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Arctic Wildlife Tours

Svalbard polar bears expedition onboard ms malmö, intimate expeditions by ship focusing on sightings of svalbard polar bears and arctic wildlife around svalbard., june 04 - 14 2022.

  • Svalbard June Expedition 2022 onboard MS Malmö #1 »


Svalbard polar bears expeditions is something we like to offer now and then. We always see polar bears in some situation, not up close on every trip, because that depends on the individual polar bears we encounter. Some individuals are curious and can come close to our ship when we sail through the ice.

Our expeditions and Svalbard polar bears tours is the ultimate in polar exploration. Svalbard is to the Norwegian owned company Arctic Wildlife Tours a well known back yard. This is a land where the guides and travel leaders need to know how to handle the constantly changing weather, drifting ice conditions and wildlife on its move 24 hours a day. Every day is different and every year is different, the High Arctic nature is in a ever lasting changing mode.

Join this exclusive small ship charter and navigating through the Svalbard wilderness and icy waters in the High Arctic. We get to see the Svalbard polar bears on the trip, that is 99% sure. We do focus on photographic opportunities but our expeditions are well suited for anyone interested in wildlife experiences. The guides aboard the small vessel MS Malmö are Norwegian and Swedish, all of them have long experiences hiking and exploring the Norwegian and Svalbard nature. The expedition ship  MS Malmö  is a well suited ship to do expeditions in Svalbard. During our expeditions we are commonly used to find Polar Bears, usually several. We do focus on other wildlife as the Blue Whale, Bearded Seal, Arctic Fox and Walruses. In June the birdlife is at its best. Landscapes and scenery is also an interesting photographic opportunity if you know where to look and what to look for. Please contact us and talk to us about what you can expect and for more information.

If you have questions about this expedition please do not hesitate to send an email on [email protected]

Dates:  June 04 - 14 2022 Duration:  10 nights Embark:  Longyearbyen, June 04 16:00 Disembark : Longyearbyen, June 14 09:00

Double cabin, private facilities,  1  spots available Last minute price NOK 49 500,- pr. pax.

Please ask us for latest information about availability. We provide limited space for single cabin supplement - please ask us!

Ship: MS Malmö

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Practical information

What's included, the svalbard islands are located in the arctic ocean, halfway between norway and the north pole. here, you will find untouched arctic wilderness and unique wildlife in a setting that is both rugged and fragile at the same time..

In addition to a few thousand polar bears, the islands are home to almost 3,000 human inhabitants, over 2,000 of which live in Longyearbyen, the administrative centre and largest settlement of the islands. This small and colourful community has gone from a typical village town to a modern community with different kinds of businesses and industries, and with a surprisingly wide range of cultural activities and opportunities, such as concerts, shows, festivals and exhibitions.

“Svalbard” means “cold coasts” and was first mentioned in Icelandic texts in the 12th century. However, the archipelago has a relatively mild climate compared to other areas at the same latitude. In Longyearbyen, the average temperature ranges from -14°C in winter to 6°C in summer. The lowest temperatures in winter can reach -30°C and in summer nearly 20°C.

The trip will be flexible. Photographic opportunities are the most important issue but for those that only come for experiencing the wildlife and Svalbard nature this is a nice opportunity. During this photo and wildlife expedition we will eat when we have time and photograph when the light is the best, and when we have the good situations.

Svalbard is situated at 78-79 degrees north and you are in the High Arctic when you arrive there. The weather is constantly changing at these latitudes. Please study the information about clothing and travels to Svalbard. During our expedition you can expect to se wildlife as Polar Bears, Walruses, Seals, Whales, Arctic Foxes, Svalbard Reindeer and a variety of bird species that is common in these Arctic regions. Sometimes we do long transport legs of sailing and sometimes we stay in one spot experiencing and photographing the nature and wildlife.

Our safety will have top priority during the entire photo expedition and security will be provided by the Svalbard expedition leaders, guides and the crew. We adhere to all applicable safety regulations, especially with regards to polar bears.

