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Breaking Down the Science of Competitive Eating with Joey Chestnut

Competitive eating has become a popular and fascinating sport, with athletes pushing the limits of their stomachs to devour extraordinary amounts of food in record time. One name that stands out in this world is Joey Chestnut. Known for his incredible eating abilities, Chestnut has dominated competitive eating competitions for years. In this article, we will break down the science behind his success and explore what makes him a true champion.

The Physiology of Competitive Eating

Competitive eating may seem like an activity that anyone can participate in, but it requires a unique set of skills and physiological traits. One key aspect is the stomach’s ability to expand significantly to accommodate large quantities of food. The average human stomach can hold around one liter of food, but competitive eaters like Joey Chestnut have trained their bodies to stretch and accommodate much more.

Chestnut’s success can be attributed partially to his high tolerance for stomach distension. Over time, he has conditioned his body to handle extreme amounts of food without experiencing discomfort or pain. This ability allows him to consume large volumes quickly and efficiently during competitions.

Mental Preparation

Competitive eating is not just about physical prowess; it also requires mental strength and preparation. Before each competition, athletes like Chestnut engage in rigorous mental training to develop focus, concentration, and discipline.

Visualization techniques play a crucial role in Chestnut’s mental preparation. By vividly imagining himself consuming vast quantities of food effortlessly, he mentally prepares himself for the challenge ahead. This technique helps him overcome any psychological barriers or doubts that may arise during competitions.

Furthermore, maintaining composure under pressure is essential for competitive eaters like Chestnut. The intense atmosphere during competitions can be distracting, but experienced athletes remain calm and focused on their goal – to win the contest. Through years of practice and exposure to high-pressure situations, they develop the mental fortitude necessary to excel in this demanding sport.

Training and Technique

Competitive eaters like Joey Chestnut don’t rely solely on natural talent; they put in hours of training to enhance their eating abilities. One crucial aspect of their training is expanding their stomach capacity gradually over time. This is achieved through a process known as “gut stretching.” Competitors gradually increase the amount of food they consume during practice sessions, allowing their stomachs to adapt and expand.

Another important technique used by Chestnut and other competitive eaters is called “chipmunking.” This involves storing food in the cheeks without swallowing immediately, allowing them to continue chewing while creating space in the mouth for more food. By efficiently utilizing this technique, competitors can speed up their eating pace without compromising chewing or swallowing efficiency.

Nutrition and Health Considerations

While competitive eaters like Joey Chestnut engage in extreme eating challenges, it’s important to note that they prioritize their health and nutrition outside of competitions. Maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly are crucial for optimal performance.

To avoid adverse health effects, competitors often follow strict dietary regimens that include high-fiber foods, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. They also pay attention to hydration levels before, during, and after competitions to prevent dehydration.

Joey Chestnut’s success in the world of competitive eating can be attributed to a combination of physiological traits, mental preparation, training techniques, and attention to nutrition. His ability to expand his stomach capacity significantly allows him to consume extraordinary amounts of food quickly. With rigorous mental preparation and training methods such as gut stretching and chipmunking, Chestnut has honed his skills as a competitive eater. While the sport may seem unconventional to some, it requires discipline, focus, and dedication – qualities that make Joey Chestnut a true champion in the world of competitive eating.

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joey defrancesco tour 2022

joey defrancesco tour 2022

Joey DeFrancesco

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Joey DeFrancesco

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I have been waiting for years to see Joey DeFrancesco live. He did not disappoint. He came with to amazing sidemen, and delivered a spirited 90 minute show. He played with great passion and joy. I was particularly impressed when he played trumpet, while accompanying himself on the organ and keeping the bass line going on the peddles. An amazing artist who is down to earth.

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Joey DeFrancesco live.

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joey defrancesco tour 2022

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joey defrancesco tour 2022

About Joey DeFrancesco

Joey DeFrancesco

Contemporary post-bop, jazz christmas, soul jazz, discography.

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DL Media Music

Joey DeFrancesco

April 10, 1971 – august 25, 2022, defrancesco, credited with the resurgence of the hammond organ in jazz, passes away at age 51, read obituary from npr.

joey defrancesco tour 2022

Photo Credit: Michael Woodall

GRAMMY®-nominated phenomenon Joey DeFrancesco, who was credited with the resurgence of the Hammond organ in jazz, died on August 25 at the age of 51.

Recording over 30 albums and winning the DownBeat Critics Poll eleven times since 2005, Mack Avenue Records artist DeFrancesco was the most virtuosic and electrifying organist in jazz. In addition to his incomparable skill on the keys, DeFrancesco was also an accomplished trumpeter, saxophonist and vocalist.

