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The Best Apps & Sites for Finding Last Minute Travel Deals

best app for planning europe trip

Traveling is always a tricky activity, especially if you have to plan out your trip at the last minute. Nevertheless, there might be a bit of a silver lining for would-be wanderers who are waffling: there are plenty of last-minute travel deals out there. Whether you’re waiting until it’s closer to your departure date to lock in your plans or if you’re looking to save a little on your next trip , we’ve rounded up some great tips and tricks when it comes to snagging those last-minute travel deals. 

Don’t Discount Deals From Top Travel Sites

Don’t assume that the best last-minute travel deals are always lurking in some secret corner of the internet. While there are a few great hidden gems in the world of booking sites — some of which we’ll cover later — many of the mainstream platforms are certainly worth checking out. Several major travel sites have special “deals” or “last-minute” sections stocked with major discounts on getaways including the following:

  • Expedia: Last Minute-Deals
  • Travelocity: Vacation Packages Under $400
  • Bookings.com: Getaway Deals

best app for planning europe trip

Spin the Travel Wheel With Google Flights

Want to “get out of Dodge” for a bit? If you find yourself with a case of wanderlust but don’t have a clear destination in mind, that can definitely work to your advantage. How so? Head on over to Google Flights and enter the dates you’d like to travel, as well as the airport you want to fly out of, but leave the destination blank. Google Flights will surface a list of cheap flights to all kinds of destinations — and maybe something you didn’t expect will strike a chord. 

If you have a fixed budget, you can even adjust the search filter so that only flights under a certain number will appear. There are also hotel and vacation rental options that will present you with random options from a variety of cities.

Sign Up for Cheap Travel Alerts

There are now a number of sites and services out there that can save you a lot of time by searching out the best last-minute travel deals for you. Some such bargain-hunting services offer free subscriptions, while others charge a small fee for their services. If you love traveling, however, the money you’ll pay to get the latest bargains can end up saving you a ton of money on airfare .

Once you subscribe, they’ll keep you up to date on the best-discounted flights available, some of which are offered at discounts of up to 40- 90% off. Some of the most popular and reputable flight deal sites include:

  • Scott’s Cheap Flights
  • The Flight Deal
  • Thrifty Traveler

best app for planning europe trip

Search for Steals Through Costco & Groupon

While travel may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Costco, the company offers a pretty killer discount travel program to members. So, while you may use your Costco card mainly for purchasing cereal in bulk and saving on gas, don’t forget to check out the last-minute all-inclusive vacations they offer. Check out Costco Travel to browse through their current deals, which feature everything from cruises to theme park packages.

If you’re not a card-carrying Costco customer , then you can still find deals on other sites like Groupon. Groupon offers an assortment of cool travel options, including last-minute deals and a list of hotels you can book for under $99 per night . Just be sure to read the fine print to see if your travel plans are booked through Groupon or if you need to contact the hotel directly to redeem your purchase and set up your trip. 

Hear Us Out About Hostels…

We know what you’re probably thinking: hostels, really ? While many people picture hostels as dormitories for broke college kids, some of them are actually pretty nice — and they’ll allow you to spend money on other trip-related expenses while saving on your place to crash. No need to take our word for it. Just head over to Hostel World and take a look at some of the top-notch hostels on offer all over the world.

The vast majority of them offer private rooms and bathrooms, depending on your budget. Regardless of your accommodation choices, it can’t be denied that hostels can save you a great deal of money over traditional hotel rooms . It’s definitely not a bad option if you’re looking for something last-minute or if you don’t plan to spend a great deal of time hanging out at your hotel anyway.

best app for planning europe trip

Set Your Radar for Last-Minute Tour Deals

If you’re looking for a great adventure at a discount, then make sure you check out TourRadar. It offers a really cool assortment of travel opportunities that feature themed tours in a variety of different countries. It’s also got a last-minute deal page , where you can find some steep savings on tours coming up in the next two weeks to three months.

The best thing about many of the tours on offer? They’re all-inclusive, which means that they cover lodging, meals, and expert travel guides. While some of them also cover airfare, make sure you check whether or not the flight to your destination is included in the price before booking. Just scroll down the bottom of the page after selecting a promising-looking tour and the site will break down exactly what’s included.

Get a Great Hotel Room On the Fly With HotelTonight

There’s nothing worse than planning a spontaneous trip only to spend part of your first day looking for a last-minute hotel room. That’s where HotelTonight comes in. The company’s website, which is also available as an app, was made for just such situations. The premise is that there are almost always hotel rooms that go unbooked, which means that, if you know where to look, you can snag something swanky at a deep discount . 

Head over to HotelTonight, type in your destination city and see what’s on offer. The best part? Unlike some booking sites, you won’t find yourself scrolling through a bunch of unverified accommodations. That is, HotelTonight only works with verified, user-reviewed hotels, not unlike Airbnb . 


best app for planning europe trip

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best app for planning europe trip

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33 travel apps that will save you time and money in Europe

If you are planning to travel to Europe, don't miss these 33 travel apps that will save you time and money and help you get so much more out of your trip.

best app for planning europe trip

May 23, 2023

girl using travel app to take a picture in Barcelona, Spain

I've been on my first backpacking trip through Europe for almost four months now, and during this time I've discovered some websites and   travel apps that make life easy for those wanting to travel on the cheap.

Each one of these top   travel apps has helped me and still helps me in many ways, whether for finding cheap tickets, local food spots or cool things to do at affordable prices. From navigating new cities to communicating in the local language to taking incredible photos to even earning on the road, these Europe travel apps have truly taken my travel experience to the next level.

Since it would be unfair to enjoy these travel hacks all to myself, I've chosen only the best apps to travel with in Europe  for this list.

Check out the 34 best travel apps to enjoy in Europe:

  • Omio (formerly GoEuro)
  • Google Maps
  • Bike Share Buddy
  • TransferWise
  • Money Manager


  • Couchsurfing
  • Hostelworld
  • Google Photos
  • Google Translate
  • TripAdvisor
  • FreeTour and SANDEMANs New Europe

Apps for getting around without fear and without getting lost

Apps for getting around

1. Omio (formerly) GoEuro  

Omio (formerly known as GoEuro) is a fairly well-known platform created to help travelers explore Europe with ease . You can use the Omio website and app to compare and book train, bus or flight tickets for any destination in Europe. If you want to  travel Europe on a backpacker's budget , Omio should be your go-to transportation app. Also, once you've purchased your tickets, you can discover your travel route on web, mobile or app. I recently used Omio to book a train ticket for €21 cheaper than I would have paid at the city train station's ticket office! 

Many seasoned travelers consider Omio the best app for train travel in Europe .

2. Rome2Rio

Rome2Rio is an online service that shows potential travel routes between one destination and another. It's a great way to see the best travel route options for your trip and find the best possible way to get to your destination. Unlike Omio, it doesn't display the exact price of each trip — only an approximate amount.

Rome2Rio is one of the best apps for planning a trip to Europe .

3. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a web-based app that shows flight ticket, hotel, and car rental costs from various companies, making it easy to compare prices on the same platform. I used Skyscanner a lot before starting my journey across Europe. If your travel dates are flexible, Skyscanner will allow you to select the month you wish to travel to your preferred destination, and will show the cheapest days to travel in that month.

There's also the possibility to search without a destination, or any specific date whatsoever! Just select your departure city and let the app do its work and discover the cheapest dates and places to travel. 

AZair is a site with a super simple and straightforward design that shows countless economic flight trajectories for lost cost carriers. AZair picks the cheapest flight options from multitudes of possible connections, and is great for finding the best airfare prices in Europe . You can quickly find discounted rates for more than 94 airlines with low-cost flights in Europe , the Mediterranean, and Asia. 

Flixbus is a German bus company recognized throughout Europe for having more affordable (and direct) bus fares than other companies. You can use Flixbus to follow busses in real time and know exactly what time they will arrive and what the stops will be before reaching your final destination. The company also sends emails and texts alerting any delays, in addition to alerts in the app itself. Flixbus currently operates in 29 countries and now has the Flixtrain , which offers train passes for €10.

Flixbus is one of the best apps for Europe travel .

6. BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar is a carpooling platform for both short and long distance travel. It operates across Europe and caters to travelers that want to save money by spending only on the cost of travel. Most drivers use BlaBlaCar to give up free space in their car in exchange for help with the cost of gas, making it an excellent environmentally-friendly way to travel.

Sometimes you can find a ride that's considerably cheaper than a bus or train ticket. Plus, there are usually other travelers in the same car, so it's a great opportunity to meet other likeminded people and make friends while traveling ! 

Finally, if you can't find the perfect ride, you can create an alert to be notified as soon as there is a route that suits your travel needs. 

7. CityMapper

CityMapper is a public transit app and mapping service that aims to make city travel as stress-free as possible. It displays all options for a wide range of urban modes of transport, from walking and cycling to driving, bussing, commuting by train, etc. 

I use CityMapper regularly to check and compare various itinerary lengths and times. If you know you won't have data, just search for the route you want to take while connected to WiFi and save the results for later.

CityMapper works in various cities in Europe and all over the world and is known as the best map app for Europe .

