lake at Khekranala near Nagpur

23 Mar 2023

Nagpur envelopes temples, forts and wildlife sanctuaries — all lying in wait of unleashing their irresistible charm. The center of the country is further popularized by its rolling hills and vivacious verdant lands. It is amidst these lands where you will find the perfect retreat you had long been craving for. 

Take a look at our pick of these 13 popular picnic spots near Nagpur that will turn the visitor in you into an admirer. The places in Nagpur are utterly charming and loved by almost every tourist. In the following blog we intend to provide the list of popular  Nagpur picnic spots  for you to enjoy a peaceful retreat with your favorite people. The spots presented are more than beautiful and equally serene. Scroll further to know where and what all picnic spots we have covered here.

13 Best Picnic Spots Near Nagpur

While you’re planning for an exciting outing near the serene city of Nagpur, here’s a list of all the picnic spots near Nagpur that you can try around the city next time. All these spots are perfect for an escape- be it with family or with partners. Take a look!

  • Waki Woods: For A Thrilling Escape
  • Adasa : A Land Of Ancient Temples
  • Ramtek : Historic Vibes
  • Khekranala : Full Of Nature’s Marvels
  • Amba Khori : The Magical Waterfall
  • The Pench Tiger Reserve : Glory Of Nagpur
  • Chikhaldara : The Lush Green Land
  • Ambazari Lake: ForA Tranquil Time
  • Navegaon National Park: Get Closer To Diverse Wildlife
  • Futala Lake: For A Peaceful Escape
  • Dhapewada : For A Fun Boat Ride
  • Ram Dham: A Cultural Theme Park
  • Lake garden Sakkardara: A Relaxing Escape

1. Waki Woods: For A Thrilling Escape

Waki Woods Resort, a popular picnic spot near Nagpur

Image Source

Waki Woods offers a wide variety of activities ranging from bird watching, boating, horse riding to archery, making it an ideal one day picnic spot near Nagpur within 150 km . It is a much sought after destination among trekkers and also provides furnished-tented accommodation, water, electricity, telephone and delicious food. This well-connected area is one of the best places to visit near Nagpur and is made spectacular by scenic views of elaborate greenery and wildlife that lie on its way. Visit this place if you are searching for  tourist places near Nagpur.

Distance from Nagpur: 30 km Key attractions: The Waki Woods Dhaba offers delicious food at throwaway prices. Best time to visit: Its evergreen beauty makes it a must visit all throughout the year. Location: Waki, Maharashtra 441113 Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM Entry fee: None

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2. Adasa: A Land Of Ancient Temples

A scenic view of Adasa Ganesh Temple on a bright day

A quaint village Adasa encompasses a number of ancient temples, but it is the famous Ganesh temple from which the village derives its fame. Although there is not dearth of places to visit in Nagpur , the central attraction of this one of the eight Ashta-Vinayak temples in Vidarbha—the gigantic Ganesh idol—is believably self-established and that is what makes it significant. It is one great picnic spot near Nagpur within 200 km . 

Distance from Nagpur: 35 km Key attractions: Around 2 km away lies the mesmerizing temple of Vithoba, overlooking the Bhima river. Best time to visit: Either during winters or monsoon. Location: Adasa, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441501, India Timings: 6 AM to 9 PM Entry fee: None

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3. Ramtek: Historic Vibes

Ramtek Rama Temple, one of the most sought after picnic spots near Nagpur

Legends believe that it was at the historic Rama’s temple situated in Ramtek, where Lord Rama sojourned during his exile. The Temple is acclaimed not only for its mythological and spiritual value, but also for its architectural significance. When are you planning to visit one of the best picnic spots near Nagpur, Maharashtra ?

Distance from Nagpur: 50 km Key attractions: The renowned Jain temple, the Khindsi Lake and the Waterfall at Totladoh lie in close proximity to the place. Best time to visit: Plan a trip in the month of November when the town conducts the fortnight-long Kalidasa Festival that witnesses performances by music, dance and drama maestros. Location: SH 249, Ramtek, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441106, India Timings: 6 AM to 9 PM Entry fee: None

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4. Khekranala: Full Of Nature’s Marvels

Lake at Khekranala

Nestled amidst the greens of the Khapa range, Khekranala beckons a large number of locals and tourists to enjoy nature’s marvels. Though the place is a much sought after trekking destination, it further derives its fame from the turquoise lake it possesses. Set a base camp here for trekking or simply soak in the magical blend of blue and green of the reservoir. If you’re looking for a picnic spot near nagpur within 100 km , this is the place to be!

