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Experience the Ultimate Adventure: Trafalgar Guided Tours for Thrill-Seekers

Are you a thrill-seeker looking for the ultimate adventure? Look no further than Trafalgar Guided Tours. With their wide range of exciting and immersive experiences, Trafalgar Guided Tours offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations. Whether you’re a nature lover, history enthusiast, or simply seeking an adrenaline rush, Trafalgar has something for everyone. In this article, we’ll explore why Trafalgar Guided Tours is the perfect choice for thrill-seekers.

Uncover Hidden Gems with Local Experts

One of the key advantages of choosing Trafalgar Guided Tours is their team of dedicated local experts. These knowledgeable guides have an intimate understanding of each destination and are passionate about sharing their insights with travelers. By joining a Trafalgar tour, you’ll gain access to hidden gems that are often overlooked by other tourists.

Imagine exploring the narrow streets of a medieval European town or venturing deep into the heart of a dense rainforest while accompanied by a local expert who can provide unique historical and cultural context. With Trafalgar, you won’t just scratch the surface; you’ll dive deep into each destination’s rich tapestry.

Immerse Yourself in Authentic Experiences

Trafalgar Guided Tours prides itself on offering authentic experiences that allow travelers to truly immerse themselves in local culture. Whether it’s dining with locals in their homes, learning traditional crafts from skilled artisans, or participating in ancient rituals and ceremonies, Trafalgar ensures that every moment is filled with genuine connections and meaningful interactions.

For thrill-seekers who crave adventure off the beaten path, Trafalgar offers exclusive experiences such as hiking through remote wilderness areas, kayaking in crystal-clear waters surrounded by stunning landscapes, or even embarking on a thrilling safari in search of majestic wildlife. These experiences provide a unique blend of excitement and cultural immersion that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Travel with Ease and Peace of Mind

Planning an adventure-filled trip can be overwhelming, but with Trafalgar Guided Tours, you can leave all the logistics to the experts. From transportation and accommodations to daily itineraries, Trafalgar takes care of every detail so that you can focus on enjoying your journey.

With Trafalgar, you’ll travel in comfort and style, with carefully selected accommodations that reflect the local charm of each destination. You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that your experienced tour director is there to assist you every step of the way. Their extensive knowledge and expertise ensure a seamless travel experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the thrill and excitement of each destination.

Create Lifelong Connections with Like-Minded Travelers

One of the most rewarding aspects of joining a Trafalgar Guided Tour is the opportunity to meet like-minded travelers from around the world. With small group sizes, typically ranging from 10 to 30 people, you’ll have ample opportunities to connect with fellow adventurers who share your passion for exploration.

Whether it’s swapping stories over a delicious meal or embarking on thrilling adventures together, these shared experiences often lead to lifelong friendships. Trafalgar tours create a sense of community and camaraderie among travelers, making every moment even more memorable.

In conclusion, for thrill-seekers seeking the ultimate adventure, Trafalgar Guided Tours offers an unrivaled experience. With their team of local experts, authentic experiences, seamless travel logistics, and opportunities for meaningful connections with fellow travelers, Trafalgar is the perfect choice for those looking to embark on an unforgettable journey. So embrace your adventurous spirit and let Trafalgar guide you to the thrill of a lifetime.

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sopranos self guided tour

sopranos self guided tour

Get in the Holiday Spirit and Check out the NYC Holiday Lights & Movie Sites Tour!

On Location Tours


Quick Details

  • Calendar Availability: Daily
  • User Ages: Ages 18+
  • Hour Glass Duration: 4 hours for public tours , Small private tours are typically 1 hour shorter
  • Tag Tour Type: Bus Tour , Public Bus/Vehicle Tour
  • Open Book Language: English

Sopranos Sites Tour by On Location Tours

Do you want a real-life peek into the filming locations as seen in  The Sopranos?  Join us for the On Location Tours  Sopranos  Sites bus tour, as you indulge in the iconically gruesome, thrilling, and secret lives of the Sopranos!

Begin your day with the opening credits and end your afternoon as part of the family on this sightseeing tour from NYC to the New Jersey suburbs. The tour guides are actors who have appeared as stand-ins or extras on film sets and share little known facts and behind the scenes info on the locations that are visited throughout the tour.

This tour is a great option for bachelor parties in New York or New Jersey. You might even want to package it together with an “unfuhgeddable” dinner in Little Italy.

What Will You See On This Tour?