This also pertains to use of the Zodiac boats (inflatable’s) in close proximity to icebergs and glacial edges where there may be elements of risk which are not apparent. The safer we feel, the easier it will be for all participants to concentrate on nature and photographic opportunities. The expeditions and the ships we use have all SAR insurances in case of emergency rescue situations.

We shall not during this wildlife expedition contribute to existing negative impressions of nature photographers and travellers who visit Svalbard.

We will therefore be scheduling longer stops than usual when going ashore in order to provide participants with ample time needed to get excellent pictures without exposing the wildlife to unnecessary stress. Our strategy will be to await situations with wildlife and let the wildlife come to us and not opposite by chasing it. Often this gives us real interesting photographic opportunities and great wildlife experiences in the fragile refuges of the High Arctic Svalbard areas.

We will use 2 Zodiacs when we cruise the Arctic waters of Svalbard searching for wildlife or going ashore for hiking. This will give all photographers great flexibility when taking pictures.

The boats will be used to get closer to photo subjects or having different angels to the subjects we will photograph. Getting closer also means greater wildlife experinces. It is a good idea to bring rubber boots due to certain wet conditions when exploring ashore. We will use life wests whilst in the zodiacs during normal summer expeditions by ships. If needed, extra clothing can be provided by the crew onboard the ship. Zodiac cruises can last from one hour to several hours depending on what we se of interest. Please ask the guides or crew about what clothing you need during the cruises.

Svalbard wildlife is restlessly moving around most of the time. During summer the lighting is good, also during night, because of midnight sun. A wildlife photographic expedition like this gives us some challenges about the photographic techniques.

The ship’s engine and movements in the sea may present problems when photographing polar bears, etc. A monopod, IS (VR) lenses or handheld photography may present a solution. This problem is minimal under lighting conditions that allow a min. 1/1600 sec shutter speed even with a 600mm lens mounted on a tripod. It is advisable to bring a laptop in order to transfer and review pictures as quickly as possible. You can easily surpass 10,000+ exposures during your expedition to Svalbard, so an external hard drive or lots of available space on your computer’s drive is the best way to go. There are 220V outlets in the ship for charging batteries, etc. There may be ocean fog and poor lighting conditions on Svalbard so fast optics are a definite advantage.

Because of sudden interesting wildlife viewings during the Svalbard wildlife expedition we will adapt the meals to this.

Normally times for meals will be: Breakfest 0730-0900 Lunch 1200-1300 Dinner 1930-2030

The time for the meals can be changed according to ongoing activity and interesting wildlife or other happenings in the field.

Guides and travel leaders Accomodation onboard the ship Coffe and tea will be available and for free Zodiac excursions

NB! Only for sail yacht Arctica II All drinks like sodas, wine and beer is also included in the price

Overnight accommodation prior to and after the trip aboard the ship Personal expenses related to mineral water, alcohol and souvenirs aboard the ship Travel insurance and cancellation insurance Airport transfers to/from Svalbard and Longyearbyen Zodas, beer and liquor (except for tours onboard the yacht Arctica II)

Travel Route Svalbard photo expedition

Svalbard is situated at about 80 degrees north, so we schedule the expedition in accordance with prevailing weather and ice conditions. The map on this page shows the estimated route for this expedition. Even if it normally will be some changes in the planned itinerary this route cover the main areas we will plan to visit.

Day 0 We always recommend to arrive Longyearbyen at least one day and night in advance.

Day 1 Departure from Longyearbyen through Isfjorden. Heading south or north, depending of the ice conditions, sailing for the drifting ice.

Day 2-10  Looking for wildlife in the drifting ice. If we sail to the south we will be in the spectacular fjord Hornnsund and if we sail to the north we will be close to Hinlopen strait and maybe the seven islands Depending on the ice conditions and weather we will choose the route for this Svalbard photo expedition. It will be varying from year to year and the ice conditions is the most important consideration we do before deciding where to go.

The route illustrated in the map on this page is just a estimate for where we will sail. It probably will be changed depending on the ice conditions. Every day will be planned according to the ice conditions and the best possibilities for finding wildlife.

Day 11  Leaving the ship after breakfast and prepare the travel home.

