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31 Best Travel Bags: Duffels, Backpacks or Suitcases?

We’ve reviewed hundreds of the best travel bags throughout the years – from the best hiking backpacks to the best laptop bags, we know bags. 

This article is for you if you don’t know where to start when it comes to travel bags. Are you a dedicated backpacker, a fan of the duffel bag, or maybe a devotee of the wheelie suitcase? Perhaps you’re not sure which type of travel bag you should buy or if you should make a switch.

Whether you’re a newbie or looking to upgrade and replace your existing travel bag, choosing from the best travel bags can be something of a minefield.

How on earth do you choose? The best way is to simply read on!

Keep scrolling and you’ll discover a wealth of detailed information on all the latest travel bags – backpacks, duffel bags, carry-ons, backpacks with wheels, and anti-theft bags; the list goes on! By the end of the article you’re sure to have found the best travel bag ever… for your needs!

Quick Answer: The Best Travel Bags of 2023

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  • Best Travel Backpack – Nomatic 40L Travel Bag
  • Best Travel Daypack – Tortuga Laptop Backpack
  • Best Travel Backpack Runner-Up – AER Travel Pack 3
  • Best Leather Travel Pack – MAHI Leather Overnight Bag
  • Best Eco Luggage – Monarc Brand Settra
  • Best Travel Luggage with Wheels – Osprey Sojourn Shuttle 45
  • Best Carry on Travel Bag – Stubble & Co Adventure Pack
  • Best Anti-Theft Travel Backpack – Pacsafe Metrosafe X
  • Best Foldable Travel Bag – Wandrd Veer 18L
  • Best Travel Duffel Bag – Osprey Transporter Expedition Duffel
  • Best Laptop Travel Bag – AER Commuter Brief 2

nomatic 40l travel pack


  • > Lifetime Warranty
  • > Full of unique storage features

best travel bags for long trips

Tortuga Travel Backpack

  • Price: > $$
  • > Laptop and tablet sleeves
  • > Made with water proof sailcloth

aer travel pack 2 backpack

AER Travel Pack 3

  • > Carry on friendly
  • > Sleek, minimalist design

best travel bags for long trips

Osprey Sojourn Shuttle 45

  • Price: > $$$
  • > Carry on size
  • > Detachable day pack

Tortuga Setout Backpack

Tortuga Laptop Backpack

  • > Book-style opening
  • > Dedicated laptop and tablet sleeves

best travel bags for long trips

Pacsafe Metrosafe X

  • > RFID-blocking pouch
  • > Interlocking zips

best travel bags for long trips

WANRD Veer 18L

  • > Lightweight
  • > Multiple pockets

Osprey Transporter Expedition Duffel

Osprey Transporter Expedition Duffel

  • > Excellent all-round duffel bag
  • > Protected pocket for tech

aer city messenger bag

AER Commuter Brief 2

When deciding between all of these great travel bags, how do you choose the best bag for travel? Here are some pointers…

Best Travel Bag

One of the easiest ways to narrow down the choices is to consider the size of bag you require. If you’re searching for a bag that will see you through the daily commute you’re almost certainly going to need a smaller travel bag than if you’re heading off vacation away from home.

Generally, good travel bags of somewhere between 30 and 45-liters, unless you plan to use air travel check-in. If you have a lot of electronics, camera gear, camping equipment, or clothes (we’ve all been there!), then a larger bag makes much more sense.

Nomatic 40 litre travel bag

If you have a travel bag you’re looking to replace or upgrade, ask yourself what sort of style it is – and whether of course, you like that style!

If you’re comfortable with a backpack-style travel bag, then focus your search on the same; whereas, if you prefer the ease of a duffel bag or wheelie suitcase, that’s the way you should be leaning. Want something in between, have a look at a duffel-backpack hybrid bag instead.

best travel duffel bags

Will you be carrying your travel bag for long distances? Because if so, every gram (or ounce) of excess weight matters. While wheelie suitcases are a great idea for city movement, wheels always add weight to a bag and are a pain if you are heading off-road (or even onto the cobbles of a city like Paris).

Also, remember that weight is often a trade-off for durability, especially when it comes to travel and hiking backpacks. The more durable a bag, the more it tends to weigh. Understand how you plan to use your bag before buying the lightest or most heavy-duty pack! Overall, the higher-quality luggage brands tend to be able to keep things lighter whilst still being durable.

nomatic laptop compartment

Are you traveling with Tech?

Are you traveling with tech? These days you probably are, whether you’re traveling for pleasure or for work.

In which case, do you want a rigid travel bag that provides protection, or perhaps a padded laptop sleeve or compartment? We have an entire section dedicated to good travel bags for laptops.

If this is the case, make sure the sleeve is large enough for your particular laptop or tablet too!

wndrd prvke 31 review in titcomb basin roaming ralph

Are you Hiking?

While some of the best travel bags are geared for travel, they’re often not designed for hiking. Some backpacks are designed for both travel AND hiking, but that usually means it’s not the best at either, just manageable.

If you want a backpack that you can take on the trails, then pay attention to how the backpack holds its weight, the suspension system (if it even has one), the shoulder straps, and waist strap comfort. Remember, some of the really nice traveling bags that look great for city hopping aren’t going to cut it on the trails!

best travel bags for long trips

REI is one of America’s biggest and most-loved outdoor gear retailers.

Now, for just $30, get a lifetime membership that entitles you to 10% OFF on most items, access to their trade-in scheme and discount rentals .

tortuga travel backpack

For those who need a larger, more conventional backpack that can handle all sorts of trips. These come in all shapes and sizes though our top choices are around 40 liters.

For more information on these sorts of bags, visit our IN-DEPTH guide on how to choose a travel backpack . There are some really great travel bags to choose from.

Looking to Find Your Tribe?

best travel bags for long trips

Introducing Tribal , Bali’s first purpose designed co-working hostel!

A unique coworking and co-living hostel for those that want to travel the world while working from their laptops. Make use of the massive open-air coworking spaces and sip on delicious coffee.

Network with other like-minded travellers all day and if you need a quick screen break, just take a refreshing dip in the infinity pool or go grab a drink at the bar.

#1 Nomatic 40-Liter Travel Bag

Nomatic Travel Bag 40 L

Nomatic bags have 20 innovative features to make your travels all the easier, such as a dedicated shoe pocket that keeps dirty soles away from the rest of your luggage, and a fleece-lined RFID-blocking pocket that will keep your electronic data and passports safe from illegitimate scanning by scammers. Pretty much it is the only travel bag under 40 liters you will ever need; which is why we chose it as your top pick.

This bag also incorporates a dedicated laptop sleeve, and is carry on approved for a plethora of international airlines!

Our testers thought this was, well, to put it bluntly, the best travel bag out there! There are so many features they could point to in terms of what they loved the most but because I’m limited on the wordcount I’ll focus on one. Organisation! They loved the different pockets, zippered sections and show well the shape of the bag fits packing cubes inside.

We have so much to say about this bag that we wrote an entire Nomatic Travel Bag review.

  • Perfect carry-on size
  • Tons of features for the modern traveler
  • RFID-blocking pockets
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Weight is a tad heavy for some (1.8 kg)
  • Hip belt must be bought separately

#2 Tortuga Travel Backpack

best travel bags for long trips

With their Travel Backpack model, US-brand Tortuga promises to deliver a travel bag that has the portability and ergonomic qualities of a hiking backpack with the organizational stance and ease of packing that comes with a suitcase.

That said, we do not recommend this backpack for hiking… refer to our reviews on hiking backpacks instead.

Having said that, our team of testers especially loved how easy to pack this bag was. With the rectangular shape and clamshell opening it was perfect for fitting in packing cubes and keeping everything neat and organised. The smaller size also fits perfectly into overhead compartments.

sComing in 30 and 40-liter versions, which you might consider weekend and max-sized, both sizes of the Outbreaker carry 15” laptops, and also tablets of up to 9.7”.

  • Suitable for laptops up to 15”
  • Comprises additional tablet sleeve
  • Carry on compliant
  • Made in China
  • Rectangular shape
  • Not for adventures

#3 Aer Travel Pack 3

aer travel pack 2 backpack

The AER Travel Bag 3 is one of the best travel bags, ever. We have no doubts about that. Pound for pound, we consider the AER Travel Pack to be as good as the Nomatic Travel Bag. They’ve designed and engineered a built-in solution to all of the previous problems we’ve had with travel bags.

This bag is great for digital nomads, backpackers, and business travelers alike. It is designed with your laptop and organization in mind. It’s 35 liters of backpacker perfection.

Use this bag as a daypack, a carry on, or both. You’ll appreciate the many pockets and storage features. Wear it around town to camp on your laptop at your favorite coffee shop or bring it on a plane without needing to check your bag.

I recently took this bag on a trip over to France and I totally fell in love with it. The real stand-out feature for me, travelling with my camera and laptop, was the strong and smooth zippers that can be locked for extra security.

For more details about the Aer Travel Pack 3, read our Aer Travel Pack review .

  • Carry on friendly
  • Shoe pocket
  • Many organization features
  • Small water bottle pocket
  • Not entirely waterproof
  • No raincover

best travel bags for long trips

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#1 MAHI Leather Overnight Bag

The Overnighter Mahi

Leather travel packs are stylish and hard wearing. Whilst note created for outdoors and not ideal for “backpackers”, they do suit urban, business an weekend travellers. MAHI leather is the company to beat in the leather bag market and this weekend sized 30L duffel is a cracking carry on companion.

This leather bag is the flagship duffel for a proven company, and its clean appearance and durable straps have earned it the highest place on our list. The bag can be carried with handles or a shoulder strap, and brass hardware ensures you can walk with confidence no matter how you hold it. 

You won’t lose anything inside the bag, thanks to the zip and phone pocket. You can pack everything you need this weekend in this lightweight and stylish leather bag that checks off all the boxes. 

This bag might not be for everyone and it did split our team somewhat, but for those who loved it, it was the outer material that was a real winner. They felt the feel of the soft and supple but strong leather used provided both great protection whilst looking super stylish and professional.

#2: Monarc Brand Setra

Monarc Settra

Travel can really take it toll on the planet – I mean jet fumes are not exactly good for anybody right? The good news is that Ecological and Sustainable travel initiatives are now really gaining serious momentum and ecological travel products are popping up everywhere.

So, the Monarc 2-in-1 Duffle-Backpack is the world’s first backpack made from 100% recycled bottles and the producers have been awarded a highly coveted “plastic negative” rating.

As well as being eco friendly, the Monarc Settra is also a seriously cracking great pack. Its 2-1 concept design means it can be worn as a backpack or carried as a duffel using the comfortable handle. If you do wear it on your bag, there are adjustable straps to help carry the weight.

Then there are the organizational possibilities. Its’ 40L of storage can go pretty far and the pack offers a shoe compartment and a 17” laptop sleeve. Coming in at $149.00, it’s an absolute bargain although if you have the budget we also recommend picking up the full set including camera cube, compression cubes and laundry bags.

Anything else? Oh yeah, it’s also water-resistant, TSA Carry-on compliant and comes with a lifetime guarantee!

When our team gave this a test run they really loved how comfortable the straps and handle were however the bag was configured. Sometimes these types of bags are more suited to one use over the other but this guy feels great either way.

Small travel bags that are meant for shorter journeys. These typically hold less than 30 liters and are designed to be easy and lightweight.

If you’re interested in buying a smaller bag and want to learn more, we’ve written a  comprehensive daypack post as well!

#1 Tortuga Laptop Backpack

best travel bags for long trips

Daypacks have become a vital way of carrying all you need when you’re out and about for the day but can falter for two reasons.

Firstly, they don’t always provide enough space for a laptop. Secondly, what do you do with it when its no longer needed? The Tortuga Laptop Backpack answers both of these problems!

It will take a laptop of up to 16” and a tablet of 12.9” in dedicated sleeves, and folds flat so it can be easily be packed into your main luggage. We think this is such an awesome feature!

Weighing a very light 2.1 lb (0.95 kg), it won’t add much extra weight to your luggage, but is still made with waterproof sailcloth to keep your tech and other kit safe even on drizzly days!

Much like the larger Tortuga, this bag was well-loved on our team. They loved the fact that it still has clamshell opening which is pretty uncommon for smaller bags and helps when you’ve got organisational needs.

  • Laptop and tablet sleeves
  • Folds flat for packing
  • Weighs just 500 grams
  • Made with water proof sailcloth
  • Won’t fit larger laptops
  • Volume limited to 21 litres
  • Just one colour
  • White interior may stain quickly

#2 Osprey Daylite Plus

Osprey Daylite Plus

For a daypack orientated towards hiking and outdoor adventures, this is one of the best bags for travel on the market. Made from a durable ripstop and water-resistant nylon, it’s very capable of taking on the great outdoors.

Its frame helps to spread the weight evenly, taking the stress further off your shoulders, which will already feel the benefit of the padded and ventilated shoulder straps. 20-liter packs with frames and waist straps are virtually unheard of, meaning this pack is perfect for day hikes.

Lightweight at just over half a kilo, the Osprey Daylite Plus boasts dedicated spaces for laptops and tablets, in addition to ‘standard’ hiking bag features such as an emergency whistle and chest strap!

Our testers can confirm how well the mesh ventilation system works to keep your back dry. They loved how much this bag made their time on hikes or exploring cities like Bangkok much more comfortable.

  • Made with durable ripstop nylon
  • Water resistant
  • Lightweight travel bag
  • Buckle closure top flap
  • Lacks external webbing or anchor points
  • Front pocket is unlockable
  • May be too small for some users


wandrd prvke 31 backpack

The WANDRD PRVKE 31 is one of the best camera backpacks on the market for non-professional photographers. The bag is extremely versatile and extremely durable. Its versatility and durability mean the WANDRD PRVKE 31 can be used for more than just a camera bag.

It’s good for hiking, a daypack, or even a small travel bag – the magic is in the WANDRD’s ability to be more than just a camera backpack.

The photographers on our team really fell in love with the functionality of this bag. The removable camera cube that straps in and connects with the side opening in practical use worked a treat. It meant assessing your camera on the go was easy and quick.

Looking for the best camera bag , check out our guide for some more options.

  • Very durable and robust
  • Great design
  • Tons of pockets
  • Comes with handy accessories
  • Limited space for cameras/equipment
  • Magnetic handles are just OK

Sometimes, having a set of wheels on your bag can be really useful. Not having to carry around a big ol’ bag can really save your back, especially when you’re in the airport or on some really nice pavement.

We’ve only covered a few bags in this section – read more about wheeled backpacks if you’re interested!

#1 Osprey Sojourn Shuttle 45

best travel bags for long trips

One of the main reasons you should invest in a backpack with wheels is for convenience. Well, this backpack takes convenience to an entirely new level with its super comfortable carrying system.

With this luggage, you will have a backpack, and rolling luggage all in one! The StraightJacket compression system helps keep the load tight, compact and neat for those long travel days jumping on and off transport.

A few more great features include padded top and side handles, a removable shoulder harness, and the HighRoad Chassis that gives you great clearance over any rough ground you might encounter.

This item meets carry-on size restrictions for most airlines (size does not exceed 45 linear inches).

Our team are most used to backpacking but they were pretty keen to give this hybrid number a go. Well, the vast majority were converted and they just loved how well this bag functioned as a backpack and then easily converted to rolling luggage without looking too much like a suitcase.

  • Carry on size
  • High clearance wheels
  • Heavy! Over 6 Lbs.

#2 Eagle Creek Gear Warrior Convertible Carry-On Wheeled Pack

best travel bags for long trips

This 37-litre rolling luggage that doubles as a backpack is perfect for international travel. It was built to be weatherproof and dirt-resistant for all of your adventures. Not only that but it also comes with a detachable 18l day pack too!

Plus, it’s probably the coolest looking backpack with wheels – something I haven’t said since the fourth grade! A few of its awesome features include the top quick stash pocket, multiple grab handles, and treaded off-road wheels so you can roll this bag on challenging terrain!

The main drawback is its weight. There is always a trade-off for durability and weight… and in this case, it’s a few pounds! This backpack may be overkill if you aren’t going on an adventure…

Our team felt this bag was more suited for rolling than carrying but appreciated the additional functionality. However, their favourite feature was the quality feel of the outer material and how much punishment the wheels could take.

  • Perfect carry on size
  • Weatherproof and extremely durable
  • Treaded off-road wheels
  • Heavy! 6+ Lbs.

#3 Aerolite Superlight Hard Shell Carry on

Aerolite Superlight Hard Shell Carry on travel

A traditional wheelie suitcase, the four-wheeled Aerolite Superlight Hard Shell Carry on offers its users supreme protection of its contents thanks to its rigid form of ABS plastic.

Accepted by all the major airlines in Europe and North America as carry on compliant, it weighs 2.5 kg and has a mid-range capacity of 33 litres.

Its wheels rotate a full 360°, giving you effortless movement across airport departure halls. Inside, the case includes packing straps to hold all your baggage in place, two elastic shoe pockets, a slim mesh pocket for documentation, and a zipped divider to keep items separate from one another.

Finally, there’s a five-year guarantee to protect against manufacturing defects!

Our team loved the durability of these bags and just how high quality they felt. The hard exterior provided great protection whilst remaining compact and light. The four wheels also made rolling the case, even on the cobbles of Prague, super easy.

  • Rigid-form carry on
  • Easy wheel movement
  • Five year guarantee
  • Weight of 2.5 kg
  • Wheels protrude and cannot be retracted
  • Cannot be used as a backpack
  • No padded laptop sleeve

best travel bags for long trips

Now, you  could spend a fat chunk of $$$ on the WRONG present for someone. Wrong size hiking boots, wrong fit backpack, wrong shape sleeping bag… As any adventurer will tell you, gear is a personal choice.

So give the adventurer in your life the gift of convenience: buy them an REI Co-op gift card!  REI is The Broke Backpacker’s retailer of choice for ALL things outdoors, and an REI gift card is the perfect present you can buy from them. And then you won’t have to keep the receipt. 😉

For those who fly very often and NEED to make sure that their backpack will can be taken on the plane. Generally speaking, 20-30 liter bags can almost always be used as carry ons. 40 liter bags are a little bit more risky but, because we like to toe the line, we’ve included some 40-liters that we believe can be used as such.

If you’d like, you can also read more about carry ons here!

#1 Stubble & Co Adventure Pack

Stubble & Co Adventure Pack

This nifty and compact carry on ready backpack is ideal for both city breaks and outdoor time.

This innovative, super uber cool, brand new to-the-market hiking daypack is tough, durable, and also highly functional. It is designed to be a go-anywhere, do-anything bag that is equally adept when out hiking in the woods, hitting the gym, or undertaking the daily hell that is the wretched commute to work!

It zips fully open almost like a suitcase and offers a raft of different compression-compartments separated by mesh netting and zips that make packing and squeezing stuff in a dream. There are also a few external pockets for leads, charges, passports and cigarettes as well as a deducted 16″ laptop sleeve.

Have a look at our Stubble & Co Adventure Bag in-depth review for more information.

  • Durable Material
  • Padded Laptop and Tablet Compartment
  • Great organisation
  • Cushioned Shoulder Straps and Hip Belt
  • Quite heavy
  • Kinda expensive

#2 Osprey Farpoint (40 liter)

Best carry on travel bags Osprey Farpoint 40

If you are trying to decide between the Tortuga and the Osprey, then it simply comes down to one thing – your personal travel style

Do you need a carry on travel bag for camping and light hiking, or for urban travel? If you picked the former, then the Osprey Farpoint is for you!

Here’s the thing, the Farpoint is somewhat of a hybrid travel and hiking backpack. I’d never pick it primarily for hiking when Osprey carries so many specific hiking backpacks, but if you want a bag that can do a little bit of everything and accompany you on flights, then look no further.

The Farpoint range has been a popular choice amongst our team for years and this updated version lived up to its reputation. One of the features our crew loved the most was the combination of internal and external compression straps that help minimise the size of the bag when packed and keep everything from shifting.

This bag caters Digital Nomads and backpackers. Read our full Osprey Farpoint 40 review here.

  • Duffel bag or backpack
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Not as much tech-organization as Nomatic
  • Looks a bit like a turtle shell

#3 Osprey Stratos (33 or 36 liter)

Osprey Stratos best travel bags

Unlike the Farpoint reviewed above, the Osprey Stratos is a hiking bag first, and a travel bag second. If you love to hike, then you’ll love this bag for many reasons.

This bag is a go-to for short hikes and overnight camping excursions. It comes with an integrated rain cover, is quite lightweight, and has an impressive amount of organization capacity for it’s minimal design.

At 33 or 36 liters (depending on the size you buy), this bag is ALWAYS carry on compliant – just tighten up the compression straps. If you aren’t sold on the Stratos, the Osprey Cirrus 36 is another great option.

Our testers loved how comfortable this pack was to wear even fully loaded on the trails. Its super padded shoulder and hip straps alongside the mesh back panel made it great for hiking and long treks wearing the pack.

Read our  full Osprey Stratos 36 review here.

  • Always carry-on compliant
  • Awesome ultralight hiking backpacks
  • New updated design
  • Ventilated mesh back panel
  • Likely too small for most travelers
  • Not made for regular travel
  • Mixed reviews on the pocket sizes

#4 Peak Design 30L Travel Pack

Peak Design travel backpack review

Tailored for the contemporary traveler, the Peak Design 30L Travel Pack offers a 30-liter capacity that is ideally suited for brief escapes or minimalist extended journeys. Its elegant design extends beyond aesthetics; it’s a reflection of functionality. With adjustable compartments for a tailor-made fit for your possessions, and clever side openings for easy item retrieval, this bag offers superior convenience. Expansion zippers allow you to modify the bag’s size to suit various travel needs, adding to its adaptability.

  • Carry on compliant – even Ryanair
  • Packs a lot in and extends to 33:
  • Sleeves for laptop and tablet
  • Not waterproof

Most travel bags have some sort of security against theft. For extra protection though, you’ll need a special backpack with more features than usual.

#1 Pacsafe Metrosafe X

best travel bags for long trips

The Australian brand, Pacsafe, is dedicated to creating fully-functional travel bags that also protect you from theft. The Metrosafe X has a reasonable daypack size of 20 litres, while weighing less than a kilogram.

There’s an RFID-protective pocket to keep your credit cards, identity card and passport safe from data theft, and a PopNLock security clip that secures the Metrosafe X to any immovable object.

An interlinking zip closure system also makes it impossible for anyone to open any of the bag’s zips without you noticing! The Metrosafe X is also protected from the slash and grab tactics of some thieves due to its hidden wire mesh, and shoulder straps that incorporate steel wires.

Pacsafe is the gold standard when it comes to keeping your valuables secure when travelling. Our testers loved how lowkey the bag looks and how simple the exterior is. It means with one lockable zip their gear felt safe and secure.

  • Weighs less than a kilo
  • RFID-blocking pouch
  • Interlocking zips
  • Embedded steel mesh
  • Fairly plain exterior
  • Too small a volume for some
  • Some users report zips jamming
  • Not for adventure travel

#2 Oscaurt Anti Theft Backpack

XD Design Bobby

With a stylish modern design and 12.5 litre capacity, the Oscaurt Anti Theft Backpack has both hidden zips to make it harder for pickpockets to make a quick grab for your kit, and additional hidden pockets.

The water repellent and slash proof outer material will see splashes of water just run off, while the interior has space for laptops up to 15.6” in size and tablets of up to 10”.

Further, the Oscaurt Anti Theft Backpack also includes an integrated USB charging port into its design, enabling you to charge your smartphone and still use it by connecting it to a powerbank stored safely inside the bag.

Our testers loved the adjustable internal divider system which could easily be configured for a whole heap of different uses from camera equipment storage to keeping clean and dirty clothing apart. They felt it far from gimmicky and felt it worked well in practical use.

  • Ideal for commuting or day travelling
  • Hidden zips for main compartment
  • Slash proof material
  • Integrated USB charging port
  • 12.5 litre capacity not for longer travels
  • Water repellent rather than water proof
  • Fits laptops up to 15.6”
  • Powerbank not included

#3 Kopack Lightweight Anti-theft backpack

best travel bags for long trips

In the Kopack Lightweight Anti-theft backpack, we have another travel bag with anti-theft features that is able to carry laptops up to 15” in size.

Like the Oscaurt, this model from Kopack has a hidden zip design that makes it difficult for pickpockets to target, while this bag is nice and comfortable thanks to the padding added to the shoulder straps and other areas of the bag that touch the body.

A sleeve on the inside means you can keep your laptop safe and in a convenient location, while the outer materials are deliberately made from tough nylon that is resistant to tears and anti-slash too!

Our testers loved the internal storage and how there was a dedicated slot to store battery packs that then connects to the external USB charger in seamless fashion, as well as the overall look of the bag; bridging the gap between hipster style and professional functionality.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Hidden zipper design
  • Tear resistant nylon construction
  • No RFID-protection pocket
  • Not fully water proof
  • The Bottom Has No Extra Padding
  • Fits laptops up to 15” only

These are the ultimate packable backpacks – ones that can fold and collapse into a sleeve that is usually the size of a purse or tablet! These make for excellent additions to backpacking gear lists and are usually very affordable as well.

#1 Wandrd Veer 18L

best travel bags for long trips

Wandrd make some of the best gear on the market today and have now added their packable backpack to the range. It has a sturdy main structure which is resistant to general wear and tear as well as protection against rain and other weather conditions.

Weighing just a few hundred grams, there are two zip-shut front pockets for smaller items of kit, pockets on either side for water bottles or an umbrella, and a mesh pocket with zip closure on the inside. An access point has been incorporated for use with water hydration systems.

Our team loved how comfy this bag was for how small it folded down. They felt the blow-up back panel really works well to great some structure and padding to the bag.

  • Nice colour options
  • Sturdy structure
  • Multiple pockets
  • No padding for laptop or tech
  • Mesh pockets could be stronger

#2 Outlander Packable

best foldable daypack and travel bag

The Outlander is a foldable daypack with multiple compartments! This bag has an internal security zippered pocket to protect valuable items. The fabric is water and abrasion-resistant and it is reinforced to be ultra-durable. It’s also extremely affordable!

Our team loved how the fabric, stitching and zippers felt really high quality and super strong given how lightweight and compact the bag is.

  • Multiple compartments
  • Durable for a packable
  • Not for proper hikes/athletics
  • Simple style

#3 BAGSMART Folding Travel Bag

best travel bags for long trips

The Bagsmart Folding Travel Bag is a foldable duffel bag with a 46 litre capacity! Coming with a detachable shoulder strap, the Bagsmart still only weighs 1.2 pounds when empty.

Folding into a flat pack roughly the size and shape of a tablet computer, it can easily be slipped into a larger piece of luggage or even a daypack or handbag.

Each of the metal zips have strong metal tags for grip, which contrasts nicely against the otherwise plain black nylon material. The manufacturers report it to be strong enough to be placed in the hold of an aircraft without issue, but we’ve yet to test this out for sure.

The team loved how robust and strong the material of this bag felt given how lightweight it felt to carry and how easy it was to fold.

  • Comes in two sizes
  • Just 1.2 pounds in weight
  • Folds down to size of tablet computer
  • Tough enough to act as hold luggage
  • Soft shell design without rigidity
  • No padding or dedicated tech sleeve
  • No backpack handles
  • Not a wheelie suitcase

Duffels are tried and tested bags that are still useful these days. Grabable, packable, tossable, and stowable, for some travelers, duffel bags are the way to go.

#1 Osprey Transporter Expedition Duffel

Osprey Transporter Expedition Duffel

Duffel bags don’t have to be foldable to be a great way of transporting kit from place to place, with the Osprey Transporter Expedition Duffel an excellent example of this.

Not only does it have all the features of a standard duffel bag – a large main compartment accessed via a large top opening – it also has a set of padded shoulder straps that can be pulled out when you want to use this duffel as a backpack.

There’s also a padded internal compartment for keeping your laptop protected; the tough double zips are lockable, and the materials are long-lasting and durable.

Our team of testers loved the high-quality feel across all features of this duffel. The material felt durable and strong and the hefty zippers with their lockable holes make your gear feel super secure.

  • Excellent all-round duffel bag
  • Packable padded shoulder straps
  • Lockable zips
  • Protected pocket for tech
  • Has rain flaps but not fully water resistant
  • Mid-sized bag of 40 litres
  • Rigid construction
  • Locks must be bought separately

#2 Peak Design Travel Duffel

best travel bags for long trips

This duffle is one of the best travel bags for air travel. It really shines when it comes to internal organization, even though it’s a duffel bag! It includes a compartment for your laptop and chargers, and also comes in a super stylish colorway with comfortable handles and straps.

Our team loved that, unlike many other duffel bags, the Peak Design Travel Duffel had separate pockets for your laptop and general organisation. That left the large main compartment free for bulkier items and allowed for easier access to their accessories.

  • 35 L perfect carry on size
  • Wonderful design
  • Laptop compartment
  • Tons of organization
  • No luggage pass through
  • Straps are not as comfortable as their backpack!
  • Only fits 13″ laptop
  • No water bottle pocket

#3 Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler best duffel bags

The Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler comes not only with backpack shoulder straps, but also with grab handles, making this duffel-style travel bag simple to lift, move, and transport. Fantastic, no?

But there’s more! The 40 litre capacity version of the Cargo Hauler comes with an empty packed weight of just 2 lbs, making it a very lightweight travel bag, while 600 Dernier synthetic materials that are also water resistant make it durable and tough. Though there is no dedicated padded compartment for delicate items, the Cargo Hauler does boast a padded bottom section, so you should have little worry when placing your duffel on uneven ground.

Our testers loved how hard-wearing and durable the Eagle Creek duffel bag felt. The thick water-resistant material was durable and well-made, making the bag ideal for carrying outdoor equipment.

  • Incorporates backpack straps and grab handles
  • 600 Dernier material
  • Padded base
  • Water resistant rather than water proof
  • 600 Dernier thinner than some duffel materials
  • No rigid structure
  • Not for business travel

#4 Patagonia Black Hole

Patagonia Black Hole best duffel bags

Patagonia is the doyen of the outdoor market, and The Black Hole series of duffel bags are made with even thicker, more durable synthetic materials than the Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler. Each version of these duffels is constructed with a 900 Dernier ripstop nylon material which has been treated in to be highly water-resistant as well as tear-resistant – liquids really do just roll off this bag.

Despite the thicker materials used in these quality constructions, the Black Hole series still offers an impressive balance between usage and weight, with the 70-litre version hitting the scale at less than 3 lbs. It has backpack straps too! Perfect if you want to travel with a checked bag that you won’t be able to carry into the cabin. What’s more, they also offer a wheeled duffel version too.

If our team thought the Eagle Creek was hardy then they were blown away by this offering from Patagonia when it came to durability. Given the quality of the material, they were also impressed by how the bag stuffs into its own pocket for easy storage.

Want something different from Patagonia? Check out the best Patagonia backpacks instead.

  • 900 Dernier ripstop construction
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Come with backpack straps
  • Soft shell design
  • Not fully waterproof
  • No detachable cross body shoulder strap
  • Not a guaranteed carry on

These days, lots of people travel with laptops . If you do as well, make sure that you have the right bag to protect. A laptop can be a big investment, and it’d be a shame if it was broken because it was carried in the wrong kind.

#1 AER Commuter Brief 2

aer city messenger bag

Many of our other reviewed travel bags have dedicated laptop compartments of one form or another, but that doesn’t mean a specialised laptop travel bag isn’t useful for expensive tech.

Taking the standard form of a modern briefcase laptop bag, the AER Commuter Brief 2 is made up of durable and waterproof materials and zips. It has a reversible padded shoulder strap for easy transportation and side pouches that can be used for packing water bottles or other accessories.

If you are a bike commuter, you will appreciate the relatively small size of the Commuter Brief 2 – not too bulky – but big enough to carry what you need for the day. You can also easily combine it with a stylish travel purse to keep your documents, passport and phone at hand too.

Our team loved how this bag felt super professional and compact to boot. They felt it was the ideal pack to take on busy public transport into the office or on a business trip.

  • Reversible shoulder strap
  • Capacity of just 13 liters
  • Solely a laptop bag
  • Cannot be used as main bag

#2 Tortuga Laptop Backpack

Tortuga Set out

The Tortuga Laptop Backpack is the smaller version of their first laptop backpack – and it’s just as awesome! This bag is a 25-liter masterpiece for anyone looking for a smaller laptop bag that feels and looks great.

The Laptop Backpack has plenty of organizational features including mesh pockets and a secure area for your laptop.

The Laptop is marketed as a laptop bag for those who do a lot of air travel. If this sounds like you, then this may be your backpack from heaven.

One of the standout features of the bag for our testers was the separate compartment for their laptops. Having it away from the main section made them feel like their computers were safer from both accidents and theft.

Read our complete Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack Review here.

  • Minimalist design
  • Dedicated Laptop and Tablet Area
  • Pricey for 25 liter bag
  • Might be too small for some

#3 Incase City Compact Backpack

best travel bags for long trips

The Incase brand is known for making stylish business backpacks. This bag is made for people on-the-go and on business trips. The City Compact Backpack accommodates a 15-inch laptop and has tons of options for internal organization.

The bag itself is made out of 300D polyester, and the black option has a triple coated weather-resistant front panel. The shoulder straps are made with breathable mesh, and the back panels are padded too.

