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Paramount Reportedly Working To Get ‘Star Trek 4’ Into Pre-Production “Quickly”

star trek 4 uscita

| October 1, 2023 | By: Aaron Bossig 224 comments so far

We have another update on the next Star Trek feature film from Paramount Pictures. It’s been over seven years since Star Trek Beyond, and there have been a number of starts and stops since. However, the studio is apparently planning to get the project moving forward again. There is also an update on how J.J. Abrams has shaped the story for the film.

Paramount looking to fine-tune Trek feature

The sudden focus on the next Star Trek movie is largely the result of the end of the WGA strike. Hollywood management is eager to get projects moving again in order to deliver new shows and movies at a rushed pace. A post-WGA-strike article by Variety breaking down how the different studios are moving forward calls out the next Trek feature at Paramount as an example:

Several big movie projects could see preproduction resume quickly. Paramount is hoping to have writers fine-tuning scripts for its planned reboot of “Star Trek” and its adaptation of Tom Clancy’s “Rainbow Six.”

In early 2022 when Paramount and producer J.J. Abrams announced they were moving forward with Star Trek 4 for an originally planned Christmas 2023 release, the latest draft for the movie was penned by Josh Friedman ( Avatar 2 ) and Cameron Squires ( WandaVision ), based on earlier drafts by Lindsey Anderson Beer ( Pet Semetary: Bloodlines ) and Geneva Robertson-Dworet ( Captain Marvel ). It’s unknown if Friedman and Squires are doing the 2023 “fine-tuning.”

Based on an idea from J.J. Abrams

Having recently given encouraging words that the sequel to Star Trek Beyond is still in the works , original co-writer Lindsey Anderson Beer (who left the project to write and direct Pet Semetary: Bloodlines for Paramount+) has another update. When asked by what her version of the movie might have looked like, Beer revealed that the basis for the story came directly from J.J. Abrams :

“I wrote a couple drafts of that before I had to leave for Pet Sematary . And it was originally, the seed of the idea came from J.J. himself, who’s such a creatively generous person, and it was amazing collaborating with him…”

Earlier this year, Abrams talked up this idea, now known to be his own. He told Esquire :

 “I will say it’s the first time that we have a story that feels as compelling as the first one [2009’s Star Trek ].”

star trek 4 uscita

Lindsey Anderson Beer credits J.J. Abrams with the basis for her screenplay

Despite considerable delays and an unclear path forward, fan support for the Kelvin-era movies remains strong, albeit not universal. The cast remains committed to reprising their roles if and when the movie is ready to shoot. All eyes look back to Paramount to see if a director and script can be lined up or if other projects will continue to get priority over Star Trek.

Find more news and analysis on upcoming Star Trek feature films .

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Oh for goodness sake, just let this reboot series die already. It’s never going to make the money Paramount wants it to make, and the cast don’t seem all that bothered!

I agree the cast seem not to care to return and if the original cast is not for the movie then is not even worth making it.

In the immortal words of James T. Kirk (the original and only one): “LET THEM DIE!”

You mean you’re not excited by the prospect of a story by JJ Abrams, one of the most talented storytellers of our age?

I would like to see this movie get made, but I think the odds of it happening are about 1%. Paramount will toy with it for a year again and then it will quietly go away.

Except now they have to show they have major projects after the strike to get the stock price back up again. That’s why I think it’s real this time — they need the optics of this for business reasons NOW regardless of whether the movie makes money or not.

The one thing I will say that is in favor of this movie getting made is that after the Writers negotiations, The studios may not be so quick to put their franchise movies as much on streaming as opposed to actual theatrical launches. Having said that, Star Trek has never been the vehicle to make money in the movies.

But Phil, Ami and those two other dudes have continually told all of us the next Kelvin movie was dead?

They have good reason to think that. So many Kelvin movie starts have been announced and abandoned that it is reasonable to assume it may never actually happen.

True, but if it happens now they will proven to have been wrong with those comments over the last year on this topic.

They were right the dozens of times the numskulls at Paramount clamoured that ST4 is coming, they’re so excited and it’s going to be great, then nothing. This for 7 years.

The point that you’re missing is that Phil et al were right, all those times they promised a movie that didn’t happen.

It seems to be important for you to throw people under the bus, just so you can validate your ego by saying how you were right.

Just get a dog, he’s going to think you’re the best and it’s going to soothe your tortured soul.

I’m just having fun with this. It’s heartwarming though to know that someone takes me more seriously than I take myself.

Again, not sure where you got that idea. I’ve never, ever, said Paramount isn’t ever going to make another theatrical movie. I’ve just called bulls**t on previous announcements that they were making a movie when it was pretty obvious they weren’t making a movie.

Yeah, of course. I’m just having fun with this ongoing issue that we all get wrapped up about.

Until the first day of actual film shooting, then there is no reason to believe this movie will happen.

No reason? None at all?

By that logic, if we hear they are in the process of casting it and building sets at some point you’ll be claiming there is still no reason to believe it will ever happen…lol.

That’s nonsensical. :-))

None of the previous announcements ever got to that point, and you’ve been busy busting my chops for pointing that out. JJ and Paramount are most definitely in “boy who cried wolf” territory, so their talking up a new project with the on-screen talent is still on strike is suspicious, at best.

So you agree with me then that it gets to the point that they’re building sets and casting, that we will conclude the movie is on.

Good, that means you and I are an agreement that Boring One overstated his point that we can only conclude the movie is on when the first day of filming starts.

Why are you always picking fights with people? Where does this come from?

What fight? I was having fun with the fans who always doubt the new movie news, which by the way, they have good reason to do so…relax! :-)

I always see this type of comments when news like this appears and guess what – the movie doesn’t get made.

Yep. And it’s always amusing.

Not sure where you got that idea. I like the Kelvin universe. What I have done is point out the myriad of previous announcements didn’t pass the sniff test. Batting 1.000 so far……

You’re correct, that was a couple of the other folks I referenced

I really want to see a show based on the Kelvin universe.

Exactly. They all been BS and it’s sad to see gullible fans fall for it again and again and again and again. Even I fell for the Tarantino one lol.

I don’t care about JJ verse at all and would be happy it just finally dies. But if they really prove they are serious about making another one then the rest of us will take it seriously. When Chris Pine is on set in uniform reading off lines how he has to take down another super villain from the 2_ century whose out for Vengeance or another planet gets destroyed then you will have my full attention.

Not until that point though and they have never gotten anywhere close to that in five failed announcements and seven years so far. 😂🙄

I still think they should just put it on Paramount+. I think it’s going to do worse than Beyond did. Most people will just watch it there anyway.

It was dead, several times over. I’m not saying the 3rd (8th?) time isn’t the charm but I am def not holding my breath.

Alternate headline: “Paramount reportedly working to announce latest Star Trek movie false start soon”

Good news! I much prefer this over the Legacy series

…which you haven’t seen, and which doesn’t exist So naturally you prefer this to that.

My point is I that if I were offered a choice of which production I want to see more I’m going with another Kelvin movie over a Legacy series.

Since we’re going to get Star Wars masquerading as Star Trek in either case, then I would at least prefer the higher budget better looking JJ Abrams version over the Matalas budget Trek geriatric fan service version

Jeri Ryan is hardly geriatric, and if the “Legacy” series is based on her crew, it will hardly be geriatric. If a Legacy series is approved , it would likely have the same budget as Strange New Worlds .

And it likely won’t be any better than any other Secret Hideout production that came before it. The KU films were flawed but for all their flaws there were still more fun to watch than anything on P+.

In your opinion.

Not for me, so sorry.

To each their own but I can’t agree in my case. ST 2009 was a fun popcorn Star Wars movie. STID was just laughably bad. Beyond was way better than STID but still wasn’t nearly worth my $20 movie ticket/drink.

I would take SNW a hundred times over any JJ verse nonsense and I liked Beyond as you know. But even hardcore Trekkies mostly shrugged over that movie. Decent but just kind of meh.

That’s nice but the KU feels more like Star Trek to me than anything Secret Hideout has made. Do not misinterpret that to mean they are great Treks. They aren’t. They are just easier on the eyes than SNW and the rest of the Secret Hideout shows.

No more geriatric than the TOS cast when they made their movies.

LOL 😂. Boldly doing that every other 90’s Trek show has done before. 🥱 how boring. We don’t need “legacy retread”.

Repeating a point based on flawed logic over and over again doesn’t make it right or give it more credibility.

Yeah I agree with you

Nobody has seen legacy either but that seems to be the preference from most fans. Interesting how that works. Majority rules to you, that’s all that matters.

Personally I’d love a jeri Ryan-led Trek series. But not Legacy. Give me a Beyond sequel, not a parade of poorly written cameo driven stories that idi** fans will eat up like slop before the slaughter and praise as true trek and genius storytelling no matter how much it’s exactly what they said they didn’t want 5 years ago..

It’s just so fun to come here and talk about something we love with each other these days.

Yeah, right? The main reason I hardly visit, much less comment anymore. It’s sad.

Well I LOVE Thailand. Do you LOVE Thailand?

Oh f*ck it! I mean Phuket!

LOL 😆 Next time I’m going to Phuket just to have a look around. I’m not a beach person, I live in Florida and I’ve never been to the beach.

I had a friend long ago that worked in Phuket and she said it was paradise. The Sanibel and Captiva islands in Florida are worth going to. Anything on the east coast is taken over by tourists.

