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The Disney Fantasy has so much to do onboard that is fun for the whole family. Here is a rundown of all the activities guest can enjoy.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

The Fantasy has a main pool and several hot tubs. There is also a smaller pool for littler guests.


The feature slide on the Disney Fantasy is the AquaDuck, a water coaster with a 42 inch height requirement. There are also smaller slides for smaller kids.

Theater Shows

The main theater on the Disney Fantasy is the home of Broadway-style shows featuring favorite Disney stories. Currently Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular is playing with all of the songs guests know and love.

Other Live Entertainment

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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A Theme Park Fan's Guide to the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Arthur Levine  

The fourth ship in the Disney Cruise Line flotilla, the Disney Fantasy is jam-packed with things to do. That is by design. After all, passengers need activities to keep them occupied.

But, it's not just the quantity of things to do, it's the nature of the activities that distinguishes the Disney ships, and the Fantasy in particular. Imagineers, the fabled designers who conjure Disney's park attractions , also bring the cruise ships to life. So, it should come as no surprise that there is plenty of crossover between the two. That's not to say that guests should expect a ride aboard the Tower of Terror or a spin on Dumbo as they sail the seas (although there is an honest-to-goodness coaster on the Fantasy—more on that later), but Disney fans will find plenty of the same kinds of whimsy, charm, and pixie-dusted technological magic that make visits to the parks such a joy.

There is wonderful food offered on the ship, the staterooms are great, the level of service is top-notch, and the Fantasy excels at other things you'd expect from a high-end cruise line. But let's take a journey around the ship and explore the many highlights that will delight, thrill, and amaze theme park fans.

Quack Up on the AquaDuck

Arthur Levine

Other cruise ships have water slides, but the Fantasy's sister ship, the Disney Dream , was the first to introduce a water coaster . The wet and wild fun continues aboard the Fantasy, which offers its own AquaDuck (great name!).

If you start hyperventilating at the mere mention of the term, "coaster," have no fear. Well, have a tiny bit of fear. The AquaDuck is relatively tame, and all but the most thrill-averse should be able to handle it. On our thrill-o-meter scale (0=Wimpy!, 10=Yikes!), we give it a 3 for mild bursts of speed.

Because it is so popular and it is slow loading, there are often long waits of 30 minutes to an hour or more. But the views on the stairway leading to the ride, which is among the highest points on the ship, are spectacular, so who cares about waiting? Passengers need to be a bit agile to climb into (and out of) the two-person rafts. There are no safety belts; riders hang on to the raft's handles to secure themselves.

A short conveyor belt deposits each raft into the ride's enclosed tube. After a small drop, the rafts enter a banked curve and travel a straightaway along the port side of the ship. Gravity and a steady stream of water keep the rafts moving at a fast, but not out-of-control clip. They pick up a bit of speed when they hit a small dip in the tube and accelerate slightly when jets of water propel the rafts uphill. There is a second dip/blast/uphill element during the port-side run.

The speed, acceleration, drops, banked curves, and uphill blasts are quite mild compared to most uphill water coasters, such as the Crush 'n' Gusher at Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon. Some water coasters actually deliver abbreviated moments of airtime as riders crest their hills, but the toned down AquaDuck lacks the requisite oomph. Still, the coaster does feature a clear acrylic tube which provides passengers with a thrilling view as they travel 14 decks above the ocean.

At the far end of the oval course, the AquaDuck briefly enters one of the ship's stacks, and Disney provides some Space Mountain -like effects with colorful bursts of light that make it appear as if the rafts are moving faster than their actual speed. Reemerging into the light on the starboard side, the rafts slow considerably to an almost lazy river pace. The more relaxed speed allows riders to soak in the views of the vast ocean, wave to their shipmates on the deck below, and consider just how crazy it is that they are riding a water coaster— aboard a ship.

The rafts take a final small drop down one deck to deposit passengers in the unload area. Many riders make a beeline to the stairs up to the loading platform for a re-ride. It's no wonder the lines are always long.

Conduct Watery Experiments at the AquaLab

In addition to the AquaDuck water coaster, the ship offers plenty of other ways to enjoy water park-like fun, including the AquaLab water play area. Unique to the Fantasy, AquaLab offers all kinds of interactive sprayers, water cannons, and other gizmos to douse those triggering the effects and everyone around them.

The area is quite cute as is its backstory. Donald Duck's nephews, the interchangeable Huey, Dewey, and Louie, designed the AquaLab as a way to generate the water pressure needed to keep the AquaDuck flowing. There is even a pipe leading from the lab to the ride with crude lettering and arrows to indicate how the whole contraption is supposed to work.

Finding Nemo's Reef and Other Watery Fun

Passengers of all ages can find water park-style fun on the Fantasy. Nemo's Reef allows little squirts to get in on the action with a collection of colorful sprayers and small slides themed to Finding Nemo . There is also a twisting water slide that is propped up by a giant Mickey Mouse hand, a pool for families, and a pool for younger children.

It's not all family fun, all the time on the ship. An adults-only area offers the appropriately named Quiet Cove pool. And the Satellite Sun Deck, a Fantasy exclusive, features Satellite Falls, a small wading pool with a steady, soothing water curtain.

This Ship Has Plenty of Character

Of course, no trip to a Disney theme park would be complete without meeting the Disney characters . Likewise, having some face time with Mickey and the gang is a must aboard a Disney ship.

There are a multitude of characters at multiple locations throughout the ship, many of them dressed in their finest nautical gear. Captain Mickey looks especially sharp in his outfit. The times and locations are published daily in the Personal Navigator that the crew leaves in each stateroom. With so many opportunities and a limited number of passengers, everyone is virtually guaranteed a minimal wait and some quality hang time with the characters.

Near the ship's Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, little princesses can meet Disney's princesses. The royal characters seem to be particularly patient and indulge their little subjects with a more generous amount of time than they typically are able to provide in the parks.

Make sure to have your camera handy for the character meet-ups. But don't fret too much if you forget it. A Disney photographer is always at the ready in the meet-and-greet areas—and around the ship. The Fantasy crew prints all of the photos and places them in a folder for the guests in each stateroom to review. Disney is only too happy to sell passengers the photos (along with imprinted frames, folders, and all kinds of other accessories) for fairly hefty fees. With its family focus, Disney is one of the few major cruise ships that does not include a casino. But it may be making up at least some of the gambling revenue with its photo sales.

You Are the Animator at Animator's Palate

Animation has always been front and center at the Disney theme parks. From the storybook castles that provide their focal points, to the characters that walk the streets, to the stories that inspire the attractions, Disney's animated classics are in the spotlight. Pavilions at both Disney California Adventure and Disney's Hollywood Studios takes guests behind the scenes to learn about the animation process. The Fantasy gives guests the opportunity to actually become animators in a stunning, utterly unique presentation.

On one of the evenings that they dine in Animator's Palate, one of the three main dining rooms on the ship, guests are given markers when they arrive at their table and told to draw a character on their placemats. For inspiration, scenes about food culled from classic Disney animated films (the "Be Our Guest" dining room scene from Beauty and the Beast for example) play on large monitors throughout the dining room.

The waitstaff collects the drawings. About midway through the meal, Mickey Mouse appears onscreen to inform diners that something special will be coming shortly. A few minutes later, the lights dim, and, incredibly, the characters that guests drew begin dancing, skating, and engaging in other activities in an animated production. It simultaneously delights and baffles the audience of would-be animators.

"There's nothing more exciting than when you see your animation come to life," says Joe Lanzisero, senior vice president, creative at Walt Disney Imagineering, and one of the chief designers of the Disney Fantasy. As a former animator, he certainly knows about the joys of watching his sketches first dance and skip across a screen. It is no less of a thrill for amateur animators.

Arms flail, legs articulate, bodies rotate, and other movements occur as the cast of characters perform one amazing choreographed scene after another. It doesn't matter whether the drawings are simple or highly refined. Somehow, the show's impressive technology seamlessly blends everything together. A minute or so into the presentation, the characters begin interacting with Pinocchio, the Genie from Aladdin and other Disney stars. That's when Animation Magic really turns on its magic. Channeling Walt Disney, who once said something similar about building Disneyland, Lanzisero says that creating Animation Magic is "one of those things that proves it's fun to do the impossible."

The signatures that diners provided on their placemats appear as the credits roll. At the end of the (delicious) meal, the waitstaff returns the drawings, which are adorned with gold "Official Animator" labels to the artists.

First introduced on the Fantasy, Animation Magic is a striking Imagineering breakthrough and one of the highlights of the cruise.

Dudes and Dudettes Can Meet and Talk with Crush

One of the most underrated Disney attractions is Turtle Talk with Crush, which is presented at both Epcot and Disney California Adventure . The character from Finding Nemo , who is known for his laid-back demeanor and his surfer-dude patois, interacts live with guests in an astonishing display of real-time animation.

You can also see Crush and the technology that brings him to life on full display aboard the Disney Fantasy. Crush actually drops in for visits in two different places. He makes the rounds at Animator's Palate and chats up dinner guests on their second night in the dining room. He can also be found in the Oceaneer Club, the Fantasy's hangout for children. (There are all kinds of other interactive, technological marvels that kids can play with in the club room.)

Hey! An Elephant Just Flew Past My Porthole!

Let's cheat a bit on this highlight from the Disney Fantasy, because there is no theme park equivalent to the ship's "magical portholes." Essentially, Disney has taken a liability–a cruise ship's windowless inside staterooms—and has turned it into an asset with its whimsical portholes.

Like the enchanted art throughout the ship, the portholes are actually monitors. In this case, they broadcast transmissions of cameras placed on the exterior of the ship. While they are not real windows, they do offer a real-time view of what is happening outside. Every few minutes, however, fantasy interrupts reality when an animated Dumbo flies by , a starfish from Finding Nemo crawls past, or some other animated character makes a fleeting appearance.

The portholes are enchanting and really open up the otherwise claustrophobic quarters. They have become so popular that Disney says guests who could otherwise afford to upgrade to the pricier outside rooms opt for a chance to stay in a room with a "magical porthole."

Take the Plunge at Castaway Cay

The water park fun doesn't stop when the Disney Fantasy docks at Castaway Cay, Disney's beguiling private island in the Bahamas. Pelican Plunge offers a couple of water slides with a unique twist: They plunge into the ocean.

Located on a floating platform a few hundred feet from shore, riders have to swim out (and back) to enjoy the plunge. The body slides, one enclosed and one open, aren't particulalry tall or fast, but they are fun. In addition to the slides, there is a small bucket atop the platform that spills its content without making the usual big splash associated with water park dump buckets. There are also a couple of water cannons that guests can aim at bouys to make propellers spin and trigger other events.

Wet and Mild at Castaway Cay

Small children can have water park fun on Castaway Cay as well. The water play area, Spring-a-Leak, features fountains and jets that offer wet fun and respite from the tropical heat. It's also a great place for kids to expend some energy and stay cool at the same time.

Princess (and Pirates) Makeovers

Hair, makeup, costumes, nail polish: Put it together and what have you got? Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. The beauty salons that transform little girls into princesses at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom has proven enormously popular. Royal makeovers are also available on the Disney Fantasy.

The boutique offers packages that include options such as hairstyles (will that be a Snow White bob or a flowing Jasmine look, young lady?), sashes, wands, tiaras, shoes, and more. The salon also offers pirate makeovers for both boys and girls, although they seem to be far less popular.

Be a Goofball

The Fantasia Gardens and Winter Summerland miniature golf courses at Walt Disney World are a hoot and combine traditional mini-golf fun with Imagineering ingenuity. The nine-hole Goofy's Golf on the upper deck of the Fantasy isn't as elaborate or inventive as Disney's land-based courses, but they are still fun (and, in case you forgot, located on a cruise ship for crying out loud).

Playing a round doesn't require any additional fees. Players pick their own "goofballs" and choose a putter from a bag labeled "Max's Country Clubs." The themed course has to do with Goofy offering tips (in his inimitable Goofster way) about how to play golf. The holes are strewn with oversized props including lawn mowers, broken eyeglasses, and textbooks. There's even one with a kitchen sink. We are not sure why it's there (maybe because the course contains everything but the...), but it's certainly eye-catching and whimsical. While we didn't see it happen, we wonder how often errant balls are hit over the side of the boat and lost at sea.

3-D attractions such as It's Tough to Be a Bug at Disney's Animal Kingdom have long been theme park staples. But 3-D films have been showing up with greater frequency at neighborhood multiplexes. There is no dedicated 3-D attraction aboard the Disney Fantasy, but the plush Buena Vista Theatre shows first-run films (from Disney and its studio affiliates naturally), including 3-D movies. You won't get the theme park "4-D" experience), but you will get the goofy glasses and the latest Hollywood attempt at adding dimension to films.

Experience Star Wars at Sea

Sure the Disney parks have Star Wars: Galaxy‘s Edge , but you could have some intergalactic fun aboard the Fantasy on select sailings. The special cruises, which include what Disney calls “ Star Wars Day at Sea,” include meet-ups with characters such as Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, and R2-D2, live shows, activities, unique food, and a finale deck party.

Fireworks? On a Ship? Yup.

There is perhaps nothing more iconic at any Disney theme park than fireworks exploding over a storybook castle. Nearly all the parks have a pyrotechnic-filled kiss goodnight show. And wouldn't you know it? The Disney Fantasy has a fireworks show as well.

The only cruise line to offer fireworks at sea, the Fantasy lights the sky on the night that it features pirate-themed fun. In true Disney fashion, it isn't a few random bursts fired into the air, but part of a choreographed show. Passengers get into the yo-ho spirit during dinner by donning 'do rags and other pirate gear distributed in the ship's dining rooms. They assemble on the pool deck (with floorboards placed over the pools to accommodate the large crowds) and watch a film presentation on the Jumbotron screen that kicks off the Pirates IN the Caribbean celebration.

Human pirates than emerge from behind the screen to take over the ship, but are thwarted by Captain Jack Sparrow . He rises out of the top of one of the ship's stacks and rides a harness down to engage the menacing pirates in a corny skit that involves swordplay, Poseidon, and a golden goblet. When Jack takes possession of the goblet, he tosses it skyward to launch the Buccaneer Blast fireworks.

By Disney park standards, the fireworks aren't all that spectacular. But, the fact that they are even included on a ship is pretty amazing. Flares fired from both of the funnels accompany the firework blasts on the starboard side of the ship. The whole shebang is synchronized to music. While the show isn't worthy of a Disney castle, the finale is nonetheless impressive. The show is followed by Club Pirate, a themed dance party on the pool deck.

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Marcie in Mommyland

10 Dazzling Things to Do on Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

Posted on Last updated: November 1, 2023

Home » Disney Cruise » 10 Dazzling Things to Do on Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

10 Dazzling Things to Do on Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

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Are you heading out on a Disney vacation on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship? Find out my top 10 things to do on Disney Fantasy, the newest Disney cruise ship, scroll down for more info!

This post about the best things to do on disney fantasy was written by family travel expert marcie cheung and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, i may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog..

My kids are always asking when we’ll go on another Disney cruise. I think after our trip on the Disney Fantasy for their Star Wars cruise, they are HOOKED!

Disney Cruise Line  is a premium vacation experience unlike any other. It’s different even from other Disney vacations.

Disney travel has become the best way for families to experience the world together and virtually no corner of the planet is off-limits.

There are a plethora of factors that set Disney apart from other cruise lines, but here are some can’t-miss things you have to do, particularly on the Disney Fantasy, which is what I sailed on for my last cruise.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Top 10 Things to Do on Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

1.  sweet on you.

If you’re on the Disney Fantasy, this is a can’t-miss sweets shop. It’s got every sugary concoction you could possibly want.

Image of Mickey and Minnie statues kissing at Sweet on You on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

This is a fun place cruisers can enjoy a family treat (like a super big ice cream sundae) or a great spot to grab your favorite movie snack (like jelly beans)! Plus, they have a super adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse statue that is just begging you to Instagram it!

Other can’t-miss opportunities for sweet treats are Frozone Treats and Eye Scream, which are nods to characters from  The Incredibles  and  Monsters Inc  respectively.

2.  The AquaDuck

Each of the Disney Cruise Ships has some kind of water fun, besides the pools. The Magic and Wonder have the AquaDunk waterslide, while the Dream and the Fantasy have the new AquaDuck water coaster.

Disney Cruise Line introduces a cruise industry innovation on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream — the shipboard water coaster, AquaDuck. Guests aboard the ship can get swept away on the exhilarating flume ride that features twists, turns, drops, acceleration and river rapids. Stretching 765 feet in length and spanning four decks in height, AquaDuck uses water blasters to propel guests around the the ship’s top deck. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

If you are on one of these newer cruise ships, you have to try it out. It’s such fun and you won’t believe how thrilling it is as you swoop over the edge of the ship in a transparent glass tube.

Confession: I was too chicken to go on it, but my husband and 6-year-old had a blast doing it again and again!

3. Goofy’s Sports Deck

One of the greatest sections of the ship is Goofy’s Sports Deck. There are tons of fun to be had here, including a one-of-a-kind virtual reality experience.

You can play virtual golf and have a choice of championship courses to simulate, or you can choose from a sport package that includes options to play hockey, basketball, baseball, football, or soccer.

VR packages come in 30-minute and one-hour sessions. This is one must-do activity you will return to again and again for.

4. First Run Movies

If sports are not your favorite thing, perhaps you will feel more comfortable in the Buena Vista Theater. Here you can watch first-run movies and Disney classics on the big screen for free.

At the 399-seat Buena Vista Theatre aboard the Disney Dream, guests can see a movie any time of day – morning, afternoon or evening! With comfortable, posh, Art Deco surroundings, families can sit back and enjoy first-run motion pictures, including films in Disney Digital 3-D. (Matt Stroshane, photographer) 1227BZ_0172MS.JPG

Whatever, the latest Marvel or Pixar Movie might be, you’ll find it on the Disney Cruise Line.