9292 is great if you're traveling through through Holland. It shows the exact time the bus, metro or train will pass by. Even if transit is delayed, it automatically updates you with the new schedule. You can also put in your origin and destination locations and it will tell you at which point or platform to wait, trip duration and where to get off.

9292 even offers a filter for handicap accessibility!

9. Google Maps

Google Maps is a Google tool that is well-known around the world for its excellent web mapping features, including satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle and air, or public transportation. 

Google Maps' 'Explore' tool shows local markets, ATMs, gas stations, hospitals, pharmacies, and convenience stores. The app gives special attention to heavy traffic and long travel times, and offers alternative options for heavily congested routes. 

There are also some not-so-well-known features such as saving favorite or save-for-later places, sharing your location with friends in real time and personalizing and saving a map to use offline. Additionally, after downloading a map, the app will continue to show routes for cars, just without traffic updates.

10. Maps.me

Maps.me provides offline maps of the whole world. Unlike Google Maps, once Maps.me has been downloaded you will no longer need the internet for routes for cars, public transport, biking and walking, including trails. Maps.me also displays hotels, attractions and nearby places to eat... all offline!

Maps.me is considered one of the best apps to use when traveling to Europe .

11. Bike Share Buddy

Bike Share Buddy  is essential for those who enjoy riding bikes. This app shows the best local places to rent a bike in various cities all over the world. Bike Share Buddy is already available in ten countries in Europe and the app is very simple to use. You simply select your location and instantly get access to all the nearby bike sharing stations, plus you're able to see how many bikes are available at each station!

12. Uber  

Uber  is a ride-share company that allows users to search for available nearby drivers through a mobile map. In Europe, Ubers are known to be cheaper than traditional taxis, and you can use the same account and login information you use back home.

Cabify is a transport app that lets you get around with private cars with a driver. Like Uber, it offers a high quality of service and high safety standards, and rides are requested through an app on a smartphone. Cabify is currently available in Spain and Portugal.

14. Free Now

With Free Now , you can book a cab without having to wait for a taxi on the street. At the end of your ride, you can add your driver to your favorites so that your next request will be made to your preferred driver. 

Apps to eat, drink and be merry

Apps to eat and drink

15. Just Eat

Just Eat is is an online food delivery service similar to  UberEats in the USA. You can use Just Eat in over ten countries in Europe. Buying is easy and delivery is fast. Sometimes, even if the restaurant you have in mind is nearby, it's better to buy food through the app because of available promotions and discounts. Perfect for rainy days!

Just Eat is considered the best food app in Europe .

Apps to exchange money and control spending

Apps to exchange money and control spending

16. TransferWise

TransferWise  is a UK-based money transfer service that allows people to send and receive money safely from abroad. The company provides multi-currency accounts and supports more than 750 currency routes across the world including GBP, USD, EUR, AUD and CAD, and provides multi-currency accounts.

Using TransferWise is much cheaper than transferring with a bank. It's very safe and easy to use, and the support is stellar. They also recently launched a debit Mastercard that lets you spend anywhere in the world at the real exchange rate, but for now you have to get on the waitlist.

PayPal  advertises itself as being the fastest, safest way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. It's particularly useful in Europe because various other platforms like Omio, FlixBus, Airbnb and even certain tourist attractions allow PayPal as a form of payment on their websites or apps. I also recently discovered that you can send and receive money between PayPal accounts and the transfer system is fast and easy to use.

18. Money Manager

Money Manager app is indispensable for anyone needing to budget and track their expenses during a trip. Money Manager gives you an overview of your spending and tells you the categories in which your spending is highest. It also creates graphs that illustrate your daily, weekly and monthly financial activity, and tracks your method of payment (cash, card, etc).

Apps to stay and exchange experiences

Apps to find accommodation

19. Worldpackers

Worldpackers is an online platform that allows you to travel exchanging your skills for accommodation. Worldpackers has incredible projects on offer in six continents, including North and Central  America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and Oceania. Whether you want to explore the best places to travel on a budget or go elsewhere, there's a unique opportunity for you to gain a deeper understanding of your destination by sharing your skills in a Worldpackers project.

As a Worldpackers community member, you'll gain access to hosts in 100+ countries . All you need to do is pay an annual fee and you can enjoy everything the site has to offer. Once you create your profile and highlight your skills, simply search for hosts in your preferred destination. 

Work exchange opportunities include offering your skills to a local community through social impact programs, discovering bucket list destinations while working as a front desk receptionist at a hostel, or building your digital portfolio in content writing, social media, photography, videography, marketing, and programming by working with hostels, NGOs, eco-villages and thousands of other Worldpackers hosts! 

There is no better way to save on accommodation than by not spending on it at all. With Worldpackers, you'll get to meet cool people from all over the world, hone skills that you already have and learn many new things. You'll also be able to speak directly with other world-packers who have lived the experience and ask your own questions. The platform is very secure and has an attentive support staff if anything goes wrong on your trip.

20. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing  is an online platform where people offer a room, a couch or even a mattress where you can sleep, in exchange for... nothing! If you're on a budget, Couchsurfing is a great way of saving money. However, Couchsurfing should not be used solely as a means to stay for free in the homes of locals. Couchsurfing is about sharing moments with your host. If you don't have the time or energy to connect with your host, you're better off going to a hostel, hotel, or Airbnb.

Couchsurfing also has a feature called "Hangouts", where you can see what people nearby are up to and reach out to anyone you want to hang out with. It's excellent for getting to know people and exchange experiences, plus you receive cool tips about your destination from a local!

21. Booking.com

The site and app for Booking.com  gather various offers for accommodation, flights, restaurants, and car rentals. They also show ratings and reviews from other users. It's an excellent platform for displaying really affordable prices with free cancellations and reservations without a credit card.

By the way, Booking.com is offering 2% cashback to Worldpackers users that create a profile through their link . Signing up to Worldpackers is free, and you only need to get a membership when you decide to have your first experience through the platform. For members of Pack Plan, the benefit is even better: 4% cashback at Booking.com in addition to other advantages.

*Cashback’s benefit is limited to USD 200 per booking, and you must login to your Booking.com account to access Cashback.

Airbnb  is part of the "sharing economy." You can use Airbnb to find adventures close to home or in faraway destinations and access unique homes, experiences, and places around the world. 

There is truly something for every taste on Airbnb. You can find entire homes, apartments, lofts, studios, individual rooms and more as special places to stay instead of a hotel. Furthermore, Airbnb also offers a diverse range of experiences like bike tours, crafting classes, yoga, etc. You can find prices within your budget and flexible cancellation policies.

23. Hostelworld

Hostelworld is one of the best platforms for finding an outstanding hostel . Use Hostelworld to compare hostel prices and general information (distance from the city center, cleanliness, etc) all in one place. You can also see each hostel's ratings and reviews by date, with the most recent displayed first. If you book decide to book your hostel through Hostelworld, you'll also receive free cancelation up to seven days before your stay!

Apps to meet people and have fun

Apps to meet people and make friends while traveling

Meetup is a great way for travelers to find meet ups and meet locals and other travelers who share their interests. The app allows you to input your interest and activity preferences and find low cost or free events and meet ups close to where you are. There's a wide variety of groups, including outdoor and adventure, tech, language and culture, food and drink, sports and fitness, and more. The best part? If you don't find your ideal group, you can create your own!

Apps to help you pack your bags

Apps to help pack

25. Pack Point

Pack Point is a free packing list organizer. The app helps you organize what you need to pack in your luggage by allowing you to choose the destination, date, length of stay and purpose for the trip (business or pleasure). You can also choose your activities and how often you think you'll do laundry or re-wear things. Pack Point then creates a list of clothes and items based on your length of stay, activities and predicted weather forecast for your destination. You're able to edit and customize the list as you please!

Apps to remember and never forget a thing

26. google photos.

Google Photos is a service for free and unlimited photo storage and sharing. It's great because it backs up photos that accumulate on your phone and then gives you the option to delete them and free up space for new images! It's still possible to access the photos and videos you've deleted through the site from any computer in the world.

You can use Google photos to create albums and organize your photos, "favorite" selected photos, and name identified faces. If you prefer, the app will also automatically do this for you! The app also suggests animations, collages, edits and memory slideshows for your photos. 

27. Everyplace

Everyplace is a must have app for avid travelers. You can use Everyplace to create your own travel map and mark your visited countries, cities, and places. The app allows you to create collections and routes of travel and add dates, photos, and notes for each destination you've pinned. You can also share your map of places you've visited (and pinned) directly to social media! 

28. Tripline

Tripline is a great app for planning and sharing trip itineraries. It's especially cool because you can create your story as you travel and mark the map for where you've been, where you are and where you're headed. It's also possible to add photos and notes to each destination, and see other travelers' trip itineraries! 

29. Google Translate

The name says it all, right? Nope. Besides translating words, phrases, and written text, Google Translate can also translate text from images, handwriting, real-time conversation or just one voice. You can also download the data package for various languages and use it offline!

Apps to get out and have fun everywhere you go

30. timeout.

Time Out is a global media and entertainment company that advertises the best art and entertainment, food and drink, attractions, hotels, and things to do in the world's greatest cities. You can search for activities by day, week, weekend, or month and there are always lots of free and budget options. In some cities, Time Out also publishes magazines and travel guides! 

31. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a super famous travel website that offers the latest information and exciting content about tourism. You can use TripAdvisor to compare and reserve hotels, tours, flights, and restaurants and even find transportation companies that are cheaper than the big name ones found in apps like Omio and Rome2Rio. TripAdvisor also has a community with travel forums and the most recent, up-to-date reviews and comments about locations and travel experiences.

32. Sandeman's New Europe

Sandeman's New Europe  features different kinds of tours in Europe's most touristic cities . Sandeman's offers historic tours, tours for specific neighborhoods, tours on bikes, private tours, and pretty much any other kind of city-tour experience you can think of. 

Use the Sandeman's app or website to learn about the types of tours available for your destination. You'll also be able to learn about the specific sights you'll get to see on each tour, meeting spots and times, costs, and other general tour logistics. The famous free walking tours are always free or pay as you see fit.

Apps to make a little extra money on the trip

Apps to make a little extra money

TRVL  is a travel booking platform that pays you a commission for each reservation you make, whether for yourself or other people. You also gain access to offers and discounts on millions of hotels throughout the world. 

TRVL is designed to put travel pros centre stage. As a member of the TRVL community, you can create a page with your favorite places to stay and articles about each destination. Then, when other people book through your profile, you get a commission! So you get some extra cash and help other travelers make decisions by sharing your travel knowledge and expertise.

TRVL is considered one of the best apps for planning a trip to Europe .

Bonus app: Colibra

Colibra is a super beneficial and easy-to-use travel app for claiming flight delay compensation across the EU. In true Robin Hood style, the app heads off to the flight company to get you the compensation after any delayed and cancelled flights, for free and all you have to do is register your boarding pass. Might I add, before you takes off!

This Colibra.io app is certainly worth the brief time it takes to use, saving you time trying to chase the flight providers yourself, which can on average take weeks of stress but obviously, also, receiving money, in the bank account, just 24 hours after a delayed flight lands, isn't bad either. This is not the most well-known travel app but is slowly becoming essential, especially in a post-pandemic Europe . 

And there you have it! 

I'm positive these  Europe travel apps will help you as much as they've helped me and other travelers. If you have a suggestion of another incredible app or website like the ones listed here, leave the name in the comments so that everyone can save more time and money while traveling and get so much more out of their next  trip to Europe .

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Fernanda Aidar

I'm a journalist, a photographer and traveler. I believe that good energies decide our destiny.

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best app for planning europe trip

Oct 08, 2018

Also, not a very famous app but I found has more hostels than booking or hostwelworld: check hostellers (the map)

best app for planning europe trip

Fernanda (Author)

Oct 09, 2018

Yay! Thank you so much for the contribution. I already found it on the App Store and I'll test it as soon as I can :)

best app for planning europe trip

Oct 11, 2018

Too good..thank you so much..you have inspired me to write something similar of my own country

You're welcome. Hey, what good news, then share with us too :)

best app for planning europe trip

Nov 10, 2018

Thank you for sharing valuable informations........!!!

It was a pleasure! Thanks :)


Apr 21, 2020

I’ve just come across this neat mobile app: potty poche. It highlights visiting the south of France: Languedoc and Provence, with the unique added feature of a public toilet locator for the places to visit; a necessity for France. The app categorizes seaside towns, historic Cathar sites, beautiful and perched villages, famous french village movie venues, as well as practical guides to the lavender fields, favorite market towns, and places associated with famous painters.

I found the app on Apple and Google play stores

hi there - great article. Thought I'll also share - I came across this app ATM Fee Saver - it gives atm fees and withdrawal limits in some 30-40 countries and all major countries of Europe, it was super helpful, much needed these days. Helped me calculate my own fees also for my amount. Never seen anything like this before - should defo be on your list also, it will helps lots of other international travellers like me!!!

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25 of the Best Apps for Traveling in Europe

Gone are the days when going on an international trip meant lugging around a big guidebook or printing out dozens of pages of information, maps, phrases, and directions. Nowadays, there’s a travel app for just about everything, from making restaurant reservations or booking last-minute museum tours to hiring taxis or checking train schedules. Many are free, and some can be used offline to avoid data charges.

Here we’ve collected a list of some of the best apps for European travel, including several that are useful on other continents, too.

Best Travel Apps for Transportation in Europe 

screenshot of Cabify app.

The model for the ridesharing app Cabify is very similar to Lyft and Uber, though Cabify is only available in two European countries—Portugal and Spain. You can share details of your journey to let friends know when you’ll arrive, and even customize your ride by identifying musical and climate control preferences.


screenshot of FREE NOW app.

The emphatically named FREE NOW (yes, it’s in all caps) was once known as mytaxi, which should give you an idea of what the app does. Calling itself “Europe’s largest taxi app,” FREE NOW offers taxi booking in nine European countries. It’s similar to a ridesharing app, except that this one is for taxis, allowing travelers the convenience of paying for rides through the app instead of cash.

screenshot of Omio app.

With so many ways to get around Europe, it might be overwhelming to compare them. Omio (formerly GoEuro) makes it simple by showing you all your transportation options—trains, planes, and buses—so you can easily see which solution makes the most sense for you. Book your tickets right through the app, and then either print your tickets or save the mobile version on your smartphone.

4. Rome2rio

screenshot of Rome2rio app.

Not only will Rome2rio give you your public transit options between any two destinations on earth, you’ll also get information on driving. From the main results page, where you see the approximate travel times, routes, and costs of each transportation option, you can then drill down and get more details on your favorite—and there’s a link to book tickets, too.

>> Read our guide to using Rome2rio

screenshot of Flixbus app.

Trains may be one of the best ways to get around much of Europe, but plenty of destinations aren’t served by rail. That’s where coach buses come in. Flixbus connects cities in more than 25 countries throughout Europe with regular coach service, and passengers can book easily through the app. There’s free WiFi on board and the drivers even have snacks and drinks you can buy during the trip.

6. BlaBlaCar

screenshot of BlaBlaCar app.

BlaBlaCar is basically what hitchhiking in the 21st century looks like—you’re not standing on a roadside hoping for a ride, you’re screening potential carpooling partners through an app and arranging a trip in advance. If someone else is already driving that way, you can join them, share expenses, and have some company. The network covers more than 15 European countries and now also includes a bus service called BlaBlaBus in five countries.

7. Bike Share Buddy

screenshot of Bike Share Buddy app.

Exploring a new place on two wheels is both fun and efficient, and the proliferation of bike sharing definitely helps make it easier. Travelers don’t always know the ins and outs of a given city’s particular bike sharing program—but Bike Share Buddy solves that problem. The handy app shows you the locations of bike sharing stations in more than 45 countries (many of which are in Europe), even indicating how many bikes are available at each one.

8. Eurail/Interrail Rail Planner

screenshot of Eurail app.

The tried-and-true Eurail Pass now has a tech component. The Eurail/Interrail Rail Planner allows you to search train schedules throughout Europe to plan your rail travel itinerary. You can even filter to see only the trains that work with your pass. And because the Eurail Pass is the equivalent of a ticket, booking on the app is only for the additional reservations you’ll need on top of the pass you already have.

screenshot of Gett app.

Gett makes it easy for travelers to book rides with London’s famous black taxis. The app is also available in Bristol, Coventry, and Manchester in England, and Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland. Using Gett means you don’t need to wait in taxi lines or hail a taxi on the street, and you can schedule a ride in advance.

10. Eurostar

screenshot of Eurostar app.

Speedy Eurostar trains whisk you back and forth from the UK to mainland Europe via the Channel Tunnel, and the Eurostar app makes booking and storing train tickets easy and convenient. The app tracks purchases so frequent travelers can earn loyalty perks, and even features some TV programs through Amazon video to watch during the trip with free on-board WiFi.

11. DB Navigator

screenshot of DB Navigator app.

Germany’s national train service, Deutsche Bahn, is revered for its efficiency—so it’s not surprising that the app is, too. The DB Navigator app, like the website, includes not just real-time German train schedules but also train schedules all over Europe. You can book train tickets (for German trains only) through the app, check in for your trip, and even see where on the train platform you need to stand to be near the car where you’ve reserved a seat.

12. Trainline

screenshot of Trailine app.

Despite what the name might make you think, this app is about more than just trains. Trainline is a booking app for trains and buses in Europe—including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain—helping travelers secure the sometimes-sizeable discounts that come with advance bookings. The app even lets you search for route options that will specifically go through (or avoid) certain cities to better tailor your journey.

>> Read our guide to train travel in Europe

13. citymapper.

screenshot of Citymapper app.

The powerful and popular Citymapper app, available in nearly 20 cities in Europe, combines public transit maps for buses, subways, and trams with real-time schedules, transit status updates, and even car and bike sharing information. You can also find out which exit to take from a subway station. It’s all in one handy place to make city navigation a piece of cake—for residents and travelers alike.

14. Scooterino

screenshot of Scooterino app.

While the Scooterino app’s usefulness is limited (it’s only for Rome), it’s so well-suited to getting through the busy city’s notorious traffic just like an Italian that it’s worth mentioning. Scooterino is ridesharing via scooter, giving you a chance to zip through the Italian capital on the back of a scooter without needing to do any of the driving or knowing your way around. Find out the rough cost of a trip before you book and pay your driver through the app, just like other ridesharing services.

