safari spa durban

safari spa durban

Umzolozolo, a welcome change of pace in a wild landscape

safari spa durban

As the morning sun rises over Drakensberg mountains, the drums of the Zulu warriors can surely be heard in the distance. Here lies Nambiti a place steeped in battlefield history, mystery, and untamed beauty. 

Call Africa your home, as warm hospitality embraces you, as family. Here your name is not forgotten. Many visitors will tell you, that their hearts long for Africa, or that Africa gets into your blood. Because once here, Africa holds your heart captive with its unique charm. Indulge yourself. Step away. Take a journey with us, and let yourself sink into the tranquility of the African Bush.

safari spa durban

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safari spa durban

The Magic of the African Bush

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Luxurious Chalet with Pool

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Luxurious Chalets

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safari spa durban

Heed your call to adventure. Our experienced Guides will take you on magnificent, early morning and sunset game drives. Come see the Big 5, the bird life and the array of other animals on the reserve. This place is a photographer’s dream.

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safari spa durban


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Your Ultimate Guide to Durban Safaris

  • March 5, 2020


If you think Durban is all about sunny skies, surfing and bunny chow… think again.

It’s a Big 5 safari destination with outstanding game reserves that compete with the best safari experiences in Greater Kruger. The fact that you can combine it with a fun-filled holiday in the ‘Playground Capital of South Africa” makes a Durban safari tour even more appealing.


Durban is the capital of KwaZulu Natal (KZN) and the epicenter of fun and outdoor living in South Africa. The city itself is not a Big 5 safari destination but only a few hours away in every direction is a selection of some of the finest protected wildlife sanctuaries in the country.

The gorgeous province of KwaZulu Natal lies on the east coast of South Africa. KZN covers an area of some 92 000 square kilometres and stretches from a narrow belt in the south that flanks the warm Indian Ocean to the broad agricultural belt in the north and undulating central midlands that lie at the feet of the iconic Drakensberg Mountain.

The entire region is a sub-tropical wonderland that’s covered in a tapestry of grand mountains, densely wooded gorges, winding waterways, dark rivers, thick tropical forests, vast savanna grasslands, dramatic coastal dunes and powder-white beaches. The rich fauna and flora of KwaZulu Natal is mesmirising.

With its lush vegetation and hot tropical weather, KwaZulu Natal is the ideal habitat for South Africa’s famous Big 5 and a vast array of animals and birds. It’s not a matter of if you should book a Big 5 safari experience on a trip to Durban, but when?


There is no malaria in the Durban central business district, the south and north coast immediately below and above Durban or the Natal Midlands. The major cities of South Africa are located in malaria-free areas. This includes Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Malaria is only endemic (found regularly) on the Maputaland coast. This region is located in the far northern part of KwaZulu Natal, between South Africa and Eswatini (Swaziland). The Maputaland coast stretches into the lower southern region of Mozambique.

Anti-malaria tablets are recommended in the intermediate risk areas of Kosi Bay, Sodwana Bay, Mkuze Game Reserve and St Lucia Lake (not the town of St Lucia or river mouth). The high-risk malaria period is in the rainy season between October and May.

Malaria is endemic in the Lowveld region of Mpumalanga and in Limpopo. This includes Kruger Park and the private game reserves in Greater Kruger. If you are travelling to the far north of South Africa after a holiday in Durban for a Big 5 safari experience, it’s highly recommended you take anti-malaria tablets.


KZN has a lot to boast about but it’s biggest brag is it’s home to not one but two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We are talking about iSimangaliso Wetland Park and uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park. These two incredible natural wonders are wetlands of international importance for migratory species and designated as Ramsar sites.

A World Heritage Site is a landmark or area that is selected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) for having cultural, historical, scientific or other form of significance. A World Heritage Site is legally protected by international treaties and judged to be important for the collective and preservative interests of humanity.

iSimangaliso Wetland Park

iSimangaliso Wetland Park is situated on the east coast of KZN, about 275 kilometres north of Durban. It’s a comfortable 2&half drive from Durban through an incredibly scenic area. The world heritage site was previously known as Greater St Lucia Wetland Park and is South Africa’s third-largest protected wilderness area.

iSimangaliso Wetland Park spans 280 kilometres of coastline and stretches form the Mozambique border in the north to Mapelane, south of the Lake St Lucia estuary. The vast wetland is made up of approximately 3 280 square kilometres of natural ecosystems.

iSimangaliso Wetland Park incorporates:

  • Lake St Lucia
  • St Lucia Game Reserve
  • False Bay Park
  • Lake Etrza Nature Reserve
  • Lake Sibhayi
  • St Lucia Marine Reserve
  • St Lucia Marine Sanctuary
  • Sodwana Bay National Park
  • Mapelane Nature Reserve
  • Maputaland Marine Reserve
  • Tewate Wilderness Area
  • Mkuze Game Reserve

The word ‘iSimangaliso’ means ‘a miracle’ or ‘something wondrous’ in the local Zulu language. The name originates from when a subject of the infamous King Shaka returned from a reconnaissance of the area and came back saying something to the effect that he’d seen ‘a miracle’.

Plans are under way for iSimangaliso Wetland Park to be integrated into a transfrontier park called Ponta do Ouro-Kosi Bay Transfrontier Conservation Area. The transfrontier park will ultimately straddle South Africa, Mozambique and Eswatini (Swaziland). The vast protected area will become part of the Greater Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation Area.

uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park

uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park covers an area of over 2 000 square kilometres and includes the Royal Natal National Park and parts of the iconic Drakensberg Mountains. This mountain range is the highest in southern Africa.

The vast ecosystem of uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park adjoins Sehlabathebe National Park in the Kingdom of Lesotho which forms part of the Maloti-Drakensberg Park.

uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in November 200 and is described by UNESCO as having ‘exceptional natural beauty in its soaring basaltic buttresses, incisive dramatic cutbacks and golden sandstone ramparts”.

The Park gained World Heritage status because the site’s diversity of habitats protects a high level of endemic and globally-threatened species, especially birds and plants.

The Park also contains many caves and rock-shelters and is renowned for having the largest and most-concentrated group of rock art paintings in Africa, south of the Sahara. Most of the upper regions of the iconic mountain range have been designated protected wilderness areas.

The uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park is also on the list of Wetlands of International Importance which was drawn up under the Ramsar Convention.

Adjacent to uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park is the Cathkin Estates Conservation and Wildlife Sanctuary. This protected area is 10 square kilometres of virgin grassland and is one of the largest privately-owned game reserves in the KwaZulu Natal Drakensberg region.


Royal Natal National Park is a provincial park and covers part of the Drakensberg which is the highest mountain range in southern Africa. Royal Natal National Park falls within the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park.

The famous Park has been included into the Maloti-Drakensberg Transfrontier Conservation Park. The conservation area is what is known as a Peace Park which is a dedicated eco-zone that spans the boundaries of more than one country. A Peace Park is set aside for the conservation of biodiversity, socio-economic development and the promotion of a culture of peace and cooperation between the countries.

The Maloti-Drakensberg Park was established in 2001 and incorporates the Sehlabathebe National Park in the Kingdom of Lesotho and the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park in KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. The following vital wilderness regions fall within the Maloti-Drakensberg Park:

KwaZulu Natal

Royal Natal National Park and uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park

Golden Gate Highlands National Park, QwaQwa National Park and Sterkfontein Dam Nature Reserve

Sehlabathebe National Park

Despite its name, Royal Natal National Park is not one of the official South African National Parks that is managed by governing body, SANParks. Rather, it’s a designated provincial park that is administered by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.

The main features of Royal Natal National Park are:

The Amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre is a striking natural landmark found in Northern Drakensberg and is regarded as one of the most impressive cliff faces on the planet. The Amphitheatre is over 5 kilometres in length and its dramatic cliffs rise at least 1 220 metres along its entire length.

The cliff face of The Amphitheaters is roughly three times the size of the total combined area of all the cliff faces in Yosemite’s famous El Capitan and more than ten times the size of El Capitan’s most famous south-western face.


Mont-aux-Sources is one of the highest points of the Drakensberg Mountains. It lies on the north-eastern fringe of the Drakensberg and most lies within the border of Lesotho. The mountain block is the source of both the Tugela and the Orange rivers.

Mont-aux-Sources is hugely popular among outdoor lovers and hikers. The strenuous hike to the top involves clambering up and down chain ladders but the view from the top overlooking Tugela Falls is spectacular.

Tugela Falls

Tugela Falls is regarded as the highest waterfall in Africa and the second highest waterfall in the world. It’s a striking feature on the Tugela River, dropping 950 metres in five cascades. The mighty falls is so high that the upper reaches of Tugela Falls often freezes to form ice pillars.

The other name for Tugela Falls is Thukela Falls which means ‘sudden’ or ‘startling’ in the local Zulu language. The source of waterfall is at Mont-aux-Sources which is the highest peak on a plateau of the Royal National Park.

A striking feature of Tugela Falls is it isn’t one sheet of water. From where it emerges from the heart of Mont-aux-Sources, the river twists and turns five times as it plummets down into The Amphitheatre.

The Sentinel trail takes hikers to the top of Mont-aux-Sources. The Slackpackers trail follows the Tugela River upstream through the Tugela Gorge for 7 kilometres. These trails are manageable for hikers of average fitness and you can spend three to four nights completing the hiking trail, sleeping overnight in rustic lodges along the way.

Distance from Durban to Royal Natal National Park

3 hours (280 kilometres) via N3 and R74

Where to stay in Royal Natal National Park

Thendele camp.

Thendele camp is located in one of the most stunning settings in South Africa and each chalet has a panoramic view of The Amphitheatre. The camp lies nestled in a lush valley below the sandstone cliffs of Dooley, among yellowwood forests and protea savannah. Visitors can often hear the rumble of boulders in the Tugela River after a summer thunderstorm.

Thendele Camp is the closest camp to the main Drakensberg escarpment which is often covered in snow during winter. Up to 18 magnificent waterfalls cascade down its sheer cliff face.

Thendele Camp is split into an upper and lower section, comprising of 26 self-catering chalets.

Didima Camp

Didima Camp falls within uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park and covers an area of some 32 000 hectares. It lies in the famous Didima Valley which is renowned for its fine San Rock art. Didima Camp is a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers who have access to a variety of trails in uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park.

Travellers who want to take it more easy can drive up Mike’s Pass for a panoramic view of the Little Berg, near the head of Didima Gorge.

Didima Camp is themed to reflect the way of life of the San People who once inhabited the area and has an interpretive information centre that allows guests an insight into how the San people lived so long ago.

Guests have a choice of the following accommodation at Didima Camp:

  • 62 x 2-bed luxury chalets
  • 2 x 4-bed cabins
  • 2-bed honeymoon suite
  • 6-bed bungalow


Amakhosi private game reserve.

Amakhosi Private Game Reserve lies nestled in a valley of vast savanna grasslands, wetlands and mountains. Located on the banks of Mkuze River, this premier game reserve is located a scenic 2.5-hour drive away from the beautiful St Lucia Wetlands and Sodwana Bay north of Durban.

The private game reserve is ideally located close to the borders of Mozambique and Swaziland. It’s regarded as a medium-risk malaria area and it’s recommended visitors take anti-malaria tablets.

Amakhosi Private Game Reserve is a Big 5 safari destination in KZN and guests enjoy daily sunrise and sunset game drives in an open safari vehicle with a professional ranger and tracker. Evenings are spent enjoying a 5-star plated bush dinner under the stars.

Distance from Durban to Amakhosi Private Game Reserve

4 hours 21 minutes (376 kilometres) via N2

Where to stay at Amakhosi Private Game Reserve

Guests stay at a luxury safari lodge at Amakhosi Private Game Reserve.

  • 6 deluxe thatched chalets
  • 2 luxurious honeymoon suites
  • 1 exclusive private residence available on an exclusive-use basis

The décor is contemporary African-chic and each chalet is positioned carefully to ensure guests enjoy their privacy. The open-plan style chalets open up onto a private viewing deck and a few have their own personal plunge pool.


Bayete Zulu Game Reserve is located in the heart of the 22 000-hectare Manyoni Concession. Bayete is the greeting used for esteemed members of the Zulu royal house and chiefs and perfectly describes the royal welcome and treatment you get while staying at Bayete Zulu Game Reserve.

