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Tours to Egypt and Jordan from Australia

Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia

Our  Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia  are just as affordable as they are unforgettable. Two fascinating destinations brought together flawlessly to create a holiday package that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Enjoy private guided tours in Cairo and then cruise the Nile River in the lap of luxury with daily excursions to many of Egypt’s priceless wonders.

Fly to Jordan and let us introduce you to even more breathtaking sites, including amazing Rose Red City of Petra. With expertly guided tours, and ample time for relaxing, our tours represent a harmonious balance. Book you’re an epic vacation today, or continue reading to find out more about our  Egypt, Jordan tours  from Australia.

11 Day Cairo, Abu Simbel and Petra Jordan Tour

FROM US$ 2219.00

14 Day Egypt, Jordan and Israel Tours

FROM US$ 2899.00

18 Day Turkey, Egypt and Jordan Tours

FROM US$ 3407.00

23 Day Middle East Tour: Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Dubai

FROM US$ 4460.00

Egypt and Jordan Combined Tour [10 Day Private Trip W/ Nile Cruise]

FROM US$ 1959.00

Egypt And Jordan Tour

FROM US$ 2369.00

Our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia provide a perfect blend of sightseeing and relaxation in two extraordinary destinations. When you book Egypt and Jordan tours from Australia through us, you are booking through a tour operator that has been providing exceptional tours since 1955. For this reason, we believe that our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia are as flawless as possible.

Great Accommodation from Beginning to End

Our tours are as much about comfort as they are about sightseeing. To this end, all of our existing Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia feature 4 and/or 5 star hotel accommodation exclusively. The only exceptions would be if choose one of our Egypt and Jordan tours from Australia that feature camping in the desert. A few of our multi-destination tours might also include accommodation in eco-lodges which essentially don’t have any star rating. However, even such accommodation is bound to impress you.

Cruising the Nile in Style

Nearly all of our existing Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia include a  Nile River cruise . As is the case with hotel accommodation, we only ever book our clients onto 5-Star cruises. These river cruisers are very much the same as hotel. They include the same sort of amenities that one would expect to find at any good hotel.

There are also various services available on board these vessels, including massage and spa services. All the cruises that are featured in our tours include full board. Enjoy 3 full meals a day throughout your cruise without have to worry about additional expenses. Most cruises also include free on-board entertainment in the evenings.

Things like snacks, beverages and any additional meals are not included in the prices of our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia. Laundry services are available on board the vessels, but laundry expenses are not included in our tour prices.

It is worth noting that most of the services and amenities mentioned above are not available on a Dahabiya cruise. These traditional river yachts are far smaller than the larger boats, and space is therefore limited. Dahabiya boats can typically only accommodate up to about 12 to 15 people. These cruises also include full board. They also tend to cost more, but if you want a much more personal experience compared to a regular cruise, then it would take a lot to beat a Dahabiya cruise.

Expertly Guided Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia

All of our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia included the services or professional English-speaking guides. In nearly all instances, tours in Cairo are private guided tours with one of our Egyptologist guides and your own private driver. If your chosen tour includes a Nile River cruise, all tours and excursions during the cruise will be small group tours. Tour groups are kept small, and they are also led by one of our Egyptologist guides.

One or more of our guides always sail with the boat so that they can accompany our clients to the various sites that are visited during a Nile cruise. They only sail with the vessel to serve as guides during excursions. Under no circumstances will they invade your privacy during your cruise, but they will always be there to offer assistance if need be, or to share their vast amount of knowledge with you.

In Jordan, you will have your own private English-speaking driver, but you won’t have a full-time guide with you. Instead, we work with local English-speaking specialist guides at the various sites that are featured in our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia. For example, you will have a specialist local guide to show you around at the Lost City of Petra; different guide to show you around at Jerash, and etc.

The Best Sightseeing Imaginable

As has been mentioned already, our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia have all been designed by a company that has been providing high quality tours since 1955. With this amount experience behind us, you can be certain that our tours feature only the very best attractions, both in Egypt and Jordan.

Most of our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia begin in Cairo. Generally speaking, there will be one or two full days of sightseeing in and around Cairo. Places such as the Giza Pyramids; the Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum feature in more or less all of our existing Egypt and Jordan tours from Australia. Places like the Hanging Church of Cairo and the Cairo Citadel also feature in many of our tours. If you tour included 2 or 3 days in Cairo then you are also likely to visit the Step Pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser, as well as Memphis, the ancient capital of the Old Kingdom.

Nile River cruises run between Aswan and Luxor, with fantastic sightseeing in Aswan, Kom Ombo, Edfu and Luxor. Some of the most notable attractions that feature in nearly all cruises include places like Philae Temple; Kom Ombo Temple and Edfu Temple. In Luxor we visit several more extraordinary sites, including Valley of the Kings; Hatshepsut Temple; Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple.

Several other historical monuments may also be included in your tour itinerary, depending on which one of our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia you opt for. In Jordan, you will generally visit fewer attractions than you will in Egypt, but those that you do visit are no less amazing. The Lost City of Petra is in itself more than enough reason to visit Jordan. It must surely be one of the world’s most magnificent archeological discoveries. An entire city carved out of the sides of a long and deep rock gorge, Petra is well and truly beyond words.

What Is Included in Our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia?

Our Egypt and Jordan tours from Australia include admission fees/tickets for all sites and attractions that are mentioned in the various itineraries. All accommodation is included, along with all meals listed in our itineraries. This typically includes all breakfast meals at the various hotels; all meals during Nile cruises, and any other meals that are specifically mentioned in our itineraries.

Our tours also include clean, comfortable, and modern air-conditioned transport during tours and transfers. If your chosen tour includes a Nile cruise, domestic flight tickets to and from Cairo and Aswan/Luxor are also included in the price. When you travel with us, you will also always be met by one of our tour representatives when you arrive at airports. Last but not least, tour include the services of professional guides at all attractions listed in our itineraries.

What Is Not Included in Our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia?

While every effort has been made to ensure that our tours are as inclusive as possible, there are certain things which we are not able to include. Some examples would be admission tickets for certain premium sites/attractions such at Tutankhamen’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. Only a certain number of visitors are allowed in certain sites on any given day. In order to prevent ticket hoarding, visitors are required to purchase tickets in person at the sites.

We also do not include tickets for the Mummies Room at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. We are aware that some people may see the viewing of mummies offensive, so we have left this to be optional. Our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia also don’t include things like a tipping kitty and/or personal spending money. The cost of entry visas and international travel/airfare are also not included in our prices.

Passport and Visa Requirements

The following advice is based on the assumption that you will be traveling to Egypt and Jordan on an Australian passport. If that is indeed the case, you really have nothing to worry about. For both Egypt and Jordan, you will need to have a minimum of 6 months validity remaining on your passport as from your intended date of departure from each country.

Entry visas for both countries can be obtained via their respective embassies or consular offices in Australia. Alternatively, people traveling on Australian passports can also obtain a Visa on Arrival in both Egypt and Jordan.

Australians also have the option of obtaining an online e-Visa for Egypt. To apply for Egyptian e-Visa, simply visit the Egypt e-Visa Portal and set up an account. Once your account has been set up, follow the online instructions to apply for your visa. Once your application has been approved, your e-Visa will be emailed to you. All you need to do then is print it out and then present it to immigration when you arrive in Cairo.

A Dream Vacation Awaits You

Whether you are searching for a relaxing break in the sun, or whether you are looking for a sightseeing extravaganza, you will almost certainly be able to find to perfect tour package right here on our site. With Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia to suite all tastes and budgets, your dream vacation is now only a few mouse clicks away.

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egypt jordan tours from australia

Egypt & Jordan Adventure

20 days Fully Inclusive Classic Group Tour

Egypt & Jordan Adventure

Combining famous monuments, temples, and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, this tour of iconic sites showcases the very best of Egypt and Jordan.

  • Fully Inclusive Touring with Guides and entrance fees
  • Included Meals Breakfasts: 17 , Lunches: 16 , Dinners: 17
  • Flights International flights and current taxes
  • Accommodation 17 nights in 3+ star accommodation
  • Cruise Nile Cruise
  • Group Tour Max Group Size: 18
  • Physical Rating 1 Learn More X A reasonable level of fitness is required but it's more about spending time on your feet rather than covering large distances. You'll be getting on and off coaches and boats, walking around the sights and climbing some steps. Learn More Walking, some steps and time on your feet.

Tour Highlights

Our Egypt & Jordan Adventure tour will see you exploring the most iconic sites, delving into deep-rooted culture and dining on delicious cuisine and thoroughly researched to bring you a range of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, many of which are entirely exclusive to us.

Qaitbay Citadel

Qaitbay Citadel

This 15th century defensive fortress located in the port of Alexandria, built to defend the country from the advances of the Ottoman Empire.

Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian museum holds some of the world greatest treasures, enormous collections of artifacts, mummies, coffins and ancient belongings.


This city is one of the largest and most well preserved sites of Roman architecture. 


"Rose City" - A famous archaelogical site containing tombs and temples carved into the pink sandstone cliffs.

Petra by Night

Petra by Night

An experience not to be missed as it completes your Petra experience is Petra by night. Seeing part of the rock city by candlelight is a truly memorable moment and one of the best ways to explore the old city. Start by walking the entire Siq (lantern lit gauge) to the Treasury, which is lit with over 1,500 candles, bringing this major attraction to light.

Absorb El Alamein's War History

Absorb El Alamein's War History

Stop in El Alamein, which includes a visit to the war cemetery and the war museum. Here you will learn about the history of the war as well as the vehicles, tanks and aircraft used.

Day by Day Itinerary

DAYS 1-2: Fly To Cairo

Fly overnight to Cairo. You will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel. The remainder of the day is at leisure.

DAY 3: Pyramids Of Giza

Spend today exploring the Pyramids of Giza and The Sphinx, followed by the Egyptian Museum, filled to its brim with an extensive collection of statues, mummies and treasures. Improve your bargaining skills this afternoon when you stroll through the Khan Khalili Bazaar, where you will find local souvenirs and food stalls.

DAY 4: Old Cairo

Spend the morning exploring Cairo's oldest district, the Coptic Quarter, with its impressive churches and the Christian artefact collection at the Coptic Museum. Later, continue to Sakkara, an ancient necropolis famed for its painted catacombs and the Step Pyramid of Djoser.

DAY 5: Explore Alexandria

Begin today travelling north to Alexandria where you will explore the city. Visit the Roman Amphitheatre, the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, which are sure to be a highlight, and view the defensive fortress of Qaitbay Citadel on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

DAY 6: El Alamein

This morning, we visit El Alamein, the site of two key battles in WWII. The Allied victory in the second battle was instrumental in ending the Axis threat to Egypt. Explore the military museum and war cemeteries before travelling southeast back to Cairo. Stop en route to visit the still-active Monastery of St Macarius, inhabited by Coptic Orthodox monks since the 4th century AD.

DAY 7: Cruise The Nile River

Take a short one-hour flight from Cairo to Luxor, where we transfer to the port and board your Nile cruise ship for our four-night cruise. Refresh yourself before this afternoon's excursions around Luxor's East Bank. Begin at the Temple Complex of Karnak, famed for the majestic Hypostyle Hall with its 134 gigantic stone columns, along with the Avenue of the Sphinxes and the Sacred Lake.

DAY 8: Explore West Bank of the River Nile

Explore the West Bank of Luxor, one of Egypt's most stunning landscapes. Admire the mysterious Colossi of Memnon statues en route to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the gigantic funerary complex of Egypt's second-ever female Pharaoh. This afternoon, visit the Valley of the Kings, resting place of many pharaohs of the New Kingdom. Here, visit the tomb of Tutankhamun along with other richly-painted tombs of your choice. Tonight, we sail for Esna.

DAY 9: Visit Kom Ombo

Enjoy a morning visit to the Temple of Horus at Edfu, one of Egypt's most beautiful and well-preserved temples, dating back to the 3rd century BC. Return to the ship for lunch as you cruise on to the town of Kom Ombo, where we visit the unusual double temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to Horus and Sobek. Sail on to Aswan, where we dock for the next two nights.

DAY 10: Abu Simbel

This morning, journey southwest to the iconic twin temples of Abu Simbel, at Egypt's furthest edge. This atmospheric temple complex, perhaps the greatest in Egypt, is dedicated to Ramesses II, often considered the greatest pharaoh of the New Kingdom. Admire its many halls and imposing statues before returning to the ship in Aswan.

DAY 11: Aswan

Discover the many highlights of Aswan on this full-day tour. Visit the 111-metre tall Aswan High Dam, see the Unfinished Obelisk in place at Aswan's ancient quarry, and visit the Temple of Philae on Agilkia Island. After lunch, embark on a felucca (traditional Nile sailing boat) for an afternoon of leisurely cruising. Enjoy a last dinner in Egypt before this evening's flight back to Cairo.

DAY 12: Fly To Jordon

This morning, you will continue your tour with a flight to Jordan. On arrival transfer to your hotel to settle in and spend the rest of the day at leisure.

DAY 13: Discover Jerash

Begin your Jordan adventure with a visit the Roman city of Jerash, known as the 'Pompeii of the East. Continue to Ajloun, where we visit the 12th century castle overlooking the Jordan Valley.

DAY 14: Explore Amman

Explore the old city of Amman, with its impressive Citadel and large Roman amphitheatre, before exploring the Desert Castles outside the city..

DAY 15: Mount Nebo

A visit to Mt Nebo, the site of Moses’ Tomb, will leave you in awe of the ruined 4th and 5th century churches here, with their floors still richly decorated with mosaics. Continue to Madaba to visit the Orthodox Church of St George, famed for its mosaic map. Your evening ends in the town of Petra, where we’ll enjoy an authentic Levantine cooking class with a local chef.

