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Ruins Of The Zvartnos Temple In Yerevan, Armenia

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"Armenia is one of Europe's most underrated destinations, with some of the region's most spectacular nature, captivating history and friendly locals - but get there now before the secret's out"

Travel Director

Visit Ararat Brandy factory and try Armenian cognac

Immerse yourself in Armenian culture and sample the finest Armenian brandy at the Ararat Brandy Factory. Founded in 1877 during the reign of the Russian Empire, the Ararat Brandy Factory is now the primary Armenian brandy production company in Yerevan, and it’s one of the top Armenia tourist attractions.

Experience famous Armenian hospitality with the locals

The highlight of any Armenia travel experience is the welcoming embrace of the locals, which can be summed up with this Armenian proverb: “Guest in a house - three days he’s a guest; on the fourth, he’s a younger brother,” Wherever you go, you’ll find smiling Armenians who will be happy to share stories about their country with you.

Explore the charming streets of Yerevan

Yerevan is the exuberant capital of Armenia, humming with historical and cultural treasures. Take to the streets with our Local Specialists on your Armenia tour to discover historic monuments, ornate gardens and Kond, the 17th-century old quarter where Persian, Muslim, and Ottoman houses line the tiny alleyways.

Climb the steps of Yerevan Cascade for the best view

Set at the heart of Yerevan, the Yerevan Cascade is a monumental staircase, with terraces decorated with beautiful statues and flowers. Climbing the staircase for the panoramic view is one of the best things to do in Yerevan. Once you reach the top, you can take in the breathtaking sights of Mount Ararat and the city below.

Stroll through Vernissage Flea Market

One of the best open air markets in Europe, Vernissage Flea Market is a great place to find a memorable souvenir and get a taste of life in Yerevan. The laneways have almost anything you could imagine, including handmade jewellery, woven rugs, ceramics, paintings, woodwork, clothes and vintage pieces.

Our top 5 things to do in Armenia

We’ll show you the most incredible things to do in Armenia, from climbing the Yerevan Cascade, to sampling fine Armenian brandy and meeting the kind-hearted locals.

History Museum

Located in Yerevan, the History Museum of Armenia is home to 400,000 artefacts, with highlights including an ancient collection of Armenian coins, a large collection of Bronze items from the 3rd to 2nd millennium BC, and a cuneiform inscription from 782 BC about the founding of the city of Erebuni.

Parajanov Museum

Created as a tribute to Sergei Parajanov, a Soviet Armenian director and artist, the Parajanov Museum is a celebration of his artistic and literary legacy. There are around 1,400 exhibits over two floors, with unpublished screenplays, drawings, artworks, original posters and signed letters and gifts by famous visitors including Vladimir Putin.


Officially known as the Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, the Matenadaran is the largest archive of Armenian manuscripts in the world. Named after Mesrop Mashtots, the founder of the Armenian alphabet, the museum is an incredible showcase of Armenian and international written cultures.

Best museums in Armenia

When you tour Armenia with Trafalgar, we’ll show you the country’s ancient history and culture through their incredible museums.

Armenian khorovats (pork barbecue)

Traditional Armenian khorovat is made from chunks of meat, including beef, pork, lamb or chicken, grilled on a skewer. Khorovats are a much-loved part of any Armenian gathering, from family picnics to wedding celebrations, and grilling is a passionate part of Armenian culture.

A celebratory meat stew made with lamb or beef, khashlama is a favorite traditional dish of Armenia and the Caucasus region. The Armenian version is typically mixed with tomatoes, potatoes, capsicums, onions and herbs and spices for a warm, hearty dish.

A popular national dish of Armenia, dolma is made of minced pork or beef (or a mixture of both), or vegetables wrapped in fresh grape leaves or steamed cabbage leaves. There are also some special ingredients such as mint, parsley and oregano to make a variety of this dish that is unique to Armenia.

Best food in Armenia

Sampling delicious Armenian food is one of the best parts of any Armenia trip, and our Local Specialists will show you the best places to taste the country’s best-loved dishes.

What to pack for Armenia

People packing for a tour

The Armenian dram is the official currency of Armenia, so stock up on some dram before your Armenia tour.

Armenian phrasebook

The Armenian alphabet and language is unlike any other in the world. Learning a few Armenian phrases will earn some smiles of appreciation from the friendly Armenians.

The Armenian climate swings between sub-zero temperatures in winter and 104°F in summer, so pack some layers to be ready for all conditions.

Adaptor plug

In Armenia, standard voltage is 230 V and the power plugs and sockets are of type C and F, with typical European two-pin plugs.

Comfortable shoes

From walking the magical streets of Yerevan, to climbing the massive staircase of the Yerevan Cascade, you’ll need a sturdy pair of walking shoes in Armenia.

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The Hidden Track

Dreaming about a captivating destination with hidden wonders? You've hit the spot!

Natural splendor, ancient history, modern adventure, delectable wine and food - all easily within reach!

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Museums & Galleries


Churches & Monasteries


Pre-Christian Heritage

126- Haghpat-min

UNESCO Heritage

Opera House in Yerevan with no one around it-min

Armenian Architecture

Top Destinations

Don't miss these must-see hotspots.

Museums_Cafesjian Center for Arts_S-min

The Capital City of Yerevan


Top Instagrammable Spots


Top Churches & Monasteries

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Top Natural Sites




Top Fortresses


Top Archaeological Sites

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Top 10 Attractions

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Top Museums & Galleries


Top Villages

Wings of Tatev (2)

Breathtaking Sights

The wings of tatev is the world's longest reversible aerial tramway, measuring 5,752 meters (18,871 feet) in length, and takes passengers up to the historic tatev monastery over the ancient village of tatev and the stunning canyon below..


Historic Center Of Winemaking

The armenian plateau and lower caucasus regions are historically known as the birthplace of winemaking. armenia is also home to the oldest discovered winery, the areni-1 cave, dating back 6,100 years..


Unique Alphabet

The armenian language has its very own unique alphabet with a total of 39 letters. one of the oldest writing scripts in the world, it was codified by armenian linguist and monk mesrop mashtots in 405 ad..

161459101_1154013041697648_7628664065339742584_n (1)-min

Ancient Footwear

If fashion is your thing, you’ll be delighted to learn that the oldest leather shoe was discovered in armenia 5,500 years ago and is currently on exhibit at the armenian history museum. but don’t worry - contemporary handcrafted armenian leather shoes are also widely available in yerevan, making them the ideal souvenir or keepsake..

shutterstock_763566706 (1)-min

Older Than Rome

Yerevan, armenia's capital city, is one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities. it is over 2,800 years old–older than rome–and was formerly known as erebuni, with the ancient fortress within the city limits..


Pillar Of Christianity

Home to many church fathers, patron saints of europe, and celebrated theologians, armenia is the first nation to accept christianity as its state religion when king tiridates iii converted the entire nation in 301 ad., interesting facts, a few awesome facts about the hidden track.

