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breaking benjamin past tour dates

breaking benjamin past tour dates

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breaking benjamin past tour dates

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Mon, Nov 6, 2023

Shows: 1156 Earliest: Jun 9, 2001 Latest: Sep 6, 2023

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Breaking Benjamin (Past events)

Breaking Benjamin

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Breaking Benjamin  

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Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre

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The American metal rock band, Breaking Benjamin formed back in 1998, and after a short hiatus in 2010, later reformed. The band is fronted by vocalist and lead guitarist Benjamin Burnley, and since their reformation, are seeing continued success.

Breaking Benjamin currently consists of Benjamin Burnley on guitar and lead vocals, Shaun Foist as the drummer, Keith Wallen on guitar and backing vocals, Jasen Rauch as the lead guitarist, and Aaron Bruch on bass and backing vocals. Although the line up of the band has altered considerably over the years, the refreshing alterations of band members appears to have, if anything, strengthened the sound and dynamics of the band. After the band entered their hiatus in 2010, Mark Klepaski and Aaron Fink were dismissed from the band, parting under sour circumstances.

With their earlier albums such as "We Are Not Alone" ranking so high on the charts and producing the single "So Cold" which reached number 2, apprehensions surrounded the idea of rekindling the band, in fear that their talent and drive may have dwindled. Since they reformed however, their career is looking fresh and exciting. With four previous studio albums under their belt, the alternative metal band have an exciting back catalogue to play from, that every single member knows inside out, regardless of their length of time in the band. Anticipation for new material is high, and the talented musicians are sure to create some exciting new material.

Live reviews

They may not personally tour here due to singer Benjamin Burley’s profound fear of flying, but the U.K might be the best place to see the kind of bands that Breaking Benjamin inspired and were inspired by. Their brand of Nu-Metal inflected post grunge has a very real and devoted following over hear, enough to make those kind of bands make the trip over the Atlantic pretty frequently and make them love doing so every single time. However, while they have an extensive following it’s nowhere near the size of their following in the states, meaning that the venues they play are significantly smaller than the arenas and amphitheatres they’re used to on their home turf. It would make for the perfect atmosphere for a Breaking Benjamin concert, as out of all of those bands; there might be no finer live act than the Pennsylvania natives. A show of theirs may look like any other polished, arena rock spectacular on the surface but as with anything, scratch the surface and you get something much more interesting. Recent shows have seen not just raucous airings of classics like Evil Angel, The Diary of Jane and Dance with the Devil but also a powerful cover of Aerosmith’s Dream On whilst a video of dearly departed Rock stars plays behind them. It’s surprisingly emotional stuff but surprising is the key word here, Breaking Benjamin have a lot more to offer than the average early 2000’s rock band, even as they surged past their 15th year as a band last year, and the best way of realizing just how much they’ve got to give? Grab a ticket to see them live as soon as possible.

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william-howard-2’s profile image

Breaking Benjamin was one band that I have been anticipating seeing for a few years now. As soon as I heard they were having a show locally I had to get my hands on some tickets ASAP. It was also brought to my attention that this concert was to show off their new album Dark before Dawn, 6 years after their last albums.

First of all, Best Buy Theater was the perfect venue for them to perform. They played a majority of their top hits which was so great to jump around to. Before the concert I was a bit anxious that the crowd would be rough (I enjoy trying to get as close to the stage as possible) but the crowd was extremely friendly, not rough at all either. Some jumping and crowd surfing but overall great crowd.

At one point of the show the singer asked the venue to turn off every single light in the venue and only have the lights from the audience phones shine. So crazy that the whole room was fully lit using only the lights from people's phones! I've never experienced something like that. They also had a small Star Wars dedicated where the singer whiped out a light saber, a storm trooper, and the band performed Darth Vader's theme song (too cool, everyone was so excited to see that!)

Of course their most famous singles "Breathe" and "Diary of Jane" caused the biggest roar from the crowd all night but combined with some of their newer songs and covers like Tool's "Enema" and "Schism".

I would so see them again and recommend any true Breaking Benjamin to go and see them if you can!

ashleygarcia106’s profile image

I'll always love their live shows, even if I can't stand Burnley's lip service to the crowd.

Sorry Ben, fans know why you haven't been on tour for a while and why it takes you so long to reach venues. We won't hold it against you if you stop bringing it up.

Stage wise, they have an excellent use of the space. I hate to see a lighting rig go to waste, and they have a most excellent road crew making sure that doesn't happen. Hats off to the lighting producer! The crew also makes the in show changes fast and flawless (it took them maybe two minutes to move and secure an additional drum kit down a walkway while Foist had a modest solo).

You know when you love a band's album work, but they sound nothing like that live? Not the case here. The on site sound engineers are also top notch. Everything sounded great from the pit.