The main compartment has plenty of storage space whilst remaining compact for a speedy commute around the city.

Our team loved the organisational features of this bag, from several different sections for keeping your laptop, accessories and main gear, it’s the perfect pack for digital nomads.

  • Fits up to a 17-inch laptop
  • Padded back panels
  • Main compartment expands by 35%
  • Zippable laptop compartment makes security checks a breeze
  • For minimal travelers only
  • No strap to attach to suitcase handle

#4 Kroser Laptop Backpack

Kroser Laptop Backpack

Not only does the Kroser Laptop Backpack offer some protection from the rain with its water-resistant qualities, but it also boasts some environmental credentials with its use of environmentally-friendly poly fabric!

It weighs in at just over 1 kg, and consists of several large compartments, with dedicated padded sleeves for laptops up to 17” in size and standard-sized tablet computers.

It also includes an integrated USB charging port, so that you can continue to use a smartphone while it is being charged with a powerbank hidden inside the bag.

Our team were pretty blown away by how high quality this bag felt given the budget price. The material, zips, sewing and water resistance are really top-notch for such a reasonable price.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Dedicated laptop and tablet sleeves
  • USB charging port
  • Not for longer journeys
  • Does not boast TSA approval

The Nomatic Travel Pack is another superb offering from this brand! We think it’s one of the best day bags due to its size and versatility.

This 20-litre daypack can be expanded to 30 litres, making it extremely adaptable for your trip!

To test these packs, we laid our mitts on some of the best bags to travel with and gave them a good old test drive. Over several trips and adventures, our team members put each travelling bag well and truly through its paces all in the name of scientific discovery, or something like that!


A backpack is designed to carry gear, so we specifically looked at how packable each one was so you could be sure you’re picking the best travel bag for your needs. Any decent pack maximises its available space and has features for making packing more economical. So basically we packed and unpacked the bags for this test!

Equally though, we also paid close attention to how easy the pack was to unpack – being able to get to your gear quickly and easily was also an area we awarded points for when reviewing these bags.

Weight and Comfort of Carrying

If a pack is overly heavy or awkward to carry then taking it along on trips becomes uncomfortable and ultimately unenjoyable! All the best travel bags minimise weight whilst maximising comfort and storage capacity. So we’ve awarded full marks to those that can tick those boxes well.


In order to test out how well a pack fulfilled its job of holding clothes, gear and other accessories, well, we threw all that in there! We also gave those rated as carry-on compatible the famous “Ryanair test!” For cycle backpacks, we strapped them on and got on our bikes and went for a ride. You get the idea right? 

Some people say that travel gear doesn’t need to look hot AF if it completes its primary function. Well, we’re not those people, hell nah, we’ve got higher standards here. We believe you can look sexy whilst hauling your stuff around the world! So we’ve added extra beauty points!

Durability and Weatherproofing

Ideally, in order to really test out how durable a backpack is we’d run it over with a truck in the middle of a hurricane. But unfortunately, that’s not entirely practical. So the next best thing was the pour a litre of water over it and take it for a challenging trip out.

When assessing these bags we paid particular attention to the quality and hardiness of the materials used, the traction of the zippers, seam sewing and pressure points that often break.

Still have some questions? No problem! We’ve listed and answered the most commonly asked questions below. Here’s what people usually want to know when looking for the best bags to travel with:

Is it more professional to carry a backpack?

It is definitely not more professional – such a thing doesn’t exist. However, it’s the easiest way to carry all of your gear if you’re out and about on adventures.

What kind of travel bag should I get?

That depends on where you’re going and what you’re doing. For city travel, you can opt between duffels, sling backpacks, daypacks and even wheeled backpacks. If you’re in more secluded areas, there’s no way around a professional and well-fitting backpack.

What are the best overall travel bags?

Check out our favorites: – Nomatic 40-Liter Travel Bag – AER Travel Pack 3 – Osprey Transporter Expedition Duffel

How can you keep your travel bag safe?

Simple – buy an anti-theft backpack. The Pacsafe Vibe 25 is protected from the slash and grab tactics of thieves due to its hidden wire mesh, and shoulder straps that incorporate steel wires.

best travel bags for long trips

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The Best of the Best Travel Bags Revealed!

Osprey Aether

Whatever your preferred choice of travel bag, our epic list of the best travel bags has undoubtedly brought the latest and most impressive bags to your attention.

We’ve covered all manner of travel bags in this review, from traditional backpacks to laptop bags and the staple wheelie suitcase. Having scoured the world for the very best, our selection includes some of the globe’s biggest travel brands, but also lesser-known labels we think you should pay attention to! In fact, we’ve covered what we think are all the best travel bags for 2020 and beyond!

Need help packing once you’ve bought the bag? Check out our how to pack your backpack guide for some advice.

best travel bags for long trips

And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links . That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!

Ralph Cope

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The Best Carry-On Travel Backpacks

A person standing outside in a light blue short sleeve shirt wears the Cotopaxi Allpa 35L backpack, in black with a gray llama-head logo and aqua accents.

Opening up your favorite carry-on travel backpack—with all of your stuff in the right place and easy to reach—should feel like you’re opening the door to a well-organized closet or sitting down at a clean desk.

This is a moment to center yourself, no matter how chaotic the journey.

What we considered

A 45L bag maximizes overhead space but can get heavy when fully packed; 35L bags tend to be more manageable.

Clamshell designs open like a book and are easiest to pack, but bags that open traditionally tend to have more structure.

Ideally, a travel backpack has handles on all sides, especially the bottom, for pulling it out of overhead bins or from under seats.

Some internal pockets are useful, but major organizing is better managed on your own with packing cubes.

We spent six months testing 22 bags and flying across the country with all of our picks.

In the end, we chose two as our top picks: the Cotopaxi Allpa 35L (for most trips) and the larger Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L . Both bags are exemplary carry-on travel backpacks that are designed for comfort, durability, and organization.

Though these backpacks are great as companion bags for any trip, they’re designed to ultimately replace all of your other luggage and become your exclusive bag as you travel.

This is not a style of packing that’s for everyone, but once some people try it , they’re forever hooked. However, finding the right bag is a personal choice, and no single bag will appeal to everyone.

That’s why we have picks that are great for people traveling for work , others designed to be carried over long distances , and budget options for travelers who want to give the one-bag strategy a try.

The research

Why you should trust us, best small carry-on bag for most situations: cotopaxi allpa 35l, best large bag for most situations: peak design travel backpack 45l, best bag for document organization: topo designs global travel bag 30l, best bag for long journeys on foot: osprey farpoint 40 and fairview 40, best bag if you need a large suitcase on your back: tortuga travel backpack 40l, best affordable large backpack: ebags tls mother lode weekender, other good carry-on travel backpacks, who this is for, how we picked and tested, what to look forward to, the competition.

I’ve been covering aspects of luggage and travel bag design for Wirecutter for nearly a decade and have personally researched, tested, and compared hundreds of bags in that time. And as members of a remote organization, our editors and writers travel a lot and are continually testing the gear we recommend—our travel gear guide remains a perennial favorite among staff members. I personally try to do most of my travel with a single backpack whenever possible. I spent nine months roaming around Hawaii with not much more than that and another six months nomadically couch-surfing in New York City.

In addition to documenting our own experiences, I reached out to experts and writers who specialize in traveling the world carrying everything they need in a single bag. Eytan Levy is the owner and operator of the Snarky Nomad travel website, which combines travel guides and tips with in-depth gear reviews. James Feess is the founder of The Savvy Backpacker and author of The Savvy Backpacker’s Guide to Europe on a Budget . And Sharon Gourlay is the writer of the Where’s Sharon? travel website. I also spoke with moderators of Reddit’s r/onebag and r/heronebag forums, as well as with Chase Reeves, bag fanatic, reviewer, and owner of Matterful .

The shiny, one-piece back of the Cotopaxi Allpa 35L on a tester's back

Cotopaxi Allpa 35L

A versatile small pack for a week or a weekend.

The Allpa’s clamshell design makes organizing your things simple. The strap design lets you easily wear this durable bag on your back or carry it in your hand while you’re on the move.

Buying Options

Get this if: You want an easy-to-organize, comfortable-to-carry bag with a rainfly for downpours or you want to support a B-corp and its related social and sustainable missions .

The Cotopaxi Allpa 35L features an easy-to-pack clamshell design and highly adjustable straps that make it a great all-around bag for any traveler who’s dedicated to packing light, or for a smaller person who wants less to carry. Handles on all four sides of this bag make it easy to grab no matter where you’ve stowed it. It’s also protected by a full lifetime warranty and has the build quality to back that up. After more than four years of testing, this single backpack (plus a personal item ) has replaced nearly every travel bag or piece of luggage I use.

Cotopaxi also makes the Allpa in 28 - and 42 -liter sizes. But the 35 liter is, for us, the best. At 42 liters, this bag becomes heavy for most people to carry when its fully packed, and for a bag that big, we’d prefer that it had a more-robust hip belt. At 28 liters, the bag becomes a touch small for most people, and its internal organization feels fussy for any shorter trip, such as an overnight. Cotopaxi also makes a hip pack that’s designed to fit snugly into the Allpa’s front top compartment. It’s a neat little addition to the bag, and it is worth getting if you like wearing fanny packs while you travel.

The Allpa has a clamshell design, which means it opens like a hard-sided suitcase: A large YKK zipper runs around three sides of the bag, letting it fall open into two halves when unzipped. On the right side is a deep compartment, spacious enough for two large packing cubes or half a suitcase’s worth of clothes (which you access through a mesh zippered flap). On the left, there’s space for one more medium-size packing cube behind a zippered flap. Above that are two smaller pockets with high-visibility backing—useful when you’re looking for hard-to-differentiate personal items.

The Cotopaxi Allpa open to show the zip-up compartments on both the left and right sides filled with clothes, packing cubes, and other gear.

The Allpa’s hip belt, which can be removed while the bag is on your back, is substantial enough that it’s comfortable to wear when you need it. With or without the hip belt, the Allpa is decently comfortable over long distances. However, folks who have longer torsos (over 19 inches) may find that the waist belt sits a little high off the hips, unless you fully extend the shoulder straps. Speaking of, unlike the shoulder straps on our other picks, the Allpa’s straps are contoured to fit people who have large or small chests. It’s not a specifically gendered design, but our female tester noticed the improvement right away.

The Allpa has two side-access zippers—great for on-the-go access, especially when the bag is hanging from your shoulder. One of these reveals a flat computer pocket with a padded false bottom, so if you drop the bag, it won’t land on the corner of your computer; the other reveals a “secret” pocket with a hidden zipper and access to the main compartment. All of the main compartment zippers are protected by security loops, which you thread the zipper through at the end of its run. This prevents anyone from subtly or quickly grabbing a zipper and opening your bag when you aren’t paying attention.

The Allpa is made with 1680-denier ballistic nylon, similar to the Topo Designs Global Travel Bag or the Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45 . This feels similar to a strong canvas, but it has a more prominent weave. The Allpa is the kind of bag you can toss as easily into an overhead compartment as you can into the back of a rusty pickup truck. Uniquely in this category, the Allpa also includes a rainfly.

A person holding a gray Cotopaxi Allpa backpack in front of themselves by gripping the side handles.

Flaws but not dealbreakers The Allpa has a minimal amount of administrative organization—places to keep pens and papers, spaces to hold tickets, and so forth. This is where a good personal item comes in handy. However, if you want to travel with just this one bag, there are a few nooks you can hide things in. The front organizer is deep enough that you can also fit several small organizing pouches, if you want, or the aforementioned fanny pack.

Cotopaxi does enjoy playing around with fabrics and colors. Sometimes the company has released the Allpa without the TPU-lined front panel. The TPU panel improves water resistance, but we’ve found after many years of travel with our bag that the TPU layering can begin to flake in spots. We’d love to see the all-nylon option return at some point, for people who prefer the added robustness and don’t mind sacrificing a bit of rain coverage.

Capacity: 35 liters Weight: 3 pounds, 5 ounces Main compartment access: Clamshell opening Style: Adventurous Colors: Assorted

A person in a gray tshirt and red shorts stands between a solid wooden fence and tall shrubs while wearing the 45 liter Peak Design Travel Backpack.

Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L

An easily customizable large bag for long trips and expensive gear.

This bag was built with photographers in mind, but most travelers will appreciate its easy accessibility, clever tuck-away straps, and the elegant way the bag expands and contracts. The accessory cubes cost extra, though.

Get this if: You travel often with expensive camera gear and need easy access and many storage pockets, or you just prefer a backpack-based packing system with plenty of adaptability and customization.

Some bags in this category are built to do one thing extremely well—be luggage on your back. But the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L is built to adapt. It’s the Swiss Army knife of backpacks: adjustable, customizable, and (if you spring for the extra cubes and organizers) an almost perfect system for a photographer or gearhead on the move. Most bags’ expanding mechanisms aren’t worth the extra zipper they’re built on, and they look about as attractive as a boiled ham splitting out of its plastic packaging. Not so with the Peak Design: It looks just as good fully packed at 45 liters as it does compressed to a 30-liter daypack.

You can access the bag through a back panel, which doubles as a computer and tablet pouch, as well as a front one, if you unzip the pass-through divider. You can also get into the main compartment via two wing-like trapezoidal flaps that run along each side of the pack. In its natural shape, the Travel Backpack holds 35 liters, but an expansion zipper lets the bag swell to 45 liters. If you want to use the bag as a daypack, you fold in the top corners and snap them down, reducing the bag’s volume to a slim 30 liters. It will still feel larger than a normal daypack in this configuration, but we think that’s a small compromise for being able to use one backpack as both your travel bag and your daily explorer. The bag itself consists of 400D nylon and polyester fabrics. It feels tough, but not as tough as some other bags we’ve tested, such as the Cotopaxi Allpa .

The Peak Design lets you tuck its shoulder and hip straps away when you’re not using them. But unlike any other bag we’ve ever tested, this pack has magnetic flaps on the back panel that open and close with an almost magical snap. Once you’ve played with them, you’ll wonder why every backpack doesn’t have something similar. A small, childish part of me still gets excited about tucking away the straps when I put the Peak Design into an overhead bin. Although the straps are thin, they’re comfortable. The hip belt isn’t quite as plush as the one on the Tortuga ; still, even when the Peak Design is fully loaded, the belt doesn’t pinch or dig into the body.

If you travel with a camera, you don’t have to use Peak Design’s camera cubes , but they do make carrying that gear a whole lot easier. The cubes come in three sizes, and if they’re situated properly in the bag with the provided clips, they line up with the Travel Backpack’s side-access flaps for quick access. Caleigh Waldman (the photographer for this piece and, full disclosure, my spouse) took this bag across the country for a wedding shoot. “I want this backpack,” she said after three weeks of travel. “I want to travel with it everywhere. With my cameras. Without my cameras. It doesn’t matter. I want to travel with it.”

Peak Design also makes a line of ultralight packing cubes . They’re good cubes, and they compare well to the ultralight Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate Cube set, our pick for light packers . However, the Peak Design cubes are sized specifically for this bag and fit just so inside it, especially when combined with other Peak Design gear cubes and accessories, like the toiletry bag . (Chase Reeves has done an in-depth video review of these cubes; it’s a good resource for anyone who’s on the fence about buying them.) After testing the cubes (and this is not a mark against the Eagle Creek or the Peak Design ultralight cubes, both of which are excellent), I personally still prefer the more-rigid Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal set, one of our longtime picks .

Flaws but not dealbreakers The Travel Backpack has few flaws. It is expensive—especially if you commit to the entire system of packing and camera cubes. The adjustable design and multiple zippers do add complexity, and complexity adds potential weaknesses. Peak Design covers all of its bags with a lifetime warranty , which should alleviate most people’s concerns. But if you’re particularly hard on your gear and still need to carry as much as possible, you might consider the Tortuga instead.

Capacity: 45 liters Weight: 4½ pounds Main compartment access: back-panel loader Style: minimalist and unobtrusive Color: Black, Sage

A person in a black jacket walks across a brick plaza while carrying the Topo Designs 30 liter travel bag over their shoulder with the optional shoulder sling. The bag is olive green with bright yellow and red accents.

Topo Designs Global Travel Bag 30L

Combines more organization with a simple interior.

This bag’s open interior makes packing easy. Those who travel for work will appreciate the Topo’s accessible front pockets and holders for organizing books, papers, and assorted miscellaneous items.

Get this if: You travel often for work and prefer a bag that’s much easier to work out of than most of our other picks. The front panel and assorted pockets are like a small traveling office space.

Of all the bags we recommend, the Topo Designs Global Travel Bag 30L comes closest to the style of an everyday carry backpack, due to its small size and minimal external features. This bag is perfect if you have to travel to a work event, get off the plane, and then use it as a daily backpack without drawing too much attention to yourself. Topo also includes built-in attachment clips, if you want to piggyback a smaller daily-carry backpack to your Travel Bag. I know people who love to do this. I personally do not. But it’s a good feature, especially if you’re committed to Topo gear in general. However, given its basic strap system and flat nylon back, the Topo is not built as well as our other picks for longer hikes.

The Travel Bag is one of the simplest bags we tested, with a main compartment and some basic document organization in the front pocket. This bag is a front-panel loader (which we find very easy to pack), organized around a main pocket that can fit two large packing cubes. Inside, the lid of the bag also has two mesh dividers, for a small amount of organization. Outside, the bag has two small zippered pockets for travel accessories (such as earbuds and a passport) and a larger organizer pocket for books, tickets, and snacks. The Topo is constructed with heavy YKK zippers and, similar to the Cotopaxi Allpa, has built-in zipper security loops (strong loops of fabric that secure your zippers when the bag is shut), if you want a touch more security.

Similar to our other picks, the Travel Bag is backed by an excellent lifetime warranty and repair program from Topo. However, Topo’s gear is made from 1000D nylon (a dense and very tough fabric) and built like a tank; it has rigid padding throughout, and there is an attention to detail (particularly in the stitching around the zippers and handles) that’s a mark of quality to any savvy bag enthusiast. The point is, you would really have to get into some trouble to need the repair program. But it’s there if you do need it.

If you want to carry as much as possible, the Travel Bag also comes in a 40L model . It’s a fine bag at that size, and it does include a small yet stowable waist belt to help carry the weight. But we prefer our larger picks, like the Tortuga (more carrying capacity) or the eBags TLS Mother Lode (less expensive).

The Travel Bag has a built-in laptop compartment that fits most 15-inch laptops and is situated close to your back; this protects the computer and keeps its weight closer to your body. The Topo is well padded on all sides, and it is stitched in a way that keeps the edge of your computer from the bottom of the bag and should protect your computer from all but the worst drops. This bag, like most of Topo’s gear, is designed to work with Topo dopp bags , accessory bags , and packing cubes . Fully packed, it can carry two large packing cubes, two medium accessory bags, and a dopp kit.

Flaws but not dealbreakers Despite its travel-document organization, the Topo bag lacks the large internal pockets of our other picks, and the bag’s main compartment isn’t quite as spacious as that of our other picks. People who like a deeper main compartment might prefer the Cotopaxi or Tortuga bags. The Topo bag’s compartment is a little tight for large laptops, so it isn’t the best when going through security. We’d love to see a little more attention paid to the back contouring and straps of this bag, to make longer walks more comfortable.

Capacity: 30 liters Weight: 2 pounds, 10 ounces Main compartment access: front-panel loader Style: retro Colors: Navy, Black, Clay, Charcoal, Olive

A tester from behind, wearing the Osprey Farpoint

Osprey Farpoint 40

For long distances on foot.

A great starter option for one-bag travel, the Farpoint is easy to pack, adaptable to most situations, and sturdy enough to take with you as you travel the world. And it’s backed by a lifetime warranty.

best travel bags for long trips

Osprey Fairview 40

For smaller torsos.

A scaled-down version of the Farpoint, the Fairview has shoulder straps that are slightly lower, to keep the bag’s bulk more aligned with smaller torsos.

Get this if: You’re starting out with one-bag travel and aren’t sure which style of bag is best for you, but you want one that’s easy to carry over long distances.

The Osprey Farpoint 40 is well made, easy to pack, and comfortable to carry over most mid-length distances—such as walking across a city for an afternoon. (For simplicity’s sake, everything we say here about the Farpoint applies to the Fairview as well.) Osprey makes excellent backpacks for hauling around, and its lifetime warranty is renowned within the industry . The Farpoint also has an optional messenger bag–style strap, which offers some flexibility when you’re maneuvering tight spaces like subways or crowded city centers.

If you’re just starting out with one-bag travel, or you aren’t sure what type of travel bag best suits your needs, the Farpoint is an excellent first choice.

The Osprey backpack opened to show its neon-green interior mesh pocket on one side and a bright red packing cube strapped in to the other side.

The Farpoint is easy to pack. Opening the bag reveals a clamshell design; it’s deep enough to accommodate most large items, without your having to fumble awkwardly with zippers once it’s time to close up the bag. The feeling you get is not unlike packing a bit of sturdy luggage, which is something we love about bags like this—especially when you pack with packing cubes . Osprey says this bag, when fully packed, can carry 40 liters. But after using the Farpoint for a few years, we’ve decided that its rounded shape seems to cut into that theoretical packable space more than other bags do. In practice, the available space in the Farpoint is closer to—but still less than—that of the Cotopaxi Allpa 35L .

Like all Osprey bags, the Farpoint has very comfortable shoulder straps. The years of design and consideration that Osprey has put into its line of hiking backpacks are quite evident in the Farpoint. After more than six years of long-term testing this bag, we’re still surprised by how great it feels to put on when it’s fully packed. Crucially, the straps of the Farpoint stow away neatly behind a zippered panel. However, when you’re using the shoulder straps, the design forces you to also use the hip straps. Though this isn’t a huge issue, if you prefer a sleeker look or would rather have the option of using shoulder straps without hip straps, the Cotopaxi Allpa is more flexible and lets you hide the waist straps while the bag is on your back.

A black Klean Kanteen water bottle in the mesh water bottle pocket of an aqua colored Osprey backpack.

As Iylana of Penny Caravan points out, smaller individuals may appreciate the lighter weight and more-compact design of the Farpoint or the Fairview (which basically have the same design, but the Fairview is made for someone with a more-diminutive torso). On both, the chest-strap clip is also equipped with a small security whistle that’s surprisingly loud. It’s a handy feature for anyone traveling in unfamiliar environments.

Flaws but not dealbreakers For a smaller carry-on travel backpack, this one has little not to like. However, we do wish Osprey would trade some of the sleeker contours for a little more interior space.

Capacity: 35 liters Weight (Farpoint): 3 pounds, 3 ounces Weight (Fairview): 3 pounds, 2 ounces Main compartment access: front-panel loader Style: active Colors (Farpoint): Gopher Green, Tunnel Vision Grey, Muted Space Blue, Black Colors (Fairview): Winter Night Blue, Zircon Red, Night Jungle Blue, Black

A traveler wearing a black backpack

Tortuga Travel Backpack 40L

A suitcase to carry on your back.

For dedicated single-bag travelers, this water-resistant, durable bag is easy to pack and to travel with. And it’s comfortable to wear over endless miles—as long as you don’t mind the heavier weight.

Get this if: You want to maximize your packing space in a bag that’s durable, customizable to fit most torso lengths (there’s also a 30L version ), and water-resistant, and that has organizational features to suit any digital nomad.

The Tortuga Travel Backpack 40L is built to occupy the maximum carry-on space available. It’s a nearly perfect blend of backpack and luggage. On the outside, its tear-resistant sailcloth and sealed zippers provide ample protection from sharp objects and the elements. Opening the main clamshell zipper reveals a cavernous interior and a few organizational features that make the bag a cinch to pack. The front panel is a particular standout, great for keeping track of electronics and chargers. Of all the bags we tested, the Tortuga strikes the closest balance between the carrying comfort of a hiking backpack and the space and organization of a piece of luggage.

When it comes to packing, the Tortuga has a soothingly minimal interior, as any good suitcase should. In addition to the bag’s cavernous main pocket, its interior lid has a large vented panel. The panel is too narrow to hold additional packing cubes, but it’s great for holding light jackets or doubling as a dirty-laundry bag (if you’re really committed to one-bag travel). The Tortuga is available as a 40-liter bag (the max space for a carry-on bag), which we tested, along with the 30-liter version, which is compliant with some intra-European flights. The more-diminutive version is a decent choice for weekend travel or for minimalist travelers—but for those uses, we prefer the space-saving profile and extra internal organization of the Cotopaxi Allpa 35L .

However, the Tortuga is the most adjustable bag we’ve tested five years in a row, thanks to its adjustable torso length, shoulder straps, and waist-belt system. The adjustable strap system lets you manipulate the location of the shoulder straps (video) to fit a wider variety of body sizes, in both the 30- and 40-liter versions. This design (with its included load-adjuster straps at the top, to prevent the bag’s weight from sagging toward your lumbar region) is the best of those we’ve tested at distributing the weight of the bag (4.5 pounds when empty—roughly a pound and a half more than most of our other picks, except the Peak Design.) The hip straps are removable if you need, but the shoulder straps are not stowable.

Flaws but not dealbreakers Some people, especially those who are hard on their gear, may consider not being able to remove or stow the Tortuga’s shoulder straps (as they can with our other picks, like the Cotopaxi Allpa) a disqualifying factor. But after years of testing, traveling with, and occasionally checking our bag, we haven’t had an issue. Personally, it still makes me nervous to see the Tortuga traveling on the luggage belt toward mysterious machines and conveyors beneath the airport—all of which, in my imagination, are waiting to tear the hip belt from the bag or slice open the sailcloth exterior. But the Tortuga appears to shrug it all off with ease. However, if these mysteries beneath the airport also make you nervous, you might prefer our picks with easy-to-stow straps, such as the Peak Design Travel Backpack .

We’ve also fielded complaints from some testers that older models of this bag were too heavy for them to carry, even with the padded hip belt and adjustable straps. The additional padding does add weight. At 4.5 pounds, the new Tortuga is more than half a pound lighter than it used to be —the difference is noticeable—and it weighs the same as the equally large Peak Design . But if you feel like you would struggle carrying this model, we strenuously encourage you to consider one of our more-manageable picks, like the Cotopaxi Allpa 35L .

Capacity: 40 liters Weight: 4.5 pounds Main compartment access: clamshell opening Style: minimal, with a rigid construction Color: black

A person in a gray tshirt and red shorts wears the eBags TLS Mother Lode while walking outdoors next to tall shrubs.

eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender

Affordable capacity and organization.

The Mother Lode offers the organizational features most travelers want, at an affordable price. However, it’s not as comfortable to carry as pricier options, and it can expand well past the limits of most overhead bins.

Get this if: You want an affordable bag with a traditional look, to carry as much as you can—potentially more than you’re allowed by airlines.

If you like the concept of the large Tortuga Travel Backpack but not its price, the eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender is a great option for infrequent travelers who are willing to give up some features, such as a decent hip belt. It’s not comfortable enough for trekking long distances on foot, but there are plenty of external pockets for organization, a laptop sleeve that holds the weight of your computer high up on your shoulders, and an easy-to-access main compartment. This bag also has the largest capacity of any of those we tested, expanding to 65 liters—well beyond any airline’s regulated 45-liter limit. However, the bag’s more-casual looks might not be to everyone’s taste.

The Mother Lode is a good suitcase built around a basic (if slightly underwhelming) backpack. That’s the tradeoff you make for its low price, which is less than half that of other models. Unlike our other picks, the Mother Lode is not for carrying over long distances, especially when it’s full. If you know you’re going to be walking long distances (say, over a mile or so) with your pack on, you might want to consider one of our other picks. That said, if you’re carrying your bag only from a taxi to the airport security line but you want to avoid checked-item fees, the Mother Lode might be the bag for you.

The best part of the Mother Lode is the interior layout: It is easy to pack, and it’s smartly organized but still adaptable enough to mold to your preferred style of packing (meaning you can find what you need when you need it). However, the intense design focus that’s evident in the interior of the bag seems to have slipped a bit when it came to the exterior. Compared with those of several other picks in this size, this bag’s slim straps and barely there hip belt are noticeably lacking, especially if you’ve maxed out the bag’s ludicrous capacity.

The clamshell opening of the Mother Lode is similar to the Tortuga’s or the Cotopaxi Allpa’s. This space is augmented by a separate front compartment and organization panel for quick access to mid-size items like a toiletry kit; a top compartment for keys, small books, or sunglasses; and a front pocket organizer for smaller flat items, like travel documents and wallets. The laptop pocket is large and well protected, and it has a strap to help secure and position your laptop’s weight higher up your back if you wish.

Flaws but not dealbreakers There are plenty of flaws with this bag, if you choose to see them as flaws instead of the necessary consequences of the Mother Lode’s inexpensive price. During testing, we packed as much into the Mother Lode as we did in the Tortuga (more, if we expanded the Mother Lode past strict carry-on dimensions). The problem with that much capacity? It becomes an absolute bear to carry. And the flimsy waist belt is almost useless at distributing weight across your hips. Several times during testing I considered just cutting it away. This is a shame, since the bag could go from “decent for the price” to “fantastic, especially at this price” with just a few upgrades.

Capacity: 45 liters (expandable to 65 liters) Weight: 4 pounds Main compartment access: clamshell opening Style: casual Colors: Eggplant, Garnet, Slate Blue, Heathered Graphite, Pine Green

If you want to travel like a backpacker but fit in at a board meeting (and have the budget to do so):

Consider the Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45 —its reputation for durability, adaptability, and a low-key aesthetic make it a favorite among many dedicated one-bag travelers, and after testing it, we think it’s a great bag too. That said, for the bag to really stand out against other backpacks, and to take full advantage of its carrying adaptability, you need to buy the $33 internal frame , the $33 hip belt , and (if you’re traveling with a suit or jacket) the $33 shoulder strap (all prices at the time of writing). This all adds up on a bag that already costs $330. Even though everything about the Tom Bihn (the fabric, the zippers, the quality of construction) feels like an upgrade from other bags, it’s simply too pricey, and its design is too rarified and specific for most people. The biggest flaw, from our perspective—apart from the price—is that the Tom Bihn lacks a dedicated laptop pocket. In its place, the company sells laptop sleeves (a fine version if you don’t have one) that clip into the bag’s central compartment. Not everyone needs a dedicated laptop pocket, but we prefer the more secure feeling of bags that do.

Anyone who wants to travel light and stay flexible should seriously consider using a carry-on travel backpack. For some people, the challenge of cutting down a packing list is intimidating. But if you can get past that initial hurdle, traveling with a single bag is a revelation. With fewer items, you have more time to concentrate on and appreciate the journey. It’s easy to remain more mobile when you’re not loaded down by heavy luggage and easier still to adjust your plans mid-trip. If you’re willing to do laundry on the road, then one bag is all you need to travel indefinitely. And as airlines charge more and more for checking baggage, traveling with just a carry-on bag (frequently referred to as one-bag travel ) is becoming less of a lifestyle choice and more of a survival skill. At its heart, one-bag travel allows you to discover more—not just about the places you’re going but about yourself and what you really need day to day.

If you desire more creature comforts or more gear, or if you plan to be away for a long time across multiple climates, you’ll want a bigger travel backpack . These larger bags are not carry-on-friendly, though, especially in Europe, so be prepared to check them. We also have a guide to wheeled carry-on bags , which are designed to hold a lot of stuff while remaining easy to maneuver around airports. However, wheels, retractable handles, and frames subtract from precious packing space and add weight, and can make a bag difficult to manage on busy city streets.

There’s no single backpack that is perfect for everyone. Before you make any purchase, consider some basic points. How much can you carry? And where do you usually visit: city or outback? Travel gear should feel like a welcome companion—there to support you when you need it, but unobtrusive when you do not. The best bags are built to survive a lifetime of use and, if cared for properly, should be something you develop a bond with over time.

To compile our list of possible models, we scoured the world of travel blogs and product reviews (most driven by a similar affiliate revenue model to ours), including The Savvy Backpacker , Snarky Nomad , The Travel Hack , Nomadic Matt , The Travel Tester , Where’s Sharon? , Y Travel Blog , Lengthy Travel , and GearLab . Additionally, we lurked on Reddit’s r/onebag  and r/heronebag forums, and emailed and had phone interviews with the moderators of those subreddits, Addison Ryan and Lindsay Lorraine Calderón, respectively. Additionally, we spoke with the prolific travel bag reviewer Chase Reeves to get his thoughts on what most great bags have in common. We ended up with a list of 60 candidates and then narrowed this list down to 22 finalists using the following criteria: capacity, compartment design, aesthetics, reviews, and reported comfort.

There isn’t one perfect bag to please everyone, but there are tools you can use to find what’s best for you. We did a lot of our own research to compare models of travel bags, but r/onebag moderator /u/-Nepherim created one of the best product-comparison spreadsheets we’ve seen . If you want to keep researching your own pick, this spreadsheet is a great place to start.

A graphic comparing 45-liter vs. 35-liter travel bags. The difference in size translates to fitting 4 large packing cubes, 1 medium packing cube, and a toiletry bag (45-liter) vs. 2 large packing cubes, 1 medium packing cube, and 1 small toiletry bag (35-liter)

Even if you aren’t convinced by our picks, we do think we can help you figure out what parameters are best for travel bags of any size. We’ve narrowed down our specifications to the following list of features, ordered from most to least relevant.