The private game reserve forms part of a bigger conservation area and is home to the Big 5. This includes elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard and lion. The Manyoni Concession is made up of a collection of private safari establishments and through dedicated conservation and wildlife management programmes, the Concession is now one of the most densely-stocked and ecologically-balanced in KwaZulu Natal.

Guests enjoy daily morning and evening game drives but a highlight of a holiday at Bayete Zulu is the chance to interact with majestic elephants. You’ll meet Rambo, Rachel and Jabulani who are rescued and habituated elephants and a knowledgeable ranger will spend time enthralling you with fascinating facts about elephants. Under careful supervision, guests are allowed to touch the elephants and feed them.

Bookings are essential for elephant interactions at Bayete Zulu Game Reserve.

Distance from Durban to Bayete Zulu Game Reserve

3 hours 12 minutes (294 kilometres) via N2

Where to stay at Bayete Zulu Game Reserve

Guests have the choice of the following accommodation at Bayete Zulu:

Luxury chalets

3 stylishly-decorated chalets with a contemporary-rustic charm; enjoy an intimate and exclusive stay with a panoramic view over the camp’s permanent waterhole.

Bayete Homestead

Self-catering accommodation in blissful surrounds. Guests enjoy daily morning and evening game drives in an open vehicle with a professional ranger.

Little Bayete

A more intimate and exclusive self-catering bush retreat that caters for groups of up to 8 people. The smaller homestead has 4 well-appointed ensuite rooms and deluxe facilities for a wonderful self-catering holiday at Bayete Zulu.

Guests enjoy daily morning and evening game drives in an open safari vehicle with a professional ranger. Children of all ages are welcome to stay at Little Bayete.


Bonamanzi Game Reserve is a 4 000-hectare privately-owned reserve that lies nestled on the Hluhluwe River. It falls within an incredible wilderness region that was proclaimed a World Natural Heritage Site in 1995 in recognition of its outstanding biodiversity.

The area is characterised by sweeping savanna grasslands, undulating sand forests and lush wetlands. The rich biodiversity of the region makes Bonamanzi Game Reserve one of the best birding destinations in southern Africa.

Bonamanzi is the local Zulu word for ‘look the water’.  The game reserve lies in a high rainfall area and the abundant supply of water from Hluhluwe River and the reserve’s own Lalapanzi Dam draw a wonderful crowd of wildlife and birds to the area.

Bonamanzi is a Big 5 safari destination in KwaZulu Natal and guests can either self-drive in their own vehicles in limited areas or go on daily game drives in open safari vehicles with a professional ranger and tracker. Four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended for self-drives, particularly in the rainy season.

A much-loved thing to do at Bonamanzi Game Reserve is an interactive bush experience. Join a professional, armed ranger for a gorgeous walk in the bush to learn more about the reserve’s rich fauna and flora. There is an option to book an unguided bush walk on well-maintained bush trails.

iSimangaliso Wetland Park is a short 30-minute drive from Bonamanzi Game Reserve. The magnificent wetland ecosystem has been proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site to celebrate its outstanding biodiversity.

Distance from Durban to Bonamanzi Game Reserve

2 hours 41 minutes (254 kilometres) via N2

Where to stay at Bonamanzi Game Reserve

Bayete Zulu offers comfortable self-catering accommodation in well-appointed chalets with breathtaking views of the reserve’s vast savanna grasslands and Lalapanzi Dam.

Guests have the choice of:

  • Lalapanzi Camp: 3-star chalets and luxury chalets overlooking the Lalapanzi Dam
  • Dinizulu Camp: luxury self-catering suites and main lodge, sleeps up to 12 guests
  • Tree Houses: rustic 2- and 4-sleeper self-catering tree houses
  • Tree Lodge: self-catering accommodation in wooden chalets
  • Game Lodge: self-catering family accommodation, sleeps up to 10 guests in 5 ensuite bedrooms
  • Nyala Lodge: 9 air-conditioned twin beds, sleeping up to 18 guests
  • Bundu Rustic Camp: 12 units with a separate 2-bedroom cottage
  • Camping: beautifully-appointed camping sites


Giant’s Castle Game Reserve is home to the mighty eland as well as the rare bearded vulture. It’s located in the Central Drakensberg region and falls within the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site.

Giants Castle camp is positioned on a plateau overlooking the deep valleys running down from the face of the High Drakensberg. It’s a popular weekend destination for nature lovers, walkers, ramblers, hikers and enthusiastic mountain climbers.

Giants Castle’s superb rock art is one of its many unique attractions as well as the  popular vulture restaurant which is open during winter for anyone wishing to observe the rare bearded vulture and other endangered species feeding.

A visit to the Main Caves Museum at Giants Castle is highly recommended for an intriguing view of the past way of life of the San people.

Distance from Durban to Giant’s Castle Game Reserve

2 hours (200 kilometres) via N3

Where to stay at Giant’s Castle Game Reserve

Guests have a choice of 2-, 4- and 6-bed self-catering chalets at the main camp at Giant’s Castle.

Although all accommodation is fully-equipped for self-catering, you have the option of eating out at Izimbali restaurant  on the property and enjoy a  few drinks at the bar.

The camp shop is stocked with curios as well as a range of supplies commonly found useful.


Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park (HIP) was formerly known as Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve. It’s one of the oldest proclaimed nature reserves in Africa and is home to the Big 5. The protected wilderness area is a scenic 2.5-hour drive from Durban, travelling north up towards the Maputaland coast.

It’s the only state-run conservation area in KwaZulu Natal where you find all five of the Big 5. Thanks to dedicated conservation efforts, Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park has the largest population of white rhino in the world.

Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park covers an area of some 960 square kilometres (96 000 hectares) and is named after the hilly Hluhluwe region and Umfolozi River which runs through the region.

The northern section is known as the Hluhluwe side and the southern section is known as the Imfolozi/Umfolozi side. The Imfolozi section is 72 000 hectares in size and the Hluhluwe side is 24 000 hectares in size.

Hluhluwe is a region renowned for its hilly topography where altitudes range from 80 to 540 metres above sea level. The Park lies between the two Umfolozi Rivers where they divide into the Mfolozi ‘emnyama; (Black Umfolozi) to the north and the Mfolozi ‘emhlophe’ (White Umfolozi) to the south.

The topography of the Umfolozi section of the Park ranges from the low-lying plains that flank the Umfolozi River to steep countryside with wide and deep valleys. The vast savanna grasslands are punctuated with acacia savanna and thick woodlands.

Distance from Durban to Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park

2 hours 36 minutes (237 kilometres) via N2

Where to stay at Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park

Guests have a wide choice of accommodation in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, ranging from rustic bushveld camps to luxury lodges.

The following is listed starting with accommodation in the northern Hluhluwe side to the southern iMfolozi side.

  • Mtwazi Lodge
  • Hilltop Camp
  • Muntulu Lodge
  • Munyawaneni Lodge
  • Masinda Lodge
  • Nselweni Lodge
  • Hlathikhulu Lodge
  • Sontuli Camp
  • Gqoyeni Lodge


Manyoni Private Game Reserve is one of the largest privately-owned reserves in Kwazulu-Natal. This 23 000-hectare reserve was created when 17 dedicated landowners dropped their fences in 2004 to create one contiguous protected area for our wildlife.

The area was identified as the potential release site for the WWF Black Rhino Range Expansion Project and this was a driving factor behind the establishment of Manyoni Private Game Reserve. In 2005, the newly-established reserve was confirmed as a release site by the WWF and a founder population of black rhino were released into their new home.

In 2009, Manyoni Game Reserve was formally proclaimed a protected nature reserve under the Protected Areas Act. Since then, the game reserve has reintroduced lions to the area as well as the endangered cheetahs and wild dog.

Today, Monyani Game Reserve is a magical Big 5 destination in KwaZulu Natal and renowned for its strong population of black rhino.

Distance from Durban to Manyoni Private Game Reserve

3 hours (300 kilometres) via N2

Where to stay at Manyoni Private Game Reserve

Mavela game lodge.

Mavela Game Lodge offers guests an authentic but luxury camping experience at an all-inclusive rate.

Rhino Sands Safari Camp

Rhino Sands Safari Camp is an eco-friendly tented camp that offers guests an authentic and exclusive camping experience in pristine bushveld surrounds.

African Spirit Game Lodge

African Spirit Game Lodge is attracts photographers, birders and bush lovers from around the world and offers semi-luxury accommodation for local and foreign travellers.


Mkuze Falls Game Reserve lies in the heart of Zululand. It’s home to the Big 5 which includes elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion and leopard as well as an array of antelope. Mkuze Falls Game Reserve is a birder’s paradise with 430 recorded bird species.

Experience the unique richness that this peaceful part of Africa has to offer. It is a place of pure tastes and simple delights, celebrating the thrill of nature. This is the place with the sound and beauty of water falling seeps into your soul.

Things to do at Mkuze Falls Game Reserve include daily sunrise and sunset game drives in an open safari vehicle with a professional ranger and tracker, glorious bush walks, decadent pampering at the famous Mkuze Falls Spa and gorgeous starlit dinners around a fire at the outdoor boma.

Distance from Durban to Mkuze Falls Game Reserve

4 hours (367,5 kilometres) via N2

Where to stay at Mkuze Falls Game Reserve

Mkuze falls lodge.

The luxury safari lodge at Mkuze Falls Game Reserve is located on the northern bank of the Mkuze River, overlooking the magical Mkuze waterfall. The safari lodge has 9 luxury thatched chalets and one deluxe Safari Suite, sleeping up to 18 guests.

Luxury features include private plunge pools and an outside shower with panoramic views of the pristine bushveld. Spend time on your wooden deck and watch the animal world pass by.

A sparkling pool at the main lodge and starlit dinners around a roaring fire at the outdoor boma are the perfect way to end off a day at Mkuze Falls Lodge.


Nambiti Private Game Reserve is located about 20 kilometres from Ladysmith in the heart of the Natal Midlands. It’s renowned for its spectacular scenery with vast savanna grasslands, acacia woodlands, undulating hills and cascading waterfalls.

The private game reserve was established in 1999 when a cattle and maize farm was rehabilitated and stocked with game that were re-introduced to the area after a long absence. Nambiti is home to the Big 5 although the leopard that wander through the reserve are shy and elusive. The game reserve has a carrying capacity for an abundance of wild animals and carries more game per hectare than any other private game reserve in KZN.

Distance from Durban to Nambiti Private Game Reserve

3 hours (266 kilometres) via N3

Where to stay at Nambiti Private Game Reserve

Cheetah ridge lodge.

Fully-catered or self-catering accommodation, sleeping up to 24 guests; 1 family suite and 10 free-standing chalets.

Nambiti House

Self-catering accommodation in a house available on an exclusive-use basis, sleeping up to 10 guests in 5 ensuite bedrooms.

Elephant Rock Lodge

Elephant Rock Lodge is a charming boutique safari lodge overlooking a waterhole, set high on the sides of a hill. The luxury safari lodge offers fully-catered accommodation for up to 10 guests.

Esiweni Safari Lodge

Fully-catered luxury accommodation with beautiful suites situated on a unique cliff-top position with dramatic views of the Sundays River and pristine bushveld.

Lions Valley Lodge

Fully-catered accommodation in African-themed suites.

Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge

Fully-catered  5-star accommodation in the heart of Nambiti Private Game Reserve.

Nambiti Plains Lodge

Fully-catered luxury accommodation situated in a lush indigenous forest on the edge of a permanent waterhole.

Ndaka Safari Lodge

Fully-catered luxury tented accommodation in 6 permanent safari tents, with panoramic vies of the Nambiti Plain.

Springbok Lodge

Fully-catered luxury accommodation in tented suites.

Umzolozolo Private Safari Lodge

Fully-catered 5-star accommodation in ensuite safari-themed suites.


Pakamisa  means ‘to lift up’ in the local Zulu language and your spirits will definitely be raised and soar after a stay at Pakamisa Private Game Reserve. The private reserve is also home to a magnificent collection of Arabian horses that have been superbly trained by the owner.

Pakamisa Private Game Reserve has no big cats and is located in a malaria-free area. It’s the perfect safari destination for horseback safaris and guided bush walks which are not usually available in Big 5 safari destinations.

Distance from Durban to Pakamisa Private Game Reserve

3 hours 49 min (371 kilometres) via N2

Where to stay at Pakamisa Private Game Reserve

Pakamisa is a private, exclusive reserve open to residential guests only. Majestically perched on the high plateau of the Pakamisa Mountain, the lodge has breath-taking views of the evergreen valleys and plains of the Pongola River to the east and the rolling hills of natural bush of the Reserve in the west.