I wasn't expecting to hear anything but Dark Before Dawn tracks (maybe the new drop from upcoming Ember), especially given the screen upstage holding the album cover imagery there. Instead, they pulled from everything but Saturate so that was unexpected and awesome.

613bakerjay’s profile image

From ashes to new was real good. they had a cool cover Mashup of heavy and papercut, which are both Linkin Park songs. Bad wolves was good too. They had a cool Pantera tribute and was good at engaging the crowd. They also made a wall of death (I think that's what it's was called) which was something Pantera did, where the pit divides down the middle and then everyone smashes into each other. Pretty cool to watch. Breaking benjamin was really good too. The lead vocalist had a cold that messed with his voice but he did awesome. They had some kids and their parents come on stage and sing diary of jane. Really cute.five finger death punch was fantastic. Very audience engaging. Ivan had everyone do the wave. He had a boot on his foot but that didn't stop him from bouncing around. Ffdp also had kids onstage during remember everything,soooooooo cute. Jason hook did a guitar solo while being lifted into the air on this platform thing. Really awesome. 10/10 experience

oo.anderson’s profile image

This is by far my best concert I have gone to. Breaking Benjamin is my favorite band and I was son excited to find out that I was able to go to a Breaking Benjamin concert. I thought the opening band, StarSet was pretty good to, but not as good as Breaking Benjamin, obviously! When Breaking Benjamin started to play, everyone started putting their fist up in the sign of Rock 'N' Roll and whistling and clapping and wooing and screaming because we were all excited to see Breaking Benjamin perform. It was my favorite night ever, by far. I will never forget this spectacular moment and will hold onto and think of it everyday. This was my first rock concert I ever went to and I am glad I was able to go to a Breaking Benjamin concert. When they finished I was still pumped up and sad because they were finished for the night. I loved that night, that concert, and I love Benjamin Burnley and the best band ever, Breaking Benjamin.

jocelyn-south’s profile image

The show was absolutely amazing Nothing More the band that went before Breaking Benjamin was better than their audio well same with Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown. Just saying this now I never heard of Shinedown or Nothing More until last night and now I'll be listening to them a lot. This was my first concert and it was better than I expected. When two guys started fighting after a song Shinedown did once the next song came on they stopped the music united all of us in the audience and when Shinedown asked us to jump up and down I lost my glasses but my brother picked them up and a guy who pushed past new spin after Shinedown came on he asked if I was ok after I got up from the floor and a guy prevented a potential fight it was amazing I would definitely in a heart beat go to that concert again if I could.

Yuki-Flake’s profile image

Great show! So happy they are touring with such an awesome group. Music was good and loud. The only thing that was a little odd and kind of distracting was Jason and his family standing off to the side of the stage and it wasnt really the family that was distracting. Alot of people were asking everyone who they were, which was what was most distractingly me. I was able to tell them but some people just thought it was odd. I caught myself watching the family during some of the smaller bands as well but for a completely different reason. I mean dude has a beautiful family.

Other than that, that was the only "complaint" and it's so insignificant it's almost petty a d really doesnt have anything to do with anything they did. :)

kimberly-cook-9’s profile image

The show was great! Didn't know who the opening band was until their very last song, because it wasn't stated on the ticket, but they rocked also.

Breaking Benjamin played some big hits and sounded pretty good but disappointed me because their set was so short! They played less time than it took me to get there! They even came out for an encore after only an hour of playing but played just ONE SONG! This was my first opportunity to see this band live after listening to them for so long. I was so pumped for the show, buying tickets as soon as they were available, only to be let down! Love this band, but I won't be buying tickets to see them as a headliner anymore. Opening band, sure.

kari-smith-1’s profile image

I've waited for years to see Breaking Benjamin live. 29-05-2016 was the date I finally saw them live in concert. The concert was amazing!! All the bandmembers came on stage to personally tell the whole crowd that their guitarist Jasen was taken to hospital because he collapsed with terrible pain and they didn't know wat it was. Instead of cancelling the concert what most bands would do they did the concert with the four of them, a couple of songs acoustic, and later they plugged on electric although Ben didn't know how to play the songs as leading guitarist he learned them in a few seconds on stage. It was incredible and i'm so happy I could be there that night!!

ellen-jooren’s profile image

At nikon Jones beach, breaking Benjamin performed alongside 3 other bands. However, because of the big venue, they did not sound as good. I'm guessing there equipment and sound equalization isn't good for big venues, cause I was pretty up close and could barely hear the lead singer. This is my second time seeing this band. I first saw them at PlayStation theater and they sounded amazing. There sound equalization for there equipment is more suited for closed venues instead of outside performances. They usually do the same set list of songs all the time with "diary of Jane" being the last song they perform.

redxslash’s profile image

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