14 - transcaucasian trail-min

The Transcaucasian Trail: Paving a Way Through Nature's Wonders and Mysteries

Imagine this: A 3,000 km long, world class hiking trail, making its way through the magnificent wilderness.


Hey There! Let’s Go to Sevan!

Sunday morning comes along each week and it’s time to explore and experience something new. This time our car wheels headed to the north-eastern part of Armenia, Lake Sevan.

Explore Armenia through the interactive map

Find the coolest 'off-the-beaten-track' spots to plan your best holiday your way.

Upcoming Events and Festivals


Voices from Our Collective Past

The History Museum of Armenia together with the Tufenkian Artisan Carpets opened the temporary exhibition "Voices from Our Collective Past" at the History Museum of Armenia.

#Culture and lifestyle

Sun, Sep 03 - Tue, Sep 03

History Museum of Armenia, Yerevan


Fourth International Print Biennale

Around 400 prints by prominent artists engaged in printmaking from all over the world will be showcased, creating a unique platform for dialogue on contemporary fine art printmaking in the region.

Fri, Sep 08 - Wed, Nov 08

Aznavour Centre, Yerevan


MetaExpo – Food, Drinks, Tourism

B2B platform in the Metaverse for Armenian tourism, food, beverage and related sectors service providers and international companies that are interested in Armenian production and Armenia.

Wed, Nov 22 - Thu, Nov 23


Science and Business Days 2023

Join us at Science and Business Days 2023 - where we want to Invent, Invest, and Inspire together!

Fri, Dec 01 - Sat, Dec 02

The Gabriel Sundukyan State Academic Theatre, Yerevan

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Getting Around Armenia

Travel Tips

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Armenia Tours & Vacations

Sunset at Yerevan City, view with majestic Ararat mountain, Armenia

Few countries so regularly elicit the response of “Where’s that?” as Armenia.

Couched in between such obscure neighbors as   Iran ,   Georgia ,   Azerbaijan   and several self-declared (and rarely recognized) republics, this little country is hardly positioned as a convenient summer holiday. Yet for many, herein lies its appeal. A country of hauntingly beautiful natural scenery, prevailing political stability, strong ties to the past and exceedingly warm local hospitality, holidaying in this Caucasus jewel makes for an experience enormously rewarded. 

Our Armenia trips

Let's create an exclusive trip for your group.

Armenia at a glance

Capital city.

Yerevan (population 1.2 million)

2.9 million

(GMT+04:00) Yerevan



Type C (European 2-pin) Type F (German 2-pin, side clip earth)

Learn more about Armenia

History and government.

Located at the crossroads of  Europe , western Asia and the Middle East, Armenia has endured a past that’s proven nothing if not eventful. Alternately divided and conquered by the Romans, Persians, Arabs, Mongols, Ottoman Turks and Russians over the centuries, Armenians have had to work hard at retaining a national identity – the offshoot of which is an avid patriotism that permeates every dimension of national life. The country became the world’s first Christian country back in 301 AD, had developed its own alphabet barely 100 years later and suffered the 20th century’s first genocide (in which it is estimated up to one and a quarter million of its population were killed).

Following a short-lived taste of independence from 1918-1922, the country submitted to Soviet rule under the Bolsheviks. A brief period of stability ended when Stalin started widespread purges of the populace and the persecution of the church. After Stalin’s death, Krushchev brought an era under which the country flourished technologically and economically. But these reforms weren’t enough to placate the Armenian population, who were among the first to let their dissatisfaction be known with the advent of glasnost. Following some demonstrations and violent clashes in 1991, the country became the first non-Baltic republic to declare independence and secede from the Soviet Union.

Today, Armenia is a stable country with a democratically elected leadership and economy that’s on the up. Some tensions still exist with Azerbaijan and massive emigration over the decades has resulted in a diaspora that outnumbers the country’s populace but, considering the history, Armenia has emerged from, the country’s future is looking comparatively bright.

Best time to visit Armenia

With almost half of the country at over 650 feet (2,000 meters) elevation, a dry, high-altitude climate typifies much of Armenia. May and June or September and October are generally considered the best times to go on a trip to Armenia, as the weather is warm but mild and the flowers are in bloom.

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Armenia travel faqs, do i need a covid-19 vaccine to join an intrepid trip.

Trips from 1 January 2023 onwards

From 1 January 2023, Intrepid will no longer require travelers to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (excluding all Polar trips and select adventure cruises).

However, we continue to strongly recommend that all Intrepid travelers and leaders get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

Specific proof of testing or vaccination may still be required by your destination or airline. Please ensure you check travel and entry requirements carefully.

Do I need a visa to travel to Armenia?


Most nationalities require a visa to enter Armenia. We recommend obtaining an e-visa in advance using the following link:

Fill in the requested information and submit to receive a link to the application form emailed to you. Please use the address of your finishing point hotel for the Contact Information in Armenia. You will need to upload a scanned passport sized photo and a passport copy to complete your application. In the case that the website is down, it may be possible to obtain a visa on arrival at the land border. Please contact us if you are having difficulty accessing the website.

Is tipping customary in Armenia?

Tipping is becoming increasingly common in Armenia, particularly at restaurants and cafés, with rounding up the bill or adding 10% the general rule. Some restaurants have started adding service fees, though this won’t necessarily be going to your waiter. Tipping for other services is not customary, save for taxi drivers where rounding up the fare is common.

What is the internet access like in Armenia?

There’s no shortage of internet cafés in Yerevan (some 24-hours) and other larger cities outside of the capital.

Can I use my mobile phone while in Armenia?

Internet coverage throughout Armenia is reliable and extensive. Cheap, convenient and easy to come by, temporary pre-paid SIM cards are a good option. Vivacell and Orange both have booths offering free SIM-cards at the airport and offer better English services than their competitors.

What are the toilets like in Armenia?

Western-style sitting toilets are the standard in Armenia, although on occasion one may still encounter squat-style toilets in rural areas.

What will it cost for a...?

Coffee in a café = 700 Dram 0.5 litre bottle of beer from a supermarket = 380 Dram Meal in a fast food restaurant = 1,800 Dram Restaurant meal in the CBD = 3,000 Dram

Can I drink the water in Armenia?

Armenia’s tap water is generally considered safe to drink. For the overly cautious, bottled water can be readily procured, though we recommend water purification tablets or asking your leader where filtered water can be found to cut down on unnecessary landfill.

Are credit cards widely accepted in Armenia?

Credit cards are accepted in Yerevan and other major cities, though it’s best not to rely too heavily on them. Visa is the more commonly accepted of the major credit cards brands.

What is ATM access like in Armenia?

ATMs are common in Yerevan and other major cities, less so in small towns. Visa cards (with the Visa Electron) are the best bet, and some local ATMs are also connected to the Plus and Maestro systems.