Limited to a maximum of 16 guests, the lodge offers a unique Spanish architecture blended with the finest African ambience. The 8-meter high ceilings create a pleasant, cool atmosphere.

The impressive Main House, with its eclectic mix of African and European art and antiques, offers an ideal place for quiet relaxation or pre-dinner socialising; alternatively slip into the intimate atmosphere of the Hunter’s Bar for a cocktail. The extensive library contains many treasures to delight the most discerning bibliophile in a variety of languages.


&Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve encompasses an impressive 28 555 hectares (70 560 acres) of protected wildlife land in KwaZulu-Natal. Showcasing one of the continent’s finest game viewing experiences, Phinda is home to the Big 5, an abundance of plains game and over 436 recorded bird species.

The private reserve is particularly well known for close-up sightings of the elegant yet elusive cheetah, as well as the rare black rhino. The ecology of the reserve is a rich tapestry of woodland, grassland, wetland and forest, interspersed with mountain ranges, rivers, marshes and pans.

Guests at Phinda experience interpretive game drives in open 4×4 safari vehicles led by professionally trained &Beyond rangers and Zulu trackers as well as a wide range of optional adventures in the bush and on the beach.

Distance from Durban to &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve

3 hours 20 minutes (297 kilometres) via N2

Where to stay at &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve

The private game reserve boasts 6  magnificent luxury safari lodges, each with its own individual charm and luxurious character.

  • Mountain Lodge
  • Forest Lodge
  • Phinda Homestead


Pongola Game Reserve combines the scenic variety of bushveld, mountains, major water bodies and a range of leisure activities that make the best of all the natural features. The abundance of space and an ecological approach to a “light footprint” are key ingredients of the special experience at Pongola Game Reserve in northern KwaZulu Natal.

The private reserve extends over part of the original area that was declared proclaimed a protected game reserve by then-president of the Transvaal Republic Paul Kruger in 1894. The original reserve has since been re-proclaimed as the Pongola Nature Reserve which is the present Pongola Game Reserve’s immediate neighbour.

The business is owned and managed by the Landman family whose ancestors arrived in the Cape in 1744.

The broad Pongola River meanders through the centre of the reserve before entering the man-made 13 276 hectare lake. It provides a leisure environment unique for a South African bushveld destination. Safari cruises, canoe adventures, birding and tiger fishing are among the main activities.

Pongola Game Reserve is home to four of the Big 5, with only lion missing from the magical reserve. It’s also a birder’s with 350 recorded bird species. One popular activity that draws wildlife lovers to Pongola Game Reserve is tracking rhino on foot.

Distance from Durban to Pongola Game Reserve

2.5 hours (290 kilometres) via N2

Where to stay at Pongola Game Reserve

Pongola Game Reserve offers visitors a choice of fully-catered and self-catering accommodation.

Mvubu River Lodge

Fully-catered accommodation at an African-themed lodge that’s situated in a unique position on a ridge overlooking the Pongola River commands panoramic views of the reserve.

Nkwazi Lake Lodge

Nkwazi Lake Lodge offers fully-catered accommodation for up to 30 guests in 11 ensuite thatched chalets and 2 family chalets. All chalets are tastefully furnished and have air conditioning, mini bar fridges, tea and coffee facilities and private verandas.

Sondaba Bush Lodge

Self-catering accommodation for up to 12 guess in 6 A-framed thatched chalets. Reed-lined ensuite bathroom add to the rustic appeal.

Inyati Lodge

Self-catering accommodation for up to 6 guests in 3 thatched ensuite chalets that overlook the reserve, river or waterhole.

Mpalane Fishing Lodge

Self-catering accommodation located less than 10 kilometres for the main gate into Pongola Game Reserve. The fishing lodge overlooks the Pongola River as it enters the Pongolapoort Dam and is the perfect destination for avid fisherman.

Mholozi Bush Lodge

Self-catering accommodation in a 16-bed camp.


Tembe Elephant Park offers intimate encounters with some of the largest elephants in Africa. The 300 square kilometre private reserve is located in northern KZN, close to the border of Mozambique. It’s the ancestral home of the Tembe tribe who own and co-manage both Tembe Elephant Park and Tembe Elephant Lodge.

Writer, wildlife vet and elephant expert Dr Johan Marais believes that the largest elephants in the world can be found in the Tembe National Elephant Park.

The largest of these were Isilo, Mkadebona and Siqualo. Isilo, the biggest of them all, died in 2015 of natural causes and is thought to have been about 50 years old, weighed 7 metric tons and stood 3.2 metres off the ground. Isilo’s tusks were about 2.5 metres long and weighed more than 60 kilograms. Visit Tembe Elephant Park for the opportunity to see the next generation of magnificent Tembe tuskers.

The Tembe Tusker Foundation was established to raise funds to extend the reserve to boost the elephant carrying capacity of Tembe Elephant Park which is one of the most valuable reservoirs of the Big Tusker gene pool in Africa.

Distance from Durban to Tembe Elephant Park

4 hours 30 minutes (400 kilometres) via N2 and R22

Where to stay at Tembe Elephant Park

Tembe elephant lodge.

Tembe offers visitors one of the best value-for-money safari experiences in South Africa. Guests stay in classic safari tents that are carefully positioned for privacy and seclusion. Each tented suite has a private patio with a panoramic view of the elephant park.

A lovely feature is each tented suite has its own outdoor shower and there’s a dedicated spa tent for private pamper sessions. The public dining and reception areas are located under magnificent soaring thatch and are constructed using natural, sustainably sourced material. Everything has been done to minimise impact on the environment and blend in with the surrounding forest.


Thanda Safari Private Game Reserve is a Big 5 safari destination located north of Durban, on the coast above Richard’s Bay. The magical reserve offers guests and incredible wilderness experience coupled with a deep commitment to the region’s Zulu culture and environmental conservation. Thanda means ‘love’ in the language of the Zulu people.

Thanda Safari has three unique safari lodges located in scenic spots in the 14 000hectare reserve. The game reserve was established in partnership with the neighbouring community and much-needed revenue from the private game reserve operations is used to support the local people.

Distance from Durban to Thanda Safari Private Game Reserve

3 hours (280 kilometres) via N2

Where to stay at Thanda Safari Private Game Reserve

Thanda Safari Lodge is a multiple winner of the World’s Leading Luxury Lodge.

Thanda Safari Lodge

Thanda Safari Lodge’s has 9 beautiful bush suites that are self-contained for absolute privacy. Shaped like a traditional Zulu homestead, the 220m² suites offer luxury living and panoramic views over the reserve. Relax on your expansive deck and experience an African sunset. Take a dip in your plunge pool. Dine in your private boma. Enjoy warm afternoons on the circular daybed in your thatched outdoor sala.

Thanda Tented Camp

Thanda Tented Camp offers an authentic tented safari adventure in the bush. The eco-friendly safari camp has 14 luxury safari tents, each with a private sun deck and en-suite bathroom. Jabula (Happiness) Tent is popular with wedding couples and honeymooners. Solar-powered electricity is provided in the camp for a few hours each day.

Villa iZulu

Villa iZulu was voted World’s Leading Luxury Private Villa at the World Travel Awards. This magnificent Afro-chic homestead includes a heated swimming pool, a traditional boma and bonfire area, wine cellar, library, private business area, games room and a vast viewing deck overlooking a waterhole.

Villa iZulu is the ultimate safari hideaway for guests who want total privacy or for families, friends and meetings. Villa iZulu has its own helicopter pad and separate accommodation for child-minders and VIP security officers. The homestead was designed and created for Thanda Safari’s owners, Christin and Dan Olofsson.


Thula Thula is a family owned and operated private game lodge situated in the heart of Zululand. The 4 500-hectare reserve was established in 1911 and is one of the oldest private game reserves in South Africa. Thula Thula is home to 4 of the Big 5 with no lions on the property.

Thula Thula is located on land that was once the private hunting grounds of King Shaka, founder of the Zulu Empire. The first historic meeting between Shaka and his father (Senzangakhona), which set the stage for the creation of the Zulu nation, took place at the Nseleni River at Thula Thula.

The Zulu name Thula Thula literally means ‘peace and tranquility’. This exceptional and well-known reserve is located on the east coast of South Africa, north of Durban and above and inland of Richard’s Bay.

Thula Thula was also the home of late bestselling author and conservationist Lawrence Anthony, who passed away in March 2012.  His book, The Elephant Whisperer relates the story of the rescue of the Thula Thula elephants and the special relationship he had with the original herd. Thula Thula is run by his wife, Francoise Malby Anthony, who carries on the legacy of Anthony Lawrence.

Distance from Durban to Thula Thula Private Game Reserve

2 hours 20 minutes (190 kilometres) via N2

Where to stay at Thula Thula Private Game Reserve

Elephant safari lodge.

The safari lodge on Thula Thula offers luxury accommodation in individual chalets that are stylishly decorated in an Africa-chic colonial theme. Elephant Safari Lodge combines the luxury of a 5-star safari experience with incredible daily game drives in gorgeous bushveld surrounds.

Elephant Safari Lodge offers an all-inclusive package that includes luxury accommodation, gourmet meals, morning and evening game drives and a complimentary tea and coffee station.


MoAfrika Tours is a leading tour operator based in Johannesburg, offering a diverse selection of day tours and long-stay tours to destinations in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique.

Your safety and well-being are our main priority. We are here to help any time, any day with booking extra activities, sorting out any problems, offering advice on making your trip extra special and just being there for you if you need to talk to someone.

We know touring, we know Africa and we’re looking forward to getting to know you.

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  • Address: 16 Karen Road, Illiondale, Johannesburg, South Africa

Popular Tours

Additional information, awards and recognition.


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Hluhluwe Game Reserve

Now Departing Daily

Join us on a  Durban Big 5 Day Safari , Tour  or Trip , while in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Daily departures are now available from Durban to Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve & iSimangaliso Wetland Park, not only can one enjoy day safaris but Overnight Safari Packages from Durban now as well. Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve the oldest proclaimed reserve in Africa offers one sightings of the Big 5 , while on Safari, iSimangaliso Wetlands Park , South Africa's first world heritage is a wildlife paradise where Hippo's still roam the streets freely.

Durban day Safari Tours

Departing early morning from Durban we travel a mere 250 km north towards Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve where one may either participate in a Half Day Safari or a Full Day Safari . All transfers are conducted in air conditioned vehicles and once we arrive at the Game Reserve we transfer you over into a Open Game Drive Vehicle for the remainder of the safari. All Open Game Drive Vehicles have all the needed permits and insurances in place, each game ranger has years experience and his or her wealth of information is sure to make for a interesting and informative safari. All safaris include conservation levies, catering and refreshments. Please ensure that you bring a camera, binoculars and spare batteries along for some of the most magnificent wildlife sightings.

All Durban Day Safari Tours , offer you a unique experience and offer's insight into the culture, landscape and most importantly the wildlife that surrounds us.

Durban is a mere 2,5 Hours from Hluhluwe or iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Durban day safari tours trip descriptions / options :.

durban safaris tours

Half Day Durban Safari tours are conducted in a Open Game Drive Safari Vehicle. Be transferred from Durban or meet us at the gate at 6:00 am. Included is conservation Levies, Breakfast, Coffee & Tea and Refreshments. This is an incredible journey into the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve. Your personal game ranger will not waste anytime in getting you to the best spots within the reserve his knowledge and passion will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. Once the Big 5 Safari is concluded you will either be transferred back to Durban or you will make your own way back.

imfolozi hluhluwe exclusive safari tour

Full Day Durban Safari tours are conducted in a Open Game Drive Safari Vehicle. Either be transferred from Durban or meet us at the gate by 6:00 am. Included is conservation Levies, Breakfast, Coffee & Tea and Refreshment's, traditional South African Braai and refreshments. Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve is home to the Big 5 , Wild Dogs and Cheetah to mention but just a few of the incredible wildlife sightings that one may encounter while in the Park. The game rangers have incredible knowledge of the reserve. Its a full day of wildlife, rolling hills and incredible information.

One of the most Popular Durban Day Safari Tours

bush & boat safari

Bush & Boat Day Safari , this has to be one the most popular Durban Day Safari Tours as it offers one an incredible way to experience and explore both the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve and iSimangliso Wetland Park. This Half Day Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve Safari combined with a Boat Safari on the largest estuary in Africa the St Lucia estuary gives one the added opportunity of witnessing Hippo's and Crocodiles in their natural habitat. This is a full days outing and truly well worth it.