  • Panel-loading or clamshell opening for the main compartment: As with any good piece of luggage, with these bags, you want to be able to open them and see everything you’ve packed. A panel-loading or clamshell design—rather than a traditional top-opening design—lets you pack and unpack these bags just as you would a suitcase.

A graphic illustrating a clamshell bag opening

  • Backpack strap comfort and design: You never know when you’ll be walking farther with your bag than you’d intended. The more comfortable and well designed the straps, the easier traveling will be. “Ideally, you want a bag’s shoulder straps to adjust to the angle of your shoulders,” said Eytan Levy of Snarky Nomad. “Good shoulder straps are the difference between an easy trip and a hard trip.”
  • Hip belt comfort and design: A hip belt transfers heavy loads from your back and shoulders onto your hips, letting your legs—not your back—bear the brunt of the weight. Just having a waist belt is a plus, but having a padded and sculpted one—especially on bags with over 40 liters of volume—makes a world of difference.
  • Style: This is purely subjective. We preferred bags that had a minimalist exterior style, but not all of our picks will please everyone. Most of the people we spoke with, however, preferred not to stick out like a tourist wearing a large, colorful backpack, if they could avoid it.
  • Material quality: Durability is critical for any type of luggage, but especially for a backpack that will be your only bag. Most bags worth considering are made of nylon, which resists abrasion more than polyester fabrics of similar density. Spending more, however, can get you such exotic, light, and strong materials as Dyneema or sailcloth.
  • Weight: Once the bags arrived, we weighed each one ourselves. Most of the bags weighed within a few pounds of one another. But unless you’re very strict with yourself, by the time you’re packed for a two-week journey, all bags are going to feel equally massive, even if one is just 2 pounds heavier than another when empty.
  • Stowable straps: These are nice to have but aren’t absolutely necessary. “The more often you need to check a bag, the more often you need to hide away the straps,” Levy said. “But if the straps are tough enough, it doesn’t matter.”
  • Accessory pocket layout and design: Some people will love an accessory pocket that has a specific space for everything, while others may find that feature constricting and unadaptable. We prioritized simple designs that guided our packing without constraining us.

During testing, we flew with these bags across the country, took weekend trips to nearby cities, lived out of them on extended trips, and tried them locally in our daily routines. We also packed and unpacked each bag, using a standardized set of weeklong travel necessities and accessories, to see how well the internal organizational features (or lack thereof) aided or got in the way of efficient packing.

The Patagonia Black Hole MLC 45L has an updated design featuring a new hip belt, which brings it back into class with many of its competitors in this category. In the past, the MLC’s straps were too slim and unsupported for the bag’s 45-liter capacity. Also, its lack of any framing gave the bag a soft and unsettling feeling if it was anything but fully packed. We’re looking at the newest model to see if some of these problems have been corrected and if a former champion travel backpack can regain the spotlight.

Asenlin 40L Travel Backpack : This mind-bendingly inexpensive bag (which includes three packing cubes, all for $45 at time of publication) is a remarkable testament to the cutthroat logic and efficiency of a globalized free market. Is it attractive? No. Is it comfortable to carry? Not particularly. Is it durable enough to withstand years of travel? Unlikely. Is it $45? Yes! If you want the absolute least expensive carry-on travel backpack we’ve ever seen, this is it. But you’ll get more with the TLS Motherlode , which, although double the price, is still very affordable.

Away F.A.R. Convertible Backpack 45L : A rare miss from the Away team. This bag is resoundingly average for the price. Admittedly made of excellent materials, the bag is let down by its overall design, which lacks any kind of structure or attention to comfort. There are better options.

Cabin Max Metz (and the nearly identical AmazonBasics Carry-On ): This cheap, no-frills bag is enticing for the price. But after comparing these bags to the TLS Mother Lode, we think you’re better off paying twice the price for way more than twice the value. The Mother Lode is more reliable and built from stronger materials, and it will hold more stuff comfortably than either of these bags.

GeniusPack Travel Backpack: The GeniusPack is the only model we came across that tried to fit a suit into a travel backpack. Though some people might need this, we think those who have to travel with a suit (or clothes that require pressing) would be better off with a piece of carry-on luggage . (GeniusPack now has a version 2 of this bag, but our conclusion hasn’t changed.)

Goruck GR2 : I’m a big fan of Goruck bags, and I use the GR1 regularly as my daily work and travel bag. These bags will last a lifetime. However, the GR2 is too expensive and too large (its 40L size is a true 40L) for many people, especially since none of the three sizes (26L, 34L, and 40L) comes with a hip belt. We wish the GR2 had a removable hip belt, something similar to what’s on the GR3. That said, this bag is simple, sturdy, and stoic. There is a lot to love about it. And if you don’t mind the high cost, this bag will probably outlast your corporeal self.

Goruck GR3 : The GR3 is almost worth the cost for certain people. It’s strong and simple and covered by an iron-clad repair guarantee. The removable hip belt is comfortable to wear and good at displacing the weight of a 45-liter backpack. It’s a good bag. However, after testing it, we weren’t thrilled with the internal Velcro lining for compatible Velcro packing cubes. Velcro isn’t great: It wears out, is difficult to keep clean, and clings to dirt. That might seem like a small thing, but for the price, this bag should feel perfect.

Kelty Redwing 44 : When we got our hands on the Redwing, we realized that it was closer to a top-loading light camping backpack than to the panel-loading packs we tested. It didn’t quite fit the scope of this review because of its design.

Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carry-on : This pack is very similar pack to the eBags TLS Mother Lode and the Cabin Max Metz models. It might be useful as a weekend traveler, but we don’t think it would hold up for longer trips.

MEI Voyageur : There’s a lot to like about this bag, especially for the price. It features 1000D Cordura nylon and YKK zippers, and it has a spacious design and decent shoulder straps. But we’re still on the fence about recommending it. The lack of recent reputable reviews gives us pause, along with the sparse Shopify website , which, the last time we checked, in 2023, wasn’t operational. (The company now appears to be selling directly via PayPal.)

Minaal Carry-on 2.0: This bag was designed to be the absolute best travel backpack for business people. But if you’re a business person, you’re probably wearing at least a blazer, so you wouldn’t use a backpack in any case. Even so, if you’re a business traveler who falls more on the casual end of the business-casual spectrum, and you’re not on a budget, you should know that many travel writers have spoken highly of this bag, despite its high price. This does look to be a well-thought-out pack, but we think our picks are more versatile for world travel. (Minaal has since introduced a 3.0 version ; our thoughts about it remain the same.)

Osprey Porter 46 : This is a slightly larger sibling of the Farpoint 40 . It’s about 2 inches longer, and it pushes right up to most airline limits. If you don’t mind possibly having to gate-check your bag at the last minute, this would be an excellent alternative to the Farpoint 40.

Trakke Storr Carryon : Travel-bag enthusiast Chase Reeves used to list this bag as one of his top picks for a medium-size carry-on bag, and it looks very well built . But at $500, plus shipping from Scotland, it is simply too expensive for most people.

We also tested and dismissed The North Face Overhaul 40, which has since been discontinued.

This article was edited by Ria Misra and Christine Ryan.

Lyra Pierotti, The Best Travel Backpacks , GearLab , November 17, 2016

Chase Reeves, Matterful.co , phone interview , October 10, 2018

Addison Ryan, moderator, r/onebag , email interview , September 8, 2018

Lindsay Lorraine Calderón, moderator, r/heronebag , phone interview , September 28, 2018

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by Elissa Sanci

Struggling to pack for your weekend away? The Cotopaxi Allpa 35L fits so much more than you’d expect.

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The 5 Best Checked Suitcases, According to Our Testing and Vetting

The 5 Best Checked Suitcases, According to Our Testing and Vetting

Take a glance around an airport baggage claim, and it’s clear that suitcases today come in every imaginable shape, color, size and quality. But not all bags are created equal, designed to withstand the rigors of repeated travel, or spacious or well-organized enough to fit everything one might need or acquire on a longer trip. 

To navigate this heavily saturated market, we sought the advice of four travel experts on what they look for when investing in checked luggage. Based on these criteria, we called in samples of the most promising bags and ran them through a series of tests to determine which performed best. The key characteristic that came up again and again was durability: What is the bag made of, how long will it last and can it withstand the wear and tear of airport baggage handling? Maneuverability, defined by how well a bag can be steered through a crowded airport terminal or obstacle-laden street, was another big selling point for our veteran globetrotters. The suitcases that follow include options for every type of traveler.

Best checked luggage for business travelers

Best checked luggage for leisure travelers, best luxury checked luggage, best checked luggage for budget travelers, others you should know about , how we picked, best overall checked luggage.

Sympatico Medium Expandable Spinner

Briggs & Riley

Sympatico medium expandable spinner.

$699 at Briggs & Riley

$699 at Amazon

This compact and easily maneuverable hardshell case has a lifetime guarantee.

  • Resilient Makrolon polycarbonate exterior 
  • One-touch CX expansion system adds 2 inches of packing space
  • Well-placed pockets, including a dedicated luggage ID pocket
  • Optional monogram nameplate (three-character max)
  • Lifetime guarantee repairs all functional aspects of the bag
  • Limited color options
  • Beige lining readily shows stains
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Overall dimensions: 27 inches by 18.5 inches by 11.5 inches
  • Capacity: 87.2 liters (102.3 liters when expanded)

The Sympatico’s triple-layer polycarbonate exterior was the hardiest we tested: As part of our standard testing we beat it with a wrench, and it survived the hammering with hardly a scar. It showed less scuffing than its competitors after being booted down a flight of concrete steps. The ball-bearing spinner wheels floated like a specter over hardwood floors, broken concrete and other booby traps in our indoor-outdoor obstacle course. The multi-height aluminum telescoping handle offered a firm grip, while textured top and side handles made it easy to grab hold of the bag, which would come in handy when pulling it off a rotating carousel or hoisting it into a car trunk. 

Although the top-loading packing well seemed small at first glance, it is surprisingly deep. With the help of adjustable garment-compression panels, a large zip-around pocket and two smaller mesh pockets, the suitcase easily fit 10 days’ worth of clothing and then some. With the pop of a button, Briggs & Riley’s unique plate-hinge CX expansion system added another 2 inches (or 15 liters) to the Sympatico’s carrying capacity. Even better, once it was fully loaded and zippered, we were able to collapse it down to its original size, so we never felt weighed down by a cumbersome, overstuffed bag. (The proof is in the pudding, according to Di Tullio, who has managed to squeeze both a ukulele and a 22-pound cast iron statue into this bag.)

On the downside, the color options may appear dreary to some, and the beige lining, while it offers a luxe look, is quicker to stain than darker fabric. Our tests included spilling red wine and shampoo on the lining; evidence of the spills was obvious the following morning, though not as opaque as we’d feared. To the Sympatico’s credit, when I drenched the zipped bag with a garden hose and left it outside overnight, the droplets beaded up on the exterior and the lining itself remained as dry as a dust bowl. 

The real deal sealer, however, is Briggs & Riley’s unconditional lifetime guarantee , which covers all functional aspects of their bags (“no proof of purchase needed, no questions asked,” is the brand’s motto). Note that this excludes scratches, dents, dings, scuffs, stains and color changes. Its comprehensive repair service even covers damages caused by airlines. This is a brand that stands behind its products, and rightfully so—they’re best in show.

Platinum Elite 25-inch Expandable Spinner Suiter

Platinum Elite 25-inch Expandable Spinner Suiter

$344 at Amazon

$ 430 Save $ 86

$344 at Travelpro

This timeless spinner looks professional while keeping you organized.

  • Among the lightest options we tested
  • Integrated suiter helps prevent wrinkled garments
  • Expansion provides 2 inches of additional packing space
  • Nine muted color options
  • Two exterior pockets offer auxiliary storage
  • Aluminum extension handle has four height settings
  • 100-day trial period for returns and a lifetime limited warranty
  • Exterior pockets cannot be locked 
  • Lovers of bright colors and bold patterns may balk at the neutral design
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds
  • Overall dimensions: 28 inches by 18.5 inches by 11.75 inches
  • Capacity: 97 liters (expanded capacity not disclosed)

Travelpro has long been the trusted companion of pilots and flight attendants—and with good reason. Its bags are as durable as they are versatile, melding seamlessly with any corporate aesthetic. Leather accents and chrome zippers add a touch of sophistication, perfectly suited to wheeling through the lobby of a business hotel or into a meeting right after a flight. Unlike much of the luggage we tested, which has a clamshell design with two equally sized packing compartments, this bag has one primary packing area that expands up to 2 inches, squeezing in a remarkable amount of stuff without feeling too unwieldy. A slew of smaller organizational options include a zip-off, water-resistant bag for storing wet or dirty garments, two interior mesh zippered compartments, a trifold suiter with foam roll bar (which could be used as a garment bag to transport formalwear) and two exterior pockets (one shallow and one deep, but neither lockable). There’s even a hidden interior compartment along the suitcase’s side wall for storing valuables, like your keys or passport. A bag tag compartment is built into the back of the suitcase, too, so you needn’t worry about your ID tag ripping off in transit.

The eight self-aligning, 360-degree spinner wheels dashed through our obstacle course with the precision of a Formula 1 racer, while the height-adjustable, contoured-grip handle was the comfiest and most ergonomic of any bag we tested. The Platinum Elite’s ballistically tough nylon exterior survived multiple plummets down staircases of varying heights with nary a scar marring its subtly sheeny fabric. The reinforced corners and wheel casings incurred some minor scuffing, but you’d have to be inspecting the bag up close to notice.

Our sample also sat outside overnight after enduring a dousing from the garden hose; though we were concerned the fabric might absorb the water like a sponge, the morning’s dew brushed away with ease, and the dark lining, which is made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, was as dry as a Qatari desert. The lining also showed minimal signs of wine and shampoo staining the day after our spill test, making this a reliable option for business travelers who are forever on the move.

The Large Flex

The Large Flex

$425 at Away

A practical and polished polycarbonate suitcase that’s versatile enough for practically any trip.

  • Extraordinarily durable polycarbonate exterior
  • Zippered expansion offers an additional 1.75 inches of packing space
  • Six color options
  • Suitcases can be personalized with up to three letters
  • Includes a leather luggage tag and laundry bag
  • Dark lining shows minimal staining 
  • 100-day trial period for returns and a limited warranty that covers damage to the shell, wheels, handles, zippers and other functional elements
  • So ubiquitous, yours is likely to be one of several Away bags on the carousel
  • Limited organizational pockets and compartments 
  • Weight: 12.25 pounds
  • Overall dimensions: 29 inches by 20.5 inches by 12.5 inches
  • Capacity: 99.2 liters (107.8 liters when expanded)

Away, the direct-to-consumer brand that upended the dinosaurs of the American luggage industry in less than a decade, continues to impress, especially at its reasonable price point compared to its competitors. Away’s checked baggage is as durable and design-efficient as its carry-on counterparts, which Buy Side named best in class earlier this year. Kellie K. Sirna, founder of the hospitality-focused Studio 11 Design in Dallas, dislikes bags with “overly flashy” or busy patterns, preferring instead luggage with a “sleek, timeless aesthetic.” The Large Flex checks every box for her, and is versatile enough to complement any travel outfit.  

The tough-as-nails, monochromatic polycarbonate exterior showed little damage after its wrench walloping; only the plastic feet on the bag’s backside looked worse for wear after we chucked it down concrete steps. The 360-degree spinner wheels rolled as smoothly as fine Japanese whisky over cracked concrete and patches of grass. We also appreciated the underside grab handle when lugging the loaded bag up and down the aforementioned staircase.

The split-wing design includes a compression divider with one large mesh pocket and one small side-wall pocket that unsnaps to reveal a water-resistant laundry bag. For this reason, some travelers may want to invest in packing cubes if they prefer more storage options. The Large Flex model, which includes a zippered expansion that buys owners an additional 1.74 inches or up to 107.8 liters of packing space, is ideal for anyone who has trouble whittling down their outfits or those who like to shop on the road. The Large Flex is the roomiest bag made by Away, but there’s another expandable checked option—the Medium Flex , which holds between 68.8 and 75.7 liters—should you take a more austere approach to packing.

Like most Away bags, this suitcase comes with a leather luggage tag and a scuff eraser for buffing out exterior nicks. While the eraser cannot remove every imperfection, it does a decent job shining up all but the deepest blemishes. We were also pleased to see that red wine and shampoo were no match for the dark interior lining; both stains were nearly imperceptible by the following morning. When it came to our garden hose test, however, the fabric around the zippers was still a little damp the following day.

Original Check-In L

Original Check-In L

$1,800 at Rimowa

The sleekest, chicest, most cultishly revered suitcase on the market delivers on style and durability, though it’s heavy.

  • A globally recognized status symbol thanks to its sleek design
  • Stains were barely perceptible on the dark interior lining 
  • Includes a leather luggage tag
  • Lifetime guarantee 
  • The anodized aluminum case feels heavy when fully loaded
  • Ball-bearing mounted wheels struggled on uneven surfaces
  • Detachable compression panels can be tricky to reinsert 
  • Weight: 13.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 31.2 inches by 20.1 inches by 10.7 inches
  • Capacity: 82.1 liters

The hushed reverence with which travelers utter the name Rimowa tells you everything you need to know about the century-old heritage brand. Founded in Cologne, Germany, in 1898, it pioneered a style of aluminum bag that has become the gold standard for the luxury luggage market. “The iconic image stands the test of time,” says Jimmy Carroll, London-based co-founder of experiential travel company Pelorus and a Rimowa enthusiast when it comes to formal business trips. Carroll has taken his Original Check-In to more than 60 countries. “It has bounced down stairs, on and off helicopters and boats and even fallen off a 4×4 in Africa,” he says. “I’ve even had a troop of monkeys sit on it in Oman.”

In our testing, the double-spinner wheels zipped smoothly across hardwood and tile but struggled on broken concrete and patches of dirt and grass, binding up several times. The dark interior hardly showed any staining after we let wine and shampoo stains sit overnight, and when we soaked the suitcase with a garden hose, its snap-style closure proved impenetrable. On the flip side, that same design made it more challenging to pack than its zippered counterparts because clothing and even the removable compression panels readily got caught in the seam. There’s also no way around the fact that aluminum cases are heavier once fully packed. “I warn bellboys they may get a hernia,” says Geoffrey Weill, president and founder of boutique luxury travel PR agency Geoffrey Weill Associates , another Rimowa superfan.

What some travelers view as the No. 1 drawback of aluminum luggage is a selling point for others: It tends to show more wear and tear than polycarbonate. The exterior dented as soon as we took a wrench to it and the gold paint chipped off the plastic handlebar after a few tumbles down our concrete steps. For some aluminum devotees, those nicks and scratches—elegantly referred to as the “patina”—are what give the bag its character, speaking volumes about how far and how often it travels. It’s not a bag for everyone, but if style is a priority and a hefty suitcase doesn’t bother you, Rimowa’s pick will likely be a travel companion for life. 

Elevation Plus Large Spinner

Elevation Plus Large Spinner

$196 at Samsonite

$ 280 Save $ 84

This lightweight spinner reigns supreme when it comes to organization, and it comes at a nice price.

  • Textured exterior helps mask dings and scratches
  • Thoughtful dividers, zippered pockets and other compartments make organization easy
  • Built-in Apple AirTag holder
  • Zippered expansion offers an additional 1.5 inches of packing space
  • Fabric lining is woven from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
  • 10-year limited global warranty for manufacturing defects
  • When packed, the bag wobbles a bit on tight turns 
  • Light-colored lining is prone to staining
  • Apple AirTag sold separately
  • Weight: 10.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 29.5 inches by 19.5 inches by 13 inches
  • Capacity: not disclosed 

If you’re the sort of traveler who likes to keep everything in its place, this suitcase could change your life—or at least the way you vacation. The zippered case splits in half, with each wing featuring a raft of unique packing solutions. One divider panel includes dual zippered accessory pockets and a large WetPak pocket for separating damp or dirty garments; the other has a compression strap and built-in padded zipper pocket for delicate accessories such as jewelry. There’s even an integrated AirTag holder (but you must provide your own AirTag).

Beyond its organizational selling points, the sturdy polypropylene shell took its knocks like a champion, although we noticed more scuffing and wrench gashes on our Soft Lilac sample than its darker-colored brethren; the interior edges were also damp the morning after we watered the bag with a garden hose. The sturdy handlebar system includes multiple 1-inch height adjustments and a comfy, ergonomically designed top grip that makes pulling it long distances a breeze. The nylon spinner wheels pirouetted as gracefully as Misty Copeland on hardwood floors and performed well on busted concrete, too, but the bag did get a little tipsy on sharp turns. We appreciate that the interior lining is made from recycled plastic bottles, although the light-gray color is prone to staining (as evidenced by our shampoo- and wine-spill test).

The good news for overpackers and travelers who like to shop: The bag’s primary zipper expands up to 1.5 inches. The bad news: After a trio of tumbles down a set of concrete steps, we noticed a small cosmetic tear in the fabric around the expandable zipper. Of course, that’s a minor quibble considering the reasonable price, but something to keep in mind before purchasing. 

Great if you want a fully customizable bag

Large Check-In

Roam luggage

Large check-in.

$650 at Roam luggage

For design-minded travelers who want a suitcase that really stands out on the baggage-claim carousel, it’s Roam’s Large Check-In ($650) to the rescue. The direct-to-consumer brand lets purchasers customize the colors of their suitcase’s front and back polycarbonate shell, zipper, lining and trim, so there is no question whose bag is whose when it comes whirling around. At 10.6 pounds, it’s also one of the lighter suitcases we tested, yet still boasts a carrying capacity of 89 liters; the expandable upgrade ($695) fits up to 121 liters. In our testing, the ball-bearing wheels spun frictionlessly both indoors and out, and we liked the cushion-y soft grip of the top and side handles. The fully removable compression board flopped over the edge during packing, which was annoying; likewise, the buckles on the straps seemed flimsier than those of its competitors. To Roam’s credit, the exterior fared surprisingly well during our drop-kick tests; the most visible pockmarks were a result of the wrench whacking. 

Great if you want ultimate organization 

Castle Classic

Royce and Rocket

Castle classic.

$595 at Royce and Rocket

$595 at Saks Fifth Avenue

One of the more unique suitcases we tested was the Castle Classic ($595) from indie luggage brand Royce & Rocket, which features a built-in shelving system that stows flat when not in use. Measuring 31 inches by 21.5 inches by 11.5 inches and weighing 15.5 pounds, the bag was the largest and heaviest we tested, with a packing capacity of 103 liters. Weill was seduced by Instagram into purchasing this “traveling closet,” which he describes as a “fabulous 21st-century version of the vast cabin trunks the Duchess of Windsor’s maid would heave open on the Queen Mary.” Indeed, that’s exactly the type of traveler we imagine using it: a clotheshorse with a Fashion Week’s worth of outfits to organize. While the bulkiness of the bag made it awkward to maneuver around sharp turns, it tackled broken concrete and other hurdles with gusto.

A final note: Not every brand replied to our requests for samples. This included the 30” Macro Traveler Checked aluminum spinner from Aleon, which we were particularly keen to evaluate after Weill described it as a lower-price alternative to Rimowa but with “better locks, a massive unbreakable hinge and lovely interior closures.” It has traveled with Weill to six continents so far and is often “marveled at in airports,” he says.

I have worked as a travel editor and writer for nearly two decades and have visited more than 70 countries and all 50 states. From November 2013 until February 2018, I traveled nearly full-time in Asia, Australia and across the U.S. Before the pandemic, I was on the road six months a year; these days I’m away from home once or twice a month. I have served as a contributing editor at Condé Nast Traveler and T: The New York Times Style Magazine, editor-at-large for AFAR and special projects editor at Bon Appétit, and I’ve written hundreds of travel and product-testing stories.

For additional insights on checked baggage, I turned to other frequent fliers, including the co-founder of a global travel company and an award-winning hotel and restaurant designer. They shared in-depth guidance on the features and factors to consider most, along with their favorite brands ( Rimowa was the most swoon-worthy) and biggest pet peeves (wonky wheels, a lack of organizational features).

Armed with our experts’ discerning criteria, we surveyed dozens of options from both legacy brands and direct-to-consumer newcomers; read reviews posted to reputable consumer and e-commerce sites; and assembled a spreadsheet detailing carrying capacity, construction, design perks and more. Bags that met the following benchmarks were given the highest consideration:

  • Exterior: Three out of four experts prefer hardside over softside suitcases, particularly when carrying high-value goods like camera equipment, but they were divided on the best material. Two sang the praises of polycarbonate, a high-tech plastic that is both lightweight and impact-resistant, and two preferred aluminum for its sturdiness and “cool snob appeal,” as Weill put it, especially once it gets a few dents. We weighed the pros and cons of each.
  • Wheels: Our experts agreed that the best checked bags have four wheels, called spinners, and that those wheels must have 360-degree mobility and be sturdy enough to handle a variety of surfaces, from airport carpeting to cobblestones.
  • Expandability: Half of our experts prefer a bag with heavy-duty expandable zippers, particularly when traveling for an extended period of time or shopping on the road. (“A 25% expansion rate is my sweet spot,” says Di Tullio.) While we considered this feature a plus in testing, we did not eliminate checked bags that did not offer an expandability option.
  • Locks: Checked luggage may be opened for inspection at the airport, which is why our experts believe it’s essential to purchase a bag with TSA-compatible bag locks; otherwise, you risk damage to your bag’s lock and zippers. All of our top picks include TSA-compatible locks.
  • Warranty: One expert stressed the importance of selecting a bag with a solid warranty and generous return policy. While a limited lifetime warranty is ideal,  five- or 10-year coverage for manufacturer defects (meaning it excludes general wear and tear) is more common. Several brands, including Away , Roam , and Travelpro , offer 100-day trial periods (but make sure to check the policy on returns before purchasing).

Based on these criteria, we narrowed down our list to a dozen top contenders. (As noted above, not every brand replied to our request for samples.) In the end, we subjected nine bags to a battery of tests over the course of two weeks. 

To start, each suitcase was packed to the point of bursting with 10 days’ worth of clothing, including bulky hoodies and sweaters, a winter coat, a pair of winter boots, a toiletry kit and a few books; we wanted to gauge how the layout, including pockets and dividers, distributed the weight and helped us stay organized. (Note: When fully stuffed, each bag weighed between 40 and 50 pounds.) We then tested the loaded bags’ maneuverability on hardwood floors, kitchen tile, and high-pile carpeting and ran each packed suitcase through a half-block obstacle course that included patches of dirt and gravel, chipped concrete, and piles of dead leaves and pine needles. We took several sharp turns, too, dodging both potholes and a chain-link fence.

Airport baggage handlers aren’t exactly known for their gentleness, so to assess the bags’ durability, we kicked and threw each packed suitcase down a flight of six concrete stairs and then lugged it back up, bouncing it along each step to simulate the jostling a suitcase might experience in a cargo hold or traveling between points A and B. To test shock absorption, we wrapped a ceramic coffee cup in tissue paper, cushioned it between layers of clothing, savagely beat each suitcase with a wrench, and then tossed the bags into a heap from a second-story perch, just as rampers sometimes do when they load them onto an airplane. (For what it’s worth, the coffee cup survived all nine drubbings.)

We also vigorously wriggled the telescopic handles to see how stable they felt, splashed red wine and shampoo on the interior linings to see how easily the stains cleaned up, and even sprayed the closed bags with a garden hose and left them outside overnight to see how they’d weather the elements when caught in the rain. Lastly, we took copious notes on the “extras” that added value to the bag but weren’t considered essential features by our experts. This included designated laundry and wet bags, leather luggage tags, and textured sponges to buff away scuff marks.

Our experts

Jimmy Carroll , London-based co-founder of Pelorus , an experiential travel company that designs yacht expeditions and other bespoke adventures around the world

Ian Di Tullio , Bangkok-based chief commercial officer of Minor Hotels , parent company of luxury hospitality brands such as Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas and Elewana Collection

Kellie K. Sirna , principal and founder of Studio 11 Design in Dallas, who travels the world overseeing hotel and restaurant projects for Marriott , Hilton, Hyatt , Caesars Entertainment , Starwood, Thompson and others

Geoffrey Weill , president and founder of Geoffrey Weill Associates , a boutique luxury travel PR agency based in New York City, and author of “ All Abroad: A Memoir of Travel and Obsession ”

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Published Oct 1, 2023

By Hannah Selinger


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InsideGOLF now includes 1 Dozen Srixon Z-STAR XV golf balls

Our Picks: Best golf travel bags of 2023

These are the best travel bags, considering all aspects of space, weight, design and functionality.

Welcome to GOLF’s 2023 edition of the  Best of Everything , where we’re providing you with, well… the best of everything!

Check out GOLF’s picks for the best golf travel bags of 2023, which includes the most functional and convenient travel covers we’ve seen all year. These bags range in price from $14.99 to $339.99. Treat yourself to the new stand bag you’ve been looking for, or find the perfect gift for a golfer you love.

Here are 10 best-selling stand bags from Sun Mountain, Sunday, Ogio and Club Glove.

These are the best of the best!

consider these factors

When on the search for your ideal new golf travel bag you should first consider the following factors: Portability, maneuverability, storability and protection

Whether you’re a casual golfer who only takes a golf trip once a year or a road warrior who checks their clubs every week, your golf clubs are an investment and you should invest in protecting them.

Below you’ll find various travel bags in an array of styles and materials, available in multiple colors and loaded with the functionalities you need in a travel bag.

Perks of a Stand Bag

Best of golf travel bags 2023.

Keep scrolling for all the best travel bags we saw this year.

These featured travel bags are available in various color choices. Tap the ‘BUY NOW’ button to compare and explore more colors.

Sun Mountain ClubGlider

best travel bags for long trips

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

The Sun Mountain ClubGlider is one of the most unique travel covers out there thanks to its innovative retractable leg design. The legs extend out, providing two more wheels and bearing the entire weight of the bag.

Therefore, moving the ClubGlider around the airport is a breeze — they call it the Club Glider for a reason.

But the ClubGlider isn’t just best in class for maneuverability, it’s ballistic-style nylon material, padded top and heavy-duty zippers make it one of the more durable bags on our list.


best travel bags for long trips

Sunday Golf STIX_THE MULE | Golf Travel Bag

Rather carry your bag like you would normally through the airport than roll it? The Sunday Golf STIX_THE MULE is for you.

Designed exclusively to fit Sunday’s Loma, Loma XL and El Camino golf bags, The Mule doesn’t have wheels, making it lighter than any other travel cover and easily foldable when not in use.

Club Glove Last Bag

best travel bags for long trips

Club Glove Last Bag Collegiate

Club Glove prides itself on being the No. 1 travel bag in college golf and the Last Bag Collegiate is a big reason why.

Designed to be the last travel bag you will ever need, the Last Bag is made from 1000 Denier Nylon and reinforced with 1600 D ballistic nylon at the base, making it water resistant and super durable.

My family still uses Club Gloves that are pushing 20 years old and are still backed by their lifetime warranty.

Sun Mountain Kube

best travel bags for long trips

The Sun Mountain Kube has the same ballistic-style nylon fabric and dense foam padding throughout the construction for protection as the ClubGlider, but it folds down into the size of a small suitcase when not in use.

The Kube is perfect for those who want to travel lightly, as it will neatly tuck into the rental car trunk, along with everything that was inside it, during your trip.

Ogio Alpha Travel Cover

best travel bags for long trips

Ogio Alpha Travel Cover Mid

The Ogio Alpha Mid is designed to make traveling with golf clubs easy and stress-free. Thanks to extra padding around the clubheads and reinforced compression straps with integrated handles, you can rest easy knowing your clubs will make it to your destination unharmed.

The Alpha Mid offers a unique D-shaped opening, making loading and unloading the bag easier since you don’t have to hold the two sides apart while you do it.

best travel bags for long trips


Latest in gear, the 5 most efficient drivers on the pga tour (and the drivers they use), how to get a free jones x miura golf bag and save $300, the top 5 fastest golfers on the pga tour and the drivers they use, our picks: best golf towels of 2023.

Jack Hirsh is an assistant editor at GOLF. A Pennsylvania native, Jack is a 2020 graduate of Penn State University, earning degrees in broadcast journalism and political science. He was captain of his high school golf team and recently returned to the program to serve as head coach. Jack also still *tries* to remain competitive in local amateurs. Before joining GOLF, Jack spent two years working at a TV station in Bend, Oregon, primarily as a Multimedia Journalist/reporter, but also producing, anchoring and even presenting the weather. He can be reached at [email protected] .

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We may receive commissions from some links to products on this page. Promotions are subject to availability and retailer terms.

5 reasons to buy travel insurance for winter trips

By Angelica Leicht

October 30, 2023 / 3:35 PM EDT / CBS News

Woman at airport

Winter travel can be a magical experience, offering picturesque landscapes, festive celebrations and the opportunity to enjoy cold-weather activities. Whether you're planning a skiing vacation or a cozy cabin getaway, winter trips are filled with unique memories waiting to be made. 

However, there are also potential risks to traveling during this time of year. After all, it only takes a few inches of snow or ice to cause major backups, delays and cancellations at the airport. That, in turn, can mean you're stuck paying for unnecessary travel-related expenses, like hotel rooms you're not using or ski passes you can't pick up.  

Those are the types of issues most people would like to avoid when they're already paying hefty sums of money to travel — and that's where travel insurance comes into play. Purchasing the right travel insurance policy is important if you want to avoid losing money on your winter trips, and there are a few different reasons to consider buying it this year.

