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Snow Patrol  

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Snow Patrol are a rock band hailing from Dundee, Scotland who formed in 1994. Since debuting, they have become one of the most commercially successful rock bands of their generation, famed for their iconic anthems “Chasing Cars” and “Run”, along with their six hit studio albums.

Some bands are just lucky. There are those that score a record deal the week after they form and go straight to the top of the charts before they've played their tenth gig, but they're usually flash in the pan novelty acts who find themselves out of date as quickly as they found success. It's safe to say that Snow Patrol, who toiled for a decade in obscurity before they hit the big-time, are not one of those bands. Forming as Shrug while singer and guitarist Gary Lightbody, bassist Mark Mclelland and drummer Michael Morrison were all studying together at the University of Dundee, Snow Patrol began life as just another student-led indie band. They played gigs in pubs to very few people and releasing EP's that very few people ever bought, and it took them three years to sign to their first label. Their first album “Songs For Polarbears” was released in 1998 and after all that effort, the album tanked, though the critical notices it received were unanimously positive.

This was the also the case with their second album 2001's “When It's All Over You Still Have To Clean Up” which lead to the band being dropped by their record label. A hellish period of time followed, in which the band were playing gigs to less people than they played to when they formed. It's quite safe to say that what followed is one of the most inspiring come-backs in British rock history, and it's all down to a song that, at the time of its release, was already around four years old. While the band had struggled along, Richard Smerniki, a fan of the band who had gone to university with its members had gone on to become Polydor Records' Scottish A&R rep, and his brother Paul had gone on to manage Fiction Records. Once they became aware of the band's label situation, they sent some talent scouts over to the band's Glasgow headquarters to listen to some of their demos, and they were impressed enough to sign the band to Black Lion, a subsidiary of Polydor Records.

In 2003, their album “Final Straw” was released, and after its initial release proved to be a modest word of mouth success, the release of its second single, “Run”, shot the band into the stratosphere. A top five hit on the singles chart, it propelled the album into the upper regions of the charts, peaking at number three, and set up the band as one of the hottest rock bands in the country, nearly a decade into their career. Three further hit singles from the album, along with a stint supporting U2 on their wildly successful Vertigo Tour cemented their position as the next big thing in British rock. It would take them ten years to conquer their home country, but it would only take them a further three to make them one of the biggest bands in the world thanks to their timeless hjt single “Chasing Cars”. Needless to say, the band were still an enormous deal back home, and its parent album “Eyes Open” became the biggest selling album of the year in the U.K to show that, beating out stiff competition from Arctic Monkeys and Take That in the process.

To this day, Snow Patrol remain one of the world's most beloved rock bands. They've headlined festivals, sold out arenas, supported the world's biggest bands and seem set for stadium slaying dominance in the very near future. Over twenty years into their career, they're still at the very top of their game, and they come highly recommended.

Live reviews

What I can say about a Snow Patrol gig is that possibly the songs may be what you would expect, but the rapport with the crowd, the humour and the odd little mistake like Gary forgetting the lyrics, means that it is never truly predictable and certainly far from the band merely going through the motions.

The band exude a warmth which is projected to the audience and reciprocated. The songs are melodic, some anthemic and like "Run" (the song which first attracted me to their music), certainly get the crowd singing along.

The first time I saw them perform in the courtyard at Somerset House back in August 2004; not only was their set electrifying but so was the sky as a storm was brewing. Their secret gig at the Royal Opera House was memorable and I have followed their career and seen them progress from smaller venues like Rock City, Nottingham to the O2 Arena, London, Royal Albert Hall and headline at the V Festival.

Gary's amazing voice combined with the excellent musicians in the band, the humour and light show all add up to a great evening which stays with you for a long time afterwards.