I live near sanibel and captiva, never been there. Florida just bores me.

You guys aren’t the majority

Wow. I’ve seen vitriol on here before, but this flat out insulting.

Have you talked to every fan? Internet Trek fans are just a loud minority and should never be listened to seriously.

Legacy is a name and some actors and a set and those things would be at least partially changed by the time of a series (look at the Enterprise NCC-1701 in DSC and then how it is in SNW, characters included). There has been no pitch that has been made public yet, and possibly not at all.

People keep talking about Legacy as if it’s a well-refined thing that just needs to have cameras pointed at it, but it’s a long way from that. Just a vague notion at this point and potentially a Rohrschach’s test for individual fans fantasy Star Trek unless and until something is developed. Then as always people will have all manner of opinions.

Personally, I’d rather have Jeri Ryan and her Enterprise than Chris Pine’s.

Given the current trajectory though, I’d actually deem Anson Mount’s Enterprise a viable feature movie. The show is popular, gets good reviews and the actors would be cheap dates. Those are all pluses over another Kelvin movie with very questionable prospects.

@Q-Less – I don’t see the viability of having strange new worlds as a feature film.

It’s had some okay numbers for a TV show but turning that into a feature film for a global audience to help bolster a brand I don’t personally see it.

Having Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana etc back on the screen for star trek is star power so I could see that as a bigger draw if nothing else. Plus here’s hoping for a really good story!

The TV shows should stick to TV for now.

“It’s had some okay numbers for a TV show but turning that into a feature film for a global audience to help bolster a brand I don’t personally see it.”

Yeah imagine turning a Star Trek series into a feature film, that would never work.

Some ok numbers? SNW, Picard, and the Yellowstone prequel are the only shows P+ has that put them in the top ten original streaming shows episode after episode.

Except say they make that movie, then they all want big money for the sequel to it — and then we’re back where we started anyway.

I’d rather see Strange New Worlds stay on TV. When Star Trek goes to the movies, it tends to become less Trekkian and more generically Hollywood.

I’m down for anything from good sci fi writers that want to find the next beloved crew and tell new stories set in a universe we love. Legacy could be that. Not all nostalgia is bad, it just can’t be the focus. JJ, Akira and Henry are all much too focused on that, and not big ideas. I just want Trek to be good again.

Except that the only people who know those characters are subscribers to a streaming service.

All of the feature films have been based on TOS or TNG, both of which aired in syndication and reached a far wider audience.

So you prefer a 2 hour movie every 3-7 years over 10 episodes a year.

If it’s Matalas-Trek, then yes I do.

SAG is still on strike. This isn’t news, it’s a couple of people chatting something up over cocktails…..

Yeah of course. When did I never say it was more than just my opinion? Lorna Dune made the weird remark that I would have to watch them first to have this opinion? That made no sense.

So yeah this is like fans having me a drink talking about what they would prefer. I agree completely

I thought the strike ended? Did I dream that?

The writers strike ended. The Actors strike has not yet

Oh okay. I not really paying much attention this strike anyway. I don’t care either way if I’m to be honest.

The adventures of Picard’s son is appealing to me. I’d watch it even if the third season of Picard was a dead end. Not the rebirth of TNG. I saw very little that said it was a hopeful optimistic future the kind Gene imagined. A lot explosions, betrayals and space revenge aplenty though. It was like Best of Both Worlds meets the Wrath of Khan. So derivative. Without the humanity or context of those stories.

Jack gets on my nerves. He feels like a character from a bad Charles Dickens novel. I’m surprised he didn’t call papa Picard Gov.

If the idea is from Abrams, it is gonna be derivative like you can’t believe and as terrible as only I can believe (going by the awfulness of the 09 alone, though also looking at the rest of his downright terrible oeuvre.)

The initial part of the story about a ST ‘reboot’ sounds … unexpected. Do they think this is the SpideyVerse or something, where you reboot anytime you manage to succeed in tying your laces?

For a reboot, I’d say do TOS with a new bigger version of THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE story as a standalone. For extra pathos, you can have Pike or April or Garth of Izar in place of Decker. This shows me evolving, as for decades I figured BALANCE OF TERROR was the perfect story to use as a reboot and had plenty of room for expansion to feature-size, but SNW kind of peed all over BoT and thus soured me a little on it.

Or you could really shake things up and have the planet killer waste the Enterprise, with Kirk the sole, grief-crazed survivor. That’d be on par with that BSG remake idea which didn’t happen where the GALACTICA gets blown up two-thirds of the way through and it turns into a PEGASUS show.

That would be in keeping with the Kelvin timeline Enterprise getting the shit beat out of it every movie.

HAHA it’s so true. “Oh Kirk you scamp, you destroyed another one? Don’t worry the Enterprise Z is on the assembly line as we speak!”

There was a script treatment for ST3 that was a remake of Doomsday Machine and another episode (mightve been Balence of Terror?) it was written by the Thor/XMen writer and he discussed it on the Inglorious Treksperts podcast a year or so ago, I think he said it wouldve ended on a cliffhanger with Khan showing up leading the klingons!

The word “reboot” gets totally exaggerated and misused these days so I wouldn’t take that as true. For example the new Quantum Leap show is being called a reboot but it is anything but. It is a sequel to the original.

Totally, in fact just yesterday I was listening to radio 4 a woman was reviewing the new Frasier series and called it a reboot multiple times, as well as referencing Just Like That calling it the reboot of SATC. So yeah in the msm ‘reboot’ is now just another word for sequel or ‘legacy sequel’ for a franchise thats been away for a while.. Whereas 10/15y ago it meant a total overall of a franchise/throw out all that went before/start over/complete remake – Batman Begins, Casino Royale, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Incredible Hulk, Amazing Spiderman, Man of Steel.. and Star Trek 2009 (although that was also a sequel/prequel). and go back abit further a reboot was called a ‘reimagining’ (Burtons Planet of the Apes)

But will they be able to get the cast back? I think that’s going to be the biggest hurdle. Can they even still afford Chis Pine?

They need to show shareholders they’ve got major projects ready to go after the strike, so this is all “play money” – it doesn’t have to make total financial sense in this unusual circumstance. They can eat the big budget if it restores short term shareholder confidence and increases the stock price in the near term.

In this post strike environment business optics will be more important than ROI.

It absolutely MUST make financial sense. Most studios are already losing millions in streaming. They have to show Paramount as a studio is still financially viable for Theatrical releases like Top Gun. Shareholders don’t care if there is another Trek movie or not so long as whatever they do make makes money.

No, you are wrong, the immediate priority is to increase the stock price coming out of the strike. This is an unusual situation where the business perception of Paramount having major projects coming out of the strike is more important than if those movies make a lot of money or not two years from now.

I agree they have to get projects on the books and ones that shareholders are excited about. But I don’t think Trek will do that. It’s pretty well known that Beyond flopped and that any Trek announcement will be taken with huge grans of salt for obvious reasons. I don’t see Paramounts bottom line moving an inch from Trek.

Paramount puts Pine in a lot of projects and the box office hasn’t always been great. There’s room to negotiate with him. Plus there’s room to trim the budget – you just script it differently or find ways to film with smaller units and more versatile sets. Most of the II-FC films (barring V) were fairly clever with how they made use of smaller budgets. All could have used a little more expenditure (particularly Generations), but if you script with a little pragmatism and use limitations creatively, it can yield something far more rewarding than some of the, “We’ll fix it in post” type films we’ve gotten since CGI became ubiquitous.

I haven’t seen it yet but I have heard people rave about “The Creator” which seems to be a scifi epic that was allegedly shot for less than $90 million. Apparently, they achieved this with clever use of locations and very good planning/strategic use of VFX shots.

They seriously pared down the number of crew and shoot days to make it happen as well.

I think they’ve figured out how to afford him, so I’m going to go with yes. But agree, scheduling is the hardest part. If they get far enough out it can happen.

Is Pine’s price still that high? Why? When was the last time he starred in a smash hit, Wonder Woman where he was No.2 billing? That was six years ago. I liked Dungeons & Dragons , but it was a flop at the box office.

After D&D Pine will most likely be affordable for ST4 :)

That’s the question I keep asking. Pine and Saldana are big names these days and they aren’t going to take the same salary as they did for ‘09. But then again to play my own devil’s advocate, Saldana is doing a P+ show now so who knows…

JJ Abrams has only, like, three ideas in his head so, here’s hoping we actually get Jennifer Garner as Admiral Alias. The movie won’t be good, but at least we’ll be able to say “the one with Admiral Alias.’

I really like Mission: Impossible III. Tom Cruise was prescient to give Abrams the platform to make it based on how exciting Alias was at the time.

But parts of the movie really are just “Alias: Impossible.” Whole scenes from the pilot are repurposed in that movie.

For my money, that movie’s remembered fondly because a) it actually was better than its immediate predecessor, but b) more to the point, PSH elevated the material. Considerably.

Says the non millionaire

Yes, JJ Abrams is a better person than either of us because he has millions of dollars. Not because we are losers posting on a Star Trek message board.

Know your place ! 😉

Stuff I wanna see in ST4

Those maroon uniforms Kelvin style (its nearing TWOK era so some of the 80s style aesthetic/tech including refitted Enterprise-A looking more like the movie Enterprise)

Yesterdays Enterprise/City on the Edge epic timetravel/timeline dilemmas (regarding the kelvin-verse. could it be wiped out even?)

