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How to Securely Store and Retrieve Your Passwords in Chrome

Are you tired of forgetting your passwords or constantly having to reset them? Look no further than Google Chrome’s password manager. With this feature, you can securely store and retrieve all of your passwords for various websites and applications.

Enabling Chrome’s Password Manager

To start using Chrome’s password manager, first ensure that it is enabled. To do so, go to the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome and select “Settings.” From there, scroll down to “Autofill” and click on “Passwords.” Toggle the switch next to “Offer to save passwords” so that it turns blue. Now you’re ready to start saving your passwords.

Saving Your Passwords

When you enter a username and password on a website or application, Chrome will prompt you with a pop-up asking if you want it to save your login information. Click “Save” if you’d like for Chrome to remember these details for future use. You can also manually add login information by going back into the password settings menu and selecting “Add.”

Retrieving Your Passwords

If you need to retrieve a saved password, simply go back into the password settings menu mentioned earlier and look for the website or application where the login information is stored. Click on the eye icon next to the username field, enter your computer’s admin password if prompted, and voila. Your saved password will be revealed.

Ensuring Security

Of course, with any tool that stores sensitive information like passwords, security is a top concern. Luckily, Chrome offers several measures to keep your data safe. You can set up a master password that must be entered before viewing any saved passwords. Additionally, Chrome will only fill in saved login information on websites with URLs that match exactly what was saved – so be wary of phishing scams or fake websites.

In conclusion, Chrome’s password manager is a convenient and secure way to store and retrieve your login information. By following these simple steps, you can save yourself time and hassle while also keeping your data safe.

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safari password chrome

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safari password chrome

Import bookmarks, history, and passwords in Safari on Mac

If Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is your default browser, you can automatically import your bookmarks, history, and passwords when you first start using Safari, or manually import them later.

You can also import bookmarks that were exported in HTML format from Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and some other web browsers. And you can import passwords that were exported to a CSV file from a password app or another browser.

Imported bookmarks appear after your existing bookmarks.

Imported history appears with your existing history.

Imported passwords go into your iCloud Keychain, so you can autofill sign-in information on websites.

Open Safari for me

Automatically import from Chrome or Firefox

If this is the first time you’ve opened Safari after using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, a message at the bottom of the start page asks you if you want to keep imported items.

Select an option:

Keep your imported items: Safari keeps your imported bookmarks, history, and passwords from Chrome and Firefox.

Remove your imported items: Safari removes your imported items.

Decide later: Return to the start page and import the items at another time. To see the start page, choose Bookmarks > Show Start Page.

Manually import items from Chrome or Firefox

You can do this any time after you start using Safari, even if you imported items already.

You must have Chrome or Firefox installed on your Mac to import.

Select the items you want to import.

Click Import.

Import a bookmarks file

Select the HTML file to import.

After you import bookmarks, they appear in the sidebar below Bookmarks in a new folder whose name begins with “Imported” and ends with the date.

Import a passwords file

Select the CSV file to import.

Enter the login password for your Mac.

If a password you’re importing doesn’t match a password you’ve saved to your Mac, you can see the related account, user name, and password saved to your Mac, then choose which one to keep. See At least one password wasn’t imported .

Click Delete “ filename .csv” to protect the security of your accounts.

WARNING: The CSV file is not encrypted, and anyone reading the file can see your passwords.

Export a bookmarks file

The exported file is called “Safari Bookmarks.html.”

To use the exported bookmarks in another browser, import the file named “Safari Bookmarks.html.”

Export a passwords file

Click Export Passwords.

WARNING: Your passwords are exported to a CSV file. The CSV file is not encrypted, and anyone reading the file can see your passwords.

Enter a name and choose a location for the CSV file, then click Save.

To use the exported passwords in another browser, import the CSV file you created.

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How to Import Passwords from Safari to Chrome?

Mike Sangster

Part 1: The Advantages of Importing Passwords from Safari to Chrome

Part 2: how to import passwords from safari to chrome.


Read the other post to know How to Import Passwords from Chrome to Safari .

