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  • € Medical Sum Insured - 30,000
  • € Personal Accident - 10,000
  • Compassionate visit

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Key Benefits:

  • Medical Sum Insured - $500,000
  • Personal Accident - $30,000
  • Personal Liability - $250,000
  • Medical Sum Insured - $250,000
  • Personal Accident - $25,000
  • Personal Liability - $200,000
  • Medical Sum Insured - $100,000
  • Personal Accident - $20,000
  • Personal Liability - $100,000
  • Medical Sum Insured - $30,000
  • Covers Loss of Passport & checked baggage
  • Covers trip delay
  • Medical Sum Insured - $25,000
  • Covers loss of passport & checked baggage
  • Covers Loss of passport & checked baggage
  • Daily Hospitalisation Allowance
  • Medical Sum Insured - $50,000
  • Personal Accident - $15,000
  • Medical Sum Insured - €30,000
  • Personal Accident - €10,000
  • Medical Sum Insured - €50,000
  • Personal Accident - €15,000
  • Personal Liability - $50,000
  • Personal Liability - $15,000 & more ...
  • Personal Liability - $10,000 & more ...
  • Medical Sum Insured - $100
  • 2 way Compassionate visit

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Travel Insurance Policy Online

Switch to reliance general insurance. trusted by 3 crore+ indians.

Schengen Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance

  • No Paperwork
  • No Medical Check-up
  • 26 Countries 1 Policy
  • Cashless Hospitalisation Worldwide

Schengen Travel Insurance

Schengen Travel Insurance

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Schengen Travel Insurance

A medical coverage of at least Euro 30,000 is compulsory to get a Schengen Visa. We recommend you to opt for our Schengen Travel plan if you are travelling alone. However, you can select our World Excl./Incl. USA & Canada plan if you are travelling with your family.​​

​​​​​​​​Take a look​ at the various plans that we have in store for you-

  • Basic (in euros)
  • Standard (in euros)
  • ​Standard (in euros)

*Total l​oss of checked baggage-Maximum amount payable per checked in baggage in case more than one bag has been checked in is 50% (100% for only one checked in baggage) of applicable sum insured and per item in baggage max 10%.

Please note, the minimum​​ age of the insured has to be 3 months and the maximum is up to 9​0 years.​​ ​ Click here to view the detailed table of coverage​

Wondering which countries fall under the Schengen mandate? Take a look at this-​

Schengen Countries

  • ​Coverage of  pre-existing ailment s upto 70 years , in case of life-threatening ailments ​
  • ​​​​ ​ ​​ Automated extensions  for your Schengen travel insurance policy in case of medical emergencies or evacuation (30 days) and delay of common carrier (up to 7 days)
  •  A plethora of travel insurance plans for individuals to the entire family​​ ​

What does the policy cover?

Your Schengen travel insurance policy packs in the following 'items':

  • Accidental bodily injury during the trip
  • Acute anaesthetic treatment of teeth due to an injury
  • Emergency expenses made for medical evacuation to​ India
  • Total loss of your checked-in baggage by a common carrier
  • Cost of obtaining a fresh or duplicate passport in case of a lost passport
  • Emergency medical expenses incurred by you whilst abroad, for any sudden illness, injury or death
  • Compensation for death or permanent disability due to an accident, while riding as a passenger in a common carrier
  • Reimbursement of return ticket fare for a family member visiting you, the insured, if you’re hospitalised for more than 7 days
  • Expenses incurred while transporting the insured’s mortal remains back home or towards burial abroad in case of an untimely demise
  • Compensation for a third party in case your involuntarily actions result in someone’s demise, cause someone injury or damage to health or property

What does the policy not cover?

While you’re insured for most-likely situations, not everything can be covered in an European travel insurance policy. Here’s a list of exclusions you need to keep in mind!

  • Traveling against the advice of physician and have to be hospitalised
  • Receiving or are on a waiting list for specified medical treatment
  • Travelling to receive treatment abroad
  • Have been given terminal prognosis for a medical condition
  • Self-inflicted injuries or illnesses
  • Mental disorder
  • Anxiety, stress or depressi​on
  • Venereal diseases
  • Alcohol/drug abuse
  • War or nuclear threat in the country where you are travelling
  • In case loss of checked-in baggage, no partial loss or damage shall become payable
  • Claims arising out of non- disclosed and non-declared pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered
  • Any issues faced due to theft or loss of passport when left unattended or if you don’t report the loss to local police authorities
  • Life threatening conditions covered only arising out of disclosed pre-existing diseases, which are mentioned in the policy schedule, for people upto 70 years of age. Customers need to declare all pre-existing diseases while taking the policy​​​​

Want to extend your trip? Take a look at this-​​

​If your holiday is extended for any reason, we recommend that you extend your travel insurance policy.  It  always better to be safe than sorry! Download and fill the  Extension Form​ ​ with Good Health Declaration form ​ & visit the nearest branch.​​

*T&C apply. Details mentioned here are for Reliance Travel Care Policy . Premium has been calculated for an individual who is 22 years old and is travelling to a Schengen country for 4 days.​

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Schengen Travel Insurance FAQ

  • Quick Facts

​As per the Schengen agreement, there are 26 European countries that belong to the Schengen area. In order to travel to these countries, it is mandatory to avail a Schengen travel insurance policy as per Schengen rules. Thus, in simple terms, you won’t be able to visit a Schengen country unless you have a valid travel insurance policy conforming to Schengen regulations. ​​​​

​Yes, if you are travelling to Schengen countries. Without International travel insurance, you cannot avail a Schengen visa. Please note that although all Schengen countries are in Europe, all European Union countries do not fall under the ambit of Schengen regulations. For example, the UK and Ireland. That said, considering the security that a travel policy offers, it is advisable that one must avail travel insurance.

Deductible means a cost-sharing requirement under this travel insurance policy that provides that the insurer will not be liable for a specified monetary amount or for a specified number of days / hours which will apply before any benefit are payable by Insurer. A deductible does not reduce the Sum Insured. A deductible is important as it makes you a co-owner of the policy, by taking up a certain portion of the loss himself / herself.​

16 to 35 years​

The travel policies are recognized and accepted all over the globe. For your assistance we have International presence through the service provider. However Reliance general Insurance has special travel insurance plans depending on where you are travelling.​​​​

​A business or corporate travel insurance policy is beneficial in case you:

  • have large number of employees travelling at different times.
  • have large number of travelling days.
  • want to cover certain risks for certain employees.
  • need worldwide coverage.
  • have high turnover of employees.
  • want to cover employees from various group companies.
  • want to minimize documentation.
  • want simple and easy administration.

​No, these policies cannot become a part of the corporate plan. You can choose to continue with these standalone policies and thereby opt for those many less number of travel days in the group policy.

Alternatively, if you want all the executives to be a part of one plan, then you can cancel those standalone policies prematurely and make them a part of your corporate group policy.

Yes. We have designed all our travel insurance plans to meet both the requirements, that of leisure and business. Individuals travelling abroad on business purpose can also avail the facility of our Overseas Travel plan, while those who are frequent visitors to abroad can opt for our Annual Multi-trip Insurance.​

​An FIR (First Information Report) is required in cases of:

  • Loss of passport
  • Claim under Home burglary insurance
  • Accidental Claims under Personal accident section
  • Personal liability
  • Financial emergency

​The cost of travel insurance to Europe depends upon several factors. The primary factor is the duration of the trip. The next ones that have a direct impact on the cost (i.e. premium) are age and health. The perceived risk increases with an increase in age, thus a higher age translates to a higher premium. If you have a pre-existing medical condition such as asthma or diabetes, the insurance cost will rise as well.  You can avail several add-on covers that enhance your coverage limits and inclusions, which add to your premium amount. You will find different plans giving you an option to choose the sum insured amount, which is the maximum amount of claim settlement you are entitled to when you file a claim with the Travel Insurance Company. The higher the sum insured amount, the higher will be your premium.

​Zero paperwork​​​​​​

To cancel your policy, all you have to do is submit a letter at any of our branch offices. Once we receive a written request from you, your policy will be cancelled within one day.

​The policy bought online will be cancelled and the amount refunded on a pro-rata basis provided no claims have been made subject to minimum 30 days left for the policy to expire.

​You can extend the policy any number of times provided the total duration of the policy is less than or equal to 360 days

​Yes, we refund part of your premium if no claim has been made on any part of your policy and there is more than 30 days left from the expiry date.

​Yes, with Reliance Schengen Visa Travel Ins urance you can!  If your holiday is extended for any reason, we recommend that you extend your  travel insurance  policy. It always better to be safe than sorry!  Download and fill the   Extension Form ​ and visit the nearest branch.​​

Reliance Travel Care Policy covers you for most medical and financial requirements and offers some additional assistance in case of any emergencies while travelling. Any basic travel insurance policy will cover you for:

  • Medical Expenses Including Transportation, Evacuation And Repatriation Of Mortal Remains
  • Personal accident

Apart from these, you can opt for covers like:

  • Dental treatment
  • Delay / Total loss of checked in baggage ​​
  • Trip delay, cancellation and interruption, Missed connection
  • Home burglary insurance
  • Accidental Death  - Common carrier​

​Depending on the policy and additional covers you take, a travel policy could cover you for liabilities or risks like:

  • Medical expenses
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Transport of mortal remains
  • Total loss of checked-in baggage
  • Delay of checked-in baggage
  • Personal accidents
  • Accidental death & dismemberment
  • Daily allowance in case of hospitalisation
  • Financial emergency assistance
  • Hijack distress allowance
  • Trip cancellation and interruption
  • Missed connections

​In case you do lose your passport, your policy will reimburse you for actual expenses necessarily and reasonably incurred to get a duplicate or fresh passport.

However, the travel insurance policy will not cover you if your passport. . .

  • is confiscated or detained by customs officials, police offers or police authorities.
  • Is lost on account of it being left unattended or forgotten in a public place or transport, hotel, apartment or a private place or vehicle.
  • has been robbed and you have not reported the incident to the local police within 24 hours of the event. We will require a copy of the report when you make the claim.
  • If your baggage is lost, unless a Property Irregularity Report or equivalent report, issued by carrier, is procured and submitted.
  • If there is partial loss of the items contained in the checked-in baggage.
  • If items contained in the checked-in baggage, valued in excess of US $100, do not have appropriate proof of ownership.
  • If the valuables, money, securities, tickets and passes or any other item(s) are not declared,
  • If the losses are a result of delay, detention, confiscation by customs officials or other public authorities.
  • If the losses are incurred due to complete / partial damage of the checked-in baggage.
  • If the checked-in baggage is delayed on the inbound sector to India.

The loss of handbag is not covered. Your policy pays or reimburses only for a delay in transportation of checked-in baggage accepted by a common carrier by which you/ insured would be traveling. It is also mandatory that the common carrier has issued a baggage receipt for the trip.

​Your policy will pay the necessary expenses incurred while obtaining a duplicate or fresh passport after coming to India. This will be up to the maximum sum insured mentioned in your policy.

​This particular travel health insurance policy will compensate you for any unfortunate outcomes / losses or any accidents that may happen when you travel. This compensation is different for various losses and is limited to the ‘sum insured’ as mentioned in the plan. To understand the benefits better click here .​​​​​

​Your travel insurance has a personal liability cover that protects your liability under accidents that result in death, injury, damage to health or damage to the property of a third party. This also covers any hospitalisation expenses in case of any accidental injury.​

Yes, it does. Your hospitalisation expenses will be covered in a quick and cashless manner. If you have been hospitalised for more than 2 consecutive days, you can eve avail of a daily allowance subject to plan opted​.

​This is a special service that provides you, the insured, assistance in times of financial emergency that may arise only due to theft or robbery. In a situation where you are short of funds / cash, this cover will not be able to help you.

​In case your flight is hijacked, your policy will compensate you, up to the maximum amount as mentioned in your policy, post the first 12 hours of hijacking.

​In case your flight is delayed for more than 12 hours from the scheduled time, due to unforeseen circumstances like illness, death, delay due to bad weather, natural disaster, we will reimburse to you up to the maximum amount as mentioned in your policy.

If you opt for the Home Burglary cover, your house and valuables are covered for burglary or attempted burglary, up to the limit of sum insured. Please note that the cover does not protect you from losses sustained due to fire or other perils.

  • you are hospitalised for more than one consecutive month on account of any disease, illness, injury, terminal sickness or medical repatriation,
  • an immediate family member or your sponsor expires, leading you to discontinue your studies for the remaining part of the current semester, the tuition fee for which has been paid.

​A student travel insurance policy covers you for a specific period depending on your choice. If your examination is delayed, but it is still within this specific period, your insurance policy will cover you. In case your examination is delayed and this causes an unanticipated extension beyond the specified period, you can always extend your policy.

Pregnancy, childbirth and any consequences thereof unless the medical assistance provided abroad involves unforeseen emergency measures to save the Insured/Insured Person's or the child's life in the event of acute complications, provided that the Insured/Insured Person has not completed the age of 38 years and 30th week of the pregnancy is not yet completed.​ ​

If any illness / injury during the period abroad necessitates curative treatment beyond duration of this insurance, the Company's liability to pay benefits within the scope of this Policy shall extend for a further period of 30 days insofar as it can be proved that transportation home is not possible. Emergency Assistance Service Provider must be notified immediately as soon as it is known that Insured / Insured Person is unfit to return to India. If any new illness / injury is contracted beyond duration of this Policy, treatment for the same will not be covered.​

In such a case, if the death or disablement occurs within 12 months from the date of the policy start, the company will process the claim as per terms and conditions of the policy in favour of beneficiary / nominee mentioned in the policy.

​Yes. Please read your policy document carefully to understand what risks you are covered for and what is not covered. Ensure, you have the cover you need.

No, an international policy is not extendable for domestic travel. Any medical or accident policy that you may have, will cover you for the relevant benefits, while you are travelling within the country.

With Reliance General Insurance you can now choose between 5 payment options as mentioned below to pay your premium:

  • Online payment
  • IVR online payment
  • Free Cheque pickup
  • Mobile payment
  • Payment at any Reliance branch office

You can decide on the scope of the insurance based on your financial needs. Factors you should take into account are the number of travel days, amount of premium you want to pay and the amount and type of risks you want to be covered for.

​The corporate policy is designed to provide you convenience of usage. If you have opted for a short-term plan for a specific period of insurance and number of man-days, a float amount for your company would be created with us.

As and when an individual employee travels, his details need to be intimated to us. The premium amount, based on the employee's number of days of travel, age and some other details, would be adjusted in this float amount. Similarly, let us know as and when you add or delete a person, so we can adjust the float amount.

​Yes, we do give group discounts. The details are as follows:

Although we do not have specific time frame we would certainly like the travel insurance claim to be intimated as soon as possible, for better assistance.​

The documentation will vary depending on the type of the claim. Here’s a comprehensive list of requirements for the various types of covers. Medical & Emergency Expenses

  • Claim form with the surgeon's signature
  • Copy of your travel policy
  • Doctor's report
  • Original admission/discharge card
  • Original bills/receipts/prescription
  • Original X-ray reports/ Pathological/ Investigative reports
  • Copy of passport/visa with entry and exit stamp.

Loss of Baggage

  • Claims form
  • Copies of baggage tags
  • Copies of correspondence with the airline authorities or others about loss of checked baggage
  • Property Irregularity Report (obtained from Airline)
  • Details of compensation received from airlines/other authorities if any

Delay of Baggage

  • Copies of correspondence with the airline authorities certifying the delay
  • Original bills/receipts/invoices pertaining to expenses incurred/purchases made during the delay period.

Loss of Passport

  • Copy of new passport
  • Copy of previous passport (if available)
  • Original bills/invoices of expenses incurred for obtaining a new passport
  • Copy of FIR/ Police Report

Trip delay / cancellation/ interruption/ missed connection

  • Confirmation from the airlines clearly mentioning the scheduled arrival time and the actual arrival time
  • Medical reports and doctors statements if the trip is cancelled or interrupted due to medical reasons
  • Termination letter from the company if trip is cancelled or interrupted due to employment reason
  • Police report confirming the incident if the delay is due to any other insured events
  • Original tickets of the insured and the travelling companion indicating travel to the same destination for the same dates in case the cancellation or interruption is due to the sickness injury or death of a travelling companion
  • All the bills / receipts of reasonable additional expenses incurred and / or proof of cancellation charges levied by the carriers

Personal Liability

  • A detailed statement mentioning details of the incident
  • Witness statements
  • Any other documents relevant to the incident including Summons Legal Notice etc.
  • Any other information you would like to share with us.
  • Full statement of the events in writing
  • Airline correspondence (copy of Passenger List etc.)
  • Copy of ticket/ Boarding Pass

Accidental Death

  • Original Death Certificate
  • Copy of FIR/Police inquest report/Coroners report
  • Copy of Post Mortem report.

Dismemberment Case

  • Copy of treatment papers along

Financial Emergency Assistance

  • Date of loss
  • A detailed statement
  • Court order stipulating the required amount as bail bond
  • Police report.

Sponsor Protection

  • Medical reports or doctor's statement giving the details of the sponsor and cause of death certificate of the sponsor

Please remember any medical statements from relations / spouse will not be accepted. Compassionate Visit

  • Medical reports and certificate from the doctor confirming hospitalisation of the insured, reason of hospitalisation and duration of hospitalisation
  • Doctor's statement specifically stating the need for an attendants

Study Interruption

  • A detailed statement.
  • Medical reports or doctor’s statement
  • Death certificate as a proof of the reason of study interruption (in case of death of immediate family members)
  • Receipts of the university fees paid

Please remember any medical statements from relations / spouse will not be accepted. Home Burglary

  • Copy of the FIR
  • List of items stolen along with year of purchase and value

Dental Treatment

  • Original medical bills/receipts

Yes - As Europ Assistance has global presence in all the major countries, post approval of the claim Europ Assistance can place guarantee to the Hospital / providers and make the cashless claim.