Nero (either he somehow survived the end of ST09 or via timetravel we go back to the first movie thing)

Shatner Kirk (deepfaked to movie era)

Saavik (Dua Lipa?)

Some big deaths/sacrifice (kill off spock? like for real this time. no bringing him back)

They killed off Spock for real in the last movie.

Did they need to do that? (although finding the Star Trek V cast photo was a fun scene)

Well the movie came out after Leonard Nimoy’s death so the prime universe Spock was written to be gone for real. No Genesis planet. Quinto Spock is still very much alive.

Its just they kept Paul Walkers character alive in the F&F so maybe there was no need to kill off Spock Prime (or Chekov in ST4, just say he’s transferred to Reliant, which makes sense if they fact track to TWOK era)

Its more TMP era now than TWOK era. TWOK was 15 years after Space Seed, which is probably roughly the same timeframe as Beyond .

Beyond took place about 4 years before the start of TOS, actually.

Assuming the monster maroons are to actually exist in the Kelvinverse, they’re still about 10-15 years away, actually.

TWOK era could be fast tracked in the Kelvin universe like TOS got fast tracked , (just skip TMP!)

Agreed. We already would have the Enterprise A and the 1701 wasn’t even gone in the Prime universe till Search for Spock.

The Kelvin universe has TNG style uniforms in canon (Discovery S3) so I think there is precedent.


I’m hoping the premise of this will not be just another random story set in the Kelvin timeline. I’m not saying make it prime but maybe something ttats more all encompassing within the Star Trek universe. Kelvin universe needs an injection of new energy in my opinion.

Yes in this multiverse era (Spiderman, Dr Strange, The Flash even though it bombed, and coming soon Deadpool 3 & Avengers Secret Wars) thered HAVE to be some acknowledgement of the Prime timeline (esp now Trek is back all under one roof), not necessarily full on the kelvin-verse cast go into Primeverse but something whereby its central to the plot (maybe there’s the chance to reset things/stop Nero creating the kelvin timeline and save Vulcan/Kirks dad/Spocks mom ..or to not do that ..)

The Kelvin timeline is terrible. Chris Pine is not a good actor, he plays it the same way in every movie he is in. Plus these now very famous actors are going to want way more than Paramount wants to pay.

Come up with an original idea. Stop the reboots.

I think it’s supposed to be a sequel? In any case I do agreed that an original idea would be nice but i don’t think there is such a thing. More of a reinterpretation of a previous thing done well – that would be great!

RE: Chris Pine, the problem with ST 2009 is Pine’s inspiration for Kirk was ironically Harrison Ford and not William Shatner. STID was just a horribly written movie so I don’t really place any blame on Pine. But by Beyond, Pine was doing a fine job of channeling Shatner without doing a Shatner impression.

The first one wasn’t really that compelling- kind of a hail mary pass continuity-wise. Though less of a dead end than his other sci-fi reboot…

“Fan support for the Kelvin-Era movies remains strong.” According to what, now? Was there a Gallup poll that I missed?

Somehow palpatine has returned

Somehow Krall has returned..

Everyone: ‘Who?’

I would like to know if they would consider a new trilogy with the KelvinCast. One that doesn’t have some globe-destroying or galaxy-destroying thing, but something more psychological. Something more… Star Trek. But then, that doesn’t sell cinema tickets.

Are they rebooting or continuing the Kelvin-verse?

It’s basically the same thing. They’re calling it a reboot since it’s been so long. When you reboot your computer, you’re not getting a new one either.

Often reboot just means sequel, Ive lost count of the times a long awaited sequel is branded a ‘reboot’ in the media. happened for likes of last few Terminators, Aliens, Predators, Top Gun Maverick, Blade Runner 2, Matrix 4, even the Star Wars sequels.. all of them were proper sequels or prequels yet got termed ‘reboot’ in the msm as if they were Batman Begins/Casino Royale

In this case it sounds like its the 4th Kelvin movie

Thanks! I was confused.

Disney Star Wars was a requel. Reboot sequel. Remake of the OT.

Lucas sequel was a sequel to the prequel with midichlorians, whills, more politics, teenage heroes/heroines. Darth Maul as the new Emperor. I wonder why Disney refused to make that one.

I wonder if Lucas’ sequels would’ve gone over better than what we got.. maybe if he’d have done Luke better than how Last Jedi did him (that movie really kind of derailed the whole Disney SW thing)

Meh. As long as it doesn’t interfere with TV Trek, or the already greenlit S31 film for P+, whatever I guess. Only two of the three Kelvin films felt remotely Trekkian to me, and it’s already been seven years since Beyond . Even if they hodge-podge a script by the end of the month, hire yet another director, and bring back the Kelvin cast, it will Q4 2025 before this film is released.

Same. If Paramount wants to make another Kelvin movie, rock out. I won’t be in theaters for it but I’m sure plenty of other fans will. Just let me have what’s left of P+ Trek before they cancel and pull those too.

Star power sells tickets and the SNW cast wouldn’t draw flies across the box office. Watch for the Kelvin crew to run into a particular Academy Award winning Mirror Universe Emperor… Bet your bottom dollar on it.

Star power is elusive nowadays. Some A list holdovers from the 90s and 2000s have some wattage and clout, but few actors can open a movie big just on their name anymore. And with budgets soaring, you need a big opening weekend AND great word of mouth now more than ever.

Agreed. Zoe Saldana is an A lister but she is currently doing a streaming show on P+ like many A listers these days.

Section 31 P+ movie getting promoted to theatrical and guest starring the Kelvin cast? Intriguing notion

Just ask yourself: Why would they “waste” the most in-demand female actress right now on a mere streaming movie? Let’s not even mention Michelle is likely the most in-demand female actress over 60 in the history of cinema. It would be strictly a business decision and it’s a dang good one IMHO.

It’s a good point to be sure but the other side of the coin is would Yeoh even want to do a Star Trek movie that was theatrical? There would be WAY more exposure for her being in Trek for a theatrical movie and she might not want to take the chance of association.

Yeoh’s star power might be overstated here. That Academy Award winning movie ( Everything Everywhere All At Once ) did a whopping $141.2 million at the box office, less than Star Trek Beyond .

Time’s top 100 most influential people, 9 separate projects in the works, the first Asian Oscar winner… plus the amount of $ made by Everything is not relevant to her post-win prospects. Paramount would reboot itself as a coffee chain if it meant they could make an extra dollar, so again IMHO, this is a slam dunk and streaming is not happening with her.

Winning an Oscar doesn’t necessarily equate to big box office numbers for his/her next movie. Frances McDormand has won Best Actress three times, most recently 2021. Quick, name her last movie. Heck, name the one she won it for in 2021.

Yeoh isn’t actually on the Time 100 list this year. You know who is? Zoe Saldana. Now if they could just make a Star Trek movie with her in it… and maybe this time give her more to do than just recognizing some guy’s voice in a recording.

A Haunting in Venice’s moderate box office is a better example with which to back up your thesis, even though Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot is a smaller niche than Star Trek. EEAAO is a wacky high concept low budget film. It is nothing short of a minor miracle for it to have done such great box office.

Either way it’s still unfair to compare smaller films’ B.O. with established big budget IPs and not only chide the former for not doing as well as the latter, but put the responsibility for that on one actor.

I’m not comparing, I’m questioning Singh’s assertion that Michelle Yeoh will be some box office audience magnet if Paramount wrangles her into Star Trek 14. I just don’t think so. I’ll be happy to be proven wrong though.

If that was true MI Dead Reckoning wouldn’t have bombed. Tom Cruise is like the last movie star.

They’re gonna reboot TNG in the Kelvin timeline

That would actually be interesting.

Vin Diesel as Picard

God, no. Hire someone who can actually act and not just smirk at the camera.

He’d probably be great as the Lobot guy in EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, but geez, don’t give him any lines, not EVER (except as Groot.)

It’s hilarious man! 😂

These people keep telling us they are making another movie…but never make the movie. Last time they had a director, writers, a premiere date and even trolled the cast it was happening.

So THIS time they are serious? Seven years later now Paramount means business. Whatever, just stop trolling and make it. If it’s good I’ll be in line. If it’s like the first two movies I’ll wait for it to hit Paramount+ a month later.

Mean time give me Legacy, SNW and LDS and I’m good!

No vision=no script=no director=no movie.

They’ve had ~7 years to make this film. It’s pretty obvious they don’t want to. Just sunset the Abramsverse and focus on the TV side for the time being. Trek can’t generate MCU numbers no matter how much they want to believe it can.

Who cares how long it takes.

Because at this rate it will be the actual 23rd century before we get another Star Trek movie if they keep relying on Bad Robot/Kelvin.

Dude it will probably be out in 2025.

Honestly, the KU movies while not as good as the Trek that came before, were still watchable. Which is more than can be said for the product coming out of the Secret Hideout meat grinder.

But the fact is, I will not believe this will happen until there is a director yelling “action” on a set. Been burned too many times with past stories.

I won’t believe it until I’m sat in the cinema munching marshmallow flavour popcorn and hearing Pine yelling ‘Fire all weapons’ at the Narada as the Kelvin limps toward the time rift

Reading all the responses on this thread looks like everyone here agrees with this lol.