The Best Travel Apps for Translation and Conversion in Europe 

15. google translate.

screenshot of Google Translate app.

Google’s handy online translation is available in an app, which helps you translate between 103 languages. There are several ways to enter the word or phrase you want to translate, from typing on the keyboard or handwriting to speaking into the microphone and even translating text in real-time using the phone’s camera. The number of languages supported by each method (aside from using the keyboard) varies, but it’s still overall a powerful tool. What’s more, Google Translate now works in any app with “Tap to Translate.”

16. TripLingo

screenshot of TripLingo app.

The TripLingo app covers the basic translation needs most travelers have—through typing on the keyboard, speaking into the microphone, or using the phone’s camera—but it’s also got educational tools. The app includes a phrasebook as well as audio language lessons, as well as specific etiquette, safety, and culture tips to help travelers feel more comfortable in unfamiliar places. There’s even a built-in currency converter and tip calculator.

17. GlobeConvert

screenshot of GlobeConvert app.

The minimalist GlobeConvert makes conversion easy, no matter what you’re trying to convert. Quickly switch currency, temperature, weight, distance, and much more into the unit of measurement you understand best. Save the conversions you use frequently, like US dollars to euros or fahrenheit to celsius, to make the process even more convenient. The app will even automatically fill in one of the currency fields based on your geotagged location. GlobeStudio, the makers of GlobeConvert, have other useful apps for travelers, too, including one that details tipping guidelines for the country you’re in.

>> Read our tips for getting around when you don't know the language

The best travel apps for things to do and see in europe .

screenshot of Viator app.

No matter where you want to go in the world, or what you want to do, Viator probably has a tour (or seven) that will suit. To make it easier to find and book tours on the go, Viator’s app brings the catalog to your phone—even finding what’s near you based on your location. You can book same-day tours in some cases, find tours that help you avoid long entrance lines, and tickets booked through the app are saved on your phone. 

19. SANDEMANs New Europe

screenshot of SANDEMANs app.

SANDEMAN has been giving free tours in a growing list of cities for more than a decade, and now covers 17 European cities. Each basic city tour is free—the idea being that each traveler tips the guide based on how useful, entertaining, or educational they thought the experience was. There are also several other paid tour options in each place. So, if you enjoy the free tour, you can book another one right away with the app.

20. TripDoc

screenshot of Tripdoc app.

Any travel lover who is constantly accumulating recommendations for future (potential) adventures—from friends, TV shows, magazines, etc.—knows how annoying it is to finally take a trip and not remember where you put all those little notes. Enter TripDoc, a guide to any city in the world that you create by adding pinpoints to city maps. Save notes about each tip to help jog your memory (such as a specific recommended dish at a restaurant or who gave you the tip). Then, when you're visiting a city saved in your TripDoc library, the map will show you where those recommended spots are in comparison to where you are. No more substandard meals because you're hungry only to find out later that a restaurant your friend told you about was just around the corner.

21. Rick Steves Audio Europe

screenshot of Rick Steves app.

Bring everyone’s favorite Euro-geek on your European trip with the Rick Steves Audio Europe app. Choose the destinations you’ll be visiting and the information you’ll want to have on hand—including plenty of travel tips and an excellent selection of free audio guided tours—and download them to your device when you have WiFi. Then, it’s all available offline so you don’t have to worry about data charges while traveling.

22. Spotted by Locals

screenshot of Spotted by Locals app.

When you’re not fortunate enough to have friends all over the world, Spotted by Locals is a good alternative. Locals populate the database with personal tips for the city they live in and love, giving travelers a chance to explore beyond the usual list of sights and restaurants. The goal, besides helping travelers enjoy trips, is to ease the burden of overtourism on some places while promoting others that may not get their fair share of traveler love. The app’s maps and tips are all available offline, and new tips are constantly being added.

23. TripScout

screenshot of TripScout app.

TripScout curates articles and videos from more than 1,200 publishers, local experts, bloggers, and influencers and puts them all in one place. Every recommendation is mapped to a point of interest—a shop, restaurant, monument, etc.—so when you find one you like, just click and add it to your itinerary.

The Best Travel Apps for Places to Eat in Europe 

24. the fork.

screenshot of the fork app.

What started as “La Fourchette” (French for “The Fork”) became TripAdvisor’s The Fork in 2014. Now, instead of focusing just on restaurants in a few European countries, The Fork allows diners to search for and book tables at thousands of restaurants across nine European countries. Filter your search based on dietary restrictions or average price per person, see your options by neighborhood, and—at some restaurants—take advantage of special offers if you book through The Fork.

25. Happy Cow

screenshot of Happy Cow app.

Finding vegetarian and vegan restaurants around the world is made easier with the Happy Cow app. The listings cover more than 180 countries, and after browsing the options and saving ideas to your trips, you can access the information offline when you’re out and about. Refine your searches to places that are vegetarian, completely vegan, or just have vegetarian options on the menu.

Bonus: Going

signup screen for Going.

Before you travel in Europe, you’ve got to travel to Europe, and Going can help you get there for less. Every day, we send members amazing flight deals—up to 90% off regular prices—to Europe and other destinations around the world, including the US. 

Our team of Flight Experts spends hundreds of hours every week searching for deals, and when we find a great deal, we send it to our members, along with all the information they need to find and book the deal directly with the airline or on a site like Kayak or Priceline. And when we say great deal, we mean great, like $383 roundtrip nonstop from San Francisco to Paris or $394 roundtrip nonstop from Chicago to Iceland.

We don’t send deals for ultra-last-minute flights, deals with limited availability, or flights that require a bunch of long layovers. We don’t take any commissions when you book a deal we send, so our only goal is to send you a deal you’ll love. On average, our members save $550 per ticket off regular prices.

Check out our list of the best flight booking apps and join Going for free to get amazing cheap flight deals delivered right to your inbox.

Scott has traveled to 46 countries (and 46 states!), living in California, to Oaxaca, to Oregon. He’s left-handed, drinks five cups of tea daily, and holds a vendetta against the “Happy Birthday” song. On a dare, he once ate 13 hot dogs (and a bowl of Dippin’ Dots) at the ballpark. He grew up in Ohio and founded Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) in a Denver coffee shop. Favorite airport: PDX.

best app for planning europe trip

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Sign up for free to start getting flight alerts. Or upgrade to get 4x the deals, rare destinations, peak season tickets, and Mistake Fares. Either way, you’ll never overpay on flights again.

Andrew & Kait

10 Apps You Need for Your Europe Trip

by andrewandkait | Feb 7, 2023 | Summer Vacation , Travel Planning | 0 comments

Heading off an a grand European adventure this summer? We’re sharing a few tried and true ways to navigate, translate, and see the world as you sip, savor, and stroll through Europe like a local. Make your trip a breeze with these 10 easy-to-use and helpful apps.


Because it’s convenient to not need a car to get around most European vacation destinations, there are a few more logistical steps to figure out in terms of transportation. Going anywhere near the water and needing to take a ferry from one place to another? FerryHopper is the must-have app! Whether you’re taking a day trip from one greek island to the next or trying to get from Capri or Positano , you can find ferry timetables and buy tickets within the Ferryhopper app or website.


Speaking of not needing cars, the easiest way to travel through Europe is by train. As Ferryhopper can get you almost anywhere by boat, you can purchase train tickets quickly and easily through the Trainline app. You can track train times, buy tickets, and select seats within the app. As a bonus, you never have to worry about validating paper tickets in countries like Italy , as the ticket and QR code are right on your phone.

best app for planning europe trip


Need to convey a message to someone who doesn’t speak your language? Download the Google Translate app, type your message, and the app will read the translation allowed in the selected language. Can’t read anything on the menu? Take a photo through the app, which will translate the text on the screen to your language! It’s nearly flawless and so helpful.


Want to get around the city a little faster than walking without missing the views in a metro? Many European cities such as Madrid, Rome, and Paris have Lime and RideMovi electric bikes and scooters to get you around the city quickly and easily. Download the apps beforehand, and you’ll be ready to ride!


Certainly the most robust hotel booking site for European stays, you need to have quick access to your Booking.com reservations and can do so on their handy app. Booking.com offers more than just hotels though! We’ve found the best rates with fewer fees than Airbnb. You’ll want the app on your phone to be able to quickly answer questions about where you’re staying when either going through customs lines or filling out official forms.

best app for planning europe trip


While not commonly used by Americans, the rest of the world uses Whatsapp all the time. As a messaging and phone app, Whatsapp allows you to communicate with Airbnb or tour hosts, call restaurants to make reservations, meet up with friends, or keep in touch even after your trip. When we say everyone else uses it, we mean EVERYONE else uses it, so download it soon and start getting used to it!


There are many Rideshare apps across the continent, but FreeNow is the one app we’ve found that works in most European countries. Uber and Bolt are common, but FreeNow is the rideshare app of choice in most places. It works almost identically to Uber or Lyft.


