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Tips for Navigating New York as a Tourist

Whether you’re looking for a Broadway show, discovering the Statue of Liberty or wandering the shops in Greenwich Village, navigating New York City takes practice. Check out these top tips to look like a local while you’re navigating New York as a tourist.

Start With Your Own Two Feet

Much of New York City is perfect for wandering on foot. Whether you’re a veteran walker or simply trying to save a few bucks for shopping in Chelsea, a map of New York makes travel a breeze. Download a detailed street map for each area of Manhattan from online, and carry your location right on your phone. Check out subway transit maps, New York parks maps and maps for biking the city to capture those incredible views. Guides are also available on lots of websites that offer overviews of each New York borough along with “must-see” places that you’ll want to add to your agenda. Remember that numbered streets always run east and west in NYC, while the numbered avenues run north and south. Walking maps make it easy to explore a single area of the city without spending tons of money on bus passes, taxis or the subway.

Stick to the Subway for Following Fun Itineraries

The New York subway is a wonderful way to explore the streets without spending a fortune. A map of metro New York is located in each subway station, making it simple to set up trips to your favorite locations. Unlimited Metro Cards are available for prices that vary from about $30 to just over $120 depending on the duration of the trip. Tourists may also purchase “pay-per-ride” cards or single ride cards that must be used within a specific time limit on either a subway car or bus within the city. The subways run throughout the day and night, cover hundreds of miles, offer tons of destination stops and haul over a billion travelers each year.

Grab the Bus to Your Favorite Location

Metro Cards are perfect purchases for anyone with a Google map and time to kill in New York. The New York City public transit system is pretty easy to maneuver by bus with stops that include all of the best tourist locations. Take a bus to the ferry stop for the Statue of Liberty tour, and explore Central Park from the M10, M20 or any of tons of other buses heading in that direction. Buses are often one of the least expensive ways to travel New York, but keep in mind that buses run on a schedule that might not fit your travel time.

Grab a Cab, Uber or a Car Service

Cabs and Uber services are available throughout New York. Catch a map of Manhattan New York and wave down a cab, and you’re on your way. Although cabs and Ubers are extremely convenient, they’re also tough to get during the holidays or during shift changes. This means that struggling to find a ride is a real issue in NYC during some parts of the day. Book a car service for convenient travel at your own pace.

Take a Tour Like a Tourist

New York City is so filled with incredible sights to see and things to do, that skipping an actual tour might mean missing a favorite location. Grab a horse-drawn carriage near Central Park to explore the history of the city. Take a bus tour of the best restaurants, bike to the shops or take a guided pub-crawl with tons of places to sample delicious brews. Navigating New York as a tourist is a breeze once you’ve chosen your favorite travel style.


tourist map new york

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NYC tourist map, New York map

New York Maps – Tourist Map of NYC, USA

Home | Travel | North America | United States | New York | NYC | New York Maps – Tourist Map of NYC, USA

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Do you need an NYC map ? Whenever I visit a new city, I like to have a tourist map on hand to find everything I’m going to see and not forget anything. I live only an hour and a half from New York City, so I visit it every time I have the chance. I’ve compiled a lot of New York tourist maps that I think will be very useful to you as you’re planning your trip to the “City that Never Sleeps.”

Below is a list of the 12 maps of New York you’ll find in this article. You can print them out or save them on your smartphone so you can check them at any time.

New York tourist map

  • New York interactive map

Manhattan map

Map of the main attractions in New York

Central Park map

New York street map

New York neighborhood map

New York subway map

New York road map

High-resolution map of New York

Map of the United States

Map of New York for downloading

The New York tourist map below will help you to get an initial idea of the main tourist attractions in the city.

New York tourist attractions map

Interactive map of New York

I‘ve created the following interactive map of New York so you can find all the essential places to visit in NYC . You can find museums, the most emblematic skyscrapers in the city, parks – everything!

But if you think I’ve forgotten an interesting tourist spot, leave me a comment and I’ll add it.

At the end of this article, I explain how you can check this map when you’re offline, so you can always take it with you and use it during your trip .

Manhattan is the most popular area of New York among tourists, so it’s essential to have a map to locate the main attractions of New York. The following Manhattan map is also very useful because you can locate the different neighborhoods within the island of Manhattan.