Distance from Nagpur: 64 km Key attractions: It offers several water-sporting facilities, and The MTDC guest house is famous for its refreshments. Best time to visit: Pay a visit during monsoon to best enjoy the season’s showers amidst natural splendor. Location: Chhindwara Road Near Khapa, Nagpur India Timings: NA Entry fee: None

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5. Amba Khori: The Magical Waterfall

Waterfall at Amba Khori — a popular picnic spot near Nagpur

One of the most famous tourist places near Nagpur , Amba Khori’s beauty doesn’t fail to capture its audience’s senses. Located close to the Pench River’s bank, this waterfall is known for the peace and serenity it exudes. Visit early morning to enjoy the changing hues of the landscape as the day passes. This is surely one of the best one day picnic spots near Nagpur !

Distance from Nagpur: 80 km Key attractions: The Meghdoot Reservoir here resembles the teary eyes of Kalidas’ epic heroine Shakuntala. Best time to visit: All year around. Location: Located on Pench River’s Bank Timings: 7 AM to 11 AM and 2 PM to 6 PM Entry fee: None

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6. The Pench Tiger Reserve: Glory Of Nagpur

the Royal Bengal Tiger at the The Pench Tiger Reserve

“Glory of Nagpur” – The Pench Tiger Reserve has been immortalized as the home of “Mowgli” and “Bagheera” from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. This abode of the Royal Bengal Tiger which also happens to be a delight for bird lovers, supports diverse wildlife. The forested area is an amazing picnic spot near Nagpur within 200 km that offers its visitors a chance to rekindle their tired spirits with its breathtaking beauty graced with solace.

Distance from Nagpur: 84 km Key attractions: Exclusive jungle safaris arranged twice a day Best time to visit: November to June Location: Sillari Gate, NH44, from Pauni take left, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 441401, India Timings: 6 AM to 11 AM and 3 PM to 6 PM Entry fee: Different gate entry have different charges. For full details click here

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7. Chikhaldhara: The Lush Green Land


Image Source Chikaldhara is one beautiful picnic spot near Nagpur that offers some of the most refreshing and thrilling experiences to travelers. BE it with a family or your partners, this hill station has ample to offer. Giving travelers an opportunity to get closer to mother nature, Chikaldhara is a great place to witness the exotic fauna that covers the floors of the surrounding region of Nagpur.

Distance from Nagpur: 231 Km Key attractions: There are numerous sightseeing places in this hill station including Bhimkund Waterfall, Melghat Tiger Projects, Narnala Fort, and Gwalior Fort . Best time to visit: The best time to pay a visit to Chikaldhara is throughout the year. This destination has a lot to offer in all seasons. Location: Chikhaldara Timings: NA Entry fee: NA

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8. Ambazari Lake: For A Tranquil Time

Ambazari Lake

Image Source Still looking for the best picnic spots near Nagpur ? With serenity and tranquility reeking from every nook of this lake, Ambazari is one pristine picnic spot within 60 km from Nagpur that happens to be a great place for those seeking solitude. Ambazari Lake exhibits some of the most eye-catching and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and that is exactly what pulls travelers to this destination. The Lake is surrounded by the ambazari garden which simply adds to the beauty of this spot.

Distance from Nagpur: 6.8 Km Key attractions: Walking tracks, fountains, amusement rides, and jogging trails makes this lake a great escape. Best time to visit: The best time to visit this Lake is during the winter months from November to February. Location: Located about 58 kilometers to Nagpur in Nawegaon Timings: 6 AM to 8 AM & 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM Entry fee: INR 250 onwards

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9. Navegaon National Park: Get Closer To Diverse Wildlife

Navegaon National Park

Image Source A great picnic spot near Nagpur within 150 km for all the animal lovers out there, Navegaon National Park is a reserve where one can witness a diverse wildlife just sitting and living in their natural habitat. From sloths bears to fishing cat Python, one can spot an extensive variety of animals. To roam around the jungles, one can easily choose to go for a jungle safari and get in the depth of the forest.