Google Maps is the perfect app for planning and taking trips to Europe. Save places such as restaurant recommendations or must-visit attractions to your list in advance, and use the map for directions and location scouting while you’re on vacation. We’ve found that Google Maps typically works better than Apple maps in Europe, but we use both frequently.

best app for planning europe trip


Want to skip the long ticket line for the museum on your vacation itinerary? Download Get Your Guide app before your trip, and purchase your attraction tickets in advance! It offers ticket variations from skip-the-line access to audio tours to guided tours. When you get to the attraction’s main gate, all you need is the ticket that conveniently lives on your phone, and you’re in! 

For every other cultural experience that can’t be found on the Tiqets or Get Your Guide apps, there are Airbnb Experiences . Download the Airbnb app well before your trip and find the coolest local-lead opportunities, from boat rides in the Mediterranean to cooking classes with local grandmas and everything in between.

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best app for planning europe trip

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best app for planning europe trip

12 Best Travel TRIP PLANNER APPs To Have in 2023

' src=

In a fast-paced world where the stress of work and school is overwhelming, we all need a break to de-stress our minds. Traveling is one good way to take your mind off of stressful things – a breather. And a scheduled vacation gives you something to look forward to.

Whether it’s a local trip alone, a family holiday, or a getaway with your best friends, it just excites you to wish the day would come faster. 

Although trip planning is fun, sometimes, it is just too much. There are many apps that would help us with that burden and more from joyofandroid.com .

12 Best Trip Planner Apps in 2022

The freeform app, skratch – build your own skratch map, hopper – flight & hotel deals.

  • TripIt: Travel Planner
  • Sygic Travel Maps Trip Planner

Packing Pro

Roadtrippers: trip planner, locationscout.net, loungebuddy, travel planning apps for your next trip.

best app for planning europe trip

The Freeform app is an endless whiteboard that lets users add information from a variety of websites, photos, videos and files.

Because the boards are kept in iCloud, they can be accessed from any device anytime inspiration hits. While you and your travel companions plan your dream trip, the specifics can be shared with several individuals working together on the same whiteboard, making them an ongoing work in progress.

The Freeform app is free to iPhone users on iOS 16.2, iPad users on 16.2, and Mac users on Ventura MacOS Venture 13.1. 

Download the brand-new app here .

Read our full post: Apple Launches New Travel App Freeform – What to Know

Wanderlog Trip Planner App

wanderlog - best travel planning app

Wanderlog is your all-in-one destination for planning future trips, sharing travel guides, and blogging past trips.

Its trip planning features are incredibly flexible: you can research destinations and activities, organize reservations by connecting your email, and map out a day itinerary with start/end times. You can also add notes and links all throughout.

Everything is stored offline so you can access your itinerary when traveling abroad. For road trips, it calculates the time and distance between places and exports them to Google Maps (and there are no limits to the number of stops you have on a trip!).

Plus, there’s a fun social component: collaborate with friends on itineraries, write your own travel guide, and blog about past trips. Wanderlog is available on the web and on your smartphone, so you can seamlessly plan while at home and on-the-go.

iOS  /  Android

best app for planning europe trip

Rome2rio is a versatile travel planning app that simplifies the process of finding and booking travel options. It’s a handy tool for travelers seeking to explore various transportation choices between destinations. Rome2rio offers users a comprehensive view of travel options, including flights, trains, buses, ferries, and even driving directions.

Key features of Rome2rio include:

  • Route Information: The app provides detailed information on different routes, including estimated travel times, costs, and the number of transfers required.
  • Booking Integration: Users can book flights, train tickets, and other transportation options directly through the app, streamlining the booking process.
  • Map Integration: Rome2rio integrates with maps, allowing users to visualize their travel routes and explore nearby attractions.
  • Multi-Modal Travel: It offers options for combining various modes of transportation, making it easy to plan complex journeys.
  • Accurate Pricing: The app provides real-time pricing information, helping users make informed decisions based on their budget.
  • Offline Access: Rome2rio offers offline access to previously searched routes, which can be handy when traveling without a data connection.

iOS / Android

best travel websites

Skratch is the ultimate way to track your travel life . Simply create your Skratch map and the app will instantly show you all the countries you’ve been in the world. You can then also mark where you’ve lived or want to go on your bucket list.

Ever wonder what you did in all these places? Skratch lets you pin all your travel photos & videos directly to the map. This is a great way to relive your best memories by country.

As you visit new places, Skratch will either mark it automatically with a notification or let you mark your map offline. There’s also an achievements section that tracks your stats and progress towards unlocking world regions, as well as allowing you to share your map on social media. This is a great companion app for any traveler, and you can upgrade your map to mark over 18,000 regions & cities or set custom themes (iOS only for now).

Hopper - Travel Planning App

Hopper is an amazing trip planner app to have on your phone. The app predicts airfares up to 1 year in advance, with 95% accuracy. It analyzes over billions of flight prices and hotels within the day – telling you whether to book your trip now or wait for just a little longer.

Here’s how it works: Key in your destination and a color-coded calendar will display the cheapest and most expensive date to fly. The app will then recommend you to either book the flight now or sit it out and wait for airfare to get cheaper. Also, you can filter predictions to custom-fit your trip – remove long layovers, extra fees, restrictions, and more. 

And if you worry about missing out the cheap flight bookings, don’t be! Hopper will send you a notification when fares have dropped to its lowest point.

TripIt: Trip Planner App

TripIt - Travel Planning App

If you need any help organizing the dozens of itineraries, TripIt is the app for you. Users simply need to forward your flight, hotel, restaurant, and car rental confirmation emails to [email protected] and the app will create a free master doc for each of your trips. The best thing about this app is that you can get access to your itinerary anywhere, even without an internet connection. 

In addition, the Pro version will find you alternative routes for canceled flights and send out notifications for delayed flights, cancellations, and more from the airlines. 

SYGIC Travel Maps Trip Planner

Sygic Travel Maps , the new version of Sygic Trip Planner, is the first travel app to display all of the attractions and places a traveler needs to see and visit on a single map.

Sync your trips with the Sygic Travel app and find hidden gems in all cities you visit. The app boast a large database that allows you to find the best hotels, tourist attractions, museums, restaurants, bars, and stores wherever you go.

This mobile app also let you download offline maps and guides, which come in helpful when traveling to remote locations with poor or non-existing Wi-Fi.

It also has a dedicated section to worldwide places of interest for travel business. Get location information for individual cities, countries, continents, or the entire planet.

The app is available in 18 languages.

best app for planning europe trip

We can all agree that packing is the least liked activity pre and post-trip. Let Packing Pro help you with that. The app lets you create a customizable list of essential things to pack that considers important factors like the trip duration, weather conditions, destination, and many more.

Don’t know where to start? Packing Pro’s sample packing list provides a good starting point if you don’t want to create your own.

Packing Pro has a plethora of item catalog that ensures that everything and everyone is accounted for. The app allows for seamless syncing and sharing to make sure that no one in the family leaves behind essential stuff.

Roadtrippers - Travel Planning Mobile App

Planning on a cross-country road trip ? Roadtrippers is the app for you! Not everyone is fond of waiting long hours at the airport while sitting through your red-eye flight. Hit the road with your friends instead.

Roadtrippers provides everything you need to know on your road trip. Just enter your starting point, destination, and let the app do its work for you! From camping sites to rest stops, outdoor activities, exciting adventures along the way that you didn’t know existed. This app is the perfect buddy for your road trip regardless of your mode of transportation – a sedan, a rental car, or a huge family RV.


Since its launch in 2014, Locationscout.net has grown to become one of the largest online communities for photographers and visitors, exchanging information on the world’s most picturesque locations, including their precise location, shooting advice, trip suggestions, and much more.

Use the official Locationscout app to identify locations nearby or plan your trip in advance and bookmark locations you like and wish to visit in the future to avoid missing the greatest photo opportunities on your next trip.

Use Around Me to find local places and never miss scenic areas again on your travels. Use a grid view to find the best places, or simply zoom in on the map. When you select a place, you’ll get a map with a possible route, as well as a calculation of the distance and estimated travel time.

Whether you use your smartphone or a large screen to plan your vacation. You can save the places you do not want to miss more easily since all your bookmarks are synchronized on all your devices.

best app for planning europe trip

Let’s face it, waiting around at the airport for your flight, which turns out to be delayed, is not the nicest experience at all. You wait around in uncomfortable seats, with bad Wi-Fi, and inedible food choices. Wouldn’t it be nice though to wait around in pleasant lounges?

But without membership or business-class tickets then there is no way for you to get in. Good thing Loungebuddy makes it possible for travelers to get access to airport lounges across the globe in just seconds. 

Even with an economy ticket, the app lets you elevate your flying experience – in style. 

best app for planning europe trip

Used by over 90 million people worldwide, Skyscanner gives you great deals for flights, hotels, and car rentals. Its “everywhere” feature allows you to look at destinations that would fit right into your budget and timeframe. 

Is your Europe your dream destination? Take it off your dream board and make it a reality – Skyscanner will make it possible for you. Like Hopper, Skyscanner sends you alerts when airfares hit their lowest points too.

HotelTonight: Hotel Deals

best app for planning europe trip

Booked a spontaneous flight out and need a nice place to stay for the night? Or exhausted from the hundreds of mile-long trip and need to get a place to rest ASAP? HotelTonight provides you with surprising last-minute deals on hotels near you. 