Join us and enjoy one of the very best adventure Scuba and Safari Holiday Packages in and around Durban. This 6 Night Holiday Package highlights not only the very best wildlife but also some magnificent scuba diving at Aliwal Shoal (Durban).

Their is just no comparison when it comes to a Open Game Drive Safari.

Durban day safari tour prices:.

Why not choose which Durban Day Tour suits you best herewith three options while travelling to Hluhluwe Umfolozi.

  • Half Day Safari R875.00 p/p excluding transfer as at 2017
  • Full Day Safari R995.00 p/p excluding transfer as at 2017
  • Bush & Boat Day Safari R1115.00 p/p excluding transfers as at 2017

Testimonial Tripadvisor

Had the most amazing day today with heritage tours. We did the big 5 game drive recommended by a friend and it did not disappoint.

Heritage Tours & Safaris has been offering safari excursions for the past 9 years and in so doing have fast become the preferred safari operators in the area. Other top safari options include Hippo & Croc Boat safaris on lake St Lucia, Night Drive safaris , Day excursions into iSimangaliso and much much more.

Once you have been met by your personal game ranger he will do a introduction of the reserve, its history and relevant issues that face the conservation of the reserve, from here on its wildlife sightings up close, predators stalking and magnificent scenes. Breakfast in the bush while listening to the bush come alive, lunch at one of the many scenic picnic areas, sit back and let your ranger prepare a scrumptious meal.

With 96000 hectares to explore and travel too, you are in for a treat. The southern side the Umfolozi Game Reserve has proven to be an incredible area to safari to as this is where more sightings of Lions, Buffalo, Rhino, Elephant, Wild Dogs and Cheetah occur. Should you have decided on either a full day or half day safari you will not be dissapointed in travelling to this amazing game reserve.

Other options from Durban include a half day Big 5 safari while in Hluhluwe Umfolozi and then a Boat cruise safari on Lake St Lucia, this is an incredible way to end the day while witnessing Hippo's and Crocodiles with an African Sunset and then transferred back to Durban.

Book your'e Durban Day Safari Tour  today.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us, either call us today at +27 35 5901555 or  mail us

Durban Day Safari's

durban bush and boat day safari trip

Durban Overnight Safari Packages

Looking for something incredible why not have a look at our Durban Overnight Safari Packages, these packages include the very best that the area has to offer, from magnificent scenery to splendid wildlife. All safari packages are inclusive of 4 star Accommodation, Transfers to and from Durban and Safari's. Departing daily from Durban why not join us and explore and discover this incredible area that we call home.

Just some of the Highlights while out on a Durban   Safari Package include:

  • 4 Star Accommodation                             (Bed and Breakfast @Heritage House St Lucia)
  • All Transfers to and from Durban             (VW Transporter air-conditioned)
  • Open Game Drive Big 5 Safaris                ( Hluhluwe Umfolozi /Toyota Land cruiser 4x4)
  • Open Game Drive Night Drive Safaris      (iSimangaliso Wetland Park /Toyota Hilux 4x4 )
  • Hippo & Croc Boat Trip                            (iSimangaliso /Custom Built 2 x 15 Seater Vessel's)
  • World Heritage Tour                                 (iSimangaliso / Toyota Land cruiser 4x4)
  • Optional Turtle Tour                                 (iSimangaliso / Toyota Land cruiser 4x4)

All Heritage Tours & Safaris Game Rangers and Skippers are highly qualified with years of experience in their respective fields. Not only are they qualified but more importantly they are passionate about what it is that they do and offer to their clients. Their aim is to always exceed your expectations while out on Safari.

2 Night Safari Package

2 Night Safari Package

3 night safari package

3 Night Safari Package

4 night safari package

4 Night Safari Package

7 night safari package

7 Night Safari Package


My 2 friends and I traveled to St Lucia for a 24 hr safari experience. We did the night safari with Timbo, the 5 am safari with Jacques and also the boat trip. All 3 trips were great, but the highlight is probably the 5 am trip to the iSimangaliso game reserve with Jacques. Jacques was a very good guide, with great knowledge about the reserve and the animals. We saw giraffes, elephants, impalas, a cheetah, white and black rhinos, and also lions eating their kill. Jacques' passion and enthusiasm showed during the trip was contagious and contributed to the feeling of an unique experience, also created, at least for me, a slight career envy. What a great job where the lions and elephants share the office with you 🙂

Ask for Jacques! He was an amazing guide....full of info and paced the drive so that we could see as many animals as possible....our drive was over the top when Jacques took us to see the rare painted African wild dogs....and 11 pups! What a day! we will never forget it! Got some amazing pics!

Booked the full day big 5 safari. Our guide was brilliant and tried his very best to meet our needs-he was a great cook too! Steaks and salads were immense! Good support beforehand with booking too-would recommend!

Our guide David was excellent. He spotted and pointed out a huge amount of animals, he gave interesting and informative commentary. The food provided was delicious and well prepared and presented.

Travelled with 2 children of 5 & 8 and friends and did a 3 day tour found the package brilliant value and would highly recommend. The staff were really friendly and knowledgable and made every trip an unforgettable experience

rangers on safari

Heritage Tours & Safaris offers you passionate and experienced Rangers and Skippers. All Rangers and Skippers are all Qualified Field Rangers. Skippers have professional drivers licence (Roads Act S.A.), first Aid qualified and most importantly their passion for what it is that they offer is exemplary. These men and woman have years of experience in their field they will at all times try their utmost best to exceed your expectations. 

7 night safari tour south africa

Reliability, Comfort and Service is our primary when it comes to our fleet management, all vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained to the highest levels at all times. We only make use of Toyota Land Cruisers and Toyota Hilux game drive vehicles as these have proven themselves to be the most reliable. 

Our fleet of vehicles are all certified and have certified carrier permits as per the South African Transport Act. All open game drives hard tops, roll down canvas sides with windows. High density seats, seat belts for each client and unrestricted views while out on safari. Each vehicle has its own first aid kit and all vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking.

Our fleet of vessels have been custom built to our exact specifications, these include having the shallowest draft ensuring you get the closest to all of the sightings. Each vessel also offers ample space and we do only permit 15 passengers per trip further enhancing your experiencing while out on tour.

hluhluwe safaris

Heritage Tours & Safaris was established in 2003 and has since grown in leaps and bounds. Today the company is the largest privately owned safari specialist company in the area. 

The company adheres to all legal requirements and is a registered C.C.


Before Departing on your Durban Day Safari Tour

What to bring along on a Safari:

  • Light jacket
  • Camera & extra Battery
  • Binoculars if possible
  • Comfortable clothing (please not brightly collared)

Included on the Safari:

  • Conservation levies
  • Refreshments
  • Bush Breakfast
  • Lunch is included on the full day safari

big 5 safari lunch in the bush

2 Night Safari

Hluhluwe imfolozi safari

3 Night Safari

safari options

4 Night Safari

Durban information.

The largest city in the province of KwaZulu Natal, having the busiest port in South Africa. Tropical weather year round with some incredible beaches and surrounding scenery. Durban International ( King Shaka International ) airport a newly developed and relocated airport makes accessing the northern Zululand very easy.

Durban Facts:

Discovered in 1497 by Vasco Da Gama, Britain colonised the area in 1824. Durban has the largest population of Indians outside of India, Durban is the busiest port in South Africa. Durban also has the 5th largest aquarium in the world Ushaka Marine World .

What should ones expectations be prior to and during a Safari, herewith a short video of a Safari is all about. We have compiled a How to Book a Safari for your convenience. 

See our quick video, see who we are and what it is that we offer you while in KwaZulu Natal South Africa.

Just some of the incredible sights while out on Safari

safari & scuba holiday packages durban kwazulu natal south africa

Safaris for Africa

safari spa durban

  • See all photos

safari spa durban

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safari spa durban

Safaris for Africa - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

Safaris for africa information.

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Durban Wellness & Spa Accommodation

safari spa durban

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Accommodation type, durban in kwazulu-natal, near durban.

Umhlanga Wellness & Spa

Umhlanga Rocks

Durban North Wellness & Spa

Durban North

La Lucia Wellness & Spa

Umdloti Beach

Durban Central Wellness & Spa

Durban Central

Durban Travel Guide

  • About Durban
  • Things to do in Durban
  • Restaurants in Durban

Wellness & Spa Accommodation in Durban

safari spa durban

Endless Horizons Boutique Hotel

Wellness--Spa : Mobile spar can be arranged by request.

  • Swimming Pool
  • On-site Parking

safari spa durban

Seaview Manor

Wellness--Spa : A beautician is available, by appointment only, to see to any manicures and pedicures that may be needed.

  • Braai/Barbecue

safari spa durban

The Oyster Box

Wellness--Spa : The hotel's spa has six modern treatment rooms, a health bar, a food menu, and a plunge pool. International and local products are...

  • Pet Friendly

safari spa durban

Wellness--Spa : We have a beauty salon on premises, available until 17h00 on a Friday. Please contact the host for further information.

safari spa durban

Ocean Vista Boutique Guest House

Wellness--Spa : We unfortunately do no offer spa services at this stage but can arrange for a massage on the premises as part of a special stay.

safari spa durban

Auberge Hollandaise Guest House by Misty Blue...

Wellness--Spa : Spa treatments are available; advance bookings required.

safari spa durban

Wellness--Spa : Durban Spa Wellness Centre offers facials, body treatments, massages, nails, waxing and threading, and tints.

safari spa durban

Garvies Surf House

Wellness--Spa : There are a number of beautiful spas not too far from the villa. The house manager will recommend the perfect establishment based...

safari spa durban

Beachbreak Holiday Letting

Wellness--Spa : There is a beauty spa in the resort offering various treatments including a steam room, a plunge pool, a small gym and hairdressers.

safari spa durban

Coastlands Umhlanga Hotel and Convention Cent...

Wellness--Spa : The Spa experience aims to captivate your 5 senses & leave you feeling totally relaxed with highly skilled and trained...

safari spa durban

Unit 1101 Oyster Rock

Welcome to Unit 1101 Oyster Rock, a stunning self-catering establishment located in the picturesque town of Umhlanga. With its breathtaking sea views and...

safari spa durban

Cybele Lodge

Welcome to Cybele Lodge, a charming Guest House nestled in the sought-after suburb of Kloof, Kwazulu-Natal, just 25 kms west of Durban. Our establishment...

safari spa durban

Clinch Self Catering

Wellness--Spa : Very close to La Lucia Virgin Active Gym.

safari spa durban

Cabana Beach Resort

Wellness--Spa : We have an onsite beauty salon and spa

safari spa durban

Dyna Guest House

Welcome to The Guest House in Glen Anil, a vibrant suburb in the North of Durban. Our establishment offers a delightful collection of four tastefully...

safari spa durban

Coastlands Musgrave Hotel and Convention Cent...

safari spa durban

Breakers 211

Wellness--Spa : On the premises

safari spa durban

Villa Shells

Wellness--Spa : there are a few spa boutiques around, with great specials for holiday makers who want to chill out for a quick massage, manicure...

safari spa durban

Mkhandi Self-Catering

Mkhandi Self-catering is a ground floor unit which can accommodate eight guests.The house sleeps six guests in bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Two...

safari spa durban

Donegal Durban, Morning Side

Welcome to Donegal Durban, Morning Side, a picturesque suburb in the heart of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. This exceptional self-catering...

Durban Reviews

Durban Central

Joe's Cool Pub

The Durban Central is nice but the is too much Hobo rouming around ..not feeling safe

Moses Ngwenya South Africa

safari spa durban

A lots of thing about Durban

Lunga Letoau South Africa

North Beach

North Beach

The beach and the restaurant.

We Love Durban beaches and the attractions around

Marco Mentoor South Africa

Durban Wellness & Spa Accommodation

If you are looking for Durban accommodation , SafariNow has a selection of Self-catering , Bed and Breakfast , Hotel accommodation in Durban and surrounds. With 825 listings in Durban, our handy Durban map search and great low prices, it's easy to book the perfect holiday accommodation for your Durban visit.

We also have some great special accommodation deals in Durban South Africa

Planning a beach holiday in Durban? Have a look at our selection of Durban Hotels

SafariNow provides Accommodation featuring

SafariNow specialises in Accomodation Solutions . We offer a wide range of services...