Spor Juni 2020

Booking Information

Booking inquiry for svalbard photo expedition.

Registration: You register by sending in the booking forms we send you upon your request. This inquiry is not a binding booking.

After sending us an inquiry we will send you the booking forms by email. Send in the completed reservation/booking after receiving them. We will inform you about deposit payments and payment method as soon as you inquire with us. Payments can be done either by wire transfer or credit card payments. Receiving your booking form and a deposit payment will be a confirmed booking.

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Polar Bear Tour

A number of our Svalbard cruises afford you the possibility of spotting a polar bear. Experience these living emblems of the Arctic for yourself, check out our wide selection of polar bear tours.

Polar Bear Tour

Region: Arctic

Destinations: Svalbard

Where to see polar bears

Seal’s dread, whale’s bane, ever-wandering one – all of these are names for the sometimes terrifying, often elusive, always majestic polar bear .

But where is the best place to see these amazing apex predators?

Svalbard, otherwise known as Spitsbergen, is among the top locations for spotting polar bears. In fact, polar bears are one of the primary reasons thousands of tourists embark on voyages to the Arctic, especially the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

Though nobody can guarantee you will spot a polar bear, there are a number of Svalbard cruises devoted almost exclusively to finding and viewing these magnificent animals.

Polar bear tour basics

Though polar bears can be found all over the circumpolar north, our polar bear tours focus on northern Spitsbergen, the largest island in the Svalbard island group.

But polar bears can be as dangerous as they are beautiful, so expedition guides armed with powerful rifles supervise all landings. Passengers are cautioned never to approach a polar bear, and sometimes landings are canceled if a polar bear is seen close to (or approaching) the landing site.

This is because polar bears are carnivorous hunters and can be aggressive if they feel threatened. Caution is paramount, as is understanding of our limitations. Nature calls the shots in the polar regions, and most polar bear tours only manage one or two sightings.

svalbard polar bear tours

The lure of the polar bear tour

But if polar bear trips cannot ensure a sighting, why do so many people continue to book tickets? The reason, perhaps, lies in the reputation of the creature itself.

For many people, the polar bear is so linked to the Arctic that it functions virtually as a stand-in for the land itself: indomitable, exotic, deadly if not respected. Also, polar bears have fascinated and frightened humans since our earliest days.

The Saami and Laplanders would not dare speak the creature’s name, giving it a number of nicknames to avoid angering it. Inuit called polar bears “wandering ones,” Kets called them “grandfathers,” and their Latin name, Ursus maritimus , translates to “sea bear.”

In other words, polar bears have meant many different things to many different cultures. Not surprising, then, that polar bear tours continue to pack in the passengers.

svalbard polar bear tours

What powers the polar bear

At the end of the day, however, polar bears are animals just like us – albeit at the top of the Arctic food chain. They sleep (around 20 hours a day), they mate (in the spring, like many animals), and they eat (a lot).

Indeed, eating and finding food are among their main occupations. Many pictures taken on polar bear tours capture them in the act of doing just that. If you’re still wondering where to see polar bears, start by following the food.

Polar bears prefer a diet of seals, though they are far from picky: Reindeer , musk oxen , crustaceans, caribou, walruses , birds, bird eggs, whale carcasses, plants, and even other polar bears will do. When they’re fortunate enough to catch a seal, they consume mainly the calorie-rich blubber and skin, leaving the red meat and its abundant protein to their cubs.

svalbard polar bear tours

Polar bear range and ranges

To find enough food, polar bears spend much of their time roaming great distances. Hunting leads them all over the Arctic, though polar bears are thought to have preferred feeding areas called “home ranges.”

Changing conditions in their home range, however, often compel polar bears to travel hundreds of miles in search of better food choices. These journeys can take some time, as polar bears are not fond of keeping up a fast pace.

Though polar bears can be elusive, their wide-ranging hunts explain why they can be found all over the Arctic. Svalbard polar bear tours, however, offer the highest probability of a sighting due to their careful search of key polar bear ranges.