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Troubleshooting, how to import saved passwords from safari to chrome.

How to Import Saved Passwords from Safari to Chrome

Planning to switch to Google Chrome as your preferred web browser on your Mac? If so, you’ll be relieved to know that importing your saved passwords from Safari to Chrome is a lot easier than you think.

Safari is the default web browser on macOS devices, similar to how Microsoft Edge is on Windows. Most people hesitate to switch to a different browser, just because they’re worried about losing all their browsing data. However, that’s not an issue at all anymore considering most web browsers today allow you to import bookmarks, saved passwords, autofill data, etc. in a matter of seconds.

Interested in learning how you can seamlessly make the switch? Look no further, because in this article, we’ll be discussing exactly how you can import saved passwords from Safari to Google Chrome.

Importing browsing data such as bookmarks, saved passwords, autofill information, etc. is a fairly simple and straightforward procedure in Google Chrome. Make sure you’ve installed the latest version of Chrome on your Mac before you go ahead with the procedure.

Google Chrome Icon

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Now you know how to import saved passwords from Safari to Google Chrome.

Although we were focusing on saved passwords in this article, you can use the same procedure to import other browsing data such as favorites, bookmarks, autofill data, search history and more from Safari. Just make sure to check the respective boxes while importing and you’re set.

One of the many reasons why Safari users might want to switch to Google Chrome is because of the robust password manager feature that’s baked into the web browser. If you’re switching to Firefox instead, you won’t be able to automatically import your Safari passwords, since Firefox lacks the Keychain integration that Chrome has.

We hope you were able to import your saved passwords from Safari to Chrome without any issues. What do you think about the automatic import feature that’s available on most modern-day web browsers? Make sure to share your thoughts and experience in the comments section down below.

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Please delete this page. It’s just plain wrong information.

This simply doesn’t work. I have the latest version of chrome and bookmarks/favorites is the only option that comes up to import. Not passwords.

I just imported Bookmarks from Safari to Chrome, through Firefox: I imported Safari to Firefox, and then Firefox to Chrome:

Open FireFox -> Setting -> Privacy & Security -> Scroll down to “Saved Logins” under Logins and Password -> clicked on the 3 dots on the upper right “. . .” and then “Import from Another Browser” and was able to select Safari.

That said, it got the bookmarks to Chrome but didn’t bring the saved logins or any autofill with it.

Unfortunately, your Windows screenshots do not reflect the Mac experience. The only way to get Safari bookmarks into Chrome is to first export them to a location on your computer (such as the Desktop) and them import them (as an HTML file) into Chrome. Currently there is no way to import passwords or other Safari functionality into Chrome on a Mac. (In both Catalina and Big Sur)

In addition one of your screenshots mistakenly highlights “Downloads” instead of “Bookmarks”.

If you’re going to provide instructions please verify them before posting.

I don’t have Safari as an option, only FireFox. How do we solve that?

Didn’t work for me. The “Import bookmarks and settings” window did not list Safari as a selection option.

Safari wasn’t listed for me either.

Safari is not a choice under “import bookmarks and settings” – only Firefox was when I tried (and all of my saved passwords are in Safari) – This does not work :(

The imported bookmarks go into a folder “imported from Safari.” I delete all the Chrome bookmarks, but still have my imported bookmarks all in this new subfolder.

I can obviously rename that to “Safari’ or “imported” or whatever. I cannot find how to REPLACE this into the main bookmark bar though. That is, I really want the Chrome bookmark Favorites bar to look like the existing Safari Favorites bar.

What am I missing???

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safari password chrome

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How to Migrate from Apple Safari to Google Chrome

Swayam Prakash

  • Updated: October 16, 2023

Page summary

Google Chrome and Safari browser are incompatible for seamless data migration. If you want to switch to Chrome from Safari, manually export the saved data like Bookmarks and Passwords and import them to Google Chrome.

