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Can the Wyndham Points Program Really Help You Save on Hotels and Travel?

concur travel program

Are you a frequent traveler who’s looking for an easy way to save on the cost of your hotel stays? Wyndham, the world’s largest hotel franchising company, has a loyalty program that can help. Its Wyndham Rewards program allows you to earn points every time you stay in a qualified Wyndham hotel property — points you can redeem for future hotel stays, gift cards, and even cash among plenty of other rewards. But just how easy is it to use? And are the rewards really worth it? Take a look into the Wyndham points program to discover how it works and how it can help you save money on hotels and travel expenses. Then, discover other key details that’ll help you decide whether to sign up. 

Wyndham Rewards Loyalty Points Program Basics

Two of the biggest things that Wyndham’s points program has going for it are that it’s free and it’s also straightforward. You can sign up in a matter of minutes in one of three ways:

  • Sign up online on the Wyndham website or the website of one of its hotel brands
  • Enroll during check-in or at any time during your next visit to a participating hotel
  • Sign up through Wyndham Rewards Member Services, which you can reach at 1-866-996-7937

Once you’re signed up for the Wyndham points program, you’ll earn either 10 points for every dollar you spend on a qualified stay at a Wyndham property or 1,000 points per stay, whichever is more. The great thing is that Wyndham owns thousands of participating hotels and vacation rentals around the world. Some of its brands include Registry Collection Hotels, LaQuinta, Ramada, Days Inn, Travelodge, and Super 8 among others. This means you shouldn’t have to go too far out of your way to book a stay with a company that participates in this points program.

Wyndham has also made the smart play of partnering with Caesars Rewards Partner Hotels. This opens up a whole new host of possibilities for earning points every time you stay in Las Vegas. Some of the program’s partner hotels include Caesars, Harrah’s, Flamingo, Rio, Planet Hollywood, and Paris Las Vegas. 

The Wyndham Rewards program also has several different member tiers that provide access to various benefits. When you first sign up for the program, you’ll be in the Blue level. As you advance to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels, you’ll begin receiving perks like dedicated member services, early and late check-ins and check-outs, and free rental car upgrades. Access to tiers is based on the number of qualifying stays you book after joining the program.

Earning Wyndham Rewards Points

The most obvious way to earn Wyndham points, is, of course, to book stays in one of its many qualifying hotels or vacation properties. As far as loyalty rewards programs go, Wyndham’s points per stay are generous, especially considering that you’ll never earn fewer than 1,000 for any stay.

Even if you book a one-night stay in one of Wyndham’s budget properties for less than $100, you’ll still earn 1,000 rewards points. If you book a longer stay, you’ll get even more rewards that break down to 10 points for every dollar you spend. So, if you book a six-night stay that comes out to $550, you’ll get 5,500 points in return. 

The trick is to make sure that you book directly with Wyndham or one of its qualifying properties. Once you’ve signed up for the loyalty program, however, Wyndham makes it easy to book directly and includes plenty of promotions and offers to make sure you always get the lowest price. 

You can book through the official Wyndham website or its qualifying brands’ sites, by phone, or through the handy Wyndham Hotel Rewards app for iOS and Android devices. Booking through your rewards account also makes it easy to keep track of and redeem your points. Regardless of how you choose to access your points, you’ll be doing your budget a favor by strategically using them.

More Ways to Earn

concur travel program

Using coupons is not only a great way to save money, but it is also a great way to ensure you get more bang for your buck. With that said, the Wyndham points program also offers plenty of fun offers and discounts that can help customers save money while getting the most out of their hotel stays. Some include chances to earn double points or free nights for qualifying hotel stays, while others can score you points for everyday purchases. One of the areas in which Wyndham seems to excel is its extensive partner network, which presents more opportunities to earn than competing hotel rewards programs.

Wyndham Shopping

You can earn points simply for making purchases from a number of Wyndham’s retail partners. Log in to your account and use the provided links to earn bonus points for purchases from stores like Macy’s, Dell, iTunes, Kohls, and others. You’ll also want to explore the promo codes section, where you’ll sometimes access discounts for online shopping.  

Car Rentals and Gas

Need to rent a car on your next vacation? Wyndham’s partnership with Budget car rentals may help you keep some money in your wallet. Not only can you save up to 30% on qualifying rentals, but you’ll also earn 1,000 points for every rental of at least three days. Wyndham also partners with Marathon gas. With this benefit, you can save on fuel and earn points for gas and other purchases at participating Marathon and ARCO gas stations. Last but not least, you can also earn points on select tours and activities when you book through the Wyndham Rewards program. 

Wyndham Earner Card

If you travel a great deal, want to go all-out with the Wyndham points program, and are considering signing up for a credit card, it may be worth looking into the Wyndham Rewards Earner Cards. When you meet certain spending qualifications in the first 90 days after signing up, you can earn up to 45,000 bonus points. These are worth up to six free nights at a Wyndham property. The card also includes perks like an annual bonus and more ways to earn points faster. 