See the polar bear for yourself

Reading about where to see polar bears is one thing, but seeing one in person is another. And seeing a polar bear in the Arctic rather than a zoo is best of all.

A number of our Svalbard trips give you the possibility of spotting a polar bear. To find out more about how you can experience these living emblems of the Arctic for yourself, check out our wide selection of polar bear tours.

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svalbard polar bear tours

Polar bear range in Spitsbergen

Polar bear sightings in Svalbard are most common on the surrounding islands east of Spitsbergen. Bears rarely come close to the towns and settlements, but when you’re out in the wild, keep your camera and binoculars close, as a sighting can happen anytime, anywhere. The animals are frequently spotted on the ice but can also be seen on land, resting.

See the polar bear on our Svalbard cruises

A polar bear cruise in Svalbard will satisfy your wish to see the king of the Arctic in its natural habitat, but will also take you to the remote and rugged landscapes of the polar wilderness, and along the routes of early explorers and settlers. Svalbard is diverse, surprisingly accessible and welcoming to all types of travelers (you’ll find the perfect blend of comfort and adventure aboard the Sea Spirit). Enrich your holidays with an Arctic cruise from Poseidon Expeditions.

Polar Bears: FAQs

What is the food like on a Svalbard polar bear trip?

On the Sea Spirit , we offer international cuisine prepared by our talented chefs at the onboard restaurant. Typically, passengers have two or three dinner choices, as well as vegetarian options. Three meals a day are included in the cruise cost, as well as a 24/7 tea and coffee station.

What will the weather be like on the tour?

A polar bear tour in Svalbard generally rewards travelers with mild, sunny weather. July is the warmest month, with average temperatures of 3 - 7 °C (37.4 - 44.6 °F).

What types of travelers are best suited to the tour?

There are no limitations based on the level of fitness, age, or travel experience when it comes to cruises. Keep in mind that the tour of Svalbard, Norway is more on the active side and would not be advisable for passengers with mobility problems. You also need to be ready to embrace possible itinerary changes rather than expecting the ship to follow a strict route.

Routes North - Scandinavia travel guide

Polar bear spotting in Svalbard, Norway: the ultimate guide

Polar bears live in the countries bordering the Arctic Circle and while more than half the world’s polar bears can be found in Canada, they also inhabit the wilds of Greenland, Russia and the Svalbard archipelago.

These icy islands belong to Norway, but lie almost 900km to the north of the Norwegian mainland.

Svalbard is a great place for polar bear spotting

In winter, historically, Svalbard is nearly surrounded by sea ice that reaches down from the North Pole.

With deep snow on the mountainsides providing excellent protection for pregnant polar bears to build their dens, these desolate islands are a world-renowned denning site.

Additionally, Svalbard’s location on the edge of a continental shelf, with relatively shallow waters that readily freeze, has until now been great for bears as they rely on a platform of ice to hunt off.

The longer the ice lasts each year the better they feed. Unfortunately, due to global heating, the sea ice has been melting earlier and reforming later every decade around the globe since the 1980s.

As a result, polar bears are changing their behaviour and hunting patterns, with a few trying their luck along the shoreline instead.

In recent years, half a dozen bears have been seen around Isfjorden, Svalbard’s main fjord, not far from the capital Longyearbyen – not so long ago, bears were rare there in summer.

How likely am I to see a polar bear in Svalbard?

Around 2,650 polar bears roam the Barents Sea area surrounding Svalbard.

Andreas Umbreit, an expedition leader, says his personal sighting record is 38 bears during a 14-day cruise (his lowest is just three bears in 14 days) with an average of around 15 sightings over two weeks.

Take a tour to Svalbard in Norway to see polar bears in the wild

But there’s a polar bear code – you mustn’t actively chase bears, for instance, to get better pictures.

The Svalbard polar bears’ right to remain undisturbed comes first.

If you go with a local guide, active pursuit isn’t necessary, because they will know the bears’ habits and movements and will take you to places where you can see all kinds of Arctic bird- and wildlife and possibly bears too.