Distance from Nagpur: 144 Km Key attractions: In this National Park, you can visit the museum, go bird watching, take a boat ride, and just relax in the garden. Best time to visit: If you wish to catch the migrating ducks then visit anytime between October to June. And if you wish to spot exotic fauna, visit in April. Location: Arjuni Morgaon subdivision of Gondia district in state of Maharashtra Timings: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM Entry fee: Adult (above 18 years) – INR 30 Student (above five years) – INR 15 Adult foreign national (above 18 years) – INR 60 Adult international student (above five years) – INR 30 Free entry for kids below the age of 5

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10. Futala Lake: For A Peaceful Escape

Futala Lake

Image Source Futala Lake is that picnic spot near Nagpur that gives travelers an opportunity to just laze around and hang out with friends or families. A great place to contemplate life, Futala Lake is all about peace and tranquility. As the sun sets, the lake shines under the moonshine, which makes one speechless and awe-inspired. This Lake is a great escape to gather energy and rejuvenate.

Distance from Nagpur: 5.6 Km Key attractions: One can indulge in delicious street food, witness the lit fountains, and enjoy the carriage ride. Best time to visit: The best time to visit the lake is from October to March Location: Ram Nagar 6 Km from Nagpur, Nagpur India Timings: 6 AM to 11 AM & 3 PM to 6 PM Entry fee: INR 280 onwards

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11. Dhapewada: For A Fun Boat Ride


Image Source Home to the famous Vithoba Temple, Dhapewada is another great picnic spot within 60 km from Nagpur . Sitting peacefully on the shores of the refreshing River Chandrabhaga, Dhapewada is in proximity to the Ramtek hill which has proven to be a stunning backdrop. Travelers usually begin with paying their homage to the holy shrines, and then spend some time by the calm waters.

Distance from Nagpur: 21 Km Key attractions: Water sports are the key attractions of Dhapewada. Best time to visit: The best time to pay a visit to Dhapewada is anytime between October and March. Location: Small district of Dhapewada Timings: NA Entry fee: NA

12. Ram Dham: A Cultural Theme Park

tourist spots near nagpur

Image Credit – Simon for Pixabay

Ram Dham is one of the rejuvenating picnic spots near Nagpur . It is a cultural theme park situated on Jabalpur Road. Besides the various activities you can indulge in at the park, the highlight is the Om Statue which attracts a large number of tourists from across the country. There are many tiny temples here that replicates the other famous temples in the country. Not only this, on special occassion Ram Dham conducts competitions, exhibitions and other activities.

Distance from Nagpur: 40 Km Key attractions: Om Statue is the key attractions of Ram Dham Best time to visit: Pay a visit anytime of the year to spend some peaceful time Location: Jabalpur road, Mansar Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM Entry fee: None

13. Lake garden Sakkardara: A Relaxing Escape

tourist spots near nagpur

Image Credit – Adith01 for Pixabay

Lake garden Sakkardara is one of the best picnic spots near Nagpur frequently visited by both locals and the tourists. It is a beautiful garden in Sakkardaraand a perfect place to visit to escape the hustle and bustle of city. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the amazing garden and head out to the lake to enjoy boating.

Distance from Nagpur: 5 Km Key attractions: Boating is the key attractions at Lake garden Sakkardara Best time to visit: Pay a visit anytime of the year to spend some peaceful time Location: Lane Number 4, Near Sakkardara Lake, Somwarpet, Ayodhya nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440024 Timings: 10 AM to 9 PM Entry fee: None

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An exquisite blend of the antique and the nouveau, amidst a diverse flora and fauna — picnic spots near Nagpur is an absolute delight for those looking for a day’s retreat. Be it a day out with friends or with family, the second capital of Maharashtra caters to all with the variety of Lakes, Temples and Wildlife and Sanctuaries it offers. So which one is your pick when planning a trip to Maharashtra ?

Disclaimer: TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own the rights to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing  proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Picnic Spots near Nagpur

What is Nagpur known for?