Map of Manhattan, New York, USA

Here is a map of the main attractions in New York . This map is very useful for finding the NY essentials and ideal if you’re going to visit the city for a short time.

Main attractions map of New York

The next one is the Central Park map , one of my favorite places in New York and a place I really recommend you visit, since it’s the green heart of the city. Of course, you’ll need to spend a few hours in it, since it’s not just the largest urban park in New York – it’s also one of the largest in the world. Here you can check all the things to do in Central Park.

Central Park NYC map

Here is a New York street map so you don’t get lost and can locate yourself quickly. As soon as you understand the numbering system of streets and avenues in New York, there is no way you’ll get lost.

High-resolution street map of New York

NYC neighborhood map

Some neighborhoods in the city are very well known and probably sound familiar to you. In any case, the following New York neighborhood map will help you to find them quickly.

Neighborhood map of NYC

Here is a New York subway map , one of the maps I consider essential for moving around a big city like this one. Taking the subway in New York can be a bit difficult in the beginning, but one day in the city is enough to figure out how it works. Besides, here is a guide on the other ways to get around NYC .

New York subway map United States

Below is a New York road map. You may not need it since most tourists come to New York City by plane, and if they take an excursion, such as to Philadelphia or Niagara Falls , they book a tour.

In my case, I always go to New York from Philadelphia by car, so this road map of NYC is very useful to me. You can also use it if you decide to rent a car and visit New York State.

New York City road map

If you’re still afraid of getting lost, here is a high-resolution map of NYC so you can zoom in and find any point. In addition, it’s also a great way to make sure you don’t miss a single detail of this great city.

New York map in high-resolution

The map of the United States below can help you to locate New York within the country.

Map of New York in USA

Finally, here is a map of NYC for downloading . You can check this map even when you’re offline if you follow the subsequent steps. First, install the and Dropbox applications on your smartphone. Both are available for all operating systems and are completely free.

NYC map for downloading

You will have to search “New York” in, download the KML file, and save it to Dropbox. Then, open the KML file from your phone using so that all the tourist attraction spots are saved. By doing this, you’ll have the interactive map of NYC available on your smartphone.

That’s it! With these maps of New York, you have everything you need to start planning your trip and make the most of the “City that Never Sleeps.”

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tourist map new york

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tourist map new york

New York City Map 360°

  • New York City Rail Map
  • NJ Transit Map
  • NYC Path Map
  • Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Map
  • Metro North Railroad (MNR) Map
  • Manhattan Bus Map
  • Brooklyn Bus Map
  • Queens Bus Map
  • Staten Island Bus Map
  • Bronx Bus Map

New York City Attractions Map

Big bus hop on hop off bus map, city sights ny tour map, circle line sightseeing tour map.

  • NYC Boroughs & Districts Map
  • Manhattan Neighborhoods Map
  • Brooklyn Neighborhoods Map
  • Queens Neighborhoods Map
  • Staten Island Neighborhoods Map
  • Bronx Neighborhoods Map
  • New York City Airports Transportation Map
  • John F Kennedy Airport & Terminal Map (JFK)
  • Newark Liberty Airport & Terminal Map (EWR)
  • LaGuardia Airport & Terminal Map (LGA)
  • New York City Bike Route
  • Citi Bike Stations Map

New York City Map 360°

New York City Tourist Map

You can find on this page the map of New York City monuments, the map of New York City tourist buses and the map of NYC river cruises. New York City is the most visited city in United States with 11.5 million tourists per year. Thanks to its numerous monuments, museums, sightseeings, landmarks and attractions, New York City was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

New York's five boroughs each have their own particularities and charm. The main tourist sites are located in the borough of Manhattan. You will find Central Parc, Times Square, the business district of the Financial District, the Empire State building and a magnificent view of the Statue of Liberty. Discover NYC's most emblematic museums such as the MOMA, the MET and the Guggenheim Museum. Then board a yellow taxi to discover Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx which offer very different landscapes and interesting visits. All our maps of the monuments are free of charge to help you plan your trip.

Tourist map of New York City attractions, sightseeing, museums, sites, sights, monuments and landmarks

Nyc sightseeing map

In New York City you can visit:

  • museums: Guggenheim Museum, Ellis Island Immigration Museum, American Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
  • monuments: Statue of Liberty
  • neighborhoods: Soho, Chinatown, Little Italy
  • squares: Times Square
  • different attractions: Central Park, National September 11 Memorial, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center

The city is divided into 5 famous neighborhoods: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island. Each area of New York City offers must-see sights and secret corners.