Redeeming Your Wyndham Points

You have a number of options when it comes to redeeming your points for rewards. The first is to use your points in intervals of 7,500, 15,000, or 30,000 for free nights at thousands of Wyndham Rewards properties. If you want to use your points sooner, you can use 1,500, 3,000, or 6,000 points to opt for a discounted rate on your stay instead. 

You can also choose to cash in your points for plenty of other rewards and redeem them for fuel, shopping, and activities discounts through Wyndham’s partners. You can even convert them into cash, gift cards, or charity donations. Members also have the option of transferring their points to certain program partners to convert them into things like airline miles .  

Just make sure you do the math before you choose a way to redeem your points. Using them to book free rooms is almost always going to result in the best value. But, it’s wise to keep your other options in mind if you don’t plan to travel for a while. 

So, is the Wyndham Rewards loyalty points program worth it? Yes — you have nothing to lose by signing up. The program is not only free, but it couldn’t be any more straightforward. It’s one of those programs that’s worth signing up for whether you intend to use it anytime soon or not. If you do end up staying in a Wyndham hotel, you might as well score free points for it. If not, that’s okay too — you won’t lose out.


concur travel program


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Comparison of Dental Insurance Plans

concur travel program

The high cost of dental care across the country can be downright mind-boggling. True, the costs you incur on dental care will depend on where you live, but many consumers would concur that costs are too high. Further compounding the hit to the consumer’s pocket is the fact that many employer-funded health insurance plans pointedly omit dental costs. In other words, you are on your own when you get that hefty bill for a root canal and costly dental crowns.

To help remedy the situation, you should begin looking at some insurance plans specifically for dental care. You will find them from major insurance organizations like Humana, Cigna, Delta Dental, and Careington. To save even more on dental costs, you can subscribe to discount dental plans from organizations like Avia.

Pros and Cons of FEP Dental Plans

FEP dental plans can make paying for dental services more affordable for qualifying individuals. The federal government developed the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) to provide dental insurance coverage.

This program is for employees of several federal government departments. Coverage comes with the following classes of benefits:

Class A – This class includes basic dental services such as cleanings, X-rays and exams.

Class B – Involves more complex procedures such as oral surgery.

Class C – Involves major procedures such as implants, crowns and root canals.

All benefit classes have a Standard Option as well as a High Option, with the later offering higher coverage for dental expenses. For example, the High Option covers 70% of Class B expenses, while the Standard Option only covers 55%.

The only major downside of this dental insurance plan is that you will only qualify if you are a federal employee in some capacity. Retirees from federal departments may also qualify.

Combined Dental and Vision Plans

Companies like Humana offer a variety of packages that combine dental and vision insurance in one package. While the majority of patients might only opt for a standard health insurance plan, dental and vision insurance needs are another critical part of health.

The best way to get these at low cost to you is to participate in an employer-sponsored dental and vision plan. This is not always possible, however, because some employers don’t cater for these needs in their employee health plans.

A dental and vision plan could end up saving you thousands of dollars if you require major dental work done. However, you should pay special attention to the maximum benefits defined in the plan. In addition, clauses in the insurance plan like wait time could mean that you have to spend perhaps up to a year enrolled in the plan before the big benefits become available.

A dental and vision insurance plan, however, can be very helpful in reducing your dental costs each year.

State-specific Dental Plans

Dental insurance solutions focused on your state may offer the biggest savings. For example, the state of Hawaii has HDS.

Hawaii Dental Service (HDS) is a company offering dental insurance in the state of Hawaii. About 95% of dentists in the state participate with HDS. HDS covers a wide range of dental procedures, including:

Root canal therapy

Crowns and gold restorations

Oral surgery

Gum treatment

Dentures and bridges

For each of these services, a co-payment will be necessary for the patient. This ranges from 0% for dental examinations all the way to 70% for root canals and dental crowns.

The biggest weakness for HDS insurance plans is that they have a wait period of as much as 12 months for certain services. This means that, for example, an adult enrolled in the plan has to wait 12 months before they can access root canal therapy.

Your state will likely have similar dental programs that focus on residents and provide high savings if you enroll.

Dental Discount Plans

A dental discount plan such as that offered by Avia can sometimes be the best way of reducing dental costs. Avia operates a network of dental services providers that all sign on to provide discounted services to subscribers of the plan.

The major advantage of the discount plan is that you receive services at discounts of as much as 50% to 70% off the regular price.

Unlike with many insurance plans, Avia’s dental plan makes it possible to get dental services without going through a long wait time. If you have pre-existing conditions or other pressing dental needs, therefore, Avia’s program is vastly preferable to the other options.


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concur travel program

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Connect all your travel and spend data in one place to simplify spend management and control cash flow proactively.

