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Best International Travel Phone Plans in the US

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Getting the right international phone plans is essential when heading out of the country. Otherwise, a lack of connectivity could lead to some issues, or regular activity on your devices may trigger outrageous charges. Fortunately, with some of the best international phone plans on the market, you can easily communicate without breaking the bank. Ultimately, you have a multitude of options available. If you want to make it easier to choose, here’s a look at why you could benefit from some of the best international cell phone plans.

When To Get a International Phone Plan?

There are a few reasons why having reliable international phone plans is a smart move while you’re traveling, including:

  • Stay in contact : It helps ensure you can communicate with loved ones who travel with you or back home. 
  • Emergencies : You can reach businesses at your destination, which may be critical if you get lost while trying to find your hotel or need to speak with a local embassy during an emergency.
  • Working while away : For anyone who plans on working while out of the country, the right international cell phone plans can keep you connected to the office. You won’t have to worry about missing critical messages, ensuring you can respond to important matters immediately.
  • Texting : If you’re using credit or debit cards and your activity might seem suspicious to your bank or lender, you’ll be able to receive messages about your account, ensuring you aren’t locked out. If you choose one of the plans with ample data, you’ll also be able to monitor your spending, ensuring you stay on budget.

Best International Phone Plans

At&t international day pass.

With the AT&T International Day Pass , you pay $10 per day to get unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data in over 210 countries. Essentially, you can use your device just as you would at home without worrying about usage charges beyond the $10, making it a great option for shorter trips abroad. Plus, you don’t have to remove the International Day Pass plan when you get home. It only triggers when you use the device abroad, so it won’t result in any charges while it’s on your account until you travel. However, if you’re going to be out of the country longer, other international cell phone plans are available. 

Traveling to Mexico and Canada doesn’t require a different plan at all, so you won’t need to use the International Day pass or other options there. There’s also an option for Latin America specifically, covering 19 countries, making this one of the best international phone plans if you’re heading to that area.

Boost International Connect Plus

With Boost International Connect Plus plans, you can pay a little more to get more capabilities. For example, the Todo Mexico plan costs an extra $5 per month (based on September 2022 pricing). It allows unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada from the US and unlimited calling and texting while roaming in Mexico. Plus, you get 8GB of roaming data in Mexico.

For an extra $10 per month, you get unlimited calls to landlines in more than 70 countries and 200 minutes of calls to mobile phones in over 50 countries. There’s also unlimited international texting in more than 200 countries.

Google Fi is worth considering if you’re looking for one of the best international phone plans that’s a competitively priced alternative to traditional carriers. You get unlimited calls, texts, and data in Canada and Mexico with Simple Unlimited. If you upgrade to Unlimited Plus, you get unlimited data in over 200 countries, along with free texts and Wi-Fi calling.

Overall, the cost is usually far below what you’d expect to pay, with pricing coming in the $20 to $40 range (based on pricing in September 2022). Otherwise, you can go with the Flexible plan, which uses closer to a pay-as-you-go approach, which could result in more savings if your trip isn’t particularly long.

T-Mobile Magenta

If you’re already a T-Mobile Magenta subscriber, you’re in luck. You’ll get automatic unlimited 2G data and texting while you travel to any of more than 200 countries. Plus, if you’re in Canada or Mexico, 5GB of high-speed data is also included, all without having to pay extra. A small add-on plan extends the 5GB data option to 11 European countries, giving you more options. If you’re a Magenta Max subscriber, 5 GB of high-speed data is available in 215+ countries. As a result, it’s a solid option for frequent international travelers.

When it comes to traditional calling – including Wi-Fi calling – it is a bit expensive, coming in at $0.25 per minute. However, if you use an alternative option like the Skype app, you’re relying on data, which can help you bypass that cost.

There are also some other nice perks of going this route. For example, T-Mobile customers can get free Wi-Fi on Alaska, American, and Delta Airlines flights. That benefit is coming to United Airlines, too.

Plus, you can add an international pass to your account, which can work well for longer overseas stays. With the 5GB of high-speed data, you get unlimited calling in qualifying countries, giving you a voice option that won’t break the bank.

Verizon Unlimited Plans

Verizon offers several options to cover your needs when traveling internationally. Most of Verizon’s unlimited plans include unlimited international texting to over 200 countries and data if you’re traveling in Mexico and Canada (limited to 0.5GB per day before you’re slowed to 2G). However, there can be some usage restrictions.

If you want something more comprehensive or for extended stays overseas, you can try options like TravelPass or the International Monthly Plan . The TravelPass is $10 per day and covers more than 210 countries, giving you unlimited calling, texting, and 4G LTE data. Plus, the charge only happens if you use your device abroad, so you can leave the option on at all times.