  • Swing by Satin Dolls, the infamous strip club
  • Pass the waste management company Venture Recycling, otherwise known as Barone Sanitation
  • Spot the historical Skyway Diner
  • Get to know the real Muffler Man, the 25-foot giant made out of fiberglass
  • See the site of St. Cecilia’s Parish, a catholic church in New Jersey
  • Sit in a booth at Holsten’s, an old-timey ice cream parlor known for its homemade ice cream

Meeting Location

7th Avenue near 39th Street (exact location given upon purchase)

Private Tours

Our private tours have a more intimate vibe, where you can ask our tour guide more questions about their experiences while being on a set. The guide can personalize the tour by paying extra attention to your group and helping you get the best photos!

We have various size vehicles to accommodate your private tour. Depending on the size of your group, your tour might be in a Sedan, an SUV, a sprinter or a High-End Van.


  • Chevron down From Manhattan to “Sopranoland”

The tour begins in New York and starts out with sites as seen in the opening credits, including the exit of the Lincoln Tunnel and the famous Manhattan skyline. As you arrive in Jersey, you’ll see more sites including The Muffler Man, Pizza Land, a featured Tudor house, and the ramp to the Pulaski Skyway as seen at the end of every episode.

The tour then hits some more recognizable places: Barone Sanitation, the Skyway Diner, Big Pussy’s auto body shop, and Satin Dolls, also known as the Bada Bing.

The tour visits major sites that were used in filming the show such as Cozzarelli’s; Party Box (now unoccupied), Car Wash, Searchlight Diner and St. Cecilia’s Church, all of which were locations for major scenes as seen in the series.

Get off the bus for a fun stop at Holsten’s (where the final scene of the last episode was shot) and enjoy complimentary onion rings. Sit in “Tony’s” booth with your family for a nostalgic photo to share with friends.

Another major location, Satriale’s Pork Store, was a fictional establishment that was housed in an empty warehouse next to the Irish American Club in Kearny.  The set was dismantled after the filming of the series concluded, and the building was torn down to make way for condominiums, which never happened!

More filming locations include the Gold Driving Range, Harrison High School, Seabra’s Rodizio, the statue of Christopher Columbus, St. Cecilia’s, the Nuovo Vesuvio; and many, many more.

  • Chevron down You Gotta Eat…

During the tour, you’ll get the chance to eat at Holsten’s Diner. If you’d rather venture on your own after the tour, grab a bite to eat in the great Manhattan neighborhood of Little Italy.

Just follow the red, white, and green parking meters along Mulberry Street (between Grand and Canal streets) and you will find more Italian eateries than you could ever hope to visit in a single trip, like Amici II, Café Roma, Casa Bella, Lombardi’s, Fratelli, Caffe Sorrento, Il Palazzo, and more.

In the late 1800s, an influx of Italian immigrants created a Little Italy that wasn’t so little. Now, it is a bit smaller, with only a few thousand Italian-Americans calling Little Italy their home. However, the neighborhood has never lost its charm.

Stop by Umberto’s Clam House, or Il Cortile to have a delicious lunch or dinner. Try La Mela for family-style Italian or Grotta Azzura for upscale Italian. Skip dessert and grab some great cannolis over at Ferrara Bakery and Café, or enjoy a glass of wine and tiramisu at one of the many outdoor cafes.


  • Chevron down Are there stops on the tour?

Yes, the vehicle will stop a few times throughout the tour to let guests off and walk around, as well as visit some of the locations.

  • Chevron down Is there an age limit on this tour?

Children under 18 years old, including babies, are unfortunately not allowed on the tour, as the content of the tour and several of its stops are not suitable for young children. Please also keep in mind that a couple of the stops on the tour – such as the Bada Bing – do have their own age minimums, and it is up to the discretion of these establishments whom to allow in.

  • Chevron down Will we be on a double-decker bus?

No, our buses do not have two decks. Depending on the size of your group, your tour might be in a coach bus, mini bus, Sedan, SUV, or sprinter.

  • Chevron down Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

Please email [email protected] at least 24 hours in advance of the tour to request a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

Adult and corporate private van tours available

Click here to learn more

Learn More »


  • Tag Public Bus/Vehicle Tour
  • Hour Glass 3 hours for public tours
  • User All ages

New York Classic Film Tour

Take a trip through the reel New York! See locations from classic movies with timeless characters and learn about historical movie-making magic.

  • Most Popular!
  • Tag Bus Tour , Public Bus/Vehicle Tour
  • Hour Glass 2.5 hours

NYC TV & Movie Tour

Straddle fiction and reality as you visit famous sites from both the big and small screen! See a mix of nostalgic locations from Friends, Seinfeld, When Harry Met Sally, and more.