What public holidays celebrated in Armenia?

  • 1 Jan New Year's Day
  • 2 Jan New Year Holiday
  • 3 Jan New Year Holiday
  • 4 Jan New Year Holiday
  • 5 Jan Armenian Christmas Eve
  • 6 Jan Armenian Christmas Eve
  • 7 Jan Christmas Holiday
  • 28 Jan National Army Day
  • 8 Mar International Women's Day
  • 24 Apr Armenian Remembrance Day
  • 1 May Labour Day
  • 9 May Victory and Peace Day
  • 28 May 1st Republic Day
  • 5 Jul Constitution Day
  • 21 Sep Independence Day
  • 31 Dec New Year's Eve

For a current list of public holidays in Armenia go to:

Do I need to purchase travel insurance before traveling?

Absolutely. All passengers traveling with Intrepid are required to purchase travel insurance before the start of their trip. Your travel insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day of the trip. Due to the varying nature, availability and cost of health care around the world, travel insurance is very much an essential and necessary part of every journey.

For more information on insurance, please go to: Travel Insurance

How do I stay safe and healthy while traveling?

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The World Health Organisation also provides useful health information.

Does my trip support The Intrepid Foundation?

Yes, all Intrepid trips support the Intrepid Foundation. In fact, we make a donation on behalf of every traveler. Trips to this country directly support our global Intrepid Foundation partner, Eden Reforestation Projects. 

Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects are helping to mitigate climate change by restoring forests worldwide; they also hire locally and create job opportunities within vulnerable communities. Donations from our trips support restoration across planting sites in 10 countries around the globe.

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Armenia Tours and Trips 2023/2024

A landlocked country nestled in the mountainous region between Asia and Europe , Armenia offers spectacular views that attract visitors from around the world for some top-notch trekking tours. Nature lovers flock to the stunning Lake Sevan, with its gorgeous beaches and clear waters, while culture, history and heritage fans often head to the ancient city of Vagharshapat.

  • Armenia Travel Guide

18 Trips in Armenia with 57 Reviews

The Best Of Georgia And Armenia Tour

  • Starts Yerevan, Armenia
  • Ends Tbilisi, Georgia

The Best of Georgia and Armenia

  • Best price guaranteed
  • No booking fees
  • Tour Type Small Group Tour
  • Activities Walking tours & Cultural, religious and historic sites Walking tours , Cultural, religious and historic sites , Mountains & Wine tasting tours 'data-more-tripid='17247'>+2 more
  • Accommodation Hotel, Guest House, Resort & Hut
  • Transport Bus
  • Age Range 16-95 yrs
  • Operated in English
  • Apr 27 10+ seats left
  • Apr 30 10+ seats left
  • View More Jan 1, 2019 Jan 2, 2019 Jan 3, 2019

Best Of Georgia & Armenia Tour

Best of Georgia & Armenia

  • Activities Cultural, religious and historic sites & Wine tasting tours
  • Accommodation Hotel
  • Age Range 12-95 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 1,749
  • Special Deal (10%): - US$ 175
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,574
  • May 11 Only 9 seats left
  • May 25 10+ seats left

Georgia Real Food Adventure Tour

Georgia Real Food Adventure

  • Activities Food tours & Adventure
  • Accommodation Hotel & Guest House
  • Transport Bus & Private Vehicle
  • Age Range 15-99 yrs
  • May 19 Only 9 seats left
  • Jun 16 10+ seats left

Georgia And Armenia Uncovered Tour

  • Starts Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Ends Yerevan, Armenia

Georgia and Armenia Uncovered

  • Tour Type Group Tour
  • Activities City sightseeing
  • Accommodation Hotel & Resort
  • Transport Coach & Private Vehicle
  • Age Range 5-99 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 3,125
  • Special Deal (2%): - US$ 70
  • Total Price from: US$ 3,055
  • Apr 13 Only 6 seats left
  • Apr 27 Only 5 seats left

Khor Virap, Noravank, Birds Cave Group Tour

Khor Virap, Noravank, Birds Cave Group Tour

  • Trip customizable
  • Activities Caves
  • Accommodation No Accommodation
  • Age Range 12-75 yrs
  • Nov 13 10+ seats left
  • Nov 16 10+ seats left

Transcaucasian Trail Hike Armenia

Transcaucasian Trail Hike Armenia

  • Activities Adventure & Trekking and Hiking
  • Accommodation Hotel, Guest House & Resort
  • Transport Private Vehicle
  • Age Range 18-99 yrs
  • May 04 10+ seats left
  • May 22 10+ seats left

The Caucasus Tour

  • Starts Baku, Azerbaijan

The Caucasus

  • Activities Cultural, religious and historic sites
  • Age Range 16-99 yrs
  • May 10 Only 7 seats left
  • Sep 27 Only 8 seats left

Georgia & Armenia Adventure Tour

Georgia & Armenia Adventure

  • Activities City sightseeing & Cultural, religious and historic sites
  • Transport Private Vehicle, Bus & Taxi
  • Apr 22 10+ seats left
  • May 06 10+ seats left

Premium Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia Tour

Premium Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia

  • Activities Luxury & Cultural, religious and historic sites
  • Brochure Price: US$ 5,655
  • Special Deal (5%): - US$ 283
  • Total Price from: US$ 5,372
  • Apr 14 Only 9 seats left
  • Apr 18 Only 8 seats left

Bishkek To Bishkek (16 Days) Tour

  • Starts Chuy Province, Kyrgyzstan
  • Ends Chuy Province, Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek To Bishkek (16 Days)

  • Activities Overland Journeys
  • Accommodation Camping, Home-stay, Hostel, Hotel & Resort
  • Age Range 18-80 yrs
  • Jun 17 10+ seats left
  • Aug 24 10+ seats left

Highlights Of The Caucasus Tour

Highlights of the Caucasus

  • Activities Explorer & Adventure Explorer , Adventure , Mountains & Overland Journeys 'data-more-tripid='28004'>+2 more
  • Age Range 12-90 yrs
  • May 08 10+ seats left
  • Jul 07 10+ seats left

Wings Of Tatev And Wine Tasting Tour

Wings of Tatev and wine tasting

  • Free cancellation
  • Age Range 2-79 yrs
  • Operated in English, Russian

Geghard, Garni With “Lavash” Baking Group Tour

Geghard, Garni with “Lavash” baking Group tour

  • Nov 12 10+ seats left
  • Nov 14 10+ seats left

Yerevan, Echmiadzin, Zvartnots Group Day Tour

Yerevan, Echmiadzin, Zvartnots Group Day Tour

  • Activities Getaways and short breaks
  • Nov 15 10+ seats left
  • Nov 18 10+ seats left

Traveling to Armenia? Chat with a local travel specialist in Armenia who can help organize your trip.