Explore your top travel insurance options here to learn more .

5 reasons travel insurance is important for winter trips

There are a few different reasons why travel insurance can come in handy this winter, including:

Protection against cancellation or delay

Winter weather can be notoriously unpredictable. Snowstorms, ice and low temperatures can lead to flight cancellations and delays. If your flights are canceled or significantly delayed, travel insurance can help cover the cost of rebooking flights, accommodations and other travel-related expenses. This means you won't have to dig deep into your pockets to salvage your travel plans.

Get started with the right travel insurance policy here .

Coverage for lost or delayed luggage

Wintertime travel often requires packing bulkier clothing and gear. Unfortunately, this can lead to an increased risk of lost or delayed luggage. Travel insurance typically includes coverage for lost or delayed baggage, ensuring you're reimbursed for essential items and clothing while you wait for your belongings to catch up with you.

Emergency medical assistance

Winter sports enthusiasts, such as skiers and snowboarders, face an elevated risk of accidents and injuries. Travel insurance offers peace of mind by providing coverage for emergency medical expenses . This can include medical evacuation, hospitalization and treatment costs, ensuring you receive the necessary care without worrying about excessive medical bills.

Trip interruption or cancellation

In the event of a personal emergency, such as a family illness or unforeseen circumstances at home, you might need to cut your winter trip short or cancel it altogether. Travel insurance can provide reimbursement for prepaid, non-refundable expenses like hotel bookings, tour reservations and event tickets, allowing you to return home without worrying about the financial implications.

Protection against unforeseen events

Winter conditions can lead to various unforeseen events, such as road closures, power outages or extreme weather conditions that affect your travel plans. Travel insurance can help you navigate these unexpected challenges by covering additional expenses, such as accommodations, meals and transportation.

The bottom line

Winter trips can be incredibly rewarding, but they also come with their own set of challenges. To ensure your vacation remains memorable for all the right reasons, investing in travel insurance is a smart move. By providing coverage for flight cancellations, lost luggage, medical emergencies, trip interruptions and unforeseen events, travel insurance offers a safety net that ensures you can enjoy your winter adventures with peace of mind. 

Remember that travel insurance policies can vary, so it's essential to carefully review your options and choose a plan that best suits your winter travel needs. With the right coverage, you can fully embrace the magic of the season without any worries holding you back.

  • United Kingdom

The 32 Best Weekender Bags For Long-Weekend Travel

More from travel, r29 original series.

Every item on this page was chosen by a Town & Country editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

The 13 Best Luxury Luggage for Traveling in Style

Bring back the golden age of travel with these gorgeous designer suitcases and weekenders.

Headshot of Leena Kim

From statement check-in bags for the logo-obsessed to minimalist carry-ons for those who want to avoid the risk of lost luggage altogether ( IYKYK ), here are the best luxury luggage brands worth every penny.

The Carry-on Pro

As Seen on Succesion

Carl friedrik the carry-on pro.

Cabin Twist

Most Durable

Rimowa cabin twist.

Bellagio 2.0 30" Spinner Trunk


Bric's bellagio 2.0 30" spinner trunk.

Horizon 50

Best Customizable

Louis vuitton horizon 50.

The Sweetheart


Steamline luggage the sweetheart.

Classic Duffle

Best Duffle

T. anthony classic duffle.

Cavalier I No. 96

Best Leather Duffle

Ghurka cavalier i no. 96.

Roadster Expandable 32-Inch Spinner Suitcase

Best Expandable Suitcase

Porsche design roadster expandable 32-inch spinner suitcase.

Small DiorTravel Suitcase

Best Waterproof

Dior small diortravel suitcase.

Gucci Savoy Medium Trolley


Gucci gucci savoy medium trolley.

If it's good enough for Logan Roy & Co., it's certainly good enough for the rest of us. As fans of Succession already know, the members of TV's most dysfunctional billionaire clan are partial to subtle markers of extreme wealth—and Carl Friedrik is their choice luggage. And for good reason: understated, sleek, and a perfect way to transport all that Loro Piana cashmere.

One reviewer writes: "Makes travelling a breeze. Elegant and simple design, and the front pocket fits my laptop and two passports perfectly. Would absolutely recommend."

Material: Aluminum

Dimensions: 21.7" H x 15" W x 9.6" D

Weight: 9.5 lbs

Lightweight but built to last, Rimowa's aluminum suitcase is so coveted for good reason. But the 125-year-old German brand's mastery of the hardy metal happened by accident—in the 1930s, a fire destroyed most of the materials in Rimowa's factory. All that remained? Aluminum.

Dimensions: 21.7" x 15.8" x 9.1"

Weight: 10lbs

Bric's Bellagio 2.0 30" Spinner Trunk

Lake Como-based Bric's has found famous fans in the likes of Amal Clooney and Kate Middleton. The Bellagio collection especially embodies all that is great about the 71-year-old brand: fine Italian craftsmanship, beautiful details, and throwback elegance.

Material: Makrolon Polycarbonate

Dimensions: 21"W x 30"H x 11"D

Weight: 12lbs

As far as status symbol suitcases go, none can rival Louis Vuitton luggage—the 169-year-old brand has its roots in luxury trunks after all. This perennial classic can also be customized in a variety of ways, whether you want to add stripe details, change up the colors, or monogram with your initials.

Material: Canvas

Dimensions: 13.8" x 7.9"

Weight: 6.2lbs

Since 2005, SteamLine has put a fresh, contemporary spin on timeless vintage silhouettes. Delightfully feminine and incredibly tough, this carry on features an elegant white and tan body that opens to a lush botanical print of foliage, flowers and birds.

Material: Printed Japanese Fibreboard/Leather

Dimensions: 20" x 14.5" x 6.5"

Weight: 8.8lbs

If Rimowa showcases the best of German luggage design and Globe-Trotter the best of England's, T. Anthony is quintessentially American: Chic in its simplicity of design, practical and durable, and a trusted travel staple for generations of moneyed elite, among them the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the Reagans, Jackie Kennedy, and Marilyn Monroe. Spacious and lightweight, this duffle is understated luxury at its finest.

Material: Nylon/Leather

Dimensions: 22” x 12” x 11”

Ghurka founder Marley Hodgson was inspired by military campaign gear when launching his luggage brand in 1975. That pretty much ensures each piece, handcrafted by artisans, is of the highest quality and is meant to last forever, developing a lovely aged patina as time goes on.

Material: Leather

Dimensions: 17.25" W x 10" H x 9" D

Leave it to the manufacturer of some of the world's best high-performance sports cars to master an aerodynamic suitcase that is sleek, functional, durable, and, most importantly, super lightweight.

Material: Polycarbonate

Dimensions: 32" W x 22" H x 12 ½" D

Weight: 12.3lbs

Observe Dior's iconic Oblique jacquard pattern in a functional waterproof fabric that withstands any elements you may run into while on your adventures—the suitcase's relaxed shape emphasizes its all-purpose capability.

Material: Technical Jacquard

Dimensions: 13" L x 18.5" H x 5.5" W

Weight: 6lbs

A suitcase you'll have no trouble finding in baggage claim, this Gucci piece, featuring the luxury house's iconic double G insignia and red/green web, is constructed with durable canvas and comes with 360-degree wheels, retractable handles, and an exterior pocket that makes navigating through any airport a breeze.

Dimensions: 17.7" W x 25.2" H x 11.8" D

Weight: 14.2 lbs

Globe-Trotter Centenary Large Check-In Luggage

Centenary Large Check-In Luggage

British heritage luggage company Globe-Trotter was established in 1897, so it has had over 125 years to hone the most exquisitely crafted suitcase. Queen Elizabeth exclusively used Globe-Trotter luggage, and did so since her honeymoon in 1947, alongside many other members of the royal family. The brand's check-in luggage is made of luggage with refined buckle straps and features protective bumpers for extra protection.

Material: Vulcanised Fibreboard

Dimensions: 20.47" W x 10.23" D x 29.3" H

Weight: 9.3lbs

FPM Milano Bank 55 Carry-On

Bank 55 Carry-On

All made in Italy, FPM Milano's suitcases are a modern take on vintage trunks. Thick aluminum shells guarantee your valuables will be protected—plus, each case is reinforced with two butterfly locks plus a TSA lock. The aesthetic details, on the other hand—stud embellishments, handles crafted in fine Italian leather—are a tasteful touch.

Dimensions: 21.5"L x 16"W x 9.5"H

Weight: 12.1lbs

CASABLANCA Monogram Leather Weekend Bag

Monogram Leather Weekend Bag

Since launching in 2018, Casablanca has become the brand of choice for the Gen-Z jet set . Consider this your ticket into the club (which counts Bella Hadid and Ella Emhoff as members).

Material: Leather/Bamboo

Dimensions: 35cm H x 48cm W x 25cm

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The Best Room at... 1 Hotel Mayfair

palace elisabeth hvar hotel review

Best Room At… Palace Elisabeth

nyc weather

Who's the Guy Behind New York Metro Weather?

the omni homestead resort

Inside the Reopening of the Omni Homestead

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13 Best Travel Purses That’ll Make Your Trip a Breeze

Zippers, pockets, and storage included!

berlin, germany   may 08 aline kaplan is seen wearing grey trench coat aeron studio, pink blouse and pants mango, proenza schouler bag on may 08, 2019 in berlin, germany photo by christian vieriggetty images

Now onto the fun part: Finding the perfect travel purse! But not just any old handbag—we're talking the best of the best because there's literally nothing more annoying than a bulky purse that keeps getting in the way when you're hauling heavy luggage or rushing through airport security. The purses, sling crossbodies, totes, and shoulder bags on this list feature all the bells and whistles—including spacious compartments, durable interior lining, exterior pockets (ideal for phone, ID, or wallet storage!), zippers, and even key leashes—to make sure that doesn't happen. Maximum storage and convenience coming right up!

Whether y0u're in the market for a new functional handbag or just want to celebrate the fact that you might finally (!!) get to go on a vacation, here are the 13 best travel purses to buy now.

Lattelier Gracile Box Bag

Gracile Box Bag

Classic clean lines, sturdy gold hardware, and an adjustable shoulder strap that's made to last—not even airport security chaos could ruin this leather purse.

Vavvoune Riya Shoulder Bag

Riya Shoulder Bag

This travel purse—which features a flap snap closure and a cotton twill-lined interior pocket—is thin and sleek. And how cool is the asymmetrical silhouette?!

Everlane The Studio Bag

The Studio Bag

If having a travel purse that can fit your laptop is a non-negotiable for you, try this light taupe leather stunner that reviewers say "sits nicely against the body."

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag

Landon Carryall Bag

Dagne Dover bags are just so damn clever, and this crossbody is no exception. With two interior air mesh pockets, an exterior pocket for your ID or phone, a detachable key leash, a zippered interior, and more, the Landon Carryall is basically a mini duffle bag.

Fossil Harper Flap Crossbody

Harper Flap Crossbody

Crafted from Litehide (leather that has undergone raw materials processing to reduce water consumption, wastewater pollution, CO2 emissions, and waste), this stylish yet simple eco-friendly purse will match your luggage and your airport fit.

Cuyana Double Loop Bag

Double Loop Bag

If you're constantly digging for your phone, wallet, or passport while traveling, this sexy suede bag is going to be your new best friend. It has a back slip pocket and two exterior side pockets for maximum convenience.

Coach Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag

Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag

She practically broke the internet last year, and for good reason! The Coach Pillow Tabby is crafted from ultra-soft leather, and reviewers love that the "strong magnet closure" makes that "reassuring snap [sound] every time."

Mango Mini shopper bag

Mini shopper bag

This under $20 option ( hello , what a steal!) has a double strap, as well as a long adjustable strap and a magnetic metallic fastening.

Longchamp Le Pliage Green Small Top Handle Bag

Le Pliage Green Small Top Handle Bag

If you often find yourself jamming a bunch of crap into your carry-on (no shame in the over-packing game!), you'll love this lightweight yet spacious tote bag. It has a snap and a top zip closure, so you can fill it to the brim without worrying that something will fall out.

Beis The Survival Sling

The Survival Sling

So! Many! Pockets! Plus durable nylon, a removable waist strap, a shoulder strap, and a key clip. 

Cise Lynda Backpack

Lynda Backpack

Finally! A functional and durable backpack that's actually cute. This one has a front pocket, a high-quality snap closure, and plenty of room inside.

Lattelier Cut-out Crossbody

Cut-out Crossbody

Came for the color; Stayed for the top zip closer....and the simple silhouette, and the detachable shoulder strap, annnnnd the roomy interior.

Monos Metro Sling

Metro Sling

Not only does it have a zippered main compartment, an interior zip pocket, and three sleeve pockets, this crossbody also touts anti-bacterial interior lining fabric (made from recycled plastic bottles!). And in these Covid times , that lil feature is pretty freaking epic.

Hanna Flanagan is an associate shopping editor at Cosmopolitan, sharing her recommendations for everything from denim and eye creams to coffee mugs and silk sheets. Before joining Cosmopolitan , she wrote fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content at People (so, yes, she’s basically a professional product tester at this point). Follow her on Instagram for photos of Timothée Chalamet and #OOTD mirror pics. 

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TBH, These Travel Backpacks Are Legit Chic

The Discoverer logo

Sometimes checking a bag is unavoidable. As much as we want to fit everything we need for a three-week trip into a carry-on, it may be just plain impossible. The upside is, checking a bag for a long trip means you won't have to deal with the hassle of hauling it through the airport. If you need to check your bags, you should at least use luggage that makes the journey easier.

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Rollaboard Luggage

best travel bags for long trips

While the Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Rollaboard is far from the most expensive suitcase on this list, it might be one of the nicest looking. Its sleek exterior comes in a variety of colors and although it's made of polyester, the black option almost looks as if it's made of leather.

This expandable, 26-inch suitcase is half a pound lighter than its predecessor, the Maxlite 4, but actually lets you pack even more. This is thanks in part to the internal honeycomb frame system, which also lends extra strength. While we're focusing on the checked version, smaller carry-on variants are available as well.

Briggs & Riley Baseline Spinner Luggage

best travel bags for long trips

The Briggs & Riley Baseline Spinner Luggage may be the priciest suitcase on this list, but you're getting plenty for your money. To start, the extra-large version will let you carry everything you need aside from your kitchen sink. It's also made from top-grade ballistic nylon and aluminum.

The CX expansion compression system lets you pack everything neatly, then compress it to keep it secure. When it comes time to haul it behind you, the aircraft-grade aluminum handle means you don't have to worry about it breaking mid-trip.

Samsonite Freeform Expandable Hardside Luggage with Double Spinner Wheels

best travel bags for long trips

Few names are more synonymous with luggage than Samsonite. In the case of the Samsonite Freeform Expandable Hardside Luggage , it's immediately apparent why this brand has become such a household name. This 28-inch suitcase features a hard polycarbonate exterior to keep the contents extra safe, but despite the tough exterior, the suitcase itself is ultra-light.

Combine the durable build with the spinner wheels and retractable handle, and you'll find it easy to take with you wherever you go. Even better, the suitcase comes with a 10-year warranty.

TUMI Tegra Lite Max Medium Trip Expandable Packing Case

best travel bags for long trips

If you want a suitcase you can be sure will withstand anything, then luggage made from the same material used in NASCAR race cars and protective gear for NFL players is a good start. That material is Tegris, which is what the TUMI Tegra Lite Max Medium Trip Expandable Packing Case is made out of.

Of course, that's not all that you get. This suitcase features a multi-height telescoping handle, four double spinner wheels, protective bumpers, and a TSA integrated lock. It also has two internal packing compartments, a mesh zip pocket, and mesh tie-down straps.

Delsey Paris Helium Aero

best travel bags for long trips

If you're looking for a hard-shell suitcase without spending too much, the Delsey Paris Helium Aero may be just what you're looking for. This particular model is 29 inches high and 12.5 inches wide — letting you easily carry everything you need for a two-week trip or longer, while the polycarbonate shell keeps all your belongings safe.

Double spinner wheels ensure that no matter how much you've packed inside, you'll still be able to maneuver freely. This suitcase also comes in a wide variety of colors including black, cobalt blue, brick red, and plum purple.

High Sierra Unisex AT7 32-Inch Wheeled Duffel

best travel bags for long trips

For most people, either soft or hard luggage in the standard form factor is a great choice. But depending on where you’re going, you may prefer a backpack. With the High Sierra AT7 32-Inch Wheeled Duffel , you’re getting the best of both worlds.

The luggage can be used as a duffel bag, backpack, or traditional luggage with a pull-out handle and wheels. It’s tough enough to survive rugged treks, but flexible enough to fit everything you need to take with you.

Timbuk2 Quest Duffel

best travel bags for long trips

Another duffel-style bag, the Timbuk2 Quest Duffel is similar to the High Sierra, but boasts a reinforced bottom. Thanks to this and the Timbuk2 name, you can expect to pay more, but if you're frequently putting your luggage in tough situations, it may be worth it.

For easier maneuverability, this model features reinforced grab handles on all sides. This means no matter where you may need to fit it, you'll be able to get it out again with ease. It comes in a classy black finish, but if you're looking for more color, a rainforest print is also an option.

Feature Image Credit: LumineImages / iStock

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The Best Suitcase for Every Type of Traveler

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10 Best Destinations For A Long Weekend Getaway In Canada

Posted: November 1, 2023 | Last updated: November 1, 2023

  • Canadian cities offer exciting getaways for travelers living in Canada or the United States, as well as those in Western Europe. With options like Quebec City, St. John's, and Toronto, there's so much to see and do.
  • Quebec City provides a taste of Europe without leaving Canada, with its stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and charming streets. Don't miss attractions like La Citadelle de Québec and explore neighborhoods like Old Quebec.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts will love Banff and Canmore in Alberta, where they can explore incredible hiking trails and discover the beauty of Banff National Park. Consider staying in Canmore for a more affordable option.

Travelers living in Canada or the United States can easily enjoy a long weekend getaway in some of the country's most exciting cities and beautiful national park areas. For travelers living in Western Europe, the East Coast of Canada is also a viable option for a three-day adventure that will create lasting memories.

Discover a new side of Canada on a short visit to one of its many incredible destinations. From the largest city in Canada (Toronto) to its French-speaking charm in Quebec, which is great for road trips , or the vastness of the Canadian Rockies further west, there is so much to see here. These are some of the best destinations in Canada for a long weekend getaway.

Related: A Day-By-Day Itinerary: How To Spend 10 Perfect Days Exploring Canada’s East Coast

Quebec City, Quebec: A European Retreat

Best for travelers who want a taste of european-esque architecture without leaving canada.

Wondering where to spend a long weekend in Canada? Quebec City is the ideal choice for a long weekend trip in Canada that provides everything travelers are seeking on a European adventure, without crossing the Atlantic.

There is incredible architecture, delicious cuisine, charming cobblestone streets, and important national historic sites.

  • Top Attraction: La Citadelle de Québec
  • Best Neighborhood To Stay: Old Quebec, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, and Montcalm
  • When To Visit: August to October

St. John’s, Newfoundland: Fjords And Seafood

Best for travelers seeking coastal food and views.

Newfoundland is home to lots of pretty coastal towns , one of which is St. John’s. This charming spot is the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada’s easternmost province.

Located just a short flight from Ireland and many destinations on the East Coast of the United States, St. John's can be one of the best places to visit in Canada for a weekend getaway; it offers world-class seafood, colorful coastal homes, and beautiful views.

  • Top Attraction: Bowring Park
  • Best Neighborhood To Stay: Quidi Vidi and Downtown
  • When To Visit: May to October

Related: Newfoundland And Labrador Complete Travel Guide - Things To Do, Activities & Food

Toronto, Ontario: More To Discover

Best for travelers who love a variety of international cuisines and want to explore a bustling metropolitan area.

Toronto is Canada’s largest city in its most densely populated province. Located in Southern Ontario, Toronto is home to a diverse population of people and, as a result, has world-class cuisine from any international destination one can think of.

For foodies, this is a dreamy place to spend a long weekend exploring.

  • Top Attraction: CN Tower
  • Best Neighborhood To Stay: Queens Quay, The Annex, or Bloor and Yorkville
  • When To Visit: June to October

Visiting Toronto in the summer offers a chance to visit some of its many festivals like the Toronto Festival of Beer or the Toronto Food Truck Festival.

Banff And Canmore, Alberta: The Heart Of The Canadian Rockies

Best for outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore some of banff’s incredible hiking trails or discover kananaskis country.

For outdoor adventure, there can be no better option for a long weekend getaway in Canada than Banff National Park and Canmore. Located in Western Alberta, just an hour outside of Calgary, these mountain towns are surrounded by towering peaks. Glacial lakes and hiking trails are the highlight of a visit here.

Plus, even though Banff offers incredible vacations , some say that Kananaskis County offers better hikes than Banff , so hiking in this area is a good excuse to extend the weekend trip.

  • Top Attraction: Lake Louise and Moraine Lake
  • Best Area To Stay: Lake Louise or downtown Canmore
  • When To Visit: July to October

Although Banff is one of the top vacation spots in Canada , in many cases, staying in Canmore is a good alternative to Banff because it's more affordable.

Related: Canmore To Banff: 10 Things To Know About This Mountain Vacation Road Trip

Vancouver, British Columbia: Where The Sea Meets the Sky

Best for travelers who want a combination of city life and beautiful nature.

Vancouver is a massive city on the West Coast of Canada. It’s a short drive from Seattle, Washington, and an easy flight from Calgary or Toronto.

Spend the full three days in Vancouver or rent a car and spend a day driving the Sea to Sky Highway to nearby Squamish.

  • Top Attraction: Stanley Park
  • Best Neighborhood To Stay: Yaletown or Gastown
  • When To Visit: March to November

Calgary, Alberta: Explore Canada’s Old West

Best for travelers who want to explore a smaller city with a laid-back vibe.

Calgary is Canada’s fourth-largest city and has a quieter, smaller feel than Vancouver or Toronto. But it still offers plenty to do and see, especially in the summer when the Calgary Stampede takes place.

Visit 17th Avenue for the best food and attractions in Calgary or discover the historic area of Inglewood and its many shops.

  • Top Attraction: Heritage Park
  • Best Neighborhood To Stay: Inglewood or Downtown
  • When To Visit: July

Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario: Casinos And Wineries

Best for travelers who love wine country and waterfalls.

Wine lovers flying into Toronto, Ontario, can follow the wine trail south to Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Spend three days exploring the beauty of Niagara Falls, Clifton Hill, and Ontario’s famous wine country.

  • Top Attraction: Fort George National Historic Site
  • Best Neighborhood To Stay: Old Town

Whistler, British Columbia: Hit The Slopes

Best for travelers who enjoy winter sports and epic mountain views.

For skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, Whistler might be the best place for a long weekend getaway in Canada.

A few hours north of Vancouver in British Columbia, Whistler Blackcomb is famous for its slopes.

  • Top Attraction: Whistler Blackcomb
  • Best Neighborhood To Stay: Whistler Village
  • When To Visit: December to March

Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia: Ocean Escape

Best for travelers who want to surf, enjoy nature, and be by the ocean.

Head to an island without leaving Canada. Vancouver Island is off the coast of British Columbia and is home to the city of Victoria plus charming towns like Tofino.

Go surfing, hiking, or just enjoy the views from a cottage near the beach.

  • Top Attraction: Pacific Rim National Park
  • Best Area To Stay: Tofino Proper or Ucluelet
  • When To Visit: March to October

Halifax, Nova Scotia: Lighthouses And Atlantic Views

Best for travelers who want to enjoy beaches and coastal activities, and learn about canadian history.

Travelers who want a maritime experience in Canada will adore the city of Halifax.

Located in Nova Scotia, it’s close to famous attractions like the lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove; plus, the city has many important historical sites of its own.

  • Top Attraction: Peggy’s Cove
  • Best Neighborhood To Stay: Downtown

10 Best Destinations For A Long Weekend Getaway In Canada

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Matt Jancer

The Best Travel Bags for Wherever You’re Headed

If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. This helps support our journalism. Learn more . Please also consider subscribing to WIRED

Crew Versapack

Best Soft-Shell Bag Travelpro Crew Versapack Read more

Away Bigger CarryOn Flex luggage bag

Best Hard-Shell Bag Away Bigger Carry-On Flex Read more

Maxlite luggage

Best Budget Bag Travelpro Maxlite 5 Read more

Briggs Riley Baseline luggage

Most Luxurious, Durable Soft Shell Briggs & Riley Baseline CX Read more

We've all been tempted to skimp on our luggage purchases. Especially if travel is an occasional event, it's hard to justify spending good money for something that'll sit in your closet for most of the year. Think of it this way: Buying a dependable bag is buying peace of mind. A few yards of zippers and either hard plastic or nylon are the only barriers between your bag and the belly of an airliner, the conveyor belt of a baggage claim, and the trunk of a car. Make one thing easy on yourself and bring good luggage that's lightweight, rolls easily or fits comfortably on your back, and won't split open on the way to your destination.

For all but the longest trips, you can usually get by with a carry-on bag. Whether you're slinging a duffel into a car trunk for a weekend trip or packing for a whirlwind jaunt across Asia, we've got you covered. Need a bag for your passport or groceries? Don't forget to check out our other guides, like the Best Laptop Backpacks and the Best Recycled Bags , for more picks.

Updated August 2023: We've updated pricing and retailer availability, as well as added the Peugeot Voyages, Gregory Alpaca, and Skyway Epic Carry-On. We've also removed the discontinued REI Co-Op Stuff Travel duffel.

Special offer for Gear readers: Get a 1-year subscription to WIRED for $5 ($25 off) . This includes unlimited access to WIRED. com. Subscriptions help fund the work we do every day.

Best Soft-Shell Bag

The Travelpro Versapack system consists of modules that zip into the lidded half of the main compartment. It comes with a single compartment module that's good for separating dirty laundry, and others are available separately: one that folds into thirds to keep suits and shirts wrinkle-free (what's called a suiter), and another made of several small compartments. It has a sealed, clear-plastic pocket for toiletries that’s removable if you have to go through a security screening. I like it for the peace of mind. I’m always worried about a bottle breaking and soaking all my clothes when there’s not a way to separate items.

I give points to Travelpro for adding a pocket for a battery bank, with a pass-through for a cable. You can buy an Anker power bank and stuff it in there, and it'll probably work better than the ones other suitcase companies build into their bags.

The Crew Versapack is heavy at 7.9 pounds for the roll-aboard version, but it hasn’t been struck by Travelpro’s cost-cutting the way the Maxlite line has been. There are lots of pockets, and the handles are nicely padded, securely attached, and … kind of tight. The aluminum handle extensions are solid, smooth, and don’t get hung up. It's heavy but very tough and full-featured.

Best Hard-Shell Bag

Away's newest bag is a version of its stalwart hard-sided Bigger Carry-On, with a twist: An expandable fabric section between the two polycarbonate clamshells allows you to grow your bag an extra 2.25 inches when you're coming back from a trip stuffed to the gills.

Hard-shell bags tend to be unforgiving when you need to cram extra stuff into them, so I enjoyed the ability to expand the Flex when needed and keep it small when I didn't. All the better for wedging it into overhead bins. There's a built-in TSA-approved combination lock, four spinner wheels capable of rotating 360 degrees, and an included laundry bag to keep dirty clothes separate from the rest of your stuff.

Best Budget Bag

The Travelpro Maxlite 4 was a top pick of mine. The Maxlite 5 is still good but not perfect. At 5.4 pounds, it's “up to a half-pound lighter” than the older model.

Still, it’s very light for a rolling suitcase. The exterior toiletry pocket is a nice touch for when you go through security and need to take out your liquids. The zippers are also quite strong and don't tend to get stuck, which is a big problem with cheap suitcases. The wheels also rolled nicely on both the spinner and roll-aboard versions. Cheaper suitcase manufacturers will skimp on the wheels and pick ones that have too much rolling resistance.

The aluminum extensions for the handle have a tendency to stick, and the Maxlite 5's main handle is only single-stitched. I also worry about the durability of that handle and the fabric slit at the bottom of the suitcase that replaced the Maxlite 4's bottom-side handle. Despite this, it's made better than most everything else at this price, remains the best bet for a cheaper suitcase.

Most Luxurious, Durable Soft Shell

A Briggs & Riley carry-on was WIRED editor Adrienne So's first and most expensive post-college purchase. Its bags will almost certainly outlive you. B&R is one of the few companies with a lifetime unlimited warranty. She recently had to replace a busted zipper, but it was done for free at a nearby B&R retailer within a few days.

Its components are top-of-the-line. The face fabric is a heavy-duty ballistic nylon that’s water-repellent and abrasion-resistant, and hers is still as gleaming bright red today as when she bought it. The zippers have survived a decade of being yanked on, and the low-profile wheels haven't broken or fallen off. The grab handles are also luxuriously padded. Back when people used to travel, her husband had her carry his suits for him because they'd stay wrinkle-free. The only downside is that at 9.3 pounds, it’s pretty heavy.

Away Bigger Carryon Luggage

Most Luxurious Hard Shell

For a long while, if you wanted an aluminum suitcase, you were going to spend four figures. Away's suitcase is not exactly affordable, but it is attainable ( 9/10, WIRED Recommends ).

The metal is thick, and the fixtures are solid; Away didn't cheap out on the materials. Two organizer panels inside keep your stuff from shifting around, and there's a stowable interior laundry bag to keep dirty clothes off your clean clothes. There's also an option for an integrated power bank that's accessible through a flip-up door near the telescoping handle. I generally recommend a stand-alone power bank, but it's a $20 option on the Away, so you may as well get it.

An aluminum bag will dent and scratch over time, and you should accept that before you splash down big money on one. You may be able to baby it a little more if you never check it—don't count on that, because it's common these days for airlines to run out of carry-on room—but it's unlikely that you'll make it more than a few trips with it looking minty new. I'm hesitant to buy into marketed “authenticity,” but I have to agree with Away: A dinged-up and well-traveled bag ends up looking pretty sweet.

The Best iPhone 15 Cases and Accessories

Julian Chokkattu

Give Your Back a Break With Our Favorite Office Chairs

Boone Ashworth

Everything Apple Announced at Today’s Hardware Event

Brenda Stolyar

REI CoOp Big Haul 40L duffel bag

Best Duffel Bag

The Big Haul wins because it hits the right balance of robust build materials and pockets without being too heavy to lug around all day. The standout feature of the Big Haul series, which comes in 28-liter to 120-liter options, is the ability to easily reposition the carrying straps, which feature plastic fishhook-style ends that slip into fabric loops. You can connect one strap end-to-end or double up on two straps in an H pattern for more stability with heavy loads. Adding and removing the straps isn't super fast, but it's not difficult, either, and six low-profile loops seems less intrusive than six rattling plastic buckles. 

Two small interior pockets and an exterior pocket keep small things organized, and water-resistant fabric—while not stiff—is thick and tough. All the sewing around the grab handles feels very robust too. Padded backpack straps hide away under a padded pocket on the top of the bag. This means that when you sling the Big Haul over your shoulders to give your arms a rest, your back is against the relatively clean top of the duffel, rather than a wet, dirty bottom side that's been set down on the ground. The current iteration of the Big Haul is also made with recycled nylon. What's not to love?

Red Oxx travel bag

An Absolutely Rugged Bag

I've been trying to ruin my PR5 for almost a decade. It's my standard traveling bag, whether I'm taking it through an airport for a weekend trip or hauling a bunch of gear to a dirty base camp. I've used it for whitewater paddling trips and to lug mountain climbing equipment from coast to coast. I've tossed pointy, pokey things like ice axes and trekking poles into it and overloaded it beyond a reasonable weight; I still can't find a frayed thread.

Everything about Red Oxx is overbuilt. The zippers are huge, its thick pieces of nylon webbing are robustly sewn, and chunky metal rings hang the detachable carrying strap. All that said, it's not abominably heavy. At 3.4 pounds it's still lighter than many wheeled bags.

Eagle Creek Gear Warrior luggage bag with wheels

A Solid Wheeled Duffel

Wheeled duffels are a bit left of center. You've got your wheeled regular luggage and your normal duffels, and then there's this thing that's halfway between them.

On some models, like the Eagle Creek Caldera Convertible I also tested, you get the downsides of both. But on the Gear Warrior, you get the ability to cram its soft sides into tight spaces and also have a frame and hardware that can support a heavy load without flopping all over the place.

It weighs only 4 pounds, 14 ounces, making it a lot lighter than any rolling suitcase, but it also has about a quarter less storage space. The Gear Warrior has been going in and out of stock lately, but if you find it sold out at the moment, it should become available again soon.

Solgaard CarryOn Closet Plus luggage

Other Bags We Liked

Not every good product can snag a best-in-category title, but there are several more bags we've tested that get our thumbs-up and deserve a mention.

The North Face Base Camp for $129 : Unlike most duffel bags these days, this is a cylindrical duffel bag. If you're a folder, it can be difficult to keep everything straight and wrinkle-free as you pack it into the Base Camp's curved bottom, although those who roll their clothes won't have any problems. The materials felt cheaper than other duffel bags in this guide. It's a workhorse used often by the outdoors crowd, so while the water-resistant fabric and the handles are durable, they just don't feel as nice to the touch.