  • Manhattan concentrates the main tourist curiosities: Uper East Side, Wall Street, Chinatown, Central Park, Soho as many emblematic districts which make Manhattan an exciting district which attracts millions of tourists.
  • The Bronx is separated from Manhattan by the Harlem River. This borough, now more secure, attracts more and more people. You will discover the South Bronx (the real Little Italy) and the Yankee Stadium.
  • Brooklyn is the most populated district and qualified as an artists' district. Multi-cultural, Brooklyn offers a contemporary and trendy atmosphere. 
  • Queens attracts the trendy young generation. Queens is rich in atypical places, parks and architecture.
  • Staten Island is the nature district, with multiple sports activities. It is the ideal district to recharge your batteries and take a break.

Map of New York City hop on hop off bus tour with Big Bus

Nyc hop on hop off

The Big Bus of New York City is an original way of visiting NYC and discover its monuments, museums, attractions while getting on and off at your disposal. This concept of hop on hop off bus or open-top double-decker buses offers a network of 2 tourist tours and routes and 30 stops with commentary in 10 languages.

The Big Bus tour takes you to the heart of Manhattan to discover all the points of interest and monuments of the borough: the Empire State Building,Times Square,Central Park and the Statue of Liberty. Big Bus New York is the only sightseeing bus offering live commentary in English (pre-recorded in 10 languages), Wi-Fi and access to over 25 bus stops throughout the city so you can get on and off whenever you want. The buses are double-decker and open-top. You can see the different routes and all the stops on the map.

Among all the stops, 10 are a must: Times Square, Chinatown, Wall Street, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum, Madison Square Garden, Little Italy and the Statue of Liberty.

Four different tours are offered: 

  • Uptown Loop: the Upper East Side which is home to some of New York's most popular museums such as the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The loop also takes you through Midtown, passing the Grand Central Terminal and the famous Chrysler Building.
  • Downtown Loop: The lower part of Manhattan passes through the Flatiron District, Union Square, Greenwich Village and Times Square.

Map of New York City hop on hop off bus tour with City Sights NY

Cruzeiro nova york

City Sights NY is a second hop on hop off bus company with open roofs to discover the city of NYC via a tour. City Sights NY offers 6 lines, 4 tourist bus lines and 2 river cruise lines. Tours are commented in 9 languages.

The CitySightseeing New York City buses pass by all the must-see sights in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

CitySightseeing NYC buses offer 4 routes:

  • The Downtown tour (2h30): discover the must-see sights of Midtown and Lower Manhattan. The starting point of this tour is Times Square. You will pass by the Empire State Building and Battery Park and explore New York neighborhoods such as SoHo, Little Italy and Chinatown.
  • Uptown Tour (2 hours): The Uptown Loop covers the northern part of Manhattan. This tour also starts at Times Square and goes around Central Park. During this tour, you will discover the American Museum of Natural History, The Apollo Theater in Harlem, the Guggenheim and the Central Park Zoo.
  • The Brooklyn Tour (1h30): The Brooklyn Tour is an in-depth discovery of Brooklyn that includes 8 stops in Brooklyn. This tour will allow you to discover several must-see sites in Brooklyn (Barclays Center, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Brooklyn Public Library...).
  • The Nocturnal tour (2 hours): discover the most beautiful illuminated places of the city. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn.

Map of New York City cruises with Circle Line Sightseeing

Nyc river cruises

The Circle Line Sightseeing of New York City is a regular river hop on hop off shuttle service transporting passengers on the Hudson River and East River to visit New York City.