Nagpur is famous for being home to the largest hollow Buddhist stupa in the world, Deekshabhoomi. As per some surveys it is also believed to be the best city for greenery, public transport and livability in India. There are many interesting picnic spots near Nagpur which are quite famous and which the city is known for.

Why is Nagpur known as the ‘Orange City’?

The city of Nagpur is known as the ‘Orange City’ because oranges are produced here in large quantities. It is also known as the ‘Tiger Capital of India’ because there are many sanctuaries and many of them are tiger reserves around the city. The city is quite famous and extremely beautiful.

What can I buy in Nagpur?

There are in fact many things that you can buy in Nagpur. The city is a paradise for shopaholics and those who love shopping will never want to come back from here. Special nagpur oranges, handicrafts, antique currency, orange products, books, cloth material, dry fruits and jewelry are what you can splurge on and buy in Nagpur. Visit the destination and unleash the shopaholic in you and you won’t regret.

How to reach Nagpur?

Nagpur enjoys great connectivity to all the major cities in India. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International airport is the international serving airport in Nagpur and here is where you can get down at if you plan to visit the city by air. The city is connected to the major cities in India through a great railway network. Nagpur Junction is the railway station you get down at and all the important trains from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai stop here. NH 6 & 7 go through Nagpur and if you wish to go to the city by road then you can follow the same.

Is Nagpur located on the Equator?

Nagpur is located 1462 mi or 2352 Kilometers north of the Equator and is in the northern hemisphere. So, technically Nagpur is not located on the equator.

How did Nagpur get its name?

Nagpur gets its name from the river Nag. This famous city is founded by Kind of Devgad and is extremely beautiful. Nag river flows through the city and hence the city was named Nagpur.

Which are the most popular one-day picnic spots near Nagpur?

Some of the most popular one-day spots near Nagpur are Futala Lake, Ambazari Lake, Waki Woods and Ramtek.

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tourist spots near nagpur

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tourist spots near nagpur

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places to visit in nagpur

Popular Places to Visit In and Around Nagpur

Nagpur is a fantastic tourist destination filled with equal parts of magic of culture and beauty of nature. Here you will find not only a seat of commerce but also a seat of religion in the form of Deekshabhumi for Buddhists, Jama Masjid for Muslims and Adasa Ganpati temple for Hindus. Apart from the attractions in the city, there are also plenty of places to visit around Nagpur . Let us explore a few of them through this list.

Places to Visit In and Around Nagpur

  • Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Ambazari Lake and Garden
  • Khindsi Lake
  • Raman Science Center
  • Japanese Rose Garden
  • Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden
  • Futala Lake
  • Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple
  • Narrow Gauge Rail Museum
  • Sitabuldi Fort
  • Navegaon National Park
  • Chikaldhara

1. Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary

Image result for umred karhandla wildlife sanctuary

This sanctuary is home to many tigers, gaurs, wild dogs, flying squirrels. This is a favourite destination of many tourists and photographers in Nagpur.

  • Location: Navegaon (58 km from Nagpur)
  • Timing: 6–10:30AM, 2:30–6PM, Tuesday – Closed

2. Ambazari Lake and Garden

Image result for Ambazari Lake and Garden

The lake has derived its name Ambazari because of the mango trees that surround the lake. Because of its serene environment, it is considered as one of the best places to visit in Nagpur for couples. Adjacent to the lake, there is a garden where you will find various flora and fauna.

Location: Ambazari

3. Khindsi Lake

Image result for khindsi lake

Khindsi lake is one of the places to visit in Nagpur where you can even take your family to. You can enjoy a boat ride in the lake or try various rides in its amusement park. There is also a resort beside the lake where you can relax and relish the delicious food.

  • Location: Sitabuldi
  • Entry Fee: 25 per person; Boat Ride Cost; 100 per person Motor Boat; 75 per person 

4. Raman Science Center

Image result for raman science center

Named after the Nobel Prize winner, Mr Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, this the perfect place for both adults as well as kids. One can learn about the various growths of science and technology, and also attend several exhibitions that are carried out in this center. The prime attractions here are prehistoric animal park and sky observation programs, planetarium, and 3D shows.