DAY 16: Petra By Day & Night

Explore beautiful Petra, the Lost City of the Nabateans, carved directly from the pink sandstone cliffs. Surrounded by imposing mountains and approached through a deep, narrow gorge known as the Siq, Petra is a poignant remnant of the ancient world. Spend an afternoon at leisure. After sunset, we'll return to Petra and see the Treasury lit by the glow of over a thousand candles.

DAY 17: Wadi Rum Desert Camp

Start with a visit to Little Petra before transferring to Wadi Rum, the Valley of the Moon. This wondrous desert is filled with ancient valleys, towered over by sandstone mountains. A comfortable 4x4 will whisk you into the heart of the wadi, where you'll follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia and hear the desert's long history. This evening, stay in a unique desert camp with luxurious en-suite private tents.

DAY 18: Float In The Dead Sea

Depart your luxury desert camp and head north for our final stop – the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth and famed for its spa-like minerals. Your afternoon is at leisure to float in its super-buoyant waters before our farewell dinner.

DAYS 19-20: Fly To Australia

Fly to Australia, arriving home the following day.

Egypt & Jordan Adventure map

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  • 1 Room, 2 Guests
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We have a selection of dedicated departures for solo travellers. These departures feature a maximum group size of 18 and exclusive benefits including a single room throughout your tour, complimentary return airport transfers (within 50km radius of major Australian airports) and a cocktail on arrival at your destination. Travellers from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne also receive a complimentary Australian airport lounge pass for use prior to departure.

Additional Price Information

  • Flight Inclusive rates only: These include airline fuel surcharge and taxes. Correct as of 1 June 2022. Please note supplements may apply if lead in economy rates are not available.
  • Customary tipping amount approximately US$240pp (AU$350pp) is paid locally in Egypt.
  • Depending on airline schedules, you may depart and/or arrive on Day 2. Extra nights' accommodation (pre or post tour) or stopovers may be required at an additional cost.
  • Flight Inclusive rates only: Based on departures from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth. Departures from other cities and flight upgrades available on request.
  • Price listed is based on new bookings only

Group Tour includes

  • International flights and current taxes (excluded if a land only option is selected)
  • All Meals (refer to itinerary)
  • Domestic transportation
  • Touring with guides and entrance fees
  • 3 – 4 star accommodation
  • Visa fees for Australian passport holders

Important Information For Your Tour

Extensions and stopovers.

Extend your holiday or break up your journey with one of our extensions and stopovers. Choose from city breaks or some beach time, or spend more time in your chosen destination.

egypt jordan tours from australia

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With our flight inclusive option, we'll do the planning for you and meet you on arrival.

We include airport pickup upon arrival at your destination and drop off at the end of your tour (on the scheduled tour arrival and departure days) and when booking pre or post tour accommodation with us.

We partner with established and reputable airlines for your international flights.

We can assist with upgrading your seat to premium or business class for an additional cost.

Our team will work with you to choose your ideal routing and if we make changes to your tour itinerary that impact flights, we’ll rebook them for you.

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Cairo pyramids in Giza at a distance

Egypt and Jordan form the adventure-travel pillars of this intriguing region. Journey through epic landscapes and ancient hubs of humanity with APT right by your side.

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Steeped in ancient history, bursting with cultural experiences and boasting mesmerising landscapes, this fascinating region is a joy to explore. Your adventure awaits.

Explore Australia’s most rugged landscapes and natural wonders

Australia is a land that stimulates, entertains, excites and most of all - welcomes.

Egypt & Jordan Holidays

Alexandria Fort, Egypt

4 Day Alexandria Extension

Cairo Return

Boats sailing down the Nile at sunset

Egypt Discovery

Petra Treasury, Jordan

Egypt and Jordan Adventure

Cairo → Amman

Travel Styles

We understand that one type of holiday does not fit all, so we’ve created a range of travel styles . A selection of ways you can explore the world. Some cover the must-see sights. Some go more in-depth. And sometimes we mix two styles into the one journey. We often offer multiple travel styles in the one destination, ensuring your experience is perfectly aligned with why you want to go, your interests, and your fitness level.

Lady walking through the Karnak Temple, Luxur, Egypt

Classic Journeys

Experience Egypt and Jordan in a style that’s distinctly, delightfully, APT. This means a maximum of just 30 guests, stunning accommodation in amazing locations, visiting the must-see sights, comfortable travel by coach or ship, quality dining with many meals included, and ample leisure time.

The MS Sun Goddess

River Cruising

Your cares will melt away as you drift along the Nile aboard the MS Sun Goddess on your seven-night luxury river cruise. Set off from Luxor and savour enchanting experiences along the way to the charming ancient city of Aswan and back. Simply relax, unpack and we’ll take care of everything else.

Man leading camels by the pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Tailor Made Journeys

If our brochure dates don’t fit with your holiday plans or you’re just after your own private adventure, then this could be the journey for you. With trips that have been especially crafted for you, based on your interests, preferred modes of travel, and must-visit destinations, taking your dream holiday is as easy as one, two, three.

Luxury Fleet

Ms sun goddess.

The MS Sun Goddess offers a luxurious onboard experience with spacious cabins, gastronomic cuisine and impeccable service – all designed to ensure your Nile Cruise is exactly how you’ve imagined it will be.

MS Sun Goddess Ship, Egypt

All-Inspiring Luxury

Unlike other holidays, at APT, we like to make things as easy as possible for you. Our holidays are what we like to call an All-Inspiring Experience. So instead of you wasting your time stressing out about every little detail, you book knowing that we’ve got everything covered. And when you’re away, everything is covered as detailed. It’s the sort of luxury that sets you free.

Gold statues against black mountains and purple sky, Middle East

Signature Experiences

Church of St George in Cairo, Egypt

Freedom of Choice

Car door opening

Luxury Stays

Egyptian Spices

Locally Inspired Dining

View across the Nile River, Egypt

Cruising the Nile in Luxury

Embark on a surreal journey and adventure across an ancient world, a place of wonder, and beauty, culture and charm, with expert APT Tour Directors and local guides with you every step of the way. Whether it is a flight across the desert to Abu Simbel to see the towering temples of Ramesses II set into soaring cliffs or a journey to the charismatic Cairo, weaving your way thru the bustling markets, there is an amazing adventure awaiting.

Extend Your Journey

Beach area and bathing box grandstand and iconic Stanley bridge, Alexandria

Alexandria Extension

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Egypt and Jordan tour packages for Australians

Egypt Jordan Tour Packages from Australia

Embark on an extraordinary journey to Egypt and Jordan from Australia and discover the wonders of these captivating destinations. From the majestic pyramids of Egypt to the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. Our Egypt Jordan tours from Australia offer an unforgettable travel experience, combining iconic landmarks, immersive experiences, and seamless travel arrangements.

Egypt Tours from Australia: Exploring Ancient Mysteries

Begin your adventure in Egypt, where ancient wonders await at every turn. Explore the magnificent pyramids of Giza, be captivated by the enigmatic Sphinx, and delve into the rich history at the temples of Luxor and Karnak. Stroll through the bustling streets of Cairo, visit the world-renowned Egyptian Museum, and cruise along the legendary Nile River. Our Egypt tours from Australia provide a comprehensive and immersive exploration of this timeless destination.

Egypt Jordan Tour Package from Australia with Flights: Hassle-Free Travel Arrangements

Leave the stress of planning to us as you embark on your Egypt Jordan tour . Our tour packages from Australia include flights , ensuring a seamless and hassle-free travel experience from start to finish. We take care of all the details, including accommodations, transportation, and guided tours, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of Egypt and Jordan.

Luxury Egypt and Jordan Tours: Unforgettable Experiences

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with our Egypt and Jordan tours . Experience the finest accommodations, personalized service, and exclusive experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime. From private visits to iconic sites to luxurious desert safaris and culinary delights, our luxury tours provide a truly extraordinary travel experience in Egypt and Jordan.

Egypt Jordan Budget Tours: Affordable Adventures

Explore the treasures of Egypt and Jordan without breaking the bank with our budget-friendly tour options. Discover the iconic landmarks, immerse yourself in local cultures, and enjoy comfortable accommodations and transportation, all at a reasonable price. Our budget tours ensure that you can experience the magic of Egypt and Jordan without compromising on quality or convenience.

Egypt Jordan Jerusalem Tours from Australia: A Multi-Country Odyssey

Embark on a multi-country adventure through Egypt, Jordan, and Jerusalem, delving into the rich history, diverse cultures, and spiritual sites of these remarkable destinations. Explore the ancient ruins of Jerash, soak in the spiritual atmosphere of Jerusalem, and witness the iconic landmarks of Egypt and Jordan. Our Egypt Jordan Jerusalem tours from Australia offer a unique opportunity to witness the vibrant tapestry of the Middle East. 

Our Egypt Jordan tours from Australia provide an exceptional opportunity to explore ancient civilizations, marvel at iconic landmarks, and immerse yourself in rich cultural experiences. Whether you choose a luxury tour, a budget-friendly option, or a multi-country adventure, our meticulously crafted packages cater to your preferences and ensure a memorable journey. Embark on this extraordinary adventure and create lifelong memories as you discover the treasures of Egypt, Jordan, and Jerusalem.

Top-Rated Egypt Jordan Tours from Australia

Custom egypt jordan tours from australia.

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  • Once you are satisfied with the deal, proceed booking and payment.

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Cityscape of Cairo in Egypt

Signature Five-Star Egypt and Jordan Tour

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Countries Visited

Places visited, suggested duration, customizable itinerary, cairo – glamorous views over the river nile.

After landing at Cairo International, you will be greeted by a representative and assisted through customs and immigration before being transferred to your private vehicle for your journey into the city. After your flight to Cairo, you will have a peaceful space where you can fully relax and recuperate from your journey in the luxuries of the famous Marriott Mena House, which has enchanted guests since opening in the late 1800's. The five-star pioneer combines serene vistas with modern opulence in a sensational setting.

The gorgeous hotel offers a selection of rooms with views to Egypt’s captivating pyramids symbolizing more than 7,000 years of civilization blending effortlessly with the welcoming, modern comforts for which the Marriott Mena House Hotel is famous. Celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Cecil B. DeMille, Charlton Heston, and Winston Churchill have enjoyed the beauty of the Marriott Mena House Hotel. You will indulge in the unique location with 40 acres of manicured gardens during your introduction to Egypt as the Nile glistens softly below the city when the evening lights replace the view of the sunset.

What's Included:

River Nile Cruise – The Extravagant Wonder of Karnak and Luxor Temples

Wake the next morning to be privately transferred to Cairo Airport for your short flight to Luxor and travel straight to Luxor Temple. Luxor baffles even the most worldly of travelers as seeing such ancient heritage stand in such a pristine state of conservation is hard to comprehend. Your mind will circle with questions on how these tombs and temples were built on such an immense scale? Palatial columns rise skyward and dwarf all of those who wander across the imposing temple floors. Sculpted figures guard entrances ten meters high, their eyes cast with indecipherable emotion. Footsteps will echo and bounce across the walls before evaporating into the desert sky.

Your first glimpse will be forever memorable as the scale of the temple is experienced in all of its primitive glory. As you admire the hieroglyphs and soak up the murals, you will realize that this is just the start of your journey through Egypt’s dynasties. Like each day on this itinerary, every tour is private, and your Egyptologist guide will tailor the speed and information to your interests. There is almost too much to see around Luxor, and it will be easy to be overwhelmed by temple after temple, tomb after tomb. Your guide will individualize your discovery and focus your time on the most exquisite and interesting.

You will continue down the old Avenue of Sphinxes to the temple complex of Karnak, and then the scale will multiply. The largest of all of Egypt’s temples, the scale can only be comprehended when you stand in the main temple courtyard. You can take your time and allow the silence to take over as impressions of stone imprint themselves. Your guide will unravel the details and over the course of the day, will answer those questions you had when you landed in Luxor earlier in the day. There will be time to visit the Luxor Museum should you wish, as you travel the banks of the River Nile.

River Nile Cruise – Exploring the Valley of the Kings

On Luxor’s opposite bank lie the tombs of the pharaohs, the grand structures built to protect them in a future life. The rulers of Ancient Egypt’s 18th dynasty were mummified and left in the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens, where exquisite details adorn the walls and stories are told in strange images. You will visit four of the tombs, and your guide will explain the potential options. King Tutankhamen’s is usually seen as unmissable, predominantly for its fame. King Ramesses VI’s should also be seen for its beauty and size.

Down in the musty tombs, you can inspect the walls of detail as your guide will point out what has been left behind after over 3,000 years. An ethereal atmosphere hangs in the air and will remind you that these were places of rest. There will be a beautiful moment as you ascend the steps and return to the tomb entrance and admire the endless vista over the desert. After a stop for lunch, you will be guided through the Valley of the Queens and take time in the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Of all Egypt’s ancient monuments, perhaps none capture the era’s stylistic innovation as well as this one. Enjoy your time cruising away from Luxor in the evening.

River Nile Cruise – Cruising Past the Dazzling Temples

Elegant and exceptionally appointed, the cruise ship is one of the Nile’s premier vessels. Opulent views come from your deluxe cabin, in the restaurants, and along the sun decks revealing the tranquility of the Nile and the Sahara beyond. Your boat is spacious and carefully designed to maximize the panoramas while always providing shade. Pass the forgotten villages, the green oases that cling to the sand and the remarkable temples that rise graciously from the desert. Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples have inspiring stories that are written in the symbols and sculptures that encircle them. Your private guide will narrate the tales of the crocodile god and belligerent hippos. These stops will provide the interlude to a very relaxed day of cruising that will immerse you in the gentle rhythm of the desert.