Your Ultimate Sopranos North Jersey Car Tour

sopranos self guided tour

In honor of the Many Saints of Newark premiere this Friday – we’re taking a trip down memory lane with one of the most essential television dramas of all time. The Sopranos is a New-Jersey based TV show that aired from 1999 – 2007. Many from the Garden State take great pride in being home to the series – and rightfully so. The Sopranos is filled with award-winning drama, strong personalities, and it completely impacted our cultural landscape – while changing television forever. With a majority of the scenes taking place in North Jersey, we’ve put together an ultimate Sopranos tour around NJ, so that you can relive the hit drama 20+ years later.

PS – Many Saints of Newark will be in theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO Max starting Friday, October 1.

St. Patrick’s {492 Bramhall Avenue, Jersey City}

The historic church on Grand Street, Ocean, and Bramhall Avenues in Jersey City was used in a few episodes throughout the show. It’s probably remembered most from season 4, where Tony brought his son for a ride to the church, and told his son, AJ, how his ancestors helped build the house of worship.

The Soprano House {14 Aspen Drive, North Caldwell}

Soprano House

If you’re going to drive by anything in North Jersey, this should be it. The home that Tony Soprano and his family lived in for all of the show’s run is located in North Caldwell. The house was used for countless exterior shots, including the well-known opening credits. The North Caldwell mansion recently hit the market in 2019 for an asking price of $3.4M.

sopranos self guided tour

Skyway Diner {280 Central Avenue, Kearny}

Skyway Diner

{Photo credit: Skyway Diner Facebook}

During the second season of The Sopranos , Christopher Moltisanti was shot in front of this very diner. Just under the Pulaski Skyway, the eatery {now closed} served as a shooting locale for the series. Before the diner closed, it served classic diner fare including breakfast, dinner entrees, homemade desserts, and more – while it was favored amongst the trucking clientele in the area. 

Read More: A Guide to Local Real Housewives of New Jersey Landmarks

Pizza Land {260 Belleville Turnpike, North Arlington}

Pizza Land

{Photo credit: Google Maps}

Also in the beginning sequence of the Sopranos , Pizza Land has become a historical landmark in North Jersey. This entire family can enjoy this spot, as it’s been serving authentic Italian food and old-style pizza since the 1960s. When James Gandolfini {actor who played the main character, Tony Soprano} died in 2013, fans flocked to Pizza Land – leaving memorials and paying tribute to the actor.

Satriale’s: Pork Store {101 Kearny Avenue, Kearny}

Satriale’s Pork Store

{Photo credit: SopranosLocations.com }

A fictional establishment – Satriale’s was a pork store that was taken over by Johnny Soprano, and a regular hangout for the DiMeo crime family in the series. The abandoned building that used to be Satriale’s was demolished in 2007, and the owner sold bricks from the exterior as collectibles. After the building was torn down, the initial plans included condos named “The Soprano,” in honor of the show. But the condos never made it to fruition, and the space is now a municipal parking lot run by the city. 

Joe’s Bake Shop {601 Ridge Road, North Arlington}

Joe’s Bake Shop in North Arlington is known for the scene where Christopher Moltisanti shoots a bakeshop employee in the foot at this store. For a good period of time after the show, the building proudly kept the “Joe’s Bake Shop” sign up – but in recent years the spot has converted to a seafood store called “World Seafood”. 

Cleveland Auto Body {5 Cleveland Avenue, Harrison}

Cleveland Auto Body Repair was a family-owned and operated car repair shop, and the location of several episodes of The Sopranos . This Harrison spot no longer has the same name, but the building is still operating as an auto body shop. Cast and crew were known to frequent the Spanish Pavillion Tapas Bar right around the corner.

Wilson’s Carpet Guy {220 Broadway, Jersey City}

Wilson’s Carpet Guy

You may recognize the giant carpet-holding Muffler Man underneath the Pulaski Skyway – home of Wilson’s Carpet and Furniture. The statue was part of the opening theme to the television drama. The “carpet guy” makes this stop on the tour a great photo opp spot. But if you also have any flooring, carpet, or furniture needs – Wilson’s is a great local spot to check out. 

See More: A Hoboken Walking Tour: A Literal Step Into The Mile Square’s Past

Satin Dolls {230 NJ 17, Lodi}

Satin Dolls is a gentleman’s club located on Route 17 – known as the Bada Bing Club in the television show. Stop here to take a photo with the signage, and you’ll find it easy to imagine Tony Soprano walking in and having a drink.

Father Phil’s Church {818 Valley Road, Clifton}

The Sopranos used St. George’s Orthodox Church located in Clifton, New Jersey. Even though it is not a Catholic Church, it was used in the series as the family’s Catholic church in a couple of episodes in season 4.

