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10 Amazing Train Tours in the U.S.

hollywood undead tour usa

Looking to see some incredible sights from the comfort of a train? These tours include both short and long journeys that you can work into vacations to incredible destinations in the USA. Some of these routes may even be available as a part of railroad vacation packages that include excursions and more.

Durango and Silverton Narrow-Gauge Railway

The name of this railroad indicates a special feature that sets it apart from most other train rides: The tracks are placed closer together in a narrow gauge. That means this silver-train-turned-tourist-attraction hugs closer to the rock face of the mountains it winds through, taking riders around sharp turns through the Colorado Rockies.

hollywood undead tour usa

Amtrak Cascades

Connecting major Northwestern cities like Eugene and Portland, Oregon, and Seattle and Bellingham, Washington, this Amtrak ride allows you to combine scenic beauty with big-city tourism. Whether it’s Oregon forests or the spectacular of Washington’s Puget Sound, you’ll get to see a lot of natural exquisiteness on this ride.

hollywood undead tour usa

White Pass and Yukon Route

This historic Alaskan railway offers a few different excursion options, all of which take you from the town of Skagway into the heart of wild northern beauty. No matter which route you choose, you’ll see unspoiled Alaskan beauty at its warm-weather peak.

hollywood undead tour usa

Amtrak Sunset Limited

If you want to be able to enjoy the great beauty of the American Southwest without having to do the driving yourself, Amtrak’s Sunset Limited route may be the perfect choice. It runs from New Orleans to Los Angeles, giving riders the opportunity to glimpse some incredible sunsets over rugged terrain as the train wends its way west.

hollywood undead tour usa

Grand Canyon Railway

Riding the Grand Canyon Railway will allow you to follow in the footsteps of travelers from more than 100 years ago, for whom this train line was one of the only ways to access the scenic beauty of the canyon. The train includes sleeper cars and other amenities that can help make your adventure more of an experience.

hollywood undead tour usa

Cass Scenic Railway

Departing from Cass, West Virginia, in the months of May through October, this passenger rail train takes riders through an old coal country route. If you want to experience the unspoiled beauty of Appalachian forests, especially in autumn when the colors are at their peak, this is a must-do train tour.

hollywood undead tour usa

Amtrak Adirondack

Anyone looking to escape the urban rush of New York City and enjoy the beauty of upstate mountains should consider taking the Adirondack route, which stops in Saratoga Springs and Montreal, Canada. You don’t have to go all the way to Montreal to enjoy the beauty of the Hudson River Valley, which offers beautiful natural scenery that changes with the seasons.

hollywood undead tour usa

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

This Bryson City, NC, railway offers passengers several ways to explore the Smokies. In addition to two separate routes, the railway includes features like narration cars and different train ride themes that can help you get the right kind of experience based on your interests and travel style.

hollywood undead tour usa

Strasburg Rail Road

Though this railway’s route through Amish country is short, it’s a charming throwback to the Gilded Age. If you want to ride in plush comfort while enjoying the Pennsylvania countryside on a nine-mile steam train ride, the Strasburg Rail Road has everything you need.

hollywood undead tour usa

Cape Cod Central Railroad

Cape Cod offers natural beauty aplenty, and you’ll get to enjoy both the coast and the wonders of rural Massachusetts, including cranberry bogs, when you take this short journey. This route offers a laid-back way to see different sights across Cape Cod, even in peak tourist season.

hollywood undead tour usa


hollywood undead tour usa

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The Ultimate Bucket List: Must-See Destinations on America’s Best Train Tours

Are you a fan of breathtaking landscapes, historic landmarks, and unforgettable adventures? Look no further than the best train tours in the USA. Train travel offers a unique way to explore the country’s diverse beauty while enjoying the comfort and convenience of rail transportation. From coast to coast, these train tours will take you on an incredible journey through some of America’s most iconic destinations. Get ready to cross off items from your bucket list as we dive into the must-see destinations on America’s best train tours.