A member of the Travelstart Group

Safaris for Africa

safari spa durban

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safari spa durban

Similar Experiences

safari spa durban

SAFARIS FOR AFRICA (Durban) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go

12 Amazing Spas in Durban For Ultimate Relaxation

Top hotel collections.

safari spa durban

Guest Houses

Best Hotels

1. The Suncoast Spa

The Suncoast Spa

Location: 20 Battery Beach Road, Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa Timings: Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

2. Heaven on Earth Day Spa

Heaven on Earth Day Spa

Location: 262 John Zikhali Road Old Sydenham Road Musgrave, Durban Timings: Monday to Thursday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Friday & Saturday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Sundays & Public Holidays: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

3. Teremok Spa

Teremok Spa

Location: Physical: 49 Marine Drive, Umhlanga Rocks, 4320, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Timings: Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM, Weekends & Public Holidays: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

4. The Spa at The Oyster Box

The Spa at The Oyster Box

Location: 2 Lighthouse Road, Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Timings: Monday - Sunday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

5. Buff Beauty Parlor 

Buff Beauty Parlor

Location: Shop 3, The Boulevard 19 Park Lane, Umhlanga Ridge, 4321 Timings: Monday - Saturday: 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM (Sunday - closed)

6. Fleur De Lis Spa

Fleur De Lis Spa

Location: 1st Floor, Coastlands Musgrave Hotel 315 Peter Mokaba Ridge, Berea, Durban 4001 Other locations - Royal Hotel, 21st floor, 267 Smith St, Durban Central, Durban, 4000; Ground Floor, Coastlands Gatemax Hotel, 329 Umhlanga Rocks Dr, Umhlanga Ridge, Durban, 4319 Timings: Monday - Sunday: 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM

7. Jennifer Eales’s Skin and Body Therapy Clinic

Jennifer Eales’s Skin and Body Therapy Clinic

Location: 15, 10th Avenue, Greyville, Durban 4001 Timings: Monday - Thursday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM; Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM; Saturday: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM (Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays)

8. Mangwanani Elangeni

Mangwanani Elangeni

Location: 63 Snell Parade, Durban Central, Durban, 4001, South Africa Timings: Monday - Thursday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM; Friday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM

9. Float Wellness SA

Float Wellness SA

Location: Behind Sparkport pharmacy, 77 Musgrave Rd, Musgrave, Durban, 4001, South Africa Timings: Monday- Friday: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM; Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

10. La Vita Spa HQ

La Vita Spa HQ

Location: 211 Marine Parade, North Beach, Durban, 3620, South Africa Timings: Monday - Sunday: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

11. Bunga Spa

Bunga Spa

Location: 9 Tudor Pl, Musgrave, Berea, 4001, South Africa Timings: Monday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

12. Thai Lana Spa Bluff

Location: Medical Centre, 19 Island View Rd, Bluff, Durban, 4052, South Africa Timings: Monday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

This post was published by Kanika Sharma

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Food & Drink

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Durban Safaris

Welcome to Durban Safaris

Durban south africa safaris and holiday tours.


safari spa durban

Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Big5 Overnight Safari

3 Days, 2 Nights An unforgettable Durban Big5 Safari. This Big5 safari from Durban begins and ends in Durban. Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park has been a pioneer Big5 safari park for many years, setting the standards in South African wildlife conservation. Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park is steeped in history and natural wonders. One of South…

safari spa durban

Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Big5 Day Safari

Durban City is fortunate to have many Big5 safari parks and lodges surrounding it. Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park is one of them. An animal and bird viewers dream destination. An abundance of wildlife including Africa’s ‘Big5′, with some of the most scenic views in South Africa. Begin your Durban Big5 safari in…

safari spa durban

Elephant Interaction & Big5 Safari

1 Day Safari One of our most popular Big 5 safaris from Durban, is our elephant interaction and Big 5 day safari. A safari that will get you up close to Africa’s largest land mammal. A Durban South Africa Elephant safari is a once in a lifetime experience. We begin…

safari spa durban

St Lucia/Emdoneni Day Safari

1 Day Safari The St Lucia Wetlands, known now as Isimangaliso Wetland Park, is considered by many travelers to be the highlight of their holiday in Durban South Africa. St Lucia is an untouched paradise, abundant in mammal, marine and bird life. Emdoneni Cheetah Lodge has for many years been…

safari spa durban

Hilltop/Mpila Safari

3 Days, 2 Nights An amazing Big5 South African safari over three days. Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park is on the top of many local and international travelers lists. Your Big5 safari starts from Durban city. Day one – Traveling along the KwaZulu-Natal coast we arrive at Emdoneni Lodge. Here we will learn…

safari spa durban

Hluhluwe/Emdoneni Overnight Safari

3 Days, 2 Nights An amazing Durban Big5 overnight safari. Travel from Durban on a Big5 safari that will leave lasting memories for years to come. Set in the heart of Hluhluwe, is the Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Centre. Emdoneni is renowned for its efforts in conserving and breeding some of…

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Best Safari Parks and Game Reserves near Durban

Best Safari Parks and Game Reserves near Durban

Ariadne is a renowned African wildlife photographer whose work is featured in many well-known guidebooks and magazines.

You don’t need to travel far from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal’s largest city and the country’s busiest port, to get to the bush. The city, with its urban sprawl and idyllic coastline, is a good springboard to visit some of the province’s many safari parks and game reserves.

Maybe you would like to self-drive to Hluhluwe-Imfolozi, the country’s oldest game reserve, or indulge in the 5-star treatment offered in Phinda or marvel at Tembe’s giant elephants. Here are some of our favorite safari parks and game reserves near Durban:

Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve

Rhino and baby at Hluhluwe Park

Hluhluwe-Imfolozi , one of South Africa’s most popular game reserves, is less than a 3-hour drive from the hustle and bustle of the Durban metropolis. It was established in the 1890s as a sanctuary for what was then the country’s last remaining population of southern white rhino. The reserve has been overwhelmingly successful and this is now one of the top places in Africa to see this threatened member of the Big 5. Other animals you might spot here include elephant, buffalo, giraffe and a variety of antelope including the gracious nyala.

  • Distance from Durban: 2½ hours
  • Accommodation options: Inside the reserve, Hilltop and Mpila Camps offer a variety of options including self-catering chalets, family cottages, safari tents and budget rondavels with communal ablutions. There are several private lodges and hotels outside the reserve as well.
  • Activities: Game drives, game walks, overnight wilderness trails

Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Tours

Phinda Private Game Reserve

Lioness at Phinda Game Reserve

Phinda is the most well-known and prestigious private game reserve near Durban. Staying in one of the six luxury lodges is an experience in itself – understated elegance and fine dining is the game. Phinda prides itself on the quality of the guiding and a safari here is not only exciting but also hugely educational. Expect close-up encounters of many creatures, big and small, and quite likely some action too. Phinda’s flagship animal is the cheetah and this is one of the best places to observe this gracious big cat’s behaviour; whether it is grooming, nursing cubs or running at lightning speed to hunt.

  • Distance from Durban: 3 hours
  • Accommodation options: Phinda is home to six luxury lodges, each with its own individual charm and character: Mountain Lodge, Rock Lodge, Forest Lodge, Vlei Lodge, Zuka Lodge and Phinda Homestead
  • Activities: Game drives; game walks; bird watching; community experience; rhino, elephant or pangolin research experience; optional beach excursion

Phinda Tours

uMkhuze Game Reserve

Plains Zebra drinking at uMkhuze Game Reserve

uMkhuze Game Reserve is part of a mosaic of protected areas that comprise iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a network of roads to explore, but the thick coastal vegetation doesn’t make for easy wildlife viewing. Spending time in the reserve’s photographic hides, on the other hand, is hugely rewarding. You’re literally in the middle of a waterhole when sitting in the stilted kuMasinga hide. You don’t need patience to spend a couple of hours here. You can expect a constant stream of animals coming to drink including zebras, wildebeest, warthogs, elephants and rhinos. With some luck you’ll even witness a pack of wild dogs or a pride of lions disturbing the peace.

  • Distance from Durban: 3½ hours
  • Accommodation options: Mantuma Rest Camp has a variety of accommodation options, including safari tents and self-catering chalets. Ghost Mountain Inn, located about 30 minutes away, offers more luxurious hotel accommodation.
  • Activities: Game drives, game walks, photography from wildlife hides, fig forest walk, bird watching

Ithala Game Reserve

Giraffe with calf at Ithala game Reserve

Little-known Ithala is perhaps the most scenic of all the game reserves near Durban. Although not a Big 5 destination (lions are absent), there is a fair amount of wildlife around, including both black and white rhino. The mountainous terrain with associated cliff faces and rocky river beds is prime territory for leopards. Other predators to look out for are cheetah and brown hyena. There is a big variety of antelope including some unusual species such as eland, red hartebeest and tsessebe, the fastest antelope in Africa.

  • Distance from Durban: 4½ hours
  • Accommodation options: Inside the reserve, Ntshondwe Camp offers self-catering and non-self-catering chalets. There is no private lodging in or nearby the reserve.
  • Activities: Game drives, game walks, bird watching

Ithala Tour Operators

Tembe Elephant Park

Tembe Elephants under a tree

Tembe Elephant Park is a Big 5 reserve, but it’s really the elephants that steal the show here. Tembe was established in 1983 to protect what was then the last free-ranging population of elephants in South Africa. The remaining herd consisted of 150 individuals, many of which carried huge tusks. The gene has obviously survived, as Tembe is still known for its massive tuskers. Seeing one of these giants at close quarters is an unforgettable experience. The variety of habitats including the special sand forest is home to many Zululand specials such as the shy suni antelope and the cheeky samango monkey.

  • Distance from Durban: 5 hours
  • Accommodation options: The only accommodation in the park is the community-run Tembe Tented Camp which offers all-inclusive packages with meals and game drives
  • Activities: Game drives, game walks, photography from an elevated wildlife hide, cultural experiences

Tembe Tours

Zulu Nyala Private Game Reserve

Zulu Nyala Safari

Bordering the upmarket Phinda Game Reserve, Zulu Nyala is an altogether more affordable option. It mainly supports the same animals, although there are no lions in Zulu Nyala. Your guide will take you out twice daily on exciting game drives in an open safari vehicle. This is the best way to get close to animals, but mix it up with a walking safari for a different but equally thrilling experience. Zulu Nyala is also a good base to explore other natural and cultural attractions of the area. Several optional day trips including the popular St Lucia estuary boat tour are available.

  • Accommodation options: Zulu Nyala Game Lodge is the only lodge in the reserve offering well-appointed air-conditioned rooms and safari tents
  • Activities: Game drives; game walks; Zulu cultural experience, optional day trips to iSimangaliso Wetland Park and other nearby reserves and attractions

Zulu Nyala Tour Operators

Nambiti Private Game Reserve

Lion at Nambiti Game Reserve

Nambiti GR is a popular breakaway from Durban because of its relatively reasonable lodge prices. It is also perfectly located as a halfway stop between Durban and Johannesburg, and only a stone’s throw away from the majestic Drakensberg Mountains . With its grassland habitat, typical of its highveld location, Nambiti has quite a different feel compared to the other KwaZulu Natal reserves with their lush coastal vegetation. There is a good selection of private lodges within the reserve all offering game drives in open safari vehicles and informative bush walks. Aside from the Big 5, more than 40 other mammal species are present. One of the more interesting inhabitants is the serval, a medium-sized cat rarely seen in other South African reserves .

  • Accommodation options: There are nine independent lodges inside Nambiti GR, including six 5-star game lodges and two tented camps. Facilities range from luxury to self-catering.
  • Activities: Game drives and game walks

Nambiti Tours

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safari spa durban

The Top 5 Spas To Visit in Durban, South Africa

Durban has a number of spas where travellers can indulge, including The Oyster Box Spa

Durban is a laid-back city known for being relaxation central, but even if you spend your holiday lolling on the beach or a hotel lounger, it’s great to go a step further and visit one of the city’s top spas for some professional pampering. Here, Culture Trip recommends the top five spas in Durban.

View all trips, suncoast spa.

Just riding the glass lifts outside the Suncoast Towers to this ninth-storey salon , the Durban promenade and rolling Indian Ocean dropping away below you, is therapeutic. Each treatment room has its own change room and shower for privacy, and not to mention those views! There’s every type of facial and body treatment available, from purifying oxygen treatments to Cleopatra spa baths and Dancing Fingers (two therapists massage you in tandem and harmony), but go for the salon’s signature, The Sea Whisperer – a subtle blend of massage styles from around the world that’s utterly relaxing.