Further, under Cashless Services - If the procedure stated above is complied with, Emergency Assistance Service Provider, as the case may be, will guarantee to the Hospital / other providers the costs of hospitalisation. transportation for emergency services, transportation home of the Insured. All costs will be directly settled by Emergency Assistance Service Provider on the Company's behalf and the same shall constitute due discharge of the Company's obligations.​

Schengen Travel Insurance Reviews and Ratings

Average rating:.

Showing 10 reviews

While making my first trip through France, I didn't even know about Schengen travel insurance. But after buying travel insurance from Reliance General, I've discovered travel needs can be easily taken care of.

My son couldn�t take the cold weather and developed high fever. Expenses weren't a problem since we had purchased this international travel insurance. We had to extend our day for 3 more days as my kid was admitted. Since we couldn�t take the flight, we had to reschedule. Fortunately, the travel insurance covers that too.

On my backpacking trip through Europe, my wallet was stolen on a train and I had no money left. Thankfully, my travel insurance plan had a provision for cash in case of emergencies. Reliance General has very good travel insurance plans.

Fast service given while facing an emergency. I was in Europe for a business conference and my baggage was lost. Your customer service representatives helped me out a great deal. Good going Reliance General Insurance.

Taking my family for a vacation to Europe. Since I am taking my two year old daughter, I can't risk anything happening. Taking this travel insurance as a precaution. Good policy, covers all the risk.

My younger sister is currently in Europe on a 20 day trip and while searching for a good travel insurance for her I came across reliance travel insurance. As far as i know they seem to have the best rates and process was also easy

My Mom and Dad recently went on a Euro trip. I insisted them to take a Reliance travel insurance (after researching online) as it was an international trip. Fortunately, this came in handy as their bags were delayed for 2 days but they could enjoy the trip without a worry because of the reimbursements.

After comparing different Schengen travel insurance plans, I found this to be the best.

It is a low cost travel plan and has a brilliant customer service.

Definitely the best European travel insurance I have taken.

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Secure Your Travel With Our Travel Insurance Plan!

Travel insurance, let’s get you started on your travel insurance journey.

Picture this – you’re about to set off on an exciting holiday. You’ve got your travel visa, your tickets, hotel bookings and everything else in order. You land at your destination and find that your luggage has been misplaced. Or worse, you’re the victim of theft and you are left in a foreign country without your passport or any cash! Dealing with these situations can be expensive and difficult – especially if you’re in a country where you don’t speak the language. But that’s precisely why travel insurance is so crucial!

Travel insurance is the assurance that your journey will be protected and insured from possible risks that may come unexpectedly on unknown lands. Travel insurance is a unique product that offers you financial help in case something were to go wrong while you’re travelling. It covers a range of scenarios, including medical and dental emergencies, theft of your money or passport loss , flight cancellation and misplaced or lost luggage.

Depending on where you’re going, the purpose of your visit and how often you travel, you can select a travel insurance policy that best suits your needs. A single-trip travel insurance plan is ideal if you’re travelling domestically or internationally and only travel once in a while, a single trip travel insurance can be purchased for yourself or for your family, for more information, check our family travel insurance . If you travel often for work, you may want to opt for a multi-trip travel insurance plan or an annual travel insurance plan. This way, you can save on the hassle of applying for a new travel insurance policy before each trip. We also offer customised travel insurance plans for senior citizens and students who are heading abroad to continue their education. No matter what your travel needs, we’ll find a travel insurance policy for you


Travel Insurance With COVID-19 Covered*

Start every journey with a travel insurance plan, what’s covered under tata aig travel insurance, our travel insurance policy will help you take care of a number of situations, ensuring the mental peace you truly deserve:, covid-19 covered.

Accident & Sickness Medical Expense Under the Accident & Sickness Medical Expense, Travel insurance with COVID-19 covered compensates for the medical expenses incurred by the insured because of being diagnosed with COVID-19 outside the Republic of India during the trip duration & is hospitalized. The policy provides coverage against Medical expenses upto the limit mentioned in the policy schedule.

Trip Cancellation Compensation benefit under Trip Cancellation is offered if the insured, the insured’s Travel Companion or The Immediate family of the insured or the Insured’s Travel Companion are diagnosed with COVID-19 before commencing their international trip. They cannot travel until they have received a negative COVID-19 report. If one has a valid travel insurance plan and they cancel a booked trip as a result of COVID-19, we will reimburse you the unused and non-refundable amount of your prior bookings, such as hotel booking, and ticket costs. You would be eligible for these benefits only if you booked and paid for such services before being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Trip Curtailment/Interruption Benefits If you are travelling with Travel insurance with COVID-19 covered and you, your Travel Companion, your immediate family or your Travel companion’s immediate family are diagnosed with COVID-19 during your trip, as a result of which, your trip has to be cut short, we will reimburse the trip interruption expenses. These expenses will be inclusive of the pre-paid and unused portion of travel and accommodation expenses, which are non-refundable; additional accommodation and travel expenses incurred due to trip interruption, subject to the sum insured limit.

Automatic extension Given the current circumstances, it is too early to predict if a lockdown will be enforced in the future. Consider the possibility of being trapped on vacation overseas because the country announced a statewide lockdown due to COVID-19. Flight delays or cancellations are extremely dangerous under such circumstances. Tata AIG Travel insurance coverage will cover your trip extension for a maximum period of 7 days if a lockdown is imposed in the destination country and no alternative mode of transport is available. Subject to Terms & conditions.

Baggage Covers

Delayed Baggage Almost everybody has a story about a time when they travelled and their luggage was accidentally sent elsewhere or unnecessarily delayed. If this happens and you have our travel insurance policy, you can rest easy. Your travel insurance plan will help cover the cost of any necessary personal items that you need to purchase until your bag can reach you.

Lost Baggage Having your baggage delayed is one thing, but if your bag is lost or stolen, managing the situation can be incredibly difficult. Luckily, our travel insurance policy can help you deal with this issue. Depending on the travel insurance policy terms, we will help reimburse you for the items in your luggage.

Journey Covers

Lost Passport Obtaining a new passport in a foreign country isn’t always easy. Your international travel insurance policy will help you with the necessary and reasonable expenses that are attached to getting a new passport made.

Assistance While Travelling If things go a bit wrong when you’re out of the city, you may need some assistance. Our travel insurance plan will help provide you with all necessary assistance required, right from legal help to getting lost luggage and passports replaced. Our travel policy will even help with emergency travel services, cash transfers and advances.

Personal Liability Accidents can happen at any time under any circumstance. If you happen to be involved in an accident where somebody else is harmed or injured, it could cost you quite dearly. Our travel insurance policy will help cover any damage caused to any third-party individual or property while you’re travelling. It’s important to remember that the travel policy will not cover your family members or individuals who live with you.

Hijack Help Our travel insurance policy will offer something known as distress allowance in case the flight that you’re travelling on is hijacked.

Delayed Flights Bad weather or a local strike could delay your flight by more than 12 hours. If this is the case, you might have to book another night’s stay at a hotel or incur some other additional expenses. Our travel insurance policy will help you take care of these expenses if your flight happens to be delayed.

Policy Extension Your travel insurance policy term often depends on the length of your trip. But, there are certain situations in which your flight may be cancelled or delayed for several days. We will automatically extend the term of cover of our travel insurance policy for seven days in case your flight is cancelled or delayed and you don’t have any other travel options available.

Trip Curtailment or Cancellation In case there’s an emergency and you have to travel back or cancel your entire trip, don’t worry. Our travel insurance plan will reimburse you for any unused, non-refundable hotel and travel expenses.

Medical Covers

Medical Emergencies Your travel insurance policy will help you deal with the financial implications that come with meeting with an accident or falling ill while you’re travelling. The policy will cover everything right from a regular illness that requires hospitalisation to dental emergencies and even fatalities. If you happen to fall ill or meet with an accident at the tail-end of your journey, you don’t have to worry. If you’re in hospital and your policy expires, we will continue to cover you for the next 60 days or until you are discharged, whichever is earlier.

Medical Evacuation Your travel insurance policy is your friend in times of need. If you require emergency medical evacuation to the nearest hospital, this policy will take care of that. In case you need to be evacuated and brought back to India for medical treatment, the travel insurance policy will look after that as well.

Accidental Death and Repatriation We don’t want to think about it, but it’s possible that an accident or medical emergency abroad could end up being fatal. TATA AIG’s travel insurance policy will provide your nominee with the full sum insured amount if this happens. We will also take care of the cost of repatriating the insured individual’s remains back to their city of residence.

Compassionate Visit If you need somebody to help you out when you’re in hospital, we’ll provide a two-way ticket for a family member to come and take care of you.

Interruption of Study If you’ve purchased a student travel insurance policy , this is especially for you. If have to interrupt your education because you or a family member are ill, we’ll reimburse you any unused tuition fee.

*Kindly check the policy wordings for a complete understanding of the product offerings, inclusions and exclusions.

Advantages Of TATA AIG Travel Insurance

When you’re travelling abroad, we’ll help you take care of the cost of treatment for COVID-19 if you test positive in the middle of your trip & re quires hospitalization

Affordable International Policies

Our travel insurance policies will not cost you too much. You can enjoy care-free travel for as little as INR 40.82 per day when you’re travelling internationally.

Affordable Domestic Policies

Explore the many beauties scattered across India and get travel insurance cover for just INR 26 per day!

Instant Policy Purchase

You can buy a TATA AIG travel insurance policy online with just a few easy clicks. We don’t need extensive paperwork on a health check-up!

Hassle-Free Claim Procedure

We actually mean it when we say we make travel insurance claims simple. Tata AIG understands how much money and time you have already invested in your travel. That is why we have kept all of our procedures extremely easy, fast, and paperless since we believe that everything should be digital. As a result, there is no need for hardcopy evidence. For us, a simple upload on our portal works.

24/7 Customer Assistance

A decent travel insurance coverage is unaffected by time zones. Whatever time it is in your corner of the world, competent support is only a phone call away owing to our in-house claim settlement and customer assistance team. We are ever-ready to assist you every step of the way.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Ease of doing business

Online policy, very fast and immediately policy certificate, great n superb experience

The website is friendly and easy to use.

Seamless experience

The buying of the policy had to wait till we received the Covid-19 Negative from diagnostics though we both have taken first and second Vaccination Doses.

The buying process has been exceedingly convenient.

Hope your claims payment (if at all we need any) is as good and fast as the buying of the policy has been.

I TRUST in TATA AIG and have insured my cars too.

Really smooth...and great clean interface... God forbid we have to use the policy during travel...I hope the support for same is as good or better.

Value for money

User friendly site

Trust in TATA product. Keep the faith in the Indian customer.

Good processing and excellent insurance

I am not sure if there is any other insurance company in india which is providing Covid 19 coverage for travel insurance

Ease of processing very good. Policy document provided all the details given while filling the online application form

Best of the rest

Easy and convenient

Great Buying Experience

its very fast, easy to get. No hassles

The Perfect Travel Insurance Plan 

A good and user-friendly travel insurance package will make your vacation a memorable one. It protects you at various stages, with financial coverage being the primary focus. Selecting the finest travel insurance package for your family and yourself should not be rushed. Choose intelligently and save money by not taking the first choice you see for hassle-free and safe travel. A travel insurance policy acts as a cushion to absorb the impact of a misstep, making your vacation more enjoyable and memorable.

This is why TATA AIG offers multiple travel insurance plans. We have specialised travel insurance policies for domestic and international travel. Additionally, we have customised travel insurance policies for senior citizens and students who are heading abroad to expand their horizons. Let’s take a look at what each travel insurance policy offers, so you can find the right one for you. To know what to look for in a Travel Insurance, check our Best Travel Insurance Plan Guide. To Understand the various types of Travel Insurance Plans we offer & to understand how to compare in between them, check our Compare Travel Insurance resource.

International Travel Insurance

Travelling to a foreign country, whether for work or vacation , doesn’t have to be stressful. With our international travel insurance policies, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll help you out should anything go wrong. Right from small inconveniences, such as having your bag arrives late, to serious issues like medical emergencies and evacuation, TATA AIG’s international travel insurance plan will be with you at every step of the journey. We highly recommend this travel insurance policy for everybody headed outside the country. If you’re likely to make multiple trips in a single year, we recommend our multi-trip travel insurance plan.

Domestic Travel Insurance

Just because you aren’t travelling abroad, it doesn’t mean you don’t need travel insurance. This travel insurance plan will help you deal with various situations while you’re travelling across India. Right from reimbursing you for the cost of lost tickets to taking care of you after an accident while you’re out of town, this travel insurance policy is your ideal travel partner! If you travel very often, we recommend that you opt for our multi-trip travel insurance policy. This makes it easier for you to go on quick trips without having to apply for a new travel insurance plan each time.

Student Travel Insurance

We would like to support you as you follow your dreams. This is precisely why we’ve created a specialised student travel insurance policy. If you’re between the ages of 16 and 35 and you’re about to head abroad to further your education, this is the travel insurance plan for you. Apart from the usual travel insurance cover, this policy additionally provides cover for unique situations, such as reimbursing students the tuition fee if they’re unable to complete a semester due to a medical emergency. This travel insurance plan also provides cover for compassionate visits, ensuring you don’t have to be alone if you’re hospitalised!

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Why should young people have all the fun? Travel insurance for senior citizens is suitable for people over the age of 70, much like health insurance is adapted to the age factor. The elderly enjoy travelling after retirement, and they frequently travel alone or in pairs. This sort of plan shields them against unforeseen events. Senior citizens over the age of 70 can travel and enjoy the world just as much as their children and grandchildren. Our senior citizen travel insurance policy has been created keeping their needs in mind. This travel insurance plan offers additional cover for medical emergencies, including dental coverage, emergency medical evacuation and the repatriation of remains.

What’s Not Covered By TATA AIG's Travel Insurance Plan?

Even while we would prefer to cover all conceivable risks, many circumstances are simply not practical. We prefer total openness with our consumers. So here is what our travel insurance plans don't cover:

Baggage Exclusions

  • Loss of baggage will not be covered in cases where you have shipped the items separately or before your travel date.
  • It will also not be covered in cases where your travel insurance policy does not cover the geographic region. For example, under a student travel insurance policy, if the bags are lost in India, it will be not be covered.
  • If you do not report that your luggage, documents or personal belongings have been stolen to the relevant authorities, you cannot make a legitimate claim for them against your travel insurance policy.

Journey Exclusions

Under certain circumstances, we will not be able to settle claims against your travel insurance policy. These circumstances include:

  • Involvement in illegal activities, including felony, theft, deceit or other malicious acts.
  • Participation in adventure sports, like skydiving, scuba diving, or mountain diving will not be covered under our travel insurance plans.
  • Undertaking manual labour or work that could potentially harm you or be dangerous for your health.

Medical Exclusions

Your claim request against your travel insurance plan will not be entertained if

  • You have travelled against the advice of your doctor
  • You suffer from a complication or require assistance due to a pre-existing health condition
  • You have injuries that are self-inflicted
  • Your claim is for pregnancy or a related issue, including birth control or surgical procedures
  • The issue is related to a sexually transmitted disease, mental disorder, and injuries due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs that were not medically prescribed.

Did Not Find What You Were Looking For?

When, where and how to choose travel insurance, purchasing a travel insurance policy requires a lot of thought and consideration. to help you with your decision, here’s a look at some important factors you must consider before choosing a travel insurance policy:, destination.

Your travel insurance policy will depend largely on your destination. For starters, you must decide whether you’re travelling internationally or domestically. Based on this, you can narrow down your options. If you’re travelling internationally, it’s important that you check the travel insurance requirement of various countries. For example, certain countries will not issue you a travel visa unless you can show that you have sufficient cover in your travel insurance policy.

Travel Frequency

The kind of travel insurance policy you buy will depend on how often you intend to travel. If you travel very frequently, a multi-trip travel insurance plan might be ideal for you. These plans allow you to enjoy multiple trips without you having to apply for a new travel insurance policy each time. On the other hand, if you only travel once in a while, then a single trip travel insurance policy might be better for you. You can easily apply for your travel insurance policy online and have it issued without the need for a pre-policy check-up.

Duration Of The Trip

While picking a travel insurance plan, you must keep the length of your trip in mind. It’s a good idea to pick a travel insurance policy of a duration that slightly exceeds your actual trip dates. Ideally, you should be able to find a plan that offers cover for more days without it affecting your premium. This way, if you have to extend your trip for a few days, you don’t risk losing your cover.

People Travelling

If you’re travelling alone, you can purchase a travel insurance policy just for yourself without any worries. If you’re travelling with your family, you should add each member to your insurance policy. Make sure you tell us how many of you are travelling before you purchase the policy and we’ll do the needful. This makes it much easier for you to keep track of everybody’s paperwork.

Claim Limit

This is possibly one of the most important factors that will influence your decision. Every travel insurance policy has a limit as to how much they will pay for various claims . For example, you will receive a specified sum in case your bags are lost or stolen. Even in medical emergencies, you must keep your sum insured amount and claim limit in mind. If you have a low claim limit, it may not be enough to take care of all kinds of medical emergencies while you’re travelling. Depending on where you’re going and how long you’re travelling for, you should pick a suitable sum insured for your travel insurance policy. A higher sum insured will lead to a higher premium, but it will come in handy if you require to file a claim while you’re travelling.

How To Buy Travel Insurance Online?