The East Coast Extravaganza

Hop aboard a train tour along the East Coast and prepare to be amazed by the region’s rich history and stunning landscapes. Begin your journey in Boston, Massachusetts, where you can explore famous landmarks like Fenway Park and the Freedom Trail. As you travel south towards New York City, marvel at the picturesque scenery of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

In New York City, make sure to visit Times Square, Central Park, and the iconic Statue of Liberty. From there, head south towards Philadelphia and Washington D.C., where you can immerse yourself in American history by visiting Independence Hall and the White House.

As your journey continues down the coast, don’t miss out on exploring Charleston’s charming streets in South Carolina or indulging in delicious seafood in Savannah, Georgia. Finally, end your East Coast extravaganza with a visit to sunny Miami Beach in Florida.

The Wild West Adventure

For those seeking rugged mountainscapes, vast deserts, and breathtaking national parks, a train tour through America’s Wild West is a must-do. Start your adventure in Denver, Colorado – known as the gateway to the Rockies – where you can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or skiing.

From Denver, board a train that takes you through scenic landscapes towards Salt Lake City in Utah. Marvel at the striking beauty of the Great Salt Lake and explore the city’s historic sites. Next, venture into the stunning national parks of Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Arches, where you’ll be awed by towering sandstone cliffs, natural arches, and vibrant sunsets.

Continue your Wild West adventure by visiting the iconic Grand Canyon in Arizona. Take a scenic helicopter ride or hike along the rim for unparalleled views of this natural wonder. Finally, end your journey in Las Vegas, where you can experience the glitz and glamour of the famous Strip.

The Pacific Coast Odyssey

Embark on a train tour along America’s picturesque Pacific Coast and discover a world of stunning landscapes and vibrant cities. Begin your journey in Seattle, Washington – known for its thriving music scene and iconic Space Needle. From there, travel south towards Portland, Oregon, where you can explore its hip neighborhoods and indulge in delicious food trucks.

As you venture further down the coast, make sure to stop in San Francisco to visit landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island. Enjoy breathtaking views of rugged cliffs as your train passes through Big Sur on its way to Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, soak up the sun at Venice Beach or explore Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Lastly, end your Pacific Coast odyssey with a visit to San Diego’s beautiful beaches and world-class attractions like Balboa Park and SeaWorld.

The Great Lakes Discovery

Discover America’s stunning Great Lakes region on a train tour that combines natural beauty with vibrant cities. Begin your journey in Chicago – known for its impressive architecture and deep-dish pizza – before boarding a train that takes you along Lake Michigan towards Milwaukee.

Explore Milwaukee’s breweries or visit its world-class art museum before continuing your journey towards Detroit – famous for its rich musical history and revitalized downtown area. From there, head north towards Toronto in Canada to experience one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

As your train tour continues, visit Niagara Falls for a truly awe-inspiring experience. Marvel at the power and beauty of these majestic waterfalls before heading south towards Cleveland, Ohio, where you can explore its vibrant arts and culinary scene.

Finally, end your Great Lakes discovery in the charming city of Buffalo, New York. Don’t miss the opportunity to try Buffalo’s famous chicken wings before bidding farewell to this incredible region.


Whether you’re an adventure seeker, history buff, or nature lover, America’s best train tours offer something for everyone. From the East Coast’s rich history to the Wild West’s rugged landscapes, the Pacific Coast’s stunning beauty to the Great Lakes’ charming cities – each journey promises unforgettable experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. So grab your ticket and embark on an incredible adventure through America’s best train tours today.

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hollywood undead tour usa

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No one mixes rap and rock quite like Hollywood Undead and it’s the fact that they are completely unique that has led to their momentous following.

The immediately recognizable masked gang formed in 2005 when members J-Dog and Deuce were so impressed with the reaction to a song they had put on Myspace that they recruited friends Shady, Johnny 3 Tears, Charlie Scene, Funny Man and Da Kurlzz to form the group.

Uncommonly the band quickly finished their debut album ‘Swan Songs’ in just one year but it took a subsequent two years to find someone willing to put the album out as they intended. Eventually A&M Records agreed to release the album uncensored and were pleasantly surprised when the album shot to 22 in the charts shifting over 21000 copies in its first week.