Holstens {1063 Broadway, Bloomfield}


A fitting ending for the tour around North Jersey. Holstens is a Bloomfield ice cream parlor where the series’ final scene was filmed. The famous spot has been in business since 1939, and it’s known for delicious, homemade ice cream. Make sure to check out The Sopranos merchandise for sale, enjoy the old-school ice cream parlor vibes – or take some to-go and enjoy while binge-watching The Sopranos at home.


also appears in

Taylor Duncan

Taylor Duncan

Taylor is an (overly — is there such a thing?) proud Jersey girl, who has been lucky enough to call Hoboken home for the last few years, and Jersey City for two prior. Taylor received her degree in multimedia journalism from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. She also spent some time in Miami, but always knew she’d find her way to Hoboken. Taylor has a career in sports, digital, and social media strategy in the NYC area. A lover of all things local, she has a long list of favorite restaurants and coffee shops where she spends a good chunk of her time. You can also catch her running on the waterfront, walking her new pup, watching reruns of Real Housewives, or making a trip to HomeGoods.

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If you can’t wait for the prequel, visit these real spots from ‘the sopranos’, social links for alex mitchell.

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Thanks for contacting us. We've received your submission.

Looking to let out your inner mob boss without actually breaking the law? Then these spots are for you.

As anticipation builds for “The Sopranos” prequel film, “The Many Saints of Newark,” out in theaters and on HBO Max Oct. 1, it’s the perfect moment to revisit the original series. And if you’re sick of sitting at home on your couch — who isn’t? — then another way to get reacquainted with Tony Soprano and his crew is to do an informal tour of all of their favorite spots.

Creator David Chase made it easy. Keeping in line with his vision of authenticity for the show, many locations from the original “Sopranos” are still existing places in both New York and New Jersey.

Yes, with a tank of gas and a mission, you can gaze upon the actual house that stood in for Tony’s home, or eat at the infamous restaurant from the long-debated finale .

Ready to channel your favorite fictional mafia don? Bada bing, bada boom.

Re-create the intro

Many landmarks filmed for "The Sopranos" intro are still around today, such as the "muffler man" outside Wilson's Carpet.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all cranked Alabama 3’s “Woke Up This Morning” while cruising the New Jersey Turnpike at some point or another.

But we haven’t necessarily driven Tony’s actual route. To see all the landmarks he so cinematically passes, enter the Lincoln Tunnel heading to the southbound turnpike (use the ticket machine in lieu of an E-ZPass if you’re truly committed), and continue until you see the famous “Drive Safely” Citgo container in Linden before heading for Jersey City via the Pulaski Skyway.

Satriale's was and still is a fan favorite setting for "The Sopranos."

As an added bonus, you’ll be passing over the set of Barone Sanitation — one of many businesses that provided a front for the family — at 275 Broadway on your way to the towering, carpet-clutching “muffler man” statue outside of Wilson’s Carpet at 220 Broadway.

Then, in Kearny, NJ, you can drive the parking lot that once was the set piece for Tony’s butcher hangout Satriale’s, at 101 Kearny Ave., before heading north to Pizza Land at 260 Belleville Turnpike in North Arlington, NJ.

This little pizza place in North Jersey was made famous from James Gandolfini.

After that, it’s a straight shot to Tony’s home in the suburbs of North Caldwell, NJ.

Check out Tony’s house

Perhaps the most famous home in New Jersey, you can drive up to see The Soprano house in North Caldwell.

Yes, the Soprano family mansion is a real house in a real cul-de-sac, and you can drive right up to the North Caldwell property.

Located at the top of a rock-sided hill, the iconic home has been used for “Sopranos” cast parties along with meet-and-greets for fans in its luxurious backyard, replete with the in-ground pool that served as a centerpiece for so many memorable scenes.

Tony Soprano's home looks just as luxurious in person as it did on TV.

Although much of the interior was just a set for the show, the actual home’s layout mirrors what millions of viewers have seen throughout the years — it’s owned by Victor and Patti Recchia, who put the property on the market in 2019 for $3.4 million. (It does not seem to have sold.)

When actor James Gandolfini, who played the role of Tony Soprano, died in 2013, someone brought a bag of ziti to the home, according to the New York Times .

14 Aspen Drive, North Caldwell, NJ . This is a private residence and can only be observed from the street.

Shop at Centanni’s meat market

Fun fact: Before the safe haven for the Soprano crime family was Satriale’s, this real Elizabeth, NJ, meat market was used in the pilot episode.

Owner Michael Centanni still has fun with the room where Christopher Moltisanti wasted Emil Kolar.

Centanni’s made its mark as the spot where Christopher Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli, 55) clipped trash-hauling rival Emil Kolar (Bruce Smolanoff) over business negotiations gone wrong. Its exterior appeared as the backdrop to some colorful exchanges as well.

Since Centanni’s was — and still is —  an active and bustling business, “The Sopranos” series couldn’t film continuously there, thus the set of Satriale’s was built.