River Nile Cruise – Aswan’s Remarkable Highlights

The sunrise over the River Nile is a striking sight as bands of color linger on the horizon with golden tones shimmering off of the water. As with each morning on the cruise ship, your sumptuous breakfast will be spent with beautiful views as you cruise into Aswan to spend the day exploring a remarkable collection of highlights. Philae Temple, Aswan Dam, the staggering granite slab of the Unfinished Obelisk will pass your view as you begin to appreciate how each of Egypt’s sights has its own ambiance and style.

After a relaxed lunch, you will spend your afternoon on a traditional felucca sailboat as wind power will take you between the exotic green islands and flourishing oases. The boat is a vessel of yesteryear, a serene immersion in the distinctive mood of Aswan as it harmoniously blends Saharan desert styles with Arabic innovation and the charms of tradition. Aswan is Egypt’s most memorable town as the markets are alive with color while locals spend entire afternoons on cafe terraces, and there is a real sense of a world frozen in time. Included in the felucca cruise is a stop at a tiny Nubian village, where you can transfer to a camel and ride into the desert at sunset before settling into your relaxing accommodation combining history with exceptional attention to luxurious detail.

Cairo – Day Trip to Abu Simbel by Air

Abu Simbel is worth the journey. Rescued from the flooding of the Aswan Dam and expertly reconstructed, the Abu Simbel temples are very different to everything you will have previously seen in Luxor. It will be the details that mesmerize; the glance in the eye of sculptures that guard the entrance, the gold leaf shimmering, intricate hieroglyphs found along a hallway of seemingly endless statues. After a relaxed morning, you will fly over the desert to Abu Simbel for a private tour of these astonishing monuments. After that, continue to Cairo and return for the night to the Marriott Mena House Hotel, a place of phenomenal old-world grandeur. Ascend to the roof for an exceptional view of the Pyramids of Giza above the iconic palm trees in the foreground.

Cairo – The Epic Pyramids

For many visitors, the Pyramids of Giza are Ancient Egypt, the single icon that represents the innovation and expression of the world’s first great civilization. Your private guide will take you into the World Heritage Site at sunrise, before the crowds descend, to give you plenty of time to soak up their scale and listen to the enveloping silence. Explore the interior of one of the temples, visit the famous viewpoints, gaze up at the protective Sphinx of Giza, and understand why photos simply do not do justice to these monuments. By mid to late morning, you will be back at Mena House Hotel for a hearty brunch and some relaxed hours spent on the roof. Your private afternoon tour will reveal the oldest of the pyramids, the crumbling and weathered stepped pyramids of Saqqara. While not as visually impressive, these pyramids are a great insight into the construction and design of the icons.

Cairo – Hidden Charms in the Egyptian Museum and Coptic Cairo

Wander through the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities and an endearing chaos will greet you at every angle. Golden fragments are hidden amongst the dust with seemingly priceless artifacts lumped in piles.  It will feel as though you are opening an ancient treasure chest to search through endless gems to find one that ultimately stands out. It can be very confusing, and it could take months to see it all, but with your private guide, you can sidestep straight to the most evocative treasures, including the sparkling wonders excavated from King Tutankhamen’s Tomb. The museum first opened in 1902 and houses approximately 120,000 artifacts.  After lunch, you can spend the afternoon wandering through the cobbled streets of Coptic Cairo, where churches date to the 5th century AD. The vibrant markets are ideal places to purchase souvenirs while aromas of anise, coriander, and black pepper drift through the narrow lanes.

Petra – Sunset Over the Ancient Sandstone City Then Petra by Candlelight

Fly from Cairo to Amman where you will notice the change in atmosphere as the bustle of one capital fades to the tranquility of another. You will be greeted at the airport, and it will be a three-hour drive out to Petra, with a couple of potential stops on route dependent on your mood. Relax at the five-star Movenpick Petra and let the heat of the afternoon slip away before you enter the mesmeric sandstone city. The hotel combines the beauty and flair of natural stone, intricate handcrafted wood, and Middle Eastern fabrics for a collection of sensational textures accentuating the ambiance around one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The Arabic-style courtyard provides a soothing window into the past and a selection of the luxurious rooms offer enchanting views over the Great Rift Valley. The comforts of the modern rooms contrast the antique ambiance of the ancient city located across the street from the hotel.

Late afternoon will cast a seductive glow onto the rock as swirls of rustic red and radiant orange bounce back off of the canyon walls. Tomorrow you will explore the different buildings to admire their contrasts, but today’s sunset will be about admiring the city from a raised vantage point and watching the subtle changes as dusk takes hold. Your private guide will lead you towards the famous entrance of Petra for the evening tour. You will descend slowly as the canyon narrows, and you approach Petra’s ancient, hidden entrance.

Take a few more steps, and a whole world will open as buildings are carved into red cliffs and sculptures dominate the sandstone. With candlelight as your guide, you will make out the city avenues as they wind around the cliffs and lead to majestic layers of rock. Silence reigns, and you will hear every footstep. Hold your light out and reveal a new set of detail, which then disappears as you walk on. Exploring Petra at candlelight has an almost transcendent element, one that slowly evokes the atmosphere of this city’s distant origins.

Dead Sea – Exploring the Exceptional Details of Petra

Petra looks different in the morning light as it is both inviting and inquisitive to showcase a scale that was impossible to grasp yesterday evening. This sandstone city is not merely a cluster of photogenic buildings, but a sprawling expanse of caves, tombs, Roman pillars, polished granite and sculpted icons. After breakfast, your private guide will explain the potential route options. You can only get around the city by foot, or by donkey. The area close to Petra’s narrow canyon entrance has the most famous sights but starting from the opposite side will reveal the city’s most impressive temple. The walk could be less than an hour, uncovering a few exceptional icons or you could also spend a whole day and only see half the city, such is its enormity and vivid detail. Take as long as you like because, like all good cities, the real beauty comes when you head off the beaten track. From Petra, you will be transferred to the Dead Sea, a two-hour journey that will culminate in the peaceful views overlooking the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea – Free Day on the Water

This will be a day at your leisure, and you can begin your day gazing over the water from your hotel balcony. Your hotel embodies tranquility with spacious interiors opening out onto the sea breeze for your own secluded piece of the coastline. The Dead Sea is Jordan’s premier coastal escape, even though the salty water is now hemmed in by landmasses. Relax by the shaded pool as drinks are served or take a swim in the Dead Sea to experience the buoyancy of the salt. You will feel something comforting and recognizable about the Dead Sea, yet there is also something endearingly different and exotic.

Amman – Final Historical Highlights and Departure

The journey back to Amman can take two hours with a scenic ride on route to dropping you at the airport for your international departure. But for an evening departure, this final transfer can include many intriguing stops. Spend time at the Roman ruins of Jerash for insight into the blend of Greco-Roman architecture and Arab traditions dating back to the 1st century BC or explore the epic 12th century crusader castle of Kerak, the largest crusader castle in Jordan, before reaching Queen Alia International Airport.

Trip Highlights

  • Settle into the lavish comforts of five-star hotels like the Marriott Mena House Hotel, an iconic landmark in Cairo that is a favorite among VIPs, and Movenpick Petra where modern luxuries meet the grandeur of ancient civilizations
  • Feel the glory of ancient empires while discovering the striking wonders of Egypt and Jordan
  • Explore all of the mesmerizing historical sights on private tours with skilled Egyptologist guides to provide a narrative to accompany the lost-world atmosphere
  • Cruise down the River Nile in style and grace with a relaxed view of the wonders of the riverbanks
  • Uncover the famous sights in Cairo, including the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Mummy Room at the Egyptian Museum
  • Fly across the desert sands to Abu Simbel to see an astonishing temple that overflows with majestic sculptures
  • Journey into Petra at sunrise then explore the sandstone with candlelight and savor the expressive atmosphere of the ghost city
  • Relax on the Dead Sea and recollect the highlights of the journey during your final two nights in Jordan

Detailed Description

Egypt and Jordan abound with history. Pyramids proudly dominate the desert while temples celebrate the glory of ancient dynasties, forgotten cities are sculpted from sandstone, and traditional villages and untouched tombs are juxtaposed along the banks of the River Nile. Few other regions can rival their sense of old glory with their expressions of fantastic worlds that existed long before the notions of Western civilization. Your handcrafted tour will bring the old-world glory of Egypt and Jordan and wrap it all in a thick layer of modern luxury with carefully selected hotels and guides to provide a contemporary glamour to complement the history. The Great Sphinx of Giza, King Tutankhamen’s Tomb, Petra, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel and others will showcase both astonishing scale and a sublime level of intricacy and intimacy. Travelers will also have the opportunity to partake in Egypt's modern history when staying at the the Marriott Mena House. Since its inception in the late 1800's, the Marriott Mena House has a rich history and has been the favorite among many celebrities, foreign dignitaries, and Zicasso travelers. Most of the rooms at the Mena House offer a direct view of the Great Pyramid.

Begin your trip with a lavish night spent overlooking the River Nile in Cairo, and then settle into the charm of the region’s finest cruise ship, the intimate five-star Movenpick Royal Lily. This vessel will be your base for four days with a large balcony that gazes out onto desert sunsets and riverside scenes. Private Egyptologist guides will lead you into the annals of history, starting in Luxor and Karnak, and then into the Valley of the Kings. Descend into the famous tombs and admire their untrammeled opulence, and then gaze skywards as footsteps echo across temple floors as you explore all of the wonders that make Luxor the great open-air museum that it is.

You will soon be cruising to Aswan with a stop at two remarkable temples before docking. A new set of highlights will emerge here, some of which are romantically discovered on a private felucca sailboat excursion. The end of the week will be very relaxed with your short return flights to Abu Simbel bringing a dramatic insight into one of the world’s most expressive historical sights. Landing back in Aswan, you will have the afternoon to relax in the palm-dappled oasis at the Old Cataract Aswan, a glamorous hotel that inspired Agatha Christie and epitomizes the quality of the accommodation provided throughout the tour.

Cairo has many highlights but the chaos of the city can be overwhelming, so the Kempinski Nile Hotel will provide you an oasis of calm to escape the noise and the crowds. From there, you will take private tours to the unforgettable sights like the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Mummy Room at the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. Your next two days will be spent in Petra, with two unique tours that will unravel the elegance of this lost sandstone city. To complete your journey will be two nights at the Dead Sea, where the tranquility of nature will take center stage with views that are postcard-perfect. Our Egypt travel specialists use their expertise to ensure your memories of Egypt are as amazing as the history and scenery.

Starting Price

$4,207  per person (excluding international flights)

Your Zicasso trip is fully customizable, and this sample itinerary is a starting place for your travel plans. Actual costs are dynamic, and your selection of accommodations and activities, your season of travel, and other such variables will bring this budget guideline up or down. Throughout your planning experience with your Zicasso specialist, your itinerary is designed around your budget. You can book your trip when you are satisfied with every detail. Planning your trip with a Zicasso travel specialist is a free service.

What's Included

  • Accommodations
  • In-country transportation
  • Some or all activities and tours
  • Expert trip planning
  • 24x7 support during your trip

Your final trip cost will vary based on your selected accommodations, activities, meals, and other trip elements that you opt to include.

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Sphinx alley in Karnak temple complex, Luxor, Egypt

Egypt And Jordan Tours


Whether you are looking for the perfect Egypt tours from Australia, or whether you simply want to find out more about travel to Egypt from Australia, we can help.

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Most people have a trip to Egypt on their bucket list. Still, they are worried about travelling to a country with a foreign culture and a language they cannot understand.

At Egypt and Jordan Tours by Egypt Tours Plus, you get your very own guide, who speaks a language you know and a personal driver who drives you around in a modern, comfortable vehicle from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave.

This way, you get the Egypt tour you always dreamt of and create memories for life.

Click the button below and create the perfect dream tour of Egypt, and make memories for life of all the exciting places you heard about in school and have seen on movies and TV.

Egypt Holidays from Australia

The Ultimate Guide for Traveling to Egypt from Australia

All the Information in One Place

From its timeless pyramids, temples and tombs, to its pristine beaches and world renowned dive sites, Egypt is a fantastic holiday destination for anyone and everyone.

Whether you visit on your own, or whether you visit with friends or family, a vacation in Egypt will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

Let’s take a closer look at booking Egypt tours from Australia:

Egypt Holiday Packages from Australia - with Pharaoh, Goddess Hathor and God Horus

Egypt Passport and Entry Visa Requirements

Everyone needs a valid passport and a visa in order to enter Egypt. Fortunately, for Australians, obtaining a tourist visa for Egypt couldn’t be any easier than it is.

For Australian passport holders, there are three ways you can obtain your Egypt tourist visa:

  • Apply for a visa at your nearest Egyptian embassy or consular office.
  • Obtain a visa-on-arrival at Cairo International Airport or any other international airport in Egypt.
  • Apply for your visa online via the official Egypt e-Visa Portal .

The vast majority of people who book Egypt tours from Australia choose to get a visa-on-arrival when they land in Egypt. However, the e-Visa option will almost certainly become a more popular option as more people become aware of it.

In order to apply for an e-Visa, you first need to set up an account on the official Egypt e-Visa portal. Once you have created your account, choose which visa you want and then simply follow the instructions which are very straight forward.

Once you submit your application and you have paid the visa fee via your credit card or debit card, your application will be processed. Once it has been approved you will be able to log into your account where you visa will now be available for downloading and printing. When you arrive in Egypt, simply hand your printed visa to one of the immigration officials who will then stamp your passport.

Under certain circumstances, your chosen tour operator may be able to obtain your entry visa for you. For example, we provide this service with some of our luxury Egypt tours from Australia.

Step Pyramid of Djoser

Egypt Holidays from Australia and Covid-19 Restrictions

At the time of writing, fully vaccinated Australians faced no Covid-19 travel restrictions in Egypt, providing their most recent vaccine was received more than 14 days prior to arriving in the country.