With patience and persistence the chances of seeing a polar bear are reasonably good, and if you go in with the mindset of soaking up the glistening fjords and perhaps seeing walrus, Arctic fox, Svalbard reindeer and whales, along with birds such as puffins, fulmars and petrels as well, you won’t be disappointed.

When is the best time to see polar bears in Svalbard?

In Norway, early summer is the best time for spotting polar bears in the wild.

Mothers bring cubs born in spring out of dens once they’re strong enough to follow her hungry amble over the sea ice in search of food after months of hibernation.

You may, if you’re lucky, also see bears hunting, patiently waiting for seals to surface at a breathing hole in the ice.

The best way to see polar bears in Svalbard is to take a tour

Is polar bear tracking dangerous?

Yes and no. You must go with a guide – you can’t even leave Longyearbyen (pop. 2,100) on your own without a rifle and flare guns to scare off curious bears.

If you don’t possess a firearm licence in your home country, you’ll need to get a licence from the Svalbard Governor’s Office – for details, visit sysselmannen.no .

But cruising the slate-grey waters of the archipelago dotted with ice floes on an organised tour and perhaps spotting bears on pack ice from afar is considered low risk.

You should keep your distance, though, right?

Most definitely. Hungry bears do occasionally scavenge for food around Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost town.

In summer 2020, an unlucky camper was killed by a bear. In response, the campsite is installing electric bear fencing in 2021.

Although these kind of stories hit the news and make scary headlines, only five people have died in this area from a polar bear attack since 1971.

Bears know to avoid humans at Longyearbyen and there are people who have lived there their whole lives who have never even seen a bear.

You are not going to bump into one on your way to the supermarket.

Polar bear attacks are very rare in Svalbard, Norway

Taking a tour to see polar bears

Your best chance of seeing a bear is to take a tour led by local experts.

Our advice is to book early – ship-based tours are sometimes booked up a year in advance – and be flexible. The best tours deliberately don’t run to a specific itinerary so that they can respond to weather, ice conditions and reported wildlife sightings.

Land-based tours tend to be cheaper and are a good option for spotting a variety of wildlife and birdlife, with the small possibility of a bear sighting too.

Here are some options for operators and polar bear spotting tours that run during the summer.

Wilderness camping and cruises

Writer and expedition leader Andreas Umbreit has been organizing specialist polar travel tours since 1987 (he set up Svalbard’s first official tour operator when coal mining was the island’s main economic activity).

Svalbard, Norway is a good denning site for polar bears

Now Terra Polaris runs bespoke general-interest and wildlife tours, including on small expedition cruise vessels or land-based mobile wilderness camps.

The company also runs Svalbard tours on behalf of household-name travel companies.

Glaciers and wildlife

Based in Longyearbyen, the small tour operator Poli Artici is owned and run by Stefano Poli who has lived on Svalbard since the 1990s.

Its tailor-made tours focus on areas rich in wildlife and with spectacular scenery.

Options range from a six-hour speedboat trip to visit the massive blue front of the Wahlenberg Glacier on Isfjord, to a seven- or ten-day voyage on a 62-ft vessel built for polar sailing which heads north in search of sea ice where there’s the highest likelihood of encountering polar bears.

Polar wildlife tours around Svalbard

Magnetic North is an expert in travel to Scandinavia and runs wildlife holidays in search of native species of the far North, including polar bears.

Their Circumvent Svalbard tour explores Svalbard on an ice-strengthened expedition ship with landings by Zodiac on smaller islands where possible.

Take a guided tour to see polar bears in Svalbard, Norway

Polar bear expeditions

Responsible Travel’s wildlife cruises on a small expedition ship include Zodiac missions, expeditions on dry land – with optional Arctic dips thrown in – and the chance to search for native wildlife such as walruses, seals and whales. All the company’s tours exceed the region’s environmental protocols.

Check out their Polar Bear Watching Cruise and Polar Bear Explorer accompanied by an expert naturalist; some trips include specialist-led photography expeditions.

In search of polar bears and pack ice, plus the Lofoten islands

This polar bear trip includes two nights in the Lofoten islands and one night in Tromso before a short flight to Longyearbyen to join M/V Hondius, the first-registered Polar Class 6 vessel in the world, for a seven-night polar cruise with stops at the Seven Islands and the massive Monaco glacier. In previous years, departures have taken place in May and July.