There are so many great titles to choose from and they play all day long. That means that whatever your schedule is, there is always time to stop and take in a movie with the family.

Budget tip: The movies are free but the concessions aren’t. This is one situation where it pays off to bring your own snacks if you like to have candy while you watch.

5. Palo/Remy

Most of the food on your Disney Cruise is included in the price, but there are some dining experiences that cost more, such as the Senses Juice Bar and the Royal Court Tea.

Top 10 Things to Do on Disney Fantasy featured by top US Disney blogger, Marcie and the Mouse: Kobe beef with turnip and potato gratin, served with thyme jus. Chef Arnaud Lallement, Remy (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

Palo is a fine dining restaurant on all Disney Cruise Line ships and Remy is on the Dream and the Fantasy. Both of these luxury restaurants have an added cost but at a deep discount.

These restaurants are much less expensive than they would be anywhere else, so consider the value rather than the price. One of the best things about a Disney Cruise is the opportunity to dine at either of these adult-only restaurants.

6. Room Service

Another perk of the Disney Cruise Line is the free room service. This is something you have to utilize during your cruise.

The kitchen is open 24/7 and you can call anytime to have food brought to your room at no extra charge. Be aware that some items will cost extra, such as canned or bottled beverages, but most of the menu is included in your price.

Room Service is best when you can enjoy your food on the veranda of your stateroom.

Insider tip: You can get Mickey bars or chocolate chip cookies and milk delivered for a before-bedtime treat!

7. Animator’s Palate

This restaurant is on every Disney cruise ship, but it is different on each one.

The overarching theme of the restaurant is “bringing art to life through animation” the execution varies depending on which version you have on your ship, but the experience is always interactive and engaging.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

The changing environment throughout the dinner service makes the Animator’s Palate one of the most unique and exciting Disney Dining experiences for the whole family.

You don’t have to go to the rotational restaurants on your schedule, but you don’t want to miss the night you have Animator’s Palate on your itinerary. This was my kids’ FAVORITE place to eat!

8. Theatrical Shows

Disney Cruise Line uses all of the company’s resources to bring you the best in entertainment and travel. One of the benefits of taking a Disney cruise is the live productions you can attend on the ship.

Top 10 Things to Do on Disney Fantasy featured by top US Disney blogger, Marcie and the Mouse: A tale as old as time takes the stage on the Disney Dream with “Beauty and the Beast,” an original musical production. The enchanting fairytale takes audiences on a sweeping journey to discover the power of transformation through true love and courage. This new production of “Beauty and the Beast” celebrates the romance, adventure and magic of the live-action film, weaving in the charm and nostalgia of the award-winning animated feature. (Steven Diaz, photographer)

Disney has numerous Broadway-caliber shows including stage show versions of Frozen , Tangled , Beauty and the Beast , and Aladdin . Depending on what ship you cruise with you will have the opportunity to see one of these impressive productions at no extra cost.

The rich entertainment value is part of what you pay for when you book a Disney Cruise, so don’t miss out.

9. Fireworks

A magically unique facet of a Disney Cruise Line vacation is the fireworks. Nobody does fireworks like Disney does and you won’t see fireworks on any other cruise line.

Top 10 Things to Do on Disney Fantasy featured by top US Disney blogger, Marcie and the Mouse: Disney Cruise Line lights up the sky to dazzle guests with the largest, awe-inspiring fireworks extravaganza presented aboard a cruise ship. The skies above the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream explode with brilliant colors during “Buccaneer Blast!” – a pyrotechnic spectacular choreographed to a dramatic score featuring songs from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. (Gregg Newton, photographer)

The exclusive opportunity to see Disney’s signature pyrotechnics bursting in the sky is a special touch that can’t be duplicated.

A seemingly small thing puts the whole cruise experience over the top when you get to take in the spectacle.

10. Meet Characters on the Disney Fantasy

Perhaps the most unique thing about a Disney cruise is not the fresh filtered pool water, the fireworks, or even the Castaway Cay.

Top 10 Things to Do on Disney Fantasy featured by top US Disney blogger, Marcie and the Mouse: Meeting Mickey Mouse in his archeologist gear at Castaway Cay

When you take a Disney Cruise you will find that Mickey and his friends have joined you. There are so many great opportunities to spot Disney characters in a totally different light.

There are also scheduled opportunities to meet and greet with the characters on the ship.

Check your Navigator app for times and locations, and don’t forget, they’ll join you at Castaway Cay, too.

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship FAQs

What entertainment is on the disney fantasy.

The Disney Fantasy features original, live stage productions that are exclusive to Disney Cruise Line. These shows are performed in the stunning Walt Disney Theatre and feature beloved Disney characters, breathtaking special effects, and catchy musical numbers.

There are also deck parties. Whether it’s the Pirates IN the Caribbean party or the Marvel Heroes Unite party, there’s always something fun happening on the upper decks of the ship.

You can also catch the latest blockbusters or classic Disney films in the Buena Vista Theatre. The Disney Fantasy offers a range of live music performances throughout the ship.

For younger cruisers, the Disney Fantasy offers a range of age-appropriate programming, including character meet-and-greets, scavenger hunts, and themed parties.

Is there an arcade on Disney Fantasy?

No, there isn’t an arcade on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship.

What is the ship’s itinerary and where does it go?

The Disney Fantasy cruise ship offers a variety of itineraries, with destinations in the Caribbean and Bahamas.

Is there a kids club on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship?

Yes, the Disney Fantasy cruise ship has several youth clubs that cater to children of different ages. The Oceaneer Club is for children ages 3 to 12 and features various themed areas, including Andy’s Room from Toy Story and the Marvel Super Hero Academy.

The Oceaneer Lab is connected to the Oceaneer Club and provides kids with hands-on activities, including animation classes and science experiments.

For younger children ages 6 months to 3 years, there is the “it’s a small world” nursery, which provides care and supervision for an additional fee.

Teens ages 13 to 17 have their own exclusive areas, including the Edge and Vibe clubs, which offer a range of activities and events tailored to their age group.

All youth activities are supervised by trained counselors and are designed to be both fun and educational, with an emphasis on Disney’s signature storytelling and creativity. Parents can feel confident leaving their children in the care of these programs while they enjoy other activities on the ship.

Is Disney Fantasy better than Disney Dream?

Both the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream are wonderful cruise ships with plenty of activities and entertainment options for guests of all ages.

Both ships feature amazing Broadway-style shows, themed restaurants, swimming pools, waterslides, and much more. The main differences between the two ships are their itineraries and some of the onboard amenities.

Ultimately, which ship is “better” will depend on your personal preferences and what you’re looking for in a cruise vacation.

Things to do on Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Wrap Up

We really loved our Disney Fantasy cruise! Not only did we get to watch Disney movies under the stars but we also enjoyed a musical spectacular, danced at a deck party, and rocked Pirate Night!

If you’re a fan of Disney films and you want to plan a family cruise, take a look at the Disney Fantasy cruise ship!

Looking for more Disney Cruise Line posts? Check out the best gluten-free options on Disney Cruise Lines , how to save money on a Disney cruise , where to eat on your Disney cruise , and Disney cruise hacks for your day at sea !

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Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Guide

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Guide

Sailing on a Disney Cruise is one of the easiest vacations to take. With food, entertainment, and more included, you simply need to show up and have fun. And if you’re sailing on the Disney Fantasy, it’s easier than you think. With an easy boat layout, pre-planned activities, and scheduled dinners and entertainment, here’s everything you need to know about the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship.

Disney Fantasy Welcome Party on board

As with all Disney Cruise Line Ships , from the second you step onboard, you feel transported to a different time and place. As such it comes as no surprise that the Disney Fantasy brings you into a fantasyland. With gilded arches, an elegant colored chandelier, and all that glitters, showcasing the ocean beyond, it’s very much like a fairytale. And when Disney asked “Fantasy” songstress, Mariah Carey to be the godmother of the ship, it seemed the perfect fit! Why not add as much elegance, magic, fairytale, and fantasy as you can?

The Disney Fantasy is beyond beautiful. Gorgeous details can be found around every corner. From the hidden Mickeys in the theater to Pepe’s Door and the flags on the carpet that spell out the ship’s name. Hidden treasures, spaces, and interactive paintings are all part of this ship’s magic. 

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

  • 1 Disney Fantasy 
  • 2 Disney Fantasy Atrium Lobby
  • 3 Disney Fantasy Staterooms
  • 4 Disney Fantasy Activities Onboard
  • 5 Disney Fantasy Kids Clubs
  • 6 Disney Fantasy Entertainment
  • 7 Disney Fantasy Broadway Style Shows
  • 8 Disney Fantasy Theaters
  • 9 Disney Fantasy Characters Onboard
  • 10 Disney Fantasy Dining
  • 11 Disney Fantasy Quick Service Restaurants
  • 12 Disney Fantasy Rotational Dining Restaurants
  • 13 Disney Fantasy Adult-Only Restaurants
  • 14 Disney Fantasy Lounges and NightClubs
  • 15 Disney Fantasy Shops
  • 16 Senses Gym, Spa, and Salon Services 
  • 17 Disney Fantasy Pools
  • 18 Disney Fantasy Ports of Call
  • 19 Castaway Cay 5K 
  • 20 Disney Fantasy Adult Things to Do
  • 21 Pixar Day at Sea on the Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy 

The Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship sailed her maiden voyage in 2012, just one year after her “sister ship”, the Disney Dream. The theme of the Disney Fantasy is art nouveau featuring a Mademoiselle Minnie Mouse statue in the Lobby. 

What Character is on the Bow of the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship?

While hardly seen when at the port, Sorcerer Mickey, from Fantasia (1940) can be found on the bow of the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship. 

What Character is on the Stern of the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship?

Dumbo and Timothy from the Disney classic Dumbo (1941) appear on the stern of the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship. 

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Guide

How Big is the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship?

As one of the larger ships in the Disney Cruise Line Ship Fleet , the Disney Fantasy holds 4000 passengers and has a total of 14 decks. Staterooms on the Disney Fantasy are 25% larger than the current cruise ship industry average. And the roomier space was something we definitely noticed while on board this ship. The Fantasy’s sister ship, Disney Dream , has the same layout, and size, while the Disney Wish Cruise Ship is slightly bigger. 

Disney Fantasy Elevators

Where is Everything on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship?

One of the toughest parts of any Disney Cruise Vacation is taking the time to learn the ship. And on shorter excursions, like 3 or 4 days, it’s almost impossible to learn the layout and still have time to enjoy it. 

Deck 1: Health Corridor, and Primarily for Disembarking at Port.  Deck 2: Enchanted Garden Restaurant, Midship Detective Agency Game Station Deck 3: Main Lobby, Guest Services, Royal Court, Animator’s Palate, Bon Voyage Lounge, Shopping, Walt Disney Theater, Preludes Deck 4: Disney Lounges in Europa, Vista Cafe, Shutters Photography, Buena Vista Theater, Walt Disney Theater Balcony Seating, Walking Deck, Preludes Deck 5: Disney’s Oceaneer Club, Vibe Club, It’s a Small World Nursery, Staterooms Deck 6- 10: Staterooms Deck 11: Concierge Level Staterooms, Senses Spa, Juice Bar, Gym, Adult Deck, Cove Cafe, Cabanas Restaurant, Pools, FunnelVision, Eye Scream Treats, Frozone Treats, Sweet on You, Flo’s Cafe ( Luigi’s Pizza, Tow Mater’s Grill, and Fillmore’s Favorites) Deck 12: AquaDuck, Adult Deck, Palo, Remy, Meridian Lounge Deck 13: Concierge Private Sundeck, Edge Club, Currents Bar, Goofy’s Sports Deck ( Miniature Golf, Basketball) Deck 14: Outlook, Radio Studio

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Disney Fantasy Atrium Lobby

Featuring Mademoiselle Minnie as the lobby statue on the Disney Fantasy, this atrium is decked out in Art Nouveau delights. Complete with swirling peacock designs, and blue, green, and pink designs. As one of the larger Disney Cruise Ships , you really feel the grandeur of this place. Even walking up the main staircase feels like a treat. This area on the Fantasy is host to the Royal Princess Gathering , and special performers throughout the cruise.

Mademoiselle minnie on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

Disney Fantasy Staterooms

The types of staterooms included in the Disney Fantasy are Concierge, Verandah, Oceanview, and Inside. All of these can sleep 3-4 people comfortably and include a queen-size bed, and sleeper sofa. The larger rooms can sleep up to 5 people with a pull-down bunk and Murphy bed that comes down from the wall. Concierge rooms have more space and bed configurations, depending on your room choice.

 In addition to the basics, additional amenities like plenty of drawer and closet space, a safe, laundry bag, towels, toiletries, and a first aid kit were all included. Overall the layout of this room is fantastic. A floor-to-ceiling curtain splits the room between the queen bed and the sleeper sofa for extra privacy. There is a sink in both the restroom and shower room, making it easy for guests to get ready in the mornings. This is a Disney Cruise Line exclusive design, and we love the convenience that it adds. 

Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy

Inside Stateroom, Porthole, or Verandah?

A big question to consider on any Disney Cruise is what kind of Disney Cruise stateroom you need. And since prices vary across all of these room types, it’s good to get an idea of what they each offer so you can make your best choice. Mind you, we’re not including concierge, or suites simply because we haven’t yet stayed in either. And it pays to consider that you may need one kind of room for a warm-weather cruise while choosing another for a cold-weather cruise. Similarly, your room preference may change depending on the length of your cruise. What may be okay for a 4-night cruise, may not work for a 14-day Transatlantic cruise. 

Inside Staterooms

Inside staterooms onboard, the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream offer something called a Magical Porthole with real-time views of the water and waves outside as well as fun appearances from Disney characters. If you and your family are fine with a digital window, these rooms are the cheapest onboard, while still offering all the amenities of the outside staterooms. 

Oceanview Staterooms

Oceanview Staterooms come with a variety of porthole options; Obstructed, Two Small Portholes, or One Large Porthole. The obstructed porthole room just means that there may be a pole or part of the ship in front of your oceanview window. If you’re not in your room a lot, or during daylight hours, this may not be an issue for you. Rooms with two small portholes offer views of the water, however, the windows are definitely quite small.  Rooms with one large porthole often have a window seat built-in and give you a great view of the scenery. Perfect for gazing out the window. 

Verandah Staterooms

Verandah Rooms include a balcony with seating that overlooks the water and are a dream on cruises with a view but do cost significantly more. And may not be the best bet for families with small children. We have had a verandah on the Disney Fantasy, and they are lovely, but so much of what you see from your room is dependent upon which side of the boat your room is on, and which side of the port is prettiest. If you’re sailing to Disney’s Castaway Cay, Starboard Side is the best side to be on. 

Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy

Disney Cruise Room Host and Towel Friends

One of our favorite parts of any Disney Cruise is getting to know the Cast Members. And there are a few of whom you will see daily and who will truly be there for you the whole time! Your room host is one of those people. Room hosts tend to your room and learn your “schedule” so they can time room cleaning, and turn down service. They learn your names, leave chocolates and make you towel friends to greet you when you return to your cabin each evening. If we could take these folks home with us, we would. They are wonderful human beings there to make your life easier. Disney Cruise line typically has 1 cast member for every 2.5 passengers, there to help you however they can. 

Disney Cruise Good Morning Show

Shown daily on your stateroom television, you can see your Cruise Director and Assistant Director review the day’s happenings, tips, and more in this 15-minute show. Frankly, this is one of our favorite things about a Disney Cruise! Of course, it could just be because we’ve had fabulous directors like Darren and Antony, who are so fun to watch. This happy show is a great way to start your day in the know. It starts as early as 6 am and is easy to turn on while everyone is getting ready. This show also shares tips on Port days so that you can get all the details on debarkation and when you need to be back on board. 

Disney Fantasy Mural

Disney Fantasy Activities Onboard

As with all Disney Cruise Line Activities, you MUST have the Disney Cruise App on your phone so you can get access to the Disney Navigator. This section of the app allows you to do your favorite activities, be alerted of event times, and see what is happening across the boat each day of your cruise. The Disney Cruise App also shows you Restaurant Menus and Port Excursions. So it is a MUST-HAVE when onboard the ship. You can only get access to the Disney Navigator once you are onboard. At which point you Turn On Airplane Mode, and Connect to the Disney Cruise Line Guest Wi-Fi . Once that has been done you can open the Disney Cruise App and see your options. 

Disney Cruise Fantasy Atrium

Disney Fantasy Kids Clubs

If you’re bringing the kid’s on your Disney Cruise, then there is plenty for them to do. Not only as part of the family activities but also as special things they can tackle alone. Often a much-needed break for parents, Disney Cruise offers Kid’s Clubs that cater to different age groups that help kids meet new friends, make crafts, play games, and more. Kid’s Clubs offer Open Houses on the first day onboard the ship, so kids can check in and get access. Be sure to check out the Disney Navigator App for times to visit the clubs and get your child set up. And download the My Disney Cruise Adventure Booklet to get your child ready for all that’s in store. Here are the kid’s clubs you can find on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship. 

“it’s a small world” nursery

If you need childcare on your cruise you can reserve time at the “It’s a small world” nursery. This care place is filled with activities and fun to keep your little one occupied and safe while you enjoy other things onboard. Read More about the Disney Cruise Nursery.

Disney Oceaneer Club and Lab | Ages 3-12

The Oceaneer Club offers up play areas with slides, games, crafts, and more. On the Disney Fantasy the Oceaneer Club includes magical “lands” to explore that inform the activities throughout the cruise. 