With Circle Line cruises you will discover the sights of New York while enjoying a cruise. All Circle Line cruises depart from Pier 83, near the Intrepid Museum. Each cruise will allow you to enjoy views of Manhattan's skyline, the One World Observatory, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

There are several Circle Line sightseeing cruises in NYC :

  • The Circle Line Best of NYC Cruise is a 2.5 hour cruise during which you will discover all of Manhattan. This cruise goes around the island of Manhattan. You will see the skyline, Yankee Stadium, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and other sites. You will pass under iconic bridges such as the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge that connect Manhattan to other boroughs in New York.
  • The Circle Line Landmarks Cruise allows you to see only the major sights of NYC. The cruise lasts 1h30: you will pass under the Brooklyn Bridge and you will see emblematic sites such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views of Manhattan's skyline.
  • The Circle Line Harbour Lights Cruise is a 2 hour cruise that allows you to enjoy a view of the skyline at night!
  • The Circle Line Liberty Cruise lasts 1 hour. You will pass in front of the Statue of Liberty and enjoy views of the Manhattan skyline

Map of New York - Interactive Map of New York

Information about the map.

Check out the main monuments, museums, squares, churches and attractions in our map of New York. Click on each icon to see what it is.

To help you find your way once you get to your destination, the map you print out will have numbers on the various icons that correspond to a list with the most interesting tourist attractions. This way, you’ll be able to see where each attraction is.

Icons on the New York interactive map

The map is very easy to use:

  • Check out information about the destination: click on the color indicators.
  • Move across the map: shift your mouse across the map.
  • Zoom in: double click on the left-hand side of the mouse on the map or move the scroll wheel upwards.
  • Zoom out: double click on the right-hand side of the mouse on the map or move the scroll wheel downwards.

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Where to eat.

It is possible to find all different types of restaurants and prices in the Big Apple. Culinary speaking, New York City isn’t expensive and it is perfectly possible to spend little when eating out.

General Information

Plan your trip to New York once you have read about its history, cultural events, top sites, boroughs and neighborhoods. Find out fascinating facts about New york and make the most of your trip. 

tourist map new york

a map of the subway system in new york city

Maps of New York top tourist attractions - Free, printable


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FREE Printable Tourist Map of NYC and Major Attractions

Are you looking for a good New York City Tourist Map? When planning your trip, online maps can be confusing. Scroll in once, and you can only see 3 city blocks, scroll out and you’re looking at all off NYC, New Jersey and Long Island.

I totally get it and is exactly why the NYC Insider Guide has several NYC Tourist Maps that include New York City tourist attractions, New York City neighborhoods and NYC Subway Maps. Download our FREE Maps and Guides, and you will easily be able to plan your tip to NYC.

New York City Tourist Map – Free Download

This is a one page New York City Tourist Map that includes all the major NYC Tourist Attractions. It works best when using our New York City Vacation Planner.

Click to Download the FREE New York City Tourist Map

NYC Insider Print Map and Guide to Manhattan

Nyc insider printable guides.

"The guides are exactly what we were looking for to help us navigate NYC and the highlights of each area. THANK YOU for taking the time to put this together."

"Amazing, Melissa. This is my second copy! Congratulations for this always excellent guide. I have been living in this area for 18 years, but I still leave the guide as a treat when people come to visit me by their bed. So comprehensive!"

Free NYC Insider Mini Guide

Download the New York City Tourist Map in the free NYC Insider Mini Guide , which also includes:

  • A weekly chart of many of the Free NYC Museum Days and Times, along with free weekly neighborhood tours
  • A current list of the major attraction costs (Adult prices only), so you can budget and see which New York City Attractions Pass is right for you, based on your personal itinerary and preferences
  • Central Park Map overview with top areas and sights highlighted
  • NYC Subway map with description of each subway route
  • One sample neighborhood page (18 neighborhoods in the Full Guide)

Detailed Map of Manhattan NY

A good, detailed map of Manhattan online can be a challenge to find. So the NYC Insider Guide created one that includes NYC Manhattan Street Maps and Manhattan neighborhood maps. The Printable Guide to New York City tells you the best things to do, see, eat and stay in every Manhattan Neighborhood.

Detailed Map of Manhattan

The NYC Insider print guide starts with a detailed map of Manhattan along with all the Manhattan Neighborhoods and the top attractions in each Manhattan neighborhood.

Manhattan Neighborhood Map

The Insider Guide also includes a Manhattan Neighborhood map with details like how many street blocks are in a mile, how the New York City avenues and streets run, and a NYC Subway map to coordinate with each neighborhood.

The guide includes a detailed map of Manhattan by neighborhood, including Meatpacking District, West Village, SoHo, Tribeca/Battery Park City, Financial District/ Wall Street, Chinatown, Little Italy and more.