Purchasing a travel insurance policy requires a lot of thought and consideration. To help you with your decision, here’s a look at some important factors you must consider before choosing a travel insurance policy: To understand the factors that effect your travel insurance premium, check our Travel Insurance Premium Calculator

If you like, you can read about our various plans and take a look at what each offers. Or, you can decide to purchase travel insurance right away.

If you’re heading to multiple cities or countries, don’t worry. We offer plans for that as well. Type in all the countries or cities you’re visiting and how long you’ll be travelling for. We’ll use this information to curate the best travel insurance policy options for you.

If you’re travelling alone, you just need to enter your date of birth. If you’re travelling with family members, you can add them to the same travel insurance policy. You have the option to add your spouse, children and parents to the policy as well. Let us know who you’re travelling with and their dates of birth as well.

Depending on your needs, we’ll curate three plans for you. If you aren’t sure how the plans differ, you can use our ‘Compare’ option to see what kind of additional benefits or different sums insured each travel insurance plan offers. If you’re concerned about the cost, you can also view our premium break-up, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. After comparing the plans, you can pick the one that best fits your needs.

The last thing you need to do is provide us with a few more details and pay the premium amount. The minute you do this, we’ll issue your travel insurance policy and send a copy to your email inbox!

How Can I Make A Travel Insurance Claim?

For Policies that Cover Only India Travel Give us a call on +1 800 11 99 66 from BSNL/MTNL Landline Call these local helpline numbers in your respective cities from any other line: Mumbai - 66939500 Pune – 66014156 Delhi – 66603500 Bangalore – 66272829 Chennai – 66841050 Hyderabad – 66629882 Ahmedabad – 66610201 If you are a senior citizen, give us a call on + 1 800 22 99 66 Or, send an email to [email protected]

Domestic Claim

International claim (non america travel).

For Non - Americas Policies:

International Claim (America Travel)

For Americas Policies Number

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Frequently Asked Questions

Policy related, service related, why do i need travel insurance, what is the best travel insurance policy, does the tata aig travel insurance policy some with a free-look period, do i get a grace period for my travel insurance policy, can i buy travel insurance after leaving the country, will pre-existing diseases be covered under my travel insurance policy, will i be refunded if i cancel my travel insurance coverage, how does a travel insurance policy work, can an individual purchase international travel insurance after they have booked their trip, how do i check the status of my travel insurance policy, what happens if my claim is rejected, how do i make a claim against my travel insurance, how would my policy assist me if i misplace my passport, how is a policyholder covered if they have an accident and incur injuries or loss, what documents are needed when filing a travel insurance claim, understanding travel insurance terminology.

  • Accident Any unplanned mishap that happens due to no fault of the insured or others. It could lead to injury or a fatality.
  • Act of Terrorism Any act of violence from an individual attempting to gain control of or overthrow a government that leads to major damage or loss of life.
  • Common Carrier Any commercial individual or organisation that deals in the movement of people and goods from one place to another, such as a commercial airline.
  • Condition Precedent A condition upon which the insurance provider agrees to provide cover.
  • Congenital Anomaly Any condition that is present in the insured individual since birth and is considered to be abnormal in structure, form or position.
  • Deductible A deductible is a small amount that the insured individual is required to pay every time they file a claim against their international student travel insurance policy.
  • Disease/Illness Any pathological condition that impairs your body’s normal physiological functions. For cover, the disease or illness should show first signs or symptoms while the policy is in effect and should require medical treatment.
  • Educational Institution A school, vocational institute, college, polytechnic, university or institute of higher learning that has the license to provide educational services by trained or qualified teachers and where the inured individual is a full-time student.
  • Equipment Failure A sudden or unforeseen breakdown of the common carrier’s equipment, which results in a delay or interruption of the insured’s scheduled trip.
  • Free Look Period A period of 15 days, from the day the insured receives the policy documents for a student travel insurance policy. During this time, the insured can look over the documents and choose to cancel the policy without incurring substantial cancellation charges.
  • Grace Period A specific period of time, immediately following the premium due date, during which the insured can still pay the premium and continue to enjoy continuity benefits of getting cover.
  • Hospitalisation Any instance in which the insured individual has to be admitted into a hospital for a minimum of 24 hours to receive treatment.
  • Immediate Family Member An immediate family member refers to the insured’s legal spouse, siblings, siblings-in-law, legal children, parents, parents-in-law, legal guardian, and step-parents who reside in India.
  • Inclement Weather Severe weather conditions, such as storms, that delay the scheduled arrivals or departures of common carriers.
  • Inpatient/Inpatient Care Any treatment for which an individual needs to stay in a hospital for over 24 hours for a covered event.
  • Insured Journey This refers to any trip that the insured individual takes within the policy term. It commences once the individual boards the aircraft for an onward journey and expires on their [arrival]( back to their city or town of residence or when the policy is set to expire – whichever is earlier.
  • Insured Period(s) This refers to the period of time, starting with the effective date and ending with the end date declared in the policy documents, during which the insured individual can get cover for their travel.
  • Insured Person The individual, who is a permanent resident of India, and has purchased a travel insurance policy from us.
  • Land/Sea Arrangements All pre-paid travel arrangements made for a scheduled trip or cruise for which insurance has been purchased and is arranged by a tour operator, travel agent, cruise line or other organisation.
  • Medical Advise A consultation or advice received from a medical practitioner, including the issue of any prescriptions.
  • Medical Expenses Expenses that the insured individual has incurred due to an illness or required medical treatment on the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.
  • Medically Necessary Any treatments, tests or hospital stays that are required for the medical management of an illness on the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.
  • Nervous Disorder A central nervous system disorder that requires the insured person to incur certain covered medical expenses.
  • Notification of Claim The process by which the insured individual informs the insurance provider or their TPA that they require to make a claim against the policy.
  • Pre-Existing Condition Any ailment, injury or related condition for which you have been diagnosed or had symptoms of or received treatment for in the 48 months prior to the date when the trip is scheduled to start.
  • Professional Sports Any sport that the insured plays for which they receive remuneration that makes up 50% or more of their livelihood.
  • Reasonable Additional Expense Expenses for services or supplies that are absolutely necessary due to an illness or injury.
  • Reasonable and Customary Charges Standard charges for services or supplies that the insured is required to pay to get the required help or treatment.
  • Room Rent The amount that a hospital or medical facility charges per day for an individual to occupy a bed.
  • Single Trip Insurance A single given trip that is specified on the policy schedule with a beginning date and an expiration date.
  • Scheduled Airline Any civilian aircraft that is operated by a civilian air carrier that holds a valid certificate, license or similar authorisation from the country’s aircraft registry. The airline must carry out all operations in accordance with the country’s rules and regulations.
  • Serious Injury or Sickness Any injury that a qualified physician declares to be dangerous to the insured’s life.
  • Sickness Any illness that first showed symptoms or was contracted after the policy has come into effect.
  • Sound Natural Teeth Natural teeth that have not been altered in any way or simply restored to their normal function. The restored teeth should be disease- and decay-free and should not be more susceptible to injury or damage than unaltered natural teeth.
  • Sponsor The individual responsible for paying the tuition fee for the insured individual while they are studying at an educational institution outside their home country.
  • Strike Labour disagreements that end up interfering with the normal arrivals and departures of common carriers as per the definitions offered by the authorities of each respective country.
  • Subrogation Any situation in which the insurance provider, on behalf of the insured individual, takes legal action against a third party that caused injury or loss to the insured.
  • Sub-limits Sub-limit refers to the maximum amount that the insured individual will receive for any particular claim as per the amounts provided in the policy schedule. For certain claims, there is no sub-limit and the maximum sum insured can be paid.
  • Sum Insured The maximum amount of coverage your international student travel insurance provider will have to pay in case of various injuries or loss.
  • Travelling Companion Refers to two named individuals who are booked to travel along with the insured on the trip.
  • Trip Any insured journey that the insured individual takes during the course of the policy term. The journey must start and end in India and should be to a destination outside of India.
  • Tuition All legally required registration fees charged by an accredited educational institution for the required courses and any laboratory or extra-curricular course fee as well. This does not include the costs associated with purchasing text books, learning materials or boarding and lodging.
  • Unproven/Experimental Treatment that does not have an established medical practice, including drug experimental therapy.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Any accident that causes the loss of life, sight, or limbs while travelling.
  • Accommodation It refers to any establishment that charges a fee for temporary overnight housing and requires bookings.
  • Pandemic An outbreak of an infectious disease or illness that spreads swiftly and extensively and is classified by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
  • Coverage Period The total length of time that a travel policy will cover you during a trip
  • Premium It is the sum of money that an insured individual must pay to the insurance company in exchange for the insurance policy. The premium cost varies based on the insurance coverage you select. It is worth noting that choosing a greater deductible may decrease your monthly payments, but the quality of protection will be lesser, and you may be exposed to higher charges in the event of an accident.
  • Reimbursement The amount of money that an insurance company will pay you for medical treatment or hospital fees that you have previously spent is referred to as reimbursement or compensation.
  • Policyholder The policyholder, often known as the policy owner, is the individual who purchases the insurance policy and pays the premiums. The insured may or may not be the policy owner. For example, Kritika is free to purchase an insurance policy for her husband Swapnil; in such an instance, Kritika is the policyholder and her husband is the insured party, meaning he's the only one who would get benefits under the terms of the policy.
  • Foreseeable Event It is one that was reasonably anticipated prior to the purchase of the plan. When it is feasible for persons heading to a region to be aware of an occurrence, it becomes predictable. For example, if the airline you're travelling with declares a strike, the event becomes predictable after they make the announcement.
  • Physician It is defined as a person who is licenced as a medical doctor by the jurisdiction in which he or she resides and who practises the healing arts. They must be practising within the extent of their licensure for the service or treatment provided and cannot be you, a travelling companion, or a family member.
  • Trip Cost It refers to the costs of your travel arrangements that you paid before leaving on your trip and would be lost if your trip was cancelled. This covers flights, cruises, lodgings, excursions, entertainment, and other fees that you may incur if you are unable to travel.
  • Maximum Policy Coverage The maximum amount of compensation that will be paid for expenditures covered by a policy.
  • Insured Journey This refers to any trip that the insured individual takes within the policy term. It commences once the individual boards the aircraft for an onward journey and expires on their arrival back to their city or town of residence or when the policy is set to expire – whichever is earlier.
  • Single Trip Insurance These plans have a one-time premium charge and are only good for one trip. This is best suited for infrequent travellers and often provides no more than 6 months of coverage.
  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance For frequent flyers, multi-trip travel insurance policies are the best options. These plans have a yearly validity period and need a premium payment each year. Travellers are protected for any number of trips they take during this time period.
  • Subrogation It occurs when an insurance company reimburses its insured for injuries or losses caused by a third party. If a third party caused harm, the insurer can still sue the third party to collect the lost money.

Top Travel Destinations

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2008, Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited, all rights reserved. Registered Office : Peninsula Business Park, Tower A, 15th Floor, G.K.Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400 013, Maharashtra, India. CINNumber : U85110MH2000PLC128425. Registered with IRDA of India Regn. No. 108. Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure / policy wording carefully before concluding a sale. Toll Free Number : 1800 266 7780 / 1800 22 9966 (only for senior citizen policy holders). Email Id – [email protected] .

Europ Assistance

Get Your Schengen Insurance

  • Hospitalisation expenses up to 30,000€
  • Assistance in the event of illness/injury and death
  • Coverage in the Schengen area

Extend Your Coverage

  • Hospitalisation expenses up to 60,000€
  • Assistance in the event of illness/injury and death
  • Coverage in the Schengen area + European Union
  • Return/relocation and lodging expenses of a companion

eu travel insurance india

Before traveling, please check the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization, the European Union and your local government. Important restrictions are applied to the Schengen Area and visas are likely to be limited to specific travels only. Our travel insurance policies are made to protect you against unforeseeable events, such as sudden illnesses or accidental bodily injuries. We remind you that epidemics and/or infectious diseases such as CoVid 19 are excluded from our policies.

eu travel insurance india

Schengen travel insurance

Europ Assistance makes it easy for you to select and purchase your travel insurance online. Your insurance will be ready in a matter of minutes and our insurance certificates are recognized by embassies, consulates and visa centers around the world , which helps you acquire a Schengen visa for your next trip to Europe. You will immediately receive the certificate and you will be able to download it at any time in any of our six languages : English, French, Spanish, German, Russian or Chinese.

eu travel insurance india

Which countries are in the Schengen area?

The Schengen area is made up of 26 countries (and 3 microstates) where travelers and residents can move freely from state to state without a passport, as there is no longer common border control between Schengen states. Travel insurance is highly suggested for all travelers, and for most countries is mandatory , as it is needed to obtain the visa to enter the Schengen area. You can obtain your visa application form from the country you plan to enter through first or the one you plan to spend the most time in. ​

eu travel insurance india

The leading Schengen travel insurance provider

When you choose Europ Assistance as your Schengen visa travel insurance provider, you also get the support and expertise of 750,000 partners . If something goes wrong, not only will your medical expenses be properly reimbursed, but you will also get help from competent medical professionals at qualified medical centers, no matter where you are. During stressful situations or emergencies abroad, communicating in your native language can be a source of comfort. When such a situation occurs, you can trust that Europ Assistance will be there to help you 24/7 .

eu travel insurance india

If you wish to subscribe for more than 20 people, please contact us

Travel dates

  • Country of residence All travellers are from the same country of residence : Yes No

A Schengen visa is not required for your trip, however, you should still consider purchasing travel insurance. You can travel with peace of mind and are covered throughout the European Union with our Schengen Plus cover.

  • Hospitalisation expenses up to  60,000€
  • Coverage in the Schengen area +  European Union
  • Become An Agent

Respect Senior Care Rider: 9152007550 (Missed call)

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Global Travel Helpline +91-124-6174720

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All transactions, whether they are financial or of any other nature, must be conducted exclusively through our branch offices, our online portals , our insurance agents or POSPs, or via insurance intermediaries registered with IRDAI who are engaged in solicitation. If you require additional clarification, please write to us at [email protected]

All transactions, whether they are financial or of any other nature, must be conducted exclusively through our branch offices, our online portals , our insurance agents or POSPs, or via insurance intermediaries registered with IRDAI who are engaged in solicitation. If you require additional clarification, please contact us on mail : [email protected]

Thank you for visiting our website.

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eu travel insurance india

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Travel Insurance for Europe

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eu travel insurance india

Thank You for Your Interest in Bajaj Allianz Insurance Policy, A Customer Support Executive will call you back shortly to assist you through the Process.

Do you have any immediate plans to visit Europe? To protect your trip, you must get an appropriate travel insurance policy. To know about travel insurance for Europe, read on!

First and foremost, you must purchase international travel insurance with enough coverage if you plan a trip to Europe. On our website, you may compare travel insurance policies and pick the one that best meets your needs.

Submitting a claim via your travel insurance for Europe and receiving reimbursement for any costs incurred while travelling around Europe protected by your travel insurance policy is simple and fast.


Much planning and preparation go into choosing a trip to any international location. Would you not want to be at ease when you find yourself in a distressing scenario in another country with sufficient protection to rely on? So, before starting your trip to Europe, planning carefully, researching, and availing of international Travel insurance online is crucial.

You should avoid being persuaded to purchase low-cost travel insurance to Europe. You should pick an affordable travel insurance plan for Europe from India, like the one we provide, which will provide you with enough coverage.

Benefits of Having a Europe Travel Insurance Policy

Travelling is a great way to broaden your horizons and rejuvenate your soul, but it's essential to be stress-free to make the most out of your journeys. A good travel insurance policy provides peace of mind that you will be taken care of in case of unforeseen events. Bajaj Allianz's travel insurance for Europe offers several benefits to ensure that your travels are stress-free:

1.       Efficient Claims Settlement : 

Bajaj Allianz GIC has a reputation for promptly settling claims for their travel insurance plans.

2.       Instant Assistance : 

With just a missed call from anywhere in Europe, you can receive instant call-back assistance from our friendly customer service team.

3.     Tailored Policies : 

Select a European travel insurance policy that suits your specific requirements, whether you are travelling as a couple, family, or solo.

4.       Special Coverage :  

Students and senior citizens can choose a special travel insurance policy that meets their unique needs.

5.       Comprehensive Coverage :  

Our policy provides coverage against various eventualities, such as illness, hospitalization, trip cancellations, lost passports, and baggage theft.

Europe Visa and Entry Information

The majority of European nations are a part of the Schengen Area, a region of the continent that allows for unrestricted travel.

Uniform Schengen Visa

One can apply for a Uniform Schengen Visa if your planned trip to Europe will last fewer than 90 days. This visa has the following subcategories, namely:  

  • Type A Schengen Visa - for moving through any airport in the Schengen Area (valid for a period not exceeding 24 hours) 
  •  Type C Schengen Visa - for a brief visit to a Schengen country (following the 90/180 norm - it is valid for a stay of 90 days in the Schengen Area and six months from the time of the first arrival into the area). There are single-entry, double-entry, and multiple-entry versions of this visa available.
  • Type D Schengen Visa, National Schengen Visa, or both - if you are travelling to Europe for a lengthy period to pursue an academic programme, taking advantage of a career opportunity, or immigrating permanently to one of the nations there. You can apply for either a single-entry or a multiple-entry National Schengen Visa.

Depending on why you want to visit a country in the Schengen Area, different Schengen Visas are available. The following is a list of these visas: 

  • Business Schengen Visa
  • Schengen Visitor Visa
  • Schengen Visa for Official Visits
  • Student Schengen Visa
  • Schengen Medical Visa
  • Transit Schengen Visa
  • Tourist Schengen Visa
  • Schengen Visa for Culturl, Sports, and Religious Events and Film Crew

Make sure you have a Europe travel insurance policy when travelling.