This is the same brain trust who announced they were bringing back the entire cast for the movie but never told them.

If they keep any of the actual plot of the original Rainbow Six novel, I’d *love* to see how they handle, or more likely mishandle, it.

Make a Section 31 movie.

They already are.

There’s a possibility you’ve conflated their stated intention to make a Section 31 movie with their actually making one

Great point lol. But he makes it sound like there is no plans to even make one. So an odd statement I guess. And that has a thousand times happening over another Kelvin movie because they aren’t spending $100 million to make it.

He would be fire as Picard.

Keep the budget low and focus less on razzle dazzle. I would love to see the Kelvin crew again. Keep the passage of time in real-world terms tho; it’s been almost 15 years since the first one so let’s see where these guys are 15 years later. I hated the fact that Into Darkness was released four years after the first one but only 6 months had passed in-universe.

That did happen a few time in the original films tho III set only weeks after II, IV a few months after III, V was maybe only a few months after IV, plus TMP was only set about 2-4years? after TOS (why not just make it a decade like real time), and I think VI was supposed to be set almost a decade after V.

but yeah Kelvin 4 should be set a decade at least after Beyond

Urgh.. More JJ Crap. Let it go away so we can get cheaper, but higher quality real Star Trek.

“Let them die!” James T. Kirk

Based on an idea from J.J. AbramsYeah, you lost me already. I hate that man so much for the damage he has done to Trek and Star Wars…..

Where did he hurt you ?

I have zero interest in a Kelvin timeline sequel. I want more Strange New Worlds.

I don’t know why they don’t reintroduce the prime timeline to the movies. They could make it an event. Nemesis was so long ago. Picard season 3 proved the audience for the Berman shows is still strong. But lets make another JJ movie.

After so many false starts for Star Trek 14, I will not really care about reports, rumours and hearsay until filming actually begins. Then I will believe this new movie will actually be released.

With tax write-offs these days, you can’t even be sure that a movie that has finished filming actually gets released. But as long as they are just talking about plans/intentions to make a movie it’s basically a non-story.

Just let it go already. I think and believe that the streaming series has really solidify the essence (for the most part) of what ST is (or was), and is really making solid roots. The whole Kelvin series was something to fill a void when ST was struggling to find its identity again… and it was obvious, that it did not pan out as well as many anticipated or hoped. The streaming series, especially STSNW, has proved that ST can be done in a way that honors the original vision of Roddenberry … these Kelvin movies, while nice to watch on tv every now and then – are a thing of the past.

They waited way too long. Next they will wonder why this movie bombs no matter what the plot is.

The big issue is they have to get the budget WAY down for a ST4.

I won’t believe it until I’m sitting there watching it, blinded by the lens flares.

More time has passed since the first Chris Pine Star Trek movie debuted… than the entire run of the 6 Shatner era films.

Damn, we’re all gettin’ old.

Hearing the idea came from JJ himself doesn’t get me excited. Then again.. all ST II needed was the right Writer / Director to make the best Trek we ever got.. so the idea may not matter if the execution is good. My issue with JJ is he’s one of the most unimaginative writers out there. He’s a great technical director, and great with casting.. but they need to keep him far away from story.. especially with Trek.

Is there a director/writer that can do one for half what Beyond cost because that is the only way they get a return on investment. In a post covid world i don’t see one being made for 140-150 million. It just isn’t realistic.

I’ve heard that “The Creator” was made for less than $90 million. Maybe Paramount should talk to the team behind that movie. I should note that I haven’t seen that movie yet so no idea if it’s actually any good.

Lens flares galore!

I’d prefer Pussy Galore, myself.

Everytime I see excessive and unwarranted lens flare, a big part of me thinks that a pre-teen is shooting the movie. Either that or a grownup with execrable taste.

Any way this goes down, if it even happens, I’m waiting for it to come to P+. No theater for me, very little interest. Cheers.

I’ve found myself going to fewer and fewer movies these days, myself.

I’ll believe it when I see it. interesting to note that the Variety story states that this is a

…planned reboot of “Star Trek” .

Either the writer was imprecise, or this is not another film in the Kelvin series.

I’m happy to see someone actually read the source material. There’s just a touch of irrational exuberance here that this means Trek 4 getting pushed to the front of the line. The article also points out that work that was almost greenlit, or currently in production has priority. Studio space will be at a premium. Oh, and projects that were wobblers previously could get cut.

In today’s news, SAG is pointing out that they represent a number of on-screen talent trades, and it could take a while to negotiate a deal. So there’s that…..

They should leave the TOS characters to P+ and do Kelvin TNG movies now.

The mention of a reboot is intriguing though.

I would normally say that it’s too late to go back to this crew after such a long hiatus, but these actors have only gotten more popular so I think the outlook for a successful return is promising.

It’s not too late. They shouldn’t be picking up where they left off, though…..

A story from the mind of JJ Abrams, the destroyer of franchises?

Paramount is just like Disney, doubling down on stupid.

Never fails. Trek 4 movie news always generates the most comments in the least amount of time. Now if only the Kentucky Derby prognostications held the same promise.

I don’t want to say this article is clickbait…..but it’s clickbait.

Yeah, how dare Trek MOVIE dot com write up news published recently in another source about a Star Trek movie!

Go read the source material…..

Not encouraged that the idea is from J.J. Abrams… His ideas lately have been the mess that was Rise of Skywalker and Cloverfield 3…. Thousand. Not encouraging.

JJ did exactly what Bob Iger and Kathleen Kennedy wanted. Produce two safe corporately driven products. It was the same old Star Wars. Only the lead was a woman, and co-star a black man. And for some reason that was controversial. I wonder if Luke was the main and Rey was the sidekick if there would have been as many complaints, but i already know the answer.

My problem was never the cast for the sequel movies. It was always that for me it completely undid Return of the Jedi because here we are decades later, the galaxy still sux, the “Empire” is still there, and worst of all, there are still no Jedi in the Galaxy.

Luke reluctantly started a new Jedi order, aware that it could lead to rebirth of the sith

Also the new republic failed to see the growing threat of the first order, risen from ashes of the empire

I don’t sense that this is going anywhere…. and frankly maybe it shouldn’t …

Didn’t Bob Orci write the first two, not Abrams. So why is Abrams writing this one?

Bob Orci set up an interesting Kelvin verse with ST: 2009 only to let his horrid political analogies self destruct the Enterprise with Into Darkness (photon torpedoes, cough, drones into the Klingon Empire with GWB are bad you see, ignore that they are saving Ukraine today. Poor poor Kahn, turns out he just wanted his family back). It’s sad because I think he had the right set up. You had it where Kahn, picked up a genetically engineered strategic genius, manipulates a desperate post-destruction-of-Vulcan Starfleet into thinking he can save them from the Klingons only to betray them and prepare a take over with only a Kirk on strange frontier missions thinking something has gone amiss. But nope, poor poor Kahn being mislead by GWB, so dumb. It’s sad because if you ever watch Transformers Prime you can tell that the guy can write awesome when not on a tangent, while Into Darkness was a Enterprise can only last 2 seconds in combat wreck, Prime was a fantastic series!

Orci shouldve written the 3rd one, we’d have got Shatner return as Kirk (deaged to Generations era), big implications for the Kelvin timeline under threat of being wiped out (abit like Yesterdays Enterprise), Bryan Cranston as the villain, Alice Eve back as Carol Marcus..

sounded better (and more a continuation of the first film) than whatever Beyond was supposed to be (Gold Key live action?)

Nobody is saying that Abrams is writing this one. There have been several writers attached to this project. One of those writers said that “the seed of the idea” came from Abrams. That could just mean a two-sentence pitch, or it could be more.

I don’t think he is writing it but rather the idea for the script was his and other writers went with it. But I have to admit that JJ having ANY say in the script gives me huge pause.

Don’t hold your breath on this one.

Theatrical reboot would be a waste of money. Another Kelvin movie with the main cast…less wall to wall FX…more character moments that could be interesting! let JJ direct it again also why not his direction on the first 2 movies was pretty good so let him have another shot at it!

A bit off topic but I just found out Chris Pine wrote and directed a movie called Poolman. Has anyone heard of it before? Well I don’t think it’s going to be a gateway to Pine directing a future Star Trek movie or even a commercial since it is currently 20% on RT.

That’s bad. That’s Discovery level of bad. Even though I joke a lot, I do think he’s a decent actor, but that probably should just be his focus reading some of the reviews.

Id heard he was going to do Poolman a while ago but had no idea it had come out.

I don’t think it’s come out yet. It was shown at some movie festival and where the reviews come from. To be fair there are only 20 reviews up so far so it can improve with more, but the few I read were brutal.

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Star Trek: recensione del film di JJ Abrams

Star Trek – Uno sfavillio di luce galattica avvolge lo spettatore che si lascia prendere da una storia di nascita e origini. ancora una volta, come già accaduto per il Batman di Christopher Nolan , per il restyling del mito si torna alle origini dell’uomo (o nel caso, del vulcaniano), alla nascita e all’educazione, per capire i ruoli i rapporti i sentimenti che legano gli eroi che tante avventure hanno attraversato insieme sull’enterprise tra tv e cinema.