Patagonia Black Hole 40L for $159 : This is another great adventure duffel with a water-resistant fabric coating and backpack straps. Compared to the Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler, though, less of the external fabric is water-resistant, and it's an inch and a half too thick in one dimension for US domestic carry-on requirements. But it's a duffel, so you can squish it to fit in an overhead bin if it's not completely packed full.

Gregory Alpaca 40 Duffel for $140 : This one really impressed me. It weighs a scant 2.7 pounds, yet the water-resistant fabric and extraordinarily beefy (though plastic) buckles make it a solid bag for adventuring. It's not quite as burly as the Base Camp, Big Haul, and Red Oxx bags, and it lacks triple-stitching, but it feels tougher than most, including the Eagle Creek below. There's an exterior pocket for storing shoes or dirty clothes. The backpack straps don't tuck away for storage—you have to unclip them—but might be the most well-padded, comfortable straps I've encountered on a duffel yet. Colors are limited to black, red, and green, but the few that exist are very stylish, inside and out. Exterior daisy chains and an interior zippered pocket round out the impressive features list.

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler 40L for $149 : Two things jumped out about the Cargo Hauler. First, it weighs 1 pound, 13 ounces, which is only slightly heavier than air. Second, it has backpack straps that stow away in a front pocket. It's less heavy-duty than the other duffels in this guide, but it doesn't feel cheap by any means.

Skyway Epic Carry-On for $80 : Cheap bags under $100 are usually dodgy junk. At 7.1 pounds, the Epic is on the lighter end of average. While it's a fair bit cheaper than the Maxlite 5, our favorite budget bag, it's also a couple of pounds heavier. The handle is a wee bit more finicky, and the Travelpro's wheels glide a little more nicely. Still, for under $100, the Skyway's zippers and wheels were of fine quality. These are areas cheap bags usually skimp on. I'd still encourage you to step up to the Maxlite 5 or wait for a sale if you can, but if you must spend less than a Benjamin on a bag, the Epic is a solid choice.

Solgaard Carry-On Closet Plus for $365 : It's a tiny bit over what most airlines list as the maximum dimensions, but the difference is so small that it's accepted 95 percent of the time. WIRED reviewer Louryn Strampe praises its optional clip-in closet clothing organizer, which makes for efficient packing. The built-in TSA lock is easy to use, and there's an internal power-bank pocket. This suitcase is included in our Favorite Upcycled Products guide.

July Checked for $325 : This bag uses a polycarbonate shell with aluminum bumpers, striking a good compromise between weight and durability. It’s lighter than the 16-inch Monos checked bag that Adrienne So also tested by about a pound, and it showed fewer scratches and rub marks on a trip. However, the Monos’ telescoping handle has a much smoother roll-out, and the surface is smooth, not pebbled.

Away Bigger Carry-On for $335 : Away's larger size offers all the same handy interior organization modules as our top luxurious hard-shell pick, the Away Bigger Carry-On Aluminum Edition, but for less than half the price. And you can choose from a range of colors, from discrete navy blue to pink, green, or lavender. The optional, ejectable battery bank costs an extra $20.

Osprey Ozone for $280 : Osprey's 4.4-pound bag is basically a backpack mounted on a lightweight aluminum frame, with two wheels stuck to the bottom, and it zips open like a suitcase. It fits everywhere and also has a laptop sleeve compartment for your work accouterments. Just be warned that its 40-liter capacity is about the size of a large backpack, too, so you better be able to pack light.

Samsonite Outline Pro Carry-On for $200 : This is a hard-side, four-wheeled spinner carry-on made from an outer shell of durable polypropylene. Standout features include an interior fabric made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles and a “WetPak” storage pocket for keeping damp items separated from the rest of your luggage. Product reviewer Medea Giordano, a notorious overpacker, was able to fit an entire long weekend's worth of wardrobe in the Outline Pro.

Adidas Defender Duffel for $40 : If you're looking for an inexpensive duffel that'll handle some light-duty traveling, this is a good way to save $100. The fabric is significantly thinner and less sturdy than that of other duffels in this guide, and it lacks backpack straps. If there's a chance you'll have to check it often, I'd look elsewhere. But for taking on the train or tossing into a car trunk, it'll do the trick.

Paravel Aviator International Carry-On for $395 : This carry-on has an interior lining made of recycled plastic bottles, a telescoping handle made of recycled aluminum, and vegan leather trim to help it stand out from all the plain black bags at the airport. Product reviewer Jaina Grey really fell in love with its roomy interior and durable, anti-scuff hard-shell exterior.

Eagle Creek Caldera Convertible Backpack

Bags We Didn't Like

Some bags just aren't worth the asking price, especially with so many good alternatives at all price points.

Peugeot Voyages Carry-On Spinner for $595 : What a price tag for a plastic-case suitcase. You can see where Peugeot tried to imbue the Voyages with some luxury, such as the metal riveting and built-in travel locks. But the case itself felt no more solid than a budget hardside bag, and the USB charging port felt cheap, like an outlet you'd find built into a seat in an airport terminal. It also took me 20 seconds of prying attempts to get it open. They couldn't even mount it to the case straight. It was noticeably crooked. Seriously, Peugeot? For this kind of money, the telescoping handle felt cheap and flimsy. At least the wheels rolled particularly smoothly and quietly, and I'll give it a nod for the built-in locks and lux interior that comes with a zippered clamshell and mesh pocket to keep belongings from shifting around. But when its competition is Away's Aluminum model and Briggs & Riley, a nice interior isn't enough.

Eagle Creek Caldera Convertible International Carry-On for $469 : This bag is an expensive answer in search of a question. At 6 pounds, 2 ounces, it's not exactly lightweight. There's a zip-off 19-liter backpack that you can separate from the rest of the 37-liter bag. But when they're zipped together, the combined size doesn't meet carry-on size restrictions, so you need to separate them and carry them like a conventional duo of luggage and backpack onto the plane anyway. Its soft sides mean less protection for your belongings than even a soft-sided piece of luggage like the Travelpro Maxlite 5. Eagle Creek had an inventive idea, but for that money we'd recommend you just bring a separate piece of rolling luggage and a backpack.

Ebags CTS Carry-On Spinner for $200 : This one wasn't awful for the price, but there are much better options for the money. Its hard plastic sides felt more brittle than the hard-sided plastic Away suitcases, so although I didn't break it during my use, I'd worry about its resistance to shattering if checked by an airline. The handle rattled a lot , and it didn't roll quite as smoothly as the other bags. Still, its strong suits were that it came with several interior organizing cubes, and the exterior pocket had three sleeves with which to organize and separate small travel goods, such as tablets and toiletries.

portable UrPower Clothes Steamer

A Few Travel Accessories

Once you've got your bag, you'll want to pack it with a few more useful items:

Tripp One-Outlet Surge Protector for $10 protects your devices from power surges. Some countries have less reliable electrical infrastructure, and you never know how well that discount hotel's outlets are wired.

Eagle Creek Specter Pack-It Cubes Three-Pack for $30 keep everything inside your bags organized by allowing you to separate it into different cubes, so you won't ever have to hunt through seven pairs of socks to find your bathing suit again.

UrPower Portable Steamer for $24—Click the Coupon beats a travel iron because it's far lighter and you don't need to hunt down an ironing board at your hotel. WIRED reviewer Medea Giordano and I both have been using UrPowers for years. For a tiny thing, it's powerful and effective at steaming practically anything. You just need to refill it often.

Ceptics Adapter Plug Set for $14 is my preferred go-to for plug adapters when I travel outside the US. It includes five of the most common adapters—for the UK, Japan, Canada, and several European outlets. Consider buying two sets, since you're likely to need to charge two devices at once. For more information, check out our Best Adapters guide.

Samsonite Manual Luggage Scale for $15 is handy to have when you're packing a heavy bag for an upcoming trip. Use it to weigh your luggage and make sure it's within the weight limits. International airlines are sticklers for carry-on weight, and even American airlines will be unforgiving about weight for checked bags.

Incase Sleeves for MacBook for $50 will keep your laptop from bearing the damage caused by airport security lines. Travel through an airport without a case and it's only a matter of time before a bare laptop or tablet picks up nasty scratches and dents. For tablets, check out the Zugu iPad Case for $50 . Security agents tend to be rough with plastic bins, so protect your devices from banging around against keys, phones, and belts. Even if you don't normally use one, consider picking one up just for travel.

Apple AirTag for $29 is something we have mixed thoughts on , but if you have an iPhone, it's one of the best ways to keep a digital eye on your bags. These Bluetooth trackers utilize the sheer number of smartphones to report their location regularly back to your device. Even if you don't plan on checking your bag, you might end up having to gate-check it on crowded flights. Drop an AirTag into an interior pocket to make sure you and your luggage are reunited at your destination.

Carryon luggage in stowaway overhead container on airplane

How to Pick the Right Size Bag

Every airline sets its own dimensional requirements for carry-on baggage. Broadly, they're split into two categories: domestic and international.

Domestic flights by US airlines (and a few others) have standardized on 22 x 14 x 9 inches.

International carry-on bag sizes tend to be about 21 inches tall and a bit narrower, but they're all over the place. It's tough, because many international airlines will measure your bags at the airport and reject anything even slightly bigger than the allowed size. If you fly outside the US a lot, you may as well buy a bag sized for international flights.

You'll also want to check each airline's weight limits. They vary wildly, but some international airlines restrict you to 15 or 20 pounds, including the weight of the bag itself. There are also East Asian airlines that limit carry-on bags to 11 pounds. Once you subtract 6 or more pounds for the bag, you're not left with much wiggle room to put stuff inside.

Person walking on tarmac and carrying luggage

Two Wheels or Four?

The other difference is how many wheels a bag has. Two-wheeled roll-aboard bags are lighter than ones with four spinning wheels, have more room inside, and their wheels are larger and more durable than spinners. That could come in handy on cobblestone streets when you're heading to your hotel.

For carry-on sizes, I prefer roll-aboard bags. Any extra space in a carry-on is precious, and suitcases this small tend to be easy enough to maneuver without spinning wheels. Most of the rolling suitcases we recommend are available in either configuration, although spinners tend to cost more.

USB cable plugged into removable battery bank on luggage

When to Remove Battery Banks

Battery banks, also known as power banks, are a travel must-have. Whether you're using a tablet to watch movies on your flight or relying on your phone to coordinate rideshares, hotel check-in, and handle your boarding passes, you've got to keep those devices charged and topped up. Many bags, such as our Away Bigger Carry-On pick, offer a removable battery bank that slides into a special pocket or notch of the suitcase. 

For carry-on luggage on a flight in the US, you're allowed to bring a lithium-ion battery of 100 Wh (watt-hours) or less. You don't need to remove it from the suitcase's pocket if you're storing your bag in the overhead bin.

Lithium-ion battery banks are not allowed in checked luggage. If you check your bag or have to gate-check it, make sure to remove the battery bank before you give your suitcase to the gate agent. Slip the battery bank into your purse, backpack, or pocket for the duration of the flight.

Primary testing was done by Matt Jancer. Adrienne So, Louryn Strampe, and Jaina Grey also contributed to this guide.

best travel bags for long trips

Reece Rogers

Lego Is a Company Haunted by Its Own Plastic

Chris Baraniuk

5 Ways to Work Remotely (and Effectively) for the Long Haul

Erica Kasper

How to Use ChatGPT’s New Image Features

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Protect Your Trip »

33 practical travel gifts anyone can use.

Shop the best travel gifts for every budget and style this holiday season.

Practical Travel Gifts

Close-up LCD monitor screen rear seat on the plane technology for entertainment. Airplane seats with screen monitor service for passenger entertainment on board.

The Twelve South Airfly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter is one of the year's best travel gifts. (Courtesy of Twelve South)

Travel gifts don't have to be reserved for frequent jet-setters and aspiring globe-trotters. Luggage and travel accessories can also be a good option in those scenarios where you just don't know what to buy, but still want to give something meaningful and useful. Read on to find the best travel gifts – including new products and trendy favorites – at a variety of price points.

  • Gifts under $25
  • Gifts under $50
  • Gifts under $100
  • Gifts under $150
  • Gifts under $200
  • Gifts under $300
  • Gifts under $400

Mediheal Sheet Masks

Air travel can be especially drying for the skin, making these restorative sheet masks a favorite among jet-setters. The Mediheal Sheet Masks come in a pack of 10 and a variety of options to suit different skin care needs.

Price: $19.90 or less

TIGARI Passport Holder

Due to unusually long processing times, passport applications and renewals have been a nightmare for many travelers over the past year (plus). Help your gift recipient protect their precious new (or newly updated) travel document with a stylish wallet like the TIGARI Passport Holder, our top passport wallet pick . Travelers appreciate that this wallet comes in bright colors, allowing them to easily locate their passport.

Price: $9.99 or less

Etekcity Luggage Scale

For the chronic overpacker and/or souvenir shopper, the Etekcity Luggage Scale can determine whether or not their luggage weight will meet airline restrictions – and save them the hassle of paying excess baggage fees.

Price: $12.62 or less

Riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder

It's nearly impossible not to spill coffee when you're trying to maneuver carry-on luggage , locate your gate and keep your travel companions together. This nifty gadget features two pockets for drinks (or other essentials), and recent reviewers confirm it really helps them multitask at the airport.

Price: $16.99 or less

Steeped Coffee

While the AeroPress is a timeless travel gift for adventure travelers, steeped coffee – which is basically a tea bag, but with ground coffee – is a newer option that can be just as good as a freshly brewed cup of Joe. If you can't find it at a local coffee shop, try the brand of the same name: Steeped Coffee. Based in Santa Cruz, California, the company sells a variety of roast profiles.

Price: From $14.95

Conair Handheld Travel Garment Steamer

While garment steamers are prohibited on cruise ships, they're useful to have just about anywhere else you go (think business trips and destination weddings ). Not only is this top-rated option by Conair good for travel, but it's also handy at home.

Price: $24.99 or less

Read: Cruise Packing List Essentials

Veken Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a foolproof travel gift; there's no one who can't benefit from them, even if they already own a set or two. Available on Amazon, the Veken Packing Cubes include eight compartments in a variety of sizes, including one that's designed for toiletries and another that can hold a pair of shoes.

Price: $29.99 or less

Read: The Best Packing Cubes for Travel

Magicteam Sound Machine

You can't go wrong with the gift of sleep, and this portable sound machine is just one way to encourage a good night's rest (which can be difficult to achieve when you're in an unfamiliar place). The Magicteam Sound Machine offers 20 non-looping sounds and 32 volume levels to ensure your gift recipient will find the perfect setting for soothing. Recent reviewers agree this sound machine is small but powerful.

Stasher Bags

Not only are these reusable bags convenient for everyday use, but they're also useful at the airport – your gift recipient can put their medications and other essentials in the clear bags for easy identification and access. While they're a bit pricey, buyers appreciate that they're sustainable .

Price: $44.99 or less

CALPAK Tech Organizer

Phone chargers, travel adapters, laptop cords – they all need to come with you, but they can be awkward to pack. Enter the tech organizer, a trendy travel gadget that's actually useful. This one by CALPAK offers multiple compartments for storing a variety of cords, and its mesh paneling helps you see where everything is located.

Price: $38 or less

Apple AirTag

Front and back of Apple AirTag against white background.

(Courtesy of Apple)

The luggage tracking device has become less of an accessory and more of an essential over the past year. Out of all the luggage trackers on the market, frequent travelers agree the Apple AirTag is best at keeping tabs on their belongings.

Price: $28.99 or less

Belkin Apple AirTag Holder

An AirTag holder is necessary for anyone using the popular luggage tracker, and this option by Belkin has great reviews on Amazon. Plus, at less than $15, it won't set you back much if you decide to gift it along with the AirTag itself.

Price: $12.99 or less

Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Neck Pillow

Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow in gray and infographic against white background.

(Courtesy of Cabeau)

Not all travel pillows are created equal. For a quality option that will fully support the neck and prevent aches and pains, choose the Cabeau Evolution S3, our top pick for the best neck pillows for travel . Your gift recipient will be thanking you for years to come.

Price: $49.99 or less

Brita Insulated Filtered Water Bottle

This stainless steel bottle not only keeps drinks cold but also filters out contaminants – especially useful when filling it with water in unfamiliar destinations. Because of the filter, reviewers note the bottle can be a tad awkward to drink from, but they ultimately recommend this product.

Price: $31.49 or less for 20-ounce bottle

best travel bags for long trips

Tips on Trips and Expert Picks

Travel tips, vacation ideas and more to make your next vacation stellar.

Happyluxe Wayfarer Travel Scarf Wrap

As perhaps the most versatile travel accessory, a wrap is useful on cold planes and cool evenings, as a swimsuit cover-up, or when you just want to dress up an outfit. Recent buyers say the Happyluxe Wayfarer Travel Scarf Wrap is a wardrobe staple, noting how soft it is.

Price: $48 or less

Travelon Anti-Theft Waist Pack

A modern take on the fanny pack , belt bags are one of the year's top fashion trends; better yet, they're especially useful for vacationing, allowing travelers to both safeguard and easily access their phone, credit cards and other essentials. The highly rated Travelon Anti-Theft Waist Pack takes it up a notch, with locking compartments, a slash-resistant build and an RFID blocking compartment. It can be worn around the waist or across the chest.

Price: $60.60 or less

Read: The Best Travel Insurance Companies

Twelve South Airfly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter

Twelve South Airfly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter against white background.

(Courtesy of Twelve South)

If your gift recipient uses wireless earbuds, they'll appreciate this tiny device that allows them to wirelessly transmit audio from in-flight entertainment (which is otherwise limited to those with wired headphones). It also has 25 hours of battery life so it'll last a long-haul flight. Recent buyers say this is a must for air travel.

Price: $54.99 or less

Fujifilm Instax Mini 12

Instant photos are a great way to commemorate any trip, and they're just plain fun for both kids and adults. The compact design of these cameras – particularly the Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 – makes them ideal for travel, too. Just note that the film is sold separately unless you purchase a package that includes accessories.

Price: $77.35 or less

Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs 

Quality beach chairs can be an investment – but a worthy one for anyone who frequents the sand and surf. The Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair remains the tried and true choice for many beachgoers, who appreciate its portability and comfort.

Price: $89.50 or less

Halfday The Garment Duffel

Halfday The Garment Duffel in blue against white background.

(Courtesy of Halfday)

One of the best garment bags for travel , this duffel style makes it easy to travel with suits, dresses and other formalwear. Available in several different colors, The Garment Duffel by Halfday gets rave reviews for its durable, spacious design and ability to keep clothing wrinkle-free.

Price: $98 or less

CALPAK Car Organizer

It's easy to clutter a car – even more so when you have kids – which is why just about anyone who drives will find the CALPAK Car Organizer useful for road trips and everyday errands. The water-resistant bag features three compartments and a carrying handle. It also folds down via snap buttons to be used as a makeshift tote bag, a feature recent reviewers love.

Read: Road Trip Packing List Essentials

Allbirds Tree Runner

The Allbirds Tree Runner remains a top-rated choice for those in search of comfortable walking shoes for travel . Available in a variety of colors for men, women and kids, these sustainable shoes are lightweight and breathable; they're also machine-washable. Allbirds wearers appreciate that these sneakers look good and feel good on their feet.

GetYourGuide Gift Card

Regardless of where they plan to travel next, your gift recipient will appreciate a GetYourGuide gift card. Available for any amount, this gift card grants access to a variety of guided tours around the world, from expert-led tours of the Vatican to airboat rides in the Everglades .

Price: Varies

BÉIS The Weekender

BÉIS The Weekender in beige against white background.

(Courtesy of BÉIS)

One of the year's trendiest bags, The Weekender by BÉIS makes a great gift for any traveler, from college students visiting home to your friend who likes to escape the city on weekends. Owners of this bag especially appreciate the shoe compartment, as well as its variety of color options.

Price: $108 or less

Read: The Best Weekender Bags for Women

RTIC Outdoors Soft Pack Cooler

A cooler bag can go a long way, from tailgate parties to camping trips to beach vacations and beyond. Our top pick for the best cooler bag on the market, the RTIC Outdoors Soft Cooler receives rave reviews for its durability and capacity (up to 40 cans for the largest size). Be on the lookout for sales – these coolers are regularly discounted on Amazon and elsewhere.

Price: $159.99 or less

Delsey Paris Helium Aero 19-Inch Carry-On

DELSEY PARIS Helium Aero 19-inch Carry-on in metallic blue against white background.

(Courtesy of DELSEY PARIS)

This chic bag meets most carry-on luggage size requirements for international airlines, making it an ideal choice for frequent globe-trotters. Recent buyers especially appreciate how lightweight it is.

Price: $179.99 or less

Airbnb Gift Card

From treehouses and houseboats to windmills and lighthouses, Airbnb offers unique accommodations across the globe. Treat your loved one to a memorable overnight experience with an Airbnb gift card, available in any amount. Gifts cards purchased online are digitally delivered, while physical gift cards are available at stores like Target and Walmart .

State Bags Logan Suitcase

With ride-on and even sleep-on options, today's best kiddie luggage makes us want to be young again. But if you're looking for a timeless piece of luggage that's both fun and built to last, the Logan Suitcase by State Bags is highly recommended by parents. It's available in two sizes and a variety of colors and patterns.

Price: $225 or less

Peak Design Travel Backpack

Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L in black and gray against white background.

(Courtesy of Peak Design)

Travelers rave about the versatility of this heavy-duty backpack, which can be used as a camera bag, a daypack, or as luggage for weekend and weeklong trips. Earlier this year we chose it as one of the best travel backpacks for men – but the truth is, it's perfect for any adult and any trip.

Price: $299.95 or less

Monos Carry-On Plus

The Monos Carry-On Plus has been getting a lot of attention, and here's why: It's perfect for frequent jet-setters who want to travel with a carry-on bag only, offering just a bit more space than your average carry-on suitcase. Travelers agree they're also drawn to this bag for its sleek design and color options.

Price: $275 or less

Travelpro Expandable 21-Inch Carry-On Spinner

Whether you choose the hard-sided version or the soft-sided spinner , you can't go wrong with any of the carry-on (or checked) luggage by Travelpro. One of the best luggage brands on the market, Travelpro is known for its quality luggage that is built to stand the test of time (and airport luggage handlers). Look out for luggage sales , as Travelpro regularly offers discounts.

Price: $369.99 or less

Read: Hard vs. Soft Luggage: Which Type Is Right for You?

Solgaard Carry-on Closet

The Solgaard Carry-on Closet is one of the ultimate travel gifts to give right now. Thanks to the patented shelving system that gives the bag its name, travelers say this suitcase lives up to all the hype you've seen on social media and TV. They also note that they've been able to use this as their only luggage for longer trips.

Price: $345 or less

Cotopaxi Allpa Roller Bag

Cotopaxi Allpa Roller Bag in blue against white background.

(Courtesy of Cotopaxi)

The popular Cotopaxi Allpa travel pack now comes with wheels. Launched in late 2023, this roller bag is slightly bigger than its predecessor but can still be used as a carry-on bag. Larger sizes are also available.

Price: $350 or less

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best travel bags for long trips

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best travel bags for long trips

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The 25 Best Travel Bags for Every Kind of Trip

It's all about the right luggage.

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Whether it's a two-day business trip to Boston or a boys' weekend in Mexico, there a lot of different ways your bag can support you. Along with handy features, looks play a part too, you should be proud of the bag you are toting along. Get yourself that snazzy weekender with hidden pockets and a built-in cooling compartment. Treat yourself to that sleek Rimowa roller you've been eyeing since last year. Splurge on that monogrammed duffel to replace the one that your investment bank gave you when you signed on. Don't go on another trip without your new bag, and take some action now.

Our favorite luggage brands are making it easy to elevate your travel style, and we have our 25 favorites if you need help narrowing it down. Out with the old, in with a new travel bag.

Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel Bag

Novel Duffel Bag

When it comes to quick trips that last a day or two, a duffel is what you need. And Herschel's Novel bag is, in so many words, is the best bang for your buck. Not only is it incredibly durable and spacious enough for several fits (there's also a separate compartment for your shoes), it's also less than $100. That's what we call a win-win.

Longchamp Le Pliage Energy

Le Pliage Energy

Drawing its inspiration from origami, Longchamp's convertible travel bag is one of the most versatile our there. Wear as a backpack or carry around as a weekender, this bag is going to get you from Point A to Point B with ease. It's sporty and practical, effortlessly in fashion.

Rimowa Cabin S Carry-On Suitcase

Cabin S Carry-On Suitcase

From Karl Lagerfeld to David Fincher to Martha Stewart, all the high rollers can be seen toting this suitcase. It's got distinctive grooves, an ergonomic design, and it just screams class. Plus, the TSA-approved locks are keeping your belongings extra secure.

Plus, it's Esquire approved and worthy of an investment.

Away The Everywhere Zip Backpack

The Everywhere Zip Backpack

For train travel, bus voyages, or even a trip involving connecting flight, there's nothing like a good backpack to keep you hands-free and moving at a quick pace. In water-resistant nylon, away's backpack is a durable choice with padded shoulder straps and a laptop pocket.

Métier Vagabond Duffel

Vagabond Duffel

Surprisingly lightweight, Métier's duffel is a luxe option for frequent travelers. It's thoughtfully designed with specific places for toiletries, sunglasses, a laptop, and the rest of your valuables. A secret card slot in the exterior pocket makes for easier travel at the airport.

Samsonite Pro Travel Softside Expandable Carry-On Luggage

Pro Travel Softside Expandable Carry-On Luggage

In the luggage realm, there are very few that hold a candle to Samsonite. For more than a century (yes, that long), the brand has been churning out travel accessories, always offering quality styles for the day. It doesn't get bogged down by its history. This soft-shell spinner, for example, features wireless charging pockets and compartment for toiletries, and it is made of 100 percent ballistic nylon. It's also less than $250, which makes is a virtual steal.

TUMI Garment Bag Tri-Fold Carry-On

Garment Bag Tri-Fold Carry-On

Business executives know the importance of a garment bag. When you just hopped off the plane and are running late to that meeting, never stress trying to find a steamer again. TUMI is saving you from wrinkle embarrassment, keeping you put together everywhere and anytime.

Hartmann Metropolitan 2.0 Medium Journey Expandable Spinner

Metropolitan 2.0 Medium Journey Expandable Spinner

Since 1877, Hartmann has been making quality luggage that lasts. This suitcase is a modernized take on their classic styles, with a padded trifold garment suiter, multiple interior pocket, and a USB port and interior battery pocket. Oh, did we mention it's also expandable?

Halfday The Garment Duffel

The Garment Duffel

We love our garment bags in duffel form. They are practical for traveling with suits or other formal clothes, but you can also use them for quick casual trips. Need more convincing? Check out our endorsement of this one.

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag

Landon Carryall Bag

In a flexible neoprene, Dagne Dover's carryall is one of the lightest duffels out there. It's got a laptop sleeve, and it also comes with a shoe bag and a dust bag. It also makes for a great gym bag, if you want something that's multipurpose.

Lucchese Cosimo Garment Duffel

Cosimo Garment Duffel

We love this duffel so much, it was even one of the travel products our editors can't live without . Converting from a garment sleeve to a duffel bag, its versatility meets a luxurious style for a bag you will have for decades.

July Carry All Weekender Plus

Carry All Weekender Plus

Much like it's name denotes, this truly is a carry-all at its 50L capacity. A large padded pocket fits your laptop, and hidden pockets with magnetic closures keep your smaller belongings tucked away safely. If you are going somewhere for the long-haul, it also easily attaches onto your luggage.

Paravel Aviator Grand Suitcase

Aviator Grand Suitcase

Paravel is new-ish to the luggage game, but in just a short time it is succeeding in the competitive market by focusing entirely on sustainability. The brand's collection is not only beautifully designed, but they are also made of recycled plastic water bottles. It also plants trees through Eden Reforestation Projects to offset the carbon emissions it produces via shipping.

Meisterstück Meisterstück Document Case

Meisterstück Document Case

From the finest writing instruments to regal timepieces, Montblanc offers the kind of items beloved by jet-setters, C-suite executives, and anyone else of that sort. Naturally, this means that its briefcase is one of the best around, and will surely induce envy from the rest of the folks in first class.

Zero Halliburton Large Travel Case

Large Travel Case

When it comes to luxury, you can't ignore Zero Halliburton. This label is, after all, the maker of the iconic damage-resistant aluminum briefcases, so rest assured that its large spinner will stay looking good while its be tossed and turned from the check-in booth to baggage claim.

Victorinox Spectra 3.0 Frequent Flyer Carry-On

Spectra 3.0 Frequent Flyer Carry-On

This Swiss brand makes luggage that lasts. Constructed in a high performance recycled polycarbonate, this suitcase is durable and eco-conscious. It expands by 20 percent and has multiple compartments for smart storage. We also love this piece from Victorinox because you can personalize it for no added cost.

Prada Re-Nylon and Leather Duffel Bag

Re-Nylon and Leather Duffel Bag

If you prefer your baggage designer, Prada has a duffel that won't disappoint. The recycled nylon makes it a compelling sustainable select, coming from purified plastic trash recovered in the oceans, fishing nets, and textile fiber waste. There are exterior and interior pockets to help store your small belongings.

Ralph Lauren Canvas Large Bellport Tote

Canvas Large Bellport Tote

You don't need to be headed to Nantucket or the Hamptons to use this preppy tote. This oversized tote bag has interior zip and slip pockets for easy storage. The canvas keeps it durable despite any wear and tear.

Alo Traverse Duffel

Traverse Duffel

Take an athleisure approach with Alo's duffel that goes from the airplane to the hotel gym. The detachable strap gives you two types of carrying options, making it extra practical. And the neoprene exterior is easy to clean.

Coofay Travel Backpack

Travel Backpack

Now you can pack for a weekend trip in a backpack. There's a laptop compartment, separate shoe storage, and a USB charging port. Travel compactly and with rest assured that everything you need it right on your back.

Headshot of Gaby Keiderling

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The 20 Best Travel Bags of 2023 for Every Type of Trip

Whether you’re packing for a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation.

best travel bags for long trips

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Real Simple / Kristin Kempa

When it comes time to plan for a trip , you’ll want to make sure you have the right bags for your travel needs—and that you’re utilizing those bags appropriately. Some things to consider when choosing a travel bag include the length of your trip, the activities or excursions planned, and, of course, how much you’re able (and willing) to tote around. 

After sorting through countless travel bags, we’ve curated this list based on type, size and weight, and organizational features. We also consulted Cuan Hanly, chief design officer at Away, for his thoughts on what to consider when investing in travel bags.

“I’d always recommend prioritizing thoughtful features over unnecessary bells and whistles,” says Hanly. “When it comes to selecting quality luggage, don’t get distracted and splurge on features that don’t have a real impact on your travel experience, rather focus on the details that make traveling more seamless.”

Our top picks include hands-free belt bags, stylish weekender bags, spacious checked luggage, and everything in between.

Béis The Weekender Travel Bag

Who it’s for: People looking for an all-in-one overnight bag that can be used for travel or daily use.

Who it isn’t for: People who want one bag for a multi-day trip.

Beis, a travel brand founded by Shay Mitchell, offers a wide variety of travel essentials from luggage, to organizers, to work totes. Let’s just say, she knows her luggage—and The Weekender bag is the proof. This bag is great for anyone who’s stepping out of their home and going literally anywhere else. It works great as a gym bag, a baby bag, an overnight bag, and as one truly amazing carry-on.

It features a padded laptop sleeve pocket, a water-resistant interior, and a double zip bottom compartment that can house your shoes without having to worry about them touching your clean clothes. It comes equipped with a trolley sleeve so you can easily slide it over a luggage handle. The Weekender comes in black or beige, and if you tend to be a little rougher with your bags, we suggest opting for the black color to hide any scuffs or potential stains.

Price at time of publish: $98

Dimensions (H x W x D): 15.7 x 19 x 9.8 inches | Weight: 3.9 pounds | Material: Polyester with vegan leather trim

Briggs & Riley Large Travel Duffle

Who it’s for: People who want a bag that can keep wet clothes separate from dry. 

Who it isn’t for: People who prefer rolling luggage over duffle bags. 

Hoping to take a dip in the pool before saying bye-bye to paradise? This duffle comes with a PVC-lined pocket that can house your wet swimsuit or sweaty gym clothes without ruining your dry ones. Plus, this duffle fits easily into an overhead compartment, and its soft fabric can expand when stuffed with all of your necessities. It also has tons of pockets to keep all your must-haves organized and easy to grab, as well as a pocket for sliding it onto any rolling luggage.

Price at time of publish: $249

Dimensions (H x W x D): 11 x 23.5 x 13 inches | Weight: 3.1 pounds | Material: Woven nylon combined with coated fabric

Paravel Aviator Grand Checked Luggage

Who it’s for: People who want a rolling suitcase that can fit eight to 10 days worth of clothes. 

Who it isn’t for: People who want to avoid checking a bag. 

Paravel created the world’s first carbon-neutral luggage, the Aviator, made from 100 percent upcycled plastic bottles. You can fit eight to 10 days worth of clothes in this suitcase, making it a great choice for international or extended travel. With its smooth, 360-degree double spinner wheels, you can mosey through the airport with ease.

If you tend to worry about scuffing up a brand-new hard-shell suitcase, the textured finish is designed to minimize wear and tear to the exterior. Some of our favorite features? The removable laundry bag for dirty clothes and the many interior pockets. Keep in mind this is a full-size suitcase and does not fit carry-on requirements. 