To transfer saved data from Safari to Chrome: 1. Export the Bookmarks in HTML and Passwords in CSV formats from Safari’s File > Export menu. 2. Import the exported Bookmarks HTML into Chrome Bookmarks Manager at chrome://settings/importData . 3. Import the Passwords CSV file into Chrome Password Manager at chrome://password-manager/settings .

You can continue reading the page content for detailed explanations and practical steps to follow along.

Import Bookmarks and Passwords to Chrome browser

Contents in this page

Want to switch your primary browser to Chrome instead of the Safari browser on your Mac? Follow these simple steps to export your saved passwords and bookmarks from Safari to Google Chrome.

Exporting Bookmarks and Passwords from Safari

We first need to export the saved bookmarks and password from the Safari browser to local storage on your Mac. These files will be used in importing the data to the destination browser, i.e., Google Chrome.

Export Bookmarks from Safari as HTML File

  • Open the Safari app on your Mac.
  • Click on the File menu from the menu bar.

Export Bookmarks and Passwords option menu in Safari Mac

Safari Bookmarks HTML file will be created at the chosen location.

Export Saved Passwords from Safari as CSV

  • Launch the Safari browser on Mac.

Are you sure you want to export your saved passwords in Safari

  • You need to authenticate yourself with a System Password or Touch ID .

Export Passwords from Safari on Mac

The Safari Password file will be stored in the selected location in CSV format.

Importing Bookmarks and Passwords into Chrome

Now that we have exported bookmarks and password files from the Safari browser, we need to manually import the files into the Chrome browser in respective sections.

Import Bookmarks in Chrome using an HTML file

  • Launch the Google Chrome browser on your Mac.

vertical 3-dots icon

  • Click on the Choose File button, and select the exported Safari Bookmarks file from local storage.
  • Hit on Done to complete the bookmarks import.

The imported bookmarks will be available on the Chrome bookmarks page and the Bookmarks bar (if you’ve selected the option for the same).

Import Passwords in Chrome using a CSV file

  • Launch Chrome browser on your computer.
  • Access chrome://password-manager/settings in the address bar to open the Password Manager settings page.

Import passwords in Chrome browser and Select file option

  • Choose the exported Safari Password CSV file from Mac Finder.
  • Hit on the Open command button to complete the password import.

That’s it. We successfully migrated passwords and bookmarks from Safari to Google Chrome browser.

View the Import Passwords in Chrome

If you want to cross-check the imported passwords after migrating the browser data, follow these steps.

  • Open the Chrome browser on your computer.
  • Click the Chrome Profile icon at the top-right corner of the browser.

check google password manager

  • Select the Site URL to view the corresponding saved password page.

View Saved Passwords in Google Password Manager on Chrome browser

To view saved passwords , you must authenticate yourself with your system password or Touch ID.

Transfer your Browser Data from Safari to Chrome

That’s all; we have moved our password and bookmarks to the Chrome browser from Apple Safari.

The Chrome browser can sync the saved data with your connected Chrome devices . If you’re using Chrome on your iPhone or Android Smartphone, the bookmarks and passwords will also be available on that device.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback on How to Migrate from Apple Safari to Google Chrome, then feel free to drop in below comment box . You can also report the outdated information.

Please share the article if you find it helpful:

Swayam Prakash

Swayam Prakash

Swayam is a professional content creator with 6-years of experience in conceptualizing, creating, and managing tech-based content for notable online publishing firms. He troubleshoots the technical issues and loves to write about it. Connect him on LinkedIn .

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safari password chrome

Import Passwords From Safari To Chrome

Are you looking for a way to easily import your passwords from Safari to Chrome? If so, you’re in luck! This article will guide you on how to quickly and safely Import Passwords From Safari To Chrome. It’s a simple process that doesn’t take long to complete and will ensure that all your login information and personal data remain secure . To make the process easier and more convenient, we will be discussing the steps and best practices for transferring passwords. With our clear instructions and helpful tips, you’ll be able to import your passwords from Safari to Chrome in no time.