Application Process for a Europe Visa

Follow the steps listed below to apply for a Schengen visa well in advance if you're an Indian citizen wishing to visit Europe: 

  • Choose the type of Schengen visa you want to apply for - category A, C, or D.
  • Depending on the Schengen country from which you intend to enter and leave Europe and the Schengen countries you intend to visit with that visa, decide whether you need a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa.
  • Locate the embassy or consulate information where you must apply to the chosen visa category.
  • Apply for a Schengen visa at least fifteen days before your intended European trip but no earlier than six months beforehand.
  • Make an appointment for your interview for a Schengen visa with the relevant embassy or consulate. Verify whether you may apply for a visa online in the Schengen country or the countries you intend to visit.
  • Visit the chosen embassy or consulate at the appointed time with all required paperwork.
  • Pay the Schengen Visa fees and wait for your visa interview results, which should be communicated within a month.
  • To ensure a financially secure vacation, buy the best European travel insurance coverage in addition to your Schengen Visa

What are the Travel Documents Required While Travelling from India to Europe?

These are the necessary paperwork for Indian citizens to apply for a Schengen visa:

  • A printed version of the properly completed and signed visa application form
  • Two recent passport-sized photos with a background of light colour
  • A passport issued in India not older than 10 years and valid for at least three months after the date you want to arrive in Europe
  • Travel insurance plan for Indian citizens applying for Schengen visas, that include medical coverage greater than €30,000 and coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Documents showcasing your flight details to and from Europe
  • Evidence of the accommodations you intend to book during your journey to Europe
  • Evidence you have the money necessary to cover your stay in Europe
  • A cover letter stating why you want to travel to Europe
  • Proof of your civil status, such as your marriage certificate, and if applicable, the birth certificates of your children

Safety and Precautionary Measures to be Undertaken When Travelling to Europe

You must always adhere to a few safety and preventative precautions while travelling in Europe, such as the ones listed below:

●      Keep your passport with you at all times

●      Make sure your possessions are secure, especially in crowded areas and popular tourist destinations

●      Make sure you don't stay in Europe any longer than your visa allows

●      Avoid going to isolated or unfamiliar places, especially at night

●      Don't use language or nonverbal cues inappropriate in public or engage in illegal actions

●      Choose the best travel insurance for Europe to guarantee that your trip is adequately covered against various unfortunate circumstances

Guidelines for Safety Specific to Covid-19

●      Put on a mask over your mouth and nose, especially when riding public transportation

●      Engage in social isolation

●      By adhering to the relevant Covid-19 criteria, assist the local government and designated authorities

●      If you experience any Covid-19 symptoms, isolate yourself, get tested, and then repeat the process

●      Lastly, get the finest travel insurance for Europe for a financially and physically safe trip.

Important Information to Know  : Every significant European nation has an embassy in India. You must check the Indian embassy information for the respective European country or countries you intend to visit before you fly there. Your country's embassy should be your first contact if you ever need help while travelling or with international travel insurance online.

Which are the International Airports in Europe?

●      Heathrow Airport, London, The United Kingdom

●      Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, France

●      Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

●      Berlin Tegel Airport, Berlin, Germany

●      Istanbul Airport, Istanbul, Turkey

Currency and Foreign Exchange to Carry When Travelling to Europe

The Euro (€) is the official currency of the majority of European nations. 19 of the 27 nations that make up the European Union use it as their official currency. The exchange rate between the Euro (€) and the Indian National Rupee (₹) changes every day, which is crucial to remember. Therefore, you must check the current currency rate before travelling to Europe.

Tourist Places You Can Visit in Europe

While you travel through Europe, ensure you get travel insurance for Europe from India for your safety. The following locations can be on your agenda for your European vacation:

The immortal city of Rome has endured many violent eras while empires have risen and fallen. Rome is home to some of the most well-known landmarks in the world, including the ancient Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, and the neighbouring Vatican City. Rome is renowned for its fountains, wide spaces, traditional Italian cuisine, and charming cafés.

2.  Paris :

Paris is one of the most gorgeous cities in the world, located on the picturesque banks of the Seine. The Palace of Versailles, The Eiffel Tower, and the Bibliotheque Nationale are popular tourist attractions in the city of light, known for their friendly hospitality and international culture.

Which is the Best Time to Visit Europe?

The summer months of June through September are ideal for travel to Europe. These months are the best for travelling to the continent's beaches and mountains because temperatures in most European cities fall below 18 degrees Celsius. After choosing a Europe travel insurance plan, you can start planning your vacation to Europe immediately.

You may choose the finest Travel insurance for Europe with our outstanding selection of travel insurance for Europe from India to be protected at all times.

*Standard T&C apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i find a travel insurance plan for europe.

By visiting our website and choosing online travel insurance Europe under the products section, you can get travel insurance for Europe. On the next page, fill out the required personal information and choose the coverage you want.

Your Europe travel insurance policy has the following extra coverage options that you can choose from:

  • Medical insurance
  • Baggage insurance

How much should I spend on a Europe travel insurance policy?

Your choice of sum assured and the country you purchase travel insurance coverage for will affect how much your travel insurance plan for Europe will cost. If your family will be travelling with you to Europe, getting a high sum assured to have enough insurance coverage for everyone is best. 

Is purchasing a medical travel insurance Europe policy required?

Yes, purchasing medical travel insurance for Europe requires obtaining a Schengen Visa and travelling there. As a result, you must choose the best travel insurance for Europe to ensure that your vacation to Europe is financially protected against several potential unforeseen circumstances. 

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Please note that this policy is not applicable for more than 90 days on an immigrant visa. Kindly ensure your travel duration is 90 days or less.

Please note that this policy is not applicable for more than 180 days on a non-immigrant visa. Kindly ensure your travel duration is 180 days or less.

List of USA and Canada Countries

  • France Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland
  • Austria Germany Greece Hungary Iceland
  • Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg
  • Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal
  • Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland

List of European Union Member States These are not Schengen States but with similar travel insurance requirements.

List of schengen countries, list of european union member states these are not schengen states but with similar travel insurance requirements. our schegen travel insurance covers these countries., list of asia countries.

  • Afghanistan Armenia Bahrain Bangladesh Bhutan
  • Brunei Cambodia China Cyprus Indonesia
  • Iraq Israel Japan Jordan
  • Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon Malaysia
  • Maldives Mongolia Nepal
  • Oman Pakistan Palestine Philippines Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka
  • Taiwan Tajikistan Thailand Timor-Leste Turkmenistan
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) Uzbekistan Vietnam Yemen
  • Rest of the World
  • Russia Turkey Azerbaijan Georgia Kazakhstan

Travel Scope

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List of Schengen States

Non schengen european union states covered under icici schengen travel insurance, list of asian countries.

  • USA or Canada

Extend Policy

In which age group do you fall, what would be the maximum duration of your trips, when do you depart from india for your first trip.

*All the travelling members are Indian residents and will be travelling from India

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Travel insurance

When you purchase travel insurance online, the insurer protects you financially from all the unpredicted losses that you may incur while on an international trip. It covers incidents such as loss of baggage and passport, delayed or missed flights, medical emergency, etc.

What is single trip travel insurance?

Single trip travel insurance secures your entire single trip to another country. The benefits of this policy are valid until you complete your trip and return home. Even if you are visiting multiple destinations in one trip, the travel insurance will cover the same.

Features of ICICI Lombard's travel insurance

Medical cover.

One of the most appealing features of ICICI Lombard travel insurance is that it covers emergency medical evacuation, hospitalisation, COVID-19-related treatment charges and personal accident.

Emergency cash advance

Losing your wallet on your overseas trip can be a nightmare. When you buy travel insurance online from ICICI Lombard, we have you covered with emergency cash assistance in case all your cash is stolen.

Missed flight connection

Have you missed your connecting flight due to circumstances beyond your control? If yes, ICICI Lombard’s international travel insurance will compensate for the loss.

Personal liability cover

If you damage someone's property or they suffer bodily injury because of an accident involving you on your trip, we will cover the legal liabilities.

Reimbursement of non-refundable prepaid payments

Reimbursement of the non-refundable prepaid payments, for the trip being cancelled or interrupted due to medical problems, acts of terrorism or natural disasters.

4 reasons to buy ICICI Lombard travel insurance

Cashless medical facility.

No need to worry about hefty medical expenses if you fall sick on your trip. Our travel insurance provides you with a cashless medical facility on foreign soil.

No medical test

We offer instant travel insurance without the need to undergo a medical check-up. Failing to get a travel insurance policy because of a delayed medical report is a thing of past with us.

Lost baggage cover

It is common to lose to your baggage at the airport. Hence, our international travel insurance policy comes with a baggage loss cover that compensates you for such a loss up.

When you buy travel insurance online from ICICI Lombard, we will reimburse the flight ticket if you miss your connecting flight because your previous flight is delayed by more than 3 hours.

24×7 assistance

If you are stuck in an unfavourable situation abroad, we are just a call away. You can call our toll-free number 18002666 at any hour and we’ll try to help you out.

Trip cancellation and interruption

If you have to cancel your trip due to a medical condition or medical emergency in your family our one trip holiday insurance for your single trip takes care of your losses that arise due to the trip cancellation.

Burglary cover for home contents

Our travel insurance also covers your home against burglary while you are away making memories on your international trip.

What’s covered under ICICI Lombard's travel insurance plan?

Overseas hospitalisation.

If you sustain an injury or contract a disease or an illness on your trip, our travel insurance policy will reimburse your hospitalisation expenses up to the sum insured specified in your policy.

Dental treatment

Our travel insurance policy will cover the costs of dental treatment for your natural teeth that arise as a result of an injury or illness while on the trip.

Loss of checked-in baggage

Under our travel insurance, we will compensate you if your checked-in baggage is lost while in custody of the airline carrier during your trip.

Delayed baggage

In case your checked-in baggage is for more than 6 hours, our travel insurance policy will pay for the incidental expenses incurred by you.

Loss of passport

If you lose your passport, then our travel insurance policy will pay for the costs of getting the emergency certificate required to continue your return journey.

Partial or permanent disablement or death

While on a trip, if the insured suffers an injury, partial or permanent disability, or death as a result of a tragic incident, we will compensate them under our travel insurance.

Personal liability

While on a trip, if a third party sustains property damage or suffers injury as a result of an accident involving you, we will compensate them under our travel insurance policy.

If you have to extend your trip due to an emergency, our travel insurance policy will reimburse your extended lodging and boarding expenses.

Our travel insurance coverage will not apply if you sustain an injury in adventure sports or by engaging in illegal activities.

Our international travel insurance does not cover venereal diseases, stress and other similar illnesses.

Our travel insurance does not cover any pre-existing illnesses.

Our travel insurance policy will cover claims due to the loss of valuables.

Policy documents:

Why should you buy travel insurance online.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic and the hectic work life, purchasing travel insurance online is a preferred choice these days. You can insure your trip the same way you book your flight tickets and hotel, from the comfort of your home. When you buy travel insurance online-

  • When you are confused about various travel plans available with us, you can go online and compare them to pick the best travel policy for you.
  • If you forget to get your trip covered with a single trip insurance cover buying it online is real quick and easy thing to do before starting your trip.
  • Buying travel insurance policy online means getting a contactless policy issued to your mailbox without you needing to visit us.

Types of travel insurance plans in India

Single trip travel insurance.

As the name implies, this policy covers a single international trip. Such a policy is valid until the conclusion of your trip, or say, until you return to your home country.

Multi-trip travel insurance

If you travel frequently, you probably don't want to waste time and effort buying insurance for each trip. Considering this, we have come up with a multi-trip policy. The policy is valid for 365 days and you can take as many trips as you want during this period. It is a comprehensive policy that covers on-trip medical expenses, lost baggage, missed connecting flights, compassionate visit, etc.

Schengen travel insurance

The Schengen countries are a group of 26 Central European countries. If you are considering a vacation to a Schengen country, you must first acquire Schengen travel insurance. The policy protects you financially in the event of an emergency.

Student travel insurance

Nowadays, many youngsters aspire to complete their higher education in another country. Given this, we have come up with student travel insurance. The policy covers medical evacuation, study interruption, and sponsor protection.

Does ICICI Lombard's travel insurance plan cover COVID-19?

Yes, ICICI Lombard travel insurance covers COVID-19. The benefits under this cover include:

  • We pay for your in-patient and out-patient hospitalisation expenses for hospitalisation due to COVID-19.
  • We cover your trip cancellation if your immediate family member is hospitalised due to COVID-19.
  • We compensate your lodging or boarding expenses due to trip extension if you contracted COVID-19 on your trip.
  • We provide you with daily hospital cash allowance for your COVID-19 hospitalisation abroad

Eligibility criteria for travel insurance plans

After a hectic work schedule, you might want to take a leap from work and go on a vacation, either alone or with your family. To ensure that you are protected against any unfortunate events that may occur while on a vacation abroad, you must purchase travel insurance. However, before making a purchase decision, it is important to review the insurer's eligibility criteria. Check the policy's minimum and maximum entry age, as well as the number of family members you can include in your travel insurance.

How to buy a travel insurance policy online?

Do you wish to secure your trip online before going out on a vacation abroad? If yes, here is how you can get an instant cover with ICICI Lombard.

Share your basic information and your contact details here and get an instant quote.

Pick the best travel insurance that suits your needs.

Pay online using our secure payment gateway.

Get instant single trip travel insurance.

Additional coverage under travel insurance plans

Repatriation of remains.

In an unfortunate event, if the insured person dies on the trip to an overseas nation, we will reimburse the nominee for the costs of transporting the deceased insured's remains back to his home country.

Hospital daily cash allowance

If the insured person sustains an injury or illness while on a trip, we will provide the insured with a daily allowance up to the amount prescribed in the policy document. However, to avail of the daily allowance benefit, the hospitalisation should be over two consecutive days.

Countries that need an international travel insurance policy

  • Around 34* countries have made it mandatory for travellers to buy travel insurance online before visiting them.
  • If you are planning to explore the US, you must first buy travel insurance online before booking your flight tickets.
  • If you are planning to visit the Schengen countries, bear in mind that to visit the 26** Schengen countries in Central Europe you must first purchase the travel insurance online.
  • Some of the other countries that have made it essential to purchase travel insurance online include Qatar, Cuba, the UAE, Ecuador, Russia, Turkey and Antarctica.

How to calculate travel insurance premiums online?

Just like any other insurance policy, knowing your premium ahead of time not only allows you to compare plans but also helps you in saving a significant amount on your premium. To determine your premium online, you must use an online travel insurance premium calculator. To use this tool, you will need to enter information such as your age, destination, number of travellers and trip duration.

Tips to lower your travel insurance premium

If you are fond of exploring new places across the globe, a multi-trip policy can help you save on insurance premium.

When you buy travel insurance online, evaluate and compare the various plans as per your needs and budget.

Claim procedure for single trip travel insurance policy

When you purchase travel insurance from us, you must first inform us at the time of making a claim. Following your intimation, we will ask you to submit a few supporting documents related to your claim. On the successful verification of your papers, we will settle the claim to your account.

Things to consider while buying travel insurance online

When purchasing travel insurance online, keep the purpose of your trip in mind. Fill in your details and compare travel insurance plans to select an appropriate one from those we offer. If you travel frequently, a multi-trip policy would be excellent for you.

Before securing your trip, plan how you want to spend your holiday; this will help you determine the scope of your policy's coverage.

Health comes first, but falling sick should come last while on your trip. But if you still end up being unwell on your trip, it’ll help to have a travel insurance covering your medical expenses in a foreign land.

Check and compare the claim settlement ratio of various insurers when you buy travel insurance online.

When securing your trip, check the swiftness of the insurer's claim settlement process.

Frequently asked questions about single trip travel insurance

Does single trip insurance cover multiple destinations, will my single trip travel insurance cover trip cancellation, does single trip travel insurance cover covid-19 quarantine, what is the maximum trip length with a single trip policy, can i get travel insurance cover if my trip has already started, is it possible for me to claim covid-19 related hospitalisation expenses while on my trip abroad, if i cancel my trip due to covid-19, will i be compensated for the loss incurred as a result of trip cancellation, i have both health and single trip travel insurance; will the covid-19 claim will be applicable in both cases.

eu travel insurance india

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Indian travel insurance for visiting Europe, Europe travel insurance from India

Free quotes for schengen visa travel medical insurance.

India has around 21 million (2.1 crore) International travellers and 13% of them were headed to Europe in 2017-18. France, UK, Switzerland and Germany are the four countries which account for almost 2 million (20 lac), clearly the largest share of the Indian travellers headed to Europe. According to the CAPA report which published this information, these four cities along account for almost 75% of all European travel with Italy & Netherlands also receiving a reasonable share of mainly leisure tourists. If any traveller is asked which is the most popular tourist attraction in Europe, they would spontaneously say the Eiffel Tower in Paris. But interestingly, the Eiffel Tower is only the 8th highest visited tourist location across Europe according to a 2017 study by which published the following list of 15 most visited tourist locations across Europe.

Apart from these tourist attractions, there are other popular ones including the Swiss Alps in Switzerland for fulfilling your skiing aspirations, Leasing Tower at Pisa, Berlin Wall in Germany and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Europe has a very unique visa policy. There are 26 countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland) which have come together as Schengen Countries and they offer a standard comprehensive visa covering all these countries. This means that if there is a traveller is visiting any or multiple countries, they need just a single visa for their travel.

Another important aspect of this visa is that the traveller mandatorily needs Schengen Visa travel medical insurance policy to cover their trip with an Accident & Sickness cover of atleast €30,000. Hence the traveller will need to buy a 30,000Euro travel medical insurance policy before applying for a visa. Many of the Indian Insurers offer a specific Schengen Visa health insurance which are accepted by the Schengen visa authorities.