Armenia Tour Reviews

  • KP Rajan And Anita Matthew

Armenia - Tour Highlights and Travel Tips

With a unique blend of modern architecture and ancient ruins and relics, Armenia has a history that is sure to fascinate those who visit this country

As the majestic peak of Mount Ararat looms in the distance, Armenia waits to be discovered all over again. With a unique blend of modern architecture and ancient ruins and relics, Armenia has a history that is sure to fascinate those who take a trip to this beautiful country a part of their future.

Tour Highlights

  • Be sure to explore Yerevan, the capital city, and visit the Matenadaran library, home to ancient manuscripts of both Greek and Armenian antiquity.
  • Take a stroll through Republic Square (formerly Lenin Square) and enjoy the beautiful singing fountains that spray jets of brightly lit water high into the air.
  • Visit the medieval chapel of Katoghike Church that still serves as a house of prayer today.
  • Take the kids for a day of fun at Yerevan Water World; with indoor and outdoor attractions, this is a great option any time of year!
  • Carved out of a mountain, the medieval monastery of Geghard dates back to the 4 th century, and offers 21 st century visitors both spectacular views, and a glimpse into antiquity.

Travel Tips

  • Don’t be overcharged for your transportation; a ride in a taxi should cost between 100-150 Dram per kilometer; if the meter is running faster than that, they may be over-charging you.
  • When on a holiday in Armenia be smart and do not keep all of your documents, cash, or credit cards in the same place. Be sure to secure your valuables, especially when using public transportation, which can be overcrowded at times.
  • Check with your mobile provider to ensure that they offer coverage in Armenia, as not all companies do. Make sure friends and family back home know how to get in touch with you.
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Sunny trails of Armenia.

tour en armenia

Best of Armenia , Things To Do

9 armenia tours that will help you make the most of your trip.

This guide will take you through the best Armenia tours to take when you’re getting to know the fantastic country in the Caucasus.

Below is a short guide of the excursions, tours, and activities we note throughout this post in case you’re looking for a quick answer:

  • Half-day tour to Garni and Geghard from Yerevan (bestseller)
  • Lake Sevan, Selim Pass, Jermuk, Hin Areni Winery, & lunch

Armenia Group Tour to Tatev Cable Car and Areni Winery

  • Khor Virap, Noravank, & Areni Winery Day Trip (one of our top picks!)
  • Full-day tour to Armenia from Tbilisi, Georgia

Private Tour: Lake Sevan, Dilijan, Goshavank and Haghartsin

  • Khor Virap, Etchmiadzin, and Zvartnots tour from Yerevan

Best Armenia Tours

Armenia is a small country with high mountains, stunning nature, and amazing historical and natural sites throughout it.

Despite the small size of the country, it’s pretty challenging to travel in it sometimes because of the mountainous terrain.

And being on mountainous roads is almost inevitable when you’re heading to see the sights Armenia has to offer.

But the best thing about traveling in Armenia is that you can plan a day trip or take a day tour from Yerevan and discover three or more sights and be back to the capital after 14-15 hours.

If you are in Armenia for the first time and don’t know much about destinations you are planning to visit and don’t have an itinerary planned , then one of the best options is to take one of these Armenia tours from Yerevan that are very affordable and for every type of traveler.

Best tours of Armenia

This guide will talk about the best one day tours from Yerevan, ranging from Garni and beyond.  And, it will describe each destination separately and why we think that travelers must visit them. It will also discuss the benefits of taking these day tours.

Do You Need Travel Insurance for Armenia?

Yes, we recommend you book travel insurance for your Armenia trip and tour.  While safety is pretty reliable here, you never know what kind of pickle you may end up in!

We recommend  using SafetyWing  as they specialize in widespread coverage at affordable rates. It is who we use when traveling!

>>  Click here to get your Armenia travel insurance quote

Our Top Picks For Tours of Armenia

There are many worthwhile tours in Armenia that you should consider taking when visiting the country.  We have listed our top picks that will help you see Armenia with ease and with no worries.

All of the mentioned tours depart from Yerevan and make for fantastic day trips, covering some of the best sights and scenery in Armenia.

From Yerevan: 4.5-Hour Garni-Geghard Tour

Duration: 5 hours Prices start from $37  Group tour ⇒  Book it Here

One of the most popular places to visit in Armenia is the amazing Garni Temple and the unique Geghard Monastery. This tour is the perfect option to discover these wonderful sights and learn their history while you are admiring nature and the place where it is located.

Garni is the best-preserved Pagan temple in the region and is located on the edge of the beautiful and breathtaking gorge that was used as an ancient royal summer house.

Best Armenia tours: Garni and Geghard Monastery

Geghard Monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Armenia and a very interesting place to visit because of its unique architectural heritage.

You will be picked up from your hotel and a knowledgeable guide will tell you the stories of each place when you visit it.

On the way, you will stop to see Charent’s Arch, an interesting construction where you can see one of the most beautiful views of Ararat mountain and the valley.

Lake Sevan, Selim Pass, Jermuk, Hin Areni Winery, & Lunch

Duration: 12 hours Prices start from $34  Group tour ⇒  Book it Here

Sevan is the blue jewel of Armenia and the biggest lake in the Caucasus. It is very high above sea level.

Located approximately one hour away from Yerevan, Lake Sevan is one of the beautiful places in Armenia with a peninsula, ancient churches tucked away, and sunny beaches. Lake Sevan is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the hot summer days.

Lake Sevan tour from Yerevan

Selim Pass is one of Armenia’s caravanserais built in the 14th-century that was part of the Great Silk Road that connected Europe to the Orient.

The stunning construction is adorned with beautiful ornaments and animal sculptures where many caravans were stopping as a resting point to sleep and continue their traveling.

On the way to Jermuk, one of the most popular mineral water spa towns in Armenia, you will stop to see Hin Areni winery. It is an old winery that produces some of Armenia’s best and most notable wine.

Duration: 14 hours Prices start from $54  Group tour ⇒  Book it Here

On this tour from Yerevan, you have a great opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful monasteries in Armenia, located on the edge of a gorge high in the mountains.

To get to the 10th-century Tatev Monastery , you will take the world’s longest reversible aerial tramway (6km) and experience a trip to the monastery crossing over the Halidzor Gorge. The scenery will blow your mind.

A Complete Travel Guide to Tatev Monastery (Tips & More!)

But this tour has other benefits such as visiting the Areni wine region of Armenia where wine was made 6100 years ago in caves.

You’ll also have a chance to see the 18 meters high Shaki Waterfall where you can photograph and enjoy its views.

In addition to all of the aforementioned sights, you will have a chance to walk around ‘Armenian Stonehenge’, dating back 2500 years.  It is known as Zorats Karer (Karahunj) and it is considered to be known as an ancient observatory but it is still not fully discovered.

You’ll have a chance to try local wine and eat traditional Armenian food on this tour.