J.J. Abrams orchestra tutto con maestria ed equilibrio, misurando emozione e phatos, adrenalina e battaglie, prediligendo lo spostamento della camera al cut della pellicola, per farci seguire con lo sguardo, per accompagnarci nei meandri di una storia bella e ben raccontata, da un punto di vista visivo ma soprattutto da quello narrativo, merito di due sceneggiatori di tutto rispetto Roberto Orci e Alex Kurtzman che insieme avevano già dato prova di sapere il fatto loro con transformers, usando la commedia per entrare nell’action puro e per arrivare attraverso di esso ai sentimenti primordiali del bene e del male, dimensioni talvolta banalizzate ma sempre attuali.

Star Trek – Uno sfavillio di luce galattica avvolge lo spettatore

Merito anche di un cast convincente, Star Trek  si dipana in tutta la sua notevole durata, senza pesare minimamente sullo spettatore, dosando con reminiscenze (oso dire) kubrickiane riferimenti ben più calzanti e vicini come star wars e coinvolgendo lo spettatore che esce dalla sala soddisfatto, con gli occhi pieni di immagini poderose ed emozionanti.

Star Trek  è distribuito da Paramount Pictures .


Fingernails - Una diagnosi d'amore Recensione

Fingernails – Una diagnosi d’amore: recensione del film Apple TV+

I vantaggi del tradimento recensione

I vantaggi del tradimento: recensione del nuovo film Netflix

Joika recensione

Joika – A un passo dal sogno: recensione del film con Diane Kruger

Top stories, sonic – il film: tutte le curiosità sull’adattamento del celebre videogioco, le ladre: tutto quello che c’è da sapere sul film con adele exarchopoulos, locked in: la spiegazione del finale del film netflix.

Star Trek 4 gets a promising update

"It's still on the tracks."

Headshot of Dan Seddon

It's now seven years since its predecessor Star Trek Beyond warp-drove onto the big screen, with Idris Elba providing the villainy as Krall , yet Captain James T Kirk (played by Chris Pine) and his USS Enterprise crew are still awaiting their next adventure.

In conversation with Collider , Beer promised that things are still in motion despite a sizeable delay, sharing: "It's still on the tracks. I love that project, and it was another one that I had to hop off of to direct [ Pet Sematary: Bloodlines ] , and that was a hard thing to do. But I love everybody involved with that project."

chris pine as captain kirk in a still from star trek beyond

Related: Star Trek: Lower Decks confirms season 4 premiere date

Prior to this, Spock actor Zachary Quinto defined the situation as "complicated".

"I think there's a lot of other stuff, creative things," he commented last month . "The fact that anything good gets made is kind of miracle.

"I think it's about different people having different agendas and ideas about what it will be. And I don't know if and when it will happen... And if it coalesces again and we come back and we're able to do it, wonderful. If not, we had a great run."

Star Trek Beyond Spock and Chekov

Related: New Star Trek movie confirmed – but not the one you expected

Pine himself has even gone as far as to label the fourth Star Trek movie "cursed" .

"After the last one came out and didn't do the $1 billion that everyone wanted it to do, and then Anton [Yelchin] passed away , I don't know. It just... feels like it's cursed," he told Esquire .

Highlighting the fact that cast members are usually the last to learn of any development progress, Pine revealed: "I know costume designers that have read scripts before the actors. I would say it's frustrating. It doesn't really foster the greatest sense of partnership, but it's how it's always been. I love the character. I love the people. I love the franchise. But to try to change the system in which things are created – I just can't do it. I don't have the energy."

Headshot of Dan Seddon

Reporter, Digital Spy 

Dan is a freelance entertainment journalist. Beginning his writing career in 2014, Dan's work first graced the pages of cult publications Starburst magazine and Little White Lies before moving onto Total Film, Digital Spy , NME and Yahoo Entertainment . 

In the film and TV universe, he kneels at the altar of Jim Carrey, Daniel Plainview, Mike Ehrmantraut and Paulie Walnuts.

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janeway in star trek prodigy

Star Trek 4: Everything you need to know

patrick stewart and tom hardy smile on the red carpet at a star trek movie premiere in 2002

Patrick Stewart surprised by Tom Hardy's success

patrick stewart as captain jean luc picard, star trek next generation

Patrick Stewart was advised not to do Star Trek

down low starring zachary quinto and lukas gage

First trailer for AHS star's R-rated gay comedy

star trek 2022 advent calendar

Star Trek advent calendar available to pre-order

star trek strange new worlds

Star Trek stars "giddy" over musical episode

anson mount, star trek strange new worlds

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds gets musical episode

star trek lower decks

Star Trek: Lower Decks season 4 premiere date

rebecca romijn, anson mount, ethan peck, star trek strange new worlds

Star Trek stars react to "ridiculous" criticism

janeway in star trek prodigy

Star Trek: Prodigy cancelled after 1 season

patrick stewart, star trek picard

Sir Patrick Stewart wants to do new Star Trek film

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - JULY 21: Chris Pine attends the Paramount Pictures and eOne's "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" red carpet at San Diego Comic-Con on July 21, 2022 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Daniel Knighton/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures )

Star Trek 4: 6 Quick Things We Know About The Movie

Live long and prosper.

Chris Pine in Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek 4 is on the way, trekkies! 

From the moment Star Trek, starring Chris Pine , dropped in 2009, J.J. Abrams has captivated Star Trek fans, by expanding on a beautiful universe with an amazing space adventure that showed off just how wonderful the world of Star Trek is. The last film release was way back in 2016, titled Star Trek Beyond, and for some time, it felt like another movie would never come.

However, Star Trek 4 has taken some steps towards becoming a reality, starting off with news in February 2022 and continuing to now. New details have been released about the long-awaited movie. If you’re looking for some of the latest updates on it, here are some quick things that we know about the upcoming sequel.

Star Trek 4 Was Announced To Be In The Works In February 2022

Fear not, all the loyal fans out there, as Star Trek 4 has officially been announced by J.J. Abrams . As first reported by Variety from the Paramount Investors Day Presentation in February 2022, Abrams himself said that they're “hard at work” on the new Star Trek film and that shooting for the movie will begin by the “end of the year.” 

Abrams also teased that the original cast, as well as some new players, would appear, creating a new Star Trek experience. With how much Star Trek has evolved over the last few years, thanks to new shows such as Star Trek: Discovery or Star Trek: Picard, it’s exciting to hear that the films are also going to be bringing in new characters for us to love just as much as the television shows.  

Star Trek 4 Has Been Temporarily Removed From Paramount’s Release Schedule

The original premiere date was already being pushed around for some time prior to this, but with everything sort of up in the air right now, Star Trek 4 has been temporarily removed from the Paramount release schedule, according to Deadline , as of September 2022.

In November 2021, THR reported that Star Trek 4 was delayed until December 22nd, 2023, as it had originally been slated to come out on June 9, 2023. But now, it’s unclear if it’s going to find a place on the 2023 movie release list , and there’s no new date announced.

Hopefully, we won’t need to wait long for a new release date, but I’d rather Paramount not push it so quickly if that means we need to sacrifice the quality. I can wait as long as possible.

Chris Pine Is Set To Return As The Star

It was sort of up in the air for some time whether Chris Pine was going to return to the Star Trek franchise. While he did star in the latest movies, Pine himself didn’t even know the fourth installment was in development, as reported above from The Hollywood Reporter. But, per the Deadline article above, Pine is going to star in the fourth movie. 

Pine has been doing a lot the last six years since his last appearance in the Star Trek universe. Most recently, he was a part of the Don’t Worry Darling cast, and has appeared in films such as the Wonder Woman movies, All the Old Knives, A Wrinkle in Time, and is going to be appearing in 2023’s Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves , so he’s been quite busy. However, I can’t wait to see him return as James T. Kirk in Star Trek 4.

Zoe Saldana And More Are Expected To Return For Star Trek 4 

If you were wondering if any of the other stars are set to come back, the previously mentioned Variety report noted that several of the film's primary actors are in talks to return to the franchise for a fourth movie. When the film was first announced, it was a surprise to everyone from the original franchise that Star Trek 4 was even in the works, according to an early 2022 story from The Hollywood Reporter.  

In addition to Chris Pine, this includes Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban , John Cho, and Simon Pegg. 

Zoe Saldana has been in the superhero world for some time, appearing as Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise – which is set to have a third movie come out in May 2023. Saldana also made appearances as Gamora in both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, so she’s been quite busy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. John Cho led Cowboy Bebop on Netflix, adding on to his impressive list of TV and movie performances. Zachary Quinto has appeared in The Boys in the Band and will be featured in the upcoming season of American Horror Story: NYC.

For sure, these stars have been busy as heck and will undoubtedly be appearing in many 2022 upcoming movies and beyond, but to hear that they’re potentially going to be back for Star Trek 4 is even more exciting. 

J.J. Abrams Will Be Producing Star Trek 4

As reported by Variety, Star Trek 4 will be produced by J.J. Abrams, but not directed by him. This isn’t that much of a surprise. While Abrams did direct the first two Star Trek films, Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, he stepped down from Star Trek Beyond to become an executive producer and handed over the directing torch to Justin Lin .

Abrams is going to be doing the same thing for Star Trek 4, working as a producer while another director takes the lead. However, this time around there will be a new person in the director’s chair, rather than Justin Lin. 

WandaVision Director, Matt Shakman, Will No Longer Be Directing Star Trek 4

Originally, it was announced that WandaVision director Matt Shakman, would be directing Star Trek 4, according to Deadline , in July 2021. However, that has since changed, as Shakman is now tacked on to direct the upcoming Fantastic Four film in the MCU, according to Deadline . 