Price at time of publish: $425

Dimensions (H x W x D): 28 x 18.3 x 11 inches | Weight: 11.8 pounds | Material: Recycled polycarbonate, recycled aluminum handles, recycled zippers, and vegan leather details

Dagne Dover Landon Large Carryall Bag

Who it’s for: People looking for a carry-on that can fit a change of clothes and a laptop.

Who it isn’t for: People who prefer a bag with more structure. 

If packing lists are your love language, then this carryall will make your heart sing with the amount of storage it has available. With several pockets, a mesh zippered pouch, a shoe bag, and a detachable key leash—there’s a place for everything (even if your current travel plans include heading from work straight to the gym).

It’s made from neoprene, which is easily hand-washable but can be prone to pilling. You can use a fabric shaver (like this editor-loved option ) to revive the exterior of your bag if needed. If you’ll be traveling for business and want to leave your briefcase at home, this bag also has a laptop sleeve so you can be ready to work anytime, anywhere.

Price at time of publish: From $125

Dimensions: Varies | Weight: Varies | Material: Premium neoprene and performance air mesh with recycled Repreve lining

Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Crossbody Bag

Who it’s for: People who want to protect their valuables while out and about.

Who it isn’t for: People who want a travel bag that can carry more, such as a change of clothes. 

If you’d like to spend less time watching your purse and more time taking in the sights, this anti-theft crossbody bag was designed to help you do just that. It includes a slash-resistant mesh barrier on all sides, as well as lock-down straps and locking compartments. Plus, you can protect sensitive information, such as credit cards and passports, with the RFID-blocking organizer. And the crossbody design means your hands are completely free. 

In addition to its functionality, this purse comes with a stylish, water-resistant cotton canvas and suede trim that can be dressed up or down no matter the occasion. Choose from three different neutral color options: pewter, navy, and sage. 

Price at time of publish: $58

Dimensions (H x W x D): 8 x 9.5 x 2.5 inches | Weight: 0.9 pounds | Material: Cotton-polyester canvas with suede trim

Away F.A.R Duffle 55L

Who it’s for: People who want a carry-on or check bag option that isn’t a rolling suitcase.

Who it isn’t for: People who don’t want to tote around anything they have to carry.

If finding a travel bag that is weather-resistant is a must, then this one from Away may be your perfect match. Its exterior is lightweight and made from 100 percent recycled polyester. When empty, the bag can be flattened (a plus if you’re packing it inside a checked bag to use at a later date on your trip).

In case you’re spending a ton of time outdoors, you’ll love the exterior webbing daisy chains that can be used as carabiner attachments. It also has one of our favorite features—the trolley compartment, so it can slide onto rolling luggage handles for a hands-free way to transport.  For added safety, there’s an internal (and easily accessible) storage compartment for your passport and important travel documents, so when it’s time to go through TSA, you don’t have to panic search.

Price at time of publish: $170

Dimensions (H x W x D): 14.2 x 25.6 x 11 inches | Weight: 2.8 pounds | Material: Recycled polyester

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Carry-on Expandable Spinner

Who it’s for: People who want a soft-sided carry-on suitcase with expandable zippers. 

Who it isn’t for: People who will be packing breakable or valuable items and want the security that hard-sided luggage offers. 

If you’re still weary of moving on over to a hard-shell suitcase because of the potential for scuffs and cracks, then opt for this soft, 21-inch carry-on suitcase. You may be wondering if it's prone to stains or water damage, but fear not—it has a water- and stain-resistant coating so if it happens to be pouring once you arrive at your destination, you can carry it with confidence knowing it won’t get soaked.

The suitcase also has 360-degree rotating wheels making any trek through the airport a dream, in addition to a rubberized contour handle for comfort. If you’re prone to overpacking and find it hard to maneuver a fully packed (heavy) suitcase, this contour grip will give you more control over the bag, while the expandable zipper will allow you maximum flexibility, should you need to bring home more than you brought with you. 

Dimensions (H x W x D): 23 x 14.5 x 9 inches (includes wheels and carry handles) | Weight: 5.4 pounds | Material: High-density nylon fabric with DuraGuard coating

Calpak Water Bottle Holder

Calpak Travel

Who it’s for: People who don’t go anywhere without a water bottle.

Who it isn’t for: People who need a travel bag with a larger capacity. 

Staying hydrated while traveling can be difficult, and one of the main obstacles to doing so is having to lug around a heavy water bottle with you wherever you go. This innovative water bottle sling was designed to keep your water bottle on you at all times, while keeping your hands free. Although it’s not going to offer the capacity of say, a tote bag or a backpack, it does come with multiple pockets for storing other essentials, such as credit cards, a cell phone, snacks, etc. 

Should you have any spills, the insulated interior and water-resistant nylon are durable and easy to wipe clean. Choose between one of the four classic colors and prints, which include cheetah, mauve, polka dot, and black—or check out which limited-edition options are available. 

Price a time of publish: $42

Dimensions (H x W x D): 11 x 4 x 4 inches  | Weight: 0.04 pounds | Material: Nylon, polyethylene, polyester

Monos Carry-On Suitcase

Who it’s for: People who want a hard-sided rolling suitcase that will protect breakable items. 

Who it isn’t for: People who want a suitcase that can expand or compress. 

If you’re a self-proclaimed “expert packer” and can dwindle down what you’ll be bringing to a minimum, then you can surely get away with bringing the Monos Carry-On as your main suitcase. It fits effortlessly into the overhead bin and has an unbreakable polycarbonate shell, so when it comes time to retrieve your bag, you won’t have to hold your breath hoping it didn’t crack while you were soaring the open skies. And the TSA-approved lock ensures your valuables stay safe and secure, too. 

When it comes to investing in a new piece of luggage, if you prefer something that looks luxe and sleek, then this is your answer. It comes in eight colors, not including the limited-edition offerings. Should you want a bit more room, it also comes in a “Carry-On Plus” size, all the way up to a “Check-In Large” size. 

Price at time of publish: $272

Dimensions (H x W x D): 22 x 14 x 9 inches | Weight: 7 pounds | Material: Polycarbonate hard shell

Everlane The ReNew Transit Backpack

Who it’s for: People who want a stylish travel backpack with many compartments.

Who it isn't for: People who prefer the space provided by a rolling suitcase or duffle bag. 

This functional travel backpack can be used as an add-on to your rolling suitcase, a carry-on bag, and/or your daily travel bag. It comes with a 15-inch exterior laptop pocket, catch-all zip pockets for travel documents, an interior slip for magazines and books, two water bottle holders, a magnetic closure, and a sleeve for sliding over the handles of a rolling suitcase.

Plus, the spacious interior leaves enough room to pack a change of clothes. It’s made from 100-percent recycled polyester and comes in six different stylish color options, such as warm charcoal and warm quartz, so it looks great while you’re wearing it. 

Price at time of publish: $95

Dimensions (H x W x D): 17.5 x 12 x 7.3 inches | Weight: Not listed | Material: Recycled polyester with water-resistant finish

lululemon Crossbody Camera Bag

Who it’s for: People in need of a hands-free bag for travel activities. 

Who it isn’t for: People who prefer a roomier bag.

While you’re traveling, you’ll probably be heading out on a ton of excursions, whether that be shopping, eating out, hiking, exploring new sights, and much more. With that in mind, a hassle-free crossbody bag is a travel necessity and this one is designed specifically for people who are always on the go. 

The Lululemon Crossbody Camera Bag is made from a water-repellent fabric that’ll come in handy for any outdoor activities, or if you happen to get caught in the rain. If you love to have quick access to your smartphone, it features a back pocket where you can slip it in and out with ease.

Since it has an evergreen camera bag shape, it can be worn with sportier outfits and upscale dinners, depending on the color you snag it in! We suggest opting for a neutral color like grey sage or black, if you want to utilize it as a dinner or going-out bag option with various outfits.

Price at time of publish: $78

Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.9 x 8.1 x 2.6 inches | Weight: Not listed | Material: Body: Recycled nylon with polyester lining

Roam Medium Duffel

Who it’s for: People looking for a two-in-one bag that’s great for overnight stays.

Who it isn’t for: People who are not in a position to spend much on a carry-on suitcase.

Is it a backpack? Is it a duffle bag? It’s both! Made from an eco-friendly fabric with three separate exterior pockets for easy and quick storage (think your cell phone, ticket, or wallet) the Roam Duffel is a travel no-brainer. A major plus for anyone doing some business traveling is an internal laptop pocket for your must-have-at-all-times tech devices. What’s more, you can completely customize your bag by choosing your own combination of panel and strap colors.  

Once you get to your final destination, you can utilize this duffle as a backpack to take with you on your excursions…no need to pack an additional bag! You can test it out with their 100-day free trial and even bring it on a few trips with you to see how you like it. If you’re not satisfied, you can return it within the allotted time frame for a refund. 

Price at time of publish: $295

Dimensions (H x W x D): 9 x 22 x 13.5 inches | Weight: 2.8 pounds | Material: Recycled and eco-friendly materials

July Carry-On Light Expandable Suitcase

Who it’s for: People who always pack an empty bag for souvenirs or additional clothes.

Who it isn’t for: People looking for a lot of packing space including several pairs of shoes.

This expandable, lightweight suitcase is a great piece to carry on in case you plan on doing some shopping while away, because odds are, there won’t be much room left in your checked luggage for any additional buys on your trip. It has a zipper that allows the bag to expand from 35 to 40 liters for a smidge of extra room when needed. And at less than five pounds, the suitcase weighs less so you can get away with carrying more.

This is a great business trip companion for quick overnight stays that won’t be a burden to lug around. It’s a great vegan luggage option that is also water-resistant and can be personalized so it’s easy to spot if you do end up checking your bag. This and a briefcase will be the perfect business trip duo. 

Price at time of publish: $265

Dimensions (H x W x D): 21.3 x 14.2 x 8.7 inches (9.5 when expanded) | Weight: 4.9 pounds | Material: Polycarbonate shell with nylon lining and PVC hinges and trimmings

Baggallini Triple Zip Bagg

Who it’s for: People who love a versatile bag that can be worn in different ways.

Who it isn’t for: People whose favorite travel companion is a backpack.

If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck when it comes to wearability, this little wonder can be worn three different ways—as a waist bag, a wallet bag, and a crossbody. It’s also fuss-free to wash when it gets dirty; simply throw it in the washing machine with warm water, a hint of detergent, and voila! Good as new. To be safe, we suggest putting it in a delicates’ bag when washing. 

With loads of colors and patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your style to accompany you on your next trip. To avoid any stains while away (if you can’t get to a washer ASAP), try going with a darker color.

Price at time of publish: $55

Dimensions (H x W x D): 6 x 8 x 2 inches | Weight: 0.5 pounds | Material: Nylon

Pond Los Angeles Transform Tote

Pond Los Angeles 

Who it’s for: People looking for a stylish laptop bag that can be worn in multiple ways.

Who it isn’t for: People who need a roomier bag that can fit a change of clothes.

This classic tote-style bag has a cool hidden feature—it turns into a backpack. Depending on how much you’re planning on storing inside this little beauty, carrying it as a backpack may in fact be more comfortable when heading to your final destination. In order to use it as a backpack, simply add the detachable straps to the three metal hoops. 

It has a sturdy structure, if shapeless bags peeve you, and a laptop sleeve that can fit most 13- to 15-inch laptops. Since it’s made from Saffiano leather, the bag also comes with protective feet on the bottom so it can stand up when placed on a surface or floor. 

Price at time of publish: $279

Dimensions (H x W x D): 11.5 x 16 x 7 inches | Weight: 2.6 pounds | Material: Saffiano leather with nylon lining

Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack 35L

Who it’s for: People who are on the move but need to be able to pack several clothing options.

Who it isn’t for: People who struggle to carry anything heavy on their back or shoulders.

For a compact and efficient way to pack for your next trip, the Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack is carry-on size approved and has a surprising amount of storage space for a backpack. It can pack up to one week’s worth of clothes with room for additional toiletries and undergarments. It opens and closes similarly to a classic suitcase for easier packing and unpacking.

If you end up maxing out the available space in the bag, it has sternum straps and a hip belt to take the strenuous weight off of your shoulders for a more comfortable fit. It can also double as a hiking backpack and has a breathable, sweat-wicking fabric on the back to avoid unwanted back sweat (as anyone who has worn a backpack for a long period has experienced).

If you’re looking to utilize it as a personal item or carry-on, you’ll want to take advantage of its electronic storage capabilities; it can accommodate up to a 17-inch laptop in addition to a 9.7-inch tablet. 

Price at time of publish: $299

Dimensions (H x W x D): 20 x 13 x 8 inches | Weight: 4.5 pounds | Material: Nylon

Cuyana Travel Bag


Who it’s for: People in search of a sustainable overnight bag or carry-on.

Who it isn’t for: People who prefer a more casual or utilitarian travel bag, such as a duffle. 

In case you’re trying to make conscious choices when it comes to finding sustainable and long-lasting products, you’ll be tickled to know that this bag is made from recycled landfill plastic that is durable and machine-washable. 

Now you can look good and feel good with this stylish bag option that will serve you well as your new carry-on. It has three compartments that can accommodate travel essentials like your e-reader, tablet, and laptop, as well as a luggage sleeve for stacking on rolling luggage. The spacious middle compartment has enough room for a head-to-toe outfit and a lightweight pair of sneakers so if you’re only planning to stay overnight somewhere, this bag plus a crossbody will be quite the dynamic duo.  

Price at time of publish: From $298

Dimensions (H x W x D): 13 x 19 x 5.5 inches | Weight: 3.4 pounds | Material: Recycled plastic or leather

Herschel Tech Novel Duffle


Who it’s for: People who need a bag to carry their abundance of tech devices.

Who it isn’t for: People who prefer a sturdier fabric, such as leather.

If you’re traveling with your laptop, the Herschel Tech Novel Duffle comes with an internal fleece-lined sleeve that may ease your worries. It’ll be perfectly protected during your travels and can fit devices up to 16 inches. Another standout feature of this bag is the signature shoe compartment that can separate your sneakers from your clothes without adding extra bulk. If you don’t need to use it for shoes, you can take advantage of the additional storage space for other must-haves.

The longer padded strap is a nice touch so you don’t have to settle for only using the shorter handles for carrying. If you’d prefer not to carry it all, it can be placed on top of rolling luggage and held in place by its exterior trolley sleeve. 

Price at time of publish: $140

Dimensions (H x W x D): 12.8 x 20.5 x 11 inches | Weight: 2.8 pounds | Material: Polyester

Cotopaxi Coso 2L Hip Pack

Who it’s for: People who want a hands-free bag for carrying just the essentials.

Who it isn't for: People who want a bag with less of a sporty look.

When it comes to travel, never underestimate the function of a fanny pack (which also goes by the more appealing name, “hip pack”). This lightweight and durable bag can be worn as a traditional fanny pack or as a crossbody bag, depending on your preference. The 100 percent recycled nylon is durable and water-resistant, and wipes clean should you have any spills. 

Given its small size, this hip pack comes with an impressive number of compartments, including a main opening for essentials, a fleece-lined phone pocket, an interior front flap for easy access to a wallet or a packable windbreaker, and a back security zippered pocket. Plus, the side straps allow you to compress the pack as necessary. Choose between seven different multi-color options. 

Dimensions (H x W x D): 7 x 11 x 3 inches | Weight: 0.6 pounds | Material: Recycled nylon

Samsonite Women’s Executive Leather Convertible Brief

Who it’s for: People who want an elevated storage solution for their tech devices and work supplies.

Who it isn’t for: People who travel without electronics. 

Perhaps you’re heading out to a work convention, meeting with some new clients, or just planning to get some work done while you head out on a relaxing getaway, either way, you’re probably looking for an elevated bag to store your laptop, tablet, or maybe both. This durable Saffiano leather briefcase can be worn on the shoulder, crossbody, or handheld. It can fit up to a 15-inch laptop in its padded compartment and has a sleeve on the back that allows it to slide onto rolling luggage.

Price at time of publish: $200

Dimensions (H x W x D): 11.8 x 15 x 4.8 inches | Weight: 2.6 pounds | Material: Saffiano leather

How to Shop for Travel Bags Like a Pro

You may already have an idea of what kind of bag you’re looking for for an upcoming trip. Several factors to consider when it comes to the type of bag you’re sourcing include the length of your trip, your method of travel, and trip activities. 

When looking at the mode of transportation for your trip, think of how much space you’ll have and what is actually approved (especially by airlines) that will help you avoid unnecessary fees. Most airlines, if there is no longer any more overhead bin space on a flight, will check your carry-on at zero cost. Just be sure to take into consideration what is a necessity for you on the flight like your laptop or tablet. In those cases, we highly suggest opting for a bag that can fit under the seat in front of you, like a briefcase or backpack, and wouldn’t have to go in an overhead bin or get checked by the airline.

Size and Weight 

Regardless of whether you’re traveling via train, plane, or automobile, you’ll certainly need to figure out what your storage options are for the baggage you plan to bring.

When flying, be sure to check your specific airline’s FAQ page for acceptable dimensions for carry-on items and checked luggage, in addition to what you’re allowed to bring onboard. Some airlines, depending on your seat choice, only allow you to bring a personal item, while others allow a personal item and a carry-on; double-check for these important details when choosing an airline and the travel bags you decide to bring. There are certain bags that can be carried on but won’t fit well under the seat in front of you and will have to be stored in overhead bins. In the case of being able to bring a personal item and a carry-on, you should opt for something smaller like a briefcase, crossbody, or small duffle bag for under the seat, and reserve a weekender or a rolling suitcase for the overhead bins.

For any checked luggage, there are weight limits, so investing in a luggage scale will protect you from getting bulldozed with any overweight bag fees. Think about what kind of packer you are and consider the weight of your empty suitcase before purchasing, so you know what bag is suited to you. It may be better to opt for a suitcase that weighs less when empty, so you have more wiggle room when packing more things—especially for a longer trip.

Organization Features 

Tons of bags on the market are extremely innovative in their designs. With loads of removable features like laundry bags, shoe storage compartments, and rolling luggage sleeves, think about what will make traveling as effortless as possible for you. 

“Plan around your shoes!” says Hanly. “Shoes are typically the least malleable thing in my suitcases so I pack them first, in shoe cubes, along with toiletries and other hard or bulky items on the zippered side of my suitcase. Keep clothing and softer items on the other side of the bag to ensure the maximum benefit of the compression pad. This approach helps utilize every inch of packable space.”

Some key organizational attributes that can take any bag from basic to a travel treasure include storage pockets, laptop sleeves, and wear versatility (meaning it can be worn in multiple ways). These features will make it easier for you to maximize the space in your bag so you can be smarter about how you pack. One of these attributes can be the difference between being able to pack 10 outfits instead of nine and for some, that’s a game-changer and worth shelling out a couple of extra bucks for.

Take Our Word for It 

This article was written by Allison Faccenda , a lifestyle, pop culture, and commerce writer with experience in video content creation. She was previously a market writer at BuzzFeed and also produced short-form video content for their various social platforms. To write this article, she spent hours researching the best travel bags and spoke with Cuan Hanly , chief design officer at Away for tips on what to consider when investing in travel bags.

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The 15 Best Travel Tote Bags of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Totes from Away, MZ Wallace, and Quince came highly recommended by T+L editors and travel experts.

Anna Popp is a Commerce Writer at Travel + Leisure where she tests, researches, and writes about travel products. Since living overseas in 2018, Anna has been a travel writer and began reviewing products in 2021.

best travel bags for long trips

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Our Testing Process

  • Tips for Buying
  • Why Trust T+L

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Travel + Leisure / Jessica Juliao

While many travelers opt for a backpack as a trusted travel companion, we think tote bags offer similar (if not better) features for certain travelers. Tote bags are convenient for quickly accessing items like a phone or wallet since your belongings are kept closer to the body. 

It’s important to invest in a tote bag (or any piece of luggage for that matter) that fits your needs as a traveler. There are tons of different styles of bag out there so we pulled recommendations and notes from seasoned travelers and Travel + Leisure editors to crowdsource the best tote bag options from travel experts. Plenty of packable, convertible, weekender, and leather tote bags came highly recommended, and we highlighted why each bag earned praise so you can make the most informed decision whether you’re a frequent flier, road tripper, or office commuter.

Best Overall

Mz wallace medium metro deluxe tote.

The large storage capacity and efficient organization make it an excellent personal item for flying.

The laptop pocket isn’t padded.

This quilted MZ Wallace tote bag earned major points for having a spacious capacity without feeling bulky or weighted down when it’s packed full. An ideal bag for air travel, it can fit carry-on essentials while still being able to fit underneath an airplane seat, and the zippered top keeps everything safe and sound. There are tons of pockets for storing items, including a 13-inch laptop pocket (unpadded) and five other smaller pockets for lip balm, phone chargers, and wallets. Although we found this tote bag to be exceptionally lightweight, it boasts a trolley sleeve to secure the bag to a suitcase to give your shoulder a rest when needed. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap to carry the bag as a crossbody when desired. 

This bag came highly recommended after thorough testing and the only slight inconvenience we ran into is that the tote is unstructured so if there isn’t a laptop in it, the items sag at the bottom. However, the variety of pockets help to distribute the weight, so we still think this bag is the ultimate travel companion for storing the essentials. 

Price at time of publish: $275

The Details: 11.6 x 9.4 x 12.7 inches | Nylon, leather | Trolley sleeve | 13-inch laptop pocket

Travel + Leisure / Jessica Juliao

Best Overall, Runner-up

Quince revive nylon large tote.

It conveniently folds up for packing and is impressively lightweight.

There isn’t a top zipper. 

The Quince Revive Nylon tote bag was praised by our experts for its lightweight material and portable design for traveling. The bag is made with durable nylon, it never feels cumbersome to carry, and the fabric design makes it easy to fold up the bag to place it in a carry-on or backpack without taking up much space. With designated pockets for a laptop, water bottle, and smaller items, we love that there is a spot for both everyday and travel essentials for supreme versatility. If the tote gets dirty while traveling, you can spot-clean the nylon fabric with soap and water, and it comes in Oxford blue, olive, and black color options that easily hide wear and tear over the years. Because the tote bag doesn’t have a top zipper, it scored slightly lower than our top pick, but we still think the flexible fabric and slim design of the tote helps keep it close to your body while walking through a crowded airport or down busy streets.

Price at time of publish: $90

The Details: 17 x 13 x 7 inches | Recycled nylon | Water resistant | 15-inch laptop pocket

Best Open-top Canvas

L.l. bean boat and tote bag.

It can accommodate bulky items thanks to the wide-mouth opening.

It doesn’t have any organizational features, so you’ll want to use packing cubes or pouches.

Beach days, picnics, and road trips are the best uses for this spacious canvas tote from L.L. Bean. Made from heavyweight cotton canvas, the tote was originally designed to carry ice from a car to an ice chest back in 1944, and it still boasts the brand’s impressive 500-pound weight capacity (though we hope your travel essentials will never weigh that much). While we’d normally be wary of a travel bag without any pockets, the bag has a generous capacity, which makes it ideal for blankets, lunch boxes, shoes, or any other bulkier item needed for a day or road trip. And when it comes to durability, you can’t beat a tote bag constructed with enough reinforcement to carry over a dozen cinder blocks.

Price at time of publish: $35

The Details: 13  x 12 x 6 inches | Cotton canvas

Best Machine-washable

Baggu duck bag.

The cotton is machine-washable, and it comes with a crossbody strap.

The top has a magnetic button closure.

Traveling can be hard on luggage, so we love that you can toss the Baggu Duck Bag in a washing machine to prolong the life of the tote. It came highly recommended after one of our team members spilled an entire burrito inside, and all it took was one rinse cycle to get it looking good as new. The canvas material is made with 65 percent recycled cotton from pre-consumer waste like old socks or T-shirts. In addition to the tote handles, the bag also comes with an adjustable crossbody strap to carry the bag over the shoulder. It has enough room to carry a laptop up to 15 inches long, and there is a small zippered pocket on the inside for a wallet or earbuds. One thing to note is that the top has a magnetic button closure instead of a zipper. 

Price at time of publish: $38

The Details: 15.75 x 11 x 4.75 inches | Recycled cotton canvas

Best Open-top Leather

Milaner classic elena woven handbag.

It’s big enough to be an overnight bag if needed. 

There isn’t a laptop pocket.

This woven Milaner leather tote bag is the ultimate tote bag for flying, commuting, or an overnight trip. The larger size can accommodate bulky items like clothing, shoes, or a laptop, and there are two small zippered pockets for wallets and phone chargers. Thanks to the structured design of the woven Nappa, suede, or Vachetta leather, this bag is super easy to pack with travel essentials without feeling cumbersome to carry. It doesn’t have a top zipper, but it does feature a slim shape so the bag is kept close to the body. We also recommend using the dust bag it comes with when placing the bag under an airplane seat to keep the contents from spilling out or getting the bag dirty from the airplane carpet.

Price at time of publish: $495

The Details: 20 x 14 x 3 inches | Nappa leather

Best Sustainable

Béis the east to west tote.

It’s made with 100 percent recycled material. 

It only comes in two colors, and the white could get dirty quickly.

We’re big supporters of eco-friendly luggage that is still just as durable as this tote bag from T+L-loved brand, Béis. Made with 100 percent recycled polyester and recycled faux leather trim, the bag comes in simple black and white shades. There is a padded laptop pocket for laptops up to 15 inches long, two water bottle pockets, two slip pockets, and one zippered pocket so there’s a spot for everyday and travel essentials. Other helpful features for travelers include a trolley sleeve for carrying it on a suitcase, a key leash so you won’t have to dig around to unlock the door, and a zippered pocket in front. We can’t forget to mention the two lengths of tote handles and a detachable crossbody strap. 

Price at time of publish: $108

The Details: 17.13 x 14.17 x 9.06 inches | Recycled polyester, vegan leather | 15-inch padded laptop pocket

Best Lightweight

Longchamp le pliage original tote bag.

It folds into a fraction of the original size for superior packability.

The leather straps aren’t padded.

This lightweight tote bag is ideal for both maximalist and minimalist packers since it folds into itself and can easily be stored in a larger bag without taking up valuable space. Despite the featherlight design, the bag is made with a hardy recycled polyamide canvas that can withstand the test of time. Besides the excellent portability, we love that the tote bag has a zippered top  with a large leather flap that closes over the zipper to give peace of mind that items are safely tucked away while traveling. There’s only one small zippered pocket inside the bag, which could be a slight drawback for some, but we think the packable design is well worth the lack of pockets. The bag comes in seven colors ranging from neutrals hues to bolder tones, and the leather straps, though unpadded, give the bag a chic look to complement any outfit. 

Price at time of publish: $155

The Details: 12.2 x 11.8 x 7.5 inches | Recycled polyamide canvas, leather | Packable

Best Convertible

Caraa studio tote leather in black.

It has a convenient modular design to carry the bag as a tote or backpack.

The exterior shoe pocket can only accommodate smaller shoes.

Can’t decide between a tote or backpack? This Caraa Studio tote bag has a two-in-one design to carry it as either, offering the best of both worlds. With detachable shoulder straps, the leather tote bag can be converted to a backpack in seconds or carried over one shoulder if you’re in crowded areas like a subway or sidewalk and want to keep the bag close. Best of all, there is tons of built in storage to stay naturally organized while traveling. Our favorite features include the 17-inch laptop pocket and shoe compartment on the side of the bag to separate footwear from the rest of the main compartment. Although the pocket can only hold smaller shoes, it can be a game-changer for certain travelers. And there are eight other pockets built into the interior anti-microbial lining to store phone chargers, wallets, passports, and more when you’re en route to a destination.

Price at time of publish: $348

The Details: 18 x 13 x 7.5 inches | Italian leather | 17-inch laptop pocket

Most Durable

Carhartt legacy east/west tote.

This bag is made to last with a sturdy design and hardy fabrics.

The ends of the zippers don’t connect to the fabric, so small items could escape.

Camping, ski trips, beach days, and other outdoor activities can sometimes speed up the wear and tear on a tote, but that’s not the case with Carhartt’s Legacy East West Tote. We’re confident this bag is built to last due to the heavy duty 600 denier polyester and DWR coating to keep the elements from seeping into the tote. After four years of our constant use while traveling and commuting, the tote earned high praise for not showing any signs of letting up on quality anytime soon. With a zipper top and several slip pockets on the interior and exterior, there are spots to store a phone, keys, and wallets safely in the bag. There are gaps on each end of the bag because the ends of the zipper aren’t sewn to the fabric, so watch out for smaller items in the bag since they could fall out. 

Price at time of publish: $66

The Details: 16.5 x 13.5 x 7.25 inches | Polyester | Water resistant

Best for the Beach

Weezie hat holding beach tote.

It has discrete hat straps and more than enough space for two or more beach towels.

It can be personalized for a fee.

Whether you’re en route to the beach on foot or airplane, this tote bag is specifically designed for tropical vacations. It has T-shaped straps on one side of the bag to secure a floppy hat so it doesn’t get smushed in your suitcase. While it’s intended to hold a hat, the bag offers plenty of space for two or more beach towels in the spacious main compartment. There is one small zippered pocket to store a phone or some cash, and the tote handles are extra long so it’s easy to carry the bag when it’s filled with beach essentials. The exterior is made with a machine-washable Terry cloth and the interior is coated with a wipeable poly for hassle-free cleaning after a day oceanside. If this tote is a gift, we love that it can be embroidered with initials for an $11 fee. 

Price at time of publish: $110

The Details: 17 x 15 x 6 inches | Terry cloth | Customizable | Hat-holder straps

Best for the Office

Bandolier tote bag.

It has various pockets for a laptop, sunglasses, and a water bottle.

The tote straps could be more comfortable. 

A day in the office is like a mini trip, so it’s important to be organized and have plenty of space for items when you’re away from home. The Bandolier tote bag offers a spot to pack office essentials like a laptop, a water bottle, a phone charger, snacks, a wallet, and more. The laptop pocket can fit technology up to 15 inches wide, and there is a leather sunglasses sleeve to protect fragile eyewear en route to the office. There are several other zippered and slip pockets to organize smaller items or a water bottle, and the D-ring loop on the tote handle is designed to hold other Bandolier accessories like a keychain or earbud pouch. The entire bag is made with a sleek pebbled leather, including the leather tote straps, which could be more comfortable with padding. It also comes in black, brown, and gray colorways. 

Price at time of publish: $268

The Details: 18 x 12 x 6 inches | Leather | 15-inch laptop pocket | Sunglasses pocket

Best With Shoe Compartment

Minkars weekender bag with shoe compartment.

The bag comes with a separate shoe compartment, toiletry case, USB port, laptop pocket, and plenty of other thoughtful features for travelers.

It can get heavy when packed full.

A dupe of the iconic Béis weekender bag, this wallet-friendly version has similar features for a fraction of the price. While it’s jam-packed with helpful features for travelers, it received the highest praise for the separate compartment at the bottom of the bag that can store shoes, toiletry cases, hair tools, or any other item you want to keep separate from the main compartment. The structured bag has a wide-mouth opening and is super easy to pack thanks to the 15.6-inch laptop pocket, included toiletry case, and various other pockets for staying organized. Plus, the weekender comes with convertible straps to carry it as a tote or crossbody bag as needed, and it comes in pink, black, or cream color options.

Price at time of publish: $46

The Details: 17 x 16.5 x 8 inches | 15.6-inch laptop pocket | Shoe compartment | Toiletry bag includes | Trolley sleeve

Best Multi-use

Dakine verge weekender tote.

It’s useful for the outdoors or traveling.

It might get heavy when it’s packed full.

This spacious tote bag from Dakine is equipped for everything from camping and beach days to trips to the office and air travel. When it comes to traveling, the bag features a padded laptop sleeve for devices up to 16 inches; a handy trolley sleeve; and a separate zippered compartment in the bottom of the bag to organize items like shoes, toiletry cases, or clothing as desired. Made with durable recycled nylon and polyester, the tote looks rugged and works well as a weekender bag for camping or for packing beach day essentials like towels and snacks. Travelers can carry the bag as a tote with the top handles or it also comes with a detachable crossbody strap.

The Details: 23.5 x 16 x 11 inches | Recycled nylon | 16-inch padded laptop pocket | Trolley sleeve

Best Organization

Troubadour carrier tote.


It has tons of pockets to stay naturally organized while traveling.

The bag might be too large to fit underneath an airplane seat. 

Minimalist and practical, Troubadour’s Carrier Tote is our favorite bag for packing efficiently and staying organized on the go. The designated laptop pocket is padded and can fit devices up to 17 inches in width — the largest pocket size for laptops of all the bags recommended. In addition to the protective laptop pocket, the tote features a quick-access phone pocket; a medium-size zippered pocket for an e-reader; and several other slip pockets for items that can easily get lost at the bottom of a bag like charging cords, lip balm , and keys. The only possible downside to this sleek bag is that the 24-liter capacity and stiffer fabric makes it difficult to fit it underneath an airplane seat. 

Price at time of publish: $225

The Details: 18 x 12 x 7.5 inches | Recycled polyester, vegan leather | 17-inch laptop pocket

Best Foldable

Away the packable carryall.

It’s a very spacious tote that comes with a stuff sack to pack it away in a backpack or suitcase.