Healthcare costs throughout Europe are relatively lower when compared with USA or UK, but is still significantly higher when compared to India. Hence the discerning traveller should ensure they have a comprehensive Schengen visa insurance coverage for their travel and not just the mandatory cover of €30,000.

Illustration : Premium for a 28/43/66 year old person travelling to a Schengen country for 16 days:

Indian travel insurance for visiting europe faq's.

Yes, it is mandatory to have Travel Insurance when one is travelling to Europe. Also as per the Schengen Visa authorities the sum insured coverage for Accident & Sickness (A&S) needs to be €30,000 (currently approx. USD $40,000 / ₹ 24,00,000). Without these two conditions being met, no visa is granted for entry to any of the Schengen countries. The list of the Schengen countries for your immediate perusal are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. So if one is travelling to any of these countries, one must have an insurance plan with a minimum coverage of €30,000 in place. However given that the cost of healthcare in Europe is significantly higher when compared to India, it is recommended that the traveller opts for a (A&S) coverage of atleast $250,000, but ideally $500,000 (₹INR 3.5 crores). Given that almost all Indians travel to Europe on a holiday, one could suffer a non-medical emergency like a Trip Cancellation/Interruption, Loss of Passport, Baggage Delay/Loss, Missed Flight, Flight Delay or even a Bounced Hotel and hence ensure that the travel insurance plan that is being chosen also has a comprehensive range of non-medical coverages as well.

If the Indian traveller to going to any of the Schengen countries, they need to mandatorily have an insurance policy in place with an Accident & Sickness (A&S) cover of a minimum of €30,000 (currently approx. USD $40,000 / ₹ 24,00,000). The countries that come (and don’t come) under the Schengen visa requirements are listed below: Countries part of the Schengen Visa requirement** Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland Countries not part of the Schengen Visa requirement** United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria ** - this is as on April 2019 and could undergo a change in the future.

Buying Overseas travel insurance after departure from India

What our customer's say.

This to convey our gratitude to your customer support team for having guided us very well in procuring our overseas travel insurance.

Europe Travel Insurance Overview

Trustworthy, 24/7 technical support, best pricing, best and cheapest schengen visa insurance in india, list of european countries.

Travel insurance for Austria
Travel insurance for Belgium
Travel insurance for Czech Republic
Travel insurance for Denmark
Travel insurance for Estonia
Travel insurance for Finland
Travel insurance for France
Travel insurance for Germany
Travel insurance for Greece
Travel insurance for Hungary
Travel insurance for Iceland
Travel insurance for Italy
Travel insurance for Latvia
Travel insurance for Liechtenstein
Travel insurance for Lithuania
Travel insurance for Luxembourg
Travel insurance for Malta
Travel insurance for Netherlands
Travel insurance for Norway
Travel insurance for Poland
Travel insurance for Portugal
Travel insurance for Russia
Travel insurance for Slovakia
Travel insurance for Slovenia
Travel insurance for Spain
Travel insurance for Sweden
Travel insurance for Switzerland
Travel insurance for UK

Get quotes for India travel insurance!

Compare other travel insurance, india travel insurance blogs and articles.

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India travel insurance useful links

How to buy online.

You can buy insurance online by using a credit/debit card, direct funds transfer using NEFT or RTGS or by using a cheque.

Already outside India

Travelers who have already traveled from India and do not have insurance can buy travel medical insurance after approval.

Travel Insurance Online Renewal

Insurance customers can renew their existing policy online before the exipry date at any time.

Insurance Claims

In case of a claim or reimbursement of treatment expenses, notify by contacting them.

Tips on air travel

Travel tips for Indian parents

How are Claims settled?

Are travel insurance directly billed or is it reimbursement basis, is there a hospital network.

How to use Indian visitor insurance in case of sudden sickness and accidents

Healthcare cost overseas

Comparison of overseas Healthcare cost and popular tourist destinations

Tips to find good and adequate international travel health insurance

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How to apply for a Schengen Visa from India?

If you’re planning a trip to one or more of the 27 countries in the Schengen zone, then you might need a Schengen visa . And this includes Indian passport holders, citizens of India who are permanent residents of the U.K., Australia, Canada, and the U.S., and Indian Green Card holders. Below is some useful info to help you apply.

  • How do I apply for a Schengen Visa from India? 
  • How much does a Schengen Visa cost in India? 
  • What documents do I need to apply for a Schengen Visa from India? 
  • Do I need travel insurance when applying for a Schengen Visa from India? 
  • Why choose AXA Schengen Insurance? 
  • How do I book my Schengen Visa appointment if I live in India? 
  • How long does it take to process my Schengen Visa from India? 
  • How to apply for specific Schengen countries’ Visas from India 

How do I apply for a Schengen Visa from India?

The Schengen visa application process is similar in most countries. First, you’ll need to figure out what type of Schengen Visa you need . This will depend on the purpose and length of your trip, as well as how many times you plan to visit your country (or countries) of choice.

The standard Schengen Visa — aka a short-stay visa — is issued for trips lasting up to 90 days. Longer stays will require a work or study visa. And if you plan on traveling to the Schengen Area regularly, you’ll need to be issued a multiple-entry visa.

Whichever type of Schengen Visa you choose, you must apply for it no more than six months and no fewer than 15 days before your trip. However, It’s best to give yourself at least three weeks before your date of departure — in case there are any delays in the processing of your application.

Once you know which visa you need, you’ll need to get all the necessary paperwork together (more on that below). Then you fill out and submit an application. And then you’ll need to attend an interview at the appropriate consulate, embassy , or visa application center .

How much does a Schengen Visa cost in India?

Schengen Visa costs are universal too.

A Schengen Visa from India for one adult, therefore, costs €80 — or around ₹7,080. The same rate applies to children from 12 to 18 years old.

For children from 6 to 11 years old, the rate is €40.

And for children under 6 years of age, the Schengen Visa is free.

In certain cases, the Schengen visa fee may also be waived for participants (aged 25 years or less) in seminars, conferences, sporting, cultural, or educational events, students and teachers on study or training trips, and researchers travelling for the purpose of scientific research.

Also keep in mind that — depending on where and how you apply for your particular visa — you’ll usually have to pay certain administrative fees. And these fees are typically not reimbursed in the event that your visa is refused.

What documents do I need to apply for a Schengen Visa from India?

To apply for a Schengen Visa from India, you will need the following:

  • A Schengen Visa application form
  • Two recently taken passport-style photos
  • An Indian passport (or other travel documents) no older than 10 years and valid for at least three months after your departure date from the Schengen Area
  • One copy of your passport’s data page (A4 size copy)
  • A leave letter from your employer and/or employment contract (if employed)
  • A copy of your Indian business license and company bank statement (if self-employed)
  • A no-objection certificate from your school or university and proof of enrolment (if student)
  • A travel and medical insurance certificate (covering you up to costs of €30,000)
  • Your travel itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation (for your entire stay in the Schengen area)
  • Proof of your civil status (i.e., marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, death certificate of spouse, ration card if applicable, etc.)
  • If employed: payslips of the past three months/employment contract
  • If self-employed: Certificate of Proprietorship or other proof of ownership (proof of land title, proof of income from agriculture (sales form), etc.)
  • Personal original bank statement of the past three months with sufficient funds
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) form or Form 16 (Certificate of Income Tax deducted at the source of salary)

You may also need to provide proof of a pension or property income (if these are sources of income).

All documents need to be presented in the given order and in their original. Make sure you have copies of all your paperwork (A4 size) — in case you want to keep the originals.

And DO NOT staple any documents.

NOTE: We are doing our best to provide you with the most reliable and updated information possible. However, rules and regulations concerning visas may be modified at any time by the consulate of your country of choice. Consequently, we can not be held accountable for these changes. So be sure to contact the appropriate embassy or consulate to obtain the specific terms and conditions in effect at the moment of the submission of your visa application.

Do I need travel insurance when applying for a Schengen Visa from India?

Yes. In order to be approved for a Schengen Visa, you will need travel insurance. Your plan must cover you across the entire Schengen region (not only in the countries you plan to visit) and throughout the entire duration of your trip. You’ll also need a minimum coverage of at least €30,000 .

Why choose AXA Schengen Insurance?

AXA offers three comprehensive travel insurance plans for Indian nationals travelling to the Schengen zone (and beyond).

Our Low-Cost Travel Insurance covers expenses of up to €30,000 and starts at €22 per week. Our Europe Travel plan offers extended coverage up to costs of €100,000 and starts at €33/week. And our Multi-Trip insurance, starting from €328 per year, allows you multiple entries to the Schengen zone from India (or anywhere else).

All three AXA plans meet the necessary requirements for obtaining a Schengen Visa from India. And our travel insurance certificate can be instantly downloaded (and/or printed) online .

Moreover, if you are refused a visa, AXA will refund your fees in most circumstances. We’ll only ask that you provide official documentation explaining the reasons why your visa was refused by the relevant embassy, consulate, or visa application center.

How do I book my Schengen Visa appointment if I live in India?

Applicants living in India must book an appointment to be interviewed in order to obtain their Schengen visa. They must then attend the interview in person — with all the necessary documents above, as well as for biometrics collection (i.e., fingerprints and digital photography). The interview is held at a consulate, embassy, or visa application center.

Some countries use outsourced visa application centers located in most major Indian cities. For example, France and Germany use the company VFSGlobal , which has centers in over a dozen cities — including Mumbai , Pune, Puducherry, Chennai, Jalandhar, Jaipur , Hyderabad, Goa, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and others.

You can learn more about where to book an appointment for a Schengen visa in India here .

How long does it take to process my Schengen Visa from India?

Schengen embassies/consulates in India typically require you to schedule an appointment 4-6 weeks in advance. The applications usually take around two weeks to process. However, during busier periods (and depending on your particular situation) it can take up to a month or two. So it’s best to apply early. You can apply up to 6 months in advance.

Learn more here .

How to apply for specific Schengen countries’ Visas from India

Millions of Indian passport holders visit Schengen countries each year, and getting a Schengen Visa from India is generally relatively painless. Some of the easier countries to apply to are Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Greece, and Iceland. Meanwhile, Sweden, Norway, and France have among the highest rejection rates.

Below is a list of specific Schengen countries you can apply for (with step-by-step guidelines):

  • Apply for Switzerland visa from India
  • Apply for Spain visa from India
  • Apply for Germany visa from India
  • Apply for Greece visa from India
  • Apply for France visa from India
  • Apply for Czech Republic visa from India
  • Apply for Belgium visa from India
  • Apply for Italy visa from India
  • Apply for Netherlands visa from India
  • Apply for Portugal visa from India
  • Apply for Denmark visa from India
  • Apply for Iceland visa from India

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What should I do if my visa gets refused?

If your visa is refused you have the right to appeal to the authorities in the Schengen member state where you applied.

What if the Schengen country you intend to visit has no embassy or consulate in India?

Although most countries are represented in India - those without an embassy will be represented by another country’s consulate - which you should apply to.

Which consulate should I apply to if I am traveling to multiple countries?

You should apply to the country where you are planning to spend most of your trip - or if staying an equal amount of days in two countries - the one you plan to enter first.

Get Schengen insurance

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Travel Insurance -  Your Safety Net at Foreign Shores

Travel Insurance

A medical or dental emergency can catch you off guard in a faraway land, derail your travel plans, and cost you dearly, as medical expenses in a foreign land can be high-priced. However, international travel insurance can save you from such expenses. Apart from this, it also provides reimbursement for essentials in case of delay or loss of check-in baggage, covers for loss of passports, visas, identity proof, etc. It also provides assistance in case of theft, burglary, accident assistance and medical evacuation in times of crisis. So, whether you travel overseas solo or with your family, remember to get travel insurance to enjoy a memorable and relaxed holiday. Many countries have also made it mandatory to get travel insurance before entering their borders. Check out HDFC ERGO’s travel insurance plans online that also cover coronavirus hospitalisation. You can buy travel insurance online from the comforts of your home. In addition, we offer medical facilities at 1Lac+ cashless hospitals worldwide.

Introducing HDFC ERGO Travel Explorer

To make your travels filled with excitement and keep worries at bay, HDFC ERGO brings you the all-new international travel insurance, packed with more benefits than you can imagine. Explorer's got your back, whether it is a medical or dental emergency, loss or delay of your checked-in baggage, flight delays or cancellations, theft, robbery or loss of passport when overseas. It comes with up to 21 benefits packed in one, and 3 tailor-made plans just for you.

Schengen approved travel insurance

Competitive premiums, increased sum insured limit, medical & dental emergencies, baggage mishap, in-trip crisis, here's why you need hdfc ergo's travel insurance, covers emergency medical assistance.

Met with an unexpected medical emergency, in a foreign territory? Travel insurance, with its emergency medical benefits, is just the friend you need during such a toughtime. Our 1,00,000+ cashless hospitals are there to take care of you.

Covers Travel Related Inconveniences

Flight delays . Loss of baggage. Financial emergency. These things can be quite unsettling. But with travel insurance backing you up, you can keep calm and carry on.

Covers Baggage-Related Hassles

Buy #SafetyKaTicket for your travel. Whenever you’re travelling abroad all baggage carries all your essentials, and we cover you against baggage loss and baggage delay for checked-in baggage.

Affordable Travel Security

Secure your international trips without breaking the bank. With affordable premiums for every kind of budget, the benefits of travel insurance far outweigh the costs.

Round-the-clock Assistance

Time zones don’t get in the way of a good travel insurance plan. No matter what time it is in your part of the world, dependable assistance is just a call away. Thanks to our in-house claim settlement & customer support mechanism.

1 Lac+ Cashless Hospitals

There are a million things you can take on your trips; worry shouldn’t be one of them. Our 1 Lac+ cashless hospitals networked worldwide will make sure your medical expenses are covered.

Travel Insurance Plans For All Types Of Travellers

Travel plan for individuals.

If you’re flying solo in your search for new experiences, the HDFC ERGO Individual Travel Insurance, with its host of inbuilt benefits that make your travel experience smooth and seamless, is the trusted companion you need to take along for company.

Travel plan for Families

Family vacations are when you make memories that transcend time and last across generations. Now, with the HDFC ERGO Family Travel Insurance, give your loved ones the security they deserve as you and your family take off into the sunset for the vacation of your dreams.

Travel plan for Frequent Fliers

The HDFC ERGO Annual Multi-trip Insurance is tailored just for you, so you can secure multiple trips under one comprehensive insurance plan. Enjoy multiple trips, easy renewals, in-house claim settlement and so much more.

Travel plan for Students

Planning to pursue higher education at foreign destinations, then do not leave your home without a valid travel insurance. It will secure your prolonged stay and make sure you concentrate only on studies.

Travel Plan for Senior Citizens

Whether planning to go for a leisure holiday or visit a loved one, secure your trip with HDFC ERGO’s Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens to get cover from any medical or dental emergencies that can catch you off guard overseas.

Compare Travel Insurance Plans

So, have you compared the plans and found the one that suits you best, what does hdfc ergo travel insurance policy cover .

  • Medical Coverage
  • Journey Coverage
  • Baggage Coverage

Emergency Medical Expenses

This benefit covers hospitalization, room rent, OPD treatment, and Road Ambulance costs. It also reimburses expenses incurred on Emergency Medical Evacuation, Medical Repatriation and Repatriation of mortal remains.

Dental Expenses

We believe dental healthcare is just as important as hospitalization due to physical illness or injury; hence, we cover dental expenses which can occur during your travel. Subject to policy terms and conditions.

Personal Accident

We believe in seeing you through thick and thin. In the event of an accident, while traveling abroad, our insurance plan provides a lump sum payment to your family to assist with any financial burdens caused by permanent disablement or accidental death.

Personal Accident : Common Carrier

We believe in being by your side through ups and downs. So, under unfortunate circumstances, we will provide a lump sum payout in case of accidental death or permanent disablement arising out of an Injury whilst on a Common Carrier.

Hospital cash - accident & illness

If a person is hospitalized due to injury or illness, we will pay the per day Sum Insured for each complete day of hospitalization, up to the maximum number of days stated in the Policy Schedule.

Flight Delay & Cancellation

Flight delays or cancellations may be beyond our control, but worry not, our reimbursement feature allows you to meet any essential expenses arising from the setback.

Trip Delay & Cancellation

In case of a trip delay or cancellation, we will refund the non-refundable portion of your pre-booked accommodation and activities. Subject to policy terms and wordings.

Loss of Passport & International driving license

Losing important documents can leave you stranded in a foreign land. So, we will reimburse expenses related to obtaining a new or duplicate passport and/or international driving license.

Trip Curtailment

Don't worry if you have to cut your trip short due to unforeseen circumstances. We'll reimburse you for your non-refundable accommodation and pre-booked activities as per the policy schedule.

Personal Liability

If you ever find yourself liable for third-party damage in a foreign land, our travel insurance helps you compensate for those damages effortlessly. Subject to policy terms and conditions.

Emergency Hotel Accommodation for Insured Person

Medical emergencies may mean you need to extend your hotel booking by a few days more. Worried about the added expense? Let us take care of it while you recover.subject to policy terms and conditions

Missed Flight Connection

Don't worry about unexpected expenses due to missed flight connections; we will reimburse you for the expenses incurred on accommodation and alternate flight booking to reach your destination.

Hijack Distress Allowance

Flight hijacks can be a distressing experience. And while the authorities help sort out the issue, we'll do our bit and compensate you for the distress it causes.

Emergency Cash Assistance Service

When traveling, theft or robbery can lead to a cash crunch. But don't worry; HDFC ERGO can facilitate fund transfers from the insured 's family in India. Subject to policy terms and conditions.