From Yerevan: Khor Virap, Noravank, & Areni Winery Day Trip

Duration: 9 hours Prices start from $33  Group tour ⇒  Book it Here

This tour will take you to one of the most prolific places in Armenia, Khor Virap Monastery. It is located very close to Ararat mountain and has mind-blowing and memorable views.

Khor Virap actually means ‘deep dungeon’ and is one of the largest symbols of Armenia as the first Christian nation in the world and you just have to see it before you leave the country.

Your next stop and adventure will be to discover a Bronze Age cave called Areni-1 where archaeologists discovered the world’s oldest winery (6100 years old) and the oldest leather shoe.

Things to know before you come to Armenia

Next is the 13th-century Noravank Monastery that is surrounded by unusual red-colored rocks and mountains. It is another jewel of Armenia and a worthwhile stop where you will see one of the best examples of medieval Armenian architecture.

Tbilisi: Full-Day Armenia Tour

Duration: 11 hours Prices start from $55  Group tour ⇒  Book it Here

This tour is giving you a unique opportunity to discover two countries at once in a comfortable and well-organized manner.

During the tour, you will experience delicious Armenian cuisine and see UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in deep and remote places surrounded by lush green forest and colorful mountains.

28 Incredible & Worthwhile Things to Do in Vanadzor

In less than two hours from Tbilisi , you will end up in the beautiful mountains of Armenia where there are 13th-century bridges, churches, fortresses, and other historical constructions.

Duration: 9 hours Prices start from $88  Private tour ⇒  Book it Here

This tour is providing a great opportunity to discover one of the most sacred places in Armenia privately and without being in a large group.

During your private tour from Yerevan, you will discover remarkable places and amazing spots in Armenia like high altitude Lake Sevan and the 9th-century Sevanavank Monastery. You’ll then see the green lungs of Armenia, Dilijan, and further visit masterpiece churches Goshavank and Haghartsin.

Dilijan National Park: Best day trips from Yerevan, Armenia (Yerevan day trips guide)

But, that’s not all because your private adventure continues in the North of Armenia where the ancient monuments are aplenty and located in hidden spots surrounded by beautiful nature.

From Yerevan: Khor Virap, Etchmiadzin, and Zvartnots Tour

Duration: 6 hours Prices start from $61  Private tour ⇒  Book it Here

Yet another great Armenian tour to discover Khor Virap Monastery but this tour additionally gives its guests the opportunity to visit other sites in Armenia.

After the Khor Virap Monastery visit, you will head to the holy city of Etchmiadzin where some of the oldest churches in the world exist, dating back to the 4th-century.

Etchmiadzin, Armenia - Best day trips from Yerevan, Armenia (Yerevan day trips guide)

After Etchmiadzin, you will enter the facility of ancient ruins of the 7th-century Zvartnots Cathedral that is located in a dramatic location in an open field. If you’re lucky, you will get to witness an incredible view of Mt. Ararat from there!

If you want to escape from the loud cities and reconnect with nature, then you definitely need to take one of the cool tours provided by our good friends, Tripsters .

Tripsters are organizing tours to the hidden and secret locations of Armenia and showing you the most beautiful hiking paths and adventurous activities in the country.

They have a wide selection of tours and hikes that will make your adventure in Armenia unforgettable, leaving you with memories for life.

Yerevan Free Walking Tour

By taking the Yerevan Free walking tour , you will have a great opportunity to discover Armenia’s capital city for free and with an expert guide.

The interesting and knowledgeable tour will take place in the heart of Yerevan where the experienced, local guide will show you Yerevan from a different angle, helping you learn about the city and its neighborhoods.

Best Armenia tours

What to Pack for Your Tour From Yerevan

Armenia experiences hot summers and fairly cold winters, so pack accordingly based on the season! We do recommend bringing a few of the items below regardless of the season (but, of course, sunscreen is more useful in the shoulder seasons and summer).

If you have additional questions on what to bring to Armenia, please feel free to ask!

During the high season, Armenia can be a very hot destination; with temperatures reaching 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) regularly.

So, make sure you have your sunscreen with you because there are many sites that are sitting under the open skies such as Khor Virap or Tatev Monastery where you need some protection from the scorching sun.

Power bank 

The item that every traveler needs is a good power bank . We definitely recommend taking one with you so you can be in reach and have the ability to take photos with your devices.

Some tours might take an entire day and you may not have a place to charge your phone throughout the day, making a power bank essential!

Walking shoes

All tours that you will take have comfortable transportation, but during the exploration of different sites, you will need some good walking shoes.

Armenia is a very rocky country, especially outside of Yerevan. These Yerevan day tours will likely involve a lot of walking around when you’re at the sights and we can not recommend wearing good and comfortable shoes enough!

Water bottle 

Armenia has great quality mountain water and for the most part, the water is free and comes from water fountains known as a Pulpulak .

In the hot season, take your water bottle with you so you can fill up it from the many water fountains throughout the country and can stay hydrated.

Geghard Monastery Complete Travel Guide from Yerevan (Garni included)-5

Where to Stay in Yerevan

We recommend staying in the center of Yerevan when you travel here.  The tours mentioned all depart from the city center of Yerevan and you won’t want to be too far away!  Here are our recommended hostels, hotels, and guesthouses in the city:

The Alexander (Splurge):  The Alexander is for those who want to be pampered and experience luxury on their trip to Armenia.  It is located right near Northern Avenue and Republic Square and is a very convenient spot for taking a tour of Armenia.

>> Click here to check rates and availability for The Alexander

Daniel Boutique Hotel (Mid-range):  Daniel Boutique Hotel is an affordable, mid-range hotel that offers modern stylings paired with fantastic Armenian hospitality.  The hotel is located in the heart of Yerevan and is a fantastic choice for travelers.

>> Click here to check rates and availability for Daniel Boutique Hotel

Grand Hostel Yerevan (Budget):  Grand Hostel is located right on the edge of the city center and is a short walk to Republic Square and other main sights in Yerevan.  This family-owned hostel has spacious rooms and is impeccably clean.  They have privates and dorms and all are priced affordably.

>> Click here to check rates and availability for Grand Hostel Yerevan

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns before booking your tour of Armenia. If you’re a tour company looking to promote your tours, please get in touch so we can head on one ourselves!


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During this tour you can enjoy the diversity of Armenian nature, feel the real Armenian hospitality and try different dishes of Armenian cuisine. You will get acquainted with Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. Will see the only monument from pre-Christian period as well as one of the most beautiful monastic complexes, partially carved out of the rocks. Will admire the emerald waters of the lake Sevan, where you will enjoy one of the most delicious and well-known crayfishes of Sevan as well as the trout. Will visit the monastery of Khor Virap, situated in the foothills of the mount Ararat, known from the times of the king Trdat the Third and Grigor the Illuminator, when the Christianity was just flourishing in Armenia.  And of course, we will go for a ride on the longest aerial tramway in the world, which leads to the one of the mysterious and most beautiful monasteries of Armenia, Tatev. You will take with you indelible impressions: red rocks are unique, they appear on the way to Noravank. And certainly, try homemade wines in Areni village.