Egypt recognizes the following vaccines:

  • AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria)
  • Moderna (Spikevax)
  • Pfizer-BioNTech (Comirnaty)

Unvaccinated Australians were required to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test, and the test must have been done within 72 hours of arriving in the country.

Luxury Egypt tours from Australia - Inside Temple at Abu Simbel

Vaccines to travel to Egypt from Australia

You can enjoy Egypt tours from Australia without getting any particular vaccines, although there are some which are recommended. These are:

  • Hepatitis A – Hepatitis A is spread by eating contaminated food and/or drinking contaminated water in Egypt.
  • Typhoid – Typhoid can also be caught through contaminated food or water. A Typhoid vaccine is especially recommended if you plan on visiting rural parts of the country, or if you are going to be staying with friends or family in Egypt.
  • Rabies – Rabies is present in Egypt, so getting vaccinated against this disease is recommended but not essential, especially if you are only going to be visiting the country’s major cities.

Best Time to Visit Egypt

The best time to travel to Egypt from Australia really depends on your personal travel style and your budget. December and January represent the peak of the high season which runs from October to April. These are the best months in terms of the weather. However, everything costs more, including hotel accommodation, Nile River cruises, and of course, Egypt tour packages.

Visiting Egypt during the low season, which runs from May to September, costs less, but it can be very warm, and especially during June, July and August. If you are accustomed to very warm weather, as many Australians are, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy Egypt tours from Australia during Egypt’s low season. You will also encounter less tourists than you would if you were to visit, let’s say, in December or January.

Small group tours to Egypt from Australia - Pyramids shot by drone.

Why Visit Egypt

Egypt is famous for its towering Pyramids of Giza, its many rock-hewn ancient tombs, and its many ancient temples, but there is so much more to Egypt than only ancient relics. Not many people are going to book Egypt holiday packages from Australia only to see the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt’s vibrant capital city.

Our most popular Egypt holiday packages from Australia are our Cairo and Nile cruise packages, some of which also include a few days on the Red Sea coast at places like Sharm el Sheikh and/or Hurghada.

A lot of people also visit Egypt to experience its rich culture and its cuisine, while at the same time visiting its legendary ancient treasures that have been left behind by one of the most advanced ancient civilizations.

Lots of people also book Egypt tour from Australia so that they can experience the magic of a 5-Star sightseeing cruise on the River Nile between Aswan and Luxor, or perhaps a 5-Star cruise on Lake Nasser.

Egypt’s Red Sea coastline is another reason why some people book Egypt holidays from Australia. Egypt has some truly stunning beaches with crystal clear water. Egypt’s Red Sea coastline is also home to literally hundreds of coral reefs that are in turn home to a vast variety of marine species.

Some of the world’s finest dive sites are located along Egypt’s Red Sea coastline, attracting countless SCUBA diving enthusiasts from all around the world. Not surprisingly, there is no shortage of dive shops and dive schools in places like Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. If SCUBA diving or snorkeling is your thing, you really need to add Egypt’s Red Sea coast to your bucket list.

A lot of people also book Egypt tours from Australia simply because they want an affordable and wonderfully relaxing vacation near the beach at one of Egypt’s delightful resort towns. It really takes a lot to beat a professionally crafted Nile cruise & Hurghada holiday or a Nile cruise and Sharm El Sheikh Holiday.

Egypt holidays from Australia - River Nile at sunset in Aswan

Why Travel to Egypt with Us

Why visit Egypt with Egypt and Jordan Tours by Egypt Tours Plus? Because, when you travel with us, you get so much more than just a vacation in the Land of the Pharaohs. You get to enjoy an unforgettable and totally flawless travel experience with lifelong memories guaranteed.

When you book your Egypt vacation through us, you are booking your trip through a travel company that has already sold more than 500,000 tours. That’s more than half a million dreams brought to life for traveler from all over the world.

All of our Egypt tours from Australia are premium quality tours that include excellent 4 or 5-star-accommodation, professional expert guides and deluxe air-conditioned vehicles and private drivers.

Our tours save you time, money and hassle, and they guarantee that you visit only the very best sites that Egypt has to offer. You will also be traveling with a company that has been awarded the TripAdvisor 2020/2021″Travelers’ Choice” award.  

Last but not least, every one of our Egypt tours from Australia can be customized to meet your own individual needs exactly, or we can help you to craft your own unique travel itinerary from scratch. 

Check out our spectacular range of Egypt tours or our Egypt & Jordan tours, or even book your dream trip right now.

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Design Your Custom Tour

Explore Egypt (and may we suggest Jordan) your way by selecting only the attractions you want to visit

Helpful Tips for Traveling to Egypt

While Egypt is a very tourist-friendly country to visit and explore, a little bit of insight can go a long way in helping you to avoid unnecessary problems.

Let’s take a look at a few things which can make travel to Egypt from Australia that much more hassle-free:

Quenching your Thirst

Egypt is a warm/hot country, where people, including tourists, drink plenty of water. No matter how thirsty you are, never drink tap water. Stick to bottled water only. Bottled water is cheap and plentiful in Egypt.

Likewise, it’s best to only buy and consume beverages that come in sealed containers. This is not to say you can’t enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, or a glass of juice with ice, but if you do, buy from places that are serving a lot of locals.

Dining and Avoiding Mummy Tummy

As the saying goes: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Well, when in Egypt, do as the Egyptians do, at least when it comes to eating street food or dining at small roadside restaurants. Many visitors end up with an upset stomach (mummy tummy) soon after they arrive in Cairo.

It would be a shame to visit Egypt and never try traditional food and snacks sold in the country’s bazaars, but one should exercise a bit of caution. Instead of avoiding street vendors and small restaurants altogether, simply buy what you want from vendors and/or restaurant that are serving lots of locals.

Tipping - Not Mandatory, but Always Appreciated

In larger restaurants, a service fee is automatically added to your bill. However, this money goes to the restaurant owner rather than to the waiters or waitresses, many of whom earn very low wages. Tipping them with a few Egyptian pounds for good service can really make a big difference.

Many waiters and waitresses are forced to rely on tips to supplement their salaries. The same applies to some service staff at hotels and resorts.

Politics and Religion

Politics and religion are both sensitive topics in Egypt, and we strongly recommend against getting drawn into debates concerning either or both.

Under no circumstances should you insult Islam, or any other religion for that matter.

Most Egyptians are notoriously friendly and tolerant, but when it comes to politics and/or religion, it is all too easy for foreigners to cross the line.

Swimming in the Nile River

While none of our own Egypt tours from Australia include opportunities to swim in the Nile River, some Felucca cruise operators actually encourage swimming in the Nile in areas that are supposedly safe for swimming.

Crocodiles are not the problem. Instead, it is Schistosomiasis that is the concern. This is a disease which is carried by a parasite that is present in many bodies of fresh water in Africa.

A lot of people do enjoy a dip in the Nile between Aswan and Luxor, but regardless of what tour operators might tell you, there is a risk of contracting Schistosomiasis.

If you have, or if you intend to book one of our Egypt tours from Australia, every hotel you stay in will have a swimming pool. Nearly all Nile cruise ships also have a swimming pool, so there is no need to risk a swim in the Nile River.

Don't Let Sunburn Destroy your Holiday Experience

Whatever you do, don’t underestimate the power of the Egyptian sun. Yes, many Australians are accustomed to plenty of sun, but still, many underestimate the risk of serious sunburn in Egypt, especially during the warmer summer months.

Most of Egypt’s archaeological sites, such as the Giza Pyramids, provide very little in the way of shade. We highly recommend packing in some good quality sunscreen lotion, a wide-brimmed hat, and a good pair of sunglasses.

Save Money with Small Group Tours to Egypt from Australia

Small group tours to Egypt from Australia provide travelers with an excellent opportunity to save some money, and still get to see the wonders of Ancient Egypt. Group tours cost less than private tours because tour operators can make group reservations at hotels and on the Nile River cruises. As a group, the cost of expert guides is shared, as is the cost of transport. These savings can then be passed on to clients.

Our Egypt small group tours are limited to a maximum of 12 or 25 persons. Group tours are a great option for people on a tight budget and/or people who just prefer traveling in a group.

Luxury Egypt Tours from Australia

If you have a bit of cash to spare and you want your trip through Ancient Egypt to be even more memorable than ever, consider booking a luxury tour.

Luxury tours will typically include outstanding hotel accommodation, one of the best Nile cruise packages, private expert guides and personal drivers, and sometimes even your entry visa for Egypt. Providing you book through a reputable tour operator, your trip to Egypt should be totally flawless in every aspect.

10 Must-See Places to Visit

10 archaeological treasures which every Australian visitor should try to see while they are in Egypt

1. Giza Pyramids & Sphinx, Cairo

The view of three pyramids and a giant Sphinx in the distance is one of the most iconic sights in the world. The Giza Pyramids are Egypt’s most visited attraction. They are far from being the oldest, but they are certainly the most famous pyramids in Egypt. Other ancient civilizations also built pyramids, but it is the Giza Pyramids that captivated the imagination of the world.

While it is now illegal to climb any of the pyramids, it is possible to go inside the pyramids providing you purchase the necessary tickets which are available at the site.

Giza Pyramids

2. Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo

Located in the heart of Cairo, Egypt’s bustling capital city, the Egyptian Museum showcases more than 5,000 years of fascinating history. With more than 100,000 artifacts on display, a visit to this world famous museum is a definite must for anyone and everyone who visits Cairo. Expect to spend at least an hour or two at the museum

While many of the museum’s original artifacts have recently been relocated to the new Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza, there is still so much to see at the museum, including many artifacts which are now on display for the very first time.

3. Abu Simbel Temples, Abu Simbel

Located near the modern-day city of Abu Simbel, are two enormous rock-hewn temples that were commissioned by Pharaoh Ramses II. One was constructed for him and one for his beloved wife, Queen Nefertari. These two breathtaking temples are Egypt’s second-most instantly recognizable site. The temples were built in honor of multiple gods, and in honor of Ramses himself who believed he too would become a god in the afterlife.

Unfortunately, the drive from Aswan to Abu Simbel takes approximately 3.5 to 4 hours in each direction. However, if you don’t mind the drive, we cannot recommend the Abu Simbel Temples highly enough.

Abu Simbel Temples

4. Valley of the Kings, Luxor

The Valley of Kings is an ancient royal necropolis located near the modern day city of Luxor in Upper Egypt. The site is home to more than 60 ancient tombs, including the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses VI and the tomb of King Tutankhamun. Several of the tombs are open to visitors, but for some of them, visitors are required to purchase tickets in person at the site.

At the time of writing, tour operators were not allowed to purchase these “special” tickets ahead of time on behalf of their clients. Visitors hoping to see inside Tutankhamun’s tomb should get to the site as early as possible, especially during the high season when there are lots of tourists about.

5. Karnak Temple Complex, Luxor

Karnak Temple is located in the ancient city of Thebes on the east bank of the Nile River near modern day Luxor. Luxor is one of the best Egyptian cities in terms of ancient attractions. Karnak is a sprawling complex which grew over a period of more than 2,000 years. Best described as being an ancient city of temples, it is the second-most visited ancient site in Egypt.

While mostly only ruins remain, there is still so much to see at this site. You will see Karnak Temple featured in almost all of our Egypt Tours from Australia that include a Nile River cruise. It really is one of the most famous sights in Egypt.

Karnak Temple

6. Hatshepsut Temple, Luxor

Also located on the west bank of the Nile River at Thebes, the mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut is featured in nearly all Nile River cruise itineraries. It is also featured in most Luxor tour packages and in most of our own Egypt tours from Australia. This huge terraced temple was commissioned by Queen Hatshepsut, Ancient Egypt’s only true Egyptian female ruler.

Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple is believed to be one of the most majestic temples ever built by the Ancient Egyptians. As with the other sites already mentioned, Hatshepsut Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is considered one of Egypt’s “Incomparable Ancient Egyptian Monuments.”

7. Luxor Temple, Luxor

Also located on the east bank of the Nile River, just a stone throw away from Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple is absolutely breathtaking. In fact, Luxor Temple is considered to be one of the world’s most breathtaking open-air museums. These days, visitors can walk from Karnak Temple to Luxor Temple via the recently re-opened Avenue of the Sphinxes.

While most of our Egypt tours from Australia include a guided tour to Luxor Temple, we also highly recommend visiting the site in the evening for a spectacular professionally narrated Sound and Lights Show, during which guests learn all about the temple’s ancient history.

Egypt holiday packages from Australia - Luxor Temple at night

8. Temple of Horus, Edfu

Also known as Edfu Temple, this is Egypt’s most well-preserved ancient cult temple. After the Egyptians, the Romans seized the temple but eventually abandoned it. As the years passed, the entire temple became buried beneath the desert sands. Not surprisingly, you will find Edfu Temple featured in nearly all good Nile cruise itineraries.

Edfu itself is a charming town. If you visit Edfu during a Nile cruise, you may also be able to visit the temple by way of a horse-drawn carriage that will take through the old town on your way to the temple with its two gigantic statues of Horus.

9. Kom Ombo Temple, Kom Ombo

Kom Ombo Temple is located near the modern-day town of the same name. It is one of Egypt’s most unique ancient temples because it is essentially two temples in one. One is like a mirror image of the other. The complex was dedicated to two different gods: Sobek the crocodile god and Horus the falcon headed god.

Because the Egyptians did not want to cause offense to either of the gods, both halves of the temple were made identical. Kom Ombo Temple is also featured in nearly all good Nile cruise itineraries.