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joodywoody’s profile image

Snow Patrol are simply breath-taking live. The Northern Irish indie band have enjoyed great success following their hit single ‘Chasing Cars’, a success that has failed to die out as the band continue to produce new music and explore their sound further. Although ‘Chasing Cars’ is arguably their most successful hit, and was, predictably, the crux of their live show, the have an incredible array of singles that are all as equally brilliant as the last. There wasn’t a single song on their set list that failed to move the crowd in some way: each song either had the crowd singing along, swaying with passion or crying with silent appreciation. Single ‘Run’ was a real tear jerker, and not a soul moved or even coughed during the song, as if afraid to break the spell cast by Gary’s incredible vocals. The band were phenomenal at capturing the crowd, and were all brilliant musicians live. They sounded exactly the same live as they did recorded. The band closed with ‘Just Say Yes’, a brilliant end to a fantastic night.

sabraziz’s profile image

For a moment in the mid-00s following on from the indie explosion, Northern Irish alternative rock ensemble Snow Patrol were perhaps the biggest band in the UK following on from the runaway success of unassuming single 'Chasing Cars'. They have not managed to recreate that quiet triumph since but the group has been consistently releasing music and the tours are growing in stature and production values.

'Chasing Cars' is not an anomaly, Snow Patrol's discography is laced with momentous cinematic downtempo prog rock and these really shine when opened up and showcased on stage. The fragility of 'You're All I Have' is very evident when performed in front of thousands whilst 'Signal Fire' seems even more brooding when you watch all the instrumentals coming together. 'Run' is a real highlight as the whole crowd become involved in a mass singalong to this joyless anthem and lift the rafters with their voices. 'Just Say Yes' ends things on a more positive notes and the band leave to deserved rounds of applause.

sean-ward’s profile image

As a big fan of Snow Patrol and a person thats been to many of their gigs...probably all of them that have been in 02 over the years..then this was another superb gig. But Ive been to other venues too. because its a recent gig then my memory suggests it was a good night....but Snow patrol are one of my most favourite live gigs...and yet this wasnt one of my top 3 greatest gigs. The greatest gig Ive ever been to was a Snow patrol gig, but in the Royal Albert hall! having said that Snow Patrol are just one of the best live bands in the world....yes Im biased.....but the couple next to me..from germany seemed to agree with that belief. As ever they are just brilliant ...with songs from a wide repertoire that cover simple ballads to powerful rock renditions...that capture emotions. Talented and emotional songs that warm the soul with great performance and star quality.....class quality act at its best.....enjoy them and even if you dont enjoy their have to admit they are a great performance act.

martin-round’s profile image

Saw them 6 years ago and loved them then but Thursday nights show was even better in my opinion!

Gary bought us all to our feet like a magician almost from the word go and none of us sat down or wanted to for the rest of the show.

He literally had us all in the palm of his hand with his wonderful self deprecating humour and comedic timing....

But of course we all were there for the music and they never let us down.

The new album is brilliant and there was so many highlights for me I can barely list them.

I think the first track, Life on Earth, of the new album is the best song he has ever written… I play it over and over again and know it will be one of my all time favourites.

I am so rapt that they are coming back next year I will certainly be seeing them and hopefully even closer to the stage next time!

Snow Patrol is back and I’m particularly happy for Gary... he’s been through a lot.

jan-saunders-4’s profile image

A freezing cold day in Leeds turned in to a red hot night at the Arena. 2 supports - Roe a very talented young lady and Kodaline (who thought the crowd were a bit subdued!)

Snow Patrol returned after 7 years away, tighter, better vocally and musically and they genuinely looked pleased to be back

This was my 5th SP concert and my favourite so far. All the classics you’d expect Run, Chasing Cars, Chocolat, all seamlessly mixed in with new tracks from Wildness. Highlights for me were Life on Earth Don’t Give In (Gary missed a high note so got the crowd to help!) and Run. Lots of chat in between songs which he doesn’t always do made me feel like they were genuinely excited to be playing live again. Having a sing off between seated and people on the floor( floor won of course)

Waiting for next tour now, I’ll be there!!