Regardless of your budget, this app has something to offer. From luxury to budget-friendly hotels, and unique boutiques, all available in just a few clicks!

best app for planning europe trip

Not a big fan of hotel rooms? Perhaps you want to rent a room, a house, or a whole apartment for that homey feeling while being far away from home! Airbnb provides you with different spaces, from rooms, couches, to a whole apartment from locals in your desired place. 

You can filter through the photos, reviews, and available amenities – such as pool, washing machines/dryers, iron, and more! The app also serves as a medium for seamless communication with your hosts who are always so willing to give you the best stay possible. Plus, locals give you tips on where to find the best dining spots!

iOS / Android  


best app for planning europe trip

Most of us dream of going to places! But planning an amazing trip to places we have not been to is pretty hard as you don’t know where to stay, what to do, places to eat, and adventures to try. We mostly rely on recommendations, most of which are not even right, that we find online. 

TripAdvisor has over millions of travel recommendations on hotels, top dining spots, must-do experiences, and treasured gems to over 8 million destinations at your perusal. It is an all-in-one app that lets you book tables at restaurants and compares low prices on hotels and flights.

You can also follow friends and travel experts for advice that match your interests, watch videos, and read articles. In return, you can share your experiences, reviews, and helpful guides for other users too!

TravelSpend: Track Travel Expense & Trip Budget

best app for planning europe trip

Setting up a budget for your trip is easy, however, sticking to it is hard. TravelSpend will help you with that. It starts with entering your budget and expenses over multiple days so you don’t go overboard. The app helps you in sticking to your budget effectively.

Being in another country is not a problem at all: enter your expenses in any currency and the app will automatically convert it to your home currency.

Track your travel expenses whether going on a solo around-the-world trip or backpacking holiday with your best friends. The app allows you to share your trip with your friends and track your expenses together. Pay debts, split bills, and check your balances – all in the app!

PackPoint Travel Packing Lis‪t

PackPoint Travel Packing Lis‪t

PackPoint is a free packing list organizer and packing trip planner for seasoned travelers. Sometimes you leave for your long-awaited beach vacation only to realize you forgot an important piece of clothing, gadget, or sports equipment. PackPoint Travel Packing List helps you pack everything you need for your vacation. 

The app will suggest what you should take based on the information you enter, such as the type of vacation you are taking, the activities you are planning, the time of year, and the destination, but you can also can create your manual lists. This way, you can make sure that you do not leave home without essential clothing, accessories, or gear. You can also try the similar Packing Pro for iOS for only $3.


Most of the apps are free to download. Although, some may need in-app purchases to use its premium features. But that is just a small price to pay for a well-planned trip that’s ahead of your way. 

Let this list of apps be your useful companion to your next travel adventure. Leave your worries behind, even for a short while, take lots of pictures, and don’t forget to live in the moment!

Thank you for your suggestions! Those apps are very useful and various

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Europe Trip Planner

Re-imagine the way you plan and book your trips. with triptile you can build itinerary of any complexity from scratch in a matter of minutes., triptile is europe tour planner that enables you to build your own perfect tour in minutes, triptile allows you to build complex multi-city trips in a few minutes, providing radically better travel experiences is our core.

Originally, Triptile was developed by Firebird Tours® as a tool for travel professionals so they could build custom multi-destination trips to Italy or anywhere else in Europe for their clients. Today Triptile allows you to connect any European country, including places like Iceland , Greece, Scotland , or Portugal . And you can easily combine many hubs in your travel itinerary; for instance, add Barcelona , Paris , and London , and select the most popular activities according to your preference. What's more, Triptile provides recommendations for the best hotels, activities, and transportation to use during the trip. However, the best part is that with Triptile, you can plan your next vacation in a matter of minutes, not weeks. All of the travel inventory is supplied by Firebird Tours, one of the leading travel companies in Europe.

Since recently, Triptile is also available for all users who want to plan a trip to Morocco , Germany , Switzerland , Norway , and virtually anywhere in Europe. You can use any of the services available on Triptile or add your own. You don't have to make reservations with us, but you can always ask our team for a quote. And if you do, rest assured you're in great hands. Start building your trip now! Recently Triptile became available for all users who want to use it to plan the logistics of their trips to Europe. Or we can take care of all or any logistics for you, from hotels to trains, from guides to activities. Triptile is a powerful online tour builder that enables you to be your own travel specialist. Before Triptile, customization was done through luxury tour planners, but now you can plan trips of any complexity or simplicity yourself.

Best Tours of Europe

Pick your European trip of a lifetime

Best of Norway

Best of Norway

9 days | 6 cities | Private tour template

Essence of England & Scotland

Essence of England & Scotland

8 days | 3 cities | Private tour template

Definitive Ireland

Definitive Ireland

8 days | 5 cities | Private tour template

Bella Italia with Tuscany

Bella Italia with Tuscany

11 days | 4 cities | Private tour template

Scandinavian Capitals & Fjords

Scandinavian Capitals & Fjords

10 days | 5 cities | Private tour template

Best of Portugal from Lisbon to Porto

Best of Portugal from Lisbon to Porto

7 days | 2 cities | Private tour template

Classic Sicily

Classic Sicily

7 days | 4 cities | Private tour template

Choose from our most popular itinerary builders and enjoy a head start in planning your trip.

Build your trip in Italy

Start Planning with Triptile

best app for planning europe trip

Darling Escapes

The Best Apps for European Travel: Make the Most of Your Journey

Are you planning a trip to Europe? With so many countries to explore and sights to see, it can be overwhelming to plan your itinerary. Luckily, there are plenty of apps available to make your travels easier and more enjoyable. From booking flights and accommodations to finding the best local restaurants, we have the best apps for European travel for you.

One of the most important aspects of any trip is transportation. Google Flights is a great app to search for and book flights to Europe. It allows you to compare prices from different airlines and find the best deals. Trainline is another useful app for booking train and bus tickets in Europe. With advance bookings, you can save money and avoid the hassle of standing in long lines at the station.

  • Booking Travel

Accommodation Apps

  • Travel Planning Tools

Local influence

Restaurant reservations.

  • Safety and Emergencies

Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll want to explore the local area and find the best places to eat and drink. TripAdvisor is a popular app for finding restaurants and attractions, as well as reading reviews from other travelers. For a more personalized experience, try out Eatwith, an app that connects travelers with locals who host dinners and cooking classes. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and try out authentic cuisine.

These are some of the best apps for European travel, and everything you need to get your trip sorted and running smoothly.

best travel app for Europe: Transportation

When it comes to traveling in Europe, having the right transportation apps can make all the difference. Here are some of the best apps to help you get around:

  • Google Maps : Offers comprehensive maps, real-time navigation, public transportation information, and offline access. It’s an essential tool for getting around European cities. iOS | Android
  • Citymapper : Provides detailed public transportation routes, including metros, buses, and trains, along with real-time arrival information. It’s especially useful for navigating the public transit systems of major European cities and really does need to be on every single list for best travel apps for Europe. iOS | Android
  • Rome2rio : Helps you plan and book multi-modal trips by providing route options, including flights, trains, buses, and more. It’s a handy app for comparing different travel options and finding the most efficient routes. iOS | Android
  • MAPS.ME : This is an offline mapping app that provides detailed maps of countries, cities, and regions worldwide. With MAPS.ME, you can navigate without an internet connection, search for locations, and get accurate directions- making it one of the best apps for European travel. Whether you’re exploring remote areas or navigating unfamiliar streets, MAPS.ME is a reliable travel companion. Available on iOS and Android .

Best Travel App for Europe: Booking Travel

  • Omio : Offers a convenient way to compare and book flights, trains, buses, and ferries across Europe. It simplifies the process of finding and booking transportation tickets. iOS | Android
  • Flixbus : Allows you to book affordable bus tickets for travel across Europe. Flixbus is known for its extensive network and budget-friendly fares, making it a popular choice for backpackers and budget travelers, so it’s obvious that this needs to be on our list of best travel apps for Europe. iOS | Android
  • Eurail/Interrail Rail Planner : Helps you plan train trips and find schedules for Eurail and Interrail passes. It provides essential information for travelers exploring Europe by train. iOS | Android
  • DB Navigator : Provides train schedules, ticket booking, and real-time information for trains in Germany and across Europe. It’s particularly useful for navigating the German rail system. iOS | Android

Sharing our best travel apps for Europe to make your next trip planning as smooth as possible.

When it comes to finding a place to stay during your European travels, there are a variety of apps that can help you find the perfect accommodation for your needs and budget. Here are some of the best apps for finding hotels, Airbnb, and booking accommodations in Europe.

Hotels & hostels

If you’re looking for hotels, there are a few apps that stand out. Booking.com is a popular choice, with a wide range of properties listed and lots of detailed reviews and photos, even for remote locations. TripAdvisor is another great option, offering a range of reviews and ratings from other travelers to help you make an informed decision. Finally, Hotel Tonight is a great app for finding last-minute hotel deals in Europe.

  • Booking.com : Offers a wide range of hotels, hostels, and other accommodations, often with flexible cancellation policies. iOS | Android
  • Hostelworld : Specializes in booking hostels and budget accommodations, ideal for backpackers and solo travelers. iOS | Android
  • Hotel Tonight : Hotel Tonight is a convenient app for finding last-minute hotel deals. Whether you’re planning a spontaneous getaway or need a place to stay on short notice, Hotel Tonight offers a selection of handpicked hotels with exclusive discounts. With a simple and intuitive interface, you can quickly browse available rooms, book your stay, and even check-in right from your phone. Available on iOS and Android .