“The love of my life is now in peace with the angels,” Joey DeFrancesco’s wife and manager Gloria posted on Instagram. “Right now I have very few words. Thank you for the outpouring of love and support coming in from everywhere. Joey loved you all.”

Mack Avenue President Denny Stilwell said, “He was one of a kind, in a class by himself, and the sweetest man on the planet. This is a tremendous loss and our hearts go out to Gloria and their family.”

DeFrancesco was born in 1971 to a musical family in Springfield, Pennsylvania. He played his first professional gig at age 10 and attended Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts where his classmates included bassist Christian McBride, drummer Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson and guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel. DeFrancesco released his Columbia Records debut album, All of Me , at age 17. While still a senior in high school, he toured Europe with Miles Davis and then joined the trumpeter in the studio to record Davis’ 1989 album  Amandla .

DeFrancesco’s emergence in the 1980s marked the onset of a musical renaissance. Organ jazz had all but gone into hibernation from the mid-‘70s to the mid-‘80s until DeFrancesco reignited the flame with his vintage Hammond organ and Leslie speaker cabinet. The son of “Papa” John DeFrancesco, an organist himself, the younger DeFrancesco remembers playing as early as four years old. Soon after, his father began bringing him to gigs in Philadelphia, where he was proudly born and raised, with legendary players like Hank Mobley and Philly Joe Jones, who quickly recognized his talent and enthusiasm. With a natural gift for music, DeFrancesco also swiftly picked up on the trumpet after his touring stint with Davis as one of the two youngest players ever recruited for any of Davis’ ensembles.

DeFrancesco recorded and/or toured with his own groups as well as numerous renowned artists that include Ray Charles, Van Morrison, Diana Krall, Nancy Wilson, George Benson, James Moody, John Scofield, Bobby Hutcherson, Jimmy Cobb, Pat Martino, John McLaughlin, Larry Coryell, David Sanborn and many more. The five-time GRAMMY® Award nominee has received countless Jazz Journalist Association awards and other accolades worldwide, including being inducted into the inaugural Hammond Organ Hall of Fame in 2014 and the Philadelphia Music Walk of Fame in 2016 as well as topping the Critics Polls in DownBeat Magazine twelve times over the past fifteen years and the Readers Polls every year since 2005. DeFrancesco also hosted a weekly program on SiriusXM Radio’s Real Jazz channel titled “Organized.”

On his 2021 album, More Music , DeFrancesco, who had long supplemented his keyboard virtuoso with his skilled trumpet playing, brought out his full arsenal: organ, keyboard, piano, trumpet and, for the first time on record, tenor saxophone. He first decided to try his hand at the tenor 25 years ago. His grandfather and namesake, Joseph DeFrancesco, had played tenor and clarinet and his horns were still in the family home in Philly.

His interest in playing tenor was renewed in recent years by a confluence of factors – primarily the opportunity to record with legendary tenor titan Pharoah Sanders, with whom DeFrancesco collaborated on In the Key of the Universe .

“More music is what’s needed to create positivity and wellness for everybody, regardless of what’s happening in the world,” DeFrancesco said recently. “Music just solves a lot of problems. So more live music, more original music – just more music. Without that, we’re in big trouble.”

DeFrancesco is survived by his wife Gloria, daughter Ashley, son Donny, mother Laurene, father Papa John, sister Cheryle, brother John, nieces, nephews and extended family.

Statement from Christian McBride Regarding the Passing of Joey DeFrancesco:

Joey DeFrancesco was my oldest friend in music. We first met at the Settlement Music School as part of their jazz program that Mr. Lovett Hines ran, and we instantly became best friends. I was 12, he was 13. It stayed that way through our next four years together at the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts [CAPA]. We were inseparable.

I’ve never had a problem saying that Joey DeFrancesco was hands down the most creative and influential organist since Jimmy Smith. In terms of taking the organ to the next level and making it popular again for a younger generation, no one did it like Joey. He truly set a new bar and his legacy will live on as such.

– Christian McBride

Read Christian McBride’s full statement here .

For media inquiries, please contact:

DL Media  · ‭(610) 420-8470‬

Don Lucoff ·  [email protected]

For press materials on Joey DeFrancesco , Mack Avenue Music Group’s artists or its family

of imprints (including album covers, promotional photos and logos), please visit media.mackavenue.com

MACK AVENUE · the road to great music · mackavenue.com

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joey defrancesco tour 2022

Joey DeFrancesco

Hard Bop B-3 Swagger

Date & Time

Thu May 19, 2022 • 9PM

Additional Shows

  • Thu May 19, 2022 • 7PM

“Ranging from sublime to positively pyrotechnic… the best B3 player on the planet.” – Jazz Times

Well-known as the finest organist in jazz and also a superb trumpeter, what Joey DeFrancesco accomplishes in just one show is nothing short of incredible. His music embodies the traditional organ trio form infused with a distinct modern approach, just part of what makes his music unmistakably his own.