Loss Of Checked-In Baggage

Lost your checked-in baggage? Don't worry; we'll compensate you for the loss, so you don't have to go without your essentials and vacation basics. Subject to policy terms and conditions.

Delay of Checked-In Baggage

Waiting is never fun. If your luggage gets delayed, we'll reimburse you for essentials like clothing, toiletries and medication so you can start your vacation worry-free.

Theft of baggage and its contents

Theft of baggage can derail your trip. So, to ensure your trip stays on track, we'll reimburse you in case of baggage theft. Subject to policy terms and conditions.

The above mentioned coverage may not be available in some of our Travel plans. Please read the policy wordings, brochure and prospectus to know more about our travel insurance plan.

What Does HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Policy Not Cover?

Breach of law.

Sickness or health issues caused due to war or a breach of the law is not covered by the plan.

Consumption of Intoxicant substances

If you consume any intoxicants or banned substances, the policy shall not entertain any claims.

Pre existing diseases

If you suffer from any illness before the travel you’ve insured and if you undergo any treatment for an illness that already exists, the policy does not cover expenses related to these incidents.

Cosmetic and Obesity Treatment

Should you or any member of your family opt to undergo any cosmetic or obesity treatment during the course of the travel you’ve insured, such expenses remain uncovered.

Self Inflicted Injury

Any hospitalization expenses or medical costs arising from self-inflicted injuries are not covered by the insurance plans we offer.

Key Features of HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Policy

  does hdfc ergo’s travel insurance cover covid-19.

The world is returning to normal after being in the clutches of the COVID-19 pandemic for almost two years. However, the worst is not over yet. A new variant of the virus - Arcturus covid variant – has caused much concern among the public and healthcare experts alike. The presence of this new covid variant has been reported in many countries across the globe. The concern regarding this new covid variant is that it is believed to be more transmissible than previous strains, but it is still unclear whether it is more deadly than the previous ones. This uncertainty also means that we cannot put anything to chance yet and must follow the basic precautions to prohibit transmission. Masks, sanitisers and compulsive cleaning should still be our mainstay.

In the face of rising Covid cases in India , the importance of vaccinations and booster doses has again been highlighted. If you aren’t vaccinated yet, it’s high time you get the jab. International visits can be interrupted if you have not taken the requisite doses, as it is one of the mandates for overseas travel. The symptoms of Arcturus covid virus can range from mild to moderate, manifesting as - cough, fever, fatigue, loss of smell or taste, and difficulty breathing. Some individuals may also experience muscle aches, headaches, sore throat, congestion, conjunctivitis, or pink eye. If you experience any of these symptoms while travelling overseas, rush to the nearest hospital for a check-up. Medical expenses in a foreign land can be expensive, so having the backing of travel insurance can be of much help. HDFC ERGO’s international travel insurance policy ensures that you are protected if you catch COVID-19.

Here’s what is covered under the travel medical insurance for COVID-19 -

● Hospitalisation expenses

● Cashless treatment at network hospitals

● Daily cash allowance during hospitalisation

● Medical evacuation

● Extended hotel stay for treatment

● Medical and body repatriation

How to Modify or Extend existing Travel Insurance Policy?

Even though the terms and provisions of your travel insurance are locked in the minute you sign off on the plan and pay your premium, you can modify dates of your existing plan with HDFC ERGO in the following manner:-

Change in Travel Dates prior to undertaking the travel: Dates of travel insurance policy can be changed if the journey has been postponed due to any reason. For example, If the policy was taken from 01-Nov21 to 30-Nov-21, modification can be allowed if the dates have to be changed to 01-Dec-21 to 30-Dec-21. The change is allowed for a date after the one already chosen. Modification is not allowed if the journey is scheduled to begin before the existing date 01-Nov-21. Should such a situation arise, the existing policy will need to be cancelled completely and then a new travel insurance cover can be purchased for the required dates.

Extending the international travel insurance policy is possible subject to the following conditions:

1. The original travel insurance policy has not expired.

2. There is no claim in the original policy.

3. The sum insured will not be enhanced upon extending the plan.

4. You will need to provide a declaration of good health.

5. The premium for extension has to be paid before the actual extension is affected.

6. Total period (policy + extension) does not exceed 360 days.

7. Extension is allowed on Single Trip policies only. Annual Multi-Trip policies cannot be extended.

You can change travel dates for HDFC ERGO travel insurance online in following ways:

1. Visit the HDFC ERGO website here

2. Under the banner, go to ‘ Want to modify existing travel policy? Click here’

3. You will be directed to a new page where you can change or extend travel date.

4. Next, you must enter your policy number.

5. In case of extending your dates, you must pay an extension premium on your travel insurance.

Know your Travel insurance premium In 3 Easy Steps

know your Travel insurance premium

Add your trip details

Phone Frame

Fill your personal details

Phone Frame

choose your travel insurance plan

Phone Frame

Choose your travel insurance plan

Many countries have made it mandatory for foreign travellers to obtain a valid international travel insurance policy before entering their borders

Why do you need overseas travel insurance policy.

With HDFC ERGO travel insurance policy, you can go for a trip without worrying about anything. We provide coverage for untimely expenses that might occur during your journey like, loss of luggage, missing out on connecting flight, or the risk of getting infected by COVID-19. Hence to avoid creating a big hole in your pocket due to any unwanted events, buying comprehensive International travel insurance is a must.

Our travel insurance will essentially secure you under following circumstances:

Medical Expenses

Loss of documents & baggage, flight delays, delay in baggage arrival, emergency dental expenses, emergency financial assistance, international travel insurance for most visited countries.

Take your pick from the options below, so you can be better prepared for your trip to a foreign country

Travel Insurance for UAE by HDFC ERGO

Travel Insurance for

Travel Insurance for France by HDFC ERGO

 Here’s What You Should Keep In Mind Before Buying

The duration of your trip.

The longer your trip, the higher the insurance premium will be, since the risk involved in longer stays abroad is higher.

The destination of your trip

If you’re travelling to a country that is safer or economically more stable, the insurance premium will likely be lower.

The amount of coverage you need

Higher the sum insured higher will be your travel insurance premium.

Your renewal or extension options

You can extend or renew your travel insurance whenever it’s about to expire. Refer policy document for more details.

The age of the traveller(s)

Typically, older travellers may be charged a higher premium. This is because the probability of medical emergencies occurring increases with age.

  Factors That Affect Your Travel Insurance Premium

The country you’re travelling to, the duration of your trip¨, the extent of coverage you choose,   how to claim travel insurance.

The claims process of HDFC ERGO travel insurance is straightforward. You can place a claim on your travel insurance online on cashless as well on a reimbursement basis.

  • Cashless Claim
  • Reimbursement Claim

Intimate claim to travelc[email protected] and get a list of network hospitals from TPA.

Medical.service[email protected] will share documents required for cashless claims.

Mail Documents

Download the digital claim form from here

Send digital claim form to [email protected] along with ROMIF.

Intimate claim to travelcl[email protected] or call on Global Toll-Free No : +800 08250825

[email protected] will share the checklist/documents required for reimbursement

Claim documents along with claim form to be sent to [email protected] or [email protected]

Claim is registered by HDFC ERGO call centre executive on respective claims system.

List Of Countries Where Travel Insurance Is Mandatory

Here are some of the countries that require mandatory overseas travel insurance: This is an indicative list. It is advisable to check each country’s visa requirement independently before travel.

Schengen countries

  • the Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Liechtenstein and Luxembourg

Other countries

Source : VisaGuide.World

Decoding Travel Insurance Terms

Confused about all the travel insurance jargon floating around? We’ll make it easier for you by decoding some commonly used travel insurance terms.

Sum Insured

The sum insured is the maximum amount the insurance company will pay you in case any of the insurable events occur. In other words, it’s the maximum coverage that you are entitled to under your travel insurance plan.

Sublimits are additional monetary limitations in the coverage offered by your travel insurance policy. They limit the cover applicable to specific insurable events or losses, and they are a part of the original overall coverage offered by the policy.

In some cases, when an insurable event happens, you may have to pay some of the expenses involved out of your own pocket. This amount is known as the deductible. The rest of the expenses or losses will be borne by the insurance company.

Cashless settlement

Cashless settlement is a kind of claim settlement process where the insurer directly pays the costs involved in case of any insurable loss on behalf of the policyholder.


This is a kind of claim settlement wherein the policyholder pays the expenses out of pocket first, and the insurance company later reimburses the costs as per the coverage limits in place.

Single Trip Plans

Single trip plans are travel insurance plans that provide coverage for only one trip. You can buy this plan in advance of your international holiday.

Multi-trip Plans

Multi-trip plans are travel insurance policies that offer coverage for multiple trips within a predetermined period. Typically, the cover offered by multi-trip plans is valid for one year.

Family Floater Plans

Family floater plans are for families, as is evident from the name. These plans offer travel insurance coverage that extends to every member of the family who is travelling on the insured journey.

Travel Insurance Policy Documents

Buy Travel Insurance & Travel to the US Safely

Travelling to the US?

There’s nearly a 20% chance that your flight could be delayed. protect yourself with hdfc ergo’s travel insurance., hear from our happy customers.

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I have seen few of the insurance policies before deciding to choose HDFC insurance as my life partner. One of the interesting part is monthly-autodeduction from my card as well as it sends the reminder before the due date. The app developed is also so friendly to use and gives me a better experience compared to other insurance company.

Pros: - excellent pricing: quotes from other insurers during past three-four years have been always 50-100% higher including all possible discounts and membership benefits - excellent service: choice of billing, payment, documentation options - excellent customer service: newsletters, prompt and professional replies from the representatives Cons: - none till now

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Critical Benefits That Travel Insurance Must Have

Critical Benefits That Travel Insurance Must Have

Frequently asked questions on travel insurance, 1. is it necessary to buy travel insurance.

Yes, it is. Travel insurance is the ultimate seal of safety you can add to your journey, so you can enjoy your vacation or turn that business trip into a success without worrying about the stressful scenarios that could occur unexpectedly. With travel insurance acting as your #SafetyKaTicket, you can rest assured that you’re insured against the financial losses or burden associated with flight delays, loss of baggage, and even emergency medical expenses when you’re in another city, among other things.

2. How does travel insurance work?

Travel insurance acts as a financial safety net and protects you against the possible financial repercussions of unexpected emergencies on your journey. When you purchase a travel insurance policy, you essentially buy a cover against certain insurable events. It offers medical, baggage-related and journey-related coverage. In case any of the insured events, like flight delays, loss of baggage, or medical emergencies occur, your insurer will either reimburse the additional costs that you incur on account of such incidents, or they shall offer a cashless claim settlement for the same.

3. Is a medical checkup necessary before the policy is purchased?

We have good news for you here. A medical checkup is not necessary if you’re planning to buy the HDFC ERGO travel insurance policy. You can bid goodbye to health checkups and purchase travel insurance without any hassle.

4. Is it necessary to get prior approval of the insurance provider before proceeding with medical treatment should the necessary arises?

Emergency medical needs must be treated in time if the need arises. And that is why it is not necessary to get any sort of prior approval from the insurer before you proceed with medical treatment, but it is better to inform the insurance company of the claim. However, the nature of the treatment and the terms of the travel insurance policy will determine if the treatment is covered by the travel insurance.

5. Can you buy travel insurance after booking your trip?

Yes, you most certainly can buy travel insurance after you’ve made a booking for your trip. In fact, it’s a smart idea to do so, because that way, you will have a better idea of the details of your trip, such as the start date, the end date, the number of people accompanying you and the destination. These details are all essential to determine the cost of your travel insurance cover.

6. Is travel insurance mandatory?

Well, that depends on where you’re travelling to. To be more specific, there are 34 countries that have made travel insurance mandatory, so you’ll need to purchase a cover before you travel there. These countries include Cuba, The United States of America, The United Arab of Emirates, Ecuador, Antarctica, Qatar, Russia, Turkey and the group of 26 Schengen countries.

7. What is a deductible? Why is this necessary?

A deductible is simply that amount of a claim that you will need to meet from your pocket, before the insurer steps in and bears the rest of the costs involved. Insurance policies have deductibles because they help the insurer share the costs with the policyholder. And knowing that some of the costs may need to be borne out-of-pocket keeps the policyholder from engaging in any risky behavior that may result in losses that are insured.

8. What are the age criteria for which you issue a travel insurance policy online in India?

single trip-91 days to 70 years. AMT same, family floater – from 91 days to 70 years, insuring upto 20 people. The exact age criteria vary from one travel insurance policy to another, and also from one insurer to the next. For the travel insurance policy from HDFC ERGO, the age criteria depend on the kind of cover you opt for. • For single trip insurance, people aged between 91 days and 70 years can be insured. • For annual multi trip insurance, people aged between 18 and 70 years can be insured. • For family floater insurance, which covers the policyholder and up to 18 other immediate family members, the minimum age of entry is 91 days and can be insured up to 70 years.

9. When should you buy a travel insurance policy?

That depends on the number of trips you’ll be taking during the year. If you’ll likely just take the one trip, you will want to purchase a single trip cover. The ideal time to buy a travel policy for a single trip is within a couple of weeks of booking your flight tickets. On the other hand, if you plan to take multiple trips during the year, it would be a better idea to purchase your travel insurance plan well in advance, before you book your various trips.

10. In which Schengen countries is travel insurance mandatory?

Travel insurance is mandatory for traveling to all 26 Schengen countries.

11. Can more than one policy be issued for the same trip?

No. HDFC ERGO does not provide multiple insurance plans to the same person for the same trip.

12. Are business travellers eligible to purchase a Travel Insurance policy?

Yes, Indian Nationals travelling abroad for business can purchase travel insurance policy.

13. When does the travel insurance cover begin and end?

Travel insurance is usually taken for the duration of travel. The policy will mention the start and end date on its schedule.

14. Where can customers access the list of network hospitals?

You can find your preferred hospital from among HDFC ERGO’s list of partner hospitals or send mail to [email protected].

15. Is it mandatory for the customer to be in India for international travel policy issuance?

Policy can be taken only if the insured is in India. Cover is not offered for individuals who have already travelled abroad.

16. Can I buy travel insurance after leaving the country?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy travel insurance after leaving the country. The traveller needs to ensure availing of the travel insurance policy before travelling abroad.

17. What are the sublimits of this product?

No sub-limit has been specifically imposed for customers visiting Schengen countries. For insured individuals below 61 years of age, there are no sub-limits applicable under travel medical insurance. Sub-limits are applicable to insured individuals aged 61 years and older for various expenses, including hospital room and boarding, physician fees, ICU and ITU charges, anaesthetic services, surgical treatment, diagnostic testing expenses, and ambulance services. These sub-limits are applicable to all travel insurance policies regardless of the plan purchased. For more details, refer to the product prospectus. (SUB-LIMITS MENTIONED ON PAGE 3 OF PROSPOECTUS UPLOADED ON WEBSITE SHALL APPLY.) Please rephrase along the lines of “For more details, refer to the product prospectus”

18. How much does travel insurance cost?

The cost of a travel insurance policy depends on a lot of factors. The cost is not fixed or uniform for all trips. The following factors determine how much premium would be payable –

● The type of policy

There are different types of travel insurance plans available and each plan has a different premium. Single trip plans are cheaper than annual multi-trip plans. Individual plans are cheaper than family plans and so on.

● The destination

Different countries attract different premiums. Developed countries like the USA, UK, Australia, etc. involve higher premiums than others.

● Number of members travelling

The more the number of members who travel with you the higher would be the premium.

Higher the age higher would be the probability of suffering an illness. As such, premiums increase with age

● Trip duration

The longer the trip the higher would be the premium and vice-versa.

● Plan variant

There are different variants of the same plan. Each variant has different coverage benefits. The higher the variant the more inclusive the plan becomes and so the premiums are higher

● Sum insured

The higher the sum insured that you choose the higher would be the premium and vice-versa

You can use HDFC ERGO’s online calculators to find out the premium payable for the travel insurance plan.

19. Can you buy insurance after starting your trip?

No, you cannot buy travel insurance after starting your trip. The policy should be bought before the trip has commenced.

20. How do I choose a travel policy?

You should choose a travel insurance plan based on your travel needs. Here’s how –

● If you are travelling solo, choose an individual policy

● If you are travelling with your family, a family travel insurance plan would be suitable

● If a student is travelling for higher education, choose a student travel insurance plan

● You can also choose the plan based on your destination, like a Schengen travel plan, Asia travel plan, etc.

● If you travel frequently, choose an annual multi-trip plan

After you have shortlisted the type of plan that you want, compare the different policies in that category. There are different insurance companies offering travel insurance plans. Compare the available policies on the basis of the following –

● Coverage benefits

● Premium rates

● Ease of claim settlement

● International tie-ups in the country that you are travelling to

● Discounts, etc.

Choose a policy that offers the most inclusive coverage benefits at the most competitive rate of premium. Choose an optimal sum insured and buy the best plan for securing the trip.

1. What is not covered in travel insurance?

It’s always a good idea to know what the scope of your travel insurance is. When you buy the HDFC ERGO travel insurance policy, do keep in mind that the following incidents, losses, or events are not covered by our travel insurance. • Any sickness or health issues caused due to war or a breach of the law • Claims related to health, if you consume any intoxicants or banned substances • Expenses related to pre-existing diseases • Expenses related to cosmetic surgery or obesity treatment • Any hospitalization expenses or medical costs arising from self-inflicted injuries • Injuries sustained during adventure sports

2. Does travel insurance cover flight cancellation?

Yes, we will reimburse the Insured Person for non-refundable flight cancellation expenses incurred in the event of a flight cancellation.