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We assure you, you will remember this trip for the rest of your life. Many of us have dreamed about this since childhood. For decades we have been looking at this magical mountain and waiting for the moment when we can touch it. And now we are giving you a unique opportunity to be on top of the legendary Mount Ararat. Climb to where Noah moored his ark many millennia ago. Climbing Ararat is an opportunity to plunge into the history of the emergence of mankind. This is one of those places on Earth where you should visit at least once in your life. Our experienced guides will help you realize your dream.

Tour dates:

01-07 august 2022 г.

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We invite you to the photo tour “Spring Armenia”. In spring, when the fields are covered with flower carpets and trees bloom, and there is still snow in the mountains, traveling through Armenia becomes even more colorful. And We invite you not only to see this beauty, but also to capture it on your cameras. Mount Ararat with poppy fields, Mount Aragats knee-deep in snow. Spring Tatev and the Garni Gorge, the most beautiful Shake waterfalls and much more await you in this magical photo tour.

Tour date: 14.05.2022 – 22.05.2022

tour en armenia

During this 7-day trip to Armenia, you will get acquainted with the capital of Armenia – Yerevan, visit various regions of the republic, where you will see the only surviving pre-Christian monument, a beautiful temple carved into the rock, admire the emerald lake Sevan, where you will taste delicious and famous all over the world Sevan crayfish and the equally famous Sevan trout. Walk along the resort sunny Dilijan, visit the monastery of Khor Virap located at the foot of Mount Ararat, famous for the fact that it was here that Christianity was born in Armenia. Of course, we can’t help but take you on the world’s longest cable car to one of the most beautiful and mysterious monasteries. You will take with you unforgettable impressions from the red rocks towering over the Noravank monastery and the homemade wines of the Areni village. In addition, you will find many interesting surprises and unusual sights.

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Tours to Armenia are becoming more and more popular every day due to a pleasant combination, affordability and the ability to fully plan a quality vacation without spending too much time.

And the most amazing journeys in our lives are those in which we were able to experience not only the beauty of nature and architecture, but also feel the spirit and atmosphere of the country we have long wanted to visit.

For “Travel-Armenia” Armenia is a home where every corner is known and loved. We will do everything to make your holiday in Armenia unforgettable: we will provide comfort and delicious food, organize a rich program and take photos as a keepsake. Excursions in Armenia are a whole range of events that create an indescribable atmosphere that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Here you will find a large selection of tours to Armenia for every taste and budget. We will select a group tour for you on the dates you are interested in and organize the most interesting individual tour at your request.

For lovers of architectural monuments, we organize the most interesting sightseeing tours in Armenia. With outdoor enthusiasts, we will go on a hike through the most beautiful corners of Armenia, organize horseback riding tours, as well as jeep tours along mountain roads. We are waiting for gourmets in our gastronomic and wine tours.

Traveling to Armenia is not just a walk and sightseeing, but also participation in the preparation of Armenian cuisine, familiarization with the life and traditions of the Armenian people. We will reveal to you all the secrets of this ancient state.

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Armenia, a country having the oldest history and richest culture, is a well of wisdom which is yet to unriddle its secrets.

Tours to Armenia will lift the veil of secrecy for some of those secrets and will let you dip into the history of most ancient civilizations. Recreation in Armenia is a plentifulness of sun, smiles, sincere hospitality and fascinating communication.

Here You are genuinely welcome. Here You will feel like home and once left, will want to repeatedly return to feel the warmth of the mountains' sun and enjoy the beauty of nature and architecture.

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Budget Tour in Armenia №3

During this tour, we’ll visit several already disclosed places that are considered to be tourist attractions.

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New year in Armenia

Find the New Year magic in Armenia.

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1 tour 2 countries

Armenia and Georgia are one of the oldest countries in the world and once you appear in one country, don't miss the other.

tour en armenia

Budget Tour in Armenia №2

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Budget Tour in Armenia №1

tour en armenia

6-Day Tour Dedicated To The Assumption of The Mother of God, Based on The History of Her Life

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Rising Vayots Sar Mountain

tour en armenia

Gastronomic Tour in Armenia

tour en armenia

Tour To The Places Visited by The Apostles St. Thaddeus And St. Bartholomew

tour en armenia

Daily Tour To Alaverdi

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Daily Tour To Tavush Province

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Daily Tour To Ddmashen and Sevan

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Hiking Harsnasar

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Religious Tour in Armenia

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1-Day Tour to Al lake and Sandukhtasar


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Home » Travel Guides » Armenia » 15 Best Places to Visit in Armenia

15 Best Places to Visit in Armenia

Armenia is becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction, with the small but charming nation boasting a rich history.

Armenia, which was the first country to declare Christianity as its national religion, boasts some of Europe’s most stunning views, with the peak of Mount Ararat dominating the country’s skyline. The mountain is Armenia’s national symbol despite its peak lying just over the Turkish border and Ararat is considered holy by locals due to its mention in The Bible – it is where Noah’s Ark landed.

Armenia is home to countless beautiful monasteries and they are often found in areas of truly outstanding natural beauty. Armenia’s capital, Yerevan, is one of the most rapidly developing cities in the whole of Europe as the nation continues to embrace tourism. Let’s have a look at the best places to visit in Armenia !


By far the largest city in Armenia, the capital Yerevan is a great place to start for anyone wishing to explore Armenia. The city is home to the grand Republic Square, while climbing the Cascade to see the city’s monument to Soviet victory in the Second World War is a must.

Yerevan is a deeply historic city and visiting the Armenian Genocide Memorial is a must to learn more about the nation’s troubled past. Vernissage market is worth visiting too – it is open at the weekend – while a walk through the Hrazdan gorge is also highly recommended.

Much of what Armenia has to offer can be explored during day trips from Yerevan, which is known as the City of Cafes.

Yerevan is also home to Blue Mosque, which is the only mosque in the whole of the country, as well as Levon’s Amazing Underground World, which is one of Europe’s most unusual attractions.

2. Shikahogh State Reserve

Shikahogh State Reserve

The second largest forest reserve in Armenia, Shikahogh State Reserve is so unspoiled that large parts of it remains unexplored to this day.

The forest is believed to be home to animals including leopards, bears, wild goats and vipers and it is also thought that Shikahogh State Reserve has about 1,100 species of plants, although its fauna has not yet been fully explored. The reserve was threatened by a planned highway in 2005, but environments successfully lobbied for the forest’s future to be protected.

The reserve also has a number of very beautiful waterfalls to enjoy.

3. Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan, found in the heart of Armenia, is the country’s largest lake and a beautiful place to visit during a break in the country. The lake is surrounded by some stunning monasteries – the most impressive of them being arguably the Sevanavank Monastery – providing a glorious scenic backdrop to a relaxing trip.

Windsurfing is among the recreation activities available at the lake, which also has a wide choice of excellent seafood restaurants along its shore.

Lake Sevan has a number of popular beaches and, as the country has no coastline, this is the best place in Armenia to sunbathe, with Sevan Bay and its surrounding mountains providing spectacular scenery.

4. Dilijan National Park

Dilijan National Park

Armenia has four national parks and Dilijan national park may be the most beautiful of the lovely quartet. The park, which was only established in 2002, is famous for its medicinal mineral water springs, as well as its natural monuments.

Many of Armenia’s more important cultural locations can be found within the grounds of the park, such as Haghartsin Monastery, Goshavank Monastery  and Jukhtak Vank, as well as Matosavank Monastery and the Akhnabat church.

The Aghestev and Getik river basins are also both within the boundaries of Dilijan national park.

5. Mount Aragats

Mount Aragats

Mount Aragats is one of Armenia’s most stunning natural sights, with the dormant volcano located in the north of the country. It is Armenia’s highest peak and there is a lot of rock art to be enjoyed around its base, with paintings of animals and human-like figures dating back hundreds of years.

Snow covers the peak almost all year-round but Mount Aragats can be climbed, with July, August and September the best times of the year to attempt the hike.

The southernmost of the four peaks is the easiest to climb, while the northern peak, at around 4,000 metres, is the most challenging.

6. Lake Arpi

Lake Arpi

While Lake Sevan can be extremely crowded during the peak tourist season, Lake Arpi has a much more relaxed feel.

Used for irrigation and hydropower production, Lake Arpi is also the source of the Akhurian River. In 2009 a new park was established around the lake to protect the natural environment, with around 100 species of birds known to live in the area. Lake Arpi also hosts rich flora and fauna and is a Ramsar Convention protected site.

Lake Arpi has one the largest colonies of Armenian Gull and its recreation activities include camping and walking tours.

7. Noravank


Monasteries are one of Armenia’s defining characteristics and the example at Noravank is one of the most beautiful in the whole country. Sheer brick-red cliffs shield the monastery, which was built in the 13th century.

Noravank is famous for its Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) church, while the story goes that the monastery was saved by God himself when Armenia was conquered by the Mongols hundreds of years ago.

If you only choose to go to one monastery during a trip to Armenia, Noravank would be an extremely good selection – thousands of people visit every year.


The second largest city in Armenia, Gyumri is well worth a visit for anyone heading to the country for the first time. Perhaps the best place from which to enjoy the sights of Gyumri is from the Black Fortress on the hill that overlooks the city, while the massive Mother Armenia statue can also be found nearby.

Many of the most important cultural institutions of Armenia are in Gyumri, such as the Dzitoghtsyan Museum of Social Life and National Architecture of Gyumri, as well as the Aslamazyan Sisters House-Museum and the Sergey Merkurov House-Museum.

The Kumayri Historic District is Gyumri’s oldest area, with a thousand ancient buildings found here.

9. Vanadzor


Armenia’s third major city is Vanadzor, which is located in the north of the country. Vanadzor is an ideal base from which to explore the beautiful Lori region, which is certainly one of the best places to visit in Armenia.

The Vanadzor Botanical Garden is one of the finest tourist attractions in the city, while visitors should also consider checking out the Vanadzor fine art museum. The many mineral springs of the Lori region mean there are a wide range of terrific spas to enjoy in and around Vanadzor.

Although Vanadzor is primarily an industrial city, it also houses many theatres, such as the Bohem Chamber Theatre of Vanadzor and the Vanadzor Puppet Theatre.

10. Amberd Fortress

Amberd Fortress

Dating back to the seventh century, Amberd Fortress is one of the most stunning places to visit in Armenia. Formerly among the Armenian Kingdom’s primary military-defensive points, the fortress can be reached in about an hour from the capital city Yerevan.

However, snowfall can make the fortress inaccessible during the winter months, with the weather usually improving by late May. The view from the top of the fortress is truly breathtaking, while the building itself is also stunning.

Amberd Fortress is a short trip from the village of Byurakan, home of the Byurakan Observatory.

11. Tsaghkadzor


Armenia’s mountainous scenery makes it ideal for winter sports and the country’s best ski resort can be found at Tsaghkadzor in the heart of the country. Ski lifts are paid for by the ride and are among the most affordable in Europe.

Tsaghkadzor boasts some of the finest hotels in the country, while the resort also has one of the nation’s biggest entertainment centers in the form of the Senator Royale casino complex.

Tsaghkadzor also has the Kecharis Monastery, which is one of Armenia’s most important religious complexes, dating back to the start of the 11th century.

12. Upper Azat Valley

Upper Azat Valley

The Upper Azat Valley is one of Armenia’s World Heritage Sites, partly due to the incredible Geghard Monastery for which the region is most famous. The main chapel was built 800 years ago but the history of the monastery goes all the way back to the fourth century, when it was founded by Gregory the Illuminator.

According to legend, the Geghard Monastery once housed one of the spears that was used to crucify Jesus Christ, brought to Armenia by Apostle Thaddeus, and as such it is one of Armenia’s most important religious sites.

The Upper Azat Valley is also home to the St Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) chapel, which is partially carved out of the rock.

13. Karahunj Observatory

Karahunj Observatory

Often referred to internationally as Armenia’s version of Britain’s Stonehenge, Karahunj is one of the most fascinating places to visit during a break in Armenia.

Located close to the city of Sisian in the Syunik province, Karahunj is made up of well over 200 massive stone tombs, while the main area sees 40 stones standing in a circular formation, supposedly built in honour of the Armenian main God, Ari, named after the Sun.

A small museum in Sisian is dedicated to findings that have been made at Karahunj, which is claimed to be the oldest observatory of its kind in the world.

14. Khor Virap

Khor Virap

Views of Mount Ararat can be enjoyed from all over Armenia, but perhaps the best scenery of the mountain can be found from the Khor Virap monastery, which is definitely also worth visiting in its own right.

This location is one of the most important historic sites in Armenia’s history as it was where Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned for 14 years before he cured King Trdat III of his disease. The King then converted to Christianity, paving the way for Armenia’s religious future.

As such, Khor Virap is a popular spot for Armenian weddings today, while the underground chamber in which Gregory the Illuminator was held can be visited during a trip to Khor Virap, which is among Armenia’s most visited pilgrimage sites as a result.


Our final selection for the best places to visit in Armenia is Dvin, one of the country’s oldest cities – in fact, it was the capital of Armenia in medieval times. A sixth century BC fortress was also once situated in Dvin, according to Unesco, while incredible artefacts are regularly found in this part of Armenia.

More modern sights can also be enjoyed in the city, such as the St. Harutyun Church in Dvin, which was built in 2000.