Joey DeFrancesco’s emergence in the 1980s marked the onset of a musical renaissance. Organ jazz had all but gone into hibernation from the mid-’70s to the mid-’80s until DeFrancesco reignited the flame. With a natural gift for music, DeFrancesco also swiftly picked up the trumpet after a touring stint with Miles Davis as one of the youngest players ever recruited for any of Davis’ ensembles.

COVID-19 Policy Effective immediately, all performances at the Dakota will require either proof of a full course of COVID-19 vaccination or proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken in the prior 72 hours. Patrons must have a completed COVID-19 vaccination card or a photo of their card, with their final dose at least fourteen days prior to the event, or a negative COVID-19 test result from 72 hours or less prior to the event. Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe. More COVID Policy details here >>

LEARN MORE:    https://www.joeydefrancesco.com

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joey defrancesco tour 2022

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Influential Contemporary Sax Giant

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Jun 13, 2022

joey defrancesco tour 2022

Biréli Lagrène

Fiery Hot Club Guitar

7PM • $50/45/40

Sep 8, 2022

joey defrancesco tour 2022

John Scofield

Modern Jazz Guitar Giant

9PM • $40/35/30

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The Nash Jazz Club

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joey defrancesco tour 2022

SPECIAL EVENT: Joey DeFrancesco

February 27, 2022 @ 7:00 pm, about this event.

joey defrancesco tour 2022

Joey DeFrancesco-organ/trumpet/sax, Lucas Brown-guitar/keyboard, Anwar Marshall-drums

 “He has dominated the instrument and his field as no one in his generation has.” – Chicago Tribune

 His new record release, More Music, is “more” in every conceivable way. It offers up ten new originals, brought to life by a scintillating new trio. And the master organist, who has long supplemented his keyboard virtuosity with his skilled trumpet playing, here brings out his full  arsenal: organ, keyboard, piano, trumpet and, for the first time on record, tenor saxophone. Philadelphia organist and guitarist Lucas Brown and gifted drummer Anwar Marshall completes this touring trio.

“…watching DeFrancesco solo on trumpet while comping on organ with his left hand ranks with seeing Rahsaan Roland Kirk play three saxophones at once.” —  DownBeat

 Experience “Joey D” live to see why JazzTimes claims, “…from sublime to positively pyrotechnics…he’s the best B3 player on the planet.”

joey defrancesco tour 2022

TICKETS 7:00 : Tier 1: $60 (Tier 1 seats are at 2-top tables) Tier 2: $57 Tier 3: $52 Students $20.80 (Use code “student” at checkout) (Plus processing costs)

TICKETS 9:15 : Tier 1: $50 (Tier 1 seats are at 2-top tables) Tier 2: $47 Tier 3: $42 Students $16.80 (Use code “student” at checkout) (Plus processing costs)

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Joey defrancesco: 1971-2022.

“I’ve always been stretching the boundaries of the instrument since day one,” he told Philadelphia Weekly in 2019. “I have my influences, but nobody’s played the organ the way I play it.”

Considered one of the prominent forces in the renaissance of organ jazz since his teens in the 1980s, Joey DeFrancesco died on August 25 at age 51. A favorite at the old Artists Quarter,  The Dakota, and Crooners in the Twin Cities, Joey was long known for his stellar organ trios, but over the past decade also displayed his chops on trumpet, keyboards, vocals and, most recently, tenor saxophone. It was not unusual to see Joey seated at the organ, holding a horn in one hand.

Joey D began playing organ as a young child under the watchful ear of his father, jazz organist Papa John DeFrancesco. In his native Philadelphia, young Joey sat in on his dad’s gigs with some of the city’s top artists– Hank Mobley, Philly Joe Jones and more. As a high schooler, Joey caught the ear of a visiting Miles Davis, and soon was one of the two youngest musicians ever invited to join Miles (the other was Tony Williams). Touring with Davis, Joey became interested in trumpet, later complementing his organ with trumpet. Joey held an exclusive recording contract with Columbia, releasing a series of albums that helped seal his international reputation. He toured with a quartet and later trio, which became the longest-running organ trio of the modern jazz era, featuring guitarist Paul Bollenback and drummer Byron Landrum. (His 2021 trio gig at Crooners included guitarist Dan Wilson and drummer Anwar Marshall.)

When he was only 22, Joey was invited to join John McLaughlin’s Free Spirits, touring for four years. Over his career he performed with Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Bette Midler, David Sanborn, Arturo Sandoval, Frank Wess, Benny Golson, George Coleman, James Moody, Steve Gadd, Elvin Jones, Jimmy Cobb, George Benson, John Scofield, Joe Lovano, Larry Coryell and Bobby Hutcherson, as well as myriad foreign jazz artists who joined him on international gigs. In recent years, DeFrancesco focused on what he called “spiritual jazz,” ranging from Pharoah Sanders to Sun Ra. He also hosted a weekly radio program on SiriusXM, “Organized.”