They followed up the album by touring with Skrillex and by releasing a CD/DVD called Desperate Measures. All not was well though as around this time one of the group’s founding members Deuce left the band. Whilst the circumstances of his departure remain unsure, they filled his role by bringing in former American Idol contestant Daniel Murillo who has carried on strong since.

Reformed they began to work on album number two which became ‘American Tragedy’, an album that continued to improve on the group’s existing successes after it sold over three times as many copies as ‘Swan Songs’ in its first week and peaked at number 4 in the album charts.

Constant touring and more successful albums have cemented Hollywood Undead’s position as the premiere Rap Rock group of the modern day. Whilst their masks continue to change, the group remain committed to their unique sound and will no doubt remain popular for years to come.

Live reviews

The Hollywood Undead, the Californian band who could be described as pioneers of a genre that nobody can be quite sure exists, rap-rock? A unique sound, whether it is an official genre or not, Hollywood Undead are one of the best at it. The six-piece have been making waves globally with their sound and with their latest album charting at #2 on the US Billboard charts, their fan base has dramatically increased in size.

With six members onstage, the energy levels always remain high as each member reacts to one another to keep the crowd moving throughout the gig. From the very beginning that the lights drop and the bass kicks in, the audience are already at frenzy level as their screams almost overshadow the intro of 'Tendencies'. The group seem to capitalise on their fans enthusiasm as they jump up and down and encourage the crowd to mosh as they tear into more of their hip hop tinged rock.

It was great to hear some early singles such as 'California' and 'Undead' amongst a setlist that reached heavily from the 2013 LP 'Notes From The Underground'. The finale of 'Hear Me Now' was intense and the band showed off their freestyle ability whilst the audience watch on in excited amazement.

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sean-ward’s profile image

Absolutely insane! The best band i've ever seen live. Not only was the band passionate, brilliant and extremely talented; but the crowd and the fans themselves were wonderful. The fans not only went wild but they were also wary which is always a good thing at such a crazy show.

For example, the band was so good there were huge mosh pits during every single song, which is incredible but me being a 5"2 16 year old right on the edge of them, it can get quite hectic. However, the fans within the crowd were really compassionate and allowed me to move in front when perhaps I didn't feel like being crushed.

Back to the actual performance, the band played expertly. The setlist was strategically chosen and every single song was played absolutely amazingly. There were sparklers and ribbons and golden confetti, they really went to the extreme to put on a show of their lives. It really made it the best nights of my entire life.

And for just £18, what else could you have asked for?

romanystuart642’s profile image

Absolutely amazing! I've been a fan of HU for years and years so to finally see them live was such an experience.

I Prevail and Crown The Empire opened for them and both the band's were really great, singing and dancing and getting the crowd all riled up. It was so much fun.

But when HU cane on stage everyone just went wild. They played songs from every one off their albums, even back to the beginning with Swan Songs. Everywhere I Go, Undead, No. 1 are some they played from their first album. Danny sang Deuces parts and hd killed it!

They also played songs from American Tragedy, Notes From The Underground, and Day Of The Dead. Warchild and Party By Myself were their two famous dancing/party songs and the crowd went crazy when they played them. So many crowd surfers too!

All in all the concert was incredible, HU didn't disappoint. 10/10! Highly recommend this show!

alieny13’s profile image

I really enjoyed the show. I did not mind that Jodg couldnt make it to the photoshoot. The biggest con i have is the fact that we werent allowed to get anything signed. Even the tour posters the VIP's were getting,i thought we're supposed to come signed too, but they were not. (I thought this since even on their instagrams they posted them signing posters to be given out later). Seemed like a waste of money in my opinion. However there were some memorable moments as well. I have a semicolon tattoo and jdog saw it and responded by smiling at me and reaching out for my hand. Danny saw it as well and winked at me. Other than that, the concert was a lot better than expected and they completely nailed their new songs.