alison-stopford’s profile image

Absolutely fantastic!!! This was the first time I’ve seen snow patrol live, but it won’t be the last. Gary was on point with his singing. The whole show was put together flawlessly. The effects light and vision just enhanced the experience. The lightning strike was my favourite song and must say great stage effects with leafs projected onto netting blowing around them. Was a great surprise when James Cordon was brought out onto the stage for ‘what if this is all the love you ever get’ unfortunately missed the first warm up act but saw Kodaline they were great too. The venu was great no big ques getting in or out. The new songs seemed to fit into the classic older material as if they belonged there. Hope to see them again in the future

skinnyjabba’s profile image

Saw Snow Patrol on their 'Reworked' Tour at Oxford New Theatre. They did a show in two parts, the first at just under an hour was down tempo reworkings and, after an interval, we had an hour and 40 of more up tempo reworkings. It was a fine set of songs including a number picked by fans in a poll. Some had never been played live before this tour. I had previously seen Snow Patrol in large arena settings, and it has to be said that this was far more enjoyable. There was a much more intimate feeling about the whole thing, the sing-a-longs in a confined space were awesome to be a part of, and Gary could actually talk with the audience. In summary this was one of the gig highlights of the year. Catch them on this tour of you can!

jmh1963’s profile image

Snow Patrol are back after a few years off the scene and they are a good as ever.

OK perhaps I'm biased as a big fan, but I was expecting their sound to be not as good as before and that Gary would be subdued and not as chatty. I also wondered if they would get a great response from the audience. Well I needn't have had any doubts as they were as good as ever.

There was a great warm atmosphere at the gig at the Islington Assembly Hall which is a lovely small venue and ideal for their comeback gig. They were on stage for approx 90 mins and performed some of their familiar songs as well as some brand new ones from their soon to be released album.

Hope to see them again in the not too distant future.

Seeing Snow Patrol in concert is an AMAZING EXPERIENCE! From the get-go, these guys kick it up and deliver a thrilling experience that leaves listeners inspired, energized, and wanting more. The band is personable and lively. Gary Lightbody is warm, endearing and entertaining, too. I think his favorite word is the f-word, but the way he uses it just makes listeners laugh with delight. Gary shares from the heart, and earns many fans due to his honesty and down-to-earthiness. The band are true friends - it is obvious in many shows how close they are, and how much they really enjoy doing a gig for the audience. Lots of smiles between the band, and smiles all around. A Snow Patrol concert is one not to be missed!

christine0186’s profile image

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Details Snow Patrol Tour 2023 - 2024

Snow Patrol 2023-2024 tour : Snow Patrol is an independent North Irish/Scottish rock band founded in 1994. They released their first album "Songs For Polarbears" in 1998 and have since released six more albums, the last being "Wildness" in 2018.

The band has toured the UK, Europe and North America and has performed at festivals such as Glastonbury, Rock Am Ring, Latitude and others. Snow Patrol will lead the Big Top Festival and Lytham Festival in June 2022, after a series of North American concerts this year. Snow Patrol tickets 2023-2024 .

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With us you can find locations for Snow Patrol concerts in Charlotte, Denver, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Washington, Cincinnati, Detroit, Austin.

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Snow Patrol might be touring at Spring, Birmingham, Glendale, San Antonio, Fort Lauderdale, Tulsa, Foxborough, Charleston, Irvine, Sugar Land, Buffalo, Hershey.

Do you want to attend Snow Patrol's show or events?

If you buy Snow Patrol US events tickets online, you will be able to enjoy the show in East Rutherford, Newark, Fort Worth, Des Moines, Tacoma, Oakland, Miami, Vancouver, Bristow, Tinley Park, Darien Center and Brooklyn.

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To find a list of Snow Patrol tour schedule in Springfield, Syracuse, Alpharetta, Biloxi, Arlington, Richmond, , Sunrise, Costa Mesa and Greensboro. or on specific dates, use the filter at this page.

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Ticket prices for Snow Patrol tours vary depending on the specific event, the date of the event and the venue. For example, shows in Albany, Baltimore, Raleigh, Saint Paul, Salt Lake City, Grand Prairie, Columbia, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Chula Vista, Sacramento, Inglewood may have different prices than show in other locations.


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Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol

Latest setlist, snow patrol on october 13, 2023.

Limelight, Belfast, United Kingdom

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