It has a flimsy shape, so small or heavy items fall to the bottom of the bag easily.

Away’s The Packable Carryall is the perfect packable tote bag to toss in a purse whether running errands or sightseeing in a city. The tote bag is incredibly spacious when it’s folded open, but it compresses down to a mere fraction of its usual size thanks to the lightweight recycled nylon material and stuff sack. Sometimes packable bags can lack travel-friendly features, so we love that the bag features a zippered top for security; a trolley sleeve for portability; and an interior zippered pocket for storing phones, wallets, and keys while on the go. To keep track of the stuff sack, there’s also a loop to secure the zippered pouch on the inside of the tote. The unstructured design of the tote means that small or heavy items with a pool at the bottom of the bag, but beach towels , jackets, or any bulkier items will fit perfectly and provide some structure to the bag. 

Price at time of publish: $75

The Details: 19.7 x 15 x 9 inches | Recycled nylon | Water resistant | Trolley sleeve

Other Travel Tote Bags We Liked

The tote bags below still came highly recommended for travelers, but didn’t quite make our list of winners. 

Portland Leather Tote Bag : It’s a very portable tote bag due to the smaller size, but it isn’t the most practical for long trips with less storage and organizational features.

Bellroy Tokyo Tote : This bag has tons of pockets and storage for just about anything you would need while traveling, but it’s on the smaller side, so it could fill up quickly. 

Ogio Rise Tote : The bag can be converted from a tote to a backpack, which can be helpful for travelers, but the drawstring opening is a slight drawback for security reasons.

To create this list of the best travel totes, T+L editors and trusted travel experts from our company recommended the best bags for any and all travelers. With over 30 submissions, we whittled down our list to share the results from the 15 totes that boasted the highest praise from seasoned travelers. From sleek leather totes to convertible weekender bags, we handpicked various bags that we can’t recommend enough for outdoor activities, air travel, or commuting to the office. 

Tips for Buying a Travel Tote

Buy for your intended activity.

Not all tote bags are best for certain types of travel, so it’s important to invest in a bag that meets your needs. Traveling somewhere wet and rainy? You’ll want to opt for a more rugged tote bag that features waterproof or resistant materials like nylon or polyester for protecting items. Leather tote bags work well for air travel or office days, but you’ll likely want to skip bringing it to the beach or for camping where you may speed up the wear and tear on the bag.

Consider organization and size requirements

When it comes to traveling by air, you’ll want to look at dimensions, organization, and other helpful features like trolley sleeves, USB ports, and convertible straps. For outdoor activities like camping and beach days, a spacious and flexible tote bag can be helpful for packing bulky items. We recommend packable or foldable tote bags for travelers looking for a backup bag to keep in a purse or suitcase, rather than using it as a bag to commute or fly with since they can lack structure and organizational features.

Prioritize comfort

Tote bags can be hard on the shoulders and hands when carried for long periods of time (i.e., navigating an airport or while out and about), so we recommend looking for lightweight materials and padded straps to reduce the possible strain. Some tote bags come with convertible straps to carry the tote as a crossbody or backpack, so be sure to look for bags with modular designs or trolley sleeves to place the bag on a suitcase if you’re looking for better portability and versatility in a tote. 

While it depends on the size of a tote bag, more often than not, it will count as a personal item or possibly a carry-on bag if it’s large enough. A personal item usually has to fit underneath an airplane seat and if it doesn’t, it could qualify as a carry-on bag, so you’ll want to double-check the size restrictions of personal items for your specific airline since it varies greatly depending on the carrier. 

Tote bags offer the ability to quickly and conveniently access items like a phone and wallet since the bag is kept closer to the front of your body compared to a backpack. Backpacks distribute the weight of your belongings better, but a comfortable tote bag should never be too cumbersome to carry. Look for features like padded handles or a convertible crossbody strap for comfort. Tote bags are also easier to take on and off while traveling, which is convenient when you’re on the go and maneuvering tight places such as airplanes, trains, and cars. 

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

T+L commerce writer, Anna Popp , writes nearly all of the team’s Travel + Leisure Tested articles and participates in product testing from luggage and shoes to outdoor gear and apparel. Anna combed through recommendations from over 30 tote bag survey submissions from travel experts and used her knowledge as an expert product tester to put together this list of the best travel tote bags. 

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Every product is independently selected by (obsessive) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

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The 14 Very Best Weekend Bags

Duffels, mini-suitcases, and backpacks for a quick weekend jaunt..

Portrait of Rachael Griffiths

Jump to section

  • Best overall
  • Best less expensive
  • Best for light packers
  • Best backpacks
  • Best suitcases
  • Best for camping
  • Best for organized packers
  • Best monogrammable

Halfway through college , shoulders aching as I traveled to visit my long-distance boyfriend, I came to a realization: Freebie tote bags alone would not do. It was time to invest in a well-designed weekender. The ideal weekend bag should fit your essentials (from toiletries to underwear) but still be lightweight, compact, and durable. To make sense of options ranging from duffels to mini-suitcases, we spoke to travel experts , bloggers, and Strategist staffers about their favorites.

What we’re looking for

A weekend bag may go straight from a car to a hotel room, or it may be put through its paces on a multiday  hiking  trip. Depending on your  destination , a weather-resistant bag could be a smart choice, whereas for more rough-and-tumble travel like camping, a ripstop fabric will make sure that any damage stays contained. We’ve included professional-looking nylon bags, polycarbonate  suitcases , and durable  synthetic leather  that have lasted through years of travel.

Packing one pair of  jeans  for a whole trip or multiple outfit changes per day is a personal choice, but you should know your tendencies before selecting a bag. Below, we’ve noted the volume of each bag, which ranges from 25 to 60 liters, so there’s a size for everyone from  minimalists  to shameless overpackers.

Since most of these bags are not on wheels — meaning you’ll be lugging them around on your  shoulder  or  back  most of the time — their unfilled weight is an important consideration.

Method of carry

Sometimes a  backpack  is the most comfortable way to carry your belongings; other times, a  cross-body  strap makes more sense. Many of our picks have multiple carry options (and some are removable), so you’ll be sure to find a bag that won’t weigh you down even when it’s filled to bursting.

Best overall weekend bag

Patagonia Black Hole 40L Duffel Bag

Materials: Recycled polyester ripstop with weather-resistant TPU-film laminate | Capacity: 40 liters | Weight: 2.5 pounds | Method of carry: Top handles, backpack straps, and sling strap

This soft-side duffel has won the endorsement of  multiple  Strategist editors thanks to its durability, impressive capacity, and lifetime guarantee. Laminated fabric and a water-repellent coating protect the duffel from the elements and any damage that may occur in transit while keeping it lightweight (under three pounds). Senior editor Simone Kitchens has the larger 55-liter version and  loves  the “zillion separate little pockets and perfectly sized compartments for things like chargers and night guards and passports and AirPods, as well as slim sleeves for a laptop and magazines.” If you plan to take your Black Hole hiking, you can   trade the cushioned sling strap for padded backpack straps, which is associate editor Louis Cheslaw’s favorite way to carry the Black Hole. Bonus: Patagonia will repair, replace, or refund your bag in the event it gets damaged, even if you purchase it from other retailers.

Best less expensive weekend bag

S-ZONE Canvas Duffel Bag

Materials: High-density cotton canvas | Capacity: 43 liters | Weight: 2.45 pounds| Method of carry: Top handles, detachable shoulder strap

At $45, you won’t beat this Strategist best seller first recommended by P​​hil Dengler, co-founder of travel journal  The Vacationer ,  in a previous version of this story. Today, he still stands by his pick, calling the canvas duffel absolutely comparable to, if not better than, its more expensive counterparts, and citing durability as one of its best qualities. After several years of use that includes many instances in which it was forced into tight compartments between other bags, the duffel remains in great shape, Dengler says. He appreciates that the bag is roomy, lightweight, and comfortable to carry, making it a serious upgrade from the heavy, bulky carry-on he used to use. “While not the fanciest bag, it still looks great and is built for the long haul,” Dengler concludes.

Best weekend bag for light packers

Lo & Sons The O.G. 2

Materials: Nylon | Capacity: 25 liters | Weight: 2.6 pounds| Method of carry: Shoulder strap, removable messenger strap

Travel journalist  Maggie Espinosa  recommends this sleek, well-made nylon bag that she has used for over eight years as both a  carry-on  and a weekend bag. With a capacity of 25 liters, it’s best for light packers, but on a recent trip, it managed to fit a handmade pottery  planter  from Oaxaca comfortably. Espinosa praises the bag’s abundant compartments — one for shoes, another for a  laptop , and an outer pocket for  toiletries  — that help keep her belongings organized. She adds that it’s a suitable choice for business travel with polished accents like Nappa leather and gold hardware.

Alexandra Baackes,  travel blogger  and founder of  WanderWomenRetreats , likes how the bag’s side pocket can be fully unzipped. That makes it easy to slip over the handles of a wheeled carry-on during trips when she’s packing a little more. “The small carry-on goes in the overhead, and the Lo & Sons goes at my feet with all in-air essentials, from laptop to lavender pulse point,” she says.

Best waterproof weekend bag for light packers

Canvelle Waterproof Weekender

Material: Machine washable canvas | Capacity: 23 liters | Weight: 1.8 pounds | Method of carry: Padded strap and handles

This is the weekender I’ve been loving this summer. It’s great on its own, but crucially, it comes with a trolley sleeve — meaning it can be slipped over the handles of your carry-on case in the airport. Since the brand sent it to me to test in June, I’ve taken it to Glastonbury (where its waterproof status was thoroughly tested thanks to heavy showers) and for weekend trips to my friends’ houses. Although it has a capacity of 23 liters, one of the smallest in this list, it has plenty of space for a few changes of clothes, some books, a hair dryer, a toiletries bag, and my glasses case. It also has a handy, padded laptop sleeve, so you can slip your laptop out without fuss whenever you need it, as well as other zipper pockets for smaller essentials. I’m a big fan of the straps, too: They’re the perfect length to sit on your shoulders without sliding off.

Best weekend tote for light packers

LeSportsac Everyday Zip Tote

Materials: Recycled nylon | Capacity: 24 liters | Weight: 2.4 pounds | Method of carry: Top handles

Co-founder of Rifle Paper Anna Bond travels with this classic everyday tote from LeSportsac. It’s made from tough, recycled nylon and features a zip that runs across the lip of the bag, which Bond says is “a huge plus when I’m going to the office or traveling.” The bag has plenty of deep pockets for keeping things organized — or stowing unexpected cargo. “Every day is a little different, but as a working mom, I sometimes need room for my laptop as well as for items for my son,” says Bond.

Best weekend backpack for light packers

Roka Finchley A Large Backpack

Materials: Triple-coated recycled canvas | Capacity: 20 liters | Weight: 1.42 pounds | Method of carry: Backpack straps and top handles

Writer Rebecca Selkirk travels frequently and doesn’t like to pay for a checked bag. Her solution is to fold away all of her weekend essentials into this Roka backpack. It’s available in three sizes, and Selkirk recommends the largest option, which can store the equivalent of 20 liters’ worth of luggage and still be considered a “personal item.” Selkirk says, “You can easily take all your essentials plus some nonessentials — I can fit my camera, tripod, and action cam in it.” The bag has specific pockets for a laptop, phone, and water bottle , so you’ll know where everything is without too much rummaging.

Best weatherproof weekend bag

Herschel Novel Duffel Bag

Materials: Synthetic leather | Capacity: 42.5 liters | Weight: 2.23 pounds | Method of carry: Top handles, removable shoulder strap

This duffel is the constant companion of Dymphe Mensink, who runs the blog  Dymabroad , on her frequent one- to three-day trips. Mensink says the synthetic-leather fabric is very durable, and despite the amount of travel it has endured, it has yet to see any noticeable damage. The waterproof zipper and weather-resistant exterior are huge pluses for Mensink, who has been caught in the rain several times and happily discovered her items never got damp. When traveling to Paris, Pisa, and London, Mensink says she has consistently been surprised by how much she can fit into this bag — including  chargers ,  headphones , cash, and a few outfit changes. She adds that even when it’s packed to the gills, the duffel is comfortable to carry, thanks to the padded shoulder strap.

Best weekend backpack

Timbuk2 Never Check Expandable Backpack

Materials: Nylon | Capacity: 24.5 liters (27.5 liters when expanded) | Weight: 2.6 pounds | Method of carry: Backpack straps and top handles

This is the backpack I’ve been whizzing around Europe with this spring. It counts as a personal item on most European airlines and stows easily beneath the seat in front of me on planes and trains. But it’s still pretty roomy: On a recent trip to Paris, I packed three days’ worth of clothes and toiletries without even having to expand it (including a big puffy summer dress that’s truly not compact at all). Thanks to the padded straps, it was hours and hours before I got an ache in my shoulder from traipsing around galleries. Luckily, it also has a lengthy top strap so you can carry it like a duffel to give your shoulders a break. My favorite feature, though, is the padded laptop pocket at the back — which means you don’t have to fish through your bag for your electronics at security. And when I’m having a proper break — i.e., not traveling with my laptop — I put my book and journal in there, so I can slide them out without fuss.

Best suitcase for weekend trips

LEVEL8 Luminous Textured Carry-On Luggage

Materials: Germany Makrolon® polycarbonate hard-shell material | Capacity: 41 liters | Weight: 10.6 pounds | Method of carry: 3-step aluminum telescopic handle

When a suitcase feels more appropriate for her travels, Mensink prefers this scratch-resistant  carry-on . She has no problem fitting her collapsible tripod,  camera  lenses, external  hard drive , and tablet, and she takes advantage of the internal mesh dividers to  organize  her tech on one side and clothes on the other. Even when fully loaded, the well-balanced suitcase won’t fall over, which hasn’t always been the case with luggage Mensink has used in the past. The 360-degree spinner wheels are supersmooth (and quiet), so Mensink has no problem dragging this carry-on over inconsistent city sidewalks. She notes that she hasn’t “seen a more expensive suitcase that would be better than this one” and even influenced a friend to pick up the same model.

Best suitcase with built-in wardrobe for weekend trips

Solgaard Carry-On Closet

Materials: Polycarbonate shell and aluminum frame | Capacity: 39 liters | Weight: 8.1 pounds | Method of carry: Spinner wheels and telescopic handle

Kiki Reginato, New York Magazine’s senior director of e-commerce operations, says that she’s “completely obsessed” with her carry-on closet suitcase. It looks like a standard carry-on, but features a compressed packing system when you open it, pulling out into a shelving system. Reginato says that “the genius system means that you never have to unpack” — a time-saver when your trip is so brief. In this size, the case has 360-degree spinner wheels and is small enough to work as a carry-on for both U.S. and European budget airlines.

Best rolling weekend bag

Hulken Bag

Materials: Coated polypropylene plastic with stainless steel wheels | Capacity: 30 liters | Weight: 2.8 pounds | Method of carry: Handles and elongated pull-strap

Hair and makeup artist  Gabriella Mancha  rolls this Hulken bag from shoot to shoot, and it translates as well to a weekend away. She says it’s great for essentials, including her kits and a water bottle, as well as “odds and ends” like hair extensions and wigs. Mancha appreciates the bag’s finish — a metallic polypropylene plastic with two sturdy coated black straps. Ultimately, though, the stainless-steel wheels make it one of her go-tos, as her job “can give anyone back problems,” so a rolling bag is always ideal.

Best weekend backpack for camping

Teton Sports Hiker 3700 Backpack

Materials: Double-line ripstop nylon | Capacity: 60 liters | Weight: 4 pounds | Method of carry: Backpack-style harness and waist belt

Chyla Anderson, founder of  Outdoorism , an apparel brand geared toward Black women and other underrepresented communities in the outdoor-recreation space, relies on this backpack that has served her well on multiday  backpacking  trips as well as  camping  weekends. Even though she has had the same one for seven years, it still looks brand-new and outshines a lot of the other bigger-name brands Anderson was considering, which often run up to $200. On excursions to Kilimanjaro, Joshua Tree, and Sequoia, she uses the numerous compartments to keep everything organized and easily accessible. Since you’ll likely be trekking with this pack, comfort is key, and Anderson is quick to assure that you can customize the fit with the adjustable torso and waist belts.

Best weekend bag for organized packers

Tobiq The Vik Travel Duffel

Materials: PVC-coated tarpaulin, kodra | Capacity: 60 liters | Weight: 2.5 pounds | Method of carry: Stowaway backpack straps, removable shoulder strap, top handles

Junior writer Sanibel Chai is such a fan of this uniquely designed bag that she sang its praises in May’s  Strategist Haul . Similar to the Patagonia Black Hole, you can carry it several different ways, and the backpack straps stow away so they’re not dangling when you don’t need them. It diverges from the Black Hole in its interior storage, however, which is divided into four equally sized compartments. While these segments were designed with caretakers in mind (allotting each child their own compartment to keep, say, toddler snacks separate from infant formula), Chai has found this setup to be an excellent, much-easier-to-access alternative to  packing cubes  because she doesn’t have to unzip and rezip a cube each time she adds something.

“I recently took this bag on a trip to Rancho Valencia and was able to fit tennis shoes and gear in one section, pajamas and toiletries in a second, three voluminous maxi-dresses in the third, and my tennis clothes in the last one,” says Chai. The bag’s oversize pulls make it easy to yank toward you or open a stuffed compartment. As a final tip for “the mess- and/or accident-prone traveler,” she notes the bag’s slick, wipe-down tarpaulin “and the base’s puncture-resistant kodra, which was originally developed for WWII equipment.”

[Editor’s note: The Vik Travel Duffle is currently out of stock, but you can sign up for restock notifications on the product page , or you can browse Tobiq’s similar 60L travel duffels .]

Best monogrammable weekend bag

Paravel Weekender

Materials: Ecocraft canvas | Capacity: 29.4 liters | Weight: 2.4 pounds | Method of carry: Trolley handle straps, removable shoulder strap

For a structured bag with an especially stylish silhouette, consider this weekender that Robert Khederian, a former Curbed staffer and current  Compass broker , recommends. Stain-repellent silicone coats the canvas exterior (and keeps your stuff dry), which is accented with recycled vegan leather for a “classic yet distinctive” profile. For a trip length of two to three days, Khederian finds this weekend bag “roomy without being cumbersome,” but expects that an exceptionally light packer might be able to squeeze a few more nights out of it. On longer trips when you use this bag as a carry-on, a pass-through panel allows you to slip it over your suitcase handle. If you really want yours to stand out from the crowd, you can get it  monogrammed , starting at $25 for embroidered letters and $75 for hand-painted emojis.

Some other weekend bags we’ve written about

Longchamp Le Pliage Expandable Travel Duffel Nylon Weekender

Our experts

• Chyla Anderson, founder of Outdoorism • Alexandra Baackes, travel blogger and founder of WanderWomenRetreats • Anna Bond, co-founder of Rifle Paper • Sanibel Chai, writer • Louis Cheslaw, Strategist associate editor • Phil Dengler, co-founder of travel journal The Vacationer • Maggie Espinosa , travel journalist • Robert Khederian, a former Curbed staffer and current Compass broker • Simone Kitchens, Strategist senior editor • Nikko Lencek-Inagaki , director of design and merchandising at Freemans Sporting Club • Gabriella Mancha , hair and makeup artist • Dymphe Mensink, who runs the blog Dymabroad • Kiki Reginato, New York Magazine’s senior director of ecommerce operations • Rebecca Selkirk , travel writer

Additional reporting by Lauren Ro, Trupti Rami, Ambar Pardilla, Sanibel Chai.

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Best Luggage For Long Trips in 2023: In-depth Reviews

Appliances radar team ,  camilla j.   nov 2, 2023 9:08 pm.

Are you planning a long trip in 2023 and don't know what luggage to bring? Well, you've come to the right place! In this blog post, we will be reviewing the best luggage for long trips.

We will also discuss some of the features that you should look for when choosing luggage. So, if you're looking for some help choosing the right luggage, then keep reading!

Our top picks

Best for business or leisure :  LEVEL8  LA-6576-06T00

The LEVEL8 Grace EXT Carry-On Luggage is the perfect travel companion for business or leisure. The expandable design offers more packing capacity, while the front laptop compartment makes it easy to access your electronics. The lightweight yet durable shell is made of ABS+PC materials and features a 3-layer micro-diamond textured surface that is solid and anti-scratch.

The 8 rubber-covered spinner wheels and sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle make it easy to maneuver, and the recessed TSA combination lock provides security during international travel. The spacious interior features cross straps and dividers for ease-packing.

Best design:  COOLIFE luggage for long trips

The Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase PC+ABS 3 Piece Set with TSA Lock Spinner Carry on 20in24in28in (Teal, 3 piece set) is made from ABS+PC material, which is durable and lighter than a hard shell. It features a textured finish to prevent scratches and has a fashionable business design that will make your luggage eye-catching.

The 20inch and 24inch luggage are perfect for business and personal travel, while the 28in a suitcase is expandable, adding 15% more space. The quiet airplane spinner wheels and adjustable 3-level 100%pure aluminum telescoping handle allow you to quickly maneuver in tight spaces. 

COOLIFE Luggage Expandable Suitcase PC+ABS 3 Piece Set with TSA Lock Spinner Carry on 20in24in28in (Teal, 3 piece set)

Best for a  LONG VACATION :  Samsonite 68308-1596

The Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels is made of micro-diamond polycarbonate material that is scratch-resistant, making it perfect for those who travel frequently. It also features side-mounted TSA locks to deter theft and four multi-directional spinner wheels for easy maneuverability.

Plus, the 10-year limited warranty ensures that this luggage will withstand the rigors of travel. So whether you're going on a quick business trip or a long vacation, the Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels is a perfect choice.

Bestquality:  LONG VACATION LV40001

The LONG VACATION Luggage 3 Piece Set is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a high-quality, reliable luggage set that will make travel a breeze. This set includes a 20-inch carry-on that meets airline overhead bin size restrictions, as well as a 24-inch and 28-inch check-in luggage, making it the perfect companion for long trips with family or friends.

The 4 silent spinner wheels allow for smooth movement and very high ride comfort, and the luggage has passed the drop loading test and wheel rolling test, making it a great choice for those who are looking for long-term use. 

Best for traveling:  TUMI 117168-1041

The TUMI - Alpha 3 Worldwide Trip Expandable 4-Wheeled Packing Case Suitcase is perfect for extended trips. Featuring an extra-large packing compartment that can be expanded up to 2", this suitcase has multiple interior zip pockets to keep smaller essentials organized. With split case zip entry to the main compartment and U-zip pockets for easy access to items, this suitcase has it all.

Plus, the impact-resistant DuraFold construction and protective bumper rails provide added durability and peace of mind. And for ultimate convenience, the telescopic X-Brace 45 Handle System makes it easy to navigate through any airport or crowded city street. 

More recommendations: Best Overnight Duffle Bag in 2022 - Top rate & In-depth Reviews The 10 Best Cheap Luggage - Best Deals in 2022 The Best Budget Luggage Set in 2022 - Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Compare Products

TUMI - Alpha 3 Worldwide Trip Expandable 4 Wheeled Packing Case Suitcase - Rolling Luggage for Men and Women - Black

TUMI - Alpha 3 Worldwide Trip Expandable 4 Wheeled Packing Case Suitcase - Rolling Luggage for Men and Women - Black

AR Score is a scoring system developed by our experts. The score is from 0 to 10 based on the data collected by the Appliances Radar tool. This score doesn't impact from any manufacturer or sales agent websites. Learn more

Best In Class Functionality: Great for extended trips, this packing case features an extra-large packing compartment that can be expanded up to 2". Multiple interior zip pockets keep smaller essentials organized. Additional features include split case zip entry to main compartment with security zipper, U-zip pockets for easy access to items and multiple interior and exterior organizer pockets

Innovation By Design: Ultra-durable FXT Ballistic nylon. Impact resistant DuraFold construction with molded impact-resistant side panels and protective bumper rails. Impact absorbing aircraft grade aluminum 2-stage telescopic X-Brace 45 Handle System as well as retractable top, side, and bottom grab handles. Dual-coil zipper break away design. Exclusive complimentary TUMI Tracer program to help find lost or stolen items

Integrated TSA Lock: Dual integrated lock allow for both front and main opening be locked.

Easy Glide Wheels: State-of-the-art dual spinner wheel system ensures effortless maneuverability in every direction

Dimensions: 34" x 22" x 13"; Expanded depth: 15"; Weight: 18.6 lbs

Customer Reviews

LONG VACATION Luggage 3 Piece Set ABS Hardshell Lightweight Suitcase with TSA Lock Spinner Wheels 20in24in28in (Black)

LONG VACATION Luggage 3 Piece Set ABS Hardshell Lightweight Suitcase with TSA Lock Spinner Wheels 20in24in28in (Black)


Luggage Set: 20inch carry on meets airline overhead bin size-restrictions and is good choice for staying light. 24inch and 28inch check in luggage are good companion for long trip with family or friends.

4 Silent Spinner Wheels: all directional spinner wheels allow smooth movement and very high ride comfort. Luggage passed the drop loading test and wheel rolling test. Best choice for long time usage.

3 Level Telescoping Handle: you can easily drag with 3-step ergonomic trolley handle providing easy maneuverability and relieving arm pressure while on the movement.

Side-Mounted TSA Lock: TSA approved combination lock makes your personal belongings safe from theft when traveling.

Durable ABS Material: with durable ABS material for hardside and fully-lined interior, this luggage could satisfy all your needs in traveling. Interior zippered divider helps you keep everything organized. This bag comes with 2 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Navy, Carry-On 20-Inch

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Navy, Carry-On 20-Inch

  • Brand Samsonite

20" SPINNER LUGGAGE maximizes your packing power and meets most carry-on size restrictions for those traveling domestically and looking to stay light

PACKING Dimensions: 19" x 14.5" x 9.5", Overall Dimensions: 22" x 15" x 9.5", Weight: 6.81 lbs.

10 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Samsonite products are rigorously tested to ensure our products meet stringent standards. This bag comes with a 10-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

MICRO-DIAMOND POLYCARBONATE texture is extremely scratch-resistant, keeping cases beautiful trip after trip

SIDE-MOUNTED TSA LOCKS act to deter theft, ensuring that only you or a TSA agent have easy access to your belongings when traveling

FOUR, MULTI-DIRECTIONAL OVERSIZED SPINNER WHEELS for effortless mobility, re-engineered lightweight

BOOK OPENING CASE with mesh divider and cross straps in main compartment with a zipped modesty pocket

EXPANSION to allow you to pack more items and compression keeps clothing neatly pressed

PUSH-BUTTON locking handles provides easy maneuverability when extended out from the suitcase, and stores neatly inside when not in use

COOLIFE Luggage Expandable Suitcase PC+ABS 3 Piece Set with TSA Lock Spinner Carry on 20in24in28in (Teal, 3 piece set)

COOLIFE Luggage Expandable Suitcase PC+ABS 3 Piece Set with TSA Lock Spinner Carry on 20in24in28in (Teal, 3 piece set)

  • Brand Coolife

ABS+PC material, durable and lighter hard shell, features textured finish to prevent against scratches. Fashionable business design makes your luggage eye-catching.

20inch and 24inch luggage is perfect for business and personal travel, 28in is expandable add 15% to the scalable space.

Quiet airplane spinner wheels and an adjustable 3-level 100%pure aluminum telescoping handle allow you to quickly maneuver in tight spaces and it’s sturdier than most of the telescoping handle on the market. The unique shaped multi-directional 360°silent wheels will not make any noise when being rotated and it’s more durable in structure.

TSA lock which allows only TSA agents to inspect your bags without damaging the lock.

Worldwide 2 year warranty.

COOLIFE Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Hardshell Lightweight TSA Lock 3 Piece Set (sakura pink)

COOLIFE Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Hardshell Lightweight TSA Lock 3 Piece Set (sakura pink)

Warranty:Two Years Warranty. Please note that ONLY FAMILY SET has 4 pcs, please ignore the product’s title and select the set you want.

3 piece luggage set 20 inch,24 inch,28 inch upright, can be stored one into another.100% ABS, Lightweight yet extremely durable abs material.

Spinner wheels, multidirectional smooth and silent 360°wheels. Upgrade With TSA-Accepted Lock for security and peace of mind.

Sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle

Interior mesh zip pocket and elasticated,Squared full-capacity design

LEVEL8 Grace EXT Carry On Luggage, 20” Expandable Hardside Suitcase, ABS+PC Harshell Spinner Luggage with TSA Lock, Spinner Wheels - Blue, 20-Inch Carry-On

LEVEL8 Grace EXT Carry On Luggage, 20” Expandable Hardside Suitcase, ABS+PC Harshell Spinner Luggage with TSA Lock, Spinner Wheels - Blue, 20-Inch Carry-On

  • Brand LEVEL8

EXPANDABLE Grace EXT (6576 Series) for more packing capacity.

FRONT LAPTOP COMPARTMENT for easily accessing electronics. Separate electronics from clothes. Expandable case design for added packing capacity. Suggested laptop 15.6 inche.

LIGHTWEIGHT YET DURABLE shells made of PC+ABS materials, designed with 3-layer micro-diamond textured surface make it solid and anti-scratch.

8 RUBBER-COVERED 360-DEGREE SPINNER WHEELS and sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle for effortless mobility.

RECESSED TSA COMBINATION LOCK provides security during international travel.

SPACIOUS INTERIOR features cross straps and dividers for ease-packing.Multiple pockets to keep belongings neatly organized.

OVERALL DIMENSION: 21.8” x 14.5” x 9.8” (Including wheels and handles). Expands an additional 1.57” width. Weight: 9 lbs. Packing Capacity: 36 L to 42L. Perfect for business short trip.

COOLIFE Luggage 4 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Hardshell Lightweight TSA Lock (Family Set-Sky Blue)

COOLIFE Luggage 4 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Hardshell Lightweight TSA Lock (Family Set-Sky Blue)

LONG VACATION Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase ABS Hardshell with Spinner Wheels and TSA Lock 20in 24in 28in (Navy)

LONG VACATION Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase ABS Hardshell with Spinner Wheels and TSA Lock 20in 24in 28in (Navy)

Luggage Set: 20'' carry on suitcase meets carry-on size requirements and overhead bin compartments and is ideal for short trips, while the 24'' and 28'' luggage are perfect for longer trip.

Durable material: made of 100% ABS material, which makes the hardside exterior more durable and lightweight for long time use. Protective hard shell with scratch-resistant finish keeps scratch and scuff away.

Side-mounted TSA lock: TSA lock allows only TSA agents to check you bag without damaging the lock. Integrated 3-dial lock with combination keeps away from theft and ensures your belongings safe arrival.

360° Spinner Wheels and Telescoping Handle: luggage glides silently with 4 multi-directional spinner wheels. Ergonomic 3-level telescoping handle provides easy maneuverability and smooth ups and downs.

Fully Lined Interior with Mesh Pocket: spacious interior with zippered compartment and cross straps increase your packing organization. This bag comes with 2 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Nomatic Luggage- Check In Luggage Perfect for Long Trips, Hard Case Luggage for Men and Women…

Nomatic Luggage- Check In Luggage Perfect for Long Trips, Hard Case Luggage for Men and Women…

  • Brand NOMATIC

PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: The Check-In is perfect for longer, 5-10-day trips. Meant to inspire confidence for life on the move, the Check-In makes your journey seamless by giving you easy access to everything you need.

DURABLE: The Check-In is made of polycarbonate, the strongest material in its class. The silent, Hinomoto wheels are prepared for any environment and are meant to last. The Hinomoto handles are strong enough to hold heavy luggage. This bag is built to last and exceeds industry standards.

ORGANIZED: You will find that this bag is easy to pack for your 5-10-day trips. Inside, you can find custom magnetic compression straps, which help you to pack more in less space. The folding panels allow you to choose what to compress and how.

MAXIMIZE: You can maximize space with the purchase of our packing cubes which fit perfectly and allow you to pack even more. Sold separately.

Hanke Expandable Foldable Luggage Suitcase Ripstop Rolling Travel Bag Lightweight Collapsible Luggage without Telescoping Handle, Black

Hanke Expandable Foldable Luggage Suitcase Ripstop Rolling Travel Bag Lightweight Collapsible Luggage without Telescoping Handle, Black

  • Brand Hanke

EXPANDABLE: 20" suitcase (Not carry on, it's slightly larger than standard 20 in) expands into a 24’’ medium or 28" large suitcase for extra space base on your travel need.

SPACIOUS: Includes one main compartment open from the top and one zippered exterior pocket on the front. The biggest capacity is 90L, perfect large luggage bag for family trip, international travel, business trips, house-moving, etc.

FOLDABLE: Quality collapsible rolling duffel bag folds down to a compact 17.72" x 10.24" x 4.7" easy-to-store pouch when not in use.

DURABLE: Premium polyester fabric for water and tear resistant. Easy cleaning, and added durability.

EASE OF MOBILITY: Four spinner wheels makes for easy control and movement, suit for all kinds of road conditions. When it’s fully extended, please pack large but light stuff at the top, such as shoes, coats and blanket.

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Tips you should know

How to find the right luggage for long trips.

When you're preparing for a long trip, it's important to choose the right luggage. You'll need something that's big enough to hold all your belongings, but not so big that it's difficult to transport. There are a few things to keep in mind when you're choosing luggage for a long trip.