  • Andy’s Room: Featuring a Slinky Dog slide, this space includes Woody and Jesse for some wild west rollicking fun. 
  • Marvel Super Hero Academy: Offering a space that allows for arts, crafts, games, and video games, this S.H.I.E.L.D. facility shows off cool tech and weaponry wielded by our favorite superheroes. 
  • Star Wars Command Post: This training camp features Jedi or X-wing pilots, and you can connect to an interactive holotable to combat the first order!
  • Pixie Hollow: Join Tinkerbell and friends for dress-up, crafts, games, and stories in a gorgeous fanciful forest setting.
  • Puzzle Playtime with Mickey and Friends: At select times throughout your cruise, Mickey himself may pop by to play games and have fun. Check the Disney Navigator App for details, once onboard. 
  • Woody’s Round-Up: Join Woody in your best cowboy garb for fun, games, dancing, storytelling, and singing. Check the Disney Navigator App for details, once onboard. 
  • Doctor Strange Defy the Dark Dimensions: Join Doctor Strange for lessons in the Mystic Arts. Check the Disney Navigator App for details, once onboard. 

Edge | Ages 11-14

Let your tween chart their own destiny in this Disney Cruise Club for tweens. Edge offers up a place to watch movies, play games, get creative, and make new friends. Equipped with all the tech, TVs, and video games you need to have fun if your tween wants to take part. Located inside the Forward Funnel on Deck 13. Edge Hours are 10:00 am- 1:00 am. 

Vibe | Ages 14- 17

This lounge space for teens is perfect for hanging out, having fun, and even making smoothies.  Teens 14-17 will have plenty to do if they’re ready to make friends and take part. Vibe features a coffee bar, and a wide selection of nonalcoholic beverages to keep them going all day and offers counselors on hand to oversee the fun. On the Disney Fantasy, Vibe is decorated like a high-tech media room, with moveable modular furniture and an outdoor sundeck. Activities include karaoke, games, video games, dance parties, and more group activities. Vibe Hours are 10:00 am- 1:00 am

1820 Society | Ages 18-20

Rather underground, the 1820 Society offers young cruisers aged 18-20 the opportunity to get together for activities. While not heavily published and with no designated space, this group’s meet-ups are often available on the Disney Navigator App. Lead by a single cast member, activities like photo scavenger hunts, or meet-ups at the Lounges during the day are all on the menu for this group. Trivia, Karaoke, Games, and Silent Disco are also offered throughout the cruise to keep these young adults involved. If sailing to Castaway Cay the group also takes part in group activities like biking, and volleyball. Be on the lookout in the app for times to meet up, and check with a Cast Member once onboard for details on registering. 

Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy Entertainment

If you’ve ever been on a Disney Cruise you know that the entertainment onboard is top-notch! From Broadway-style entertainment to evening performers, games, and activities, there is no shortage of fun things to do!

Sail Away Party on Disney Cruise

Sailing Away Deck Party

This on-deck party takes place as soon as you Sail Away! While the time sometimes varies, be sure to check out the Disney Navigator in the app for the exact time to be on deck to watch the show. On the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship the Sail Away Deck Party happens on Deck 11, but you can see the show from the balcony on Deck 12 if you can find a spot to stand and watch. This show features Mickey and Friends and Cruise Cast Members dancing and singing to help get you into the mood for your best Disney Cruise Ever. This is also a great time to grab the Drink of the Day, or your first ice cream cone from Eye Scream treats, also on Deck 11. 

Pirate Night on Disney Fantasy

Pirate Night

Disney Cruise Line Pirate Night is a mainstay on many Disney cruises sailing to the Caribbean and a must-do no matter your age! In fact, with Pirate-themed everything on the day of the party, it’s hard to avoid! Mickey and Friends all don their Pirate best and pose for pictures. And everyone (EVERYONE) gets dressed up as a pirate for dinner to be ready for the party. This evening event takes place close to 10 or 10:30 pm so definitely late for the little ones. But never fear, there are other pirate events happening a little earlier if you need to skip this late-night party. So what is Pirate Night on a Disney Cruise?

Basically, it’s a reason to dress up, sing some sea shanties, and catch Mickey and Friends in their pirate costumes. This is also the evening event where Disney Cruise sets off their famous Fireworks at Sea! So, if you’re looking for extra fun, be sure to take the time and head to Deck 11 for the Pirate Night party on the FunnelVision deck. 

Performers on a Disney Cruise  

One of the best parts of any Disney Cruise is the bonus of getting to see live performances from visiting musicians and performers. While these performances are on the schedule in the My Disney Experience app, you will also see these performances as a treat on your way to dinner. Especially as most of the performers do take the main stage in the lobby throughout the cruise, and are hard to miss! That said, you can also catch more private performances in any of the Disney Lounges throughout the boat if you’re looking for something special. We were thrilled to see Matt Grinke, from the Happiest Big Band on Earth, on our cruise. And got the surprise bonus of Matt leading Disney Tunes Trivia as well! 

Games, Trivia, Bingo, Tastings, and More

Just like all Disney Cruises, the Disney Fantasy features a variety of fun activities you can do throughout the day. Players of Bingo can tackle the Bingo cards almost daily for a chance to win prizes and money. Meanwhile, there are other activities all over the boat, including a variety of Disney Trivia events, Towel Friends Classes, the Anyone Can Cook series, and more. But maybe making your own apple strudel sounds like a chore. Perhaps, just aim for a wine tasting instead. The liqueur-based activities are for an additional fee, but for the most part, activities are free! 

Frozen Musical on the Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy Broadway Style Shows

Featuring Broadway Style Shows, opposite your dinner hour, a Disney Cruise offers showstopping entertainment. With classics from Disney films, to original productions featuring the themes of magic, adventure, friendship, believing, and more, these are always a treat while onboard. 

Disney’s Aladdin- A Musical Spectacular

As part of any Disney Cruise, you can count on Broadway-style performances, complete with amazing stage effects, top-notch performers, and a bit of Disney magic thrown in. Disney Fantasy is currently hosting three shows, one of which is Aladdin-A Musical Spectacular. Running for about 1 hour and shown on the Walt Disney Theater Stage, guests can see these shows opposite their dinner seating time. This Aladdin production was fantastic. Expert performers, surprising visual effects, and a beautiful set design made this show worth the watch. 

Frozen- A Musical Spectacular

Another show currently running on the Disney Fantasy is Frozen- A Musical Spectacular. Complete with magical costume changes, and familiar songs, this show incorporated stunning visual effects and set design to make it feel like Broadway. Worth the watch simply for the extremely talented performers, these cast members headline all three shows on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship. 

Disney’s Believe

The third show to be seen is Disney’s Believe, which is also shown on the Disney Dream. This storyline does get tweaked every once in a while, the main characters typically stay the same. This is the story of a child named Sofia and her father, a scientist. Sofia believes in magic and her father doesn’t. Taking place on her birthday, this story finds Disney characters, led by the Genie, helping her father see the magic all around him. A wonderful lesson in the power of belief, this show helps us all have a little more faith and trust. All with the help of a little pixie dust. 

Disney Fantasy Theaters

Disney Fantasy Theaters

With movie theaters on board, there is no shortage of amazing entertainment to be had. The Walt Disney Theater is where all the Broadway-style shows are performed. This two-story theater is beautifully decorated, and themed to Disney himself, and Mickey of course. The second theater onboard the Disney Fantasy is the Buena Vista Theater. This smaller theater is home to movies playing all day long onboard, including some first-run films to see during your sail. 

New Release Movies

A bonus of any Disney Cruise Line vacation is the chance to see a feature film, currently in theaters, while onboard. Your movie selections will change depending on when you cruise and what Disney films are currently in theaters. But, nevertheless, it’s something we look forward to since you don’t need to pay to go to the theater! 

Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy


Another mainstay of any Disney Cruise is the ability to watch Disney movies ALL DAY LONG up on deck on the FunnelVision screen. On the Disney Fantasy, FunnelVision can be found on Deck 11, alongside Cabanas, drink stations, quick-serve restaurants, and the EyeScream cone station. Disney films like Sleeping Beauty, Wreck-it Ralph, and Pirates of the Caribbean are all part of the lineup on the big screen. Simply grab a chair, and settle in. For the most part, films run all day, with the exception of party or event times, and are a great reason to take a break and relax. 

Miship detective Agency Game Disney Fantasy Game

Midship Detective Agency Game

Found on both the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy, you can take on a scavenger hunt around the boat, to find interactive clues to help you solve a mystery. This game is called the Midship Detective Agency Game and is a great way to explore the ship and make the paintings come to life as you hunt down clues. There is a station located on Deck 2, right near the Enchanted Garden entrance for you to pick up your mission and get started. Check out our review of the Midship Detective Agency Game.  

disney cruise line pirate night

Disney Fantasy Characters Onboard

As with any Disney Cruise, you get the chance to not only see your favorite Disney characters in the deck shows but also meet them in the halls and at photo spots. Disney characters included on the Disney Fantasy are all the ones you would expect! Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto are all part of the fun. And princesses like Tiana, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and Mulan show up too! You could also find Stich, Chip and Dale, Thor, and even Dr. Strange roaming the boat and available for photos. Be sure to book the Disney Princess Royal Gathering if you’re hoping to get pics of all the princesses on board. 

Disney Animator's Palate Restaurant

Disney Fantasy Dining

Dining on any Disney Cruise typically requires guests to dress for dinner, at least a little. As a family cruise, basic cruise wear, or “cruise casual” is accepted of course but know that on the Disney Fantasy, there is Formal Night, Semi-Formal Night, and Pirate Night if you’re sailing on a 7-night itinerary. All of which may require some strategic packing. Be sure to check out the Disney Cruise Dining Attire for your cruise length. 

The dress code is not strictly enforced for any of these themed nights. It’s your vacation and you can pretty much dress how you like. However, in general, you’ll want to avoid wearing things like swimsuits to the dining rooms. 

Disney Fantasy Quick Service Restaurants

Looking for food options outside of the main dining rooms? Here’s where you can grab a quick meal or snack!

The quick-service dining family restaurant onboard the Disney Fantasy, Cabanas has several self-serve stations that are set up for breakfast and lunch. Consider this your go-to restaurant when you are just hoping for an easy and quick meal. Cabanas have a variety of foods to satisfy any palate including appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Breakfast includes basics like eggs and potatoes, while yogurt, cereal, and oatmeal bars are also open. And lunch offers a variety of options like various sources of proteins, salads and finger foods for more selective eaters. 

Know that while Cabanas is open throughout the day it does close at certain times, so get familiar with the schedule once you are on board. Cabanas offers both indoor and outdoor deck seating. Pre-pandemic, Cabanas also offered a sit-down dinner option for those wishing to have a more flexible dining schedule. We haven’t seen that return to Disney Cruise Line yet, but it may in the future. 

Flo’s Cafe

Another option for a quick meal can be found at Flo’s Cafe on the Disney Fantasy. This trio of counter-service restaurants offers up simple pizzas, salads, wraps, fruit, burgers, and fries. Complete with a toppings bar and plenty of seating. As (almost) all of your Disney Cruise food is included in your cruise, these mini counter service restaurants are a great option if you’re looking for a snack between meals. 

Other Places to Grab a Bite on the Disney Fantasy

In addition to the main places to get “real food”, you can also grab snacks, treats, and more at a few other places on the Disney Fantasy.

  • Preludes: The Preludes counter includes both fountain and alcoholic beverages, and popcorn for an additional cost. So if you’re hoping to grab something special on your way into the movie or show, Preludes is where you’ll get it. Located on Decks 3 and 4. 
  • Senses Juice Bar: Senses Juice Bar is a specialty juice bar just next to the gym. Juices here are crafted by hand and do cost extra. This is an adult-only space. 
  • Frozone Treats: This smoothie counter is located on Deck 11 and is home to specialty Dole whip and Greek yogurt-based smoothies. A great way to get in your extra nutrients. Frozone offers smoothies and dole whip for an extra cost. 
  • Eye Scream Treats: This ice cream counter is home to the FREE Ice Cream cone station available on every Disney Cruise. There are a variety of soft-serve flavors here. And this counter is open all day and can be frequented as often as you like. 
  • Sweet on You Sweet Shop : If you’re looking for something super-indulgent, then we have the shop for you! Sweet on You is located on Deck 11 of the Disney Fantasy and offers specialty gelato, sundaes, cupcakes and all kinds of sweets. These treats cost extra, but they’re fun if you want to splurge!

Disney Fantasy Photo Tour

Disney Fantasy Rotational Dining Restaurants

One of Disney Cruise Line’s signature services is Rotational Dining on a Disney Cruise, which can sometimes get confusing. Guests can choose and are ultimately assigned a first or second seating. First Seating is typically around 6:00 pm and the Second Seating is around 8:15 pm. Though these times can vary 15 minutes before or after this time. Once you know your seating, you’ll simply show up at the assigned restaurant at that time every night throughout your trip. Know that the evening showtimes are also at these times. So if you have a first seating assignment, your showtime will be later, and if you have a second seating your showtime will be earlier.

The restaurants included in the rotational dining on the Disney Fantasy are Royal Court, Enchanted Garden, and Animator’s Palate. As traditional table-service restaurants, these meals here are included in your Disney Cruise Vacation Package. Gratuities for dinner service, however, are not. As such you will be charged gratuities at the end of your cruise. Note that any breakfast or lunch meal you have at these restaurants does not generate gratuities on your bill. Therefore, feel free to check these restaurants’ schedules throughout your cruise if you hope to have a table-service breakfast or lunch. 

Royal Court Restaurant on Disney Cruise

Royal Court

The Royal Court Restaurant on the Disney Fantasy is similar to the Royal Palace on the Disney Dream . The spaces at Royal Court are simply decorated and honor each of the princesses. As such there are sections of the restaurant specific to our favorite Disney couples. Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Jasmine, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Ariel and Prince Eric, and Sleeping Beauty are among the murals you’ll find on the walls in each section. Check out the Disney Fantasy Royal Court Menu. 

Enchanted Garden

The Enchanted Garden Restaurant also found on the Disney Dream , features an Alice in Wonderland theme set in the gardens of Versailles. Complete with flower lights that open and close throughout dinner. As an atmosphere, this restaurant feels very calm. and if you can get it, we highly recommend a table on the perimeter of the restaurant, where there is generally less hustle and bustle. There are also beautiful subtle color changes across the restaurant. Check out the Disney Fantasy Enchanted Garden Menu . 

Animator’s Palate

The Animator’s Palate Restaurant can be found on the Disney Magic, Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy. And each restaurant brings a different kind of magic to your dining experience. It is one of the best Disney Cruise Restaurants and one that rightfully honors Walt Disney Animation. Frankly, we love it. On the Disney Fantasy, Animator’s Palate has a different look but brings all the interactive fun. Complete with a chat from Finding Nemo’s Crush, and a chance to draw your own animated characters. Check out the Disney Fantasy Animator’s Palate Menu. 

Disney Fantasy Adult-Only Restaurants

One of the best things for Adults to do on a Disney Cruise is to make a special night out to one of the Disney Adult-Only Restaurants, and the Disney Fantasy has two. The Palo and Remy restaurants are both located on Deck 12, near the Meridian Lounge. Keep in mind these are 18+ and do have a dress code. These meals are NOT included in your Disney Cruise Package , so you must reserve them ahead of time. Guests may only book ONE dinner in advance for Palo. However, if your Palo night is the first night of your cruise, you are able to make a second reservation at either Palo or Remy on another night of your cruise. 

Reservation Window for Castaway Club

  • First Time Cruiser: 75 days in advance
  • Silver: 90 days in advance
  • Gold: 105 days in advance
  • Platinum: 120 days in advance (complimentary)
  • Pearl/Concierge: 123 days in advance ( complimentary)
  • Men: dress pants or slacks and collared shirt; jacket is optional
  • Women: dress, skirt or pants with a blouse
  • Jeans may be worn if in good condition (no holes)

Adult-exclusive restaurants aboard Disney Cruise Line ships are elegant dining experiences. Guests are requested to dress in a manner consistent with the restaurant’s sophistication. Formal or semi-formal attire is recommended. Dress casual attire with a polished look is permitted (such as dress pants, jeans in good condition, collared shirts and blouses and lifestyle shoes). Clothing such as T-shirts, swimwear and sports attire is not permitted.

Remy on a Disney Cruise Adult Dining

This restaurant serves fine French fare in an atmosphere of elegance and ocean views. With gourmet selections crafted by Chef Scott Hunnel and Chef Arnaud Lallement. “Dinner begins with a complimentary “Collette,” a chilled Champagne cocktail prepared at your table.” Offering regional, fresh ingredients, langoustine, duck, elk, sablefish and Kobe beef are on the list of options. Alternatively, Remy also offers a brunch, dessert, and wine-tasting experience.  Current prices for Remy are as follows: Dinner $125 per person, Wine pairing is $230 per person, brunch is $80 per person (add an extra $30 for a Champagne pairing), and the Dessert Experience is $60 (add $25 for the wine pairing). Check out the Disney Fantasy Remy Menu .

Palo Restaurant Disney Fantasy Cruise

Palo is an Adult-Only restaurant on the Disney Fantasy featuring Northern Italian cuisine in a four-course meal. Salads, pasta, meats, and seafood are all part of the menu. Palo features Italian decor and offers ocean views and live music. It is an Adults-Only restaurant (18+) and requires reservations, and costs extra. Palo offers a prix fixe dinner at $70 per person with an option for a la carte items. Brunch is $50 per person, and you can technically order as much as you like, but it no longer includes a brunch buffet option. We loved getting Brunch at Palo , and highly recommend it for your next cruise. Check out the Disney Fantasy Palo Menu. 

Disney Fantasy Cruise Meridian Lounge

Disney Fantasy Lounges and NightClubs

The Disney Fantasy Cruise is home to 11 lounges! Most of these lounges host daytime activities for families, like games, Bingo, trivia, and more. In the evenings, usually after 6 pm some of the lounges transition to adult-only ( 18+). Here are all the details for each lounge, and the themes you can find in each. We highly recommend exploring these spaces just for fun. As they are beautiful and unique.