Luxury Egypt tours from Australia - Temple of Kom Ombo

10. Philae Temple, Aswan

Philae Temple is located near to the modern-day city of Aswan. The temple is remarkably well-preserved. It is also believed to be the last true Egyptian cult temple built by the ancient Egyptians. The entire complex was relocated in entirety to its current location in order to save it from the flooding of Lake Nasser when the Aswan High Dam was built.

Philae Temple was dedicated to two goddesses, Hathor and Isis, and was originally located on a small and extremely sacred island in the Nile River. This is another ancient monument that features in many of our Egypt tours from Australia.

FAQ: Travel to Egypt from Australia

Is it safe to travel to egypt right now.

Yes, Egypt is by and large a safe destination for tourists. However, visitors are advised to stay clear of the Libyan border area, the Western Desert, and the north Sinai region.

Are the pyramids in Egypt safe to visit?

Yes, the ancient Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx are very safe to visit. There is plenty of security to ensure the safety of tourists, and there are even guards patrolling the site at night.

What should I avoid in Egypt?

Avoid being confrontational with locals when shopping or browsing in local markets. It is also best to avoid getting involved in political and/or religious debates.  

Do I need a Covid test to enter Egypt?

Unvaccinated travelers need to show proof of a negative test result. The test must be done no more than 72 hours prior to your arrival in Egypt. This does not apply to fully vaccinated travelers.

For latest info please ask your tour consultant.

Do you need a visa to visit Egypt?

Yes, Australia passport holders need a visa in order to enter Egypt. Visas can be obtained on arrival at Cairo International Airport or they can be applied for online via the Egypt e-Visa portal.

How to get a visa for Egypt from Australia?

Visit your nearest Egyptian Embassy or consular office, or get a visa-on-arrival (VOA) at any international airport in Egypt. Australians are also able to apply for an Egypt e-Visa online.

How much does it cost to visit Egypt?

The cost of a trip to Egypt depends on many things, including your travel style and your budget. You should be able to get a high quality Egypt package holiday for as little as AU$ 1,600.

Is Egypt expensive to visit?

No, Egypt is not an expensive country to visit. The cost of living in Egypt is considerably lower than it is in Australia. This is one of the reasons why Egypt is so popular among backpackers.

When to Visit

Which is the best month to visit egypt.

December and January are considered the best months for visiting Egypt because this is the coolest time of the year. However, it is at the peak of the high season when everything costs more.

Best time to visit Egypt and Jordan?

December and January are generally seen as being the best time to visit Egypt and Jordan due to the mild weather. However, any time between October and April is also a good time to visit.

Where to Visit

Why do people visit egypt.

People visit Egypt for various reasons, including sightseeing and SCUBA diving. However, most people who visit Egypt do so because they want to see the country’s many ancient attractions.

What are the must visit places in Egypt?

The most visited places in Egypt are Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, and Alexandria. Egypt’s most visited ancient monuments are all located in Cairo and Luxor.

Is Alexandria Egypt worth visiting?

Alexandria can’t compete with Cairo and Luxor in terms of sightseeing, but many people believe Alexandria to be one of the best Egyptian cities that has somehow retained its original charm.

How many days do you need in Egypt?

The number of days needed for Egypt will depend on what all you want to see and do. Considering the distance from Australia to Egypt, we would recommend spend no less than 10 days in the country.


What do tourists wear in egypt.

Most tourists opt for light loose fitting clothes, with many also preferring long pants or dresses and long-sleeve tops. T-shirts and shorts are more popular in resort towns like Sharm El Sheikh.

Do they speak English in Egypt?

In the larger cities, many Egyptians know at least some English, and in very touristy areas, a lot of locals can speak some basic English. However, most Egyptians don’t speak English.

How far is Egypt from Australia?

The distance between Australia and Egypt is approximately 12,440 kilometers, a journey which would take just over 16 hours, assuming you had booked a direct flight.

If you have any questions which have not been addressed here, please visit our general FAQ or contact us  and we will be happy to help.

Plan Your Egypt Holiday

Our tour consultants are on call 24/7 to offer assistance and to answer any questions you may have about visiting Egypt.

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Egypt Tours From Australia

Our private guided Egypt tours from Australia have been growing in popularity ever since we first started marketing our service to Australians, and today there are many Australians who would never dream of using any other tour operator for their Egyptian and Middle Eastern holidays. Then again, with decades worth of experience behind us, it only stands to reason that we offer some of the best Egypt holiday packages from Australia.

Look no further. We offer an extensive range of meticulously planned but flexible Egypt tours from Australia to suit all tastes and budgets. Find your favourite below and make every mile a memory.

Design Your Custom Tour

3 Day Egypt Tours

3 Day Egypt Tours

4 Day Egypt Tours - Statue in Temple of Hatschepsut

4 Day Egypt Tours

Tour di 5 giorni in Egitto

5 Day Egypt Tours

6 Day Egypt Tours - Pylons of Karnak Temple. Ancient Thebes

6 Day Egypt Tours

Tour di 7 giorni in Egitto - L'altopiano di Giza al Cairo

7 Day Egypt Tours

8 Day Egypt Tours - Hieroglyph writings of ancient Egyptians

8 Day Egypt Tours

Tour di 10 giorni in Egitto - piramidi egiziane

10 Day Egypt Tours

12 Day Egypt Tours - Egyptian Sphinxes, Thebes

12 Day Egypt Tours

14 Day Egypt Tours - Sphinx Alley near the Luxor Temple, Egypt

14 Day Egypt Tours

Design your custom egypt tour.

Explore Egypt your way by selecting only the attractions you want to visit

Egypt Tours from Australia – Discover the Magic of Ancient Egypt

Many travelers that arrive in Egypt soon become overwhelmed by the vast number of attractions, and unfortunately, many return home without having seen a lot of the best attractions.

There is so much more to Egypt than only the ancient pyramids, but trying to work out which are the best sights to see can often prove to be a daunting task, particularly if you’re not familiar with the country or its historical past. This is why we have created a wide range of packaged Egypt tours from Australia based on the feedback we’ve been getting from our customers for more than six decades.

Many of our tours are focused only on Egypt, but we also have many that include other fascinating destinations, such as our Egypt and Jordan Tours or our incredibly popular Egypt and Dubai tours.

When you book your Egypt and Middle East tours through us, your adventure begins from the minute you are greeted by our company representative at Cairo International Airport. Your tour guide will then escort you to your hotel where you’ll be given a free “Welcome to Egypt” drink of your choice before checking in.

Most Egypt tours from Australia include at least two nights in Cairo, during which time you’ll get to see all the most famous sights, including:

  • Great Pyramids of Giza
  • Djoser’s Step Pyramid
  • Egyptian Museum
  • Several other historical landmarks depending on length of stay in Cairo

What Else to See when Visiting Egypt?

The Great Sphinx

Most Egypt tours from Australia also include spending some time in Egypt’s other premier destinations such as Luxor and Aswan since both of these ancient cities have just as much to offer visitors as Cairo does. Luxor is often described as a city of ancient temples, and sights such as the Valley of the Kings; Karnak Temple and the Queen Hatshepsut Temple never fail to impress even the most seasoned travelers.

In Aswan the most popular sights tend to be places like the Unfinished Obelisk; Philae Temple; Abu Simbel Temples; the Aswan High Dam and the Nubian village on Elephantine Island.

These are only a few of Egypt’s top attractions, and we’ve tried to include most, if not all of them in our Egypt tours from Australia. Again, if you don’t find an Egypt tour that includes all the places you are longing to see, you can just let us know and we’ll more than happy to customize a tour which is tailored to your individual requirements.

Passport and Visa Requirements for Australian Citizens

Australian passport holders can now apply online for an Egyptian e-Visa prior to traveling to Egypt, or they can get a visa on arrival at any international airport when they arrive in Egypt. Visas can also be applied for at any Egyptian Embassy or Egyptian Consulate in Australia. The costs of the various tourist visas are as follows:

  • Single entry e-Visa – A single entry e-Visa costs $25.00 and it allows you to remain in the country for up to 60 days.
  • Multiple entry e-Visa – A multiple entry e-Visa costs $60.00 and allows you to remain in the country for up to 90 days.
  • Visa-on-arrival – A visa-on-arrival costs $25.00 and allows you to remain in the country for up to 30 days.
  • Single or multiple entry visa at an embassy or consulate – If you apply for your visa at an embassy or consular office prior to traveling to Egypt, it costs £20.00 for a single entry tourist visa and $32.00 for a multiple entry tourist visa, and allows you to remain in the country for up to 60 or 90 days depending on which visa you applied for.
  • Single entry business visa – $65.00
  • Multiple entry business visa – $105.00
  • As is the case with many countries, you will be refused entry if your passport is valid for less than six months as from the last day of your stay.

NOTE: People traveling on an Australian passport can visit and stay at Sinai resorts for a period of up to 15 days without the need for a visa. If you only intend staying in one or more Sinai resorts, you can obtain a free Entry Permission stamp at Sharm el Sheikh, Saint Catherine and Taba airports. However, if you want to leave the area or stay for more than 15 days, you will have to go to one of these airports to obtain a visa.

When is the Best Time to Travel to Egypt from Australia?

Tours to Egypt from Australia - Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane

Because we offer so many different Egypt tours from Australia, it’s possible for you to visit Egypt any time of the year. However, the summer months are typically very hot, and many visitors, although not all, find the extreme heat uncomfortable. If most of your holiday is going to be spent onboard one of our luxury Nile cruises or in resorts, then visiting during the summer should be fine. However, if are booking a package tour that includes a lot of sightseeing, then we recommend visiting during the cooler months, from October to April.

Staying Safe While Traveling in Egypt

Egypt is not only a spectacular destination, but also a very safe destination. Nonetheless, there is always a certain amount of risk, regardless of where about in the world you go. A few general safety precautions can spell the difference between a great holiday and a disastrous one. We personally recommend the following:

  • Keep valuables in the safes which are generally available in all major hotels
  • Avoid large gatherings and avoid walking around in quite unfamiliar places after dark
  • Always follow any and all safety advice offered by tour guides and/or our company representatives
  • Avoid confrontation
  • Avoid getting into discussions about politics and/or religion

FAQ: Egypt Holiday Packages from Australia

Is Egypt Safe to Travel?

Egypt is very safe for tourists, including its major cities and popular attractions. However, areas closer than 50 km to the Libyan and Sudanese borders, and also North Sinai, should be avoided.

Can I Travel to Egypt from Australia?

Australian citizens and those in possession of an Australian passport are welcome to visit Egypt. Your passport should have at least six months validity remaining after your Egypt departure date.

Do You Need a Visa for Egypt from Australia?

Australian nationals and those travelling on an Australian passport need a visa to enter Egypt. These can be obtained in Australia prior to travelling, or at any international airport in Egypt.

How Far is Egypt from Australia?

The straight line distance (as the crow flies) from Australia to Egypt is 12,440 kilometers, while the shortest flight distance from Sydney, Australia to Cairo, Egypt is 14,416 kilometers.

How Long to Fly From Australia to Egypt?

One stop flights from Australia vary depending on which Australian city you fly from. From Perth to Cairo takes about 17h 40m, while a flight from Sydney to Cairo takes about 19h 10m.

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Egypt , the gateway to the Middle East , carries centuries of history along the Nile River past Egyptian pyramids and temples. Once you reach Cairo, you can easily get to Israel 's holy land in Jerusalem. You'll notice that despite their proximity, Tel Aviv has an entirely different vibe and just a few kilometres over the border, Jordan hides another ancient treasure, a valley of magnificent temples and tombs, known as Petra .

124 Egypt, Jordan and Israel tour packages with 315 reviews

Best of Holy Land Israel & Jordan and Egypt Tour with Nile Cruise - 17 Days Tour

Best of Holy Land Israel & Jordan and Egypt Tour with Nile Cruise - 17 Days

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Highlights of the Holy Land Israel & Jordan & Cairo Tour - 13 Days

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Israel, Jordan and Egypt with Nile Cruise 12 days

"The itinerary is excellent however, the transfer from Taba border to Cairo is extremely..."

Pyramids, Petra, Promised Land - 19 Days Tour

Pyramids, Petra, Promised Land - 19 Days

"First of all, I don’t leave reviews however compelled to do so because too many..."

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Israel, Jordan and Cairo ( 15 days ) Tour

Israel, Jordan and Cairo ( 15 days )

Classical Jerusalem, Jordan and Cairo Tour

Classical Jerusalem, Jordan and Cairo

Middle East Highlights- Israel Jordan & Egypt Tour

Middle East Highlights- Israel Jordan & Egypt

Jordan and Egypt on a Budget Tour Tour

Jordan and Egypt on a Budget Tour

"We had an absolutely fantastic trip. On the ground operator for Egypt was not Fez..."

Pyramids, Petra, Promised Land with Cruise - 19 days Tour

Pyramids, Petra, Promised Land with Cruise - 19 days

Egypt, Jordan, Israel & the Palestinian Territories Tour

Egypt, Jordan, Israel & the Palestinian Territories

Best of Israel, Jordan and Egypt 12 Day Tour Package Tour

Best of Israel, Jordan and Egypt 12 Day Tour Package

10 Day Highlights of Israel, Jordan, and Egypt Tour Package Tour

10 Day Highlights of Israel, Jordan, and Egypt Tour Package

  • Egypt : ndulge on a luxurious 5-star Nile river cruise to Luxor and relax in Hurghada, home to some incredible diving spots.
  • Jordan : Behold the dramatic facade of Petra, the lost city and ride through the Wadi Rum Desert in a 4x4.
  • Israel : Visit the Wailing Wall and see the artistic hub of Hamiffal.
  • Pyramids : Visit Sphinx and Pyramids in Giza.
  • Petra : Admire the Rose City.
  • Promised Land : Swim in Red Sea and see Moses' Promised Land on Mount Nebo.
  • Mediterranean : Sail on the amazing Mediterranean Sea.
  • Ancient : Discover the most relevant sites for understanding ancient civilizations.
  • Budget : Discover the Nabatean city of Petra carved into red rock and ride through Wadi Rum and savour a Jordanian dinner.
  • Palestinian Territories : Visit Jericho, one of the oldest inhabited cities and stop in Bethlehem and visit the Church of Nativity.
  • Religious experience : Visit some of the most relevant sites for some of the most ancient religions.
  • Cruise : Relax and enjoy the scenery as you cruise along the Nile.