  • First, consider the size of the bag. You'll need something that's large enough to hold all your essential items, but not so large that it's difficult to carry. If you're traveling by plane, make sure to check the baggage requirements of your airline. They may have specific size restrictions for carry-on and checked luggage.
  • Second, think about the type of bag. Wheeled luggage can be convenient, but it may not be the best option if you're traveling by train or bus. Backpacks are a good choice for long trips, as they're easy to carry and usually have a lot of compartments for organizing your belongings.
  • Third, choose a bag that's comfortable to carry. If you'll be doing a lot of walking, look for a bag with comfortable straps. And make sure to try the bag on before you buy it, to ensure that it's the right size and fit for you.

LEVEL8 Grace EXT Carry On Luggage, 20” Expandable Hardside Suitcase, ABS+PC Harshell Spinner Luggage with TSA Lock, Spinner Wheels - Blue, 20-Inch Carry-On

Why should you buy luggage for long trips?

There are many reasons to buy luggage for long trips.

  • The most important reason is that it will protect your belongings from damage.
  • It is also much easier to transport your belongings when they are in a suitcase.
  • When you are packing for a long trip, you can also use the suitcase to store things that you do not need to take with you. This will make your trip much more organized and efficient.
  • Finally, a suitcase can also be used as a place to keep souvenirs from your trip. This can be a great way to remember your travels and to share your experiences with others.

Now that you know all about the best luggage for long trips, it’s time to get shopping! Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or need help choosing the perfect piece of luggage for your needs.

We can’t wait to hear about your amazing travel adventures and see all the beautiful photos you take along the way. Happy travels!

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25 Best Travel Purses That Are Actually Stylish

By Brigitt Earley and Paula Lee

25 Best Travel Purses for Carrying on Short and Long Trips in 2023

Your go-to tote bags and carryalls may be perfect for every day, but when you’re on the road, the best travel purses can make a world of a difference. Dedicated travel bags come in all shapes and sizes— fanny packs , laptop backpacks , cross-bodies , work totes , anti-theft purses, and more—but generally feature multiple compartments (hi, mesh pocket) to keep your essentials organized, a usually convertible or detachable strap that’s comfortable enough to wear all day, and even anti-theft features to secure your things against pickpockets.

Whether you’re traveling internationally (finally taking that long-awaited trip to Europe?) or planning a short weekend getaway, we typically find that the best travel bags are those that you can wear close to your body, such as a cross-body, a sling, or a belt bag . When you have a bigger haul or need a convenient carry-on, you can’t beat a smartly designed backpack or packable travel handbag.

If this sounds like the stereotypical tourist bag with a less-than-flattering design, though, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. From top-rated anti-theft purses that leave your hands free for a day of sightseeing to mom-approved diaper bags and water-repellent backpacks that’ll see you through any adventure, we’ve rounded up the most reliable and stylish travel purses that will take you from the house to the airport to your destination—and back.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: Lululemon Mini Belt Bag , $38
  • Most Versatile: Athleta All About Belt Bag , $35
  • Best Backpack: The ReNew Transit Backpack , $95
  • Best Anti-Theft Bag: Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag , $75
  • Best Cross-Body Bag: Dagne Dover Micah Water Resistant Cross-Body Bag , $110
  • Best Luxury: GG Marmont Belt Bag , $1,700
  • Most Lightweight: Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag , $20
  • Best for Airport: Cincha Travel Belt Bag , $60

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Athleta All About Belt Bag

Athleta All About Belt Bag

Fanny packs are great travel companions—they're unassuming yet have space for all the essentials you don't want to lose at the bottom of your tote. We've used this one from Athleta for running, but it's just as clutch for traveling since the front zippered pocket can hold passports, sanitizer, and other documents needed for the trip. The adjustable strap is great for converting into a waist bag when your shoulders get tired—although it's so lightweight you won't even notice it's there. The DWR finish also means you can safely wear it in the rain. Yay!

  • Pros: Lightweight; adjustable strap, easily accessible front zipper, water-resistant material
  • Cons: Small sizes makes it better suited for holding just the essentials.

Save when you shop on the best running fanny packs with these Athleta promo codes .

Everlane ReNew Transit Backpack

Everlane ReNew Transit Backpack

If you’re flying, this water-resistant backpack makes a great carry-on. You’ll breeze through security, thanks to a TSA-friendly 15-inch exterior laptop pocket and a catchall zip pocket to keep your passport and ticket at the ready. Of course, there are multiple compartments inside for everything else you need to tote: a spacious main area, a magazine and notebook pocket, and two water bottle holders. It also has a pass-through strap that attaches to rolling luggage.

  • Pros: Spacious interior plus exterior laptop pocket, side water bottle holders; can be slipped onto the luggage handles of a carry-one.
  • Cons: Water bottle pockets don't fit containers of 32 ounces or more; some reviewers say the color isn't as pictured.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag 1L

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag 1L

This waist bag, which comes in an impressive array of colors, keeps your hands free for navigating the ticket counter, shopping for souvenirs, or touring museums. It has an interior pocket that’s roomy enough for the essentials—a wallet, keys, and your cell phone—plus an exterior zippered pocket that’s sandwiched between you and the bag to protect any valuable personal items from pickpockets.

  • Pros: Comfy to wear, versatile; comes in many colors; can fit a charger
  • Cons: There are none.

Save when you shop on the best running fanny packs with these Lululemon promo codes .

Kate Spade Sam Icon KSNYL Nylon Medium Belt Bag

Kate Spade Sam Icon KSNYL Nylon Medium Belt Bag

Wear it as a belt bag or a cross-body—either way, this small nylon and leather bag is the perfect solution for day trips and other small excursions. Pop larger items like your wallet into the main compartment, and stash smaller items like keys in the exterior pocket.

  • Pros: Compact; various zippered compartments
  • Cons: Expensive

Save when you shop the best travel purses with these Kate Spade promo codes and Nordstrom promo codes .

GG Marmont Belt Bag

GG Marmont Belt Bag

If you’re on the hunt for a stylish but still relatively affordable designer bag , Gucci’s GG Marmont Belt Bag is a worthy investment you’ll have for years to come. The soft quilted leather bag with its resin strap and black brass hardware isn’t just head-turning; it’s also highly versatile. Wear it as a belt or shoulder bag.

  • Pros: Sleek design, convertible strap
  • Cons: Small; doesn't fit a ton.

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Dagne Dover Micah Water-Resistant Cross-Body Bag

Dagne Dover

Made from a unique and highly durable neoprene-like fabric, this roomy cross-body is as hardworking as they come. With three main compartments—one of which is on the backside of the bag to keep valuables safe—this purse has more space than most comparable options. It’s also water-resistant, so you won’t have to make a mad dash when the skies open up.

  • Pros: Water-resistant, roomy for its size, easy to wipe clean
  • Cons: Some reviewers say the strap is too short and they don't love the boxy shape.

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Longchamp Le Pliage 21Inch Expandable Travel Bag

Longchamp Le Pliage 21-Inch Expandable Travel Bag

A classic for a reason, Longchamp’s Expandable Travel Bag is both stylish and ultra functional. The durable water-resistant nylon bag features a one-of-a-kind zip inset that expands to meet your needs. Open it all the way to use it as a carry-on for your flight; once you’ve unpacked, size it down to hold as a purse while you tour.

  • Pros: Water-resistant, expandable
  • Cons: Some reviewers say the size is too big when unzipped; heavy to carry.

TUMI Just in Case Nylon Travel Backpack

Tumi Just in Case Nylon Travel Backpack

Tumi calls this the Just in Case backpack, because you can fold it flat and stash it in your suitcase—just in case you need extra space to bring a few souvenirs home. This particular feature also makes it easy to store when you’re not traveling. We don’t see that happening, though. The sleek bag has a roomy interior, a sizable exterior pocket, and attractive gold hardware that makes it hard to resist for everyday use.

  • Pros: Packs flat; back sleeve for slipping over suitcase handles.
  • Cons: No padded laptop pocket

Charmore Womens Travel Backpack

Charmore Women’s Travel Backpack

For proof that budget-friendly can be just as functional, peep this backpack. The faux leather looks a lot like the real thing but is fully water-resistant. It’s packed with compartments too. Inside, there are dedicated spots for documents, keys, glasses, your phone, and more. Outside, two water bottle holders serve as a home for your favorite beverage or a compact umbrella.

  • Pros: Water-resistant, wallet-friendly
  • Cons: Not super sturdy

Fjallraven Women's Kanken Mini Backpack

Fjallraven Women's Kanken Mini Backpack

Available in a whopping 45 colors, there’s something to suit every personality and style. But it’s not all about aesthetics. This compact backpack is super lightweight, so you can carry the essentials in one of four compartments—a main pocket, a zippered exterior pocket, and two side pockets—on an all-day tour without growing tired and sore. As a nice bonus, the durable canvas-like fabric is dirt- and water-resistant and wipes clean.

  • Pros: Popular style, great gift for teens ; lots of colors, durable canvas
  • Cons: Not super big

Coach Kitt Messenger Crossbody

Coach Kitt Messenger Cross-Body

If your travel plans include concerts, sporting events, and other venues that don’t allow large bags, make sure to pack a compact purse like this one. Not only does this leather option look great; it has two convenient compartments, including an outside open pocket for easy access to your tickets.

  • Pros: Compact; easy access to essentials

Rebecca Minkoff MAB CrossBody

Rebecca Minkoff MAB Cross-Body

A fantastic day-to-night option, this cross-body is made of buttery-soft lambskin that looks super sophisticated and features multiple pockets inside and out as well as an adjustable strap for continued comfort.

  • Pros: Adjustable shoulder strap, versatile design

Travelon AntiTheft Classic Messenger Bag

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

If you’re worried about security, you can’t beat Travelon’s anti-theft features. The bag has a hidden slash-proof chain link construction and a cut-proof shoulder strap, plus a locking zipper to keep your wallet and travel documents as safe as can be. There are plenty of organizational features to love too: slots for credit cards, pockets for notebooks and documents, a water bottle holder, and an expansion pocket for larger items like a camera or sunglasses.

  • Pros: Anti-theft design; utilitarian
  • Cons: Smaller than expected; water bottle pocket doesn't hold larger sizes.

Cuyana Recycled Overnight

Cuyana Recycled Overnight

It may be made out of recycled plastic, but this travel purse is as easy on the eyes as any. Available in two sophisticated shades—cappuccino and black, both with brass hardware—the bag is constructed with three spacious compartments, protective metal feet, sturdy handles, and cross-body straps for versatility.

  • Pros: Comes in two sizes; convertible straps, eco-friendly design.

Lesportsac x Warm  Wonderful AEC Shoulder Bag

LeSportsac x Warm & Wonderful AEC Shoulder Bag

Rowing Blazers

A nod to Princess Diana’s iconic black sheep sweater, this limited edition mini hobo is part of a LeSportsac and Warm & Wonderful collaboration (designed by the Rowing Blazers ’ creative director Jack Carlson). The adjustable strap converts it from shoulder to cross-body, the ripstop nylon is durable, and there are pockets aplenty—in short, it’s a charming take on a classic travel purse.

  • Pros: Durable material, convertible strap, interior and exterior pockets
  • Cons: On the smaller size

Calpak Luka Belt Bag

Calpak Luka Belt Bag

With a matte puffy look, this adjustable waist bag is stylish, practical, and comfortable against the body. It’s generously sized and features a hidden outside pocket to fit a passport or a phone. Pair it with the coordinating duffel for a sleek set.

  • Pros: Lightweight, versatile; scratch-resistant material

Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag

Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag

This best-selling half-moon bag from Uniqlo is deceptively large (I’ve fit a water bottle and Kindle in it, along with my other essentials) and has interior slip pockets. It’s also very lightweight, packs flat, and will serve you long after you return from your trip.

  • Pros : Lightweight, affordable, roomy; seven colors
  • Cons : No interior zip pocket

Free People Movement Renegade Sling

Free People Movement Renegade Sling

Free People

Sling bags lend themselves very well for a day of exploring. This thoughtful, sporty design has multiple compartments, a front pocket to stash your phone, and a padded strap for comfort.

  • Pros: Lots of convenient compartments, padded strap, seven colors
  • Cons: Side water bottle holder fits only smaller sizes.

Save when you shop the best travel purses with these Free People promo codes .

Aloha Collection Pinstripe Mini Hip Pack

Aloha Collection Pinstripe Mini Hip Pack

Aloha Collection’s bags are all “splash-proof” and water-resistant, ideal if you’re headed to a rainy destination, beach locale, or even a theme park. This belt bag is super lightweight (clocking in at a little over three ounces), so you won’t be dragged down when wearing it for extended periods of time.

  • Pros: Water-resistant, lightweight; packs flat
  • Cons: Small

Baggallini Pocket Crossbody Travel Bag with RFID

Baggallini Pocket Crossbody Travel Bag with RFID

No need to worry about identity theft with this cross-body that will keep you safe on the go. Stash your credit cards and ID in the removable wristlet with built-in RFID blocking technology. Plus, there’s a back pocket for quick phone access.

  • Pros: Anti-theft RFID technology, removable wristlet, organizational features; machine-washable
  • Cons: Compact size; some reviewers wish the shoulder strap were more substantial.

Mali  Lili Mackenzie Water Resistant Nylon Crossbody Bag

Mali + Lili Mackenzie Water Resistant Nylon Cross-Body Bag

A cute and colorful take on the trendy nylon bags, this affordable cross-body version is perfect for a city escapade. The little detachable pouch is useful for AirPods or lip balm, and there’s a back slip pocket for other items you want easily accessible, such as a transit card.

  • Pros: Water-resistant material, clip-on pouch, printed lining so you can see your things
  • Cons: Available only in green

Madewell The Transport Camera Bag

Madewell The Transport Camera Bag

Prefer a leather bag? This vintage-y structured camera bag style gets better with age and embodies that life-well-traveled feel. It has an exterior front pocket and an interior slip pocket and also comes with interchangeable strap options (leather and webbed) so you can switch up the looks. Opt for the larger size if you want to fit an actual camera in your purse.

  • Pros: Two straps; available in a larger size
  • Cons: No inside zip pocket

Away F.A.R Messenger 16L

Away FAR Messenger 16L

Throw everything into this roomy yet lightweight messenger bag, from snacks and a water bottle to a tablet or even laptop (there’s an interior slip for it). There’s also a hidden side pocket on the outside so you can easily get ahold of your phone or passport without having to frantically dig around.

  • Pros: Lightweight, durable; trolley sleeve

Bis Backpack

Béis Backpack

This cotton backpack with faux-leather trim has dedicated space for almost everything to keep you organized: padded laptop sleeve, inside elastic compression straps, water bottle holders, key leash, and inside zip compartments. We also appreciate the full zip opening that opens flat and lets you easily find what you’re looking for.

  • Pros: Full zipper opening, minimal and versatile design, lots of pockets, cushioned straps
  • Cons: Some reviewers note that the water bottle pockets don’t expand when the bag is full.

Cincha Travel Belt Bag

Cincha Travel Belt Bag

When you’re wrestling with multiple bags at the airport (guilty), it’s helpful to have a belt bag on you. This one pulls double duty: In addition to being worn as a sling, it functions as a clever travel belt to keep your personal bag fastened on top of your roller suitcase—no more slipping or sliding around when you’re in a rush.

  • Pros: Versatile design, secure zipper closure, back exterior pocket; water-resistant

We Can’t Take Away Your Commute&-But These Backpacks Will Make It Better

By Talia Abbas

20 Designer Diaper Bags for the Stylish Mom

By Brigitt Earley

The Best Sweatpants to Refresh Your Loungewear Game

We've been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process.

23 Best Tote Bags for Every Occasion

Finally, a bag that can actually fit everything.

Headshot of Emma Seymour

Tote bags are now available in more styles and materials than ever, including office-appropriate leather and beachy canvas, as well as simple lightweight designs and machine-washable fabrics. But the right tote bag for you can be tough to find. That's why the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab did the research and testing to find the best tote bags for every occasion, style and preference. After testing 20 different bags out firsthand and surveying GH analysts and editors for their favorites, we think these are the best tote bags you can buy .

Our top picks:

Transport Tote

Best Overall Tote Bag

Madewell transport tote.

Standard Baggu

Best Value Tote Bag

Baggu standard baggu.

Orion Tote Large

Best Travel Tote Bag

Herschel orion tote large.

Haven Laptop Tote Bag

Best Laptop Tote Bag

Calpak haven laptop tote bag.

Side-Cinch Shopper Bag 18L

Best Gym Tote Bag

Lululemon side-cinch shopper bag 18l.

Classic Italian Leather Tote

Best Value Leather Tote

Quince classic italian leather tote.

Vida Cotton Tote Bag

Best Large Tote Bag

Dagne dover vida cotton tote bag.

Medium Metro Deluxe Tote

Best Tote Bag for Commuting

Mz wallace medium metro deluxe tote.

Origami Large

Best Work Tote Bag

Lux and nyx origami large.

Boat and Tote

Best Beach Tote Bag

L.l. bean boat and tote.

After browsing our top picks to find the right option for you, be sure to check out our recommendations for the best fanny packs and travel backpacks , too.

Madewell's Transport Totes are best-sellers for a reason: the supple leather is beautiful and the interior is roomy , making them an ideal everyday wear. "I love how spacious and structured it is," says Lexie Sachs , executive director of the GH Institute Textiles Lab. "I have other leather totes that are more saggy and flexible, but I like how this one kept its shape. It really has been so versatile for me — I've used it for work, with my kids and going to events, and it has always fit everything I've needed." We also love the smaller style with a front pocket .

Never use a plastic shopping bag ever again with this trendy pick. Baggu's lightweight totes are popular for a reason: They're compact with an included carrying case for easy toting, available in tons of fun patterns and affordable at just $14. Plus, they're versatile enough to take to the beach, grocery store or brunch."This small, compact tote bag is ideal to throw in my purse when I don't want to schlep a huge bag but might buy something when I'm out," says one GH textiles analyst. "I'm constantly impressed with just how much it can fit."

a model with pink nails holding a folded yellow with smiley faces baggu standard baggu tote bag, good housekeeping's testing for best tote bags

Traveling can be stressful, so you need a bag that keeps all your important documents within arm's reach for an easier airport experience and a zippered top to keep them protected. This tote has an organized interior that testers said held everything they needed and more. It also features a backstrap that slides over your carry-on handle — ideal when navigating a busy airport or train station. With chic leather detailing, it's also nice enough to wear to dinner or the office. Just take note that while this tote is within the size limits to be a personal item when flying, it isn't as large as some of our other picks on this list.

Bring your laptop to and from the office with this well-organized laptop bag that includes an internal organizational pouch with a padded laptop sleeve and compartments for loose items that usually end up at the bottom of your bag, like your keys, wallet, pens, gum and more. Testers loved that the inner bag zipped shut to keep everything protected when traveling with electronics. This style is currently available in eight shades with excellent travel features like a trolley sleeve and an adjustable shoulder strap, too.

This simple tote from Lululemon is very lightweight while having a spacious interior. "I love the simplicity of this large tote," says Laurie Jennings , general manager of the Good Housekeeping Institute "It's super easy to wipe clean and very durable. It's a great carryall for gym essentials but also looks good when I'm running all over the city. " It uses water repellent fabric and has a cinch top to help keep your items secure.

Luxury leather goods usually cost hundreds of dollars, but this Quince tote is a total steal at $100 . Testers especially liked "the look of the tote bag and how easy it is to pack" with roomy internal pockets for excellent organization, but note it's on the heavier side (to be expected with leather materials) and isn't as luxe as the Cuyana pick on this list. It has a smooth finish and a flat bottom to stand upright, even when empty.

Fitting everything in your bag is usually a challenge but this massive tote truly has a spot for everything. " I liked how much I could fit inside and still have it organized," said one of our testers. There are an impressive amount of pockets: wide pockets on the outside and zippered internal compartments as well. It has small top handles and longer over-the-shoulder handles for easy toting. Ideal to use for beach vacations and road trips, many GH staffers swear that this is the ultimate parenting tote bag as well — plus it's a recent Good Housekeeping Family Travel Awards winner .

Featuring a zippered top to keep your belongings safe, this chic, quilted bag is ideal for commuting. Impressed with its spacious interior, one GH staffer raves that " this tote has a lot of pockets and a lot of give so you can really load it up ." Other testers said they love that this tote easily fits their laptop, books, lunchbox and a change of shoes — a commuter's dream. Plus, the longer crossbody strap makes it more comfortable to carry a larger load. Testers were mixed on how professional this bag looks with its quilted texture, but it is available in neutral shades as well as bright color options and fun patterns .

The right tote for professional business trips needs to have a sleek look, a well-organized interior and a spacious design. That's why we love this chic style from Lux and Nyx with an "absolutely stunning design and structure, " according to one GH editor. She also says "it offers a great number of pockets to store anything from your laptop, books and loose items. In one of its outer pockets, it features a discreet zipper pocket so I can stash and remove my work badge or my keys with easy accessibility." She did note that the straps are on the shorter side, which can make them uncomfortable at times.

Famous for good reason, this iconic L.L. Bean tote has recently gotten even more popular for its custom embroidery option. "I love how well this tote bag keeps its shape even if it's not fully stuffed," says one GH textiles analyst. " The thick canvas material is super durable and has held up great to constant use, even at the beach . It's a spacious bag that can hold everything I need. I also got custom embroidery done, which makes the bag pop." This pick is currently available in three sizes with the option for longer straps.

Baggu Horizontal Duck Bag Canvas Tote

Horizontal Duck Bag Canvas Tote

The Baggu duck tote is a major upgrade to your collection of freebie tote bags. Testers were impressed that it "can withstand a heavy load" and one raved that "since the bag itself is so big, it is nice to have a pocket so I can find my keys and wallet easily instead of getting lost at the bottom of the bag with everything else." This tote is available in a ton of fun prints, including embroidered flowers and bright stripes.

a model unzipping a small pocket in a white baggu duck tote, good housekeeping's testing for best tote bags

Vera Bradley Performance Twill Tote Bag

Performance Twill Tote Bag

Don't risk damaging your handbag when there's inclement weather by using a weather-resistant tote bag on rainy days. This quilted tote features a water repellent fabric and zippered closures to keep your belongings protected . We love that the interior lining features classic Vera Bradley prints. If you get caught in the rain, this bag is entirely machine washable for easy cleaning.

Beis The Work Tote

The Work Tote

When we surveyed GH staffers for their favorite bags, Beis came up over and over again. The Work Tote is a structured bag made with croc-embossed faux leather for a luxurious look . The boxy design keeps its shape with metal feet on the bottom to keep the bag protected when you set it down. The trendy design is ideal when heading straight from the office to happy hour drinks and other out-of-office adventures.

Cuyana System Tote

System Tote

Cuyana is a trusted leather goods brand that makes quality leather bags that our analysts and editors love wearing — even clinching a spot on our best sustainable fashion brands list . The System Tote is available in 13 inches and 16 inches to accommodate different-sized laptops. Grace Wu , a GH textiles product analyst, loves the customization options for this bag like adding on a stash pouch or laptop sleeve and custom monogramming. Because this bag is made with 100% supple Italian leather, it is on the heavier side.

Mansur Gavriel Everyday Soft Leather Tote

Everyday Soft Leather Tote

Popular for the brand's chic ballet flats , Mansur Gavriel also makes stylish and luxurious leather goods with versatile designs. This softly structured tote has a flat base for stability and a small zip pouch attached for your must-have items. With a large interior, this leather tote is ideal to use for any occasion, whether casual or formal .

Longchamp Large Le Pliage Tote

Large Le Pliage Tote

A tote bag for school needs to be able to hold a ton while looking cute enough to wear in class. Fitting a laptop and case, water bottle, notebooks, textbooks and more, this large tote from Longchamp blew away our testers for holding an impressive amount . It's made with durable nylon with a water repellent finish and leather top handles for a stylish touch. The top has a zipper closure to keep all of your school supplies safe, especially important in inclement weather.

Leatherology Aleena Soft Zippered Tote

Aleena Soft Zippered Tote

Most leather totes have an open top, but this style zippers closed to keep your belonging secure, ideal for commuting. We love that this pick is not only available in classic neutrals but bright blue and purple, too. There are also a few internal compartments to keep everything organized. Leatherology offers customizations like embossing and hand painting for a truly personalized bag, which makes it a great gift, too.

Marc Jacobs The Medium Tote Bag

The Medium Tote Bag

Make a statement with this iconic tote bag from Marc Jacobs. It's made with sturdy canvas that keeps its shape even when not full. There are top handles and a longer shoulder strap with a zippered top closure. Online reviewers rave that this bag is "worth the purchase" as it can fit a laptop as well as everyday essentials. With four color options, this pick is a more affordable designer tote than most options out there.

Headshot of Emma Seymour

Emma Seymour (she/her) is a senior product analyst at the Good Housekeeping Institute 's Textiles, Paper and Apparel Lab, where she has led testing for luggage, pillows, towels, tampons and more since 2018. She graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor of science in fiber science and apparel design and a minor in gerontology, completing research in the Body Scanner Lab on optimizing activewear for athletic performance. 

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  1. Best Weekender Bags For Women To Travel In Style 2019

    best travel bags for long trips

  2. 31 Best Travel Bags of 2021 • Which is The Best For YOUR Trip

    best travel bags for long trips

  3. 35 Best Travel Bags With Best Comfort For Your Next Trip in 2021

    best travel bags for long trips

  4. 9 Best Travel Backpack for Men in 2020

    best travel bags for long trips

  5. Best Rolling Duffel Bag For International Travel

    best travel bags for long trips

  6. Top 14 Best Travel Bags for Men You Should Review in 2021

    best travel bags for long trips


  1. The Best Day Trip Bag for Travelers

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  3. What is in my Travel Backpack?

  4. My go-to packing hacks! 🧳

  5. One Bag Travel

  6. Best Travel Bags In Affordable Prices 🤯🥹 |Empire Bags| #empirebags #shorts #travel #bags #dufflebag


  1. 31 Best Travel Bags of 2023 • Which is The Best For YOUR Trip

    Quick Answer: The Best Travel Bags of 2023. Best Travel Backpack - Nomatic 40L Travel Bag. Best Travel Daypack - Tortuga Laptop Backpack. Best Travel Backpack Runner-Up - AER Travel Pack 3. Best Leather Travel Pack - MAHI Leather Overnight Bag. Best Eco Luggage - Monarc Brand Settra.

  2. The Best Carry-On Travel Backpacks

    Best small carry-on bag for most situations: Cotopaxi Allpa 35L. Best large bag for most situations: Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L. Best bag for document organization: Topo Designs Global Travel ...

  3. The 5 Best Checked Suitcases, According to Our Testing and Vetting

    Castle Classic. $595 at Royce and Rocket. $595 at Saks Fifth Avenue. One of the more unique suitcases we tested was the Castle Classic ($595) from indie luggage brand Royce & Rocket, which ...

  4. Our Picks: Best golf travel bags of 2023

    Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian. $339.99. The Meridian minimizes the hassle of traveling with your golf gear. Dense foam padding through the top of the bag protects your clubs; the leg mechanism ...

  5. 5 reasons to buy travel insurance for winter trips

    Protection against cancellation or delay. Winter weather can be notoriously unpredictable. Snowstorms, ice and low temperatures can lead to flight cancellations and delays. If your flights are ...

  6. The Best Checked Luggage Pieces of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

    Overall, the Samsonite Winfield hit all the marks for an exceptional checked suitcase for all kinds of travelers. Price at time of publish: $158. The Details: 11.5 pounds | 28 x 19.75 x 12.5 ...

  7. Best Weekender Bags For Women To Travel In Style 2023

    This is one of the best travel bags for women if you're looking for a set in the same color with Dagne Dover's. Shop Dagne Dover. Shop This. Dagne Dover. Landon Carryall Bag. BUY. $185.00. Dagne ...

  8. 13 Best Designer Luggage and Suitcases of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

    The brand's check-in luggage is made of luggage with refined buckle straps and features protective bumpers for extra protection. Material: Vulcanised Fibreboard. Dimensions: 20.47" W x 10.23" D x ...

  9. 13 Best Travel Purses With Lots of Storage

    Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag. $125 at Dagne Dover. Credit: Courtesy Image. Dagne Dover bags are just so damn clever, and this crossbody is no exception. With two interior air mesh pockets, an ...

  10. The Best Suitcases for Long Trips

    Samsonite Freeform Expandable Hardside Luggage with Double Spinner Wheels. Few names are more synonymous with luggage than Samsonite. In the case of the Samsonite Freeform Expandable Hardside Luggage, it's immediately apparent why this brand has become such a household name.This 28-inch suitcase features a hard polycarbonate exterior to keep the contents extra safe, but despite the tough ...

  11. 10 Best Destinations For A Long Weekend Getaway In Canada

    Canadian cities offer exciting getaways for travelers living in Canada or the United States, as well as those in Western Europe. With options like Quebec City, St. John's, and Toronto, there's so ...

  12. 8 Best Travel Bags (2023): Carry-On Luggage, Duffel, Budget

    Away Bigger Carry-On for $335: Away's larger size offers all the same handy interior organization modules as our top luxurious hard-shell pick, the Away Bigger Carry-On Aluminum Edition, but for ...

  13. The 13 Best Carry-on Luggage Pieces of 2023

    Jump to features and expert insights ↓. Best Lightweight: Travelpro Maxlite 5 21-inch Carry-on Expandable Spinner. Jump to features and expert insights ↓. Best for International Travel: DELSEY ...

  14. The 11 Best Travel Purses of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

    The water-resistant bag is also machine washable and comes in seven earthy colors. And, the purse is the most affordable option on this list if you can't choose just one color. Price at time of ...

  15. 33 Practical Travel Gifts Anyone Can Use

    Travelers rave about the versatility of this heavy-duty backpack, which can be used as a camera bag, a daypack, or as luggage for weekend and weeklong trips. Earlier this year we chose it as one ...

  16. Our 37 favorite backpacks for travel

    37 of the best travel backpacks that can replace your carry-on luggage in 2023 ... lightweight Modern Utility Double Shot Travel Backpack. Perfect for quick work trips where the user wants ...

  17. Best Travel Backpacks, Carry-on Backpacks Frequent Travelers

    Osprey Porter Travel Pack 65$180. Like several of the experts we talked to, JourneyWoman editor-in-chief and frequent backpacker Carolyn Ray is a longtime fan of Osprey's backpacks for longer ...

  18. The 9 Best Packable Jackets of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

    The midweight coat doesn't come with a packable bag but it's compact enough to fit in a carry-on without taking up much space as well. Price at time of publish: $169. The Details: XS to XL ...

  19. 10 Best Travel Bags of 2023

    Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 55L. While most duffel bags are equipped with backpack straps, none hold up to the comfort of the Patagonia Black Hole 55L. Available in various sizes, it caters to all types of journeys, whether it's a weekend road trip, a long-haul flight, or a Peruvian expedition.

  20. The Best Packing Cubes of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

    This single packing cube is ideal for frequent fliers or travelers simply looking to save space without investing in a set of packing cubes. Price at time of publish: $20. The Details: 1 bag ...

  21. 25 Best Men's Travel Bags for Short Trips 2023

    The best travel bags of 2023, from duffels to carry-ons to weekenders. Shop brands such as TUMI and Victorinox are bringing the best bags for upcoming trips.

  22. The 20 Best Travel Bags of 2023 for Every Type of Trip

    Paravel Aviator Grand Checked Luggage. Who it's for: People who want a rolling suitcase that can fit eight to 10 days worth of clothes. Who it isn't for: People who want to avoid checking a bag. Paravel created the world's first carbon-neutral luggage, the Aviator, made from 100 percent upcycled plastic bottles.

  23. The 13 Best Laptop Bags for Business Travel of 2023

    The messenger features over a dozen pockets and slots for cards, pens, documents, and much more, so it's easy to stay organized. The bag boasts a buckle closure for extra security, and the ...

  24. The 15 Best Travel Tote Bags of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

    Travelers can carry the bag as a tote with the top handles or it also comes with a detachable crossbody strap. Price at time of publish: $110. The Details: 23.5 x 16 x 11 inches | Recycled nylon ...

  25. 14 Best Weekend Bags 2023

    The best weekend bags according to expert travelers, including the Lo & Sons The O.G. 2, Solgaard Carry-on Closet suitcase, Herschel Novel Duffel Bag, Paravel Weekender, Roka Finchley A Large ...

  26. Best Luggage For Long Trips in 2023: In-depth Reviews

    The 20inch and 24inch luggage are perfect for business and personal travel, while the 28in a suitcase is expandable, adding 15% more space. The quiet airplane spinner wheels and adjustable 3-level 100%pure aluminum telescoping handle allow you to quickly maneuver in tight spaces. Best for a LONG VACATION : Samsonite 68308-1596.

  27. 25 Best Travel Purses for Carrying on Short and Long Trips in 2023

    Best Anti-Theft Bag: Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag, $75. Best Cross-Body Bag: Dagne Dover Micah Water Resistant Cross-Body Bag, $110. Best Luxury: GG Marmont Belt Bag, $1,700. Most ...

  28. 23 Best Tote Bags of 2023, Tested & Reviewed

    MZ Wallace Medium Metro Deluxe Tote. $275 at Nordstrom $275 at Bloomingdale's $275 at Saks Fifth Avenue. Credit: Jill Sollazzo. Featuring a zippered top to keep your belongings safe, this chic ...