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Gorgeous Guatemala

1. guatemala.


Beachy Belize


Colonial Mexico

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Edinburgh And The Scottish Highlands By Train

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Complete Portugal By Train

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Secrets Of Sri Lanka By Train

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Immersive Kenya

Suncoast Spa has stunning views of the Indian Ocean and Durban’s beachfront


Tucked into the tropical gardens of Umhlanga ’s iconic Oyster Box Hotel , this is a romantic experience best shared with a loved one. There’s a plunge pool above the view, a day room where you can nibble on delectable complimentary fresh fruit and a post-treatment tranquility lounge where you can doze on a daybed, cocooned in privacy by swathes of pale curtaining. There’s also an authentic Eastern hamman for deep cleansing and relaxing. The spa has its own range of all-natural body-care products, B|Africa, which combines indigenous African plant extracts (think baobab and marula oils, avocado butter, honey and rooibos), all sustainably harvested and not tested on animals. You’re spoilt for choice, but look no further than the B|Harmonised treatment, which incorporates meditation breathing and targets the stressed areas of the body. Total body bliss.

safari spa durban


This little oasis on the Durban Berea is ideal for central city stays. Eales is the mom of South African actress Josette Eales, and the city’s arts set comes here to chill and rejuvenate in the treatment rooms beside a soothing water feature, with chimes and mood music and air scented with fynbos (one of SA’s indigenous plants). Eales and stellar therapists offer a slew of advanced skincare treatments (including Bio-Therapeutic LED light treatments), but it’s hard to get past the Crystal Ball Full Body Massage, using Terres d’Afrique organic products. It’s a mix of deep massage, using hands and your choice of sensuously smoothed African crystals, in a combination of reflexology, acupressure, lymphatic drainage and Swedish massage movements to relax and distress. Expect to doze off.

people cheering on a mountain

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Jennifer Eales’ spa is popular with locals who often go for the Crystal Ball Full Body Massage


Buff is great fun – a beauty and treatment spa that smacks of a retro cocktail bar, complete with working jukebox, sculpture of Betty Boop, and flamingo and palm tree wallpaper. Created by sisters Tracy Gielink and Kim Davidson, who were raised in Durban’s fashion and horse-racing circles, and mother Debbie Davidson, it centres on grooming for girls and guys, from precision waxing to skin polishing and creating the perfect nails, done at imported Maletti manicure desks under ersatz clouds. The manis and pedis are called ‘hand and foot facials’ because they use premium products containing facial skin care ingredients. The hot wax is vegan and hypoallergenic. And to top it off, the Soda Fountain has a barista who pulls fresh coffee shots. The massages are great, too. Buff Parlour recently changed hands, but the new owner is intent on continuing in the same spunky vein.

Buff Parlour has a retro vibe and comes with a jukebox and a quirky Betty Boop sculpture


Filmer , like Eales, is an industry stalwart with more than 30 years’ experience. She combines service excellence with cutting-edge technology at her serene salon at the end of a tree-lined drive in the suburb of Gillitts, 20 minutes from the city. Indulge in the Classic Half-Day Spa Package. It starts with a traditional Arabian cleansing ritual in the mosaicked rasul, where warm water eventually rains down from the ceiling to wash away the sensuous mud mask. Next comes a full body exfoliation and wrap and a deep cleanse facial. You can follow this with a snack in the Beautiful Coffee café and a session of hydrotherapy in the Jacuzzi and plunge pool overlooking the garden. The half day of spa bliss ends with your choice between a classic mani or pedi in a plush wingback chair in the luxurious lounge. The spa’s flotation therapy is worth a visit of its own.

Brigit Filmer has 30 years of experience in the beauty industry and offers clients top-quality service

Want more good vibes on your Durban trip? Check out our guide to the best boutique hotels in the city , or the best hotels in Durban , bookable with Culture Trip.

Volcanic Iceland Epic Trip

Meet our local insider.

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What do you love about your job, it's the personal contact, the personal experiences. i love meeting people from all over the world... i really like getting to know everyone and feeling like i'm traveling with a group of friends., what destination is on your travel bucket-list, i have so many places on my list, but i would really lobe to go to africa. i consider myself an “adventure girl” and africa feels like the ultimate adventure.

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Every CULTURE TRIP Small-group adventure is led by a Local Insider just like Hanna.

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Increasingly we believe the world needs more meaningful, real-life connections between curious travellers keen to explore the world in a more responsible way. That is why we have intensively curated a collection of premium small-group trips as an invitation to meet and connect with new, like-minded people for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in three categories: Culture Trips, Rail Trips and Private Trips. Our Trips are suitable for both solo travelers, couples and friends who want to explore the world together.

Culture Trips are deeply immersive 5 to 16 days itineraries, that combine authentic local experiences, exciting activities and 4-5* accommodation to look forward to at the end of each day. Our Rail Trips are our most planet-friendly itineraries that invite you to take the scenic route, relax whilst getting under the skin of a destination. Our Private Trips are fully tailored itineraries, curated by our Travel Experts specifically for you, your friends or your family.

We know that many of you worry about the environmental impact of travel and are looking for ways of expanding horizons in ways that do minimal harm - and may even bring benefits. We are committed to go as far as possible in curating our trips with care for the planet. That is why all of our trips are flightless in destination, fully carbon offset - and we have ambitious plans to be net zero in the very near future.

safari spa durban

Places to Stay

The best hotels in and around durban, south africa.

safari spa durban

Food & Drink

The best bakeries to try in durban.

safari spa durban

The Best Shopping Malls in and Around Durban

safari spa durban

See & Do

The top things to see and do in umhlanga rocks, durban.

safari spa durban

Durban’s Chambers Club Is the City’s Coolest New Hangout

safari spa durban

The Most Unique Day Trips From Durban

safari spa durban

Classic Must-Have Experiences in Durban

safari spa durban

A Restaurateur's Guide to Eating Out in Durban, South Africa

safari spa durban

Bars & Cafes

The top waterfront bars and restaurants in durban, south africa.

safari spa durban

The Story Behind Durban’s Best Bunny Chow

safari spa durban

The Best Nightclubs in Durban, South Africa

safari spa durban

Books Are Helping Durban's Homeless Earn a Living

safari spa durban

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  • Best African Safari Spas for 2023
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An 'African spa' can mean anything from a therapist setting up a massage table on the deck of your tented bush suite for a treatment (as antelope graze nearby and bulbuls sing in the acacia trees above), to a full-on series of steam rooms, Rasul mud treatments, hammams and other specialist wellness elements. These tranquil spaces offer guests a chance to refresh, reflect, and renew while melting into the aromas and textures of Africa.

After the thrill of an early morning game drive, nothing beats pampering yourself with a rejuvenating Africa spa experience. We’ve rounded up our favourite lodges, camps, hotels and resorts where the concept of an 'African spa' is taken to new levels…

Southern Africa Spas

Where are the best safari spas in botswana, chobe chilwero, chobe national park.

African spa at Chobe Chilwero in Botswana | Go2Africa

  • Elements of Africa – like traditional weaving and carving – are suffused throughout the Chobe Chilwero’s African spa.
  • Facilities include an elevated treetop treatment room, hydrotherapy, Vichy showers, an indoor spa bath and a plunge pool.
  • African ingredients like marula and wild potato are found in the Africology range used, while beneficial marine algae form the basis of the French Thalgo collection of products.

Jao Camp, Okavango Delta

African spa at Jao Camp in Botswana | Go2Africa

  • This Botswana spa is set in the very heart of the pristine Okavango Delta amid ilala palms, herds of red lechwe and watery channels banked by thick reeds.
  • One of the most exclusive camps in Botswana .
  • The Jao Spa is tucked away behind mature ebony trees and offers discreet treatments between safari activities like mokoro rides, sundowners and game drives.

Xigera Safari Lodge, Okavango Delta

African spa at Xigera Safari Lodge in Botswana | Go2Africa

  • Winner of the 'Best Safari Spa in Africa' at the Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Awards 2022.
  • Meticulously designed to frame the gorgeous views of the lush riverine forests and seasonal flood plains.
  • This Botswana spa features an extensive selection of body and facial treatments.
  • The signature B|Africa spa treatments are enhanced by an exclusive Tata Harper collection.
  • All treatments feature wellness products that are 100% natural and non-toxic.
  • Xigera also offers an extensive wellness program that features international experts and pioneers in the fields of holistic healing, wellness and mindfulness.

Where Are the Best Spas in Malawi?

Kaya mawa, lake malawi.

African spa at Kaya Mawa in Malawi | Go2Africa

  • 'Kaya mawa' means 'maybe tomorrow', which perfectly captures the lazy sense of having to do absolutely nothing at this lodge on Likoma Island in Lake Malawi.
  • Savour a full-body massage in one of the secluded 'sea huts' that are connected to the island by a swing bridge and lapped on all sides by the calm waters of Lake Malawi .

Where Are the Best Spas in Mozambique?

Anantara bazaruto island resort, bazaruto archipelago.

African spa at Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort in Mozambique | Go2Africa

  • Located in the beautiful Bazaruto Archipelago off the southern coast of Mozambique in the warm Indian Ocean.
  • There are five treatment rooms at this Mozambique spa, as well as an ice-plunge pool, health bar for juices, smoothies and shakes, and a swimming pool overlooking the sea.
  • Tropical ingredients like coconut, sea salt, fine Mozambican beach sand and ylang-ylang are incorporated into treatments.
  • Try the intoga massage during which various wooden sticks are used to roll out knots and kinks

Coral Lodge, Ilha de Mozambique

African spa at Coral Lodge in Mozambique | Go2Africa

  • Charming beach lodge on the northern coast mainland just opposite the magical and historical Ilha da Mozambique, where Portuguese ruins date back to the 1700s.
  • Relax with in-room massages and other treatments on the privacy of your suite’s spacious wooden deck, which overlooks the azure Indian Ocean.
  • Therapists hail from the nearby village where water is still drawn from an old well and lime is still extracted from age-old kilns.

Where Are the Best Safari Spas in Namibia?

Gocheganas, gocheganas nature reserve.

African spa at GocheGanas in Namibia | Go2Africa

  • Situated on a hilltop outside Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.
  • The GocheGanas Wellness Village has 11 treatment rooms and state-of-the-art amenities like a Vichy shower, crystal and hydrotherapy baths, Kneipp showers, a cave sauna and a heated indoor swimming pool under a vaulted stone ceiling that has a spectacular view over the peninsula.
  • Natural spring water from GocheGanas Nature Reserve is heated by fire to fuel the cave sauna (also known as the granite bath) and Kneipp showers at this Namibia spa.

Omaanda, Windhoek

African spa at Omaanda in Namibia | Go2Africa

  • Omaanda is one of the country’s most luxurious lodges and it built entirely from natural materials to a design that takes inspiration from age-old Namibian building techniques.
  • The two double treatment rooms are housed in the spa ‘hut’, which has a reed ceiling, adobe ochre walls, and immense wooden and brass artefacts.
  • Try the Miracle Tree Divine Facial that uses moringa, an anti-aging multi-vitamin that is rich in zeatin.

Where Are the Best Safari Spas in South Africa?

Londolozi varty camp, sabi sand game reserve.

African spa at Londolozi Varty Camp | Go2Africa

  • A leader in wellness safari retreats, Londolozi partners with the world’s leading wellness experts, life coaches and shamans.
  • Londolozi Healing House, a wellness space situated at Varty Camp, is one of Africa’s most forward thinking wellness safari retreats.
  • Wellness practitioners include sound healers, enneagram practitioners, bodywork specialists, aromatherapy technicians, Martha Beck master life coaches, reiki masters and yoga instructors.

Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge, Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

African spa at Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge in South Africa | Go2Africa

  • An award-winning, eco-sensitive lodge that seamlessly integrates with its natural environment.
  • Meaning ‘peace’ in Swahili, Amani Spa offers unbeatable physical, mental and emotional wellness experiences.
  • Treatments at this South African spa include holistic skin, body and beauty rituals, and rejuvenating massages.
  • Amani Spa at Earth Lodge has two single treatment rooms, one double room, and a zen meditation garden with outdoor shower.