3. What benefit will I get from this insurance in case of a medical emergency?

This benefit covers hospitalization, room rent, OPD treatment, and Road Ambulance costs. It also reimburses expenses incurred on Emergency Medical Evacuation, Medical Repatriation and Repatriation of mortal remains. Source :

4. What does my travel insurance cover?

Your HDFC ERGO travel insurance plan covers a wide range of medical emergencies, baggage-related emergencies and journey-related issues. In the medical emergency coverage, you can rest assured that your policy covers emergency medical and dental expenses, medical evacuation, hospital daily cash allowance, accidental death and even medical/body repatriation. As for baggage troubles, we have you covered in case of loss or delay of checked-in baggage and loss of personal documents. Flight delays, financial emergency assistance, hijacking, personal liability and hotel accommodation are also other benefits you’ll enjoy with our travel insurance plan. Source: HDFC ERGO site - ‘what’s covered’ section

5. Will pre-existing diseases be covered under the travel insurance policy?

No. The HDFC ERGO travel insurance policy does not cover any expenses related to the treatment of a pre existing disease or condition in the duration of your insured trip.

6. If I’m being advised to quarantine; are the accommodations or re-booking expenses covered?

Accommodation or re-booking expenses resulting from a Quarantine are not covered.

7. Are pre-existing ailments or diseases covered under travel insurance plans?

If you undergo treatment for pre-existing diseases during the travel insurance policy period, medical expenses for the same are not covered by the travel insurance policy. However, any medical condition that is diagnosed after purchasing the travel insurance policy will be covered. It is important to disclose all your health-related information at the time of purchasing the travel insurance policy to not face any claim rejections during the trip.

8. Which conditions are covered under medical coverage?

Medical benefit covers hospitalization, room rent, OPD treatment, and Road Ambulance costs. It also reimburses expenses incurred on Emergency Medical Evacuation, Medical Repatriation and Repatriation of mortal remains. Cashless facility is available for receiving treatments at the insurer’s network hospitals.

9. What is flight insurance?

Flight insurance is a part of travel insurance wherein you get covered for flight-related contingencies. Such contingencies include the following –

● Flight delay

● Accidental death due to a crash

● Flight cancellation

● Missed flight connection

10. What do I do if I fall sick when I am overseas?

When you fall sick when travelling contact our Toll free no +800 0825 0825 ( add the area code + ) or chargeable no +91 1204507250 / + 91 1206740895 or write to [email protected]

HDFC ERGO has partnered with Alliance Global Assist for its TPA services. Fill up the online claim form available at Fill up a ROMIF form which is available at .

Send the filled and signed claim form, ROMIF forms all the claim-related documents to the TPA at [email protected] . The TPA would process your claim request, look for the networked hospitals and assist you with the hospital list so that you can get the medical attention that you need.

1. How can I cancel my travel insurance policy?

Cancelling your travel insurance policy is quite easy. You can place your cancellation request via email or fax. Do make sure that the cancellation request reaches up within 14 days from the policy’s inception date. In case the policy is already in force, you’ll also need to submit a copy of all the 40 pages of your passport, as a proof that the journey has not been undertaken. Do note that cancellation charges of Rs. 250 will be applicable, and the balance amount paid will be refunded.

2. Can I extend my policy?

Currently we cannot extend the policy

3. How many times can we extend the policy?

You can extend your travel insurance policy once. The period of extension depends on the details of the trip. • Single Trip insurance plans can be extended up to 180 days. The total policy period including such extension should not exceed 360 days. AMT policies cannot be extended.

3. What is the maximum number of days for which I can take the travel insurance policy?

Generally, the total policy period, including extensions if any, should not exceed 360 days. However, the limits may vary for specific plans, as explained below. • Single Trip insurance plans can be extended up to 180 days. The total policy period including such extension should not exceed 360 days. AMT policies cannot be extended.-->

5. If I extend my travel insurance policy online, what premium is applicable?

The exact amount of the extension premium depends on many factors like the period of extension, the destination of the trip, the number of people covered, and other aspects of the cover. Simply put, it varies on a case-to-case basis. To extend your policy, you can visit this link. Alternatively, you could als send a mail to us at [email protected]. You will receive a response from our end, detailing the procedure and giving you the details of the additional premium to be paid.

4. Does HDFC ERGO's travel insurance policy come with a free-look period?

No. The HDFC ERGO travel insurance policy does not come with a free-look period.

5. Is there a grace period in travel insurance policy?

Grace period is not applicable to any cover for travel insurance policy.

6. What sum insured should be opted for while traveling to Schengen countries?

The Schengen countries require a minimum insurance of Euro 30,000. Insurance should be bought for an equivalent or higher amount.

7. Are there any sub-limits applicable for Schengen countries?

There are sub-limits applicable for availing travel insurance policy for Schengen countries. Please refer the policy documents to know that sub-limits.

8. If the customer returns home earlier than planned, can he/she get a partial refund on travel insurance?

No, the product does not offer any refund for early returns.

11. If I take a 2 month Travel Insurance Policy, would I be able to extend it later, as per my requirement?

Yes. HDFC ERGO allows you to extend your travel insurance cover by paying an additional premium as long as the existing plan remains unexpired and no claims have been raised. Extension can be taken for a maximum of 180 days. Also, Total period of cover (base policy + extension) should not exceed 360 days.

9. What are the charges for policy cancellation?

A cancellation charge of Rs 250 will be levied if you cancel your HDFC ERGO travel insurance, irrespective of whether you raise the request before or after your trip begins.

10. Do I get a grace period for my travel insurance policy?

No. There is no grace period applicable for a travel insurance policy.

11. What is my travel insurance coverage requirement sum insured while travelling to any of the Schengen countries?

Travel insurance with a minimum equivalent sum insured of 30,000 Euros needs to be availed to travel to Schengen countries. There are about 26 countries that come under the entire Schengen region for you to visit and it is compulsory to have travel medical insurance cover to visit these states. To get Schengen Visa, you need to produce your travel medical insurance document.

12. Is there a partial refund possible on a travel insurance plan, in case the trip is curtailed and the customer comes home earlier than initially planned?

No. Partial refund is not allowed under travel policy.

16. Can travel insurance plans be extended at a later point in time if there is a genuine requirement or an extension of stay?

Yes! The extension is provided on travel insurance policy based on certain conditions such as:

• There should have been no claim under the policy during the period

• The policy is not expired

• Insured needs to provide the declaration of good health

• The sum insured remains the same and no enhancement of the sum insured is allowed

• The total period of policy, base plus extension, does not exceed 360 days.

• The premium for extension needs to be paid before the extension is affected.

13. How is the travel insurance premium calculated?

The travel insurance premium is calculated considering the following details –

● Type of plan

● Destination

● Members to be covered

● Their age

● Plan variant and sum insured

You can use HDFC ERGO’s online premium calculators to find the premium of the policy that you want. Enter in your trip details and the premium would be calculated.

14. What is the document provided as proof of travel insurance?

The policy is issued by HDFC ERGO which serves as proof of travel insurance. The bond is mailed to you on your email ID. Moreover, a physical copy is also sent to your registered address. You can carry this copy as proof of coverage.

15. What are the modes of payment for buying a travel insurance policy?

HDFC ERGO allows both online as well as offline modes of paying for the travel insurance policy. The available modes include the following –

● Demand draft

● Credit card

● Debit card

● Net banking facility


1. Does a claim have to be lodged or made in a specific time frame from the time of the accident?

In case any of the insured events covered by the travel insurance policy occurs, it’s best to give us a written notice of the incident as soon as practicable. In any case, the written notice must be given within 30 days of such an event occurring. In case the insured event is the death of a person covered by the plan, the notice must be given immediately.

2. How long does it take to process a travel insurance claim?

We understand that during any emergency financial distress, the sooner we can assist you, the better you’ll be able to get through the crisis. That’s why we settle your claims in record time. While the exact length of the period varies from case to case, we ensure that your claims are quickly settled upon the receipt of the original documents.

3. What kind of documentation is required while making a travel insurance claim?

The kind of documentation depends greatly on the nature of the insured incident that has occured. In case of any loss covered by the travel policy, the following proof must be submitted. 1. The Policy Number 2. The preliminary medical report describing the nature and extent of all injuries or illnesses, and providing a precise diagnosis 3. All invoices, bills, prescriptions, hospital certificates which will permit us to accurately determine the total amount of medical expenses (if applicable) incurred 4. In the case another party was involved (like in the case of a car collision), the names, contact details and if possible, the insurance details of the other party 5. In the case of death, an official death certificate, succession certificate pursuant to the Indian Succession Act 1925, as amended, and any other legal documents establishing the identity of any and all beneficiaries 6. Proof of age, where applicable 7. Any such other information we may require to handle the claim In case of any accident covered by the travel policy, the following proof must be submitted. 1. Detailed circumstances of the accident and the names of witnesses, if any 2. Any police reports concerning the accident 3. The date a physician was seen consulted for the injury 4. The contact details of that physician In case of any sickness covered by the travel policy, the following proof must be submitted. 1. The date on which the symptoms of the sickness began 2. The date on which a physician was consulted for the sickness 3. The contact details of that physician

4. What if I lose my baggage? How do I make a claim in such a case?

Losing your baggage during your trip can be inconvenient, because you may need to replace a lot of essentials and spend out of pocket. With a travel insurance policy, you can cushion the financial impact of such a loss. If you lose your baggage during the period the insurance cover is valid, you can register a claim by calling our 24-hour helpline centre and quote the policyholder’s name, the policy number, the insurance company, and the passport number. This needs to be done within 24 hours. Here are our contact details. Landline:+ 91 - 120 - 4507250 (Chargeable) Fax: + 91 - 120 - 6691600 Email: [email protected] Toll free no.+ 800 08250825 You can also visit this blog for more information.

5. How do I claim on my travel insurance?

In case any loss or insured event covered by your travel policy occurs, you can register a claim by calling our 24-hour helpline centre and quote the policyholder’s name, the policy number, the insurance company, and the passport number. This needs to be done within 24 hours. Here are our contact details. Landline:+ 91 - 120 - 4507250 (Chargeable) Fax: + 91 - 120 - 6691600 Email: [email protected] Toll free no.+ 800 08250825

6. Will I be able to extend the travel insurance policy if I already have an ongoing claim?

No. You cannot extend the existing HDFC ERGO travel insurance policy if you have already raised a claim on it.

6. How many days does it take to settle the claim?

The claim is settled in three working days from the date of receiving the last documents for reimbursement. The duration for settling the claim for cashless is as per the invoices submitted by the hospital (approx 8 to 12 weeks).

7. What would be the documents required to file a travel insurance claim for COVID-19?

Documents required for filing a travel insurance claim are the same as Emergency Medical Expenses, which will only cover expenses for patients who test positive for COVID-19. It will not cover expenses for home quarantine or quarantine in the hotel.

1. Can I renew my travel insurance policy online?

only Annual multi-trip policy can be renewed. Single trip policies cannot be renewed.

2. How do I check the status of my HDFC ERGO travel insurance renewal?

Only AMT policies can be renewed. Single trip policies cannot be renewed. Extension of single trip policies can be done online.

3. What are the Details and Documentation of the Travel Insurance Extension?

The details and documentation needed for travel insurance cover/extension are your basic details like name, age, journey details, and start and end day of your travel. You can get travel insurance online by filling out these basic details and paying.

4. Can I extend my travel insurance policy when travelling abroad?

If you are already covered under HDFC ERGO’s travel insurance cover, you can extend your travel insurance only if the policy has not expired. Ideally, if you need to extend your travel insurance, you can do that in India before your journey begins.

Here are a few more points you should keep in mind for extending your travel insurance:

• There should be no claim availed on the original policy.

5. How to Extend Your Travel Insurance Policy?

You can extend your travel insurance policy online by login here , or you can call our helpline no to extend travel insurance.

1. How To Get Travel Insurance With Covid-19 Cover?

HDFC ERGO’s Travel Insurance covers coronavirus hospitalisation. You don’t have to buy separate insurance for COVID-19. Your travel medical insurance will give you cover for the same. You can buy travel insurance online by visiting our website or calling our helpline number 022 6242 6242.

Following are some of the features covered for COVID-19 in travel insurance -

● Hospital expenses if one gets COVID-19 while covered under overseas travel insurance.

● Cashless treatment in network hospitals.

● Reimbursements of medical expenses.

● Daily cash allowance during hospitalisation.

● Expenses related to transferring mortal remains to home country in case of death due to COVID-19

2. When should I buy Covid-19 travel insurance?

Ideally, it would be best if you buy a travel insurance plan like HDFC ERGO's International Travel plan , which covers coronavirus hospitalisation before embarking on your journey. Your travel insurance covers you from the first day of your journey till you return to India. However, it might not be possible to buy one while you are overseas and reap its benefits. So, make it a point to buy your travel medical insurance ahead of time. To avoid last minute hassles buy your insurance as soon as you book tickets for your destination.

3. Does travel insurance cover a positive PCR test?

No, travel insurance doesn’t cover a Positive PCR Test if detected before your journey. However, hospital expenses, medical reimbursements and cashless treatment in network hospitals are provided as mentioned under your travel insurance policy if you get infected with coronavirus while travelling.

4. Can you get a refund on flights if you have COVID?

No, flight cancellations due to COVID-19 infection are not covered under HDFC ERGO’s International Travel Plan.

5. How much does COVID-19 travel insurance cost?

While buying Travel Insurance online, you can opt for Individual Travel Insurance , Family Travel Insurance or Student Travel Insurance , depending on your need and how you plan to travel. Depending on the sum you want to insure, you can also choose from our Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Titanium plans. However, you don’t have to pay extra for COVID-19 coverage. You will be covered for the same in any of the travel plans you choose.

6. Can I get travel insurance with pre-existing conditions and COVID-19coverage?

HDFC ERGO’s travel insurance policy doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions during your stay, even if you are covered under International travel insurance. However, you will be covered for COVID-19 hospitalisation during your insured period.

7. Does travel insurance cover quarantine?

No, HDFC ERGO’s travel insurance plan doesn’t cover quarantine expenses.

8. How can I claim for COVID-19 expenses through my travel insurance?

We will help you settle your claims for COVID-19 hospitalisation and expenses as soon as possible. The claim is settled within three working days after receiving all the valid documents related to your hospitalisation and medical expenses for reimbursement. The duration for settling the claim for cashless is as per the invoices submitted by the hospital (approx 8 to 12 weeks).The claim will cover expenses for the patients who test positive for COVID-19. However, it doesn’t cover expenses for home quarantine or quarantine in the hotel.

9. Does travel insurance cover missed flights due to Covid-19 Testing?

No, HDFC ERGO’s travel insurance doesn’t cover missed flights or flight cancellations due to COVID-19 or COVID-19 testing.

10. How long does it take to process the claim?

While we will try to help you with your claims at the earliest, it isn't easy to define the length of the claim period as it will depend from case to case. Therefore, we try to settle the claims in record time upon receipt of the original invoices.

11.Can the period of travel insurance be extended?

Yes, the travel insurance period can be extended only once, subject to the following conditions.

• The original policy period has not expired.

• There is no claim on the original policy.

• The sum insured will not be enhanced upon extending the plan.

• You will need to provide a declaration of good health.

• The extension premium has to be paid before the actual extension is affected. However, note that you might not be able to extend your travel insurance plan if you have already placed a claim on your existing HDFC ERGO travel insurance policy.

11. Who is a Third Party Administrator or TPA in Travel Insurance?

A third-party administrator provides operational services such as claims processing and other benefits as mentioned in your policy under contract with HDFC ERGO and can assist you in times of emergency when on international shores.

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I frequently travel abroad. Will my Indian retail health insurance policy provide coverage abroad?

Some policies may offer global medical coverage for certain countries or regions, such as the us, canada, asia-pacific, or europe.

Navneet Dubey 

  • Updated Nov 06, 2023, 11:22 AM IST

You should check the policy document and the terms and conditions carefully to see if your policy has such a feature.

As someone who travels abroad for about three months a year because of work, I'm concerned about medical emergencies overseas. Will my retail health insurance policy from India provide coverage during such situations? What specific insurance coverage should I consider to ensure adequate travel protection?

Reply by Rakesh Jain, CEO of Reliance General Insurance

This is a common question among frequent travellers with health insurance policies in India. The answer depends on the policy type, the travel duration, and the destination country. Generally speaking, most retail health insurance policies in India do not cover medical treatment abroad. They are designed to cover hospitalisation expenses within India only. However, some policies may offer global medical coverage for certain countries or regions, such as the US/Canada, Asia-Pacific, or Europe.

You should check the policy document and the terms and conditions carefully to see if your policy has such a feature. If your policy does not cover medical emergencies abroad, or if the coverage is inadequate for your needs, you should consider buying a separate travel insurance policy that provides comprehensive medical coverage during your travels.

Travel insurance policies are usually cheaper than health insurance policies and can be customised according to your travel plans. They can cover expenses such as medical evacuation, repatriation, hospitalisation, surgery, dental treatment, etc.

Also read:  I’m 68 and plan to undergo heart surgery. My insurer will pay half of the hospital expense. What should I do?

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Also read:  Exclusive interview: Meet Vishal Jain, the CEO of Zerodha Fund House

Some factors to consider when choosing a travel insurance policy are:

• The duration of the policy: You can buy a single-trip policy for a specific period of travel or a multi-trip policy that covers multiple trips within a year.

• The destination country: You should choose a policy that covers the country or region you are travelling to. Some countries may have higher medical costs or require mandatory insurance for visa purposes.

• The sum insured: You should choose an adequate sum insured, evaluating the level of e potential medical expenses in the destination country. You can also opt for a policy that has no sub-limits or deductibles.