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"The tour met and exceeded our expectations. Loved all the countries we went to. The..."
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Twenty Australians successfully cross from Gaza into Egypt with 65 still registered to leave, government says

Twenty Australians have successfully crossed from Gaza into Egypt as 65 remain registered to leave, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). 

Key points:

  • Twenty Australians have safely left Gaza through the Rafah crossing
  • Qatar brokered the deal in coordination with the United States, Egypt, Israel and Hamas
  • Foreign affairs officials remain in touch with 65 Australian citizens registered to leave the besieged enclave

The government says it will continue to provide consular assistance to those who remain there after DFAT confirmed that 20 Australians travelled through the Rafah crossing to Egypt overnight.

And, foreign affairs officials are working to get the remaining individuals to the crossing and out of Gaza. 

An additional three people who were registered with DFAT also crossed into Egypt — there are 88 Australian citizens, residents, and their families known to be in the besieged Palestinian enclave before the border opened.

A bus transported Australians to Cairo where DFAT said consular officials would assist with travel, as arrangements are organised for citizens to return home: "free of charge".

"Some of those are people with Australian passports, so Australian citizens. Then there are permanent residents and family members," Foreign Minister Penny Wong told the ABC.

"We had 23 people who were able to get out overnight Australian time, of those 20 [were] Australian citizens, one permanent resident and two family members. 

"But after so much international lobbying, I'm just so relieved that the Rafah crossing has been opened.

"We will keep working to ensure we get as many of that Australian cohort out as possible if it is opened again as we anticipate is possible," Senator Wong said.

A man with a clipboard talks to another person next to a bus with Australian flag draped on the front

For the first time since the Israel-Gaza war started, the crossing in the enclave's south was opened, allowing hundreds of people to flee. 

Qatar brokered the deal in coordination with the United States, between Egypt, Israel and Hamas enabling limited evacuations, including dozens of injured people.

At the Crossing

Retired public school teacher Abdullah Dahlan, from western Sydney, is one of the Australians still stuck in Gaza.

He said he went to the border crossing but decided to go back into Gaza when Egyptian officials wouldn't let his wife Samah, a Palestinian with a visa for Australia, leave.

"They said, 'No, you can't take your wife with you. You can go. She has to stay'. I said, 'No, I can't leave my wife behind, she's my wife'," he said.

Abdullah, pictured with his grandkids.

The 77-year-old said it was devastating for the couple to go back to Gaza.

"It's a nightmare, worse than a nightmare," he said

"[There is] no food, no water, no fuel, no bread."

Mr Dahlan's son Shaher said the Australian government had expected both would be able to leave.

"The Australian authorities provided a list to Egypt and Israel, as I understand it, which included my Dad and his wife and I was advised earlier today that a revised list had been produced by the Egyptian and Israeli authorities, which effectively omitted her from the list," he said.

The Israeli military told a media briefing it had checked the names of foreign citizens trying to leave Gaza to make sure they were not linked to the listed terrorist group Hamas, which controls the enclave.

A woman walks holding two small babies in her arms as a man walks pulling a suitcase.

It's not clear why Samah Dahlan was not allowed to pass however she is not an Australian citizen.

"I am aware of the reports this morning, I am concerned obviously by them, for the individual in question and their partner," Immigration Minister Andrew Giles said of Mr Dahlan's situation. 

The minister said he would be looking into the matter "very closely" to "get them to safety". 

Another Australian family said their relatives could not get to the checkpoint to get out, because Israeli air strikes had made the route too dangerous.

They said the road south from central and northern parts of Gaza was "like hell".

An older man with white moustache and a purple beanie speaks at night time, while someone holds a microphone to his face

One man who had the chance to leave said he and his family had been trying to leave Gaza for weeks. 

"Since the first day of the strikes, we are trying to get out. We came back and forth [to] the border several times. The situation is dire," he said.

"The Egyptians have been great. If Egypt did not help, we would not get out. We would have all died because all the people will eventually die. If they continue like that, that's what will happen.

"I am proud of what the Egyptians did. We have to admit that what Egypt has done is amazing."

  • Federal Government
  • Government and Politics

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Journey Through Egypt and Jordan

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Experience a dramatic world beyond imagination as you enter into lands of legends, relics, and indescribable beauty. Visit the famous Pyramids of Giza and the stoic Sphinx. Unwind on a 3-night cruise on the Nile, the world’s longest river. Take in Petra, the “Rose Red City” that appears as if it emerged straight from the rock bed. Participate in an Arabic cooking class, where you’ll use fresh ingredients from local markets to create delectable flavors. Admire the ethereal landscape of the desert city of Wadi Rum, the “Valley of the Moon.” Indulge at a deluxe spa resort on the Northern shore of the Dead Sea. Eons of history and iconic wonders, mouthwatering bites of savory cuisine, and stretching sunsets fading against the desert horizon – this is the essence of Egypt and Jordan.

Your Tour Includes

  • 6 Handpicked Accommodations
  • 5 Choice on Tour Options

Included Highlights

  • Egyptian Museum
  • Giza Pyramids & Sphinx
  • Historic Cairo

Your Tour at a Glance

12 Breakfasts

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Optional Excursions

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Ever wanted to travel the world but were not sure how? Piecing together a comprehensive journey can be an overwhelming task given all the details with airlines, accommodations, transportation, meals, sightseeing and more. Leave behind the stress of planning and let Collette’s innovative tours make your travel dreams come true.

On Tour Air Included

  • The cost of all internal flights on tour or within an extension are included into the total tour cost on our website and brochures.
  • Air commissions still apply to internal flights as they do today, without change.
  • This change only impacts how we advertise the price to our travelers.
  • Purchasing internal flights through Collette is now required on tours where applicable.
  • This price continues to exclude all round-trip air getting to and from the tour, as well as any additional air segments required to arrive at or depart from an extension.

Travel Styles

Highlights and inclusions.

Must-See Inclusions:

Stand before one of the seven ancient wonders of the world - the Pyramids of Giza.

Meander through historic Petra, the “Rose Red City.”

Take in the striking landscape of Wadi Rum, the “Valley of the Moon.”

Cultural Experiences:

Discover the secrets of the Nile, the world’s longest river, on a 3-night cruise.

Enjoy a viewing of the tombs of King Tut and Ramses VI during a tour of the Valley of the Kings.

Connect with locals at a cooperative advancing women’s employment in Jordan.

Culinary Inclusions:

Taste your way through Amman’s street food culture during dinner in the Jordanian capital.

Enjoy a traditional Bedouin lunch baked in the sand of Wadi Rum’s desert.

Prepare your meal and eat family-style at an Arabic cooking class.

  • 3-Night Nile River Cruise
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Choices on Tour
  • Impact Moment
  • Home Hosted Lunch

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In Petra, you have the choice between three activities. After the morning tour of Petra’s main highlights, you have the choice to keep exploring Petra’s vast archeological site on your own. Perhaps you’ll trek up to the ‘Monastery,’ one of Petra’s legendary monuments. Your second choice is to join a local family at their home for tea and friendly conversation about life in the Bedouin community of Wadi Musa. Your third choice is to visit Little Petra, a Nabatean outpost located a few miles from its famous big sister, and featuring a 2000-year old Nabatean fresco that finds no corresponding in its larger neighbor.

In Luxor, you have the choice between two activities. First, you can choose to visit a local farm nestled along the banks of the Nile. At the farm, learn about rural life in Upper Egypt between sips of freshly brewed tea. Or, you can choose to admire incomparable views of the Nile while you enjoy high tea at the Old Winter Palace, which hosted esteemed guests such as Winston Churchill, Agatha Christie, and the great Egyptologist Howard Carter.

Hotel-Fairmont Nile City Hotel

Visit the great sun temples of Abu Simbel, built by Ramses II at the height of his New Kingdom reign. In one of the world's greatest cooperative preservation efforts, these temples were dismantled and moved in 1968 to save them from the flooding of the Aswan Dam. The Temple of Ramses II was constructed so that the sun's rays would illuminate four statues of Egyptian deities within the sanctuary on his birthday and on the anniversary of his coronation, October 20 and February 20. The temple is fronted by four colossal figures of Ramses II seated with the gods and attended by his Queen and daughters. The smaller temple is dedicated to Queen Nefertari, who appears as Hathor, the goddess of love, joy and fertility.

Dive into Egyptian culture before your tour even begins. Get your first taste with lunch at a local restaurant, featuring traditional Egyptian cuisine. After, move on to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. This contemporary 5,300,000 square foot space sits in the historic neighborhood of Fustat. The museum first opened in 2017 and is home to a collection of 50,000 artifacts, tracing the Egyptian civilization from prehistoric times to today. On April 3, 2021 the world watched in awe as the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities relocated here the Royal Mummies during the stunning Pharaohs’ Golden Parade. The 22 mummies (18 kings and 4 queens) of Egypt’s most important pharaohs and queens were displayed on the streets of Cairo as they were transported from the Museum in Tahrir Square to their new home in the Museum of Egyptian Civilization. This large collection of royal mummies includes the likes of King Ramses II, the most famous pharaoh of the New Kingdom, and Queen Hatshepsut, who came to rule at a time when women did not become pharaohs. With the expert guidance of a local Egyptologist, enjoy a visit of this impressive museum – a perfect introduction to your exploration of Egypt. This optional tour is operated by a local representative and requires guests to have a pre-night hotel stay in Cairo. The optional is available from January 1, 2024 onwards.


Arrive earlier.

Pre Night: Fairmont Nile City Hotel From $225 per night

Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino

Anakato wadi kiki nubian houses, sonesta st. george 1, amman marriott hotel, movenpick resort petra.

Nights 9-10

Movenpick Resort and Spa Dead Sea

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egypt jordan tours from australia

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egypt jordan tours from australia

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egypt jordan tours from australia

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egypt jordan tours from australia

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egypt jordan tours from australia

Egypt, Jordan, Israel & the Palestinian Territories

22 days | travel the middle east across egypt, jordan, israel, palestine from petra to the dead sea.

Jump aboard a felucca and cruise down the famous Nile in Egypt

Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Palestine are ancient lands that conjure images of river valleys, powerful Pharaohs, pilgrims and cities carved from stone. Dive headfirst into Cairo, sail up the Nile on a felucca, party in Tel Aviv, take a jeep safari across Wadi Rum and experience more World Heritage Sites than you can shake a stick at: Battir; Petra; the Old Cities of Cairo, Acre and Jerusalem; the Church of the Nativity… it goes on – and so will you as you trek, swim, explore, photograph and taste your way across the best of the Middle East. This adventure will leave you with a greater appreciation for life here and a hands-on experience of some of the most significant religious and human history in this part of the world.

Trip overview

  • Be amazed by the beautiful scenery as you cruise down the Nile on a felucca.
  • Explore vibrant Cairo with its bustling markets and colourful streets.
  • Experience the feeling of weightlessness as you float in the super-salty Dead Sea.
  • Spend the night trying to count the billions of stars or chat with the locals at our Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum.
  • Discover the sights, sounds and tastes of Jerusalem's Old City.
  • Hear the personal stories behind some of Bethlehem's graffiti walls.
  • Take a cable car to view the incredible caves of Rosh Hanikra.
  • We use a variety of accommodation on this trip, including shared accommodation on a felucca and in a desert camp. 
  • Walking around the ruins can be uneven, dusty and rocky, bring comfortable walking shoes. In places like Petra you can expect to be walking in the elements for most of the day.
  • Some hotels may not have lifts. Please be aware you may need to climb stairs with your luggage to reach your hotel room for the night.
  • Sites can get congested during peak travel periods with coaches of large pilgrim groups. We do our best to plan our visits around these times but sometimes it is unavoidable. There may be delays, queues and private services that prevent us from entering the site. Your trip leader will manage this as best as they can on the day.
  • The temperatures in the region can be extreme – from very hot to very cold (snow in some places) during the year. Please be prepared for the season you wish to travel in.
  • Before booking on this trip we recommend that you read the ‘Safety’ section in the Essential Trip Information regarding special safety considerations for Middle East trips.
  • Accommodation aboard the overnight train is in two-berth cabins which convert to bunk beds. All bedding is provided on board and western-style toilets are located in each carriage. Keep in mind general train cleanliness may not be to the same standards you are accustomed to.
  • Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories are by no means cheap destinations and you should budget accordingly. The good news is that you will have expert local leaders to help uncover the best deals!
  • Known as 'baksheesh' in the Middle East, tipping is an entrenched feature of the tourism industry. If you are satisfied with the services provided a tip – though not compulsory – is appropriate and always appreciated. While it may not be customary to you, it is of great significance to the people who will take care of you during your travels. Don’t be taken back if this tipping culture is even more apparent in Israel.

View the itinerary for departures between 01 January 2024 - 31 December 2024

Welcome to Egypt! Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting at 4 pm this afternoon. For those arriving early, why not take a walk to get your bearings of the neighbourhood, or escape the hustle and bustle and explore the Christian Coptic sector. After your important meeting, head out with your new travel buddies and discover Khan al-Khalili Bazaar, located in Cairo's Islamic centre. This traditional souk is a labyrinth of narrow alleys lined with local merchants; a perfect place to get introduced to daily Egyptian life.

  • Hotel (1 night)

There are no meals included on this day.