WandaVision was a huge hit for both Disney+ and Marvel when it released in early 2021, scoring multiple award nominations and wins , and earning the love of fans everywhere, so it was exciting to see him sign on for something as big as Star Trek. But, reportedly due to time conflicts with Fantastic Four, Shakman can no longer direct. Paramount released a statement in regards to his departure. 

Matt Shakman is an incredibly talented filmmaker, and we regret the timing didn’t align for him to direct our upcoming Star Trek film. We are grateful for his many contributions, are excited about the creative vision of this next chapter and look forward to bringing it to audiences all around the world.

With this announcement, and no word since on who will direct, it’s not very surprising that the film was taken off the release schedule. But hopefully, that won't take too long.  

How To Watch The J.J. Abrams Star Trek Movies Streaming

If you’re like me and you can’t wait to see another Star Trek movie, the previous films are available to either rent or stream right now. The first J.J. Abrams Star Trek film begins the adventure, as the USS Enterprise combats a mighty force that threatens the lives of innocent people. 

Stream Star Trek on Netflix. Rent Star Trek on Amazon.

The second film, Star Trek Into Darkness, stars the same crew when they are sent to investigate a Starfleet member who has turned into a terrorist and is causing hell for everyone. 

Stream Star Trek Into Darkness on Paramount+. Rent Star Trek Into Darkness on Amazon.

Star Trek Beyond, the most recent entry so far in the franchise, follows the story of the Enterprise crew out on a rescue mission until it's revealed later on that it’s an attack, and now they must fight to stay alive against their enemies. 

Stream Star Trek Beyond on Amazon Prime through AMC+ . Rent Star Trek Beyond on Amazon. 

And, if for some reason that’s still not enough Star Trek goodness for you, Paramount+ has so much Star Trek content that I’m quite sure you’ll find plenty of stuff to watch until Star Trek 4 releases. 

What are you looking forward to the most with Star Trek 4? No matter who's added to the cast or when it comes out, I’m sure it’ll be a great time and we’ll get to live long and prosper together once more.  


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Star Trek 4: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Everything Else We Know

Posted: January 14, 2023 | Last updated: November 5, 2023

Star Trek 4 is shrouded in mystery and defeat. The sequel to Star Trek: Beyond on J.J. Abram’s Kelvin timeline, is currently stuck in dry dock. There have been plans for Paramount to make the movie for years , and sometimes it even seems like they’re going to do it. Fans were hopeful last year when it looked like things were going to go ahead. But right when the stars aligned, director Matt Shakman stepped down from the project to work on Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot instead.

Trekkies everywhere are heartbroken. Although Paramount continues to produce good Star Trek content like Strange New Worlds and Picard , it doesn’t look like we’re going to get that big blockbuster film any time soon. That being said, it’s not unreasonable to hope for a movie in the future. Star Trek 4 is one of Paramount’s biggest, untapped titles, and the stars are still up for another journey into the final frontier. Things are looking dark, but somewhere, out there in the vastness of Hollywood, there is a way to make this movie. Fans still whisper, and celebrities still talk, but for now, Star Trek 4 is dead in the water.

Star Trek 4: The Plot

There were a lot of rumors about the plot coming up to Star Trek 4 ’s removal from Paramount’s release slate. When Paramount first announced the sequel, they had nothing. Even the stars and their agents were surprised that they were going ahead with the movie when apparently, they hadn’t told a soul. The plan was to secure investors first and sort the details out later, which they did, eventually.

When writers started sitting down at their laptops, there was much talk about where a story could go. J.J. Abrams was even having conversations with Quentin Tarantino about giving him an opportunity to write a Star Trek movie. Yes, those rumors are true, but they were happening in parallel to Paramount’s plans to continue Abram’s Kelvin timeline. Eventually, Tarantino backed off saying it wasn’t something he was interested in.

Related: Star Trek: Every On-Screen Captain of the USS Enterprise, Ranked

One of the biggest possibilities for a script came with grabbing Chris Hemsworth out of the Marvel universe and getting him to reprise his role from the 2009 film as George Kirk, James T. Kirk’s father. This version of the script made it far enough through development to actually reach the actors. In an interview with Josh Horowitz , Hemsworth explained how he felt about the story:

"It wasn’t what I was thinking it would have been or could have been. And I thought, ‘Oh, cool, let’s figure that out and keep going’ and then I think everyone just got busy and so on. It’d be a bit weird now to flash back to your father and ‘Why is he so much older than when he died?’"

Clearly, the plot wasn’t for everyone. Eventually, that pitch was scrapped and writers began working on another that would be a direct sequel to Star Trek: Beyond . The hope was to reassemble the old cast and work more directly on following the Kelvin timeline. That was the state of things when Shakman dropped out of the project to direct the Fantastic Four reboot and Paramount removed Star Trek 4 from their release schedule. Some recent news has given fans faint sparks of hope however when Sofia Boutella said she would be happy to return and Nick Cage has declared himself a Trekkie. Fans have begun an outcry, saying that Nicolas Cage is exactly what Star Trek needs . Some have even wondered if he could be cast as a villain.

Star Trek 4: The Cast

The original hope for the movie — no matter which way the plot went — was to get as much of the original cast back on board as possible. Although talks fell through with Chris Hemsworth and his part in the film, Chris Pine ended up making a solid deal to return as Captain James T. Kirk. Zachary Quinto had been confirmed as Spock, and John Cho would come back as Sulu. Simon Pegg, even though he helped write Star Trek: Beyond and played Scotty, made no commitments either way, but it would be likely that he would return due to his major involvement with the films .

Related: Worf's Best Moments in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Ranked

Karl Urban, who plays Bones, said that he had some scheduling conflicts due to his work on The Boys , but now that the schedule has changed, his participation remains to be seen. Zoe Saldaña has commented on some frustration for working in so many franchise films, but she would return if the movie was able to pull itself together. Of course, due to the untimely death of Anton Yelchin, the character of Chekov was not recast, and instead, the role was rewritten.

Release Date

Due to problems with development and the inability to find a new director, Star Trek 4 currently has no known release date.

Star Trek 4: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Everything Else We Know

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Star Trek 4 Writer Confirms Long-Awaited Sequel is Still Moving Forward

Star Trek 4 Writer Confirms Long-Awaited Sequel Is Still Moving Forward

By Maggie Dela Paz

Speaking with Collider , Star Trek 4 writer Lindsey Anderson Beer finally clarified the current status of the long-in-development fourth installment to the J.J. Abrams -produced Star Trek film franchise. Despite its suffering from delays, Beer confirmed that the highly-anticipated project is still moving forward at Paramount Pictures.

“It is, it’s still on the tracks,” She said. “I love that project, and it was another one that I had to hop off of to direct this movie, and that was a hard thing to do. But I love that everybody involved with that project.” However, it’s currently unclear if Beer had already left Star Trek 4 in order to shift her focus on directing Pet Sematary: Bloodlines ,or if her work on the project is temporarily on hold while the Paramount continues its search for a new director .

Star Trek 4’s Pre-Production Setbacks

It has already been nearly four years since Paramount Pictures confirmed the development of Star Trek 4. Since then, the project has undergone multiple creative changes including director changes. Last year, fans began doubting if Star Trek 4 would ever get made after Paramount decided to remove it from their 2023 theatrical release schedule.

In early 2022, during Paramount’s Investors Day Presentation, producer J.J. Abrams confirmed that Star Trek 4 was indeed in active development with the original cast expected to return including Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho, and Simon Pegg. As of the now, the project currently has no director attached to it yet after WandaVision’s Matt Shakman exited the movie due to scheduling conflicts with Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four.

Maggie Dela Paz

Maggie Dela Paz has been writing about the movie and TV industry for more than four years now. Besides being a fan of coming-of-age films and shows, she also enjoys watching K-Dramas and listening to her favorite K-Pop groups. Her current TV obsessions right now are FX’s The Bear and the popular anime My Hero Academia.

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Disney Pixar Dog Poster Trend

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star trek 4 uscita

Aarya Season 3: How Many Episodes & When Do New Episodes Come Out?

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Echo Disney+ release date

Echo Director Says Character Will Ditch ‘Lame’ Comic Book Powers

Blade Writer

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Blade Update: Marvel Studios Exec Reportedly Fired From MCU Movie After Dispute

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Love Actually 4K Rerelease Set for 20th Anniversary

Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 4 Episode 10 Streaming: How to Watch & Stream Online

Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 4 Episode 10 Streaming: How to Watch & Stream Online

Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 4 Episode 10 Release Date & Time on Paramount Plus

Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 4 Episode 10 Release Date & Time on Paramount Plus

star trek 4 uscita

Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 4 Episode 9 Streaming: How to Watch & Stream Online

star trek 4 uscita

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Star Trek 4 Release Date Rumors: When Is It Coming Out?

  • Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later. More content below

It has been seven years since audiences last saw Captain James T. Kirk and Commander Spock in Star Trek: Beyond. Since then, audiences have been wondering about the status of Star Trek 4 , especially after the film was confirmed to be in development and was later delayed indefinitely from its December 2023 release date.

Here’s all the Star Trek 4 release date information we know so far and all the details on when it is coming out.

Is there a Star Trek 4 release date?

