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Cost Savings

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American Airlines makes it easy to find the perfect nonstop flight for your next trip. With convenient departure times, comfortable seating, and cost-effective fares, you’ll have a seamless journey from start to finish.

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american journey chapter 8 section 1

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  • The American Journey Textbook


The American Journey - Chapter 1   (Pages 12-35)

The American Journey - Chapter 2   (Pages 36-65)

The American Journey - Chapter 3   (Pages 66-97)

The American Journey - Chapter 4   (Pages 98-127)

The American Journey - Chapter 5   (Pages 128-159)

The American Journey - Chapter 6   (Pages 160-189)

The American Journey - Chapter 7   (Pages 190-215)

The American Journey - Chapter 8   (Pages 254-275)

The American Journey - Chapter 9   (Pages 276-303)

The American Journey - Chapter 10   (Pages 304-329)

The American Journey - Chapter 11   (Pages 330-353)

The American Journey - Chapter 12   (Pages 354-383)

The American Journey - Chapter 13   (Pages 384-409)

The American Journey - Chapter 14   (Pages 410-431)

The American Journey - Chapter 15   (Pages 432-457)

The American Journey - Chapter 16   (Pages 458-497)

The American Journey - Chapter 17   (Pages 498-523)

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  • Almost President: Benjamin Wade
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  • The World and Its People Textbook

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Founding Fathers

4th -  8th  , early national period review, the new deal, george washington, 1st -  3rd  .


American Journey Chapter 8

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Who was the first president of the United States?

John Hancock

Thomas Jefferson

This law created the nation's court system.

Judiciary Act of 1789

Alien and Sedition Act

Supreme Court Act

Proclamation of 1763

Some states refused to ratify (approve) the Constitution unless...

a Bill of Rights was added.

George Washington became president.

War was declared on France.

Bonds were payed at full value.

Hamilton's financial plan was ultimately adopted because

There was widespread support for it in Congress.

Government leaders made a compromise to move the capital to the south.

There was no other plan offered.

George Washington used the army to get it passed.

This event involved protests by farmers in western Pennsylvania against a tax on whiskey.

Shays' Rebellion

Bacon's Rebellion

Whiskey Rebellion

Pinckney's Rebellion

All of the following were members of Washington's cabinet EXCEPT

Alexander Hamilton

James Madison

Which political party was Pro-France and Anti-Britain?


This event involved 3 French officials trying to bribe Americans

Alien and Sedition Acts

Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions

Activities aimed at weakening the established government by inciting resistance or rebellion to authority.

states' rights

Identify the following statements that would be linked with the Federalist Party. (select 3)

Industry and banking are the future of the United States

The common man can be trusted whether they are an artisan, farmer, or poor immigrant

The national government should have more power than the state government

Only the educated and elite are equipped to rule; we need a government of the better sort

The French helped us during our revolution, we should support and align with them

Which of the following statements would be connected with the Democratic-Republican Party? (select 3)

Because of trade and cultural ties, it would be advantageous to align with the British

A national bank would be good for the economy, a blessing for trade, and would the currency

The National Bank would place too much power in the hands of the central government and it is unconstitutional

Name the first Secretary of State.

Identify the first Secretary of Treasury

In another daring move, Hamilton proposed a tax on imported goods he hoped would protect American industries. What are these taxes called?


Of the Fedearlists and the Democratic-Republicans, which party believed in a strict reading of the Constitution and rejected the idea of implied powers.



  • Multiple Choice Edit Please save your changes before editing any questions. 2 minutes 1 pt The national debt is best described as the amount of money owed by our federal government money brought in minus money spent money owed to the federal government by its citizens money owed to the U.S. by foreign nations

What advice did Washington give in his farewell address?

Avoid political parties

Participate in elections

Stay out of foreign affairs

increase trade with all nations

  • Multiple Choice Edit Please save your changes before editing any questions. 2 minutes 1 pt Who would have said "the economy should be based on farming"? Democrat-Republicans George Washington Federalists people living in northern cities

group of advisors to the president?

During French Revolution, what side did Federalists favor?

During French Revolution, what side did Democratic Republicans favor?

What was it called when American sailors were captured and forced to work for the British Navy?




Which party favored agriculture?

Democratic Republicans

Which party wanted a more powerful national government?

Washington's Secretary of War

Edmund Randolph

Which answers fit with Democratic Republicans? - Choose all that apply

Strict interpretation of the Constitution

Loose interpretation of the Constitution

Which answers fit with Federalists? - Choose all that apply

How many amendments did the original Bill of Rights have?

  • Multiple Choice Edit Please save your changes before editing any questions. 2 minutes 1 pt Was a Federalist. Hamilton Jefferson
  • Multiple Choice Edit Please save your changes before editing any questions. 2 minutes 1 pt Was a Republican Hamilton Jefferson

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    american journey chapter 8 section 1

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    american journey chapter 8 section 1

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    american journey chapter 8 section 1


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