Sorry to disappoint, but Satriale's was only a temporary set for "The Sopranos.'

Rest assured, Centanni’s carries “gabagool” and plenty of other Italian goods you can savor once you’re back home.

815 2nd Ave, Elizabeth, NJ; 908-352-3108 . No website

Take in the sights at the Bada Bing!

It’s hard to miss the “Home of the Original Bada Bing!” sign that stands proudly in front of Satin Dolls off I-80 in Lodi, NJ.

Yes, you can get a dance at the original Bada Bing!

The crown jewel of Silvio Dante (Steven Van Zandt, 70), that appeared consistently throughout the series, lives on to this day as an active strip joint where “Sopranos” fans can, er, reminisce on the show’s former set.

Along with the countless shots of topless women, scenes filmed at the Bada Bing! often showed employee Georgie Santorelli (Frank Santorelli) getting beaten up in some form or another throughout the six seasons.

In Season 5’s “Irregular Around the Margins,” Christopher Moltisanti drunkenly stormed into the Bing and threatened to shoot Tony after hearing a rumor Soprano fooled around with his fiancée Adriana La Cerva (Drea de Matteo, 49).

Silvio Dante was also shot into a coma in the jiggle joint’s parking lot in the series’ infamous second to last episode, “Blue Comet.”

230 NJ-17, Lodi, NJ; 201-845-6494, www.SatinDollsNJ.com

Grab a drink at the New York crew’s hangout

Also used as a set for “The Godfather: Part III” and “Donnie Brasco,” lower Manhattan’s Mulberry Street Bar served as the Averna Social Club in “The Sopranos” — better known as the New York crew’s home base.

Mulberry Street Bar has been featured in many mob films as well as "The Sopranos."

Featured throughout the series, this is the watering hole where Tony would have backroom sit-downs with high-ranking member Johnny Sack (Vincent Curatola, 68) and boss Carmine Lupertazzi (Tony Lip) to hash out business at hand.

It’s also the location where Phil Leotardo (Frank Vincent) decided to “decapitate” the Soprano crime family — by going after Tony himself — in “Blue Comet.”

Mulberry Street Bar has since been renovated, but still proudly lays claim to its cinematic history with a list of films and shows that have been shot there displayed on the wall. Nowadays, it features a pleasant curbside dining setup as well.

176 Mulberry St.; 212-226-9345 . No website

Hike through the Pine Barrens

Unlike Christopher and Paulie, bring more than ketchup and relish packets to snack on as you walk through the Pine Barrens.

Arguably the most hilarious episode of “The Sopranos” is called “Pine Barrens,” after a real nature preserve in South Jersey. It was where Christopher Moltisanti and Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri (Tony Sirico, 79) got helplessly lost in the dead of winter after an interior decorator who killed 16 Czechoslovakians ran off.

Although the Season 3 standout was actually filmed at Harriman State Park in New York’s Rockland and Orange Counties, the real Pine Barrens preserve in the wilderness around Hammonton, NJ, is a favorite of locals and offers a fun, outdoorsy escape into the woods with safely marked trails.

609-561-0024 , VisitNJ.org/City/Pine-Barrens

Get yourself a treat at Applegate Farm

Fans will remember this roadside joint from the Season 6 episode “Chasing It,” where Phil Leotardo took Vito Jr. — son of Vito Spatafore (Joseph Gannascoli, 62) — out for ice cream. There, he chewed out his former associate’s son for acting out after his father’s murder (ordered by none other than Leotardo himself.)

Not far from Holsten's Applegate Farm is known for its crafty and scrumptious ice cream.

Although young Vito’s “silo” ice cream concoction — a massive cup of different flavors, topped with whipped cream and syrup — was a limited-time promotion, Montclair’s Applegate Farms has a well-earned reputation for offering some of North Jersey’s best ice cream and shakes, such as a frozen campfire s’mores blend. 

Ice cream cakes, pies, apple cider donuts, chocolates and banana splits are also offered at Applegate — without the company of an angry old mafia captain.  

616 Grove St., Montclair, NJ; 973-744-5900 . ApplegateFarm.com

Stroll below the Brooklyn Bridge

Whenever Tony would meet Johnny Sack by the Brooklyn Bridge, serious business would go down.

Whenever Tony needed a covert meeting with New York’s Johnny Sack, they would trek out to the desolate area around the Brooklyn Bridge, such as in Season 4’s “The Strong, Silent Type,” when Sack confronts Soprano over the Jersey crew keeping New York out of its housing-appraisal scam.

Of course, at the time of filming, in the early 2000s, the undeveloped beachfront near DUMBO was much less conspicuous than the row of restaurants, carousel and ferry station that now make up the area surrounding Empire-Fulton Ferry park today.