• The exclusions: You should be aware of the exclusions and limitations of the policy, such as pre-existing diseases, adventure sports, war zones, etc.

• The claim process: You should choose a policy that has a simple and hassle-free claim process, preferably with a cashless facility and 24/7 customer support.

(Views expressed by the investment expert are his/her own. E-mail us your investment queries at [email protected]. We will get your queries answered by our panel of experts.)

  • #Health Policy
  • #Asia-Pacific
  • #global health insurance


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Credit Cards

Travel for cheaper with travel credit cards in 2024

Stella Shon

Robin Saks Frankel

Robin Saks Frankel

“Verified by an expert” means that this article has been thoroughly reviewed and evaluated for accuracy.

Updated 2:29 p.m. UTC Nov. 1, 2023

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Editorial Note: Blueprint may earn a commission from affiliate partner links featured here on our site. This commission does not influence our editors' opinions or evaluations. Please view our full advertiser disclosure policy .

Featured Image

Kintarapong, Getty Images

New year, new travel possibilities. What’s more, it’s entirely possible to travel for cheaper by maximizing your credit card strategy with the right travel cards in hand.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or pondering what card deserves a spot in your wallet, this guide will point you in the right direction so you can travel more for less in 2024. Keep reading to learn how to unlock hundreds of dollars in potential value for your next trip.

Get a general travel rewards card

There are droves of rewards cards to choose from, so it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Should you get an airline card that offers miles and other airline-specific perks? Perhaps a hotel card to help you rack up free stays throughout the year? 

For many travelers, a one-punch solution is a better fit. We’re talking about general travel credit cards , which earn rewards through a bank like American Express, Capital One, Chase, or Citi and don’t tie you to a specific airline or hotel program. Instead, the cardholder has the choice to redeem their earnings how they please toward any travel purchase. 

Below, we’ll provide an overview of the two best credit cards that can help you travel for less.

The Platinum Card® from American Express

If you’re a traveler who wants elevated travel perks in the new year, the $695-annual-fee The Platinum Card® from American Express (terms apply, rates & fees ) is worth considering. With access to more than 1,400 airport lounges worldwide — including its proprietary Amex Centurion lounges — and more than $1,500 in travel and lifestyle and statement credits, the Amex Platinum card is the gift that keeps on giving for those looking to travel in style. 

This card earns Amex Membership Rewards® points , which can be redeemed via the Amex Travel portal or transferred to nearly two dozen airline and hotel loyalty programs, including Delta Air Lines and Hilton Honors. And this card’s welcome offer allows you to earn 80,000 Membership Rewards Points after spending $8,000 on purchases in the first six months of card membership — giving you a headstart as you prepare to book travel in 2024.

The Platinum Card® from American Express

Welcome Bonus

Earn 80,000 Membership Rewards® Points after you spend $8,000 on purchases on the Card in your first 6 months of Card Membership.

Regular APR

Credit score.

Credit Score ranges are based on FICO® credit scoring. This is just one scoring method and a credit card issuer may use another method when considering your application. These are provided as guidelines only and approval is not guaranteed.

Editor’s Take

  • Over $1,500 in travel and entertainment credits can offset the annual fee.
  • Comprehensive lounge access benefit.
  • Generous travel and purchase protections.
  • High annual fee and spending requirements.
  • Amex’s once-per-lifetime rule limits welcome bonus eligibility.
  • Annual statement credits have limited use.

Card Details

  • Earn 80,000 Membership Rewards® Points after you spend $8,000 on purchases on your new Card in your first 6 months of Card Membership. Apply and select your preferred metal Card design: classic Platinum Card®, Platinum x Kehinde Wiley, or Platinum x Julie Mehretu.
  • Earn 5X Membership Rewards® Points for flights booked directly with airlines or with American Express Travel up to $500,000 on these purchases per calendar year and earn 5X Membership Rewards® Points on prepaid hotels booked with American Express Travel.
  • $200 Hotel Credit: Get up to $200 back in statement credits each year on prepaid Fine Hotels + Resorts® or The Hotel Collection bookings with American Express Travel when you pay with your Platinum Card®. The Hotel Collection requires a minimum two-night stay.
  • $240 Digital Entertainment Credit: Get up to $20 back in statement credits each month on eligible purchases made with your Platinum Card® on one or more of the following: Disney+, a Disney Bundle, ESPN+, Hulu, The New York Times, Peacock, SiriusXM, and The Wall Street Journal. Enrollment required.
  • $155 Walmart+ Credit: Cover the cost of a $12.95 monthly Walmart+ membership (subject to auto-renewal) with a statement credit after you pay for Walmart+ each month with your Platinum Card®. Cost includes $12.95 plus applicable local sales tax. Plus Up Benefits are excluded.
  • $200 Airline Fee Credit: Select one qualifying airline and then receive up to $200 in statement credits per calendar year when incidental fees are charged by the airline to your Platinum Card®.
  • $200 Uber Cash: Enjoy Uber VIP status and up to $200 in Uber savings on rides or eats orders in the US annually. Uber Cash and Uber VIP status is available to Basic Card Member only.
  • $300 Equinox Credit: Get up to $300 back in statement credits per calendar year on an Equinox membership, or an Equinox club membership (subject to auto-renewal) when you pay with your Platinum Card®. Enrollment required. Visit to enroll.
  • $189 CLEAR® Plus Credit: Breeze through security with CLEAR Plus at 100+ airports, stadiums, and entertainment venues nationwide and get up to $189 back per calendar year on your Membership (subject to auto-renewal) when you use your Platinum Card®. Learn more.
  • $100 Global Entry Credit: Receive either a $100 statement credit every 4 years for a Global Entry application fee or a statement credit up to $85 every 4.5 years for a TSA PreCheck® (through a TSA official enrollment provider) application fee, when charged to your Platinum Card®. Card Members approved for Global Entry will also receive access to TSA PreCheck at no additional cost.
  • Shop Saks with Platinum: Get up to $100 in statement credits annually for purchases in Saks Fifth Avenue stores or at on your Platinum Card®. That’s up to $50 in statement credits semi-annually. Enrollment required.
  • $300 SoulCycle At-Home Bike Credit: Get a $300 statement credit for the purchase of a SoulCycle at-home bike with your Platinum Card®. An Equinox+ subscription is required to purchase a SoulCycle at-home bike and access SoulCycle content. Must charge full price of bike in one transaction. Shipping available in the contiguous U.S. only. Enrollment Required.
  • Unlock access to exclusive reservations and special dining experiences with Global Dining Access by Resy when you add your Platinum Card® to your Resy profile.
  • $695 annual fee.
  • Terms Apply.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

Time and time again, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card is one of our top recommendations thanks to its flexible yet valuable travel rewards currency known as Chase Ultimate Rewards® points . The card also comes with valuable travel perks , including a $50 annual hotel credit for bookings made through Ultimate Rewards, no foreign transaction fees, and even complimentary travel insurance benefits, making the $95 annual fee easily worth its weight . 

The first step to unlock cheaper travel is earning a sizable welcome offer, providing a significant boost to your rewards balances. Currently, new applicants of the Chase Sapphire Preferred can earn 60,000 points after spending $4,000 on purchases in the first three months of account opening. Once you hit that spending minimum, your points can take up to eight weeks to show up. So, if you’re strategizing for a few trips in the new year, giving yourself plenty of time to apply is crucial. 

This welcome offer is worth several hundred dollars since cardholders can book flights, hotels, and other travel purchases through Chase’s Ultimate Rewards portal with a 25% bonus. But there’s potential for even greater value when leveraging the issuer’s airline and hotel transfer partners that will appeal to many, including familiar faces like Marriott Bonvoy, Southwest Rapid Rewards and United MileagePlus. 

Earn 60,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. That’s $750 when you redeem through Chase Ultimate Rewards®.

  • Flexible points that can be transferred to 14 travel partners or redeemed through Chase Ultimate Rewards® at 1.25 cents each.
  • $50 annual statement credit toward Ultimate Rewards hotel bookings.
  • Valuable travel protections.
  • $95 annual fee.
  • Category bonuses are limited and not competitive against other travel cards.
  • Transfer partner list is limited compared to programs like Amex Membership Rewards and Citi ThankYou.
  • Earn 60,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. That’s $750 when you redeem through Chase Ultimate Rewards®.
  • Enjoy benefits such as 5x on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards®, 3x on dining, and 2x on all other travel purchases, and $50 annual Ultimate Rewards Hotel Credit, plus more.
  • Get 25% more value when you redeem for airfare, hotels, car rentals and cruises through Chase Ultimate Rewards®. For example, 60,000 points are worth $750 toward travel.
  • Count on Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance, Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver, Lost Luggage Insurance and more.
  • Get complimentary access to DashPass which unlocks $0 delivery fees and lower service fees for a minimum of one year when you activate by December 31, 2024.
  • Member FDIC

Rack up even more rewards with a secondary card

Once you’ve picked your go-to travel card, you’ll want to search for its sidekick. For example, if you picked the Amex Platinum card as your go-to travel card, you can double down on your earnings by picking another Amex card that scores Membership Rewards points.

Similarly, if you’ve opted for the Chase Sapphire Preferred, you’ll want a secondary card that earns rewards you can pool with your Sapphire Preferred. Below are a couple cards worth considering.

American Express® Gold Card

Case in point: the Amex Platinum card earns 5 Membership Rewards points per $1 for flights booked directly with airlines or with American Express Travel on up to $500,000 per calendar year, 5 points per $1 on prepaid hotels booked with American Express Travel and 1 point per $1 on other purchases. By setting your sights on a card like the American Express® Gold Card (terms apply, rates & fees ), you can earn significantly more points on your everyday purchases when you’re not on the go.

The Amex Gold card earns 4 Membership Rewards points per $1 at restaurants, plus takeout and delivery in the U.S., 4 points per $1 at U.S. supermarkets (on up to $25,000 per calendar year in purchases, then 1 point), 3 points per $1 on flights booked directly with airlines or through American Express travel and 1 point per $1 on other eligible purchases.

Where the Gold card shines is its generous rewards rate at U.S. supermarkets (up to the annual spending cap) and restaurants worldwide. This multiplier is a game-changer if you want to earn as many Membership Rewards points as possible for your next trip — and your rewards are automatically pooled together on your online Amex account. The card comes with a $250 annual fee.

Finally, you can earn an additional welcome offer when applying for the Amex Gold card. New applicants can earn 60,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $6,000 on eligible purchases in the first six months of card membership. 

Chase Freedom Unlimited®

If you picked the Chase Sapphire Preferred card as your primary travel card, the Chase Freedom Unlimited® is a terrific companion card. With no annual fee, it’s virtually a no-brainer to apply for this card to multiply your earnings of Ultimate Rewards points.

Even though the Freedom Unlimited is marketed as a cash-back card , it can be a very useful card to have for people seeking award travel. You’ll still earn Ultimate Rewards points with the card — and these rewards can be combined with your Sapphire Preferred account to redeem at the Sapphire Preferred’s 25% elevated redemption rate when used for travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal, or to transfer to partners. Here’s a look at the earning rates of each card side by side:

For any spending that isn’t in an elevated rewards category on either card, you’ll want to use the Freedom Unlimited, to take advantage of that card’s robust base earning rate. 

New cardholders with the Freedom Unlimited can earn the following welcome offer: Chase will automatically match all the cash back earned at the end of the first cardmember year.

Temporary Chase Freedom Unlimited boosted welcome offer: Rewards so nice, you’ll get them twice (the first year)

Best travel rewards cards to consider

The team at USA TODAY Blueprint is continually evaluating the best travel cards to help you make the best decision for you and your wallet. In addition to the cards we’ve highlighted throughout the article, we’ve handpicked some other top contenders that can help you travel for

You’ll want to apply for a credit card that earns travel rewards — such as airline miles, hotel points, or flexible travel points — which can then be redeemed for flights, hotel stays and more. Such cards often come with sizable welcome offers and ongoing bonus categories to help you earn travel rewards on everyday purchases. 

Note that your travel may not be 100% free, as taxes and fees may still apply. But you can certainly use credit card rewards to make travel much more attainable.

Yes! As long as you use your rewards credit card responsibly, you can earn bonus points on your purchases when traveling. If you’re going abroad, you’ll want to use a credit card that waives foreign transaction fees — which can tack on around 1% to 3% extra on each transaction made in a non-U.S. currency country.

Travel credit cards earn points or miles that can be redeemed for flights, hotels, rental cars and more, helping you subsidize the cost of your trip expenses. Beyond earning rewards, some cards even come with airport lounge access or credits to offset your Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application fee. 

While the exact number of points required will vary greatly, depending on the time, location and duration of the trip, many domestic flights can start at just 6,500 to 7,500 miles. And, based on these numbers, a card with a 75,000-point welcome offer might get you as many as 10 domestic flights.

For rates and fees for The Platinum Card® from American Express please visit this page .

For rates and fees for the American Express® Gold Card please visit this page .

For Capital One products listed on this page, some of the above benefits are provided by Visa® or Mastercard® and may vary by product. See the respective Guide to Benefits for details, as terms and exclusions apply.

*The information for the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card has been collected independently by Blueprint. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

Blueprint is an independent publisher and comparison service, not an investment advisor. The information provided is for educational purposes only and we encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding specific financial decisions. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Blueprint has an advertiser disclosure policy . The opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the Blueprint editorial staff alone. Blueprint adheres to strict editorial integrity standards. The information is accurate as of the publish date, but always check the provider’s website for the most current information.

Stella Shon

Stella Shon is a freelance writer that connects the dots between personal finance and travel. Her work has appeared in The Points Guy, ValuePenguin and MoneyUnder30, and she's been interviewed by The New York Times, CNBC and more.

Robin Saks Frankel is a credit cards lead editor at USA TODAY Blueprint. Previously, she was a credit cards and personal finance deputy editor for Forbes Advisor. She has also covered credit cards and related content for other national web publications including NerdWallet, Bankrate and HerMoney. She's been featured as a personal finance expert in outlets including CNBC, Business Insider, CBS Marketplace, NASDAQ's Trade Talks and has appeared on or contributed to The New York Times, Fox News, CBS Radio, ABC Radio, NPR, International Business Times and NBC, ABC and CBS TV affiliates nationwide. She holds an M.S. in Business and Economics Journalism from Boston University. Follow her on Twitter at @robinsaks.

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    1. Efficient Claims Settlement : Bajaj Allianz GIC has a reputation for promptly settling claims for their travel insurance plans. 2. Instant Assistance : With just a missed call from anywhere in Europe, you can receive instant call-back assistance from our friendly customer service team. 3. Tailored Policies :

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    Product Code. UIN Code. International travel insurance. 4129. ICITIOP22093V032122. Single Trip Travel Insurance: Buy Travel insurance online to secure your international trip. ICICI Lombard offers the best trip insurance with Cashless Hospitalization Baggage Loss Passport Loss Cash Assistance & more. Check now!

  16. International Travel Insurance

    Over 200 or more countries and islands by most international travel insurance companies. Major Benefits. Cover for: Medical Expenses, Accidental Death and Disability, Flight Delay/Cancellation, Baggage Loss/Delay, Dental Cover, Hijack Allowance, Repatriation of Mortal Remains. Special Add-ons.

  17. Best Travel Insurance Plans To Buy In India 2023

    Quick Buy travel insurance in mere few minutes Variety of products Ranging from international travel insurance to trip insurance to student visa insurance Great customer support...

  18. Insurance for Indian visitors to europe, Tourist Travel Insurance for

    Yes, it is mandatory to have Travel Insurance when one is travelling to Europe. Also as per the Schengen Visa authorities the sum insured coverage for Accident & Sickness (A&S) needs to be €30,000 (currently approx. USD $40,000 / ₹ 24,00,000). Without these two conditions being met, no visa is granted for entry to any of the Schengen countries.

  19. Schengen Travel Insurance

    Schengen travel insurance can be very affordable, with prices for a one-week insurance policy as low as €18 - €20. However, the cost of Schengen insurance ultimately depends on several factors - your age, how much coverage you want, the trip duration, as well as the specific insurance company. Here are the travel insurance premiums from ...

  20. Applying for a Schengen visa from India

    Our Low-Cost Travel Insurance covers expenses of up to €30,000 and starts at €22 per week. Our Europe Travel plan offers extended coverage up to costs of €100,000 and starts at €33/week. And our Multi-Trip insurance, starting from €328 per year, allows you multiple entries to the Schengen zone from India (or anywhere else).

  21. Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance online by HDFC ERGO covers medical expenses Global Covid-19 flight delays luggage loss. Buy the best travel insurance policy today! ... What are the age criteria for which you issue a travel insurance policy online in India? single trip-91 days to 70 years. AMT same, family floater - from 91 days to 70 years, insuring upto 20 ...

  22. I frequently travel abroad. Will my Indian retail health insurance

    This is a common question among frequent travellers with health insurance policies in India. The answer depends on the policy type, the travel duration, and the destination country.

  23. Dual Citzenship India

    According to the Immigrant Invest, around 49% of the world's countries allow their citizens to simultaneously hold nationalities of two countries. Countries such as Turkey, Spain, and the US allow their individuals to have passports and nationality rights of two different countries. On the other hand, countries such as India ask you to give ...

  24. Compare Travel Insurance For India

    For travel to India you'll need worldwide travel insurance. However, you won't need the variety that includes the USA, Canada, the Caribbean (and in certain cases Mexico and Greenland). The...

  25. Travel For Cheaper With Travel Credit Cards In 2024

    Enrollment required. $155 Walmart+ Credit: Cover the cost of a $12.95 monthly Walmart+ membership (subject to auto-renewal) with a statement credit after you pay for Walmart+ each month with your ...