Maxim819’s profile image

I've seen Hollywood Undead 7 times to date. Every single time has been amazing. The six of them bring an amazing energy to the stage.

They're very interactive with their audience and the whole show is like a giant undead party. I look forward to their new album - not only for new music - but because I can't wait to see them live again.

I've actually driven 18 hours just to see them perform because seeing them is THAT worth it. I've been lucky enough to even meet them after a few of the shows and they are always willing to sign autographs and chat for a few with fans. I highly recommend seeing them if the chance ever presents itself.

jayy-silvestri’s profile image

I got to see Hollywood Undead in Denver, it was the night before my birthday. The concert was my parent's gift.I can honestly say that it was the time of my life. Although, it was really hot and sweaty inside the venue. I couldn't make any improvements to the show,I had an amazing time. I had heard rumors that Hollywood Undead shows are crazy, awesome, and crazy-awesome. This one was no exception. Overall, best night of my life and I really hope I get to see these guys perform again. I cannot wait for their NEW ALBUM DAY OF THE DEAD!

mikki.wilso21’s profile image

I showed up to this concert in two minds. Never had I seen Hollywood Undead before or even been to the O2 Academy in Brixton. However the venue was a fantastic lay out and perfect for music concerts, then Hollywood performed a brilliant show, getting the crowd pumped and the atmosphere roaring it was a performance I will remember. I know this tour was to promote their new album, but I was gutted they didnt play as much as their older stuff that I had hoped! Would deffiently 100% go and see them again! Cheers for a good night lads!!

Greenl17’s profile image

This was basically my first real concert i have ever been to. I without any doubt would rank this as #1 or maybe close second to the funnest most insane time of my life. The band was out of this world good. Everything about the West Coast high show was exceptional. From the sound in the theater to the other 3 performers. (Demrick killed it out there as well as X TO THE Z XZBIT AND CYPRESS HILL. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND SEEING Anyone of those guys but i would especially check out HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD.

jack-estes’s profile image

The feeling you get after the show is indescribable. Concert was fucking awesome, the band was epic, and not a second went without over-the-top amazing feelings.

To go to their concert is a must. Must. i can't explain how amazing it was and how happy I am to have gotten an opportunity to see them in the first row. Huge thank you to the whole crew for putting the show together.

Even tho the show was 2 weeks ago, I still can't believe how amazing it was.

fausta-bukontaite’s profile image

This was my first Hollywood Undead show and it was the best night of my life! The guys were so nice and so hilarious! I loved meeting them and seeing the soundcheck! If you went to the Norfolk show, sorry Pittsburgh is the new best crowd of the North America Tour 2017! Hollywood CA is gonna win because the guys are obviously from Hollywood so everyone who went and who is going, cheer as loud as possible!!! You'll have a blast!!

jdog341’s profile image

Photos (15)

Hollywood Undead live.

Posters (1769)

Hollywood Undead live.

Past concerts

Royal Oak Music Theatre

GLC Live at 20 Monroe

The Rave/Eagles Club

View all past concerts

Hollywood Undead tour dates and tickets 2023-2024 near you

Want to see Hollywood Undead in concert? Find information on all of Hollywood Undead’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2023-2024.

Hollywood Undead is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 11 concerts across 1 country in 2023-2024. View all concerts.

Next 3 concerts:

  • Cleveland, OH, US
  • New York (NYC), NY, US
  • Worcester, MA, US

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  • Kelis (687)
  • Hollywood Undead (688)

Concerts played in 2023:

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Most played:

  • Los Angeles (LA) (22)
  • Denver (16)
  • Chicago (16)
  • Las Vegas (14)
  • Twin Cities (14)

Appears most with:

  • Papa Roach (118)
  • Escape the Fate (78)
  • Demrick (66)
  • Bad Wolves (60)
  • Asking Alexandria (51)

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hollywood undead tour usa

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Hollywood Undead at Tempe, AZ in Marquee Theatre 2023

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hollywood undead tour usa

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Hollywood Undead Dates, tour and tickets in 2023/2024

Here you can find the next dates and tours of Hollywood Undead and get your tickets in the presale.