  • Cairo - Khan al-Khalili bazaar visit
  • Cairo - The Citadel (entrance fee) - EGP300
  • Cairo - Coptic Museum (entrance fee) - EGP150
  • Cairo - Islamic Art Museum (entrance fee) - EGP180
  • Cairo - Sufi Dance Khan al-Khalili (entrance fee) - EGP125
  • Cairo - Saqqara and Memphis Afternoon Tour - USD82

It’s very important that you attend the welcome meeting as we will be collecting insurance details and next of kin information at this time. If you are going to be late please let your travel agent or hotel reception know. Ask reception or look for a note in the lobby for more information on where the meeting will take place. If you can't arrange a flight that will arrive in time, you may wish to arrive a day early so you're able to attend. We'll be happy to book additional accommodation for you (subject to availability).

If you are arriving early then check out the range of local day tours offered by our sister company Urban Adventures. .  Book on line  OR contact our local team +201096811067 for further assistance with pre tour activities.

This morning, head to Giza –home to some of the world’s most iconic sights. Approach the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx by camel, with panoramic views across the dunes. Explore these structures that have stood tall for 4500 years, and for an additional charge you may be able to go inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu, although occasionally it may be closed to visitors. Afterwards, make your way to the Egyptian Museum – home to one of the world's great collections of antiquities. Wander the treasure-filled halls of the museum, and make sure to check out the optional Mummies Hall for a close encounter with some of the country’s most important queens and pharaohs. Later in the evening, meet your leader and travel to the nearby train station, where you will board an overnight sleeper train bound for Aswan (approximately 13 hours).

  • Overnight sleeper train (1 night)
  • Cairo - Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx
  • Cairo - The Egyptian Museum
  • Cairo - The Egyptian Museum headset
  • Cairo - The Great Pyramid of Cheops (entrance fee) - EGP600
  • Cairo - The 2nd Pyramid of Khafre (entrance fee) - EGP100
  • Cairo - The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization & The Royal Mummy Room (entrance fee) - EGP200
  • Cairo - Solar Boat Museum (entrance fee) - EGP100

The inside thoroughfares of the Pyramids of Giza are very small and very warm, so for those suffering from claustrophobia it is not recommended. Please note that you'll be required to walk around the Pyramids complex. It can be very hot in the summer months, so be prepared for little shade and pack appropriate clothing, sun protection, and carry lots of water. Please note that there is an additional EGP 50 fee to take photos in the museum.

The Nile, Elephantine Island and white-sailed feluccas. Welcome to Aswan – Egypt's southernmost city. Its easy-going charm is due in no small part to its large Nubian population. Today is a free day so take the opportunity to see such Aswan sites as the unfinished obelisk or the High Dam. The Nubian Bazaar is a must, while the excellent Nubian Museum is top of many visitors’ lists. Highly recommended is the beautiful Temple of Isis (the Goddess of health, marriage and wisdom) that was rescued from the rising waters of the Nile and relocated on Philae Island. The waterfront promenade, or Aswan's Corniche, runs alongside one of Nile's most appealing stretches and is the perfect place to stop for a mint tea. This evening you’ll experience modern Nubian culture first-hand with a visit to a nearby village. You’ll join a local Nubian family for a memorable dinner and get an unforgettable insight into the daily life of the local people.

  • Aswan - Nubian Village Visit and Dinner
  • Aswan - Sound & Light Show at Philae Temple - USD40
  • Aswan - Philae Temple (entrance fee) - EGP300
  • Aswan - High Dam and Unfinished Obelisk Tour (minimum 2 persons) (entrance, guide & transport) - USD35
  • Aswan - Philae Temple Tour (minimum 2 persons) - USD35
  • Aswan - Philae Temple Sound & Light Show Tour (minimum 2 persons) (entrance, guide & transport) - USD55

Optional Activities mentioned today are for entry only OR for organised tour programmes facilitated by your Group Leader. In the past we have found that this suits most of our travellers. If you prefer to do your own thing, transport to sites are available and your leader can assist with organising this.

Today perhaps head out of Aswan and book in to visit stunning Abu Simbel this morning. With the four gargantuan statues of Ramses guarding the Great Temple, carved directly out of the mountain on the west bank of the Nile, this is one of Egypt's most memorable sights. Please note this optional activity has a very early start (but it’s totally worth it). There’s two ways to get there – a 40-minute flight, or renting a minivan with your group and leaving very early. The journey by land is 3 -4 hours each way, with an early departure from Aswan at 4 am. Instead, you could take a sailboat ride around the islands in a traditional felucca, stopping off at the botanical gardens on Kitchener's Island. Your tour leader will be on hand to help you arrange any excursions. Otherwise, simply relax and take in the beauty of the Nile or do some shopping in the local bazaar.

  • Aswan - Abu Simbel Tour (minimum 4 people) - USD110
  • Aswan - Abu Simbel by Air - subject to availability - from - USD400

Your group leader will offer to organise the optional excursion to Abu Simbel by minivan for your group. This excursion will be limited to your group members only. If you would like to fly to Abu Simbel or join an alternative excursion, please discuss options with your leader there are many join in tours sold but be aware group sizes may vary.

Flights can be booked online through EgyptAir, and prices vary throughout the season, depending on the day of the week you fly and how far in advance you book, but expect to pay between USD 270-350. Due to the southerly location, it's recommended to book the earliest flight possible and visit Abu Simbel as close to sunrise to avoid the heat.  Your Leader may be able to reserve a flight for you subject to availability.

With some free time this morning, perhaps head down and grab a motor boat out to the Tomb of the Nobles or stock up on snacks for your evening on the Nile. Board your included felucca journey just before lunch and spend the afternoon out on the river, watching Egyptian daily life play out on the banks, then spend a night under the stars. Your Nubian sailing crew provides all the meals which are hearty and delicious. Being a traditional wooden boat with broad canvas sails, your felucca offers some shade and protection from the elements. However, there is no cabin or enclosed section. Nonetheless, watching the sun setting across the Nile in the evening is a sight you won't forget. This is the absolute highlight of the trip for many, especially with some local Nubian entertainment from your crew.

  • Felucca (1 night)
  • Nile - Felucca overnight sailing trip
  • Aswan - Tomb of the Nobles (entrance fee) - EGP60

Conditions will be basic during your felucca trip. If you are prepared for this, you’re sure to have a memorable adventure. You'll sleep outside on the deck of the felucca on a mattress. While blankets are provided, a sleeping sheet or sleeping bag is recommended. During the colder months (October to March) temperatures can get as low as 5°C at night.

Slight alterations may have to be made to the Nile itinerary throughout the year, depending on winds and currents. As the felucca is a sailing craft without any outboard engine, if there's no wind you won't travel very far. The felucca does have a shared bathroom facility onboard. While feluccas do have mosquito nets when required, we do recommend insect repellent for your day on the Nile.

This morning, say goodbye to your Nubian friends and take a private van to the ‘open-air museum’ of Luxor (approximately 3.5 hours travel time). From the spectacular temple complex of Karnak to the Valley of the Kings, Luxor is full of wonderfully preserved reminders of the Pharaohs. On the way, there's the option to visit either the unique mirror-image design of the Temple of Kom Ombo, or the beautifully preserved Temple of Edfu. This afternoon you will explore the magnificent Karnak Temple, which is perhaps the most impressive of all the ancient Pharaohs' monumental works. One of the world's most celebrated temple complexes, Karnak is a house of the gods built over a period of some 200 years. The rest of the day will be free to relax, shop in the bazaar, which is open until quite late, or perhaps experience the atmosphere of a local teahouse.

  • Luxor - Karnak Temple (entrance fee)
  • Edfu - Edfu Temple (entrance fee) - EGP300
  • Luxor - Luxor Temple (entrance fee) - EGP260
  • Luxor - Luxor Museum (entrance fee) - EGP200
  • Luxor - Mummification Museum (entrance fee) - EGP140
  • Luxor - Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show (minimum 2 persons) (entrance, guide & transport) - USD35
  • Aswan - Kom Ombo Temple (entrance fee) - EGP240
  • Luxor - Karnak Temple Sound & Light Show Tour - USD45

You will disembark your Felucca at a point between Aswan and Luxor which will be dependent on sailing winds. You will then continue to Luxor by private mini van. It may not be possible to visit Edfu or Kom Ombo Temples depending on wind and timing, please discuss with your Tour Leader.

This is an exhaustive list and it may not be possible to do all of the mentioned activities due to timing. We recommend discussing with your Leader what your free time priorities are.

Today you’ll hop in a private minivan and discover some of the wonder of ancient Thebes. Your first stop is the Colossi of Memnon – two 17-metre-high statues on Luxor's west bank. Carved from granite blocks, they represent the Pharaoh Amenhotep III and were once part of an impressive colonnade. Continue on to the spectacular royal burial site of the Valley of the Kings. Buried under the arid hills here are over 60 richly decorated tombs of pharaohs. With your leader, explore this sprawling and spectacular place, where the pharaohs of the New Kingdom (16th to 11th century BC) were secretly interred for all eternity, and where discoveries are still being made. Your group leader will explain the history and legends of these remarkable people, and the significance of the many paintings and hieroglyphics. Afterwards, join a local family for lunch to try some traditional home cooking. The rest of your afternoon is free to explore – with the Luxor Museum a great place to visit. Keep in mind that tonight you’ll board an overnight sleeper train from Luxor back to Cairo (approximately 10 hours).

  • Luxor - Colossi of Memnon
  • Luxor - Valley of the Kings (entrance to 3 tombs)
  • Luxor - Tomb of Tutankhamun (entrance fee) - EGP300
  • Luxor - Hatshepsut Temple - EGP160
  • Luxor - Valley of the Queens (entrance fee) - EGP100
  • Luxor - Medinat Habu Temple (entrance fee) - EGP100
  • Luxor - Deir el Madina -Entry Fee - EGP140
  • Luxor - Tomb of Queen Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens (entrance fee) - EGP1400
  • Luxor - West Bank; additional site (Min 2 customers)-Entry/Guiding-p/p - EGP300
  • Luxor - Hot Air Balloon over the Valley of the Kings - USD130

Please note, there is an additional EGP 300 fee to take photos in the Valley of the Kings.

It is possible to do a hot air balloon over the Valley of the Kings and the Temples of antiquities on the West Bank. Your Leader can reserve this service for you. We use Dream Balloons in Luxor. Pick up will be from your hotel between 0430 and 0500; balloon capacity is 16-25; Cameras are prohibited in the basket but cell phones are allowed. Activity is subject to weather conditions. Payment by card is possible and will attract a 3% bank service fee.

Arrive back in Cairo in the morning and get transferred to the airport for your flight to Amman. You may have some free time before your 6pm group meeting. Maybe head to the citadel, taking in its amazing sweeping views of Amman. The Jordan Museum (home to the Dead Sea Scrolls) and the Roman Theatre are both well worth visiting. After your meeting this evening, head out with your new-found travel pals, and perhaps pick up a coffee from one of the cafes and partner it with an ara’yes – a local-style toastie filled with spiced meat.

  • Amman - King Abdullah I Mosque (entrance fee) - JOD2
  • Amman - Roman Theatre (entrance fee) - JOD2
  • Amman - Citadel (entrance fee) - JOD3
  • Madaba - Al-Maghtas Bethany Baptism site (entrance fee) - JOD12
  • Amman - Jordan Archaeological Museum (entrance fee) - JOD3

Please note that your flight to Amman today will be unaccompanied. This trip is a combination trip so your tour leader and group composition may change today. It’s very important that you attend the welcome meeting as we will be collecting insurance details and next of kin information at this time.

This morning, you’ll leave Amman and head to Aqaba – the only coastal city offering a pocket of beach in this otherwise landlocked country. On arrival you’ll get a chance to explore the bustling market and walk along the beach on a guided walking tour with your group leader. Then you’ve got a couple of hours under your belt to explore this city at your own leisure, you might like to go snorkelling in the Red Sea, explore the local markets further or simply chill out and relax by the water. Then, you’ll leave for Wadi Rum and arrive just in time for dinner. Tonight, you’ll get a chance to sit down with the sheik of the local Bedouin tribe and get a glimpse into what life is like living in this desert environment. You’ll sleep in a simple Bedouin desert camp this evening, with the choice of sleeping under a camel hair tent or out under the stars. Enjoy dinner cooked in an earthen oven by your Bedouin hosts. Meaning ‘desert dwellers’ in Arabic, the Bedouins are a semi-nomadic people, and in Jordan up to 40 per cent of the general population is thought to have Bedouin ancestry. Conditions are basic at the desert camp, but the hospitality of your hosts as well as the chance to sleep beneath the twinkling desert night sky will surely make up for it.

  • Desert camp (1 night)
  • Wadi Rum - Bedouin Desert Camp
  • Aqaba - Leader-lead Walking Tour
  • Wadi Rum - Bonfire Talk with the Sheik

Today’s total travel time is approximately 5 hours.

For tonight’s camp, a mattress and blankets are provided. Please be aware that while the desert may be very hot during the day, it will still be cool at night. So, warm clothes and a sleeping bag are highly recommended when travelling outside of the summer months. Western-style toilet facilities are available, as well as solar panel showers.

After waking up in the unique surrounds of the camp this morning, head out on a hike around the area (approximately 12 to 15 kilometres), with a stop for tea and a lunch break. You might scale one of the large sand dunes for sensational views of the valley – the perfect chance to snap some unbelievable pictures. Explore the distinctive rock formations and bask in its eerie silence. Wadi Rum is probably best known for its connection with the enigmatic British officer T E Lawrence, who was based here during the Great Arab Revolt of 1917–18. This afternoon, gear up for half-day jeep safari through some of the most striking desert scenery on the planet. Wadi Rum is full of weird and wonderful lunar-like rock formations, and traces of ancient civilisations can be seen in the many carved inscriptions found throughout the area – from pictographs to Thamudic, Nabataean and Arabic texts. The most enduring monuments in Wadi Rum are those carved by nature – the natural rock bridges, towering rose-coloured sand dunes and scattered rocky peaks. After an action-packed afternoon, tonight is yours to enjoy the traditional Bedouin hospitality and the clear night skies of the desert.