Nowadays, it's a little difficult to have covert mob meeting by the Brooklyn Bridge as the area is now a tourist hotspot.

It might be swarmed with tourists taking selfies nowadays, but the Brooklyn Bridge waterfront still has its spot in “Sopranos” history.

1 Water St., Brooklyn ; BrooklynBridgePark.org

Enjoy the ocean breeze at the Asbury Park boardwalk

Not far from fellow boss Bruce Springsteen’s hometown of Long Branch, this Jersey Shore boardwalk appeared in Tony’s dreams and flashbacks whenever something was going seriously awry.

Some of Tony's most important flashbacks happened at this Jersey shore boardwalk.

It most notably showed up in Season 2’s finale, “Funhouse,” when Soprano comes to the realization that his dear friend Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero (Vincent Pastore, 75) was wearing a wire and working with the feds, thus leading to the big guy’s demise at sea not long after.

The Asbury Park boardwalk reappeared in Season 3’s “To Save Us All From Satan’s Power,” when Tony reminisces about Bonpensiero as the crew realizes they need a replacement to play Santa Claus at Satriale’s at Christmastime. The job was delegated to gentle giant Bobby “Bacala” Baccalieri (Steve Schirripa, 64).

Outside of “The Sopranos,” the Asbury Park boardwalk is known for its beachside attractions such as the Stone Pony rock club and the the Wonder Bar.

1300 Ocean Ave., Asbury Park, NJ ; APBoardwalk.com

Hole up at Holsten’s

This North Jersey confectionery only appeared for four-and-a-half minutes in “The Sopranos” — but it was the most important 270 seconds of the entire show.

Holsten's more than prides itself for being a pivotal piece of "The Sopranos."

The famous setting for the series finale (and now prequel film) gave David Chase’s audience its final glimpse of Tony Soprano before an abrupt, 11 second cut to black that rocked the television world .

Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin,’” a song chosen by Chase due to his crew’s distaste for it , echoes throughout the restaurant as Tony, son AJ and wife Carmela feast on a last supper of onion rings, just as Meadow struggles to parallel park outside, and while a mysterious man in the “Members Only” jacket leaves the counter to enter the bathroom. 

The ending of "Made In America" still sparks controversy to this day.

Today, the Soprano family table (third row on the middle left) remains intact, for hungry diners to marvel at and take pictures with their onion rings, burgers and ice cream sundaes that the restaurant is also known for.

You can sit in the Tony Soprano booth in Holsten's and order onion rings for the table -- the best in the state according to Soprano.

Holsten’s walls are also filled with behind-the-scenes photographs from when the show was filmed, and they sell plenty of “Sopranos” merchandise to take home.

If you struggle with parallel parking like Meadow, rest assured that there’s a parking lot adjacent to Holsten’s.

1063 Broad St., Bloomfield, NJ; 973-338-7091 , Holstens.com

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sopranos self guided tour


sopranos self guided tour

Frommer's - Home

New Jersey Filming Locations from "The Sopranos": A Driving Tour

Fans of the iconic HBO series can visit these real-life North Jersey haunts of Tony Soprano and crew.

By Zac Thompson

October 20, 2021

The Sopranos debuted on HBO in January 1999. Six seasons, 21 Emmys, two decades, one prequel movie, and one golden age of television later, David Chase's pioneering mob drama remains a leading contender for the title of TV's GOAT.

One measure of the show's GOATness: A new generation has discovered the series and has found, as chronicled by the New York Times , newfound cultural and political relevance in the travails of mafia boss Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), his family, and his other family—the fictional DiMeo criminal organization. 

It's hard to think of another TV show from the class of '99 that has had anywhere near the same kind of impact, with the possible exception of SpongeBob SquarePants . 

Whether you've recently begun streaming The Sopranos on HBO Max or you watched the original run ending (and boy, what an ending) in 2007, you might be interested to know that many of the North Jersey locations that appeared onscreen can still be visited in real life (most interior scenes were shot at Silvercup Studios in New York City's Queens borough—sorry, that facility is not open for tours).  

The Sopranos Location Guide online lists more than 500 spots in New Jersey , New York, and elsewhere that were featured on the show; go to that site if you need an exhaustive list. 

Otherwise, hop in the car and follow along on this driving tour of iconic filming locations from The Sopranos in North Jersey. A map of the destinations featured is embedded at the bottom of this post.  Warning: mild spoilers ahead . 

Here's a Spotify playlist for the ride, compiled by HBO. Yes, of course it starts with Alabama 3's "Woke Up This Morning."

If you really want to set the right mood, redo Tony's drive from Manhattan to his house via the New Jersey Turnpike in the show's opening credits.