1. Make Login Easier – Import Safari Passwords to Chrome

Logging in to the internet can sometimes feel like a never-ending hassle. Inaccurate username and passwords, multiple usernames and passwords, and security measures that keep you locked out can make logging in to the internet an unbearable chore. Don’t worry, you can make it easier with these tips!

Importing Safari Passwords to Chrome:

  • From your Safari browser, click on the Safari drop-down menu.
  • Select “Preferences”.
  • Choose “Passwords” from the menu.
  • Click the Export button.
  • From Chrome, select the Chrome Menu found on the upper-right corner.
  • Choose “Settings”.
  • Choose “Passwords”.
  • Select “Import”.
  • Load the previously exported file from Safari.

After importing the passwords from Safari to Chrome, logins will be a lot easier! Now you won’t have to type in your details several times and worry about remembering confusing passwords. Chrome will do all the hard work for you!

2. Bring Your Passwords Along with You – Learn to Transfer them

Making sure that you can access your important passwords is vitally important to keep your online presence safe and secure. But what happens when you have a new or different device that you need to log into your accounts? Transferring these passwords can be a tedious process, but with the right tips, you can ensure your passwords stay with you without the hassle.

Here’s how you can transfer your passwords with ease:

  • Create a secure password wallet: Use a secure password wallet, like , to store all your passwords in one place. Lastpass will generate, store, and protect your passwords, allowing you to access them in one centralized location.
  • Transfer your passwords across devices: Using your secure password wallet, you can transfer your passwords across devices quickly and conveniently. Many password wallets allow you to sync your passwords across multiple devices, allowing you to always have easy access to all your important passwords regardless of the device you’re using.
  • Choose a strong master password: It’s important to select a strong master password for your password wallet. Choose a longer passphrase and make sure to include an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and symbol in order to create a strong and unique master password .

Following these steps will help you to transfer your important passwords quickly and easily, ensuring that your online presence is always secure.

3. How to Move Passwords from Safari to Chrome Quickly

Changing your browser can be a pain – especially if you have saved passwords that you now need to transfer. Moving passwords from Safari to Chrome is quick and simple – here’s how:

  • Open Safari and go to the ‘File’ menu. Select ‘Export Bookmarks’ and save the document with your file name of choice on your desktop.
  • Now open Chrome and go to the ‘Bookmarks’ menu. Select ‘Import Bookmarks’ and select the file you just saved to your desktop.

Your passwords (and bookmarks) will be moved over into Chrome in a jiffy! No more forgetting what your passwords were all about. Plus, it only takes a minute or two – so you’ll be up and running with your new browser in no time.

4. Get Ready to Use Chrome with Just A Few Simple Steps!

Step 1: Install Chrome The first step in using Chrome is to install it! To install Chrome, go to the Chrome website and click the “Download Chrome” button. Follow the instructions on the screen. When the install is complete, open Chrome and select your language and accept the terms of service.

Step 2: Customise Chrome Before you can really start using Chrome it’s important to set it up the way you like. Chrome allows you to customise the look, feel and functionality of your browser. Start by adding your favorite Extensions to make Chrome even more powerful and convenient. Additionally, you might want to look into Chrome themes to give it a more personal touch. Finally, you can tweak your settings, which lets you determine what data is collected and how it is handled.

Q: What is the best way to transfer my passwords from Safari to Chrome? A: The easiest way to transfer all your passwords from Safari to Chrome is to use an app like . can help you simply and securely move all your passwords to Chrome in just a few clicks!

Secure your precious passwords with LogMeOnce! LogMeOnce is the best choice for conveniently importing your passwords from Safari to Chrome. With LogMeOnce, you can easily import your saved passwords without worrying about the safety of your private data. LogMeOnce is not only secure but also FREE to use. This is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an easy way to import their Safari passwords to Chrome. So why not give LogMeOnce a try today – and import passwords from Safari to Chrome quickly and securely. Keywords: Import Passwords, Import Safari Passwords, Chrome, LogMeOnce, FREE.

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    1. Make Login Easier – Import Safari Passwords to Chrome · From your Safari browser, click on the Safari drop-down menu. · Select “Preferences”.