Star Trek 4 does not have a release date at the time of writing. However, the project is still in active development, according to J.J Abrams .

The lack of a release date is due to the crew and producers of the film looking for a new director to helm the project after Matt Shakman, who was supposed to direct Star Trek 4, left the film on August 26, 2022, prior to the scheduled commencement of the shoot for Star Trek 4 at the end of 2022, likely because Marvel Studios tapped him to direct their upcoming Fantastic Four MCU reboot.

At the time of writing, the official cast for Star Trek 4 is unknown. However, fans can expect Chris Pine , Zachary Quinto , Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg , and John Cho to reprise their roles from previous Star Trek films. Sofia Boutella could also appear in the film and reprise her role of Jaylah from Star Trek Beyond , as she has expressed interest in doing so.

Where is Star Trek 4 coming out?

Star Trek 4 isn’t confirmed to release in theaters anytime soon.

As for what the plot of Star Trek 4 could be, it is unknown. However, the film could continue on from plot points established at the end of Star Trek Beyond, such as Captain Kirk and the rest of the crew of the USS Enterprise going on a new mission following the construction of their new ship, Jaylah honing her skills at Starfleet Academy, and Commander Spock working to develop his relationship with Nyota Uhura after the two reconciled at the end of Star Trek Beyond.

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The post Star Trek 4 Release Date Rumors: When Is It Coming Out? appeared first on - Movie Trailers, TV & Streaming News, and More .

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J.J. Abrams Sure Thinks Star Trek 4 Is Going to Happen

A new profile with chris pine revealed the actor still doesn't know anything about it, but reboot architect abrams is hopeful..

Chris Pine and the rest of the recent Star Trek movie cast

In a new Esquire profile, Chris Pine speaks candidly about his leading man roles, his earnest hero typecasting, and the tentpole franchise that turned him into a household name: Star Trek . The 2009 reboot of the beloved series quickly fueled two sequels, but the rumored fourth movie has yet to materialize.

During a Paramount investor meeting in early 2022 , Star Trek director and producer J.J. Abrams revealed “We are thrilled to say that we are hard at work on a new Star Trek film that will be shooting by the end of the year that will be featuring our original cast and some new characters that I think are going to be really fun and exciting and help take Star Trek into areas that you’ve just never seen before.” The end of the 2022 has obviously come and gone, and Pine has not started shooting. He’s also apparently still not heard anything about the film . “In Star Trek land,” he told Esquire, “the actors are usually the last people to find out anything.” Esquire followed up with Abrams, who said that he still hasn’t hired a director, but said “it’s the first time [since the original reboot] that we have a story that feels as compelling as the first one.”

Pine says that this oblique work environment is “frustrating,” but conceeds that’s just typically how these big franchises are. It’s not ideal, and he might not be completely in love with the way the partnership works, but “I love the character. I love the people. I love the franchise.” Will Star Trek 4 ever happen ? We’ll be waiting along with its presumed star to find out. In the meantime, there’s plenty of Star Trek to be found on Paramount+, including the currently streaming third season of Star Trek: Picard , and you can see Pine on the big screen when his next film, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves , releases March 31.

Want more io9 news? Check out when to expect the latest Marvel , Star Wars , and Star Trek releases, what’s next for the DC Universe on film and TV , and everything you need to know about the future of Doctor Who .

Screen Rant

Star trek 4: sequel or reboot movie - which is better.

There are rumors that Paramount is looking to reboot the Star Trek movie franchise, but J.J. Abrams' Star Trek 4 remains the best way forward.

  • Paramount Studios is considering whether to continue with Star Trek 4 or reboot the franchise altogether.
  • There is a desire among fans to see more from Chris Pine and the Kelvin Timeline crew.
  • A reboot could explore untold stories in the wider Star Trek canon, but there is still potential in the current cast.

As Paramount Studios reportedly turn their attention back to the next Star Trek movie, there is a question over whether they should press ahead with Star Trek 4 or reboot the franchise altogether. The fourth movie in J.J. Abrams' Kelvin Timeline series has been stuck in development hell for over seven years and has burned through multiple big names like Quentin Tarantino, Matt Shakman, and Noah Hawley. Recently, writer-director Lindsey Anderson-Beer stated that Star Trek 4 was " still on the tracks " after she left the project to work on Pet Sematary: Bloodlines .

Now, new reports suggest that Star Trek 4 will be a reboot , which is hopefully borne out of a misunderstanding. It's been seven years since Star Trek Beyond , so perhaps the fourth movie will be a soft reboot that brings back the cast without explicit ties to the Kelvin Timeline continuity. That would be the desired outcome, given how many fans still want to see more from Chris Pine and the Kelvin Timeline crew. However, a reboot is more suggestive of a desire by Paramount to push the movie franchise into new territory, leaving the Kelvin Timeline behind forever.

Should Star Trek 4 Be A Sequel Or A Reboot Movie?

It's been seven years since Star Trek Beyond , which is a long time but shouldn't be a reason not to follow it up with Star Trek 4 . Not least because Paramount's biggest box office hit of 2022 was Top Gun: Maverick , a sequel to a 36-year-old movie, which puts the widening gap between Star Trek Beyond and Star Trek 4 into perspective. Rebooting a movie franchise within less than a decade never works, as Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man movies and Josh Trank's critically panned Fantastic Four movie both show.

It's strange that despite Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto's desire to return for more Star Trek movies hasn't convinced Paramount Studios that Star Trek 4 is a better option than a reboot. While a hard reboot can rely on Star Trek fans to turn out to movie theaters, it could have a harder time appealing to a broader audience. With a ready-made movie franchise, a willing cast, and a demonstrative audience interest, Star Trek 4 should be the next movie.

What Would A Star Trek Movie Reboot Be About Vs. A Chris Pine Sequel?

Thanks to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds , a movie reboot cannot be about Kirk, Spock, and the crew of the USS Enterprise NC-1701. Any reboot that recasts Captain Kirk would put enormous strain on the unfortunate actor cast in the role. They wouldn't have to just live up to William Shatner, they'd also be competing with Chris Pine and Paul Wesley. Instead, any Star Trek reboot should explore the wider canon to find untold stories that could benefit from the big-screen treatment. There are various historic moments in the canon such as the Earth-Romulan War or the Cardassian Border Wars, that could be realized on the big screen with a brand-new starship crewed by Hollywood stars.

A Chris Pine-fronted Star Trek 4 movie should wrap up his arc by focusing on the aging crew of Kirk's Enterprise as they contemplate moving on. The best of the TOS -era Star Trek movies were all about the crew addressing their legacy. Revisiting the David Marcus plot from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan could be the perfect way to reconcile the father issues of Chris Pine's Kirk. There still feels like a good deal of potential in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek cast, which is why the rumors of a franchise reset are so concerning.

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Home Articles Movies Star Trek 4 Pulled from 2023 Release Date

Star Trek 4 Pulled from 2023 Release Date

Published 1 year ago

J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek films have been halted for a while after Star Trek Beyond , but things had started to get cooking again recently when the fourth movie was announced for a 2023 release. Bad news is, it looks like Trek will have to go on hiatus again.

According to Variety , Paramount Pictures has decided to pull Star Trek 4 from its December 2023 release date. This comes after the news that Matt Shakman was hired to direct Fantastic Four for Marvel—Shakman was originally on board to direct Trek for Paramount, but decided to leave when Marvel offered him the F4 gig.

The film would have seen the fourth entry in the Kelvin timeline of Star Trek and would have brought back actors Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho, and Simon Pegg. The only principal cast member who would not be returning is Anton Yelchin (Chekov) who tragically died back in 2016.

Admittedly, this fourth film has been having a hard time getting off the ground, with multiple changes in directors and even some issues with actors. If anything, Beyond was gearing up for a time travel story that would have Chris Hemsworth reprise the role of Kirk’s father, but plans didn’t push through and Hemsworth had not heard from the film since.

With Trek having new life in television with multiple spinoffs like Discovery, Strange New Worlds, Picard , and Lower Decks , it is kind of odd that the film side has been having a hard time coming back. Hopefully Paramount does get the wheels churning once more, because this is personally my favorite Trek brand, and I love watching the cast together.

Star Trek 4 has no current release date.

Ryan Reynolds Announces Fan-Favorite Return for Deadpool 3

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'Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek' alternate dimension miniseries coming in 2024

Spawned from the 'Star Trek: Day of Blood' story arc, this alternative dimension title starts in March 2024.

illustration of two humans and two humanoid aliens, with a ring-shaped space station in the background.

During a panel earlier this month at New York Comic Con 2023, IDW Publishing announced that a new, kid-centric "Star Trek" comic is coming next year.

"Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek" is a four-part miniseries hatched from IDW’s Eisner-nominated flagship " Star Trek " series and " Star Trek: Defiant " title.

Written by Morgan Hampton ("Cyborg") with artwork by Angel Hernandez ("Transformers," "Star Trek Resurgence") and a main cover courtesy of illustrator Jake Bartok, "Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek" centers around Jake and Alexander, the spacefaring sons of Benjamin Sisko and Wolf, as they encounter a curious dimension of unexplored possibilities populated by offspring of other "Star Trek" luminaries.