Lounges and Bars

  • Currents . Located on Deck 13, this outdoor bar overlooks the Adult-Only pool area, with lounge spaces, and live music. 
  • D Lounge : The D Lounge on the Disney Fantasy is the largest lounge, and home to Bingo, Disney Tunes Trivia and the Anyone Can Cook Series. 
  • Meridian: This high-class lounge is located on Deck 12 and offers both indoor and outdoor seating, with great views of the ocean. Featuring a variety of specialty beverages, this bar also included Seedlip mocktails as well as classic cocktails like the Singapore Sling. 
  • Bon Voyage: Bon Voyage is the bar nearest the Lobby and a great place to grab a drink while listening to performers, or prior to the shows. 

Ooh La La Lounge Disney Fantasy

Europa Lounges on Deck 4 Aft

  • Skyline : This small bar on the Disney Fantasy features a variety of drinks, and views of a digital skyline of the world’s most famous cities.
  • La Piazza: La Piazza is decorated like an Italian-style plaza complete with merry go round styled bar. It hosts musical performances and activities throughout the day.
  • O’Gills Pub: O’Gills is a classic Irish pub, that offers up beers and drinks from the Emerald Isle. This location also is host to games, trivia, and activities throughout the day. 
  • Ooh La La: This Champagne bar on the Disney Fantasy is tucked in the back of Europa, and is rather small. It is, however, decorated beautifully with lights, lush furniture, and classic French decor. 
  • The Tube: Modeled after the Tube in London, this bar and nightclub really comes to life at night! With family activities held during the day, at nighttime, this area becomes adult only and hold events like karaoke, dance parties and more. 

Cove Cafe Disney Fantasy Cruise Coffee Shop

Coffee Cafes

  • Cove Cafe: The Cove Cafe is an Adult-Only coffee cafe in the adult section on Deck 11. Serving up specialty coffee, pastries, and drinks, Cove Cafe also features coffee art. 
  • Vista Cafe : This coffee counter offers the same menu as Cove Cafe but is open to all ages. You can also grab free pastries from the case, but the coffee here is for a charge. They offer a variety of flavored coffee options, matcha, teas, and the Moka experience. 

Disney Pools on the disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy Shops

The Disney Fantasy has several shops onboard. Mickey’s Mainsail and White Caps are the main gift shops onboard with classic Disney merchandise and Cruise-specific items available. Additional shops like Sea Treasures and Bvlgari have specialty jewelry, perfumes, and more onboard available duty-free. You can even grab the Disney Cruise Disney Dooney and Bourke bag onboard. One of the cutest shops onboard is Sweet on You, a specialty cupcake, treat, and gelato shop. Sweet on You also has prepackaged snacks and a cute photo-op area with Mickey and Minnie! 

Senses Gym, Spa, and Salon Services 

We like taking advantage of the seamless walking and running opportunities on Deck 4 of the Disney Fantasy, but if you’re looking for a gym experience, you can find it at Senses. Featuring treadmills, ellipticals, weights, and even classes, this gym offers a way for you to stay in shape on board. And if you’re looking for something to help you relax, the Senses Spa offers up a selection of cosmetic body and facial treatments, available for an extra charge. Check out all the services offered at the Senses Spa and Salon on the Disney Fantasy. And if you’re bringing your teen, you can let them experience Chill Spa , catering to those kids 13- 17 and offering services they’d enjoy like massages, wraps, hair care, and more. 

Disney Fantasy Pools

The Disney Fantasy has a variety of pools, and water features for babies, kids, and adults. AquaDuck is the most popular water ride and sends guests through a tube that is lifted high on the perimeter of the boat deck. Other pool areas are Satellite Falls, Nemo’s Reef, Mickey’s Pool, Donald’s Pool, AquaLab, and Funnel Puddle. In addition to the main pools, the Adult Deck has a variety of hot tubs and the Quiet Cove Pool on Deck 11. 

Aqua Lab on the Disney Cruise

Disney Fantasy Ports of Call

The Disney Fantasy has a few different Ports of Call, though all sailings are out of Port Canaveral, Florida. Sailing to the Eastern and Western Caribbean, as well as Disney’s Castaway Cay, here are a few ports you may see on your cruise. Be sure to check out your specific cruise and dates to see where you’re sailing. 

Tortola Island British Virgin Islands

Eastern Caribbean

Generally, the “calmer’ ports available on the Disney Fantasy, are the islands in the Eastern Caribbean. These islands are mostly walkable and have small shop areas, restaurants, and beaches. 

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  • Philipsburg St. Maarten  

Disney St. Thomas Skyview

Western Caribbean

The Western Caribbean ports are busier and reminiscent of Nassau, Bahamas . If visiting we’d recommend that to make the most of your trip that you book an excursion. While these do tend to take up your entire day at port, they give you some focus and will help you feel like it was a trip worth making. 

  • Cozumel, Mexico
  • George Town, Grand Cayman
  • Falmouth, Jamaica

Disney Cruise St. Thomas Port

Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay is Disney’s Private Island, and luckily, is on the Disney Fantasy itinerary as a port of call for a whole day! By far one of our favorite stops on any Disney Cruise. With things like snorkeling, bike riding, and inner-tubing, there is plenty to do on your Castaway Cay day. You can also book excursion packages for boating, water bikes, and other special activities. Check out our Castaway Cay Guide to get an idea of everything you can do on the island. 

Castaway Cay Disney Cruise

Castaway Cay 5K 

If you’re Disney Cruise Itinerary includes a stop at Castaway Cay, then be sure to check out the Castaway Cay 5K race! This self-paced 5K brings you through the trails on Castaway Cay and is perfect for both kids and adults. You can walk or run it, and simply have to sign in at the bike rental kiosk on the island to get started. Once you complete your 5K, you can collect your Castaway Cay 5K Medal to take home. We love this as a meaningful Free Disney Cruise Souvenir, and since it’s part of an experience, one that you should proudly display! While not an official runDisney marathon race, we still loved this activity as a way to see the island and give us a bit of a challenge. 

Castaway Cay 5k 

Disney Fantasy Adult Things to Do

In addition to the Adult-Only Restaurants, there are plenty of things to do onboard a Disney Cruise for Adults. If you’re looking for some things to do on your Disney Cruise, here are a few of our favorites. 

Adult-Only Cruise Activities ( 18+)

There are a wide variety of Disney Cruise Activities on the Disney Fantasy that was ONLY for adults ( 18+), and not necessarily because they have anything to do with alcohol! Some classes, trivia, and games were only open to adults, alongside a variety of cocktails and wine tastings. 

Adult Beach Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay Serenity Bay

Once on Castaway Cay, you can head to the far beach, called Serenity Bay. This sparkling beach includes access to a bar, eatery, and stretches of beach filled with loungers and umbrellas. Notably less crowded than the family beaches, if you’re looking for a place to get away, head to Serenity Bay. 

Drink of the Day on a Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Drink of the Day

One of our favorite things on any Disney Cruise is checking out the Drinks of the Day. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options are available, and they usually include something fruity and fun! You can check the selections each day in your Disney Cruise app and grab these drinks at any bar counter. We also loved that they shared the ingredients in the descriptions so that we can make Disney Cruise Drinks at home too! And if you’re sailing in cold weather, check out one of our favorite Disney Cruise cocktails from the Very Merrytime Cruise , the  Disney Cruise Christmas Cookie Cocktails . Yum!

Adult Deck on a Disney Fantasy Cruise

The adult deck on a Disney Cruise is reserved for adults 18+ and fills up fast! While this deck is smaller, it still has a few bars, lots of loungers, and pools in which to hang out. There are plenty of places to hang out in this area, so be sure to check out deck 12 for more seating options. There is a small section for smokers up there, however, most of the area is smoke free and there are plenty of options for seating. 

Ooh La La Champagne Bar no Disney Cruise

Pixar Day at Sea on the Disney Fantasy

In the winter months, the Disney Fantasy is home to the Pixar Day at Sea. This became a new offering just recently and will be back on Disney Cruiseline for 2024. The Pixar Day at Sea is a great way to get your Pixar fix while onboard a Disney cruise ship. With special snacks, entertainment and character meet and greets, if you love Pixar, then we highly recommend checking out this themed cruise that sails in January and February.  Generally available on 7-night cruise itineraries, the Pixar Day at Sea is held on one of the sea days during your cruise. 

What Pixar Characters are on the Pixar Day at Sea?

One of the best things about this themed cruise is that you can see quite a few different Pixar characters all in one place! You can expect to see characters from Toy Story, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., Inside Out, Up and more. Keep your eyes peeled because you never know who you might find roaming the Disney Fantasy! 

Getting Ready for your Disney Cruise

Hopefully, this Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Guide has helped you get a handle on what your experience may look like. Know that as a vacation, a Disney Cruise Line vacation is one of the easiest to take. With daily tips from the Cruise Director’s Morning Show, to the helpful staff, and excursions to ensure a successful day at port. Your role is simply to show up and enjoy it! 

Check out our Disney Cruise Packing List for everything you need to bring along with you. From cruise documents to outfits for semi-formal night, check out the post for a complete breakdown. And don’t forget to make fun plans to decorate your cruise cabin door, with some Disney Cruise Decorations. It’s easy to make a Disney Cruise extra fun and magical. And on the Disney Fantasy, there is so much to see and do, we hope you love it as much as we do. 

Ready to book your next cruise on the Disney Fantasy? Request a no obligation quote and let us help you plan it !

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Complete Guide

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

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  • Deck Parties
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  • Dance Parties
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  • Adults_Only Events
  • Europa _ Adults_Only Area
  • Whirlpools (4)
  • Waterslides (2)
  • Mickeys Slide
  • Shutters Portrait Studio *
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique *
  • Retail Shops *
  • Vista Gallery *
  • Guest Services
  • Port Adventures *
  • Disney Vacation Planning *
  • Port Shopping Desk *
  • Concierge Lounge _ Suite Guests
  • Medical Center
  • Walt Disney Theatre
  • Buena Vista Theatre
  • Disney Movies Onboard
  • Funnel Vision
  • Nightly Live Music
  • Stage Shows
  • Enchanted Garden - Rotational Main
  • Animators Palate - Rotational Main
  • Royal Court - Rotational Main
  • Cabanas - Buffet
  • Preludes - Theater Snacks *
  • La Piazza - Italian Cocktails *
  • Vista Cafe - Coffee Bar *
  • Skyline - Cocktail Bar *
  • Ooh La La - Champagne Bar *
  • OGills Pub - Pub *
  • Eye Scream_Frozone Treats - Ice Cream
  • Beverage Station - Soft Drinks
  • Sweet On You - Sweets *
  • Flos Cafe_Luigis Pizza_Tow_Maters Grill_Fillmores Favorites - Fast Food
  • Cove Cafe - Coffee Bar *
  • Senses Juice Bar - Juice Bar
  • Cove Bar - Pool Bar *
  • Meridian - Nautical Bar *
  • Remy - French *
  • Palo - Italian *
  • Waves Bar - Pool Bar *
  • Currents Bar - Pool Bar *
  • Bon Voyage - Atrium Bar *
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WDW Prep School

Amenities and Recreation onboard the Disney Fantasy

Amenities and Recreation onboard the Disney Fantasy

While aboard the Disney Fantasy, guests can do so much more than dine at restaurants and meet characters. They can have fun in the pool, shipping, or letting their little ones dress up like a princess.

There are so many choices when it comes to amenities and recreation on board. Below we go over all of th go over all of the different options.

In this article


Guests can choose from two types of special experiences on the Disney Fantasy, including Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and an on-board photography shop.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Deck : 5 Price : $79.95 to $595

Similar to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Walt Disney World, guests can purchase packages to have their children transformed into either princesses, knights, sea captains, or even a pirate.


There are several different packages that range in price and include different elements, like costumes, makeup, hairstyling, etc. 

Royal Knight Costume Package — $79.95

  • Prince Costume
  • Hairstyling with gel
  • Mighty sword and shield

Deluxe Carriage Package — $99.95

  • Hairstyling
  • Shimmering makeup and face gem
  • Princess sash and tote
  • Nail polish
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique T-shirt

Captain’s Package — $119.95 (Disney Cruise Line Exclusive)

  • Captain’s costume
  • Captain’s hat
  • Captain Mickey/Minnie Plush

Disney Frozen Package — $179.95

  • Anna or Elsa hairstyling with matching costume
  • Princess sash and cinch sack
  • Olaf plush toy
  • Anna or Elsa coordinating accessories

Castle Package — $199.95

  • Princess necklace, sash and cinch sack
  • Disney Princess gown of your choice
  • Coordinating crown and wand

Princess Signature Package — $450

  • Disney Princess gown made with heirloom-quality fabrics and feature intricate designs telling the story of the princess
  • High-quality crystal tiara with box
  • Organza garment bag and satin hanger
  • Nail polish 

Royal Sea Package — $595  

This package includes three days of makeovers for guests age 3 to 12 years old. In order to book or upgrade this package, you must make an appointment with BBB on board.

  • 3 select makeover experiences
  • Princess Royal Rolling Trunk
  • Boutique frame
  • Special Invitation with a glass slipper ribbon necklace
  • Keepsake glass slipper from Cinderella’s helpers


You can even choose to purchase one of the following pirate-themed packages that only take about 30 minutes and are specifically for guests 3 and older. Those between the ages of 3 and 12 must be accompanied by an adult. 

It’s important note that Pirates League packages are only available on Pirate Party Nights. 

First Mate Package — $44.95 (Adult and Child)

  • Choice of pirate facial effect
  • Sword and sheath
  • Unique coin necklace

Empress Package — $44.95 (Adult and Child)

  • Shimmering makeup

Deluxe Maiden Package — $99.95 (Child)

  • Choice of select costumes

Pirate’s League Captain Package — $99.95 (Child)


You can either use one of these methods to book both BBB and Pirates League packages: Online, prior to embarkation, at the Planning Center on board, accessing My Disney Cruise, or visiting BBB directly.

Here’s when guests can start making reservations:

  • First-Time Guests : 75 days prior to sail date
  • Silver Castaway Club Members : 90 days prior to sail date
  • Gold Castaway Club Members : 105 days prior to sail date
  • Concierge Guests and Platinum Castaway Club Members : 120 days prior to sail date

Space is limited and appointments first-come, first-served, so it’s important to book early. Those with appointments are also asked to arrive 15 minutes before the appointment and with hair combed/brushed and clean/bare fingernail. Customers must also be free of any scalp or skin conditions for at least 30 days prior to the appointment.

You must cancel at least 24 hours prior to your reservation to avoid a $10-per-person cancellation fee, which also applies to no-shows.

Shutters: The Onboard Photography Shop

This onboard shop doesn’t just sell photo essentials or allow guests to purchase cruise pictures, but guests can also take advantage of packages and the Shutters Portrait Studio, a private photo session.


Guests can pre-order photo packages and products through Our Cruise Photos before they set sail. You can also arrange wedding and group photography on board or on Castaway Cay (for Caribbean and Bahamian itineraries).


You can have portraits taken by the ship’s professional photographer during a private photo session. Packages start at $550 and do not form part of the regular picture packages. Availability is limited so be sure to book your session ahead of time.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Last about 30 minutes
  • Groups larger than 6 guests should book 2 consecutive sessions
  • There’s a maximum of 12 guests allowed inside the studio at once
  • Portraits will be done in black and white format
  • There isn’t a sitting fee and no obligation to purchase images
  • Both casual and formal attire is acceptable 

Types of Packages

  • Media, Printing and Framing Options : Adults can make appointments online or prior to embarkation by visiting My Cruise Activities
  • Digital Collection : Up to 100 images from your portrait session captured on a USB to take home and print
  • Fine Arts Prints Collection : Three styles are available including wrapped canvas on a 1.5-inch gallery mount, quarter-inch acrylic, and aluminum
  • Premium Albums : Images are printed onto heavyweight paper stock and bound with a quarter-inch acrylic cover and encased in a high-quality presentation box. Standard capacity is 20 sides and expandable in multiples of 10 to a maximum of 80 sides.

Want to go swimming or down a waterslide? Well, the Disney Fantasy allows you to do just that. Kids and adults can soak it up at several pool and water areas.

First, here’s what you need to know about swim diapers, pool vests, and toys and accessories:

  • Only children who are toilet trained are allowed in the pools and spas. Kids who aren’t potty trained must wear swim diapers and can enjoy the wet play areas and splash zones.
  • Complimentary pool vests are available at the pool decks and can only be used onboard. 
  • Floats, rafts, and noodles are not allowed onboard. 
  • Coast Guard personal flotation devices (PFDs), water wings, and flotation sewn into bathing suits  are permitted at Goofy’s Pool.
  • Swim goggles that fit over the eyes only are permitted at pools, whirlpool spas, and waterslides.
  • Swim masks that cover the eyes and nose are only allowed at pools, but they aren’t on slides.
  • Snorkel tubes are not permitted at any pools, whirlpool spas, waterslides, or water play areas.

Now, here are the three pools on board:

AquaDuck on Disney Cruise Line

The AquaDuck is a water-gushing acrylic tube, also known as an elevated “water coaster” that is essentially a slide, but transports guests up, down, and around — off the side of the ship. Better yet, try it at night for the multicolored lights.

Those 42 inches or taller can ride and single riders must be 54 inches or taller. Those under 7 who are at least 42 inches tall must ride with someone who is 14 years or older.

Quiet Cove Pool

This is an adult-exclusive pool strictly for anyone 18 and older. The main pool with a 3-circle design is open daily from 6 a.m. to midnight and features a plunge pool, a shallow sunbathing pool, and a whirlpool spa.

There are deck lounge chairs and built-in lounge chairs in the ankle-deep section of the pool that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition to relaxing, Cast Members will also host games and activities throughout the day, along with a live duo performing music poolside. 

Inspired by Donald Duck’s nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, the AquaLab designed to soak guests. The lab includes many interactive elements like, pouring paint cans, raining showerheads, and Donald’s hole-filled Ducky Dinghy that spills even more water and has a hidden surprise.

Adult supervision is required for anyone under 16 and lounge chairs are only available on a first-come, first-served basis. There’s a wading pool with a fountain perfect for little ones. 