Svalbard adventure

This three-night activity-packed trip includes a snowmobile safari, dog-sledding and visits to Svalbard’s unique global seed vault and its former coal mines.

Wildlife sightings aren’t guaranteed but you may be lucky and see some native animals en route, including reindeer and Arctic foxes.

See also: Visiting Svalbard: the ultimate guide 8 wildlife tours in Norway you just shouldn’t miss 9 amazing islands in Northern Norway

Celia Woolfrey

Visiting Oslo in winter

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svalbard polar bear tours

30 cheap and free things to do in Kristiansand, Norway

svalbard polar bear tours

The 10 best national parks in Sweden 


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Aurora Expeditions™

Home > Expeditions > Svalbard Odyssey

Svalbard Odyssey

Usd $ 14,895.00, from usd $ 13,405.50 /pp save 10%*, cabins & prices, extension tours.

  • Health & Safety

Enjoy the best of Svalbard, a world of near-endless daylight, where polar bear sightings quicken your pulse, guillemot cries echo from towering cliffs, and beluga whales rise from the sea. Explore tundra adorned with wildflowers, keep watch for arctic fox, and discover historical camps of explorers and hunters. Push through pack ice to find walrus and bearded seals, and delight in the breathtakingly beautiful fjords.

• Venture close to 80° north, searching for polar bears on pack ice

• Discover the thrill of seeing walrus, seals, whales, reindeer, arctic fox, guillemots and puffins

• Cruise along blue glacier fronts and through stunning fjords

• Enjoy tundra hikes amid stunningly beautiful scenery

Officially certified proof of vaccination and booster will be required ahead of travel and we will require that it be emailed to Aurora no later than 15 days prior to departure.

Aurora Expeditions does not require passengers to undergo tests for COVID-19 prior to embarkation or during the voyage. We do not conduct routine COVID-19 testing unless required by the relevant authorities. However, passengers who report symptoms of COVID-19 to the medical team during a voyage will be tested.

Keep watch for polar bears on pack ice; A.Bakker

Passengers hiking in Svalbard with impressive views of the wonderful fjords; N.Brock

Zodiac cruising in Svalbard

Curious arctic foxes, Svalbard; K.Povey

Kayaking through the ice

Reindeers grazing in Svalbard

In true expedition style we encourage exploration and adventure, offering flexibility in challenging environments in a way that puts you among the action to see and do as much as possible. This itinerary is only a guide and subject to change due to ice and weather conditions.

Day 1 Arrive in Longyearbyen

Having made your way to Longyearbyen, you will be met by a representative of Aurora Expeditions and transferred to our group hotel. Upon arrival at your included hotel, please visit the Aurora Expeditions hospitality desk to collect your luggage cabin tags and to speak with our ground operations team, who may have information to share with you about pre-embarkation or to provide you with information about where to dine, withdraw cash or purchase last minute items from a local pharmacy or supermarket.  

The remainder of your time is at leisure. All meals today are at your own expense.

Accommodation: Funken Lodge (or similar)

Day 2 Embarkation Day

This morning, please ensure your cabin luggage is fitted with cabin tags clearly labelled with your name and cabin number. Your luggage will be collected from your hotel and transferred directly to the port for clearance and delivered to your cabin ahead of your arrival on board. Please keep any valuables or personal items with you throughout the day. 

This morning, your luggage will be collected from your hotel and transferred directly to the port for sanitisation, clearance and delivered to your cabin ahead of your arrival on board. Please ensure that your cabin luggage is fitted with cabin tags clearly labelled with your name and cabin number. Any valuables or personal items should be kept on you throughout the day. Enjoy breakfast in the hotel before joining your fellow expeditioners on a guided city tour of Longyearbyen. 