  • Wadi Rum - Guided hike
  • Wadi Rum - 4WD jeep safari

The duration and length of today’s hike can vary depending on the weather and the group’s ability. Please make sure you have appropriate, sturdy, comfortable footwear for this trek. If you don’t want to participate in the hike, you can always spend some more time around the Bedouin Camp.

This morning you'll leave your desert camp, taking 4WDs to the main entrance of Petra, which is opposite the Seven Pillars of Wisdom – the mountain named after Lawrence of Arabia’s book. The visitor's centre here is also a great spot to buy some jewelry and handicrafts, mostly made by a women's co-operative aimed at supporting local industries. Then, continue your journey to the fabled city of Petra by private vehicle. The site remained unknown to the wider world until 1812 when it was visited by Johann Ludwig Burckhardt – a Swiss explorer. In 1985, Petra was designated a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site. Spend the afternoon on a guided tour of Petra. Squeeze through a mile-long narrow path, known as the Siq, through huge towers of rock and get your first glimpse of the iconic Treasury complex. It’s amazing to think that this enormous, intricate building entrance was hand-carved out of the rock.

  • Petra - Leader-led tour of Petra
  • Petra - 2 day entrance pass

Today’s total drive time is approximately 2 hours.

A two-day entrance pass to Petra is included. Please note that when entering Petra as a group, a complimentary horse ride is included in the ticket price from the entrance point down to the Siq. Intrepid doesn't recommend that you take this option due to the safety and insurance liability involved. Please note a lot of walking is required to see all the sites and viewpoints of Petra. A basic level of fitness will enhance your enjoyment of your visit.

Enjoy a free day of self-discovery as you explore Petra on your own today – free to wander as you wish. The site is surprisingly big, and so it is up to you to choose your own route around the complex. You could explore the old Roman road, other smaller temples and several old tombs, as well as the rock-hewn amphitheatre. For those who are feeling a bit more active, there's the challenging but highly rewarding 1-hour walk up the steps to the secluded yet stunning Monastery.

  • Petra - Petra By Night - JOD17

Please note the optional Petra by Night tour runs Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, departing from the Petra visitor center at 830pm

Today you’ll traverse the King's Highway to the historic crusader castle of Kerak, which stands on a cliff overlooking Wadi Karak and the Dead Sea in the distance (approximately 2.5 hours). You’ll have time to explore the ruins and discover the legends of centuries-old battles. Pack your swim gear as next you can wash off the dust in the Dead Sea – the lowest point on Earth (420 metres below sea level). This super-salty lake is a perfect place to spend some time relaxing and float your worries away. For those who are game, why not cover yourself from head to toe in a nutrient-rich natural mineral mud bath. Continue to Mt Nebo – the spot where the prophet Moses is said to have seen the ‘promised land’ and where he’s supposedly buried. Explore this sanctuary and view the remarkable mosaics of the fourth-century church. Afterwards, continue to Madaba, famous for its Ottoman-style houses and beautiful Byzantine-era mosaics, including the acclaimed sixth-century mosaic map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land at St George's Church. Other mosaic masterpieces from the fifth to seventh centuries can be found throughout Madaba’s churches, museums and homes.

  • Kerak - Castle visit
  • Mt Nebo - Site visit
  • Dead Sea - Swimming opportunity

Today's total travel time is approximately 5 hours

Today you’ll leave Madaba for a short drive to Jerash – once one of the grandest ancient Roman cities in the world. These are some of the best-preserved Greco-Roman ruins around. The ancient walled town that survives today is a remarkable evocation of life 2000 years ago. It has a striking collection of archways and theatres, baths, public buildings and colonnaded streets, and is a beautiful place to spend a day exploring. Discover Hadrian’s arch, the partially restored hippodrome, ornate public fountains, the south amphitheatre, and see the collection of daily artefacts uncovered during excavations. Grand columns encircle the city's centrepiece, the Oval Plaza. After a full day of exploring, return to Madaba. Maybe gather your travel buddies together and share a celebratory shisha as you reminisce on your memories of majestic Jordan.

  • Jerash - Roman ruins
  • Madaba - St Georges Church

Today’s total travel time is approximately 3 hours.

This morning we farewell Jordan and make the hour journey to the Alenby Bridge Crossing for your onwards journey to Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Your Tour Leader will escort you to the crossing and provide you with instructions for the border officials. Once you have cleared the border there will be a representative to escort you to your hotel in Jerusalem. Welcome to Israel and Jerusalem, a city steeped in spirituality and legend; a rich tapestry of the many cultures, religions and nationalities that call it home, be they Palestinian Muslims & Christians, Sephardic Jews, Ashkenazi Jews, Armenian Christians, Ethiopian Copts or Greek Orthodox monks. Your arrival at the hotel should be just in time for lunch and the rest of your day is free to explore Jerusalem. We recommend checking out the range of tours on offer from Urban Adventures. There will be a meeting this evening at 6 pm with your Tour Leader and any fellow travelers, please look for this note in reception.

  • Jerusalem - Old City Ramparts -Entry Fee - ILS18
  • Jerusalem - Israel Museum - Entry Fee - ILS54

Today’s total travel time is approximately 4 hours. Please note that the border crossing can be very busy and may take a couple of hours. Please refer to ‘Passports, visas and entry requirements’ in Essential Trip Information for the details of the border crossing and what to expect.

As this is a combination trip, the travellers in your group and your group leader are likely to change today. There will be a welcome meeting to discuss the next stage of your itinerary and to meet new travellers joining you. It’s important that you attend the meeting as your new leader will be collecting insurance and emergency contact details. Ask reception or look for a note for more information on where and when the meeting will take place.

Explore the Old City this morning on foot. Start with the Courtyard of the Dome and the Western Wall, then continue to St Stephen’s Gate, passing the crusader church of St Anne and the Pool of Bethesda. Continue along the Way of the Cross (Via Dolorosa) and stop by the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built where Jesus is believed to have been crucified, buried and resurrected. Perhaps stop and recharge and sip on sweek tea or sample fresh local bread and then walk through the Christian Quarter up to Jaffa Gate. In the afternoon use your free time to explore more of the city.

  • Jerusalem - Guided tour of Old City

The Dome of the Rock/Al-Aqsa Mosque is open from 7.30–10.30 am Sundays through Thursdays, and again for an hour in the afternoon. In order to beat tourist traffic, our guides usually like to go there first thing in the morning.

The Western Wall area is open every day. However please note that on Friday evenings and Saturdays, tourists are not allowed to take any photos.

Start the day off with a panoramic view of the city. Drive out to the Mount of Olives that looks over Jerusalem’s Old City and visit the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus is said to have prayed the night before his crucifixion. See the Church of All Nations (also known as the Basilica of the Agony), then drive the short distance out to Bethlehem and take a graffiti walking tour along the barrier wall. Graffiti by many artists has graced the wall over the years, including famous ones like Banksy. Continue to Manger Square and consider refuelling with some of Bethlehem’s famous falafel. Visit the Church of the Nativity, marking the spot of the stable where Mary is said to have given birth to Jesus, then head back to Jerusalem. In the afternoon, enjoy some free time to explore this fascinating city - you may choose to visit the Yad Vashem Jewish Holocaust Memorial or visit local markets. This evening meet up with your leader and enjoy a home-cooked meal of chicken maqloubeh (an upside-down layered dish) with a Palestinian family. With a full belly, enjoy a traditional oud performance from a local musician.

  • Jerusalem - Mount of Olives
  • Bethlehem - Separation Barrier Graffiti Tour
  • Bethlehem - Church of Nativity
  • Jerusalem - Local Family Dinner
  • Jerusalem - Church of All Nations
  • Jerusalem - Yad Vashem Museum - Free

This morning drive out to the cliff-top fortress of Masada. On the way your leader will make a few stops; each leader has their favourite photo spots and stories to tell so we leave it up to them to share what they love. Arrive in Masada and take a cable car to the fortress built by King Herod around 35 BC. This UNESCO site is very important to the Jewish people as a symbol of their exile from the Holy Land and of bravery and self-sacrifice. Spend some time visiting the site, then drive around 30 minutes to the shores of the Dead Sea, where the dense and super-salty water means you’ll go for a float, not a swim. Spend some time relaxing here and soaking in the mud, which is supposed to have healing properties.

Tonight you’ll stay at a guest house, where the accommodation is part of an NGO, originally a refugee camp and now a community initiative that aims to protect the ecology of the Dead Sea and the Jordan River Valley.On arrival your host will speak about the environmental situation in the valley, and the work they are doing in waste management and water conservation.

  • Guest House (1 night)
  • Dead Sea - Visit and float
  • Masada - Masada visit

Please note that the guest house tonight is simple but sufficient. Rooms are twin share and have basic ensuite facilities. Although this is not a hotel standard, the experience of staying here to learn and support the work done by our NGO friends here is very memorable. The dinner is included at the guest house too.

Travel to the western shores of the Sea of Galilee and historic Tiberias, established all the way back in AD20. Visit the ancient fishing village of Capernaum. See the site of two ancient synagogues and a church said to have been the home of St Peter. Continue to Nazareth to take a stroll through the Old City and visit the Church of the Annunciation, where Mary is said to have received the news of the Immaculate Conception. Hit the road again and arrive in Haifa for the evening.

  • Sea of Galilee - Capernaum
  • Nazareth - Church of Annunciation
  • Nazareth - Walking Tour

This morning travel to Rosh Hanikra  (1 hour's drive) where white cliffs meet the blue sea. This little beauty of natural geography is tucked away on the border with Lebanon and is usually a highlight for everyone. Take the cable car up the cliff to view the spectacular grottoes. Continue to the ancient crusader port of Acre (Akko in Hebrew), where you’ll visit the vast complex of buildings occupied by the Knights of St John (Knights Hospitaller), excavated to uncover rooms including a large hall, a dungeon, a dining room and the crypt of an ancient Gothic church. Perhaps a good place to have lunch and relax before returning to Haifa. In the afternoon, enjoy some free time. You may want to visit the Baha’i Gardens, where the elaborate terraces and a golden shrine sit overlooking the city. There are some great produce markets and excellent restaurants nearby, just ask your leader for recommendations.

  • Akko - Knights Fortress Visit
  • Rosh Hanikra - Cable Car & Grottoes
  • Haifa - Baha'i Gardens - Free

After breakfast, journey to Tel Aviv via the coast and tour the ancient port of Caesarea (approximately 1 hour), which served as the capital of Israel during the Roman and Byzantine eras. Built in 25 BC, the city was eventually abandoned and lost under the desert sands. Thanks to archaeological excavations since, its splendour is on show once again. Continue along the coast to Tel Aviv. Take a stroll through the Old City of Jaffa, then drop your luggage at tonight’s accommodation. Head out on an orientation walk with your leader, taking in Rabin Square. Finish up your walk at the promenade, the perfect place to find a restaurant for dinner this evening, or enjoy a farewell drink at your hotel with your leader and fellow travellers and try the local boutique beer.

  • Caesarea - Roman Amphitheatre & Aqueduct
  • Tel Aviv - Leader-led tour of Old Jaffa
  • Tel Aviv - Leader-led orientation walk

This trip comes to an end today. There are no activities planned and you are able to depart the accommodation at any time after you check out.

Getting to the airport is very simple and easy by public transport with buses nearby taking you to the train station and connecting to the airport. Private transfers are available to pre-book with Intrepid.

20 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 8 dinners

Private vehicle, Felucca, Jeep, Overnight sleeper train, Plane

Hotel (15 nights), Desert camp (2 nights), Eco-Lodge (1 night) Felucca (1 night), Overnight sleeper train (2 nights)

Dates and availability

Important notes.

1. This trip starts in Cairo on Day 1 at 4 pm. This allows time after the welcome meeting to explore Cairo. 2. A single supplement is available if you’d prefer not to share a room on this trip. The single supplement excludes Day 2,7 (Sleeper Train), Day 5 (Nile Felucca) and Day 9,10 (Desert Camp) where you will be in shared accommodation, and is subject to availability. Please speak to your booking agent for further information. 3. This trip has an international flight included, luggage restrictions of 23kg checked and 7kg cabin apply on this flight. 4. Accommodation in Wadi Rum is in Bedouin tents, bedding is provided, but in the colder months November-March you may want to consider bring a sleeping bag. Bathrooms in Wadi Rum are on a share basis. 5. We recommend that you check your government's advice for their latest information on travelling in Egypt before your departure and ensure that your travel insurance covers you for all areas of your itinerary. We have links to prominent government travel advisories and regular updates on issues affecting this trip on our Travel Alerts page: 6.Important alert: Yom Kippur day in 2023 will be on 24-25th Sep. We'll need to make below changes to departures during this time to ensure you'll be able to experience all included activities on your trip: Departure code: XESIC230906 D19 - Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Rosh Hanikra, Knights Fortress in Akko. Overnight in Nazareth. D20 - Nazareth walking tour & Church of Annunciation. Overnight in Nazareth Departure code: XESIC230909 D16 - Bethlehem tour in the morning and home cooked lunch with a local Palestinian family D17 - Jerusalem old city guided tour (except for Courtyard of Dome) D18 - morning visit Courtyard of Dome and continue to Jericho as per original itinerary.

Want an in-depth insight into this trip? Essential Trip Information provides a detailed itinerary, visa info, how to get to your hotel, what's included - pretty much everything you need to know about this adventure and more.

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