Satellite Falls

Satellite Falls on Disney Cruise Line

A wading pool that’s exclusive to adults and features a giant water sphere with rain cascading down. Adults can also relax at the Satellite Sun Deck, a shaded area with a glass wraparound enclosure with lounge chairs that are first-come, first-served. 

Nemo’s Reef

Nemo's Reef on Disney Cruise Line

Nemo’s Reef is a splash deck (fountains, bubblers, and pop jets) inspired by Finding Nemo and is perfect for kids. There’s even a kid-sized waterslide shaped like Mr. Ray, among many more interactive play areas. There is also a wheelchair-accessible entrance. 

Mickey’s Pool

Mickey's Pool on Disney Cruise Line

Shaped like Mickey Mouse, this pool is perfect for children. Open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, the pool has a one-deck-high slide, games and activities led by Cast Members, lounge chairs available on a first-come, first-served basis, and more.

Mickey’s Pool Slide is intended for children 4 to 14 years old and they must be between 38 and 64 inches tall. Anyone under 16 must have adult supervision.

Donald’s Pool

Donald's Pool on Disney Cruise Line

With pools, nearby food stations, on-deck Disney movies and TV shows broadcast on a big screen, activities and games, Donald’s Pool is great for families. There’s also dance floor for both daytime and nighttime events. Anyone under 16 must have adult supervision.

Funnel Puddle

Funnel Puddle on Disney Cruise Line

A family wading pool that’s a bit calmer than hanging out at a main pool area. There’s lounge chairs (available on a first-come, first-served basis), a water play area for kids, and a nice spot to catch some rays.


From a gym specifically for adults, to a deck that has games, guests can enjoy several sports and recreation options on the Disney Fantasy.

Goofy’s Sports Deck 

Goofy's Sports Deck on Disney Cruise Line

An open-air activity center for kids, teens, and adults that has all kinds of activities, like a miniature golf course, virtual sports simulators for a range of sports, a basketball court, ping-pong, foosball, shuffleboard, and a running track. 

There are also virtual sports simulator packages available for an additional price:

  • Golf 30-Minute Package for $28 per session
  • Sports (soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, or football) 30-Minute Package for $13 per session
  • Golf 60-Minute Package for $49 per session
  • Sports (soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, or football) 60-Minute Package for $22 per session

Midship Detective Agency

Midship Detective Agency on Disney Cruise Line

The Midship Detective Agency is located near Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and is a self-guided interactive game for those 9 and older. It’s similar to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Participants channel their inner detective as they travel all over the ship to crack different cases with help from Disney characters like Mickey, Goofy, and Donald, Pongo and Roger, and Kermit, Miss Piggy, and more. The cases are subject to change.

Fitness Center

Guests can run on the treadmill, use the elliptical, lift weights, take a class, or even meet with a personal trainer (extra fees apply) at this state-of-the-art fitness center. There are alo showers, lockers, men and women’s changing rooms, and complimentary towels and water.


As previously stated, these one-on-one sessions cost extra and they include:

  • Metabolism Test with Body Composition Analysis : 60 minutes for $39
  • Personal Training : 60 minutes for $89
  • Nutritional Consultation : 60 minutes for $89


There are several complimentary fitness classes and seminars, including Pure Form Pilates, Pure Form Yoga, Tour de Cycle, and Health and Wellness Seminars. One class that does cost extra is the Body Sculpt Boot camp (4 x 30 minutes sessions for $119 and 2 x 30 minutes sessions for $69).


You can make reservations for seminars, instructional classes, or one-on-one training sessions at the Fitness Center after 1 p.m. on the day you first board the ship or any time after. Anyone who is 14 or older can use the Fitness Center for free, but those between 14 and 17 must have an adult or guardian with them to enter. Guests must wear proper attire and athletic shoes at all times.


Need time away from the family to focus on yourself? Well, there’s always the option of going to the spa and salon on board.

Senses Spa & Salon

Senses Spa & Salon is a high-end spa with a range of services and prices (typically in the three figure area)  for adults only  that cost extra, along with an automatic 18 percent gratuity. They include:

  • Spa Treatments : massages, body wraps, facials, aromatherapy, and more
  • Salon Services : teeth whitening, manicures, pedicures, hairstyling, and traditional men’s grooming services
  • Luxurious Spa Villas : private rejuvenation destination for individuals, couples, and families
  • The Rejuvenation Spa : a haven of vitality, offering a complimentary 30-minute consultation to determine which of the 4 groundbreaking, nonsurgical treatments are right for you

Anyone 18 and older can use Senses.  Spa reservations can be made online  through the Planning Center or after 1 p.m. on the first day of you cruise. Appointment times fill up very quickly, so book your session as soon as possible.  Salon service can only be made onboard  after 1 p.m. on the first day of your cruise. 

Located inside Senses Spa & Salon, Chill Spa is  exclusively for teenagers between 13 and 17 . There’s a range of services, including massages, facial, hair care, and beauty and wellness. Packages range in duration and prices ($29 to $195, depending on the service).

Reservations can only be made onboard at Senses after 1 p.m. on the first day of your cruise, and a parent or guardian must accompany Guests 13 to 17 years of age for the duration of their treatment. There is also an 18 percent gratuity applied automatically to all services. 

The shops onboard feature souvenirs, Disney art, designer handbags, fragrances, and so much more.

Mickey’s Mainsail

Sea treasures, vista gallery.

The Vista Gallery had Disney Cruise Line art from Disney artists and other Disney collectibles.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. on Disney Cruise Line

Find jewelry, accessories, wedding gifts, and more at the iconic and famous store.

The following products and services give us a commission on sales.

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Disney Fantasy Cruise Review with Ship Activities and Pictures

Disney Fantasy cruise ship

If you’re heading out on a Disney Cruise Line vacation, you may be looking for Disney Fantasy cruise reviews to prepare for your trip. Maybe you’re also wondering what activities are available onboard or what the restaurants are like on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship.

This Disney Fantasy trip review is from my family’s 3 day vacation with our toddler. On this Disney Cruise Line itinerary, we sailed to Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. Since this was considered a “double dip” cruise, we were able to spend TWO amazing days on Disney’s private island in the Bahamas.

In this review, we will take a look inside the Disney Fantasy cruise ship, including all the exciting activities and entertainment to enjoy onboard! 

(This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small compensation at no extra cost to you. Please see my disclosure policy at the bottom of this page for more details.)

Booking the Disney Fantasy

I booked this Disney cruise pretty last minute- about 35 days before sailing. This was nice because it meant we didn’t have long to wait before our much-anticipated trip. However, it also meant I had a lot of cruise planning to do in a short amount of time.  

During the booking process, I was able to choose a stateroom that was a Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah. Disney Cruise Line offers these family staterooms for cruisers who want a little extra space. I was worried about not having enough storage space and feeling cramped inside the cruise cabin.

pictures of Disney cruise ship and Disney character statues with text Disney Fantasy Cruise Review with Toddler

These family sized staterooms seemed to be the way to go to help ease my fears of claustrophobia. My husband also suggested booking a room with a verandah. We thought it would be a good place to sit and relax each day/night while our three-year-old slept.

In addition to choosing our stateroom, I also picked our dining time while booking the Disney Fantasy cruise. Disney Cruise Line offers two dining options for cruisers on the Fantasy: Main Dining at 5:45 and Late Dining at 8:15. Since we were cruising with our toddler , I felt really relieved that the Main Dining time was still available!

Cruise Itinerary

Because we were only 35 days away from our sail date, I was also able to check in for our Disney cruise right after booking it. I filled out all of our personal information and scheduled times for our daughter to attend the Princess Gathering and the Frozen Meet and Greet.

I feel like I should mention here that this sailing of the Fantasy was not the typical 7-day Caribbean itinerary. This is because the Disney Fantasy ship was just coming out of a dry dock where she received new upgrades. Once on board, I realized that a large number of the cruisers were travel agents who were cruising to see these new enhancements.

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship at Castaway Cay

I am guessing that we probably would not have been as lucky with our last-minute Main Dining and character meet and greet times had more families with children been on board. After booking the cruise and events online, I called Disney Cruise Line to add on a pre-cruise hotel stay at the Hyatt Orlando Airport and Disney Cruise Line ground transportation to/from the port.

Since I arranged this through Disney, I did not have to choose a Port Arrival Time. This worked out perfectly for us because we really wanted to be on the ship early to enjoy the pools before our toddler would need a nap.

Port Canaveral

Our vacation on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship was scheduled to start in Port Canaveral, Florida. The Orlando International Airport is the most convenient option for us when wanting to sail from Port Canaveral. My family and I flew into Orlando the day before the Fantasy was scheduled to depart just to be on the safe side.

Once we got off the plane, we grabbed our bags and walked to the Hyatt, which is conveniently located inside the airport. The employee behind the desk gave us a sheet with information on our Disney Cruise Line luggage pickup for the next morning. The room and bathroom at the Hyatt were both really nice and clean.

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printable cruise planner

I was a little disappointed in the lack of any furniture on the balcony because my husband and I had planned to sit outside when our three-year-old went to bed. This turned out not to be a big deal because I ended up falling asleep early. Travelers have their choice of many restaurants inside the airport, but we chose to eat dinner at the Hyatt’s restaurant called Hemisphere.

Luckily, we didn’t have to wait for a table, and the food was really good. After dinner we walked around the nearly empty airport. The shops were still open and full of Disney, Universal, and Seaworld memorabilia. Our daughter loved seeing all the character statues that were outside the stores. 

Day 1 – Boarding the Disney Fantasy

Because we opted to have the Hyatt transfer our bags to Disney Cruise Line , we had to have them packed and sitting inside the hotel room door by 8:30 am the morning of our cruise on the Disney Fantasy. I kept an embarkation day backpack with us to carry items that we would need throughout the day.

My husband ordered breakfast from room service so that we could eat and get ready quickly in order to have our bags ready on time. We arrived at the Disney Cruise Line ground transportation area inside the airport at around 8:15 that morning. There were quite a few people already there waiting.

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship at Port Canaveral

At the time of our cruise, DCL did not hand out tickets for the transfer. Instead, we sat and waited until close to 9:00 when everyone was asked to line up at once. My family happened to get lucky and make it onto the very first shuttle. Once the bus was fully loaded, it pulled out and we were on our way to Port Canaveral.

I remember wondering if we would be allowed to bring our backpack onto the motor coach with us or if we would have to store it under the bus with the luggage. No one mentioned our bag so I held it on my lap the whole time. At just after 10:15 we started pulling up to the Disney Cruise Line terminal at Port Canaveral.

Cruise Terminal

Since we didn’t have any carryon luggage stored under the bus, we hopped off and made our way into the Disney Cruise Line terminal and through security. We were among the very first people allowed in, and there was no line to check in. The process was really easy, and we were soon able to grab a table with a few seats right beside the mouse ears.

Disney Cruise Line Terminal Port Canaveral Florida

My husband walked over to the vending machines to grab a snack for our daughter. While she ate we looked over the Disney Cruise personal navigator to see what activities were offered that afternoon and evening. Shortly thereafter, Mickey Mouse came out to greet guests in the terminal. We stood in line to meet Mickey, but Goofy had taken his place by the time we got to the front of the line. I always love seeing Goofy!

Goofy at DCL Terminal Port Canaveral

We had been assigned to boarding group number 3, but the cast members didn’t begin calling numbers until around 11:30. I was surprised by how many people were assigned to each boarding group. Every time a number was called, it seemed like a hundred people went through. I guess that makes sense being that the Disney Fantasy cruise ship holds thousands! Luckily the line moved fairly quickly, and we were walking on board within fifteen minutes or so.

Boarding Day Activities

The Disney Fantasy cruise ship is massive, and it provides lots of fun activities for all different age groups. Below, I will walk you through the activities we experienced after boarding.

I wanted to make sure our toddler had plenty of time to swim before her nap, so we grabbed food from the counter service restaurants on the pool deck. We were able to sit and eat at one of the many available tables. My husband realized later in the trip that he really liked the food options at Cabanas. In hindsight he was bummed that he didn’t grab his food from the buffet this first afternoon. There’s always the next cruise though!

child swimming with life vest in Disney Fantasy pool

Once we finished eating, we explored the toddler splash pad area called Nemo’s Reef and the Mickey Pool. My daughter wore one of the swim vests Disney Cruise Line had available, but the pool is really shallow. So, she probably didn’t necessarily need it.

While my husband and daughter played at the pool, I headed down to one of the main dining rooms where dining requests were being handled. I had called to request a private table for our dinners, and I was curious to see if our request had been granted.

Nemo's Reef on Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

After waiting in line for about 5 minutes, the nice gentleman behind the desk assured me that we had been given a table for just our family. After this, I walked down to Guest Services to borrow one of the ship’s strollers. I believe they charged my credit card for the rental, but once I returned the stroller the charge was removed.


It was now close to 1:30, which meant our room was ready. I headed to our stateroom to meet up with my husband and toddler. Our room looked just like the pictures I had seen. We had plenty of space for the three of us, and the storage space was more than adequate.

I have to admit that I laughed when I saw the two bathroom areas though. I was prepared for them to be small, but they were tiny! They ended up being completely fine because I didn’t realize the outlets for hair dryers etc. were at the desk inside the stateroom and not in the bathrooms.

picture of water slide at Castaway Cay with text Disney Fantasy Trip Report with a Toddler

Our verandah was a nice addition to our room; although, we actually didn’t use it very much. Throughout the cruise I used my toddler’s nap times to get ready for dinner instead of sitting and relaxing on the verandah. At night, we didn’t get back to the room until almost 10:00, so we all just went to bed.

Shortly after we put our three-year-old down for her nap, our luggage arrived at our stateroom door. I used this time to unpack and organize all of our things. I had never heard of packing cubes prior to my cruise research, but I bought some for each of us to use on this trip.  

They are amazing and I don’t know how I ever traveled without them! My husband even told me they are the best things I’ve ever ordered from Amazon! You can see the ones I ordered and never travel anywhere without here: Bagail Packing Cubes . (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Life Boat Drill 

It was around this time that I started to feel the movement of the ship. I’m not sure if they were getting ready to pull away from the dock or what, but I put on my seasickness bracelets just in case. Eventually, the announcements started for the safety drill.  We woke up our toddler and made our way to our assigned spot on Deck 4.

The Muster Drill was organized really well and didn’t take too long. Our three-year-old was still sleepy and upset that we woke her up, but they let me hold her throughout the drill. We had decided that we didn’t want to fight the crowds for the Sailing Away party and that we would rather explore the Oceaneer Club during this time. The problem was that we weren’t exactly sure how to get to the kids club.

Pluto on Disney Fantasy cruise ship

All of the cruisers seemed to be headed up to the pool deck, so we had to walk against the crowds on Deck 5 where the clubs were located. We were completely confused and trying to walk through swarms of people. Next time, I will make sure I know the exact path to take from the safety drill to get to our intended destination.

Oceaneer Club

The three of us finally made our way to the Oceaneer Club for their open house. We never dropped off our daughter in the clubs, but we did use them during their open house times. Several of the child caregivers were around to meet, and they were all really sweet and personable.

Disney Fantasy Oceaneer Club Toys

Andy’s Room and the race car were both big hits with our little one. She actually ended up liking the video games and drawing activities in the Oceaneer Lab even more than the Oceaneer Club activities.

After playing for a bit in the clubs, we headed to the atrium to meet some of the Disney Fantasy cruise ship’s characters. Guests had already started lining up, and I heard someone say that the first day of the cruise always has the longest lines for character meet and greets. The lines moved fairly quickly, though, and all the characters were great as always.

Disney Fantasy Restaurants

The Disney Fantasy cruise ship offers three main restaurants (aka dining rooms) for guests: Enchanted Garden, Animator’s Palate, and Royal Court. We were assigned to Enchanted Garden as our dining room for the first night of our cruise. Our two servers had wonderful personalities, and they even did magic tricks and made balloon animals to entertain kids at dinner.

We had a table to ourselves as requested; but all of the tables were really close together in every dining room onboard. We ended up talking to the family beside us quite a bit since they were seated so closely to us.

Disney Fantasy Entertainment

One of our favorite things about cruising is the ship offers so many fun things to do with kids in the evenings. Even though we sailed with our toddler on the Disney Fantasy, we were still able to enjoy nightly entertainment on the ship.

Basketball Court

After dinner we walked up to the sports deck and attempted to play miniature golf. It was really windy, and our toddler didn’t have the attention span for it so we stopped after a few holes. Then we walked over to the empty basketball court and let her run around for a bit. The view of the ocean looked really pretty from up there.

The Broadway style show for the first night was Disney’s Wishes . I was worried that we wouldn’t make it through the whole production with a three-year-old since s he is normally in bed at that time at home. We bought her some popcorn to snack on during the show, and our toddler really enjoyed herself! After the show, we headed back to our stateroom to get some sleep before our big day at Castaway Cay.

Day 2 – Castaway Cay

On the morning of our second day aboard the Disney Fantasy, my husband, 3 year old, and I woke up to a really pretty view of Castaway Cay . I had signed up my husband for the 5k at Guest Services on our first afternoon on board. **Update- You can now reserve your spot in the Castaway Cay 5k right on the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App!

Castaway Cay 5k

While my husband headed to meet up with the runners in the Disney Theater at 8:00, my three year old and I went up to Cabanas for breakfast. We had tickets for the Frozen Meet and Greet and the Princess Gathering this morning. **Note that you no longer receive tickets for these events in your stateroom. Instead, a cast member at the meet and greet will check your name off a list when you arrive at your scheduled time.

Disney cruise ship and Disney character statues with text Disney Fantasy Cruise Review

Once we finished our scheduled character meet and greets, I let my toddler play in the Oceaneer Club since it was having an open house. We killed time in there until my husband was back from the Castaway Cay 5k. After he returned and we had all changed for the beach, we put our daughter in the stroller and headed onto the island.

Once we strolled off the ship, the three of us walked to the first family beach area and grabbed a couple chairs. There is a tram that comes around to pick you up if you don’t want to walk. We enjoyed our stroll, though, so we didn’t use the provided transportation.