  • Music, Rock, Alternative Rock

7 events : Hollywood Undead

Event: Tech N9ne w/ Hollywood Undead - Mo, Nov 6th, 2023, Agora Theater in Cleveland

  • Mo, Nov 6th, 2023
  • Agora Theater, Cleveland, US

Event: Tech N9ne & Hollywood Undead - We, Nov 8th, 2023, Terminal 5 in New York

  • We, Nov 8th, 2023
  • Terminal 5, New York, US

Event: Tech N9ne & Hollywood Undead - Th, Nov 9th, 2023, Palladium in Worcester

  • Th, Nov 9th, 2023
  • Palladium, Worcester, US

Event: Hollywood & N9ne Tour 2023 - Tu, Nov 14th, 2023, Tabernacle in Atlanta

  • Tu, Nov 14th, 2023
  • Tabernacle, Atlanta, US

Event: Tech N9ne w/ Hollywood Undead - Fr, Nov 17th, 2023, MegaCorp Pavilion in Newport

  • Fr, Nov 17th, 2023
  • MegaCorp Pavilion, Newport, US

Event: Tech N9ne & Hollywood Undead - Sa, Nov 18th, 2023, Kemba Live! in Columbus

  • Sa, Nov 18th, 2023
  • Kemba Live!, Columbus, US

Event: Hollywood Undead x TECH N9NE - Su, Nov 19th, 2023, Marathon Music Works in Nashville

  • Su, Nov 19th, 2023
  • Marathon Music Works, Nashville, US

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  • Hollywood Undead website
  • Hollywood Undead on Wikipedia
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33 past events: Hollywood Undead

  • Su, Oct 29th, 2023
  • Revel Entertainment Center
  • Tu, Oct 24th, 2023
  • Rockwell At The Complex
  • Tu, Oct 17th, 2023
  • Liberty First Credit Union Arena
  • Mo, Oct 16th, 2023
  • The Factory
  • Su, May 7th, 2023
  • Bader Field
  • We, 29 Jun 2022
  • Grosse Allmend
  • Th, Jul 16th, 2020
  • Q Casino Back Waters Stage
  • Sa, May 23rd, 2020
  • House of Blues
  • We, May 20th, 2020
  • Alliant Energy PowerHouse
  • We, May 13th, 2020
  • GLC Live at 20 Monroe
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hollywood undead tour usa


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    TOUR DATES ; Oct. 31, 2023 · Dallas, TX · The Factory In Deep Ellum ; Nov. 1, 2023 · Tulsa, OK · Tulsa Theater ; Nov. 3, 2023 · Milwaukee, WI · The Rave / Eagles Club.

  5. Hollywood Undead tour dates 2023

    Upcoming concerts (11) See nearest concert · Nov. 6. Cleveland, OH, US. Agora Theatre & Ballroom · Nov. 8. New York (NYC), NY, US. Terminal 5 · Nov. 9. Worcester

  6. Hollywood Undead Tickets, Tour Dates & Concerts 2024 & 2023

    Upcoming concerts (12) See all · Nov. 5. Royal Oak, MI, US. Royal Oak Music Theatre · Nov. 6. Cleveland, OH, US. Agora Theatre & Ballroom · Nov. 8. New York (NYC)

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    United States · 11/5/23. Nov. 05. Sunday 06:00 PMSun6:00 PM Open additional information for Royal Oak, MI Royal Oak Music Theatre Tech N9ne w/ Hollywood Undead

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  10. Hollywood Undead Tickets, Tour Dates & Concerts 2023/2024

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    Here you can find the next dates and tours of Hollywood Undead and get your tickets in the presale. Music, Rock, Alternative Rock. 8 events:

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    Hollywood Undead tours & concert list along with photos, videos, and setlists of their live performances.

  14. Hollywood Undead Next Concert Setlist & tour dates 2023

    Tulsa, United States · View Setlist. Upcoming concerts. Filter tour dates by country. United States. United States. 03 Nov. The Rave / Eagles Club. Milwaukee