Dvin once housed the Cathedral of St. Grigor, but all that remains of the building today is the stone foundations that have been uncovered by archeologists.

15 Best Places to Visit in Armenia:

  • Shikahogh State Reserve
  • Dilijan National Park
  • Mount Aragats
  • Amberd Fortress
  • Tsaghkadzor
  • Upper Azat Valley
  • Karahunj Observatory

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Uncover new and exciting adventures in Armenia by taking part in our small group tours. Go sightseeing at your own pace surrounded by travellers like you. Provided by top tour operators & travel companies, our small group tours in Armenia will offer you the perfect balance between spending time on your own and group activities. View all small group tours .

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tour en armenia


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19. Cocora Valley, Salento and Coffee Farm Day Tour

tour en armenia

20. Santa Rosa De Cabal Hot Springs

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21. Tour Salento, Cócora + Horseback Riding from Pereira or Armenia

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22. Coffee tour in the heart of the coffee region

tour en armenia

23. Private Tour to Salento and Cocora Valley from Pereira or Armenia

tour en armenia

24. Coffee Farm and Santa Rosa Hot Springs Tour from Pereira or Armenia

tour en armenia

25. Half-Day Private Coffee Tour in Salento from Armenia

tour en armenia

26. Salento, Cócora + Santa Rita Waterfall from Pereira or Armenia

tour en armenia

27. Full Day Tour of Cocora Valley, Salento, and Coffee Farm Tour (from Armenia)

tour en armenia

28. Cooking Stories - Cocinando Historias

tour en armenia

29. Santa Rita Waterfall and Salento Hike Tour

tour en armenia

30. Coffee Farm and Salento Walking Tour with Lunch

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    Armenia Tours & Trips Find the right tour for you through Armenia. We've got 112 adventures going to Armenia, starting from just 3 days in length, and the longest tour is 14 days. The most popular month to go is May, which has the largest number of tour departures. 112 Armenia tour packages with 25 reviews In-depth Cultural Family +5

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    Armenia | Official Travel Website | Armenia - The Hidden Track Natural splendor, ancient history, modern adventure, delectable wine and food - all easily within reach! ART & CULTURE CULINARY SCENE NATURE & ADVENTURE LEISURE & MORE Museums & Galleries Churches & Monasteries Pre-Christian Heritage UNESCO Heritage Armenian Architecture

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    Armenia Tours & Vacations Few countries so regularly elicit the response of "Where's that?" as Armenia. Couched in between such obscure neighbors as Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan and several self-declared (and rarely recognized) republics, this little country is hardly positioned as a convenient summer holiday. Yet for many, herein lies its appeal.

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    3. From Yerevan: Lake Sevan and Dilijan Full-Day Tour Spend a day enjoying the stunning natural scenery and ancient monasteries of north-western Armenia. Check out a volcanic lake surrounded by mountains, admire the majestic lake-front Sevanavank Monastery, and see how nature blends with the architecture of the Haghartsin Monastery.

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    Best price guaranteed. 12 day explorer tour to Tbilisi, Telavi and 8 other destinations traveling through Georgia and Armenia. Read More. Tour Type Small Group Tour. Activities Explorer & Adventure +2 more. Accommodation Hotel. Age Range 12-90 yrs. Operated in English. days12 From US$ 3,445 View Tour.

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    A: The best Day Trips in Armenia according to Viator travelers are: Garni, Geghard And Azat Canyon. Group Tour: Khor Virap, Noravank, Hin Areni wine tour & tasting, Birds-Cave. Group Tour: Lake Sevan (Sevanavank), Dilijan (Goshavank, Haghartsin) Sevan, Dilijan, Haghartsin, Lake Parz, Goshavank.

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    Private Armenia Tours. Find the right private tour for you in Armenia. There are 40 trips to choose from, that range from 3 days in length, up to 10 days. The month with the most departures is November, making it the most popular time to visit Armenia.

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    Discover the secrets of traditional Armenian cuisine on our gastro tour - culinary master classes, wine, cognac and fruit vodka tastings, sightseeing tours, museum visits and participation in the national show program. 01 Oct - 07 Oct | All dates. 8 Reviews. from 630 eur. Wine tour in Armenia - Cradle of winemaking.

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    Duration: 5 hours Prices start from $37 Group tour ⇒ Book it Here One of the most popular places to visit in Armenia is the amazing Garni Temple and the unique Geghard Monastery. This tour is the perfect option to discover these wonderful sights and learn their history while you are admiring nature and the place where it is located.

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    Full day Tour - 1 Day De tour to Armenia from Tbilisi with Homemade Lunch. 48. Lunch. from . $85.00. per adult. Yerevan Private Walking Food Tour. 12. Food & Drink. from . $100.00. per adult (price varies by group size) Small-Group Half-Day Tour in the Soviet Yerevan. 5. Historical Tours. from . $45.00.

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    Tour a termales de santa rosa desde Pereira, Armenia o Salento. 3. ¿Preparados para el tour más chévere del Eje Cafetero con la mejor empresa, Transporte y Turismo del Eje ¡Bienvenidos al paseo que te hará vibrar en termales de santa rosa de cabal! Esto no es solo un simple tour, ¡es una experiencia que te va a volar la cabeza!

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    Tour date: 14.05.2022 - 22.05.2022 Details » Our tours to Armenia Classic tours Hiking and trekking tours Horseback riding tours Phototours Active tours Tours for 1-2 days Special tours Corporate tours and MICE Tours to Artsakh Tours to Western Armenia Individual tours Family and healthy recreation

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    Garni, Geghard Y Azat Canyon. 250. Explore la historia de Armenia con facilidad en este tour grupal. Viaja cómodamente en un vehículo con conductor fuera de Ereván. Visite el Templo de Garni, el Monasterio Geghard y el Cañón Azat, y aprenda sobre la historia de cada lugar con su guía. Deténgase en un mirador para ver el monte Ararat a lo ...

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    5 tours.5_days. Armenia and Georgia are one of the oldest countries in the world and once you appear in one country, don't miss the other. tours.view_details From 530 tour.USD.

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    Yerevan is also home to Blue Mosque, which is the only mosque in the whole of the country, as well as Levon's Amazing Underground World, which is one of Europe's most unusual attractions. 2. Shikahogh State Reserve. Source: Vahagn Photography / shutterstock. Shikahogh State Reserve.

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    Tours, hiking and climbing in Armenia, Western Armenia, Cilicia, Hamshen, etc.

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    En Tours en Armenia ofrecemos viajes para los inquietos, aventureros y todos los que buscan experiencias auténticas. Naturaleza Ciudad Historia Gastronomía Elige tu aventura Te gustan las montañas. Amas probar nueva comida. Te vuelve loco el extreme. O tal vez sumergirte en la historia. Prefieres disfrutar con calma. O combinarlo todo.

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