The Sopranos Location Guide has detailed driving directions  starting from the Lincoln Tunnel in New York , with screenshots of crucial sights to watch out for, such as the carpet-clutching Paul Bunyanesque statue in Jersey City ( at Wilson Carpet & Furniture, 220 Broadway ) and the Pizza Land restaurant in North Arlington ( 260 Belleville Turnpike ).

You'll wind up at the Soprano family's house, 14 Aspen Drive in North Caldwell .

sopranos self guided tour

The front of the 5,600-square-foot home used as the residence for Tony, wife Carmella (Edie Falco), and their kids Meadow (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) and A.J. (Robert Iler) can easily be spotted from the road. There really is a pool out back, too; we can't confirm the presence of ducks. Although indoor scenes were filmed on a set, the design was a meticulous re-creation of the home's real-life interiors, which do appear in the pilot episode. 

Because the place is privately owned, you can't go inside and poke around—unless, of course, you buy the house, which went on the market in 2019 for $3.4 million. (So far, no takers.)

Since this is a private neighborhood, be respectful when visiting—though current owners Patti and Victor Recchia are pretty good sports. 

Describing photo-seeking tourists for the New York Times , Victor said, “They’ll pull up in like a limo or something, get out in a robe, and pick up a newspaper."

About a 15-minute drive southwest to Bloomfield will take you from the show's opening credits to its unforgettable final moments. 

sopranos self guided tour

Opened in 1939, Holsten's ( 1063 Broad St. ) is an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that served as setting for the last scene of the series, in which the Soprano family munches onion rings before an abrupt cut to black that made us all think our TVs had gone on the fritz. The establishment also appears in the prequel film, The Many Saints of Newark . 

You can sit in Tony's booth, but please spare the waitstaff another rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'."

From Bloomfield, take the Garden State Parkway northeast to meet Route 17, then go south to where that road meets Interstate 80 near Lodi to find Satin Dolls ( 230 Route 17 South ), the strip club that stood in for the Bada Bing! on The Sopranos . 

DiMeo associates are frequently depicted conducting business at the club throughout the show, usually with topless extras gratuitously writhing in the background. Interior scenes were actually filmed here rather than on a set, but if you'd prefer to keep the mature content on your TV and not in your real life, you can settle for a photo of the Bada Bing! sign out in the parking lot. 

sopranos self guided tour

Satin Dolls is about a half-hour drive north of the eastern Newark suburbs (via I-95). A vacant storefront in one of them, Kearny, was turned by HBO into the set for Satriale's Pork Store ( 101 Kearny Ave. ), another frequent spot for Tony and company's deal- and threat-making as well as "gabagool" consumption. The set was later demolished and turned into a parking lot. 

sopranos self guided tour

For The Many Saints of Newark , an earlier version of Satriale's was imagined using a building on Market Street in nearby Paterson. 

To visit a Sopranos -related butcher shop that's actually open, head to Centanni's Meat Market , located at 815 2nd Ave. in Elizabeth, about a 30-minute drive south of Kearny via I-95. Centanni's appears in the pilot of The Sopranos in the role that Satriale's would take over for the rest of the run.  

To extend your tour into South Jersey, continue on I-95 to reach the Pine Barrens , the ostensible setting for everybody's favorite episode of The Sopranos , a season three outing in which Tony's protégé, Christopher Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli), and henchman Paulie Walnuts (Tony Sirico) get hopelessly lost in snowy woods while trying to handle a Russian mobster. 

sopranos self guided tour

As the New York Post points out , the episode was actually shot more than a hundred miles to the north of the Pine Barrens, in New York's Harriman State Park. 

But we figure you could use some woodsy scenery in Jersey after all that time on the highway, and the 1.1 million acres of forest in the Pine Barrens certainly fit the bill. Don't worry—hiking trails are well marked.

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This 'Sopranos' Tour Takes Fans to Iconic Sites From the Series and New Film — Complete With Tony's Favorite NJ Eats

The four-hour tour includes stops at Father Phil's Parish, Searchlight Diner, and Holsten's ice cream shop.

sopranos self guided tour

Now that The Sopranos is back with the release of prequel "The Many Saints of Newark," the sites from the original series have taken on more meaning — and On Location Tours is taking fans from New York City to all the most crucial spots in New Jersey, ending in the most spectacular fashion.

Although the tour has been running for 20 years, it's constantly being updated, and now new stops from the prequel are being added in Newark.

The tour starts in Manhattan near 7th Avenue and 39th Street. It follows Tony Soprano's familiar drive in the opening credits out of the city, where he heads out of the Lincoln Tunnel, the view of the Manhattan skyline behind him. Other iconic sites along the way are The Muffler Man, Pizza Land, and the Valley Landscape silo. Also along the drive is the Pulaski Skyway ramp that's seen at the end of each episode.