Related: 'Star Trek' movies in order: Chronological and release

  • Want to watch Star Trek on Paramount Plus? Here's a free trial
  • Subscribe to Paramount Plus starting at $4.99/month

Here's the official synopsis:

"In the aftermath of Kahless' harrowing Day of Blood , Jake Sisko struggles to find his place in the universe now that his family has been reunited and his father, Benjamin Sisko, has once again saved the galaxy .

"Meanwhile, Alexander Rozhenko is recovering mentally and emotionally from his time as one of Kahless' devout followers. Although his father, Worf, was able to break him away from the Red Path cult, Alexander is haunted by his actions during the bloody coup and is unsure of his ability to atone for the devastation he caused.

"Jake and Alexander find their stories intertwined as they're thrust into an alternate universe where they followed their father’s footsteps into Starfleet stardom. As officers aboard the U.S.S. Burton, Jake and Alexander encounter alternate versions of other children of Starfleet legends who show them they all may have a bit more in common than it would seem."

— 'Star Trek:' History & effect on space technology

— As Sisko returns in IDW's new flagship 'Star Trek' series, writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly weigh in (exclusive)

— Sisko and Worf unite to stop a crazed Klingon emperor in IDW's 'Star Trek: Day of Blood' event

Writer Morgan Hampton was one of the participants in the Milestone Initiative Talent Development Program, which led to his first major DC project rebooting Cyborg.

"'Star Trek' is a franchise that has rewired my DNA and provided me a sense of comfort amongst its characters and stories," said Hampton in a statement. "I'm so excited to pour some of that energy back into this world. Angel and I are creating a story full of shock, excitement, and wonder led by characters not usually in the spotlight. Fans new and old will find that familiar 'Star Trek' charm at the heart. It's a dream come true to be able to add a wrinkle in the fabric of this incredible universe !"

"Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek #1" kicks off the alt-dimension action on March 13, 2024.

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Jeff Spry

Jeff Spry is an award-winning screenwriter and veteran freelance journalist covering TV, movies, video games, books, and comics. His work has appeared at SYFY Wire, Inverse, Collider, Bleeding Cool and elsewhere. Jeff lives in beautiful Bend, Oregon amid the ponderosa pines, classic muscle cars, a crypt of collector horror comics, and two loyal English Setters.

SpaceX Artist-in-Residence on painting spacecraft and Starlink satellites: 'The machine is my patron' (exclusive)

'Loki' season 2 episode 5 review: An unexpected solution

Sci-fi inspired tractor beams are real, and could solve a major space junk problem

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New 'Star Trek: Discovery' Trailer Reveals Season 4 Release Date, Uncertainty for Burnham and Crew

"We are facing something we don't understand, something that could tear us all apart."

Happy First Contact Day!  Star Trek fans are being treated to so many exciting reveals — including our first look at Season 4 of  Star Trek: Discovery .  The trailer drop was part of a special virtual event honoring the anniversary of "First Contact Day," in which humans became aware of life on other worlds through a first meeting with the Vulcan race on April 5, 2063 (an event that played out in the movie  Star Trek: First Contact ).

We knew  Discovery would be coming back for Season 4  back in November , when the cast was reported to return to begin production, and the new trailer gives us our first indication of the trials that await Captain Michael Burnham ( Sonequa Martin-Green ), Saru ( Doug Jones ) and other DISCO crew members like Paul Stamets ( Anthony Rapp ) and Sylvia Tilly ( Mary Wiseman ). The trailer also serves as confirmation that Season 3 newcomers  David Ajala ,  Blu del Barrio and  Ian Alexander will also be coming back for the fourth season — and teases a very important shot of Book's cat Grudge, a new fan-favorite character.

RELATED:  'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 4 Sets Production Start — Dare We Have Hope for the Future?

As part of the "First Contact Day" Virtual Global Event, free panels featuring franchise actors past and present were made available to fans, with thrilling new footage from the upcoming season of  Star Trek: Picard as well as the announcement of a new  Woman in Motion documentary , which features the inspiring true story of actress  Nichelle Nichols and her mission with NASA's recruiting program to hire people of color and the first female astronauts in the late 1970s and 1980s. Chances are high that this  Discovery trailer won't be the last reveal before the event is over, so stay tuned to Collider for more surprises.

Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery  will air in late 2021, exclusively on Paramount+. Check out the trailer and official summary for Season 4 below:

Season four of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY finds Captain Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery facing a threat unlike any they’ve ever encountered. With Federation and non-Federation worlds alike feeling the impact, they must confront the unknown and work together to ensure a hopeful future for all.

KEEP READING:  How to Watch Paramount+: Pricing Details, What’s on It, and More


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    On July 18, Paramount Pictures officially announced a fourth Star Trek reboot film with the temporary title Star Trek 4. The announcement confirmed the return of Hemsworth and Pine as well as most of the main cast from Beyond, with Abrams producing alongside Lindsey Weber under their company Bad Robot Productions. J. D.

  2. Paramount Reportedly Working To Get 'Star Trek 4' Into Pre-Production

    In early 2022 when Paramount and producer J.J. Abrams announced they were moving forward with Star Trek 4 for an originally planned Christmas 2023 release, the latest draft for the movie was...

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    Paramount has dated Star Trek 4 's theatrical bow for June 9, 2023. Seeing as how it's only in the script stage and no cast or official title have been announced, a two-plus year wait for fans from now seems about right. Typically, past Star Trek movies took that long when moving through development and into production, then post-production.

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    Star Trek 4 è il film del 2024 diretto da Matt Shakman con Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho e Simon Pegg ... Star Trek 4: uscita al cinema e dove vederlo in streaming.

  5. Star Trek 4 Development Details And More

    Eventually, the project started moving again and earned a release date of June 9, 2023, but that got kicked back to December 22, 2023 ... before vanishing from the release slate completely. We have...

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    By Dan Seddon Published: 27 September 2023 Star Trek 4 is still happening, according to screenwriter Lindsey Anderson Beer.

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    After switching writers and scripts multiple times, Star Trek 4 is finally moving towards an official release date in late 2023. Star Trek 4 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far TV ...

  9. Star Trek 4: 6 Quick Things We Know About The Movie

    (Image credit: Paramount Pictures) Star Trek 4 Has Been Temporarily Removed From Paramount's Release Schedule. The original premiere date was already being pushed around for some time prior to ...

  10. Star Trek 4: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Everything Else We Know

    Star Trek 4 is one of Paramount's biggest, untapped titles, and the stars are still up for another journey into the final frontier. Things are looking dark, but somewhere, out there in the ...

  11. Star Trek 4

    Star Trek 4 is scheduled for release on Friday 22nd December 2023. If you're looking for something to watch, check out our TV Guide or check out our Movies hub for all the latest news and...

  12. Star Trek 4 Writer Confirms Long-Awaited Sequel Is Still Moving Forward

    September 26, 2023. By Maggie Dela Paz. Speaking with Collider, Star Trek 4 writer Lindsey Anderson Beer finally clarified the current status of the long-in-development fourth installment to the J ...

  13. Star Trek 4 Release Date Rumors: When Is It Coming Out?

    The lack of a release date is due to the crew and producers of the film looking for a new director to helm the project after Matt Shakman, who was supposed to direct Star Trek 4, left the...

  14. J.J. Abrams Star Trek 4 Update: It Will Have "Compelling" Story

    J.J. Abrams Sure Thinks Star Trek 4 Is Going to Happen A new profile with Chris Pine revealed the actor still doesn't know anything about it, but reboot architect Abrams is hopeful.

  15. 'Star Trek 4' Writer Confirms Next Movie Is "Still on the Tracks"

    Star Trek 4, was initially set for production in the back half of 2022, but that first announcement jumped the phaser a bit as it also surprised the stars who were reportedly set to return at the ...

  16. Star Trek 4: Sequel Or Reboot Movie

    As Paramount Studios reportedly turn their attention back to the next Star Trek movie, there is a question over whether they should press ahead with Star Trek 4 or reboot the franchise altogether. The fourth movie in J.J. Abrams' Kelvin Timeline series has been stuck in development hell for over seven years and has burned through multiple big names like Quentin Tarantino, Matt Shakman, and ...

  17. Star Trek 4 Pulled from 2023 Release Date

    J.J. Abrams' Star Trek films have been halted for a while after Star Trek Beyond, but things had started to get cooking again recently when the fourth movie was announced for a 2023 release.Bad news is, it looks like Trek will have to go on hiatus again.. According to Variety, Paramount Pictures has decided to pull Star Trek 4 from its December 2023 release date.

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    Star Trek is a beloved series that has spanned decades. When JJ Adams revived the franchise in 2009, it gained even more fans with its brand new cast and storyline. After the release of its last ...

  19. Star Trek 4 release date estimate and latest news

    Set in an alternate timeline to the rest of the Star Trek we know and love (including all our favorite Star Trek series and the previous Star Trek movies), the reboot films follow the adventures of the most famous Star Trek captain, James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and his beloved crew.Unfortunately, though, in recent years, Star Trek 4 has been trapped in the Tholian web of development hell.

  20. New 'Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek' miniseries coming in 2024

    Subscribe to Paramount Plus starting at $4.99/month. Cover for "Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek #1." (Image credit: IDW) Here's the official synopsis: "In the aftermath of Kahless' harrowing Day of ...

  21. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

    Accompanied by the Vulcan Spock, still recovering from his resurrection, the crew take their captured Klingon Bird of Prey (renamed the Bounty, after the Royal Navy ship) and return to Earth to face trial for their actions.

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