Castaway Cay Tram

It was probably close to 10:30 at this time, and the beach was nearly empty. Our server told us at dinner that night that the adult only beach had been packed that day. This was another example of how our cruise experience onboard the Disney Fantasy was a little different since we seemed to have less kids on board.

Castaway Cay from the Disney Fantasy

The beach was perfect for us and our toddler loved playing in the sand and calm water. My husband and I pulled chairs up to the water while she played with the beach toys we had brought. The water was warm and crystal clear. ** Packing Tip – The sand had some shells and rocks in it, so you may want to pack water shoes.

Lunch Buffet

After a couple hours on the beach, we strolled over to the lunch buffet where we enjoyed the BBQ style food. After lunch we strolled around the island to look around. At one point we walked passed Olaf on his way to a meet and greet. He gave our toddler a high five as he passed by, and she still talks about that to this day!

Pelican Plunge on Castaway Cay

We have traveled regularly with our 3 year old; but, this Disney Cruise was definitely the most relaxing trip we have had with our toddler. She ended up falling asleep in her stroller on Castaway Cay, so we decided to head back to the ship. Deck 4 has the most comfortable lounge chairs with such pretty views of the island. It’s also really quiet on that deck, so I parked the stroller beside a couple of chairs.

Deck 4 Lounge Chairs on Disney Magic

My husband went in to one of the open cafes and brought back dessert and drinks for us. We relaxed and enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere while our three year old slept away in the stroller.

The ship is stroller friendly, but we preferred to take the stairs instead of the elevators. It was easier for us to leave the stroller in the room while at breakfast. You can borrow a stroller from Guest Services like we did after we boarded the cruise. The ship provided a City Mini stroller, which worked perfectly because it was easy to push through the hallways. I had debated bringing a compact umbrella stroller from home, but ours didn’t recline.

Strollers, wagons, and wheelchairs available on Castaway Cay

The Disney Fantasy ship’s stroller laid back enough for our toddler to nap, which was a huge plus. This is the same stroller that I rent at Disney World because it is super easy to collapse and can be carried with one hand. I eventually ended up just buying it because we loved it so much. 

Evening Activities

After nap time, we headed back to the stateroom to shower and get ready for dinner. Our main dining room on the second night was Royal Court. We really enjoyed all the dining spaces and liked the food and atmosphere in each one.

Pirate Night

Since it was Pirate Night, we headed up to the pool deck after dinner to watch the pirate show. We watched it from Deck 12 where we could look down at the stage. Our daughter danced and sang through the whole production. When the pirate show finished up, we headed down to grab popcorn before entering the theater to watch Aladdin.

Pirate Night Show Disney Cruise Line

Disney’s Aladdin

The Broadway style shows on the Disney Cruise were really entertaining for all of us. Our toddler did get scared of the cave and villain early on during Aladdin , so we ended up leaving without watching the whole production. It seemed like it was going to be a really cute show though! I had read that you can watch the shows on the TV in your stateroom, but we never did end up catching it.

Disney Characters

There were always musicians playing popular songs in the atrium at night. We ended up spending some time there instead of watching Aladdin. Then Chip and Dale came out and were exceptionally energetic and funny. We were one of the only families around at the time.

disney Cruise towel animal

The two chipmunks spent a lot of time dancing and being silly with the kids in the atrium. Once our toddler tired herself out from dancing, we went back to the stateroom to get ready for bed.It’s always fun to see what kind of towel animal your stateroom host leaves you!

Day 3 – Double Dip 

On Day 3, our daughter slept in until close to 8:30 which was a really nice surprise! We took our time getting beach ready and then walked up to Cabanas for breakfast. After eating we had to go back down to the room to get the stroller before heading to the island.

Spring-a-Leak Splash Zone on Castaway Cay

We walked back to the same area of beach where we had been the day before. There were a lot more people around on this day though. We played in the sand and the water for a couple hours. Then, we loaded up our things to head back to the ship for lunch. Since it was our last time to enjoy the pools, we decided to eat at the buffet onboard and swim before nap time.

Things to Do Onboard

Because so many people were still on the island, the pool deck was nearly empty! I wanted to ride the Aquaduck so I stood in line for about twenty minutes or so for that. Since the minimum height requirement is 42 inches, my toddler stayed at Mickey’s Pool with my husband. There is a smaller water slide too, but I think the age requirement was 4 on that.

Daisy Duck on the Disney Fantasy Cruise ship

Later that afternoon, we went back to the room to put our three year old down for a nap. While she slept, I started packing so that we would be able to set out our luggage that night for a crew member to collect. Once nap time was over, we all cleaned up for dinner. Then, we headed out to meet a few characters.

Restaurants and Shows

Dinner this last night was at Animator’s Palate, and it was definitely our favorite dining experience. The show with Crush from Finding Nemo was really cute and kept all of our attention. After dinner we strolled around the jogging track on Deck 4. Then we headed to watch the last show of our trip, Disney’s Believe , in the theater.

Disney Fantasy Deck 4 Jogging Track

We made it all the way through the show tonight, and we all really enjoyed it! After the show we wandered around the ship one last time. These interactive pictures hanging on the walls were really entertaining.

Mid ship detective agency

Our three year old would touch them over and over to make them come to life. I think these may be part of the Mid-ship Detective Agency game on the Disney Fantasy. We didn’t get a chance to do the game on our cruise, but it is definitely on our list for next time! Once we got back to our room, we finished packing. Then, we put our bags outside our room for Disney to collect later that night.

Debarkation Day in Port Canaveral

Our final morning on the ship was not a standard final cruise day morning. We had learned the night before that the ship was having engine problems. Because of this, we were going to be returning to Port Canaveral later than expected. We ended up having to change our 12:30 flights because we were not going to make them on time with our postponed arrival.

The positive side to this unplanned morning was that we were able to sleep in and take our time eating breakfast that last morning of our vacation. Disney was also great about keeping everyone entertained. Characters hosted meet and greets all over the ship.

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship at Castaway Cay

Once we were able to disembark, we walked off the ship to find our luggage. The previous night, our room host had left Donald Duck luggage tags for us to attach to our bags. Once we were back inside the Port Canaveral cruise terminal, we easily found our luggage in the Donald Duck section. We rolled our bags out to the Disney Cruise Line ground transportation area, boarded the waiting shuttle bus, and were on our way to the Orlando airport.

In Conclusion

The entire Disney Cruise Line fleet features amazing ships with great activities and entertainment. Whether you’re traveling with young kids or older kids, your whole family is sure to have so much fun onboard the Disney Cruise Line ships.

The Disney Fantasy cruise ship is one of my family’s favorites because it offers so many exciting things to do for guests of all ages. You’re sure to have a great time enjoying the beautiful ship and scenic ports of call!

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Shari is an experienced planner and organizer for Disney vacations, cruising, and U.S. travel. Her family vacation information, reviews, and tips provide insight for moms and dads everywhere. You can read more about her story, including her journey through breast cancer, in the about me page.

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Disney Insider Tips

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

By: Author Kristi

Those considering a Disney Fantasy Cruise might be interested in learning what makes this cruise ship so amazing. Filled with many activities for children and adults, those taking a cruise on the Fantasy will enjoy everything this ship has to offer. 

Disney Fantasy Cruise to the Caribbean

Disney Fantasy Atrium

The Disney Fantasy is the fourth ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet , joining the Disney Magic , the Disney Wonder , and the Disney Dream , its sister ship, that came before.

Disney Fantasy Atrium

The Disney Fantasy is designed in an Art Nouveau style with a notable peacock flourish both on the ceiling and on the floor.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

The massive stained-glass chandelier has more than 60,000 clear Swarovski crystal beads making up the peacock feathers.

Disney Fantasy Minnie Mouse Statue

Every Disney Cruise Line ship has an atrium lobby statue celebrating a classic Disney character and for the Disney Fantasy it is Mademoiselle Minnie Mouse who is dressed in vintage fashion with a parasol and steamer luggage at her side.

Disney Fantasy Restaurants

Disney does what is called a dining rotation. There are three main seating restaurants and you will rotate to different restaurants each evening, while keeping the same service team.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Enchanted Garden

Dine in a French-inspired restaurant that makes you feel as though you are in an outdoor space. 

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

As the dinner progresses, the flowers that adorn the ceiling begin to open and the sky above turns dark.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Animator’s Palate

In this restaurant, guests will dine undersea with Nemo & Friends.

Animator's Palate with Crush

During the Animator’s Palate dinner, Crush, the surfer-dude sea turtle from Finding Nemo makes a special appearance and interacts with guests.

Animator's Palate Drawing Come to Life

If your cruise allows for you to visit Animators Palate more than one night, the second night you will get to experience art coming to life.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Each guest is given a chance to create a piece of art that will magically dance across the screen by the end of the night.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Royal Court

This elegant restaurant is inspired by the classic Disney films “Cinderella,” “Snow White,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Sleeping Beauty.” 

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Take time to walk around the restaurant because there are so many beautiful mosaic murals that you might not notice if you don’t.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Cabanas is the place to go for a buffet-style eating experience for breakfast and lunch.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

It is self-serve, all you can eat and offers a vast selection of food choices. There will be carving stations, steak, fish and chicken options as well as vegetarian selections.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

There is a salad bar, bread station and don’t get me started on desserts!

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

This is always our go-to for breakfast. While you can eat at the table-service restaurants for breakfast, I enjoy being able to sit with an ocean view for breakfast.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

The breakfast has all the traditional American favorites, eggs, bacon, and breakfast potatoes along with fresh fruit, oatmeal and cereal stations.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Flo’s Cafe

When you want to eat poolside, you will have several options: Luigi’s Pizza, Tow Mater’s Grill and Fillmore’s Favorites.

Each offer everything from burger and fries to salads and wraps.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

One of my favorite things about a Disney Cruise is that the ice cream at Eye Scream is FREE!

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

You will find flavors like strawberry, mango & blueberry that change daily, but there is always Chocolate & Vanilla.

Minnie's Sweet on You Disney Fantasy

Sweet on You Dessert Shop

If you are looking for something sweet and you’ve had your fill of all-you-can-eat ice cream, check out Sweet on You.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

This dessert shop has all the goodies you might find in the Disney Parks like specialty cupcakes, rice krispy treats and candies.

While these do cost extra, they are not outrageously priced.

Sweet on You Gelato Bar

It even has a gelato bar with over a dozen different flavors and a ton of grab and go snack items.

Disney Deluxe Family Stateroom on the Dream

Disney Fantasy Staterooms

One thing that sets the Disney Fantasy apart from the older Disney ships is that 88% of the staterooms are outside rooms and most have a verandah.

This means that while more expensive than interior rooms, these outside rooms are also easier to reserve. 

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

If you don’t get to stay in a verandah room, don’t worry. The interior rooms are pretty special too.

Each one has a magical port hole that changes during the time of your cruise.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

You never know who or what you may see! It is a real treat when you get to see Disney characters appear and kids love the unexpected fun!

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

No matter which type of Disney Cruise stateroom you stay in, all Disney Fantasy Staterooms feature a spit bath and come with plenty of closet and storage space. 

Disney Cruise Shampoo

Bathrooms also come with Shampoo, Conditioner, Bodywash, Body Lotion and Hand Soap.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Fun on the Disney Fantasy

The Disney Fantasy is like a floating Disney park, filled with great experiences your entire family will enjoy.

If you are planning a Disney Fantasy Cruise here are the things you can look forward to:

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Disney Fantasy Pool Deck

If pool time is what you need, Disney Fantasy offers many different options. There are two pools on the main deck to choose from.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

You will find Mickey’s Pool which gives the kids an area to get wet while parents sit nearby,  and Donald’s Pool which is the main pool featuring a big movie screen.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

There is also a small wading pool with a fountain with plenty of shady spots to sit.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

The main feature attraction of Disney Fantasy is the AquaDuck Watercoaster.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

One of the best things about the pool deck on the Fantasy is being able to watch movies while you swim & lay in the sun.

Disney Fantasy Pool Deck & Slide

This waterslide takes you on a ride around the ship where you will even go over the ocean for a brief period of time! 

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Mickey Slide

There is also a Mickey’s Slide for kids under 5’4. This three-story corkscrew slide is supported by a giant Mickey hand.

Nemo's Reef

Nemo’s Reef

Younger kids will enjoy splashing in the Nemo’s Reef a water play area featuring pop jets, geysers, and bubblers.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Older kids can enjoy a water play area as well at AquaLab. There are plenty of sprinklers and water gadgets to explore.

Disney Fantasy Ship Andy's Room

Disney Fantasy Play Areas for Kids

This ship was built for kids and they are going to love spending time in the Youth Clubs.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Kids 3-12 can spend time in the Oceaneer Club & Lab can experience the following:

  • Andy’s Room:  Hang with Hamm, Rex and the rest of the Toy Story gang in an interactive play enviornment
  • Star Wars : Command Post:  Kids can train with Jedi or X-Wing pilots, connect to legendary spacecraft via an interactive “holotable” and combat First Order Stormtroopers face-to-face!
  • Marvel Super Hero Academy:  Chidren can get lost in immersive gaming and interactive portals to become an Avenger!
  • Pixie Hollow:  Children can immerse themselves in the whimsical world of Tinker Bell to dress-up, do craft projects, play games and enjoy stories.

Edge on Disney Fantasy

Teen Space on the Disney Fantasy

If you are traveling with teens, you will be glad to know that they have their own space on the Disney Fantasy.

Edge (11 to 14)

Tweens & Teens will have access to computer stations, a massive video gaming wall, a dance floor, and even a special porthole to watch the AquaDuck water coaster.

Vibe (14-18)

Like Edge, this is a teen-only zone that features plenty of space to just relax, play games and even get some sun!

Teens will love the private space to be able to be on their own and having a smoothie bar is just an added bonus!

Adult Pool Fantasy

Adult Spaces on the Fantasy

While the kids have plenty of places and spaces to enjoy, including pools and slides, adults have their own retreat at Quiet Cove Pool and the Satellite Sun Deck.

The pool with swim up bar is a perfect place to get away from it all. Take a dip in the plunge pool or sit in the hot tub without worrying about kids splashing around.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Adults can also visit Satellite Sun Deck where they will find comfy reclining chairs and a shallow wading pool that is perfect for cooling off.

Rainforest Room on Fantasy

Senses Spa & Salon is an adult space that is built for relaxation. Choose your treatment and also take time to treat yourself to the Rainforest Room.

This space will engulf you in aromatic scents as you enjoy some pampering.  Take time to indulge in the heated, mosaic tile loungers while enjoying the ocean view.

Walt Disney Theater on Disney Dream

Broadway Style Entertainment

When taking a Disney Cruise, one thing you can delight in is that the entertainment is top-notch.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

There are three main shows on the Disney Fantasy: Aladdin, Frozen, and Disney’ Believe and will be in the Walt Disney Theater.

disney fantasy cruise ship activities

You will find Preludes, where you can buy snacks, canned sodas and adult beverages just outside the theater.

Pirate Night on Disney Fantasy

Pirate Night on Disney Fantasy

During a Disney Fantasy Cruise, you will get to experience Pirate Night .

Disney Cruise Pirate Night Show

This is a night when the entire cruise ship will take on a pirate theme. There will be a Pirate Dinner, Show, and even Disney Characters dressed up in their pirate attire.

Disney Cruise Line Fireworks at Sea

The night will end with a one-of-a-kind Disney at Sea Fireworks show! 

Fantasy Cruise to Castaway Cay

A journey on the Disney Fantasy is such an enchanting experience! It’s filled with great family activities, delicious meals, and unlimited entertainment. What more could you ask for?

Currently, the Disney Fantasy is going out of Port Canaveral and traveling to the Bahamas (including Castaway Cay ) and the Caribbean.

Have you had a chance to take a trip on the Disney Fantasy? What was your favorite part of the cruise ship?

Nassau Bahamas

Disney Bahamas Cruise

Disney Cruise Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral Disney Cruise Terminal Boarding Process

Pirate Night on a Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Pirate Night (Everything You Need to Know for 2023)

Disney Cruise Movie Theater

Disney Cruise Movies Playing at Buena Vista Theater 2023

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Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy cruise ship

Cruise line Disney Cruise Line

  • Port Canaveral (Orlando, Florida)

Disney Fantasy current position

Disney Fantasy current location is at Caribbean Sea (coordinates 20.45773 N / -85.44400 W) cruising at speed of 20.6 kn (38 km/h | 24 mph) en route to KYGEC. The AIS position was reported 13 minutes ago.

Current itinerary of Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy current cruise is 7 days, round-trip Western Caribbean Cruise From Port Canaveral . Prices start from USD 4037 (double occupancy rates). The itinerary starts on 04 Nov, 2023 and ends on 11 Nov, 2023 .

Specifications of Disney Fantasy

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Disney Fantasy Itineraries

Disney fantasy review, review of disney fantasy.

The 2012-built MS Disney Fantasy cruise ship is Walt Disney 's second (Dream-class) liner with sistership Disney Dream (2010).

The vessel (IMO number 9445590) is currently Bahamas- flagged (MMSI 311058700) and registered in Nassau .

History - construction and ownership

DCL-Disney Cruise Line is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company (shipowner). The company was incorporated in 1996 as "Magical Cruise Company Ltd". Walt Disney also owns the Bahamian private island Castaway Cay (exclusive port of call - for Disney ships only) and an exclusive Cruise Terminal at Port Canaveral (Orlando Florida) . Disney cruises are marketed as "family vacations" and feature unique and exclusive activities, such as costumed Disney Characters, adults-only deck areas, dedicated facilities for teens, kids and infants-toddlers, signature (trademarked) shipboard facilities and activities, themed live entertainment.