Joey D received five Grammy nominations, most recently in 2019 for In the Key of the Universe . Winner of numerous Down Beat Magazine’s Critics’ and Readers’ Polls, he was inducted into the inaugural Hammond Organ Hall of Fame in 2014 and received a long list of awards from the Jazz Journalists Association.

Noted Nate Chinen in his obit for NPR, “He exhibited supreme technical command at the keyboard, reeling off ribbons of notes with his right hand. And he took full advantage of the sonic possibilities presented by an organ console, with its drawbars, switches and pedal board; his organ could lurch abruptly from an ambient hum to a sanctified holler, or change timbres and textures in the middle of a phrase.” On his final recording, More Music (2021), Joey displayed his chops on tenor sax as well as trumpet, keyboards and vocals. “He had nothing left to prove on organ,” said bassist Christian McBride (host of Jazz Night in America ). “I think that’s why he took up trumpet and saxophone. I told him if he ever picked up bass, we’d have some words!”

In addition to his impeccable jazz chops, Joey D was also known as a somewhat flamboyant showman, which was intentional. In 2004, he told the The Buffalo News , “I think these new players are too damn serious,” he said. “The joy of it, the fun of it, is something that jazz has lost. I mean, we are entertainers, after all. If you don’t look like you’re having fun onstage, how is anyone in the audience supposed to?”

In the audience, we definitely had fun anytime Joey D was in the house. We’ll miss the music, and the musician.

Joey DeFrancesco: 10/04/1971 – 25/08/2022

Alyn Shipton Friday, August 26, 2022

The world-renowned Hammond organist and multi-instrumentalist has died aged 51 – Alyn Shipton remembers his talent and extraordinary career that has been cut tragically short

Joey DeFrancesco at Ronnie Scott's - Photo by Robert Crowley

Back in 2002, the Tanglewood Music Center in the Berkshire Hills had a focus on the Hammond organ. The highlight was a concert in which the veteran Philadelphian master Jimmy McGriff went head-to-head with the then 31 year old Joey DeFrancesco . The younger man comprehensively outplayed McGriff, but to those of us in the audience it was clear that with so much love and affection between the two instrumentalists, any rivalry was forgotten in sheer celebration of the great music that they performed. Yet McGriff had been an early influence on DeFrancesco, along with Jimmy Smith, and – something of a child prodigy – the ten-year-old Joey then played for and was mentored by Groove Holmes and Jack McDuff, meaning that even before he won third place in the Thelonious Monk Competition at 16, and was signed by Columbia, he was moving confidently among the greatest jazz organists on the planet.

Born in Springfield, Pennsylvania, Joey grew up in a musical household, trying his hand at many instruments, along with his father and brother, (although all of them were proficient organists, as can be heard on 1992’s album Reboppin’ ) . While attending the Philadelphia High School for Creative Arts, Joey was spending his evenings playing in a band that from time to time included Hank Mobley and Philly Joe Jones. He was not to be phased by moving among such great talents, and, still in his teens, toured Europe with Miles Davis and appeared on ‘Cobra’ from Miles’s Amandla album. He would shortly afterwards tour and record with John McLaughlin. But as the 1990s began he firmly established himself as a bandleader in his own right, and in addition to his regular small group, his five Columbia albums included some stellar guests, ranging from Illinois Jacquet to John Scofield.

The roll call of musicians with whom Joey later worked was remarkable ranging alphabetically from Eric Alexander via Kenny Garrett to fellow organist Dr. Lonnie Smith. The band of his own that made the biggest impression on me, when I heard them live at the Iridium in Manhattan was his trio with guitarist Randy Johnson and drummer Billy Hart, paying tribute to Jimmy Smith with music from their 1998 album, The Champ . Joey had such an affinity for the Hammond B3 that in that setting he seemed to find endless resources within it, yet never losing his focus on Smith’s effortless swing and phrasing. Latterly although he returned often to the classic organ-guitar-drums trio (Larry Coryell and Jimmy Cobb being a particularly brilliant example) he branched out and played other instruments (including trumpet) on his concerts and recordings. His 2021 album More Music is his most proficient in this vein, the basic organ trio with guitarist Lucas Brown and drummer Michael Ode being supplemented by piano, keyboards, vocals, trumpet and tenor saxophone, all played by Joey. Yet it is as a supreme organist he will be best remembered, able, like his Philadelphian mentors, to lift the roofs off small club and vast concert halls alike with his unparalleled groove, swing and invention.

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