Then there are stops at some of the most recognizable locations, like Tony's business at Barone Sanitation, the Skyway Diner (where you can sit on the steps where Christopher was shot), Big Pussy's auto body shop, and Satin Dolls (also called Bada Bing). Also on the itinerary are visits to Father Phil's Parish, Satriale's Pork Store, Party Box, Searchlight Diner, and St. Cecilia's Church.

The highlight is a stop at Holsten's , the ice cream shop in Bloomfield, where guests can sit in booth B-3 , just like Tony did with his family in the very last scene of the series — and enjoy the onion rings he called the "best in the state."

The tours are led by local actors — including Marc, the lead guide on this tour who has appeared as a stand-in and extra on the series — who reveal behind-the-scenes secrets and challenge the guests to trivia along the way.

The Sopranos Tour is offered either as a public tour starting at $72 per person, or as a private tour with a three-person minimum for $160 per person. A limo buyout option is also available for up to five people for $740 total. On Location Tours offers the excursion daily and guests must be at least 18 years old.

For those looking to rub shoulders with the fictional mobsters, Joseph Gannascoli, who played Vito, has been known to surprise visitors at the start of the tour.

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  • Tours in New York

The Sopranos Tour

The Sopranos Tour

The Sopranos Tour allows you to immerse yourself in the world of Tony Soprano and his family. During the bus tour, you will pass more than 40 filming locations of the famous series and you will learn everything about the life of the Soprano family. Sit in Tony’s spot at Holsten’s Diner, have a drink at Bada Bing! and have your picture taken with an actor from the series, who will also be the guide.

Book your tickets for The Sopranos Tour here

The Life of the Sopranos

The New York Sopranos tour begins at the corner of 7th Avenue and 39th Street, where you meet your guide in front of the statue of a huge button. The tour guide is an actor who had a role in the series or played as an extra, giving you even more knowledge about The Sopranos. Once on the bus, you’ll head toward New Jersey. Just like in the intro to the series, you’ll see the Manhattan skyline and the exit of the Lincoln Tunnel. Next, you’ll pass places like Pizza Land, the Muffler Man, St. Cecilia’s Parish, and the Pulaski Skyway ramp seen at the end of each episode.

The Sopranos Tour - Holsten's

The Sopranos Tour lasts approximately 4 hours and stops at several locations. You can visit the infamous strip club Satin Dolls (Bada Bing!), which is still used as a strip club, and go to Holsten’s Diner. At the diner, you can order something to eat and take a seat in the booth where the final scene was shot.

Practical information

After your purchase, you will receive a voucher that you can print and use as your ticket for the tour or show on your smartphone as a mobile ticket.

  • Duration: approximately 4 hours
  • Departure point: Corner of 7th Avenue and 39th Street
  • Departure time: 10:00

The Sopranos Tour - Bada Bing

  • Posted in Tours in New York

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Shore Excursions Group

The Sopranos Tour

The Sopranos Tour in New York Sopranoland (The Muffler Man, Pizza Land, and the Valley Landscape silo)

If you're traveling to New York and consider yourself a fan of the hit show The Sopranos, then this is the tour for you. This four hour guided tour whisks you out of midtown Manhattan to "Sopranoland," New Jersey and takes you to real life locations from the hit HBO TV series, The Sopranos.

After you are picked up in a relaxing motor-coach, your Sopranos tour brings you through the Lincoln Tunnel, just like Tony Soprano does at the beginning of each episode with A3's "Woke Up This Morning" playing in the background. Heading towards New Jersey, you will see more scenes from the opening credits when you pass The Muffler Man, Pizza Land and the Valley Landscape silo, among others. This New York tour will have you feeling like you're part of "The Family." Visit the spot where Big Pussy spoke with the FBI, stop at Father Phil's Parish and sit in the restaurant booth where Tony sat in the final scene of the series. Meet Joe Gannascoli, a.k.a. Vito Spatafore, who kills Jackie Jr. at the end of Season Three.

Your Sopranos tour also features other popular shooting locations, including AJ's high school, Barone Sanitation (Tony's business), Big Pussy's auto repair shop, the Bada Bing (Satin Dolls), the diner where Christopher was shot (The Skyway Diner) and many more. Guides on this tour share a great deal of knowledge about the cast, crew, little known facts about the series and behind the scenes tidbits because they were extras who appeared on the show.

Get the shakedown on the real life locations where The Sopranos filmed, as your sightseeing motor coach takes you from New York City to the suburbs of New Jersey on this four hour guided tour. You'll feel like you stepped into your television to become part of the action.



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