MS Disney Fantasy cruise ship

The 4000-passenger ship Disney Fantasy is no exception with its primary market being families with small children (especially with kids younger than 8) - the major revenue provider for the unique Walt Disney company. MS Disney Fantasy is almost 50% larger, 2-deck taller and with 44% bigger passenger capacity than the older fleet mates Magic and Wonder . The ship design is inspired by traditional 1920s ocean liners. The vessel features a navy blue hull, 2 bright red funnels, elegant Art Deco decorations and some of the most innovative technologies and fun ideas at sea, including:

  • 22 pieces of "Enchanted Art" adorning the walls of hallways - paintings and pictures that are actually framed LCD screens with a technology to recognize guests present and proceeding with one of several animations;
  • wave phones in every stateroom (used to call or text other guests) and effectively replacing the old onboard beeper system (now the counselors' messages come directly to the parents' phones);
  • the Magical Portholes on the walls of all Disney Fantasy Inside cabins (LED screens showing a real-time view of the ship).

The CLIENTELE consists almost entirely of North American travelers (the USA and Canada). The new Disney Lines approach to teens and young couples (by age-related activities and limited access onboard venues) adds a really strong appeal for multi-generational cruisers.

The DRESS CODE is similar to that of the Disney luxury resorts - day casual and evening resort casual (men - jackets (no ties) and pants, women - summer dresses). All Disney Fantasy sailings include one pirate and one semi-formal night. On 3-day Disney Fantasy cruises, one night is casual, 4-day sailings are with 2 casual evenings and on 5-day voyages 3 nights are casual.

Disney Fantasy TIPS (totaling the US $12 PP per day) are given to waiters (including the assistant waiters) and to cabin attendants. Additionally, a 15% gratuity on all drinks is automatically charged to guests' shipboard accounts.

Decks and Cabins

Most Disney Fantasy staterooms (1250 total, in 28 grades) are 205-255-ft2 Balconies. The ship has 21 Suites, 887 Balcony, 199 Oceanview and 150 Inside cabins. The largest accommodations are the Concierge Royal Suites (900 ft2 / 84 m2 plus 885 ft2 / 82 m2 terrace).

Disney Fantasy ship cabins are very well planned and equipped. Like on all Disney ships, Disney Fantasy staterooms are some of the industry's largest standard cabins, most of them designed to easily accommodate four passengers. Some of the best Disney cabins features are the ample closet space, the normal-sized living space and the split bathrooms (1 room with shower-bathtub-sink and a separate toilet and sink). Beds on Fantasy are raised to allow storing 2 medium-sized suitcases underneath, staterooms also got 2 vanities, a 22-inches smart HDTV, an iPod docking station and 2 rechargeable "Wave Phones" to be used ship-wide. The Disney Fantasy Inside cabin has a most innovative feature (and the industry's first, for that matter) - the Magical Portholes, which are LCD screens (above the beds) in the shape of portholes, projecting a real-time view outside the ship (provided by cameras). Veranda cabins feature 2 chairs and a small table on the balcony.

Concierge Suites and Concierge Family Cabins (Deck 11-12) are new for the line, offering direct access to the ship's concierge facilities (1 small lounge, a private sun deck area with chairs, free food and drinks). Most of the 1-bedroom suites are with connecting doors (1 queen bed, a sitting area with a double convertible sofa, 1 pull-down bed in the living rooms, a walk-in closet, 2 bathrooms (one with a hot-tub).

The largest Disney Fantasy stateroom, the Royal Suite, adds to all previously mentioned a living room, a wet bar, a kitchenette, media library and a Jacuzzi on the balcony.

The boat has 14 decks , of which 9 are with cabins.

Shipboard dining options - Food and Drinks

The Disney Fantasy three themed main restaurants are called "Animator's Palate", "Enchanted Garden" and "Royal Palace". There are 2 adults-only specialty restaurants - "Remy" (named after the "Ratatouille" movie star, French cuisine) and "Palo" (Italian cuisine) as alternative dining options. The line's Rotational Dining system allows you to rotate to each of the three main restaurants each night while your servers follow you. The Animator's Palate has screens showing animated Disney characters and themes from "Finding Nemo" movie. The Enchanted Garden is a Versailles-inspired room, featuring lighting effects, transforming day into night. The Royal Palace is princesses-themed with numerous portraits of "Cinderella" and the "Sleeping Beauty" movie characters (even the bread baskets are shaped as the Cinderella's coach). The food quality is very good, the service staff is amicable and timely.

MS Disney Fantasy cruise ship

The Remy specialty restaurant is a classy place to be on any special occasion, offering a marvelous French menu and charging serious prices - a service fee of $75 PP (reservations are required, along with the formal dress code), drinks and wine are additional. The Palo restaurant is an Italian (Mediterranean) eatery with $20 cover PP (serves dinner and on selected days - Champagne brunch). Superb fish and seafood entrees, a cold buffet (meats, cheese, shrimp, salads and desserts) and several hot made-to-order items. The "Cabanas" casual dining complex on Deck 11 has several food and drink stations for hot and cold buffet items (including made-to-order omelets and sandwiches). The "Flo's Cafe" offers burgers, chicken fingers, wraps, pizza, salads.

Follows the complete list of Disney Fantasy restaurants and food bars.

  • Enchanted Garden Restaurant (696-seat forward Dining Room, inspired by the gardens of Versailles; serves as a buffet for breakfast and lunch, full service for dinner 5:45-8:15 p.m.)
  • Royal Palace Restaurant (696-seat forward Dining Room, offers complimentary French cuisine; specialty coffees and drinks are extra)
  • Animator's Palate Restaurant (696- seat aft Dining Room, animator's studio design, features favorite Disney-character dinner shows; serves complimentary drinks; Rotational Dining with two fixed Dinner seatings - at 5:45 p.m. and 8:15 p.m.)
  • Flo's Cafe (quick service restaurant with 3 food stations: "Fillmore's Favorites" (lite lunch, complimentary), "Tow Mater's Grill" (burgers bar, complimentary) and "Luigi"s Pizza")
  • Cabanas (self-service complimentary restaurant with American cuisine, pasta, sushi)
  • Remy (reservations-only, adults-only French specialty restaurant for lunch and dinner; aft location, bookings via the internet or onboard)
  • Palo (144-seat Italian specialty restaurant; adults-only, reservation-only; aft location; bookings via the internet or on board).

Shipboard entertainment options - Fun and Sport

The Disney Fantasy kids cruise fun clubs are the main reason for the line's high loyalty passengers ratio. Besides all the Disney characters and most innovative technologies and fun attractions on ships, the Disney children counselors are a pretty big reason many families to repeat their visits. Always smiling and friendly, they are hugely experienced, all college-educated, attentive and downright. The Oceaneer's "Club" and "Lab" facilities (ages 3-10) are connected, thus doubling the fun space. The "Oceaneer's Club" features the "Andy's Room" (with oversized Disney characters for kids to climb on) and the "Laugh Floor" (with its "laugh-o-meter" and Mike and Sully of "Monsters Inc"). The "Oceaneer's Lab" is maritime-themed, featuring an Animator's Studio and a small Sound Studio. The new Disney approach allows all kids ages 3-10 to access the same clubs with separate rooms and age-related activities.

The Fantasy ship children club is called "Edge" (ages 11-13) properly secluded on Deck 13 in the funnel. Best attractions here are the 18 ft (5,5 m) tall LCD wall, the video karaoke, and numerous interconnected PCs. The teen-only "Vibe" club (ages 14-17) is of 9000 ft2 (836 m2), with a fountain bar and its own sun deck and pools.

MS Disney Fantasy cruise ship

Public spaces are decorated in deep blue and red, with numerous "Mickeys" just about everywhere (cabin, artwork, dinnerware, railings). One of the ship's most memorable places is the 3-deck high Atrium lobby with its golden hue, the wide royalty-style winding staircase, and the Donald Duck bronze statue. The Fantasy Atrium is a hub area connecting restaurants, theaters, and shops. You may check emails in the Internet cafe, but there's also a Wi-Fi coverage throughout the ship. Like all Disney ships, Fantasy has no casino.

  • Fun activities on board

All Disney stage shows feature intricate sets and Disney themed captivating performances, and the big place for grand entertainment is the Disney Theater with goldies like the "Golden Mickeys" and "Villains Tonight", new amazing stage productions, like the "Disney's Believe" (directed by Gordon Greenberg) and all the best Disney movies in 3D. The themed Disney characters onboard have always been the greatest sensation of all, and there are countless opportunities to meet and greet Mickey and company around the ship - in contrast to Disneyland, here they all are accessible and will always stop for a hug and a photo with you. Another big success is the "Pirates in the Caribbean" kids party divided into two programs - the sing-along called "Mickey's Pirates in the Caribbean" followed by the "Club Pirate" (with many special effects) and great Disney fireworks between the shows.

  • SPA and FITNESS, pools, waterslide, technology

The "Senses" Spa & Salon offers all the usual treatments (haircuts, manicures) and more exotic choices (hot-stone massages, mud baths). The "Chill" is a teen-only Spa within the facility. The Fitness Center along with the usual equipment offers at additional fee Yoga and Pilates classes. The Sports Deck has a small sports court, a mini-golf course, Ping-Pong tables, a walking/jogging track.

Disney cruise water park slide Aquaduck

The pool deck has a large area for family fun water activities, featuring 2 hot tubs and 2 kids pools - "Donald's" (5 ft deep) and "Mickey's" (with a spiral slide). A big attraction here is the big LED screen mounted on the funnel. There's a toddler splash area (Nemo themed) located in the center on Deck 11 with huge glass panes for parents to monitor their kids.

The AquaDuck waterslide. The ever first water-coaster at sea is located atop the ship, featuring a 765 ft (233 m) long 4-decks high transparent tube, reaching the incredible 150 ft (46 m) above the ocean (there's a 42 inches (107 cm) height requirement). The "Nemo's Reef" is a small kids waterpark. And while speaking of water and pools - the adults only "Quiet Cove" pool area is a great place to hide from all the little angels and devils around the ship.

Follows the complete list of Disney Fantasy lounges, clubs and other entertainment venues for kids, teens, and adults.

  • Walt Disney Fantasy Theatre (1340-seat, offers live shows, aerial acrobatics performances, grand-style productions, 3D movies; with two evening shows - at 6:15 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.)
  • Fantasy's Atrium (3-deck high central ship area, featuring marble-carpet flooring, grand staircase, and panoramic glass elevators)
  • Mickey's Mainsail (Disney brand logo shop for postcards, souvenirs, DVDs, toys, clothes, games)
  • Sea Treasures (duty-free crystal, brand jewelry, watches, precious stones, Disney merchandise, underwear, sport, and swimming apparel)
  • Whitecaps (duty-free brand jewelry, perfumes, liquor, and tobaccos)
  • Bon Voyage Bar (adults-only, serving wine, beer, and cocktails)
  • Buena Vista Theatre (399-seat 4D cinema, features 3D movies, Dolby Surround 7.1 and Dolby 3D movie technology)
  • Preludes Bar (quick wait-service snacks & beverages bar)
  • Shutters PhotoShop (photo packages, accessories, photographic services)
  • Vista Cafe (atrium bar for specialty coffees and teas, dinner cocktails, complimentary snacks, and pastries; Wi-Fi spot)
  • D Lounge Bar & Nightclub; The Tube Disco & Nightclub; Vista Gallery
  • Europa District (adults only area including Ooh La La Bar; La Piazza Bar; The Tube disco; O'Gills Pub; Skyline Bar)
  • Vibe Disco & Club Lounge (teens only)
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (youth club "princesses and pirates" for kids 3-12 yo)
  • It's A Small World Nursery (for 3 months to 3 yo infants and toddlers; reservations required)
  • Fantasy's Oceaneer Club (kids 3-12 yo; with four play areas with themes from Disney films); Fantasy's Oceaneer Lab (play area for kids 3-12 yo)
  • Senses Spa & Fitness Complex (with 17 treatment rooms; 1 Whirlpool; "Rainforest Room"; "Relax Room"; Fitness Centre /health and wellbeing seminars; Beauty Salon)
  • Luxurious Spa Villas (two private suites with own hot tub, private verandah, Roman bed with canopy, open-air shower)
  • Quiet Cove Pool (adults only pool, served by Cove Bar; with 2 Whirlpools)
  • Chill Spa (teens only spa with separate relaxation area and treatment rooms)
  • Cove Cafe (adult-only, with big TV screen; Wi-Fi spot)
  • Outdoor LED movie screen (24x14 ft)
  • Eye Scream Treats Bar (complimentary ice cream, poolside)
  • Frozone Treats (iced fruit smoothies bar, poolside)
  • Whozits & Whatzits (pool shop for AquaDuck related stuff)
  • Donald's Pool; Mickey's Pool; Wading Pool (adults only); Satellite Falls (circular pool; adults only)
  • Nemo's Reef (waterplay kids zone; features characters meetings and greetings)
  • Arr-cade (kids/teens video games arcade)
  • Waves Bar (family poolside bar)
  • Meridian Lounge & Bar (adults-only venue for dinner cocktails); Concierge Lounge
  • Currents Bar (outdoor bar for cold drinks, refreshments, cocktails)
  • Edge Lounge (11-14 yo teens-only club area, with a giant video wall, interactive games, Internet)
  • Goofy's Sports Deck (Walking Track, Jogging Track, 9-hole Mini-Golf Course, Virtual sport games simulators, combined sports court, Ping Pong/Foosball tables)
  • Radio Studio (live radio programs for Disney Fantasy itinerary-related news and onboard events)
  • Outlook Bar (retreat area with a piano and full bar; hosts weddings receptions).


Disney Fantasy itinerary program is based on 7-day roundtrips to the Eastern and Western Caribbean departing from Port Canaveral/Orlando Florida . Call port destinations include DCL's private Bahamian island Castaway Cay , Charlotte Amalie (St Thomas USVI) , Road Town (Tortola BVI) , George Town (Grand Cayman) , Cozumel Mexico , Falmouth Jamaica .

Disney Fantasy - user reviews and comments

Photos of disney fantasy.

MS Disney Fantasy cruise ship

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DCL-Disney Cruise Line to celebrate 25 Years with summer voyages

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DCL-Disney Cruise Line launches itineraries to the Bahamas, Caribbean and Mexico in early 2024

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Disney Fantasy Wiki

The Walt Disney ship Fantasy is the company's fourth (currently newest) liner, with sistership Disney Dream . Each vessel is 40% larger in size than the 2 older Disney ships Magic and Wonder . While its capacity (at double occupancy) is 2500, Fantasy can accommodate up to 4000 passengers at full/max occupancy (all berths).

The vessel (Mayer Neptun yard/hull number 688) is powered by MAN B&W marine diesel engines (3x 12-cyl, 2x 14-cyl) plus diesel generators (3x 14,4 MW, 2x 16,8 MW) with total power output 76,8 MW. The propulsion system is electric (based on two converteam propulsion motors) with total power output 26 MW, plus two FPPs (5-blade Fixed-Pitch Propellers/inward-turning).

The vessel was ordered on February 22, 2007. Ship design was announced on Oct 29, 2009, and the first steel cut was in March 2009. The vessel's construction started with the keel-laying ceremony held on February 11, 2011. The launch (float-out from drydock) was on January 8, 2012, and the ship was officially delivered to The Walt Disney Company on February 9, 2012 (at Port Bremerhaven ).

The inaugural call at Port NYC New York (first arrival in the USA) was on February 28, 2012. The liner was christened in NYC on March 1st (2012) by Godmother Mariah Carey (1970-born US singer, actress, record producer, entrepreneur). The hull's stern character is the Flying Elephant Dumbo.

The Disney ship's namesakes are Carnival Fantasy (1990-built) and the cruise ferries Color Fantasy (2004) and Moby Fantasy (2023).

Fantasy vs Magic (ships comparison, new features)

"Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique" (the 1st at sea, similar to those at all Disney land parks where girls transform into princesses). The ship-Boutique is also transformed into a Pirates League (during the Caribbean Pirates-themed night party) where kids get transformed into pirates. Aqualab is another feature (was, because now they added it to the Magic during the 2013 refurbishment). The nightclub "districts" area ("Europa") transforms into several different "districts" representing famous European cities & countries. Among those - "Tube" (London, UK), "Ooh La La" (France), "O'Gill's Pub" (Ireland), "La Piazza" (Italy). "Satellite Falls" is the Fantasy's adults-only deck. The "Animator's Palate" dining room's dinner show is themed "Sorcerer Mickey's "Animation Magic". Guests may draw their own characters to be presented by Mickey the Sorcerer Mouse.

One of the most visited attractions on MS Disney Fantasy is the AquaDuck. This water park with a slide will throw you into the swimming pool after a craziest spin in a long tube over the very ocean. Fantasy was also the debut for the "Muppets at Sea" show. Muppets participate in an interactive game full of mysterious clues for the passengers.

The vessel's last drydock (for regularly scheduled maintenance works) was in 2020 (at Damen Shiprepair Yard in Brest France ).

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New! Disney Cruise Line Early 2025 Itineraries


Disney Cruise Hacks And Secrets

Posted: November 5, 2023 | Last updated: November 5, 2023

The Disney Cruise Line offers a unique blend of that classic Disney magic and the luxury cruise vacation experience. Whether you're a first-time or experienced cruiser, there are always new hacks and secrets that will help you have a great vacation. Disney Cruise Line currently has five ships, with a sixth ship on the horizon. They are the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Wish. The home port for most of these ships is Port Canaveral, Florida, but they do sail from other exciting destinations like New York, California, Alaska, and various ports in Europe.

Many vacationers may see Disney Cruise Line as an option just for families or those with young children, but it is truly a cruise line for all. Between the character sightings, world-class entertainment, and adults-only spaces, everyone can find something they enjoy about a Disney cruise. Whether it's your first or tenth time sailing with Disney Cruise Line , these insider tips will ensure an unforgettable experience.