On the drive to Camp Barentz, located in Advent Valley, your guide will give you an introduction to Longyearbyen’s fascinating history. Once at Camp Barentz we enjoy a presentation in the large ‘lavvo’ - a traditional building common in northern Norway. You will also have the opportunity to meet the friendly huskies and perhaps pick up some souvenirs. A visit to the Svalbard Museum is included back in town before embarking the vessel in the late afternoon.

After the tour, you will be transferred directly to the pier to embark in the late afternoon. Settle into your cabin before attending important safety briefings and enjoy the thrill of departure as we ‘throw the lines’ and set sail. 

This evening, get to know your fellow expeditioners and our friendly Expedition Team and crew at the Welcome Dinner to celebrate the start of a thrilling adventure.

NOTE:  Sometimes our ship is unable to dock in Longyearbyen port due to space and capacity. In these instances, we reach the ship by Zodiac. Please ensure that you keep your wet-weather gear in your hand luggage to use in the Zodiacs, if the situation arises. Please ensure your cabin luggage tag is completed clearly showing your cabin number and name. Our crew will deliver your luggage directly to your cabin.

Days 3–11 Svalbard

Svalbard offers Arctic wilderness at its best. The members of our experienced Expedition Team, who have made countless journeys to this area, will use their expertise to tailor our day-to-day itinerary, choosing the best options, based on the prevailing weather, sea-ice conditions and the possibility of encounters with wildlife.

Phenomenal fjords, magnificent mountains ranges, and a polar desert rich in fossils, set the stage for heroic tales of early exploration. See walrus hauled-out on sea ice or on beaches. On land, we stretch our legs on walks across tundra carpeted in brightly coloured wildflowers. We visit towering cliffs noisy with nesting guillemots and puffins, and scree slopes that hold Svalbard’s largest little auk colonies. Most memorable will be encounters with the majestic polar bear on pack ice. Your Expedition Team is just as keen as you are to find them – they will be on constant watch to spot these inspiring creatures.

If you have chosen an optional activity such as kayaking, you will have an opportunity to enjoy that activity when conditions allow. For those who are enthusiastic to participate in a polar plunge, as soon as conditions are suitable, you will hear the announcement to prepare for an exhilarating dip – a memory you will savour for years to come.

Day 12 Disembark in Longyearbyen

During the early morning we cruise back into Longyearbyen. Farewell your Expedition Team upon disembarkation and enjoy some free time before transferring to the airport to continue your journey.

Note : We do not recommend booking flights that depart prior to 12.00 pm on the day of disembarkation, as we may experience delays at the conclusion of the voyage. 

  • Transfer from airport to hotel on Day 1.
  • One night’s hotel accommodation including breakfast, in Longyearbyen on Day 1.
  • Sightseeing tour of Longyearbyen on Day 2, prior to embarkation.
  • Transfer from pier to airport in Longyearbyen on Day 12.
  • Onboard accommodation during voyage, including daily cabin service.
  • All meals, snacks, tea and coffee during voyage.
  • Beer, house wine and soft drinks with dinner.
  • Captain’s Farewell reception including four-course dinner, house cocktails, house beer and wine, non-alcoholic beverages.
  • All shore excursions and Zodiac cruises.
  • Educational lectures and guiding services provide by Expedition Team.
  • Complimentary access to onboard expedition doctor and medical clinic (initial consultation).
  • One 3-in-1 waterproof, polar expedition jacket.
  • Complimentary use of Muck Boots during the voyage.
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information.
  • Port surcharges, permits and landing fees.
  • International or domestic flights – unless specified in the itinerary.
  • Transfers – unless specified in the itinerary.
  • Airport arrival or departure taxes.
  • Passport, visa, reciprocity and vaccination fees and charges.
  • Travel insurance or emergency evacuation charges.
  • Hotel accommodation and meals – unless specified in the itinerary.
  • Optional excursions and optional activity surcharges.
  • All items of a personal nature, including but not limited to alcoholic beverages and soft drinks (outside of dinner service), gratuities, laundry services, personal clothing, medical expenses, wi-fi, email or phone charges.

Included Activities

Bird watching

Lectures on wildlife, our environment, history and destinations

Near shore cruises


Polar plunge

Trips ashore

Whale and mammal spotting

Zodiac cruises

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