Babylonstoren, Franschhoek

African spa at Babylonstoren in South Africa | Go2Africa

  • A working 'farm' in the Franschhoek Winelands outside Cape Town, where the emphasis is on organic practices and garden-to-plate eating.
  • The architecture effortlessly combines traditional Cape Dutch vernacular with high-tech glass and climate-control.
  • The Garden Spa is hugged by a thriving bamboo forest and features a hammam, a chill room, a hot spa and a gym.
  • The lavender, rosemary and lemon thyme used in treatments at this South African spa are picked fresh from the garden every day.

Delaire Graff, Stellenbosch

African spa at Delaire Graff in South Africa | Go2Africa

  • One of the best spas in Cape Town at one of the most luxurious and pampering boutique hotels in Africa, with spectacular views over the mountains and vineyards of Stellenbosch.
  • Part of the Graff diamond family fortune, it is no surprise that state-of-the-art techniques such as diamond-tipped micro-dermabresion are on the spa menu.
  • Aromatherapy Associates of London and Swiss Perfection from Montreux in Switzerland supply special services.
  • Rituals change seasonally: the winter ritual (to coincide with peak safari season) may include a Margaret Dabbs express pedi, a Knesko collagen eye mask and a hydrating pressure-point facial topped off with a signature wine tasting.

Leeu Estate, Franschhoek

African spa at Leeu Estate in South Africa | Go2Africa

  • One of the best spas in Cape Town, situated at a very exclusive boutique hotel in the Franschhoek wine valley.
  • Exceptional art and statuary dot the spa rooms and grounds, enhancing the view over the massive, manicured garden and lily pond to the craggy mountains beyond.
  • Special treatment menu for children aged six to 12.
  • OPI, TheraNaka and Esse products used throughout.

Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town

African spa at Mount Nelson Hotel in South Africa | Go2Africa

  • Arguably Cape Town’s oldest and most venerable hotel that has hosted the rich and famous since 1743.
  • Lovely gardens, sun-splashed terraces and views of Table Mountain.
  • The Librisa Spa has two couples’ rooms, a Finnish sauna, a plunge pool and conservatory for enjoying a cup of herbal tea after your treatment.

One&Only Cape Town

African spa at One&Only Cape Town in South Africa | Go2Africa

  • Luxurious hotel in the heart of the V&A Waterfront with magnificent views of Table Mountain.
  • A dedicated ‘spa island’ lies in a canal that flows into Table Bay Harbour and houses a yoga pavilion, a hair-dressing salon and multiple treatment rooms.
  • Indulge in the vitality pools, aroma steam room and ‘experience showers’ for a strong focus on the healing powers of water.
  • The menu at this South African spa changes seasonally to reflect new ingredients and different mind-and-body needs throughout the year.

The Oyster Box, Durban

African spa at The Oyster Box in South Africa | Go2Africa

  • Perfect stop-over in the semi-tropical seaside city of Durban, before moving on to the KZN Battlefields, Phinda Private Game Reserve, or the superb diving destinations to the north of the province.
  • This award-winning South African spa is secluded amid lush gardens that are home to songbirds and acrobatic vervet monkeys.
  • The hammam is especially pretty, while the plunge pool and ‘tranquillity lounge’ are also exquisite, with subtle hints of North Africa here and there.

The Saxon, Johannesburg

African spa at The Saxon in South Africa | Go2Africa

  • Arguably Johannesburg’s most discreet and luxurious hotel, which has hosted scores of celebrities and was the home of former president Nelson Mandela while he was writing his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom.
  • Only top products are used such as La Prairie and Caviar Hair, and there are separate manicure and pedicure lounges, as well as a ‘hair spa’ and a Rasul chamber.
  • One of the few spas in South Africa where you can indulge in top-notch sound therapy.

The Twelve Apostles, Cape Town

African spa at The Twelve Apostles in South Africa | Go2Africa

  • This hotel is an historic building that lies outside Cape Town, with one of the best spas in Cape Town.
  • Located in the foothills of the Twelve Apostles mountain range, which is part of Table Mountain National Park.
  • Its terraces are among the best places to watch the city’s famously brilliant sunsets.
  • The main spa swimming pool is fashioned as an ‘underwater cave’, while there are also outside rock pools for guests to enjoy.
  • Head to one of the private glass chalets up a nature trail for transporting massages amid the indigenous fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

10 Best Luxury Kruger Safaris

12 best south african safari tours, the best luxury lodges in kruger: our top 10 picks, where are the best safari spas in zambia, mfuwe lodge, south luangwa national park.

Mfuwe Lodge in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia | Go2Africa

  • An award-winning lodge situated in one of Africa’s last unspoilt wilderness regions.
  • Famous for its family of elephants that walk through reception to feast on a wild mango tree between October and December.
  • Mfuwe's BushSpa is a tranquil retreat where guests can rejuvenate body, mind and soul.

Royal Zambezi Lodge, Lower Zambezi National Park

African spa at Royal Zambezi Lodge in Zambia | Go2Africa

  • A regular winner on the 'World’s Best Spa' awards lists.
  • Situated on the banks of the mighty Zambezi, with the chortling of hippos and cries of African fish eagles in the air.
  • Its minimalist design of this Zambia spa – simple white floors and drapes under a traditional thatched roof – allows the natural beauty of the surrounding bush to take centre stage.
  • The age-old Zambian ukuchina massage technique is a speciality here.
  • Royal Zambezi is the flagship for Dermologica in the region.

Sussi & Chuma, Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park

African spa at Sussi & Chuma in Zambia | Go2Africa

  • Situated in Mosi-ao-Tunya National Park, close to Victoria Falls.
  • Specialist-guided walking safaris will let you get exercise, clear your head and be amid Zambia’s abundant flora.
  • Treatments make use of traditional African plants like rooibos (red-bush tea), aloe ferox, marula fruit (used to make Amarula, a liqueur often enjoyed on safari) and wild African potato.
  • Try the Imkovi Sloughing Process to get rid of dead skin cells using walnut shells or the Ukincha massage, a traditional Zambian treatment that sometimes involves two therapists working on you simultaneously to improve circulation and reduce stress.

Where Are the Best Safari Spas in Zimbabwe?

Bumi hills safari lodge, lake kariba.

Bumi Hills Safari Lodge at Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe | Go2Africa

  • A luxury safari lodge set on a range of hills overlooking the shimmering waters of Lake Kariba.
  • Indulge in soothing and rejuvenating treatments at this Zimbabwe spa, while savouring the gorgeous views over the lake.

Singita Pamushana, Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve

African spa at Singita Pamushana in Zimbabwe | Go2Africa

  • Luxurious lodge in the large Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve in southern Zimbabwe, with very few other visitors.
  • Treatments at this Zimbabwe spa take place overlooking the beautiful Malilangwe Dam, or in the privacy of your designer room. Couples’ options are available.
  • Ingredients used include baobab seeds (from the famous ‘upside-down trees’ that dot Zimbabwe) and omumbiri body butter.
  • Try an aromatherapy session where African essential oils have been blended to evoke the fragrance of early morning dew on the savannah or the iconic smell of freshly crushed fynbos (heather and wild basil).

East Africa Spas

Where are the best safari spas in kenya, sanctuary olonana, masai mara national reserve.

Sanctuary Olonana in the Masai Mara, Kenya | Go2Africa

  • An exceptional safari lodge set on a private stretch of the Mara River.
  • The lodge’s spa offers a range of treatments like full body sweet and savoury scrubs, pure collagen velvet masks, Indoceane treatments, and Africology massages.
  • Enjoy a treatment at this Kenya spa while savouring the spectacular views over the Mara River and the soothing sound of the water below.
  • Spa products comprise healing essences of some of South Africa's indigenous plants, and are natural, organic and chemical free.

SaSaab, Samburu National Reserve

African spa at SaSaab in Kenya | Go2Africa

  • Africa meets Arabia in the heart of Samburu, a haven for some of Kenya’s more unusual animal species.
  • An airy, laidback lodge spread out over a hill over several levels that gently slopes down to the life-giving Ewaso Nyiro River.
  • One of the best spas in Kenya, centred on a reflection pool with a small fitness area to one side and a treatment space to the other, all overlooking the river and Samburu scrubland beyond.
  • Enjoy yoga sessions under the thatched dome and soaring Moroccan-inspired arches.

Governors’ Camp, Masai Mara National Reserve

African spa at Governors’ Camp in Kenya | Go2Africa

  • Africa’s first permanent luxury tented camp, nestled in a riverine forest along the banks of the Mara River.
  • Occupies one of the best wildlife viewing locations in the reserve.
  • Awarded a Silver Eco Rating from Eco – Tourism Kenya for sustainable tourism practices.
  • The camp’s tranquil spa offers a range of treatments such as massages, facials, body scrubs, manicures and pedicures.

10 Best Kenya Safari Tours: Our Top Picks

15 best masai mara safari lodges & camps, kenya or tanzania: which is best for safari, where are the best safari spas in rwanda, one&only gorilla’s nest, volcanoes national park.

One&Only Gorilla’s Nest in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda | Go2Africa

  • Luxurious lodge nestled in the foothills of the breath-taking Volcanoes National Park, one of Africa’s best gorilla trekking destinations.
  • An Africa spa that boasts a collection of experiences in partnership with Terres D'Afrique.
  • Highly specialised massages to refresh, renew and rebalance after trekking for gorillas in the jungle.
  • Terres D’Afrique facials that blend ancient African wisdom with modern science.

Virunga Lodge, Volcanoes National Park

African spa at Virunga Lodge in Rwanda | Go2Africa

  • An iconic property that boasts magnificent views of the Virunga Volcanies, Musanze valley, Lake Bulera and Lake Ruhondo.
  • The Ikirunga Spa offers complimentary treatments and massages, including the famous Rungu massage – a deep pressure, long-stroked massage that reduces aches and pains, improves lymph drainage and blood circulation, and provides immediate relaxation.
  • This African spa features two treatment rooms with open fireplaces, a wood-burning sauna, and relaxation zones where guests can de-stress and rejuvenate.

Where Are the Best Safari Spas in Tanzania?

Sayari camp, serengeti national park.

African spa at Sayari Camp in Tanzania | Go2Africa

  • An award-winning camp in the northern Serengeti.
  • A prime location to witness the Great Migration’s river crossings.
  • Professionally trained therapists offer massages in the comfort of your room, or in the dedicated Asilia Spa.
  • An African spa that uses world-class products and organic African ingredients to create its signature treatments.

Gibb’s Farm, Ngorongoro Conservation Area

African spa at Gibb’s Farm in Tanzania | Go2Africa

  • A historical working farm – with a piggery and a coffee plantation – near the very sought-after Ngorongoro Conservation Area .
  • Following a personal consultation, the therapists at this Tanzania spa will design a special series of treatments to soothe and revitalise, are all based on Maasai herbs and rituals.
  • Ojingai involves heating a special mixture of indigenous herbs in muslin bags to induce relaxation while the ‘After Safari Relaxer’ provides a bliss out over early mornings and long days on the road.
  • Local elements – like arabica coffee beans and olkaria red clay – are used as well as over 50 indigenous plant species.

Mpingo Ridge Lodge, Tarangire National Park

African spa at Mpingo Ridge Lodge in Tanzania | Go2Africa

  • The onsite Melegali Spa offers the popular African Rungu Massage using the Maasai rungu – a small, carved baton, traditionally used for hunting and combat – to provide a deep tissue massage that is therapeutic and relaxing.
  • Pamper sessions are always carried out in tranquil spaces at this Tanzania spa. Your treatment will take place either in an authentic canvas tent, serving as a gentle reminder of your location in the middle of the bush, or out on the deck, with the soothing sounds of nature and majestic view of the sprawling plains lulling you into a state of pure bliss.
  • Perfect way to unwind after a day of game drives through Tarangire.
  • Melegali Spa can also be enjoyed by guests staying at Lemala’s Nanyukie Lodge and Kuria Hills Lodge.

Baraza Resort & Spa, Zanzibar

Baraza Resort & Spa in Zanzibar | Go2Africa

  • A five-star, all-inclusive boutique resort in Zanzibar with spectacular views of the Indian Ocean.
  • The Frangipani spa at Baraza is a tranquil sanctuary featuring a lap pool with indoor and outdoor relaxation rooms, and the Sultan’s Bath – this African spa’s signature treatment.
  • Enjoy a variety of treatments and therapies enhanced with candlelight and spice scented aromas.
  • Professional therapists from Thailand, Bali and India.
  • High quality, natural skin care products are used, as well as a selection of local spiced essential oils.