Read more: 15 Reasons You Should Never Take A Cruise

Prepare For Embarkation Before You Sail

Embarkation day can be an exciting time, but it can also be hectic if you're not prepared, so it's essential to get ready beforehand and follow a few key tips. First, complete the online check-in process as early as possible and print out any necessary documents. The earlier you can check in, the earlier you can head to the port and get on the ship. Pack a carry-on bag with essentials such as medications, swimsuits, sunscreen, and any items you'll need before your stateroom is ready. This way, you can enjoy the ship's amenities and start your vacation immediately, even before your stateroom is available.

Lastly, arrive at the port of embarkation on time. There is no need to arrive early as everyone on the sailing is assigned a specific time to board. However, being on time will give you plenty of time to check in, go through security, and board the ship smoothly.

Explore All Activities—for Kids And Adults

One of the highlights of the Disney Cruise Line is the wide range of kid-friendly activities available onboard. The kids club, also known as the Oceaneer Club, is a must-visit for young guests. Here, kids can meet Disney characters and participate in age-appropriate activities. The club is divided into different themed areas, and depending on which ship you sail, the themes may include "Star Wars," "Marvel" superheroes, or characters from "Toy Story."

In addition to the kids club, the pool deck is a popular spot for family fun. With water slides, splash zones, and family pools, kids can cool off and have a great time. For the adults and older kids in the group, you can enjoy the adults-only pool deck if you're over 18, while teens and tweens are invited to the Edge and Vibe clubs. Edge is the club for ages 11-14, and Vibe is for ages 14-17. Of course, there are also games, sports, and other experiences in venues the whole family can enjoy together.

Participate In The Fish Extender Gift Exchange

The Fish Extender Gift Exchange is a fun activity that has become increasingly popular on Disney cruises. It involves bringing small presents to share with other passengers in your designated Fish Extender group. The name comes from the fish-shaped hook outside most staterooms (sometimes a starfish), where cruise line employees hang laundry, notes, or other items that passengers request. The exchange provides an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with fellow cruisers. To participate, guests need to sign up for a Fish Extender group before the cruise begins, and they can start preparing their gifts in advance. 

These groups are not monitored or managed by Disney Cruise Line. It is up to you and your fellow passengers to make this "unofficial tradition" fun and fair. Gifts and trinkets range from custom-made keychains and magnets to Disney-themed toys and treats. Simple, useful gifts are the best to keep your suitcase from overflowing before or after your cruise.

Making Use Of The Ship's Laundry Facilities

While on a Disney cruise, it's important to pack wisely and efficiently. One way to maximize your suitcase space is to take advantage of the ship's laundry facilities. The ship's laundry facilities are conveniently located on most decks, making it easy for you to access them whenever you need to. They are equipped with washers, dryers, and even detergent, so you don't have to worry about bringing your own.

To save time and avoid waiting in line, it's a good idea to plan your laundry schedule in advance. Consider doing your laundry on a port day when most passengers are off the ship, and the facilities may be less crowded. Before using the ship's laundry facilities, familiarize yourself with any guidelines or instructions provided by the cruise staff. This will help ensure that you use the machines correctly and avoid any mishaps.

Interacting With Disney Characters Onboard

Interacting with Disney characters is a dream come true for many guests, and the Disney Cruise Line offers plenty of opportunities to do so. There are countless ways to rub shoulders with your favorite characters onboard the ship, such as character meet-and-greets, where you can take photos and get autographs. Keep an eye on the ship's daily schedule for meet-and-greet times and locations.

Another great way to interact with characters is through unplanned interactions while exploring the ship. Characters will also make appearances in the kids' clubs, and some even stop by for a planned reading of a bedtime story. Sometimes characters make appearances during meals, but it is not something you can count on unless you book an experience such as the Royal Court Tea. However, the 2022-launched Disney Wish ship has more dedicated character dining experiences, including Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure and Worlds of Marvel.

Take Advantage Of Adults-Only Areas

While the Disney Cruise Line is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, there are also exclusive adults-only areas where guests can enjoy some time away from the kids. These areas offer serenity, relaxation, and the opportunity to indulge in adult-focused activities. A rainforest-themed steam room and dry sauna are affordable indulgences at the Senses Spa, but guests can also book expected treatments like massages, facials, and acupuncture.

For fine dining experiences, the cruise ship also offers restaurants specifically catered to  adults-only time , like Palo, available on the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, and Disney Fantasy, Remy, which is available on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy ,  and Enchanté aboard the Disney Wish. These restaurants often have a more intimate atmosphere and offer a selection of elevated courses and adult beverages.

Another adults-only area of the ship is the Quiet Cove Pool, where adults can enjoy a more peaceful pool experience. Quiet Cove Pool is available on all ships, and the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy have an additional adults-only pool called Satellite Falls.

Maximizing Port Days And Shore Excursions

Port days are the perfect opportunity to explore the destinations on your cruise itinerary, and the Disney Cruise Line offers a variety of shore excursions to enhance your port experience. Make the most of port days by planning ahead and booking shore excursions in advance, as popular tours often fill up quickly. Guided tours are a great way to explore the port of call, learn about the local culture, and visit popular attractions. Booking these kinds of activities through Disney Cruise Line offers a sense of safety, as the businesses are all hand-selected by Disney to ensure you continue to receive the service you've come to expect on a Disney vacation.

Additionally, should there be any issues with docking at a port, all port adventures booked through Disney are automatically refunded. The same cannot be said for any excursions booked through outside companies. Port excursions booked with Disney are also adjusted to the ship's time. If the ship docks late, the excursion will run later. If the port adventure is late returning to the ship, the cruise ship will wait for those passengers to return.

Pack A Costume For Pirate Night

Pirate Night is one of the highlights of any Disney Cruise Line voyage. It provides guests with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of pirates. To fully enjoy this exciting event, it's recommended to pack pirate costumes for the entire family. Get into character by dressing up as your favorite fictional pirate and take part in the themed activities, entertainment, and pirate-themed dinner. Don't forget to snap some photos in your pirate garb with special backgrounds only available on Pirate Night.

In addition to the costumes, there is a brilliant stage show on the deck and mesmerizing fireworks after the show. This is an exceptional experience, as Disney Cruise Line is the only cruise line with fireworks at sea. If you're not too sure about committing completely to a costume, Disney does provide festive bandanas in your stateroom on Pirate Night so you can get in on the action.

Bring A Lanyard Or Cardholder For Easy Room Access

Keeping track of your room key card can be a hassle, especially when you're constantly on the go. To ensure easy room access, it's a good idea to bring a lanyard or cardholder if you are new to cruising with Disney. If this isn't your first time cruising with Disney, lanyards will be provided in your stateroom when you board the ship. Attaching your room key card to a lanyard and wearing it around your neck keeps your key card easily accessible. This way, you never have to worry about misplacing or fumbling for your key card when you need it most.

A newly added feature that began testing in 2023 is DisneyBand+. These are the same bands called MagicBand+ used at Walt Disney World and Disneyland to allow you access to your hotel room, make purchases, and scan into rides and attractions. On the ship, DisneyBand+ adds the convenience of wearing your room key and purchasing ability right on your wrist. There are exclusive cruise-related designs that can be ordered and shipped before your sailing, or if you already have a MagicBand+ wristband from Disney Parks , you can use your MagicBand+ in place of DisneyBand+ on board.

Take Advantage Of All-Inclusive Rotational Dining Experiences

One of the unique dining experiences offered by the Disney Cruise Line is the all-inclusive rotational dining. This means that guests can experience a variety of dining venues, rotating through different restaurants each night of the cruise. The waiting staff you meet on your first night of sailing moves with you through each restaurant. Having the same staff each night allows them to get to know you and your preferences so they can make recommendations or ensure any accommodations you need are met.

Everything on the menu in these restaurants is included in your cruise price (save alcohol, of course). Order more than one appetizer or order two main courses instead of an appetizer if those appeal more to you. The possibilities are endless! If there is a member of your group that has a particular food they enjoyed from the previous night's restaurant, your wait staff can also bring that food to your current restaurant.

Plan Ahead For Birthdays And Special Occasions On Board

Disney Cruise Line is known for going above and beyond when it comes to celebrations. Whether it's a child's birthday or an anniversary celebration, they ensure that every moment is filled with magic and joy. When booking your cruise, remember to note any special occasions you plan on celebrating so that the crew can make sure you have an unforgettable experience. Similar to the experience in the parks, Disney Cruise Line has unique buttons guests can wear so everyone knows what they are celebrating.

Apart from this, if you're planning a surprise for someone special onboard, don't worry about needing to pack gifts or decorations. They offer packages like in-room gifts, flowers, chocolates, and other amenities that can be delivered to your stateroom while you are away to maintain the surprise. With their exceptional customer service and attention to detail, Disney Cruise Line ensures that every guest feels celebrated and appreciated throughout their journey.

Bring A Refillable Water Bottle

One of the best hacks for a Disney Cruise is to bring a refillable water bottle with you. While the cruise line provides complimentary beverages like soda, coffee, and tea, having your own water bottle ensures that you stay hydrated throughout the day. Whether you're exploring the ship or lounging by the pool, having a refillable water bottle is convenient and eco-friendly. Plus, it will save you from constantly buying bottled water onboard, adding extra costs to your trip. Also, consider bringing reusable straws, as all disposable straws on board are made of paper.

An easy way to clean your refillable bottle is by using a dish soap hack. Instead of bringing a full-size soap and sponge, cut a sponge into small squares, add some dish soap to each piece, and let them dry out. Pack in a zip-top bag to wet as needed, wash your bottle, and toss the used sponge.

Use Disney Cruise Line's Navigator App

The Navigator App is an essential tool for anyone looking to optimize their Disney Cruise experience. This app provides access to a wide range of features at your fingertips, making it easier to stay on top of your daily schedule and activities. With the ability to review menus, make reservations, and check schedules, you'll never miss out on any of the exciting offerings onboard.

One of the most convenient features of the app is its real-time updates on activities, shows, meet-and-greets, weather, and more. This way, you can plan your day accordingly and make the most efficient use of your time. Interactive maps also help you navigate the ship with ease. You can even use the Navigator App to message other guests onboard, making it easy to coordinate plans and stay connected with friends and family. The app's user-friendly interface makes it simple to use for everyone, from tech-savvy individuals to those who are less familiar with technology.

Read the original article on Explore .

Disney Wonder cruise ship

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Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

This Homemade Spaghetti Sauce Is What Family Pasta Nights Are All About

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Family fun on board; grandparents; Pirate Night; Main Deck

I am going on a seven night cruise on the Disney fantasy… How many of those nights can I expect fireworks? ”

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Meet the Panelist: Adrianna, California

Related video.

thumbnail image for Disney Cruise Line First Timer Tips | planDisney Podcast – Season 2 Episode 1

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Visit Disney Cruise Line to view exciting itineraries and onboard amenities.

  • Disney Cruise Line Activities

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disney fantasy cruise ship activities

Disney Cast Life

Cruise Director with Donald and Daisy

Newly-Selected Disney Treasure Cruise Director Ready to Take the Stage

Kami Ellender

by Kami Ellender , Editorial Content Manager, Disney Signature Experiences

Darren McBurney was recently selected to be the Cruise Director for the Disney Treasure and he’s ready to take the stage.  

Cruise Directors play an important role not only for our crew, but also for our sailing guests. They kick off the morning show, introduce nighttime entertainment and their voice can be heard throughout the ship providing daily tips and can’t-miss activities. However, many guests don’t know that they also manage all the teams in the entertainment department, which includes lifeguards, youth activities, port adventures, technicians and more. 

Cruise Director with Minnie and Mickey Mouse

“It’s really about the flow of the ship and everything we can do to help the team along the way,” Darren said. “It’s a strange job, but for me, it’s the perfect job.” 

As a 25-year crew member with Disney Cruise Line , Darren has a long history with our fleet, but his career voyage didn’t begin quite how you might expect. 

It all started with competing in a British television game show in 1995. With general knowledge and a little luck, he won a two-week holiday to Walt Disney World – his first Disney trip ever! 

“I told my friends ‘I don’t know how or when, but I am going to work for that company.’ It just felt right to me,” Darren said. 

He researched his options, and in late 1997, Darren heard Disney Cruise Line was hiring for an opening team – which piqued his interest. 

“I knew that for the Disney Cruise Line opening team, and a brand-new venture for the company, they would be looking for experts in the field,” he explained. “Although my love was entertainment, my background was in retail, and I was lucky enough to be chosen as part of the opening team as a merchandise host.” 

Mickey Mouse with Cast Member

Keeping in mind his calling to be in entertainment, Darren volunteered for a position that wasn’t even created yet and started planning crew events. Through role shadows and dedication, he transitioned to entertainment and worked positions in port adventures, youth activities and more. Over the years he held more than 14 different positions before ultimately landing his dream role of Cruise Director. 

Cruise Director with Minnie Mouse

While Disney Cruise Line celebrated 25 years this summer, the occasion was personal for Darren, having started on the Disney Magic all those years ago. 

“I remember selling the car I had at the time and saying to friends, I hope I last about two years, to pay off the car loan,” Darren said. “I take it day by day, but I would have never suspected 25 years.” 

For the next few months, Darren will continue to spend time on the Disney Wish as Cruise Director, while also researching logistics for potential Disney Treasure programming. 

As the Disney Treasure continues to take shape, next year he will make his way to Germany to become more familiar with the Meyer Werft shipyard where he’ll assist with on site management of operations and entertainment needs and the onboarding of new crew. 

“I’m really looking forward to working with the leaders and making sure that our crew members, both seasoned and newbies have a smooth and meaningful onboarding process,” Darren said. “That’s one of the things in the back of my mind, always.” 

In true entertainment style, he also can’t wait to see how the stage shows will be brought to life. From the exclusive debut of “Disney The Tale of Moana” to the representation of his favorite movie, “Beauty and the Beast,” he’s looking forward to the creativity behind everything the Disney Treasure will have to offer. 

You can stay up to date on the latest Disney Treasure news by continuing to follow along on the  Disney Parks Blog  and the  Disney Cruise Line website . 

Topics: Disney Cast Life

Darren, So excited for you!!!! We always look forward to seeing you on the ships. Hope to sail with you soon on the Treasure!!⚓️🛳 Doug and Sandi Peterson

Congratulations, Darren! We greatly enjoyed our honeymoon cruise to the Western Caribbean on the Fantasy with you at the helm, next to Captain Mickey, of course!

The Hayes family is super excited about this development. Darren is a fan favorite in our house!

Congrats on this amazing honor, Darren! The Disney Treasure will be in great hands 🙂

Other Stories by

Kami Ellender

Disney Vacation Leads to Lifelong Friendship and Careers

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    Find details and photos of Disney Fantasy cruise ship on Tripadvisor. Learn more about Disney Fantasy deck plans and cabins, ship activities including dining and entertainment, and sailing itineraries to help you plan your next cruise vacation.

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    Princess Signature Package — $450. Disney Princess gown made with heirloom-quality fabrics and feature intricate designs telling the story of the princess. High-quality crystal tiara with box. Organza garment bag and satin hanger. Hairstyling. Shimmering makeup and face gem. Princess sash and cinch sack.

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    Day 1 - Boarding the Disney Fantasy Day 2 - Castaway Cay Day 3 - Double Dip Debarkation Day in Port Canaveral In Conclusion Booking the Disney Fantasy I booked this Disney cruise pretty last minute- about 35 days before sailing. This was nice because it meant we didn't have long to wait before our much-anticipated trip.

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    Disney Fantasy itineraries and departure ports. Disney Fantasy cruises depart from the Port Canaveral port year-round. The ship has a busy schedule with frequent 3-night getaways to the Bahamas, including Disney's own Castaway Cay. It also operates longer 8- to 11-night Caribbean cruises to Aruba, Barbados, the Virgin Islands, and popular ...

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    The ship boasts many other fun touches, too, including the AquaDuck water coaster, an innertube water slide that circles above the pool deck; magical portholes showing real-time sea views in...

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    By: Kristi If you are wanting to take a family cruise to the Caribbean that everyone will enjoy, consider the Disney Fantasy. The Disney Fantasy Cruise ship is the fourth ship in the Disney Cruise fleet and it is packed full of activities to keep families busy. BEST Disney Fantasy Cruise Family Activities Courtesy Disney

  20. How to Find Onboard Activity Schedules

    A: The Personal Navigator newsletter contains the daily schedules for onboard entertainment, Character Greetings and activities, plus operating hours for locations such as the fitness center, the spa and salon, and the pools.

  21. Onboard Activities

    Help Center How can we help you? Age-Specific Activities - Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is there to do onboard during days at sea? A: Each day at sea is an adventure in itself for every member... Q: Are there activities geared toward different age groups on board Disney Cruise ships? A: Absolutely!

  22. Disney Fantasy Itinerary, Current Position, Ship Review

    Disney Fantasy cruise ship itinerary, 2023-2024-2025 itineraries (homeports, dates, prices), cruise tracker (ship location now/current position tracking), review, news ... The new Disney approach allows all kids ages 3-10 to access the same clubs with separate rooms and age-related activities. The Fantasy ship children club is called "Edge ...

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    Disney Cruise Line Early 2025 Itineraries. Sun-drenched beaches, saltwater adventures and magical moments await. In 2025, give your family an unforgettable post-holiday cruise sailing from Fort Lauderdale and Port Canaveral in Florida and Galveston, Texas, to tropical destinations in The Bahamas and Caribbean.

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    One of the highlights of the Disney Cruise Line is the wide range of kid-friendly activities available onboard. The kids club, also known as the Oceaneer Club, is a must-visit for young guests.

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    Future. In 2016, the line announced it would acquire two ships, as yet unnamed, are described as larger than Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy but with an equivalent number of staterooms. A third ship of the class was announced on July 15, 2017 at the D23 Expo. The delivery date was changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.. In March 2018, Disney Cruise Line released the first rendering of its ...

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    The Disney Treasure will be in great hands. James on October 23, 2023 at 9:34 pm. Darren McBurney was recently selected to be the Cruise Director for the Disney Treasure and he's ready to take the stage. Cruise Directors play an important role not only for our crew, but also for our sailing guests. They kick off.