  • Location: Opposite to Gandhisagar on Subhash Road
  • Timings:   Monday, 11:30 am – 7:00 pm (Mar – Oct)

5. Japanese Rose Garden

Image result for japanese rose garden

The design and layout of this garden is identical to that of Rose garden in Japan. You will not only be able to see a wide variety of roses here but can also find solace in the tranquil environment of the garden.

  • Location: Seminary Hills
  • Entry Fee : No entry fee
  • Timings : 6:00 AM – 7:00 PM

6. Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden

Image result for lata mangeshkar musical garden

This is one of a kind garden where you will find melodious wellsprings, soothing tunes and music performance of the artists. The garden remains open from 5 pm to 10 pm; thus, you can any day visit the place to spend a splendid evening.

  • Location: Opposite to Gandhisagar, Subhash Road, Empress City, Nagpur
  • Timing: 5:30–8am, 4–8:30pm

7. Waki Woods

Image result for waki woods

Located in Vidarbha region, Waki Woods is a preferred destination of adventure lovers. The verdant green hills is a great spot for picnic and camping. You can also find some of the best resorts in Nagpur in Waki Woods.

  • Location: Waki Woods
  • Distance: 30 km

8. Futala Lake

Image result for futala lake

It is an amazing place to visit, especially after dusk. The main attraction in this lake is the coloured fountains. There is forest in three sides of the lake, making the environment totally peaceful.

  • Location: Chowpati Rd, Juna Futala, Vayusena Nagar
  • Timing: 24 Hours

9. Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple

Image result for dragon palace buddhist temple

Also known as Lotus Temple of Nagpur, this shrine was built with the funds donated by the Ogawa society from Japan. The carved sandalwood idol of Buddha inside and groomed garden outside the shrine make it a worth visiting place in the city.

  • Location: Dadasaheb Kumbhare Parisar, New, Kamptee
  • Timing: 10.00 AM – 4.00 PM

10. Narrow Gauge Rail Museum

Image result for Narrow Gauge Rail Museum

Your kids will undoubtedly like this museum for the models of locomotives, trains, and steam engines available here. In the premises of this museum, there are toy trains, swings and amusement park where kids can have a nice time.

  • Location: Kamptee Road
  • Entry Fee: 25 per person for Adults; 10 per person, Toy Train Cost; 25 per

11. Sitabuldi Fort

Image result for sitabuldi fort

Sitabuldi fort is the site where battle between British East India Company and Mudhoji II Bhonsle took place. There are graves of soldiers martyred during the war, in this fort.

  • Location: Madha Colony, Sitabuldi,
  • Timing: 24 Hours Open – Sunday Closed

12. Khekranala

Image result for khekranala

If you have covered the attractions in the city, you can visit one of the nearby places to visit from Nagpur, Khekranala. It is a much sought after place of every nature lover. You can plan a delightful picnic, trekking or even camping in this place. The serene environment in Khekranala will help you to keep all your stress away. If you want some activities here, you can opt for the various water-sports available.

Distance from Nagpur: 64 km

13. Amba Khori

Image result for amba khori

It is one of the places to visit near Nagpur within 100 km, where you can witness the magical waterfall and beauty of nature. You must visit the destination early in the morning to see the hues of the landscape that change as the day passes.

Distance from Nagpur: 80 km

14. Navegaon National Park

Image result for navegaon national park

You will certainly love this place if you are an animal lover. It is one of the places to visit near Nagpur within 200 km, where you can reach with a few hours’ drive. You can go for jungle safari to reach the depth of the forest and spot a wide variety of animals like tigers, panthers, small India civet, sloths bears and fishing cat Python, etc.

Distance from Nagpur: 144 km

15. Chikaldhara

Image result for Chikhaldara

You can get closer to Mother Nature by visiting this hill station near Nagpur that is enveloped in greenery. You can also take a tour of the major attractions here which include Gwalior Fort, Narnala Fort, Bhimkund Waterfall, and Melghat Tiger Projects.

Distance from Nagpur: 231 Km

As clearly visible from the list above, you will have a tough time covering the many tourist attractions that are in and around Nagpur, especially if you are short on time. One option that may interest you would be to take a car rental in Nagpur by Revv. This way you can enjoy the feel of having a car in the city without driving your own car there from a far.  

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tourist spots near nagpur

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