NOTE: Use code FANWAR13 to get $65 off your booking on Hotel Tonight.

If you prefer the comfort of a home-away-from-home, Airbnb is the perfect app for you. With a huge range of properties available across Europe, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs and budget. The app also offers a range of filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s a private room or an entire apartment.

  • Airbnb : Allows you to book unique accommodations, including apartments and houses, providing a local experience. iOS | Android

Overall, there are plenty of great apps out there to help you find the perfect accommodation for your European travels. Whether you’re looking for hotels, Airbnb, or just want to book your accommodation in advance, these apps are sure to make your trip a success.

These are some of the best apps for European travel, and everything you need to get your trip sorted and running smoothly.

Best Travel apps for Europe: Planning Tools

When planning a trip to Europe, having the right travel planning apps can make all the difference. Not only do these apps help you stay organized, but they can also save you time and money. Here are some of the best travel planning apps for your European adventure.

One of the most important aspects of travel planning is creating an itinerary. With the TripIt app, you can easily organize all of your travel plans in one place. Simply forward your confirmation emails to the app, and it will create a master itinerary for you. You can also add notes and photos to your itinerary, making it easy to keep track of everything.

  • TripIt: Organizes your travel plans and itineraries in one place, including flights, hotels, and activities. It simplifies the management of your travel arrangements, keeping everything easily accessible. iOS | Android

Guided Tours

If you’re interested in taking guided tours during your European travels, then Viator and GetYourGuide are two great apps to check out. Both apps offer a wide variety of tours in cities throughout Europe, from walking tours to food tours to bike tours. You can easily book tours through the app and even read reviews from other travelers to help you make your decision.

  • GetYourGuide : GetYourGuide is a popular travel app that offers a wide range of tours, activities, and attractions around the world. With this app, you can discover and book unique experiences in various destinations, ranging from guided city tours and museum visits to adrenaline-pumping adventures and cultural activities. GetYourGuide provides detailed descriptions, customer reviews, and hassle-free booking, ensuring that you have a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. Available on iOS and Android .

Best apps for European travel: Language and Currency

When traveling to a foreign country, it’s important to have apps that can help you communicate and manage your money. Here are some of the best language and currency apps to use during your European travels.

Currency Conversion

When traveling to Europe, you’ll need to convert your currency to Euros. Here are some apps that can help you with currency conversion:

  • XE Currency : Offers up-to-date currency exchange rates and a currency converter, even offline. iOS | Android
  • Wise: Wise is a trusted app for cost-effective international money transfers. With competitive exchange rates and transparent fees, Wise helps you avoid excessive bank charges. Available on iOS and Android .
  • Revolut : A digital banking app that enables you to manage multiple currencies, make international payments, and access money-saving features. iOS | Android

Phrases and Translation

If you’re traveling to a country where you don’t speak the language, it’s important to have an app that can help you communicate. Here are some apps that can help you with phrases and translation:

  • Google Translate : Allows you to translate text, voice, and even images, making communication easier in foreign languages. iOS | Android
  • Duolingo : A popular language learning app that offers fun and interactive lessons for learning new languages. Available on iOS and Android .
  • Rosetta Stone : Rosetta Stone is an immersive language learning platform with interactive lessons and a comprehensive curriculum. Available on iOS and Android .

When traveling to Europe, it’s important to pack appropriately for the weather and activities you’ll be doing. Here are some apps that can help you pack:

  • PackPoint : PackPoint is a smart packing app that creates personalized packing lists based on your destination, travel dates, and activities. It takes into account weather forecasts and trip duration to ensure you have everything you need. Simplify your packing process with PackPoint. Available on iOS and Android .

By using these language and currency apps, you’ll be able to communicate effectively and manage your money during your European travels.

Planning a trip to Europe and not sure where to start? Well, your phone has everything you need- these best travel apps for Europe will not only help you book your flight and hotels, will also make new friends!

Best travel app for Europe: Exploring Around

When it comes to European travel, there are a variety of apps that can make your trip more enjoyable and stress-free. In this section, we’ll cover a few miscellaneous apps that can help you with activities and attractions, restaurant reservations, and road trips.

One of the best ways to get the most of a city is by getting local insights and making friends along the way. And these best apps for European travel can help you do just that.

  • Spotted by Locals : Spotted by Locals is a unique travel app that connects you with local insiders who share their favorite spots and hidden gems in cities around the world. With firsthand recommendations from locals, you can discover authentic and off-the-beaten-path places to eat, drink, visit, and explore. The app offers insider tips, detailed city guides, and offline maps, ensuring you have access to local insights even without an internet connection. Available on iOS and Android .
  • Meetup: The Meetup app brings people together based on shared interests and activities. Whether you’re new to a city or looking to expand your social circle, Meetup connects you with local groups and events that align with your hobbies and passions. From hiking and book clubs to tech meetups and language exchanges, you can find a diverse range of activities and communities to join. Available on iOS and Android .

If you’re looking to make restaurant reservations while in Europe, OpenTable is a great app to have. With OpenTable, you can search for restaurants, read reviews, and make reservations all in one place.

One of the best ways to explore Europe further is by hitting the open road. Land travel is so easy, and the ease of cross-country car rentals/shares makes it one of the best places to claim the roads and explore the hidden gems around the continent.

  • Roadtrippers: One of the best travel apps for European travel and popular for planning road trips and discovering attractions along the way. With Roadtrippers, you can map out your route, find interesting points of interest, and create a personalized itinerary for your journey. The app provides information on scenic drives, quirky roadside attractions, scenic viewpoints, restaurants, accommodations, and more. Available on iOS and Android .
  • iExit: iExit is a convenient app for finding amenities and services near highway exits. Whether you’re on a long road trip or just passing through, iExit helps you locate gas stations, restaurants, hotels, rest areas, and other essential facilities. The app provides real-time information on upcoming exits, allowing you to plan your stops and find the services you need. Available on iOS and Android .

Sharing our best travel apps for Europe to make your next trip planning as smooth as possible.

Best travel apps for European travel: Safety and Emergencies

  • SOS Emergency : Provides emergency numbers for each country, as well as the option to call for help directly from the app. iOS | Android
  • TravelSafe : Offers essential safety information, including emergency contacts, embassy locations, and health tips. iOS | Android

Overall, these miscellaneous apps can make your European travel experience more enjoyable and stress-free. Give them a try and see how they can enhance your trip!

Sharing our best travel apps for Europe to make your next trip planning as smooth as possible.

You are now equipped with some of the best apps for European travel. With these apps, you can easily plan your trip, book flights and accommodations, navigate around foreign cities, and even find local events and activities.

Remember, each app has its own unique features and benefits, so it’s important to choose the ones that best fit your travel needs.

These are some of the best apps for European travel, and everything you need to get your trip sorted and running smoothly.

As you can see, there are a variety of apps available to make your European travels easier and more enjoyable. So, go ahead and download the ones that appeal to you and start planning your dream trip today!

Marissa is a scientist, sports lover, traveler, tech executive, and baked goods enthusiast. Currently based between Toronto, NYC, and LA, she calls all three places home throughout the year. She has lived in seven countries and explored countless more as a long-term visitor. You can find her work on Darling Escapes and around the web.

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best app for planning europe trip

The Best Travel Apps for Europe: Don’t Leave Home Without These Must-Downloads!

Last Updated: October 25, 2023

*FYI - this post may contain affiliate links, which means we earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase from them. Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Check out our Privacy Policy and Disclosure. for more info.

best app for planning europe trip

One of the most important things to do before you travel abroad is ensuring you have all the best travel apps you need for your trip. Below, you’ll find my top recommendations. 

Whether you need to book transportation, organize your itinerary, find cheap food, or pack your suitcase, I promise you my friend, there’s an app for that.

SO, if you have a Europe trip planned soon, bookmark this page, grab a coffee and get ready to download your thumbs off.

Below, you’ll find a curated list of the BEST travel apps for Europe that will make your life a million times easier abroad…

Which of course means less time crying and more time stuffing your face!

Best of all, the travel apps in this list are mostly free.

Not into reading? Catch a video version of this guide here.

best app for planning europe trip

Save this list of Europe Travel Apps for Later!

You’ll be very glad you did.

Download for iOS | Download for Android

TripIt is a magical app that organizes your hotel bookings, flights, tickets and all in one place… the best thing is, it does it automatically through scanning your inbox for confirmation emails.

If you’re planning a long trip with multiple stops, hotels, modes of transport, etc. to worry about, then TripIt is a great tool for organizing everything in one neat place. Although the automatic import can sometimes be finicky, all you need to do is forward emails to [email protected] and it detects all the information automatically from there.

best app for planning europe trip

2. Google Maps

Odds are 99% of you already have Google Maps downloaded on your phone, but it really is one of the most helpful apps out there for travelling.

I love to use it for not just navigating, but for also saving places I’m interested in. Whenever I find a cool cafe, attraction or spot I want to visit somewhere, I star it on my Google Maps so that way when I’m in a city exploring, I can easily see worthwhile spots that are nearby.