The International Monthly Plan allows you to add 250 minutes, 1000 outgoing SMS messages, unlimited incoming SMS messages, and 5GB of data. It’s designed to cover longer stays and runs $100 per line per month, plus taxes and fees.

Other Options for International Calls

Along with having one of the best international phone plans for traveling, you can make calls using other options. For example, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, and Discord can all be used to communicate with other users over Wi-Fi. As a result, you can avoid purchasing a separate plan or incurring per-minute call charges. If you use these options, make sure to turn your cellular data off. That way, you can ensure that the activity is limited to Wi-Fi only, so you don’t trigger usage charges by mistake.


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Reason Codes for Airfare Bookings

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The University of Colorado is closely monitoring the situation in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank as it affects University travel. Many airlines have already cancelled or suspended flights, and traveler advisories are changing regularly. For the most up-to-date information on worldwide travel advisories and how those impact any University business travel planning, please refer to the US Department of State Travel Advisories page. CU travelers are also encouraged to utilize ISOS Membership Services (enter CU’s Membership No. 11BCAS000006 to log in) as an additional resource. To receive updated notifications dependent on your travel destination, download the ISOS mobile app. Note: All travel booked through Concur/CBT is automatically registered with ISOS.

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Concur how-to: international airfare in concur, popular searches.

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Do you need to book international airfare? You can book this airfare using the Concur Travel & Expense System. There is no service fee when booking airfare in Concur.

You also have the option to book trips through Christopherson Business Travel (CBT), and we encourage you to work with CBT on complex (multi-leg) international trips. When you book through a CBT agent, a $20 booking fee will apply. You will need to provide your Employee ID number in order to complete the booking process for yourself or a non-employee. If you are booking as a delegate on the behalf of another employee, you will need to provide the traveler’s Employee ID.

Read the procedures

  • Pre-approval for international travel is required via Concur Request for employees prior to purchasing your airfare. You’ll need to include your airfare route and an estimated total trip cost in Concur Request. You can use Concur to obtain your desired travel itinerary (quote) to complete your request. You'll receive an email notifying you when your request is approved.
  • Once your trip is approved, log into Concur and click Requests . Locate your approved request and take note of the 4 digit identifier in the Request ID column. You’ll need this to book your trip in Concur.
  • If you’re booking the trip for yourself , you can get started right from the Concur home page. If you’re booking the trip for someone else , you’ll first need to select the person you’re booking for. To act as a travel arranger, click Profile and select that employee from the Acting as other user drop-down . Click Start Session . You’ll see the name of the person you’re arranging travel for display on the home page  
  • You can restrict your flight search by changing the dropdowns for your depart and return.
  • Note: Travel Card information needs to be added to the employee’s Concur profile in order to create a reservation for a rental car and/or hotel. The Travel Card will not be charged, it will just hold the reservation. The traveler will be required to present a form of payment at the time of pick up/ check in.   
  • The Search by dropdown defaults to sort by Schedule. You can change to sort by Fares first -- or you can keep the Schedule default and compare fares later.
  • Click Search . 

concur travel rule triggered

  • Wait for your results to fully load. You can use the controls on the left to tweak your search. Use the matrix at the top of your screen to narrow down results.

concur travel rule triggered

  • Click Select next to each flight you wish to book. 
  • Now you’re able to see the price. If you don’t see the price, you may have to click View Fares .
  • Click on the fare to proceed with booking your flights. You’ll be taken to a new page to review booking details and reserve.
  • Note: Any unused airline credits in the traveler’s name will be applied to the new booking if using the same airline. If these funds should not be used towards the purchase, this must be indicated in the section “Comments for the Travel Agent” during Step 15 (agent fee will apply). 
  • You’ll be taken to the Travel Details page. Verify the details are correct, then click Next .
  • You may see a reminder if you haven’t booked a car or hotel reservation for your trip. Click Cancel if you want to go back and add a car and/or hotel to this search. Click OK to continue with your present itinerary.
  • Enter the SpeedType you want to use to cover the ticket costs.
  • Indicate whether or not the trip is grant funded.
  • Indicate that travel is outside of the U.S.
  • Enter your Request ID Click  Next .
  • Review the Trip Confirmation page, then click Purchase Ticket .
  • You’ll be notified by email when your flights are ticketed. An itinerary will be emailed to the traveler, the traveler’s supervisor, and any designated Travel Arrangers. You’ll have 24 hours to cancel tickets without penalty, if necessary. Note : You’ll also receive an email from CIBT. CIBT helps travelers understand the documents they need for international travel. If you wish – and if your department      approves this expense – you can also ask CIBT to help you obtain those documents. For additional information about their services, see https://cibtvisas.com  
  •  Upon return from your trip, you’ll submit an expense report reconciling Travel Card transactions and requesting reimbursement for any out-of-pocket transactions related to your trip. This travel expense report should include any airfare booked via Concur or CBT.

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