Where Are the Best Safari Spas in Uganda?

Bwindi lodge, bwindi impenetrable forest national park.

African spa at Bwindi Lodge in Uganda | Go2Africa

  • An award-winning lodge with dramatic views.
  • Start your gorilla trek from the lodge via a direct, private footpath into Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.
  • The Forest Spa Humula mw’ Ishamba features a sauna and offers complimentary spa treatments and massages.

Uganda: Why You Need to Visit the Pearl of Africa in 2022

Where to see gorillas in africa: rwanda vs uganda vs congo, top 13 places to stay on a congo & uganda luxury safari, ready to start planning your dream safari.

Get in touch with our team of Africa Safari Experts to help tailor-make an itinerary that’s right for you:

African Spa and Wellness Holidays Relax - Renew - Recharge

Discover relaxation, pampering and serenity in this African spa and wellness guide for South Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Enjoy spa treatments while on safari; a city spa breakaway; or a wellness weekend in the country or by the seaside - here you will find the ideal African spa destination hotel to suit your needs.

Massage with a sea view at the Twelve Apostles Spa in Cape Town.

South African Spa Destinations

  • Cape Town Spa
  • Cape Winelands Spa
  • Spas Around Durban
  • Johannesburg & Pretoria Spas
  • Garden Route Spa

Spa holiday package weekend at Erinvale Estate in Cape Town.

Spa Package Holidays

These customizable Spa Package Holidays have been created to suit every budget and style from Great Value Spa Packages for the budget conscious, to Deluxe Spa Packages which offer luxury accommodation and facilities, to Absolutely The Best Spa Packages for the most discerning traveller.

Tropical island spa getaway in Seychelles.

Tropical Island Getaway Spas

Our selection of Island Spa hotels take you away to Mozambique , Zanzibar , Mauritius and Seychelles . Rejuvenate the senses and calm the mind, lulled by the breezes of the Indian Ocean. These remote and romantic destinations take "spa treatment" into a new dimension. Enjoy a soothing massage while listening to the sound of the surf. Discover a relaxing paradise at these exotic island spas.

Beach spas offer yoga on the beach.

Beach Spas in South Africa

This is our list of the best beach spas in South Africa . Experience the wonderful sea views, the sand in your toes and the cooling sea breeze while you enjoy a massage on the deck. From secluded beach retreats to spa resorts with all the modern conveniences, you are sure to find the perfect beach spa. Pamper yourself with exotic spa treatments that evoke a more relaxed way of life, leaving you feeling like a new person.

Safari spa at Kapama Wellness Spa.

Spa and safari are no longer mutually exclusive; at these safari spa lodges you can enjoy incredible spa treatments surrounded by the raw beauty of the African bush. Relax in seclusion with a number of spa treatments and enjoy exciting game drives during which you will see fantastic wildlife. Many of these safari spas are situated in Big Five game reserves. Get the best of both on a safari and spa holiday .

Romantic spa holiday getaway.

Spa and Romance

Escape with the one you love. The sense of touch has been used to connect people for centuries. Retreat to a romantic spa sanctuary to reconnect with each other and deepen your love. Couples massages and treatments are offered to maximize your time together. Enjoy romantic dinners and walks amongst the beautiful surroundings at a spa hotel in South Africa.

Spa with a city view close to shops at Westin hotel in Cape Town.

Spa and Shopping

Therapy for the body and spirit. Indulge in luxurious spa treatments, and then afterwards spoil yourself at world-class boutiques in some of South Africa's most vibrant cities. Spa and shopping retail therapy at its best.

Golf and spa holiday at Erinvale Estate.

Spa and Golf

Combine your passions. Get the best of both worlds! Enjoy indulgent spa treatments and rounds of golf at some of the countries championship golf courses. Golf and Spa hotels in South Africa offer something for him, something for her...

Cape Winelands Spa at Erinvale Estate in Cape Town.

Spa and Winelands

Cape Winelands Spa Hotels offer the perfect country retreat. Go on a journey of the senses in the beautiful Cape Winelands. Savour fine wines and delicious gourmet cuisine, surrounded by majestic scenery. Enjoy wine tastings at nearby wineries and top it all off with blissful spa treatments.

Spa facilities at Twelve Apostles Spa in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • South African Spa Guide

This handy Spa Guide contains useful information including a glossary of spa treatments , types of massages, types of lasers, advice for beginners and an FAQ on Spa etiquette. Advances in technology mean that spas are always adding new and often cutting edge treatments to their spa menus.

How can we help you?

Our Destination Experts are on hand to assist with planning your African spa getaway. Create a customized package including accommodation, flights and transfers. Contact us for travel advice.

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  1. Home

    Give in to your desire for peace and pampering at the luxurious Tulana Spa. Or rest in the privacy of your own private room. ... Umzolozolo Private Safari Lodge. Head Office P.O.Box 74461, Rochdale Park, Durban, 4001 E-mail: [email protected] Tel: 031 579 3870 Enquire Now. Directions & Map. Directions from Durban N2/N3 Interchange (2 ½ ...

  2. 50 Safari Lodges in Durban

    Here is the list of 50 Safari Lodges In Durban Sort By: 1. Beverly Hills Next Umhlanga 15.9 kms from La Vita Spa # 1 in Safari Lodges In Durban 8.4 /10 (761 reviews) Surrounded by greenery and several popular attractions, Beverly Hills is a clifftop hotel that provides luxurious accommodations overlooking the Indian Ocean.

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    Safaris in Durban Enter dates Filters • 1 Outdoor Activities Sort & up & up & up English French Portuguese German Tala Private Game Reserve Hluhluwe - iMfolozi Park Wilderness Area African Sun Safaris Nelson Mandela Capture Site Durban: Safaris Information Top Durban Safaris: See reviews and photos of Safaris in Durban, South Africa on Tripadvisor.

  4. Fleur De Lis Spa

    Hluhluwe Imfolozi Big 5 Reserve day Safari from Durban. 52. Recommended. 100% of travellers recommend this experience. This number is based on the percentage of all Tripadvisor reviews for this product that have a bubble rating of 4 or higher. ... By far the best spa in durban. i have been to many spas but none come close to their level of ...

  5. The 10 Best Durban Spa Resorts 2023 (with Prices)

    Best Spa Resorts in Durban, South Africa Durban Spa Resorts Check In — / — / — Check Out — / — / — Guests 1 room, 2 adults, 0 children Popular Breakfast included 5 Star & up Budget Property types B&Bs & Inns Hotels Lodges Speciality lodgings Show more View Holiday Rentals Amenities Free Wifi Breakfast included Pool Free parking Show all

  6. The Spa on Fairway

    The spa is an exclusive Beauty and wellness center, offering panoramic sea views over the Indian ocean and in this haven of peace and tranquility, we invite you to indulge in our wide range of therapies, ranging from Reflexology and Aromatherapy to Mud wraps and Facials.

  7. THE 10 BEST Durban Safaris (Updated 2023)

    THE 10 BEST Durban Safaris & Safari Tours Safaris in Durban Enter dates Filters • 1 Outdoor Activities Sort & up & up & up English French Portuguese German Tala Private Game Reserve Hluhluwe - iMfolozi Park Wilderness Area African Sun Safaris Nelson Mandela Capture Site Durban: Safaris Information

  8. Durban Safari Accommodation

    37 places to stay 7.1km from Durban La Lucia 15 places to stay 12.9km from Durban Beachfront 1 place to stay 2km from Durban Pinetown 20 places to stay 16.8km from Durban Westville 24 places to stay 9.1km from Durban Umdloti Beach 123 places to stay 23.7km from Durban Durban Central 5 places to stay 0.1km from Durban

  9. Your Ultimate Guide to Durban Safaris

    Distance from Durban to Thanda Safari Private Game Reserve . 3 hours (280 kilometres) via N2 . Where to stay at Thanda Safari Private Game Reserve . Thanda Safari Lodge is a multiple winner of the World's Leading Luxury Lodge. Thanda Safari Lodge . Thanda Safari Lodge's has 9 beautiful bush suites that are self-contained for absolute privacy.


    R 2 950,00. per adult (price varies by group size) Durban City & PheZulu Cultural Village Day Tour from Durban. 16. Historical Tours. from. R 2 300,00. per adult (price varies by group size) Half Day Safari Tour from Durban.

  11. Durban Day Safari Tours

    Click Here New: SAFARI & SCUBA 6 NIGHT PACKAGE Join us and enjoy one of the very best adventure Scuba and Safari Holiday Packages in and around Durban. This 6 Night Holiday Package highlights not only the very best wildlife but also some magnificent scuba diving at Aliwal Shoal (Durban).

  12. Durban Spa

    Durban Spa offers a family-friendly holiday of convenience, and access to almost every entertainment facility one could possibly imagine.Step out of the modern, yet friendly reception area, onto the fun-filled beachfront promenade, which offers easy access to the public beaches, just 50 meters away.Durban Spa is comfortably appointed, offering suitable accommodation facilities to singles ...

  13. Top 10 Safari Lodges In KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

    Umzolozolo Private Safari Lodge & Spa is a luxurious hideaway with all the trimmings to give you a memorable stay. Rooms are all well-equipped to give you top-notch service. ... (249 kilometers) from Durban. Add a Tip. Umzolozolo Private Safari Lodge & Spa. Address: Woodlands Gate, Elandslaagte D46 Road 198.09 km from Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park.

  14. All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

    Our handpicked overland tours will take you on a journey to magical places under African skies: elephants wallowing in the Okavango Delta; the vast deserts of Namibia; safaris deep in Tanzania's grasslands; the wild waterfalls of Zambia; or eye to eye with a whale on South Africa's coastline. But first we want to get to know you so that ...

  15. Durban Wellness & Spa Accommodation

    Durban Wellness & Spa Accommodation Filters PRICE PER NIGHT - ACCOMMODATION TYPE Self-catering (15) Guest Houses (5) Hotels (5) Bed and Breakfast (4) Resorts (2) MUST HAVE Parking on Premises (24) Swimming Pool (20) Beach (20) Satellite TV (20) Wi-Fi (19) Laundry Facilities (18) Restaurant on Premises (13) Instant Book (11) Gym (7) Room Service (7)


    Our handpicked overland tours will take you on a journey to magical places under African skies: elephants wallowing in the Okavango Delta; the vast deserts of Namibia; safaris deep in Tanzania's grasslands; the wild waterfalls of Zambia; or eye to eye with a whale on South Africa's coastline. But first we want to get to know you so that ...

  17. 12 Amazing Spas in Durban For Ultimate Relaxation

    Timings: Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM 2. Heaven on Earth Day Spa Source Heaven on Earth Spa is nestled in the Central Musgrave and offers a short yet refreshing getaway from the routine hubbub. With the advantage of easy accessibility, this day spa offers lavish treatment rooms with a divine ambience, so you can unwind & de-stress yourself.

  18. Durban Safaris

    Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Big5 Overnight Safari. 3 Days, 2 Nights An unforgettable Durban Big5 Safari. This Big5 safari from Durban begins and ends in Durban. Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park has been a pioneer Big5 safari park for many years, setting the standards in South African wildlife conservation. Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park is steeped in history and natural ...

  19. Best Safari Parks and Game Reserves near Durban

    Here are some of our favorite safari parks and game reserves near Durban: Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve Hluhluwe-Imfolozi, one of South Africa's most popular game reserves, is less than a 3-hour drive from the hustle and bustle of the Durban metropolis.

  20. The Top 5 Spas To Visit in Durban South Africa

    Glynis Horning 26 January 2022 Durban is a laid-back city known for being relaxation central, but even if you spend your holiday lolling on the beach or a hotel lounger, it's great to go a step further and visit one of the city's top spas for some professional pampering. Here, Culture Trip recommends the top five spas in Durban. SUNCOAST SPA

  21. Best Luxury Safari Spas in Africa for 2023

    Where Are the Best Safari Spas in Botswana? Chobe Chilwero, Chobe National Park Elements of Africa - like traditional weaving and carving - are suffused throughout the Chobe Chilwero's African spa. Facilities include an elevated treetop treatment room, hydrotherapy, Vichy showers, an indoor spa bath and a plunge pool.

  22. South African Spa Health Wellness

    Spa and safari are no longer mutually exclusive; at these safari spa lodges you can enjoy incredible spa treatments surrounded by the raw beauty of the African bush. Relax in seclusion with a number of spa treatments and enjoy exciting game drives during which you will see fantastic wildlife.