I also like to use it to find food, cafes, attractions near me through search. Saving maps for offline use is a huge perk of this app as well, and here’s a cool trick: you can easily save a spot for offline use by typing in OK Maps.

Maps.me is another good app with offline maps but I prefer a Google Maps because I’m more used to it.

best app for planning europe trip

When travelling around Europe, you have a lot of options in terms of how to get from one place to the other. Between trains, planes and buses, the choices are pretty overwhelming, BUT Omio is a great app that allows you to search and compare different transportation options all in one place and even sort the options by what’s cheapest, fastest, and by time.

This is one of the handiest apps you can use while planning your trip and while I love flight apps like Google Flights or Skyscanner , Omio just covers more ground in terms of options so this is definitely one to keep on your phone.

best app for planning europe trip

4. Google Translate

If you’re travelling in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, having the Google Translate app is an absolute must.

Of course, when you are connected to the Internet, you can use it to search up translations in a bunch of different languages but what you should also do is save the languages you’ll be encountering most for offline use. This way, with data or without, you can translate phrases here and there which will come in very handy. Another little known tool is the image scan translation tool which you can use to translate things like signs and menus.

best app for planning europe trip

Another great translation app is SayHi and its main focus is voice translations so you can have a way to connect with locals in a destination even if you don’t speak the language.

All you have to do is select the language you’re speaking, the language you’re translating to and speak into it. Then a voice will read a translation out loud. I’ll be honest, the translations aren’t always perfect, but it helps you get your point across and can be a great way to break the ice if you have trouble being understood.

best app for planning europe trip

Click here to sign up for a FREE card!

Download app for iOS | Download app for Android

If you want a functional debit or credit card to use when you’re in Europe that charges you no foreign transaction fees, then you need to look into Revolut . I’ve been using them for years!

Making an account takes minutes, it can all be done on your phone, and then you get a free card shipped to you within a few days. With it, you’re able to top up your card and transfer money between currencies at the interbank exchange rate which means lots of potential savings, and a separate card you can use for payments and even ATM withdrawals. The app is also great for tracking your expenses, quick money transfers within Europe and they even have premium cards that come with perks like travel insurance and lounge access.

If you’re travelling long term in Europe or even coming here as an expat, this is an amazing service you need to take advantage of. Click here to learn more.

best app for planning europe trip

7. Splitwise

If you’re travelling with another person or a group of people, Splitwise is an app that will 1000% save your friendships, relationships, marriages, whatever.

It’s a finance app that allows you to input expenses as you go, so if you paid for hotels and your friend got flights, or you got lunch and your friend got coffees, you can have an accurate record of who paid for what so nobody is bitter about paying more or owing someone lots of money. It also takes out the stress of doing the math, or the awkwardness of going full loan shark, so it’s amazing, I highly recommend it.

best app for planning europe trip

If packing stresses you out, first of all – check out my article on Packing Tips , but also if you need help creating easy Packing Lists, Packr is an amazing app that lets you input your destination, your dates, trip details and then it magically creates a packing list for you based on weather forecasts and what kind of activities you’ll be doing.

You can change the quantity of items, add items, and if you pay for the premium version, you can also customize lists a lot more and even integrate it with TripIt! If you get packing anxiety, this is a great app to have.

best app for planning europe trip

9. GetYourGuide

Browse the regular GetYourGuide website here

If you’re a fan of tours, attractions and activities, one handy app to download is GetYourGuide which is an aggregator for different activities that has great selection in Europe. From walking tours and skip-the-line-tickets to experiences like cooking classes, you can book and pay all through the app which takes the hassle out of finding a good activity. I like to vet them based on reviews! They also have a best price guarantee so if you can find a place that does the same tour for cheaper, they’ll pay you the difference which is pretty amazing.

best app for planning europe trip

10. PolarSteps

If you want an easy way to log your travels and keep a journal of your trip in a seamless way, PolarSteps is a great travel tracking app that automatically records your trips for you by syncing with your phones location and camera roll.

This means you can easily keep track of your travels, edit stops, add photos, write down little notes, all within one easy app. At the end of your trip, you can even order a pretty photo book based on your trip info too, which would make a great souvenir!

best app for planning europe trip

11. Too Good to Go

If you are on more of a budget and want to save some money on food, one great app to download for your Europe trip is called TooGoodToGo, a wonderful app that aims to reduce food waste by selling the leftover food from restaurants for really cheap.

You basically hop on the app, which is live in many major European cities, and you can place orders with different restaurants to pick up meals at certain hours for less than 5 bucks.

You don’t usually get to pick what you get, but it’s a great way to eat affordably and help keep good, edible food out of the landfill.

best app for planning europe trip

12. HotelTonight

Sometimes in travel, you want to be spontaneous or you’re forced to be spontaneous because something has gone wrong.

HotelTonight is a great app for these moments.

They curate cheap last minute hotel deals for the day-of so you can get very cheap stays with last-minute notice.

They also do this thing called the daily drop where there’s one very especially cheap deal for that day, so it’s a good app to keep on your phone in case you get stranded somewhere and need to find a place to stay.

best app for planning europe trip

13. Booking.com

Booking.com is another great accommodation app to have on your phone. My favourite thing about Booking is they have a lot of great hotels with lax cancellation policies so if your plans aren’t set in stone but you want a place to stay just in case, you can easily reserve a spot and then cancel.

Many places let you cancel up to the day before with no penalty, so it’s a very handy app with great functionality and allows you to browse a lot of hotels at once.

I book 90% of my hotels through them and have never had an issue.

best app for planning europe trip

14. FreeNow

If you expect to be taking taxis at some point during your Europe trip, a great app you should download is called FreeNow, formerly known as MyTaxi.

It works very similarly to Uber or Lyft except the main difference is you use it to order an actual taxi, and you can pay either in-person or with the app.

This is awesome because it can help you avoid taxi scams which are unfortunately very common in major European cities, and it also allows you to easily hail a taxi wherever you are.

best app for planning europe trip

15. City Mapper

If you’re visiting some major cities during your Europe trip, like London, Paris, Rome, Brussels, and dozens more, odds are you’ll be able to use City Mapper, an amazing free transport/map app that is great.

It helps you find the best way from Point A to Point B in a city with different options including public transport, walking and cycling.

I find it’s often more accurate than Google Maps in some cities, and the best part is you can save journeys for offline use or even use aspects of the app online, which is PERFECT for cities like London where you get zero service underground.

best app for planning europe trip

16. WiFi Map

In terms of necessities when you travel, I would say the order would go water, food, and then WiFi. If you don’t have access to data during your trip, then WiFi is this precious little life source that you will be scouring the streets for like some Internet-deprived zombie.

WiFi map is an awesome app that crowdsources information about WiFi networks and passwords so you can open it up and see at a glance where there is WiFi near you, and even passwords to certain networks!

Sure this information is all crowdsourced so there’s the potential for outdated passwords, but it’s very handy to see at least where you might be able to get some free WiFi.

The app is free but the ads can be a little distracting, so there’s also a premium version if you want it.

best app for planning europe trip

17. Rick Steves Audio Europe

If you’ve ever turned on a TV or walked into the travel section of a bookstore, odds are you know Rick Steves.

If you don’t, he’s kind of like an OG Europe travel wizard who has been writing guidebooks and filming TV shows about Europe since I was… probably a fetus.

SO, the point is Rick Steves knows his stuff and he also has a very delightful speaking voice and a great app where you can download self-guided tours and other fun audio files to listen to.

best app for planning europe trip

18. XE Currency

Conversion rates can be really confusing, especially when you visit multiple countries in Europe because contrary to popular belief, not everybody is on the euro…. so to avoid any surprises, or to avoid getting scammed, be sure to download the XE currency app on your phone, which will give you a quick and easy way to make currency conversions without stressing out.

best app for planning europe trip

19. GlobeTips

Download for iOS

If tipping culture really freaks you out, then this simple app is a great one to keep in your pocket because it allows you to quickly take a peek at general norms for tipping in your current country, and even has a built in tip calculator that you can use to figure out a fair tip or a great tip based on your bill.

Its free version is functional but you can choose to unlock a pro version for full detailed tipping guides.

best app for planning europe trip

20. Happy Cow

While veggie and vegan options are rapidly growing all around Europe, sometimes it can still be a challenge to find good plant-based options when you travel.

Happy Cow is an app that makes it easier, and although it’s a paid app, it aggregates a lot of reviews and restaurant listings to help you find places to eat abroad as a vegetarian or vegan.

All my veggie friends swear by it, so if food is a priority for you when you’re in Europe, be sure to download it!

best app for planning europe trip

Did I Miss Any of Your Favourite Europe Travel Apps?

Let me know in the comments so I can add more app recommendations to the list.

My Go-To Travel Favourites:

🧳 Eagle Creek: My favourite packing cubes

💳 Wise: For FREE travel friendly credit cards

🍯 Honey: For finding coupons automatically

🏨 Booking.com: For searching hotels

📷 Sony A7IV: My (amazing) camera

✈️ Google Flights : For finding flight deals

🌎 WorldNomads: For travel insurance

🎉 GetYourGuide: For booking activities

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