Map of Midtown Manhattan

Each Manhattan Neighborhood Map includes the streets, subways, things to do, restaurant guides and shopping.

This is a sample detailed Map of Midtown Manhattan West. The NYC Insider Guide includes over 15 Manhattan neighborhood maps. The guide also includes a detailed map of Midtown Manhattan East.

NYC Manhattan Street Map

Each NYC Manhattan Street Map is color-coded and can print on one page, so you don’t need to carry a heavy NYC guide with you on vacation.

You can fold and write on the NYC Manhattan Street Maps. Best of all, if your group is splitting up for a day, everyone can have a copy of a detailed map of Manhattan.

Street Map Manhattan

After the street map of Manhattan, the guide includes over 10 sample itineraries, along with a Manhattan neighborhood map.

With our street map of Manhattan, you’ll always know where the best pizza in each Manhattan neighborhood is or the best Kid’s Activities to do or see by following our detailed map of Manhattan.

NYC Maps, Subway, Streets, Apps, Directions

  • NYC Printable Map Book
  • NYC Subway Map Guide
  • Maps of Manhattan NYC
  • Manhattan Neighborhood Maps
  • New York City Street Map
  • NYC Tourist Maps
  • NYC Boroughs
  • Map of Manhattan NY

NYC Insider Guide


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  • NYC Broadway Week
  • NYC Restaurant Week
  • Valentines Day in New York City
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day NYC
  • July 4th NYC
  • US Tennis Open
  • Labor Day NYC
  • Rockettes Christmas Spectacular
  • Thanksgiving Day & Parade
  • Thanksgiving Parade Hotel
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Christmas in New York City
  • New Years Eve
  • Ball Drop New Years Eve NYC Hotels

NYC Things to Do

  • Things to Do in NYC
  • Sample Vacations

Welcome to the NYC Insider Guide . Please enjoy our Insider tips, free maps, where to spend and save your money, secret ways of getting discounts and most importantly, what to book NOW so you don’t miss out! - All the Best, Melissa


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New York City Manhattan Printable Tourist Map

Download a printable tourist map of New York's Manhattan top sights and attractions.

Download & print the map

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  • Print the map

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tourist map new york

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  • Rome Printable Map
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Free printable tourist map of NYC's Manhattan sights and attractions

Take our free printable map of New York City on your trip and find your way to the top sights and attractions. We've designed this NYC tourist map to be easy to print out. It includes 26 places to visit in Manhattan, clearly labelled A to Z. Starting with the Statue of Liberty up to to the renowned museums in Central Park, NY. With this printable tourist map you won't miss any of the must-see New York attractions.

Make the most of your trip to New York City with the help of Tripomatic. Locate the best things to do and see in Manhattan on a map. Select the ones you like the most and create your own printable NYC tourist map.

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Visiting New York for the first time can be a life changing experience. It’s a good idea to do a bit of research in advance - familiarize yourself with your local transit routes, nearby attractions and sightseeing bus stops so that the beginning of each day of discovery won’t start with a panic to find where to begin.

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New York Tourist Map

A free printable map of New York City, to find your way to over 100 attractions.

Sightseeing Pass leaflet

That gives you all the subway know how you need to get around the city.

NYC subway map

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    tourist map new york

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    tourist map new york


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    Interactive map of New York · Estatua de la Libertad · Central Park · Times Square · Empire State Building · Rockefeller Center · Puente de Brooklyn · Museo

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    Nyc sightseeing map · museums: Guggenheim Museum, Ellis Island Immigration Museum, American Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) · monuments:

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    ... tourist attractions. This way, you'll be able to see where each attraction is. Icons on the New York interactive map. The map is very easy to use: Check out

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    Mar 22, 2012 - Get the free printable map of New York Printable Tourist Map or create your own tourist map. See the best attraction in New York Printable

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    Mar 28, 2015 - Free, printable, downloadable New York travel maps. Maps showing what to do, where to go, things to do, places to see

  10. New York City Tourist Map

    A good, detailed map of Manhattan online can be a challenge to find. So the NYC Insider Guide created one that includes NYC Manhattan Street Maps and Manhattan

  11. New York City Manhattan Printable Tourist Map

    Get the free printable New York City tourist map. All the best NYC and Manhattan tourist sights and attractions on a single printable map. Download now.

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