Simplify the spend management process, from system implementation to expense reporting and expense tracking, with user-friendly tools.

Get a single end-to-end view of all employee spend to better manage budgets, forecast accurately, and make more strategic business decisions.

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  • Concur Expense

SAP Concur helps us achieve our goals by allowing us to scale our organization and improve productivity as our employee population keeps growing. We are delivering quick, easy, and fully auditable T&E functionality to our employees. Reema Mukherjee, Director of Finance Systems and Solutions at VMware

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Connect your corporate travel management ecosystem and see how much you’re spending with user-friendly tools and applications.

Gain visibility into all travel data to boost compliance, capture trips however they’re booked, and support Duty of Care requirements.

Plan and book business travel, monitor itinerary changes, and share travel plans all from a mobile app.

  • Concur Travel

What SAP Concur solutions provide is a seamless solution, from the moment you book your travel to the moment you come back home. Helder de Freitas, Travel Specialist, Discovery

Automated, connected accounts payable  

Automate vendor invoice management to eliminate paper, reduce tedious manual tasks, prevent costly errors, and give employees valuable time back.

Integrate with your existing ERP or accounting system and connect with solutions from other vendors across the procure-to-pay lifecycle.

Track and control the timing of payments to pay vendors on time and take advantage of early payment discounts.

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We now have a full picture of our spend, and don’t have to look into two or three different systems to merge and verify the information. That also makes reporting and overall fiscal governance easier as well. Everything we need to see is in one place. Kevin Stevens, Executive Director of Procurement Services, The University of Alabama

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What are analysts saying about sap concur solutions, 2022 idc report: the business value of sap concur solutions.

To evaluate the real-world effectiveness of SAP Concur solutions, IDC conducted in-depth interviews with several leading worldwide organizations using the solutions to optimize their business travel and expense reporting and operations.

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To enhance the sign in security of all SAP Concur users, two-factor authentication (2FA) will be required on www.concursolutions.com starting October 18, 2023. All users who are using basic authentication (SAP Concur username and password) on web or mobile will need to set up 2FA at that time. Click https://www.concurtraining.com/cnqr/mfa  to learn more.

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The IEEE Travel Program is intended to facilitate business-required travel, while managing costs and maintaining efficient business processes.

IEEE volunteers are encouraged to make travel arrangements through IEEE’s corporate travel agency, World Travel, Inc. Using World Travel, Inc. to plan your travel is most convenient using IEEE’s online tool, Concur Travel.

IEEE U.S. based employees are required to use World Travel, Inc. for all business-related travel. 

Concur Travel – An introduction (Known as: NextGen Expense Reimbursement (Concur) & Travel)

Nextgen expense reimbursement (concur) & travel access, program & support contact details, agency service fees.

Concur Travel is IEEE’s preferred online tool for booking travel reservations, providing access to all major airlines, rail lines, hotels, and car rental programs. In addition to connecting your travel planning with your travel rewards programs, it is easy to compare pricing and book reservations for all trip planning needs in one online session. Concur’s e-receipt functionality simplifies expense management through NextGen Expense Reimbursement.

Concur Travel connects directly to IEEE’s designated travel management company, World Travel, Inc.

Reservations may be booked directly via the online booking tool, or by calling World Travel, Inc. directly. (Please note: A Concur Travel profile must be created and saved before calling the agency to book. Refer to the Concur Travel Quick Start Guide for details).

The program is available to all IEEE employees, volunteers, and members across the globe.

  Benefits of Concur Travel

  • Easy to use online booking tool : Store frequent flyer numbers and travel preferences, simultaneously create air, rental car, hotel, rail, and dining reservations and have the benefit of storing and easily managing any unused tickets for travel.
  • Information to keep you safe on the road : Utilizing Concur Locate, IEEE will have the ability to quickly locate and communicate with an individual traveler, making sure the individual is safe no matter where he or she is traveling.
  • Mobile application : Book reservations easily, check an individual travel itinerary, keep updated on flight status, search map locations, and much more. 

IEEE Volunteers – Concur Travel Quick Start Guide (PDF, 361 KB)

IEEE Employees – Concur Travel Quick Start Guide (PDF, 361 KB)

Concur Travel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (PDF, 267 KB)

WorldAlert 360-Keeping You Safe & Informed

Concur Travel Quick Start Guide IEEE Employees (PDF)

Concur Travel Quick Start Guide IEEE Volunteers (PDF) 

Concur Travel Quick Start Guide for Train Travel (PDF)

Concur Travel Quick Start Guide for Travel Arrangers (PDF)

World Travel, Inc. - Resources for Travelers - Concur Travel Tool 

NextGen Expense Reimbursement

IEEE Travel & Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

Visa/Passport Document Service Provider (CIBT – IEEE Account 40523)

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    Concur Sign In Security Changes: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and New Password Policy UI (SignIn Settings UI). To enhance the sign in security of all SAP

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